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n\ /-n" '"""*" Attractions -—■•■•■■■- WE INAUGURATE THE U9H© SERIES OF TTI 7TI r ~ " ac 7 & Co - • Attrsctloni Are The!r Low Prices
A^iifi©^ Old ' Fashioned . Macy Sales AMsP®^i?
fi! Vr\Jsi&m*\****£&'- 34th to 35th SL il" (^S Jl 11 110 Ji'llV&^Ul -, 1 V lldL^ V V \J^ B »way«t tth Ay. to 33*«-
sorted Mohairs and Sicilians
PP* * M Fl.. 3*t h St
4f jj^ai retail market thoroughly. That's why
Ktßg ' r w Y-h accuracy that the Mohairs and Sicilians
,O3 *•"-,, -£j tfl . TOO -row at 98c. a yard arc sold by
r. ** Vi'^ i" $1.50. Among them are
Checks and Cross-barred Plaids., in grays
I**'' I***''if-'nchir1 *** ''if-'nchir- wide, self-colored shadow stripes, light
B&kg&Sat'-mtn stripes, brown stripes and gray
pt *2i V.Vr pounds.
fj&itiW&ixix Iliantiaes and Sicilians, navy and black;
RS^Sre i-re sold elsewhere at $1.25 to $1.50; our
% Black Mohair BriHiantine
Ecbnd. To be exact — we imported it from the
$%ifi£uxanng town of Bradford. Nearly all other
■-? ?'"\'.*. v " Mohair from importers — paying an extra
'•'■'*■ i.c'vir'iics: Deep, lustrous. LASTING black: dust
fci« e'u-iv 'rinkable. unshrinkable; 44 inches wide. These
** '-adorn claims. For example: We took a snowy
~l ,'C; c f ar.d rubbed it hard and briskly over a fold
I*l M-. hair. The handkerchief didn't smut. Next.
i xxx ' x igjj vari ] to the house laundry and had it scrubbed
'*j nXr 1 ri SO \FED water as hot as the hand could
'Then Balt'mw sprinkled on it— MORE RUBBING.
":*' i.J prove A brave. It didn't — we COULDN'T
•^rTTVRUX. It was subjected to these severe tests so
■"''A v rO w ire could SAFELY recommend it for the
j£Z*GSIS a:id travelling dresses. Its mates, from
issflvare ?c - .-cwhere: we .-ell it regularly at 69c;
Sjl*srnsg this sale, at 56c.
■ck Dress Taffeta
ktSnsaid Black Dress Taffeta. 35 inches wide: 1 regu
l*r*« quaiirv: oar price for it yesterday was B e. fjQr
gafoTthfs - • oyc
Satin-finished Foulards
-"and mediam designs in the -favorite colors, includ
">tT£r'Vivaria, rose. Alice blue, reseda, lilac, black and
\a M im-he* «ide: regular $1.50 quality; our _q
Ttior it yesterday was 99c. Special for this sale ' y C
Wash Goods Specials
M PL. ."•'•th St., Roar.
"VVMMFR CLOTH is a beautiful Rajah silk-like stuff
5«3S Held too long by its maker to a price too high. He
*..'rd on the retailer asking 35c a yard for it. The fabric
~x 'he wcT'ih that much, but we didn't think it would
feww 'ia vf " •" twenty colors, including white and
%&& inche- wide. '.re
SLACK VOILK. 40 inches wide, meant to sell - —
s ri:c: special at iOC
White Goods Bargains
l*t Floor. Rear.
?-: 'Oc [ndia Linon; 30 inches wide; a clear, smooth,
a fabric «<:> v C7i of combed yarn.
W 3k Ivory White Cottnn Voile. 28 inches wide; an
,«favc v.n\en of tightly-twisted yarn, very sheer.
nrJlc Checked Batiste, 32 inches wide, three styles; a
infer material for waists, dresses and underwear.
far 2sc Chiffon-finished Repp Tissue. 27 inches wide.
t tat tir.i-h with delicate welts, for waists, dresses and
:~crfs wear.
AXON". 32 inches wide, checks, simple and over-plaids,
s^d Sosto" stripes — also plain. Very desirable for
si drc»«f ? and ondenrear.
WV'll Bell the 2Oc quality at 15r
\Y. sell the 25c quality at 18c
"VWI! Bell th" 3Oc quality at 23c
Waist and Dress Union Linen
Unetii r»ept., Ist Fl.. Rpar.
