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;/- Male. - ~'~^
»Ur-*ITN — Call at onpe : steady lipht «__.
ployment : per;. 5." 50* rvcrj- day. OJKrr<-
H«»rldV Vr^vialiT Co., 32 Tark riare. Ro oni ..."
i,rM-MI H>; >E»VORK.— mother and
tn« itdult sons-, in Roslrn. I<,n Tftland;
ijf_n<l »r-irp>. =.—! •■•-"• Address Mrs. Very.
i HJshland nf.. KoM.vn. I_ I.
I j_ _-— ~ ■ — J___ -
li HBLISHING-An old «Üb
___»*ra desires l_c rerrfces of a
»»• p° £scs^ of inltia
r*J, a U_ov.-lf4s:e cf illustrations
tilaghlTfainiJiar wtth the details
f£^~: "** $*$*§*< aU f d
_^^j« applications will be treat-
Addrr^ F. O. Box A
I tfjOßand travelling companion
I 'tractcd for boy of 19 for Mimmcr
l^jfc; best references required;
C^T,crir7T a c alld olher
I rJ !ars. ,\. S., Box 33, ribunc
j£*g 4
i^rt_^i»~<^^e_V~ l_t-al _t-a r-orfees; ej-peri
l'jZZrf'AT\ ■ build up a bi_»«ln<»f=B of yO'Jr
f N^W___ I -. ; I
I -^C^T7?^i€«t BSCBtr P-!>r ever pro- !
P*VT ,-' * Rl|rhl ;
"SSrtMl «_n. 51S a ds-- Address F.. ;
I 3 jn WMa» OSr^ . j
ir, S_s <s.'i!y handling fastest I
S»Slj! Krtto«J En*. Co.. _10 Vlatcr st.. {
% trt CHr - |
-^F^ T.'A VTE_>— Clerks ir.irig $6 to fl2
«r cr* r_m frcni ?-*• to $."*> -. ■•- U.«. _._
**. X. _____ >Sfr- Co.. 45 ri-rpor,* *t..
JT __ . I
Ts=r_^T_RT-I*r?r rrfSls for *>ith?r *ci ;
'_i'_o J -'l!a-'E. Elffi vla.Tt _stic>; a tra<3^ i
JSStt !o-f_:- fl* *r*r r__Ttici_lari.. <-■' j
__« 0-HH-Wg." <>• I
-=r=?l^xls:<* GEK - BOTettjr Biore: OPPOT- |
B f_?___ ta _.« r-BLftt^ient <^f tiranch rtorc; j
SVS-mVs- MifJii' l tPositit-i ■• --.K"Ti.
-is* &j-A\rx ;
gb<c BSi<»* j
7=^T fA^_S MANAGER. Fteam power .
St__-3»«1 ; fl-S.P'- t -f2.W 9 - Business Ser- J
J^ i,s, fißg?r P'jildii'.g.
SPxTTFEt^--^* f' B "* positions <iaily fo^ ;
__r^ £■ ■=•'*»"' ««J«Me ho-ises: salaries'
(?jSS c?r-sr_l CW-i-tlml EmrJoymrnt Cor-|
- - -
rn:,r___F ET..— Trcf *"a bl r railroad »xp*
2p( jip^jpiv-' 1 . BuR!TKf!« Service Co.. ?05
a?- B-_ ; rr, • .__
7^;f^-.PF.R f"T n.an'jfact'jrin* ronreni in
lßatt!_»ttf; lUO**. .... Serrice .V. .
t;iyf S'j;^i-ig.
MOEBFFF fT mar.ufacturins conrern in
JisrAsßtts: $..30'V B-_sin??s Service Co.,
'SEgw EailCipg- _. ___!
;.Ti_J_— lfpsri-Tter.- ftoi^e in West has re
tr-zl as u> ici-Oi-— _g_fl bu>eiS for following
|b "£tosi. tsSrr'rlPTi*?, boofca ana etationer? ,
roar. -T? aji^ dc-ir, rj.il.-.er;". gTcreries,
nt fitrt_6-sp?: a.Fo a?« jstant n!*rchandl=e
■■*!—> tjißTi*? ejl— I; nerotiaiiPT!? confidential.
isaa? _*nlce tsa_ W> Sir.eer Buiiaing.
