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„.m Drenches Hundreds of
%£ on Various Courses. •
lundred Members of Engle
°?Vood Country Club Flee
from Elements.
', 'iUax r i«verf pranks on the V. nk * ***~
'?t ' / thunderstorms ■■„.--- hun
terf»T 'Lfis who had gathered for their
i-fi\ • . outinr. Practically every
*•* . metropolitan district was
< * S! %A \tvA awa* nearly all quarters hard
rrt<rt .°-a -torles were 1" order.
l«5. s ""*t : < ii V ood Country- Club no teas
*' .... mr ra^rs <Jnw off. a majority
- Mrt in the.ihirty-six hole qualifying
»**f the club -championship- Hall-
J* 2 " «* «y small slaa* «*«* caused the
fW=C W-te<3 f-- run to cover, tut Oswald
"■" tt , fortcsaie in escaping the
I****' His eft'rnocn effort of TO broke
*^*" ♦,-, i«ort for the course, held by
** >^L«ra' c , ' f-«urses beside? Enaj
* "2™, ,- Ptaye* for Memorial
*•* Ij, c Henry W. Maxwell Memorial
-ititffi ,• CSlEer >I-adow was favored
tsC?? -strv mere than *'*♦>" players, in-.
"' ta " Marshal. Whitlttch, th« former
2Tiw^™- ■*» *" •**'" cast bis
p TVi'th ttee Fort Hamilton oiganiaa.
•* Ant**™* 8 d lJ^ -^•mber* turned out
*"L but «• «vere was the storm that
£S nad tfc* cuura?e to return cards.
£« a *""' p handicaps and match play
<*• fcorie kf»r* the amateur* at the
•**^ r __. "cow'try flub !«:-. Trhile the
2str'ai-" Md "stiten Island courses had
JSToK*-. W» turnout p.
jj&es*Advantage of Long Handi
* cap on Dvker Meadow Links.
Hare than rixty members of - the r>rker
n£&fw Golf Clui* competed Ja the Howard
T^- t :\ raemcrtal ccmpelltion yesterday.
~T _ £;;] fS t.y won, with 199 — *^— 150. con
rJr=f caK lT^ frr t hirt T- =ix hole*, and
jarsieU ■STinlitch. »h3 has returned to
*vk?r Meafla 1 *"- played around from scratch,
a ?rcss score of Ha, figures that
«k» bettf r by C J- Crookal!. l«8n. and E.
tJtßoi. IS! -*c best s ceres were as fol
£*£• Groes. H'cap. Net.
r.-«r .-«K V .; ipo "-to iy>
ZTSSrP. -..IT? 25 151
!■ hi B i 5"
•-„ - •• m IS &
♦4 I.V*
m m
H^' MS O If 2
l»^t£ v BMtteai Mi • Ml
Ther*- ■*"«"•* fi^te'en in the- consolation han
tiir.r.l rbe «fternoott aad the result wag a
=£» — e=cr.r N. W. "^-■'ell«, 57-10-77;
I 1. Cro?V:sll. c^-S-TT, and F. J. Phillip,
jj-7-77. . -
Hsatdair. N. J . -^ay SO. — There were a
xiiber bf biteresttor textures at the Upper
axtdair Go'.f Club thi? aJiemoon, inclu-3
rfti? final roaA fWT the spring cup. which
a»-vrm by A. B Swezey. who beat B. B
«s?•_ j -up and 7to play. F. C IChtJtler
ha* J. L. Parish !n ... finals for a cup
ptKnted *7 the r.r?minatin? committee of
t* dut. t up For the Tnembers" cup C.
S&teflOTSß beat H. J. Christiansen 3 up
aaf Its plar-
; is eijtseea-hole handicap 1= Class*? " l. •
trf B a' 1 .;? playel Th- "scores fo«lo-a_:
CLuA-3? A.
, . - - 7 TO
iC v«rirs!J '!' "^l^ "ii^^i'l H »- 72
?G "^•atscc . . S3 10 TS
' f TV^-itr ». 79 --6" -To
ta Eaten : M 13 .73
HS-! Ma ct-> -. S5 l 2: T^
l;,^«f ■- ,f»,i-.,c.^. :r« 'Sf-*
•£ iT R«tt» • ; 91 13 73
3 ■r -T^-^gT^- .w ..\... S6 10. " n
2-E ""rulier '..■■ .83 35- -'7
i": Cark PI 13 75
S A^ir S3 7S
:p jnuf s? iS so
1. j. st,^ . c* ISf .. «1
; T Unaa : ~T %^f*. 14 El
Tliass b.
isirs ..: - .as to' " w
J. S. Han •- - i . M 23 63 '
* B«u *" ; ' - ? - "'■'
LIM Mi -" .73
i *>mt: .- . . 9& 2* 73
I.|->ej fi3 '.» -.74
tE-Ntffth lO> 23 .75
T}siSt S . . »1 ■ i* • 75 i
1 &»cr. - . . 98 23 75 .
f i*'B«ria= . . - ....... 97 ' Tf» 77
i'.Nerth .: .. &i m ml
:2trl£ti urn 27 .78 |
?.rfet . ; .ss "IS .so J
Ew RiSge, -: J . May SO.— A Memorial
fc£bc&flicap rn*4al play competition si I
titr-six lioie? for .a cup presented by H. '
£ Edtt-ards. president of the Glen Ridge ,
SS CiuJ. -was won • --day by Harry D- j
tea Trltb a art srore of 144. The scores
■ „
. . Gro»*.H'c*?.N>t- '
Jt'teith 155 1* I*4
• -G. -a-ra* 1«S =2 H*»j
i^fcCils^* ■-.. 22 I*l I
•J. LassKrc.th lit. 4-< 2-»J |
I-«.'<3»i«on - -...r7* z* 154 1
r*Slcl*Es IBri 4 • 156
JiKwen 175» 50 359
!-£*art«r.: .JH *• 3** ;
r ajrsst .._...193 S3 I*sl}
[/•-Vqul. 192 3" -162
4VU*s»-r. a . -V, » 163
Ig-litiniq- ..107 34 163 ;
»>*£• . .-.1«7 ** 1«3 !
{■^..Thnw-Ti 192 2« IC4 i
r«^Cocsdoß 1R- 22 36."
