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Br'ngs in Two for Yankees When
Score Is Tied.
Kew York Team Pails Itself a
Little Nearer to Leaders for
First Place.
Tc<s New Tork Yinkccs rcaflr: it three
*>of Bf fo-r •with th« "WjisJ.'.rctor Soraiors
*t American L«aj?a« Park yesterday affr
isoon. drf«-i. the vijlters by a Mat* of I
to 1. While th«» Athletics were brcakins
*yen on * double-tieader Tri*.!i tfce Ecston
Red Scr the Yankee* edffrd -n a -itle »Q
tfaa -d«n« ar.d pulled themselves a Uttte
rearer to ral pJao*.
It was th« last patne on taw hilltrp bo
lore the long- ttip through tha TT«st. -Rhich
tneant so much to tbe home nine. Although
It seemed as thourh the "fans** had had
sufficient baseball with the two games on
"Monday, nevertheless a pood a« Teas
rut to see the final performance and ras*
jud^^nent on the work of the team. No re
versal of form was displayed: the Yankees
continued their steady. consistent came
■tvhich has won so tnary victories in the
1«« few weeks, and when "Wolter drew
down CSessler s hi?rh "v fcr the out which
rr.ded the contest it was the. fervent hope
cf the loyal supporters that New York
would \iffp up the srood work durirsr the
critical rc*"-o3 which is rap'dly approach-
A!:hou|rh TTa,lter Johnson held the heavy
hitting Detroit Tigers to two bfta Io th*"
Ust same which he. pitched, the- Yankees
1 »d liad no difficulty with him when they
faced him in T\ T ashir.gioti. and ■• like
v ire heia uo terrors far them yesterday
f.-teraoon. They connected safely ripht
i;m^?. two rf the hits being triples. Error*
r f ornlsslor. and cemmission on the part of
Kimfer mad* tljp I h3rd for him.
Js?k Q-sinn, who "was on th« mo^nd for
tb» Tankeer, I out<-la^?ed his rival.
J"our scattered tingle" was tho mm total
c.f the efforts cf the visitor*, v.hile In the
lest fceven innings ther MttMi in order.
Only two player? pot Tree transportation to
Sr6t, while- five Btrocfc out. Hia apit tall
rgs worfdsc alcely. and with the rood
support which he received •■-• Senators
were eh eiisj proposition. lie practically
wnn Ills orm frame, tripling In tbe seventh
•nh*n the score wis tied. brin£ir,g in two
was some, time jrettirig h!s ?rit ball
jorkir.g- well, a:. a the. visitor! pot after
itrn iv the first icnir.?. With two out Killi
f^r drew s par?, and veat to third on Ge?«-
Jfrr'F single into left field. ■ *BrMfl ■■avalaed
n hot onft over first base. Hal Chafe
•steppeti the ball. Lut Mrßridc b«at him to
the bag. Although Chare whipped th* bell
TG Bwecaer tike a flash when ho paw Kelii-
Xer ieadin? for tb< plate. th» latter was
«sfe on a cicfe Cccisvjn. Conroy £r.->u',iil*d
out. Lapcrte ;o Cha*e. rctjrlne T!i<» : id* In
the second frnir.g: ViiElaub fueled to cen
tre, and rtole recon-J '-•••■. ba?e
» w?s pilfered on Streeney. Srr*"*
popp*^3 up «n ea. c y infield fly to La port*.
«nd Quir.n ftruck out both JchnfOn and
*??"!an. rttJrlnj: Th»» ajie Thereafter ni>
TSireft batsn^ea faced Quir.n to an inrjnj
Crd no one ?rot beyond flrft base.
- Sweeney was the only naaa to p»* a hit
efT Johnson up to ihe fifth irnine. Bui
UdajTS beean to pick up dlrectlv. Creo
*mas!:ed a terriflc liner to centre field for
Thr*c baaaa. Au?tin fouled out to Kraal
■but Sweeney sent a scratch hit through
the pitcher's, box. Tlie ball bounded to Kll
3!fer, who held it. not kno^inc where to
Throw— to th* plate or first base: H" finally
codded on Th* latter rpot, but Sweeney
•H raf<\ Cree hoidir.g third. Quinn
grounded to Mcßride a:id Cree w»« canajbt
"*»U the pla:e. Qulrsr. reaching first on the
T-lay. TTrmplilils - over second base
fm'OUStit Sweeney home, with the run which
lied tlic score. Although a passed ball sent
Qniaa to thirC and Hemphiil to cecond.
"\Vcltcr rtruck ou; and retired the "side.
<"ree. opened the eighth with a single
«B-hich was hit too hard for Conroy to
handle. Austin sacrificed, and the raaner
took second. Sweeney grounded to Killifer.
the lattPi- fumbling the ball, aud Sweeney
cot a life on first. Qulnn sent out a
smashing triple cvr Milan* head, and
■cored both rcaaers. On an attempted
rr.-j^eze play Quinn wa? out for going out
ef the base line while Street was running
him down, and Ilemphili's foul fly ended
t";e inning.
VTolter «ru an ea?y but at ihe opening of
Ibe nir.tli itwitny Chase, however, smaslied
•-single through short, stole second an
went to third on Laporte's scratch hit.
K^lif^r fumbjed Roach's eronoder. and
Cl:ase scored, while Laporte crossed tiit
juatc or. Cree's facriflce fly.
Tre 6core fol'ows:
ahrlb|.oa«- al.rlbpoae
Sicmpfai!l.«f *<)1 1 (mi Miiar.. rt... 400 2 OO
V.oUer. rf. :«(« 3 ««i Browne. !f.. 4V9 'Z 0 0
«hn«e, lb.. 4 1 1 13 «>0 Killifr ib 310 2 r. 2
3jJ7crt«,2b 411 1 TO'OmW. rf.. 4<« 1 «i 00
n?a:i:. tr... 4 00 s SVMrrtrid-. i=s. .10 1 » 40
cam vi — 312 o OOjooaroy. St.. noo 110
Anttin. Sb. :;<>(i 1 t«> fn^iaub. lb"O2 7 10
H'tOfr. C.T"2 B I O stWI <• ;ilO 7 00
Qslna. p.. .30 1 0 2 o,Johnson,, Johnson, p- 300 1 -5 0
Tctaif . ..395527 IS 1| Total* 2» 1424 13 2
7N>« Vrrrk (I ,-i <i o i o 2 2 x— s
V , ashing ion 1 o o y o c 0 • c—ie — i
~>.r?*-b»*. hfta— Oer,. <juir.r. Bacrlllee hit—
Austin. Sacrifice fly — Cre». Stolen bj*e«—Cng
;«j!i. .-"re*n<-y. <n,a?w. Ijirrt*". Left oa l«i.s»-5—
Vi^hirrifn. Z: New Tork. 5 First t-as*> on
♦ rrtrs— "»\'a«i-,in?ion. 1; S«w Ycrk. 1 Doable
].«'>-:j!;«iii . !;<>ar)i and «"has«-; KUlifer, Mc
l;.rid» end rn;;ajb. Btradi out— Rv Jofaßaaa. 4:
1 v i».::nn. 7-. Vju*~ oa caiU— Off Jottoaan. 2- off
Cuirm. 2 Wi!.i jittclios— Jo'in^jt, U. Tin-.» of
**;nr— 1:10. Vwpire»— Cf Lough: in acd Tenne.
Pitcher Changes Leagues. Going
to Cincinnati Reds.
.7<?» 1*15; i". the pitc!i*r wfen ha? v>*>«mi
* ?th th* N>ti York Tankers * ir.ee Aujust,
3XI tvw toM yesterday to tbe Cincinnati
C. :b cf tkM National Lrag-uo. and ■will join
She R»ds in thi* city tOr-momm. Doyl«
bsa pitched t»o K^ni«-F f (J r tlip Yankees
th;K year and lo»t both.
