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Gallops to Easy Victory in the
Broo^yn Handicao.

. With Powers Napping Bashti
Beats Housemaid a Head
in Criterion.
I Vttr Herbert raJloped la ea*y rictsry a :
*»flse twenty-third running of the historic
Ercoldyti Handicap of J6.000 at Gravesend
' jesterday. No other word so aptly de
scribes the all eeeßjacflßS way in ajhlel
be defeated Olambala. Prince Imperial.
r»<:!-'nr Plate, araaaar of the Metropolitan ;
Handicap: Dlnna K^n and Czar. The great
ton of Etheib-rt— Morganatic took ap th
readying kßßMjal of IST* ppunds, raced right
to" the front when the barrier rv as released.
■el ■ 'a.?-* awea pace that carried him to
the mile in 1:35 3-3. and. then OBBM along
to win eased up. with hJs ears pricked, hi
the fast time Bar the Bale and a quarter of
r.<«S-S. It was a brilliant performance.
»•• dBBBB considered, and stamped him one
more as one of the greatest horses ever
foaled and raced In this country.
As Fitz Herbert swept down through u*e
ttreteh ten thousand persona or more
raarai their approval, and ailieu B Dugan
brought him back to the acahai Ifea *r-
TlauF-. hearty and aaaataaaaaMi araba out
• fresh, not bo much for th* aaoceaa of a
ropular favorite, aa the price quoted by
those -,>- w-re wiiUnc to aooaat wager*
of the oral kind was too short to prove
»ttractiv«*. but tor the victory af • horse
er which all those who love the thorough
i^red Justly are proud.
R. T araaaa. Jr.'s. Olamb-ila was the
«nly one of th- others which could keep
.• rt mtthta striking distance in th- stretch.
The eon of Omus aaja outrun la th- eariy
part af the struggle, and Butw-U, who had
th- mount, was content to wait untij Fitz
"Herbert literally had BaOaael Princ- 6at
perial. Fashion Plate and Daaaa Ken off
then- feet in carryinfi: them along so fast
for the first mil". "When those who had
Ve*n eaaabaj Fitjj liiraeri began "to tire
CNaiabala moved up atraaajl! aa* shaking
♦>ff Frince Imp-rial -• the head of the
•tretch followed the son of Ethelbert
■home, being within a length of him. how
ever, only on rofferance. T — Imperial.
ariring of his best, Baei c respectable
third, while the others trailed in a soundly
Olambal* Pulla Up Lame.
Olambala pulled up lame behind, bavias
v_*=- aaaaSed aaaJaat the rail at tlie turn
•- Urn backstretch. when BulaidTa leg
also bruised. Th- injury is ! ot consid
ered seriou?. but under the circumstances
the horse showed rare pameness and cour
pc » Mr. T\"ilson was highly pleased at his
trood parfacaaaaee. more particularl3 r as he
Is .still sadly upset over the poor showing
■f the horse in th« OaaaMMjatttaa Handi
cap, for which he held Notter. the Jockey,
The crowd, while small in comparison to
"Brooklj-r. Handicap crowds of the aaat,
•was entirely patisfying to the officials of
the Brooklyn Jockey Chi* under (he con
ditions that obtain, and eßtliaalaattc enough
to indicate clearly The strong hold the sport
*„- even under the present SMBeuttr of
- aktafj i ' aaer The rrar.dstarvd was well
f.lled, and white the absence of a clubhouse
•,-. - which proved as attractive to aucfety
st Eelmont ' Park, limited the attendance
5n that Inclosarej a goodly crowd was on
The track and ir.clorurs at Gravesead a r
and confined ccrnpared to Betaont
rerk. bat even without the r ' ueuqiM »ar-
ToyndinFs the chance •wa= not regretted by
r]ot-*. foTloTrrr? of th« — .is the opp«r
tnfiity T£s rreptnted of secln? the tiorws
Iri action over e^cry foot of a race,- ■whether
It w« a rntlr aai a oa«rta or five furlong?.
A year apn Kir.e James carri«d the co'
rrc of S. C. Hildreth to victory bj the
Brooklyn Handicap, so it •was Ml a new
eeasaXtan for th«» artut* txalner to s»e nti
■R*rbert rac^ to victory in the turf classic
gej,mday. His "confidence as h» s3d<i! I
hit horse 1n th* paddoric was infectious, a.Ti
•nhile h* shewed littl* or no ---on. as Fitz
KeTbert justified it in the v a-- I h!s delight
appaiTt. Upon beinjr conj^atulatriJ
eft«r th«> race, b» sai 1 !:
"I can only say one«» more that, in Bay
opinion. Fit: Pfcrt rt h the greatest horse
In the country, and the b««st one I evsr
••■wried or trained. At anything like *rer>
"■eigrhry he is in a class by himself, and I
ism rnichty glad that T o"^*n him once mor*,
sr.d e^-»n r*pr»»t that ' parted ■with him f»r
three months."
Dugan Praises Fitz Herbert.
■m Carroli Sciiillinc. the regular stab"'?
jockey, in Canada, riding King James to
victory ' n the race for the Toronto Cup. E.
T>ujran had the mount on Fitz Herbert, and
fn talking after the Ftrucple -«as over jrive
wTI credit to the hor«=e by sayirjr: "I ijavr
+,\m on« cut Ti-ith the whip at th» post to
ro.ase him. but after that h* ran Ua own
ra<-«». and n c^er w«a in the slightest trou-
Tt -waji r.ot th* fastesr Brook:>-n Haadi
cap «nr run. K-r James holding that
h«nor in winninc laM • '-a- ir. 2:04. Fur
ther than that, th" track record -^ " :QZ 2-. r ..
estabUsbed by Aogizst Belmont'a Fair Plar.
" • 1~2 poonda up. in 1905, but it must by
remember'- d that Fitz Herbert did rot realJv
race for ir.ore than a mile, a*id misM easily
haxe run In fajrter time if there had.oe»n
any laoree in the race to force him out.
Jimmy Ro»» ••ho trains Maskette for
.Tern*-? R. Keene, paid Fitz Herbert a hisrr
r^rrpliment when h» paid after 'the race;
"Perhaps r* is just as wel! that I could ret
K°t my mar* r»ady to go to tie post-" IT
Bf'.'Jed that Mask«tte and the < ther hor«es n
Ida stable -n-hirh ha-ve b*>en 'uffering frotn
tr.fluenza w*re ■aaaac al«np ni<-cly.
Herman K. Brandt '■ in '.he upp*r tier
cf the srand^tand. end ■nitcfaeO Fitz Herbert
rac* to virtor>- -with minrled feelings of
delight and disappointment. It* it was WiM
rerre-gnized the quality of th» son of Etliei
b^rt. and purchased him frotn Tack J6> ncr
' a two-:.-'ia.r-old in li">K for ?4.«00. TTr
proved a pood investm-r.t t •- Mr. Brandt
by ■mi- - ?*,s f< o in his and colorr.