___ to tfle— U_C arsripmy; evening work.
Tsi crs'_ rtKin free i_t__ a ..... . for
t__ cl rres lam:!;, orly. Academy. Tribune
& ■ ;
.2SS t_| write ar'd fsgrur" weM for first
_3 t3SM?; ?3lar»s frorr. $*._n <o >.;='! Cre-
Ssi Eat^rrs'r.t Oai-01-tig— . 25? J?rr>_d«ay.
_i__GE MAN. ha-, rng ha 3 ♦raining ir. agri
itsrsi «__ol. 3u«in^!:« p»r>l<. Co., f>s
... . >'i>E "^TS. — Two familiar with «-us
ttbras* wory. cxvtritr.?'! tv'-1i r_Hroa_ or
— _4_p c?_r.par;v desirable. Business Ser
*/.«, W>; gisccr Biiilding.
__s— Burlrr inu tyxOX: for'" small family;
i»:W?. Va.3t>rf B-reas.^l- West 88d «..
chif _ J
S-Erfi_K_rX____9 f cook: family fo_r: good
»c?r ritt-au: *t<> V.'aldorf Bvireau, 12
"--Sir., pear .'tri'av*. '
__s— F__rsi«r : v.-if» laundrers; furnlßhed
£a?. $_<•, r-r.s'l faadly. W«snan» Domestic
eg- _J Een S5'J s i . Ag'ncy.
UTESAN. *Tp»r;*nce; in oniainontal lron
m.mOMij *•___ advancenient. Misriill
jptfejier., F'prir^ri Building.
•*iTEE on st«ai!. ... en
■Ss^tt;^ salary Sl.:vOO-$l.SOO. Cail at
Xs»>r!i?l Errp:cr.p]*nt ....
j^* 1?'1 ?' ~'Z 7;roa^tvßy.
STCVTHLT r .-r p-y «w V >-n1 1. *d»n'
$5f- r.it-_!i)]T. paii in claims ?!nc* or
«tH^B,t»; Eoß_s«ay estaWfebed ißyear!":
J^BS F'lWtors io mt-nibcr«. Bailard <_:
gyayn___i «t.
fjip^ri^nc^d In r^>nrret»> work, for
C*jn»r p__H-n; saiarr *I.<nn. Mighill
Fiatiron Banding.
«3fHOP FOREMAN for ina^hhie com
*^ if Hu_Kor;: «=Tp'ri»-c<l liardeiiiui?,
,**r _e3 aa_eal___ ot «.oc!s: SI.SOO-:
g^ fllli Imi Serried fn.. POS Hingrr B!dg.
«>CEPOI, gra'»>iaTet. »-o]i»jr« it^ti. for ligtit
J*M UdUJUlui! (jurir;?; ?jmm": poM fTI -
-^_^_o?r t.^V>. I>r. x SO. Tribune OfJicc.
;i~ CLKP.K for city hotel: salary *"•> slid
-*• Mishiil <PoFit»_ I-roker*. Fiatiron
s_2 '
j-J-:G~\T BOT.= \TS":M»-'1 fo»- ... nr ; :
jEJ_H*rt>*r i- Brnth»>i<:. r_.V3T,7 Pearl ci.
gftjTM< bRA F7.-=M EN~7p*vei al » on pen- ;
*jT**" ir - i wr<3 toctory consmK-tion work: ;
Sjj^Llim; $lX(0&-fl.a<O. CaiJ Business
vgjj^ys ?i-^r Building. _)
J^iSTCAL ItU.UT.--JlA\.-Scv»ral «n ;
J* !^' ro*chanica! anil factory «-onstruct s .on I
11*^*4 b'.w p'iins; $!.OOC<-sl.of<o. Call
r * r<? -.^' linger Building.
g^C^L ENC-IN-EER.— nxperscn<-e in i
yMam, f rtr:icn ar.d isomc m< a ■ animal i
»s? : * ! - 4J '*-Jl.«< 1:>.1 :>. Bui=!n«>Bs Service Ho.. !