,-z We . !s>'> » I*?-"'
- J*-i* IM 3<> 1*« :
■MM '.*:; 28 3<57 i
• r125«r 1 25« ....194 =« 1«9
;|P^reTg ...'JU <0 171
-* Hirt 2*3 M 371 :
J^ ■«« eucn a. iMBWg rain late yester-
Apswa-'s Club that only ten of
1» start returned their cards. It
_** **•?'■ rornp^tition of the season
■M^B Ashforrh won the cup offered by
s>pfcer cf the gol' committee. The :
i • .... .-■ OrWs.H'cap.Net. \
5 i.^-i : v» i«j xa
SpJ*^=> 155 10 155
b^* - ISO . 14 156
ITL^- • -4 ■» 158
; «wj. llSrw ' ...i fi » 2* Mi
■**_! : 177 10 137
Mjstakah country CLUB.
i^.^ Tetmtafeai Country Club th«
2*ll *Wl»»i !n a- -c: T^rs-hole
l~\ r tbp rresident'B cup. presented by
V* 1 * In the gf'eniwn Mr. and
fca, TVT V llart!n WOn tlwltnlxed four-
T^? ««sr*s of the qualifiers were:
f?fe ....;.. ts^i?%
• 4 M ~f
*X t m * ' 77 3'- : '-Wi
MwEfiS »* 2 1 "
Ss" llpl I 1
*tel ' ■ . -
f4 IT 77
'■!^4 «l » 77
! . l «i, m ■ *'
|Bj»^ ' ....1»4 1« 18
»*» 'I 8
I ■ * . ' "' ■ ■ ■ r I ■
S7 ► 7»
I **4T*i!!" N ' J • May **•— I fwr-bal! 1
[j>; . } "* lx h " 1 ~. f->»f ->»- *''a« a and;
| # * • ■ Plain
, . ? viub t<>-<!>iy. Th« scores w«re:
„.•:"; '"LASS A.
'imtt Hp To I*'1 *'
™*M I E. Brirfe v
tt<BMi Mi so ■■■riias
i^fc? l^*' »=i wl heater
i 2 "lii^ 1" '42
I * "
. . M ' ' ' '
Ml SO 143
a^Wii:vw«ii.::ig !? ill
i x . IS* 4*
Kirkby Leads Gk>lf Field and
.Sets New Course Record.
The tatrncst golfers -of " the Eastwood
°— aub competed in tho qualifying
round for the club tourna-
t nient ,3, 3 : cslcrda > % Acpording to the condi
tions. t!,o^ mSkln f the nr , t Blxte ., earned
o«v ht- °vr n< : hfu<? on for title, and
f « , Kirkby led the field with , total
of 146 for the double circuit- In the after
noon Kirkby did a 70. thereby breaking the
course record, held by himself, by a single
stroke. His card follows: "
Orw»3<l Kirkby:
in •; 4 4 3 6 « 3 4 4 3—34—70
in the competition for the S. F. I^effertb
memorial cup there v.as a tie for first place
between 11. V: merman, 74-6-«. and
E. 11.. Spra s ue. 93-&_6B. The scores in
the quallfj-insr round for the title were:
First Second
n „ ..,", . nsund. round. Total.
OririM Kirkby , T ? n %r a^ 145
H. \. S?s«nn«n 7| j«g
Murray Olj-phant ;;;g 77 !s3
Rey Webb .-••.......:..;... .. Si 7J> 160
ail.Bun« 1..... 00 « 375
E. L. Maason S7 ss -it'
i?r. .L \V. Callsn .*'.": V.' g7 BS 17.-.
A. E. Bsrrj- _ gj g^ i 7 j
1«. M. Klchmond st 02 173
B. F. R«insund »i 66^?{1TT
■VV. S. Starrorxl .... m no 174
H. M. Cose B B« 171
IV. B. Loujhman 84 8S 172
John Xa*th»n« v<; $5 173
B. ° Miller S7 pi it?
The dra^ for th« first championship
round follows: Barnes vf. Manson. Callaji
vf. Barry. W>bb \-s. Richmond. Rplmund
vs. Sta.flord. Coxe vs. Olyphant. Loughmsn
v* Xaethinr, Miller vs. Kirkby. E?gg»rman
vs. x\-inner of tie.
TIN Qualifying round for the sprin?
championship, first sixteen players to qual
ify, was the chief event at the Park Golf
Club yesterday. The scures were:
Dr. H. K. Carroll.. S3 Th» Rev C U Gocd
8. St. J. McCutchea « rich .109
CW. McCutrh-r. »7 ! J. H. . H0we11 :...... .112
■W- V. B>-ar^: «*», A. M. Morrell 112
W. n. Fat*r 103 X. A Miller 112
G. A. Chapman 104 Samuel Tow.n«nd .114
R. B. Titsw-orth HV> V. H. €ill . US
C P. Morse. 105IR. V Carpenter |9B
Three scores were returned for the. sum
mer cup:
Gross. Heap. Net
C. W. Itches . . P7 20 71
W. v. B'*rd pa 25 74
G. A Chapman..; 104 So 76
Sinuel St. J. ilcCutchen P« to 78
Dr. H. K. Carroll 93 1«( 77
Rev. C. l. Goodrich 10* 23 77
Alexander Gilb-rt 109 30 7»
W. R. Fa.b»r 103 22-81
x. a. Minor 112 SO >:
F. H. Sill 115 SO M
R.- B. Tlta-«-orth 105 !f»! f » R«
C B. K«(M 105- IP S6
A. M Worrell 112 2<"> s»3
Samuel Town»end . 114 25 *:>
These scores were posted for the ladies'
summer cup:
Grs«s. H'cap. Net
Miss Grace A. Tenej-cb 90 15 44
Mis* B?s*i# Teneyck 63 SO ?3
Mis? Louise Fuller S2 2? 55
Miss Harriett B. Ehr«v» 74 19 5S
In the. putting and appro3chin? contest
five couples tied for first place and in the
play-off Miss Harriett R. Shreve and Ray
mond Carpenter iron with a score of i.
M?*ntriair. K. J.. ilay M.— A four-ball
foursome, and an eishteen-hole • handicap
■^"ere the attractions at the Montclair Golf
Club links to-day. The former event was
■won by C J. Turner and P. !«. Dyer, jr.,
with 170— 13— 155. The other scores were:
Gr. VTv. MM
TVI'B Er«niiier and J. F. Gerti 174 13 161
C E- Van VerSck and G G. HaddoTr.l74 12 163
S. H. Ijock«tt ar.d Oscar "Woodward. 169 16 163
J. C. Plan and T. TV. Mail«v .17.- 12 163
Waitsr Brovrn and A. B. Alien . . 177 10 197
H,S. ilcClure and J. G. Todd . 17& 12 168
A. C. Aborn and G. R. Fata**" 173 12 168
XV. H. duuftl and B. F. Kurd US M 1«8
In the eighteen -hole handicap A R. Allen
ant". W. M. Banted tied in Class A, with 72.
while F. L, Dyer. jr.. and C K. McMahon
tied in Class B. with 71. The scores -were:
Gross. H'cap. Net.