I~b?«sched Irish Union Linen, white only, very soft
■sk ftsrlble for waists, ?kirts and dresses, 36 inches
JtzEcallv 30c a yard: special at 19c.
Parasols Reduced to $1.79
\ ■• V, . B'way.
Jra! Shantungs, solid and plaided taffeta?: striped and
zzi taffetas, with contrasting borders in different
i'h: embroider? d white linon t?fTeta border to match:
snrs. ■p-ilh foulard insertions: striped taffetas, with
rr tacked insertions; heavy white taffeta, with rich
faa m>rrticri — and dozens of other combinations.
"4. cci-i-etchwi wood handles. .tinted to match silk, or
ml wood ir\ many styles, gnarled, grained or satin
iixdip n;i «-inn effect.
il rin? or ten ribs: cartridge or straight ferrules,
Bidtrfflj ruche or rotette: black, white or jjilt frames,
JHasatcfc; heavy fie, double and fancy silk tassels
"^rfthtm arc sold at $6.00 in other store? — the ones
jktea selling at $4.69. All are to be closed out at
Turned Hats Reduced
let FL. 34»h Bu
L'jrhnrn Hats, reduced from S9c to 44c
Uebora Hats, reduced fr-.m $1-59 to 94c
l^rh'irn Hats, reduced from % 1 .94 to $ 1 .24
&«*ll[5 re " Fhap " P : HATS, Tuscan, black, gar
~>-~ burrrt. earaet and
<r j. itn jo M '„ J3 '*6 - net. taupe and purple; were
*ttM. ; up to $4.96, reduced to 5 1.94.
: Women's Neckwear Reduced
L M n.. 34th St.
S~5 LAXTN TIES, pretty d«siß-ns embroidered In
£ ' ! ChT b]u<\ pink. lavpndT. black and — and
TCRX-OVER COLLARS, neatly embroidered.
**3r2c; t\»%-M at 17c.
V-'t vat 47c Tailored Linen and fancy Lace-trimmed
j^'fJCD AND \ VISE LACE STOCKS, reduced from
**» 12c.
, inching Greatly Reduced
igf^wnment of Ruching that we have been selling
■^'"jllc a yard ha? been reduced to 15c.
S?-£ LLOVER EMBROIDERIES. 20 Inches wide,
iSiLirSf* 11 * English eyelet designs, imported fifj r
*Iv- 5 tr> Jl * 5 a yard: .-p^-.-iaJ at KjyK,
E£?22£ corset cover embroideries, 17
• ■-„" I' dainty pattrrns. fin* needlework, im- 7.Hf
*• WH at 55c •. yard ; Fpecial at *»*"*"
Valenciennes Laces
t^ Ist Fl , C«>ntr«.
.^^..c^ar.d yards Valenciennes Lace Edgings and
j** in Onrsan (rourd) mesh.
s t 0!t 0 ! d . es « ns Jn French (diamond) m*»sh.
r ' c "{wrtnjgs, very dainty matched designs,
*-,C sOI Jtn inch wide, mean; to sell at -j j.
gcoaa nrfs ; special 3&C
Sr ; ~"j c^ * n ? e rtMtgs, matched designs, one and one
•^"iSrjS Wlde * inejint to sell at 90c a dozen AQr
54.56 Robes at $3.96
:^:'vit% .-. !t - Lawn Semi-made Robes, shaped skirt,
•yfctetiki J '*. !nc}l embroidery flounce and bands that
Pl 2 pI * In material trimming for bands that
' and trimming for waist; regu-
■ y > special, $3.56.
Ribbon Bargains
- 4c aj«rt Ribbon. 5*4 Inches wide, all the desirable
SJfeiSsSr 8 7afff ta Ribbon. 5*4 inches wide; white,
• •
%**Z ii ,' n Jaffeta Ribbon, enriched with snowflake
\ I - * wjcnea wide. the popular shades.
? ra Pick-iiD Booth, Term 5 mall BWg.
L '» the- centre of the Concourse of the Hudson Terminal Isi.il.ling we have established
£Hr Boot!, which wUlbe^^-n from eight o'clock in the mon.iiw .mt. six o dock n the
5* -AH goods ordered .UWs Booth $10A. M. will he filled and the goods ready for
"¥**. up at the Booth at half-past tines of the same day.
Women's Suits Reduced to $14.74
2d Floor — Broadway.