Tt-^Y — —— . . , _ '
Z?_ e_3_£S__CTATXVE — American, j
<wg Fjanirh, ror ?omii America; p«!ai-y '
g! 11 *'* amiofOo^ mi; singer Building. I
JJ i __yt*Cga^.Mwirt thorourlly _nder
'■*>. s; " r7 tav J cre_'t reporting »n-J
teltliw^ fcsjinsjss Buvtv* Co.. *'•"
2J*OT :»~Ti*]\ Rvkr M'ourtair.s fort
j-t Jhea uni ».lfe. B'jx 437. V."Blfield. j
tfr"'??; ?or New J4>nex*«*arcbes: |4*-",
tr, % r '-»T'« Choir E_chang*. :30
» J!_.' rB ~* v * r^ <5'5 ' >otTn_ man familiar
•»S_! Jrfrn 14 ' h ** BMb p». rertinr: at-
L -«sMta_ity. Corporation. Box 6. Tribune
>■--___ ~ ■
I, -"^^-^T^E.— Toynx mar. to «_,- n h.^ln".
I l-'t^-Z?-;^ '■ iar ?" e*t_.Ml«..-_ company;
l iffiggi ' ««aci|___i l>»£\y. Box €<j6.
P§Sa^Sst«C« Broadway.
Sfc V^ U '" ? *"»«■ »"m tram r<>rsp: ?1.r.00
* I * tt " ts Service Co., hOS Finger Build
■_N»J- <: Z '^—^claHilne •■' n»_chine7y
.9? t^V J ° ■•«*_ hardware and in il l
s-^jzs -^jz ■ — ■ — — - — .
■*■«• ch^*^'* *-'Par<«h. knowledge, of
__**•_ <<>n* or m "^ifJr.es. to represent
I 'jST-'c' '" Soultl A inn lea. Business
SS?i__S?!__ eBSw » «na?|j«tela; state <■«"
■ i -
__M_,, «*««*- Address n/ D. E..
P*2?rt!ii_b___ * ore «*My eipc-ritnced Jn
| £_* rJ a^^T' ln take «"n_T_e cf f-_l*S
v£ f * *_ j." l!lg; *« <**» : «.<»0. Business
£*»*«>} /'- 1 * 'prff,-r a r.. an with hardware
8f: ™*™: salary $4, ©GO.
S;j^^ii__l__[^latiron ii<j!»-r._
| C?*«Kt__ii 6t -, oncc : ««_<_>•. light Tfl-
V^HUiii,;,. *" :< " *?verjr day. Offices
r<?»Hy i -- J --l:Jir Park I>lac<> > Koom c2
;^V' tIITST"™ 1 -.:•.■ hi ro id :
•JVs«t*r* r«,-w ' F:<>Jsd >' «n_'lo.vi_*-nt; cood
t^^i^T^-—^--__t___ Church Ft. -
_!!^ *52i!_- ll "' ' rll# " 1 Slat *''' "•> «il
325 «f«-e^i : *" yer J r °* ncr *» nt * our
■?^ Or Oi S , uirc^. 1h (i O Neil Tire
£fcS?»2 '^.r 1 " 1 »wis"uni. familiar
""^SlH^iny '' Mi^»»l U'oeition Brok-
tT**^* S ,/V n *StTBFcniPTION3
P^- I^^: !v ' 11 Itt1 tt th « lr WPtown
SUi s?i<l
BLf Ikf Joii,,V? k p / IJI - A<lwru#«ir.en_i
W«_**Msi „*,?«* t!iI ' r '> ofnoe* at t<_
■ I
<■• l-,c ijij, By «
■ »F« 42* ."=♦-.
■ 1 25 th rt.
l^S.H^thn .■«-• tl<tar ' l i 170^
••.:*<.., '.i^ 7 Em n ' ith *'•: 7i5
.*&itt£ IL* ' ftfifl *«* Aaerscaa
Male. ~~
EL Jx^Lch J fi« DE^ 1 'L ranroa ' 5 ~»*truction. $200:
§«§__2_l__^_^^: Bueiness • Men * s
-rh:Nc'«R.APii^Sizr w<s have cal!s dally for
men for poKltion, paying $..24 to $93fiand ur
'B-Qsuin-nv Employment Corporation. 2C3
DIG . Eb I'A-NS: lar_ ___r; agent,
Ne^ Tork 1 temtOry " Poad Tharmacal Company.
