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L. Haas Buys Plot of About Three Lots Near the Marshall Estate
Property at 37th Street and Seventh Avenue.
A large volume of business was trans
acted yesterday in the real estate market.
Buyers -were prominent in the mldtown dis
tricts and in the uptown residential cen
That there is a growing ■ demand for
property In the Pennsylvania tunnel sec
tion was reflected yesterday by the sale
by Hell & Stein for I. Randolph Jacobs to
L. Haas, of the premises No. 136 to 142
West S7th street. 72X3&.9 feet, and also by
teveral other transactions.
Robert E. Dowling, president of the City
Investing Company, sold to the Johnson-
Kahn Company the northwest corner of
Broadway and sstta street, 100x150 feet,
and the southeast corner of West End aye-
MM and 9Cth street, 10(>5.162.€ feet. The par
cels form a part of what is kr.OHU as the
Evans block-
Mr. Dow liner bought the block last No
vember from the trustees of the Thomas
TV. Evans Museum and Institute of Phila
delphia, for $1,230,000. In December he sold
to Franklin Pettitt the plot, 100x1. feet.
ax the northeast corner of K'th street and
"West End avenue.
The Johnson-Kahn Company, which has
b-jilt eeveral West Side apartments. Includ
ing the Hendrick Hudson, will erect high
grade apartments on the two eltes.
The former Poor house at Gramercy Park
mac Lexington avenue was resold yesterday
by Charles Buck. architect and builder,
through Pease & Elliman. The purchaser.
in the No. 1 Lexington Avenue Company,
organized by Herbert Lucas, architect. The
new company ■will erect on the site a
twelve story co-operative apartment house
of the highest type. Mr. Lucas has been
Identified with a cumber of similar enter
prises in Gramercy Park and elsewhere.
The house, which was sold last February
Ky Mrs. Henry W. Poor to Mr. Buck. was
formerly the Field residence. It occupies
• plot fronting €0 feet In Gramercy Park
fIBMI Cist 6treet). and 123.5 feet on Lex
ington avenue. The sale to Mr. Buck in
cluded the abutting stable property at No.
M East M etreet. This was sold last
Eiocth by Mr. Buck.
New York Central to Erect Lofts.
The Grand Central architects have Bled
plans for the thirteen story lofts and
office* to be built over the tracks of the
New York Central Railroad at the west
?;do of Lexington avenue, from 46th to 47th
rtreet, . -with a frontage of 200.S feet and a
depth of 250 feet, with an extension five
stories high and 25 feet deep.
The facade of the building -will be in mod
ern and Greek and Roman styles of archi
tecture, with four massi\e Doric columns
at the centre of the Lexington avenue
frontage, from the second to the fifth floors,
with large spreading eagles carved in the
jtone over Use windows of the second story,
between these columns. Large Roman
•arches HI form the windows of the twelfth
And thirteenth floors and will be omamen*t
ed with Doric columns. The facade will be
cf brick, trimmed tvith granite and lime
stone and terra cotta and is to cost £L,500,
{»■». The plans consist of a set of fifty-five
drawings. The New York Central & Hud
«cn River Railroad Company la the owner
of record.
Plans have also been fited for putting in
-•. n- windows, new partitions, ■change the
Iron grating in the Hoar of the present
parch to vault lights in the two and three
ncry car bams of the Third Avenue Rail
rcac Company, on the west side of Third
avenue, from 65th to 66th streets, of which
Frederick W. "Wnitridge is receiver. N. P.
scaver estimates the cost of the necessary
alterations at $10,000.
Plans liave also been filed for making
over the one story gas ■ tort bouse to a
two .ji-y stable for the Consolidated Gas
Company, at 111 th street, Booth side. 101.10
feet eafct <<i First avenue, at a cost of
Plans have been filed for an eight tory
*>-arehous<\ to be built at the southeast cor
r>e- of Greenwich and Morton streets, with
» frontage of HC'.-S'a feet on Greenwich
street aad 100.4 feet on Morton street. The
facade ■rill be of brick, with limestone trim
mings. The erection of this building will
necessitate the tearing down of seven old
three story dwelling' houses in Greenwich
Village. James H. Cruik shank is the owner
of. record, and the cost is estimated at
$135,000 by Harry Dean, architect, and for a
fix etcry warehouse at No. 388 Washington
street, for the came owners, at a cost of
Plane have also been filed for a four
story reinforced concrete factory, to be
built en the east side of Washington street,
<6.7 feet south of Perry street, for the
Fleischrnann Company. Julius Fleischmann,
r-resident. Arthur M. Duncan, architect,
estimates the cost at 123,000.
Goldwin, Starrett & Van Vleck, archi
tects. Lave filed plans for the ten story ex
tension to the James McCreery & Co. large
department store, at No. 4 to 16 West Soth
street, and No. 1% to 9 West 34th street,
aX a cost of 5240,000; the extension is to
be built en the west eide of the present
building. It will conform in design with
the older structure. There is to be a recre
ation shelter on the roof, and one passenger
=:evatcr and two freight elevators.
Delano & Aid rich, architects, have filed
plans for alteration to the offices of Daniel
Krohman In the Empire Theatre building,
«t Noe. 1428 and 1430 Broadway. The
plans call for remodelling, putting In a new
oak floor, rebuilding the large open fire
place and enlarging «■<--. eral windows and
•several other minor improvements, to cost
Lv .V Phillips & Co. have been appointed
• gents for the Columbus apartment, Bread
way and Hat - street, the rirst ten story
house of that class erected on the Heights.
The Title Guarantee and Trust Company
has loaned $60,000 as per bond to the New
York yacht. Launch and Engine Company
on its property and plant, located between
I'Cth and 177 th street.* ar.d extending from
the Hudson River lUtjlroad to the Harlem
1 section of tire Bchuyler plantation,
in Arlington. K. J.. has been sold to
an lncoriiorated company, composed of the
heirs of the late Jacob C. Johnson, of San
Francisco. The sale was effected following
a jiartJUon sail brought l y Mrs. Mary Eur
lict. of East Orange, against Miss BneUa
H. Horton. of San Francisco, for the par
pose of having- the pro]>erty placed in such
jhfepe that ,i could be marketed.
Theodore 31<rkt,'1r., will sell at auction
•r noon to-niorrovp forty parcels In Queens
* Soroush. This t-ix\^ will take place at
Jackson Avenue Park, formerly I»rcn2
Park. s.6joiiiine the Qutesjsbcro Bridge
Similar tales win be l.e\i weekly at the
•iaae place.
G. O. Zeller. at Klizabeth, N. J., is the
buyer of the four story dwelling house No.
£35 West End avenue, the sale of which, by
H<*nry Wolf through F. B. Wood & Co.
r «-as reported recently.
Gecce J. McCaffrey hap sold for Morris
Ct«iZibock to Edward J. Cahill the iour
9tory apartmeat house No. South Fal
ton avrnue. Mount Vernon on a plot 40x100
feet. The purchase price was $28,000.
Two Sites Near Terminal Station
Rented for Long Terms.
Frederick Fox & Co. have leased for the
Buckingham estate the four <Story and
basement building at the southwest cor
ner of 30th street and Seventh avenue.
The lease is for a term of twentj'-one
years, at an aggregate rental of $140,000,
with privileges of. two twenty-one-year
term renewals. The same brokers have
also leased for the A. & S. Construction
Company from the plans the store and
ba-ement in the new twelve story mer
cantile building, Nos. 118 and 120 West 27th
street, for a long term of years to the
Bach Fur Company, of Chicago and New
The Prudential Real Estate Corporation
ha* leased to a hotel man the three story
building, on a lot 18xo0 feet, at the north
west corner of 30th street and Seventh
avenue. The lease is for ten years at an
aggregate rental of $50.iv0.
The diaries F. Noyes Company has
Uased the building at No. 4^ Water street
for Daniel Birdsall to the Warren Lubri
cant Company; a floor at No. «45 Pearl
street for Nelson G. Carmen to Peter J.
Quinn. and a floor at Nc. 12 Dutch street
for Franz Zahn to H. F. Van VecLten.
Christopher Schierloh has leased the
fourth floor In the Fuller Building, No. 136
Wtst 4id street, for a term of years to
JL»r. Alfred Ahrens.
Herbert A. Sherman has leased for a
long term of years No. 337 East Kth street
for the Bellevue Realty Company (J. H.
Matthews) to the- National Ventilating
Corn & Co. have leased for the Duross
Company the top loft in No. 10 West 18th
street, for the Pittsburg Building Com
pany space in Nos. 10 and 12 West 22d
street; xor Frank J. Hayes the third loft
in No. 57 West 2Sth street, and for the
Entertainment Shop the parlor store in
No. 4 West 29tb etreet.
ilax Riibel has leased from A- E. Lef
court four iots, about 40.000 tquare feet,
in the building to be erected at Nos. 48 to
IA West 2itli street, for five years, at an
aggregate rental of Jl^i'.OOO.
