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Ifjjeno! Directors Appr. .
"Annual Mee::nc o* Company.
-: ::[ OPPOSED
•lijionty Stock Holders Consid
ed in Modification of B
laws, However.
c»r?7SJ stockholders cf th* T'niteS
t~>\£s Balder Company filed protests at
lC f Br.7:usl laectlns at Xfw Brunswick
' rtcrday scai^st the p-jrrhaye of the Tt«»
- S — . B vt>er Coir-pany. on th«=- ';:tk! of a'-
I^fl excessive proSt from tfce transaction
ryr.dsrat*». v.hiefa Included the presi
•* «nd ieveral of thf <3?rwtcrs of the
XT'ttd ststes company. b'Jt ito- customary
.jig, »ppTt 3"15 Ito M
"^nr? KoS U* executive committee 4ur
, , y ll*t n^cal year, which resolution
' * .»,; the Severe purchase, ■»•■ adopted.
f !rll re trers also -protests from minnrity
«H held*""* ajpa'.nst the proposed »m«H!
»^^ to O>« tw« authorizing directors
»^ Tr.itrd State? Rubber Company to
tjjjj *avr>r of » «jntract or transaction
•«h arsotlier corporation of which they
Zrt *&<-* 7 * rT cirectorp or In which Ehey
g j pl f r- ?! :ted. previfled that at the meet-
?J «Slr«ctors not bo Interested
*J*Kj " i-., r""'** 111 «'in thaT a niajoritj- of
S* quorum should vote in favor of the
*! «rart- a^d otherwise extendinp the
j^-frc of I >ic £IrectorJ= in their relations
•r. ot!irr c>mpanies. a? w*ll .as making
fajjpa r^srflteß the calling of mcctinrrs.
r _ , o^>ctions to these amendments hi :
ngrertly te* n looked for by the mana^e-
Sjt i° r ' a ••*'■• of amendments to the
■ -aMeh had lw»en drawn up by
X^tt V. Abbot, a lavr:.-er of this Hty. in
cr p nr r with Frauds Lynde Stetson.
it-cral conned of the company, were of
fc^j Jjr Mr. Abbot and -.ore adopted.
f>nf rf Oii chanpes. which, accordirss to
J^." A t-3oL would prevent the directors
I *j- canine a special meetinp at any
jja,,' prmiflea that notice? of meetiners
| Sm b* placed in r-ewspapcrs of general |
rra'»ti^- Th* principal ■'•'Sue" made I
-E5 'r, the 8-sditson of ... clause I
2 kjfii£iamenl relatinp to '"•- votinp by |
','Susr^'ol th" Vr-Jted States Rubber Tom
r. T matters affecting other companies;
J'i*«H they were interested: :
%aa< at a-y m»H-tlnK of the board or of
£ wrr^irtee nt this company at •***£
l--».-t Br transaction is made, authorized
Js^ .;; director who was Interested ;
Sin or any director of an- ;
Irenrporfction which is Interested there- .
"&** ««aSTWW from the m^tin- whs!e |
I- "wntrart or transaction is under C is- ,
and the remaining: directors shall;
•-V be entered on the minutes of the
".tr* thr statement that they are in-
S^M to such interests cf such cth-r
*&n sr.d that at that time- tn*y them
% neither bave nor Intend to have any
or in pla---*
- d. ar><3 J«»^

ISf, • -
_-«— >(j ygft.e-rlay. :
Prices Going Up. Bays Manu- ,
facturers' President.
Sarlotte N CU May IT.-Owing: to a new ;
S l-.el in cotton, buyers and «^^
S he awakened to a realization ot the
sSiity of a higher rort of cotton poods.
-iVas Jbe declaration made I»T T>^ |
E PR-ker president of the Amencan
gn Association, in his
tc the organization. *'™? h h <^r An
bsamal convention here tb-day.
Ijt ««=£*ne<? that "camblme on
ttonon exchange is ju?t a»= bad, J .n every j
*rticu:*-. a^ BMBMIBS in any other form.. |
ad Atraia be prohibited by law. He
rarmended the pa^sa^c of resolutions ;
twvir- the policy of the bill bow pend- .
tl to ror.gress, tooo *£ the Scott anti- •
«riitr bill. „ (
•Tf#rr must be recn^nitlon on our part,
ft? Epeak-r continued, "tliat a pe* rn?e j
y^ti in cotton is both proper and neces- j
ET »B-i that we must V«end our energies :
jtt fa tl-p effort to reduce Uiis price level <
ht in the r ffori to convince buyers of its j
xwity and propriety, and of *he n^ccs- j
♦iT thtrcfo"^ of b consequent rise in the j
1~~! of rr.ar,v;factnr««d piodnet^." ■'"- j
Mr. Psrker declared tliat "'it is folly for J
tag r^m;facturer to claim Ehat he Is not |
fcierf«te4 jn the manipulations of the cot- ]
*• BarkM or »nat he is not interested in j
t£t «sect upon th* raw material of cot- j
to exrhaii^e-s ■« ho«e rules end -whose ■
asttodfi tend toward the ma.nspu'atlon .-.' i
&t jricp of the raw material. Tn •-•"<» i^ ,
*- relitioc beiwetn the price of contracts i
*•■ the exchanges _ad the actual price, of j
•?ct rort~-.. otrinp to ihe extent ot ;
**»* erVraticnß on the exchanges."
Aji uddraes on the 'Vari--hi:i«inr of •
"otioa in the Sooth" wa* delivered by j
S3- Pu!l8-<3. of Memphis. iJe advocated |
*«r^ri of -arehoufing and handling of j
W.sn *hirh no: only -pou'm be reniuner- 1
**^T% S the investment interests but also ;
WVttfci* to nutron* of tho*e t r;l*rrv> He ]
* a ?P ¥ *itd that t-sso kinds <->f -.-areho-jges 1
'"■« titfrdftd in the cotton growing t-tates: j
vteSKjH Tareheiac for sliipp^rs of cot- '
«t whirh t j,^ product could be quickly |
j* r^" y l in «nd «ut at a reasonable co*% ]
••* • - »«jld not fcffect the shippers' ]
tf *wt *»-jth respect to insurance under
< ."* n^— "Warehouses for Jarmers, :ner- j
=:i - Eutoxieg an<i others who liold cot- •
m'^ * r '° vs * til<? r<l^ ular flrc insurance i
iatteatj o f fnarine coti tracts.
-*aiaed Companies Formed with;
Capital of $8,000,000.
M^r 7 ' ***>■ H.— The United S:ate<« U»di- ;
j__ "f 11^-" etion. of ' ■ itikirk. was incor- !
>Bte^f Vda: Tlith * cap ll ** « f V.'yyWQ. j
P» ~s?? a * 9 ' : *~~ T * r sdiatorp and heating ap- ,
«(«.'L T:i<:!ii '' KMr ' i ar '' > ilatJi<? •■- J'-'Wil-l
S j n B Mulholland. James M. Mad<- •
J'b> T ' Ecd " !e - V . lius^eli I^awrcnce, j
- ! io'~r" Blaiif - WWJaoe <i. GJrth. John W.
k-"^* cs ** Qmrlcs J. Carney, <■! Dun- ;
j jv t couaoHdated into tlie j
*v»rOir Sla>s Radlaiof Corporation, ac- j
b;; r _"* ;o •» Peoent di»ipatcJi from Pitis- j
g^^*^ the Ur.ite<j Btatec Jtadlator and
t-jitw l >)Tnpan >» «f PlttflWWJK the United
''■•si k !iilOr Company, of Tninkirk; the
tnib- »J - 81tf"<?8 I tf " <? i>aunK Conipany. of J>c
**''i' rf ,"*»~*!nden Manufacturizis C<;«m
i^; v tt߻n. N. v., and the radiator
.' n V
**•« Beiag Made to Capture South
American Market.
p*. . - - -trra^h to Tlst Tribune. ]
fc,^'_' B;J * !phitt - Hay 17.— ArranRements are
Maj.^ »<i<ul c by «.he An>erj<:an C«mtnt Coro
. .. B '
Xri+i, '-or ceniT. l These coun
»»i"V aw ' :a;port uoout tive :l'i';,i bar
tioi- W I>ort '' r-r -< 3 cerr.ent a year, taktng it ai
esdjF«v C ! r from Europe
n** S^?? traje of. the United filat-d.
Wo?^^^ Btierty denxor^Uzed by
*4 «^ V **** * <>r ~* or e,t}jaa a year. is si.it
«* Ye v r j1 * rr * ro "« 1 «■ tiftfided «.hans;e for
<r * Vv»^ r< 4 ;* >J '' tj •*i*tn>ra demand from
«,.-"",■• expert* <n ti.*_- tratle s»ay mat
trie* %r PPvperny »I tij»: sKrit,-uitui-ai «"s
*iiu aot **• Mi-rir'ipj.i River, log** her
t>. -** ;e ., 3^ E " «ws to vfh:ch cem«m t«
4 are '"•« Mrte»ejlast4?rii ia the
Atchisoirs President Criticises
Attitude of Congress.