St. i.cuis. 2.i*y :i.-r> rrO t in lf%:s , hari
one .an<l s h-lf hoars to-day v.on th« fourth
► Trsisht cam* ani th«r ?»-ri»!« from St
Lfttla. th« tcore bfing z to l. »n tl,<,iows: '
DUTnorr. St. j/h-jk
abr'.^jvj **l Bbrlbpo n -
liuMW»<»... 1 1«» 2 4ti:H/mx*l!. k. 4«, «t 2 jo
« ot^. <%. . . . 40 3 1 (lll iU«!iirf. «». 4o it :i 40
<rawlor>J.rf 4«• 2 2 OO|Crt(SB. 2h.. 299 * K|
J^lrh'U .2T. 4«r 3 SOiNVnmin. Ib4lui 2 -,
sicii*m-.Sh 3 0«« <» ««';Srlitr«'ir7.r.rf :;o 1 0 00
T. 3w»». It •i<">!l « liHofntn, .-f. 30 s 1 o<i
H-tirni'lt, r. 3o 1 >■ 2«;Ki:jifcr. c... TitiO f, 2 '»
JVnwjlJ. p.. ivt) 1 fe«;F»-Ilv. p Si»l 1 t,.,
j *Oiaa 1 0<» o o l|
Tcui« . . .Sk 3»27*3 J| Totals 81 1627 20 1
'BaUfd foi UofTa-^n in riiKth inning.
iw.r'iii i a 2 • • ■> I 0 fl — 3
tt. ixsu > «> « 0 <» t> „ o 0 i— i
Ttm tmii bit — Sion^. Thrr^-tas* tit—New
nan. c^Tifl"' hits — iJa«h. Prmoil. Moriarty.
3'iaUi^ risy«— Orfxc*. N«-a-inan a.n'l KlUggrj
iimxftl, •Zi-zFt- an-3 Xewniaa; <;r;fes, X'wman.
»<j>n lane f*itM>. «. la»r« OB balls — Ofl I'»-Hv.
3: o£ Wrr->:i. 2. ".c out -By Vt'Ay. :i. !>'•
<n fcaEPs— :*-ro>i, 4: St. Ixuly. 0. Tirrf—l ■'■>■
l'mjuTct--Vtr>»rr. ar.i Connol!**-.
JNcrthrinpt on \s. I*T art ford fr.ct grounds).
Bridgeport. 5; New Britain, 1.
XVatc-rL'.ry. fi: N>v/ Hnven. 4.
Hitri!!j;!>ld. 9: Hol>oke, 1.
m —
"K3S*ri3 T wttKi^ 2; Utlcau *•
'AKati;. v«. WiiLrs-n.-irrf irainj.
v*. ElirJni (rain).
Tmy v*. K'rantrt!! <ra;.nt.
- -
--i* a -. ej jisM i; tt"orce«ter. 1.
•* Croclf'^ "5 L^«*r<:'v« iriUnt.
-r»'l riv»r ■>?. l^wjell 'r-ir!
2jriet«H. f ' ~ '- Tf u:.(J» ••:--«*-. 4 p. zi —
&:&£'.£ i«. CtfiCtasatl a4st*:zzi3D 50c.
*€Z)hote Series for the Giants
Raymond, with Good Support, Beats the Quakers
in Last Game.
[Ey Teierrmph ■-"«■■ • 1 ,
Philadelphia. May Sl.-The Giants made
it four straight from Philadelphia to-day
by a scort of 4 to 2. They Just won the
game by dint of pegging away every time
there was any sort of a chance to make a
run. and by holding: off the home warriors
on the riiary occasions when there seemed
tc fcsj a good chance for runs to accrue to
"Bugs" Raymond pitched fcr M-"6raWs
men. and pitched a pretty good game. He
had fair control and, with the really praise
worthy support his team gave him, he
found.it relatively easy to put th© Quakers
(town* when they became obstreperous. .He
couldn"t subdue the sharp faced Grant.
however, in the eighth innlnr, and in that
riotous period th«> home men kicked over
ihe bucket of whitewash from which the
eccentric twirlcr had been liberally deco
rating: them.
Klahertj. in the penultimate frame, had
smashed a ball that took Raymond off hiß
feet. Knabe forced him. and thf-n young
Mr. Grant whacked the ball savagely tow
ard centre field The fence being in the
•nay. the ball stayed in the park, but that
Rta about c ' It •■"untci for a home run
■Jti made the score 4 to :. Maffee followed
with a two-baggrr, his third hit. and Ray
mond was grieved.
But all was to be well. Brans laid
the ball down to Raymond. wtt% p»ein£
Majce« break for third, threw the ball to
Pevlui. d:.-j'laymc an Intelligence that has
■M than once deserted him In puch a
pinch. Magee hesitated on the way, and
was lost, Devlin prgjring him between the
bases. Bransfl^ld didn't hesitate, and he
was lr-ct. too. Devlin getting him as he
steamed Into uecond bas«\ Thus was a
promising rally cut off in the fair bloom ot
it:- youth.
The Giants b*;ran stnrrnirig the citadel In
the leesjaji ir.Ti;;-,c. Snodgraps punched a
single to left, with one out. and "Wilson fol
toMl put. Raymond fanned wildly, and
•■ th* third strike "Wilson and Snodsras*
tried a double at nail Doom pepged the bail
on a lively line, to Doolan, but the throw
was muffed arid Snodprass breezed home.
As Devcre fanned, it wae well . that it
was so.
Standings in Hasehatl Kace
rhUadrlpbia at Detroit.
Washington at Cleveland.
New York. 5: tVat>hlnston. 1.
B"*ton. 1; Philadelphia. 0 <tirr* s;*met
I hi!«ie!phia. 4: B«*t«>n. I (fteeond game).
Detroit. 3; H. LoniK 1.
Cleveland v». Chicago <r»ln>.
A3IERIC.VN raTitrßTT luamfs.
\T. rr «r. 1.. P.C.
Tinladelphia id 9 .743 Cleveland. .. 14 18 .43*
N>w 1«»rk . 23 10 .6»" Wa«Wnston 16 22 .421
Detroft » 1« -£90 Chi«-a*o 11 20 .855
Bo«4on . 19 16 -M 3 St. Louis . .. 7 28 .200
Athletics Lose First Game, but
Turn Tables in Second.
Bottom. Ma- —Philadelphia wen the j
! rrie<<»f- | Boston, three games to two,
i getting an even break to-day by winning \
j the teond game of a double header by a j
i fcorc- of 4 to 2 after Boston had been vie
! torious in th* first game by a score of l toO. j
i The first contest was a pitchers* battle j
| between Morgan and Collins, and waa ,
terminated when Barry made a wild throw :
to first, letttqg in I run.
Errora by Gardner and Lewis were re
■ sponsible for all the visitors' runs in the,
! second contest, while Stahl scored twice j
i for Boston.
Thomas had his thumb broken, and is
i the fourtl. Philadelphia player to be injured i
iin the series here. The others were Baker, '
Oldring and Murphy. The score follows:
raurr GAME
. abrlbpo abrlbpoa*
H^cper rf. aii a i Harteai tf.; -"• 0 «• 0
Ixrcl St>... 400 1 I'Oißath. 8b . *«1 0 10
Btahl lb . 400 10 0 oiE.CollinS.2b 400 0 BO
Speaker cf.'.OO 4 imi Davis, 18... 30011 10
Wagner. m 3 1 1 I 3 OiHettm'ler.cf 40 0 .*. v 0 ,
•Gardner 2b •£ 00 2 ■'• " Murphy, rr.. 301 1 00'
I>>wis If.. • •</ 3 lo;Barry. SS... .'! © 1 * 01]
.iirn-un. c 100 .'. oO'Lapp, c 3O<» B 1" ;
E. Cyllins.p a 0 1 0 •.''•Morgan, p.. 01 1 CO
Total*... 2<J 1 27 10 Oj Toia;* . ..28 0 4»'J3 14 1 j
•On<» out when wlnr.lnK run »«« ncored.
! Breton | o <> <• I. 0 O 0 ]— 1
I Philadelphia . ..-• o • • ■ 0 0 0 o—
Sacrifice hits— Hart Ml. Rath. qariajiri, Left
ion b»». Philadelphia. 5: Br*tOT.. S. Fi?Jt ba<-e
ten — Off Morgar.. 7: off Collint 2. First
I has* on error-B'iston. Struck out — By Colllnt, |
! «; by Morgan, j. Time — I 4."
abrU>«« abrlbi^ a
' Karts<»l If r. OO <• 00 Hooper, rf. . 300 8 0 0
Rath. 3b...' 201 ■00 Lord, 3b. . . . 300 -10
Collins. 2b! T. 02 2 4 0 ftaJU. 1b.... i»2 5 0 0
!I.a.i«. lb.. IKI t ©0 Bpealwr. cf.. 30 1 1 00
H^itmr. rf S : l : Oo ( WaKner. as.. 2«1 I 2O
i iJjrphv. rf 30« 3 OOlOardner. 2b. -i 0 1 ■ 11
I^ro.'s*- ait o "©Lewis. if.. 200 1 30
Thornaa. c. 1«1 2 L'OlCarrigan, c. 101 1 SO
iUiPP. c... TOO 1 OCArellancs, p 100 O 30
■*■ p • 301 ° 2O JhWp.:::::_oSS jjo
T0ta15.. ..23 47 19 t«i Total* ... 222619102
•Batted fcr avanaaea in fifth inning.