There was recorded on Tuesday a lease
made by the Havemeyer Real Estate Com
pany to the New York Telephone Company
of the lifth to fourteenth floor of the
Kavemeyer Building, at No. 28 Cortlandt
street, at an annuaJ rental of 5107.75&. The
lease 5^ for three years. The telephone
company's building adjoins the Havemeyer
.1. D. Ranck Realty Company has
sold to Adelaide J. Cumings and Elizabeth
J. Regan a two-family semi-detached house
on the west tide of East Sd street, 196 feet
south of Avenue J, Brooklyn: also, to Agnes
and Barbara Remhardt, No. 315 Wes:. street,
near Avenue C, Brooklyn, a two-family
Rustin & Bobbin* have sold to J. Tea
redino two wo story frame stores and flat
houses, on plot 35x100 feet, at the northwest
comer of Troy and East New York ave
nues, Brooklyn: also, for I* A. Wood, No.
IS Prospect street, a three story frame
tenement, on lot 35x60 feet; for G. Marinello.
No. 300 Navy etreet, a two story tenement
house, on lot 25x60 feet; for a client to G.
Marinello. No. 13 Bolivar street, a two
story dwelling house, on lot 20x50 feet; for
J. Cunningham, four lots at the northeast
corner of Second avenue and 10th street, for
Improvement with a factory building, and
for F. McLaurhlin, No. SOS Sixth avenue, a
three story dwelling house, on a lot 16.8x36.
George I*. Moore has sold for Harriet
Kinsman No. IT St. James Place, a three
story dwelling house.
Keough & MorreH have sold for Henry J.
Ungrich, Jr.. his property on Prescott Road,
White Plains, to William J. Dunster.
owner of Jack's restaurant In this city, for
$15,000. The same firm sold for Miss S. M.
Case the property No. !i Valley Road for
|6 «'■', aid leased for D. D. Mercer h!s prop
erty on South Broadwaj", White Plains.
Wilbur Hyatt has completed, at Chap
paqua, N. V., a steel and concrete building.
40x70 feet, three stories high, the third floor
icn has been leased by the New York
Telephone Company. The building Is on
the corner of Greeley avenue and the
::g Road.
Tho Safford property, on the old Mamaro
r-eck Road, adjoining the estate of Howard
Willets, has been leased by Mrs. M. L.
Brow n. It will be opened aa an inn.
Patrick P. Shanley, manager of, Ehanley*B
restaurant in Broadway, near SOth street,
Is the lessee of No. 17 West 42d street, the
leasing of which by the Alorczo Hornby es
tate was reported on Monday. The build
ing, which Is on a lot CoxlOO feet, between
Broadway and Sixth avenue, will be altered
and ready for occupancy by October L
The rental to be paid by Mr. Shanley will
range from SS,OOO to $14,000 a > ear, and the
aggregate rental for the term of twenty
one ream will be &:46,500, making an aver
age yearly rental of $11,«"J. which Is the
lirtuft indication of rental values on the
north side of 42d street between Sixth ave
nue and Broadway.
A report was recently printed that the
upper lofts in the building at the southwest
corner of Irving Place and 16th street had
been leased by the city for the use of the
Tenement, Building and Health depart
ments. Tlie property is owned by tfc No.
OS East fcMh Street Company, of which
•j. •■ -.;a.:.:in MordecaJ is president.
Mr. MbroJecml said yesterday that the re
port was not only unfounded, but that no
overtures had ever beea made by the city
to lease the lofts.
The Manhattan Properties Company has
beat incorporated at Albany, with a capital
stock of $1,000,000 and the following di
rectors: Henry L Stine. L* B. Xinn and
S. EL O'Callaghan. Mr. Stine, who is the
president of the new company, stated yes
terday that the corporation would take over
the holdings of the Erie-New York Realty
Company, the Bellaire Estates and the
Lakeview Company, in Hempstead and
MAY 10.
KELX.T ST, w «. 548.4 ft n of Lonirwood aye,
306 7x100; mi* Guarantee and Trust Co loan*
Irvine Realty Co $105,000.
BRIGGS AYE. n *, 123 ft c of 4th et. 25x100.
The Bronx; Elizabeth K. Doolies loan* IK-ludici
bOß Biiliiiins Co *3.750.
WASHINGTON ST. 380: Jarrd W Bell loaca
St John Park Realty Co $17,000.
KTB ST. » a. 400 ft c of 6th aye, W>i9S.9;
Chelsea l:ea:iy Co loans A ie S ConstrucUon Co
$2&0,«00. .;-y;
RIVERBIDE DRIVB— Bing A: Bins bought the
lot at the south corner of R!v«irMc> Drive and
Men *♦*•• -<?• together with the two adjolnlcir ny«
itotrv duelling kowea N'os. 155 and 156 Rlv*r
*id€ Drivt. from William B. Walker. Teas* &
! iiman '<-' th» broken la the deal Bin? *
B'n^UU- control at thle point » plot 100x100
vex" on v.'.i-h they Hi »r- t a tven 6 ttory
a^rtxnqit bouje.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE*— Frederick Zittel & Sons
bol<J for Frederick G. Boss, of London, England.
No 532 Riverside Drive, a five story American
basement dwelling house, on a lot 23x100 feet,
between 105 th and 106 th streets. The owner will
occupy • the < house.
LEXINGTON AVENUE— Pease & Eiliman re
cold for Charles Buck the property No. 1 Lex
ington • avenue, northeast comer of "let street, to
the No. 1 Lexington Avenue Company, organized
: by Herbert Lucas, who will design a twelve story
co-operative apartment house for the site. The
1 property comprises a plot 60x123.5 feet. Pease &.
Elllman also negotiated the sale of the parcel for
Mrs. Henry W. Poor, to Mr. Buck last January.
WEST END AVENUE.— Frank E. Smith sold
for Robert E. Dowling the southeast corner of
tiOth street and West End avenue, 100.5x162.ti
feet. Also r.he northwest corner of S9th street
and Broadway, being 100.8 feet on Broadway and
150 feet on S9th street. . The buyers are George
F. Johnson, jr., and Leopold ■ Kahn. They will
immediately Improve these two corners with high
1 class twelve story ' apartment houses. This is a
1 part of the Evans block ' recently purchased by
Robert 'E. Dowling. The southwest corner of
9Cth street and Broadway will be restricted to a
four story business building for ten years.
& Co. sold for S. S. Carvalho to Janpole & Wer
: ncr No. 69S West End avenue, southeast corner
of 94th street, a five story American basement
dwelling house, on a lot -16x55 feet s Irregular.
; WEST END AVENUE— Mary J. McGuire sold
No. 910 West End avenue, a four story ' and
basement brownstone front dwelling house, on a
lot 20.2x100 feet, between 104 th and 105 th streets.
L. J. Phillips & Co. were the brokers in the sale.
Mrs. McGuire acquired the property last No
vember. • ■
EIGHTH AVENUE— Isidor H. Kempner sold
the three five story flathouses, with- stores, Nos.
2647. 2653 and 255.% Eighth avenue, between
136 th and 137 th streets.
24TH STREET— Robert H. Jones bought a
twelve story loft building being erected at
Nos. 143 and 150 West 24th street, on a plot
50x88.9, about 175 feet east of Seventh aye.,
tor an Investor at a figure approximating
$275,000. The seller is the Boreas Realty Com
pany, of which Louis Steckler is president.
2STH STREET SoIomon S. Carvalho bought
from thje Napoleon Construction Company
(Janpoie & Werncs) the new seven story loft
building. No. 130 West 2Sth street, on lot 25x
PS. 9. between Sixth and Seventh avenues. In
part payment Mr. Carvalho gives his house,
No. 698 West End avenue, southeast corner of
94th street, a rive story dwelling, on lot lS.5x
55 feet.
37TH STREET HeiI £ Stern ' sold for I.
Randolph Jacobs No. 136 to 142 West 37th
street. 72x98.9 feet, to L. Haas. The parcel la
near the Marshall estate property at 37th
street and Seventh avenue, recently sold.
SSTH STREET— Hellncr & r oif bought from
Frederick E. Lewis the four btory dwelling
house No. 22 West SSth street, on lot 25x98.9
feet. McCarthy & Fellows were the brokers.
BOTH STREET— DanieI Birdsa!! & Co. sold
for the Tailfer Company to W. G. Ver Planck
Nos. 116>4 and IIS West 50th street, two two
story stables on plot 33. !x100.5 feet, between
Sixth and Seventh avenues. The purchaser
will alter the buildings into a garage.
' S.TTH STREET— Edward C. Williams & Co.
sold for the Barney Estates Company to the
Herald Square Holding Company Nos. 147
and 149 West Both street, a three story
garage, on plot 50x121 feet, adjoining the
Hotel Wellington and facing the Wyoming
apartment house. It will probably be Improved
with high class apartment houses, which this
neighborhood demands.
7STH STREET Frederick B. Opper sold No.
147 West 78th street, a three story and base
ment stone front dwelling house, on lot 20x
1C2.2 feet. . •
S2D STREET— John J. Kavanaue;h sold for
the Henry Schmidt estate No. V& East 92d
street, a three story dwelling house or: lot 15x
100.S feet, to a client for occupancy.
137 TH STREET— Solomon Stern 6Old for Mrs.
Augusta .Osserraan the six story modem ele
vator apartment house known as La Venice, on
lot 45x100x irregular, at Nos. 263 and 265 West
137 th street, between Seventh and Eighth ave
nues. The property has been held at $90,000. It
Is understood that the selling price was pear
that figure. ...
