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Weather Conditions Play Havoo
with the Harlem Classic.
Flushing Club Shares Honors
1 with Harlemites — Columbia
■■x. Crews Not Entered.
Tfcuaflerstonns and fitful showers played
havoc with th* forty-fourth annual regatta
or the Harlem Regatta Association, on the
-em River, yesterday. Thousands of
*£»&» who swarmed the driveway for
♦he races of the early morning were driven
to places of shelter before noon, and the
schedule of races was knocked all awry by
thunderstorms which came up at just the
most inopportune moments- But for all
th«t, although the entry list «a» ■"»£
than In years, the races made up In quaJit>
for «v«3thlasr ***** In other way*
It proved a field day for the HUM*
Moving Club. ft* oarsmen won six of the
fifteen corned. Fred Fuessel carried off
both the senior Quarter mile dash and the
senior single scuJls. and with his P^ner.
Fred Shepheard. won the senior double
trulls. The Harlem* also showed first in
the intermediate double sculls, the .Tumor
quadruple sculls and the junior «*«**•;
The IMF York Athletic Club's Junior eight
Tv-on"thcrac« for junior eights from the
Nassau conibination. +* It met its ina.ch j
I. the senior eight-oared race in the after
rooa. when it was outrowed and outclassed
rtv the fast Wahnetah crew.
"Not a little interest was taken away from
the regatta by the fact that Columbia Im
versJtv which in former years has had a
large list of entrants, failed to send a single
crew to the starting line. Jim Rice, the
Columbia ccacb, was on hand, however, but
he gave no reason for the non-appearance
©T the Columbia oarsmen. It is the first
*, m e in almost a score of years that there
was not a single and White ere*' on
the river.
The surprise of t?j© day. besides the won
derful showing of the Harlem oarsmen,
was the work of th© Wahnetah Boat Club
crews, which came over from Flushing.
The decisive manner In which the Long
Islanders defeated the New York Athletic
Club crew was entirely unexpected, even to
the Wahnetah men themselves. Starting
on exactly even terms, the two crews held
together to the half-mile, where the Wah
netah eight gradually began to forge ahead .
M it was hard work, and the Mercury
Foot eight held on gamely for the next
quarter of a mile. The Wahnetahs were not
to be denied, however, and they really be
ran to row at the mile mark, winning by :
Flightly more than two lengths. The hard ;
race that M* Mercury Foot oarsmen had .
rowed with the Nassaus in the morn
lng undoubtedly took away some of the
mm**** that could have been turned to
good account in the afternoon contest, but
«MB at that the odds would have been in
favor cf the Flushing crew.
One of the prettiest races of the day was
the junior quadruple sculls. After a series
cf mishaps, resulting in the disqualifica
tion of dM Nassau DMT. the four other
, mm in the race-the Wahnetahs. Harlem
Hudson and Nonpareils-Rafter they nad
covered the course, with the Nonpareil four
In front, were sent back to the starung
.arid alter a short rest started on
their way again. The first few strokes
Snat^T the Hudson four, but tor a mile
and a quarter course the other
i niisfrter o' a uiiio from tee finish, L.
*t«E£rt£ No S in the Wahnetah tour.
Sot'™* »> th« last hundral yards nosed
° EdwaVd'^offrran rowed ■ pretty ra in j
th^rn^eLed o^ single BCQlta and de:«Md
r r'ranls Nelson and Harry Evans won an
f un«TOc« victory i -rn:e, iate
Sublet l they defeated John
iSSbeifand Perry Kiernan. of the Union
- a- 1* JhT* would
■ : , Kb^ I &SSS£
Wbo had ro^ 1 rew ****£*****
„ Philadelphia, borrowed a boat and en-
Tered against The Harlem cracks Hie
Baltimoreans had not rowed together be
fore tfcis spring and they were compara-
Tlvely easy for "the New Yorkers, who won
by three 'lengths. I be"* a few min
iitVs later. walKed away irom George Bel- j
«htr. of the Malta Boat Club the only
cth«T ei-trar.t m the senior sculls.
With a Pick-up crew the Lhnetans mafle
the Harlem Club's junior octopeue row iast
to Trtnthe last race of the day. and for a
meit^m* that the Flushing crew
would win. In a borrowed shell the Long
Glanders made a plucky fight. A halt
Vnirtli behind at the three-auarter-mile
nark, they caught up vvnth and passed
the Harlem octopede at the mile mark
but ere unable to sustain their sprint and
rradually dropped back and were beaten
by less than half ■ length.
The summaries follow:
Junior double sculls— TVnn toyjN«w.Twk
A. C <-<rith H. 3 Clarke, bow. and ■' AITA lT M £"
IK^nna. «rok<:>: Nonpareil K. C. < with HE.
•Jtt'.^y. bow. and JT.T. Coughlin, jr., stroke),
** Senior ilV' dash— Won by Fred
J-liessell. Harlem K. C; Frank Shea, Sheeps
li^ad Bay E. C. second. Time,^t^J »-»
. Jut:or"four-oared — Won by union B. C.
.with John Campbell, bow: ■' J. Schneider.
•No 2; E J. Britz. No. 3: Perry Kiernan.
Mrcke'and G. "«". Harden. coxswain): Daunt
l»*s R. C (with A. Lang, bow: V. Sanborn.
"Co 2- C Jargueren, No. 3: E. H. Anderson.
\t:'. ftrok*. and E. H. Anderson. P r, coxswain).
• eccnd. Time. <5:32 --5. __ „
Junior Bin* sculls— Won by G. «a!(3o
Fvitta. Nonpareil R. c : John J Hughes. Har
lem R. C. second: John Rocao. Sceepshead
Bay R_ c . third. Time. 6:55.
Junior eight-oared Bhell* — Won byNewiork
*C 'with L H. Stone, bow; F. F. Gleason.
<^ 2- E. Kelley. No. 3. J. C. L«-&u!n. No. 4:
— W Dt>oley. No. 5 J- charts. No. 8: J.
*i C* McNair. No. ": G. T. Walsh stroke;
■vv/T. Higgins. coxfwainj: Nassau E C /with
H. F. Borchers. bow; A. W. Orth. No 2.
U. V. White. No. 8: H. Le Comte. No 4: W. F.
&O. No 5- R- P. Conkling. No. 6. George Fera,
No. 7. J. F. Walsh, B»rok«: T. F. Russel, jr.,
«-£ijci!Yialn). second Time. 5:55. • _
Junior quadruple sculls — by Hariera
Ti C <wlth J- Dcmarfft, how; D. Wilson.
•c*. *»• H. C Hanson. No. 3; W. Lyons, stroke);
V©npir»ll R- C. (with A. B. D* Lacy, bow;
T"renk P. cm* No 2; C. L- Schwartz. No.
ft- R. H Pears*, stroke), second; WahnetsJt
B*» C <i»lth W. ilethven. bo» : H. Wlrth No.
2; L. Stelnmetz. No. Z. J. Woods, stroke),
third. Tim*. 6:30. m
Intermediate double pculls — W^on by Harlem.