T»-Ua<V!rkia. O © : O j 2—4
7cL\%T^. :.::::...:. o o o i o i-2 :
Gam- .• ai b> a^reenwnt io ailow Phllad'l- ,
I pb TV£bw bits— Wtptr. Stahl. Home run— !
■rafswr. BtaW. Home run
• Piahi Hlw— Off Arcllan«s. «in " lnnir.es; off ;
HaU. 1 m 1 inning. Ka.r,ft.» . hit - Carr.aan^
Double play-AreJlan-.Tjora and Stahl. L«ft
nn i!a^ 9 _Philaclrlr>hi*. l\ Boriy. 0. First haw
on I«<.:*-Off r;^r,?<-r 2; Off Ar^llan^s. 3; off Hall.
• base oa wrare-- PMlailelphta, £. Bmiek
• out— By Braver 3: by Are!lan€S, I. WtM
\mr Ha; T — -1 Ml ' mpirff -
i Kerln »n<i Sk«ri4an.
Bat Out Easy Victory Over the
Freshmen from Harvard.
New Haven. May 21.— Tal« frer-hmen
*hut out the Harvard cubs at baiwtwtl here
to-day by a ■core or 6 to 0. Fourteen hits,
four of whirh r^Tfi by McCreery. toil th<>
ftory of Tmltt'B victory In few words. The
•cere '"oil'iwr:
TALE '13. i HARVAIXD '13.
rlbp«M : r lb po » p
Mrr,k~ If O <i 0 OOi Brown, rt -••••* OO
M ; .TrMrv-b« 4 I • CW». If •■■2 O? 12
lh 0 1W i.oT>m»* -Tb O 2 1 OO
Oi"n ,f i i 1 "01 Watson. Jb,..0 ft 602
. 0 „ 000 M'K.p-. IH . « « 1 JJ>
RcSSd rf , 2 a <«0'Holllft»-r. rf..O ft 0 00
Oslllrn rf "A O o OOlHnibrook. 2b.0 O O »l»
in.r V.. ::i 2ft guMivan. .... 10 10
urkWr. ».l ■ i so (Have, r a n .t oo
Boctt, p. 1= « SOiHartJy. r 0 ■ O^fil
•Totals IMS ■• To(«;» .-• 3 -■♦ ii ■
r«i- ••iiv« oiooooos x— 6
Harvard <-ab*' ■■.■.■.".■.<• 00000000-O
Ttifct IMM hlt-Dyrr. aacrtae* hit— Hardy.
Ftot.n l*«-s- Scott. 5; Stariwtatber. Bennett,
ICcGtaee, Totne«. 2. Doabi" play— B*nrw-tt (uli
aaaiatcd. First ( M on ha»l»— Hardy. 2.
S*truck cut— Ey Hanlr. -: by Scott, 7. Tim*—
1:JO Umpires— Becchw and McLoufhuo.
After a protract»»«l session of play, lasting:
until close upon mWnlglit on Memorial
Day. ba annual team match on aixteen
hoards between the Manhattan Chess Club
and tli* Franklin •'lieaa Club, of Phila
delphia, contested at th« rooms of the
Mrtn«r, resulted In a victory for Manhattan
by a *core of «--_, to <S St.! t.
TYilliam M aa Vlaaer and P. B. Driver
were tht reap«ct!ve captains. K. Mlchelsen,
of Chicago, bed as tha referee. .1. K.
Capa*?l*nca<i A 8. iodg^». A. i. Keyar,
ll h. M'ver. O. R<ythlnx. I. Tlo»enthal.
H. Ro9«*ufW m-.'l M Srnttb won their
ERTnt* lor th»- ulnnins tid*. J. M. lla-i
harr. F. J Marshal) ar,.i l, Roe*n flrew
tj»;n-t their opponents.
amehican: association results.
_>_.. » _ . x«*««do Kaiuas aty '.rain;.
Two hits did the Quakers no rood in the
fourth Inning, for Raymond put on steam
and high flies ended the next two batters.
Devlin walked, with two out. In . th«
sixth Inning, and stola second. Snodgrass
waiked, too. and "Wilson drove in a run
with a crashing drive to left. The next
inning, the seventh, yielded a run. too. In
peculiar fashion. Devoro got a lucky hit.
and took, second on a wild heave by
Doolan. He went to third legitimately
enoug" on Doyle's sacrifice. Doolan got
rid of Murray, and Seymour walked. Cy
promptly broke for second, and Devore.
dashed for the plate. Doom dropped
Doolan's return of a short throw, and
Derore scored.
With Brennen pitching instead of Moore
in the eighth Inning. Devlin walked, one
man being ont. and scored on a three
bagger by Snodgraw
Followed the eighth inning and Philadel
phia's rally, providing the greatest excite
ment of a game that was far from hectic.
It gave the Giants their seventh 6tral£ht
vlctcJry. and an even break at ten gamofi
won and ten lost since, they last played
at th« Polo Grounds, to which they will
return to-morrow. Therefore, It was a
notable game, and the score is appended:
ab r Ibpo a •! ! ab r Jbpo a c
Devore. rf. 4 I 1 3 no Bates, rf.. 10 I 0 0 0
DorM 2b. 20 1 22 0. Flaherty. 2O 1 J OO
etrher 2b 00 0 0 OlKnabe, - 2b.- 4 1 1 U 1 0
Murray, If .TO 0 3 OOiGrant. Sb.. 412 1 *•
f-eymour.ef a 0 0 x oOJMAree. rf.. 4 0 8 O 0)
Rridweil.M 4<> 0 B 401 Bram>r<l.lb 4 0 1 l» 10
Devlin 3b 2 2 O 3 OOiWaWi. if. . 4 0 1 t 0f»
S'j;ra*s, lb si 2 3 SOfDeolan. ss. 4« 1 3 §a
WUMn. C. 3 0 2 4 OOiDooin. r... 4 0 0 f> 4-
Ravmcrti'i.p ♦ 0 0 1 lOlßrennan. p 00 0 0 10
| Moore, p. . . 10 O 1 2 0
! *Wart l o O 0 00
JtMoran.... 10 0 0 00
Total*. .28 *~627~» 0| Totals. • .24 21027 IT 0
'Batted fcr Bate* In third Inning, fßatted
for Moore in seventh inning.
N«ir Ycrk .• 1 • • 0 i I 1 H
Philadelphia 0 0 O o 0 0 0 2 0-2
Two-bM* hit— Majr»». Three hit—Sno<l
*n». Horn* run-Grant. Hits-Off Moor- »
In 7 inning.; off Brennan. 1 in 2 inning-. fr»cr -
« cc E»oyle. Stolen bae* — DwvHn. Donnl*
r -. a _. M--rr. Doata. otaat and BrftnsfWd; Bar
mond tno rwvlln: Doolan and Bran*fleld:Br!d
*ve»r Doyle and skodsrass. Lett on ba*e»-New
Tork f.;* Philadelphia. 6. Firjt has* on balls-
Oft Raymond. 1: off Moor*. S; cn [ Bwnnan 1.
Hi: by pitcher— Br Brennan. 1. Stru-k out-Bj
iuvmond. ♦. By Moor*. I; b>- Brennan. 2. Time
—tm. Umpires — Johnston* and Moran.
Cincinnati a>t New York.
ntt^burg »t Brooklxu.
St. I.oni» at rinl*«i*lprita
Chicago at Boston.
>>» York. 4; rhlladclphia. 2.
Brm>klrn, 4: Boston. I.
Cincinnati v«. Mttebarg; <ra.in>.
y*Tio>*AX L.EAGrT. standing.
W. I- P.C! W. T,. P.C.
Chlcßir« "1 12 ,«47,5t. Ix>uU... l» 20 ■*'*■
>>w York 23 14 .822 Brooklyn ... 1« 22 .421
rttT.burK ... 18 15 .5« Philadelphia- 13 20 .594
Cincinnati.. 18 16 .528 Boston -- 14 S4 .J.S
Wins Fourth Straight Game in
Beating Boston Doves.