161 ST STREET — Jacob Herb sold to William
Bradley, of the Bradley Construction Company,
No. 519 West 161 st street, a plot, SOxl'.O feet,
with frame dwelling house and stable, between
Amsterdam avenue and Broadway.
BATHGAT3 AVENUE — Bract & Conn ana
J. J. Pitman sold to Dr. C. H. Brown No. 2043
Bathgate avenue, a two story dwelling house on
lot £sxloo feet.
BRUNSp. AVENUE Georre J. McCaffrey sold
tor Edward J. Cahil! four lots on the west side
of Bruner avenue 100 feet north of Nereid ave
nue, 100x97.6 feet.
BOYD AVENUE— George J. McCaffrey sold
for Edward J. Cahi!! two lots on the east elds
of Boyd avenue 275 feet touth of Nereid ave
nue. 50jl-97.6 feet.
CBESTON AVENUE — Edward Po!ak sold for
the estate of Julius I. Livingston eight lots, ex
tending from Creston avenue and 197 th street to
the Concourse.
JACKSON AVENUE— C. Bchweiger sold the
three Camliy house No. 1045 Jackson avenue, on
a Jot 17.4x87-6 feet, to Joseph Edelnmtb.
sold for Ed. J. Cahill the one family bouses Nos.
4359 and 4361 Wlckham avenue, each 02 a lot
25x97.6 feet- also, for Ed. J. Cahil!, two lots on
the west side of Wickham avenue, -225 feet south
of Nereid avenue. 50x97.6 feet, ana for Ec. J.
Cah!!l two lots on the east side of Wlckham
avenue, 250 feet south of Nereid avenue. 50^97.5
for Louis Kleban the six story Bathonse Ne. 851
Washington avenue, on a plot £6.7x150 feet.
WASHINGTON AVENUE— Bauer & Co. sold.
In conjunction with Harry Parker, the northeast
comer of Washington avenue and 166 th street, to
a builder for improvement.
WEBSTER AVENUE Robert H. Jones sold
for the Security Mortgage Company No. 1465 to
1475 Webster avenue, a sir story apartment
house on a plot 100x65 feet, running through to
Clay avenue. The price paid was $85,000.
WEBSTER AVENUE— W. E. 4-. W. I. Brc^r ;
sole for Mrs. Augusta Morris de Peyster the
northeast corner cf Webster avenue and 16sth
street, a plot 163x90 feet. The purchaser will
erect five story fiathouses. with stores.
BARTHOLDI — Edward Polai sold to
1 A. Sanaa a lot 35x100 feet, on the north side of
Barthoidi street, 105 feet west of Cedar avenue,
known as Lot 79.
135 TH STREET — H. Jones sold to
the Security Mortgage Company the northeast
corner of East lSstb street and Brown.Place.
a five story tenement house, on plot 2§.4il'jO
feet, for $4"2,500.
139 TH STREET — & Cohn sold ■ the
plot, 75x100 feet, on the north side of 13»th
street, 220 feet east of Cypress avenue, to
Esther Weiss, for immediate improvement.
1-11 ST STREET Gertrude I. Grumrr.on sold
to Maurice J. O'Gorman No. 457 East 141 st
street, a three story dwelling house, on lot
18.9x100 feet, for $5,900.
173 D STREET — Edward Polak sold for
Charles Doll a dwelling, house on the south
side of East 173 d street. 100 feet west of Park
avenue, and two lots on tV;e east side of Ma
thilda street. 150 feet north of 240 th street.
216 TH STREET — Goldfein Realty and
Construction Company has sold to Ferdinanco
Gallo the plot. 50x100 feet, on the couth side
of 216 th street, 50 feet east of Paulding ave
217 TH STREET The Goldfeia Realty and
Construction Company sold to T. Clissman the
lot. 25x114 feet, on the south 6ide of 217tii
i street, 125 feet west of Barnes avenue.
The auction sales held yesterday at the
Real Estate Exchange salesroom, Nos. 14
and 15 Vesey street, resulted as follows:
By Joseph P. Day.
BT NICHOLAS AYE, BL w b, 56.9 ft s of 113 th
at, 51. 7x124. lrreg; 5 sty flat; errs' Bale; to
II J Carthen for $40,000; also
ST NICHOLAS AYE, 53. w e, 55.1 ft a of
113 th st. 51.7x107.7x irreg: 5 sty fiat; exrs' sale;
to M J Carthen for $35,000; also
AMSTERDAM AVB. 1492. w a. 40 ft 6 of 134 th
nt, 40x100; 6 sty flat, with stores; exrs' sale; to
W S Carpenter for $62,500; also .
FULTON AYE, 1720. w s, near 174 th st, 42.4 x
lOOx lrreg: vacant; exrs' Bale; to Thomas P
Dunn for $39,000; also ' .
ROCHAMBEAU'AVE. v a. 157 ft n o? 20Sth
et. 05.7 x irfeer: vacant: exrs' sale; to Robert
Bums for $«,O00: also
PARK AYE. n w cor lS4th st, 217x80.1x lrreg;
vacant; exrs 1 Bale; to W S Carpenter for $22.
000; also
WEBSTER AYE, r e cor lS4th st, 126x92.2*
trreg; vacant; ejers" sale; to L G McAveny for
$17,500; also
JEROME AVB. n r- cor lOSth at, 26.Cx95.7x
irreg: vacant; exrs" sale; to Jacob Hoehn for
$4,500: also
CRESCENT AYE. 8 W cor lOSth st, 25.2x1C2.5x
lrreg; vacant; exrs>' tale; to W Hauschman for
$4,600: also •
MONROE AYE, 1749 to 1753, w s. 190 ft n of
174tU Et, £0x90; 3 frttme houses; exre' eale; es
tate of Julius I Livingston, deceased; to W S
Oil-enter for $15,000.
USTH ST, b a, 45 ft w of Brown pi. 75x100;
vacant- \ol hale; to Lawrence G French for $14,
ST ANN'S AYE, a c cor of 134 th st, 100x50.
vacant; vol tale; to Lawrenoa G French fcr
110 TH ST. 221. n a, 235 ft c of 3d aye. 25x100;
5 sty tenmt with etores; voi sale; to David Boss
for $22,600.
FOHSYTH ST. 89 and 39 I .£, m a, 93.2 ft n of
CVinal st, 3ir.UxlOo; 5 sty etable; vol saJe; to
Henry Broder for $55,0)0.
TINTON AYE. 122.".. v» a, 245.3 ft n of lftSth
at, li '.4xllo: 2 sty frame dwg; vol suit; to H
\V. i.r. ; for $9,550.
SBTB ST. &•>. c fe. ISO ft c or Ct)> aye. 2UyO,
6 sty bide and utore; Warren McCcnlhe a»;t A
1' fioott et al. Warren McConihe. atty; J' T Dob
son, ref: amt due. J9.«-)7 66; taxes, etc. $1,
lt»l 40: sub to a nitg; of $50,000; withdrawn.
CENTRAL PARK WEfT, 414 ami 415, n *
cor at Ktlst »t. 100.11x111, three 6 aty flats; D
H Hyman act L J Arthur at al; action 1; C W
Dayton, Jr. utty; Abraham H.ft6htl«-ld, ret: ami
Cue, $71,320 14- cub to three mtgs nprggregatins
$l"a,<) 00; to Alexander Thßln for $180,500.
101 ST ST. 3. n a, 111 ft w of Central Park
West, 3SxlOO.ll; 5 sty Bathoase; same «gt tame;
bctlon 2- same atty; same rcf; aii'l due. $13,
flflß4S; uub to a tntg of |42,000 to Alexander
Thaln for $13,000.
101HT ST. •*>. ' n a, J4O ft w. of Or.tnl Park
West. 86x100.11; C sty flathouse; came act
tain*-, ac-tlou 3; name attjr; sams ref: aim duo,
$2^,247 62; pub to '- tntga asgxesating jCC.ujO;
to Charles Rauner tot $41,750.
101 ST ST, 7. n k, 187 ft \v of Central Park
West, 35x100.11. 5 sty flat; sains t.-t same;
action 3; same atty; came ref; amt due. 118.
529 02; cub to a mtg of $39,500; to Charles
Rauner for $4<\2:.'.'.
USD ST, 204, - s/ 1 137.8 ft « of Tth aye,
' 27.5x99.1l 5 sty flat; Oscar ■!'• •■■'■• --■' *°
r:osen?«rtf-n rt «1: Flel»chman A F; attys;
jc L gohyn. ref; amt tlue, *o Sfll IT: ta.x*j,
etc. $73; sub to a prior mtg: of $31,000; to
the plaintiff for $34,064.
133 D ST, 202, as, 100 ft w of 7th aye. 31.0 x3 I. ox
99.11: 5 sty flat: Simon Mars agt Leo Rosen
rarten et al; Fleischman & F. attys. v. "
Sennra, ref: amt . due. $7,492 44: taxes, etc.
$677 09: sub to a prior mtg of $30,000; to tne
plaintiff for $33,591.
GRAND ST. 86. Vs. 50 ft wof Woo 8*"", a*.