A. P_ Allen ?0 ■ 72
•W M. =BTjford ......... 84 12 73
C. E. v-rlck. . .' $3 11 74
. S. H. LjiiH II 79 5 74
S. H. Harris S5 10 75
E. K. Wis-aell . . S3 -10 76
C J. Bheneta 53 11 77
C. J. Tura« - 55 8 77
T. W. Maley - :. Ss 11 77
TV E BrenM»er S4 7 7?
;C' B. Brown „.^^£S . a.. .77
J. B. KirkAldy : &3 14 7|
H. F- Durden . ....... ....it 14 78
EC Rockwood .......... ...92 14 '73
B C. K«rr ........ «> 12 73
A. C. A.l ■"■•- ■ . . 89 « v 7*
E F Miliea $0 12 73
E. J.'Ridgway S" 9. 75
F. L. I- er Ir. 58 15 71
C. X McMahon #1 ~l 71
H. M. Robinson <*> 13 72
T P McGlynn . .97 24 73
W. H. Clou^h id W "*
TV H. Davies ... 97 22 75
5- L. Stuart ...: 64» 1? 76
H. B. UidJajß 101 24 77
H. O. Borafeck P» 21 78
J.Reis ...:.< -• 108 - x 75
G. R. Ftosartr 94 10 7&
F. H . Fluids - m - 11 78
R.-M. F*rrls P3 U JS
JC. M Goodlet. Jr.« 97 IS . 79
K. E. Lurham . »7 1% 73
The- course of the Inwood Country' Club
presented a scene of activity yesterday.
with match play in threw classes. In the
final round of the first sixteen Clarence M.
Cohen defeated Edward Stern, by 3 up and
2 to play. The beaten eight cup was won
by H. M. Mallison, who defeated L. A
Ansbacher, 2 up and 1 to play. Results in
the other divisions were as follows:
Class B— Edprar I>»vy beat John Lauch
e:m«-T. 7 up and 6 to -play.
Beaten Ei?rht— Wallace Heyman teat B.
Sline. ! up and 2 to play. •
riags C— S. Nordlin»rer teat L. A.
Movers, 2 up and 1 to play.
Beaten Eight— Wile beat L,. A. Weil
ler, 5 up and 4 to play.
Over one hundred members played in the
different fixtures on the Fox Kills Golf
Club links at Clifton. Staten Island, yester
day. In the competition for the Memorial
Day cup. offered by Peter J. O'Donohue, the
following qualified:
C F. Alestrom. 9«— IR-72: B. p . Bot
tr > m< » 75— 4— 72' C. B. Contrell. 90— 18— .2;
m r : nnnv^T S&-2S— 70: A. M. Williams.
l(l_jc_32; Frederick Carroll, 91-22—69.
In the four-ball medal play- fixture the
winners proved to be James W. Dean and
H- Ives.
B. S- Bottom* won the Class A. handicap
w j tn 7«_4_72, and Frederick Carroll led in
Class B with 91—22—69.
A thirty-£ix-h?>le selected score handicap
for two prizes was the attraction yester
day *at l*« St. Andrews Golf Club. John
C Ten Evck. a former president of the
club won the net and J. W. Egerton. jr..
with 79. the gross score prize. Th« best
card P.. -
J*n C. 7*n Erfk «i U 73
T. F. Thompson • £ }l 73
J. B. Sutphen ""« 11 75
OH. nor*r«. |S 3 78
i.! W BBtat«d. jr «J? ', - 7
c. w. Davt<»i. Jr — • M » 77
A. S- HUsins. ...... J» ,J 7S
It; k. f^impsor • fi , £,5
I iv. F. Hod»m»n - *
Th . r< . were thirty-six starters in tIM
thirty-si* hole qualifying round for the
vlc^-presWenfs cup yei-terdsy at the
HarlTenwek Golf Club. Th« four to qtial
i*v will meet In elfhteen-liole match play
round* ne.t Saturday. Hawley vs. Moore
and Sage vs. Gurn-e. Th© be*t -»*:
Grosf. Hdp. N't.
17- m 144
'Jrh-n H Waw>y 156 1«» ,43, 43
.T. «. e»r» '."l«7 42 145
H. V <;urn«w> /• M 4$ 145
J. C. Moons '
Greenwich. Conn.. May 30.-A severe
thunderstorm «3rov« a large crowd of «tfg
M from th- Greenwich country Club links
,W., W . afternoon, and of the seventy .tarter.
Qn >v thirty finished. ''I','S^L
l^ere were two c P , S*|(^^
ri-en by A. I* Fennewy and Alfred Gil
£rt Smith, in the. thlrtj^te-n? l9 ConteSt
"SSJTft T. Scut^V. wfth . handicap
c* 10. won by 3 up. whl.e in Class B for
: ivo'e handicapped mere than If. R. J ■»" :
«f H. won by 6 *m*,
Left to right— King, coxswain: Cutler. Wltfd B9t§Sn)< Stmbgm, Baron. H<v>per. Batch. Sargent. Whitney, Thajer fmanarer*
Inman and Pate Win Places in
Semi-Fmal Round,
William B. Oragin Wins Every
Set, by Brilliant Work —
Rain Interferes.
Two players, Frederick C Inman. the
metropolitan champion, and Walter L,.
Pate, the Brooklyn titleholder. won their
places in the semi-final round of the Felipe
challenge cup singles yesterday in the tour
nament on the clay courts of the New
York Lawn Tennis Club.
Inman performed splendidly through three
round? with the loss of only one set. Hay-
Ing a by» In the first round, he defeated
Frederick C- Bag?s In the second. 4— 6—l.
6—l. Baggs's quick start smothered Inman
at the net before, he got his game working
and this v.-as his only loss. The third
round brought Inman against L Millens
Bu»-t. the former Boston player, -whom he
defeated 7-5. 6— l. For the semi-final In
man defeated Edward A. Gunther easily.
6—2, 6—3. Pate had previously competed,
and helped by a default, he met R. H.