The Brooklyn Euperbas won their fourth
straight game in defeating the Boston
Doves by a score of 4 to 1 at Washington
Park yesterday. Incidentally' they climbed
up a peg or two and reached sixth place
on the pennant ladder.
Knetzer, a new pitcher, made a favorable
imprwsion by holding the Doves to six hit?".
He pave only two bases on balle, but one
of these, followed by Beck's two-bagger,
led up to Boston's only run.
The Suprrbas bunched hits off Maitern s
delivery In the third and fifth inning?.
Wheat's batting again being a feature.
Two fast double plays marked the work
of Brooklyn In the field. Bill Dahlen, who
is under suspension, watched the game from
the sUnd.
The score follow?
abrlDpo a«; abrlUpoa*
Burch. If.. SOO 0 0 0 Collins. 1f... 400 O 00
Uaubert.lt) 3 2 115 10'H»rzog. 5b.. 4tU I 10
Wheat. If.. 31 1 lOiSharpe. lb.. 40113 0 0
Hummel,2b 30 1 1 SliMlller. rf... 300 0 0 0
Lennox. 3>> 4'» 1 1 30;Fhean, 2b. . . 310 2 4 0
Dav'son, cf, 400 3 0 o;Beck,; Beck, cf 401 - 0 1
T.Smlth. ss2o 1 SOiSweeney. h 40 1 3 2O
Erxvin, c. . . 301 5 OOjH. Smith, c. t0 1 3 50
Knetzer. p. 3 1 0 0 4 oiMattern. p.. 20 1 o 4 0
IGraham, ... 1 OO 0 00
I Parsons, p.. 0(»0 0 0 0
TMahf. . Jt 4;2715 1 ! Total*. . . .32 1624 18 1
•Eatted for Kattara la eighth inninf
Brooklyn O • 2 • I 0 • 0 i— 4
Baatoa .»• I 0 o • 0 0 O •—
L«ft on iieaae Boston, 3: Prooklyn, 5. Ttto
fcase Back. Ths<»e-base hi;.— Wheat. Sacri
fl P<> i,it — ■;!:. Flrat base en error— Bo«ton.
Double plars— WT.^at. T. Smith and Daubert:
Lennox. Daubert and L«nnox. Pirst base on
bails — Off Slattern. I; off Knetaer. 2 Struck
out— By Mattcrn. 3; by Knetzer. 4. Hits— Off
Mattern 0 In 7 innings; off Parsons. 1 In 1 in
ning\ Tbn« — Umpires — O"Day and Bren
Indians Soundly Trounce Jersey
City on Their Home Grounds.
Jersey City at »wark.
Montreal at BufTalo.
Baltimore at Provnirn-f.
Toronto at Ro«*bMt*r.
Newark. 9: Xefaaf City. 2. ,
RorhrMrr. 3: Toronto, 1 (first caw).
Toronto. 4j RoHienter. 0 (second (t.imcl.
Montreal. 3; Buffalo. 0.
W. L. p.c; W. t.. r.c.
Newark.... 58 \!i .M3!RuiTalo 17 17 .SOO
Toronto.... 2t 15 .SOSJBaltimofe. . . l« 1« .471
rrorldwure . 1« 14 .533 Montreal . . . 13 1* .419
Rochester... 18 17 .514|Jer*ey City. 10 Ti .313
Joe McGinnltyg Indians jumped back
into first place in the Eastern T^caguc race
yesterday aVternooa^ after walloping the
Jersey City player* on their home grounds
1\ a score of 9 to 2. The game was
loosely played, errora being plentiful Mc-
Ginnlty, for the second time in two days,
was In lIM bos for the visitor?, and he suc
ceeded in keeping the Skceters* hits •uell
■f IKraal save for the third inning, when
they gathered in two runs. Tlie Indians
had no difficulty In finding Sitton. who was
in the box for the locals, when hits meant
runs, espcciallyin tho rightli, when five of
this N'cwaxk players crossed the plate. The
score follows:
abrlhpo a <• alirlnpo I*
I ouJti as •*> - 3 o 3 2!Cl«»nient. if 4 1 i 2 21
Ganley.' rf 3 2 1 3 ° O!D«lnlngr,cf 3 O 1 2 00
Js"hlafly 3 1 t 4 1 2 "Ranford. if 4 0 O 0 10
Ketly If ■ 4 1 2 3 0 0 Johnson, « 4 0«O 1 0 0
Oettni'n.ef 4O o 4 0 0 Crcokn, lb.. 4 0 115 11
Zlman 8b 4 1 2 0 2 0 .Han'fan, 2b 4 0 0 4 3 0
AKler 'lb. 4 1 211 lOiJemond. 8b 4 0 .t O tl
CtSm c. ai 0 1 10 Criat. c... 40 0 2"10
ItcOln'y. P4O 0 1 2 0 Slttfln. ... 4 1 1 1 40
Total!"... 34 9 1127 lO4| Totali ... .35 2 72720 3
Xrwark 0 ° ! ° 2 ° ° ■ °- 9
jersey City 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 o—2
Flr»t b«s« r.n error*— NVwark. 2; Jersey City,
2 Left on baeaa sTsaiii 3; Jersey City, 8.
J*!r»t Wa»a on ball»— OfT Sltlon. 4. Btruck out
By filtton 1. Thr*f-ba»e hits — Louden, Clement.
Racrince. Jiita— M»;-r. tlanlcy. Delningpr. KoWn
l,«»es A*i«r. JUmmernv»n. Double play — John
•on. Ilanlfaa and • Toolta. Time— l : so. L'mplres
— Byron ar.d Murray.
Atltocheiter-FlrstEtinie: n -" n
rc-h'st-r ...20000010 x- 34 1
Toronto .'." o 000000 1-0-184
Px:ur)es T^fit'e anil B'air; N>«'<»n. an.le
erltt, and g'attery.
fce^ond (t*m«: „ , , . „ H.H F
Toioma 0 O 2-1 0 0 « 1 0--4 M O
ntSSSiii •• • *> • ° " ° ° °-° - i
Eaitenea-M.Gtnlej «n-l Baitts r.»tr>n unt
Bt*rn«6lc- laatise lUllissn ami Kfllr.
»■ r..iff»: — h m. k
• Isn't real • ." «> O rt i o t 1 o O- .-, ft 0
„ ,^ a .. ■ a 0 4 .1
"Wcr.'s- K«"t* tna KriChsn! tub« £ and M--
Afllitir. Unuir«-£oy!e an 4 ilurst. _.
Coleman Admits Testimony Be
fore Grand Jury Was False.
Miss Hightower Denies She
Planted Any Money of Con
victed Bookkeeper.
Boston. May H-— The government con
tinued its efforts to-day to establish rela
tions between Oeorge W. Coleman. the con
fessed looter'bf th«» National City Bank, of
Oambrld^o, and "Bie Biii" Keliher. whose
trial In the United States Circuit Court for
aiding: Coleman in lifting more than half
the bank's deposits was resumed- Two
witnesses said that Keliher spoke repeated
ly of Coleman. and at one time expressed the
hope that h* would not ">co back on him."
Another witness knew that Kelihur and
Coleman were friendly, and the government
made some progress in its effort to sub
stantiate the assertion that much of the
money went into the gamblers* pockets
with Kelihors aid. * -~V:
Yet Coleman was forced to admit that
an important part of his testimony before
the Suffolk County Grand Jury, which also
investigated tho matter, was false, espe
cially hi* statement that he lent or pave
Kellher $150. or $2<v>,i*ifl, *nd that Kelthet
had urged him to stop playing faro.
The afternoon proc«»«»i3ir.^3 were made in
teresting by the presence of eoleman's lat
est eweetheart, Mi«! Mamie Hightower. of
Kansas Cltjr, on th«» stand. The young
woman became Coleman'a companion a
copple of months before the bank failed,
nr.il was his travelling mat* In that swift
journey to Kansas City, just as th» crash
came P!h« denied that she had "planted"
any of Coleman's money, and Colemari" de
nied it also earlier ir. the day. Srw» did Ba y
that she had some property in Kansas
City which R. J. -Holmes willed to her.
