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Property, Which Was Owned by the Heyman Estate, To Be Im
proved with a Big Loft Structure.
A fair volume of business v.-as transacted I
yesterday in the real estate market.
* One of the principal transactions reported
was the rale by Nathan IVilson for the
Samuel Herman estate of the four story
building No. 13 Wort 2T.d street, on a lot
22x1(0 feet. This is the first sale of the
property In about fifty years. The buyer
will erect on the site a ten story loft build
An investor bought the Qu'idnet. an eight
ftory apartment house. No. 526 West U3th
ftreet. through Thomas J. O'Reilly, from
the Ohamplin Realty Company. The prop
erty was held at JCSO.aH The house is on
plot ToxlOOx irregular-
An important Bronx deal ••« the sale of
the triangular block bounded by West
Farms Road. Home street and Bryant ave
nue, to a builder, who will erect two five
etory apartment houses on the site.
Th- M'chan Cor.struction Company Fold
to an investor Nos. 220, 2ZL, 92*. -"■• —'•
532. 333 and &!6 Tiffany street, eight four
■sjarjr houses, two families on a floor, being
the remaining unsold of ■■ row of tea
houses recently completed by the eotnaaoy.
Thrse houses are located in the rapidly de
veloping Hunt's Point sH-ction, 'and the sale
affords an excellent instance of the cager
nrss with which investors are taking over
completed houses in that section. The bro
ker was Abraham Welnstein.
The Hoguet estate was yesterday report
ed to have sold its lar^re holdings lying to
the west of the New York Central Railroad
tracks and extending to the Hudson River,
between :41st and H3d streets. The prop
erty has an average width of about 200 feet
and carries with it riparian rights.
The Now York Centra! Railroad is making
extensive additions to its real estate hold- •
ing^ along the river at this point, with a
view to increasing its trackage and to
luilding docks, and last week acquired 200.
feet of frontage at the foot of Went 139 th"
Ctreet. About two years ago the company
bought the Edward H. Landon property,
between ••"■■ streets, on the
river front.
Bryan L. Kennelly -will Fell to-day at
absolute auction 175 lots for the Lewis
Gouverneur Morris estate, at Morris
Heights. The lots front on Aqueduct. Tre
niorit. Sedgwick. Andrews, Cedar and Mor
ris avenues and 176 th, 177 th and 179 th
The sale •will be h^ld at the Exchange
s.-Jesroom. No. 14 Vesey street, at 11 o'clock.
This sale has been advertised very exten
sively. The property has been in the Mor
ris family for the last two hundred years
Bnl if to be rid i y order of the New York
Life Insurance and Trust Company, as
trustee, and the Morris heirs.
Joseph r. Day will sell at the Exchange
salesroom to-day seven three story duplex
apartment houses on the Park Slope,
Brooklyn. They are situated in &th street.
t,* twe< = n Prospect Park West and Eighth
avenue, on lots 20x100 feet. This section is
ripe for a good investment, and City Hall.
Manhattan, is only twenty minutes away.
Plans have been Bled for making altera
tions to the five story store and lofts at
the northwest comer nt Sixth avenue and
13th street by adding new fire escapes, new
heating apparatus, putting in a new en
trance in Sixth avenue in place" of window,
new stairway and new skylight, for the
Rhinelander Real Estate Company, at a
cost of $10,000. Clinton & Russell are the
Eugene Hiitam. architect, has filed plans
for making over the four story restaurant
at No. 2128 Broadway into stores and apart
ments by removing the stonework at the
first story and removing- the front part of
th» second story and lowering it to fnrm a
mezzanine rhow window, and removing the
north elevator and part of the- stairs be
tween the sfecond and third floors, at a cost
of $13,000. Hubert &. Stern are the owners.
A $700,000 BAYSIDE DEAL.
Draper F '"- '-. real estate operators
of New York and Boston, have bam 2T;S
acres of land at Bayside. L«ong Island,
from the Roy. O»orp« Eccles.and John H.
Taylor. The price received for the prop
erty is said to have been ='-■■■-« It is
said that the purchasers will spend more
than C/aV'.'W In th« development of th
tract along high class lines, somewhat simi
lar to Tuxedo Park. The property is near
Uttle Neck Bay, pnd adjoins the Oakland
Golf Cluo. The Oakland Golf Club prop
erty is not Included in the sale. The mem
bers hold the club grounds under ■ long
lease. The Eccles property consists of
about sixteen acres, and the Taylor prop
erty Involves about two hundred acres rua-
Eir.ff down to Little Neck Creek.
George F. Crane is the buyer of No. B3
East 72q sTeet. sold recently by Bias; &
Th« Franmor Realty Company is the
buyer of ICos. 26 and 25S Seventh avenue.
adjoining the southwest corner of ■ l:;
street, sold recently by Mary A. O. lie-
Lochlin. The company already owns No.
US to 25* Seventh avenue. No. 207 to 217
Vest 24th street and No. m to an "West
:sth street. Solomon G. Rosenbaum, presi
ded of the company, recently purchased
the southwest corner of Seventh avenue
and 2Cth street.
The third annual convention of the Na
tonal Association of Real Estate Ex
change* will be held in Minneapolis on
June it 36 and IT. The Minneapolis Real
rotate Board, an associate member of the
Heal Estate Board of Brokers, is making
■elaborate preparations io entertain the
George W. Bard conducted a successful
auction sale on Saturday of forty-nine
building lots in the Fleet wood addition
to Chester Hill. Mount v. ra m. for a total
of $3G.€73. This, together vita Mr. Bard's
Memorial Day sales, makes a total of
550.0.0 worth of ; r<'i'<--rty auctioned during
IBM week in that section of Mount Vernon.
GETS $300,000 LOAN.
Th«" Alliance Construction Company, J. J-
Schwartz, president, has accepted a first
jr.ortgap* of $300,000 for five years from an
estate on the proj>erty Not.. 15 and 17 East
JCd su-eet. between Madison and Fifth ave
lisa Charles P. Noyes company has me '
cuied on the twelve story office building at
Nca. S5 and S7 liberty street a loan of
S2&.O00. a.t 41* per oeut, fsoin savings
bank. Tl:e Nojt-s company recently traded
ll.is property for Bpeacer Arms, a twelve
story apartment house at the southeast
corner of Onh street and Broadway.
p. 7. *CesMt &. Co. have obtained from
j»: .. H. Crvikaisßsjft the general contract
for the new elglit istory loft building to be
erected on the southeast corner of Morton
and Orc^nu-ich Etreetß. Tills I BfMlnc t\1!1
l»« occupied by the General Electric Com
pany *-heu finished.
The Barrett «»state has aold through Cor
. sellus G. Kolff to Captain G. I. For*ythe
a plot, .V'\l. feet, nn the easterly Fide "
Bement «venu«, near the Richmond Ter
race. Weft New Erlghton. Staten Island.
Jacob KaU hat been appointed receiver
cf the rents of Xo. 4;J West lJlst street
•' five story tenement houte. by Justice
Amend, of the Supreme Court, in an ac
tion brought by Alphonse Hopenauer and
others against Adam Schumann and others
to foreclose a second mortgage of $6.00)
made on May I, tJW. The prior mortise
i.» J14.000.
Will Be Erected for Gimbel Brothers, in
Park Avenue, Near 182 d Street.
Ttichtmyer & Irving have- leased for An
pust Sohwarzler for a long term a plot,
4SsJ79 feet, on the easterly side of Park
avenue.. 100 feet north of ISM street. On
the site will be erected a buildinp which
•will be used by Gimbel Brothers as a Bronx
Charles A. Mjentnal ft Son have leaped
for a term of years the Fix story building
No. ISM Washington avenue. The Bronx,
for Joseph G. Abramson. at an aggregate
rental of Etf.ow.