TH RE B lEs .:. «v«r 25 - P<^"3 educstlon s_4
a.idrrM; _,v he thoroughly instructed as
■c-r m" van M(1M (1 to Position of man
-ger. air. Ryan, ir.6 Mi aye.. New York City.
, "W-M'l- }M,ASTKR SALESMAN— are ceeklSi
for one of our clients a thoroughly competent
•■xi^npneeo man. who le ai»-. familiar with the!
t_ri^ryj $I.SOO-?2.500. Business Service Co.. SOS
P.ng*-r Building.
WA..TED. by a frm or chart-red accountants in
Montreal. »r. English or Scotch accountant, with
American experfenee A_dr&?3 reply, «tating *x
pc.-innc". s?!ar>- <>xpc<.le.J and rof^rcn.-es. to II
-*■ C. P. O. Box _,523. Montreal, Canada.
WANTED — Man; nut be Trilling to learn and
capable of acting as our reprrsent_.tive: no
canvassing, or solif-iting; gooa income assured.
Mdreas National n-or>eTati\ Realty Co.. I__32
Marden BuiWiug. Washington. D. C.
Wi; WILJ_ HEUP YOU mako money—
immediately. hor«*st. pnergetic men in p-<-ry
HTfcti to ca!l on b«=.*! peopie. T"n<» Franklin Mer
ch_n_ising Co.. Trnni_|iiiii. N. v
WESTERN territory; Tablet Dlge_ta_s for all
«oras.ch Ills. Pond Pharrnacal Company. New
V«IXDOV«- DI:ES=ER ipr<-fer 8 man with some
rxperi^nc* in notion busineSf) for Ne-or York
City pos!tior.: salary 51.000. MJghill (Tosition
Broker). Flatiron Building.
YOUNG MAN. living: nome. learn real estata
bosln«_i: larg»? corporation: V.u«iri«sa property
iesistas;; bo sa.ary ■srhilc learning; excellent op
porlunUy. B^a 83S, Tribune I'rT— — i OS"'. ISM
AGEVT- — Tou .-->-.- erery la°sr use? * -'hamo's
r»g; v" bave a Mdßary one; every la<lv a
tmyer. Bos 375. OJovcrsville. N. T
theoret :"<__! an_ practical teaching: city ho«
rital. The Hopkins E-ilucationaJ Bnreati, T-07
ATTENDANT for elderly lady. dress h^ir; $30.
Hiss FUzGeraid's ltiii|>luj Bureau, 503 sfh
bt« . entrance m 4_?_ st.
CARETAKER for city house; must be »>xp<"ri
ence. lsun'_reFs=: ; iirt«. |39. "U'aldorf Bureau,
12 "West 8M (=t.. near sth a--".
CHAMBr.R3.HIP?. ccok«. -<vaitres9*«. mrr**e,
<-t>oks and l3nn-ili*SJ<je twnf«Torl__r_. coucle?:
j-rivate and publir- Mrs. • flier's Agezicy. 122
West 33fl st.
Cuni^y: *:<: Miss ntsGeraJf g Employment
Eur?a_. ZXXi srh aye ; entrance on X 42d st.
sstamt; iQWiifi .later. 'Miss Margaret Smith's
Bureau. 25 West 42d St.. Room 207.
CCX">K, doing laundry, for seashore: references
required. Itiss) Curry's Bureau, fifth floor. 23
West 42<3 st.
COOK, for Riv-erdale: fcnir in family: $35. Miss
FitzGeralfl's Employment Bureau, 503 sth aye.;
entrance on 42<5 st.
OOOK^-a fsist laundry-, for Atlantic "Higlilands;
SfS>}. Mise F;tzG»>r_!d"s Employ in eht Bureau,
60S oth aye.; entrance" on BN st. __________
COOK, five in family, (or Pelham; $S. Mirs
FitzCr«ra!_'s Employment Bureau, 503 Sth aye.;
ni'-rance Ot! 42d St.
COOK. ci '. for suuunei : $SO. Miss FitzGerald's
Employment Bureau, BW sth aye. ; I'HtilinHw on
42d st.
COOK, for Scranton. Perm.; four in family; £35.
Miss FitzGerald's Enniloyin««l Bore— l. MM sth
aye.; <"ntra_.c en 42d st.