The time rw, however, folkmisx th<- jhia
«age of tho Agrn»«--Hart law against or
ranlz*^ bookmaJiing. wh»»n the outlook for
the sport dark and gloomy, a ea aa
r>ffer of Jl«.O r 'O proved tempi ing. and ne
eeld the jrr«-at hors*. which could hay» won
him a fortune, to 8. C Hildreth and John
E. Madd'n for that bbbjl
lister Mr. Hildreth bought Mr. Madden i
»h»r» in th« horse, and BBeat him all la«-T
'.••ir. but so!d him during th* winter tn the
master of Hamburg Place for |4t.aat a on'r
to buy him back once aarc at Belmcr.t
Park a few aajra aja for H#. H.
Fitz Herbert was bred by Ferry Belmont
f>nd racr>d in the early part oi 1908 4n the
colors o? Jack Jojner, who in now Training
the horses of Harry Payne Whitney tr Enjt
iaad. Like Heraaui ftrii^t. Mr. Belmont
end Ja-+. Jo\-ner have never ceased regret
tint; parttaj with ■ horse aal has made
turf history in this count ry. *nd arhaa*
\4Llue in tlie j?tud cannot be estimated.
Powers Caught Napping.
In the opinion of many shrewd critics
Vincent Powers, the jockey, was caught
Daajpaaj at the- faaab of th*> Criterion
Baaaet which served as a curtain raiser
for the nrooklyn Handicap, and C. L Har
rison's Housemaid, • Tn»r of the Fashion
Stake* on Saturday, \«as beaten a aaait
haai by the Newcastle Stable* Bashti.
Tl:e fiily »as tirir.z. it is true, under her
import of 12"j pound* and the fa.- . pare, but
t« al! appearances the boy seemed to
think the rac t-afeJy ar.d "a- fitting
ttlil ar.d looking around when Garrer
brr-jerjt E££b'l up witb a belated rush.
■«*'Jien f—ei ■ re2'.i:t!l iis d*;:g«-r tt was
too late, and. wnile he disclaimed respon
sibfTity and said the. OTJj was stopping tin
fl-r him, i* looked as If h!s overconfidence
coet Mr. Harrlso-i C,SSO, the value of the •
j Etaie. '
I rieeiill was tn- b»t BTJy in tne race at '
the weights in a'l probability, as she enf-
I fered from bein^r piPChed off. on the turn
I by Novelty, wl-ich cost her two or three
i lengths. She closed arttn a determined
rush when straightened out under a smooth,
strong finish by Garner, bat th» crowd, in
the stand fairly s;asped a.« she made up
three lengths bi what appeared to be a
; dozen strides at th« end and pot up to
wir by a nod. The fact, however, tnat '
Bashti m»t with Interference and p<*rhaps
dcaerred to win did not excuse Powers for i
an ill judged rid- In making 50 much oee .
of Housemaid under her heavy impost,
when be opened up a gap of tTiree- or four
lengths rounding the turn. Rnd for being
ereoanMant with a tiring filly In the last
Arteenth. Mr. Harrison accepted his de
feat with good grace, and, no matter bow j
I he may hav<» felt, had no unkind words for
the- jockey. Other boraemen were le?s char- j
| itable and blamed the boy openly.
In some reapects Bashti i^ a better look- j
ing filly than Housemaid, as the. latter has j
'a ewe reck and in comparison is rather
light across tii" loins. It will take, another j
meeting, however, to eettla the question I
! between them. i
Madcap unseated E. Dugan on the way j
to ■ ia post in this race, Housemaid bucke<J j
, off Powers at the post, while Horizon acted
like one possessed not only in the paddock.
but on the track.
I Sir John Johnsor came into his own In ■
.t' c opening rac«*. The big sprinter outran
sjch speedy horses as Ross Queen and Tim j
Pippin and kept. pace with Madman to the!
turn for home, when he drew out slight
ly to w;n -by asaf« margin. The son of
Isidor has been . a bit slow In coming to
j hand, but now that he is himself it will
take a Jack Atkin to brat, him at an> -
I thing like even weight.-.
Beeom. which* haa been ailing, looked
well, but appea-ed to lie all tangled up at
the start, and any chance h" had was
ruined. H C. TTlldreth waa disappointed I
with Ros» Queen's poor race and expreaaed
the fear that she might te on the verge of
coming down with the influenza, which has
been -troubling ■everal horses in the barn.
I She certainly lacked her usual speed.
Governor Hughes Signs Callan
Bill, Recently Passed.
Albany, M^y 51.— Governor Hughes to-day
signed the Callan bill providing for the
registration of automobi^- and the licens
ing of r i.auff e"u rs. a measure which It i?
estimated will yield an annual revenue to
the slat- of about 51.500,000.
GrciHJesend Tracing Summaries
FIK=T RATE.— Handicap: tnr *'.] a^e: *' fu " > added About, s;x furlonga Start peod. """on
driving; place <asllr. Tiir.«. 1:1 OS. "Winner, b. h.. by Isidor— Lt Tosca 11. Owner, Bever
«- ck Stable.
i Foet ' Betting >
Hors* • *»>• IT' -• ■-■ ■* ': ?tr - Fin- Jockey. Open.l£lsh.Clo«e. Place. Show.
I Sir John ■--irarif 117 '■• 24 I. i» IH Vi Power* \> 4 'z 7-3 r^9
KS^-!^fc SJif S? 2 i : . ?« gr. i| -] m "
! n,; a ~» r ,_'l.',r n .'SI~ JOT x R' •"•♦ «' " a «5« 5 DwertcU..: .'» « ■• - c !
HF^ltffßs T ?' r r i i« k'B': ' i s s 5 s i
J nose Q-J*:n.: «f lw| 4 «' "■ 626 2 7 7 I>ugan 2 5-2 11-5 4-5 -5
.lobTi J-iisc and * Madman drew dear of the otlvsrs rounding: t'i» turn anj the former
' proved •"■»* MndKh tat the run througrr the «--*r.\ Reyhouro rloaed peanlutel: and nipped
I Proairtor - th" dost, IBCW Qu-*n was outrun frcn th* «tart. TJn Ptppla should improve;
I iro*ed a - s .- of.etr'.j* rr>€*!3. Bee^m h« little ci-.ancc from wnere r° got of?.
' e ECO%'D nA r S —^I'm* 1 for three-year-old* and upward: *"■«<• added. On* mi!» ami a slx
t-eotfc. Star. '•spod. Won driving: piac* easily. Tim». 1:1TS. Winner, b. s.. by Clifford—
Elack Ventisi- Sine; A. <;. Blakely.
rioirt '' , ' Betting v
liors- rt-s T.t .-=t i* t. »t» t Ptr. Fin. Jockey. Op-.n.Hls;r>.«'»o*». P!ar» Show.