IRowinK Club, with Frank Nelson, bow; Harry
Kvsns stroke- Union Boat Club. Fecond. with
•Tohn Campbell, bow; Perry Kiernan, etroke.
Time. 7:14. _
Handicap (senior: BinKle«) — Won ly Frank
Ebea, fiheepfihead Bay Rowing Ciub (7 seconds);
J«kn J Byan. Harlem Rowio? Club (IS sec—
«irdF>. seoOMd; Guy L. Belcher. Malta Boat Club.
I'hlla«!e!ph!a (7 serond*), third. Time, 7:34^.
Intermediate single sculls — Won by Edward F.
Hoffman. University Barge <T!uh. of Philadelphia;
<• V. ..<■}:', New York Athktic Club, second;
Edmund P. L:\-ingßtoo. "Vale University, third.
Time. 7:41.
Srnior four-oared shells — Won by Arundel Boat
<lub. of Baltimore, with <;•■■<■*.•• \V. Hoos, bow;
]^uu H. ataeL No. 2; W. Harry OertU, No. ft:
';.-:>•• W. I'arker. stroke: Malta Boat Club, cf
J'hlladelphla, neoond. with «ranvUl« ilalone. bow;
l>ouglas Stewart. No. 2; Edward 'i. No. 3;
Roland M. Charles, stroke. Time, 7:04.
Association i-iric> sculls — Won by R. B. Mann,
New York Athletic Club; Irs J. E»nery, Metro
politan Row!r« Club. second: Robert Handy.
Wahnetah Boat Club, third. Time. 8:0 S.
Senior double eculls — Won by Harlem R. C.
■wita Fr*>6 Fuesuell. l>ow, Fred tshepheaid. stroke;
Aruii'i«-i B. C. of Baltimore, second, with Luuls
H. an. bow; Otorge W. Parker, stroke. No
time taken.
Senior «'ight-os»red shells — Won by Wahnetah
n. C. AY. Halleran. bow; A. Methven. No.
T; Joseph Atkinson. No. .':. E. Ptapltton, No. 4;
J. Stapleton. No. '•: Frank Rix, No. 6. n.
f?te.pleton. No. 7. F. A. Lawler, strobs; J. J.
« "Jeary. coxswain^: New York A. C. (L. H. S''jri»,
bow: T. F. <;;e*s.in. No. 2: E. Kelley. No. 3;
J. I* Mcgwln, No 4; T. W. Dooley, No. •"•. J.
rtJchards. No. 6: J. G. McNalr. No. 7: G. T.
Walsh, atroke: W. T. Higgin*. coxswain). sec
ond. Time. 6:14.
Senior single sculls — Won by Fred S'i«phear4.
Harlem R- C: Guly L- Belscher. Malta. B. C,
Philadelphia, second. No time taken.
Junior ©eloped* — by Harlem R. C (J.
J. Lyoos. bow; B. V. Wagner. No. 2; H. A.
Haneen- No. 3: TV. Lyons, No. 4; J. \V. Brady,
Ivo. 5: H. aicCutcheon. No. 6; D. Wilson, No. 7;
S Demsrest, stroke; Fred Canlff. <^oxswaini;
•n*ihn«t*h B. •"" «W. Mather, bow: L. Htelnriieti.
Z-C 2 H Wilth. No. 3; E. Wood. Nc. 4; A.
Math' No X>; IT. HaUoran, No. «; A. Brft<
"♦■'o 7 - J- StapJeton. stroke; J. J. deai>v cox
• hlaj. ttconi, Xtoe. 7:10. ...
Km! Shepheard and Fred Fuessel, Canadian and national champions, in double scull.
Yaie Defeated in Game Marked
by Free Hitting.
Providence. May 30. — All three pitchers
Trere hit hard in tri« game -which Brown
won from Tale here to-day by b score of
4 to 3-
Brown took the lead by making three of
her four runs in the third inning, when
four hits were-- made in succession, al
though Yale changed pitchers in the nod
dle of the inning. Snell's home run in the
sixth completed Brown's scoring.
Yale got one run in the second on clean
hitting and two more in the seventh on a
combination of hit?, a base on balls and
errors. Corey made a spectacular catch
of Xash's fly in the seventh.
The score follows
abrlbpo ae| abrlbpo a*
Nash. fs... 500 2 511 Badger, cf . 50 1 2 00
GOe* lb.. 41210 10 Corey, rf... 200 2 00
Kecnier, Sb 412 2 0 1 Logan. *>.- 401 2 31
Staff 1f... 412 1 Murphy, lb 31 1 9 00
<=nell Yl 412 1 OltCarhart. c. 401 410
Wiillll. 2b 300 1 SOlMdntyre. 2b SO 1 0 10
Tavlor cf. 301 2 1 0 Merritt, se. 41 1 2 10
Heh'ssey c 20 O I 2 0 Stevens. 1f.312 2 0 0
iA^!.. 300 # Hs?S:.»::J::: it
Totals.. 324? 27 15 31 T0ta35....3135*23 10 1
"Hennessey out on . attempted bunt on third
Brown _ rtOSo^l O 0 —
SSTI. :'.".".. r.......-0 1000 02 00-^3
Two-base, hit— Giles. Home run-^rmll. Hits
—Off Murfey. 4 in 2 2-3 innings: off Coy, 5 in
5 1-3 innings. Sacrifice fly— i ? wveßE - MrT^ e °
bases _Giles. Regnler. Taylor. Logan. Mclntyre
Double — Hennessey. Giles and Regnier. Left
on bases— Brown, 10: Yale, 7. First base on
— Off Bliss, 5: off Murfey 1: off Coy. 5.
Struck — By Bliss, *. by Murfey. 2; by Coy.
2. Passed ball — Carhart. Time— 2:o4. Umpire —
Beats Cornell in a Close Game at
Ithaca by One Run.
TBv Telegraph to The Tribune 1
Ithaca. X. V.. May 30— Inability to hit on
the part of Cornell and an admittedly bad
decision on the part of Homer, the umpire,
gave Pennsylvania the second game of the
series here to-day, the -visitors winning by
a score of 2 to 1. Both teams were im
peded in fielding because of the poor condi
tion of the field, but Cornell outshone Penn
sy-vania in that department, playing an er
rorless game.
Goodwillie. In the box for Cornell, was ]
effective, allowing only eighteen men to
face him in six of the nine innings. He j
allowed seven hits, two bases on balls and
struck out two men. Watts, for Pennsyl
vania, allowed nine hits, struck out five
and passed three.
Pennsylvania scored in the first inning.
Thayer was put out. Magner to Watson;
Aldendiefer was hit by GoodwiJlie, went to
third on Wood's single, and scored on
Smith's drive, as did Wood, who had come
to second on Thompson's throw to catch
j Cornell's only score came in the sixth
i liming. With one man out, Howard hit
safely, going to second on Watson's out
and scoring when Deacon overthrew first
base in an attempt to catch Goodwillie.
Cornell had men on bases in all save the
' fifth inning, but could not bring them in.