COOK — Austrian frrelerred; ten- Ity: country
later: 535: small Eainily. WaMorf 6ureau. ',2
"West Zii St.. nc?r sth aye.
COOK. doing laundry, tr.o In family, for Larch
rn'jnt. Mtm Curry's Bureau, fifth Beer. 38
W'St 42d f-t.
COOK, for Pin- Orchard: $35: has JdtchenmaH.
Mi?* Fit-Gerald's Kmplorment Dlueav, 603 6t_
»•.*. ; fr.tranon on <2d St. .
<~t_to_v v.ant'ii lmm«iiat«'.y : short distance r>llf -
C_!o. f»l?ot!'F Bureau. 720 T^xlngto-n aye., r>'
ttreen sSth and DPth sts. Br.ng references.
(vvi_ German: four in family; for Fummit;
54ft. ... Empl-j-jnent Bureau.
SOS stb k\c. : «*ntranr«' on 423 st. ■
COOK— Swedish or French: ?*5; ror Moqnt.Klsro.
' _i-:s s Margaret Prrlth's B-reau. 25 West «2d
t :.. Boon) _07.
COOK v I KITCHENMAID. for Tuxedo; »0
%-:, • mast h» fir«t r-laM and nava good refer
ence! tu<t»strial Association. 17 West 42d st.
COOK-H.T"NDnESB. .■■hambrrmald-waitress. to
i gt. tozefber to T^nn?} for the summer. MI?3
Msrgarei. SniiUi"* Bureau. 25 West 42<3 -■' ■ Room
_,'i7. _____
COOK-UACKDRESS. for the city; two in farn
' iiy; SSS. Mi?s Margaret Smith's Bureau, Jo
Vf_3t 42ii __T Room 3W. ; .
COOiTTnd LAUKDKESS; il-ree in family; for
AVhite Plains-: -<30. Mlffl FitzGerald s Employ
merit Bureau. 503 sth ayg.;'«ntniuic<! on'42a it,f
FoSkI_AUxSbeSSGS for B mall fanii!i*>r in city
i«W: was- *Z5-*SO Ostorbers'* Bu
reau. 7?' i Lcsiriffton a- , between 57th and - SIi '
FtE. , —
EXPERIENCED NIRSE for child 5 yw»J must
hay« good refereacW; good wajge*. Industrial
A r-roeialion of - ■:,.». Inc.. 17 West 4,d si
Rl'-\ERA!i HOUSEWORKER. for mother and
two L'ult sons, in RosIJ-n, L#«t l^' I '^
erases: gw»d home. Addr«w Mrs. Very. High
land ay.. Rosiyn. J*- I- N- V- I
"«ty and -^nfv: wa««s $25^30. Osterberg«
Bureau. 71G Lciington aye.. between s.<h and
s^th fts. . ,
,-.., wanted for K eneral housework: must be,
co'npetfnt; good waprcs. <;runskolds Em
ployment Bureau. 1242 Bedford ay,, nrar Ful
ton Bt.. Brooklyn. _
<JIPL *or Renoral l.oui=e.work; i.rivaf family:
l'l-n ttasts. Grtnekold'fi Employment P«r»au.
1 _4_° Bedl avr.. near Fulton t.._Brooklyn : __
GIRL r r general hou^work; family of two- no ;
, „-.- S--^r, InduMT-ial As.-r.-la
(ion or America. Inc.. 17 WiMt «M >"• ______ ■
GOVERNESS Nortto Cersaaa Protestant. Call
Mr^eay morning. Mist Anna Ontury
Employment Bureau._Js_W«»>it SSth st.
UOrfcBWORKKR. for ii)i'"iit ; no laundry;
H^ 6B Misii Margaret Biltf* Bureau. 2^ West
42d st.. r.oom 2»17. ; . I
HOrsEWbRKER. for £■* Hockawa> ; a Roo.i
' . T ,, tPnl -,rl. „<. laum.r^ Miss
«'L-rrj'i» Bureau, flfth Boojj 25 A%egt 4-d Bt.
7-rT--^Y^.Ks«~f7^~f=aratoga: two in lamily; f2T.
