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Tte Big Broadway Structure and White Building in Liberty
Street in a Trade Involving About $2,000,000.
A cuExbcr cf l'-c- real estate transactions
VL3 report yesterday. A trade Involving
about $2,000,00) was negotiated by tha
Cbawtea F. Korw Company. It exchanged
tho Spencer Arms apartment house, at the
■ootbMast corner of Broadway and 63tn
sjUmrt. for the 'White Building, a twelve
ctcry cf3ce bunding at No. 95 to «T lib
•rty street.
Th« Liberty street property figured In
this trade at a price In excess of $500,000.
while the apartment house was held at
J1.500.000. v
Spencer Arms is a twelve story structure
on a plot of about fifteen thousand square
feet, with a frontage of 112.10 feet on
Broadway and 151.9 on €9th street. The
ground on which It stands was purchased
in 1^33 from the United States Realty and
Construction Company. Diagonally oppo
sJte is th* Nevada. a similar structure, oc
cupying a triangular block facing Sherman
EQuare. In the rear is St. Stephen's Church
and the College of Pharmacy. A block to
the eourh is the home of the r2d Regiment,
which the city Is about to offer for sale at
an xipset price of 51.4n0.000.
The Liberty street building cover* a plot
•OxliS.s feet adjoining the northeast cor
ner of Church street, and is popular with
the engineering and allied professions. This |
building overlooks the Hudson River.
The ownership of the entire block be
tween L.!bertr and Cortlandt streets, from
Broadway to Church street, is vested in
three ownerships, viz., the Singer Man
ufacturing Company, the City Investing
Corcpar^end the Spencer Realty Company.
The norJzeast corner of Church and Lib
erty streets, which ■was formerly the 2d
Precinct police etatJon. has recently been
remodelled into stores and offices. This
piot was oold at auction a short timo ago
for 1530.C00. which at that time practically
represented ground value.
It is understood that the Charles Y.
Noyes Company ha* leased Spencer Arms
en a net rental basis for twenty-one years
for the new owners.
Tne White Bullcing was owned by the
*I;s*e» Philltpse and Mrs. Mary P. Satter
lee. and the Spencer Arms by the Spencer 1
Anct, Realty Company.
Another Important transaction reported
yesterday was the sale by the H. M. "Weill
Company for Fred Mickels. Charles Gacbot
and Florence Cahn of the premises No. 134
to 140 West 25th street, four three story and
b&Acment buildings, on a plot EL9x9S.3 feet.
to Joseph Titner.
Plans have been Sled for a four story
college to be built on the south side of Ssth
rtreet, 72 feet east of Second avenue, op
posite Bt. Gabriel's Park, for the New
York Dentai College, now at No. 20 TVest
14th etreet. and to be known as the Col
iege of Dental and Oral Surgery- The
building Trill be fireproof throughout, with
fc facade of brick, having a frontage of 73
feet and a depth of 8F.9 feet, with an ex
tcnatoe 37 feet by 10 feet. On the first floor
will be general offices, examination, fac
ul:v and d6an rooms, study and recita
tion rooms, and a large auditoriuc with a
space for a moving picture machine. On
the second floor will be a preparation
room, two largo recitation rooms, physi- |
ology room. X-ray room, a room for his
tology, pathology and bacteriology, and
blfo a separaf room for each of these
studies, and th"r*» will b« on the t.iird
floor threa large rooms given over t* the
xneahanlcal laboratory, a chemical labora
tory... plaster room, extracting room, fitting
room and a room for bridge and crown
work. The fourth floor will have a room
fnr oral surgery, Us* John I. Hart sepa
rating room and an ana?«hetic room, which
•will take vp ©n^-half of thi« floor, the
oth^r half being devoted to a studio. John
B. Snook's Sons, architects!, estimate the
cost at f^.Oftt.
The came architecui filed plans for an
eicht story brick store and loft to be
ciy > c ted at No. Sf^ to &*> Fourth avenue for
Elbridce T. Qui|. «f Newport, R. I. The
new building will take the place of' four
gM vtotsja. landmarks of old Hsjsjr York-
Th« building -will have a frontage of R6
feet a nd a depth of 75.6 feet, with an ex
teiiFl"n. bsj fa;ad« srfß be of Hameateasj
at t'i*- first a*! sjeeasji stories, with brick
above, a»-;d will ■• fireproof. The cost Is
estimated at tUBWI.
George Provot. ar^hite'-t. has filed plans
for ■ fo^r story brick bakery, stable and
dwelling house, to be erected in the rpar
of the bakery at No. M BBaJI Kfh street.
The ntvr building will face on 63th street
et No. 523 East, wiih a front ape "f -j<\
feet and c d^pth of 53.f>. with an extension
50.1 feet by aUI f^t, tn be occ\:pied as a
bakery, stable and dwelling house. The
facade will be of brick, trimmed with In
dlara limestone, and is to^cost $17,'«:«0. Vi
vaut Maehin is the owner.
Plans have, also been filed for making
over the four Ft/>ry and basement dwelling
house and shops at No. 1 \\>st 46th street
Into a store and loft<=; a rrar extension,
one story and mezzanine, is to be built, a
rew front carried out to the building line
aUid c new nrst floor and new in. zzanine
lnstell«»d at a cost of 112.0TA The James
TV. Harper estate is the owner. Thorley &
Co. are the lessees and Larimore & Co. a*b
lessees. G«orpe A. Freeman and Francis G.
Hasselman are the architects.
The thr^e story brick garage and a stable
at iisja 4^l and 453 Park avenue are to be
made over into a carage for the Washing
ton Irving estate at a cost of $12,000. M.
Schulhof and J Bullinger ar*> the lessees of
the ■ldine. Otto L. Spannhake is the
Plans h»ve also been filed for makin?
over tfc? two nve Btorjr dwelling houses at
Nos. 60 and 52 East Slth street into a board-
Ing house for nurses for the co-operative
committee of the Young Women's Chris
tian Association, for the Central Club for
Nurses, No. ZZ» East 27th atrect, at a nomi
nal cost. Guy Lowell is the architect. Urn
Xadison Realty Company is thsj owner o£
More than a thousand persons attended
the lot sale held by Joseph P. Day at Wyc
koff Park. Queens, en Memorial L»ay. Eight
years ago lots In this section could have
been bought for from $200 to $350. Mr. Day
procured an ax'erage of $700 for Inside lots
and JP7S for corner lots. Many of the pur
chasers accepted the offer of the auctioneer
to iet MMbbl have the adjoining one knocked
down at UM same price, arj in this way
twe or oiiji.t were a'-Q:;JreJ by the samo
O?or?:'» V.". Bard, BsjcKtsjßjsjsjf; obtained lor
the fiKy-r'-giit lo'.s of the Schuster estate, at
Mo-jnt Veraon. 944.1C5 at the auction sale
h*'.J on the premises- on Moti'lav. Buyers
xrtre from ilount Vernon. Th<- Bronx ar.d
MaaLattan. About three hundred perso.is
were presenL
Mr. Hard rill sell the Xai.ier estate
busldir.fi: lots, lorty-n!ne In «sjsjsjber, on Bs\»
urday. The pro:>erty adjoins Chester Hill
It iifci? Im« OMTied by the Xavier farni'y
lor over one hurdrod years.
B::e!s T.cre found for 201 lots at Hfrap
n*ea6 on Saturday at the auction ea> ron
<it:ctea by Kryan L. Kf r.r«-!!v. A total of
about M4.6W was rf&\iz(&. the prices rans:
jiye from $100 to J4«> a lot- The ofrVrinir
Involved 329 lots, but owlns to darkneßs
the pale *a* adjotirned to June 11. when
the remslning lots ■' '•!! be offered.
The Jc!m H. Fife Company Iji« leased for
Kesry LWPitl an<i Adolph Shar-Jro ifc«
Sea. Cl'JI Hcte:. Conr y Islar.l. for r terra
of five years, to Tho Roj-sJ Hu'.fl ar.J Ret
tauri.^l C-.-..- Louis Pran&ta. roriaeriy
proprietor of the HUB*] BMBH; and the Ho
t^! Albert, Is president of the company.
MffeßOL Lowenthal and Shapiro recently
purchased the property from The estate of
the late Dr. Wood bury-
Good Demand for Large Build
ings, Lofts and Stores.