25x100: 5 sty loft and store blag; M » °° l^"
committee, agt Virginia Tuska et al; /-"*
Grove, atty; E W S Johnston, ref: a*" l .''".ii
s?.i.7i2«r,- taxes, etc. $721; to the plaintiff
for $32,000.
6TH ST. 511. n a. 175 ft c of Aye A. 23-7 x
90.10: 5 sty tenmt and store: leasehold. i«
Fleischauer agt Abraham Strauss; Chas Bra-".
Jr. atty; J P Davenport, re:-, amt due, f 4 -££ *"'
taxes, etc. $420 66; to the plaintiff for $0,000.
3D AYE, 319/ s c cor 24th st 15. 6x97.7: 3 sty
tenmt and part 2 etv factory; Thomas Mook »»t
W T Mook et al: Webber & W. att>s Wm
Allen, ref; partition; to the Stanton Realty 00
for $53,000. ■-..■-; , ; .- ii";
By James L- Wells Co. •
VALENTINE AYE. 1 c a. 1384 ft s of ISTth st.
100x115; vacant; vcl sale; to Hugh D Smyth lor
By Dryan L. Kennelly.
76TH ST. 213. and 215, n 8, 171.8 ft c of 3d
aye. 33.4x102.2: 6 sty tenmt and store; Orphanr.
Home and Asylum of the P E Church agt Saul
Wallenstein at al; De Witt, L & D. attys; D E
Seybel. ref; amt due, $35.5&7 09; taxes, etc,
$904 11; to Benjamin F Foster for $41,750.
The auction offerings to-day •will be as
follows: :
By Bryan ,L. KenneUy.
TWO STY frame dvrg and 67 villa plots
located on Boston Post rd, Kane, Beach. Lor
etto and Jochum ayes. at Larch Manor.
Westchester County; vol sale.
By Joseph P. Day.
BEDFORD AYE. 1618 to 1022, tv «. 237 ft s
of DeKaJb aye. Brooklyn. 7i».iJxlOO; three 4 sty
flathouses; bankruptcy sale.
70TH ST, CIO. s s, 340 ft c of Aye A, 37x
100.4; 6 sty tenrnt; W F Armstrong agt Louvre
Realty Co et a!: Gawan & a. attys: G A
Newman, ref; amt due, $24,761 SO; taxe3, etc.
$1 200 20..
1-23 D ST, 211, n s. 120.8 ft c of 3d aye. 25.3
xlOO.l; 3 sty dwg; C W Teller agt Sarah
Teller et al; X C & M V McDonald, attys; b
Norton, ref: partition.
CBU6BB AYE; n s cor road to West Ches
ter, runs 34.9 ft to 203 dst x « 200 to Hol
land aye, to road to West Chester x w 221.3.
Wakefield; E A Kuerzi agt Hale Building and
Realty Co et si: F J Kuerzi, atty; A J Levy,
rel; amt due, $4.910 77; taxes, etc, $100 03.
By L. J. Phillips & Co.
PARK AYE, 1488, r. w cor of 100 th St. 17x
lrres; tenmt and 1 sty store; C L Jacobs agt
Louis Meyer. Realty Co et a!: Eistnan, L C &
L, attys; F H l>vy, ref; amt due, $6,5G4 IS;
taxes, etc, 5720 49.
By Herbert A. Sherman.
FIN'DLAY AYE, s 0 cor of 170 th at, 248-Sx
100.7 x lrrcg; vacant; M L Zborowski. exrs,
etc, agt John Sachs et a!: H L Morris, atty:
Sumner Gerard, ref, amt due. $3.50S 54; taxes,
etc, ?3.7&y 00.
(With name and address cf lessee.)
' MAY 10.
BROADWAY. 1677, store, etc; Benjamin J
Fall-- to American Auto Supply Co<: 49 mos from
April 1, 1910; 53,600; address. £S Chambers st.
BCKNSTDE AYE. 2SO East, apartment, second
floor; Julia V Schmitt to Louise A Dreuckhahn;
3 yrs from May 1, 1910; 5300; address, ■£& East
Bur-aside aye.
GRAND ST, 157, store; Wilhelmina Trenk
mann to Leon Goldstein; 4 yrs from May 1,
19C9: STSO to SS4O: address. 157 Grand st.
LEXINGTON AYE 1 . 1192. 3 sty bldg: Samuel
Rothenberg and ano to Jacob Orkoff and aso: 1
yr 9 mos from June 1, 1910; $950: address. 1184
Lexington aye.
MADISON ST, E w cor Gouveraeur st. store,
etc; Harris Goldman to Wolff Wallach; 5 yrs
from May 1. 1910; 5840; address. 319 Madison 6t
iIONROS ST. 2%. two stores; Joseph Paris!
to Gaetano Cippo'a and ano: 3 yrs from Oct 1,
190S; $750: address, 212 1 Monroe st-
TINTON AYE, s c cor Home st, comer etore:
John Friedrich and ano to Christian Schmalz: 5
yrs from May 1, 1910; $900; address, SSB 11th
» \ T ESEY ST-, 51: I«econvw Press Co i-> Louis
Gabler; 2 yrs, from May 1, 1910; $1,200; address,
51 Veeey st.
2D U'E, 769 south store; Charlottte Geissier
to Ignatz Schleidleder; 1 yr from May 1, 1910;
$4*o; address, 769 2d aye. ,
2D AYE, 30: Frederick A Booth, jr. to Wi!l
iarr: T Stohlman et a!. 10 yrs irom May 1. 1915;
taxes, etc, $1,100; address, 30 2d aye.
11TH AYE, 550 and 552, cor 42d st; WHHam
Yon Twistern to William Bunger; 6 yrs from
May 1, 1910; $9. G00; address, 552 11th aye.
3D ST, 28 West, 6 w ccr Greene st; Louise De-
R Campbell an.l ano to George Killer; 3 yrs
from May 1, 1907; ?2,S0»): address, Ct» West 3d st-
SAME PROPERTY; same to same; 3 yrs frora
Ma-.- 1. 1910; $2,860; address, same as abo\-e.
23D ST, 120 West: Lola F Cooper et al to
William Louis P and Julius S Holzwasser; 20
yrs from Slay 1, 1910; taxes, etc, $7,500 to
SS.COO; address, 120 West 23d st.
107 TH ST, 20-} and 206 East; Charles E Mo-
Maaus. trustee, to Harlem Shirt Co; 10 yrs from
Nov 1, 1909; $3,600; address, 331 East 102 d st.
113 TH ST. 104 West; Charles I Weinstein
Realty Co to Jennie llensel; Sept 22, 1909; 5 yrs
from completion Of building; $960; address, 104
West USth st.
IS7TH ST, 827 to €33 East: Edward W Bro-K-n
ir.g- to John Kelm; 14 yrs from April 14, 1910;
$6,150; address, 627 East 137 th st
(With naroe and address at purchaser.)
4TE A. s c cor of 23d st, 24.9^:73. 5 st- brls
tenmt; Charles Lanisr and William Jay, ens, to
Ogc>" Brower and Howard E White, trus;
Apr:' 20; $25,000: address, 3! Nassau st.
AVENUE C. 96. 22?553; 4 sty brk tenrr.t;
Rapbae! Fermele to George W Weil! fmtg $IS.
000), May 10; $100; address. 320 Broadway.
CATHARINE ST. 76, 24.9x77.14x lrrei:: 3 sty
'rarre;' Abraham Levinstein et a! to Martin Ga
rone fcntg $10,000); April 20; $100; address, 17
FWton Market.
CORNELIA ST. 26, 25.1x92.4; 5 sty brk; WlU
lam H Eischoff et al to Donato and Giuseppe
HobHotto; April 11: SIOO.
CORNELIA ST, 24, 25x92.4: 5 sty brk: same
to cam* 1 , April 11: $100; address, 35 Barrow st.
MADISON AYE. n c cor of 104 th st, 17.7x70:
4 sty brk- Hyman Levin to Levin Construction
Co; alii liens; Jan 20; $1: address, 1531 Madi
son aye.
MADISON AVC r. 6 cor of 117 th st. 54.11 x
10S- 5 sty brk: Bernard Mayer and ano to Fan
lie Mayer; March 29: $100; address. "5 Beek
man st.
ST NICHOL.A.S AYE, c c 50 ft n of 17Sth st,
100x100- Realty Mortgage Co et al to Tacoma
Construction Co irr.tg $51,000); May 9; $100:
address. 135 Broadway. •
cT NICHOLAS AYE, n t> cor of 170 th Bt. 100
xif'O; Clara Gertrude Schmitt to Alexander
Walker fmtg $60,000); May 2; $100; address. 414
Riverside Drive.
IST ST. 18 East, 16.3x75; 3 sty brk; Sophie
Liclitfuss, mdiv and heir, to George F Johnson.
sr and George P Johnson, jr. as joint tenants;
all l»n»: Feb 10; $1,850; address, 535 West
caester aye.
SAME PROPERT: Emi! Genry. Indiv and
heir, to same; ail title; Feb 10; $1,550; address
same as above.
25T11 ST. 23 West. 2f.xSS.9: 4 sty brk: Annie
do Voe to the A and S Construction Co (dig
$45,000): May 9; $100.
