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ACAVKiiV OF Mr Sir X -Cnrr.iea.
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/T7r/rr fr» Advertisements.
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Hon» V.*«nt >•.:.. 11 3 4 ip«— ■ .» r.
Fin»r-i»l :2 C 7 I »rrip- - -
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J^umishedKoc- •:: : « . .11 f.
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iMtrsetlOß .. :i «"• Apinwntt ...10 f.
Urym '.! r • - >». ■■ *
: •-• Bar.kbo kali 4 Cork Wanted.... ll 2
—Uim :: i
ZVTcto-iJcrrfi (Tribtme.
M».\Y. Al'Kil. S<l I^lo.
Th it ncirspcprr ft BVJMd rn<f pvb
tlshrd hy ll;f Tribunr Association, a
.V' jr ye. /,• Ci i>orat : or. ; office av<\ piin-
Cipnl place nf bu*inrs*, Tribunr Hui'd
«('(/. .\ o. :;,4 \ ■? ta •' ■■1. ITeso fortr;
■ ; c*id< ut : O<7<Jrn .1/. /,'..;.
I tarav ♦/(!""■« D. Ba<T'tt. (rcccmr.
nkl cd'ff-ss 1,1 Qkß officers is the ofjic^
C< !C< ;HE - ' ■•• ' ■ nith
dnv. J. ..- . f S • DC"
D for th>' rxpenditarr of J^".. 1 ""' to
t ••: • UvittS iiujiii! v on
• ' • ■ • embers of t;-.<- uuuor* j
Uy w. ■; • i.ii extended
u< ■: . • ■ ■ •>-r
;.-.-■ ... . j [„.
- •
v . j most of the
ng I n f a voi
the j I '-'il; vr
wd it. =
.•-■ - . ■ • eration of
bills n ■ • ■ ■ ■ • c olmnbta,
i < >R}:i' '. -■'. TJi<-'".i.'re Hoosev 't T\as
:• •• the D .: •: aMTy of }';iris ;it
Ibc H ■''■) St i attend- d ap> r
: of • s. : ■ Delilah." the
. ■ ; • ... „ , >u>v in r«-j'ly to
• . lioci i ... vtn r«eturua la
• t ■ ■•' | -..~.-s iri tha parttes'
}'•'.' ■ 'I >' i ini-f. M.
Mi". : • ■ s'<> r vho failed
la be elected .- v •■ . • ■ fram i'i:ai»g
ah.i F.ny ibaJ iv. r- r :- ■ taed; the
American frovemrnent has increaned its
naval tdTOC in tho Hu-Nan region. - - — -- !
Tba Stoislble bsJlonn SBeppelln II broke t
tt-om S!s nnjurinfca ax l,imhiirr ar(! '.'.:•.?
wrecked fetter a ball ■ '• 1 zht.
DOUEKTtC. >"•• •'■ ■■ ' B t^ •.■leroi
the appointment <>i Xt — I '•• .''■■■ I
i Puppenw '' • — • ■ tries
B. Bsg3 ■ lo t! late
David J !'.:•• • -
. . j.tm i• * .■ ■ ■ • • Bed
<>r. October ft, ti
term Ur. Tan ■
Cern^irl'' :',t toward Cl I '
an :■ • •
ton : • ■ • ■ , . -
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f Vlee-Pri >- ■ • ■
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own , ■ ■ ■" ■
tlip ii' • ■ •
wan at N .
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(]■■::• (; ■ • v ■ ■ - ■ •■
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I altfa
, • ■ ....
i . . • if Dr. M. -
Tf' ' ■ n fa I ■ . :■ in
Bro. r.'.\ '
I • ' '■ k I 1I 1
)-. • I cf tbe aaart« I
. . .
t ••:■•• i i
THE DTEATn ' ' " >- For ♦<>-
Ai<- s ■ ■ ' ■ • ■ • i.-r
flaj : ■ • .■ ■ •
I.■ ' ■-'.•' i•' . ■ t : • Of I
f.-,v '. • .: because of the
pbjSßi v>h:cli :,re t:.-i:i^ CBtrlad out lor the
!iiilita:y ;.»•<■••■■• :■•:, • • i:,-... i Cinal.
\:.- ■•]• *.i la of w!ii-i! bave been* db>
doood, as Dsr s» ; - Biting, la special dot
rwßOoAence < f The Ttibune. It bai
lasderstoad Dfi b d ■• »»gtn»fng thai t i
ojsai nd toe ..!:.•:■'>• fortJflrd, :i^ taw and
uj'trais jieniir md eirsneotary oarn
uioii sei.se and pTtid« •!;••♦• re<|ii!re Tin*
t««w wbo i.'iini. uOm i ii lw atnld <i'> well
t . . pr thai
bY X '. • ... ■ .-it oaguardi 'l
or to Iv-.i: ■■ that wlieu ti»e La:ij;ue;loc
( : fl to the Beets of the swfM
It should Li'" i-> f"ri:i|."itions nn<l no
prutdtioi v. « .. :i . oii't'i'. e bo convtno
Ins reason why I ' -ljou'd
li'- :,J-.; ■ ■■'.■:• ■;. BBd
the MH-urilr i/J
'JLnii i;ux PtheT •' BXd 1 1
y<,i. '.:. teed, ■ il '>u'y our own DatJ S&U
b3tM>BStS B/hSch M 10 I" protected mid
COl.fce:\'i; \,y tin- *i/t . ' J" . • .1
sir- . Tf the ■■ ■ n bom lhaorj af si
:•• . > . ►'■■.•; I•< :id< ;•'!.:..'! • »-!.oii .|
in' !.- a '■■■.-.a the I was
b'.lllfl!iitf tue canal purely }• r ihe luipar
tie! f>ai.'- <>f tin- wafM si bass and w^*
to be *li:!j ■':•'- '••■«• „r .• r ( • ■'
Otlier i;atJo!.« -«:,>h we <n:i;:oi < -n
red© — «vf:i than the duty <,f prot«>ction
would b* x. •/ ■**• ob\io'i- :*',A rgaat. 1
For in tiiut m the Dkntsd Bmtai bfouM
hK> mnrnll\ re^julre'l t0 :..:i!:.talii Ebj neii
trail*;. ol 'V.i- m:.u\ ntid '•<• lie .- •
time;, alije :-, -,re\/ • si : • > nw |kiw<t
:■ • ■-..' tag It to t .
