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Speculative Building Companies to Erect Elevator Apartment
Houses on Some of the Sites.
A number cC block fronts In The Bronx
changed hands yesterday. -I -
The American Real Estate Company sold
to th« G«takay Realty Company the block
front of ten lots on the north side of 163 d
ftreet. from Fox street to Tiffany street,
Tihlci will bo Improved with six story ele
vator apartment houses. It also sold to
the Old Chester Realty Company the block
front of ten lots on Westchester avenue,
from Simpson street to Fox street. This
block Is directly at the Simpson street sta
tion of the subway. It Is understood that
It -will be Immediately Improved. Jacob
Leitner -was the broker In both deals.
The American Real Estate Company took
in part payment for the lots sold to th«
Getskay Realty Company the new Paul
Jones apartment house, on Wadsworth
avenue, from lMth to MJKB street.
It also sold to the I'sona Construction
Company thirty-eight lots on Longfellow
avenue. Bancroft street. Whitlock avenue
and Lowell street. These lots will be im
mediately improved with five Story apart
ment houses. They are one- block from
Westchester avenue, a short distance from
the subway, and also one block from the
rew Westchester avenue station of the Har
lem River division of the New Haven Rail
The entire block on the ■westerly side of
Prospect avenue, extending from Freeman
to l«sPth street, -was sold by C. J. Carew to
• builder for improvement with apartment
house? and stores. It has a frontage of 245
feet on Prospect avenue. SI feet in l€?tb
etreet and RK feet In Freeman street.
William E. Jackson sold yesterday for
the Alexander Grant Construction Com
pany the Sea-'ieJd Arms, a six story eleva
tor apartment house at the northwest
corner of Broadway and ITSth street. The
house froras M feet on Broadway. 100 feet
In ; th s-tneet, with other dimensions ?2x
145 feet. It was finished last October, and
In well rented. It was held at $326,000.
Additional interest has been added to cur
rent buying on Seventh avenue, near the
Pennsylvania terminal, by the transfer of
title to a sit« at the southwest corner of
STth street to the United States Realty and
Improvement Company by Anna R. Mori
son. The plot Is 74x100 feet. The price was
approximately $300,000.
About a month ago the United States
Realty and Improvement Company and the
Alliance Realty Company bought the ad
joining frontage oh Seventh avenue down
to the Hotel York. 134 feet abutting In 3«th
street. No 3*". to 217, and the abutting
pis*. No. 205 to 212 and No. 216 West 36th
rtreet. Augustus H. Ivins & Co. were the
brokers in that deal.
Plans have been filed by Theodore E.
Yidet<», architect for the Department of
Parks, for a one story comfort station 'n
Central Park, adjoining the reservoir, op
posite Slst street and near the Swiss Cot
tage. The building will be of gneiss gran
ite in small Mocks, and will have a peaked
roof of terra cotia tile. It will be equipped
with all the modern improvements in the
plumbing line. The cost is estimated at
Plans for makrng over the three and a
half story dwelling house No. 415 Cth
street into a synagogue for the Congrega
tion of Edeter Ixisseal Anshoi Meserttz.
of which Samuel Specter is president, have
also been filed. The plans call for building
a three story rear extension. 22x44.8 feet,
removing the entire front and rear, walls
•nd rebuilding the front and putting new
stairways on each' side of the building, at
a cost of $15,000. Herman Horenburger is
the architect.
Plans have also been filed for putting In
■Sake ovens in the cellar of the building on
the south Fide of 42d street, 150 feet east
of Park avenue, to be used for the Grand
Union Hotel. John Boese is the architect.
He places the cost of this improvement at
$W¥>. Buildings Superintendent Miller has
issued a permit for the demolition of the
Fifth Avenue Apartments, at the south
west comer of Fifth avenue and 66th
street, to Waixel Brothers, a company of
house wreckers. I>uveen Brothers are the
Monycr & Marston have sold for the es
tate of Irene Smith Emery a plot IMkHI
Jpf-t at the southeast corner of Avenue M
and 10th street. Brooklyn, to a builder who
will improve the property. The last trans
fer of this site was in I 9?*.I 9 ?*. Also sold for
the Wi!kin estate, to a rlient No. 129 Amity
street, Brooklyn, a three-story and base
ment brownstone dwelling house on lot
r4.€xl(« feet.
George K. Lovett & Co. have sold for
Mrs. Susan T>mnard the fnur-story single
Cat No. 4*ll Washington avenue, northeast
opmer of Gates avenue.
Albert Acker has sold at White Plains
his property on the smith side of Railroad
avenue, adjoining Brookfleld street, a two
story building, on a plot 28xl"0 ft-et. for
about BJH a front foot, to Judge W. P.
Plan and John T. Rehill. who own th©
adjoining corner. Ir\lng W. Young nepo
tiaied the rale.
Albert B. Ashforth has been appointed
arent of the studio apartment building in
course of construction at No. 122 East 19th
Wiiliam S. Baker was the broker In the
sale of the plot. 100x100 feet, on the north
Fide of 141 st street. 100 feet west of Lenox
avenue, for the Sound Realty Company to
the Piva Realty Company. KOaatty re
An auction sale of fourteen business lots
In West Lincoln avenue, corner of 14th
street, and Railroad avenue and Locust
street. Mount Vernon. will be held to-day
by George W. Bard. The sale will be held
on the premises, starting at 2 p. m.
Axe: A. Ctlsen has sold the Union Hotel,
f-gether with fourteen arres of land, at
gharon Sprinp?. N. Y-. for the Saver estates
Tb« hotel Is fea h*> entirely remodelled and
mill he under a new msnajfmtn!.
The P,nnd and Mortfrape Guarantee Com
pany has loaned to Moses Zimmerman
«>t..<imO for five years at 6 per cent on his
property No. M to 224 East Houston street.
The property .comprises three brick factory
buildings, on a plot 7Z4xSS feet.
The McVlckar, Galllard Realty Company
has sold for the Commuters' Realty Com
pany a tract of fifty acres at Pleasant
ville. N. V.. to some client* who will
Incorporate a company known as the
Please ntville Park Company. The prop
erty will be fully developed and the Me-
Vlckar, Galllard Realty Company has been
a pointed selUngr agent.
The city has transferred to Coroelfus K.
G. Billings title to a strip of land on th©
west Bide of Fort 'Washington avenue,
north of lS3th Etreet. €70.5x4.8x6««.2 feet, for
a consideration of $13,280.
The Title Guarantee and Trust Company
tzld yesterday that Its mortgage business
for May In Manhattan and The Bronx
junouEied to alrnoft Jl,C>».«o more than In
Hay. 1S0&. Not only were a larger number
of mort'ra-res made, but the amounts of the
mortgages averaged larger.
New Home for the Organization To Be
in the Trinity Building.
Pease & ElHman have leased a lan?
space on the third floor of the Trinity Build
ing to the Xew York Metal Exchange for a
Ions; term of years. Here the exchange will
have Its board room, and at the "call" the
official daily prices for copper, tin. lead, etc.,
■will be made.
This room will be handsomely fitted and
made much more attractive than Its pres
ent location on Pearl street, as v.-ell as bo-
Ing easier of access to th« members, most
ol whom are located in the financial district.
Many of the members, among them being
the National I>ead Company and the Magnus
Metal Company, are tenants of the Trinity
Building. Pease & EMiman have also lease!
the ground floor of No. 50 West 46th street
for a term of years to Heine & Etzold, mil
liners, whose house for years has been at No.
1290 Madison avenue.
Louis Kampner has leased for the Title
Insurance Company of New York the north
store at No. 2793 Broadway for three years
and two months.
The Clark estate has leased the three
story dwelling No. 15 West 73d street to
Dr. W. F. Honan.
The Waldorf Lunch Company has leased
for a long term of years the five story
building at Nos 31.°. and 315 Broadway,
near Thomas street.
Lewis U Rosenthal has leased for a loner
term of years the southwest corner of 316 th
street and Madison avenue for Louis Vogel
& Son t<> Nicholas Dazey & Co.
BROADWAY— DaiIy & Carlson bought from
Albert Brod the plot of lx lots at the southwest
corner of Broadway and 13. r >th street. The prop
erty has a frontage of 150 feet on Broadway and
lOO" feet on 185 th street. It will be Improved
■with one fix story elevator apartment house.
Daily & Carlson recently finished a six story
apartment house at the northwest corner of
Broadway and 164 th street. They also built a
Plmilar structure at the southwest corner of
Broadway and 133 d street.
BROADWAY- E. Jackson sold for the
Alexander Grant Construction Company the Sea
Field Arms a fix story elevator apartment
house, at the north corner of Broadway and
17Mh' street. The house occupies a plot irpnt
inir 103 feet on Broadway and 100 feet on l.Mn
street It was bought by an investor for about
cnUMPr? AVENUE— The Stronphold Kealty
Company boutrht the five story bachelor apart
ment house No. 430 Columbus avenue. _*7x130
Fold for Florence O. Antony No. 349 I>-xln|rton
venue, a three story dwelling house on Jot
18 6x67 feet, to Frederick H. Mattlage. who
owns Nos »1 and 353. adjoining, at the south
east comer of 40th street.