Frederick Fox & Co. have leased to Louis
Wolf & <"■'.. toy importers, tile second loft,
containing 22 00 square feet, In the Ameri
can Woollen Company buildine, now in
course of construction, at Fourth avenue
and ISth street. The lease Is for an agxre
pate rental of about $75,000.
The Duress Company has leased the store
at No. 303 Seventh avenue to the United
• ••car Store? Company, and to Romaino
Velez offices in No. 127 Franklin street.
The McVickar, Galilard Realty Company
has leased the store at No. 8 East 46th
street to the Mac Donald Galleries.
Boowber ft Smith have boM for Mr?.
Emily I* I^andon, a three story Queen Anne
cotage and grounds. No. EM Palisade ave
nue. Yonkers. 45x125 ffet.
D. B. Keeler. jr.. has sold for the estate
of J. Hobart Herri** a cottage fronting on
the ocean at Ifonmouth Beach, N. J-. to
Caroline F. Wagenhals.
W. H. Malcolm has bought from the
baton estate, through I. & G. Wright,
th« southwest corner of Battle avenue and
Smith street. White Plains, having front
ages of 134 and 233 feet, respectively.
Clinton B. Nichols has sold the dwelling
en plot 74x125 feet on Broadway at the
foot of Bowne avenue. Flushing, to Mrs.
James R. Willets. of Manhasset, who will
occupy it.
AMSTERDAM AVENUE— Aaron Goodman sold
the plot. 100x35 feet, at the|nort.hwest comer or
Amsterdam avenue and 13M street. The buyer
will erect an apartment boose.
WEST END AVENUE— Mrs. Reward J. Whit-
Bker bought from Arthur H. Uevoe No. 443 \\ est
Vn<i avenue, a three story high stoop dwelling
house on a lot 2<-H<s« feet. Mrs. \Vh;t,tker re
cently sold No. 467 Weal End avenue.
WE=T END AVENUE— John Dwyer sold No.
764 West End avenue, a three story and base
ment dwelling bouse on a lot IM>S» feet, be
tween 97th and £tb streets
lEil? STREET — Nathan Wilson sold for Samuel
Hoyman the four story building. No. 15S West
2od street, on a lot 23x100 feet, to a client, who
■will erect ■ ten story loft building on-the site.
The property was held at. (100,000
C' TH STREET— Burke sold for a client
of th.- Duroaa Company Nob. 136 and 1M West
9>th street, two four story dwelling houees. on
a plot 33x1 on. li feet. Julius &tellhelmer ac
quired the property last January, together •with
No. 116 to 1 **', in the same block, from Schina-sl
113 TH STREET— Thomas J. O'Reilly sold for
the Charnplin Realty Company (Harry B. Mul
lik»n, president), the Quidnet, No. 526 West
113 th etrf-et. an eipht story apartment house, on
a plot 75x100x Irregular. The asking price was
$2**o/nW>. The buyer is a Southerner who has
purchased th» house for investment.
PROAPWAT — & McCioskpy sold for
Frank G-unther a lot. 25x100 feet, on the west
tUhs of Broadway, 47 feet south of Mosholu
avenue, opposite Van Cortlandt Park, to Fred
erick Zihf-iin.
IfAIUfION AVENUE— Potter ft Bro. sold to
a Mr. Cook the northwest corner of Marnilon
imm and Elsmere Place, a lot 25x100 feet.
OLINVIL.L.E A\-EXUE- Hugo Waist sold tor
a Mr. Thompson the lot 25xl<>» feet on the west
Bide of Olinville avenue. 75 feet south of 216tb
TIFFAKT STREET— Meehan Construc
tion ■■.:■•■ sold N'oa MO. '.'2l. R24, 025, »29,
92.2. 933 and 836 Tiffany street, eight four 6tory
liousps. This disr»fses of the row of ten two
family houses erected by the company at this
FAIUE STREET— Charles H. Fri<vsrich sold
for a lent the. northwest corner of KaJle street
a:id GilirfTt l'lace. a lot 25x100 feet, to the Jeaaa
M Samilscn Realty and Construction Company.
■which will erf-ct a four? story flathouse.
WEST FARMS ROAD— Richard C- Daniel sold
a parcel fronting "M ■•■•• on West Farms Road,
ll'i'.fl feet on Home street and 157.7 feet on
Bryant avenue to a bulkier, who Is having plans
drawn by Nash & Springsteen for the. Improve
ment of the h!rv-k with two five story apartment
houses of a <srslfrn which will provide the houses
with all outside rooms.
The auction sales held yesterday at the
Real Estate Exchange salesroom. Nos. 14
and M Vesey street, resulted as follows:
By Joseph P. Day.
STII ST. M. n ». .V,4 r, ft w of 6th aye. Sfa
93.11; vacant; M E Jacobson ast Jar-ob Bern-
Ftein et al; Wells & 8. attys; E II Boyle. r«sf;
8-- ■".-•. E3.54817 t.i\..-. etc $7*3 17; sub to a
■Its of |l!s.000: adjourned to June 27.
Sy Daniel Qreenwald.
ST YAWRKNCE AYE. 1223, Van Nest; R J
Culane ; -• Conrad kofink; A 1. Carter atty;
sh^rlfTs tale of all ri^ht. title, etc. which de
fendant had on March 30. l'.tlO, or 6ince; ad
journed to June 21.
The auction offerings to-day will be a
At 11 a. in.
By Bryan '. Kennelly.
175 T/>TS on Aqueduct. Pedicwick, Andrews,
Trtnjont, Cedar and Morris ayes, bet 176 th and
17'.'U; sts.
At noon.
By Joseph I. Day.
ST!I ST. .V) 2. .'<•;. BOS. ML. BM, 520 and .124.
I • a of Mli aye. Brooklyn, 17.6 and 20xl0u
ea/h; seven 3 Ety dn^, vol sale.
127 TH ST. 74. 8 ■-. 127.6 ft w of Park are.
J2.«x90.11; I Ftv dwr; C C Jacobs apt ]•" I'arks;
R X Jacobs, atty: B W Holman, ref; amt due,
$321»8t«; taxes, etc. $271 'M. sub to two pxior
mtps. aggregating J5.500.
6TH AYE. 21S.'. «> s. .V) ft « of 134 th St.
24.11x75: 5 sty tenmt and rtoie- S D Prlngie
an l>a\:«> I>evy et al: Chalmers Wood, atty; A
I- Everett, ref. amt due, $22,256 89; taxes, etc.
$1,400. '
I43r> ST. 241. D s. 425 ft c of Rth aye. 25r
HP. 11. S sty tenmt: B G Bernhelmer. extrx. et al
agt Joseph Newmarketk et al: Sigmund Weehsler,
atty; M S Bevins. ref; amt due, $27,624 85;
tajtes. etc. |8M 97.
11T > AYE. US. n c cor lf>th st. 25x105. lease
hold. 5 ety tenmt and Bt ire; Samuel Williams et
al agt Morris EMusaacfa et al; Krakower &
Peters. aJtys; «- .illn W Mcl^ellan, ref amt due.
$2" 74! 77, taxes, etc. $2,0<»0.
IB9TH ST. * s, Mock front, between Hughes
and Hr-lmont ayes. I7BzM0; three, four and two
S sty tenmt*; G M Krakower act t'le East lSUth
Vtio»>t Ruildlng: and Construction Co et hI ;
Krakwer & P. at i ye; X }i York, ref; amt due.
524.010 hfc.