Howard's fielding was the feature of the
The score follows:
abrlbpo a el abrlbpo a c
Thaver. cf. 400 2 001 Owen. 1f... 402 5 0 0
trdWer.2b3 1 o 2 2 o]Matchn'r. 2b 30 0 2 10
Wood. If-- 3112 OOlMagner. ss. 501 8 10
Smitrr rf.. 30 2 1 00| Ruth' ford, 400 1 10
Havden; lb4o 1H Oo| Williams, c. 3 0 1 2 10
D-acor? PS *00 1 31 Thomson, cf 40 1 1 0 0
roS'e.. 402 5 10 Howard, 3b. 311 1 60
Watt" r 300 ° 5 o| Watson, lb. ?. 01 12 10
SmiteT 3b 30 1 0 3 OlGoodwlllle.p 40 1 0 20
j*LaUy 1010 0 0
ItJudson ... 000 0 00
Totals.. .31 272714 1 1 Totals. .. .34 1»27 13 0
'Batted for Matchneer in ninth inninf. tßan
for Laity in ninth inning.
Pennsvlvama ... 2 - • • •• ♦ • . 0 •• .•— |
Coru^il OAOOOIOO o—l0 — 1
Two-base hit Owen. Three-base hit — Wat-
I tor Sacrifice hits Matchneer. Watson.
I Double plays Howard to Matchneer to Wat
son- Rutherford to- Watson. Struck — By
Goodwillie, 2 by Watts. 5. Bases on — Off
Goodwillie. none: off Watts. 3. Hit by pitched
Han By GoodwiUie. 1: by Watts, none. Left
on bases — Cornell. 12; Pennsylvania. 5 Stolen
base — Magner.
Easily Defeats Georgetown by
Hard, Timely Hitting.
The Fordham University baseball team
defeated the Georgetown nine in an un
interesting game on Fordham Field yes
terday, by a score of 9 to 1. The result
was a distinct surprise to the spectators,
who expected to see a close game.
Chris. Mahoney had little trouble with
the Southerners, and allowed them but five
scattered hits. The offerings of Balzer and
W. O'Connor were pelted all over the field.
Fordham won the game in the first inn
ing, when the Maroons scored five runs.
A passed ball In the last Inning saved
Georgetown from a shutout. Jim McCarthy
at third and Scheiss at first, played well.
It was the la- game of the season
schedule for the home grounds.
The score follows:
nbr lb po a c abrlbpoa*
S.McC'y. C4 l 1 9 20 Bft*«tac 8b..300 300
MrO«l«. cOO • <• 0 0 Cogan. be... 3on 24 2
J.M"Cy.3b5 2 1 .i 2 0 Murphy, cf. . 40 1 500
Mahoney.p 4 2 1 1 7 0 Connelly. If . 4 1 1 200
Fcanlon.rf '4 2 2 1 00 i; y, rf . ... 200 000
Peters, rf. 1 0 0 o 0 OiM.O'Con'r, lb 30 0 500
Schless. lb»2 111 Itftlrsinsn. c.300 611
O-R.-illy.cr 3 0 2 1 0 0 W.O'Con'r. rf 30 2 000
narrett, of 00 <• 1 00 Gaynor. 2h . 20 1 120
Shark 4 0 <> O 3 ollialzer. p 200 0 10
UeCryjm 3 0 •• 0 KM
Garjran. If 3 0 1 (I Oil »
Beckett, If 00 0 1 00| . ■}. [" ,
< T0ta15.. 36 9 12 27 15 O| Totals 20152483
P'ordham B O 0 4 o A rt 0 x — ft
Georgetown ....O^O 0 0 0 0 0 0 I—l1 — 1
Two-base hits — Murphy, Schlese. ' Connelly.
Three-base hit— J. McCarthy. Sacrifice hit —
Ccgan. Stolen — Gargan. Mahoney. First
base on errors Ptordham. 2. Struck out — By
Mah-ctv. 7: by O'Connor, 5. First base on balls
—Off Mahoney, 3 : off O'Connor. 4. Hit by
pitchers— By O'Connor iO'Rejll\». by Mahjney
(Flwillll) Passed ball— McCabe. Time— 2:ls.
Umpir* — Mr. DKtrlch. Attendance — 1.500.
Baseball, 4 P. M N. V- Americans vs.
Washington, Americin League Park. A<lsi.soc.
Harvard 1 Andover 1
BrowTi 4 Yale 3
Seventh Kesriment. ■< "West Point 1
Pennsylvania. 2 Cornell 1
Trinity 4 Wesleyan 3
Dartmouth 4 Holy Cross 2
Bales 5 Bowdoin 4
Kutsrers 4 Stevens S
Vermont 3 Rochester 1
I ordhani 9 (.eorjtetovro 1
TTillianis-Amhers* same postponed on
account of rain. . ■ .
Phillips Andover Academy Easily
Beaten by Crimson Nine.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Andover. Mass.. May 80. — Harvard de
feated the Phillips Andover Academy base
bill nine here to-day by a score of 7 to 1.
Carl, the Andover pitcher, was pounded
for eleven hits. Including four triples.
while Long, a substitute Harvard twirler,
allowed only three hits. One of these fig
ured in the run scored by the Academy
The play of the Harvard nine showed
that it has regained its confidence after a.
long string of defeats. The. shifting of the
batting order has worked out well in tho
last two games. The first four men each
made two hits to-day.
Tho score follows
rlbpo a c! rlbpoaft
Rogers, cf. 2 2 2 0 0! Bole?, ss 0 0 O3 1
McLgh'clb 2 2 11 OOißurdett, rf 00 200
Lar*gan. 3b 1 2 1 OOiWright, c 01 610
Potter 2b.. 0 2 4 21!Reilly, 3b 0 1 22 1
Minot. rf. .. 0 0 O 00 1 Dougherty, lb. 1 0 90 0
Brown c . 0 0 7 2 0 Thompson, cf. 0 0 SOO
Marshall fs 0 0 0 00 Beedy. 2b 01 030
Carr es . . . 0 0 1 OOMiddlebrook, If 0 0 30 1
Long. p.. . 1 1 0 7©; Carl. p 00 200
Babson. If. . 1 2 1 00|
Totals 7112711 1 1 Totals 1327 S 3
Harvard 30110010 I—71 — 7
Andover 00000001 o—l0 — 1
Three-base hits — Long, Babson (2), XAnigan.
Ptolc-n bases — Rogers, McLaughlln (2). Lar.i
gan (2), Keilly (2», Dougherty (2i, Middle
brook. Bases or balls — Off Lon?. 4; oft Carl.
1. Struck out — By Long. 7; by Carl, 4. Um
pire — Joidan. Time — 1:50.
Two Wild Throws in the Ninth
Cost Stevens Deciding- Game.
In a close and interesting game the nine
from Rutgers College defeated Stevens In
stitute In the third and deciding game of
the series between these colleges, by a
score of 4 to 3
Coleman started to pitch for Stevens ana
held the Xew Brunswick collegians to four
hits and one run in the first five innings.
Saunders replaced him in the sixth and
pitched good ball, allowing only one hit
after the sixth inning. Sangster, for Rut
gers, pitched an excellent game, striking
out twelve men.
By heavy hitt'ng in the first five innings
Stevens put three runs ever. In the sixth
a base on balls and four hits enabled Rut
gers to tie the score.