17TH STREET— M. A. Sinper boucht through
I "vVaskell from the Krone Realty Company the
nine «tory loft and office building «t No. 130 to
134 West" 17th street, on a plot sOx9_ feet.
r.-,TH STREET— The- John T. Brooks Company
Taught from Frederick W Stevens No. S3 We«
SSth street, a four story building, on a lot -~-x
OK ■» feet The seller owned it for twentv-fHe
year-. Th- building is a few doors west of the
\li-Creer\- StOW on the opposite side of the
Btre/t A M Johnson & Co. and the Douglas
KnsonY Charles 6. Brown Company were the
., Tq STREET— Mary Heoht sold the property
Nos 6T^4 S^d E S« West 3Cth street^ two three
story dwelling houses, on a plot 40xJ»8.9 feet.
107 TH STREET — ■■-! Krischner sold to
on a plot 10Sxl07 feet.
11RTH STREET— Lew & ? tarr bought from
Oscl^Tchere? No. 123 West J^.^ff^^
story dwelling house, on a lot 20x100.11 '**•
nuTH STRFET- «■ Starr bought from
and have resold It to L. Beleukr
122D STREET-Axel A °' sen « &J? 1 " , ♦l«
on a plot lixPOH feet, between Amsterdam
avnue and Broadway.
145 TH STREET— Schmetdler & B^chrach row
to I»«enfeld * Pr««er the lot *- ! £*t.
on the north side of 14Mh street. 100 feet est of
Lenox avenue The buyers own six lots adjoin
ing on the west. •
&tat^ Company sold to the Vsona Construction
Company thirty-^lght lots fronting on Lpngfel
low and Whitlock avenues and Bancroft and
Lowell streets. The lots will be Improved with
five story apartment Ijouses.
PROSPECT AVENUE— C. J. carew bought the
block front on th« westerly side of £««-£«
avenue extending from Freeman to l«»th street ■
It fronts -'4.". feet on Prospect avenue. SI feet
on 100 th street and fiR feet on Freeman street.
RTER AVENUE— John Kelly sold for Joseph
Be.ht th- two family house No. 2250 Ryer ave
rye. on a lot 25x100 feet.
Real Estate Company Fold, through Jacob Lelt
n»r to th« Old Chester Realty Company the
block front of ten lots in Westchester avenue,
from Simpson to Fox street.
IC3D STREET — The American Real Estate
Company sold to the Getskay Realty Company
the block front on the north side of East 1«j34
s-if-^t from Kox to Tiffany street. It contains
ten lots. The buyer will build on the site six
etory elevator apartments. The seller took in
part payment the new Paul Jones apartment
house, in Wa<J-wonh avenue, from l«4th to
l*sth street. Jacob Leltner was the broker In
th* deal.
IS4TH FTREET— Ennis & Plnnott resold a
plot. «>xloo feet, on the south side of lMth
street. 116 feet west of Washington avenue,
through D. H. Scully & Co.. to th« C«rra <"on-
Btruetlon Company, which will erect a flathouso
on the site.
The auction sales held yesterday at th«
Real Estate Exchange salesroom, Nos. 14
and 16 Vesey st.. resulted as follows:
By Joseph P. Day.
lO.VTH ST. 105. n s. 100 ft w of Columbus a-.-«,
25xM8.11. 5 sty tenmt and stores; Rosa Frank,
apt R T Levisohn et al; M H Hayman. atty;
C W MacLennan. ref; ant due. $2,428 88; taxes.
etc. $720 76; pub to two intgs. aggregating $2L
000; to the plaintiff for $23,095.
CYPRESS AYE. s • cor 141 st st, 31.6x120.
vacant; Odar Street CD agt Domenieo La. Sala et
a:: R c, Babbage. atty; F MacL«an. ref; amt
due, 17.948; taxes, etc. $2.283 37; to the plain
tiff for $18,000.
2D AYE. 1427. -r s. 62 ft B of 74th st, 20x77.
4 sty tenmt and stores; Yorkvllle Bank agt V
r.rinim et al: Theodore Hansen. atty; M L.
Bruce, lef ; amt due. 88wS8B 72: taxes, etc,
$548 92: sub to a prior mag of $10.OU0; to the
plaintiff for $15.e55.
By Herbert A. Sherman.
HOES AYE. 1163. -a- s, 247. ft s of Home st,
25xl«K); Goldberg Realty Co apt Philip Cohen et
al; E A Brown, atty; R E Deyo. ref; amt doe.
JP.052 77; taxes, etc. $70: sub to a first mtg of
$17,000; to the plaintiff for $24,425.
The auction offerings to-day will be as
By James L. Wells Company.
SMITH ST. c m, at « cor Long Island Rail
road. Far Rockaway. 31.10x145.5x135.10x100; 2
at 7 dwg; exrs' sale; also
SMITH ST. s c cor Cornaga aye. Far
Rockaway. Long Island. 121x100x145.«x1R.P: 2
sty frame «wg; exr'e sale; estate of Thomas
Henderson, deceased.
By Bryan L. Kennelly.
HAM a\>-s. at Hempstead. Long Island: vol
(With name and address of Irssee.)
JUNE 10.
AVB A, 100.'., More; Louise Lisberi?*r to Carl
Harz; 3 yrs from May 1. 1010; $480; address,
AMSTERDAM AYE* vr a, fourth store, 110 th
st; York town Realty Co to Becker Distributing
Co; S yrs from July 1. 1910. $1,400; address. 1024
Amsterdam aye.
BROADWAY. 1177, store and basement; Mar
cean Co to Snmu< 1 Beck; 2 10-12 year« from
July 1. 1910; $10,000; address, 1177 Broadway.
DIVISION ST. 136 and 13?, two east stores.
etc: Fajbueh Llbman to Burnett Belaon; 3 yrs
from Ma/ 1, 1910; $1.350; address. 138 Divi
sion St.
PARK ROW BUTLDINO. Rooms 201 to 214-
Park Row Realty Co to R M Hsan & Co; 5 3-13
yrs from Get 1. 1910; $6,000; address, 23 Park
PARK ROW. 164, store,; Abraham Flnellte to
William Fever; 1 1-12 yrs from April 1. 1910;
$7bo; address, 200 Bowery.
WASHINGTON ST. 148. n w cor Cedar st;
Archibald A Forrest to Isaac Bchwadron: ft
yr» from April 1. 1911; $4,250; address, 148
Washington St.
WILLIS AYE. 167. store, etc; Mary Oraefe
nerker to August Renner; 3 yrs from May 1.
1910; $1,200; address. 197 fit. Ann's aye.
WILLIS AYE. 422. store; Julius Brunlnga to
Paul D« Haas; 3 yrs from May 1. 1910; $540;
address. 422 Willie aye.
IST AYE, store, etc: Ls*ak M«fier to
Adolph Newrad: 4 yr* 10 mm from July 1,
mo. $1,000; address. 00 let aye.
4TH AYE. 443 to 449. r. c cor 30th st; Dodd.
11-ai & Co to Morse International Agency;
10 yrs from May 1. 1910; $4,250; address. 19
West 34 th st.
20TH ST. 134 West, basement and store:
Jacob Ledcrer and ano to Edward Vogt: 4
yrs from May 1. 1910; $S4O; address, 134 West
20th St.
29TH PT. 205 West; William Kohlmeler and
ano to Emll Bugnan: 3 yrs from May 1. 18*13;
$1,200; address. 252 7th aye.
(With name and address of purchaser.)
JUNE 10.
CHERRY ST. 402 to 400, 4 sty brk. 60.1 x
97.8; George E Relyea to Security Mortgage
Co 1 mtg $20,000); June 9; $100; address, 7«J
William st. •
GRAND ST. 66. 2."xlOO. T. sty brk (fore-
Closure May 10. 1910): Edward W S Johnston
(ref) to Mabeiie B Solch (committee); June
10: $32,000; address. 203 Edgecombe aye.
LEXINGTON AYE. c c. 32 ft n of 58th Bt.
1R5x76- Mary V. McCabe to Israel O Blake;
June 9; $100: address, 905 Madison aye.
LENOX AYE. W S, M ft n of 121 st st. 23.11
xRO; Helen A Higglns and ano. exo<. to Harry
H Herche; June 9; $29,000; address? 229 Broad
way. '
LEXINGTON .WE. 10« i. 17x70. 4 sty brk:
The Eel ( St Jean Baptlste 10 the Fathers of
the Blessed Sacrament; June 9; $1 ; address.
185 East 76th st.
MAIDEN LANE. 7R and SO. 30.8x79.4. 6 sty
brk City Real Estate Co to Fire Companies
Building Corporation; June 9; $100; address.
176 Broadway.
PERRY ST. 89, 17x74. 4 sty brk: Charles
Gronich to Leon Ottinger (mtp $4,500); June
9: address. 31 Nassau st.
IST WE n w cor Hf>th St. RO.lixlOO; Ist
aye « w cor looth st. 40.11x100. 6 sty. brk;
Manhattan Avenue Holding Co to Jefferson
Bank, a corpn: June 10; all Hens; $1 ; ad
dress. 73 sth aye.
IST WE s » cor 11th st: 5 sty brk. 23 «x
94; Peter L Rernhardt et al to Lambert S Quark
en bush; $100.