»(I..'W/. ' ■ '■■{■■
U \\ .i'.i-Iv :\\ „'•' "
v '-•.. I trt> n ■■•■..
terestixl ix:. ,::e;i;.!. . : .>• | BRJ H VsJ
cii! <"l of tttml ;«i'<l WH ii : ■ U ted
liijg;,! | • bs beticred by the me*
|;• . • ... ! old tO :'..'■:. t 00 Bm „
peoel K.<i"ini-
I ' • pans far the j>t stc* Uon of the ,
Ca&aJ usv iMJI, eve, all di*duJKd, uu<l i
In ihe nature of the can? slio;i!d v ■■■
will not be. It iim<t sutTi<t' the worM t»
know that the shores at each end of
the OUaal are oquipjiod with the most
]«>\\«r:ui latteries that cnghieerfng
Ejental can devise and thai tbe adja<vnt
writers are thickly nnderlald with mines.
Tliere wfU l>e oilier no teat powerful de
ie:!C'«s. ■oera to the world. There will
also, of ctir.rse. l»<» ■ _:i!a!:t. thorough and
cHicier.j measures of protection for the
locks and dams all lons :ie way. Tor
it Is re, :-ocni2e»l t!mt the d:im and lock
typo of oonamicOon msJtea the canal
peenOarty miirrraif** »<• attack and to
d:inta?e. onatmctian of i ruction by
secret :iireiiis of a lellijereut. Against
si'.-J; fi:rtivo nieiin, -os tl;e guardianship
BBOat le so, ret. hut it must be Incessant
:md complete. We have no doubt that
:t will be ;)r<>vi.li««i comaaenanra t . ■ !y! y with
'!.<• .ijwu furl i!i.-it io-'s iic'i our Wash
lii^ii «li>j>. ; i.!,e> liave <s<*M!\hod.
JUSTICE //•' QttEß
f llie :i].jHiinTtneu* of CharfOl BL Hv.^ies
as ta associate Met of the Supreme
Goal wi'l !>e nnh rs-iilly apptwed as
:i lining recognition <>f lii^h attainments
ajad DflCibal pnhOc Kivluo. Hal the cir
.'i:nivt.nici>s <>i the ..!>.:,; .;..•■.: nnd {he
cimdltions of its a« '.-:'..: • levu such as
to ,-<>iiirH»l immediate qualifjcation the
jw»op!e of tiiis v: ; ,ie would undoubtedly
have witnessed the transfer with reluct
;nnv and rejrret. governor Hughes has
atiU an Important wi»rk to do here. It
■cadi hare bei naQkt bun to arfah to
leave it uncompleted, althou^li the kuui
nions from without was tempting and its
nejrlect iiiifflit li.-.ye Involved a Material
; • r« ;.-il sacTlJi.v. Having put his hand
to tlie ploueh at Albany, he <><-.:i-l not
Lave turned back, even though an offer
so enii£ei;i:il as that of a seat in the
Supreme K'ov.n btAoejeel It It fortu
nate that the governor's sense of duty
to the cause whhh he h;is championed
at A!t>ai,y RSd to the pOOpOI Of tlie sta'e
who still K«ik to him for £Uidan<>* and
■npotl ta their light fur freer and b« I
•.er government <"iv be nvMncilod with
his natural inclination to accept a pre
ferment which lie thoruoghly Acaiiioi
and i:i which ba era lake i s;*-< i.-ii pt-r
■onal Hal jivifcssicnal satisfaction.
If r!;e OoVCmOf is not p) BBllly until
the 0 mher benn of the suiinnie i'<»urt
N-^i:is he will l»e able to dss«harg^ ail
UK eoetttial puMic <!;:ties of his OBOOOd
term nnd to contxibnto powefCoQyto no
jirrjH-^'.nti'i?; i;j the BepnbQcan party of
tlie leadership ami the ideas which liis
adini:.' !raii«»n h;is r«i>rese:ited. His
e\;)ii:< • reinai:i as sin - [ration
to bl|B>olnded effort, even tii-.u^ii liis
adltltlea hi state j>"! tka ceaae. tllsaa
rignment to the federal bench kavn
pnhfle 'ife bere a:,ii. Indeed, throughout
the natitm ix.nnv; for he has impressed
hhnaetf as .loej.iy on the Imagination of
d «.f the euiuiif j a* be Ikis on that
of liis own st.-it •. Bnl the Mif" t < '"irt
v. ill p:iiu a iuil-je <.f unusual premise.
who, Bocending the i m-th ii ta the prime of
iy (Mutidently l<e ex|M>cted to lead
then* i career of ns.-irke-i inAnenoßj nae*
fulness and distinction. New Fork and
•\:o lecOßd fodenl circuit WfD again be
represented in tlie Supreme Oonrt, and
by a Justice in whose Ke'e^iion It most
k'T>] ally acquie^wes.
If private capital has any desire ♦>>
.(lusiruct iironayo in this city it w:i;
a oa have an •'},;. .rtuiiUy to show it.
l.ids on The Broadway-Lexlnßton ave
one iirtway Hy«t« in are going to be
1 risked on the alternative gather of con
struction by private <\!pital or of COOr
with tlie aid of the city-;
credit. I!^^:ir«llng the terms offend :■ ■
private capitalists, one <.f ihe i'llbli
S»T%iee cf«nmlssioners. Mr. Bassett,
• I<h-s not BOlMidor tli"in sufficiently
□beral, bat they «ro Birtritniitfalrj whit
•;..• r.nidJey «;;ifl"ney Stfvrs gKOOp Baked
:'<t tad sjirin^. and it i-< probable that
tbtlc would prefer to have tlie<e
putiuulat rootea conatractjed wtth the
city's eredn rather T!.:m bavo the l.'ss
■ ; - <>f ibe propoaed qratom
• D Ko nhway w.-»ii<i jne.-t
the oeeda of the sitiiniinn which did not
■t whal tUa trMioroagh r. tit.- doei
;,;mi;"!\. r .i'h u\il jutk the DDOeCUpfcJ
the clly and afford ii"t mere
:.> rapid tranafl t>. the bnOtnip ttirtlnin.
(•in open new truai : r tbe dbtrfbutftoa
of tbe people :md the relief < f caugej
tion i: ' bj prt>ate cap '.-ii s ready to
and •■• t taak it b probable thai
' ' ■ • • •■:.; a '! prefer eonatwa>
i the •;.>■- <n
■Ji '" '■'■■ ■ )■■ tbal prlrate <".t\<\
me Forward ■ Eta an off* r I •
' the trf-bon ash mate fhere are ao
char [ndkaHoaa ti prcaem. Aitbnapii
:! baa been known for b lons lime thai
tbe Pablic B*n I ■•■ « Vmunlnlaa i
K'Odin- to ;:-!; far bVb oo tbJa mbwaj,
' ■•''•' baa :••. •. . . rldena thai «-i* j »i t .l j
lata were takfsg an active P"ffrti m
• i oppoitußftjr, ..Mt<:<ie. <.f eoarae, -f
tbe }:■.:.• \ (Saffnej Bteen n fiuwnj.