Coleman sai'i under the i iwifiniiXi cross
cxam4natlon that be was positive he
stole nothing from the bank js eariy as
1905, but «raa not sur<» r.-hether he began
hi 3 peculations in 1906 or 1."i7. Joat be
fore he went away. Coleman said, h» de
stroyed his personal aocounta. contain ins
records of his various Investments and
In regard to his direct evidence that Keli
her had offered him $100,000 to keep on u,c
quiet about his alleged connection with
Keliher, Mr. Coakley. attorney for Keliher,
tried to show that Coleman hao sought an
interview with Kelih'-r after his return to
Boston and fried to get some mon»y from
Keliher. CoUman .^ai'i taht he did want
to obtain mone/ from Keliher in or
der to pay the depositors of the banX. He
paid that Mifs Lora Atwood, \*ho made ar
rangements for his interview vlth Keliher
at that time, told him that Keliher had ar
ranged with her by telephone to meet him
downtown, and that when rtw went to ths
place he named she found that it was Mr.
Coakley's ofilce. After he hs-d two inter
views with Keliher, Coleman said that ha
told his "Ounsel. 'Mr. Morse, (hat Ke.]th«r
had off«r<=d him ?10C>,000 to keep still.
Coleman denied that he Mad "rjlanfd '
an;- of the money obtained from the bank.
* "Has your friend. Mies Hi^htower, 'plar.t
ed' any?"' asked Mr. Coakley.
"Not that I know of," repICM Coleman.
He admitted that Miss Hiyntower had a
number of hank books when a*M came to
Boston. Tie rer>e?t-rl his statement that
Keliher offered him $100,000 to keep r:i£
mouth shut regarding the case.
A messenger from District Attorney Pel
letier brought Coleman's testimony before
the Suffolk Count j- Grand Jury 'nto court.
Examination of Prisoner Deferred Un
til Saturday — Bail Reduction Asked.
John H. Strosneidcr who is bains held in
$25,000 'jail by the federal authorities of
Erooklyn on the charge of aiding in the
theft of money from the National City Bank
of Cambridge. Mass.. was arraigned before
commissioner Morle in the federal buildinjt
yesterday afternoon. The examination of
the prisoner was deferred until Saturday.
He tried to get the amount of bciil reduced,
and Assistant District Attorney Alien toiti
him to see how much ball he could obtain
and that he would then decide what be
would do. Strcsneider operated, it i.«
charged, in connection wit! 1 "Big Bill" Keli
her to eret from George "VV. Coieman part
of the JSOO.O'O which he had robbed the
bank while employed by It a.« a bookkeeper.
Lawyer, Recently Out of Jail. Would
Stop Suit Against Annuity Trustees.
Carl Fischer-Hansen. the lawyer who
recently finished ;• year's sentence on
Blackwe!l> Island for subornation of per
jury, applied yesterday through counsel to
Justice Krlangr for permission to discon
tinue a suit that he ha.= brought against
hia wife, Anson McCook Beard and George
Gordon Battle, as trustees, to recover $!-j.-
M for failure to pay him an annuity,
which payment waa arranged by agree
ment with his wife and father-in-law, Isaac
Brokaw. Th* agreement made prior to the
separation of Fiecher-Hansen and his wife
stipulated that In case he was convicted he
should get out of the country on his re
lease from priaosj and never return. Mr.
Beard argued ir. favor of having the suit
trl^d, so that the plaintiff could not "harass
them again."
It appeared that the defendants had set
tled all of Fischer-Hansen's debts and had
paid him $1,250 toward hia annuity. An
other payment became due on January I
last, but "as the lawyer tailed to keep his
part of the agreement, the defendants re
fused to make a second payment Then
Fischer-Hansen sued. Justice Erlanger re
served decision.
Needed More Exercise, James A. Patten
Tells Collegians.
Chicago, May Sl.-James A. ratten, the
Board of Trade operator, was made an
honorary nieinr.*>r of the track tram of
Northwestern University last night. He
was invested with a sweater bearing the
"N" of athletic distinction by" President
A W. Harri*. of the univer!«Hv, at the first
annual dinner cf the athletic association.
The wheat operator gave the collejlans the
benefit of his ideas on physical exercise.
"If K. 11. Harrlman had taken more ex
ercise be would have been alive to-day,"
tail Patten. "Get the habit of taking e.\
The occasion waa the housewarmln* of
the newly completed gymnasium given to
the university by Patten and which cost
The baseball team of Stevens Institute j
defeated the nine from Syracuse University i
yesterday at Iloboken. in a close and well i
played game by a ieore of 1 to 0, as fol- J
loWS: n h E. '
Btewana '» • • • 1 0 <> n ■— 1 '» 0
flyracurt ....O o 0 »i 0 O 0 0 O-O .' 1 j
Batteriea — Coleman aril i r- «•. . Thottai and
Holmes. '.- '-•-' -'
San Francisco, May 31.— The ••alaj clos
ing quotations for mining ataeka to-day
were as follows:
ana . l«v.lustl<» |S
» n d«," 13 K«ntuoliy Con 15
"loh'r .' Ml Mexican t.OS
fj,jjl,, ln , 161 Oertdtntal con 25
«-«!<Hi<-nta . • Ophn f*7
i -hollar 12 Overman -«5
t v»nflrt»r,.-f ■.70(sav«*« -■«
•-on i.-8l » va. *MH*s Belcher 19
Cm-n Taint .. «ft RUrra N*vni]a 8
• ;; o uM £ lurry .t*;l"n>on i fin '.'
1141* it >orr.io»s. . . . .S'J| Vttli Cca ....... -r.. •"*
rfuli* ... <2<
I Sensation Expected in the Court
Martial of Coione! Cooke. i .
[From Ttia Tribune Bureau. 1
■W'ashinston. May 31.
— Thero Is more than ordinary interest fn
the outcome of the trial by couit niartia! of
Colonel George F.,Cooke. U. S. A. (retired).
! As has been Ftated In the di*patchee. that
' officer Is to be brought before a military
i court, probably at Vancouver Barracks,
WaaliliiMTnn on charges whleh'allese that r<
dtd not exercise propfr preciution acainst
tbe lo?s of $11,000 which wts taken from
I th- safe a» the army post ol Fort qtbboii,
j in Alaska, where Colonel Cooxe was In com
icand of the military force In tliat territory.
jAn enlisted man disappeared at the time
'■ the mon»v was missed, and a social reward
I of $1,000 has been offered f-^r bis appre
i hension, without rrsult. There ts much
! more in this case. It la now learned, than
! appears on tli« surface. ' Much mystery h»s
' attended the developments. Colonel Cooke
! would have been brought to trial before
! had it not b«?n that there were very good
j chances that more of a sensation would
j have been created than the military author
ities r^narded as desirable. Tlv.se elements
have now been eliminated «o as to confine
the triai to the question of the loss of the
' moiioy. All sorts of stories liav« bocn in
I circulation, and considerable* criticism h43
been expressed by army officer* that Colonel
• Cooke should have been retired as a coione 1
I while he was a lieutenant colonel. Just B»e»
vious to retirement. tt Is considered th-it
, he has been unduly favored, ajid. in view of
i his approaching: trial. th# situation ha» at-
I tracted much attention.
ORDERS ISSUED.— following- orders ;
have been Issued:
Major Abraham S. BICKHAM. quart*rmasUr. i
to Washington; «\aniinar:»n for retirement. I
Major TJMOTHV D KEL.EHER. paymaat#r. to
the Walter Reed General Hospital, District
Of Columbia.
Major CONRAD E. CQERPOOIt, tn«iilcal con>«. !
from Fort Slocum to Fort Parattl G»n«"r%l ;
H>"!>pltal. vice Major CHARLES N. B-*R- i
NEV. m»<li.-»l rnrp», to Fort ■Wa4«»rorth.
Major JOHN F. MORRIFON, G»ner*t StafT; !
Captains JAME3 JUSTICE. l?tb Infar.'r> ;
TIOBERT H. WE6TCOTT. 11th Infantr'. »n<J ;
I^AURANCB AN*OEI>. Porto Rico Re«lm«nt
of infantry, detailed for duty witn orsar.ii^d
militia of. Wlaconain at annual encampment
at Otmp Douflaa. Jv.'.y 9 to 29,
Captain WILiJAM H. PATNE. "th Ca>-alrr. to
r»«*rtiitins; a*rvic«». Fort McDow*ll.
Captain FRANK U GRAHAM. Perto Rico,
regiment of Infan'.n-. from th« Watter R»<"<l
General Hospital. Dlitrt.'t of Columbia. July
1. to home, preparatory to retlrament from
active service.
Captain WILUAM "W. HAMILTON, coast ar
tillery, to Governor** laland. examination for
Captain JOHN A. CLARK, tn»<lical corps, upon
relief rmm Fort LJecum, to *eattl«.