K. P. Rlpley. president of the Uchison
I Toreka & Santa Fe, Railway Company- was
i cuoted yesterday in a Chicago dispatch 10
a TVall Street new 3 bureau as crlticisins
jsewrclv the attitude of Congress toward
the railways. He said:
"Congress is arrogating to itself all the
I functions it railway management except
the payment or bills. That detail it conde
scends to leave to the railroads. So. you
see. Congress still has tone consideration
for railway men and security holders. I
suppose we ought to be thankful even for
"Our legislators aacM to be affilctf d with
the anti-railroad mania. It la a terrible af
fliction—almost incurable. Newly elected
.ReDresematives an seized with it as qoiok-
Iv v some of the old members. Th» average
legislator does not wait for trouble: he
looks for K. He carefully canvasses his
friends and business acquaintances for any
grievance they may lave against trans
portation lines, and If he discovers any
prejudice or r-nmity.. however ill grounded,
he immediately delivers the speech or
frames the bin that it- to niak^ him famous.
The motto of ,>•;•• distinguished statesmen
appears to be: 'When in doubt about pro
ducing a political effect, hit the railroads.*
"X» wonder we must bow pro 10 Europe
to raise money. The home investor ha,«
been finally frightened or impressed by this
constant railroad baiting. But there is now
another side to the borrowing question.
Af^er you have borrowed, you must meet
the increased interest .-harg^ on a heavier
Indebtedness, an to meet such interest
will become increasingly difficult If rail
road halting continues.
"Put Jn anotlicr way, Ml* zro= c eam
kKa »r<> Increased by the aaiimed facili
ties nadr }>n?sih)e by but rowing, the net
returns cannot correspondingly enhance be
cause of the destructive restrictions im
posed by legislation. You can do a bigger
busl»e«?. but that business, under the cir
cumstances, becomes less and less profit
able. Tl !p a mystery where this move
ment will land the road*, or rather it is not
a mystery. Auditor. ? of railroads can see
th» outcome if legislators are not brought
back to* sanity. If Confess would adjourn
for five or ten years the country would
arise to permanent pmpnltT-.
"Atchison's physical condition is highly
satisfactory, but the traffic outlook depends
largely on what Congress win net do."
Federal Court Suspend^ Order of
Ohio Judge.
Springfield. Ohio. May 17.— Judpe ' ". TV.
Dustin. of the Circuit Court, to-day sus
pended the order of Common Pleas Judge
K. B. Kir.kead, of Franklin County, is
sued at Columbus yesterday, appointing
John M. Sheets and Henry .T. Booth. Co
lumbus attorneys, as receivers for the
HnoV-iTifr VaUry Railway Company. JMgc
Du^tin sustalne<l Judpe Kinkead in his ii I
junciion a?raln!=t the proposed retirement
of $!s,<v>3iO'» preferred stock. The Hocking
Valley company t^-jiiglit grave ■ super
sede*^ bond of S2S(OQQ.
Hockinjr Valley attorneys said to-ni?ht
they would not press to-morrow proceeo"
inp« bcrun to-day in the eotirt of Federal
Ju<ls:e John E. Sater to block the receiver
ship, as the litization will win in the
Circuit Court until renewed on error on
Its merits in that court. Receivers Sheets
and Booth took charpe of the company's
headquarters dnrir.s' the day. but to-night
they were not in cluirge.
Proceedings in the suit of Samuel Untcr
myer. John .«. Stanton and D. H. Gould,
rejnrefsenting: the minority interests in the
Kanawha & Michigan who were- opposed
to the pals of ihat roaO .-.-••>•-- to the
Chesapeake & Ohio and the Cake Shore,
arainst the Hocking Valley for an account;
ir.s, it was learned yesterday, will be start
ed before Jud£<-> Sater in the United States
District Court at Columbus. Ohio, to-mor
Subpoenas have been Issued for all 'nooks
and papers of the various road;- which
deal with the recent eale of tho Hocking
Yaliey syst*Tn to the Chesapeake & Ohio
and The Lake Shore, together with all traf
fic and trackage agreements among the
roads involved. Among the itneaaeß or
.'V-r**: is appear before the court on Thurs
day are: Frank Trumbull, cJiairmaii of
the b<>ar*l of in* C»«BBB«Bke & Ohio;
William C. Brown, president of the New
York Ontral um9 the l^ake Shore;' Nicholas
MoTiscrrat. president of the Hockinc Valley
and the KanawJia ft Miohigz.ll; F. D. Un
derwood, president of the Erie; Charles
Steole, of J. P. Morgan & Co., and a
number <<' other officers and directors of
the roads rntntioned.
Officers of the Chesapeake A Ohio were
in conference with xhe- road's attorneys for
til* 3 greater part of the day yesterday, dis
cussing the receivership prooeedin;^ and
the st^ps to be taken to meet that action
and tire other Mitts j«nd!rsr against the
Hocidsg Valley system. The petition fifed
in th*» leUeral court asking that Q*e •-•''■
acainst the Hocking \"a!l<»v bo tak*>n OWI
of tl»e state court, coijnsel for the road
?ai^. -.ovid act as ■ stay Den<lii3fa the lian<i
!ne down of a rnHnj:: on ttt* petition. This
means that U»*r officers of the company
will continue to conduct its business, no:
wlthctardi'ie the api>olntment c-C recelv
Shippers Name Committee to
Obtain Arbitration.
Chicaso. May IT.— Demanding by a reso
lution that the question of proposed ad
vances iti railroua freight rates be arbi
trated before the Interstate Commerce
Comsniasloni a e&therin^ of national ship
pers. represerit!r.s 17j t>!ff maniitacturint;
conceriis. adjourr.e'l to-day "after electing
a Bhtopers" conference committee of seven
teen men to carry on the active flgjit
upainst railrcady.
The coinmlttee {nclodea (l - l*. Barber.
Akron. Oho: Andrew F. Vilsw. New York;
John Kirhy. jr., Dayton. Ohir>: I M. Bell
vllle. Pittsburgr; S. C. KaaaVe, New York,
ami Van p .;; ,. -1 anal ftmvM*. *licU.
'•I shall .11 a meeting of the committee
when 1 rf-a<l> home." taid Cliairman Sf»en
cen -We shall he In action inside " ! the
next seven days"."
If the committee fail? to obtain the arbi
tration hearing before iho interstate Com
mer't; Commixaion it in empowered to tafce
such action as will. In its Jodsinent, pre
vent the proposed general advmaca in rates.
Recourse m*» be taken to the Sherman
Jaw. , .
AH Ui<=- spakers to-day di?clarcd the
ratet on many articles are already too hierh
and that the carriers' were wroner in their
ocnter.t ion that higher rates were necessary
to meet increased operating cipcasss.
rav9rable Report on Measure Permit
ting Purchase by New Haven Road.
Boßtcn. SJay 17.— A bill Train:: the
New York. New Haven & Hartford Rail
road to pur^.use a controlling interest in
H» Berkshire Street naUwuy, now mas<
kxed by the Now Kngland Investment and
Securities Company, a subsidiary of the
s-ew Haven company, was favorably re
ported io-<liy by the lesiilaUv* commute*:
c! , r iiiroadß and rtroct railways.
The I?eri:«hire company, r.-hlch owns prac
t'cally al? t« e etreet railway lines r.e?t or
the Connecticut Blicrj i" Massachusetts.
wu« acquired by the SeX Haven »mpa»\
-»,-*- il year* *zo. but the lifter company
*""- -Vor. : »o io reUnqol«& OiS former by rea
*~n of un advert aecisiuu cf U:e Suyreme
Mationai Association oi Mamf
facturers May Adopt Insurance.
Kirby, President, Declares His
Belief in Need of a New
Political Party.
t Qlll'lCxAi XT cxi If .
The subject of the prevention of indus
trial accidents, with the nearly related ques
tion cf the liability of employers, engaged
the attention of the National Association
of Manufacturers for the greater part of
yesterday's session of the fifteenth annual
meeting: at the Waldorf.
In the report of the committee on indus
trial Indemnity insurance, the most bulky
committee report of tin present convention,
J it was recommended that the president and
j directors of the association be empowered
!to .establish a mutual contributory insur
ance concern, which should cover the four
chief risks of employer and employe—em
[pJoyer's liability, accident, sickness and old
jape indemnity. The recommendation went
to the committee on resolutions, and will
be broupht out for action to-day. The plan
is to establish an insurance concern, not
ias a financial risk of the National Asso
ciation of Manufacturers, but as a mutual
contributory organization, and to make
the corporation elastic enough to permit
of the receipt of voluntary contributions
to the sickness, old age and death insur
ance phases of its business.
Frizes for Safeguarding Employes.
This committee's report contained also
the recommendation that an annual prize of
fIO.MO be Riven by the association each year
to the inventor of the best safety device
designed for the protection of operators
in manufacturing plants, and another prize
of $10,000 be given each year as an award
to the manufacturing plant which should
be judged the safest establishment -of Its
Action on the above recommendation, it
was said yesterday, was likely 10 take the
form of a memorial endowment fund to be
named for James W. Van Cleave, former
president of the association, the fund to be
raised by members of the association, and
the two annual gifts to be designated as
the Van Cleave prizes for safety devices
and for safe plants.
Professor Frederic Remsen Hutton. of
Columbia University, grave an address, with
illustrations, showing' the possibilities or
safeguarding: operators on manufacturing
machines, and Henry L. Rosent'eld. of the
Equitable, and Miles M. Dawson, of the
New York Life, spoke briefly on compensa
tion for industrial accidents.
John Kirby. jr.. president of the associa
tion, presented Mb annual report yesterday,
and in it be recommended the, suggestions
of the committee on indemnity insurance.
Mr. Kirby commended highly the appoint
ment or Governor Charles E. Hashes to the
Supreme Court bench.