■25TH ST. ewe. 400 ft 8 c of 6th ay«, 25x
95.9- Realty Holding Co to the A and 6 Con
struction Co (mtg $77,500); May 9: $100; address
307 Broadway.
-"50TH ST, n c. 197.2 ft o of 24 ay». 19.fx95.9:
Alfred Spiegel and aco to Max Spiegel and
others, 2-5 part (mtg $5,000); April 16; $100,
address, 407 sth aye.
71ST ST. 6 6, 41. S ft w of 3d a y 16.8x100.5;
Elizabeth A Cu^k'.ey to Adrian Van S Lambert;
May 9: $100; address. 29 West 36th St.
74TH ST, s s. 223 ft c of Aye A. 75x102 2;
Vaeiav ICemeeek to Anton Opperman, half part
<:r.tg $21,500): May 9, $100; address. 209 East
71st st.
76TH ST, £2 West, 22x102.2; 4 Ety brk; Jo
seph Gordon Realty Co to Laura E Peck; May
9: $1; address. SO East 42d St.
7t»TH ST, 179 and ISI West. 333:102.2: 8 sty
brk: Shephard Homans et al, exrs. to William
H Brown (mtir $30,000); May 9; $2tJ.560.
SAME PROPERTY; Shephard Homani et al,
heirs, to Bam« (mtg $30,000); May 5; $1; ad
dress, Sl West 46th st
DOTH ST, 127 and 129 East, tOxlOO.S: C sty
brk: Gtorge Ringler & Co to Jacob Koch (mtg
S40.000); April 25; $57,000; address. 244 East
S6th st.
92D ST, ISO ft c of 10th aye, lSxlOO.S; Agnes
V Kelßy to Henrietta J Bhteman; May 10;
$100; address. 159 West 92d St
10STH ST. 233 and 235 East. B0xM0.ll; 8 Bty
brk; Paul Kaske! et a! to Philip Krauc; May 7;
$1: address. 433 East 152 d st.
113 TH BT. 76 East, 25x100.11; 6 sty brk;
Paul Gross to Mary Pfeiffer; May it, $100; ad
dress. 302 Broadway. "
116 TH ST, 115 ft w of Park aye. 25x100.10;
5 sty Lrk; Cornelia J Rc-iiiy to Frederick Zenk
er. all liens; May 10; $1; addrese, 2obC bth aye.
132 D ST. 227 West. 15x90.11; 3 sty brk; Mary
F Stanley to Mark Aaron cuts; $3,500); May
10; $100; address, 132 Nassau St
184 TH' ST. 86 West, 16.SxS0; Jsabello Camp
to William George (mtg $4. SCO); Hay 7; $1;
addre*s. 171S Holland a.c.
BRIGGS AYE. n s. 125 ft c of 4i'i at, SSx
I 213. 11 x lrreg, WHUamsbridgo: Antolnetta Deiu
dlclbus to the Oeiudicibus BulldlDfl Co .i .;„
1800); May 5; $100; address, 1320 Clinton" avo.
CLAY AYE. 1047, 25x100; Cnariai A M Vogt
to August Kirehner (mti; $7.0UO); May 1. $100;
address, 151 East 128 th st.
lrreg: Solomon M l^andsmann to Bernard isn.ts
miinn: !t>. 28; all liens; $1; address, (EM Ciotona
Park South.
EDEN avk, w s, ;it7.r> ft ■ of Klugsbritlue rd.
40x100, Eden wuld; John T Doolin^ i.. D.vniel SI
O'fiullivan (mti; $175); April a;. $1; address, 27i
West lluth st.
FULTON AYE, 1531 an.! ir.33, r.-'-.:7:::. irreg;
Fulton-Wendover ConstructJon Co to J:tme"a A
Uich (intg $48,000); ii..:- 1); $10u; add) lm
West 88ta st
GILBERT PL. n « cor Hunt's Point aye. 10Sx
lOOx lrreg; George F Johnson's Sons .-,, to Henry
Morgeuthan Co; % part; April SU; $100; uddresa,
165 Broadway.
HUGHES avk. a w cor lSlet st. t7.lOxSSz
irreg; Eat her Weiss to Harry Calm and nno;
May 5 tnitg $i,y.*'>: $1; address, 406 Baal H'Jth
HULL AYE, \v s, 307 ft e> of Gun 11111 rd, Ms
100, Irvine Realty Co to Lillian B Don >bue; .May
2 lung 50.500); $100; address, 2883 Zul< ay«.
LOT 14 to 18, map 150 lets Crane ostate, 25\
100; Harry Cahn -t a] to listht-r Weiss tmtir
$S.C>CO); May 0; $100; address, 1186 Madison uv-.v.
LOT 17, Block F. map of Dore Lyon rrc«i>erty
at Wett Cheater; Roaa Nathan et a). exr», tg
Susan a Connolly (mtg $o.')Coi: all lten«; May
7, $3,800; address, -1 E^«t a&ih «.t. .
LOT 191, map of Gleason property, West
Chester, 25x100; Josephine X McOwen m ■■
Illinois Surety Co; May 7; $1, adaress, 5 »•»»•»
st. -
LOTS 445 and 446, block P. amended map
Mapea estate. 50x08; Lota 443 and 444. ■"""
map <mtg $3,000); Josephine X McOwen to
the Illinois Surety Co; $1; address. 5 was
sau st.
PALISADE AYE. a plot at Fleldstone. at
Rlverdale. being part of Delated esf.ite.^is^
X647.1U lrre : also plot adjoining. l»o.«a*>..>.
Julia L Delafield to Eugene L Delafield. Siarca
2»; $1: address. 548 West 23d at.
FARMS, a a. begins at w cor of P lot V,"
lrree. contains % acres. West Chester, FranK
H G and Henry C Helfst to iRMW
(mtK $0,500); all liens, May 9; $100. address,
Cl West 42d st. ;, •
ST ANN'S AYR. 419. 24.11x97; Will lAm
Hagedorn to Aetna Mortgage Co (mtj, »i-.
000); May 10; $100; address, 2 Rector St..
SAME PROPERTY; Aetna Mortgage C to
Herman Weibke and ano imtg $12,000). May
10; $100; address. 731 Mclrose aye.
VALENTINE AYE. 2902. a e > •»• 25x 97.7x
lrreg; Stephen Mcßride to Peter VT King and
ano tint* $7,250); May 9; $100; address. 4<k.
East lS4th st. .'
WALTON AYE. 6 s. 102.11 ft n of ' T«mont
aye. 100x100; Adolph Wexler «• Wllham L
Phelan; May 10; $100; address. 1910 Webster
WALNUT ST, n s, lot 140. map Mount Eden,
50x100; Alice M Patchen. true, to Harold
Swain. May 7; $5,500; address, 1»» Broad
WEEKS AYE. i- s. lot 24 to 23. map Mount
Hope. ?Bbxl^: E Grace' ii Wlllert to Mar- Beam
of Paterson. N J: one-half part (mug. $U.
000): $1: address. 45 Wall at-
WHITLOCK AYE. a c cor Tiffany »> ™»
155, to land Hudson River & p '?J? B ii v § £
Railroad Co: Whltlock aye. • s. 100 « a o.
Tiffany st. 175x155. to said r * l £ oa d • ft?£j*C-o
Johnson's Sons Co to Henry Morgenthau C«.
April 30: $100; address. 165 Broadway.
kth ST as 75 ft c of line between lota
l 6f TT a H nd 5 165? 2%c!oS. W lot 163 Unionport^
George M Sallinger to Sara ?l n rr^v, 13?
$:i.S00); May 0; 5100; address. Room 1021. 13-
Nassau st. ■ - .-«_,«■
nTH ST 6 s 303 ft vp of Avenue C. 50x103.
CM; Josephine X Mj-Owen to the
Illinois Surety Co (mtg $1,100), May 4. «a,
address. 5 Nassau at.
116 TH ST 8 s 44« 10 ft c of Southern Bouie
6 25x S 10O; August 0 K.rchn.r to Charles A
Vogt; May 7; $100; address. 1047 Clay aye.
-i 97TH «?t 8 8 90 1 ft c of Hoffman st. 29X
Cavaliere and ano Walsh .t£ M«b««*
Cavaliere and ano (mtg $1,000). May o. »w«.
address, 441 East HCth at.
23BTH ST. n a 10 ft w of Katonan aye,
50x100- John W Bkavan8 kavana h to John P fap«
(mtg $2,000); May 7; $100; address. Honey
well aye, cor 181 st st.
•■vrrn T as. ll>« ft ecf Tyndall aye, ovx
100: Edward'F Boyle to John N Outwater
(mtg 51.000-) ; May 4. $100; address, -aw
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest. 6 per cent, unless otherwise statea.
MAY 10.
AYE V. ■« cor 23d et. 24.9x75; 5 *}£*•
April 20 due May 10, 1913; 4% per cent: Ogden
Broker and ano. trus. to Charles I^nier and
ar-o $9,000- attorney, F B Dandier, 48 Wall at.