All-wool Light-weight Suits, including tropical worsteds,
shepherd checks, diagonals, French and storm serges: best
models: severely tailored or trimmed with' braid; reduced
to $1474.
We prefer not to advertise the original prices. That's be
cause we never like our statements to tax j-our confidence.
You'd believe us, of course, if we told you the extent of the
reductions — still they are too great to look plausible in
Women's Lingerie -Dresses, $5.94-
Blouse model, high collar and long sleeves, simulated tunic
skirt; entirely trimmed with German Valenciennes. . •
Women's French Linen Suits, $8,74
Natural and pastel shades, this season's models; four-but
ton cutaway coat, double collar, kilted skirt. Another
model is regulation tailored coat, double collar, long revers,
buttoned sleeve, panel skirt.
% Steamer Rug Coats at $39.74
Serviceable Steamer Rug Coats, gray, brown and blue:
reverse side beautifully plaided: Norfolk back, plaid half
belt: full bell sleeves, with wind shield, plaid cuffs; deep
patch pockets, large bone buttons, plaid storm collar.
Misses* Lawn Frocks at $5.49
2d Floor — Broadway.
White Persian lawn, finely tucked bodice and elbow sleeves,
full-pleated skirt; black, navy, pink, or light blue polka
dotted; wide collar, panel, belt, cuffs and bottom; finished
with lone crossed velvet tic. . ,
It's a new style — fresh, girlish and distinctive. They were
meant to sell at $7.50: special for this sale at $5.49
$5.00 Bathing Suits at $3.59
2d Floor— ruth Ft.
Women's and Misses' Bathing Suits, made of black or
shadow-striped navy mohair.
"Princess" model, tucked back and front, soutached front
panel, round neck, sleeve band and- belt.
/'Shirtwaist" model, tucked back and front: soutached
'slecveband and round collar; plaid taffeta four-in-hand;
pleated skirt.
$1.50 Lingerie Blouses at 99c
M Floor — 35th St.
; Mercerized batiste, square Dutch neck outlined with ma
chine .Maltese lace: short sleeve, tucked cuff; short tucks
back and front, the latter hand-embroidered.
$2.00 Lingerie Waists at $1.39
Three Styles of $2.0-0 Waists at $1.39
24 Floor— Sr.th St. ■ '"':,'■ "• . .„
Tucked lawn, embroidered front panel, scalloped side-frill
to match, edced with lace; high lace collar.
Tucked lawn: fancy yoke of lace and open embroidery
above wide panel of blind embroidery; cuff to match; high
lace collar. *
$3.00 Lingerie Blouses at $1-79
THree Styles of $3.00 Blouses at $1.79
2d — 35th St.
Lawn, finely tucked to yoke depth back and front, clusters
extending to waist: short tucked sleeve, insertion at cuff,
round neck outlined in hand-embroidered colored scallops
and dots.
Sheer lawn; fancy tucks back, front and in short sleeves;
turn-back cuffs and square Dutch neck bordered with col
ored embroidered vines.
Tucked lawn, round neck and tiny yoke of lace: same in
three-quarter sleeve and cuff; front handsomely hand-em
broidered in dots and leaves. r
$4.50 Silk Skirts at $2.24
2d PI . 34th St. . .
Silk Petticoats, made of black or changeable taffeta, wnn
shirred and corded sectional flounce; percahne underlay.
$1.00 Nightgowns at 79c"
M Fl . 34th St.
Nainsook, full gathered, low round neck and short sleeves;
finished with light-colored embroidery.
$1.29 Petticoats, 79c .
2d Fl.. 34th St. . ■ i. v
Cambric tops and tucked lawn knee flounces: finished with
openwork embroidery ruffle or five rows of German Valen
ciennes: full under ruffle.
$1.79 Princess Slips, We
2d Fl.. 34th St.
Sheer batiste, pink, white, light blue, lavender and yellow;
edged with lace and ribbon-run beading; tucked sectional
flounce edged with lace: full under ruffle.
Infants' White • Dresses, $1.19
2d Fl.. 34th Ft.
Made of sheer lawn, six styles, all beautifully tucked and
Fancy collar, wing sleeve and separate belt, trimmed with |
narrow colored bands.
Tiny standing collar, hemstitched panels and turnback
cuffs of fine embroidery. .
1 one waist, full-gathered skirt at back: embroidery panel,
tucked collar and cuffs finished with embroidered edging.