Time for New Political Party.
As to political matters in general, how
ever. Mr. Kirby declared that he believed
the time had come for the. formation of a
Dew political party that should voice the
sentiments of Fremont and Lincoln, and
which should gain power enough to hold
the balance between the two existing par
ties of strength.
He condemned the recent law passed in
Massachusetts authorizing peaceful picket
ing and declared there could not be any
such thins: as "peaceful picketing, and lie
took a little fling at Samuel Gcmpers, pres
ident of the American Federation of Labor,
whose type, he said, stood condemned by
public opinion.
The committee on merchant marine, with
its report, recommended that tlie associa
tion coßtinue ha fisht for the plan " . ship
subsidies. The Panama Canal, reported
this committee, would be completed by the
United States without an American mer
chant sL.ii) to gain the benefit of it.
George H. Maxwell, for the committee
on forests aiM irrigation, suggested as owe
measure of forest growth and preservation
york that growing trees, not matured,
should be eliminated from the taxable as
sets of property. For the development of
rivers and harbors the committee urged
that all possible pressure should be brought
to bear on legislators fur survey of reser
voir sites on the Allegheny and MonoTisa
hela rivers, sad for the enactment of the
pending White Mountain and Appalachian
National Forest bill, now before Congress.
At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon the con
vention adjourned its business session and
convened m a memorial service f«r James
W. Van Cleave, who was buried yePterday
in St. Louis. The Rev. B. Edward Young,
of the Bedford Memorial Church, Brooklyn,
conducted the service, and delivered ■ brief
eulogy of the former president of the asso
ciation. The F-?s!?ionp will end with a din
ner to-night.
Three More Vanderbilt Roads
Get Settlement of Schedules..
President Lee of the Brotherhood of Rail
road Trainmen returned to town yesterday
jvit.h President Garretson of the Order of
Railroad Conductors in time to receive by
mail from the arbitrators the, award in the
case of the arbitration of the three re
maining roads is the Vanderbilt series west
of Buffalo. The award in the case of the
other two roads in this series-the. L Iw
Shore & Michigan Southern and the Michi
gan Central— whioh # was received on STon
da-.- pave the trainmen and conductors the
Baltimore & Ohio rates, elective in all ■
classes pn April 1.
The award in the case of the. other
three— tl-.» Big Four, iff Chicago, Indiana
&■ Southern and the Lake Erie & Western—
which came 10 band yesterday, gave the ;
trainmen and conductors' Uk Baltimore &
Ohio rates, but in some classes they are
not effective until January 1, Ifrtl, and in
oilier cases they are effective April l of
this year.
The number of men effected by the dc
cision teacfaed yesterday is more than ten
thousand. President L«e sad President
Garretson tnaOe '.. following joint state
ment last iiict ' :
The award *c received to-day cleans up
tlio entire situation In the arDstratioii of
demands. We have only three large
rilH "■ settle Hitii— tfaa Erie, wnose trnin
men and conductors' vote on the question
of « strike is being canvassed; the Central
Railroad of New Jersey, tvhiib is now con
ferring vfoh the men, and the Reading, the
nie.n on winch Jiavc not yet started con
ferences with the officials.
The strike vote of the Erie men. it Js ex
r ,., ..,t will be fully 'canvassed to-day. It
Is known unofficially that a vote to strike
lias been cast. When it is announced the
he-ds of tlie two organizations will make
arother attempt iit .1 settlement before It
becomes effective. ■
Indianapolis. May IT.— Time granted fur
the meat of the bonded inOeiitedness of
the Chicago, CiJscinnati & Louisville Rail
road Comvuny. to receive rslsiiv, expired to
night i i default of payment, the United
ttiAt^a Court her* will set. a rlate. for th<
Si" *>f tllt> Property. An. error in the an-
Srtinf*em«3Jr«rf the ruling -vi thn court gave
US^MMpwSfcm that the *ule had been or
der . d for to-day.
"San Francisco, May 17.— The official ' '■'■
me ouotations for mining stocks to-day
vfrc as follows:
* ' {hiJnlta • it,
a,"-;:::::: :«: *»«£ ::.::: :!2
X,' ,''„ 14 Occidental Con r5
rKn.r ": Vf,i^'?=, H,
gSSS^i va::::: :£j*;*ir rt ei^:::::::TsfS
Ocu!d £ Carri tUIS2 Culi ♦«
Opposing. Counsel Figures Spec
ulative Account High.
From queries directed at witnesses In
the hearing in bankruptcy of l^athrop.
Haskins &t& t Co., before Referee Stanley W.
Dexter yesterday, fit was* made to appear
by Abrarn I. Elkus, attorney for, the cred
itor", that James R. Keene ■ was in the
habit of carrying an account of 000,000
irith the stock brokerage firm of Popper,
Stembacb & Co. for his ; own purposes.
Both Mr. Popper and" Sidney Sternbacb
testified of. the operations of Mr. Keene in
Hocking stock, and th" referee was finally
urged to order a production of the ac
counts of the firm that show exactly what
part Mi. Keene took in the speculations
that brought on the Hocking (13300. After
the hearing to-day an adjournment wi'.l be
taken "until May '25.
Drowned When They Try to Cross
Swollen River in Wagon.
Gilham, Ark.. May 17.-Mrs. . Wesley
Wright and Mrs. Genea . Heath and six
children were drowned in the Gossattot
River at S o'clock this evening. They were
trying to cross the river in a wagon and in
the darkness and did not observe that the
river was out of its banks.
FOREIGN TRADING!— Foreign houses
sold upward of 30.000 shares in the local
stock market, the larger part of the trans
actions b^ing in United States Steel com
have been declared as follows: General
Klrctric Company, regular, quarterly - per
cent, payable on July la: Quincy Mining
Company. quarterly *•, 25, against U 50 three
months ago. payable on. June 29; Interna
tional Smokeless Powder Company, three
fcurthfl of 1 per cent* on th« common,
against ] per cent three months ago. pay
al le-on July 1; Federal Mining and Smelt
ing Company, regular quarterly 1* 4 per
.-ent ■on »ii- preferred, payable on June
15: Manufactured iiubber Company, re^ l \~
lar quarterly I*4 per cent on the preferred,
payable on "June 1:- Railway Steel Spring
I Companj". regular quarterly 1-%, per cent,
payable on June 20.
J COPPER PRlCES.— Sellers report the cop
: p«r market quiet but firm yesterday, at
i about 12 T 4, eats for electrolytic, or a trine
. better than Monday. There is a good
; movement into consumption and consid-
I erable inauirv for futures, with n»nmr
buyers nor seller? attempting to force the
■■ market In lino with the movement of th*
visible in France and England during the
]nn ten weeks the last fortnightly Btatls
: Ucs showed a decrease of approximately
3,506,000 pounds, making th«» total decrease
1 sii.ee February 1 nearly 11,000,000 pounds.
\ i FOR EXTRA HOLIDAY.-The members
'■ of the New York Stock Exchange have
i voted in favor of a petition requesting the
! governors to close the exchange on Satur
day, May 28. If the request is granted ft
will give the members a triple holiday, from
the close, on Friday, May 27, until Tuesday
morning, May 31. .
\DMITTED TO CURB.— Th* securities
of the Standard -Consolidated Mining Com
pany, of Bodlf, CaL, will be admitted to
quotation en the New TorH curb' market.
— The local banks have gained upward of
: 53.900.000 on their operations with the Sub
! Treasury since last Friday.
: N. Bet hell, president of th» New York Tel
ephone Company, has been elected a dl
rector of the Columbia Trust Company.
MONEY MARKET. — Money on call
opened at SSbS t b per cent; highest I per cent,
lowest 3 per cent, closing 3 per cent; ruling
rate, :; ? , per cent- Time money was easier.
Rates. *% per cent for sixty day?. 3%@4
per cent for ninety days, 4 per cent for four
and five months, [email protected]^4 per cent for six
■months and 4 ! o'<i4% per cent for over the
year. Mercantile paper was bought moder
ately here and elsewhere. Rates. •■.■'■"■ i"
cent for sixty to ninety days' indorsed bills
receivable. 4HS5 121 2 percent for choice four
to six months' single names and 51-..5 1 -.. per
cent for others less well known".
FOREIGN EXCHANGE.— The foreign ex
change market opened firm at a further ad
vance of 5 to 10 -points to ■ 4.87445 4.5745 for
raWep, 4.g7#4.57«5 for demr.nd sterling and
4.533itf7 4.84 for sixty-day bills. Short franca
were quoted at S.IS 3*3 * plu.« I-":: and short
reiehFmarks at 96 plus 1-22. The market
lielij arm in the day, with rates around the
opening quotations. Cables wero quoted at
4 8745*! 4.S7 1-*,1 -*, demand sterling at 4.B7'a<t.S7i.v;
and Blstty-iday sills at " 4-S3S<Vg'4.B4. Short
francs were 5.15-* plus 1-32 and short reiehs
mark.s 3G less 1-64.
Bankers' posted rates follow:
Sixty days. Demand.