MJ« Klt^ioraW. K.nployment Bureau. HI .'.,!,
aye. : «-ntiane<» »n 4_<l st- . : I
r»rVDRE=.S f.,r Orange: on*. npsistiriE cham-
L WwoVkf^ «. C ". Miss Curry' 8 Bureau.
*lft:i floor. S» W«* 42d _ - !
iTijVDRESg •:■-.... in family; shirts, •collars.
p_i__?*»: Miss Fit_G«*«W« K.nployment Bu
r*s<> .^O.l Sth aye.; entrance on - _
•. , r rF rnre« in fan,i!y. $•»• M'« Wt^
Kmploj-mcnt «ureau, 503 sth aye.; en
tra-c? op 42£ s t; .: . — - — — —
rirVJJRTFS' for Garden City; competent s«rl.
'^or ffiry only. Miss Curry's Bureau, fifth
fl oor. ?r> \v_gtjgd «■*■ , — 1 -;
■ uAUl'i--!.' Nuinbr required; wag"R *^«'
L^_S_fifSttUten^ ML-s CunV. Bureau.
fi't'n floor. 2.' tV«*t <2d :-' — -
'•rh^{yrFS^~f^ r ha7*sh a7*s City; five in family;
*30 N »J|M ritxflerart * Bmploym^nt Itureau.
f_in '■i.h ave. ■ entrance on 42d gt. . I — \
Miss FitzGerald'* Employment
«£S?™ -03 »th aVP - : • on 42d rt. -
iSIS-' ,-o'ghiidTen 4-<5; must be «pen
* and li«ve swod references: K ood wages.
L^ dt : Tor invilld: must have
re and willing to travel. lo
au S JtUoclallon of Am-rka, Inc.. 1.
v g , y ''a_ed lady, i.e'pless with
jN i ««_ti«n- perTn-nrnt: dly and country: b-*.
reJ^, ircd- e«*erir.nr«: Ptrong for llftlns;
j SPANISH ™A--£A • f^P J^UMMft »leo
help WANTED.
" : " '- Female.
i NURSE, Protpstan*. for baby B l_ months old;
l_o. MiM Mar_are( Smith's Bureau. 25. wmm
ifM.Et.. Room _T}7. _^_ - ■ " .
: BTEKCM_RAPHER Tot two Smith-Premier ma
oh!i.«>s. |18, insurance, ?9; shoe concern. $10;
' '■■nnirrcia!. fR-?* s ; all permanent. Jupp Ex
• t-heng?. S7 Nacfa(ist.___ ___
) ST_jJooSAPH_rf for Wall st. law flrnri; must
be- ltlWOUS.tll| competent; |25 if competent.
•Tupp Exchange." *7 Nassau »t.
THREE- LADIES'. — Wrll educated: neat ap
rp-ranc*; oxpericiice, unnecessary; oppor
! tunity to secur* outsidr position yielding jrood
i income. Mr. Ryan, 15S sth aye. New York
• City. . . -
; TWO GIRLS Cook-launcSresß. ch«.mbermal<l
•naHrrss; f_mily of two adults: $.10-52.". In
• dustrial Association of America, Inc., 17 West
j 42_ Wi.
I W'A_TR_Rg- I V<t olaß! 1 ; Newport for summer;
murt have Rood references. Industrial Associa
tion of America, Inc.. 17 West 42d st.
WAITRBSE, Protestant, for Cape Cod, Mass.?
$25. Miss PtteOeraM's Employment Euresu,
•V>3 51h aye.: eatraao6 on 4_d st.
WANTED— A goo.l general housework girl for
»mall family- bo w_sh— $2">. Mme. Auguste,
fiS2 <'th aye.
WANTED Cott«I«: man butler; w6man cook;
$^" Apply at once, early in mornings, Mme.
Auguste. «*2 nth aye.
ASSISTANT CASHOMt or bookkeeper: used- to
hajidllng larjjp sums of money; .commercial
house preferred; references. B. Johnson, 017
West 134 th st.
t-OOKKEBPBR and stenographer <_*»"; hAs had
nine fears' experMnoe; can furnish excellent
references and bond. If nec^esarv; salan' $1^ to
Htart. R. ft., Tribune Offi< c.