The winning run was scored in the ninth
inning. Milliken singled to left and reached
home on an overthrow of second base and
a wild throw to third.
The score follows.
abrlbpoael abrlbpo&e
Green cf .. 310 4 0 oßruc«. cf 40 1 320
Fr«*nis« 2b 401 01 1 Fryer, c 40 210 "0
Van Ness.lb 3 1 1 4 0 IMann. 3b 40 1 200
Bowen c- .311 13 1 0 Harris, ss. . . 31 1 63 1
Mllliken. Sb 41 2 10 0: Cook. 2b. 411 00 1
Traver ss . 40 1 000 LansdeU. lb. 300 400
Sanest^r, p . 40 0 23 0 ' Myers, If 401 20 0
HanVd'n, rf 30 0 20 0| Coward in. rf 40 1 100
Bell If 40 1 lOOlColeman. p.. 211 010
i Saunders, p . 20 0 00 0
T0ta1? .'...82 4 7278 2| Totals 34 3927 6 2
Rutgers 0 0 O■ 1 0 2 0 0 I—i1 — i
Stevens -0 2 o 0 1 0 0 0 o—3
Two-base hit — Cook. First base on balls — Off
Coleman 3: off Saunders. 1. Struck out — By
Coleman, 4; by Saunders. 2: by Sangster, 12.
Left on bases — Stevens, 6: Rutgers, 5. Stolen
t> as4 >s — Bruce (2). Fryer. Milliken, Hammondon.
Sacrifice 'iHs — Harris. Lansdell. Time — 1:30.
T."mpire — Mr. Etetmnta.
Defeats Holy Cross at Worcester
Before Enormous Crowd.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Worcester, Mass.. May 30.— 1n a well
played game to-day Dartmouth defeated
Kolv Cross on Fitton Field by the score
of 4 to 2. It was the first game that Dart
mouth has won in Worcester in over four
years. The Hanover collegians opened the
game by scoring two runs in the first and
added the other two to their score in the
sixth and eighth.
Dartmouth fielded well and made some
hard stops. Eleven thousand persons saw
the game
The score follow?: >
ablopoaei ablbpoae
Norton. 2b ... 52 110, Mahoney, cc . . 42 123
Brady, lb 3 0 BOoi"*Vhalen, cf 3 0 20 0
Daly, rf 43 100!Jcne«, 2b 41 210
Mitchell, p.. 4 0 12O|Dowd, lb 2 0 900
Hoban. rf 4 2 3 0 0! Burns, rf. .4 0 000
Chadbourne, c 4 1 9 10! Kennedy, if... 4 1 20 0
Conroy. ss... 4 0 3ol|Cawley. 3h 4O 110
Eaton. If 4 0 1 OOiSpillane. c 4O 910
Orr. 3b 40 020|Koley. p 20 132
Totals 3<J 8276 1| Totals 31 427 8 5
Dartmouth 2 0 O 0 0 1 0 1 o—i0 — i
Holy Cross 0 0 0 O O 0 0 2 o—20 — 2
Runs -Norton. Daly <3>, Mahoney. Foley. Two
base hit — Jones. Stolen bases — Daly (4). First
base on balls— Oft Mitchell. 4. Struck out— By
Fol«-y, 8: by Mitchell. 7 Double play — Jone* and
ltowd. Time— l:4o. Umpire— Conway. Attend
Burlington, Vt., May 30.— University
of Vermont defeated the University of
Rochester to-day, winning by a score of 3 to
1. Harrington, the Rochester pitcher, was
poorly supported. The score by Innings fol
R. H. E.
Vermont . 0 0 1 ft 1 ft 1 ft x— a 4 1
Rochester . . .0 0 0 0 0 1 0' 0 0 — 4*6
■ Batteries — Haynes and Burrlngrton; Harrington
and Dunn. Time — 1:35. Umpire — O'Brien.
Gettysburg, Perm., May 30— Dickinson de
feated Gettysburg -College- here to-day by
the score of fi to 2
The score by innings:
Dickinson 3. 0 1 1 " i ft on—«o n— « 5 3
Gettysburg. „00100010 o—2 ' I 1
Batteries— Ehrhean, ■• Eeaver _ and . Deneen;
Mount Pleiwat and Edward*. _.
Waldridge. Seventh Regiment
Player. Fractures Leg.
[By T»l<?srap!i to The Tribune.]
West Point. N. V.. May 30— The 7th
Regiment made its annual visit to West
Point to play the cadets baseball to-day,
but only six innings and a part of the
seventh were played. The game was called
after two were out in the beginning of the
seventh, when "Waldridge, the second base
man for the guardsmen, in sliding to first
base, broke his leg above the ankle. The
score then was: "th Regiment, 3: Army, 1.
Thunder showers in the morfting had
made the field slippery, and another
shower, which caused time to be called
for a short time in the fifth, made the field
still worse. Fully three- thousand persons
■were gathered around the diamond at the
start, but showers drove many to shelter.
The cadets, notwithstanding the soggy con
dition of the field, gave a grand review in
honor of the -visitors.
Clinton, for the 7th. pitched a fine game,
and Surles was the only cadet to get
a hit. The guardsmen found Riley for
seven, but -nild throwing by Whiteside and
an error by Cook in the second were re
sponsible for the visitors' runs.
The score follows:
rlbpoa e| rlbpo ac
McQ'iir*. If. . 0 1 lOOLyman, c. OO 3 10
Knox. cf 0 0 OOO; Anderson, rf. 0 0 1 10
TValdridgo, 2b 0 0 05 Oi Whiteside, 3b 0 0 1 3 1
Wahoo. c ■■- 11 60 0 : Harrison. 2b. OO 4 3 0
Clinton, p... 11 0 2 o.Cook,. Cook, lb 10 7 11
Leonard, 3b.. 11 1 1 0 ; Surles. If. ..01 2 00
Mowen, 1b...0 3 7 0 2 ; Milliken, 69.. 00 1 10
Kelly, rf 0 0 lOOiUlloa. rf O0 0 00
Warder, bs... 00 200!Riley. p 00 1 20
Totals 3 7 IS 8 2 Totals 1120 12 2
7tn Regiment 0 .*? O 0 O O^ — 3
West Point O 1 O 0 O o—l0 — 1
Struck out — By Clinton. 5. Three-base hits
— Wa.ldridge and Mowen, Left on bases-
West Point, 2; 7th Regiment, 7 Stolen bases
— West Point. 2 Hit by pitcher — Warder.
Base on balls — Off Rilev, 1
Staten Island Beats Crescent
A. 0, at Bay Ridge.
Two home runs were the features of the
baseball game between the Crescent Ath
letic Club and the Staten Island Tennis
and Cricket Club at the Bay Rir"^e
grounds yesterday. The contest was In
the race for the championship of the Ama
teur Baseball Leage, the visiting nine win
ning- by a score of 7to 5, The home runs
were made by "Dutch" Carter, the former
Yale star, and by Sammy Reid, the old
Princeton player Carter played on the
Staten Island nine and Reid was one of
the home players.