J=t«»nin;j ...: 4>4' ? 4 -*J!=
Germany, reichsmarfca _ !*4*a '•'■' *
Paris, fraa cs 5 30 5,17£
Belgium, francs .i.ir«»-« r..i> a 4a 4
>-.'. \:z- rlii- I. francs „' .. .".■I 1 .YIN-*
Holland, gnlklers l» -*'-'^>
discount: Chicago. ."-.■ premium; Sau Fran
ci.soo. sight 2 1 2 premium, telegraph ■ >~ pre
mium; New Orleans*, commercial 25c dis
count, bank $1 premium: Charleston, bay
ing ]'■■■. Belling L-iOc premium; St. Louts,
20f premium H.I. 20c premium asked; Min
neapolis. 60c premium: Savannah, buying
;;-ltk- discount, filing par.
BANK CLEARINGS. — New York, rx
changes $332,752,300, balances TIIJS32&Z*, > ' - •- 1 -
timore. «x<-'i;<ni rO,IH>.r O ,lH>. balances $*■ .
SM: Chicago, exchanges $50,637,512, balances
$2.515.541: Philadelphia, exchanges $25,519,
737, balances *-. ; 10.056.
SILVER MARKET.— Commerr-ial bar sil
ver VAC- Mexican stiver dollars. 44c. . Bar
sliver In London closed at 24"* d, unchanged.
«OLiD PREMIUM.— In Madrid, 7; Lisbon,
Change on New York is quoted at S.Cl'i.
r;riVFRN'MKVT RECEIPTS. — 'Rereipts
from customs yesterday wen $1,231,20::. in
ternal revenue $1.45»;.r>35, and miscellaneous
522T+.T45, a total of (Z.997.18T, • against total
expenditures on ordinary account of 5C7P1.
437. -For tHe rnonlh to date ordinary re
ceipts ha"c be^n $23, ar»u ordinary
expenditures $24,534,514. th« excess of Px
pendirmres axnouttttns <•• 5H5.571. For- the
n?<-al -ear to date ordinary receipts have
been ?:.;.-■;«">:. against J514.3?t,9« ii tbe
same time <n 19CP. and ordinary e*per>di
tures SSS=.<ra,7ll, against $58S,€S2,§W .in . 1O«.
the exeats of *?xpenditiu-«><; this Ipsax
aTnoontms to $17,S4?.«:«l, compared with an
«,^ocs last year of 573,^.716. Including
Panama 1 • 1 "* 1 »cco«nt and ..publio debt,
the excess of all expendit«ree over r«cf.ipt.s.
-in^e July amounts to $4fi.05:.6n5, agninst
an excess 1" th« corresponding period a
year ago of ?124.726,<J^. .' ; ..., _:.
SUB-TRKASTTRY.— The SatKTreasury v.as
debtor to the Clearing House 1,791,238.
L London, May 17.— Consols- closed 3-16
higher ft SF* for ....... and S? for account.
Awaccmda wan % higher at i 5' R . Cauatlian
rncifl'j l^s at l&S^Nj. and Grand Trunk ' s at
31-S*'- ' "
I jiiin<>v was In moderate demand and Hi
Iteir iiimty. Discounts v--="rv --=" r - steady. India
..,,.1 the Bar.k of England shared in the
£600.000 gold available.
Though th« Stock Exrhane« was qUlet
and displayed a steady t!i><lertor>* tb« we
In Britisher* was a feature, partly -m T»ie
hopes of an early reduction in th« Bank of
: ■England"? rate. Consols hardened .1-16.
! Home raiL« and foreign rails were well sujv
1 ported af higher prJees. Copper Phare« aivi
Orand Trunk .improved during the after
noon, but rubber and Kaflirs ruled quiot
American st-curitirs .in«">*vi irrt and
or. - fair ■ towing KtrrngtherwJ. with Can
adian Pacific and Pennsylvania leading.
Pricey showed lttrV T-hanTr**Tiniil '■• Wall
Street marker open«i. when a drooping
tendency occurred under general offerings.
i The cJo«* whs *-aKy^ .
. Call money in London, -'.■"-"; per cent;
KB»en market discount rate for short mils.
rv^r. 1 - per cont; long bills, 3%63%*per rent;
Berlin' discount ratp, 33 I*..1 * .. '•' " <*nt; Paris
discount rate. 2'^ per cent; Pan?, exchange
ort" London, -*> francs 2RVi centimes; Berlin
i ejechange on London, >• marks 50 pfennigs.
Bar gold, 77s C«d. American eagles, 70s od.
Paris.- May 17.— Three per cent rentes
closed 12^ centimes higher, at 3S francs 9"»
centimes The Bourse was dull and irreg
ular. '■''"^' ! -\- i y.
Berlin. May 17.— Prices on kb« Bofrse
■were tlrm, with AjiHjricars active and
j higher. ~~Y:*\ ''-.
(FumtJUh-d X>r ChMtiai V. Barney & Co.. Sfa 25
Bread street, " -'-w v »rk. ana No. i_-J South
4th street. Philadelphia.)
. Bid. Asked. 1 ItM.Aske.l.
Am I tmMI J»% 2«> j L*hteh Nnv.. |M tM
i Am irv Cn.. 4T. 45k i I>«-b Val H KIM., li;.
i -anil Steel. 4rt T i 474 1 1'Hilj. Co •«) «>>)4
ICTrnf .V J » .XSU-! -*l<* *^"«f *♦ 4%
, t;^ i
' isi co of *. MX nn T i|P*»in stf«i pr.rnji im
I Fftirm'i Tr.. «i 7 1 * T - lec r D 15 ! . !.V.
: G.n Asphalt »> 31 |T»hHa Rnp Tr t*-* is"^
do 'pref... ~* T9 ICmokeletK^JV.lS 33-!,
1 ICo of M A 20% 21 ! t-n Traction.. Is*, 4^» 4
! i^v £ Corp :r. m^ll'n Oa« Im.-i.. K.V4 R'.H
j rfV t*ref... '4 H* j Welsbaeh Ca. 40 •4'
•, i: cam 5i !'■" ''■* jPhiU Clec 4i:7«*4 77
Xl f <.. t- Mi h ■
X j Coii i.«. 104 J'M',3 PWU CO *■ ioa ioj
1 Fag P I'-y 4a I*: 87 I. ,
m mm
■ N>r. Tork, iTar 17. 1010.
Beans, bags . ■.•!;"> i,i\e poultry, crts . !'2s§
Flour, bbls 7.r>Sr>TCi rar jj». s iFis>. c«. 1,325
Klanr. sacks 34,r.n2|Or3ns»s (pal). C*. 9,615
«'«rnnvnl. bugs.. 7s"»!Appifs, bi>ls>~. .'••• '*" *?
VVh»at. biisti..... 44. 4ft0{ Potatoes, bbls 15.065 ■-
Corn, bush »,<«Xi;«.»ir»en3. bW* " flt
Cats, bush 33.375 Drl».lf rait, pfc«s. 1.300
Rye. bush Rosin, Mis. ... 2.0:
"a i. ■ . bush.... ' TITHT«*T| oil. obis - >&
Malt, bush 7..V"* "; irits nirp. bbis. 635
Rice: pockets .i.tOOtCrwle tax?, bbls.; ?"":<»
Hay. tons £SJ*OIPUc&. bbls. »>"
Straw, tens "JO Tar. bbls *».
Milifeed. tons 12OjOUcaSe. rkc;« ... " -"♦
Hops, bales SS|L«b oil. MM • *•*
Keef(canned>. cs l.«« Mock. pM» • I.CC-"
Ham«?. pits* S£i Tobacco, pkc»... SOP
Paeon, pkgs. nCS!\VhUi*»\ bbls •"-!
cmiwats. pfcg».. I,6KS Win:. sack* *».
Lard, ■?rc»s ... OS.-J Cotton. fcrilas . *.<**»
I.arJ. kTg- 5.5351 Cotransw*pd'«>i!,bb!s 3.340
Tailor.*, pkga.. . 56 Oot'i»a*d omLlt|i 3W
Butter, pkgs..... 19,294 iOoppen (Meca». . 10.000
Cheese, pkscs.... <?.O7fii Spelter, slats 1.54 A
Ksps, case*. 28,44t; r Hl*»*. bwmlte* . . laV
Drsd pouitry.pkgs H. MM] Win <Cal;, bbl».. 20©
• _____
Wheat, bush.... 61.RV)!F^<.t, bV.5........ *
C«»rn, \bv?* SIS' Hams. H> 3^°°
Fl9ur. hbl«.. . .. S.2lßjL*rd. tt»., S*.W>
Flour, sacks 3,495 Grease. TT? 46.400
Commeal. bbls. . ; l!»1 l«m»r. n>." ... *.*"*♦
F*«d. it 30.00U|Cli(>es«, n> i*">
Oilcake. Ib 2.sSs,4ooiCottOßiwd e!l.g;al» 33.810
Pork, bb!s 114 T,ub on, tn'-S 115,570
Iron. NV>r, No 1 !F>«j*. Mpls ptatt $5«0
foundry It" 37 H Cotton, middling. 15.75
Iron. So. Xo 1.- 16 .V) Coffc«?, So 7 Rio. "A
ft»el -rails.. .-. . . 2S '»■> ! ?nwr, fcranu!at*«* 525
Standard cc?per. jaiolasses. ° X :- : .-'
spot ISS7^i prime *•>
Tin Xt rrufßPer, family fl3 -"0
Exrhanpi l«>ad. . 4.*' I l*»f bams 23 00
.^P'lter 5 .-57' Ta!!o», prime..,. 7l»7 l »
\Yh?at. ?Jo 2 red. - I Pork, mess ..24 25
r- i f I its) Hoe?. 'lr-.^, l«Orb 13-S
♦Corn, X 3X 3 2 .. 70 j Lard, Middle V.";trt 13.50
♦ Elevator, domestic baste.