CIIAUFFEUR. --Single young man (27); five
years' experience on bigh po-*er»d cars;
fir«-t class mechanic and chauffeur; drive any
car. foreign or American; br-.«t of references:
salary reasonable. Joseph I'eterson, J»t3 6th
ayr?. ran Outder).
CHAOFFEUB, 29, dl Fengaged lith in?t. on ac
count of family *.oing to Europe: r.ith pre
vious employer two veers, driving Packard; city
rofrrences; singlr, English. G. W., 101 East
Slsl Bt.
CHAI'KI -'f:i n. Employer in Europe; married:
mechanic; present >'inplr>y(>r's ref<r<>nc*> a? to
.*> years' service. C. S., Tribune Uptown Office,
1964 Broadway.
CHAUFFEUR Experienced; well recommended;
Rood mechanic; city or country. Care of Hig
ginlmttom. 22ft Kast 9Sth st.
DRIVER OR RIGOS — Handy with tools:
acquainted with City; understands sliipplng
goods: reft-rences. Hertor. 41:9 Bast tWb sL
FIREMAN— On itionary boiler; best of refer
onces. Address 170 88th st.. Brooklyn.
MAN. S4, capable, honest, r.ll around, with bust
ness ruid mechanical experience. Box 614, 3_!l
Wyokoff aye.. Brooklyn.
PAINTING and pap< r bnneine by day or any
terms; furnish tools; best references. Chas.
Pet.-rsort. 7_:; >sp»»-i I'lace. Brooklyn.
]'(i[LTi:v\lA.v. — F!r.:t class; understands incu
bator, brooder, etc; best reference?. t'arpen
ter'a Bureau. 154 Bth aye. Tel, IWB Ch<?lß<_a.
PRINTER.— Expert clftßSifier on mall list*; un
derstands case and press. Gus Berghauser,
253 Harmon St., Brooklyn.
REFINED, married man is open for position of
trust and responsibility; mountains preferred.
A-dreas ;■ 11 T> . Bo.v 8, Tribune.
SAI^I_;.SX«IAN. — Younc man. 20, as Inside cr out
bid?; icalesttian, stock or tifhee' clerk, with »d
ypncemeAt; any raisincss; best references. B. R..
Box 2i>, Tribune Offl'-e. . _
TUTOR, endorsed 1" protitineot mar?: pleine.ntary
or collog*. preparatory. Tutor, Tribune Up
town QffiC, i:;h; FSroadway. _.
T'A\'T!:i> — By coll*>se man, a position for sum
ra*r. as tutor in eolleM preparatorj'. Tjatin or
Greek; good reoommendatkras.. A'lnress B. 11.
Pwift. Boj ' .77. Willlamstovrn, Mas*
tViXDOW and hoa£« cleaning at leasonable
rates. Acn.pn, 533 West fifth Ft.
TOUNG HAN. — Ag?d 21.: at anything. Address
r Martins, M 6 Bmat S'ith gt.
TOUNG MAN. --Age-I 1»; vrhere afcilfty Will h»
recojenir^d an'i promotion mail" accordingly;
b>st of referenco. Br«y -A. Trlhun" Pfßce,
XOVSG MAN. — Aged 19; three years' office anl
out-efdr wot* *"xDeri^nc»: intelligent, relfsble;
r^Ph s»«-uri!y if necessary. Box 43, Tribune
—DRESSMAKER of tea year 3' •xperlenG'S
gowning- for the 400: no superior in tho city
roi '-•k.li class. v.-orl_; prompt, reliable and rea
sonable ifmc Cully, 13S West 4Sth st.
AN A 1 STENOGRAPHER, who makes substi
tuting ■ specialty, will book engagements for
vacation season; <sxyerlenced In technical worlc;
no aeies Address Sunsmer Engagements,
Tflbuoe Qffce.
COMPANION. Nrn.SE. — European lady, edu
cated and tactful, graduate masseuse, and
b«saty parlor lltptoma, aged 28, strong and
lfealtliy. desires good and steady position;
willing to travel ■■ lth Bick «r healthy eldt-rly
lady, or hotel position. A. A.. Box 17. Tribune
Office-. _ _^ .
t>RESSMAKER, .V competent dressmaker
WouM l:ke potrftion in private family; can make
tailor and fancy drer-pes; city or country; best
reference. Mme. Dpnaty, 407 Bast 85th st.