AMSTERDAM AYE. 442, 25*100: C sty brk;
May 9- due as per bond; John Albert to Title
Guarantee and Trust Co; $24,000; address. 1.6
Broadway. •
BBEKMAN PLACE, w s. 132. «>: 1 ■ of
50th st. 19xS0; 4 stybrk; May 0. ? y™--^!?^
J and Charles J Wirth to MetropolUan
Bank- $8,000; attorney, A a and W Hutchlns.
S4 William st.
CATHARINE ST. 76, 24.9x77.11; 3 sty «»»•:
inrii 20- 2 its. 6 per cent; Martin uarone to
Abraham lavlnstein and ano; $4,000; attorney.
W E Marx. 257 Broadway.
CORNELIA ST. 24, 25x92.4: 5 sty brk: April
11- 10 yrs; Donato Robilotto to William H
Bischoff et al; $20,000; address, 10 Aye A.
CORNELIA ST. 24. a a. 25x92.4; 5 sty brk;
April 11- Instalments. 6 per cent; same to earn*
(prior mtg 120.000): $4,000; attorney, George A
Steinmuller, 1511 3d aye.
CORNELIA ST, 26, 8 s. 25.1x93.4: 6 sty
brk- April 11; 10 yrs; Donato Robllotto and
ano to William H Bischoff; 520,000.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mtg $20.000) ; In
stalments, 6 per cent: earns to same; $4,JtO;
attorney, George A Steinmuller, 1511 3d aye.
HOUSTON ST, 442 East, 67.3x51.2; 6 aty brt:
(prior mtg $34,000): May 9; demand. 6 per
oent; Joseph Berkowitz and ano to State Bank;
$5,000; address, 376 Grand st.
ST NICHOLAS AYE, 430. 25.6x125; 5 sty
brk; May 5: due as per bond; Herbert A. Har
rison, of Utica, N V. to New York Savings
Bank; $21,000; attorneys, Webber & Webber, v
Beekman st.
ST NICHOLAS AVQ c c. 60 ft n of 17£ th
st. 100--100; bldg loan; 1 yr. 6 per cent: Tacoma
Construction Co to Realty Mortgage Co et al;
$80,000: attorney. Wolf & Kohn. -"3 Broadway.
ST NICHOLAS AYE, c B, 50 ft n of 178 th st.
100x100 (mtg $51,000 and above bldg loan?: May
9- 1 yr 6 per cent; Tacoma Construction Co to
Realty" Mortgage Co et al: $29,000; attorney*,
Wolf & Kohn, 203 Broadway.
ME PROPERTY (prior mte $SO,OOO and
above bid* loan); May 9: due as per bond:
aame to same: $9,000; attorney, same as above.
WASHINGTON ST. 34 and 36. n c cor Bethune
st 'IOCxSO; 6 sty brk; 10th aye. 371 to 375. 74x
100; 5 sty frame: Broome suns, 89.3 ft c of ■
Thompson st. 39.1x49.6x lrreg; 1-9 part; May 9;
2 vrs s^. per cent; Adelaide Lyons to Egbert
Winkler. ar; $2,500; attorney, W T Matthlss. 475
Trsmom aye.
WASHINGTON ST. 389. 25.2x70; 6 sty brk:
May 9- 1 yr. 6 per cent; St John's Park P.ealty
Co to Jared W Bell; $17,000, attorneys. Bower*
Si Sands, 31 Nassau st.
Atm ST, 57 East. 24.7x96.2x Irreg; 6 sty brfe
(prior mtg 530,000); 2 vr«. 6 per cent; May 7;
Mary Moor.ey to Janie3 Keegaa; $6,000. attorney.
Hugo Colin. 19 Aye A.
6TH ST s s. 275 ft c of Aye A. 25x97: due as
per bond; Harry Levy to Stephen H Jackson;
May 10; $4,000; attorneys, Peter A H Jackson's
Sons. 106 Lexington aye.
STH AYE. c s, 19.4 ft « of 15th st. 19.4x63: 6
-rs. «3i per cent;; Betty Messner to Bowery Sav
ings Bank; $10,000; attorneys, Strong & Cai
walader. 40 Wall st.
10TH AYE. n w cor 27th st, 24.8x100x irreg;
*■ Ety brk; 2Sth st, a s. 253.9 ft c of 9th aye.
21.4x98.9; 3 sty brk (prior mtg $40,000): May 9;
5 yrs. 6 per cent; Bertha Kommel to Malcolm
Stevenson; $15,000; attorneys, Campbell. Harding j
& Pratt. 43 Exchange pi.
10TH AYE, n w cor 27th st. C4.SxIOO; May 9;
due as per bond; same to James Devlin; $40,000;
attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 176
SAME PROPERTY (prior mtg $55,000); May
9; 3 yr, 6 per cent; same to David Stevenson
Brewing Co; $5,000; attorneys, Campbell. Hard
ing & Pratt. 43 Exchange pi.
11TH AYE. 650 and 552, cor 42d st: 4 sty brk;
11th aye, 544; 4 sty brk; leasehold; instalments,
6 per cent: John Stubbe to William Bunger:
$20,000; attorneys. Rabe & Keller. 258 Broadway, j
11TH AYE, 550 and 552, cor 42d st; 4 sty brk; '\
11th aye. 544; 4 sty brk; leasehold; Instalments.
6 per cent; William Bunger to Henry Kroger;
510.000; attorneys. Rabe & Keller. 25S Broadway.
19TH ST. a s, 104 ft w cf Sth aye, 22x70: May
10; 2 yrs, 6 per cent: Charles Meyer, of Jamaica.
Long Island, to Bridget Duffy; $4,000; attorney,
James E Duross. 100 Broadway.
25TH ST. a w s. 400 ft s c of 6th aye. W>rr>S.i>
(prior mtg $230,000); May 9; due Feb 1. 1914, 6 j
per cent: A & S Construction Co to Realty 'Hold
ins Co; $55,000; address, 007 Broadway.
25TH ST. a w 8. 400 -ft « of 6th aye, 80x98.9;
1 yr. 6 per cent; May 9; same to Chelsea Realty
Co: $250,000; address. 133 Broadway.
50TH ST. 337 West. 19.2x100.5; 3 sty brt; 1
>t; New York Polyclinlc Medical School and
Hospital to Marie Zen: May 2; $11,000; attor- ;
neys, Lewis & Elgas. 40 Exchange pL
BOTH ST, n s. 423 ft w of Sth aye. 19.2x100.3;
May 5; due July 9. 1911; New York Polyclinio
Medical School and Hospital, a corpn. to Mer
cantile Trust Co; $8,000; address. 120 Broadway.
71ST ST. 170 East 16.8x100.5: 3 sty brk; May
10 due as per bond: Adrian V S Lambert to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co; $17,000; address.
176 Broadway.
. 72D ST. w s. 222 ft w of Ist aye. 23x102.2: 3
jrn; Flora Levy to Lawyers Title Insurance and
Trust Co; $15,000; address. 165 Broadway.
74TH ST. 127 East. 17x102.2: 3 sty brk; May
5; due June I, 1913; 4\i per cent: Georglanna
Barber to Wilfred A Openhym: $1,400: attorneys,
Kurzman & Frankenheimer, 25 Broad st.
7GTH ST. S2 West. 22x102.2; 4 aty brk: due
July I, 1 1013; 4% per cent; Laura E Peck to
William J Underwood: May 9; $40,000; address,
62 William st.
92D ST. n s, 189 ft c of Amsterdam ay«, lSx
100.8; May 10; due as per bond; Henrietta J
Krn.-nian to Agnes F Kelley; $18,000; attorney, j
Frank G Griffin, 116 Nassau at.
100 TH ST. 202 and 204 East. 2Sx lrreg: 5 aty
brk: May 9; 6 yrs, win L Kahner to Bthel P
Aruold: $25,000; attorneys, Ernat. Lcwcnstein &
Crane. 31 Liberty St.
108 TH ST. 235 East. 26x100.11: 5 sty brk; May
9; 8 ms: Philip Krauss to Florence C Speranza;
$12,000: attorneys, Jollne, Larkln & Rathbone,
54 Wall at. ■ i 1 Ml
10STH ST. 233 East, 25x1C0.11; B sty brk: May
9; 5 yru; same to Centra] Trust Co; $12.W0; at
torneys as above.
113 TH ST. s s, 130 ft w of Park aye, 25x100. 11
(prior nils — ); May 9; 2 yra, 6 per cent; Mary
Hfelffer to I'aul Gross; $3,000; address, 302
BRIGOS AYE, 125, -.'.'.xlOO; due Oct 3.
1910; •! per cent: I>eiudlcibus Building Co to
Elizabeth X l>oollng; May 10; 18,750; address,
ii.-> William st.
FREEMAN" ST. 84S, 24x73 (prior mts
$5,500); due June 1. 1012; »4 per Cent; Adolph
I. it;: and ano to Paul Gross; May 10; $2,000;
address, SOS Broadway.
LOT 17, block 1". map Dora Lyon's property.
Westcheater (prior mtg $3,000); May 9; due
as per bond; Susan A Connolly to Rosa
Nathan, exra et al; $S00; attorney. Title Guar
an tee and Trust Co, 170 Broadway.
yti;n DUYVIL and Port Morris Raii
rruiil COi •» B, ISO ft n W Of 8 S of 177 th St.