•Cew YorK, Mar 17. 1919.
GRAIX— WHEAT — Easier at th- »r»»»"»*. I
priros p#i:_- •, '.f •">•: h«ffr, influenc'i by w«ab .
cables from Liverpool, that market showicx
nd^cl'TTP . ' •:'', pafl from Frt**y. Th»re was !
some Felling: by commission br>-.i-=-« earljv but j
offerings .orere. not bea.iv and traders were
cautious flf.out heavy risks on the short side.
V*a!U*t recover*<l fr<-mf r<- m the early decline with
the exception al Ma-, which was lo^v*i under
liquidation, and at the close the market was
s^c lo^er to *<-r. hißner. Crop ad v i<»*s were j
cffirr!»»llctor>-. The Missouri «tats report g*v» j
the condition as 7' ; - per cent. a. gain of •]
poir.t* over last month, but 15 -points ■ below •
last year, and said that, th* Hessian liy is
doing" ron-riderable damajre in the southeast
ern portion of the state. So 2 red -wheat here ;
closed >1 ix - c if and No I. Northern $1 18? 4 \
f o b. i'ORX — Moderately active and steadier.
Cash market* etead>. No 2 corn here. 70c
nominal, elevator, domestic bar:3; export No;
2. «% nominal, f 0%. OATP— Steady, closing |
unchanged •' •»« lower." Cash o«ts dull: nat
ural white, 2rt to 32 )b, 4rtrt4Si;'-. and clipped j
white. 34 to 42 Ib, 47 ©52 He. RTH3 and BAR- I
LEI — Nominal. . . ,»„
- Tcßt«r-
CTrheat: Opeu. High. Lo~\ Close. •S»J-
. — '■ — ?1 18 ?1 '"
juii-: : ::.:: nlO $i my $1 «>ii i j»s jwj
September! if*'. 1 07rt 1 06% 1 07?» I*■ *
Mar!?!:... - - — ™ «
July — — — ;2?*
September. — • — ' Tl *» "*
~i'hCHt. -Corn. Oats. i
To-<Uy 501.000 SSI. OOO v>c«<«' \
Ust wefk »*.<*« •-•--.«•> aog.«tJo i
j Last year 161.Q00 2»,O00 . 4ZS.O>JV j
-.. .. Flour. Wheat. Corn. J
To-dsv .... 20,000 59.000 2S.OfX»
bast week!!!: .. . 3.000 201.000 4n.000
Last y. a' : . 5,000 215, 00<} i.«B» j
EXOUB AXI> MF.AI. — inactive and
i unchanged . Hprins patents. $5 "55 $<> 60; «"hrt#r i
! straights, ?4 95®55 05: winter patent*. $."> 20©
I fe 60: spring clears. $4 35<SS4 70; extra No I win- j
ter. S4 20?T*4 60; extra N. 2 winter, f 3 «7»frs4 18;
Kansas straights.. ?.v-7#5 10. BYE FI.-'TR -
Quiet. Fair to good. $4 i ."» V.- .s 4 40; chok-ft to fancy,
si 4->«?4 '!<). <X)RXMEL\Lr— Finn. Kiln dried. ■
?:> a<«*s." SO-- BAUMEALr-Fin<? white and ; ■•■!
low, $1 Mx&Sl 4.>; i-oarse. H 2&&>1 30. FKKI>— j
Steady. •.V.w.- r, spring, !-l f>o'8 1 *22 80: standard
mMdHng, 52266«54 16; flour do. *2«« t>ogs27 25;
r«l dog. *:> i™' :•••'• spot and mill prices. City
bran. s^l bulk. $23 IO sacks: miJdUnp. $23 (Of
.-.-.-. r«d -i..p *-_-j .".r. Hominy chop. $2ti 50
mil'-. $27 20 sacks Oilmeal, $.I."i nominal.
fOTTO\ and unsettled, owing- to
general liquidation and b*n.r pressure, attributed
to a i»»trf-r Tii-w of SMnan ■weather contil Hans
and i-n-n--'' **-■ over the failure of bull leadens
'to support price?. Reports of freer o*T"rtn*i of
spot from th*> SoutU for shipment to N>-i* York
v.ero ■ circulating, but there seemed to be a con -
t* ■■■ of opinion in this respect, as the Southern
spot markets were (ren^raMv uni Barn T«ocally
prices rloseij at th« low poias. of the day. with
th» fono steady at a net loss of alxint 16<??2S
points. The Western belt forecast falling for
■ lower temperatures and fros»» to-nlgrl»t in parts
i of Oklahoma and Arkansas steadied the market
: briefly during the midi?« of th» day, but the ■[
markrt at no time had any Important r»lly.
of the Sotttnern markets reported after tfea
eIOM wefe l-l«b- lower. The market opened M
.■•l advance of 1 point to a decline of 11 p^nts, '
and quickly sold B*l2 points Met lower. After a i
fclicht rally <he ■irkt>' weakened again, with
.May .=»llfns at 15. - J4e. .Tnty at 13.25 - and October i
at 12.81 c-, or ai"-i:i :{.>^4rt point* b^lo^r th»> high
level of la«t Friday. The market at the low
point of the day was not 'lur- back to the prices
ruling a 'tveek ago last Monday. i-ivirrpooi will
r"<->;.<»7i for business to-morrow morning, but
clo— ?s ajfKin on Vri'ia-. ami Saturday of this
week. >,".'.< OrUans will m!p" be cloned on Fri
day, but the New T^r'< exchange will reniadn
open, »s Friday is a May notice <iay and targe
interests are involved. I*>cal contract prices:
Openfnp. Tliph. Low. n«tc. day.
May . 15.37 15.45 15.24 35.25(613.20 1.'..4»
June — -j — 3">.24*13.27 15.49
Jii\y . . 13.49 tK.."<*» I*.S5 15.57#».38 15.58
AxgUMX..'.. 15.1! 1'» 13 14.M J4.&2'&H.J'3 15.13
Pfrteniber 13.JX) 18.96 13.77 1.1.775? i 3.7* 13.95
Uctotvr... U:.«>l 13.1C* 12.*1 12.!M»12.«» 13.00-I
November. — — — 12.72^12.7* 13-M
December. 12.83 li-S 12-© J2.«st>£ii:.iO 32-S4
January... 12.78 '-7* 12.f0 12.«?tfl2.»i<|} 12 %>
March.".... 12.!*4 12.SH 12.70 1_.«K®12.70 12.55
Spot *JUi»t. -with prices 15 pHr.ts lower, at
*.'• . 7.'- for Tni-idling upland and 1 ►»• 'or middling
Guff. No 8a!?s.
- (OrTKE- -Pr>»B *ia.rj~il »♦ ait <l»»f;ltne of 5
points. There ap*eare*i -'" *ti"»igti dsinand
amund the "petuns rlirure to absorb the com
pars'Urely small "fTerings. but Mm market de
\-i.,j -d no raHjinK power. e»«rtns rteaxly, net
unchanged to 5 points lower. Sal*a. 10,0U> bass,
tncfudin^ Jutj' at * * a ' and September at 6.BSc I
Harre reported a. d'cline of fr»«c. «btt'- |
March contracts were '* pf % lower in Hamburg, I
and f)ther wionrhs 1n that rnnrket were an- j
ch?m«:e<l. No change hi R»-a7ilf«n i»irk«(« It
ii e?tiTi*ted that «< the I. H-J «>j-.' beg? now h*kl ]
at Fantos, fuTly 65 per ceat has been sod for i
shipment early in July "^h*n tSe additional ex
ooTt tax of 2* per cent >« WltWiW Spot •
coffee quiet, Kio No 7, 6'-4C. l<ccal contract
' Tester-
Open. High. Low.. Close. day !
Mar — - -- ».40g«.45 «.*O
jxja'e — — — 6.4»g*.«r. •>.*!
July 6.40 6.40 8.40 *.4»>f»J.45 «A4O
Ausust — — — 8 :.-.s»; .".•• «.9»
P*p»emb<*r 6.. 6.55 6.55 6.50eW5" 6.53
October ...'. — — — «.Sfif4V6» 6-«»
Xovember — — — t>..V>^'<.rt<> 6.*)
7i«.^rptu.|- — — — «.»V»*jtJ.«W 6.»«
January - — — — 6.65*«.65 6.6«. j
February — — — •:.»v.'iit>.H7 C«W
Mar^h — — — *>.«7'jr>'. <? 72 !
April — — — IMtWI 7.1- j
rROVISIO.W-Actlre ar.rl flrmer. with btij- \
iaar cr*dited Ui packing interesis. Hog prii:».= ;
were firmer, with moderate receipt*, and offer i
ings irer« -comparatively small. No sales of
lard. PORK — v>rT«i tneas, 524f1524 50; faint!}. |
$•'•? a j:>", ,*■" >?hort clear. |t3©f2T. BTEEF—
steady; tr ■■•«. rflStf-flO; famify. $Il»'ft $'J*:
packet. Sir, ."li ?1T extri Iti<ii;» mess. »2« Ti«>i.i I
$.10. BKKF .MS. »21(3<23. X»r{ESSEI>
HOGS — Bacons, !3«h»erlM IK 13^,C; i*» ib ;
lWcfpif* ■;,,• CCT MEATS- Pickle* be- ]
lies steady: unokinc !7',»-. 10 lb. MV; 12 J
lb 10c; 14-lb. lo^c. Pickled iiams. lT>^iT
tt\c. TALLCrW — City. T'.'-: o»untry, «S®
"Sc- LAED — Finn; middle Western. 13.45 it?