Russian model, featherstitched collar, cuffs and fancy yoke,
loose belt. , , , , ,
Long waist, full-gathered skirt, fancy bertha and yoke
hemstitched and featherstitched and edged with wide Ger
man Valenciennes. .
Simple French model, front fullness held by pin tucks at
waist, back gathered to belt; wing sleeves and V collar
edged with wide lace.
Any one of these little Dresses is easily worth** -,q
$2.00; sizes 2, 3 and 4 years -^ * ltjy
Bargains in Befits
delicately tinted floral designs and arabesques; heavy
rose fold and antique gold buckles;, were $1.49; (fo<Q)Q
LEATHER BELTS, one inch wide, heavily gold-plated har
ness or fancy buckle; sizes 24 to 36 inches; spe- $Q)q
(o| at
BEITS three inches wide, in red and black; shaped gilt
or japanned oblong buckle; sizes 22 to 36 inches; 3><rj> c
Men's Handkerchiefs Women's
First Finor. Centre.
rose sac-e green, cinnamon, navy, red and tan. in check*?,
stripes and dots, half-inch hems to match, reduced from
laundered but slightly discolored; otherwise we would sell
MFN-S irRE^INEN^HA^bKERCHIEFS. 'liberal si^
quarter or half-inch hem; regularly sold at 90c a half dozen;
broidered Initial and wreath in corner; sold elsewhere at
rmW<S superior quality, soft finish, quarter-inch hems;
let of six in assorted designs; sold elsewhere at $1.50; spe
cial at 69c.
Manufacturer's Sample Corsets
Value $5.00 to $10.00, at $2.97
2d Fl . 34th St.
Twenty-five dozen new models, boned with walohn, made
of Sported coutil. heavy brocade or batiste, trimmed with
wide I3.ce and ribbon; medium or low bust; square skirt,
with webbed hose supporters at front. Bide and back; or
«trk Ing round skirt with sides and self-adjusting hose
supporters at front; sizes 19 to ,2S; the majority in sizes
$I°B9 "illarchioness" Corsets, 98c
Kin*" batiste medium high bust, trimmed with lace and rib
bon! skirt eff",. extra Rr^^^ hi " k hh ° 8u
supporters; 25 dosen in all sfaws from m to M.
$2 00 -"J. B." Corsets at 98c
Pine batiste medium low or low bust trimmed with lace
md%i bb S n. c M dosen all front : and^ is to .4 supporters;
non-rusting; 50 dozen in all sizes from 18 to -4.
A few words about our fixed sales :
For years we have held sales at
regular intervals, involving certain
lines of merchandise. For example :
and August; MUSLIN UNDER
WEAR in January, May and Au
gust ; CHINA SALE in June. And
there are Sales of lesser magnitude
such as TOILET and MEDICI
CIAL STATIONERY and the like.
All these are Departmental Sales,
inspired by -sound economic reasons
that we won't discuss now. During
the v^r we hold two GENERAL
SALE, in February, and the "OLD
FASHIONED" Sale in June. These
two movements touch EVERY in
terest beneath the roof.
The "Old-Fashioned" Sale starts
to-morrow. We've been weeks
getting ready. Market conditions
were never better for the retail
buyer. If you know an importer or
a manufacturer, ask him. The bar
gains we offer represent the loss of
thousands of dollars — dollars lost
by manufacturers and importers. ( >f
course, we do not escape unscathed.
MONEY. At times, that is the wis
est thing a merchant can do. We
could fill this page telling you the
whys and wherefores of the values
presented — but in that case the val
ues themselves would be crowded
out Every item on this page is a
worthy bargain— and there are thou
sands just a^ worthy that could iv>t
get into lyric.
We advise you to read this adver
tisement thoroughly. Don't attempt
to simply glance at it. That won't
pay you' or us. The very thing you
want may be quoted in a two-line
item hidden a/way. So study this
page in detail. And remember that
we've only told you about a- fnv of
the values that make this Sale. There
are hundreds of others equally at
tractive throughout the store.
The Semi-Annual Sale of
Samples of.
Main Floor, Centre.
In January and June we get- the sample
lines of a well-known firm that is the
largest controller of foreign and do
mestic .hosiery mills in the world.*
However, not all the Hose in this sale
are samples. Odd lots and broken as
sortments from our own stock swell
the quantity quoted below.
The qualities and the prices of these
goods justify thrifty men and women
buying enough Hosiery during this
movement to sfipply their needs for
many months to come.