Boggs for the semi-final, winning at 4—6,
6— l. 6—2
While these players led the original field
of forty-sis aspirants for the cup held by
Gustavo F. Touchard, tha other rounds
proved interesting. The appearance of Dr.
P. B. Hawk, of the University of Illinois,
a member of the national executive com
mittee, showed that sterling player at his
test. Ho reached the third round in his
laet match, defeating: Dimon E. Roberta
§_?., §_4. Dr. Hawk hit the ball for power
ful drives, maintaining- an impregnable po
sition in deep court from which hi 3 op
ponent was unable to dislodge him. ,
The progress of William B. Cragin. jr..
•who recently won the Harlem cup and the
doubles at the Bronx championship, from
the first round developed fast tennis,
Crajin -did- not loss a set and only nine
games in three matches. Hi 3 mid-court
volleying and overhead smashing were at
ali times steady and so swift as to over
vrhelmhis adversaries. In turn he defeated
Arthur ' Scheffer love, 6—l; Royal D.
Ritchey, 7—5,-6—2, and Julio SI. Steinacher,
&— love, «— . .
Rain stopped one of the best and hardest
foogfct matches of the day, in which Wal
te'- Merrill Hall was leading Wylio C.
Grajit at 7-5, 3—6. I— love. Hall's passing
shors were finding the openings in the court
of the ex-international indoor champion de
spite Grants pretty cross-court strokes,
when the two were compelled to leave ths
<-ourt. Grant had previwudy defeated R-
H Eggleston. f— 1. 6—l, and Hall had de
feated Dr. William Rosenbaum with sur
priiiug ease at #-1. •i-love. As tha result
of the day"? ]>lay the field was practically
brought level into the fourth round. The
Manhattan doubles championship will be
gin v.-a?---, and th<? national champions,
Harold H. Hax;kett and Frederick B. Alex
ander, are among the contestants, as the
pair have one leg upon the valuable
The summary follows
Felipe challenge cup (men ! singles; first
round)— Julio M. Steinaeher defeated I^uib J.
Grant by default; Royal P. Ritchey defeated
IT X.' Balch C— 6—4; William B. Cragin. jr.
defeated Arthur Bebeffer. •— 0. 6— 3, S. Howard
Voshell defeated I. Hartman, by default; L.. J.
DreyfußS defeated Norman G. Johnson. l>— 1,
6—3- Ur. P, B. Hawk defeated Theodore Roose
velt" Pell, by default; \Vyli* C. Grant dafeat«d
X H Egpleston. 6—l. «— l. Walter Merrill
Hall defeated Pr. William Rosenbaum, it— ~.
round— Frederick C. Inman defeated
Fredrick C. Baggs, 4-6. 0-1. «-l. Julio M
tH*lnacher defeated Robert Lcroj. by default,
William B. Cra&in. Jr. ■defeated Royal D.
... „, 7-3 •— 5; G. A. L. Dionne defeated
Edgar F. Leo. by default; B. Howard Voshell
defeated U. J- Droyfusa, — «, «— *-. *— 3 :. Jr.
I- H Hawk defeated Dimon B. Roberts, i>— J,
S--4:' Walter Merrill Hal! agt. Wylie C.
Orant 7—B — 6, — 0. unfinished, R. 11.
Ucggs' defeated D. E. PeiEer. 6-3. 7—6; Fred
erick P. Fox defeated Paul Fwrster, 6—6 — 6 — i.
Third round — Frederick C. Inman defeated Ij.
Millen* Hurt 7—5, «-l:. Edward A. Gunther
defeated Chester P. Rice .— »— 2: William B.
fi-Bgin Jr.. defeated Julio M. Stelnacher. 6—o,
6— G' A. E. Dionne agt. S. Howa.'d Vo
, h^n" 4—2,4 — 2, unfinished, 2. H. Boggß defeated
George B. Groesbeck. r—l. 4-6. «--4; Walter
1.. Pate defeated Frederick P. Fox. by de-
BFourth8 Fourth round— Frederick C- Ir.man defeated
Edward A- (iunthpr. 6—2. 6— V.alter L. Pate
defeated R. H. Bogrgs. 4— «. « -4. 6—-.
ir in finals
Niles and Dabney Win in Mass.
State Championship.
Boston.- May 30 .- Nat C, SiVbs and Arthur
Dabnev, th« Eastern doubles champions,.
will meet F. J- Sullou-ay and D. F. Rhodes
In the finals for the Massachusetts state
doubles championships in tennis at the
Bra* Burn Club Wednesday afternoon, as a
malt of the tourney play in the third
round and semi-finals to-day. The fast
match of the day was the semi-finals be
tween the Johnson Brothers and Niles and
Dabney, which went three sets. The sum
tat( . doubles rhampionshlpi (third round)— F.
i Sullowav and D. P. • Rhode* defeated C.F.
\\lm and U. Davenport. -2, «-8; G P. Put ;
nam and H. J. Holt defeated FT««hlngrham and
Stale £-4). 7-5; '• F. Md H. F. Johnson^de-
F4ted T. Horton and C N Counter »-2,
tt^Jf- ,V C Mies a«"i A. Pabney defeated 8.
gliSSiiu^idt:!: jT'sJliotay a ßd D . p.
nS d »NO. P. Putnam and H. J. Holt.
? 1 i-3- X.'C. Wttes an.l A. Pflbnsv tefeat«i]
r F ud'H. F. Johceon. «-^3-6. 7-5.
YALE 800 RES OVER harvard
Nw Haven. May 20.— Yale won the an
nual lar/n tennis match with Harvard here
to day by a scorfc of seven matches to two.
i^,c Anc*l«. May SO Miss May Button
defeated Miss Hazel Hotcbkiss in a law
tennis mat here to-day after five hard
fousht sets _ - ,
wanover. N. H- Hay CO -In the annual
lawn «m * tournament to-day Dartmouth
iefitVd^ Amherst a, a *core cf four
niatcbei to two •
Army Officers Fight Vainly
Seventh Regiment Wins Hotly Contested Lawn
Tennis Matches at West Point.
H. Fitch. After trying out the gams, of
Ms adversary and losing the first set, at
6—2, Lieutenant Honeycutt changed his at
tack and began •to send slow drives high
to the base line of the opposite court. He
sent the- ball travelling In high arches. like
bombs from the mortar battery on the
Point, to land straight on the basa line.