By Herbert A. Sherman.
r.T7I \' ■■}:. 2040. i w cor 12fllh st. 20 lOxR-'.. 4
sty dwg; Ge>ir<w Waddlngton. trustee etc. agt T-3
<; Painter «i al Robinson, I: & B. attys; R H
Ciarke. if. amt Oue, $;w.MI 4y taxes, etc, $6T>O.
By Daniel GreenwaJd.
r«CTII S.T. 20fi. ■> a. 1173 ft w of Amsterdam
avo, 27x100.*i. 5 sty tenmt: Sheriffs sale of all
right, title, et". which M T> Cunningham had on
30, 1910, or since; S A Blncenaan, atty.
(With came and addrers of lessee.)
AVG a. 1313, «lore; Gem Bealtr Co to Peter
J Molloy; 6 yrs from May 1. H»lu. Jl.2i«J; ad
dress. 1313 Ay.- A.
DIVISION ST. SI. e»*t lower store and east
upper store; J>ui s Adelana to .-am Kishmaii: 3
yea from May l. ltl«; J!.h«i ; nd.ire.>*. 61 Di
vision st.
tVOOSTEn FT. lift and lit. c »nd b; John E
Olson Jlc*lty Co to Bertha I 'ix. doing business
as i.ix a Co; 8 yrs from Fab 1. Mil; •*«»;
address. IS] Prince at.
SSTB ST. 2.T0 Bast, ■ and h; Ntnfa a Capae*
to Oaterina. Plcso and m:'>. .'I >r from Sept 1.
1910; *".4" Illlliaai Mi BaM 29th st.
ROTH ST. 41 Weal l.'.ii""''. the lot; the trus
tees of Columbia •. -liege to Alice C rtaa.; 21 >rs
from Aujr I. tsM) with option of renewal; $1.-
S3O; Iresa, 4: West f<oih <-t.
fWltk name and address of purchaser
AMSTERDAM AYE. 1270. 27x100; 5 at* hrk:
■William Eb-llnir et al to George Bu<-kmanri iWg
tXXJBOOt: June 6. $100: address. 2S.V> Broadway.
BROADWAY. 194, 24 3xl«2x lrreg; 5 aty brk;
Cr-rAra.l Trust Company if New York to the
Ctilds Co. a corporation. May 1; $50.0«». ad
dress. 42 East lei *t.
EDGECOMDE AM l«0 25s7Ci; H Nelson
McLernon to Nathan A Metzger; June. 4; $100;
address. 394 4th aye.
GREENWICH ST. 310. if,.6y.P4.1x trreg. gore;
6 sty brk; Greenwich at. 312 to 316, 84.9x*>.1x
lrreg: 4 sty brk; L^wls A Mitchell to L. Napoleon
Levy; all "liens; June 1; $1; address, 27 Pine et.
LEXINGTON AYE, n c cor 76th st. 17.2x70:
Richard L, Walsh to the Fathers of the Blessed
Sacrament; May 29; $1, address. IW East
76th st.
ST NICHOLAS AVK. « * cor l&Oth st. 100x100;
Emmanuel M Krulewltch to E M X Construc
tion Co (mtg $200,000); May 27; $100; address.
IMS 7th aye.
2D AYE. w P. :.".R ft s of ?!>th st, 25x"r>:
Guaranty Trust Co. eir. ate to Isidore A Wolf
heim (mtp- 118.000); May 16; $21,300; address,
MB East 79th st.
7TH AYE, 258 and 258. 42.10x75.2. 4 sty brk:
Mary A G McLochlln to Hanr.a Schwab; June
6; |1; address. 310 West 92d St.
7TH AYE. 260. 24.nx75..1. 4 sty brk: Augusta
Polifeme to Isaac Gaus (rate $42.C»iK.i). May 25;
$100; address. 522 West 181 st Ft.
7TII AYE. 246. 21.6x78.2. 4 Sty brk: Louis
Massuccl to Samuel Levinson (rr.tg $15,000); June
4; $100; address. iV) West Broadway.
I«TH ST. 9 and 11 East. 50x92. 7 sty brk:
Bmanuel F Ullmann to Qylmann Realty Co
(mtg $140,000); May 28; $100; address. 20 West
20th st.
MTU ST. 23 West 25x02. 5 sty brk; 20th st.
2." West, 2Tix'.»2. 4 sty brk; Emanuei S T'llmann
to Glymann Realty Co mite $90,000); May 28;
$100; address. 20 West 20th st.
25TH ST. n s. 119 2 ft c of 7th aye, 74.7xM.0s
irr. Louise M Stevens to Junction Realty Co
imts $125,000); May 16; $100; address 1 West
34th st.
3STH ST. 107 Bast, 2.">x»S.o. 2 sty brk: James
xv McLane to Guy R McLane; June 6; $100;
address, 51 West SSth st.
46TH ST. OS to OB West, ,r«n.2x100.5;, r «n.2x100.5; 4 sty
brk; Patrick .1 McMahon to Helentta Realty
Co (mte $1O0.»»o0); June 6 12 deeds); $1; ad
dress. 277 Broadway.
49TH ST. ■"'"• Bast. 20x100.5; 4 sty brk:
Emma W H Conn, to New fork State Realty
and Terminal Co; May 31; $1; address. 301
Grand Central.
BOTH ST. s a. r.s ft c. of 2d aye. 1«.6x50:
Erneft Beatna to Ida S Rodman and Charles
and Emma Beat us; b and s; April SO; $1;
address, 306 Baal BOth it
.".4TH ST. 14S East. 19x100.5; 4 sty brk:
Bertha Sobel, admx, to John H N'aughton
imtg $4. 0hi0: Jun« 6; $17,100; address, 153
East BSd st.
BSTH ST. 11.*. West, 16.7x100.5: 4 sty brk:
Barney Estate Co to Alfred S Taylor; June 6;
$H"; addreaa, 152 West .".7th Et.
01 st ST. s b. 202 ft c of Columbus five, 20x
100.8; Elizabeth Myers to Susanna .'i Atkinson;
June 2.".. 11M6; $150; address, 64 West '.Hst st.
!<IST ST, 56 West. 20x100.8: 4 sty brk: Ell
M Cohen to Morris F Hochatadter <mtg
$21,000); June, 2; $1; address, 19 Liberty st.
NTH ST. 120 ft w of West End a.ye. ~'x
100.11; Bar kin Construction Co to Jacobs Con
struction Co <mt»c $86,000): June 1; $1; ad
dress, "-'.'"l Bowery.
115 TH ST. ■ R. 132.6 ft c of Ist aye, IR.J>X
100.10; Adelo R Rubenstrin to Susan Rubenste'.n:
1-3 part; all liens; April 15; $10O; address, 116
Nassau V
116 TH ST. 127 Bast. 16.8x100.11. 3 sty brk:
Edwin H Griffin to Arthur Jones; June 1, $100;
address. 211 West 67th st.
ICIBT ST, 869 West, 15.11x99.1t, 4 sty brk;
Ralph L Crow to James F McLaughlin; 1-8 pan;
June 2: $ion.
SAME PROPERTY; Clinton W Crow to same;
1-3 part; June 2, $100.
SAME PROPERTY: Grace W Crow to same-.
1-3 part; June 1; $5,050; address, 15 West 102 d
ARTHUR AYE. c f. 86 ft n of 188 th st. 2."x
81. 6 x irreg; Wolf Borland to Michael A Pefeo
<mtg $2,000); June 4. $100; address. 594 Broad
BELMONT AYE. I <» cor Jacob ft. 70x100;
Wolf Burland to Michael A I>feo (mtg $6,000);
June 4; $100: address, 51*4 Broadway.
clay AVB, 1252. s s. 40.3x50; wratam V
Webb to Louis Ganzenmuller <mtg- $21,000); ail
liens: June 6: $100; address, MB Park aye.