■ad of thai • Bccffnii inttneH linie Ikis
:■•■■■:,•:>■ bom beard. Fb* Interboroozh
rvrnpauy. whl< . I be Kpected to
bM in order i,.>t n bave ■ rival n the
Ortd, appears to be occupied rather with
pitnisl n* of Ita an ami yatem. Bat. I
i;. j.n> --.t<>; i< rbere i- so bidder who
SftO fmvdsh !.i~ <*\\ ii capital the <ity
will be in « position to build the iya
j torn as it bum the pnseni he upon
lt-> own .r.tlit rurtliermtirr, when il :
• ;;.u«i«^i i!,,. need of sttSwaysuwfO
i>e net tor •■• sufocleni time to enable th* '
public t<. review tbe situation and >\ ■
• • i'- in w!j.it ni.i.ii. t rUrther rapid
trastsU «i"veio|>nieni RhaO be carried • a,
• ■■!• by :i.i<!iiioi i;i | i lsi . „f the city's
• •••wit by onYvtojt mom favorable term*
1., prtfsbi capttaOsts or by sitafasmenla
lon tho property ba !•■• i Sted by tho
buiNiinc of inbwaya
/■'.•'/'// <i / \<; WOill v WOltl
nali !n


■ ■

. i
■ ■
i n
! l
fMJMfd hii B<l
such a rest rid ion on the power of con
trad OTM bruaitj denied. Tli" court
then said:
Inasmuch as sex is no bar, Mater the
Constitution and law. to the endowment
of WOfMUI With trie fundamental and !n
.,livable rifrhts of liberty and property,
which include the ilffl.t to make her own
contracts, the mere fact of Hex will not
Justify tho Lecauature in putting forth
•• police power cf the state for th<- pur
p..se of limiting h"r exercise of those
rishta. unless the courts are able to pee
that there Is some fair. Just and reason
ibla connection between such limitation
and the public health. sif'ty or welfare
t.. be secured by it.
The ••connevtinn or— sn;'h limitn
"tJca jukl ttw potiUc bealth, safety and
•\vci:ar»'" was not apparent to the
fndgei •In* Supreme- bencn of Illinois
romteea v.>:ir« »■-:-•. Now it has become
apparent, :itml this claritlcation of vision
prorea thai the movement to regnlate
the emptaymenl <»f women ns well as vt
ehOdren iii industry is making ptOgTeW
■nd mwrtllin the Motet fain* doctrine
of the recent p«at. The New York
Court of Ippwli has inclined in re
<•. Nt decisions to give tree ooone to th(?
rijrht of oontr.ict and t<> ininitnizo tho
protecthrc Interference of the police
power in rp£T»i:itit)-* the employment of
vt-nnicn in industry or at occupations r<»
<|i!iri;ic labor in the fvoning or at night.
Hut th«« trikiirj of tho tiinos is toward
a (toller recognition of the rights of the
community erlaVo individual freedoni
is prejadMal to social «pet£are. As fac
tors in industry, women do n«.t stand on
tho sa-ne f<»otinp ns men, and the mi
.vi st at society as a whole demands
that the Plate protect th^m from the
strain <>f too exhausting physical Inhor.
ewejl thoucli it may seem to deprive.
them •To some extent of equal power
with n- to dispose on their own terms
of their own services.
Free apfOCh and v free ballot are coin
mooly rappoaed to bo related and to
go together, but in Prussia at the pres
ent time the spectacle is presented of
the Government's prantin;: the one and
.it the same moment refusing the other.
The net result of the controversy over
franchise reform and the poveruraeut's
persistent refusal to grant the grow
ing demands of the people has seemed
to be a confirmation of the old and
grossly unequal system of class Btif
ir.'iu'e. under which a minority of BaaaV
ben Invariably controls the legislature
and the majority of the people remains
llfllfffti entirely aurepreaeated. Yet one
striking in. ; . !'■•.!! of the campaign must
be accoonted ■ decided victory for the
I ]>]• the further results of which may
be of great moment to the kingdom.
Early in the campaign the Bodal
Democrats and others asked the privi
lege of holding a large open air meet*
in^ at Treptnw to discuss the demands
for franchise reform. The request was
peremptorily refused, on the ground
that pul'iie order an.l safety would !»•'
impel i!le«l, and the whole police force
Of the capital was marshalled to pre
Veal any Mich gathering. The govern
ment stood resolutely, as it appeared,
upon the old absolutist principles that
no concession should i>e made to popular
dem.Minis and that any popular demon
stration, however orderly and respect
ful, BKatnst the existing system whs
essentially seditious and must bo pro
hibited or suppressed. In spite, how
ever, of that refusal, backed up by all
the police and thirty thousand soldiers.
the people did make a certain demon
stration by flocking upon the streets of
the aristrocrntle part of the city in
enormous ambers, though not in or
?nn!z»*<l pee«eaatoaa, and, of course, not
holding any meetings.
But a few weeks later there was a
UiaiVeOon change. The request for
the privilege to ine«»t was reneAved, and
tins time it was freely cranted, the only
stipulation being that the paepai should
go to the parka, where they were to
B eat ln small bodies and without red
j'.-'cs or Other revolutionary emblems,
and thai the party leaden should be
[M-rsonally responsible for order. IWfe
terms wen* complied with in a mrirv»l
hna|y perfect aumaeT. More than two
hundred thousand persons, in companies
Of forty or fifty, flocked t<» three meet
ing pacei in the parka, with all the
order and Indeed iometbing of the
solemnity «>f funeral partbßO, and then
■poke freely tad adopted with araltl
hMinoua and tiiuinierous "Hocha!" out
spoken resolution^ condemning the gor
ernmeutra f!-:iti.-! -.. bin and demanding
■weeping refuruw on a popular basis »f
"One man, one vote."
Who was responsible for this amas
i::^ reietaal of bnmemorial admialstra
tive policy iv .-, matter for dispute Borne
brave attributed it v 'lie Chancellor,
who is more of ■ plain, practical btHl-
Desl man than some of his pradl §.
son. others hive Intiaaated that the
initiative was taken by no less ■ per
■onage than tf;e Kfaujand Bmperorhhn
s<lf However thai may be. two thfcagl
are clear. One b that the populac of
Berltn has den ii-irat^l its sell '-con
tained and law abiding aaalßiea and its
lines- for M'lf Government. The other
is that a precedent of free assembly
mi. l free speech baa been established
which is not. likely to be reversed or
taared. The PtVMlaa people have won
in thai a victory of inestimable value,
which will <_-o far toward securing for
; them the other objects which they hare
in view and to which as an inie!lii;.>:n
■ad loyal people they are entitled.