Captain ULYSSES G. WORRILOW (Major Fhll
ippin* S<?"utsi. from 29th to 15th lnrantrr-
Captaln FRANK 11. BURTON, from 15tH to »h
Captain DANIEL. W. HAND, quartermaster, re
li»^c-d from detail in aaarurmaater depart
ment. _
Fir« I lantaaynl "WILLIAM R. M'CLEART.
coast artiltery. to aaaum« temporary charje
'-onstruction -worfe a.t Fort Caswell, during- !
the ab«enc« on l«ave of Firtt Lteuteoant
ROBERT O. EDWARDS, coast artillery.
Th« fo;io«-ing chants In the roast amllerr
hav<> been ordered: Major ALFRED M. HUN- ;
TF.R to command Fort Barry July 1; Major
EDMUND M. BLAKE, to command Fort
Dade and artillery district of Tampa, July
1; Captain WILLIAM FORSE. from »<st!i
< "nmpany to unftesigtisd Hat: Captain HENRY
M. MERRIAM, from »th to »2A Company: ,
*H to »6th Company; Ftret Lieutensr.t
CHARLES R- ALLEY* fta»i«ti«ti to ll«th :
Company, to tak# efTe<-t Aopust 13: First!
t,i»uf«nan? CHaUNCEY L. FEN'TO*-:. *s
»irn«l to 125 th Company, to take efl>-t ,
Aujri»». 13; First Ueuteaant KARL T. i
BALDWIN, upon departure, ©f 424 Company j
from Fort Mott, report to commanding: of
ficer, artillery district of the Delaware, for
temporary duty; thence- to San Francisco, tn '
rime to take transport sailing December 5, for
Maniia. where, upon arrival, he will join hia
company at Fort Mllla. CorreKMor I«las<J.
The following Crit lieutenants, medical rea«rv«
. corps, from the Army Medical School, Wash
ington, to tb« atationa specified: WILLIAM
H. ALLEN*. Fort Plocum; GLENN 1. JONES,
Fort McDowell; MARK X). WEED. Walter
need General Hospital. District ot Colum
bla: LARRY B. M'AFEE. Army and Navy
General Hospital, Hot Springs: EDWARD
M. WELLES, Jr.. and WARD L. NA
PIER. General Hospital. Trestdlo of Saa
C. AUSTIN, to duty with Company R hos
pital corps. General Hospital. Presidio of
San rraaciseo: JOSEPH E. BASTION and
ADAM E. SCHLANSER. medical i istw
corps, to Walter R*e«l General Hospital, Dis
trlct or Columbia, for duty with Company
C hospital corps.
I Tbe following- first lieutenants, medical reserve
corps, from Army Medical School. Waanln«
ton, to the stations specified: JOSEPH CAS
and WILLIAM C. PAVIS, Fort Ethan Allen;
HOWARD A. KNOX. Fort Hancock;
H. ORUM. Madison BarracKs: WILLIAM B
CARJt. Fort Monroe: ROBERT W. HOLME 3.
Platt»burs Barracks: TAYLOR E. DARBY.
Fort McPherson; ARTHUR O. DAVIS, Fort
Ogelthorpe; HARRY R. BEERY. Fort Ben
■ iamin Harrison: JAMES R. MOUNT, Fort
Sheridan; CHARLES C. DEMMER, Fort
H ETTER. Fort Snelllnif: OWEN C. FISK,
Fort Crook; JOHN P. FLETCHER. Fort D.
Fort Dcs Molne*; JOHN A. EURKET. Fort
lllley: FLOYD KRAMER- Fort Robinson:
.TAMES 9 FOX. Fort gam Houston; JOHN"
T AYDELOTTE, Fort Sam Houston, reliev
ln« First Lieutenant ALBION M"D. COF
FERY; GEORGE W. COOK, Fort Douglas;
Next Picture of the
Tribune Series
"An American Beauty"
THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE announces that the sixth sub
ject in its distribution of beautiful hand colored Photogravures will
be ready on Monday. May 30. and may be secured after that date.
The demand for the various pictures has been unprecedented, but
THE TRIBUNE has been fortunate in securing a sufficient quan
tity of each title to supply all demands. It would be well, however,
to place orders early, for the stock on hand will rapidly diminish.
How to Secure a
Tribune Picture
coupon each day (daily and
Sunday) at the top of the Sec
ond Page. Seven coupons (6
daily and 1 Sunday), if present
ed with 10 cents at the offices
of THE TRIBUNE, will en
title the bearer to one picture.
MAILED. 2 cents additional —
12 CENTS IN ALI- — should
be sent to the main office of
Nassau street. Address "Pict
ure Dept." Coupons for any
date will be accepted for any
If you call in person for the picture, present the coupons and
10 cents at the mam oitke. No. 154 Nassau street, or to our branch
office. No. 1364 Broadway. It the picture ato I !>« mailed send
2 cents additional— l 2 cents in all—to THE NEA-YORK TRIb-
UNE. No 154 Nassau street.
It had been planned to end THE TRIBUNES distribution of hand
colored Photogravures with the sixth subject. An Amer;> Beauty,
but because of the creat demand for a landscape the seventh and final
picture will be the best of that description. The title will be announced
next Sunday. '
nfGLN to SAVE couroys TODAy
CHARLES T. aggo^yraaiy Montetey; f
CAP.I. K. lIO^MBERO »m«J BOtV.vßp D.
KREMERS. Pi SSHI» ot «SJi Ftaneins©; I
PEI.IX r. box, rort G*or*e Vrrt?6t; !
» JIc'CORNACK. Vancouver Barracks: RAUPH
A liß\*OE. Fort V.'orden; BDOAB C
JONE?. Kert Mscum. Alaska, reltavlng Cap
lain JOHN A. CUAKK. ra-£lei}eww.
First IJ*nt»nants TVIRB E. COOPER and
»erve cwrpa. frem Army M»dl«»! Reboot. |
■Washinnton: to Fort D. A. R'iy » • for duty ;
Trith Company A. hospital rorB«.
First UeuMnant GDORGB M. EDWARD?. JFf 3 -
Ical re»erve eorpa, from Artnr Me«Jcai I
St-hool. V,*asfcin?ton. to West Potnt.
First Lifutfnant ALBION MD. COFFET. medi^ j
oal r«aerv* corp». frow P«»1 Sam llawiaa
t>» Fort St. Phtllo. rlc» Fln«t IJe.ir*n»nt
f AMIBI> A. SPRINGWATER. medical rt
' aerr* corps: to h»# home. ;
First I-rutenant OOCRTI..\NDT W. PA*A E. ;
me«lir«! re*i»rv*i eorp". from Plattstmrs Ear
racks: to bis home. ;_ ''
T^ea- of abwn<-» — Captain FTtANK I. Cr.Ai
TIAM. Porto Ri'n RextrreM »<f Irfarjin-. •■•»!> j
1 t© October 21; Captafn FRANK T lIlNp.
reast artJJt«ry. June 18 to v.:fu« » Fir«t
TJeutenart Ja.MES '£. AOBOTT, Cd Caralrr. '
fifteen da;s. ,
Capriin B. B. LLOTD t» ismmer cjaferttMe :
Naval War Co! lece.
Coxroander A. IT. SCAI-K.?. rfei*. -,M Mylro- {
craphic OSce. to rommand llartf ?r>l anu j
Olympia aa4 in ch4rse shiM. Na-m >< t a'i- |
eras, vice Cominan4>r J. HOOD, tn Wasft-
Irctoo. examination for proniotSjn an>l vi.on
completion wait order*.
Lieutenant D. A. WEAVER, deta^he,! Xaval i
Aeadcmr. to Fore River Sh!pbu;M!n« Com
pany, eona'ctlcn ftttkuc cut Salmon, and
duty in •-nmrruwid titien cammhwl'Siwl.