H. L.. Moxley & Co. have- leased for
Eugene Gla^nzer. of the Rue Scribe, Paris,
France, a plot of ground containing 15.000
square- feet at No. 630 to 640 West 21st
rteret. to be Improved with a building for
the Owl Motion Picture Company, one of
the- largest manufacturers of motion pict
ures in the East. Mr. Glaenzer has Just
taksn a loni? lease on the Harriman corner
parcel at 55th street and Fifth avenue.
The United Realty Company has leased
a larpp booth for a long term of years in
the ronrourse of the Hudson Terminal
Building to B. T. Babbitt <Inc) for the
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company.
M & I*. Hess have leased for the Twen
ty-fifth Construction Company, from the
plans, to Kaufman & Oberleder the tenth
and eleventh lofts, containing 10,000 square
feet of space, 'n the building Nos. 34 and 26
Wpst 25th street, now being built, for a
term of years, at a rental aggregating
Frederick Fox & Co. have leased for the
Pocano Company the entire third floor,
containing 22/**) square feet of space, in
the new twenty story American Woolen
Building, Fourth avenue and 18th etxeet.
The lessees are Ix>uls Wolf & Co.. toy im
porters, for many years located at the cor
ner of Broadway and 4th street. The lease
Is for a long term of years.
Negotiations have been practically con
cluded for the sub-leasing of th<- property
No. 400 Fifth avenue, adjoining the south
west corner of 40th street, by the Whit
comb Metallic Bedstead Company to the
Mirror Candy Company. Negotiations af
fect the unexpired term of the lease, which
has fifteen years and seven months to run.
obtained from the owners of the property
of the Clarke estate in 190&.
The factory buildings to the rear of the
New Theatre, extending from Nos. 19 and
21 West 62d street to Nos. IS and 20 West
6Sd ctreet, formerly occupied by the R. *M..
Stivers Company, carriage builders. wfß be
Th*> home of the W. C. P. Taxicab Com
pany. The property, which has a frontage
of 50 feet in either street, has been leased
Bar a period of ten years from the Chal
mers and Detroit Company and will b©
used exclusively by the lessees. The lease
was negotiated by the Cross & Brown
The United Realty Company has leased
to Borden's Condensed Milk Company two
booths for a term of years in the concourse
of the Hudson Terminal Buildings for the
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company.
S <">sac>o<i pell & Co. have leased for the
summer season to a customer the country
hcnv.o of Austin Corhin at Northport. Ixtng
The Maxlow Realty Company, repre
sented by Louis H. Lowenstein, has leased
for a long t^rm qf years the entire 6tore
r>.r> r and basement at No. «v> Varick street
and Nos. 3*> and 22 Laight street, being the
northeast corner of these streets, to the
General Fiovision Company, of Amster
dam, Holland. The remainder of this build-
Ing, consisting of the Fix upper lofts, waa
r^ently leased Bar a loot; term to P. Po
balski & Co. for a ris:ar factory.
.iwstii-e. McCall. of Urn Supreme Court, has
appointed John V. t'oggey receiver of the
rents of property on the north side of 134 th
street. 22,". 1 feet east of Lincoln avenue, a
plot 4P.11x100 feet, and at the southwest
rnrnrr of St. Ann's avenue snd 15Sth street.
■km feet, in an action brought by Mar
garet Marx to foreclose two mortgages
amounting to $47,w0 made by Coleman Ebb.
Justice Mc<""all, of the Supreme Court, has
appointed John J. Tracy receiver of the
reins vt No X East 17th street, an eight
story- and basement store and loft building.
in an action brought by trif M. W. Realty
Company against Lida Haines and others,
to fure< lose a peeoad mortgage of SIS.OOO.
The prior mortgage is $>>.rt"o. it is held by
th«> Franklin Savings Bank
EHMrt &- Reese liave rented at Bernards-
N". J.. for (Jeorge If. Gaston to Mra.
V^xr-y }■! WjncfcoC his residence property.
. table, etc.. with extensive grounds
on tho Mondham road; for George B. Post
to John H. Prentice house, stable, etc,
with about five acres on Claremont avenue,
and for same owner another improved
r<Iao«» nn ("laromor,? ■< venue to Dr. Francis
I>elafieH; for Joseph Larocque to Mrs.
Charles ETngelhard his improved country
e^ixtf. of many acreage, and also at Far
Hills. N. .1.. for Clarence B. Mitchell to
Mrs. Gfnrce Bis=, his furnished place
known ks P< mi brook.
Fisher P. Weaver has been elected a
mbe.r of the board of directors of tho
Ct>arl«s F. Noyea Company.
AMSTERDAiI A\"ENUE— The estate of Julius
I. Livingston was reported to have sold Nos.
1492 end 14V»4 Amsterdam avenue, a six story
apartment nouse. on a plot 40xH>0 feet, adjoin
ing th« southwest corner of 134 th street.
BROADWAY— The Charles F. Noyes Company
exchanged gpencer Arm?, at the southeast cor
cer of Broadway and 61<th street, for the twelve
story office building Nos 95 and 97 Liberty
ftreet. The Liberty street property figured In
this trad» at a price in excess of $500,000. while
the apartment hou^e was held at $1,600,000.
Spacer Arms is a twelve etory apartment houae,
on a plot of about 15.000 square feet, with a
frontage of 112.10 feet on Broadway and 161.9
f«et on 63th street. The Liberty 6treet building
covers a plot 30x118.3 feet, adjoining the north
east corner of church street. It la understood
that th« Charles F. Noyes Company has leased
Spencer Arms on a net rental basis for twenty
one years for the new owners.
WEST END AVENUK— & Klrby sold
for Max Blanck No. 908 West End avenu«. a four
etory dwelling house, on a lot I*oxloo feet. Tb«
pioperty was held at $50,000.
26TH STRECT— H. M. Welll Company
f>old for Fred Mirk«?ls. Charles Gochot and
Florence Cohn No. 134 to 140 Went 26th street.
fcur three etory and baeement buildings, on a
plot 51.9x0«. » feet, to Joseph Tltner.
MTH STREET — Pease & EU!man nold for
Michael J. and John O'Connor No. 12 East p4lh
ptieet. a four story high Stoop house, oa a lot
2£xlOO f«w>t, to a client for occupancy.
MTH STREET— Kempe & CY>h<-n and Sheldon
& dear sold for Irving L Kempner No. 118
Wust 95th street, n. three story building, on a
lo'. 25x1U0.« feet- The buyer Is the Congregation
Plncus Elijah, which will remove the present
buildinjr and erect a new p:acc of wor»hli>. The
ff:,Tt.;ati'>n recently t-oM Its S'-naKOBUe at No.
14U wisat foth street through the same brokers.
144 TH STREET— Charts F.Jelson sold foi the
Easter Realty Company Nos. 2^t> and 230 West
144 th street two flva etory douUe flatfaouses. each
on a lei 25x100 feet.
HKAMiriiST AVENVI>-Kirt{j>atrlck * Urqu
hsr*. sold for Uoldstone A: L!£ht The Kinnard. a
five Mory «i«rt:nent house, at No. 234 Ilradhur*t
a\-f?n!c. sou:b«>ast corner of l.'>4th ftreet. ll oc—
cupltj, c j.oi 101.11 x52.5x>'«.11x23 feet.
AXDBKWa AVENUE— H. U. Voujrht & Co.
sold the duelling house on The eaKt elde of
A;.<ir«-«« «\«»nue. .13*j feet north of 193<1 street,
on a It 2S»xl00 feet.
WASHINGTON 111 Ml ■ n—sf l H. Smith
so:d for a client No. ii)«s Washington avenue.
.■".<• 21 feet south sf 173 d street, a three stroy
d« e'.llne bouse, on a x>lot 60x&5 feet.
Th« auction eales h^id yesterday at the
Real Estate Exchange Salesrooms. Nos. 14
and 16 Vesey strait, resulted as fol!«iws:
By L. J. Phillips & Co.
150 TH ST. 209 and ill. n s. 175 ft w 7th -aye,
TSxfe&i: f*o 5 ety rtsi«; M A Palmer ac Bis.'li
prt Realty ar.l Coßstru Co •"' a!; action
! V H Ha>-man. atty; Maurice Mejer, ref; am'
dye. S'J.ISOS2; uxec. tie. $^0CO4; sub tO four
r-. fß*f 8* afsrecaung Jli.OO'J; u> tne plaistlff lor
By J. H. Mayers.