Blackfof -» ieS 3 »• :." 2 . <.:»■: ... 1 •< •"• t» 5 • I-* —
1 Biark Maa 11 ' "U n 1 r 1J " [*» 242 4 Archibald., ,H, H ,2 ,2 -" .-5
lr«n£- mx0n....» ii« « V, »J4 & s i;i Butw«ii..;y:3o 15 12 .5 -J 2
Ar*i!oß'ze 7 105 4 7 1 7 » 7 1 B 1 Ramsey W 1- 1 « •• e-o
'■a-nah •::::*■ R * 4 *= «; « «* Moore 5 iS : u» 4 3
f> „,. t« p v« irt J»0 r. 2 1 3' S» ♦' 7- stop .-' 31 .>> sts t
i «Vc- 3 1«3 11 :;;;:;=; Orr 9 « KO H«» '2 S 2n
iTTa>*v'r 5 «4 TO *"' "* V *•* I'avi*!. IS 40 I<> IS s
' K-'H— rankie"""— s I 11 11 s I<> 1°" Gilbert s. s ss ••" 20
i E.j""8a1... *.'.'.".'.'.'.' 2 1"S Iv-ft a - post. r ' " ■-••.•» 8 ..<•..
Kla-vrord >«lt«w«4 the pace rlcs<«!y. *n'l Ttfarinr Plack Mate down in th» «r«tch. »ot
: bt. In ■at few strides. Dar Dbton *aved jrround on th' rail mrnin« for hom«> and -a»
' easily beat of the others. I'url Locka an-i •'•;- Hamad hal cpced, bul ttopped l^.l or
I LsV:sf.>n broke well, tut «aa pinched >*T st first turn.
! THIRD RACE. -THE CRITERION STAKES of 14.700; for two-year-olds. Five furlong. Btarl
I roor. Won «lrtvtn!r: pU easily. Tim* l:«l*a V. inner, b. f.. by Adam— Dtaad a-tag. .
j e»n«r, Newcastle £tat><*
Fcgt ' — Betting — ,
IToriie l'oii ■• . Ft H *i >, Etr. Fin. fork*; Ooen.Hl»h.Clfl«B.Place.Sl
Sarttti '. 3 •!» 3 A' r»- 4' 2' 1» «,«rr.-r I 6-8 1 :.'-;• —
AMlvia ..2 114 2 2- 2H 2', 3» 4» V-- ;2 o 30 20 « .>-.
VSS^ ::::.::::? i! 5 t 5' ! | £ v, %»£■■■ $ % 2 »j '
•:::::::: s is ■ 5- a- I! ii H ,;T K^:.-;- s s S '- !
Po^.re appeared Mbe eangbi rap, with H«M«niaM althoi IK ], the fllly was tinn? und^r
I the -,«•»■>-• and fa«» par-. BashH. cut off sharrty hi Novelty rounding »h* tun -l"s«d a bis rap
Hth- i.tr»t "b and r-t 'ir .r f i.; --4. probaWy was r-«t. bat was lucky to win. Aldlvia and
i fhriftv had gpe»d. but tired. Anna. Casse wan ruaninc t>n.
I FOURTH RACa -THE BBOOKLTS HANDICAP: lor Uiree-year-olda and. upward; raioe.
J6«» One mi'» and a quartei Start good. Won eaaily: pla--e samp. lim». _H»"i din
ner, br. c. by Etheibert— Morganatic. Own« S. C Hildreth.
Pcp c « t . , r."ttine >
H0,,. Pcs TTt Pt '* 4 \ Etr. Fin. Jo-key. Opea.H«gh.Clo««.Plac«.Show.
Fits H-rber- . •'■-ISO 1 1' I' M I" V Pusran .1V.4-5 4.'. M 1 «
Prince ir^ria-..! P7_ 2 2; 2; ;, 3^ 3J O^njjjr. .. ; . 9.- 1 ->
Fits Herbert made the t« cult himself and was beinjr ras-d up at the finish. Olam
bala"ortrSfor fl< • furionVs. moved up fa»r around th- turn and «3* -asily second be«.
i Prl"^ lU^rial tired rhwinl ... pace, b,jt ran a .rood ra- Fashion Plate bad no excuses.
. b*>ing; la a good position all the. way.
I fifth RA^E — Sellinir: fnr -gear-aldi MM added- About six furlong 3 '«"'"''^, n
driving: rVaceiame. Timf. I•- WlMftr.br. t. by Ogden-OnJuidlß. uwn-r. H. R.
Brand. .' *
re .. ; — — B«Uin)t ,
uorit* T'oa IVt . i '» li ■„ .-'. rta Jockey. 06«.Hla*.a«B»-PJace Slur*. .
■: ■; ■;. : :. ssr =s ,;:
i^c^a,t,-.:.:::ii l.« V =s i» s» 54 -^ ?^ r^*.... « /.» n^ ;■ *
:rucT^ief::..::« mi *• 7 -7 i« «• . ««r£; W ••• w r>? . •
SST - i> i> 1
IrSnk PurcelV.: 2 |<M 10 P "'i 10 W Sj MoCahey 15 =0 20 H 4
2 103 10 8' 10 M W I >!••< ■«»■••: « » » " «
Oalley Slave 1 Ml 4 6» '•• «' B- ■»' King « 1« « : ; £.
K-l« ■ 89 ■ 11 11 li II i«' Kamwy.... 3'» ••" '" '- ,«
,« „ |3 is U U » ■*• "» :■-; «
Intrinsic .. ....14 HH •'•• 4' 4',, .V J»- 12 <;:a55...... " J« * 3 ,-j
I>»r<l Of -h. Ml. 12 M 14 IS 14 14 IS 13 viand.... »• '"" 100 30 1..
I B.ar of the Mt..12 irt 14 14 14 14 14 14 Batep 30 100 U *
Bt« Stick. Off badly, worked bla way into a contendinc portion in th^ ■tretcb and onUaated
IOEm in a hard dr.ve. Icaata «ha^r.i In the i*ccmakin B and hung on wen i.iack Chief ami
! DannVHd tired, Urn latter loatas aiaaad on the turn KoiUe Uevy, pinchej off at the atari had
j little chance thereafter.
SIXTH KACE.-Ffw —HHa two-year-o'ds; JVH) ad.|-d. Five furlonit? Kiari K ond. Won .Iriv
iriK: ;.l«rr easily. Time. 1 i;:i*- Winner, h. c. by Htmi)ronius— Poi t!a h»fii. Owner, W.
I H. I^audeirsr..