SAME PROPERTY; Lambert S Quackenbush
to Peter L P.prnharrit; June 9; $U»: address.
349 Pleasant aye.
2D AVF 1081. 20x60. 4 sty brk: Moses Moritz
to Nicholas Voos mils $5,000): $1: address. 88»
2d aye.
7TH WE » b. 74 ft s of 3T.th st. runs s
17 4x c 58.8 X w .*■*» 2 to beginning. gore; j-red
erlck Hussey to William H Hussey. half part;
May 20; $100; address. 150 West Kth st.
BTH AYR. w s. 46 ft n of 17th •*.»•«*
100; Elizabeth Martin to Euphenila I Martin
imtg $10.00»; May 10. 1804; gift: address, 106
West Mth st.
IST ST M and SO East. 42.10n1o\Y11x irreg.
5 sty brk- Helen Phelps Stokes to the Rlvlnpton
Neighborhood Association, a corporation «mtg;
$35,000); April 21, 1808; $1; address. Si East
Ist st.
15TH ST, 342 and 344 West. «2xI«LS, 3 sty
brk- John C Coleman (referee.) to Philip Krauss;
June 10; $12,000: address. 888 East 15bth st.
"IST ST 36 East. 2.">x92; 5 sty brk; Henry
Pchiff to Rachel Schlff <mtg $52,000); March 20.
1!K)7: $100: address. 36 Bast 21 Ft st.
"6TH ST 12.-. West. 21.10x98.9, 3 sty brk;
Thomas H ' Stewart to John A Weser (mtg
$37000>- June 3: $100: address. 149 West 23d st.
.'.3D ST. 143 East, 17.10x1005; 3 : sty brk; Net
tle Altmayer to Peter J Groll; Juno 10; $100.
address. 145 East 63d st.
65TH ST. n s. 200 ft c of 9th aye. 100*100.5:
Sutherland Realty Co to Brentmore Realty Co
(mtc $4^.000); June 9; $100; address, 39 Cort
landt st.
64TH ST. 232 East, s s. 2r.xlor>.r.; 6 sty brk:
Annie Leipzig to Fannie Mandel; all liens; June
9; $100; address, 233 East 39th st.
64TH ST. Ps, ISO ft v of 2d aye. t25x1«>.5;t 25x1«>.5;
Nathan Schweitzer to Blanche Rolston: mtg
$29,000; June 10; $100; address, Room IS->. lw
75TH ST. n *. 198 ft c of Aye A. 25x100;
Gerald F Shepard to B*rent C Gerken; quit
claim; Dec 7, 1905; address, 1511 3d aye.
75TH ST 178 East. ir,x!02.2: 3 sty brk: Nan
nie J Faulkner to Paul M Warburg; June 9;
$100; address, 52 William st.
75TH ST n s 173 ft * of Aye A. 2"x102.2;
Ernst Hall, ref, to Rpront V Gerken; June 9;
$4,325; address. 1511 3d aye.
77TH ST 149 West. 18x102.2; 3 Sty brk: Ellen
R Jores to Charles W Jones, of Brooklyn (mtg
$12,280); Dec 16. liH>7; 81; address. 80 Leon
ard Bt.
78TH ST. 149 West. 20x102.2; 3 sty brk: James
J Roe to vadrtck Realty Co (mtg $20,000); June
8; $100; address, 108 Broadway.
78TH ST, s s, 50 ft o of Park nve, 5f>x102.2:
Herman Buchtea Kirch to ST.'. Park Aye Co;
June 10; $100; address. 875 Park aye.
96TH ST. 36 West, 17x100.8. 5 sty brk; Julius
Kaufman to Sydney B Krlanger, 1--4 part (mtg
$15,000); June "9; $1.
SAME PROPERTY; -am« to Frank!* F. Her
man, 1-24 part (mtg $15,000); June 7; $1; ad
dress. 93 Prince f>t.
97TH ST. 203 East. 25x100.11. 5 pry brk; Mor
ris Levy to Benjamin Jacobs and ano (intg
$24.500); Aus 20. lf<"7; $1; address. 43 West
12"» th st.
97TH ST, 203 East, 25x100.1, 5 sty brk;
Morris Levy to Benjamin Jacobs nn<l Philip
Ritter Cmtg 824.500); August 30. 1907; $1; ad
dress, 203 East 97th st.
J»9TH ST. 146 West. 15.4x82.3; 3 sty brk; Con
gregation Pincus Elijah to John A Marcato
(intg $5,500); June 9; $100: address, BH7 Am
sterdam aye.
101 ST ST. 217 East, 25x100 11, 4 sty brk:
Gertrude X Brennan to Antonio Odato et al
(mtg $12,600); June 10; $100; address. Boom
1605. 150 Nassau St.
111 TH ST. 122 West; 3 sty brk. 15x100.11;
Emilie S de Hlerapolis to Becky Meyers; g o
(mtg $9,500); June 9; $1: address. 29 West
112 th st.
116 TH ST. 106 East, 37.9x100.11; 8 sty brk;
John M Downes to Minnie Polflnl; b and 6;
Jan 10; address, 106 East 116 th Ft
125 TH ST. n b, 126.10 ft c of Madison aye.,
33 2x99.11; Alfred E Hanson to Hudson Realty
Co imtE 541,000); June 7; $100; address. 135
126 TH ST. 330 and 332 Bast, 41.8x99. 1L 6
sty brk- Benjamin Barker (referee^ to Metro
politan Trust Co of New York; June 10. $30,000;
address, 49 Wall st.
127 TH ST. s s. 412.6 ft c of «?h aye. 12.6 x
99.11: 'Walter' H Kobbe. guardian, to William
M Christopher: $1.
SAME PROPERTY: William H Christopher
to Charity W Kobh°. of Ramsey. N J. June 2;
$1; address, 43 Greene st.
135 TH ST, 174 West. 25x99.11. 5 sty brk: Alex
ander Wolf (referee) to Coleinan Construction
Co; June 9; $50; address. Room 830, 154 Naß
sau st.
214 TH ST, s s. 75 ft c of 9th aye. 50x99.11;
Mark L Kelley to William A Mark, of Brook
lyn; June 9; $100; address, 1"5 Broadway.
BRACKEN AYE, w s, 250 ft s of JefTer
eon aye, 50x100; L*nd Co A of Edenwald,
to Frances Faber; May 24; $1; address, 101
West 113 th st.
BELL AYE, w s. 47." ft •» of Randal! aye,
50x105; Land <"v> C of Kdenwald. to Patrick
Palmer: May 27; $1; address, 307 Spring st.
* COLUMBUS AYE, n s, lots 41 and 42, map
1.076, portion Downing estate at Van Nest. sOx
100; Frank R Downs to James J Burke and
William J Sullivan (mtgs $1,698); June 9; $100;
address, 120 Broadway.
CROTON ST, n p. 828 ft W of 10th are, sOx
91; Michael J Iranian, ref. to William F Mc-
Carthy et al; May 24; $24,5(10; address, 1036
Jack-on aye.
EAGLE AYE. B e cor Terrace pi, x 6O; Aster
Simon Realty Co to Thomas Mulligan Construc
tion Co, '/a pat (int* $4,000); March IS; $1;
address. Shakespeare aye, cor 172 d st.
EAGLE AYE. « s. 2." ft s of Terraie pi. 50.7*
lOOx irreg; the Northern Bank of New York to
same; .Tun* 10; $1; address same as above.
EDISON AYE. c s. 47". ft « of Tremont rd,
130.9x51.3; EXUeon aye. c s. 425 ft s of Tremont
rd, 50x100; Bankers' Realty and Security Co to
Baxter Howell Building Co; June 8; $100; ad
dress. 3CKO Mlddletown rd.
FOREST AYE. W s. 50 ft s of 10-ft alley,
25x100, being part of lot 12. map of Woodstock:
Man.' Frawley to Mary E Toel (mtg $5,000);
June- 9; gift; address. Room 90. 62 William st.
LOTS 5 and 6, map New York Catholic Pro
tectory, at Van Nest, N V, Catholic Protec
tory to Michael J Murphy; June 3; $2,075; ad
dress, .Room 616. 149 Broadway.
LOT 353, same map- same to Charles A Ca
'azza, of Brooklyn; June 3; $1,200; address, 5307
7th aye. Brooklyn.
LOT 89 same map; same to Thomas F Dough
erty. June 3; $1,325; address. 174 West 76th St.
LOT 354 to 859, same map; same to Robert H
Green; June 3; $5,400; address, Boom 626. 14»
LOT 24. map Joseph Husson at Clason's Point;
ißobert B Edwards, et al, to Augustus E Smith
(mtg $1,400); June 9; $100; address, 21SS Wash
ington aye.
LOT 28. block 45. map Bee C Edenwald ; Annie.
Patjens to Land Co "C." of Edenwald; April
27; $1; address. 16 East 42d St.
LOT 71. map 1388, of Bronx Terrace; FrMolln
Weber to Albert Herbach (mtg $300); June 8;
$100; address, 391 East 149 th st.
LOT 136. map 277, of St Raymond Park;
Charles S McGarry to Annie Hems 'mtg $1,200);
June i); $100; ail 111 s*l East 141 st st.