200s — ; duo aa l"-r bont; the New York Yacht.
Lilian uu<i lCngino Co to Title Guarantee and
Trust Co; .May 9; 980,000; uddress, IT« Broad
STEBBINS ' AYE. c 8. 340.4 ft n of West
chester aye, 37.0x50; 0 yrs; Cogswell-Taylor
Improvement Co to .lean Delmour; May 10;
$20,000; attorneys, McClure & McClure. 83
William st.
STKBBINS AYE. « a. S8«.10 ft n of We**
cheater are, 37.«x50: 5 yrs; same to ImvM
UcClort ami ano. trua; May 10; $20,000; ad
dres*. 22 William st.
VALENTINE AYE. 2002. a *> a. C5x97.7x
Irrec (prtor mtg 17.260); May 9; due as per
bond; Peter w Kinp and ano to Stephen Mc-
Bride and ano; $2,250; address, 2u7» Bath-
Bate aye.
WALNUT AYE. i. a. lot 140, mar* Mount
Eden, SOxlOrt; May T. 5 -r~: Harold Swain to
Alice M Patcheji. tni»; $3,000; attorn* Kel
\><zg & Emory, Si Broadway,
WALTON AVIS. « a. 102.11 ft n of Tremont
aye 100x100: March 10; 1 yr. « per cm*.
William L Pb«ian to Lena Wexler. $iO. OOO.
attorneys. Merrill A Rogers. 125 Broadway.
BTH ST. s a. 75 ft • of line between 163 and
105. 105x25.1x litp* (prior ;,vk 5-I. B^' T ,,^
0; due July- 1. 1913: 5% P-r cent: Sar»h Berry
to Lizzie SalHnger; $1,100; attorney, 3 A Stn
lerman. S3 Nassau st.
ISOTH ST. 357 East. 20rf.0: May 10. due a»
per bond; Christina T> Dougherty to Title
Guarantee and Trust Co; $4,000; address. 1.8
CWlth name and address of lender's attorney.)
MAY 10.
AVENUE B. • w cor 3d st. 44.8x30; M»£^
21. 1904: Fanny Dlnkeiipiet to BxcelrtorSa*lnjs
Bank; $5,000; attorney. John C G'Jlic*. 132 Nas
sau st.
SAME PROPERTY: F>b 21. 1900; wan to
same: $66,000. attorney, same.
CROTONA PARK NORTH. 10. 9. Arril -.
1907; Rosa Brown to William Bogcn; fl.Wl— .
attorney. Slgmund Honig-. 280 Broadway.
FOREST AVB. w a. 100 ft a Of 156th^irt. tß_ftx
57.6: July 6, IS82: John J Brtarly to 12th \Vard
Saving Bank; $3,000; attorney. Charles W Day
ton. 8 Broad st.
FOREST AYE, yr «. 11*9 ft > of 156 th **.
18 9x37.6; July 3. 18&2; same to same; $3,000;
attorney, same.
HULL. AYE. net. 455.87 ft n c of Wood law*
M 20x100; April 30. 1907: Michael J Greene to
James Johnstone: $1,630; attorney. Title Guar
antee and Trust Co. 176 Broadway.
LEXINGTON AYE. 1759 to 1773: Oct 16. "-'••*:
Aaron Adier to Michael Bonn: $1,130; attorneys.
Manheira & Mar.h«im. 802 Broadway.
LOT 8, map Fox estaU: Auk 7, 13C8: John C
Denner to Benjamin M Tucker; £.CO0: attor
neys. Da vies. Stone & Auerbach. 32 Nassau a-
LOT 80 to 103. map land Baychester Realty
Co; July 9, 1906; Baychester Realty Co to Ber
tram 1.. Marks; $1,000; attorneys, Ulilq-ilt *
HlUqult, 820 Broadway.
LOT 40 to K. 88 to 0«. Sams map; July. 9.
1006; lams to same; $2,400; same attorneys.
MACT PLACE. 1025: Oct 15. 1903; Louts
Amdur to Clarence 8 Weller: $5.00O ; a""^*^-
Clarence 8 Weller, care of Van NorCea Trust Co.
Bowery and Grand at.
MARCHER AYE, w a, 79.70 ft n of Orchard
St. 2C.t103.68; D«c 18. 1902: Pletro da Resplris
and ano to Annie A Colgate; $4,000; attorney.
Robert W Todd. 229 Broadway.
MARBLE HILL, n w a. 165.98 ft n c of
225 th st, 60x100; Dec 27. 1906; Annie Brandt
to Park Mortgage Co; $7,000: attorneys. Fet
tretch. Sllkman & Seyb«l. 41 Park Row.
PLOT begrtns 600 ft c of White Plains road
and SOO ft n of Morris Par* aye. 25x100; July
2, 1906; Albert J Adobody to Thomas Scott.
$1,300; attornay. Herbert 3 Ogden. 82 Beaver st.
SHERMAN AYE. s c cor Etnerson st. lOOx
100: Jan 2. 1907: Charles F Caterer to Daniel
R Kendall et al; $15,000; attorneys. Merrill A:
Rogers. 81 Nassau at.
SUFFOLK ST. 74; Nov 1. l«02; Max Baron
to Leonhard Herbolshelmer; $22,000; attorney,
Charles Dexhelmer, 68 East 3d Bt.
WALTON AYE. w 8, 468.9 ft a of Hl*hbr!djre
Road. 161.9 X lrreg; March 20, 1905: H-rrr.an
Koelngsberger to J C Julius Lansbetn; $3,500;
attoneya. Langbeln A Lanxbela. 302 Broadway.
21ST ST. n 8. 142 ft c of Sd aye. 27x93.9; Dec
7, 1888; Morris Grosner to Henry Wiener; $21,
000; attorney. Clxarlea D» Kay Towns«nd. 5 Lib
erty st.
21ST ST. n b, 122 ft c of 3d ays. 20*3&9; Dec
7 1888; Morris Grosner to Eliza Wiener; $15,000;
attorney, Charles De Kay Tcnrnsend, 5 Lib
erty st.
75TH ST n 5, 151.8 ft w of M aye. 28.3x102.2;
Nov 19 1905; Samuel First to Pedro R de
Fiorez; $13,000: attorneys, Weekes Bros, 58 Wall
75TH ST. 239 East; Jan 8. 1908; EaJvatore
Domino et al to Antonio Caltabellotta; $5,500;
address. 239 East 75th st.
76TH ST, s a. 100 ft w of Park aye, 83x102.2;
April 27, 1902; William E Finn to Equitable
Ufa Assurance Society of United j States; $40.-
Gramercy Park Club House
36 Gramercy Park— East.
Co-operative Ownership
in its Simplest and Most Practical Form,
B'w»y, Amsterdam Are., and 86th to S7tb St.
W. H. DOUSON & CO.. Agents.
527 Columbus Ay*.
Bryan L. KenneUy, Auct.,
will s*H at *nctlon
Monday, May 16, 1910,
at 12 o'clock noon, at the Exchange Salesroom.
14-16 Vesey St..
157 West 136 th St.
Near Seventh Aw,
Tho four story cellar atone Dwelling. 3 rowa*.
butler's pantry, foyer hall and two baths,
hot air boat; sis» of lot. 12.8x93.1t-
Maps. .&c, at auctioneer's office. 156 Broaaway.
N. T. Ufe Insurance & Trust Co.. Trustee, and
Heirs Desires to Annourc* That
Will Sell at Public Auction
em Aqnrdnrt Are.. Tremont Aye.. Sedgwick
Are- Cedar Aye., Andrews Aw, Morris Aye .
Between 176 th and I79tb. Sts.,
on Tnes- June 10. at the Exchange <Sal«"«roonx.
Mortgage Loans
Sums up tr> 150,000 at 4 per cent; amounts
to suit, at tH and 5 per cent. also, large 2d
mtge. fund. Phona. 2316 Cort.
Monmouth Beach. M J.
Right on the Ocean, private beach and
bath house: two minutes* walk from North
Long Branch station; l--room house, excel
lent condition, with large Flemish oak living
room, 2«x42 feet, completely furnished; barn:
on Ocean Boulevard. Owner will sacrifice for
immediate eale, $13,000. Address. W. 8.. Trib
une Office.
villa sites for Immediate possession or future
Investment; choice now available at $SOO up
wards; only 10£j cash, balance In 5 years; now
SO minutes Herald Square. 23 minutes next
month; highly restricted and charming to th«
most fastidious: water fronts, shaded lawn*,
broad boulevards, shrubbery and flowers; quick
service; commutation 12 cents; macadam
avenues, pavements, gaa. city water, sewerage,
telephone, electric Hjfht; In fact, all modern
city improvements noir ready. Several strictly
up-to-date houses and grounds. $0,300 to $15.
000; easy terms. Write, call or telephone to
day for plans and photos. Automobiles and
carrlases for trio convenience of our guests.
Bust 34th -.1.. New York. Tel. 1431 Madison.
Branch: 3D5 Bridge at.. Brooklyn.
provements: IS rooroa. 2 bathroom^: larc*
lawn: Washington end I^awrenc« »t».. Flu«hin«.
