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I thought! They have Martini^!" He
turned and threw up his hand again. An
other volley rippled along the entire line. and.
as it was immediately fouow-d by others as
rapidly as the men could reloa I
Dick knew that from now on the firing would
be continuous. < Kving to the speed of the
onslaught the gunners were not firing so suc
cessfully, owing to the constantly changing
range. Buhammei's battery was I
hanging away; but SO far had not placed, a
single effective
Back of the charging tribesmen
grass splotched sandy plain wl
and horses could be seen twisting
ing, and here and there riderless anin i i
wildly backward and forward.
Up to this time then
charged from the Sultan's am
desultory tiring ami mostly wil
had marked the advance of Buhammei's
forces. Now. as they approached tl ndy
level back of the stream, along tl
of the Sultan's army a rifle tire broke '-a:
with what seen* American fairly
precise delivery. For a moment it a]
as if. crowded on by their own weig]
hammei's men would, with horse and rider,
fill the brook to the brim and
their own dead; then in a spien
whole front swirled like a whirlpool wl
its revolution carried, the white legions back
from the zone of gunfire.
The Kaid's batteries were still firinf
white mass; but now. own
of motion, their slid! timed!.
For so long a time the shrilling shefl
hammei's batteries had passed ovei
heads that Dick had, grown unconscious of
their noise. Suddenly he was thi
feet and almost immediately afterwa:
an explosion behind him. Half dazci.
to his knees and looked around. Thi X ':
also was regaining his feet.
"They're getting the range," he said im
■p\ICK looked bade where the s
ploded anil saw that it had dropp
the edge oi thefittk camp on the hill with se
rious effect. < >ne man was staggering bl i
toward htm with blood str<. i •■• his
face, but suddenly pitched prone to the
ground with hand- outstretched, and an
ill mnscious was feebly wriggling his man
gled body around so thai he might dk facing
that mysterious east, the Mecca oil the Mus
sulman's God. The American, --til! on Us
knees, stared down ovet the surroui
plain. Everywhere were fittle spots in sug
gestive motion.- a man supporting
to one- of the tents, others twisting convul
sively on the ground, and still others 1> ••
deadly stillness. The agonized sci
wounded horses, the frenzied shorn
tribesmen in the rear, who were impal
to move to the front, and the -hrill com
mands of officers holding their men si
fa t, made a bedlam of sounds internal
with the constant boom of artillery. Bo
nui's nun had found the range.
Immediately behind him Dick heard sten
torian yells and. running ba<
c bluff, discovered Sidi Suleyman,
was directing a force of men intent on drag
ging a heavy 4.7 howitzer up the sharp in
cline. IK- did not interrupt the scat !aeo!
Captain: but the latter turned and gave a
friendly grin.
"Pretty soon I stop them." he said, and
then whirled back to derage the unfortunate
soldiers with I::- choicest epithets, i
unable to stand in idleness, ran down
caught hold of the rope, tugging mightily
with the rest. They found breath to give
him a gasping cheer, and. as if hi-, pi*
had renewed their strength, brought the gun
up the slope with a final rush. Tney shoved
it forward until it stood almost in front
the headquarters tent, and Clarke I
round and nodded, approvingly. I'h,
tcrv nun jerked open the breech and tl
in a l..n>;. shining t \?\ pound shell, and to
Dick': surprise Sidi Suleyman strode n be
tween the men an.i aimed the gun. The mm
sprang Lack to avoid the immediate coo
cii:. ion. and Clarke, staring steadily thi
his binoculars, gave a ententknis. ' A
short. Sidi. Elevate bet abort a degree
I !> to this time the American had not
been aware thai Una strange Aral
an e\p,rt gunner; i>ut now he recognized in
him a trained mark man.
Again the gun leaped Lack, and thu time
the Kaid wheeled round with exultation <>n
his face.