LOTS 26 and 27, revised map Senega Park;
Israel Boknrits to Melroce Realty Co; q c; May
2, $1; address, 2775 Webster aye.
LOT 91. map Hunter estate. The Bronx; Hud
yon P Rose Co to Walter F Shea; May 18; $1;
address. 367 West 123 d st.
LOT SOO, map Lohhauer Park. The Bronx;
Charles Essenwenger to Mary Essenwenger (mtg
$5001; May 18; $150; address. 828 East Is4th it.
LOT 2«3 to 270. map Lohbauer Park; Sidney
B Hlckox to Frank Gass (mtg J93&); $100; ad
dress, 2215 Westcheeter aye.
SUMMIT AYE, n .=. ISO ft a of Anthony aye.
25x100; Maxwell Davidson to George H Phil
lips: June 6; $4,000; address, 432 Central Park
&TH ST. ■ s. IOC ft * of Aye D. 100x10.8.
Unionport; Richard Sullivan to Martin. Lynch
(mtg $1.50Q»; June 3, $100; address, 2110 Sth
9TH ST. s s. 105 ft S of Aye D. 60x108,
Unionport; 9th st, 180 ft c of Av 9 D. 25x108,
Unionport; Martin Lynch to Charles E I'ever
mann; Juno 4; $100; address, 2040 Blackrock aye.
134 TH ST. s 8. 418.4 ft c of Willis aye. lS.4x
100; Horace E Uemlng to William H Macy et al.
: -exrs; June 3; $8,000; address, 68 Broad St.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5 per cent unless otherwise stated.
BROADWAY. 194 and 196. 46x— ; 5 sty brk:
May 1; 5 yrs, 4*6 per cent; Childs Co (a corpora
tion) to Centra) Trust Co of New York; $850,000;
attorneys. Joline, Larkin & Rathbone. 64 Wall Bt.
CONVENT AYE. s c cor 149 th st. 99.11x100
(prior mtg $165,000): May 27; 3 yrs, <5 per cent;
i. M X Construction Co to Emmanuel M Krule
witch; $30,000; attorney, Jacob Harris, 25 Broad
FRONT ST, 263, 21. 6 x lrreg; 5 sty brk (prior
mt* $10,000): June t; ; due May 1. 1911. 6 per
cent; Sara G Hackee to Timothy F Paddell;
$2,000; attorneys. Keith & Abbott. 43 Cedar st.
FORT WASHINGTON AYE. 8 w cor 171 st st.
(Mx.U9.6x lrreg; June 6: due as per bond: Egan
& Hallecy Construction Co to Greenwich Savings
Bank; $180,000; attorney, G G De Witt, 88 Nas
sau St.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mte $185,000); June
6; 3 yrs. t> per cent; same to Hogenauer <t
Wesslau Co; $25,000; attorneys, Davis & Kaufl
man, 51 Chambers st.
HENRY ST. 28, 25x100.6: 5 sty brk; June 6;
5 yrs, 4 : i per cent; Samuel Daniels and ano to
Tillie KHngenstoin and ano; $26,000; attorneys,
M 3 & I S Isaacs, f>2 William st.
ST NICHOLAS AYE. n W cor IMHh st, lOOx
100 (prior mtg $200,000): May 27; 3 yra, 6 per
cent; B M X Construction Co to Emanuei M
Krulewitch; >(.',<«">. attorney, Jacob Harris, 25
Broad st.
STH AYE, n a, 264 ft w of Aye P. 27x75;
Hlrsh Dachs to Annie Dacha (mtg $22,000); June
3; $100; address. 233 East f.th st.
7TH AYE. W a. 130 ft n of 24th st. 42.10x78;
I'm a 6; 3 yrs, 4144 l 4 per cent; Hannah Schwab
to Mary A C McLochlin; $50,000; attorney, Harry
0 Smith. 21 Park Row.
10TH AYE), s w cor 48th st, 25x100; lease
hold, all title; Dec 15. ZWK>; 3 yrs; Edward Mil
ler to Sophia Steck et oi, extrx; $2,645.
lOTH AYR. s w cor 48th St. 25.1x100; lease
hold, all title; Dec 15. HMO; 3 yrs; Theodore
Miller to Sophia Steck; $2,545; attorney, V II
Plaid. 135 Broadway.
10TH AYE. ■« s, 25.1 ft s of 4Kth st. 25. 1 x
100: leasehold; Dec 15, 1909; 3 yrs; Theodore
Miller to Minna Miller; $3,302; attorney, F H
Field, 13.1 Broadway.
7TH ST. 215 and 216% East; 5 sty brk, 33. 4 x
97.6 (prior mtg $24,000); June 4. 3 yra, •! per
cent; Joseph Cnhcn to Jacob Burnstone; $6,000;
attorney. Max Scnenkman, 115 Broadway.
9TH ST. «38 West, 25x93.11; June G; 2 yrs
6 per cent: Louis Roseothal to Wolf Kamerman
s2.<«X>; attorneys, Man & Man, 66 Wall st.
20TH ST, n B. 2.VJ.2 ft c of 7th aye. 22.fix92;
2i»lh st. 143 West. 22.(>x92: 3 sty brk; Mary
Montague to Eugatnom Realty and Construction
Co; L» and ■; June 4, $100; address. Room 1304.
128 Broadway.
40TH ST. •;:. to 90 West .r.(;.2x100.5;. r .(;.2x100.5; 4 sty brk
1 yr; June 6; Helenlta Realty Co to Judith W
Richardson; $47,500; attorney, Willard Roby 34
Nassau st.
60TH sit. 306 East 18.6x80; 3 sty hrk; June 1;
3 yrs: Charles 1,.-,-: ft al to Lawyers Title In
surance and Trust Co; $7,500; address, ICO Broad
BSD ST. n a, 175 ft w of Sth aye. 25x31.
irreg; ,%jth st, ■ s. 150 ft w of Sth. 75x irreg;
June 3; 8 yre: trustees of the Amity Baptist
Church to Emigrant Industrial Savings Hank;
$60,000; address. 49 Chambers st.
r.STH ST. n s. IS3 ft v of 6th aye, 10 7x100.5;
June rt; •'! rrs, 4' -_ per cent; Alfred 8 Taylor to
Barney Estate Co; $22,000; address, 135 Broad
SAME PROPERTY (prior mt« $22.00O); June 8;
" vrs. 6 pe r cent; same to same; $S,000; address,
135 Broadway.
54TH ST, 850 East. 25X100..1; 5 sty brk; 54th
st. 852 East. 25x100.5; 6 sty brk; Markus Weil
«o Bailie Wall; June 4; fl'XI; address, 321 East
Houston st.
54TH ST. 14 ; East 4 sty brk. 19x100.5; June
<*: ft yrs. 4's per cent: John H Naughton to
Bowery Favings ink: $10,500; attorneys. strong
& Iwalader. *> Wall st.
64TH ST. 123 East. 20x1005; June fi; dv» as
per bond [>ona Btern ,to Frederick a Clark;
$28,000; attorneys, Vtr Planck, Prince & Flan
ders. 149 Broadway.
»'.>.!'il ST. 11 B, 100 ft w of West End aye. 10r>x
100.5: -Tun,. 6: due, etc, as per bond: Newell
Martin to Title Guarantee and Trust. Co; $40,
000; address, 170 Broadway.
92t) ST. ■ s. 800.7 ft « of f.th aye. 20x100.8
(prior mtg JH.(/kii; June 0: 3 yrs, 4'-i per cent:
Alice M Ernst to Bowery Savings Bank; $*.«**>.
attorney. S S Terry. 60 I'roadway.