Occasionally he charged for the net on
Fitch's returns, bringing off some splendid
: from the mortar battery on the
to land straight on the has* line.
onally he charged for the net «n.
s returns, bringing off some splendid
shots by this assault. He forced the games
twice to deuce before Fitch defeated him.
at 8-6.
King Smith and Arthur S. Cragin engaged
Colonel Bethel and Major J. N. Carson In
a spirited match In the doubles, fceforo the
West Print pair lost, at &-i, <— 3. The ral
lies were fast and the volleying sharp.
Th« rertainty with which th» regimental
pair brought off their shots and found the
openings, however, held them sate! v to The
•nd It is proposed to make the series of
matches an annual event. The summary:
West Polnt^Tth Rsflment singles—
?- B n« * 7th BegimenT. defeated Lieutenant
7th Reeiment, defeated Colonel TV. A Bethel
6—3. 6—46 — 4-
[By Telegraph to The Tribune. 1
West Point. N. V.. May Displaying
an attack at the lawn tennis nets that
proved Invincible, the team of the 7th Regi
ment, of New York, defeated the team of
'the United States Military Academy ' her*
to-day In a series of four singles and two
doubles. One of the singles, that of the
former regimental champion, Robert -T.
Bryan, against Lieutenant C S. Senton.
was a draw. The .^'est Point team was
composed of Colonel W. A. Bethel. Major
J. N. . Carson and Lieutenants C. S. Sen
ton, B. Honeycutt and A. E. Mitchell. Th©
matches attracted a large gallery, and were
decided immediately -before the annual
bai-<sball gram* between West Point and ths
7th Regiment team
J Conditions were ideal when Colonel Bethel
took the court against the regimental cham
1 pion, Walter Merrill Hall. It was at once
evident that Colonel Bethel had met more
than his match, but the contest was the
: most closely fought of tha day. Aguinst
i the good volleying of the West Pointer
HaH brought his cross fire of drives to
; bear successfully. In the last set Colonel
; Bethel made a spirited attack upon the net,
! and while his play at short range was
more effective, ha was defeated without
getting a set.
It fell to Lieutenant S. Honeyeutt to force
the only deuce set of the day, against L«.
Toronto and Crescent Athletic
Club Get One Goal Apiece.
Toronto University and the Crescent
Athletic Club played a tie game of lacrosse
at the Bay Ridge grounds of the New
Moon organization yesterday. The contest
ended in a score of 1 goal all. Both
points were made in the first period of
pliy. The gam* was the roughest seen
at Bay Ridge in years. During the con
test there were' many disputes among the
players, and L. J. Doyle, the referee, was
kept busy keeping the players in order.
For the first time in several year? play
ers were ruled out of a lacrosse game at
Bay Ridge. In the first period Dr. Me-
Intyre and R. Gur'dy were ordered out for
five minutes. During the second half
Johnny O'Rourke was ' sent to the time
keepers for five minutes for hitting a
Toronto player over the head, and God
dard, of the visitors, was given an equal
rest for rough work. Other players also
deserved punishment, but escaped with
warnings.. !
Notwithstanding the rough work, the
contest was well played and was thoroughly
enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators.
Wall was the first player to score, and the
Canadian score was made by Hanly.
The line-up follows:
Crescent (1). Position. Toronto (IV
Allan Goal A. Hinds
De Casanova Point T. Hanley
Dr. Madden Coverpoint. R. Gurdy
Pobhy First, defence W. Wood
rv-plot Second defence. .. K. Manning
Ufflton Third defence M. Thompson
Taylor • Centre J. Goddard
Walker .* Third attack V. Park
Kennedy Second attach F. Hinds
Wh ll ' First attack P. Hanley
O'Uou'rke Outs}4B homs..F. Hetherington
Dr Melntvre Inside home M. McSloy
c—L .e c— L. J. Doyle. Crescent A. C. Umpires
—Walter Simpson and Butt Jame3. Goals— Wall
P.- Hail' Time of —Twenty-five min
utes. . •
Ralph N. Ellis 's Peprika in Fast
Race at Oyster Bay.
In about as "dirty" weather as couM
be imagined, with the wind shifting from
east to northwest, and frequent rain
squalls, the Seawanhaka Oorlnthian Yacht
Club opened its racing season at O r ster
Bay yesterday, with the first of the series
<if championship races for the New York
Yacht Club's 30-footers and the club's 15
foot class.
Both flashes filled well and the Ralph
fi. Ellis boat, the Paprika, sailed a fast race
and won it by the narrow margin of one
tick of the chronometer— or ! secon.d— from
Johnston de Forest's Nepsi. In the 15
foot class the Cicada won from the
Thelema by 48 seconds.
Tfcfl summary follows:
COURSE, \n\ JfILES— START. 1:55.
Finish. time.
H.M.S H.M.5.
Paprika. Ralph V Elite ...... 3:27:07 -1:32:07
NepYl. Johnson de Forest 3:27 M 1:32:08
Alera A H. Alk«r :;2«:19 1:33:19
Hera 11. F. Rowdy 330:09 1:35-00
Vautllus E. C. Dirlierson 3:30:60 l:35:«O
Phnne. J. F. Morgan. jr 3:21:26 {■'£■•%
Ibis? H. Maxwell 3:34:2 ft 1:39:2*
Dahinda. G. E. Roosevelt. ... Disabled.
Cicada. A. D. Weekes, Jr 3:23:16 1:21:16
T^iemaTc. Mackenzie 3:27:0 i 1 :£:O4
T>m Hovt Bros 8:2i:17 1:22:17
w"a"e a r%Zby! UC. Tiffany.... tlOt lS »
l~n F Ij L*ndon 3:30:43 J:J;>:43
B?bri»W. T- B. Bloecker 3:50:55 l|£fi
Oris, G. A. Tu-kerma.n 3:34:59 i.JO:uS
Pulling Long, Fast Stroke, They
Defeat Pennsylvania.
tßy Telegraph I* The Tribune ]
Ithaca, N. V, May SO.-Tha Cornel
junior 'varsity defeated the Ponnsylvania
crew by three lengths on Cayuga Lake to
day- The Red and Blue oarsmen pot the
jump at the gun. but Cornell soon took the
lead, and pulling a 33 stroke, continued to
draw away to th« flnJMi.
Disiter kept up this stroke for. three
quarters of the distance and then dropped
to 32. The Pennsylvania crew rowed 38 to
the'minute and showed better form all ths
way. but the leaf Cornell stroke was too
much 'or the shorter swing of , the visitors.