Experiments have recently been con-
Anctcd on both sides of the Atlantic
vIM. a view to killing baJefoJ perms in
BrtMea which ar* t<» be -ise<i for rood
or drink, by means of "ultra violet" raya.
Tneaa rajs are eaattted by Jin etoctrle
lamp, hut they are obstructed by or
dbaary gtaaa, for which, therefore, it is
necessary to snnstttute Quarts when
'• rlllz:ition is attempted. Though the
' rl - baa been ruin ii la till* coun
try by Professor B. p. aochaat. of
I'.rown t'nlverslty, it is pnaelhau not to
.•;.>• probable -that be was anticipated
bj Pi •- r Henri, of dM physiological
laboratories of the s-.rbonn.. Paris. As
Dr itoiu..d;r< < t.»r «.f "I t. ,)r, )r Insti
tati tn'tba i.. m h capital, ieeaaad it
•■nil ni.ii- t.» deocribs before the Paris
•iiy of PclsncoS ■ome of the thinfra
•lone by ProfSSSOV n. art, the new line of
limailtaHuii i* not to be regarded aa
unworthy of attention
That ultra vlolrt rnyii have a irer
nil.ldil DO* r Is a w.ll ntteste.l fa t.
i. it efTor»s to utilize then In a prac
tical fashion are conmaratlvety novel.
n/betba the} will i- rform tbo s.-rvi.e
i. which Priifuesw Henri alma to do
v-t. Urn ii. jmi'J <i«» •< on-. mi. all and
ughly, Is v question yi to be
answered it was i"ii« well known thai
.i til.uiKiit of metal or some other Mid
stancs oouM be Bads to kl«'w brtltlantty
by b< tifiiiiK ii current of electricity
Utfough it Fei property to apply the
praadpbi iii 1..v i'iuUu<.tiuu of un iv
candescent light was a task requiring
years of persistent endeavor nnd ■ large
expenditure of money nnd Ingenuity. In
like, manner nn rnd>ss number of fests,
to overcome difficulties not clearly fore
seen at the outset, may be demanded in
th»» adaptation of the quartz lamp to the
task, of sterilizing food. According to
Dr. Roux. Professor Henri has devised
apparatus for rendering water in hospi
talß Innocuous. hut has observed that
milk docs not fo readily respond to the
treatment. He says that milk has been
effectually sterilized, but the difference
in respect to the two fluids Is suggestive.
"When HOntgen rays were first used for
photographic work it was found that
some materials could be more easily
penetrated by them than others. It may
be necessary to make much longer ex
posures to ultra violet rays to secure
the desired effect in one case than In
Should the process with which Pro
reaaor Henri is experimenting ever be
put on a commercial basis it might prove
to possess special advantages. It seems
to be free from the objection offered to
pasteurization of milk. In meats and
fruits which are not perfectly sound
wh.n put In cold storage deterioration
is usually arrested, but freezing does not
kill bacteria. Their activity Is renewed
•vith hlpher temperatures. If the ger
mlcldal action of the quartz lamp should
be complete, the benefit would appar
ently be more lasting than that of cold.
Finally. If the new system of sterilization
should work perfectly, packers would no
longer have an excuse for a res. to
chemical preservatives.
It Is very gratifying to know that promi
nent nun of the party not allied with the
so-called party bosses have advanced th»»
same arguments againßt the Hlnman
(Jreen bill that have been urged f' r UM
last two years by its opponents In the
legislature — Speaker Wads worth.
But those prominent men agree that
the principle of the Hinman-Green bill
deserves a trial, and *he only question
is whether it will not be necessary to
pas'? the bill very much as It stands In
order to give it a fair trial.
Damnge to fruit crops, especially to
the Delaware peach crop, used to be a
Joke, but who can be light hearted over
it in the*.» days of eoslly living?
The picture of the head of the Ala
bama cotton firm which recently failed
sitting In his office at Decatur "with a
"six-shooter across his knees, a rifle at
"one side mid a shotgun at the other," is
typically English. Without those frills
the story would not be believed mm
the water.
The McCall campaign publicity bill, so
long successfully pigeonholed in committee,
was passed with only one negative vote In
the House. It now goes to the Senate,
where It is almost certain to be chloro
formed. Philadelphia Record.
Why so pessimistic, unless the wish
that the Senate Will fall to act is father
to the thought? The fact that the op
position In the House of Representa
tives muster* only one vote ought to
be evidence enough of the. desire of
legislators of both parties to get behind
a measure command! general popular
The Sunday law hygrometer regis
tered "relatively dry" day before yes
Trovers of Burna will rejoice to know
that the Auld Brig of Ayr. which a few
yeHrs a»;o was apparently In danger of
complete collapse and destruction, has
been carefull;- repaired and reopened to
the public In such a condition that It b'ds
fair to remain firm and Intact for a cen
tury to come. There has been no rebuild
ing nor remodelling. The same, old stones
are still in precisely the same old places.
but new cement lias been Injected into
the Joints, and the structure, while re
taining all of its ancient aspect, even to
the undulations of the roadway and the
broken backed south arch, ha* thus been
made as strong as when it was new. It
is not often that an ancient relic Is ho
miccessfully repaired, and the achieve
ment is a cause of pride to Ayr nnd of
gratification to multitudes throughout
the world.
777/7 TU.K OF THE D IV.
•Some time ago," writes an American
tourist from ilein.any. "I made a snapshot
of a iTowd lis't-tilriK to a speech In Trafal
gar Sjuare, I/ondoii The rema^ka V.e feat
ure af the picture was not the dense multi
tude, but the uniformity of the head cov
erings af thjoaa of whom it was eaaapaaad.
Nothing but caps. Even the speaker hr!J a
cap In his hand I have a companion pict
ure for the I/ondon crowd, n.ade from the
platform in Hiimboldtohelm. where Mr.
yon Qartoeb was aMraaabMg his constitu
ents. The- QenaaM evidently do not take
k.t.dly to the ,-ap, for the picture shows a
sea of round topjx'd derM-s. and the one
soft hat of the Alpine shape in the gr^at
throng Is naturally conspicuous."
"Why don't you cut out th« boose, old
man? There's nothing ln It ."
•I Imbibe for pleasure, my friend. I
dotti expect mv personal amusements to
yield me a dividend." -Washington Herald.