»4TH P.T. 322 East. r, sty brk. 23x1008: June
6; due May 24, 1913, 6 per cent; Mary Jakob to
Herman Link*: $3,500; attorney, John C Hoen
!!.►• r. L Hcekman st.
94TH ST. 322 East, n <». 25x100.8. 5 sty brk;
Rti«le Rodders (by attorney) to Mary Jakob
untg $ll,0i)0); June a. $100; address, 6 Beekman
KITH BT. $6 West IRxUiO.ll, 4 Mr brk: June
4 (crior mtg *lti.r>(K»i: 1 yr. 0 per cent: Kva J
Marx to Benjamin Simon; $1,000; attorney, M a
Alder. 157 East 57th st
BSTB ST. n f. 125 ft w of West End are. 7ftx
100.11 (prior mtg $— p. June 1; due as per bond;
Jacobs construction Co to Barkln Construction
Co; tH.ri"H attorney, J A Seldman, til Park
113 TH ST. 21 East, I my brk, 25x100.10 (mtg
$35,000); 1) and •: June »i; David Gordon tf.
I^egne Realty 1 •>. $100; address. Room 1.411, 132
Na.-s.iu st.
I«I.ST ST, n f, 90.11 ft s of Broadway. l«11x
P9.11; June 4. 3 yrs. 44 per cent; James T Me
I.au£hlin to Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust
Co; $s,(xi"; address. 160 Broadway.
IKIBT ST. n ■. 100 ft w of Amsterdam «ye.
25x91»4 (prior mt e $- ). Jan 4; 1 yr; I»<H-
Wendel to I»ui« Wendel; 93,46052; address, 279
ANDREWS AYE. c 6. 354 5 ft D from tangent
point in c 6 Andrews aye.. lo>>x2os; 3 > rs, si
p<-r rent: Jaws B Murray to Ellen B Wheeler.
BURN^IDE AM w f, 13.1 ft n from tan
gent point Ist ■ Andrew* »■ •, 101 1x125. 5x Ir
rti. Jun« 4; C yrs. ii 1 .? per cent; same to same;
$9,000; attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
178 Broadway.
BECK ST w s 270 ft n °' I^rigwood a v '.
4(Kl<V> tDrlor nits: $25,000): June 1: 3 yr.. 6 per
cent; Adolph Kroos and a«, to Elizabeth Mai
ler; $5,000; attorneys, Arthur "n^yi & Co, 786
Prospect aye. f
RLTON AYE. nvs.Mft nof l.V.th .;S 60x
100- June 3; 1 vr « per cent; Julia X McLean
to Adelaide Brandon; $100; attorney. Richard W
Hill, 150 Nassau. st.
GRAND AYE n w for 184 th st, 60x00; June
4. taefatel as rer W bend; Mary R Collin. to
Title Guarantee and Trust <•; $6,000; address.
176 Broadway.
LOT 91 map •» lots Hunter estate; May IS;
3 yrs- Walter F Sh'a to Hudson P Rose Co;
$350; address, 32 West 45th st.
Harry L Bryde to Clara M Bryde; June i ; $1;
address. 27 William st.
WASHINGTON AVEs. w a, 108.6 ft n of 163 d
st. 36.7x149.6x36.7x14».8| June 6; 5 yr»; Nathan
Jacobs to United State, Saving Bank; $35,000;
attorneys, Merrill & Rogers, 128 Broadway.
WESTCHEBTER AYE, ■ "■ 25.6 ft ♦" of l™
st 25 6x124 2- May 27; 3 yrs; - r >'a per cent; Eliza
beth T and 'George A Devine to Charlotte R
Strong; $2,000; attorney. Thomas Hooker. 309
STH AYR w s lot 15. map J B Dullard &
Co. adjoining South Mount "V ernon. 25x100; May
11 ' i.iitc $2;>0); Edward B <-•? to Jerome S
Whelplev, of Elmsford. N V; fl; address. 3
South 3d aye, Mount Vernon.
169 TH ST n w cor Sheridan aye. 12fi.9xl00x
116.2x100.8: due as per bond May 31; I'atrick F
Goff to Phillß •! Dunn; S.'> <), attorney. Jerome
X Eisner, 41 Park Row.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
JINK <>.
ARTHUR WE. w s. 258 ft s of Pelham aye.
110.4x25x110.6x23, being lot 4s!». map property
S Cambreleng et al. Fordham; May *»#/*°"j» # /*°"j
Egldlo Mlirnogna to Joseph I Berry: •>'••'"'•
attorneys, Berry, Davis & Breen, 2019 Web
ster aye.
CONVENT AYE. ■ c cor of 149 th st. OO.ltx
100 July 8, 1909; Binanuel M and Sadie \
Krulewitch to Columbia Trust Co: $!«».000;
attorney, State Realty and Mortgage « o. 11
Pine st.
SAME PROPERTY; July 8. 1909; Emanuei
M Krulewitcli to State Realty and Mortgage
Co; $30,000; address, 11 Pine st.
SAME PROPERTY. June 21. 1909; Holland
Holding Co to Columbia Trust Co. $25,000;
attorney. James Kearney. 220 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY; Nov 24. IS.!<; William
J Farrell to Columbia Trust Co; $25,000;
George \V Ellis. 141 Broadway.
CLINTON PL. n s. 260.7 ft n w of Broad
way. 25x93.11 l" 'tie part of lands of trustees
of Sailors- Snug Harbor; March 8. 1900: Clin
ton pi. n s, 260.7 ft w of Broadway. 25x93.11;
May 7 1901; Fernando U Walker to Thomas
R Falls; two ratgs; $5,000; attorney. Thomas
.1 Falls. 120 Liberty st.
CHARLTON ST. s s. 7S ft c of Greenwich st.
30x3x20x25x50x24x100x46; June 18, 1908:
Charlton Contract Co. a corporation, to Clara
Herne; $7,500; attorneys, Waldo & Ball. -90
ERNESCLIFF Pl* s B, 307.2 ft w of Lisbon
pi. 50.5x130.2x50x136: July 26, 1907; Eleanor
R King to the Trustees of the New \nrk ' "'
versallst Relief Fund: $3,000; attorney. Title
Guarantee and Trust Co, 176 Broadway.
IST ST. 68 East, n s. 125.4x25.2x12«.6x25:
Feb 21, 1901: Joseph B and Louise Fox to
New York Life Insurance and Trust Co, trus
tees of Louis C Hamersley; $38,000: attorneys,
De Witt. Lockmar. & De Witt. 8S Nassau s>t-
GREENWICH ST, m 8. 94.4 s of Bank st,
34x16x Irreg: Jan 3. 1907: Edward H Proud
man to Thomas M Fry; $5.00<t.
GREENWICH ST. 3 in. n w cor of Reade st.
16.6x64.9x68x — ; Greenwich st, 312 to 316,
m i 60.8x57.10x60.1x64.9: March 30. 190S:
Lewis A Mitchell to J Allen Townsend:
$10,000; attorney, J Allen Townsend, 10 Wail
GERARD ST. nc s. 204 ft p c of Retreat
aye, portion lot 361, map East Ward, village
of Melroee 100.5x4] 10x106.6x43.6; July 14.
1904; Annuncio Ban tin i to Ann F Vion : $15.
000- attorney, M J Sullivan, Willis ay» and
14Sth St.
LOT 504. map village of Wakefleld (West
ester County 25x114; Sept 26. 1905: John
Zissimopoulos to Henry A and Samuel Schatz
kin; $400; attorneys. Frankenthaler & Sapln
sky. 35 Nassau st.