13:5.'» c; city. laU'SISUc; refined firm; SoutU
America J4.7'c: Conttnent. 1-tc; Brazil. k»c.«.
1", 7.-..-. eompomvl tjuiet. l«#t©*e STK.AKINi:
— firm: o!*-0» I'i^jc; city Lard. !.'.■
ItlCE — Firm, with fairly liberal sales.
M:«jiAR — ;:->fln»" T steady "but quier. I'ricra
ifhehamced; standard p-ranjlnf^d. :,.;.V n<»t.
teta I p l> r ce"nt cayh. Rftw herw •t.-mly but
Outct and imi-hira.— .i Bix»t pr!^— <Jcntrtf
u~al -. t»=«t, 4.24«: iHnsrovaiJo. S:i t*»t. 5.74 c.
aT .A TTM»ta*<.^s »urar Sl^ test. 3.45 c The Lob
(?f»n market r«r t>r.»t *tu;ar was L" ?r:<! high'-r.
with Mat at 14« ft'id; June. '4-? I<»' 4; Ati
cust, .Ui ll'.id Tbs firmn*9.i abroad, liow
ev.-r. -lid not have any influence on the li»cai
METAT-S — COrPF.R— Krar«*«r4 dull: «pot
and .isliveries to. Use__n_ '•' Ausust. 2-'<"t
iSJiOc London firm early, closing easy; spot.
{.'.I 1 -ufor'n. ..■*; XSm »*1 LjW# iiere. 1^7."..:
13c: electrolytic. 1 " r2.«tru«-12.7ri< > ; castrng.
12.:!" >i«t 12.30 c. "IX — Steady: Fpot and May.
.",.:! 1 2 ' • r «' 3S2oc^ June. 33. 1 5*r 5:t.37 % c ; July.
•ri IGSBCUJ.itMc. London '-»■ . stun, il.io _» 64,
futur^P. ,1.-1 i.'- BrKI.TKR— ©OiI: cpot.
'-. -"if! •' ■•-•'•• N"w Y.»rk anri ».u~>\i> ". l."n- naat Pt
Louis. Ij»ml«n ui»'-hai»c<l »t US. LEAD —
L>u!l: sp-31. 4^U»Sr4.iTiO New '■ ark an.! 4U2^i**
4 I7 l '-c East St Loruis. London unrhansett. fiSi
lirt «fd! FROM — Lower it 4Mb 7 "»tl for Cleve- j
'untl warrant* In London. Locally quiet;. No I j
",, vn ,lr Xorth-rn. n7irjsl7 73: No •_•.$«« 500 j
$17 •».">• No i Doutbem anA Net l Southern »oft,
Si: -J">-: •*'''• "•"'• Pt »J ' rtvH -uivehanKed: n<> «_i«HB
anil uiirJiiirifP'L
>\VAI< CTORr> — No eft»t«i» Jn torpcnHn
lrt<-all EaTfaWf lo -' 1 ftrrw itnd-j* «hiul» hi«h*r.
llijain in st«-a«iy ilimianJ at unchanged priced
■ Tar uri'-hansed.
II M> ■>• O>mm<"» '♦'"" "IHrm. «* ii'ap^lt— «•* f
: >TUaU and wit tcn'rot!<K!. -vhtt« U*mar,d is
; q, lU^. enod. f'ttll price-* ar# quoted.
ijeathm: Quiet but steady, with nrfc*s.
i \vfcil"»tr»tainf<l. ' Po«t«»n. h. «r«.v«»r ae«nvs to b*
! book-in- onl*rs a' «t>.-«teft privr-i*.
imi-OS — •"->• "' i'■ oils -:■«:•■ l>u,t «uL»t «t .
fiiir but ■ unenanpra»d price* limits linn, with
sljm e price «<tvan<— a and ti(«rn:iri'J n»»Kf
n Oil •*- — LJiw-d °" w ItiirfrnMjLis on contracts
Tair un«l prlw** firmly maiutalnel Ite-flncd
petrof^iim fcie-ndy.
revT«tT»Haxn on Act iv?, »»les amount
ing to .i.ii barrcii, ana pricea rtrni, ea
pe*rsslly for distant positions. Local contract
Op«n Hlfrh. Low. »"!c«i*. rtav.'
yfoot "— - — — M«ff«.M 9.tt
May... .'.'.'.'. 1.15 si*. *.i: s.JiS'^.ir. kit
Job"-.. ... -r- —'■ — W>*«*.l'» f-*>*
July... .. KMil M* «n5 *.07«MW KOG
September.*-. *.t*z >JJi *-°Z v«M«y«c. s.ot
October *.!?» '.."■'■ " !" T..v^<7-..v. 7.»*
K«T«m*M>r. . . «.«»« •«.** 6. r« rt.«»»«C~.«»*> ■ 6.9*J
Prremher... «.7'> t?.7« «"♦» «.*".'.>'« «.7rt r,.n7
.Vnnar 6.72 6.73 6.72 «-Xl^«.7^ 6.69
For the w*flt «ml»# Tuesday. Mar 17, 1310.
BEANS AMI rEA»- ReortpM for the w«"*Jc
2.3« bass brani>. ).<-» p«?a«: •*••• «•*
fc«ans, 1.147 peas; imports. 7.M5 b*aas. iO
p»a«. tnrlcr cooiparatlvel/ ltcht sopppHes the
mark*- lies gradually hardened on leading va
rlette» of domestic bean", bur trade has t*^n
rather Tlsht. ilarrow In «Tna!l cotnp**», a^a
choio»»t stock ROW held pfcnerally at $S. with
few sal?s. Best marks Of medium ana pea
hare atfvanc*?! to f- 3S^?2 S7^. and turns i»
general disoositSon to a»k a JittJe more at tn»
close, tljoueh «>o »ate* reported aSov* o»t ou.
«d«e ftrur*. For^igi. W~*rt« har* •yropathix^rt
to th« exJeat of about "* r and are *av:as
rather b«t'»-- - inquiry- '-'< martojat _' ,
*htt« (Udncjr and prlc«a barely sxxstaiaed. X* 1
kWn»y have advanced and close tlrm at $oJ->
«?3 .V. -srtth an lndH«posltiot» to s^lt be« Ro-x l *
at cwtside Saavm Ocrastonal «■!«•■ at y *i' O J*
°- t at $." 15. rartl? soup cTtrem«-ly dun - >,%:
lornfa Hma titfnr b-tter ton-, and W would b
difficult to bur fit,*.* \<*a b^lov <*.f'°?*"°
pea, ha-» advance* to «522J«^5^SS
asked by- somt holders. BEANS. ™ a «-> T
choice, baak«L 12 97 4 6*5; fa^r to gofd. J.
f?s- 52 1,: rn.Miu-m. choice. |2»#»»%»3^
S2 SS% $3 .TT <« : fair to ro<xi. 5- -°**;V\VV
imported rr.'dlum. ??10^{C1j: P*^- *= /*?>
$2 20; whit* Mdn^y. KM?'- SsSSSSSS
•~»>i;j>. «2 7-" < '-< J" *•" - lima. California. S-^a^'
PEAS. K«»tch. bass, bu»h. $2 10. ■
rk «; las: week I pts for «po - '?. r^l\t^^ i
pkes: last -nrcek. r.0.«525: exports to ' tr^P^ I
ceiauriM 521- Supply '•> mm rußn "^^ *f
of consumptive rfquireTnest.-.. Trtna o. »;°^
»ie on creamery K raae» foJlo^ms our l««
tvepkly r»port, but r»-over«. < » a? a<n onMonda> .
and the do- is fairry ««»d:- thov«J> t^'"
take hold rather slowly at rates ««•'!"'{ ;
Quality has. improved. mai>r 1»« * h< l2 moTrVv !
£•*:.!■. !son>* stock hi «roms DM «c-a«*. m^ r '„
>m unfits accoant. Nit thtre w w »P«a
speculative buying : on»n«w JW
»re too h^T.- HUHnw s"»dln K am W<g^»
brinsiar extra- up to within M,c f^gSg*
and tb«y ar« now seHns at C?- 2 c. t-.-concuiry ,
( n*i ar* hi
th«r* -l 9l 9 demand for firsts at »*S***^2a3 I
seconds move out promptly at 27c. «?«gj
pry about cone. State dairj- Irregular^jn goal
Ity an* style ef paokae*, Eni » f^««rV ' ,1
.la, Process fells better b*ca.u-e of th* reia
tlrely small supply of " nd °7 ri(:e l»^ «^ck'
More interest in factory and P« fc £S "£~
an.i with H«M receipt. va'^M *« h^ r*«fas.
CVearnenr. 9p-ciai». Ib. »cr extras. -^|C.
««W 22»£t^c: tbirda, »«jac: P^»^»"
■toe*, no :. Ui Sc; Xo 5. 50fl -l'
!!f# to the m»rk.t in ■" r« u^L fcta"
eh.i-», J4«2^. medium '* go*
b^.. 100 ft. SI 17^*»i 2»?: Nos S and I. .«'^«
65«70c; short and tsnfiied rye. t«c, aat ana
wfc rouLTnr— ALivK-Re-ip« '"''. rh * r*^'
48 cars by fr»-urht and abont 8 cars */«££**.