Carter's run was of greater value to his
team than the four-bagger hammered out
by the little Crescent player. The run
made by the former Tale star was knocked
out In the first inning when there were
two men on base. Unfortunately for the
Crescents, Reid was the first man at bat
in the third inning, when he pounded out
his long hit.
Errors by Anderson and Brown were
principally responsible for the loss of the
game by the Crescent nine. The score
rlbpoael rlbpoae
Johnson. If.. 2 1 50 0! Reid, 3b 2 1 1 21
Donnelly, ss. . 11 2"3 1 ! White, cf - - 0 1 2 0 1
Higgins, rf... 2 0 301!Terre!l. 2b... 11 1 20
Carter, lb 11 3 0 1 j Brown, lb O 0 13 0 4
Allen, c. ...0 0 51 0 Malory. I?.. 1O 1 0 0
Delafleld. p.. .00 020jJung, rf 11 1 00
Glasebrock. 2b 12 62 01 Anderson, ss. 0 1 1 5 3
Dresser. 3b... 0 0 1 10] Scarborough, c 00 7 10
Yod>r, cf.... 0 1 SOOjColeman, p... 00 0 50
Totals 7627 ft 3| Totals ...... 5527 15 9
Stattn Island.... 30021001 0 7
Crescent A. C...0 21 O 2 0 O 0 66 — 5
Home runs — Carter. R?id Basps on balls—
Off Delafield, 6; Colf-man, i. Struck out — By
Delafield, 4: by Coleman. 6.
Rain put an end to the Amateur League
baseball game at Knglewood yesterday.
Union College Second in Track
Meet Up the State
Rome, X. V . May 30 — Colgate won the
annual meet of the New York State Inter
collegiate Athletic Union, held here to-day,
scoring 55 1-5 points. Union was second,
with 42 1-5; Hamilton, third, 24 1-5; Roch
ester, fourth. 16 T-5, and Hobart, Jast,
with 5.
Rain fell last night and most of the
morning and a cold drizzle continued dur
ing the games. Under the conditions rec
ord breaking was out of consideration.
The summary follows
Shot-put Won by Chase. Union, 34 feet 9%
Inches: Sherwin. Hamilton, second; Thurber,
Col Kate, third.
Pole — Won by Bartlett. Colgate. 10 feet
1% Inches; Marsh, Union, second; Robinson,
Rochester, third.
High — Won by Sherwin. Hamilton, 6 f<wt
54 inches; Case, Union, second; Smith, Colgate,
third. , •
Hammer throw — Won by Sherwln. Hamilton.
119 feet 8 inches; Chaffee. Colgate, second; Case,
Union, third.
Broad jump — by Wood. Hobart. 21 feet
2*4 inches: Robinson. Rochester, second; Reese,
Colgate, third.
100-yard dash — Won by Baldwin. Colgate; Den
nis, Union, second; Bentley. Union, third. Time,
440-yard run— Won by Baker. Colgate: Doyle,
Rochester, second; ColweM, Colgate, third. Time.,
High hurdles — Won by Nowoomb, Colgate;
Walker, Union, second; Kefse, Colgate, third.
Time. 0:17%.
Mile run — Won by Sheerer. Union- Bezant,
Colgate, second; Rogers, Union, third. Time,
6:01 »i.
Two-mile run — by Carney, Colgate: Kggles.
ton Hamilton, second; Abbott. Hamilton, third.
Time. 11:13.
Half-mile run— Won by Rugg, Rochester;
Raker Colgate, second; Travis, Union, third.
Time 2:02%.
L»-.w hurdles — Won by Dennis. Union; New—
comb. Colgate, second; Case. Union, third. Time,
220-yard dash — Won by Baldwin. Colgate;
Doyle. Rochester, second; Wentgmann. Hamil
ton, third. Time, 0:23%.
Middletown. Conn., May —Trinity won
the annual ball game with Wesleyan here
to-day by a score of 4 to 3. The game was
featureless up to the seventh inning, when
an error by Deremer, of Wesleyan, let in
three runs. Trinity hit White freely, but
the hits were scattered. Wesleyan runs
came on hits. The score by innings, fol
lows: -„•-:
n. )i K.
Trinity ...i.l 0 8 <i 0 O-3 •• O-~ * 10 • .'!
Wtele'yan . . .0 0 0 0 " 1 " I O — 3 >. 5 4
Batteries — Cook end Horeuh; White and Mc-
Catheraa. Time— Umpire— Lawt on.
Breaks Two World's Records at
Irish-American Games.
New Mark Made for Six Hun
dred and Sixty and Seven
Hundred Yard Runs.
Ifefyin W. Sheppard. the great middle
distance runner of tr-,» Tnsh-A"n?rican Ath
letic Club, was the star performer in the
annual gam»s of the Irish- American Atn
letic Club at Celtic Park yesterday, in
which he established two new world's rec
ords for 660 and 700 yards, while the 125
yard dash world mark was equalled by
"Tex" Ramsdell, of the Uni\frsity of Penn
Daniel Ah<»arn, the Trish jumper <.r the
Celtic Park contingent, improved the Amer
ican figures for the running hop, step ami
jump. The feat of the latter was more re
markable, owing to the fart that a steady
drizzle fell throughout the contest.
More than a dozen of the athletes who
took part in the intercollegiate champion
ships, together with all the star talent of
the local district, furnished some brilliant
The speed displayed by Shcppard remind
ed the Individuals who witnessed the Olym
pic games at Shepherd's Bush two years
ago, of his marvellous running when he
won the heart breaking 500 and 1.000 metre
races. Sheppard. after running his rivals
into the earth, crossed the 660-yard mark
with an S-yard advantage over.R. J. Egan
in the time of 1 minute 21 2-5 seconds, ob
literating the figures of 1 minute 22 seconds
hung up by Jx>n Myers, the world famous
middle distance runner, in ISS2. Sheppard
continued on to the 700-yard mark, lowering
the time established bjj Emilio L,unghi, hid
bitter rival, on the same track last year, to
1 minute 26 4-5 seconds, three seconds faster.
Sheppard assumed the lead almost at th«
start, with Schaaf, a clubmate second, Hob
bins third, Egan fourth and Kiviat trailing.
Sheppard's time at the quarter-mile post
was 5.°. seconds,"' with the men still running
in the order named. On the backstretch
Sheppard was flying away from his field,
but still reserving his jump, while Egan and
Kiviat moved up Into second and third
places respectively, Robbins and Schaaf be
ing practically out of it.
On the first turn Sheppard decided to
make his bid, and left the field in the ruck,
crossing the finish In an exceedingly strong
condition. Egan also ran a good race, while
Kiviat was five yards behind him at the
Ramsdell, the Black and Red college rep
resentative, gave the crowd an inkling of
his sprinting ability by outclassing his field
in the 125-yard special, hanging up the
time of 12 2-5 seconds, equaling the world
record time made by Sherrill. of Yale.
Robert Cloughen. the Irish-American club
sprinting champion, made it hot for tha
pennsylvanian for three-quarters of the dis
tance, but Ramsdell led him across the line
by fully two feet. Jim Archer was third.