There's a boom Just now In rubber.
And brokers do not know
Rv any calculation
Kxactly where 'twill go.
For rabbet*! so elastic
That pressure, even slight.
Will mighty soon get action
And stretch It out of sight
Mrs. Nooash Mercy! you let your a^rl off
every afternoon!
Neighbor— Yes, Indeed, it Is such a sav
in* Tl.e more she Is away the fewer
lishes she breaks Illustrated Bits.
Vienna Is agitated over the danger of the
hatpin, and petitions are bein* circulated
fur presentation to the city fathers praying
for a municipal ordinance looking toward
"the divune of the deadly Instrument or
modification of Its datiKer«m.s qualities." A
woman who says that Interference with the
fashion would be an act of tyranny writes
to aaa Of the papers of that eltv, saying:
"I<et women do as I have been doing for a
year My hatpins are of tho extreme size,
but each one Is provided with a point
guard. It Is a little lend bullet, with an
aperture into which the point of the pin
fits. Thi« guard Is ke|>< in place by a piece
of elastic cord. Ht the end of which the.
butiet dangles when the pin Is not In use.
' Home day an enterprising tradesman will
adopt my plan and furnish >afe hatpins'
and then tho cry of the cowards will be at
I an end."
I.lttl* Willie Ray. pa. what tn a paradox?
Pa— Well, my aon, a coal stove la one
kind of paradox. It won't burn until 1t Is
put up, then It won't burn until It Is ahaken
down Chicago New*.
Physicians and dentists of Maryland,
Joining a movement that It la hoped to
make nation-wide, have organized the Oral
Hygiene Council, to arouse lnt*reM In the
proper .-are of the teeth One of the lead
ers tn tiie eraaa4a ways: "it is not general
i. knows that hu per cent of the school
children Co not have their teeth adequate
ly carrd for. The diseases that result
from such a condition are being multiplied.
Tuberculosis, pneumonia, grip and Inflam
mation of the glands of the neck are aome
Of th« troubleH that emanate from decay
ing and decayed teeth. We Intend to do
Bumeihlntf luwtirtl yratentlng to* mujtlpll
cation of diseases from this source, and w»
hope arer.tly to lessen them."
•What brings a man most comfort in th©
time of trial? '
"Acquittal!" Buffalo n<prc«i?.
Says Governor Acted Despite, Not Bo
cause of, Friendship.
To the Editor of The Tribune
Sir: I have been a rea«l'r of The Tril>
uno for thirty-five years, always an admirer
of it. a cordial hater of it In the early -lay-i
when what appeared to me it.-* unreasonable
malevolence against the prostrate people of
this section was Intolerable. For many
years I have estermrd Th<- Tribune UM
fairest, most tlWliUlllln— ■•* dem«crat;c
an.l ablest newspaper in dM country- Imag
ine my surprise on read your cotnm-i.t
on Goven.or PMtenm II Is conventional
for a Republican newspap'-r to attack a
Democratic Covernor •feCiaCVaff he shows
his head; but this dotl " ot nPP : - v to T ' l>
Tribune, which is too bIK for tawdry par
tisanship or unfair advantage. Incornpleio
information alone can account for the lapse.
Here Is the court record: Kx-S^nato
earmark was killed in a street encounter
after ho bad twice shot the yontiß man wh i
killed him. Three men — John Sharp, t%
sheriff; Duncan B. Cooper and hi" Fon.
Robin J. Cooper— were Indicted (or murder
and conspiracy to murder. In the lowr
court the conspiracy charge was practically
abandoned, and John Sharp was acquitted.
The Coop. father and son. w«re convict
ed, and each given a twenty-year term in
the penitentiary- On the ground that there
was no conspiracy, young Cooper asked for
a separate trial, and this was denied him.
The UpRM Court held that the trial
JiidKe erred In denying Robin ObOpCf a sep
arate trial, that there was no conspiracy
antl remanded the case. Three of the
Judges voted for this, the opinion having
be» n prepareil by Chief Justice W. D.
Heard. By a process of reasoning not
easily understood, three of the five Judge*
held that the elder Cooper was not entitle 1
to a new trial.
If there was no conspiracy. If on that ac
count John Sharp was acquitted In the
lower court. If on that account Robin <*oor>
er van denied his rights In the opinion of
a majority of the Supreme Court Justices
and given a new trial. It Is lne*>nc«ivaW *
that th« aMaf Coopr. who did no shooting,
should have been h*-ld. If there was M
conspiracy as to John Sharp and Robin
Cooper, It follows that the elder cooper
was engaged In a conspiracy alt by him
self. EfßVtag taken no part In the actual
homicide, having fired no shot, h<> could oe.
held only as a conspirator, and the most
elementary knowledge of law will purtVe
to show the infirmity of such a contention.
It was not because of his friendly asso
ciation with the elder Cooper that the par
(i<»n was Issued, but in spilt* of it. Gov
ernor Patterson, with Rooseveltlan courage.
did what he conceived to be right, and did
it promptly, and what every ttaSfCjßdlcad
person familiar with the facts kaMi I ro
have be»>n right. C.
Tennessee. April 23, 1910.
[The facts of the Cooper case are too
well known to require The Tribune to
defend Its declaration that th» pardoning
of the elder Cooper was an affront to
orderly processes of law in Tennessee
deplorable In its effects and scandalous
in its haste. As to The Tribune's being
Influenced by "partisanship," it Is suffi
cient to say that the press of the BOBxII
has been as nearly unanimous as the
press of the rest of the count in de
nouncing Governor Patterson's action.
We have noticed only two newspapers —
one in Tennessee and one in Texas —
which defend It. — FM ]
Correspondent Who Knew His Mother
Says He Owed Trait to Her.
To the Kdltor of The Tribune.
8lr: During the five years l*J?-"74 I had
charge of the science department of the
State Normal School at Fredonla. M V..
and during that time Mrs. ("lumens the
mother of Samiul 1.. Clemens (Mark
Twain), and his sister, Mrs. Moffet. re
moved to Fredonla that Mrs. MofT.fs chil
dren. Mary and Samuel <*„ th* latter nam«l
for his uncle, might have the educational
advantages of that school.
I came to be well acquainted with th*»
members of that family. Mrs. Clemens and
Mrs. Moffet were highly respected and
thoroughly orthodox Christian ladles. Mrs.