There was a fairly active demand on %££ £*
last, but after that tradir,? was £?SS2S ar'i
5 to 6 car- hafl to be carried .-,•^r by Jobbers ani
1 oar on the track. Prlc-3 on la.« week 8 *we«
. v »rr settled on Wednesday at »!*C for fo..i=>
but turkeys declined to Ho top and tocfcsjw
I.V. S*> far this -e*k buyer* have taken hoU
cautiously, and wtrh lar£re r receipts BPWtlJ :tt<
tone is unsettled and prospects? <n a sfcaiM **' ier
prices on fowls, though inortet . i-annor.jr^^a
settled a: a late hour on Tuesday. PRto.bL'--
R< teipi for the week. l«.«iS pl;ss. Surplus of
,v. killed hay* shown a htti^ increase; tliou*!i
stil! mwl-jrate. and tv. — at increase ran be ei
p»-ctc.l M 1 <tic as hens continue to la" ar^l e^?;s
brinsr —tigftetory P»*e** Baa«rlaU larger sup
plies and mo.3erfate tradins: cause! a £«■»**
fe»lins last week and prices declined to l>c top
for iced fowls, phased in s^me instances tovrara
the Ho*» o( the w«*K. a'.thouzh tfta market
cleaned up rioaely. Ho far this week tradlns ha*
been moderate, and whii" prices are not changed
th» outlook la nnrcrtain. In view o? rather
larff'?'- supplies to r,rr>«. OUI roost in moder
ate supriy an.i firm. Freeh kill«hl turkeys more
plenty, but irregular In qaalltv and pHces a
shade easier. Nearby broilers in moderate supply
and steady. Small scattering '" t!P o* Wes>t«rn
fti-nilers arriving aa sellinc all the -war from
;V)«3."c for dry picked, but Utt=r tigiir* very
r,i'PTT,=. ; s.-ii.-J-i lots 2WJ2S**. Xearby spring
ducks 10-»-»r. sauats mr<dffratelr active, larger
■iaes especially slow. • •':..:■•■ srades of frozen
fowls iT''!ir*r Waeiti but a fair quantity of small
: fowl-:- Mill available. r*caen • cHH-kens tueetii.g;
fair attention *nd market in s'^d e'nape for most
all Rrad*s. Fancy broilers in Tfght supply and
firm, but ordinary grades rtall and ■— -«ular.
Comparatively few frozen tnrltevs in first hands.
FRESH KILILEP— TT'RKKYH. Wf.-n-m average
I beet hens ,-, torn*. -"<- : fair to snod. l#6lHf;
i BROILJSRa Phila, fancy . s^uab. pair. 75St>>';
1 fancy, 1 ri. to pair ami uiKi-r. . Ib. .4"T?-W^: Fenn.
::.".'p *•»<- : FOWLS.* Wnwrn,-hoi«. (fr%-. *•» IB and
over, doren, Is>'»e; 1> Tk,~ lif:-. BtJ^t2 tb. 17' jo:
barrels, iced, dry picked. 4"n> and over. I*
•Mail, l.c: other w*a*rTr. £caki«il. 15"»1».-; Ol^r)
'•o«^k;~. tb, I.V: SPRING DUCKTJN'.;^. I>>ng
Island and Eastern. ?b, 22c; P»nn. 2T'»t".".'c-.
SQUABS prtme. lar^e. -aiiite. doaen. $2 3t>&?-»;
po-^r lark, *2. FROZEN"— TURKETP. young
torn*. VHISIf <r<xm« hens. IMI2! old torn.« i?..-;
i;iII»"KENS broiler?, milk f*d. 23^2sc: rom fe>i.
!S®23t-: roastinc. milk ff<s. 2OT.T'..'; fryers. I*'@
20e: .vim fed. T-SL'l. : fr>»". lAQIT^r; FOWLS,
dry Kicked. U01»c; OI,L fOCKS. 15«\
CHEESE — Receipts for the w?»k. lO.ST>4
boxes; export J»0 t" Europe and 42R to ot»:»r
countri. Most of the thajsa now here cannot
I*- sold at quotations at a profit, and askin?
prices for fancy, bath rotates ana white, are
around 14 V; £"r a part of the stock. Buy
ers are following th» advance slewty. and it is
still possible to pick up fancy ffooi-»« at 14c.
though offerings art ii:iiit«.i and the market is
6rm»r. Not many daisies here, snoli artMaaj ha
tween M 1 ;c and 15c. old cheese rnovinit better.
?kims advanced. State, whola milk. tu>w. si>«v
cials. I4lsslsc: fancy, whit* ' or * colored. I4i'.
average prime. !•'! ';ii !::"»•■; fair t-» g<>o-i. IS 11 * 1 ©
ISttc; common. lOfrilc: old. as to quality. lt>j?
17c: Bklms. spectal«. ri 1 »c fine. O'a^fflOo; fair
to ptwwj, 7'?S L ;c; common. 58S':C; fu'l skims,
Ei«ii!»— - Reeeiptu for the week. 1"9.17" i-a»»»
Following the drcllße in regufar packed W>st«m
rarly la^t w«ek the market kaaaaM finn*r Under
better demand, and art were fully recovert-d.
This week trade feas b"rn quieter on ordinary
arajact of rcajala* pMfiiaii We^rern. bnr there 13
a £alr movement In t'»-sirable rroaliti*i« aid in al!
classrs of che3p egg"- llarkct; closes steady to
firm. State. Pennsylvania and n a Mrt>y, hennery
white«. 24ga3c: gathered. z: liils-2r«-il iils-2r«-i henr.ery
browns. fancy. Z?.\^-if : gathered. £iip23- fre-<h
garhered, selected, extras, 23*«Q24c; storasre.
packed, extra firsts, U2S'-'. flr»t»." TZc; regular
parked, extra -ir« 22^224c; firsts, Ciif'Jl '^c:
seconds, iff'-SSO^; thirds anj lower graJes, 17 4
'.»l&--; »11r'!<!». I. l^H^lfic: No 2 i»n«J poo-"''.
lfia-JS.:; checks, olosefy selected, choii-^, J7B
;7 r ,.- checks an' cracked, average best. 13-i?
16' sO; poor to fair, I39SK
rKriT> — wUbjli for the. tr«k,
S.BSS --"•- evaporate^ apples and 2,388 packages
other dried fruit*: exports, 5.676 packages dried
fnitts. - Sotaa a-"-'".- •- futur* eraporated ap
p'-<*», -svitfi Octobers ami Xovsmb-rs not iitlm lag
'.inder flSc. th'iugh little apeeulativa ir.tereet at
that. r>^*embers quotable ar<m«<s 6"-« c. Spot
gosds steady, but a-yrr-'nal Difacnlt to «xc*ed
7- for prime Chops steady . U"asta uacbanse-l.
Small fruir» nominal. APPLES, **/aporatei.
fanc>-. I*>. 10c: choice. S^S^-j; prtm«. car lat».
jufc>bij»£ sales. ~'d~ '■■*•:. rommoa to Mir, ts®
6*3 c: I9<J?. s'jQfic: cores and s<in*. ICO It, $1 tt
-asl 75: chopped. I>lO n>. »1 .VMf«l - Bl^ACk-
jUc: APRICOTS. H-sinfornJa. itoarcark. I3wl«?t«;
Rural. l*^*©li:c; Fn.\<"*HES. pe*lrd. IS^T*-; un-
B*»*?«. •ToV." PRtTKES. SS7HC rRESIt—
Ree«4pU for the week. 12, flB barriU apples.
.AppTes In inoderati» supp'y, aotiyc and Srm.
though moving rather sl*wly at tb* rl*>s*. ?mHll
lota or' h;a:/.t.**-rl>a' arriving; a!«o «-hsrri?s.
Strawberries fairly plentiful and selllns itell
•trhen shfftrniir good qnality. Oranges and jrrap«~
fnrU Jn cood (j^tnand an.i lino. Watermelons
arriving aod sailing promptly. riasapiil*-* ir»
creaslnj; in supply an.J fft-.'lntns- APT*LES,
Xort b*r»i Spy ami Ral,:>tr. B«W, $4«s-"»: Ore»n-
Ing 9G !UVii*.' N'ewuwn Pippin. |3 .V^;C.; l'*n
r»avis. $3 25S>»; Russet, $ZSitrf3 73: contnsoo.
52« - Far Western. boxe«. $1 S».«<f»l ".".; <"HKR
RJF^. Vtrginia. wwt, onart, I.V-; BU'TKBKR-
RiRS. Xorth <'aroliua. n>i»n. 10«15c: sTKA^'.
BFTRTtIEP. tXla** I *. Maryland asd \"lrf?ala. by
frri«hf quart. lC"gl9^: by ajma 83?rc; X<T:h
• -arofirm frfM-V; ORAXOC. Flortda. Nn. *I 3->
«»4- f-aHf^rr^. SI ;»&*♦: P«»^o E««o. *> 4**asn;
• •ot^TtT *i .v»*«2 »"•: TANr.E-KrxKS. Oaiit»r«^t.
half boi. ?1 .Vj-a?"J 25; «;RAPB3TRITr. Fl«rt.l».
box. ?2«J-*C«>: t««, i-J'.fjr. J'i.-;.> KicO. *2*t
$3 5n- Jamaica. *1 SisSS 12; XaaFiiu. $1 Oi^JS S7;
WATERAIKLONS. fTon'ii. tn bulk. !'*>. #3T^
SO hi bam ea<-r>. 7.V«51: PIXKAPri-KS.