Ahearn raised the distance for the jump
ing event to 49 feet IS inches, adding on
more than a foot to the American record
performance of E. B. Bloff, of the Univer
sity of Chicago, in 1906.
D. H. Waite, of Syracuse, won third place
in putting the 12-pound shot, being the virt
ual scratch man, with a foot handicap.
The summaries follow :
One-mile run (handicap) — Won by B. Broker,
unattached CSS yards); H. Bailing, unattached
(90 yards), stcond; J. W. Monument, Irish—
American A. C. (20 yards), third. Time, 4:22 3-5.
300-yard run. "novice) — Won by J. Russell,
Dartmouth. A. Wohlfurth. Pastime A. C., sec
ond; M. A- Charles, Acorn A- A., third. Time.
0:34 4-5
125-yard flash (scratch) — Won by F. L. Rams
dell, University of Pennsylvania: Robert
Cl<">ueher. Iri?h-ATnerl<~an A. C. second; J J.
Archer. Irish-American A. C. third: J. J. EUler,
Irish-American A. C. fourth. Time, 0;12 2-5.
SSO-yarti run (handicap)— Won by E. Frlck.
JCew York A. C. (IS yards), G. Lane, Holy
Cross Lyceum (48 yards), second: S. Agger,
Morris A A (50 yardst, third. Tlrce. l:st>2-5.
660-yard run (scratch) — Won by Melx-in W.
Sheppard, Irish-American A. C ; R. J Egan. un
attached, second; A. R. Kiviat. Irish-American
A. C, third. Time, 1:212-5.
220-yard dash (handicap) — Won by A. House
unattached (14 yards); H. Hocking. West Side
Y. M. C. A. (13 yards), second; C. Hansen, East
Side House (13 yards), third. Time. 0:21 4-5
One-mjle medley relay race — Won by Domini
can Lyceum (Cahi!!, Hand, Gilmore and Schlich);
Knights of St. Anthony, second (Cor.lir.. Shea.
Fmnegan and McLoughlin); Loughlin Lyceum,
third (Pinlcertor., McCaffrey, Schloesser and Mc-
Loughlin). Time, 3:30 4r-5.
120-yard high hurdles (handicap) — Won by
Robert BHer. Irish-American A. C (scratch);
Leroy Dorlar.d Pastime A. C. (4 yards'), second.
Time". 0:16 1-5.
Putting 12-pound shot (handicap* — Won by H.
C. Klayer, Senator A C (4 feet), actual throw
of 49 feet; P. Coffey. Bryant High School (8
feet), second, actual throw of 46 fj*et 99 1 * inches;
D. H- Waite, Syracuse University '(l foot), third,
actual throw of 50 feet TV> inches.
Throwing the discus (handicap) — Won by Jin?
Duncan. Mohawk A. C. (7 feet). actual
throw of 124 feet 11 inches. H. C. K'.ages. Sena
tor A. O (15 feet), second, actual threw of 111
feet S inches: J. Parkinson, Irish-American A
C. (12 feet), third, actual throw of 111 feet T'-j
Three-mile run (handicap)- Won by E. Fitz
gerald. New York A. C <50 yards). M. Hughes,
Ozanam A. C. ',20ft yards", scrond. G Die'rich.
LoiifrMin Lyceum (200 jards), third. Time,
15:12 2-5.
Fole vault (handicap* — Won by Harold Jenks,
Dartmouth (6 ir.ihes). vault of 11 feet t> inches;
K. Caldwell, Irish-American A. C. (12 Inches),
actual vault of 11 feet: O. E\ Holdman, Dart
mouth (scratch), vault of 11 feet 6 inches.
Running high Jump (handicap) — Won by W.
Thorr.asser.. Xew York A C. '2 inches), with an
actual Jump of r> f»et 11 inches: J. W. Price.
St. G rge A. C. <o inches), second, with an
actual jump of 5 fe>-t •> inches: C. Martins. SfOCI
Haven A. C. (7 inches), third, with an actual
jump of 5 ted 5 inches.
Running hop. step and Ju'np (handicap) — Won
by Dan Ahearn. Irish -American A. C. isrratch),
•with- a jump of 49 feet 7s * inches; F. Finnegan,
Manual Training H. S. ("> feet), sf-oond, with an
actual jump of 44 feet 33 1 * inches: C. Doherty.
St Man's T. A_ C. (4 Inches^, third, with an
actual Jump of 44 feet 55 J-2J -2 inches.
Throwing twelve-pound hammer (handicap) —
Won by J Tilley, Liart mouth i3O feen. with an
actual throw of 165 feet 9 inches; Emery Payne,
Mohegan A C. (40 feet), second, with an actual
throw of 153 feet 5 inches; John J. Flanagan.
Irish-American A C. (scratch), -ni'h a throw of
190 feet 3'i inches
Takes Hundred Yard P^isb ■!
Millrose A. A Games.
C. H. Grebe, a 225-pound auditor, won
the 100-yard dash for fat men. which was
the feature of the meet of the Millrose
Athletic Association, held at the Dongan
Hills fair ground, yesterday afternoon, in
the time of 14 seconds.
The Millrose Athletic Association is made
up of the employes of John Wanamaker.
and all events are closed to its members.
Abel Kiviat. of the Irish -American Athletic
Club, and Jim McEntee, the flame haired
flyer of the New York Athletic Club, who
are in the employ of this concern, aie
Grebe defeated M. Lasman, who boasts of
240 pounds, and G. H. Butterick, 226
pounds, in a rousing finish. Tasman
jumped to the fore at the crack of the
gun. and held the lead for half tho dis
tance. At this point Butterick made Ills
sprint and passed the puffing and per
spiring Tasman, closely followed by Grebe.
Twenty yards further on Grebe took the
lead and just managed to break the tape a.
stomach in the lead.
Section 22!) won the intersectional relay
championship of the store in a hard fought
mile race, defeating team* representing the
Inspection and invoice departments by less
than ten feet.
The summaries follow:
100-yard dash < handicap) — Won by E. Ayr«a
(4 yards): G. Wrnon (4 yards), second; W.
Best (« yards'*, third. Time. 0:11.
200-yard dash (scratch; closed to cad«t
corps)— Won by M. Schwartz; H. Mueller, sec
ond. No third.
100-yard dash (closed to m«n above 200
pounds)- Won by C. H. <»eh«> (225 pound*); M.
Teaman (140 pounds), second; O. Buttrick (226
pounds), third. Tim*. 0:14.
220-yard run (handicap} — Won by O. Verney
iS yiirrts>; J. Hold^n (8 yards), second; W.
Best (7 yards third. Time. 0:20.
880-yard Intercompany relay (cadets; hand!-.
, ,!•■ — won by Band (20 yard*); Company B
(40 yards), second; Company A (scratch),
third. Time. 1:40. *'>:-.*' ..x t,-
220-yard handicap (Lynn Council) -Won by
W. Davit- (ir. yards); J, J. Krwtir (scratch i,
Brfond; A. Jarboe i scratch i. third. Time.
One tntle relay i lnter»ectlonal> — Won by
[Section .'•-"• * Luce.' «.;ilson. Best and A. JlcDon
alii i In»p«*ctln* Department, second; Invoice
[Department, third. Tina*. 4.1». .. , y
Pennsylvania, Talc and Harvard
Suffer Through Graduation.