Betting-—— ,
Ij ors , j> o> v. -■•♦*»- Fin. Jodtey. Op*n.Ht«li.Cloß«.F^ice.6how.
Ser««o '. « UO 4' X» 3', I '.* I 1I 1 1' l|utwf:i.... 4 <} ft .• 1
Trai r.ok » 110 « .*.«, 4" 2" - #1 s 2« I- L>u»«n .. -* 13-3 12-5 J 1-2
Mica Jonah 1 1'" • « 7' 4* .I<, 3M Thomaa.V.. 10 !•• 13 '•
Mr. G.-iightly.... 7 JlO , 4., .V» B« « <ji i>,. other » .'■■ •" ■" S
Ar«Jv «-hlsholm. •_• 107 1 11 U *> 4' ft' R'l'l "i 1 J" •"» JJJ •>
Viriinal i 2 1«7 7 7 S 7- ■ «' = Itamrey. . .15 BO ••': -'.• m
Berti? 4 110 11 10 10 P 1 f" 7' M.-<jee _« I. 1. .. .i _
:i<» ,4, 4 - .. •;• - « PWlMpa » „' ■•'. "'
Ih/Foi;ie« i« 110 i. t 13 11 ii ii ■ iJina-an.... 1" '•• '•' '• ..■
Bourbon 8eau....» lio ft tt IO 1" 1" 10 R°^f; ,* „^ ij £?
» :• i"7 l« 11 14 14 14 Hr, ■ r,
13 IW 12 13 12 IV U I ■ ia«« . W |j • J »
Hr. a' E«g!« «■ H« - : 2' tW'w W'i Pawaw... W » n J
,-,,,« -15" "fa at M*atd llSs* - 1 *
..-• '■- "*> 2 T 1» 13 ft t* ArHbaH.. 6 • •-- f-6
"" alwa-s clwe the pace tr^k eans«a«d »he.T Da »orth aed Fwal !;«■■'• £• »" n ';
I e.-^.r ,^-f-r h«i». Trap P.etk 'vas mnaiag ea ar.4 thcuH ln=pr--3V.. . Jim Jcrub bung ca
r~» »iicl v in 1 * ran < tali rjLCf •
S. G. BUWreth giving laurt instructions to E. Dngan aa Fitz Herb«t Is lea Ting the paddock to win tbe Brooklyn Handicap.
Repeats Victory of a Year Ago
in Big" Race at Toronto.
Toronto May 3L —B. C. Hildreth;?
! Kir.s James, with Shilllncr In the sacHK
took up 132 pounds and won the Toronto
Cup and a purse of $5,009 on the last day
of the spring meeting .of the Ontario
j Jockey Club to-day. Fulfill was second
i and AVilliam Pitt .third, while Jack Atkin
| •b as unplaced.
King James ws.- the fa\oritc at 1 to 2.
and won easily, running the mile -and a
furlong In 133 4-5. The good son of Plaudit
, won the similar race h year ago. - .
The annual bench show of the Ladles'
Kennel Association of America opens to
; day on the Mineola fair grounds. Long
Island, with an entry second only to the
i big show- held in Madison Square Garl°n.
A number of Judges have come from
abroad to act. and from tii° arrangements
already made le show should establish a
\ new record.
Cooper*?fo£&n *Polo Four Fast
Wins Van Cortlandt Cup— Beadleston Gets Ugly
Gash From Flying Ball.
Splendid hitting, combined tvith : n<» rid
ing, gave the Oooperstown polo t^am an
oasy Ictory for th" Van Cortlandt Cup
- eieterday in th«> final match of the tourna
ment on tli" Van Cortlandt Park field
They defeated the Port Chester t^am by
tht 5 net score of i <! sroals to SS r t . and thereby
take the third trophy that the Coopers
town players |ia.v» v. on this season.
An . unfortunate accident was the only
untoward fea»ur^ of the match. C. P.
Beadlesttn was hit by a swiftly flying ball
that pii-iip.! hi? right cheek to th* bone.
This happened two minutes aft^r the be
ginning of play. Beadleston dismounted,
but '•".hi re?umed the match, to the cheers
of the crowd. As it was, the ca^'n bled so
freely that at thr md Beadleston pre
sented a g-oary spectacl*
At team play Cooperstotrn surpassed
Port Chester, and scored seven goals in
the first two period?. Then Port Chester
Danny Maher to Ride Neil Gow
in the English Derby.
London. May 21. — Racing inUrest i- cen- i
tred nee more on the Derb: : the class!:- j
fixture of the English turf, whirfa will be j
run to-morrow at Epsom Downs. Lord J
Roaebery's Neil Gh>w Is the sco >nd i holoe «i 1 j
5 to 2. and Danny Malier, t.ie Ajnerican j
jockey, will have the mount. j
Last year tht Derh was ■ . tured by the !
late King Edward's Minoru, and, prior to
thf running, excitement was at fever heat !
over the proFpects of a <iri-. Injj finish b> - !
twe<=n Vlnora and the American 'horse fc?ir j
Martin, owned by Louis W"irwu<!, which fell I
ir. til* 5 race.
Thi= >ear. however, the American entries i
lool< to have §nu 11 < i nee for Ictor A,)- j
gu?t Behnont'a Merry Task, by Octagon, is
rated low in Ih^ ttst, while ie.irly all tlie
f;ther American horses hay ■• oeen witli
drawn. ;
The choice in the betting ia Mr. Fairies j
Lembers;. a naif brother to Bayardo.' Lern- t
bere;, which ahowed good form us a two- |
j-ear-old. Is said to have fl«>\ plojvii to the
satlbfaction of his trainer, and »a quoted - jr
5 -to t.
Th" D»rhy Stakes ar* of fi.oon sovereigns. '
in<! th- di?tarc° is about a rnilf and a half, j
FIK?t RACE — For two-y*ar-old». non- irlnnen
of |»00 |fiOO add?<l. Five rurloasa
' • hl*l . . 114 : Anteti»r .... . 1"9
Pluvious ll*ja< i Witt 1"--
F«ath«r Duater... 113 Dublin Minstrel 105
Whit« Wool 113 Th« >v&r '•■"■
Tnwton FI-14 1"!' H^len* . 108
STKEPUECHASE; |H>lllne for fnur-v^r.
olda nni) upward; $G'M ad'l»-d. Bnort «wra»,
aboal two miles.
TMst i>dalo 157lilapellan J::7
Grandpa . 142lGol«J Plate IS7
Bla nriJc<» 130 Sparkles - 133
Buabranirer 137|
THIRD RACK — s#lHn»: f-"r tlirre-yrar-olds and
upward; MOO idrt< I. About niv furlottsa
Rialtn WB) Kllzab-th lar» ••■•1 IW
R tinlr o 104 •Ctiepontuc P«
Twillel.t Qu»en 101 1 'Stargo* an 9 ■
v.irn. imrßnyai ra»th-» !>.•?