FORDHAM Rl'. 124. bs. 240 ft eof Lorlng
PI. ■•• 21.8x10i11x13. 4x91.3. 3 sty , brick dvrg:
Matilda Landsmann agt Fordham j Construction
Co et al: Simon &-, A. attorneys; IC1W«
ref; arm due, X.264 «2; taxes, etc. $18 46; sub to
a tntg of $7,000; to the plaintiff for $10,1i5.
By Samuel Marx.
• GOERCK ST. 125. w «. 75 ft n of Stanton st.
21x100 3 sty tenrrnt and store and »i sty iori
bide in rear; Max Fine agt Isaac Laltln et al.
•Vorri«on & S. attorneys; O W Kirchwey. ref:
iVmt due. $6.213 03; taxes, etc. $450; *ub to a
orior mtg of $12.00«»: to the plaintiff for $12,750.
By Jo«eph P. Day.
ODEL.L >VB, c cor SUrling aye. 105x108.
rnioriDort- Pet?r Leskie et al agt H R Clarke
et al F J Kuerzl. attorney: J W Keller, ref.
2nt due. $2V592 18; taxes, etc. . »1.WO; to the
plaintiff for $5,300. t
The auction offerlrigs to-day will be as
On the premises at noon.
By Parish. Fisher & Co.
WILLIAM ST. 80 and 82. c s. block front
b-t Liberty st and Mhhicn lane. 72.8x25.7x51.11x
32 7- 12 sty Wolfe bldg; special masters Bale,
by order of United Slates Circuit Court: Ed
wa.r« L Parrls. epedal master.
At No. 14 Vesey 4 it.
By James L. Wells Co.
WASHINGTON AYE. 1306. c s. 95.4 ft n of
169 th 25x105.6; 1 sty frame bldg; vol sale.
AVAPHINGTON AYE. 1333, w s. 814.8 ft n
of lCOth st. 23.8x139-8, 2 sty frame dwlg; vol
WASHINGTON AYE. 1377 w s. 190.4 ft c
of 170 th st, 60xi:i9. 2 sty frame dwU. vol
WASHINGTON AYE, 1667.. s w cor of I<3<l
st. 50x95. 2 sty frame dwlg; vol sale.
BROOK AYE. 414. c s. 25 ft n of 144 th st.
25x100, 4 sty tenmt. with stores; vol sale.
170 TH ST. 600. s s. 138.8 ft w of Franklin
aye. 1&.10X123.6. 2 sty frame dwg; vol sale
By Joseph P. Day.
White Plains turnpike, runs s w 158.10 X n w
,152.5 x c 111.11: also Fischer's Landingrd
8 c cor of White Plains rd, runs s c '*$■}**
269.3 to Boston Post rd. x w 2<V4_.x n 204 x w
190 3x s 178. 1 x n w 422.7 x n 628.5: M J Ha,>
lland a«rt L X V Lane et al: Clocke & C.
attys; J H Dougherty, ref; partition.
BEDFORD AYE. 101&-1022. w s, 237 ft s of
DeKalb aye, Brooklyn. 72&xlOO; three 4 st>
flats; barkruptcy sale. .
EXTERIOR ST. w b. 1170 ft n of 150 th st,
runs. w..3.<9.6 ft to Harlem River, x n 112. lie
248.9 x n 75.Gx c 145.8 x s ISS.3. leasehold; Knick
erbocker Trust Co. as trustee, agt Flr*prooflne
Manufacturing Co et al; Davis. S &O A. attys;
Abraham Stern, ref; amt due. $114.95202.
202 D ST. 203. n s. 150 ft c of Anthony ay».
25x100- 2 sty dwlg; G H Phlilips agt F E Davis
et al- J M Tully. atty; Maxwell Davidson, rex;
amt due. 54.12535; vaxes, etc, $433 05.
By Herbert A. Sherman.
MADISON ST. 112. s s. 137.2 ft w of Market
st. 25 2x100.4x2.'.x10»>.2: 3 sty tenmt and store
and 4 sty tenmt in rear: E H Bailey agt Isaac
Levlne et al; Roelker. B & S, attys, J R Ely.
ref; amt dufi. $23,414 35; taxes, etc. S4S6 58.
By Daniel Greenwald.
EIGHTH AYE. 750 and 752, n c cor 46th st,
56.5x125x irreg; 6 sty office and store bldg;
F-herifTs sale of all right, title, etc. which Metro
politan Mercantile and Realty Co had on Dec 15,
1909. or since; J F Forrestex, atty.
175 TH ST. c 6. block front bet Morris and
ToppfiK av»s. 190x120x Irreg x 05: 2 Ety dwlg,
1 sty bldg and vacant: sheriffs sal* of all right,
title, etc. which W J Levine had on Dec 31.
1910. or since: 'Lamb. O & P. attys.
(With name and address of lessee.)
ATTORNEY ST. 146, store. Pincus Malzman
and ano to Burkowitz Ravltch & Turkish; 1
yr. 11 mos. from June 1. 1910; S6CO; address, 58
Columbia, 5t-
BRAINBRrDGB AYE. c s. 41 ft ■ of 194 th
et 3»x75; Maria T Moore to William Cairns; 5
yrs from June 1, 1910: $50; address, 2869 Web
ster aye.
DELANCEY ST. 110 and 112 West, store, etc;
Joseph Alexander to Benjamin- N Lefkowltz; ■*
yrs. 11 mos from June 1, 1910; $2,400; address.
2 Arenu<» C.
HENRY &T. 17S.se cor Jefferson st. cor
store: Wolf Nadler to Loui3 B Epstein and Jacob
Greenspan: 6 yrs fror.i May 1, IPIO, 2 yrs re^
newal; $1.440; address, 178 Henry et-
MVDISON AYE. 1732 c w cor 114 th st. store:
Dora C Herman to Henry Ferkln; 5 vrs, 4 mos
from June 1, 1910; $1,320; address. 1732 Madison
MULBERRT ST. 20; John T Gllmartln to
Giuseppe C Mlchell: 4 yrs from May 1. 1910.
$2,220: address, 20 Mulberry st.
PEARL ST. 399 and 401; two stores and
basement of 401: Catherine Diwer et al to
William R Levy; 3 yrs from May 1, 1910; $1,500;
address. 1004 Myrtle aye, Brooklyn.
23D ST. 8 and 7 East, store and basement:
James F Button and ano. firm American Art
Associations to C Alfred Capen. firm Dorion's
Restaurant- 5 yrs from May 1, 1910; address, 6
East 23d st.
11STH ST, 16 East: Mfister & Bache Realty
Co to Asher Mitteldcrf; 3 yrs from May 1, 1910;
$1,900; address, 16 East 116 th. et.
liSTH ST, 79 West, store: William J Frey to
James J Fero: 8 jts from May 1. 1910; $3,300;
address, 79 West 125 th st.
. fWlth namo an<! address of purchaser.)
MAY 31.
AMSTERDAM AVEv 833; 77.2x25. 5 sty brk:
Samuel L Hymen to Herbert H Hazelton (mtj
550.000); May 23; $100: addrees. 31 Nassau st.
ATTORNEY ST. 172. 23.11x50, 5 sty brk: Isi
<lore Friedman to David Herman (mtg. SIS.4OU);
May 27; $100; address. 132 Nassau st.
CHARLES STT. c s. 221.7 c of East 4th et;
40x95: Louis Gompper to Anna M H Oompper;
all title; March 24, 1908; $1; addrees. 241 Cpn
tre et.
COLUMBUS AYE, 615 and 617. s c cor 90th
Ft; 5<..5x74.6x Irreg. 5 sty brk: the Onset Realty
Co to Caroline Cushman: all liens; May 2S; $100;
ad'ireEs, 615 Columbus aye.
DELANCEY ST. n w cor Tompklns st. 150 x
irreg- Jacob Jacobson to Louis Marx (mtg, $SO.
oOO>:'May 28; $100: address. 128 Broadway.
KINO ST. s s. 477.10 ft c of Varick Bt; 26.6 x
100; also all title to King st, s s, 503.6 ft c of
Varick st. 0.6x100; Jacob Jacobson to Louise
Marx; H part (mtg $26,000); May 28; $100; ad
dress," 236 Delancey st.
LEXINGTON AYE. 535: 16.9x70. 8 sty brk;
Mart«n H Goodklnd to Ida Margoles (mtg, $S.OO0);
May 20; $100. ■
LEXINGTON AVB, 529: 1« ?x7O; came to
earn* (mtg, $7,000); May 20; $100; address. 38
West 113 th st.