LOTS 186 and 187. map 113OA of New York
Catholic Protectory; Max Sternberg- to Fred
erick Einberger; June 0; $100; address, 144 East
84th st.
I/>T r.07. map Van Nest Park; Joseph Ga
macho to Dolphis Allard, half part; $1; ad
dress. 47 East ftßth st.
MORRIS AYE, n w cor ISOth nt. 69.2x100;
Domenlco Azzaritl to Caritlna Spallone (mt»
$87,000); May is; $100; address, 683 Morris aye.
MORRIS PARK AYE, n c cor Delancey st,
43. 7x46x57; Simon Kartzm*r to Dorothy
Kellar <mtg $4,000); June 0; $100; address. 315
Washington st. Brooklyn.
PARK AVB. s c cor lC6th st. 2.V'.x192x Irreg:
Albert F Hyde to City Realty Co (mtg $21,000);
June 8; $1; address, 176 Broadway.
PLOT bounded by Broadway. 253 d Bt. River
dale a\-e and Spuyten l»uyvll Parkway; David
Hanks to John U Dash st al. all title; June l>;
$1; address, 61 Water st.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, s c cor 174 th St.
BOxNO; Wendover Hall Co to Trask Building Co
(mtc $24,00,) : May 12; $100; address. 747 South
ern Boulevard.
TRBMONT AYE. 4 s. 64.6 ft c of Arthur aye.
25x100; John w Van De.mark to Hippolyte P
Kanski <nitg $a,500); Juno H. 1&10; $100; ad
dress, »JGS But lllth st.
UNION ST. Barker aye. Sheridan st and Brans
Park: Union st. Barker aye. Bridge st and
Bronx Park, "Western ster; Mell.' llylkema to
Jerry Altiere Co (mts $00,000); June 3, $1; 'ad
dress. 15U7 Wilkina aye.
UNION AYE. w s. 225 ft - of 151 st st, 20x100;
Rose Heine to Augusta Thorner (mtg $5,000);
June 8; $7,260; address. 657 Union aye.
valentine aye. .• * 1765 ft n of iS4th
ft. 100x116; Mary A McDonald to Hugh D
Smyth; May 10; $1. address. 150 Broadway.
WEBSTER AYE, n <• cor lS2d st, 100x179x
lrr^g. Mary B Slevin to Gerard C Connor;
June 0; $100; address. 1 1 «74 Washington aye.
WEBSTER AVK. n c cor lS2d st, lOO.lx—
to w ■ Park aye xl00xl76; Gerald C Connor to
Joieph Steen (mtjr $21.000 >; June U; $100.
address, 1674 Washington ays.
WEEKS AVD. c *. 75 ft n of 175 th 8t.91.9x
96.9 x trroe John W Curran to John Miller
(mtg $tt.ooo>; June 0; $1; address. Room 1321.
132 Nassau Ft.
WHITE PLAINS RD. 4436 and 4438. BO.lx
128.6.x irrrg; Catharine C Hill to William
Lechnyr; June 7; $100; address. &4« Brook
WILKINS AYE. ir.67. s c cor Crotona Park
East. 100.0x39.10: Crotonn. Park East. 1448.
40.1x100; Crotona Park East, 1444. 40.1x100.10;
Jerry Altier! Co to Melle Ilylkema, of Ha«
brouck Heights, N J (mtg $91,000); May 31;
$1: address, 1. .«7 Wilklns aye.
2D AYE. 2213. 49.10x74.10x Irref-. 4 sty brk:
John Creegan to Mary A W*t£; «>>««•. all
lien?; June 0; $100; address. 218 East 39th Bt.
3D AYE, n W cor 170 th st, r.7.10x91: Benja
min Silverman et al to Wendover Bronx Co;
June 9; $100; address Room 1.216, 309 Broad
10TH AYE. n s. 105 ft w of 4th st. 30x114.
Wakeneld; Bridget Mcßride to Angela (..Ulberti;
mtg, 111,000: June 9; $HX>; address. 22bth st
and Barnes aye.
145 TH ST, SSC I s, 78.4 ft c of 3d aye. 23x
100: Mark H Cohen to Edward Kates (mtg
*7,600); May 31: $100; address. ■Room 706. 66
Pine st.
177 TH ST. s w cor Vyse aye. 103x127.9;
Charles Purdy to Frank R Becker; June »; $100,
address, 306 East 46th st.
IMTH ST, st c, 116.2 ft w of Washington aye.
COxioO; Lewis' M Sweet to Cerra Realty and
Construction Co (mtg $2,000); June 10; $100;
address, 132 Nassau st. .
228 TH ST. n «• *, 108.7 ft c c of Jacobus pi.
54.1x107.11x Irreg: Sumner I>eane to Mark T,
Kelly init^ $10,000); .Mint- 9; $1OO; address. 16
4th aye.
242 D ST, lots 24.M:. 2»68 and 246 A. map
I.IOSK, portion Penneld property at Wakefleld;
Annie Prochaska to William Lechnyr; June 8;
$100; address. Room 13, 4* Wall !=t.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest at 5 per cent unless otherwise stated.
.TINE 10.
AUDUBON AYE. n c cor Croton St. 90x49.8x
irreg: May 24: due June 10. 1913: 6 per cent:
Hannah L Corbet t et al to Frederic De P
Foster; $16,000: address, IS Wall st.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mtg $16,000);
June 10,; 1 yr 6 per cent: Fame to George
Hill: $2,000: attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance
and Trust Co. 160 Broadway. •
GRAND ST. 327, 21.9x65x irre?:: 3 sty brk;
June 10; 3 yrs I - per cent; Ophelia Vail to
Emma J Butternefd; $«,000; attorneys. Bailey
& Sullivan. 133 Broadway.
HOUSTON ST. 40:5.9 ft w of Avenue C. 83.7 x
71. 9 x trresr; due. etc, as per bond; June 9;
Moses Zimmennann to Bond and Mortgage
Guarantee, Co; $80,000; address. 176 Broadway.
HENRY ST. 313, 23.6x70.5; 3 sty brk; 6 yrs.
41-. per cent; June 10; Morris Yonowsky to
Metropolitan Savings Bank: $10,000; attorneys,
A S & W Hutchins. 84 William st.
HENRY ST. n s. 24.7x71; 6 yrs; June 10;
Mayer Lunitz to Florence H Dunning; $10,500;
attorney, John M Rider. 44 Cedar st.
LENOX AYE. ,">0 ft n of 121 st St.. 25.11x50;
due. etc. as per bond; Juno 9: Harry H Hexsch.
to Helen A Higglns et al: $20,000; attorney.
Title Guarantee Co. 176 Broadway.
2D WE. 1091. 20x60; 4 sty brk (prior mtg
$12,000); June 9; 1 yr. 6 per cent: Nicholas
Voss to Moses Moritz; $3,000; attorneys, A L &
5 F Jacobs. 30 Broad st.
"D AYE 2215, 24.7x74.10: 4 sty brk: June
9; 3 yrs; 'Mary A Dietz to John Cree^an;
$5,000; attorney, W J Coen. 304 East 34th st.
2D AYE. 1091, 4 sty hrk. 20x60; June 9;
, > yrs; Nicholas Voos to Lawyers Title Insur
ance and Trust Co; $12,000; address, 160
9TH ST. c,24 East. 20x76; 4 sty brk (prior
mtg $12,000); June 10; 3 yrs. 6 per cent;
Annie Golden to Joseph Splvack; $2,250; at
torney, A M Parlser, 2SO Broadway.
14TH ST. 114 East. 25x106.6x irreg; 5 sty
brk; 5 yrs: June 10; City Theatres Co, a
corp'n. to Edgar S Appleby and an<->; $3t;».000;
attorneys. Cannon & Cannon, 135 Broadway.
19TH ST. 42* and 430 West, 3 sty brk. 2*xft2
(prior nits $58,500); June 9; - yrs. 6 per
cent; McKeon Realty Co to Commonwealth
Securities Co; $10,000: address, 150 Nassau st.
2C.TH ST. 334 and 836 East; 5 sty brk, 50x
95.9 (prior mtg $49,600); June 9; 2 yrs.
without interest; Pauline Miller to Concetta
Parmuta; $1,000; address. 225 East 14th st.
4.VTH ST. n s. 307.6 ft w of Oth aye, 19.2x52
(prior mtg $16,001)); due Jan 1. 1913; June 8;
Thomas KlUilea to Equitable Life Assurance
Society of the United States; $3,000; attorneys,
Alexander & Green. 120 Broadway.
6SD ST 143 East. 17.10x100.5, 3 sty brk: due
July 1, 1911; Peter 3 Groll to Nettie Altmeyer;
$12,000; attorneys. Kurzman & Frankenhelmer.
25 Broad st.
SAME PROPERTY 'prior mffr $12.000>: 1 vt.
6 per cent: June 10; Fame to Irene B Braman;
$2.<««»; attorneys. Noble & Camp. 2 Wall st.
55TH ST n p. 200 ft c. of !>th aye. 100x100.5;
June 9- 1 yr, 6 per cent; Brentm Realty Co
to Marc H Mack; $225,000; address. 12 West
88th st.