Forty-eight m^n won point* In the ',-•«-
collegiate championships at Franklin Field
on Saturday. Of this number eighteen will
be graduated in June, Numerically Yale
and Harvard are the greatest losers, with
four men each, but Pennsylvania will miss
Ramsdall and Paul], who between them
made fourteen points on Saturday, more
tnan half of the winning team's total.
Yale will be without the services oT
Cooney and Andrus in the hammer throw.
Coy in the shot-put, and Kelson. the record
holder, in the pole vault. Harvard"^ seniors
whe competed for the last time were Cap
tain Pete LJttle. in the broad jump; Gard
ner, winner of the. low hurdle race; Law
rence, the high jumper, and Barr, tho pol©
Princetons team, which was the best
turned out In Tigertoun in some year?,
will retain, its intercollegiate point -winners,
with the exception of Whiteley. winner of
the half-mije. Captain Dwight will have a
good nucleus around which to build a t«i&ra
next year.
Captain To'ingr. than whom ther* has
been few better distance runners, will leave
Ithaca for good next month. But he will
be the only missing Cornellian who scored
on Saturday.
Michigan loses May. second in the two
mile", and Lapham. third in the broad
jump. The Wolverines have a rather bright
outlook, with Craig, the great sprinter;
Homer, winner of the shot-put, and Hall,
third in the half-mile, to bring East next
year in addition to some high class men
who have stilt to win brackets in the big
Brown's two point winners— Taber and
Greene — are seniors and hav<» run their last
race. Dartmouth loses Palmer, tha fehj»l
jumper, and Fielding will be graduated
from New York University this week. Thl3
completes the list of men who will be
missing next year. Yale loses 14 points,
Pennsylvania 14. Harvard »'•;, Michigan 5,
Cornell 5, Dartmouth 3. Brown 3 and Xew
York University L This foots up a total of
54'~s points out of the entire 143.
Pennsylvania's 27^ points on Saturday,
which gave it the championship, wer©
scored by <siarhf men. Seven men ran up
Yale's to'-a! of 25*4
McGrath Breaks World's Record
by Fraction of an Inch
Philadelphia. May ?0 — Matt McGrath- ci
the Irish-American Athletic Club of New
York, made a new world's record in throw
ing the 56-pound weight for height in the
Ancient Order of Hibernians games in this
city to-day. In his fourth try he hurled
the weight 15 feet 1 inch, breaking the
former worlds record by one-eighth of an
The record, however, will stand as an ex
hibition mark only, as McGrath's best throw
In the competition was 16 feer_
Yonkers Lad Wins Three -Mile
Run in Brooklyn A. C. Games.
Russell Springsteen, cf the Yonkers Young
Men's Christian Association, by a well
timed sprint in the last lap won the three
mile run handicap from a field of a dozen
starters at. the twenty-fourth annual shames
of the Brooklyn Athletic Ciub. at Wash
ington Park. Maspeth. L.ong Island, yester
day. The Yonkers lad had a handicap of
160 yards, and won the contest by about
five yards, outsprinting Frank Joyce, of the
Mohawk Athletic Club, in the last fifty
yards. Harry Biddle, who had the low
allowance of sixty yards, ran a strong race.
finishing a yard behind Joyce.
It was anybody's raca until Springsteen
made his spurt, Biddle, Joyce, Dwyer and
Springsteen alternating in the van from Urn
outset. The time— ls minutes 11 2-5 sec
onds— was good, in spite of the heavy track
and a drizzle which fell during the last
Springsteen s v.r+ory clinched the point
trophy for his club, which nosed out tha
Mohawk representatives by 13 to 12 points.
The one-half mile relay, confined to
Brooklyn competitors, was another thrill
ing affair, the Rival Athletic Club four
winning by a few feet from the Etna Club
Quartet. Despite the inclement weather,
the games were the most successful vet
held by the club, a large crowd attending
fhe summaries follow
Seventy-five-yard daati (novice)— TFcn by F.
Uhlenbusch, Trinity Club; Leo Bobbins. Pastime
A C . second; WlUl&m Hin«s. Loughlta Lyceum,
third Time. O:OS?i.
100-yard dash (handlcapV— on by A L. Rlen
ter unattached 16^3 yards); H. C da lx>lseU».
New York A. C. (5 yards), second: George Mc-
Caddln. Etna Club (7 yards), third. Time. 0:10**
.".no-yard run (handicap* Won by T. Weller.
Mohawk A. C. (14 yards); C. Vltnak. Mohawk
A. C. (13 yards), second; H. G. Wilson, . fasUme
A C. (14 yards), third. Time. 0:32%.
600-yard run (novice) — Won by J. A. Murphy.
47th Regiment; George Cullts. Tonkers Y. M
C A. second; F. Kinsley, unattached, third.
Time. 1:17 *.
&s<>-yar<t run (handicap) — Won by William Mc-
Carthy. Yonkers Y. M. C. A. (4O yards*. H. W.
GaunK National A. C. t2t> yards), second; B. H.
Butterfleld. New York A. C. (44 yards), third.
Time. I:s2**. •«■ < .
Three-mile run (handicap)-- Won by Russell
Springsteen. Yonkera Y. M. C. A. iiti© yards*:
Frank Joyce. Mohawk A. C. (ISO yards I *, second:
H. Blddle. Mohawk A. C. (GO yards), third.
Time. 15:llri-
Onr-half-mlle relay — by Rival A. C
(Turner, Rets*. lUchter and Fan-oil 1 ); Etna A. •"..
second 1 Forrest. McCaddln. CJabby and JoerK»;
Kings County A. A., third (Foster. Haas. Taylor
and Omes). Time. l:3o*v
Two Academy Records Smashed
in Annual Track Meet.
Exeter, N. II . May , 30.— Although the
track was heavy and the contestants w»r»
handicapped by a cold northeast wind
sweeping the field, two academy records
were broken in the annual Phillips- K\
Philllps-Andover dual meet held here to
day, when Exeter defeated Andover by the
score of 54 l-<> -to 41 &-«.
Both the records were broken by Exeter
men. Worthlngton. In th« broad lump
souring ovor th* turf for 22 fe«t ••»» Inches'
and Bingham lowering the half-mile record
to ! minute 58 4-5 seconds. This half-mile
record also breaks th« New Ensrland Inter-
Echolastic record of I minute 59 1-3 seconds.
■ ' -. „ \.
Rain Prevents Decisions-^
Many Creases. *
Metropolitan League Stm'gg^lt
with Kings County Brinira *
Divided Laurels.