The •■"..-• was 10 minutes and W- seconds
for Cornell and U minute* and 1-5 seconds
fcr " Pecn£;l%aiila' . •
Brooklyn Club Regatta Spirited
and Inactive by Turns.
All Hinds of weather was given fta the
tars* that race in the opening regatta of the
Brooklyn Tacht Club off Wcstlawn yester
day. Rain and squalls, followed by a calm
and then excellent winds, made the day «
trying one for the enthusiastic Corinthians
that- raced «m Gravessnd Say. The only
yachtsmen that had satisfactory weather
throughout were those- that started In the
morning and went over th* ; lons "outside
courses. These tars .-finished 1 Just as the af
ternoon classes were being sent away, after
an exceptionally spirited contest.
Two big sloops and one schooner mad«
up the sailing division that was sent over
outside courses. The boats had a twenty
four-mile race that took them down the
bay as far as the bell buoy, oft* Sandy Hook.
Commodore W. C. Towen's Tammany was
the first yacht to finish, but on corrected
time the first priz.) went to the speedy rac
ing sloop Gardenia, the property of Leo S.
Herzis. of the Brooklyn Tacht Club. Five
motor boats, divided into two divisions, also
started during the morning. They were
sent around Staten Island, and the winners
were the Neptune II and the Niobe. on both
actual and corrected time.
Just as the afternoon classes w«re start
ing a r squall broke from the southwest. It
contained more rain than wind, and as
many of the racing Corinthians were with
out oilers, they had anything but a pleasant
time for the first half hour of the regatta.
All the divisions started on scheduled time
with the exception of the dingies of the
New York Canoe Club. There was entirely
too much weather for the little fellows, and
they did not come out to the starting line
until the squall had blown itself away.
The rain killed all the wind, so the regatta
committee, made up of General David K.
Austen, Conrad R. Schmitt and Conrad V.
E>ykeman. decided to stop all but the Q and
the S boats at the end of the first round.
It was a good, move, as it took the yachts
longer to cover one than it reneral'.y does
two rounds of the course. The Q clas3
turned out to be a duel between the tw.>
new racers. Soya II and the Spider, with
the latter winning by almost five minutes.
The Florence, the other boat in the division,
did not finish.
The summary follows
Finish. time.
Yacht and owner. . Hi f?A ?'«•?«
Tammany. W C Tewea ..... 2:31:40 3:23:40
Gardenia. LB. Herzig . .. 2|tt:l6 3iß:la
Adyta 11. R. Yon Foregg^r. .. 2:42:05 3.8. .06
♦'orrectPd tinv — Gardenia. 3:24:47. Tammany.
5:26:40; Adyta 11. not measured. ;
START. 11:15— COURSE. 34 MILES. . .
/Neptune XT. N. B. Smyth 3:810 4 : 17:10
Boffln. B. Mill* 4:1&:28 1 A:(V4:2B
Start, 11:15— COURSE, 34 miles.
Sally. S. Solomon 4:01:15 4:48.13
Sim' *. G. Sopher.- Disabled.
Correct *d time- Niobe, 4:21:54; Sally. 4 :39:1S
Spider. Hendoa Chubb 5:30:25 2:25 25
Soya 11. V.'. A. Barstow ti:&:<*> 2:30:00
Florence. R. A. Brown: Did not finish
Blue. Bill, R. Moore 5:27:25 2:12:25
Bensonhurst. T. P. Currier Did not finwn
tiA , ui<- * 3 . 10 _ COUR g E , su MILES-
J«y. l^e fiauvage & Gc»r 4:51:25 J^rjJ
Miana. W. J. O'NeU 4::c!7 1:43.17
Wahkaw 11. Sehribner & Rob-^^ %^
bIM 5:02:3f» lo.:30
1^ Cubann, J. H. Ives 6:CS:OS l:3«:Cft
I 1I 1 \HT. 3:10— COUKSE. 4 MILES.
Careless. R. RutnmeU 4:4«:45 Ja « «
Gamma. P. EarJe 4: j2 : f£ Y*A'in
Breeze. W. Pendleton 4:54:80 1:44.30
Merry Widow. I). Atkinson... 4:58:28 I V 2$
X, aMU ii !.. S. Tiemann . ... . . . 4:C»:S0 1:36
Blow Poke. Hall A Durlnnd.. 6:00:10 1:40:10
Chlco. W. H. Fal«»s Did not finish.
Cob*. R. B. Spelr Dtd not finish.
null Finch. Maur*l & RolofT.. 4:41:40 0:31:4?
North Star H Turtl* 4M9:81> 0:34:30
Ek»-t». R: De F. Bayl#y 8:03:20 1:C6:2O
Arle«. F. C. Moore... 5:03:30 1:«8:30
Miteer. J. <" Erekin* S:OS:W 1:«»^5
Th*re"wHl be no stag at the Falrmount
Athletic Club to-night. Jem Driscoll, the
featberweisht champion of Great Pritain,
has been forced through 'lllnec's .to 'cancel
hi.- er;Ki<r»!v-".r with fa- L Gcedman, wham
fat was to meet in the main bcut
Forty-four Skim Choppy Seas in
Harlem Y. C, Regatta.
Larchmont Interclub Boats Make
Nice Showing — Plucky Sail
ing" in Order,
■^■'-<"« the lightning flashed, th* thunder
rolled I*3 loudest peals and the rain came
down in torrents at the west end of Long
Island Sound, forty-four yachts, manned
, by plucky skippers and crews, raced ■,•••
; terday afternoon .for the prizes offered by
j the Harlem Yacht Club at its annual re
\ gatta. : ~y? -;.;
It was a day to try the skill and th*
' nerves of the stoutest crews, far cut of
the northward and c sky a.* black as ink
i at times squall after squall of wind and
rain struck the gallant little fail of racing
| craft, forcing: son* to douse their canvas
j until the heaviest puffs were over. The re
i gatta committee — E. Frederichs. E. M.
j Hartman and T. T. Grace, assisted by
! Commodore Walter — started the
! yachts from Captain William Lacey's tug
■ William J. Dailey, anchored south of the
I northeast buoy off Execution l.ls:ht. "
There was a strong breeze from a bit
! north of east and an ugly chop of a- sea
, on when the-" sloops Crescent, Interim end
; Juanita, of the first division, handicap
' class, were sent away at 1:25. It was a
: dead beat to windward for these and the
other large sloops to Parsonage Point buoy.
From there they had a broad reach across
' the Sound to the Weeks Point and Pros
pect Point buoys, and a closo fetch from
i there to the finish. The Juanlta. crossed '-.