IJeatenant C A. BL.*KELT. detached ta*
Thornton; to command th<» Mx>d»no<ia;h. j
Enslf» T A. THOMSON, istacbad tb» Dolphin; j
to navy yard. Boston, connection na^y riSe
Ensim H. J. FRENCH, placed npnn retired lia^. '
E=s!?n B. A. STRAIT, istacSM tae Porter; to
•'omrraad th« Stiin^ham.
lTnsifn TV W. M-\.TIieWSON. detached tft«,
ShabricH: to <^>o»manil the Bail»r. „
Midshipman 11. W. BOYNTON. detached com- ,
mand th* Stoc'nton; to rhe Strtnsnam. ;
Midshipman A. M R. ALLEN, detacned cea- !
tran<l the Du,Pont: to the Bailey. |
lOTiin^ movements of vessels have besn re
ported to th« Navy Department:
May 3a— Th« F!ua»ar at D^'aware Hreakwater. I
May 27— Tf>9 Dnbn«jti*> af Cristo&al: th* Pre»toa |
at Boston; th 4 I.»onidas at Charleston: th*
Paul Jones, the PrebU and th« Stewart at
Bant* Barbara. i
Ma.y 2£— Th# P.»!d at D«!awar* Breakwa- til* !
Hector at Kio d« Janetrw: th« Vestal »t
Newport; th<» Wnipple, the Hull ar-1 th*
Tru.rtun at Ban^a Cn«. the New Orleans at
May 2d— Tbe Sraltb. the Dlxi- aai the Mi«-hl«s«n
at De'awar* Breakwater: As TsssaJ *'
Bradford; the Perry at M^terr . the Eir
mlaghaxn at Hamptrn Roa4*>
May 3T— Th« R*i4 froso P»t»vtnr'«»tts'grn for I>'a- |
■B!«re Br«a>cwater: the Preston from rrov
ln«-«town for Boston.
Ma> 28 — Tte. ooilth and the Pixi* frora Pror- ,
Ineetotvn for T>»!*»are preahwater th^
Vestal frr?rn Prtrrineetofrn far N»«-vr*. the.
Perry from *an Die?-> tpr Monterey.
May 29-^-Th* Preston frem Boston for Delaware
Breakwater; th« t)'ib«Tie from CtKobal Ms j
B'.uefleiat; th« Veatal frota Newport for
Bradford; the Now Orleans from Snansba!
for Narklnr; the Prairie, from Prii'.adelpiia |
for Cristobal.
May CO— fTheeHna; from Br»m<Tton for San i
Franolsco, tha X«w Tork from Spezia for j
Th« Torktown. now at San Francisco, ordered to
Monterey, to talt« part In ceremonies in con
nection with dedication of tnonumeat to lat?
Commander Sloat, Jun« 14.
Trip of th* Prairie from Philadelphia, tn New
Orieana ard return, aa »nnounc«l in "Move
menta of vessels" list cf 2*>th inst.. has be»-n
postponed for th« ttme b»hit.
Th« Lebanon, ordered . .>mrria»i'W*s<l st nary ,
yard. Norfolk, on June IS. and aaanane* to ,
duty with Atlantic fleet, as rar«» »htp i
Th« AMrenda, place-l to service at navy jar«l. f
Norfolk. i
Many Little Offenders Supply Big Buai
ness for Children's Court.
Tn» Children's Coert had th« sec«n4 busi
est day In Its Mstorj' y<»st*r«JaT -when more
! than one hundred and fifty edaaa. were
■ l>rouajht before It. All the prisoners «M
I under sixteen years old, and rtea: «bt
hundred persons, more or less directly in
1 tereeted. crowded the din?y little building
!at Third avenue and 11th street. The
charg-es against the Jovenil© offenders mi
i eluded pocket picking, illet%l entry, throw
< ing atones, rowdyism In the aass^MQr and
elevated trains and tall playin? in the
i One of the more serious cases considered
! was that of Lewis Mlddleton. a ne^ro boy.
! fifteen rears old. of No. SO West 4tst street,
! who had been arrested for taking *> cents
: from a ten-year-old newsboy. Justice Hoyt
I sent the younc»ter to tbe 7lot:se of Refuee.
' Eleven Italian youths were al^o arraigned
! on the charse of having- created a disturb
artc* on a Broadway express train •■ Mon
day ni^ht. They were severely lectured by
the justice and fined $3 each.
A froe dental clinic for public school chil
dren has just been opened at So. 44. 1 East
last street, through the genpro»!ty of Mag
istrate Peter F. Barlow and Ms friends.
The need of denta! treatment for children
too poor to pay for it was called to the
attention of Magistrate Barlow by Miss
Marjorie Clark, a nurse attached to tha
airlsion of child hygiene of the Board of
Health, and by Dr. S. Josephine Baker,
chief of the division of child hyffien*. In
side of ten days -noujh moner %aa re
ceived to assure the maintenance of such
a clinic in Harlem, the expanse of which
will be about «.<»> a year.
Pictures Now Ready
Ut— Baby Stuart
— The Storm
3<j — The Breakers
4th — Mother and Child
sth— The Holy Family
6th— American Beauty
"An American Beauty" is a
head oi a typical American rid
an aboriginal maiden. T he
subject is one that will contrast
well with the titles that have
already been announced. Ar
tists and art critics believe "An
American Beauty" will form
one of the most popular of
THE TRIBUNES 3ub;e:: s .
Rsm3rK3bi6 D'scov6'*> Anne
edby Chrcagc °~
Uses Magnesium Couplers ia
Place of Sewing Expects
Great Resets.
C&leaso. May —Vr Victor D. Le«
pinasse. of the Northwestern TJiUverstt/
Medical Sc(to«i. told an »mm cadisnee ot
pbyxlctans y«aßS»#sj| tnat h« had di*«;o^
ervd a surgical SMtM which rr.igiit <ka mu«.a
to save life and modify suJTertn;. In «•
broad mm* he said that it wa.» • success
ful method of reuniting bluotl veaaelsi ami
arteries an<l rtghtirg arterial dsSMssas.
T^♦■ doctor caused »r»i do?a to M
brought forth for Inapectioa. Cacs ww
assaal as an example of a peculiar opera
tion. The liver- liad b€«n" removed and ra
uniied to some of th« do^«. L«S3 ha<f ft«BS
cut off and rearafted to others.
T - secret. Dr. I.ibblbsssi •xr»aJ»c,: con
slated 'n Mi successful r*unitmaj of fevered
H^r»tofore Dr. I.esptria**^ says, physt
cians have been forced to resort to sewins
tt> obtain the end desired. The stitchtns
method was asiaajeveasful. because It t«9
often reaul:e«l in th« formation *f asaa**
clots, the constriction of the rtaatsj or the
»riUr««npnt and breaklna; o« them.
Tor five rears Dr. Lettpmaus a»'.. tr»
fin'l a suostltuts for tae needle and tftreaxt.
AVhat as claimed to be the solution con
sists of the use of ring 3 of masneslurn.
The severed vessels -.. joined br tll«JS*
rings or i-t»'jplers. Macne3ium la u?ed b»
cau«e it readily dissolves tchen th« com
plete union of tte severed ends ©f th-*
»rterirs ha» taVrn place.
Youth Named by Fifteen -Year-
Old Caught in Odd Way.
\Vhen DtlMdi • rx»rmoty was paaainf by
the corner of Mai iouga.l and Kfnaj street-*
on Mon<ia' ntght h« »* a y«ur gtrt
bendin? over a yo^ne ma- who wj« \y\ns
tn the urutter. TTie Injured man saM h* had
been set upon by thre# -^najers. wtio h**i
robbed him cf VZ. Me was arrests*!, a-> 4
then th« gi' started to rnn aw^v. 9hm W
soon .-aualit, and whllo D»rrnotr waa QTzea
tionfn? h»r Mr« L/>ulsal Trlpsagssa. of No.
IS Downlnff street, i-am* ':p aid aaltf tl»»
girl was her danshrer Mir'-. f.ftesn raar*
old. who had been misstrs; from home sine*
Ufary told th<9 detective that h*r com
pardon was Lorenzo Bem*<!W!<r fxenfr
two y^ars "i'l. of Sf. TOT Hi«*-k3 straat.
Brooklyn. • She said she had <^»nf!d*«J sa
him that fc*r mo'her kept S» nnd*r h*r
pftlow. «n<J that Lorenzo ha<l persiiaded &R
to steal M and run away with him. t«
renzo. according 1 M th* |W sterr. *•*
showing her "how to mak? som* mwsay"
on the streets -when thr*e taen. wtunn Tilarr
accosted aceordln? Tv nis tnstructlan*, •!»
tacked him.
Tn tfc« Jefferson Marlcst c«arf yesterfl^y
Jlaristrate Kernocrjan placed Mar" ta fs>»
oharg^ of the children's society *n<l ri»M
Berna«Jello In 13.0W Tsail for trtaT.
IV pt»>fA>'cs or AN OBDaTi* or nON.