PARK AYE. 6«0: 20.6x75; 1 sty bry: Strauss
Building and Realty Co to William F Devine
(mtg $40,000); May 31; $100; address. 73 East
90th st.
W^DSWORTH AYE. n w cor l«sth st: 60.2x95
x lrree; James L Van Sant to Joseph VuctmeUere;
'Vi part (rats; '--> of $16,5OO): May 26; $100; a«i
dreßS. 236 Mount Hope Place.
WEST END AYE. 904: 20x78. 4 sty brk; Elsie
W Christie and ano to Emanuel Neuman (mtg
$21,400); May 31; $30,000; address. 64 East
122 d sL
«TH AYE. n if cor 30th st. 30x irreß; Stewart
st. n c. 41.5 ft w of 6th aye; 100xt«96; Hen
rietta Zlttman et al to Henry Morgenthau and
ano; 1-0 part; June 1«. 1909; $70.000{ address,
l«sf. Broadway.
4TH ST. n c cor Christopher st, 25x56: Peter
| JEiicelhard to Margaret B Hedd»n (mtg $2.«K>O):
all title; April 30; J100; address, 230 East
150 th Bt.
22D ST. s p. 325 ft « of Pth aye, 23x99.9; Mary
A Furey to Rob*rt 8 Hudsreth. of Jersey City;
H right, title, and interest; May 28; $1; ad-ireas.
Room 504. 140 Broadway.
47TH ST. 224 and 220 West, s *. 32x — : 2 sty
brk; Thomas J Shanley to Martin Beck (mt«
$40,000;: May 31; address. 1501 Broadway.
60TH ST. n s, 40 ft c of Park aye. 20x100.5;
G Wlllett Van Nest to the Northeast Corner of
Park Avenue and 60th Street Realty Co (mtg
$24 ,000k May 31: $l'> 0; address, 20 Broad st.
61ST ST. s s, 119 ft w of Ist aye. 28x100.5;
Jacob Mercy to Anna Mercy; all title: May 21;
$1, address. 245 Grand st. ."
AMSTERDAM AYE. c s, from 141 st to 142 d
et. 10x30 on 1424 st x Irreg x 35 on 141 st
st: Israel Lebowitz to George F Plcken; hi part;
May 29; $1; address, 43 West 125 th st.
6&TH ST, 56 Ea«t. 23x Irreg; 4 Bty brk: fviina
M Campbell to Maximilian J Jahelka; May 31;
$k»0: address. 34 Pine »t.
76TH ST. 213 and 215 East. 33.4x102: 2. 3 and
6 sty brk; Daniel X Seybel. ref. to John Maj
cus: May 81: $41.7r0.
SAME PROPERTY; John Marcus to Sidney L
JoF«phthal et al (mtg $30,000); May 31; $100;
address. 43 Cedar st.
66TH ST. 433 East, n s. Interior lot 257. lSx
1008- Jeannette Rockmore to Henry Hahn (mtg
$10,000); all liens; May 28; $1; address. 201 East
40th st.
88TH ST. s s. 117 ft w of 3d aye. 17.6x100
August Peiper to Maria S Feyser; correctioa
deed (mtg $8,000): $K«o.
SSTH ST. s s. 117 ft w of 3d aye. 17.6x100.8;
Maria S Peiper to Samuel Grodkineky (mtg $&.
000); May 31; $100; address. 202 East 86th st.
88TH PT. 213 East, 25x100.11; 5 sty brfc:
Bertram Realty Co to Isaac Syrop (mtg- $15,000);
May 31; $1; address, 52 East ISM et.
9HTH ST, n s, 100 ft c of West End aye. 125 x
100.11: Harney Estate Co to the A C & H M
Hal! Realty Co <mtg $105,000;; May 31; $100;
ad-irfse, 2?95 Broadway.
109 TH ST. 3 and 6 E»*t. 86.3x100.11; 6 sty
brk: I»uls Goldstein to William Kerner; V» part
(mtK $50,500): May 23; $100; addre«s. 66 West
22d et.
12-»TH ST. 123 Eant. 16x99.11; 3 sty brk; May
Borman to Theo S Twf>ro(ter and ano (mtf $7,—
000); April 28; $100; address, 12S Bleecker •- .
144 TH ST. 22S and 230 West. 50x99.1i; 6 »ty
brk: Eastor Realty Co to Edith W Ivps (mtg
$■'6,000!. May £b; $100; address. 213 West 79th
ARTHUR AYE. n c ror 175 th st. jrore, —x-—;
Arthur Knox, ref. to l^avflli* Construction Co;
May IS: $200; addr»-es. 70.'. East 176 th st.
AQITEDfirr AYE, o c. 101.4 ft n of Buchanan
pi. 2T..4x»!tx irreß: Laura V Woolley to Marj
Oilver; t> and n; $1; addresH. 128 West 102 d st.
BROOK AYE. w ■. 230.2 ft s of 108 th Bt. 25x
SO. the RocklwJge Construction Co to Charles'
Unpanet; May 31; $100; address,. l6s Broadway.
CHATTERTON AYE, n i, 2SO ft w of Olm
stead aye, 25x108: Cnarlen E Pevwman to John
R Da vins (int* $3.Uob>. May 31; $100. address.
2040 Blaekrock aye.
CATHERINE ST. a c s. tho • w 24x100 ft of
Lot 238. map Washinztonvlll«; James O Coburn
tr, iFiUie T Armltaee; April 26; $100. address, BK2
East leoth ft.
DEI^ANCEY BT. n • cor Man st, 60x1 00;
Louis Marx et al to Marx-Jacobson Realty Co;
q c; May 28; $1; adflreas, 338 Delancey St.
ELTON AYE. • w cor 156 th' et. 60xl00x lrreg:
Augusta M de Pevst«r to William Boe» (mt|
000). May 26. $100; address. 804 East 98th Bt
GRANT AVB. w h 60 3 ft n of 164 th st. 45 2x
S4 3; Georgp F Pleken »o Isi-»el Lebowitz: Vi
part; Miy 27; $1; address, F54 Wegt End aye.
HOE AYE. MS7 and 1530. 40xH»f» Henry
Bockcr. cf L.-ookl}-n to «'»,th*rin« Botker; all
UejMj May 3l; 5100; addreis, 408 East MM it
JEROME AYE, w s, 75 ft n of Barnslda aye.
658x03.1: Milton M Sllverman to Clernentlajjg
Silver-man; '* part; May 27; $100; address. 3059
Broadway. .
LOTS 43 and 44. map Eliza G Ketcham at
TTnlonport: Van Nest Wood Workm* ' '^""J/
r Mackenzie On«.sßSS>; May 20; J100: address.
1243 Therlot aye. •
- LOT, begins at n 1 land as above at ■ s said 137.
rims c 45.11 to c 1 mill brook x s-5 x.w — to e
, said M 137 X n — to beginr . ng; Patrick Kerley
to Tremont Mliis. a corporation; May 14. $n«>.
address. Room 2.004. 151 Nassau st.
t/^t 21. man Xo 1.17S of "William H "Wallace.
Fort Sch-ivler r,l Frederick Goldman to l.e<>
rold-Vath: May 2S- $100; address. 2844 Coddlng
ton aye.. "West Chester.
XjnT 13 map 370 lots McGraw estate, west
Chester; Jame PHP H Dudley to Patrick Kelly; qc;
May 28; fl. •
c.ye PROPERTY: Anna Dudley and ano. by
ItdSr to T^mf: May 2; all title; $2,100; address.
626 Westchester aye.
MAVIDA ST w b. 275 ft b of Profford aye.
2!W10O John B Dosso to Catharine Baker (mt«r
f4 500/: May 26; $100; address. 199 Bast 205 th et.
PARK AYE. n c cor 216 th. St. 100x150; Caro-
HM M Hills to Josephine A Stewart (mtg $16.
000): May 2S; $100; address. 403 East «Bth st.
REISS PL. n w cor White Plains rd. 119.6x100
,107.1x100.9 (partition. April 28. J»lt»): Con,* lus
IV Wickersham, ref. to TVter Ringen; aJI title;
May SI; $5,500; address. 901 Park. aye.
TELLER AYE, m cor 163 d st, S."xlO0; Wlll
lam Simpson to William Simpson Construction
Co; part; all title; b and s; May 26; $100. '
PROPERTY; Joseph Mcßrlde to same;
H part; b and s; all liens; May 3; $100; address.