LOT 583 map of Laconia Park. Williams
bridge. 25x100; An? 1, I!'".".: A Shatzkin &
Sons, Inc. to Mark Lurle; $1-.*; attorneys,
Hlllqult & Hillquit. 320 Broadway.
SPRING ST. 206, 6 s, 25x100: Jan 11. 190*:
Gaetano Marchesini to the Greenwich Savings
Bank; $22,000: attorney. Lawyers Title In
surance and Truet Co, 160 Broadway.
TIEBOTJT AYE. c .=. 53.1 ft n c of 189 th st.
20x100; Oct 30. 190*; Frederick M Mellert to
Grace w Patten: $1,000; attorney, Frederick
A Stroh. 156 Broadway.
VERIO WE. c s. 101.4 ft <= of McLean aye.
157 2>loo- Nov 2«. 1909; Charles E and Jennie
Miller to Hy Martyn J?nir.l: $1,800; attorneys,
Merrill & Rogers, 11l Broadway.
WASHINGTON AVK. s W COT 173 d st. 50x
105; May 18, ISM; Mary E Forrest to George
M Wright; $7,000; attorneys. Title Guarantee
and Trust Co, 170 Broadway.
■WEBSTER AYE. W B, 400.4 ft n of 179 th
st, 50x180; June 11. 1896: Ernest an<l Chris
tine Weingmann to Theodore Rnehrs; $4,000;
attorneys, Martin & Howe. 265 Broadway.
2D AYE. w s, 22 ft s of 105 th st. 50x3.9x50x
23 2x100x26.11; Dec 21. 1906; Annie- Rubin
and Julius and Lizzie Drosin to Frances W
Parsons; $20,000; attorneys. Bowers & Sands,
81 Nassac st.
2D AYE. <• ?. M.6 ft n of 229 th St. 25x105;
August 24. 1907; Hy Urbaek to William Gar
rett: $1,100; attorney. Arthur II Wadick,
Wakefield. Westchester County.
3D AYE. c s, 25.5 ft n of 55th st, 20x110;
Sept 21, l^'-^4; Henry W Donald to William I
Wallace, of Tunstail. Va: $14,136; attorney.
L E Warren, 261 Broadway.
BTH AYE. n c cor 131 st st. 25x100; March
1. 1904; Rachel Rosenthal to William H Ely:
$40,000; attorney, Joseph H Fargls, 149
OTH AYE. I c cor 216 th Ft. 49.11x100; Deo
19, 1906; Mabel X Whit. man to the Lawyers
Tit!.- Insurance and Trust Co; 56.750; address,
160 Broadway.
»TH AYE, s c cor 216 th st, 49.11x100: Feb
1. 1910; Adolf 11 Laiuleker to Max Marx.
$2,000; attorney. Max Marx. 12S Broadway.
9TH ST, 725 East, n * side, 02x20; 9th st.
727 East, n s. 92.3x20; April 1. 1905; Samuel
Kadin to iaidor Rogatz; $4,000; attorney,
Hugo Cohn, 19 Aye A.
17TH ST, 512 and 514 East, s b. 42.5x90;
Ma;. 31. 1904; Frederick and Katie Ohmels to
William Horrmann. trustee; $20,000; attor
neys, Guggenhiem. L'ntermeyer & Maxwell, 30
Broad st.
24TH ST. 524 East. 25x% block; July 1, 190S;
Morris and Annie Kevelson to Qtto J Retz et al;
$13,000; attorney, M C Gross, 271 Broadway.
1020 ST. k s, 160 ft c of Columbus aye, 3Ox
100.11; Feb 2S. lt*>X>. Edward 11 Kelly to Minnie
Trautmann; $6,000.
120 TH ST, 58 East, s s. 27x100.11: June 1.
1906; Ellas Feinberg to Berth. .[,l Veit; $2,500;
attorneys, Arnsiein & Levy, 128 Broadway.
149 TH ST. a p. 269.4 ft w of St Ana's aye, 40x
10<>; June 1, 190S; August Genz to William C
Kocchling; $2,000; attorney. Lawyers Title In
surance and Trust Co. 160 Broadway.
150 TH ST. 530 East, s B, 25x100; April 2. 1906;
Marcus Nathan to Ernst .1 Muller; $2.DuO; at
torneys. Wager & Acker. 287 Broadway.
ISSTH ST. s s, 14.". ft w of Elton aye. 60x100:
Nov 15, 1909 Thomas I) Malcolm Construction
Co to Rockland Realty Co. by Enoch C Bell.
$13,250; attorney, E C Bell. 509 Willis aye.
155 TH ST 1 s. 145 ft w of Elton aye. 50x100;
Nov lf>. 1909; Malcolm Construction Co to Enoch
C Bell; $23,000; attorney, E C Bell, 50 Willis
4 JUNE] 0.
Jules 11. Baer to Emma Metxger; $1.
Benjamin Simon to Herrmann Rleb; *1.
Charles E Teale, aiinir, to Julius C Kurzmas,
trustee; $5,000. __
Lena Brody and ano to Adam Trillich; $100.
Anna Mohr to Patrick Reddy; $4,000.
Mattle C RaynolUs et al to North Klver Sav
ings Hank; $18,000. ,_ ■•_
George ■■' Johnson to Leo Kahn; $3,300.
David LJppmann to Samuel Rlker; $774.
Morris ' •• per to Jac * Cooper; $1.
Harry L Bryde to Clara M Br> - de; $1.
I/iuis Rubensteln to Theresa Salomon; $100.
Lillian B. Woodruff to Jared W Bell; $7,060.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Kath L
Cullom; $6,500. '_
Lawyers Title insurance and Trust Co to Bow
ery Savings Bank; $5,000. .„-««.
John I 1I 1 Wenninger to Eva L Fischer; $2,000.
Richard Wettinfffeld to l»ie<lrk-h RehlinS;
$1 yi«
iy>uls Aaler to Mercantile National Bank; $1.
Beverin Magda and ano to Louis Stern: $s.onr).
5 F Myers Realty Co to Louis Adler; $1.
Rose H Stein to Meyer Veseli; $1.
Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Cd to Adam
W S Cockrane and ajio. trustees; $66,500.
Lena Roaenzwelg and ano to Alex Mann;
$1 <! > <7 . r^>
Charles E Patterson to Mary L Eddy et al.
Alfred Nell son trustee, to William II Neilson
and an... trustees; an Interest .if $600.
Mary L Eddy et al. trustees, to Elsie Powell;
3 Holman to Maw A Morris; $3 077 OS
Emil M Hurg^nfrel to Henry L Stumpfel; $4M.
William Enling and ano, exrs, to Ebling Brew-
n Emma Feuchtwanger to Lou la J Weil and ano.
Lawyers Mortgage Co to John A Stewart et al;
" Rm'herfu'rd' Realty Cr> to Anna M Pulley: $S 000.
Same to Anna M E Watkins and ano; »>.•»»<•.
,'CNE 8
HUNT'S POINT AYE. a 1. 25 ft k of Gilbert
pi.' 79x100; Max Braiker agi Lain* Realty Co.
owner and contractor; $1,200.
SSTH ST 4S East: Aaderson Bros apt Will
iam F Fi-.-ri. iii. owner and contractor; $24 «15.
CHARLTON PT ■ c cor Greenwich st, V.'.x
50- Henry B Senft ngt Backer Realty Co.
owner; Cohen & Levine. contractor; $023 SO.
:tIST ST, »''7 West; Kassel Golad agt James
and Mary Rellly. owners; Clark & Applebaum.
contractors; $300.
CHARLES ST. n w cor Greenwich St. 4<">jc
100- Kaaeell '"clad r.Kt Henry AVeswelman,
owner: Clark & Applebaam, contractors; $1.10.