Memorial Day cricket was mar-~> ]z\
frequent shower 3ln the afternoon and «S
games were brought to a definite co-*0
SI-" ~*y
The Metropolitan League contest betTr«l.|
Brooklyn and Kin? 3 County was proi^cri?
of heavy scoring by both sWes. the bov'f
era being at a disadvantage '"'■winf to tl'f
wet balL Brooklyn batt»d first and r^mmA
15» for 8 wickets and declared th# £?■ V
ings closed. K. Macph-rson played s-i.;*J
dldly for 45 and A. I»t«»11 tallied C, '{v*t
partnership putting en 37 runs. R c. iff,
Browne- was not out for 25, while o. Sa&J
and J. I* Poycr added If. and 15, r«s»»
Kings County ran tp tf» for 3 wtc^.,,
when it went to the bat F. Gantie \m.
hard for 55. 11. Meyer came next wtth »
and P. S. Marks was net out for 13 wh^^
time was call?d. Marks and Meyer divij^
th© bowling: hono.s with t wick»t3 api« €
but G. W. Barnes came cut with the b««
analysis. 2 wickets for 10 -ins. The m»
ended in a draw.
The score follows:
J. L. Poy'r, c Maclsnon. b Mark* ...... tm
<:. A. Worm, c ilaclenon. l» Mirk? li
D. G. McXntosh, c Atchlson. b Marks. ..'..;,*" 5 •
A. Brown, b Meyer ..-„ _„.'
A. I>n'«sH. c Armstrong, b ilej-T 1, ■
R. Macphcrson. 1 b w, l> Barn-i S?Hi
O. Smith, C Stuart, b ileyer «<•
R. C. M. Browne, not out t-..M^
G. llacpherson. 1 b w. b Karne*' ' ,"•
B>e» !» f - r
Total (declared) •"» 13}
•£. U. tiiallenK'ir and H. Ruaatoa <ild not t^
F. Gautier. not out ..- m
J. Keene, b "Worra . .. — .^.... 7
J. D. Maclennan, ■> Hos^ion i,.. £
H. Meyer, c and b,Poyer 3.
P. S. Marks, not ou ;.. xi
By«« - — - ' (
Total <3 w:cket3» Vm
J. P. Stuart, G. ▼. Barnes. R. Armsrirm*. a
J. Atwood. A. B. Lmria and E. Atchlson did' as*
bat. \, ■ _; ,-. % "*
Tho league gan» in the second section
between Brooklyn Klng3 County was*
won by Kings Copity easily, the margla .
being 92 runs. Th«Brooklyns were hanJR.
capped by being siort handed, and co'jjd,.
score only 55 when they went to bat. 1 Z
E. Walter played % aggressive i ""'fW
23. and was aided materially by.F.^A,^
•Corbin. with 12. I. Hoyle bowl* : re- 1
markably well and »ptured 5 wickets 'tis'"
23 runs. .
For the winners T.s. Cusack mada t&' !
score with S3, C. Braker cams next wtjM
24, and double figureawere also scored by'
C. Hoyle. M. de Sou*, W. wi;iiarr_= arf !
L. R. Williams. Thelotal3 were: Erook
lyn, 56; Kings Count} 14S.
At Ulmer Park yesvrda- th% C-eaceiJL. ■=;.'
Athletic Club was deoively beaten ia^*.-
New York and New Jersey A3sodatiw.J
game by Bersonhurst. 'he margin oj vic-i
tory was 110 runs, . as this result va>»~;«
mainly brought about .y the batting mL,
T. H. Clarke and thetowl.ns of F--3.U
Franklin. Clarke- was n fine fam anil
put on 42 runs before hi was disposed at |
while Franklin was on he spot witli t*»
ball and captured six wket:? for 37 run*
On the winning side gooi scores war* als»
made by C. E. Marsha, with 23; F. BLS
Franklin, with 20; W. E Ottewill, 14 --
out; P. C. McAtcer, 14, r.J E. B. Re**, ■
12. "W. F. Jackson was he only on car
the Crescent side to ma'nj a. showing witi £
the bat. and □& was resp<s;isie for X asm
oat at a total of 55. Ja<sc i "W. Bonaf^J
and J. O. P. Humphreys jvlded the to-sV-,
Ing honors. Tha Eensoaurst total »is*
A full two-Inning game 1 the y«i Tcri
mad Sew Jersey Cricket L*gue was olayai
at I.ingston. Staten Islad, yesterday be
tweer the Staten Island C.C ard the X* 1 * :
York Veterans, and the orn-.er «M re
turned a victor by tne- nargia of tirs -
wick-?. The home tea=i, : catted first mwk
ran u> 108 before the ale wa3 re:::*: *
A- Laurie. H. Dauby ad R. RangUW -;
with 31 i? and 17. respe»t!veiy. waw » *
only doible. figure men, G. Har=2^'"tia f
the bestwork with the bill in this :^=J. *
securing|ix wickets for 55 runs, while ? J-
Prendera,st took three for 14. The V*
terms* rettonded with ■ runs, A. 5. Z .•■ -
rant, wii 28. being th 9 top scow ru=. j
while F. 7. Kelly and C. C. Beliag cadi
ran up 15 before they were- disposed ci .
W. Baber A Laurie did the beat ba*H
inc. the f<iner taking five for 42 and ti»
latter four O r 25.
At 'VVestN^w Brighter yesterday '•» "
Richmond Cunty C. C. defeated the Frcs
pect Park leven by the overwhelm?
score of an -mlng and 255 runs. For •» |
winner? J. ? Escobal. O. Tur 9, H. - i
Ross. J. H. 3rlgg 3 and H. J. Lza&?2
scored 84, 63, > not out, 42 and 23 not ott.
in the order lined. The Prospect Parkers '
were then di% 3 ed of for the remartoMS* .
low score of > only thirteen balls b«a* -
bowled to the; j. h. Brisks took ft>" "
wickets for 4 *u # while O. furvtile ca;i* :
ured three for i -jt-*
Astor Cou-20 West Mt»i St.
Telephone i 72 Murray Hi!!-
Ale.- X la Carte. V^b TaM» i Hot» Bs%
SecosO. Aye. $j Ter.th Street-
Ope.' <-'".■ » un e to SepteaS*?- -1
MVANAGH'S "- r v :\vr r.RTU,
LAfAnAUn a n« m\, >■■■ «>" IM
258-260 >V. 23d St. MUSIC.
HOTEL. B'way »r»s6^ St. Musi;.
Tabls d'Hote rir.n?r. S\l. Theatre Su»s»
ronflnnur^ -» Mot-. s>; 98 s^.'-nusn^:
51-55 55 W. 35th St.. be^tb sna «'-i *»* ;•
The New .Action .»
♦ Formerly CaW Fran^ \ o w Or?a-
With red or white wtn* Ml M»t»- . .
Herald Square HattffSFHlg ,
From New York.' 1009 <<Atrat«<l). «*-
Beautiful drives from »o wn WoniTa#n | ;ea_ .
Travellers' Co.. A»tor Court. l\v>st »•■ r ;■
Telephone 2i72 jlurn Hlji-^ -
on Beautiful Hunting* >nU, L. I
35 mil* picturesque, d"*' l , :%lf»lf: %lf»lf- ;•
shore, including Vanderbilt J^o jW. Xl*^
Tel 20O— Hunttngton. J^JlE^Si-?^? ; \
Hotel. V»tr. new >a"»J n 'J_* M ?.r r S^l
Glenwool-Hungaria r^ •
RAVENMAU ogjgglp^
Th» Standard for ChaaJP^J 5 - W?
1 I

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