>Jori<la, (n», ft s»^*i Si : «.*uban. $1 *)£? t«;
Porto TUco. $1 s«^jX2 75.
for tlie wee)r. «1 <«♦ bt»S» p«>tat>.ies ami *1,M:» b»!3
(rot«»ns- tmi»t>. I.M- bbls potato-n mmi If. V**
baps and t«-i2u «rat«« aaioaa. N<?w po'atc^s
plftty, tr> ai"tlv» vifmand and ttrm: old dufl
B*4 *^«*k; •«-*' iamaasaa; \>» vnions in
■„»»-. 5 fruppl? an.l weak. Asparagus scarce, acd
!>!ith" but rer*f?ts ' titry^ toward the doM and
Bricks d*;l»ng. Chaic* beets and carrots Boiling
wbl!- oid carrots hi«r*»r. • *£>*•««•* m h*«vy *ut—
lily and low. ttmbers ►" fc-avy -nipply. »ctlv«
and firm. Green corn aoktc* but jnx>r. Peaj in
liberal supply and lower; tons firm just at the
close. Parsley Hragsiic at lo^ ' ftirur-* Strips
beans tnf»re plenty m»i 4r^ijnti»i Toma«c*s
Jtjwur uniVr larger osTeriT«<.. I'OTATOSS. •«•
nit-!. new.' "MA • far-***; ~*» *». wHtc. *3an«J
S3 7J:' awl, $:::-««.■:<»• ra'U. *rW- 2&: Oocjfla
a*ktl South «^irolina. <21iJU ••»>: «lii. in bulk. Im>
TT. ?TS£?l 25 t«S-TT. buiT. 7-cf 11 M: SVVKCT
f^.'»TATC>KS VCwJmnd. twikft. tSLtrfril : ««tfer
J( .rr.- 5»»f>l»i»c; D«!»wari-. 4*>l*7.V; ASPAHA«it'S.
Soa-n'l'unch^i SI =3.tiM .V>: liKITT TOPS, near
by. W>l. <^ : UEETB. Vlntltta. Ko burwS«>». »3 r^>
rr<-l; Carolina. i;^i*.'.; N«»- Or!.att<, SOb
i - "liiTmuda. >-raf. SO»«J1: •'AUllf>Tl-', Si.otat
tVri^llna l*> bon«Hhie#, *i .V-'ii 5:: : NVw O.'lrtn^.
j-Uti- it:iak*». MaaMr: Hwim».ia rnktf. 7i<r9
; " u.-.;' on.- iii fr ba^. $1 an.-r: •"■•>: «wru-
FI.OWKIP 1 . iwth»nj»n t;«s^n. »"("*.<.■ ,-ji. ,--,.ui". i-:.
half b!>l raskft. $2: ItMDVAGBk ■; '-'• »}>«».■»
cmt'. SI l2>iV *l«fl 2T>; \*ir?mia. crat^-.
'St t"«11 5U- htl ?11sSl 2S; North »'"=irof*na a»wt
i Wa!i*fi*U!. 'ccat«. f*^9l37; smtit Carwllaa. Ottt

■h«wrgte ba*Jt?t BSWia*: FTar*}*. #1^*15":
hu«iiiio«- to-. JS2'«?SI."h«; KOCP.LANT3. norj.tt,
b!vi ST'.VtijT*.",: C3BCB, $15O1WU.V> fIRKH'Sf
«'t"H»V V»rtU iaralii!», ceate. >i*tS2; . *lARI.I<*.
> V*^tf*Orl^»ro«v l»«> Jfc S.'««ss«i: HOK."*EItA.r»ISIj.
I Ul»i tt» *W*3: KAIX. nearby, bhl. -235iA?:
i K"OHI..RAHI X*w Orleans, liw hunch«* *t;
: » i.-rrrTK '.xoutherr. b»sk»t, Ss<S7r>t.-; tl>»«r^y.
!iw *f=s«VU=r.; hofhoxi*'. . .V^n. »©33 c;
t MrSTIROOMJ* •»-*»» r*»lwt. KV-tr«>-lOr ONIONS.
ir-rwwda crat-. «1 MWiSI S5; T«xas. Tello«-. J»
i ;i- whU«- SliJltii: EtfTPtiaa, naw. ba^
$35r.^?;7.-: N»w Orleans. 7»-n- «* it J 1 * 14
(1 SO- bw»tc-t." *1 4n«?4t 3«»:"OKR<». Flort<i». «r
iler $2i«V(?fO; «"h»«r.. *"J^.M: OTSTETI PLA^Ts.
j Ji»» 'bunch-x «23«: PK.*S. Eapr»m shore, lars*.
I r««ft!rt. *l 23«<» 7.'»- •m»H. -»-Til 35; B»Uianor- t
I Jar«». st .-it- -iman. ttnsitS; vircsnla. t«T- *
half ohi ba»k«<. «J .-*&«» 7T>: «m«H. 4J4M138.
I North rr M rol!r,a. larg.-. SI K4»st 3*>: thiM tiaSMM.
*.taalt half 1"-> I fca»Ket - ««t S3: ■ third
! ><si*»i. PiCPPKRA FlorWa. l«ra« MB, .;
i*2C«'?s^- carrti".* SI.VWIJ2ZS: B»rwo(l»; crat-r.
W*^f*>" PAK-*Lnr New Ort»an». curty. bbl. $1
I «?I "a % - Itri-otM basket ->««ar: ptetn. M»l. SI .W6> ,
fcl; btishel >f^fii>t. 2»>«^V: Berrcn*». iT»t».
SOc- liOMAINE. . basltff. »oCB? 1 S >;
VeTtnntSsx. rrar*. V»?}7.V; !i.\t»ISHE.«. n«arbr.
I<^> bunc!i*"». Zit^TTif; prtt.thfrn. ba«k<*. ' STrftSrtr;
j.jTif: \Rn" J»r»v. 10© hunr'n»». SI<BJI s'H
h'*\ LI-IONS ritt?7r.r: tmtlNO BKAXi*. ftonfH
Carolina. xr~*r.. !«3k*-t. $1 753*2 SO; wax. ?J S<>
&*2 2i- '^'-orjria. s™"*^ ** T^giiS: wai. » -fa
*2: Florkia. kt«;3. #t Ktt« Si: «»x. J|"2*EV^S!
Or!«*n*. rr*«n. $i#*= .V>: Fa $t 2StJ?t .V»;
f-PIXXCH. n*arbr. bW. 33«T.V; SCti*sii. »Tor
ida. White e r y«?IoT.-. box. $1 Ski w i^P*?*2i
whlf, $I*^l 5O: TURNIPS' nitabajp. ««. «' » ;
• <&S2- whlre i««r. it* bunch**. trlf TOJIA- ,_
tTOE?. F:<iri^a carrier. $l«? 2: hothou."-, 5T>. in« '
• 'iVATERCRESS H»> bunches. $ltf*l Zd
>TTS Fair dmaa-I' Trr top *rarfe* of »»
m^-tH- wni.au. EBASjrrS. Vlrsyiia J«?<1
plrkM jore^. !?-. 7' l^7Hc; »««cjvj S ' i »-'T: :
ojtra V-fJ-fic: sft-sl*>?. J':mN». 7»,«*?: * h *it?^L
tNo i" 6 s *'S7c: X» 2, lH^c; s?Pani e h. - No *• • »<F^
i &■• No ?. fi^^S^c.
■ w
wUu Sc: ritfract^d. light amb-^ «\o.»ie:
- tUtMftr
Uax s«^ v^r. arm at axJSO^c r>: -itiM-^ ,
njror- *x.je-?<i»'i"aT ttn^s. West ItwStan st«a*l7 at
SrftAK— «u!«t and «**«*- '*J7^
firm. PT;G*R. new. 1-n> brirks. IC^I-fi.
I STRVP," n«w. a* to ti'JalttT. sailon. 7^s?<k.
X<r>r TcrX. Mar t£J I^ ft .
*rrtra!« re^tcH for W-ia^-d*^^ rade. tw ; *4
fce«f in moderate <l«n-.an.J at US IS: P?r !D for
nattr* c*rcarM?».
C4l»>"K" < N<> r«vr#ipt» and BO trafif »« V.r*
calvV.. feeiins fer ail »> r /» ._ - T"?*T.
c&lves Crm ->'. lrt l ;3l*c for c.',*y Sr***4 *•»■»
and 931t»-<" for .-einrry <Jt»*««l.
SITEEP ANT> »>AAn?*— Rt'-^pt*. t> c*ra- cr
2*ol head. in-!. Kiln* t car tr- *» et««U_J
S»raa sal". Pricw about «*a.!7. r« p>l
%£*?<**}•*. Poor zry medtart jb^p *O& »'
... -
SS^TllnMd mutton •..«- at ■yv .■ - ■■ ,
taS lamb, siow mt '5«"S«: ~***ZJ£ MM * JI
nethau*! lambs «e«lr at »3«»«T sat arc**
axe a.t $>J per ICO ft: 20- lpoor\ .$ R>. USD. =>»
c "KsraT rnm'aH'*'.on Voinpany. an Otto BS ,.
for fianstiter. No trad« hi !»•"* ho^». F««Ja«
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