25c Hosiery at 115 c
Women's Plain Black Cotton and Lisle
Thread in medium and gauze weights,
Lisle Thread in light colors; Lisle in
allover and lace ankles, colored stripes
and printed figures on black and col
ored grounds; Black Cotton Full-Fash
ioned Hose, plain or unbleached split
50c Hosiery at 24c
Women's Sheer Gauze Lisle Thread;
Black Ingrain Lisle; Lisle in large va
riety of all-over and lace ankle pat
terns; fancy-colored Lisle in plain and
figured effect-; Cotton and Lisle neatly
hand-embroidered and colors in lace
75c Hosiery at 44c
Women's High-Colored Fancy Novel
tic's: <;heer gauze Lisle in plain and em
broidered effect-: Black Silk Lisle;
Black Lisle in lace ankles and all-over
designs, also in fancy colors, plain and
$ LOO and $1.50
Hosiery at 69c
Women's Lisle and Silk Lisle Novel
ties and plain effects; hand-embroid
ered Lisle in various designs that are
copies of expensive silk-embroidered
Hosiery. »
Pure Ingrain Silk
Hose, 98c
Sold Elsewhere at $1.50 to $2.5©
If your taste runs toward Silk Stock
ing's this is an » opportunity that you
should not neglect. Standard $1.50 to
$2.50 qualities at 9&c. In many ways it
Is the most interesting item offered.
Plain black silk ingrain; cotton tops and
Boles, or silk soles and silk tops, garter
top. deep welt top, high or low-spliced
heels in different weights— sheer gauze,
gauze, medium and heavy. In addition
to black, you'll find all the colors to
match the new Bummer gowns.
25c Halt Hose
at 15c
Imported and Domestic Black Cotton,
Imported Black Cotton with unbleached
split soles; Black Lisle Thread; Lisle
Thread in plain and fancy colors, figured
and mottled, polka dots, embroidered in
steps, fancy stripes, checks and many
other patterns.
50c Half Hose
at 24c
lUa<;k Gause Lisle Thread: B?aok Cotton
with sj.iit soles; Embroidered Lisle
Thread; Plain Silk Lisle with embroid
ered *ilk docks; Lisle Thread in fancy
<-Mlnr*, silk snipes and mottled effects;
Lisle Thread, «olid color;. s»!r-. mbroid
•red patteiiiH, Jacquard stripes and
ttgur« ■.«.
$1.00 and 51.50
Half Hose at 74c
Pure irifrr iin silk, she, r gauze, pauzf and
medium -weight: black or colors; rein
forced soles, heels and toes, an-i all the
colors thut match this season's neck-
Scarfs, Shams, Centrepieces
, Ist Fl.. 33th St.. Rear.
Round or Square Centrepieces, COTTON CENTRES. We
regret to say that many of our competitors ignorantly
claim the centres to be linen. We say "Ignorantly ad
visedly, because they CHARGE LINEN PRICES FOR
THEM. Edged all around with real linen torchon lace
two inches wide, two rows of wide linen torchon inserting
alternating with hemstitching.
inches; value 50c; special Inches; value 60c; special
29c. 39c.
SHAMS. 29^x29% Inches; SCARFS, l*xso inches; value
value 75c; special 49c. $1.10; special 79c.
Oor 84c Table Damask, 69>c
Ist Fl., 35th St., Rear.
We sell this full-bleached Irish Linen Satin Damask
regularly at 84c a yard. The exact grade is sold by others
at $1.00 a yard. We have reduced it to 69c for this sale.
It is solid, heavy, full of body and substance; 68 inches
wide — rosebud, morning-glory, tulip, snowdrop and clover
Odd Dinner Napkins
Last Sunday we advertised these Napkins at $LBB a dozen.
We told you then that others were charging $2.50 for them.
Sold all we had. The importer has supplied us with more
— one hundred and fifty dozen. WE'LL SELL THEM
AT $1.49 A DOZEN. They are heavy, pure flax; big, hon
est Dinner Napkins — not line in a satiny linen way. BIT
BLY CHEAP. Think of buying 23x23 inch Linen Nap
kins at $1.49 a dozen!
Hemstitched Huck Towels
Ist Fl.. 35th St.. Rear.
We imported these Huck Towel-, from Germany. The
heaviest quality for the money we've ever been able to get
All-linen, of course, wide dama-k woven borders finished
with stronp: spoke hemstitching, size 21x41 inches.