•Sir v .... - ioo:».i<»Hnii^ d".\r»-- i*t
<^^ \v. Lebolt OSlSpindle . »J
.«f x tv P s l
thr«>e yeara "Id: gross \alu<> $2.nr>o. On
mll" ail I ■ slxr^»nth.
Or^an Round Ethel D.. 106
Klh»l I.c BnTBB« 111,
F1I"T.! RA«rE Handicai for tbreß-yearr-oiaa
ami upward; J6OO added. On" mile and a
BintFenth. .
F.tz H«rben 13»; Cohort "-
HUarloca 122 SUnley Fay ••
Wa«Jt«te 1-- >rdrl 100
Firestone 12<> GlueoM 1 K J
H<rke)<-y 108 M. . Kn KM J>.
Guv i'ish*-: '"'
AI?o -liBiblo: .
«ca riiff .105 Arclte .. M
•-IXTIC RA«'E Bolilna fcr two-v «ar-olds; $40»»
added. Five furlonps.
rrana Ruhstaller. 113 »Whlt< Wool ■•
Hlu»- Mou« lffl Maromara W
pi,,,i, too w Mn ■
P-rinvr y.I .V. „ - 102 M««« WJtt g
lla'i. i ' '.' '■"•' j ••-•'■ Lewll • ... »7
»ApprPn'l<«* allcwar.re.
Boston. May 31; -limm-. Wai.«h. of B->s
toon. e^FneU tUe ■ laton over Pal Moor-,
of Philadelphia, at the Armory Atliletie As
welation to-nl«h1 i< tli»* en I " f twelve
rounds of fast fighting.
I Moor- r«fu*ed "• w«l«Ji in. m 4
I demanded and secured twelve, rounds of two
I nlnut*? each, in pa c * ct tßr| rounds of
three minute* e»r:h V^*t»lsh -tvon th- bo'J*
by occasional rta^;»s ■' spc» 1. drawtai
blood in the fifth- :
nraced up as the Cooper rn"n had
ra--°<i their ponies off their feet.. Th»
fourth, fifth and pixth periods were a
«Taud-ofT. Then Port Chester" came at
thin?- with a rush, and hit the ball ft; intj
between the posts for five goals in ths
seventh and eighth.
The line-up follows:
H'p. •■ Hp.
No. I— -X. S. R^ynal. 4! No. I— J. 11. Hunt . 2
No. 2— C. P. Beadle- I N~o. 2— L. Neilaon .1
'ton •-' No. ?.— T. J. Hunt . 3
No. 3— M. StereßßOn. 4ißack— H. M. Earl-... 3
Back— X. S. Yon stade 31
Total handicap 13i Tctal handicap 11
Goals yror»d by <"*oop«?rstow-n — y. > Rojna!. 4;
■■'. P. B"ad!«>ston. -. M. Revenaoti 2 F. P. Yon
Ftad<\ 2. By Port ■eater— Louis Nei!.«on. 3;
.lospph H. If'int. 2: I. J. Hunt. 1; H. M. Earie.
I. Penalized — Coop»r.«town. none; Pert < hester,
"■» for safety. Not «corp— Coop*rsto-nn, 10 goa^s:
Port (-hester (by handicap allowanc-. 2 K->al«».
SS 3*3 * peals. Tim° of mateh — night t>eriod3 of 7\t
minutes ezrfi. Refer"" — I>:ril!ard
Supervisors Rush Vote, Giving
No Chance for a Protest.
Sar. Frar.ri^fo. May "With only ttre
disaeni its votes and without preliminary
discussion- the permit for the forty-flve
round battle on July i between Jeflriee an<l
Johnson was sranted to-dny Ky the Board
of Bupervisors.
The board room was crowded with repre
sentatti of clmrcli an>l civic arsaniaa
tlons, v.-ho did no< gel a chance to voice
therr pi >test The permit wa.-» advanced
on the board's calendar and paaeed before
the objectors knew It. AVhen they learned
that th« permit liad been granted, the pro
te«tatits ir.iJitrnantly left the room in a
By thrir tion to-day the Board at Su
pervisors removed the la<?t ofTli-ial preliml
nary ob'staple in the way of the prpesotera
of the battl<\ who will now proceed with
the erection o' the imt District Attor
ney FicXert an<l th*> Chief of Police have
announced that they will noi seek to pre
vent the contest.
When the board naserabted. John L. Hcr
get. chairman of the Police Committre.
moved that "on accoonl of the large num
ber of lids which were To be opened by th«»
board, the matter ol the permit be ad
vnn«-f«i- on tlie calendar and taken up im
In niakins: the motion, h- laid be vm
ted to take this st-p for the coavenienca of
the larce number of peraoM who had srath
eied to dtecuea the subject.
In the buzz of comment that followed hi 3
motfon this perl of his utterance seems to
have been lost on the protestants. Th« mo
tion was put and carried before the daaed
objectors realized that they had leal their
chance to be heard.
rhicago, May "I.— John McFarland. broth
er of "Tackey" McFarlan!. the pasitiat,
r Ce iverl ■ cable meaaace from th*» latter
from London to-day utatlag that the Won
derlacd Club, ot I^ondon. had off^re«l a
t.'urse of $10,000. winner to take aB, for
another match between McFarlabJ and
EVeddy Welct The message added tnat
Welch hacl deettaed the offer.
I.c* Angeles. May 31.— Jim Flynn cr.d
Billy Papke were metrned today te fisht
twenty rooada at the Vernon arena en
the afternoon of Ju:te IS. They wiß meet
at catch .vciglits. which m ii! ajre Fljna
an advantage of Btteea bi twenty pounds.
_ .
Jim Bntltli outpointed Connie Schmidt, ot
Hoboken. In a tame ten-round baat *i
Brown's pyinnaaluni last night. Smith rv-as
tli« BBSrrssor throusbout, a»d <"i the bet
ter of what real work wai d^ne.
Smith showed to th» fore i«» the first.
third, fourth, seventh and tenth round:'. Ua
sent? Schmidi to the boards tor the full
count in the fLrsi round, but '-•■k'-i the sc
ene- to «<ore .1 knockout.
Jchw Couion. of Chicajro, *ho " the
rtrnen i-«rl bjntam^rJght i i-<<^non of
Am , r j r3 „-in tne«t Frank'.e B'jrrtJ. of J«r
sey Cit. . In the main bout of j«b raoada el
the En-pira Athletic Club to-night.
Miss Hyde Holes Out with a
Mashie on Home Green.