.USE «
27TH ST "32 West; Goldstein Bros act
Mallard DisUHlng Co •■•- al; June 1, 1910; $165.
I«7TH ST X M. 111.8 ft W of Edgecomb ay* .
Bernard Greenwood Co agt Trial Really Co
et «1. May 7. 1900 (by bond): $435 lrt.
IH7TH ST. ■s. 1 1-« Bft«' of Edgecomb road;
Tolkew painting and Decorating Co act same;
May 17. 1910 (by bondt: $1,004
(With owner's name and address.)
CRL'GER AYE. * s, 102.il ft s of Efar Swamp
rd; 3 sly brk store and U«ff. 22nZ>i. arcbi'ect.
J. .1 Vreeland, 2019 Jerome «ye: cost, $7,800,
owner, Louis C Rose. 737 East ISOth st.
3D AYE. « c cor 13.1 th »t: 4 ety hr * a wa , re t
house. 69^x200; architect. II Krapp. H" Ea*t
10th *t; cost, $30,000; owner. N v Cantasano.
255» Front st.
14»TH ST. » s, 141.5R ft w of 3d &**'- 3 nty
brk stores. ftOx7J>.2: architect. Clarence B Ihhiim
way. »«I» Southern Boulevard: cost. »33.«»» i
owners^ Morris & Devie.*. 3d aye and l«Hh st.
6TH AYE. n « cor 13th nt : to a 5 sty brTc
«t<»re ar.d lofts; architects. Clinton & Russell. 32
Nassau st; cost. 91O.00O; owner. Rhinelander
Real Estate Co. 31 Nassau st.
BROADWAY. ZOSI to a 4 sty brk restaurant;
architect, E Schoon 25 West 42d Si . cost. $13.-
C>00; owners, Hubert & Stem. 316 Hudson st.
236 TH ST. * » IXI ft « of Verio ay», 20x
100; G B Raymond * Cn agt German Real
Estate Co et al (foreclosure of mtg); attor
ney. A B Morrison.
10TH ST, 110 East; Anna Boettner agt Jane
E Manahan et al i foreclosure of mtg;. attor
ney. i. w Osterwels.
HALL AYE, s c *. 132.5 ft n c of 20Mh st.
25x100; Edw A Acker a^t Patrick J Cuasen
et al (foreclosure of mtg>; attorneys. Wager
& Acker.
K.'iP ST. « «. 14"» ft w of Central Park West,
17x102.2: S3d st. s s. 165 ft w of Central Park
West, 02x'JS.0x03x23.P: Flora Nordlinger a»tt
Oakley Myers ct al (foreclosure of mtg); aN
torney. W Bondy.
LOT M and 87. map of Village of Williams
bridge. Bronx; Martin Delisi a<rf Vincenzo Col
letti ft ai (foreclosure of mtg); attorney.
Curtis & Komagna.
99TK ST. n -«. SO ft c of 3d aye. 25x78.»:
Mary A I'armelee, «>xr. ot al. agt Frederick S
Myers rt al (foreclosure of mtg); attorney.
I' S Lean
GERARD ST. n s, 1'0.t.10 ft .•« • Bergen aye.
nni n c 101 Ox n w 25x n * 183. 1 x f 64.2 to
Mill Brook x s w 114.* x n w 30.11 x.' w «5.7
to 149 th st x n w 3*. llx n 7.10 to beginning;
Metropolitan Savings Bank loans Annuncio
Kant inn and Adele Santlni. $35,000.
Scranton Man Lets Satchel Go Over
board from Hoboken Ferryboat.
In his anxiety to recover a handkerchief
that th<» wind; was driving along the upper
derk of the Hnhoken ferryboat Bin^hamton
yesterday morning Philip Westprman, of
No. ISiJ avenue. Scraaton, I'enn.,
dropped overboard a satchel that contained
Jewelry and valuables valued at J1.2^0.
Weeterman and his brid^, who was Miss
Emily Hoffman, wer<? married Saturday
night and arrived at Hoboken yesterday, to
sail to-day on the Kaiser Wllhelm 11. Their
trunks were sent to the steamer, and they
decided to spend yesterday in Manhattan,
and carried with them a suitcase and the
WpstPrman was standing against the rail
on th' 1 upper deck, with the satchel held in
his right hand, resting r<n the rail. He was
mnnning his forehead when a sudden gust
sent the handkerchief flying from his hand.
In reaching for it the satchel slipped from
his hand, struck the edge of the deck and
bounded into the water. The ferry officials
and police were notified.
Winner of Gold Medal for Bravery
Charged with Attempt to Kill.
Patrolman George R. Little, attached to
the Bldridge street station, was held by
Magistrate O'Reilly, in the Manhattan ave
nue court, "Williamsburg, yesterday, to
await the action of the grand jury on a
chargo by his wife of attempting to shoot
Mrs. Tittle said that her husband took
her to live with his mother, at No. 6 Clin
ton Place, Cypress Hills, and that sh« was
ci-impelled to leave the home of hpr mother
in-law and return to that of her mother.
The attributed the alleged attempt on her
life to little's anger at her appeal to the
Department of Charities, which resulted In
a letter of warning to him that he must
contribute to the support of his wife.
IJttlfl receiver! a gold medal for risking
his life in saving a mother and two children
from a blazing building three years aeo.
Woman Said to Use Chronic Affliction
as Means of Mulcting Railroads.
Mrs. Anna A. Strula, of Hazlet, N. J..
will be arraigned in General Sessions to
day to plead to an indictment charging her
with utilizing a chronic affliction to obtain
$.>iv> damages from the New York Central
Railroad fraudulently.
F. It. Arnold, secretary of an organiza
tion for unearthing accident frauds, was a
witness before the grand jury. He says
railroad companies in this state and *n
New Jersey similarly have had to pay Mrs.
6trula several thousands of dollars during
the last half a dozen years.
In each oase the same chronic affliction,
he says, was alleged to have been caused
by the jolting of a train or some negligence
on the part of the railroad's employes.
Fort Tryon,
>'. K. Comer St. Nicholas Are.
and Wrst 180 th Street.
IMrcnnt Apartments <*lo«* to IRl«t Street
Sniiwu.v Station, in finest part of \%*ii*hlnitton
ll<*lj;htK: latest improvements, mail chute,
telephone, ste. Inducements.
5 rooms and bath $5.12.00
6 rooms and bath (172.00
7 rooms and bath 792.00
Superintendent on premises or
53 West 33rd Street.
B'war, Anxtterdam Are., and 86th to 87th St.
. W. H. DOLSON & CO.. Agents.
527 Colombia Aye.
apartment, spr.d for our booklet.
V. R. WOOD & CO..
Broadway and 80th st.. or •
Froadway and 144 th st
f^OT\ W j. Large and Small
1 o Let Offices
Single or en Suite in the
154 Nassau Street Opposite City Hall Park
The Centre of
Transit for the
"L" Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge
All within a Step
N. Y. Life Insurance & Trust Co., Trustee, & Hefo l
175 LOTS
Exchange Salesroom, 16 Vesey St
has taught the holders of
Title Insurance issued by
this Company that no
better protection for their
Real Estate exists.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL - -84,000,000
SURPLUS - • 5,500,000
160 Broadway. sew York.
188 Montague Street. Brooklyn*
£75 Fulton Street, Jamaica.
Geo. R. Read & Co.
Head Office. 60 Liberty St.. near Ww*j.
Branch: S East 83th St.
Long Experience and
Strong Financial Connections
are potent influences in placing a
satisfactory mortgage loan. There
is practically no feasible loan,
Building or Permanent, that cannot
be promptly obtained through this
otti c at reasonable fixed charges.
a. w. Mclaughlin & co.