I 78TH ST. ns, 100 ft eof Columbus aye, 20.11
X 102.2; Southern Boulevard, c s. 125 ft n of
167 th st rixlof»r ixlof» (prior mtg $— >: June 9: 4 yrs;
Ellen Tompklns to Union Bank of Brooklyn;
$34,099 22; address. 44 Court st, Brooklyn.
78TH ST. s s, 60 ft c of Park aye, 60x102.2:
2 vrs 4 1 * per cent; June 10; Eight Hundred and
Seventy-Five Park Avenue Co to Herman Buch
tenkirch; $74,000. attorney. L S Grebel. 41 Park
80TH ST 216 East, 25x102.2, 4 sty brk (prior
mtg $13,600); June 10; 3 yrs. 6 per cent; Annie
Golden to Joseph Ppwack; $2,250; attorney. a M
Panser. 280 Broadway.
94TH ST 55 West. 20x100.8: 3 sty brk (prior
mtc $13,600); 2 vr?. 6 per cent; June 0; Margaret
T Van Epe to Ala M Roach; $1,800; address. Sl9
Putnam aye, Brooklyn.
; lO4TH ST. 56 West. 33.4x100.11: B sty hr'<;
June 10; 5 yrs. 4% per cent: FraneesE mile
Hoertel to Franklin Savings Bank; $28,000; at
torney, w M Powell, 29 Wall st.
11° TH ST 233 West, 18xlOO.ll: 3 sty brk (prior
mt,, $_)• June 9; demand; Max Finkelstein to
Thomas Morrissv; $22,000; attorneys. We.ss«lman
6 Kraus. 65 Liberty st.
116 TH ST, n s. 6O ft c of Madison aye. 30x100
(prior mte 830,000); June 6; due as per bond;
Adolph W Kunpner to Mary Hague; So.000; at
torneys, Sondhelm & Sondhelm, 170 Broadway.
12STH ST, n s, 225 ft w of Lenox aye. 75x
99 11- .Tune 10; 3 yrs. 6 per cent; Mary I Greene,
to' Elizabeth C Mueller; $1,200; attorney. Thomas
Kilvert. 154 Nassau st.
123 D ST, n s. 236 ft c of 2d aye, 1Rx10o.11;
June 1O- 5 yrs; Ethel Feuenbock to Mary Han
son: $«,.'■'.>«; attorneys, Woodford. Bovee &
Butcher. 1 Madison are.
156 TH ST, 100.3x99.11x Irreg: 5 yrs, 6 per
cent, until completion of building and 5% per
cent thereafter; Wllle Construction Co to Metro
politan I.lf- Insurance Co; $360,000; address, 1
Madison aye.
214 TH ST, 3 s. 25 ft c of 9th aye, 60x90.11; 2
JTS, .".'a per cent; June 10; William A Mark to
Park Mortgage Co; $5,500; address, 41 Park How.
BRACKEN AYE, w s. 250 ft s of Jefferson
aye, 60x100; June 8: 3 yrs. 5% per cent;
Frances Faber to Land Co A of Edenwald;
$465; attorney. Robert B Allfng, 149 Broad
BRYANT ST. 1841 and 1*43. 130. 5x27. 8x
126.6: one-seventh part; June 9; demand, 6
per cent- Lena Kanski to Charles P Hallock:
$100; address. 909 East 180 th st.
CAMBRELLENG AYE. n c cor of ISPth st. 40x
75 (prior mtg 882,000); 1 yr. 6 per cent; May
11- Bedford Park Construction Co to Samuel
Caruccl: $6,000; attorney, Stephen w Collins,
63 Wall St.
BEAUMONT AYE. n w cor of 189 th st. 40x
75.6 x irreg (prior mtg 832.000); May 11; same
to same; $000; attorney. Fame as above.
CROTONA PARK EAST, s c cor of Wilklns
aye. 39.10x100x Irreg prior mtg $ — ); May 31:
3 yr*, 6 per cent; Metis Hyekema to Jerry
Altleri Co; $17,000.
CROTONA PARK EAST, c -. 39.10 ft s of
Wilkins aye, 40.1x90.11x Irreg (prior mtg
$ — ) : May 31; 3 yrs. 6 per cent; same to same;
CROTONA PARK EAST, 1444, 40.1x100.10x
Irreg (prior mtg $— 1: $10,500; May 31: 3 yrß. 6
per cent; Fame to same; address 1567 Wilkins
EAGLE AYE, c s, 2." ft s of Terrace pi.
50.4x100x lrreg; 3 yrs; June 6; Thomas Mul
ligan Construction Co to Century Mortgage Co;
$40,000; address, 62 Cedar st.
HEWETT PL. W s. 125 ft n of Macy pi, 50. fix
lrreg (prior mtg $14,000): Feb 8; due as per
bond: Jacob Goldberg- and ano to Isaac Well;
$30,000; attorney, Louis Solomon, 41 Park
KATON'AH AYE. c s. 100 ft n of 241 st st. 2
lots, each 25xRf>; (2 mtgs. each $4,250); 3 yr«,
51, per cent: June 1; Ernst Keller to Central
Mortgage Co; $8,500; attorneys. Otis & Otis.
60 Wall st.
LOT 183. map property of William F Dun
can at Williamsbrldge; June 9; 3 yrs. « per
cent; Melrose Realty Co to Maria C Farlnella;
$750: address. 339 East lOoth at.
LOTS 188 and 187, map land of New York
Catholic Protectory; June 9: .1 vrs. C, per rent:
Frederick Einborger to Max Sternberg; $3.'<K>;
attorney. Qeorge Costar, 1922 Tremont aye.
LOT 3.*.4 to 3--.0. map land of New York
Catholic Protectory: June 3: 3 yrs: Robert H
Greene to New York Catholic Protectory;
LOT 533. map land of New York Catholic
Protectory; June .'{. .'i yrs: Charles Casazza to
New York Catholic Protectory: $840.
LOTS 5 and fl. same map; June 8; 3 yrs:
ha.-l J Murphy to New York Catholic ITo
tectory; $145,-50.
LOT S9, same map: June 3: 3 yrs: Thomas
F Dougherty to New York Catholic Protectory;
$9(>0; attorney, Joseph T Ryan, 149 Broadway.
LOT 205. map of building lots near 111
tamsbridge station: due March 26. 1012: 6 per
cent; June 4; Albert Borella to Ralph Hlckox;
$340; attorneys. Noble & Camp, - Wall st.
LOT 137, map 1273. 309 lota Hunt's Point
Realty Co- due. etc, as per bond; 0 per cent;
Amelia Steinmetz to Emma Pagendorn; $1.70J;
attorney, John A Stelnmetz. 1001) East 180 th st.
LOT 00, map of building lots near Williams
bridge Station; March 88; 2 yrs, 8 per .rent;
Antonio Cariiera to Ralph Hickox; $540; attor
neys. Noble & Camp. 2 Wall st.
LYMAN PL. c ». 55.8 ft n of Stebblns eve.
334.x71.11x Irrrg; I yrs; June 9; Frank A Ten
Brook to William L Condit et al ; $17,000; at
torneys, James, Schell & Elkus, 170 Broadway.
LYMAN PL. c 8, at n w ■ of Stebblns aye.
ir.2 7x197.9x lrrcg. Juno 9: demand (prior mti
so7,soo); same to Bertel Realty Co; $7,500; at
torneys, satin; as above.
LOT B. map ! "* 0 of ''•' lots at Mount Vernon.
"•>xl26 6x Irreg: 3 yrs; June 8; William I.ech'ivr
to Catherine C Hill; 15.000; attorney. Georges
Hill. 41 Park now.
WHITE PLAINS RD. • b, lot 4. same map,
25*12''. 3x lrreg; June 8; 3 yrs; same ti» tame;
$.'>.'*»<': attorney« name as above.
LOTS MSB MCB AN I* -4(1 A. man 110 S. sub
division portion of Penfleld property; June 10;
due, etc. as ps» bond; same to same; 88.000;
attorney." same as above.
•JIDDLETOWjj RD, n ( cor of Edison aye.
M*3xiSo.os irreg due July 1, 1012. « per cent:
June 0; Baxter-Howell Building Co to Herman j
I, Krleger; $2,500; attorney. Frederick H
Schwesrler, 5 Beekman st. _
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD. ■ • cor of *™;£
st. 50x100; June 8; demand. 6 per r?P^ 1T
Bulldlnr Co to City Mortgago Co; $55. 0W, aa
dress. 15 "Wall st.
SEDGUTTCK AYE. w n. 410.7 ft » w of K i r^*:
bridge rd. 33 5x132. 7x hreg; June 9: 3 yr» B A
cent; Bronxmont Realty Co to Theopniiu* a
Brouwer et al. trus; $10,000; attorneys. Stltt *
Phillip*. 113 Fulton St.
SEDGWICK AYE. w *. 444 ft ■ w p 'f'"^
bridge rd. 33 5x Irreg; June »: 3 yrs. * P*r ' "";
same to Anna L. II Wenman and ano; »i«.<w,
attorneys, same as above.