Keen Fight to Qualify Testing
Round for Metropoli
tan Title. • -
Mus Julia R. Mix. th» title holder, had to
share - lor score heaeaaj .with Mi« L B-
Hyde, a n»w a.«pi-ant for fan>» in 'he
•Ight-en-hol" testlns round rf th» eleventh
(mrttja! championship tr>»irnam»nt «»f t>i»
Women's Metropolitan OoH Association,
which h*a;an yesterday on the Montclair
itnk?. They recaaraad scor»» ->f 30 each.
As a r«"«ult of a bray* effort on the part
ef the association te k?er» at the heaal *>,*
the procession, it? followers must-red more
than forty -tronjt. and practically all the
favorites did well in th» medal round, an
exacting test considering tliat only the
first ei^ht were entitled te coathraa on for
the championship.
So fast was th* r»d -• -»■ by th- aaaara
that Trhen the last card had been returned
only those with scores of *» or b»tt»r had
made th*» flr««t division. The keenness on
the part, of the player? was dv* lajraaly le
the efforts of the officials, aeon particu
larly to Mrs. M D Pater?on. rh« president,
and Mrs. E. K. Sanford. the secretary. In
writing personal appeals for a strong rep
resentation. . .
That the honors do nor always belong to
the young- was shown b] Mrs. W. K. Mor
gan. the BaltusroT woman, who only mlseed
by the narrow m*ryin of a stroke s«?ttins;
into a triple tie for the medal.
Interest in the early hours was rnlivenetl
throuejli the fine work of MhM Hyde T' »r*>
had be°n rumors of her sood golf while
tn the South last winter, and ntp ri had it
al=o th*t she could drive I Ions? ball. Any
one who sa,»- the Bay Shore grri play the
home hole will be willing to testify in favor
of h«>r Ion? Sam». Tlie hole Is 410 yard,*.
rot Mis 3 Hyde got cadi len^ti. of the t»«
that an iron S':ffi'-««d for rh<» gecond shot.
This left the ball hole hizh to the risht of
the jjr"en and then Mis* Hyde did the spec
tacular by holing out with her mashte
for a 3.
Poor putting- jroins: out. wa3 responsij;»
for her taking 43 to the turn, but thera
after she. n,ad» fow n:«tak- - until the Ion?
seventeenth, where the T.onn Island p!a
sot bunkered and took 7. Ev»n «n. the in
play was 41. tli» card reading as follows:
Miaa I*. B. H}<>. r.» aaarc
O>it •>.-.■.-».-, 4 • a • ♦— ej
in 4 .-. 3 • • 3 4 7 — 11-flO
Miss Hyde plays ir> enn,i form with a full,
craceful swin? and the BranHja ltn?th of
her tee shots wouM do it -• i;t to a profes
Mlsa Mix, who established ih» -» nm»n 3
record for the links in a uwinelltln there
Ja?t season, had two atrakea the L«»tr»r ot
Miss Hyde up to ihe honic hjoie, «bn tne
'l-.ampion took a 3 Gotnz OW Mhje Mki
had an Sat the Ion? sixth. Her ird read
as faaaaara:
Maa Julia. R Mix. Ensl»wnrwl — '
Out •« . 4 5 7-5 « .-• 9 .T — »S
Ir 95444*43 0—42—000 — 42—00
Although the pi laißiajine cai!*-! for fr><ir
eiehts. an «*xtra one -'•a^ decided upon, Be
that nearly an of th<» original starters will
bare a chance to continue .-it match play.
Those who withdrew arere Mra, Sanford.
who has had little or no practice thl3 sea
son, and .Mr?. J. A. Moor<\ The latter, con
aider Ins her lack of experience In tourna
ment golf, did excaedtast] aeß, p»tttns:
around in 100. but *h* inadvertently -vio
lated .i rale in tak ; nsr the «e>lcia of ethevm
Upon findin? out her mistake Mrs. Moor°
• • Irew. •
. There was a ri» at t'-» bottom of th«» fifth
divijion berarean Mrs. T. Nielson. of Hack
"nsack. and Miss T L.indenn-.»>- er. of R ••• ■-
moad County. On the play-off Mrs. Niel
son won. Tbaa wee the only tie that oc
cmied hi any of the divisions.
NTama and club. Out. Tn Total.
Miss Ju!ia R. Mix. Eng-I-Trocl 4% «3 3O
Mi»9 L. B. h- la, South aawra
FleM Ctßb «r» »• 9O
Mr*. W. F'llowis M«r»a.r., Bal
tnaroi 43 42 »t
lira M. n Pat»r«cn. Battoarr 1* »7 M
Mr«. 1.. S-xlft. En»l<»w«Hl. . ...... al «] f5
Mr?, p. F. UrOrrta, Enii«r«*l. . . -v» 4-» <>"
Jlr« -'• J r»tth, Wyka:r.: 13 *T r«5
Mrs. T. 11. ro!h-mu«. ■'rmond
County .*>.-. 43 ")*
atra R. H. Sfx-ktnn. Piainfi»M... r»4 45 r»
llrv I. H Ilornblo'W'r. pill
County ... *:» IS l" !
Mrs. N. P. Roaara Baltusml .Si .V> l^i
Mlaa I. Graham, Nortb J<?r«y M 49 ior»
Miss GcuH. SlwaOSjr 90 M 10.*
Mrs. J. F. Ha' -5. Hhßaad Golf
( lub .V» M tn«
Mrs. F. R. T>outr!aa. Xontclalr . . 93 .'.*. \> *
Mrs. n. O. Smith. Montclair. .... 90 52 Ml
9fn C. W. Raadbja, Basiawosd .»T SI 1-iS
Mrs. S. O. Pirkman. Montclair... •*> «r> 1C»
M:«>! A. K. Robinioa. Rlcbmoni
Courty R 54. lit
Mr«. fr. R. Salmon. rareoi BUI.. 5T 54 lit
Mr*. 5. A. <--:nninshani. &-:gle
xrnod . ac H Itl
Mr< J C Barclar. Haok»r.»a<-U. . Bl K4 11^
Mrs. H. B. Brenner ilontolaLlr. . . "■ M 113
M • G. F. Brcphv. Rl.-hni^n.i
County BJ ■ U"
Mr«. TV. D Moffai riMlawne r-Jr -J ■"•» IIS
Mr*. R. R Mortarty. Emrlewood. 57 s!> IIS
Mn r.. H 'Uarn^r. 'Ks--- County «2 5S It 7
Mrs. H. 1.. Patterson, Baltusrol.. *S •■W 11<*
Mra Fred Harri.«on. Montrlalr. . . ai 57 Us
Mm. H. fJ PI impti - Montclair.. K2 .>7 11»
Mr?, r. P r>urj-p«. Enarl*wood. .. «4 S3 11^
Mrs. E. W. 1-^r. Ba«kenaa a »>4 .Vi I9J
Mr«. XV. C. Johaann. OaWland.... •>'- f!> t;i
Mim Julia Brett. Baaej Ounty «» 54 trj
Mrs. J. C. >a*». Hack-nsark <W .*.« 122
Mi«« H. Lindeßme>«r Richmond
CV>untj- *•* *1 127
Miss .R" Graham. Nortli J«r«»T... «rt «.» iCi
Mra W I. Peaman. Rh-hTiond
Countj- er> «* tl»?