64 East 120 th st.
WEBSTER AYE. c 8, at line land conveyed to
party of the first part by Silas D Gifford. rt-r.
runs c 57.6 ft to c s lot 137. map Mount Hope x
b 25x w — to aye x n 25 to beginning.
BTH AYE. n w s lot 4, map Jones rstata, 25x
07.3xirre ; Curtiss P Byron to Mary Faveettl
(mtg $32.0t0); May 31; $1; address. 15 Will
iam st. ■ ■• ' , • • . . •
134 TH ST* n c. 100 ft tr of Lincoln aye. 25x
lrre* Mary' A Costello and ano to Nicholas V
Cantasano '(mtg $16,000); May 28; $100; address,
135 TH ST. n s. 544.6 ft c of St Ann's aye. 4Ox
100- Villa Site Realty Co to Ellen Priess (mtg
$30,000); May 28, $100; address. 17 East 09th st.
135TK ST, n6. 644 ft eof St Ann's aye. 40x
100 Jacob Levy. ref. to Villa Site Realty Co
(mtg $25,000); May 28; $3,000; address. 1 Beek
man st.
170 TH ST. s c, 751 ft w from tangent point in
s s. 170 th st. 29.7 x lrreg. being: lot 35. map —
lots at Clcremont Heights: Valentine Pressler to
William F Gleason (mtg $2,400); $100; addresa.
11l sth aye. . • .
17* TH ST. s s. 100 ft tr cf Vyse st. 49xt42-6x
lrreg; Charles L Keil to C X Realty Co. a cor
poration (mtg $6.O<X»: May 14; $100; address.
Room 71S. 150 Nassau st.
187 TH ST 745 East. 25x100; Celia Lindhetm to
Curtiss P Byron; May 9; $100; address, 15 Will
iam st.
IS7TH BT. 743 East. 25x100: l««7th st. 745
East. 2qxHK>; lS7th st. 749 East, 25x100; 187 th
el. 749 East. 20x100; Curtiss P Byron to fcJst
mund Ernst and Harr>' Cohn (mtg $£>O0); May
27; $100; address. 406 Bast 149 th st.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5 per cent unless otherwise stated.
MAT 31.
AMSTERDAM AYE. 333, 23x77.2; May 31;
due as per bond: Herbert H Hazelton to Sam
uel L Lyman; $10,000: attorneys. Phillips. Ma
honey & Wagner. 51 Chambers st.
BOWERY. S3 and 85. 50x112.10; 5 sty brick;
all title- May 23; 1 yr: Jennie A and Frederick
A Douesey to Almy A Casey; $200: attorney,
Howard Thornton, Newburg. N T.
ESSEX ST. 134" 6 ety brick; leasehold: May
81: demand. 6 per cent; Joseph Frledland to
Goldle Friedland: $2,000; attorney. Jacob
Mencher. 41 Great Jones St.
GREENWICH ST. 611 to 615. s c cor of
Leroy st. 100.4x100; 2 sty brick: 3 vrs; John M
Williams to American Mortgage Co. address.
31 Nassau st.
LEXINGTON AYE. 529. 16.8x70: 3 sty brick
(prior mtg $7,000); May 20: due June 1. 1911:
6 per cent; Ida Margolen to Martin H Good
kind; $7,000: attorneys, Kurzman & Franken
helmer, 25 Broad st. •
LEXINGTON AYE. 535, -16.8x70: 3 sty brick
(prior mtg $8,000); May 20; due June 1, 1011;
6 per cent; same to same; $9,000; same attor
STANTON ST 160. 2T.x100, 5 sty brk (prior
mtg $22,000); May 31; due Juno 1. 1915. ♦> per
cent; Pincu3 Benenson to Rebecca Larchan. $8,
000; attorney. Hugo Conn. 19 Aye A.
6TH AYE, w s, SO ft n of 30t t. 30x111.4;
Stewart st (closed), n s, 41.5 ft w of 6th aye.
100x99.6; May 31; due as per bond. 6 per cent;
Edmund L Mooney to Andrew J Sbipman-. $30,
000: address. 37 Wall st.
8D ST n s. 65.9 ft w of Macdougal st, 23x
T8.4 (prior mt* $12,000); May 31; due as per
bond; Joseph Fersonenl to Dioniid Guardlneerrl:
$3,000; attorneys, Stoddard & Mark, 135 Broad
way. • " .
12TH ST. 237 East. 20.6x103.3. 5 sty brk (prior
•mtg $— ); May SI; 2 yn-. 6 per cent- Fanny
Behrens to Jeannette Monheimer; $5,000; at
torney. Hugo Cohn, 19 Avo A. ,
31ST 6T. 104 East. 24x98.9. 5 ty brk; May 31;
5 yrs. 5H per cent; Josephine and Thomas Daly
to Bank for Savings; $25,000; attorneys. Strong
6 Cadwalader. 40 Wall st.
4GTH ST. 8 s. 325 ft w of 9th aye. 25x100;
May 31- Alfred T Hovet to Emigrant Industrial
Savings Bank; $4,000; address, 61 Chambers st,
49TH ST. 247 West. 25x100; 4 sty brk: May
21- 1 yr — per cent; Stella F .Edwards to
Farmers'' Loan and Trust Co; $1,000; address,
22 William st. -
76TH ST. 213 and 215 Bast, 4x102.2: 3 and «
Bty brk; May 31; due, as per bond; John Marcus
to Emanuel Moses: $30, 000; address. 43 Cedar st.
80TH ST 165 West, 31x102.2; s.sty. sty brk; May
21- 2 yrs, 6 per cent; Henry Balrd to Henry
Spitz- $4,000; attorney. Henry W Baird. 2 Rec
tor st.
TBTH ST. n s. 210 ft c of 3d aye, 25x100.11
(prior mt« $15,000): May 31; 3 yrs. per cent;
Isaak Syrop to Bertram Realty Co; $5,000; at
torneys. Strasbourger. Eschwego & Shallek, <4
131 ST ST. 253 West, s s. 25x99.11: 5 sty brk;
May SI; due. as per bond; Isaac J Sllbersteln to
Greenwich Savinira Bank; $15,000; attorney.
George G De Witt. 88 Nassau st.
131 ST ST. ■ s. 100 ft w of Amsterdam aye. 60
x90.1l "(prior mtr $11,500); May 31; 1 yr, 6 per
cent; Nestor Holding Co to Leon Tuchmann:
J30.000; attorneys. Manheim & Manhelm. 302
135 TH ST. n f> 4<V) ft w of Amsterdam aye,
40x»9.11 (prior mtsr $45,000); May 24; due. as per
bond Siegfried Blumenkrohn to Milton J Vogel;
$8.333 83; attorneys. Packard & Co. 97 Nassau st.
135 TH ST. n s. 500 ft w of Amsterdam aye.
40x00.11 (prior mtp $45,000): July 2. 1909; due.
as per bond; came to William Fishman; $8.
333 33; address. 79 sth aye.
13RTH ST. s b. 100 ft c of Lenox aye, 38.9 x
100.11; May 31; 3 yrs, 414 1 per cent; Julia A
Whltfhorne and ano to German Pavings Bank;
$27,000; attorneys. Amend & Amend, 119 Nas
sau st.
ARLINGTON aYE, w e, 135 ft f> of 227 th «t.
40x70.5; May 31; 2 yrs. « per cent; George H
Leslie to Joseph Atz; $1,437.
AP.LINGTON AYE, s w cor 227 th et, 135 x
70.f1; May 31; 2 yrs. 6 per cent; same to same;
$1,437; address, 30 Church et.
ARTHUR ST, w s, 449 ft n of road from
Kingsbrldge to West Farms. 45x125 (prior mtfr,
)• May, 2f>- 3 yrs: Giovanni Raggio to Ellz
O'Connor; $1,000; attorney, B F Moran, 51
Chtmbers st.
CR4TTERTON AYE. n s. 280 ft w of Olm
etead aye; 25x108; (prior mt», — ); May 31; 3
jrs. 6 per cent; John R Da vies to Charles E
Deverrcann: $1,500; address, 2040 Blaekrock aye.
ELMWOOD PLACE, c s. 100 ft w of Prospect
aye. 23x120 1: (prior mtu, — ); May 26. 3 yrs;
Salvatore Caldara to Elizabeth O'Connor: $I.ICX>;
attorney. B V Moran. 51 Chambers st.
• LOT 13. map 370 lots. McGraw estate. The
Bronx; May 2S. 3 yrs>, 6 per cent; Patrick K»lly
to Germalne Rousseau and ano; $4,000; attor
ney. George McCauslan. 41 Park Row.