TIER AYE. n 8. 100 ft w «^' "i, Jl«rMI
3Sr» to high water mark. Eastchester «•?*•"-!/
X 408; dun May 25. 1911. « per «■">»: J " n * ";
Harry P Mulvaney to the estate of Lft"!.'""^
Pclmour; $2,400; attorn, ys. McClure & ..IcClure.
22 William st.
TRINITY AYE. w s. 100 ft » of 1«W »♦ • -^
12T, .prior mt ß J45.000); June 0; due a»per bon^
HUglns & O> to Mary J Mitchell:
torney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co- »•«► Broad
UNION ST. Barker «ye. Fherldan st and >»w
Bronx Park, the block; Bridie st Barker ax-
Union st an.i Bronx Park, the block iprl "r
$->; June 3; due Dec ft. 1!UO. « S""«^.» fU) ad^
Altlerl en to Bronx Borough Bank; $20,000. ad
dross, 440 Tremont aye. „„..,_
' VALENTINE AYE. a 8 176.5 ft n of l^ Tn
st, lno.lxlir.; May 10- due June 1. 1913. >> >s n
D Smyth to ' Globe and Uut^rs Fire In-uranc«
Co; $fi..SOO ; attorney. Robert X Pr^ntl. c. «-
SAME PROPERTT (pHnr mtgr •"-? >n l?, : y
10- due June 1, 1913; same to Mary A McDon
ald: $2,140; address, same as above.
VTSB AYE. * w cor 177 th st. ITT «««•*£?
0 .-. v r , Frank A Becker to Cbarje. rurd> .
$2S.00O; attorney. F M Thompson, White Plains.
N WEBSTER AYE. n c cor l*2d st. lW.ltlTh
irre X; due Ant 9. 1910: 6 per cent: June ». Jo-
Foph'sT^n to George H .Tanss; $1,500; attorney.
<; H Taylor, S9l East I4f«h at ,^_,vw
WEBSTER AYE. n c cor l<=2d st l ol ™^
lrre X : June 9; 3 jrr»; Gerald C Co , nr T or Mary
B /levin: $9,000; attorney. Michael J Mulqueen.
2T>3 Broadway.
WEEKS WE. c s. 7. ft n of 175 th *'. 9V9X
M.9x irre due Feb 15, 1911; W P^-fiS
June- 9: John Miller to John W Curran; $-500.
attome>-«. Friend & Friend. 132 Nassau st.
WASHINGTON AYE. w 8. 75 ft n •*
ir,7th st. 2Sx80.ll: .Tune *; I yr»: -B'rnard , '/
lrr and ano to Thomas C Stephens: $750; attor
ney. F W Judge. 90 West Broadway.
WASHINGTON AVB. w 8, 50 ft n of I«7th
st. 2.-.x>«.». 1 1 : June fi: 3 yrs: sam« to Anna <-
Stephens; $750: attorney, same as above.
WIUONB AYE. c P. 3?0 ft n of 170 th st.
120x100; bid* loan; June 7; demand. « per cent.
M F Construction Co to City Mortgage Co,
$SI,000; address. 15 Wall st.
3D AYE. n w cor 117 th st. 07.1<Hfll-7: June ■&;
3 yrs; Wen-:. Bronx Co to Benjamin fllver
man et al: $11,800; attorneys. Krakower «
I'eters. 300 Broadway.
176 TH ST. s s, 90 ft w of Monroe aye, S«X
125; June 10: .'. yrs; Tillie Pertgen to Bridget
Haran; $9,000; attorney. Charles Brandt. Jr. lfe»
2d aye.
IS2D ST. n s. 00 ft « of Webster aye. — to
Park aye x 100; June 9: 3 yrs; Gerald '-Con
nor to Mary B Slevin: $9,000; attorney. Michael
J Mulqueen. 253 Broadway.
184 TH ST. n a, 116.2 ft w of Washington aye,
fiOxlOO (prior mtg f— ); due Sept 1. 1910. as per
bond, 6 per cent; Cerla Realty and Construction
Co to Ensign Realty Co: ?3.900; attorneys. Mo-
Laughlln & Stern, 15 William st.
ALL the lands and Interests of every sort in
plots bounded by Broadway oa the east. West
253 dst on the north, Riverdale ay» on the west
and Spuyten Duyvll Parkway on the south.
June it; due. etc. an per bond; John B Dash.
John B Delan>ld and Edward C Pelaneld to
David Banks; $120,000; attorney. John L. Cole
man, 100 Broadway.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
JUNE 10.
CONCORD AYE. 113.11 ft 8 of St Mary's st
beins? lots 21. 22 and 23. man of property or
estate of Samuel B Lyon. ***** April 30
1907- Giuseppe Alterl to Fanny C Lyon. Alfre<j
Seton and Francis C Huntingdon. trustee-.
Samuel F> Lyon. deceased; $5,100; a"orne>".
Huntington. Rhlnelander & Seymour. 54 Will
lam st.
CROTONA PARK EAST. I s. 176 ft c of Sub
urban pi. 101.1x65.1x96x44.3: Feb 14. 1910.
Oliver B Davis to Stanislaus J \ anecer and
John F Vosatka: $3,500; attorney. Frederick A
Snow, 15 Wall st.
HAGLE AYE. 597. w- 8. 18.JH1OO; April 30.
1907; Katie H Hebron to Morris Kohn; *- 3*_
attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 1«»
FULTON AYE s * cor lßOth st. 74xfiT>x70x«.*v.2;
Jan 20. 1910: Louis E Kleban to Jacob Klingen-
Ftein; $13,500; attorney. Frederick A Snow, 15
Wall st.
KING AYE. tr s. 100 ft n c of Bourne st. sOx
100: "April 12, 1902; Constance P Stammer* to
Stephen I. E F and Samuel J Wood; $-.300; at
torney. Eugene Sweeney. 247 West 125 th st.
LOT 7 to 10. map property William Elliott
Zborowskl on Webster and Crestline (now Clay)
ayes. bounded c by Webster aye. 100 x n by lot
6. said map. 64.2 x wby Clay aye, 100.. x Bby lot
11 54.8- May 31. 1907: ChaVles and Neta J
Biorke ren to George Stark and John J Ben:
515,000; attorneys. Fletcher. MeCutehen &
Brown, 76 William st.
I/YT 33 map of Fairmount. Westehrster
County. 100,200. Jan 19. 1009; Holyoke- Realty
and Construction Co to Morris, Plncus and
Jacob Shalita: $7,500; attorneys, Schenkman A
Brown. 160 Nassau Bt.
LOT 987. the westerly half of the easterly
half, map of Wakefteld, bound, n 'In front by
228 th St. 8 by w % of c % of lot 988. c, by
c H of c H of lot 987. being 25x114; June 8.
1907- Ehrtch, Betty. Peterson. Frederick and
Sarah Deligdlsh to Blene Gelssel; $3,500; attor
ney. W P Matthles. 741 Tremont ay*.
PARK AYE. 4432 East. BOxl»>: April 3. 1906:
Edward McCann to United States Trust Co of
Now York, exr: $2,400: attorneys, Stewart &
Shearer. 4« Wall st.
UNIONPORT ROAD, ■ m. -00.5 ft s of Mor
ris Park aye, 100 .15 x25xf1«. 7x25.1; Aug 4, 1«99:
Patrick Oxley to Pierre W Wilder and Anna C.
his wife: $2,600: attorney. H S Ogden, 31 Pine, M.
IST AYE. 82.1 and 527 (and 3T>l East 46th
st) 80x75.4x20x22. March 2. 18S1;
Andrew & Catherine Icken to Mary C Smith;
$16,500; attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
176 Broadway.
12TH ST. 8w s. 30R.2 ft n-w 2d aye. 106. 6 x
23 4- Sept 14, 1908; Herman and Bertha Slrotta,
to the State Bank; $4.("0; address. 37* Grand st.
S2D ST, s w cor 2d aye. 24.5x100: May 1.
1P67: Gerhard H Tlemeyer to the- Mutual Life
Insurance Co of New York; $5,000; address. 59
Cedar st.
40TH ST, n w cor Ist. aye, Rox2ox22.«xfiOr
r>2; Ist aye. w a, 75 ft n of 46th st, 20x1.8x
20x1.8: Juno 4. 1906; Martin F Schmltt to
Andrew Icken: $30,000; attorney. Charles T
Carnes, 76 Park Row.
56TH ST. s s. 140 ft c of Bth aye. 22x100.5;
April 20, 1909; Frederick J and Nellie Kelly
to Amy Angell Collier Montague;. $4,000; at
torney. Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co.
100 Broadway.
63D ST. f «. 2"0 ft c. of 4th avn. 100.3x50;
April 7. 1M»O: Mary E McCabe to the Sea
man's Bank for Savings; $20,000; attorneys.
Strong & Cadwaladcr. 40 Wall st.
94TH ST. 38 West, ■ 8, 100 8x6. 0x Inch
xll9xloo.SxlS.«: Feb 17. 18(*>; Kate C. wife
of John E Burrts«. to the Excelsior Savings
Bank: $8,000; attorney, John C Gullck. 132
Nassau st.
97TH ST. f.f> "West, n 8. 100.11x3.V6; March
10. 1908; Apartment Construction Co to
Nathan L and Leon Ottlnger, $11,000; attor
neys. Baldwin & Hutchlns, 27 Pine »t.