Clemens, though then well advanced In
years, was on* of the most energetic of the
hundred ladles who organize! thai first
temperance crusade which In PYaAaa laid
the found. of the Woman's Christian
Temperan.-e li.l Mrs. Clemens was the
marching companion of Mrs. Sanf who
wrote the original constitution. Mrs. <Tem
ens was light hearted In manner, and the
BMIIJI twinkle of her laughing eyes caused
th*« frequent remark that her famous son
Samuel had Inherited his remarkable sense
of humor from his mother.
I heard her r.-late that when Samuel was a
big boy, reaching toward manhood, >. con
ceiv.d an insatiable desire la travel In this
and foreign countries, but he would not
leave BOOM without hi:: mothers rnajaiiil.
for which he long pleaded In vain. She
told him that he was too wild, was not M
steady as his brother, but still he pressed
his reque.-t. saying that he asked for M
money— that with his own earnings he
would meet his expenses. She finally told
him that if he would take a solemn oath on
the family Hlble that he would neither
drink any Intoxicating liquor DOff J'l.iy cardi
she would grant his iwqoest.
He took the oath and Icfl home to snittfy
his long cherished desire la see th* world.
After a long absence— l do not remember
how loot h»* returned home disguised a* a
ragged tramp, carrying a gun. an i as h*
approached the house he levelled the gun at
I. lk mother. but her motherly Justin, t in
stantly raeosalaad her boy. and she rx
chtlrned: Oh. Samuel, I know you! You
can't fool me."
Mrs. CI. in. is said that he sacredly kept
his oath, until many ve.irs ufterward he
stilted that occasionally in social gather
ings he aaaarad to take a little wine, and at
his raqoiat she released him from his oath.
Mark Twain had a good mother, and In
the world's tribute to the dMttngutehcd and
honorable career of Samuel 1.. < lem-ns may
the guiding hand an.l loving Influence of
his strongly Intellectual and no 1 ..!* minded
Christian mother be ever recognized.
State. Education Department, Albany,
April 23, 1310.
To the Kdltor of Th* Tribune.
Sir: The Now Y< rk City Hall, standing
by Its. -if, hi an architectural gem. but if a
taller building were erected Immediately
back of It th«> aaTaal would be an architec
tural failure for both. just as truly as
would an attempt by a modern artist to
add Ideas of Ills own to an ancient master
piece he a failure
A number of yeurs ago the city authori
ties planned to do exactly what the Judges
now propose, and architects were invited
to' submit competitive designs. The one ac
cepted showed a building overtopping and
dwarfing the City Hall and from the centre
of the new building a tall tower, somewhat
like that of Madison Square C.arden, arose.
Of Itself It whs at , •••II, nt fltatgß, but it
Ixbh.d Op baCI of ttM Cltv Mall HIM a
Jack-ln-t:ie-:,ox Aii elimination .■• IbOM
Pjam ..i;<i:t 1., convince fee cowthouM
Commlw on that lh« neat rifted arrhitect
0a«l I not make a sun . ss of crowd!!!.; a
c« urthoii:..- back of n.<- c«tjr Ran
Th.- Chambers street -it.- would be ideal,
and if .Mayor i;.i\ii,>r aMaaaas: hi havtai it
located there he will add another to the
many algM .service* he has rendered to
the city In th« short time that he has bMB
ln ° m '"«' AI.IIKUT E. IMVIS.
Ntw York. Ai>rU si lii*
Veople and Social Incident*
[From Th» Trllrin' Bur**™ J
Washington. April 2T..-The President d»-
Bverod the piinrlp«l address to-«!ay at th«
dedication aBMetOM of the Carnegie.
Mhrary of Howard I'nlver*lty.
The legislative ultuation In the House
was 1 ncus!*ed with the President by Rep
resentatives Hayes. Wood and Fish.
Senator Owen, accompanied by Di /.. ¥
■Owen and Dr. Oeor»e M. Kob*r, urged
the creation of a Department or Bureau of
Public Health.
Sefior Don Arturo Padro y Almeida,
Cuban Charge d' Affaire* at Washington.
Introduced to the President M. Vllera*.
Cuban llinlrter of Finance: E. GlberK»
and (;. Patterson, all of whom are In
WashlnKton to attend th« dedication
exercises to-morrow of the International
Bureau of American Republics.
BamUOl J Roberts, editor of • Th- .*xina;
ton Leader." was a luncheon ituest at the j
White House
The President's callers Included Senators
Curtis. irren and Burton. Representa
tives Fofts. Tawnoy. Townsend. Hanna. '
Draper, Fl!«h. Kendall. Denby. Galnes and i
Howard, ex-Senator Hemenway. ex-Repre
sf-ntatlves Hepburn and Itonynge and Cecil ■
yon. Republican National Commltreeman I
of Texas.
The President nziA Mrs. Taft, accompanied ;
by Captain Butt, occupied a box at the
New National to-n!i?ht. to ■*« James
Forbes's new play. "T»i« Commuters."
Mrs. Frederick Kek»teln. who has been :
the guest of Mrs. Taft for several weeks.
left here yesterday morning- for a visit in j
New Haven, after which she will return to
her home in Cincinnati.
[From The Tribune Bureau. 1
Washington. April 25.— The Ambassador
from Germany and Countess yon Hernstorff
»nd Countess I,ulse-Alex«ndra yon Bern
ntorff left here this morning for New York
The- countess ami her daughter will sail to
morrow for Germany to spend the summer.
The Minister from Switzerland and lira'
Rltter. who are entertaining Mrs. Edward
Mitchell Townsend. of New York, Invited
to a dinner to-night ln her honor th<» Min
ister from Sweden and Mme. de Lager
crantz, the Minister from Greece, Mrs. N
K. Baylies and Miss Sophie Huegenln, of
New York; Mr. and Mrs. Fran. Is B.
Crowntnshield. the Austrian Naval At
tache and Baroness Preuschen yon und
m Liebensteln. Viscount Benolst d'Azy.
French naval attache; Count Pourraies.
German attache, and Dr. and Mrs. Buck
mr Randnlph.
Chang Yin Tang, '.he Chinese Minister, will
return Thursday morning from San Fran
etßeOj where he writ to meet Prince Tsal-
Tiao, brother of the Prince Regent of
China, who is coming to Washington. The
minister has Issued invitations for a re
ception at the New Wlllard at 10 o'clock
the ni»;ht of April .TO, in honor of the prince.
[From The Tribune B'-.rrau.]
Washington. April -Mr. and Mrs.
Raberl Roosevelt are entertaining Mrs.
Adolph I>adenburaj, of New York, and In
vited twelve guests to meet her at dinner
to-nißht. Mrs. Ladenburi? will be here fur
several days and will attend the reception
at the opening of the new building of the
Bureau of American Republics to-morrow
Mrs. James S. Sherman waa the guest of
honor at a luncheon to-day given by Mrs.