\baer < '• Thomas, a. Surro^af* ot tti« Const
of' New Tor Not»c« l» her«Sy rlv«a t» al
saiaona havinip claltna ajaisrt EU-a St Pike.
'ai« of the Counrr of New T^rlc. deceawtJ,. In
r*e«ent t^# mki« «tth voucher* immrmm to
ti>m «ii&9cnb«r. at her pUc- ef transactmr
<-uain<»». fie sole* «f G'lthrie. Ban<s A Va^
i;r?Aer-n No. 44 "CTall Str«-f. m tn* City of
N " #w Tork. on or be£or» th* 24th day ef Ji r
r> t at»d New Tor». th» I3t*i <i«r of January.
IS 10 ''--»
torner* for Executrix. *« Wai! #tra#*.
Xew Tork Ctry. ,
* \bner C. Thomas, a Surr-igratfi of fh« Cour.:r
ot' New York, notice • hereby s»v»n '* *'l
oe:r»oi!» havtns claims •*atn«t Charles Mara<-.
late of th<? County of New Torte. le»-«aa«<I. t »
present the- aame with voucher* thereof t»
the subscriber, at her plac* of tranmettns;
business, at the .•>*■ of Pratt. KiWll *
Tlunsf 11 No. 47 Cedar «•-•■ in th« Clry «f
Stw Tork. on or before ta« 23rd «lay or Sep
tember next.
Dated New York, tha HtM day of March.
Pratt. Koehler & Rusasll. Artonsers for Ex
•<-utrix. No. 47 Cedar sTtrajat. Boroaja of
Manhattan. City of New Tork.
Abn«r C Tt.orr>*». * Surro^at* of th« Couat-r
o* N%--. Tork, Notica is hereby *'■■ JBI '•-> ail
persons having 'iaitns ajratnat JAMCS WTLi>.
lit- of th*» County of Ncr» Yorlt. <t«c«as«(l. t<+
present th« <<aTce with vouchers thereof to tb
sub'^cribeT. at his place of trangactJny ftnsisw*
at the offlce of •urdy * TanJ. No fMt Broad
war. tn the City of N«w York, en cr befara tti»
10th day of I>cetnb*r nert.
Dated New York, the J»th dar <»f Jtar. t*H>.
M'CT"RI>Y & TARD. Attorneys tnr Execnrw.
f>\ Broadway. nni'tnajti of Xanhacao. N«w
Tor* Ctty. _ -»..--
Abr.er C. ThomM. a Surrogate ol th« Crmnz-r
' nf y*vr Tork. notic>* la hereby iftv-n tn a"!
I persons havinff iim* aj.*lrnt n::^»n» NaMT.
! deceased, tate of th» County of N«w York. M
' present •" - »3T- with voucher* thereof to th»
j aubscrlhern. at their p!ac<» of tranaactlns t>u»>
: nea« at th" offlce of WhttrtcJiT*. But>r * R!«"».
Xo. C 9 Wai! Street, in Th- C!tr of New T-t*.
j on or before fh<» first day of December aiaai.
Dated N»w York, the 25tS day of May. 1910.
TON. Execatnm.
I WHITBiroE. BUTLETt * RICE. Att«ra*y»
for Ex«?cuTora. 3» Wai! •tract, X 1
Abner C. Thomas, a -■iurro^a.t^ of ta» County
of New Tork. notice '* hereby a-tren to •;■
r«r«or.j bavin? e'.miTZ.* *«a!nat AanNk H«aw»i!
*tebbtns. lata of the Couasy of New Tark. «•
c*»ased. ta present th* »am*. with voucher*
thereof, to the sabucrtber. •• his pl».-» of
transacting business. No. 12S Brnadwav. Man
hattan Borough. In th» riry of -•w York, wi
or befor* lh«» f.nt day of D»«m»#r n**t.
Dated N-« Tor* th» 14th da» of May. 19t(X
Abner C Thorns.*, a Surrosa> of th« Count--'
!of New T.ttl notice Is hereby SJren to at! jy*r
■ons bavins; .-laims air.Unst \:»xi. 1 i«*r McTJonalct.
la»o of tho «-.->unty of New York. l»c»«J«il. f-»
I pr«aent the aam- with, voneher* thereof t<» th«
s»jtseriber. at hk) place of transacting bnrtn**?.
Ne. H» Broa-Iwaj. in in* «f N«w Tork. «
I er b«fcr« th* ntaeti^enf h <la» of NovemSer nn*
' P«t«d N«w York. th# s*r«nt<Mr.th <lav *f May.
131' V CDStt NO K. 9iTAt.L4>. AdS>inlaU^t«r.
tif New T.>rk.— JXary A. U*D<mi. putat'ff
Kmm» ST. tJnajllaai »n>l Isaac . ir»l«if»--j. £>*-
feMaata.— #aeaa*eaa Tri»i <wtr*i tr» ?*•■*■
Torlc County. — T^ th» ak«v» nam#4 <i«f*n3
ants: Tou are hereby ntimrn*n»<t «o an**<»
fh« .'<»nipia:- tn this action, mn,* •■» «^r<* a
or-v «f your answer «n t:-.- • amtif? «ttern#«
within tw»nty <l«ya aft*r the a»rvlr» cf th»«
•ummona. e»c!uatf<» «f th» day «f »«rv|<*»: «ni
tn «am «f your fai!«ra to sspcar, «r •-<•-«•*-.
ju4«m«nt wiil b* tak*n a«slnat • o-i »>r e>na>t
to* th« r«li*f .i--^»n-'.- tn th« cotnptalnt.
Dated. ilarc?» 29. l^ift
PUlntifTs Attorn**.
Oftr" »f»' Teutonic* Ad'lriw. 134 TZiU»»il
Str»»t. ManliattaD Boroush. M«w Turk Cltr.
!C Y.
T<> Isaac «T«!db#r«: Th* f«»r»<nisar •urntnon*
I, aarved upon you '•:' pub!t<'»tlon. puravan: to
an ortler of Hon. Edwani H. \V"Ulta»r. Ju«ti<--»
of thf Jmpremfl Court of Kt»rc of X*w Yr>r-«.
New York •'ounty. datM th« 10th .*;■ of Ma
1910, an<s filed the same day in th» Of3t«» "f
th« Clerk of N>w York County, at ?>•* T«rli
County Court House, in Manhattan Doroush.
N«w lorS City. nOCERT J. MAIION.
Plaintiff** Attorn^T.
X 34 M»«'i Street. Manhattan Bor<>ua New
Ttrk City.
i.r:i C. Caiiaaa 1 PiatntiiT. aap'.nat Hn%«rt U
CatUaa r«f«mlaat.— Summtma.— To tho abov»
aaaaed P»ftiiaatit: You ar» h<»n»h» nimmanl to
answer t*io complaint in t.*sl» action, and «> aar**
m copy of »>ur aaswrr jn ■>.■■ PljilßttJTs Attor
ney wlthm twenty daya after th» aervtoe of iMat
suamona. «jtclu*lv« •* thn day ot aenrfe.*. and
Ui cut of your failur* to wdv. or tonnr.
Juilsment win N> taken a«aiMt yoa by lalfcali.
for tn* r»i:«f ilwminl la tt>« eeaaaaeaat.
t)a.t«Kl Vprtl Wth. lUIO.
CH^KUES Si ARONSTASI. PlaintifTa Attomrr.
OCem and I'oar cm* AtWwois. .<»©. 215 Mo»
imau* atr^t. Brookljn. N T
To I'obert I- Cutting: TH« forecoSn^r airmmoiw
la arnrad ov«n you by publication. p«T*i»nt i<»
aja *»rcl«r ew Honorable Jasn»» A. rrancharit. -
ii--.ti,-» of th» SupnsnM* Court of th«» -■«■■ f>;
taTHk. <kat-d the a*»h day «f April. 1!tt».
ati'i HIM with th# rtmipUlnt in t«e oCI-,-9 «»f th«
rirrk „ l th« County *»> X* 1 " > ••»■.
■• ARO>?TAaL
Offlc<» an<l T?*»r Offlc* .*<Mrefs. ils Montasu*
j5t T »,^. ftrook!vn. N. T.
VICTOR VISIBLE, VJ Kama St.: e»UiV5«n«
*»»•■ all TBa'sTa *»*««n part pavnt?i»»: b<r?*:s»
la L'adarwcsdJ. Baanastvaa. OUvwe, SmitiA.

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