LOTS 130 and 130 A. map 426 of lot near Wlll
lamsbrldge sttatlon. 60x100 (prior oitg '$— May
20; due Sept »>. 1910; rt per cent; Francesco
Cerfcone to Henry <J Silleck. Jr : $1,000; attor
ney. Paul M Crandall. 346 Broadway.
LOTS 21 and 23. map 26 lots, property David
B Cooks: May 31; 3 yrs. 5 and 6 per cent; Ade
line Grossmann to Dollar Savings Bank: $2i..i00;
attorneys. Lexow, Mackeller & Wells, 43 Cedar
LOTS 6SB and 659. map Van Nest Park; May
24 due etc as per bond; G PasiuaJe D'Auria
to ' Thomas Foy; $6,000; attorney, Grant Squires,
40 "via;] st. • ■ . W -1
SIMPSON ST. w s. 197.6 ft n of Westehester
aye. 43.6x100 (prior mtg $25,000) -May 24: due
June 1 1912; 6 per cent: Daniel Wolkowlsky to
Daniel Wolkoff; $6,000, attorney. Solomon I Se
gal I. 132 Nassau st. .
TOPPING AYE. w b. part lot 78. map Mount
Hope. 02.6x100: May 31; due, as per bond:
Adolpht- E Klotz to Henry Walker- 000; at
torneys. Herman & Hlrschman. 41 Park Row.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mf* $8,000); May
81: due, as per bond; same to same; $2,500; at
torneys, same as above.
TELLER AYE. n w cor of 163 d st, 85x100;
May 20; demand. 6 per cent; William Simpson
Construction Co to City Mortgage Co; $60,000;
address, 15 Wall st.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mtfr $73,000); May
26: 1 yr. 6 per cent; came to John Mcßride: $3.
000; attorney. M J Sullivan, 3d aye and 148tri et.
WADSWORTII AYE. s w cor 180 th St. 75x100
<prior mtß $115,000); May 24; 1 yr. 6 per eeftt;
Bristol Holding Co to Cornelia W Butler; $37.
tidO; attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust
Co, 160 Broadway.
WALTON or MOTT AYE. c s, part of Lot 328.
map West Morrieanla lOOx— ; May 31: 3 yrp;
■Florence Wllklns to Emigrant Industrial Sav
ings liank; $5,000; address, 61 Chambers st.
134 TH ST. n s. 100 ft w of Lincoln aye. 25x
Ijt*k <prior mtg: $l«. 000) May 2H; 2 yrs. rt per
cent; Nicola v Cantaeano to Mary A «'r>etvll>>
and nno; $3,000; attorney, Frank Thorn, 171
ISSTII ST n s M4.S ft c of Et Ann's aye. 40x
100 (prior mt<f $2A.<Mh»i; May 2H; 2 yrs, « pw
cent; Villa Flte Realty Oo to Jacob Bchlosser;
$3.i)00; attorney, F P Hummel. 1511 3d aye.
IS7TH ST. 748 Ea.»t. 25xlOO : May 27: 3 yrs;
Curtlßß P Byron to Mary B Ilrady: $s.o(»<j; at
torney, James C Brady, 156 Broadway.
fWlth name and address of lenders attorney.)
MAY 31.
EMMETT ST. c b. 83 ft n of Pelham aye. 60
X 100; May 12, 1904; J"ames J McClusky to Oeorg-i
C IJob«rs and Bella A Jorn. exrn. Christian
I.lf-hers; $3,000; attorn<ty. Title Guarantee and
Trust Co, 170 Broadway.
aMMBTT f.T, t> 8. 63 ft n of Pelham aye. 100 x
60; Nov 16, 1909; Isabella A Jorn to George G
Llebers and Bella A Jorn. exrß. Christian L»e
bers; $1,M)O; attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust
Co. 178 Broadway. y
L.HXINGTON AYE. Cl. n c cor of isth st.
l*a»<s and renewal covering all building and prem
ise*; also lease and renewal covering plot an-1
buildings on premiees H3 Lrxlnrton aye, 19.«» x
80; alsn lot snd bulldln? adjoining (Lexington
aye, c ■) 4f1.1x30.0x11» &x3ft.ox irr*-K June lrt
190*; Hotel Belrnore »-> Mamuel J. Hiram C anl
liviir I Bloominirdaie: J54.570; attorneys. Hays.
H»rsh«l«!d A Wolf, 11l Uroadwav.
LOT 9. taap property «tate iieors« W Hunt,
The Bronx. 2.5.6x147.10x25 6x129.1: Jan 2R 1910;
Eliabzeth Beekn e?fer. or Beckmeyer. toJucob J_
Lerlan; $300; attorney, Herbert S Og^en. fc>
Beaver st.
LOT 172 to 175, Rosa map 226. lots situate In
12th Ward; June 23, 1906: Cornelius J Mannejr to
Chelsea Realty Co: $1,704: attorney. Title Guar
antee and Trust Co. 176 Broadway.
I HERN BOULEVARD, w b, 2W» ft nof
2S7th st. 25x93.3x24.8x102.1: D*c 15. ISM
Thomas Phillips to the Harlem gjmngl Bank^.
$2.flof>; attorneys. S X & -V B Wlgrhtman. 229
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, w *. 200 ft n of
lß7th Bt. 25x98.3x24.8x102.1: April It. 1010:
Bella A Jorn to Bella A Jorn and <;oor e <> C
Llebers. exr<«: $1,500; attorney. Title Guarantee
and Trust Co. 176 Broadway.
RTH AYE. n c cor 131 st st. 2T.X100; £*»»
1006; Charles E Potter to Etta Potter; $10,000.
attorneys. Etsman & Levy, 135 Broadway.
40TH ST. 449 West, n s. 25x93.9; May 27.
ISO - Charles and Julia Rauchfuss to John
Hardy; $3,000; address. 265 Broadway.
49TH ST. 115 West, n 8. 20.10x100.5; March 15.
1PO&; Olivia M Manley to John Dwyer; $1,500:
address. 764 West End aye.
49TH ST. 115 West, n 8, 20.10x100.5: Oct 2?,
1007; Olivia M Manley to John Dwver; $2,o00;
attorney, WUson M Powell. 29 Wall st.
49TH ST. 115 West, n s, 20.10x100.5; Jun9 14.
1905; Olivia M Manley to Mary L and Catherine
J O'Brien; $3,500; attorney. Wilson M Powell. J9
Wall st.
SSTH ST. s s. 479 ft c of o*-h by*, 23xlOO«:
June 1. 1905; Jacob Israelson to Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust Co; $28,000; address. 160
131 ST ST. n s 245 ft c of 7th aye. 20r99.11:
O<-t 6. 1902; Alice G and Edward J Markey t6
Carrie and Ralph Gans; $12,000; attorney.
United States Title Guaranty and Indemnity Co.
20 Vesey st. .
135 TH ST. n s, 132 ft c of Willis aye. lSxlOO;
May 15. 1907; Adolph and Maria Bals^hun to
Anna Fallon; $5,000; attorneys, Quackenbush &
Adams, 25 Broad st.
147 TH ST. n s. 386 8 ft W of Amsterdam aye.
16.8x99.11; April 1. 1909; Congregation Penl-El
of Washington Heights to Samuel and Elkan
Deiches: $1,300; attorney. Wilson M Powell.
Drexel Building. '•
147 TH ST, n b. 366.8 ft w of Amsternam aye,
16.8x09.11; March 30. 10O.'.; Mary F Stanley to
Pennington Whitehead. trustee; $10,000; attorney.
Wilson M Powell. 29 Wall st.
147 TH ST. n s. 353.4 ft w of Amsterdam aye.
16.8x99.11: May 19. 1905; Mary F" Stanley to AT
fred B Scott, general guardian of Alfred G Scott;
$10,000; attorney, Wilson M Powell, 29 Wall st.
162 D ST. a s, 247 ft b e Morris pi. »7x115;
Jan 15. 1910; Louis, and Sarah Lese to Rosle D
Otto: $3,250; attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance
and Trust Co. 160 Broadway.
162 D (formerly Halsey) ST, n s. 247 ft s c
Morris pi. «7x115; Dec 30. 190.5; Louis Lesa to
the Park Mortgajre Co: $13,500; attorney. Law
yers Title [Insurance and Trust Co. 160 Broad
IS7TH ET. 1013 East, n s, 25x100; Feb 6. 1909;
Cella Lindheim (to Title Guarantee and Trust
Co) to Addie R Dumont; address. 176 Broadway.