Henry P. Brown, when her niece, Mrs
Arthur Parker, of Detroit, was presented
to hT jruests. In the party were Mrs. John
• an. Mrs. Thomas H Ander.<on, Mrs.
Julian James, Mrs. T De Witt Talmage.
Mrs I.yman Tiffany. Mrs. J. William Henry.
Mrs. W. K. Carr, Mrs. I. T. Mann, Ml*?
Temple. Mrs. Bowen. Miss Strong, Miss
Davis and MMs Morgan.
The Vice-President and Mrt. Sherman
will spend the week end with Mr. and Mrs
Alexander van Rensselaer at Camp Hill
Hall, their country place, at Tort Wash
ington. A large dinner party wt!! be en
tertained In their honor on Friday night.
Mr and Mrs. Ronald Cooltdge, of Boston,
• ent the week end with Mrs. loiter,
returned home to-day
Mrs. J. Van Vechten Olcott entertained
Prof. Reinsch. of Wisconsin, Chosen for
1911- 'l2 by Columbia Trustees.
It was announced at Columbia University
yesterday that the trustees had chosen
Professor Paul 9. Reinsch of the Univer
sity of Wisconsin, to be Theodore Roose
velt professor of American history and In
stitutions in the University of Herlin for
dM year 1911-'l2. Professor Reinsch is head
of the department of political science at
Wisconsin. He was graduated from Wis
consin in KM, and later was a student at
t!-> BBtTCnttfta of Berlin and Paris. The
suhj.-ct of his course .it Merlin will be "The
p:\p4in~ion of the United States."
The Theod 're Roosevelt professor for the
n» d nca. •::,■ year is Professor Chart
AJptMOM Smith. Bdbjßfl Allan Pee professor
of Knrllsh literature in the University of
I>r James J \ »n of the Ford
ham I'niversity M» .iU-.il v". l!-<e. was the
guest of honor last night at the nineteenth
anniversary Jinn, r of the Xew York Celtic
M.dical Society al the Hotel Astor. Dr.
Mleha-: C OTBMan was t<»astnui!»ter. Other
•peaaota were I>r. ir r<« M MacAuliffe.
I>r John J. MiCy, I»r ■ l> P>lv;n hml
- ''"fatnlan. Among the diners wer»
Dr. Join %\sp.i;. Dr. FrancU J. Wulnlaa.
I>r Thorn is Merrigan. I>r. Francis Ma-
UM H< v. iAike Event and L»r. Daniel
'.\. Sir.-lal-
Home. April 25 King Victor Emmanuel
returned from his hunting ledge at
Pvtaißae to-day and received Uenernl Stew
art 1.. WooMMel who on behalf of the
n Fulton commission presented to the
government of Italy a gold medal and an
address. The general will leave Rome on
Fire Commissioner Waldo, who was mar
ried last Wednesday to Mrs. J. tl Ileck
scher. returned to his home, at No. 210
Fifth avenue, yesterday, and was at his
desk at Fire Headquarters about 9 o'clock.
Although his town house was prepared for
him and Hi wife, he will remain there only
a. short time, as he will spend most of the
summer at Greenwich. Conn.
A Now York chauffeur has testified In
police conn that "no one thinks of obserr
tng the steed laws In this city. ' His testi
mony wo(!i,» be even Mroiucer by the elimi
nation of the win) "speed. '• -St. Paul ru>
The work of the greater New York
enumerators is about a third don* and
tabulator? are making guesses on the pop
ulation as high as five millions. This would
mean a gain ln ten years of a million and a
half. Quite Chtcafoesque: -Boston Tran
Mayor daynor has not only abolished the
"Keep off the grass" signs In New York
city parks, but baa replaced them wlta
kuus r. ;i.:i::< "t mm on the grass." That'"
..ti Ide i almost « •klahomaesque in Its n«M
bwaiaiua st Loaai Rnvabne.
N. w N ork City .ocelves a larger ami::::.
rental from :i single North River whan
than tin- i it\ reoet\es fr«>m all of Ml rl\»-r
;ront ptOPMlj from Otto .--treet to R»>eil
of course there ts fur hum • «hip
pim» !".«eK.:n>; tcrmi!tala In New York liar
bur than lute, l.ut the- disparity m prices
*#>ems nil out of i>r<>|iortlon to th« 41>oartt>
of hu.»ln« at the two ports. VWr .51.
South \Vljir\ci, WHS 1.-.i.se.l a few days .I.' •
at the annual rental of t! >••' 11, W. North
Ulver. N«\\ York, mg« that city J.51.37J
a year. The ratio la *> to I. Can anybody
. .i :.::, luaC wbj?-l*hiludelahl* UecurO.
gewets at I— rb>wn to-day for Jlrs. l^,
Hunt, of Porttand. Ore. "^
Amonff the hosts entertaining <*i r>r> .
parties to-night were Colonel ri-^ Hj-^ _« "
Caw lev and Rear A«I.-n!ral ar.ri ;,:.-,, Ero»^
LlSUtenanl '"eland Davis and C, R. Jen
kins entertained g -;es*x at the AliH^B
to-night In honor of TJeutenant ar..J M^
Kenned CSs4Sßßttt) of Newport, who *„
visiting lieutenant CaawiaantM and n.- 4
O. P. Jackson.
Mrs. William K. Vaatferhnt. jr. .-- «.
threo children are on their "way hnr-t, fmax
California, and are apsetsd on '^^saf
at her place at Westhury. I^>ng Island.
Countess Grey, with BM Ci •- Mr, Las>
Sibyl Grey, b staying at I •CM ttl «IS|
I^idy ■■aaa Roberts, daughter of rial
Marsha! Esri ):■•"• Th- <;-,veraor
General of Canada, eor.frarv to tb» MV
nounrement of hts arrival. h;is not aenonh
panied them, but has remained at '>tt*w,
where Isi#t Grey BCtti I* • Bk
Join him In a few day* U ' ' . • -i RoY
erw sails for England or. Wednesday
Mrs. C OHver Iseiln has returned fttna
Aiken and has Joined Mr 1.-e:in st the Bt
Regis, where* they wi:: both raaasi uata
they go abroad very shortly.
Fir Ernest Sh*ck!e?on. after "'■-* enMß>
talned yesterday evening at a Bftvaoj <bb»
ncr at the BGm York Va'-h*
rr.ldnlght for Ottawa. Lady Shark'.e-nn. for
whom Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt zvr* %
lunchecn yesterday, !♦•*•. e« th" OoCBBBSQa^
morning for Philadelphia to s;>e .<i th« next
ten days with friend? there.