L. 1. SfS.'iOO; or will rent. ELLIOTT Jfe HUSH!
19* Broadway. New York, or "local agcats.
•A- BAT^n-AIIVr!!!
Qv- ncr going to C^lifuraia win sacriflca
Pxqniwito iioino
Itieiillv arranged tor comfort Irrespective of
cost. Four story American basement dwel'.lnfr:
I) rooms. 3 baths: central heating; s*parato
Harkus Matters: unique, electric equipment: par
<iu«>t floor* throughout: hardwood trim; Imhim re
con*tnicte»l at «-oat of $-7,000: location West PVith
Street, near UVst Knd Avenue; uaklns SS3.OCV.
I'ISCHUIt. tXO «tb •*•
TOO; attorneys. Alexander & Gr«a. 120 9^ fl
way. IB
125 TH --. n i, 3V» {two: Tib «vs, 73xleg it »
Jan 81. 1S90; Oscar Hmmmer««ta to 'W>3>i Ls Jr;s|
Ufa Insurance Co; $209,06»; attorneys. For.*."?®
Th6ni3on. 32 Wall st. *«
139T11 ST. a n, ICO ft w of £t Ann's a*., jr. i
, 100; July 1. 190?; Abelnuui Construction Co *3
Ormonde Power et aJ; $25.f<»>; attorn*-/, La-,7 *|§
-•■>:••.-. i.-.d Trust Co. 180 Broadway/^
158TII ST. a i. I. ft « of Union awe, »x task
July '_'. 1507; Louis Greenky to Wmt»ni a?
rou«h»: 53." 00: attorney. Lawyers TIC« t^s
•no* Co. 1«O Broadway. '" $
VAT 10. §
Charles H Ruopp to Jane Ronpp; 31 . 1
Thorns* Keegan to Sidney i^sner; S6.OM ' »•
I zjt*th M Go«tz to Dmv!<i Market- 12 a* I
Jacob Koch to George %»oif; f&'X*. ' *"***'• I
Eliza. GusSßnlwuner. extrx. to Charts* . i
Hlr*:b and ano; »I«.<*O. ' -« 5
Titlo Guarantee and Trust Co to 24w />«-. 5
helm; *&».oea "I
Herir.a.n Hetocoaa to State Bank; 2 UsU. m^l
*4.OMi. **
William H BlacnoS at al to Tltla lasu.-***
Co: 2 aaszs; *lw>.
William M Walicsr to CtarUta ii •-» —on ►»«. I
tee- «:y.WX>. • "**!
Pt:::!ps Pfcceaix to Fort Waahlsstoa> 8733*8
Annie Zweig to Fannie Zwsfs: U- *. |
Robert I* fctlx to Unite* states Tmt cil
*30.00 a "^
William Kelleher to Elizabeth X Ecc!l= ?; A |
EltzaUth K. LWir.s; to Michael 7 -—^7 I
Jena J Lertora to Chmr\tm Z, I^rtora.; $1. j
Asfcer Cooen to Annie 3Com *s>*>.
«;hiW« H Ctllda, exr. to Winifred H ?**«. !
omitted. ;
Albert X Haatorf et al, «xr». to AT^n 4
Haatrof; aaalsna I* mtgs; total. $225.350.
Same to Aioert IX Hastor: *t *-. trai««
Sim* to WUUara Haatorf; aasl«=a M v*
total. 1228,100.
Same to Harry Haatorf ; $17,150.
Basic to same; amiz&s 6 tatgs; $210. aCt
Harvey W omltti to WlWara 7 Glatoß] S
$3,000. I
National Savin?* Bank of City Albaaj ta TXt
Guarantee and Trust Co; !«.©<*>. '
Mara F McQueen to Frederick U Ecr*^ j
Eliza N Hall to Francesco C Ne»bt«, H,a»» '
Lawyer* Mortga«» Co to La-wyera "T.t> Hb»
aace and Truat Co; $10,000.
Samuel Karalit to JosephlM ChteAa^j; $MMt
Hudson Morticage Co to Charles Bus*; |HW%
Josef Kl«ln to £ainu«l Kamlet; S\&v>.
Thomas Foy to Caroline Stern; $0,900.
Bernhard Mayer to Farni* Mayer; $i
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to M-. piUHaa)
Trust Co. $160.W».
Max Gold to Samson Lachmas; jtrA
Lawyer* Title Insur*ne«* an 4 Tnst Co to uSSt.
yens' Mortgage Co; JK.CtO.
Fame to cam*»; $^.™».
6anie to same; $t25.f«)0.
Sain* to sans»; tZT.X'A.
Annie Rooeeln and aao to r^a Btambani llfl^
Realty HoJ4lr.» Co to Chelsea. Realty Cot
Ida k«nyn<rr and ano. exrs. to Vincent SoagaJ
and aao; *4 part, $I. SCO-
MAT ft*
VTSE AYE. 1359: Pressed Radiator Co 4
' America a«t Era Slase!. owner; R V Stjvaa*
contractor; $23 22.
VTSE AYE. 1361 to 13*5: sane a<t Carmlaa
Clofa. owner; R V Stevens, contractor; $57 34,
173 D ST. 060 East; same a«t 173- ZizuA
Building and Construction Co, ow^sr; B T
Stevens, contractor: $117 07.
a«t John Doe. owner; Ronaa * Kobisaon, lea.
sees and contractors; $510.
RHINELANDEK AYE. • a. CO ft • of Mat
thews aye, 23x100; Clyd* F Howe, aja Mai
Pryor. oirn't; Artistic Construction Co, cc».
tractor: $139.
17STH ST. COS "West; Davti S-:hns!<S«r art
24 Apartments— Homes— unusually attractive
in arrangement, appointment, conveniences
and location.
Suite* of *, 0 and 19 Boom* maA * baths.
$8,900 to $12,000
Decorated to Suit
Apartments will be enlarged on request to
17 or more rooms, made duplex if desired, and
isolated quarters provided for servants.
S. de Walltearss & Hull, Agents.
18 WEST 34TH ST. Te'_ 879 Murray HilL
135 BROADWAY. TeL 533 Cortlandt.
postttve BABGATVS r^ EOCSE3.
<*£* K/%/\ *-5(» rash: 10 r-xraa.
wOiWVW bath, steam beat; <£e«9
; let; ee=Te=!s=4 to ssi
<J»Q t>f%f\ $1,000 ca«h: 9 Toocs*.S
%ir%yfW«Bfw b»ths: paracet fioem
««ar At«. C Bri*6
d f± tZf\f\ Terms to salt: 11 rooTa*
«9 1 WjwUU bath, steam bssi. bsp
quet floors; 9 tsesarn
can be »©!d; star -iT%
C. Brirhtos "TW
CAA $3.0C0 cash: eJ^pcrt,
1 «?OW np to date; 10 room*
tiled bath. «tea=t heat.
tiarq-ast floors, cartrw
ball; swatsti mcd
•rre«sis, C3sap!rt«; tars*
piazza: m perfect bots*ej
1H blocks to Brutes
•X. 1 At*. C.
Cert«l7©a Boa^i (Ate. C> and Brighton T-*
TeL F!s*baab.
A Suburban Home
At a sac-*-* I will sell -ny Sotss
!n Long Island. 40 cmuai frers
Wall st. N#w, modern boos* ;*
medium size; latest «qtiipir.«r.ta
near station: c'.om* to ?o':ni.
* anon; hills and forest. Gr^at bar
train. Address T. X.. Box 4'\
Tribune Office.

Write for De Luxe Booklet *». t$-
New York Offices. 110 Xinn St.
Freeport. L. I.
Butldlns Just finished. 12 rooms, bath. So*
water heat. gas. electricity, IWa <roua«a>
iiaraxs. near trolley and station: will bt» deco
rated to lIMH buyer; $7,500. Apply MSt
Andern. Onalow Place, on premises, or C •*•
Chrlstensen. :&4 17th at.. Brooklyn. Buy cc«
before prlco advances. ___—
hilltop. !a exc!uaiv« resUJescaf park. ft^»*2j
utra* walk rrora Manhassvt station, wits graoa
virw of Manhasset Bay; all Improvements; bo*--
Ing. bathing. BOUtng, private docks: $I.3<V: a
fine opportunity for the right r*rty: !i;> ? r **
bul!dins arrangements. \v r tr M or lsfonaat.cJW
PE3IRAI tiox 154. Tnbu OCTce : .
For particulars apply DWICBT Mtmß- v1!
REALTY CO.. 47 West 3jth »t. —
( (UN TRY morUTf. ""
E. W. r.K xnin. ; 230 Llv. At»,. Alban^N^J:
farm; main road; tut Mines and loesA.**
fine. AddTvS3 MRS. H. W. SMITH. Vox <*
Ot-go. N. T. _ .
cholco lots $2.'»0 up LAMBEKT. «• Smimm
a two-room and bath apartment, *•
rfnt for the summer; $12 and }:i
<veek. 122 Yfest 43ih st. •';,-,'
Wych'iiere S*aahors Cottage* (Harwlcli.
rcrnptete appo»ntm*nt«: beautiful coaatry: «»
llehtful bathlDj. K.vrc 5<:«5 Weit 124tii «*• •

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