" I wo guns out of business ovei thi ■■
said, bwering his binoculars, "i", 1 work.
my men. good work'"
Ahnost before Ins word-, had died awa) the
Aral, was again taking sight. As the third
shot . learned out. the Kaid handed UN
[•moeitlars to Sidi. who had ruti to a position
> lo <■ he ide him, as though eager lv know
hi m
■keinarkal.le skot, that!" the Kaid aid.
turning to Dick. ' Nearly ffeaiad a
ter>- out. Those fellows over titng
a big mistake. Their guns are too 3
gether. At all events, there's noes*
them now." P
T"\ ICK. in watching the battery. Li »
J - / moment lost sight of the *--.:•$
but now. warned by the sTiqnttfeC
denry arose everywhere, he saw i.r
had reformed and were charging n:
with a less soKd :r. Nt than in therg
onrush. Neither rifle fire nor sEajsg
them from coming or.. Despentcr
drove downward ori the stream r: j
showing prearrangement, narrow! si
a bltmt apex which suddenly drove:.:*
forward toward the g-uns of the:::: |
Clarke, recognizing a crisis, bjj&B
the edge of the Muff and nair:~
thrusting men right and left, to gr:^
mediate scene of action. For ce^
Dick hesitate.!, and then, nai r.;jg
lust, plunged. a£t< r him. Dowabv-fc
guarding the ford, were the chfficsj-
Marrakesh men. Ir.to the forircg
of their own dropping niea^WS
mountain riders, i >ick had no ȣ
idea of what happened. . jfc
For an intecminal ti time tfiemcfc
raging backward and forward ove::1j
space. Once BnhanuneTs'B«**B
of the battery an I for an nßtatagj
session of the guns. He hear: a
shouting fierce ordt rs and felt zs} T - 4 fc
hoarse before he realized that:?-^
been yelling at the top of hisvaci
bt'conie a hand to hand connict. B£t
his way through to the nearest ?~-fi
that a shell was in it. but that OtBJ
not closed. He jammed it snutr- Jd
tempting to discharge it, w..en^-*I
rushed upon hi:::. ..'.rr.ost thrc^'-'^j
the ground.. A fierce tnt»c~ ji
broken simitar, was in the act ■- -^
him. He caught :!:e man's wnst. :.-■■■£
fro for a moment, and then
dragging a pistol frora his hotter.
no knowledge oi '"~£- bu \ r -*:'".
curious interest ::. the way t..e>-
before him sodderJy (&t6rtedfl»»
agony and sfipped „k ward any
body" fell across tl c gtto /;'
bered discharging the gun: c-\ -J.
life could not explain why. in ;-- \
of frenzy, he tot '.. up & e^-.£fJ
him and shouted ' i^smdikit-^'J'.i
He was n»>t aware r'uit he hirr..^---- r
the tide of battle and repulsed t-ej^T
til the Kaid beat him entfasasOCß |
back and shouted fn hbear * I
"Cods! Wriat did I ten T»^»ri
my back! Give ii to them! as**|
again. .:,ra W hUe that j;|
He disc ver . -;^,;V
before him was i arly I
and dying men : that all arousu •- I
rible proof of r: : ray. and tw ■_£*
Marrakesh stin held the fw* °: : . i
men hat! been repulsed aa»*™M
were riding ba. kward to -^ e ;>>^ j i
if he had Uen at rbed in 'V^. i
in which for unt< hi ages^^Sfcrf '
reloaded and fin I, a.^ I
ing to take mechanical aim a- »• t
always chained to the goo. |
Now. relaxed .r.:.l drenencu »■-, j
tion. bloodstained froffl a >I-V- . I
his face, and exhaasted^fijS I
against the long gray loi~ ' !
was hot to his touch. I
Men from the other &?*££# I
skinned, bearing marks oi Wg^ I
ol them stanching t'^'r^^rf
to him. ( >ne of them, whom »»^|
round his necK ano FF a t K J"^tf» J
backing Off. a.idroseil the o- > {
'•H?b one of usJ ;
The Nazarin has found t.^ -^ *
not shout. 'ln the nanwrfW» I
one God!! as he fired : to g^- .^,5 1
Dick broke away f«^.-*gS3j l
test at • and started ' ()Wa r*; r " t . -;. I
ing up its steep -' u::!l .- L ' r w ,' p i^ I
with Sidi Suleytnan.^io*•*?>'
ward, but paused long enow
his shod - y
"The Kaid wants yoo.qp R
DANTING with ww^Sd*^
p.w rixi
*■ the crest and was ol^^
saw Service tents had Kvn >^ ? .
in apparent madnessol
their horses. The k:nd. n^. ;e ,
when waving a band tl^ c br" 1
dcr. was standing l>n , t ',^ t j^.
blutl with his white helmet J,,
over his eyes. Oick>P»se^^
aen>ss the broad >tretch d P^.^v
enemy. In a solid b©4j a»^s ,
men had swung n»und to mc S j,
He whirled back u.ranot.-^ f^
own forces and saw that ° n "bu'.^
bank the stream Was m>th£
rushing ribbon of whiter

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