Mrs. William Sloan* opens BO* country
place at Mount ».« tor th« s^a.«on to
Miss Mary • raaeafi ejoaa* zto Kelloch
Meyers will tnke plar-e «;n 3.if:r«!ay at
Tlvoli. N. Y. The - ride., who is a dausfiSW
of Mr. and Mrs. Rohrrt Livingston < 'lark
son and a r.le --e af M^.. VvodßfAtl E.fey.
will he attended hy her «!.»>r-. Miss P-\:\
lr.e and Miss V.V.z :ihr in «'!.irksor. : Mlm
I>.iura Livingston. M!«s Julia E<lev. Ml»a
H.irrtet Glover and V a Mary . • .-
lIK-dM BeOsd wtl! be the best man. and
the ushers will re Clermoßl I* OarnaVdl
Harry Shotfr. Robert R. Livingston and
John Is* Bouti'.'
Mrs. Wl!ll»m Post gave a dinner laaC
nl<ht at her beaMßj in East STth street.
Mr. and Mrs. I Harrim.-.- |
retimed to town from i
Colonel Oliver 11. Payne arrived
rlty yesterday from his plac* at . homaa>
The German Arr.bass3.dor and Countess
yon Bernstorff have arrived in town from
Washington. The counters and her dacj£.
ter jail for Europe to-<iay.
Mr. and Mrs. Lather Koun'z* will oe*n
their country place at Morristcwn, S. X.
early next month.
I'r. and Mrs. Le <",rnnd C -'«wof<l will
open their country p!a^e a' M ur.: Kisca,
N. V., at the and of the :.f<.
Mrs. I.ort:iar4 Spender Is booked to safl
for Europe to-day. Mr?. R^h-irci CJaaSrllX
also departs for the Continent to-^
[Ey T-le^raph to T>.« TrtSune.]
Newport. Apr: 25.— Rez'.r.aM C Varder*
bilt Is looking over the improvements being
made to ?ar.dy Point Farm, his Portsmcad
home. Mr. and Mrs. Van^erb!'.: wli: ref-im
to the farm for Baa season next month.
Mr. and Mrs Wii'.ard ■ Kro-rn have de
cided to aal the t'adwalader estate for bb»
coming season.
Mrs. Frederick P. Sands anl fanallT »od
Mrs. WlII!am F. g\sjattl have gone to Idaa
Hill. N. V.. to Inspect an estate owned by
Austin I.e«l-.-.!rd Sands.
Mr and Mrs. James J. Coosan have re
turned to New York.
M- and Mrs. T. Shaw Safe went to taalr
K.'i.«t Greenwich SSCBSI to- lav.
Mrs. Adolf l^aaal i will retim mm
abroad In July to pprn.l the remainder at
the summer season here.
Institution To Be Orthodox. Evangel
ical and Non- Sectarian.
!B Blar.crari BMM -ir» «t
ircnrpnratlon rfs*-T<inv To the Fre* CftUMfi
if Wtm York t'.iy, which bH just &*••
formed to conduct an orthodox, •vangell
••al. non-?e>ctar'an church The p*ttt 4 .fn of
lncnrporat! ,-.r. ?;:!■! 0M #KtrtM of the n^w
rt-.irrh should be the "Niiene »"Ye«!. the
oldest cre*^ of Chrlsten-dom. faffflii hi
A. I> B fell the Christian QMBCII M Wcii
in Asia Minor, »•!.'.<■:; •
OKbH by the BnpH I ' ' "'■ '■'
Some of the founders are the Rev. John
KMM I.: !•». Bta <:t w ■ J Ar-
Cbm A. |f| | iiitn N >:re#t;
BAMd T. Wyca . BB» O ' 'v\ st '.;>«»
street, and James H. Caleb. BB» DB W«Ot
IZCiI strctt.
Boston. April ;:.— T'-.e n.v. Dr. K,:*a."i
A. Hortop. for twcr.ty-^ve years ex-cutty«
head of th,> Unitarian S
ciety. and one of t - Unltartaß
preachers la the country, will inquisn We
duties on Jun« 1 next. II- k " ' '
be rUcsen at the ainmul mt-eti:.* -. i-» •**
ciety on ilay *T.
A party of nearly fix: ; • inter
■M in education in the Smith. tUe to***
of ■sheet C <>K'i'-n. W.I stir: dtft -r.naßel
for Hampton. Va.. » hero they ar« to **"
tend th.' anniversary .\.rcl» *0M HaS?
tin Institute. »h),-h t«a»* tvvnmrrJ*
The Ornver Oveland and Stan ' 1 TiJ
den memorial statue* ar>- ■ a pUioea" ;•
Bryar.t ftok At a MOfHUCI b«l I y*s t?r "
.!..-.• l.y M.iyor Oayr.or. F;i I Wfjf
Stover. John BUHow and John N. IlosttnS*
t!:l:i s!t.- w.ia practlr.illy rtcvid»*d "n. Th«
TtMen me^-orjal fuml is nlrea«!y iv.ni:a6>.
while that for the iMt»v« and memorial *M
sown !> pnn!d..l. The prnpowd site* * p »
to tV.e rear of the n«*w : ctovt
land one on the l.d stre< • -h^t «f
the IXM B MaMI OP -«t>th KMt Ihey w^
face earn »>• • r
Atlantic •'!:>-. April - -• '': ' : ***?
Senator — ' •>' Maryland. w! • ' '■- ■
here for BMM than a we. I I I -r> >m
a slight lIhMBB, was Mpatl » °*
*teadl!y tmprovlnr Th.- S»-nator i 3 a '
be atx'ut, anJ to-day spent 09 KB •> l^*
day out of Ibhb He la «iffcr!r»« from r.«r
\ousness due to ahaes. ?■>!!'>« !:ig £»• *•••*
of Ms wlf« about two weeks »go.
Washington. April 35.-W. W >Ja«aalß>
I'nited States Ambassador at St. P«t«r»
'••iri. has obtained a leave of »£»*««* tOT
Om moipai >'f Mlanlßi t>> Oi rnitwi
States on personal bu«ln>
U.ti'e. April ii. -The "OHM WtOW B*
aug siays that tl..> P«B« BM i•: i-'rrvd
upon Thomas llrshe* K.-lly. «'f N.w York,
ihe Great (.Ti-» of the !lo!> S. i -..1i -lire. a»»
Mi bin wife th« cold aei avail*' of l-r»a
Merlte. for their many bvnefactloas t" tft"
Church In America. Mr. Kelly is * PaP~
Chamberlain and prince of tiw U»»ly «■■"
I .... a.

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