: the lead by nearly ten minutes, with the
J Crescent second
Staggering 1 under whole canvas in th»
vicious squalls and with crews drenched
to the skin, hanging far out en the weather
j rails, the finishes of the leaders in each
I class were as .exciting a piece of plucky
i sailing as has been "eeen on the Sound in
many a day. The Larchmont Interclub
j boats made a particularly good showing.
Five of them started, and four finished.
The winner, iA. . ISfyan/1 Alley's Festina,
sailed the nine-iaileTtiiljigiilan course in
1 hour 47 minutes 10 seconds, . beating I*
Darr's Triton 3 minutes 30 seconds. Rich
ard Monks's Windward sailed a great race.
i winning from Mimosa ; 111 by 1 minute 68
! seconds. G. P. Granbery*3 Scud won in the
I first division handicap class.
The summary follows:
.■/..:■-.-..-■■': - : Finish. " time.
Yacht and owner. H M.2 H.M.S.
Crescent. A. C. Hill ........ 3:43:12 g:j^|:l2
Interim. R. K. Bavier 34.?. 42 2:23:42
Juanita. S. C. Hunter 8.33^5 2:«»:2»
Corrected time— Juanita. 2:63:23,- Crescent.
2:13:42; Interim. 2:17:55. . .. ...
Bedouin, W. J. Fowler Did not finish.
Fearless. B. R. Stoddard 1:44 :.*> Z:U:SO
K«d Wine, Thomas J. Grace.. 3:47:05 2:lJ:m
Scud. O. P. Gracbery • 3:4I:4O 2 11.40
Quest, F. I* Vulte Did not finish.
Corrected time— Scud. 2:07:«3; Fearless. !
2:14:10; Red Wins. 2.1«:-S.
Alyce. G. Branfu^hr • Did not finish.
Ajnorits. F. B. Brag^on .. 3:37:55 2:O7:K>
Cara ilia. S. Wainwright 3:28:1O 1:53:10
Dolly, R. Webber. Jr Did not finish."
Saroia W. H. Llnd«nuin Did not finish.
Bonita. J. Moortny 4:27:55 \
Windward " Richard Monks.... 3:25:30 1:55:30 i
llinjosa.ni, Ed Reeks 3:27:25 1:57:25;
Naiad. John Bmns.. — — — —
Joyctte. W. W. Swan 3:14:30 l:»: 30
Chinook. Hazen iTorse... 3:15.40 1:40:40
| Hoyden. B. S. Litchfleld 3.33:06 1:33:05
Midget. 11. Toby Did not finish. .*.
Nereid. E. H. Sheltear 4:03:44 2:=3.14
jCamo. I. Q. Edwards ? : H : H V^-m
! Dajfn.ar. P. J. Tierney 3 :3l ; J^ JSiJJ
• Feftlna. A. B. Alley £?? M , „ 1.41.10.
Lowanna. Spenc« Brothers PP 11 * 11 .^ fin % v « A
Triton. L. Darr 8:30:40 1:50.40
HA * % " START; 1f45-COURSE. 9 MILES.
Kenosha 11. C W. Volts Did not finish
Obea 11. J. F. Mahlat-dt 3:37 :10 I - .10
Victor 11. A.Jackson 3:13:40 I:_S.4» ,
Corrected time: Okes 11. 1:52:10. Victory. i
i n m
Althea. J. Walker ::::::::::::a^ SSS
Scylla. Ed 6i«rch 3:46:40 lJt>+o
Clithora. CD. Mallory. 3 :51 •« 1|S«:» !
Maryota. A. Bradley 4:02:03 -«T"3 |
Houri. D. EL Deeby 4:»:a0 24450 |
! lola. H. A. Duden 3:5057 2:04.37 t
Ahoy. R. Peters.... Did not finish.
M\NHA*SBT BUO (1004). CLA6S— START, 2:03
Els Bur. Georx» Corny 3:4»:15 1:41 15 [
Drag"" Fly. Donald C0w1. ... 834*» 1:49:82
Infv C C. Converse »:M:ti> 1:53:11*
Mayfly A B. Fry S:58;l» 1:53:13
I La Roch«lle. .' Waldorf Did not finish.
: Nereid. G«org«» Fuller DM not finish.
Th« winners were: The Juanita. th* Scud,
the Windward, the Joyette, the Chinook,
; th- Hoyden, the N*»r«id. the Fest»na. the
! Victorj*; the Althfa, the CllDbora- and th«i
! Big Buz.
The Istalena Wins Indian Harbor
Yacht Club Race and Cup.
f By Telegraph to Th» Tribune.]
r;tv?nwirh. Conn.. May 20.— Indian
Harbor Tacht Club held a special race for
Class X to-day to open the season.
The start was at 11 M o'clock, and the
course was twenty nautical miles. The
trophy was a cup presented by a club
member. George M. Pynchon'K Istal^n*
won, ftsisblng. at : .in a. H. L. Lippitt'j
TVlnsome carre second at C;31:li, and C.
Var.derbilt'a Aurora was 'third M ; 33 J»
Th* «*.<■<!< was »n #xeittag one. betng, as
It were, a race with th* atom. A dinner
and dance" wound up the day « lesUviuea.
Harvard 'Varsity and Freshman
Eights Lose on Charles.
Ithacans Win Five Thousand
Dollars— Bough Water
Delays Start.
[B7 » -i-,- to --• Trfl?us».l
Boston, ifar 3d— Cornell mads a - «a3
sweep en -• ■■ v -■ River -»— to-day, ti
the mill dual tmtm wtth Harvard- Th«
Ithacans won tfa^ 'varsity rac* by a I«nytli ,~
t. . -
and a quarter, and fairly ran mwmr frstn . ■.
th? Crimson freshman eljhi. -.- -, s ;ti» f "'?
second race by six length*.
Harvard led Courtney's 'varsity cr*«r ttrp
the first mile. Then Cornell hit «p tha
stroke, spurted repeatedly and wtm b7 «9«
water. Th? winning er«w*s tin* -was II *
rniaatsa 23 seconds: Harvard* II a>lnu«»
27 seconds. Cornell's freshman cretr roved .
i fh« distance la 11 minutes 13 seconds— Ju*c 3
1 21 seconds faster than th? Cilusw jranr^-
The rough water B«e.raed to hart CtaHpssi '
more than Harvard, and ears- «iy that
In smooth water the margin cl vtitsry
would have been greater.. _ '5
Th* 'varsity race was a »s!rit«d on» as£-'
desperately roatested by th* two ere^^
At the start "and for th* first ae,vea-«!^itzs"^_
of a mile Harvard seemed to have the Sere
and strength to win. bat when out of ts» '~[
roughest of the water th* Cambridge «»ig*r
was pzased and wa steadily thoujh slawly;
left behind.