111 TH .ST. 122 West, k a. 15x100.11: Dec 2.
1907; Emllie Sahb de Hlerapolis to Morris
Meyers; $2,500. attorney. Louis A Brown, 2SO
1231) ST. s a, SO ft w of Lenox aye. 20x
100.11; Sept 17, IMA; Ernest M Herring to
Henry B Pye: $15,000; attorney, George A
Euring. 280 Broadway.
136 TH ST, s s, 21«.3 ft c of Lenox ay*. 39.!> x
99.11: May 31. 1905: Hermann and Bertha
Strauss to Edward Oberndorf. trustee of .u
llus Oberndorf. deceased,- and the Farmers*
Loan and Trust Co, trustee, $30,000; address,
22 William st.
139 TH ST. s s, 234.10 ft c of Brook aye,
37 6x100: May 31. 1907: Abelman Construc
tion Co to the United States Trust Co of New
York; $25,000; attorneys, Stewart & Shearer,
45 Wall st.
JUNE 10.
Mutual Alliance Trust Co to Max Schaffer;
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Mary W
Luyster; $26,000.
Max Schaffer to M Schaffer-Flaum Co; 2
assts; $1.
James R Roosevelt et al, troa, to American
Female Guardian Society and Home for the
Friendless; $34.Ofi*.
Wllilford Dayton, trus. to Edith O R Mylea; $1.
Annette Blrnbaum to Abraham Birnbaum;
Hermon linger to Esther Rhelnhelmer;
Mary A Mahon to Benjamin F Farrar; $1.
Ida Kempner and ano, exrs. to Ida Kempner;
Margaret HIM. Individually and as executrix,
to Margaret Hill. Individually; $1.
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Guaranteed Mort
gage Co; 3 asstß, each $3.00».
Guaranteed Mortgage Co to Eleanor M Me-
Grt'Kor; $3.iHio.
Jane M Knox to William Haussteln; 2 assts: $1.
Mary Hausteln to Jane M Knox; 2 assta; $1.
Title Guarantee and Trust < *.> to Bond and
Mortgage. Guarantee Co; $15,000.
Same to Isaac Metzger: (28.000.
Paine to Prlngle Memorial Home: $3,000.
Fain- to Bradish .1 Smith, exr; $16,000.
Christian H Hollander 'o Louis Wagner; $2.
Alwell Realty Co to Elizabeth Irwla: $4,000.
Hurry L Goldln to Sarah Goldln: $1«).
Julia Mayb*-ck to William J Amand: $6,000.
New York Mortgage and Security Co to Charles
C Burke; $7,000. *
Paul Qnm to Gotham Mortirage Co; $3,000.
Grace Hallev to Frank D Taggart. $-413.
Arthur Turnbull to Pest & Klagg. $1.
• JUNE 10.
ANTHONY AYE c n. 17 1 * ft s of 173,1 -t.
100x100: Frank De Batoo agt Anthony Avenue
Construction Co, owner; Tager & Kati. con
tractors; $5,243 €2.
ROBBDCfI AYE. f.4« and «50; David Orntteld
et al agt Froma Realty Co, owner and con
tractor; $215. '
MATILDA AYE, c s, 200 ft ■ of 239 th »t.
lOitxMO; John Mare«.a .et al agt Fox-Muller
Realty and Construction O>. owner and con
tractor: X Egenberger, contractor; $125.
SAME PROPERTT: John Somma agt name;
HOE AVB, c i. 2V» ft • of Jennings at. 75 X
100; Paiquale IHmlnno agt H Jack»on, owner;
Carmine Altterl. contractor; $330 12.
AMSTERDAM .WE 1632; Bronx Marble
Worka agt Leah I>ekman. owner. Gordon &
Stein Contracting Co, contractor; $133.
Z&TH ST. v c, 2uQ tl « ol M aye, 4&*3tUl;
Gustave Echarnberger .^ E«t Tw«tr-nln«x
Street Co, owner and contractor. *-w.
JUNE 10.
(With owner* name and addre»».)
JUNE 10.
rPVTnu PARK. adjoining reservoir. on
ci . , ?a> * 1 sty itone. comfort station. «Ox
!o" l T E Vld .to! architect; cost. »23.0OO; owner.
\Trroiu -»Kw7«wn-7. E 8 Cohen. 9 We-t
29111 "*• THE BRONX.
archlTe'tT cost. $5,000; owner. James F Clancy.
700 Morris Park tv«.
Co 12« West 131 st st.
mohEGAV AYE » w cor l«nth nt. 5 «ty brk
cosi^^oVv^^owner. M Ruben-teln. 15 U est
"t^cl- AYE 8 c ror l«H»th »*• ■ •■? brk
Mulcahy. on premises. *„■,.**
CT , 0 ,.. r »ye « c cor Furdy «t. 1 «T
FA «TFRV BOULEVARD, n • cor ra!>ot st.
t PTivrTOV aYE 069: to a 3 sty and ■•»•'
Solley, Jr. 124 West sHth St.
[From The Tribune Bureau!
Washington. .Tun« l"
House to-day refused to a^ree to the Sen
ate amendment to the naval bill abolish
ing the Bureau of Equipment and th© sen
ate amendment making that provision waa
sent back to conference. This is on© Item
in the bill which gives sanction to the
Meyer reorganization plan, and it is
thought that the Senate will Insist upon n.
Representative Loudenslager. of New Jer
sey, asked Representative Foss. 11
of the Naval Affairs Committee. If tnat
committee had not made a favorable report
on a bill to abolish the Bureau of Equip
ment. Mr. Foss replied that this was true,
but that on hearing from Secretary Meyer
as to how he proposed to distribute the
money the committee had changed its nvnd
ami practically recalled the bill in ques
tion. The House also refused to concur in
the amendment authorizing the- construc
tion of five Instead of four submarines, and
six torpedo boat destroyers not provided
for In the House bill. It agreed that a
$1,000,000 collier Phall be built in a PacL.c
Coast navy yard.
four battleships now under construction,
the Utah, building by the New York Ship
building Company, at Camden. N*. J-. »
the most advanced, standing at 76 per cent,
according to the monthly report of the
construction bureau. The Florida, at th»
New York Navy Yard, is 66.3 per cent ad
vanced toward completion: the Arkansas.
by the New York Shipbuilding Company.
"7 6 per cent, and the Wyoming, at the
Cramps' works, in Philadelphia. 22.5 per
cent. Good progress Is reported on the
submarines, colliers and torpedo boat de
HILL. ACQUITTED.— Although techni
cally the case is still before the Navy De
partment for review. It Is understood that
Commander Frank K. HJU has been ac
quitted by the court of inquiry which In
vestigated the charge, that he brought the
Marietta Into Portsmouth. X H.. from the
tropics in bad condition
Brigadier General William 1* Marshall,
chief "f engineer?, to-day finished his ac
tive service with the army. He Is noted
for his discovery of Marshall Pass, across
th-» Rooky Mountains: the gf>M placers of
Marshall Basin of the San Miguel River. In
Colorado; the construction of levees In Ml!»-
Pipj-ippi. Louisiana and Arkanses; for his
supervision of work on the Hennepln
Canal for ten years and on fortifications
near New York and other engineering work.
To-morrow Colonel William H. Bixby will
become chief of engineers.
of the reports in the last few months of
friction between the midshipmen and one
of the instructors at the Naval Academy,
some significance attaches to the declara
tion of the hoard of visitors, which has Just
ma-ie a visit to the Institution, of their
great satisfaction over the fine conditions
prevailing. In their report the board states
that the superintendent, the officers and
instructors are discharging their duties
faithfully and efficiently and the student
body is doing its work well. Moreover, the
board commends the good discipline which
Is being maintained. Aside from a few
betterments in the academy and th© ac
quisition of some additional land, the rec
ommendations of the board present few
novel features.
dent officers of the army stationed at the
War College left Fort Myer to-day for a
two months' tour of duty to study battle
fields of the Civil War and the handling of
large bodies of troops. The officers are j
under the charge of Major Eben Swift, of
the General Staff. They will study historic
ground in Virginia. West Virginia. Mary
land and Pennsylvania, ending their trip
at Gettysburg, where they will spend a
month. in camp with the national guard and
the regular army.
The Senate to-day confirmed the nomina
tion of Brigadier General Clarence R. Ed
wards, chief of the Bureau of Insular Af
fairs of the War Department, for reap
polntment as chief of that bureau for four
years, beginning June 30.
ORDERS ISSUED,-Th© following orders
have been issued:
Captain ROGER O. MASON. 6th Fl#M »rt»
n l«Ty. to Army Sohool of the. Une Fort
Leavenworth. Aurut IS. Une * Fort ,
First Lieutenant ASA L. SINGLETOM i#h m
Buford. with .tatloS a san^T transport
sssr s^sT "•-
i~^ ty v; v l a.H a ss*2sr fur
CHARLES W TAYITm <ma . nt Colonel
month from June i~V^h • -»" t « n t. .•"*•
Captain ERSESTo Pvvir tw * nt >' la% »
etneers. one month am .N cor of «■»-
July 1; Second 11,,. tWeKe <!a >" fr "">
hi, promotion "o «£,. n I " <>nth u P" n !
twenty-on© <Jay« il— Jl h , Fl ' !< » Artillery,
months, upon reli.f » ?i h tavaJry, four
July a*. • • cor P". two nwniha from
July 28. • * cor P - « two months from
U N>wn or w. A **ZZmM*. - « yara.