They are not "show" Towels— not the kind you'd likely
put in the guest chamber. Their charm is in the GRAND
H7c ASI Linen Crash at 13c
Heavy Full-bleached Scotch Linen Cra?h. fnst red bnrdVr.
our own importation, 17 inches wide, usually 17c a yard;
special at 13c.
Art Linen Specials
Third Fl., 34th St. R*ar.
PTLLOW SLIPS, made of tfin «-rnsh. appliqued with rose
bordered cretonne bands; others trimmed with scrim rib
bon; value 40c: our price. 24c.
PILLOW SLIPS, made of tan crash, with fiertired rretmine
bands; edged with fancy braid; value 60c; our price. 4iC
BUREAU SCARFS AND COVERS, made <>f cretonne, in
rosf patterns, finished with lace edging; value 60c; our
price, 47c. .
BUREAU SCARFS AND COVERS, made of white maflrap.
scalloped centres, pink or blue lawn hemstitched border;
value fiOc; our price. 47c.
BUREAU SCARFS AND COVERS, made of cretonne, floral
designs, with lace Inserting; finished with border of rose
banding; value 80c; our price, 69c.
Sale off Dress Shields
First Floor. 3"trt St., Rear.
ity; regular and shirt-waist styles; sizes 2. 9 and 4; regu
larly $I.L'O a dozen; special. 8c pair; dozen, 89c.
chirt-waist styles: sizes 2, 3 nnd 4: any size. 14c.
fine quality; sizes 2 and S; regularly $2.10 a dozen; ?p~cial
at $1.69 a dozen; 17c pair; sixes 4 and 5. regularly $2.<59 a.
dozen; special at $2 39.
Women's $5 &■ $6 Low Shoes
Second Floor. Rear.
The manufacturer needed orders to keep his or- * *n
ganization busy. That's why he gave us conces- * -<°
sions that enable us to sell you these $5.00 and cy
$6.00 Shoes at
WALKING PUMPS — patent They are neat, trim, dainty
calfskin, tan or black Rus- Shoes with all the unmis
sla calfskin, welted soles. takable marks of honesty.
* *■ , ' .. . ... . „ ! quality and style — m.id'
close edge, high Cuban | rjght npro in New York by
heels J0.49 I a manufacturer whose prod-
OXI-ORD iIES — bl.ick ; ucts arc in the best s P^'alty
OXFORD iIES — black storea in town — with the
glazed kidskin, tan Russia i stO res' own names on them,
calfskin, welted soles, Cv- | you may pay us $3.49 a
ban heels $8.49 | pair but you receive $5.03
and $6.00 Shoes, just the
BLACK GLAZED KID OX- same. Why not buy them
FORDS — hand-turned flex- j here and save from $1.50 to
ible soles $3.49 i $2. a pair?
44c for Women's 75c Gloves
Ist FI., IV way.
Imported Glace Gloves, in black, white. ;-!ate, bfowp, tan
and red; Brosscr embroidery, round corners, tw<> A a
clasp?, oversewn seams, elsewhere 75c a pair; special. Tr JV
Framed Pictures
. 3d Fl.. ruth St.
All of these Pictures are desirable. The frames are appro
priate to the subjects, and purchased separately would COS!
more than you'll pay to-morrow for the complete picture.
$1.10" Pictures at 69c
Imported Colored Reproductions of French and German
Landscapes, a few of "Mrs. Siddons" and a *few of John
Sargent's "Carmencita"; narrow antique gilt. gray, natural
Flemish and rose oak mounted with delicate gilt orna
ments; white or cream mats; outside measurement 10x12
Interior and Landscape Etchings, over twenty different
subjects, .matted; framed in burnished or antique gilt; out
side measurements 13x16 and 15x18.
Delicate Etchings in narrow antique gilt frames, outside
measurement 9x21 inches.
Humorous Photogravures: subjects taken from "Lite."
many copyrighted; wide black oak and green frames; out
side measurement 14x19 inches.
$2.25 Pictures at $1.44
Colored Rural Landscapes, representing lovely phn?es oi
Spring, Summer and Fall; cream-colored mats, with gilt
filet; simple flat oak frame, ornamented with two raised
lines of gold; measurement 20x24 inches.
Hand-colored reproductions of Grutzner's 'Merry Monks,"
twelve different groups, in black, oak and green frames,
offset by half-inch gilt inside; outside measurement 18x22
Eau de Quinine (Macy)
Main Fl.. Centre.