M r E. Fab»r, Rlchnioi I County -■- ?l t^T
Mr. T. Nielsen. Hacfcensaek -' *» 129
Mi*s 7 I.tndenmever, Richman-t
Cmjnty M *7 »2«
Mr« J. *A. PMTbrlea Matflatr .«• *« 137
Mn J. A. Moo**, gtaraoaK and Mn E. F.
hanford. Eszrs County, r.ithd"-"-^-.
Mi3s Wagner Beats Miss Handy
After Three Hard Sets.
Women lawn tennis players b-*an their
matches in the Jong e^taWished tournament
on the turf eaajrta ef the Staten l«!and
T>ailivs' "'lub at livtngston yesterday. As It
happened, the draw brought toaathir Miss
Marie ITaMjner, raaaet^-aai hi the national
championship, as;;tin-t Miss Kdith B.
Handy, a former New Jcraey cbampion,
in the lonaaal and beat match of the day.
it went the limit of three eeti before >!•«*
Wagner won at 7—3. ♦-$. B—3.
turn Elizabeth H. Moore. who«e record
as a title holder in this eaaatrj and abroad
has never been equalled by bi American
woman, gained her bracket in the aeial
tlnal round. In coming through Miss Moore
overwhelmed Mhai Laura Fischer, of the
West Side Club. s— love. «5— lo\«. Ibbb Fischer
bail previously defeated Mrs. Frank Gan
non at S— 3. *— 2. Thednvln^nf Mhai Moore
was a feature, an 1 the chilling wind that
bothered the other contestants and caused
their slower shots to float over the net
and outside bounds ha<i no effect upon her
The ■aaHßary follows:
Women' • c«v rtaalai «rirst roundi — Miss Emily
H<-ott IHca4«d Miss Edtta Baeta, *-<». «— O:
1 Mlsa Slarl* Wa*n»r «aeaa*« Mira Kdtth H
! llaj«d>. 7--V *— *• *— 3: Mla» B»aa»eai ■
l>jtu-e , >\f. Mlsa <'!ara Kuttroff defaata Mrs.
«;v>..r«*> d- O-raJonT. .".—6. *--. *— 3. Sil»«
Kll'abeth H. Mi»r.- « bye: Miaa laan Klsi-h*r
' drf<-ate.l Mrs Krap!. lUnnon. «— 3. *— ■-". Mr*.
Kr»d*rt(-k Scbmttx eataated Mrs. fB.f 8 . F. »•«*••
H._ t_ tt— l; stra Oliver T Johnsrn defenteti
Mrs I •''" Blan<rhar«l 2 -<i. 7 — .'• 7— 3
* round— Miv Ktimheth tr. Moor- <!e-
M^itil Mis* Laara Fi>rt»r. *— 1«. «— «.
w m»n'» '"P 'loiif>le« Ml»« KUxabatn H
\fi-ere and Mi» JMiitam 11. Peu-h leftaft Ml*»
! KmUv <volt . jr Miss Erflrh H. Itardy. *— 4.
I H~* ' anas Mar»» '^ a*! -r and Mi.«» flara Ku»
i frwl t'4«'«at«d Mrs 3. W. Weaver and Mrs rr-t
ZMMatit »—H «-a «_2 ; miv v-irh L«- a
*!-« 1-4 M-. . .1.- *r T. J-!hn«O!» 4»t*a'~l Mrs
Frank" Cxxs.m and Miss Fras-.es JesklM S-*
I ir-i. s-a-
Trade Association P-r.--*- i^
Historic Clirnh Up Dead Hor3i
Hill at Worcester Fixed for
End of the Week.
.Mayor Garner had «t Th^May V.'l
o'clock as tn- time for ■ pub!!? heartrrs
on the Cull-n-Gnod-ST^^d «'jt'?rrjct>tl» ttn.
but when informfd that th- da«« had b-en
j»l«c?ed f?r orphans* da;- be '%iar»3 V.'9
date to Kridav. ar the ,«am» h«nr. Th%
Ne-»r York .Vitrrrrtebile Tra-** A»sorlatlnn
has sent a is t-t out Irs lerarewca to t>.9
M".l. •• In In part a* f^Ho-jr*;
"Th* Cullen-'J^od^ee'l biT!. poryojruu
to empower th» Par'^ ■■aaaaff el
Brooklj n to rtstitet ' •H<«rul.ir traSe o»
the Ocean Boulevard ro th» e.»-lrj«i"Ts ot
motor vehicles', havtn* passed tli* Le:rr.»l.*
ture by an oTerw!ie!rn:ns majority, is ncrv
b»fcr<* Ma- - ',a nor for hl« apprtrra! *>♦*
far*! final ee«|rtaaean a? this Bad af rJo-
emor uaghi Tne letter then r«citM
tliat at a spertal meetln? of the drrectar*
of th» New York Aut^mobV.e Tra4e X3
sociation. called by Pr-s»d-nt Haradon tO€
that purry?? *. resolutiori!* were passed. pr«v
trstinc aaaaaai fit* Mayor's approval ef
the --a«-,r» A "omrnttte* eeaaaaaaj of tM»
a?so''ta r»'»— Vtt l>e. an<l C.
Andn jr.: W. p. Tlm-lburt. Ctneral Joha
T. Cuttin?. X a Partr*d?». W P a*Bini
and John F. Flummer. win -^ait upon t?ia
Slayor and presenr th» resomtiotxa
The letter 'a^s. "Of the ■»».-*-
In? o-r-r th!«i parkway autorr?obt>3 are no^
tn a lar?«« majority, -^hlch can be prrr.-^i
t>- actual count, and a» the Ocsan Part
way »s tUe natnraT and \orfi\ ar-nn» t->
Coney Island, the penp'« I » p!*a?ur<? jrrstina.
any efforT tc* r^^tr^^t rn rt tori*tM t*>'^ nar
row twentv-fosr foot /i-ivewav fc traCc.
s'insr both pnrrh a-!'l y-outh. and to ai.<r»
trotting >-„>iM iiiw a d'irrrar iw feet »'•■».
we belike is dansr*-roT2.«. sdJo9! ann> sjn
fair ■ ■
Th<" folicwin? raraz-aph of t!i» rea'sVJ
tion -«p«»k!» of th» uaaeual pow»r a^Ten
to th«> Park Commissioner, "which *eern«
r»marluiM* Just now. rnnstdertnr the yeat
srrowth of the automobil'* tn<iu-«tr:. and
sr>»>rt j. shorr^r by the number of mt»tnr
v»liic T »!» recister-d" and »b« taxable \-alue
that the automobile tn<!n«rr alon? Anto>
mobl> Row ha« added to tif? tax li3t ef
New York City.'