MAT 31.
Flshk!!! Savings Institution to Serial Building
Loan and Ravings Institution; $3,500.
George F Plcken Construction Co to Israel
Lebowitz: 2 a6sts: $1.
Bertram Realty Co to Morltz Weiss; $1.
Isaac Syrop to Morltz Weiss; $1.
Ferdinand Hecht to Augustine Mailer; $700.
Caroline Grezzl to Egidio Vltale; $1. •
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to National
Savlnes Bank of City of Albany; 2 assts; *10<».
Same to Walter Mendelson et al. exrs; $«.000.
Same to North River Savings Bank: $100.
Same to David J King et al. exrs; $24,000.
Same to Isabella V James: $5,000.
Same to Bankers' Trust Co; 53/00.
Same to Henry T Sloane; 53T..000.
Charles F Mueller to Charles P W A Muel
ler; $1.
Jacob Jacob->on to Louis Marx: $1.
Albert J Whiteman to Albert J "Whiteman,
trustee; $18,000, „wv,^
Title Insurance Co to Union Trust Co; $60,000.
Same to same; $14,000. /•'«„_ -c
George F Johnson's Sons Co to Georg» i
Johnson. Jr; 2 assts; $1. •
George F Johnson. Jr. to Nina P Lowensteln;
2 La wyers Title'lnsurance and Trust Coto Law<-
Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co to Law
yers Mortgage Co; 5 assts; total. $285,000.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Stgmuna M
Lehman et al: 2 assts: total. $70,000.
Same to David King; $15.000.
George W Newgass to Northern Bank. New
York: 4 assts $1. „. „_
Hunt's Point Realty Co to George W Newgaae;
4 assts; total. $4..",ni>.
John E Alexandre et al. trustees, to John w
Cochrane. as trustee; 3 assts: $1.
Augusta C Field to State Realty ard Mortgage
Co $100
Samuel Flsrher to Sarah Fi«oh>*r: 2 assts: $1.
Newburg Savings Bank to Title Guarantee and
Trust Co: $12,000. '_ ,
State Realty and Mortgage Co to Columbia
Trust Co; $100.
Cogswell- Taylor Improvement Co to naries T
North River Insurance Co to Moses Goodman:
$°6 000
"Realty Mortgage Co et al to Carrie B Towne;
$lo 000 „
Clara Mayer to Carrl- B Towne: 1-3 part; $1.
Robert A Joyce to Title Guarantee and Trust
Cefare Razzettl and ano to Dionlgl Guardla
"Frederfck Graf to Philip Efch: $100.
Salvatore Saracl to Savoy Trust Co; $1.
Hattie Jacoby to Frieda Schwarz; $3,500.
Robert Frldenberg to Emll Grwnliw; $14,000.
Charles Kurzman and ano to Abraham Cohn,
Marx to Jacob Jacobson: Mi part; $100.
Katz-Polacek Realty and Construction Co to
Jacob Levy; $100. i . ■
may n'
MAGENTA ST. n5.55 ft w -of C^ar st 25x
100: Unlonoort Lumber and Manufacturing tn
agt Raphael and John Pontano. owners; Antonio
Oitnano contractor: $53 50.
LIBERTY ST. 55: Philip Leserman. ir. W
Liberty-Nassau Building <o. owrier: C L, t,-ay
Construction Co. contractor: $6,543 S3.
I-JSNOX AVB. 544 to 552: Sam Levin ft Co
agt H Strauss, owner and contractor; *■>»««.
EASTBTTRNE AYE, n c cor 174 th st. 38 3xflP:
William Papp agt Irving Construction Co. owner
and contractor: $300.
ST NICHOLAS AYE. 3«? to 42: Flske & Co.
Inc. agt Mica Construction Co. owner and con
tractor : $451 50.
107 TH ST. 163 West; Pasquale Ventlmlglla agt
the William H Moore Co. owner and contractor:
ITOTH ST. 518 to C 24 West: same agt sam«;
MAY 31.
BEI.M'iNT AYE. n w ror JPOth St. Esther
Hihotzky agt Louis Nosrhbroe et al; March 3,
1910; $31.
SAME PROPBRTT: Louis H Leopold agt
Frank Martorcl et al; Feb 7. 1910; $18.
BAUD PROPERTY; Fordham Cornioe TVorks
agt Frank Martocci et al: Feb 3. 1910; $30.
(With owner's name and address.)
MAY 31.
4TH AYE. 390 to 3»«: for an H sty st"-* and
lofts. B*?x7R.6: John B Snook's Sons. 73 Nassau
st. architects; cost. $135,000; owner, Elbridsra
T G^rry. Newport. R I.
LEXINGTON AYE. c s. 25 ft n of «4th st:
for a 2 sty brick store. 77.2x32.8: C X Blrge.
29 West 34th Pt. arrhlfi't; cost. flO.ooO;
owner, the Eighty-fourth Street Co. on prem
3.->TH PT, s 8, 72 ft c of 2<l nve: for a 4 sty
brick building. 78x88.»; John B Snook's Ponß,
75 Nassau s«, architects; cost. SlSO.ooo;
owner. New York Dental College. 20 West
14th st.
SSTH PT, 323 East: for a 4 sty brick bakery,
stable and dwelling. 20.1xM».5: G Provost. 104
West 42d Bt, architect; cost, $17,000; owner, V
Maohln. 316 East 59th St.
145 TH BT, s s. 100 ft w of Broadway: for a
1 sty ticket office and machine booth; J J
Kennedy. Mosliolu aye, architect; cost, $ioo :
owner Washington Amusement Co. .V<9 West
145 th st.
3D AYE, w s. 201.16 ft a of 173 d st ; for a 1
sty brick store. 50.24x62.16; M J Garvln. 3307
3d aye. architect; cost. $5,000; owner, Louisa
E L**vy, 1216 Boston rd.
233 D ST, s s. 8051 ft c of Carpenter ay*:
for 2 3 sty brick dwellings. 20x50, George P
Crnsler. 23r>d st and White Plains aye. archi
tect; ccVt, $14,000: owner, William Lechnyr,
546 Brook ay».
PARK AYE. 4RI and 4R.1; to a 3 str brick
garage and stable; M Schuihof ft J Bulllnger,
lessees; O L Spannbake. 233 East 7«th st.
architect; cost. $12,000; owner, Washington
Irving estate, 80 William st.
46TH ST, 1 West : to a 4 sty and basement
dwelling and shops; Thorley ft Co. lessee;
Larimore & Co, aub-lessee; G A Freeman and
F G Hasselman. architects; cost. $12,000;
owner, James W Harper estate, on premises. •
WHITE PIJVINS RD. s w cor of 216 th st; to
a 3 sty fraflM store and dwelling. 2i>.6x4S,
Franz Wolfgang. 535 East 177 th st. architect;
cost. $500; owner. James B KlMhelmer. 203
3D AYE. 3397; to a 3 sty frame store and
dwelling. 25x30; George Hof. jr. 721 Melrose
avf. architect; cost. $.*>00; owuer. Ixiulsa Daub,
1004 Washington aye.
WESTC HESTER AYE. n c cor of Sands aye;
to a 2Vi sty frame dwelling. 24.2x34.3, and a
IS sty frame shed. 18 6x18.6; Otto C Krauss.
231S Newbold ay*>. architect, co^t. $600; owner.
8 B Ajris, 111*3 Broadway.
MAY 31.
AYE A. * w cor sth St. 105x205. The Hronx;
«T*org« ll«nilri n^t Wllllnm G Melros« et al (par
tition); attorney, B J Stllwell.
ITTH BT. s b. '-TO ft w of I'nlon Square. 25x
M M W Heutly Co agt I. l<la Halr.es et al (for«
clusur« of rntK>; attorney. 8 C Stelnhardt.
JACKSON AVK. « s. 100 ft s of lfilst «t. 72.7 x
75; Joseph H Ciaffy agt James Reynolds et al
(foreclosure of mtKt. attorneys, Phillips & Avery.
1421> ST. n b, 230.7 ft c of Alexander are^
37.5x100; Mown Seetlg agt Haase Litman Con
struction < o et al (foreclosure of mtg); attorney,
G W Clune.
121 ST *T. 220 Kait; Charles C. Dacon et «1
agt llernar'l liromberg et al (foreclosure of mtg);
attorney. W S Fisher.