EAU DE QUININE — the original and efficacious hair
tonic and dandruff remedy, is prepared by competent chem
ist? in our own laboratory, according to the authentic for
mula. Only the purest and most ACTIVE INGREDI
ENTS are used. Our product is absolutely free from arti
ficial coloring. It is the standard quality that is imitated
by some dealers who employ ingredients of an inferior
grade, even toning it with false color.
No matter how much higher others charge for Eau de
Quinine than we do, OURS IS AS GOOD, OR BETTER.
4-ottnce bottle Eau de Quinine for S6o
8-ounce bottle Eau de Quinine for 66r>
16-ounce bottle Eau de Quinine for SI. 19
32-ounce bottle Eau de Quinine for $-. 4
Cold Cream (Macy)
Main Fl., Centre.
There is Cold Cream and Cold Cream. Ours is made in
our own laboratory of healing sweet almond oil and sooth
ing cream -both boons for the complexion that sunburns,
freckles or inflames.*
Some stores charge as high as 50c for the same quality
and quantity that we sell at 19c.
Blaie Transfer Cards Are a Convenience
If you intend purchasing in several departments, and have your goods sent, use a
Transfer Card and pay when you have finished, at the Cashier's Desk, Main Floor. If you
wish to take your -purchases with you ask for a Blue Card. Pay when through purchasing, at
Cashier's Desk, Main Floor, where your purchases, neatly made into one parcel, vail be handed
you.- , • . _ ' . k gl^
Pieces of Cut Glass at $2.89
Ct&ers Cliarge $3.5© to $6.00
We mention only a few of<he articles— the ones we haveiil
the largest quantities. (Mail or telephone orders filled.
Come, write or call up Murray Hill 6100.) Bws«t
Betty Bowls, Salad Bowls, Celery Trays. Water Bottles,
Oval Nut Bowls, Shallow Jelly Dishes, Fruit Bowls. Ice
Cream Trays, Relish Dishes, Lined Fern Dishes, Water
Jugs, Sugars and Creams, Covered Batter Dishes, May
onnaise Bowls and Plates, Ice Tubs, Vases, Decanter^,.
Water Tumblers ire Reduced
Pressed Glass, reduced from... 29c doz. to 19©
Pressed Glass, reduced from...—. 29c das. to -ioc
Colonial design*, reduced from -. 39c doz. to
Plain Blown, reduced from 44c doz. to «3go
Neat design, reduced from i2c doz. to -*&<J
Wreath and Initial to order i2c do* to t*»o
Cut Glass, reduced from - 3>2.'>. doz. to S- -;
Cut Glass, reduced from 58.94 doz. to fco.SS
Dining Table Specials
Fourth Floor.
$4.49 for $7.00 Solid Oak Dining Table. 42-inch square'
top; may be extended six feet: heavy fluted legs. . : ■'•■]
$9.49 for $11 J4 Solid Oak Dining Table; 42-inch round
top; may be extended six feet; pedestal base, heavy ctexf
feet. * »» — ~ -i
Beds and Bedding
Fourth Floor. /
SI .49 for $2.49 White Enamelled Iron Beds, scroll desi^i
high head and foot; all-white or finished with brass knobs;;
all sizes. r. 1 *• * m^
$6.67 for $.' 3 24 Bed — consisting of White Enamelled
Iron Bed. finished with brass knobs; all-iron woven wire
Spring, Mattress filled with cotton and covered with fancy,
ticking; single size only. ~ . : T
51 4.24 for $20.00 Brass Beds, heavy two-inch continuous
posts; six S's-inch filler rods; solidly constructed, well lac
quered, in bright or satin finish; all sizes.
$16.89 for $25.24 Brass Beds; two-inch continuous posts;
seven one-inch filler rods; heavy husks; regulation height;
bright or satin finish; all sizes.
Si 2.74 for $14.49 Mattresses, made in our own factory on
the premises. Full-size, .filled with sterilized mixed hair;
covered with A. C. A. ticking; in one or two parts. .
SI 7.8') for $19.71 Mattresses, full size, filled with South"
American hair, covered with A. C. A. ticking; made in one
or two parts.
$23.24 for $25.24 Mattresses, full si/ filled with extra
selected South American hair; covered with A. C. A. tick
ing; in one or two parts.
Sheets and Pillow. Cases
"SAXITARY" NO. 1 Full-bleached Sheets and Pillow
Cases, made of high-grade durable cotton, torn sizes, fin
ished with three-inch hem.
