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«ra by Children everywhere
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[* by Children re

3E2 FROST CO.. B«toi ' -•• .U.S.A.
I Perfect jre
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. *'ould You 1 to
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iF. OO^ pa
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*„,..,.,, ■••■•• ... ... ... ..
SSa tmi ' ' '"- '■'"
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'"Remove Dust
kffom the Hair
i dr ** *
r <tn
'«ndduli ' li ' nr Ut
'■ * 'lUirV*!!' a l>tl!< " coiffure.
M.x 4
Hill » i ' " ntS
P^slh" l! <lr >
t Suf ' .Hsuin
lE^!i * hh ' I > -hI e*enly
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Tup once more.
There was once more a long, careful in
terval of aiming, until the muzzle was di
rectly on his heart. He steeled himself to
wait; then he caught, in the thousandth
part of a second, a tongue of flame. He
never heard the rejx.rt. The cry that hurst
from i.i^ lips was rather a cry of relief than > >f
fear or pain. He wheeled wildly about as a
V,;; turns on its axis, and fell at length, fate
downward, his fingers convulsively clawing
Agroan of relief went up from those stand
ing about, rtlief from the broken -usjx/nse
The phj-sician was instantly at the side ol
the prostrate ii^'ure. Compte <3<- Penet lay
on his face, and his arm-, \mt^ outstretched
as though desi»erately elinj^in^ to the earth
from which he had been so terribly banished.
The r^ur^eon seized one wrist and felt for the
" Dead!" he announced with ensp brevity.
Then they turned him, and into the
faces of those bending over came bewilder;
rneni. <»n the fine textured whiteness of the
linen shirt was not to be found a intfe
stain save that of Uie earth to which he had
re open
rapw : la ht long
: a build that had
k» tor.
lowly forward.
[Aaio* 'i, "hi - 1 ond and
. turned
. lif, U one -.1 hi!
. : ■ • nrith hi hands
. • | „■ ■ ■ "Ev< a ted
Quick Start Smooth Going Great Finish
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I Johnson's Shaving Cream Soap h
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troubles solved.
I The Lather's the Thing 1
*> ?**
J] The most pleasing features in shaving are: An instantaneous, rich, creamy, lasting lather ; S|
a quick softening of the beard, without mussy finger rubbing; a smooth, soothing finish that g
H leaves the skin in a healthy, comfortable condition. These are only three of the many 19
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I Shaving Cream Soap I
pi . ll
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iagty to the first touch of Blue-jaj lorn
\ f ( |t rin^r of downy softness instantly
,t..p" ;.ll chafing and pain.
\ |,it ( ,f wonderful rin.li. ation begins
„t th. same t i vi«- t«. v*mx the corn out.
In forty-eighl hours il comes away
f r . . !v and neatly.
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Cirl ( hrmiriK'o . PhiUdrlphi <

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