Cornell's short, choppy stroh* proved
superior to Harvard's loss, rnytfejßle •wtng, 1
The Harvard oarsmen seemed to ha- »
plenty of power, but for some runs C-t
ler. who stroked th* eight. »v coateat* ■
with an even thirty-two from «tart ta| |
fialsh. and although this held Carnal for .
the first mil* la the- last naif of the rse«
the numerous spurts of th* Ithacans <trrrr«
their shell steadily ahead. - »!
It was a poor day for psai cararaA=*!Up^ ._
as the Charlaa for several hours tiiU afUr
noon was beaten Into foam by a atl2C»'oeli,~
northeaster. Toward night th* w.rid d>d- :
down, and shortly after • o'clock IM
•varsity rac* waa started to pretty rouaV ..,
The Harvard craw canstt the wat« Srsfc .
and Immediately dashed tnto the) lead.
Pull ing their strong, slow stroke, th« Crt»* ';
son crew maintained an advantage for th» ..
first half mile, although Cornell -was pay .
piny away at a stroke which fnntigw .
reached forty to a minute. The faro ahaCa "J
splashed by th» half mil* flag* 3 mtnu-as ;
and 53 seconds after the «tart. wtth. Hi-- _
yard la the lead by a coupe of yards- I*- ..
mediately after came a Cornell ■pure, a-1 _
at the five-etehths mark '"-* crews '>*"' .
even. StlH the Cornell eight has) not yilta> .
settled down to business, and Harvard _*»•* '
no difficulty In drawing away la th* ner^
quarter of a mile- . ;
The lead of tha Crimson, however -?ra» *! .
brief one. and. approaching tha shadow eft
Harvard Bridge, the Cornel! ere*"" gathered J ;
itself together as one man. pushed Into- th» .
lead and swept through the dark arches a,*
good length to the fore, amid th* about* •*
thousands who crowded tha brW3« "- '- ,
The time at the bridg*. **'• •' la co=sUer«d _
to be about one mil* from, th*- start, w«»: ?
Cornell. 5 mlnutaa C seconds: Harvard. I .
minutes 50 seconds
After setting oat tnto the OB "**_ w *** ff |
ajain the ere-w3 eneountsred several scTialls ;
that cut down the speed, bet still Cornell 3
coatln-ued to swing away at thJjty-«igV- - :
strokes to th© minute, and maiata4=«i it*
lead to tha end. Both crews vsrttx. food
condition at the finish.
An hour after the Varsity race tie fresh
men crews were sent away. '■ Ths- : Crimson ;_
youngsters jumped into the- tea*. ■■! -fc.;
was an excitln? contest to th* brJdga, wtth |
Harvard leading sometimes by a q:ar»er o*
a length. In swinging through the arches
th* Cornell freshmen spurted aha»d» and.,
from there to the finish the race was a pro- .
cession. with Harvard trailing further and ■
further behind. .
The Cornell freshmen were hsld elos« br •
the Crimson youngsters during th* first
part of th-lr race, later literally runn!=«
away from the 1913 oarsmen from. Cam- ;
bridge and winning by five and a. «^iart«r
boat lengths in 11 minutes 15 seconds-
The Caseadilla School crew from Ithaca
beat the Stone School eight from Boatao "
by two lengths. In th« race between th*>
Harvard Newell Beat Club and the Massa
chusetts Institute of Technology th» C*»
bridge shell was swamped^ in the rough "
water and did not finish. ' . '.,
t There was much betting on th* rssntt of -
the 'varsity race, and the Ithacana carried
home between 53/W and $S,«*!-
Brilliant Scene at Sea OateWhetr!
Club Burgee Is Run Up.
At noon yesterday the Atlantic Taeh* j
Club 'went into commission and threw open '
Its home, at Sea Gate, for another year.
On signal from the flagship EmeUae-- th»
burgee was run up. on the big pole la front
of the clubhouse, a flagstaff that forr3e.rty
was the mainmast of Sir Thomas I4pton i
Shamrock 111.
Following the example set by Cuuii»u4*»« >
Charles Sweeny, the yachtsmen all "draasa*
ship," and as the hundreds of Httla C**«
were broken out in a snappy aauthasjat
breeze the marine picture off Sea. Oat* was
one long to be remembered. Promtoaa*
among the boats at th« anehorag* war*
the steam yacht Emeline. th* flagship at
the club; the steam yacht Carol*. th»
property of Commodore Leonard Richards,
Larchmoat Yacht Club, and Viee-Cooam*
dore TitcomKa schooner Vnca*.
As the Brooklyn Yacht Club was hoMS*#
a bisr regatta off Weatlawn. there waa •• -
racing under the auspices of th* atlatta .
yesterday. Commodore Sweeny, however, ;
held a reception, followed by a danea. mx
board the flagship, and in th* eveniag there ;.
were a special dinner and music at th* '
Wins Trophy in Indian Harbor
Special Class X Race.
George M. Pynchon s 4-foot sleep yaeSt ;
Istalena. steered by her owner, wag- tha
winner yesterday of th» special race ar
ranged by the Indian Harbor Yacht Club
for Class K. She defeated Henry F. fjp
pltt's Winsome by ■ seconds and Car
nelius Vanderbilt's Aurora by 3 minutes *4
The course was a triangular on* of twen
ty miles, the start being off threat Cap
tain's Island. The, first turn was th* l^ossr
Neck buoy and th* *«-cond th» buoy oft!
l.Soyd's Point. The wtnd was from th*»
eastward when th* starting signals k war*.
given, at 11:3* a.m.
The Tstalena had th* best of th<* start.
It was a bast to windward for the first las.
Then th* wind shifted to th* ncrthirwt.
giving th» boats a reach to th* ajgfgai
mark and a close- reach to th* fmlah. A Msj
squall struck the- yachts attar tha finish,
causing them to douse their club t2ps*Jl», *
The summary fellows:
£O illt£i.
• s; 199* >i •
.- ytnlsh. , tira*.
HM.3. H.M.5.
Xttalass. CM. »«d« 530:35 233:35
,ytnstaae. K. r Ufftn .2:31:12 2d«-!3
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