Brokers and Dealers in Mortgages
128 Broadway, cor. Cedar
'>hi”- Interest on mortgage loans. Principal
and interest guaranteed. Title Insured by
West<-h-"ster and Bronx Title and Mortgage
Guaranty Company. I -will invest for you
Bums from $300 to $3.000. For particulars.
HENRY Y. HALLEY. 103 Park Aye , >. Y. Ctty.
32 Nassau St. Tel.lSOS — John. Established l^T.
housekeeping:, at Watch Hill. R. I an I nearby
beaches, for rent ot sale. For full particu
lars communicate -with FRANK W. COT. West
erly. R. I.
BOxOO. 50x100 and up t n SO. OOO square feet- I
Absolutely Safe
(Plunger Type)
Electric Light
and Janitor
At 11 A. M.
>CW .TERSE l".
I B UN C A =E'O^^?SSrW
la On Orar& i
C« minutes tna-
Tork: fare, v .
lan.J. eaouft a j
your owa eto
v» _- »tables j-,1 I
country lir»; v_
fcathlng aaJ Jc
ThlM 4-rtxm Bussalanr. n»ar sraflon; |»T
E»rm Buo«»tow. f"'. i . mo j; th: - : **"
Call, writ- or t-I-ph«r.» «nVI
U HOIS. 2.%J» Broadway. »pp, fj^j
1.0.X, I-.I \M> ~^
OLD li.NUl.lbn *
D*M?rhtful home on hilltop irWsjtJr
Manhasset Bay and nur-n'inillrj taS
Plot 80x150 f<»et. at Great \»cli
depot. 3fl mfn through th» tub»i "jl
Improvements. 10 roorr.3 and 2 isi
Finished In stu<-<-r> and half-timber iJ
larsr*. tiled, open terrace. Has mm
unusual and distinctive f»atar»»: t»
appeal to persons desiring »ioan
d "•-• nt from ordinary bai!t-by-l
mile. so!d-by-the-foot typ»> of ha
Rea*"- • prt«"» and convenient 'gnai: £
satisfacr - y buyer. %.
Tel. 47.4 p.. - -- SHIELDS GD.Ono^-l
Bungalows. C r*a«eg and
Building Plots. ".M
Write for Illustrated BooS>t JCs 31
Ne-w York PIT ■ No. l w»»t Hi » f
rrmtr; av»nn«, $300. St'MNER X. SS
70 Grove St.. Elmhurst. L I. _£
orr OF city.
crops. Grow»rj in Ga!vpston-Hjtuaii~
trict realize from $300 to $I.o^o in Kf
anallr. Write to-day for full -uals»
you '•an. without leaving your pr»ira: is
or occupation, participate in these i.-s»r
and later become thf oir.fr of a bessi
an.l oran«« orrharii. should yoMdes!r»a<
your home tn this beautiful counKT,
company is composed of Vadlnif fc»nltKXX
ness men and fruit growers of Koastsi
South Texas. Tour invesfm»nt ihsiMß;
cored; no speculatioa . Highest 'ndsa
from bank officials ami re!Utne -ujn*s>
Booklet and llteratur» fre». A3CS
American Bank Building. Houston. T"SB)
Barjc.-i:n to lei for the seasca
$: 3Mk Rooms.
Villa furnished : all modern iaiswass
large stable, squash court DsUsisßg
adjoining Belmont Estat<". near St
Beach. Immediate possession.
T4T<t Broadway. Telephone il B~g
One m!> unobstructed riv«»r f rontaj*: 9'
crn residences near completion. Mr*
Phllipse Alanar. Sow Tort _
Elliott Maaor. on the n:a;a roaJt»*J
North Shore. Jl.soo. -U-ritt- at oae»»;
\ER M. SMITH. 7rt Grove ?t.. E:islW*i
VICTOR VISIBLE. 79 Nassau St: <**
free: all mak?s taken part parmesKig
tn T'n.ier-wcodp. Rfminctons. OllTtr*
— Carl Fischer. Plaintiff, . • r.jt *• J
tenbaeh and others. IVf-mianls.. M
In pursuance of a iudsm»rit of IbO*"*
sale. July mai!e an.l enter* i ia ***J*Z
titled action an,! bearing >!ate lh« -• * 1
.run-. 19 U>. I. U» un.lersigred. the K^
said judirment raracd. will sell *t P^Kf- I
at the EScchanft" Salesroom. X.^s. I*"* 1
street. In Oie Horoi!«rh of .Y3n?»*ttaa. £
.\»w York, en the 29t8 iay ot J'^ ?
12 o'clock noon en t^at d»T. by Jos«S«^
Auctior-.per. thf> pr<*rr,!sP» direcEer! v^^iß
infnt to be soIJ. and tiH-rrin dwcr.W"
lows: 4
All that certain t->t. pi«-« or parcn . ■
with the buiunr.es an-1 inrrovemw^y
•rccted, situate, lyin? and fcrtM ' 3 ~JL .
of Th» nronx. of th- Oty of New T«V
fount y an.i Stat«» of Now TTi. »*^,
(listtnKulshml by the lot numNr -•;-,'%«
on a certain map entitle.l. -JUr> « _*i*l
tn« lots situated »n North New J"j
chester County. b<"l"rwiri,; to rTarence »
I>a:eii Jaaaary, IM* «nJ BW ilijjjjr
the ne<ttster of thf Co.nty rif »V n fS: S
Vebroary 17. lSfiG. a« >f»? >'"■ 4 ",^i»
lot. according: to said map. is t*«3<J" l
scribed h< follows: k j,^
Ttetinnin:: »t a point on t?ie nort^s* I
133 th Street, distant li". feet easier j ¥
crner forme.! by th» InterserUon •*— ••
er!y aij? of lV.th Street wi'.n xh *Jz^jit
of Uncoln Avenue, runnlr.* ', rr<wt 4
parallel with LJacotH Avenue V "JTi* I
easterly parallel with IST.th * t! r^ a y»
theno* southerly parallel «;th W^j y ■
liX» feet to the north.-riy •*■*• ot Jr£t*
an.l tht-now westerly alon* tW n^r-"-..,.
t.---»th Mrt-et 2r» f/et t,< the *p=*
bej!nr.!:iK. Said premises t.etri< Bt^^ t
th- street number 3l".» V-ist l^™
Dated. New lork. Ju» fh. » !:* •t^
It. OrPKNSINt"!. Jr.. Attorney tf* s -«
Proadway. Borough of Manhattan. •
The foliowins is a ( !iaicr..m .^.'^^rt' W
be st>M: Us street numtxr 1» - N> r
lint i;U".th Street.
Th« nrproTimate am.-unt of i»* s<Q
to satisfy which the aNwe- „ s)*"^J
to be soUI. ts Four thousand co" <i:J^
teen 33- l'»» l>MUr» <$^- lIJ . v is*?!
thereon from the 2«th rfay 0< j st its >
with cost, and »i:o«wr« " ryjliv' j
hundred seven ty-»«v en 45-- lw ■ „ ifttTl
10O>. with interesit from Jure '^"^4
«i'h the expense* of the «■» '„ *jjk
amount of the taxes. Afir ' s T\ 0 i* *2l
rate*. or other llfns. wbli-h ir^^«» *"3
the purchaser out of the v ""lus***3l
paid by the R«.f*re«. !• '^.^flrfff
pin- o«-li» Dollars (JJTa^J^ifff^
The rr#mUM will H» sol't m
ya.«e for Twelve thou«nd PC" je
1«V>» and int-rMt thtreon trora
Dated. New *«%£&& &-?

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