118 TH BT. s b. 3^4 ft c of 7th aye, 17xlC0.ll;
Charles G Koss agt William J Jones, jr. et al
(foreclosure Of mtg); attorney. O V Warren, Jr.
FINDLAY AYE. • b. adjoining lands of Will
lam H Morris. The Bronx. 245.7 x Irreg; Margaret
U Sborowskl agt John Sachs et al (amended fore
closure of mtg); attorney. H A Morris.
MAY 31.
1..1.-T ST. St.s t. i"c ft \» of AmattriM ay .
60x.09.11; Leoa TXtch:r.<ioa loaaa Nestor Hoidia*
This is Broadway and 59th St. in 1880. ~';£*i
In 1890 Lots at the Junction of Broadway and 59th St. • . :
were valued at $75,000 to $ 00.000 r r
TO-DAY they are valued at $300.00 D to $350,000.
In 1890 Lots at the Junction of St. Nicho'as Aye. and 181 st St
were valued at $ 0.000 to $ .000
TO-DAY they are valued at $50,000 to $60.0
In 1590 Lots at the Junction of Third Aye- and 149 th St
were valued at $5,000 to $8,000
TO-DAY they are valued at $60,000 to $123,003.
Increase of adjacent Lots has been in proportion.
Thero are Several Lots a» tho Junction of tho Lead
ing Avenuosof the West Side of tho Bronx to be soli
At the Auction Sale of th<-
N V Life Insurance & Trust Co Trustees, and the Heirs
• This Estate Will Be Sold at Auction
Tuesday, June 7th,
I | A. M.; at Exchange Salesroom, 14-16 Vesey St.
Absolutely Without Reservation
175 LOTS
At Morris Heights
Bet. 176 th and 179 th Sts.
Aqueduct Avenue, Sedgwick Avenue, Andrews Avenue, ;
Tremont Avenue. . Cedar Avenue. and Morns Avenue.
All legally opened avenues, assessments for which have been paid.
70% may remain on mortgage for 3 yea at 5/c
Titles Guaranteed by Title Guarantee and Trust Co. free of charge.
For maps and particulars apply to
BRYAN L. KENNELLY, Auctioneer,
156 Broadway. N. Y.
Gramercy Park Club House
36 Gramercy Park— East.
Co-operative Ownership
in its Simplest anJ Most Practical Form.
uave P/
| 42 *%,
s 95 LIBERTY ST. VyV/l
| for a BuiWing or Permanent Loan
I Cal l.Write or 'Phone.
rlmsein DARLING
I 170 BROADWAY. I- . Y. fU ||
1 - - — — —^ r ~"^— *^^— '
Mortgage Loans
Sums up to 160.000 at « per c«nt; amounts
to suit, at 4V» and fi per cent; also, largs 24
mtge. fund. Pnona. 2316 Cort.
6%% Interest on mortgage loans. Principal
an<l interest guaranteed. Title Insured by
Westehester and Bronx Tlt!« and MortgaK*
Guaranty Company. I will Invest for you
sums from $300 to $3,000. For particulars.
HENRY Y. H ALLEY. I<X» Park Ay» .. N- Y. City.
32 Nassau St. Tel. 130S— John. Est. IS«7
by real estate at from 30% to 60*% vaiu«. ta
syms from 52.000.
E. J. WAI-JCER. Elrr.hur»*. X. T.
Ar hotel, >^
122-124 West 49th St.,
Under new management: a most
convenient location with all lines of
transportation, all theatres and alt
the best shops within easy walking
distance: beautiful rooms with run
ning water: rooms with bath, and two
rooms with bath to rent unfurnished
on lease. $300 to $900 per year.
S'.nsrle rooms
single room and bath.
two rooms and bath.
T. E. TOLSON. y&^
IMrectly opposite Wall 81.. N. T.
Select Family and Transient Hotel.
Larg«, light Rooms, single ami en'aulte. with
private bath; rraaonable rates.
i'rr.S VERANDAS front amt rear, overlooking
Coolest location In vicinity of New York.
oi-kn .11 \r. |.
J. C. VAN CLHAK. Proprietor.
housekeeping, at Watch HM T5 1 «nj nearby
beaches. . for rer! O! tale. Tcr fall particu
lsr« commualcato mith FRANK W. COY. W«st
erly. R. 1.
24 Apartments — — unusually attractive
in arrangement, appointment, conveniences
and location.
Sult«a of *. 0 and 10 Rooms — 3 and 4 baths.
$8,900 to $12,000
Decorated to Suit.
Apartments will be enlarged on request to
1 7. 0r more rooms, made duplex if desired, and
isolated quarters provided for servants.
S. de Walltearss & Hull, Agents.
18 WEST 34TH ST. Tel. $T .Murray MUL
135 BROADWAY. Tel. 355 Cortlandt.
50i90 ; 1 1 rooms and 2 baths ; $2,750.
Apply on premises or your n«rn broker
B"wht. \m»terHam A»e., •«nrj 86tb t*> *7th 9*.
W. H. DOLSON * CO.. Agents.
52T Columbus Aye.
■What ire call a small farm.
Bay Shore and Islip
Pend letter or postal for free tickets.
193 BROADWAY. >'. Y.
VILLA PLOTS. Low prices, easy terms. \rt
city improvements. N<"^v York's most b«aatt
ful suburb. Just a short rl'1» from N— ' Tor's
on th* electrined N. T.. N. H. & H Rrf. Boot.
let B on request.
J. y. GARDNER. 12 Ea«t 42d **♦ . »w Torlp,
One mile unobstructed river frontajc*; 3O ns©4«
crn r*siden'-*s near compleMnn. Address
* Phlllpse Mar«r. .\--.v York.
My beautiful house, now n»arlnf completion*
on commodious lot: beat residential s*ctlo»
Oranges, N. J.; built d.»y labor; artistic and
ni'i,i. m. can be purchas^i by quick buyer at
great sacrifice; either cash or payments: qulcifi
action imperatlv*. owner leaving f-r Ettre>7».
BARGAIN. Bo* 2<>o. Tribune Ofllc*.
st for rent with option of purchasr-.
of th» late
Finest location on Lak^ lieorge. S*»ea
Acres. Garage Electric Mfthttnc pLant.
FRANK L. POr.K. 32 *T«BSSU St.. or
ISAAC S. HEI.I.KR. 71 Nassau St., N. T.
Attorneys for Execatrtces.
120 acres; 1.400 plevation. W miles station:
b»w house. 14 rooms: all improvements; aa;'-»
outbuildings; farm house. S rooms half cost
buildings. H H. THOMPSON, owner. II Spea
cer Plac«. Brooklyn.
Wychmer* f«i9hor» Cottages 1 Harwich. -Va.<s );
complete appcictments: beautiful country, df-»
lightful bathing. KAPE. S«ls W«*t 13*th_s«.
J. CAHILL. Real Estate. Boonton. N. J.
BORort.M or <ji EE>a
prt«rement»: 18 rooms. 2 bathrocm»: lar<»
'.a«n Washlngrton and Lawrence SSSi. r:u»hln«.
L. 1. . $S5.00O; or wtll rent. ELLIOTT A BUSH.
»M Brnadwar. New Tork. — '\nr»\ ag»at»- .
Furnished ('ottn««» t->t -> rent. 12 rooms, bath.
closets, tubs: •»c*»llent water supply. fln# dr1«e«:
N<at!n« an.l N»!h1n«; ood Karaite at-! tniM* ot»
premls- convenient to telephone, >»n»ph an.l
T. ,{ n\l I Owner. >•■■• W>»t ?3il St.. V. V.
STORE, basement, lofts, new 12
story fireproof building. 3 ele
vators. 15 & 17 East 32d St.,
between Madison & sth Avenues.
in the he*rt of I'hllad»-lphl»^ he«l retail trs*l».
EIXJAR O- CROSS. 1425 Walnut »t.. Phtla^a.
■ 1.. O. J. MILLS. ;»7 I>u»ne »t. i
f»oxf>o. 30x100 ami up to *»>.«00 iqitw f».*t;
Ins. rate less thaw 10c. p«r $100." Spler.d.tl
Im-atton to *••» help. OWNER on pr»m
"-.7 rio^^.in »\f.. !>•■%'• I** KwtK mv- .. Brcwihlv*.
ir^[ lists ••-. Tiiiii^ni i^>— ilor^l=S3jds- ?

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