Sheets, 54x90 in., at is ; as t-Jt's !„ .* 1— „
Sheets, 63x90 in., at 6lc £ases. i«^ m - at 9c
Sheets. 72x90 in., at 67c <*•* 54 X3 . n.. at 22c .
Cases, 42x36 in., at 16c Cases ' o4x3t> ta - at 22c
"HERALD SQUARE" Full-bleached Linen-finished Mus
lin Sheets; torn sizes, 78x90 inches; elsewhere 75c; special
at 59c.
"RED STAR" Full-bleached Pillow Cases, medium weight;
torn sizes; 45x36 inches; each lie.
"JUPITER" Sheets, seam in centre; size 70x90 inches;
elsewhere 55c; each 4, ; c.
Algerian Summer Rings
Third Floor. •
The fibre of these Rugs is tough. The designs and color
ings are very artistic. They are ideal for the floors of
Summer homes.
6x9 feet; elsewhere $12.30. $9.49
SVxl"':.. feet; elsewhere $18.50, $14.94
I xl 2 feet; elsewhere $25.00, 19.74
WILTON VELVET CARPETS, rank next to Royal Wil
ton in quality. We've a large variety of Persian and two
toned effects, 27 inches wide, for halls and 1 f\£\
stairs; our regular price $1.44 a yard; special at H •v/
Inlaid Llnoleoms, 4 Yards Wide
Regularly $1.39 ; Special 98c Sq. Yd.
Sale of Lace Curtains
Third Floor — Thlrty-ftfth Street.
quality net. variety of patterns; regularly $3.74 a pair;
special, $1-98.
CURTAINS, ecru novelty nets with colored borders;
others have net or scrim centers, with appliqued designs in
delicate tints and all-over Venetian nets in tan, old rose.
blue, red or green. %
Regrularly $4.24 to $4.SQ; at' s2.97
Regularly $6.48 to $7.49; at $4.5»
sortment of colorings and designs.
Regularly $3.69 to $4.93; at $2.73
Regularly $5.43 to $6.59; at $4.6»
ity net. Several designs at each price quoted to select from.
Regularly 99c pair; special 69c
. Regularly Si.. pair; special 9Sc
K'-sul.-irly $1.74 pair; special $1.29
Regularly $1.93 pair; special $1.49
naissance mounted on heavy French net in a wide range of
designs; finished with full dc^p raffle! roll cover to match.
Regularly $4.74 to $5.24; at $3.89.
Regularly ?6.49 to $7.74; at $5.24
Regularly $11.24 to $11.74; at $8.33
Youths' Suits, $11,
Regularly $ 14.75 ani $16.50
Fifth Floor — Kroadwaj. *
Newest models: made of smooth-finished worsteds ar:4
cassimeres, desirable patterns and colorings, sizes 15 to 22
years. 31 to 3S chest measurements; regularly $14.75 and
$16.50; special at $1 1.50.
Grocery Specials
vth Floor. .1--.th St.
our own laboratory; guaranteed absolutely pure: similar
qualities sold elsewhere at 25c {or half pound tins; our
price for this sale. 5-lb. tins. $1.44: half-pound tins. . 15-.
POTTED TONGUE; Jisted and sold elsewhere at 25c a can;
our regular price. 21c; special lOc
QUAKER OATS: just received a full carload of Quaker
Oats that we will sell at 7c a package.
equal to quality sold elsewhere at too: our price for this
sale ' 5c
NABISCOS — Biscuit Cm.l Sugar Wafers, vanilla,
and chocolate flavors; regularly 10c a tin; special at....Tc
82c '....24K- Ib. bag 84c
$3.44 half barrel 58.54
$6.48 whole barrel $6.68
Cigars and Pipes
sth Floor. ::r.th St.
FLOR DE M ERODE SI REN AS, clear Havana filler and
Sumatra wrapper; sold cl>ewhere at $3.25; our reg- *..• _,<«
ular price for box of 50 i5 52.49; special for this »ale*-*»^®
ROBERT BURNS CIGARS, box of 50; special *-, ,«
for this sale . . ■9+*£"
regularly sold at 90c a pound; special at 3VC
FRENCH BRIAR PIPES, twelve styles; straight
or bent; sterling silver bands; solid rubber month- >IO«»
piece, push bit ; at 4"C
BRIAR PIPES, high grade seconds; straight or **
bent models; special at a^C

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