Ueu»rnant C. L. iiivn -_-
M'-r* Maad. lo , r , n^ ' rom , n«'«ln «'«l ho.pltat.
.rtyinliaia "'"P-'rary duty <n> th<s ,n, n
Assistant Sur»on ft t .. G ,xs. toth . MoW .
Cantaln « MATUX B CORPS.
>P !»lan,i • ni»va! hoapital. Mar*
IMand "• lo «*val hospital. Mare
""B^rS^B OWEX,. d , tachM Flrst
Ca M*r* l8lan(J " Man "a; to naval hospital.
•m; « ■marSf^S li-*l i-*' ff VV h "* h " "Bt
ad«!phlit ~" "•P«>« of « n ,p!iej psii.
First Ueuteaast \e. F Bwiv .
DmSIOJT ST. 27: to 5 «»7i^^^
Lander. SI East 125 th * J^-n^T
owner. Ida Realty Co. 10& £h^** *k
«TH ST. 41S Emwt; to a 3 «_ T*
bur er. 12 Bowery, architect- L* ; H T?^
owner, Confer-** t ton of EdetnV f**' fcuT
Megerltj* 19» Eaitt 3d »t hal '*H t*
14TH ST, 528 and 528 w#«- ♦
t»nmt and »tore, O L <»n^«_w "•5 •»
78th M, architect; contT^i*S ***** t3?, v
burger. 73 Nassau *. *' W ' *•»», ?j£
JI'.N'B 10.
KELLY ST. w «. 3fZi ft * *f .....
Joseph Xewmark art Gert!« ihlM. a " K.
formance); attorney*. MorrUir,n s***-133r»5 ***-
133r» ST. 235 Wmh Ren'.nta ?*
Maltna Land <>> <f r-'o^uri «?Jl'W.
R J Mahon. "■ ■'•v«^
BROADWAY. «WS: I>*r* *ni*. ~' : --f-^
Fnr«yth- »t at ffor-rtow,™ ofS*" 1 T
Hunt. Mill & Butta, ° f "«*; §?
HOE A\~E. w ». tr. ft . «♦ rV *♦
William J Enrtrh *kt Bryant C, i^.A SV,
foreclotiure of mf f ); attornej,. r~^ u '»«^i
A Cane. T^*^
4TH ST. n ■. 35» ft w nt At* » K _.
Bert landau agt Morr!« CaJeiyi^nr* 55 * -S
ai (foreclosure of mtg>; attorney s »■ "M*
172 D ST. n m. 14.1. » ft w of A*,^^
4-T9x04.«: Edw H Ro«»rs B|p AwT^-b
al (amended foreclosure of rctzv*V^. **"**.
100 A Roe. * •*22*^
lO2D BT. 235 East: IsMore Tarl^
entlne Mayer et a.l <forer!osure -*~7 < *■ r «
lien); attorney. A Stern. lla= «w ? -
TRINITY AYE. » ii. 21-) •? ft • «* i*
xlf*>: Ernest Hall »gx <.v, ( Karoi?**}
dostire of mt«) : attorney. i> c Dw»^ "
t«HTH ST. 1*53 East: P% U I T Ka-"
Aniihel Schwartz et al 'f-,r« «nrir^^^d
torney. J M RWer. *■%]
VANDFTWATFR ST. 3«: Jaaaj --_
at airt Fr»<iericlc W Crawfortl *r ii 7 1 *!,
establish Hen): attorney, J v r^ip^ '*%,
Jim 10. w> *
PIER AVK, w », 5) f: . of ET!a»,
10O: Elsie Hausman loar.s JiattiiZ^*!
$2..W> - ■
55TH ST. n 9. 200 ft • of 9tj> tT . .
Marc H Mack loans Br*ntmer» ■a B J
»22T>.on*>. •%!
HEWITT Pl* w m. 133 ft n of JU-,
12f>.'x irreft: Isaac Well loans lt&Z}&
and Max Smith 5.W.000. ' ■
KATON'AH AYE. « m. lf» ft - ]
f/>x«s; Central Mortgage Co loaa«"rC.r ? '
55.300. " ErsR Jfe,
yard. Philadelphia: ♦« headmw--,
limtnary to orders to recrutUar fc»»i?
Hampshire. ""-wai
First Lieutenant C. F. WILLIAMS a-»>
promotion; grant"-: ••.•->•. ■iaysltL?"'
Leaves of absence; Lieutenant ■*■*■•-'
IIAINBB. First Lieutenant W.Tri
•nd Lieutenant Colonel T. p t»J
month; First Lieutenant C. J V r^-
HEIM. fifteen days, with ~~iaauT
Venezuela; First Lieutenant R. ■"iS»
HARSOX. one north as* Miss***?'
lowing movements of vessels hava-w
ported to the Navy Department:
June S — Th«» Patxl Jones, the Pr»bl«. £, m.
and th« Perry at I»n< Beach.
Jon* ft— Tn»» Standish at Annapolis, •>■
at Portsmouth. N. H.. fip Wo]v«r!-,-
land and the Hist at Guastaaaawi
June — The Padacah. from Cristobal ftr j
fields; the lowa, the Mi-- irhiwHd ?
Indiana, from Hampton Readj for RjaJ
th» Wolverine, from Muskegon for H£»
the AJax. from Portsmouth, N. E,jj 5
June lO— Th© Pompey. from Guaa is a-j
Baltimore, June 10.— A record of tit?
artillery corps in target practice ftr
year with the 12-inch rtfle3 was tot
terday at Fort Howard, -when tt»
Company fired four shots for renri
hit the target each time. The gaaji
fired at a 60 by 20 foot rectasocala
target at three and a half miles, ta
nine miles an hour. Ail four shotji
fired In 3 minutes an.i 17 seconds.
A conference was held yesterday tm
the executive committee of the taß
Association and representatives cf b
organizations of this city, Boston, 1
delphia. Baltimore. Richmond aai •
points, at which the proposed tan
class rates which are to be put fa fa
the Eastern roads we-" discussed j
transportation of th» products of aj|
the manufacturing industries la tail
particularly New England, comas
class rates which are soon to be aha
by the trunk lines.
Being a product
of both skill and eip»
ence, no better pro*
tion to Real Estate own*
ship exists than Title h
surance issued by
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Tns
CAPITAL - - 54,00(W1
SURPLUS - - 6,500,0
100 Broadway. Serr Tort
ISS Moatajra© Street. MaW
an rvltoa Street. «»■■■•*
s*i% Interest on norfsrage lossa &
and Interest gruarant^ed. Ttt!» E**
Westchester and Bronx Title as 4 **:
Guaranty Company. I will invest
sums from $3fM> to $3 n<v>. For Vff
HENRY Y. HALLEY. iXt Tart hr^J^
Ist and 2nd MortgaS*
149 TH ST.. JBDATt^
New Prospect Apartfli* 1
corner Prospect and Qreen-*ood ••
blocks to Prospect Park 'n:r*9«Sk*J
beautiful Ocean Parkway; '"Zj^mfi
next block. high school oppo-"«: -\
light rooms, tiled baths. '''^Si
water; Janitor service; all tsipro----
Only $.5 r-~ ~ nonti _. _
Take Smith st. or '""■ < * nitl:B Jflsl
A. W. Koe*tileT B»iil.Un«J^s«J>?C
B'war. AmMerd»m \ve,. ss»l !•»»
W. H *^^
527_C ptu J T i5 T2 *^^-j7?-rc
IK TOf AH- • - l ' r y * °^
apartment, sen.! for our wf»jr
Broadway and SOrt *- *
Proa.iwav — •■■* lxir * "\ -^*
ICountry.1 Country.
housekeeping .' WEktch X**'- ..-. "^ *.
beaches, for rent ot —>• .:" i CO*-
Urs communloa.a with FKAN*- "• _
erly. R. I. — - **
In the heart of rh!!a.Wph!« - *£ &>
Brooklya \_l
LIGHT AU.;H«n««i.Hg&^f
I.ICII ■ s ;
INS NK^S,r^T^,
INS. R.VTt: I.KSS Tl'^,^!!*-
-'-*** J
BEACTim. sITA £ EI> <;rMNSR**
main avenue. »O«HX »t JS^
TO Prove St.. E?tnhur»b-i^—^rV^' '
WESTCUE£r». %W ~~^^A
On* mile «^*'«™ r t £ m *£f»S*^
On» ml- ■.
»m rr-n'. -l^n
■OKOltiH Of> _**^^^
siAOXinrEXT f I ..»•'« jST*^H
Elllotf Manor, on «i>^ •?
North S^o^e. M.SJ". -^TstJ^pr.
VKR M. SMITH. I l> J?T2^SoC^. f j
exXmine w;^. 8 ?^
on Cllth St. T,^^ 0 * ««UJ*^ I
FARM?. R*a! E*t»te. < J^£^
ur.lurr.i* ed - J - j

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