General John T. Cutting, of the O!i>
moblle Company, of N'rw York, atav* a
luncheon yesterday to his prelfmizary coa
mittee. which li.is In charge the sport 3 a^
th.^ fourth annual Olfiaßßaatla roan- to
be beM at the Empire City track ea valar
day. June tt. Tli«»re wi!l be several »xbi
bitlori* by fast earn ar.d races for Olds
mfklMl'' OW7I»T»
(>n reJ Oittins is erraaajaaa srt a-r-»
pl«ne fliaht by T^<» S»ym«ur and there wU
aioo »-.<> sport? of all kinds. ft Is thf»
peneral'9 plan to Invite all owners o? auto
mobilA^ who wish tn Join th- party -•> coin^
and brins* their J'in--h»!» and m^ke a cix
family picnic out of tne a.Talr.
Ptil! the cry '-' ? or "more cars" at th 9
rooms af the orphans' aotomoWl* day cottx
mit»r". Th- rid" f> Coney Island rriM b9
h?ld ea TheaaaßßQ . laal M t3 necessary to
obtatrr a few more machines. In spit* rf
ih- fart tl-At or>» cf the irritfrutior's- has
b^fn tftvvl trt wit!idraw Us children frtfwi
rh<* rl<le on a- rounr of tlie mease?. The
disea? 1 has lnvad«M th- ir..«tttTition. On>»
on» -riM iias i*. bur the other ::«•> maar
•Kir ar horn» and there t3 weepinc ar.d
wamnz. .-■ . .
Great Neck Polo Team Beaten in
Hard Fonght Match
Th- Meadow Brook po!" rean No. t "ds
featM the (jnzit N«»rk Paa* b'- l>*ymwfa O
*, jert*rday. in the t9i;mani»nf f9* th*- ■Jr»ar
Neck chalien*-* «"Tip on the fl~M"a? Grfit
N»rk. L/>ns: Island. Tlarrv Tiyne "W'Mtn*'
and J. M. Waterbary. Jr.. of r*a-lnfena
tional team, worked well and -"de th?tr
ponies to th» limit for the wn.uinsr. sid 1*:1 *:
Ijwivac* TTaterbary. also of the int*.*
national four. «>ame«l thr»<» :t the CSmi
JGeel bjh a Hi 3 fammar". P. Miltrun.
did wctl. but the r»sr .-.f t!*e Great Ne-'«
p!ayrr3 failed to hans: t"S<"Th»r. an-i th?/
frore penalized t i ««-v?ral fo-il?.
Th" Itne-up follow* :
ri'ray. Wr*?
Xt* 1 — .T. g FTtrPS- ♦ » I— "W. TT. -, -. . 3
No' Z— J. Bt ■rt'ar-r- [JCff.2— l* TVa?erburr. »
>yary, tr 9\ N«. S — f> MKbnm . . »
Xo .%—H." P. \Vhit- ' nacW— <J»«tk» M 11. -
n«T- 9 bum 3
Fack— H. C Fhipps. 3'
Total 9 Total j'33
<;oa!s scor«^l bj> Grear JC«ck. 3. »:tew»-j br
harflicap. 4: p-nalize-i. l i S^al tor- rrr>ss rtaaaaw
'* *oal each for tyro safeties; net scor-. 3 coals.
StP»<i->w Prook No. 1. 12: p«Ta!lz~1 f«r f™rr!a. 1-»
ral< r.»t scor». 10' a joals. Refere* — H. H.
Reaches Semi- Round in
Play for Felipe Cup.
Hard hittins lawn tennis was In -rte» at
the continuation of tlie Manhattan c*tam
ptoaship toarnagfnt on th* clay courts el
th» New Tea* U»n Tennis Clui> yester
day. William F. Craslrt, Jr.. recent -winner
of the Harlem east bbJbbJ h!3 piac» in ih*
semi-final round cf the Fe!!p« cup 3fn?!ss.
defeating G. A. I. Dlonne. *— «. 6-L Dtorm»
had cr»m*» up Io the fourth round by lefeat
ins S. Howard Voshell. th« younaj Brookl;a
expert. S—2. 6—4. By h!3 victor;.- -=»»tn Is
coupled wlrh the metropolitan, champior.
Frederick C Inman. tn the upp*r ha*
f,\t^ m cha'.ionje <nri> <»taij!»« is^cmi ryas'f*—
TVyli* «•. Grant def^ate^ ajaaaj Ha.".
6-^-. «^-3. «— S. _
TTjir-i roand-G A. r. Di«?rr.» v««t«* 9. ■■*■»
• r»i V"»h-!I. «— 2. S— 4; Pr. PSt'.lp B H»*»
4-f«at<M I- H. ntch. «— 2. *-- 2; Wrlh C. Orairt
• ,',.'»'. Tinh-r* T. Rr-.»r. a— a *— 2.
Frurth roun.l—WH!iam R Cr^.n. Jr.. <tsf««»<*
O. A. T- P»onn». «— *. *— 1
Marha'fan rh^rrirtonshtp 4aaMaa • 9r* •eua«>
r^rTrrori R. <'^.rln»r ar<i aaan • T T>wch«-1
-f^f»at-<l H»irv M. Hobarr nrA T* E. I>t?ts.
i— T. »-Si 6— *■
F«r »aall m»* »thrr — » — abrth pa«^.
A< lir|* Ii v.z: «nd as fcigfci i=
pn*er as many ntotorists need.
with &tnJl^ar&-Sairtca •■-" - r •
Md resources bick of its exna
fact ■
Runabouts $1050
• and
Touring Cars $1200
A few uted ©IllJaaui-fcgff**
cirs. overhaalsd. rspiintsd tr.d
gairjateed, at notnini! prices.
'PboiM Cohiaibtw aSSS.
; we are ASKING BIDS ON % SPB-
IW:>T BARtiAIN"* OF THE SE.\.*O>. -
Pon't fail ti> s^ntl tor >ur Bulletin.
TIME** MJ. AirO (0.. Z1.V17 *»at «*^ ».
»l«f. PhiU.. »'rilcaKf>. St. Loots. Kansas City.
=F~!»! tr»i« t»ir«« r -.4^ ??. at 12 .*• P- If.
Trslna fr"Tn *' T *:4i vt B--"?k!yn -»- -.«. r\%
> j»m at* Cur»«f "V Head Stt^'w*'■ ps.«»«=csr»
•-•"if*- a» %'Usrt- Ai c. *'•".-- frj- "V -^ae.
t ! f M- tss-t •ha latt 3trt*t F«rry.

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