©QOD Steuoxraphte typewriting work; rea
sonable rates. 'Jo William si.. Room Sl3.
* Ph one 420fl — John.
STENOGRAPHER— Bright, wilting; with reli
able concrni; experienced; exceptionally good
reforenc**. F. r> . Tribun9 Uptown Office, 1364
BroSdwa ?; -• "-
BUTLER.— I'Feful Australian: (all; ■> n ry com
petent; first class reference."; go anywh«>r»;
•n-age:- $4" Julien Bureau, 47 West 42d st_
Tel Bryant— 43«l. .
BT'TLEJ: — Exceptionally smart, capable Eng
lishman; London an.; American references;
$60. Waldorf Bureau, 12 West 3Sd St. 'Phone
30y — Madison.
r 'TLKJ: — [ seful Swiss; $♦*■>; best personal ref
erences. Mlfs Shea's Bureau. 8 East 42d st.
CARETAKER, or anything similar, by Ameri
can conpW; expefMince; good references.
P, E.;^. 153 6th aye. .
COACHMAN.— Single": thorotighly experienced:
••are horses, carriages, harness; careful driver;
'"Ity. OHUttry; understands lawns; generally use
ful: renerence-.":* Thomas. < 224 = East 4Cd ' st.
COACHMAN Thorongl understands care of
~ liorscs and carriages; good driver; city or
.■ounii\; Best reference Write only. Lee, Trib
une Uptown , ,i}-.: 1364 Broadway.
CO AcTI M A N.— Jast disengaged; superior rec
omm at ions; thorough horsoman; careful
driver: uiid'-rHiatid.'-- lawns, flowers, botise
worfc; eonntry, seslshore; absolutely sober,
trustworthy; glngle. 25S V>'est r.fith st.
CX)ACHB4AN — Kxcelleht gardener, 40, Pingle.
willing. "i llgfng, desires pemian«?nt place, city
or/. country; bigfaest references; t«rms reasoii
ablf. Box 1 -,_ Tribu ne Ogee. "
«-OACFImXn7— ftrst class man with
saddle and harness horses; ride and drive well;
■rood man for any one wisning to be turned out
saiart; life experience; strictl/ sober; good ref
erenc s; aged r>3; single; «n anywhere. H-
Btokes. Oscawana-on-lludson; N. Y. 'Phone 4—4 —
Croton. .
COLORED * COUPr^BJ— Butler, cook, laundress;
will do entire work of family; *.">; t)"Rt per
sooal references. Miss Shea's Bureau. 8 fc_ist
42d st .
COUPLE. — Gorman: ccelleni cook and laun
dress- man, gardener, coachman, tiseful ; four
years' excellent references; $00. Industrial AS-
Bdciatio 17 West 42d gt. ; _
COI'I'I-E. — 'Jornian; man. gardener, criac.hman.
useful: wife. chambermaid, waitress or
ttursi • 10 years' tiers«inal raference; $00. In
<l ustrial Association,! 7 West 4'jrl st. ]
COUPLE"."— T'rotestants, n6 children: butler.
, a |, i useful; wife <"Ok Or chambermald
narlormaid; $55 Ostcrberg"? Bureau. 716 Lex
ingtqnjßVC. Tel. IVss— Plaza.
rjoUPLE. Germans; butler and vaJpt; cook;
" vonng- very competent; first c>a«« refereßees;
wages |65. Julien Bureau. 47 West 42i st. Tel.
Bryant— 4:.l _^ . .
COI'PLE. — $50; German; man. ovtsMe work.
lawns sjarden, horse, cow. etc.: v.i'e. c>ok
ai>«i housework. S.. Mathewson Bureau, *1S
Cth aye. .
COUPLE— English Prtrteataata — Butler; wig.
«ncakinc French, as chamberniaM. jna.d.
nurse: t\vr» ■-..,-■ reference; $60. Miss bhea s
BUreau. s _J^_ t _i5 l - Ix . ' . _. -
FABMTiaND. — German; |25; (t«"d milker and
teamsfer; penerti farmer: sober «n<i Indus
rrious. H.. a_athew«on Bureau 81 S 6th aye.
T>l. 37S Bryant.
PARMH AND. — Strow young Swede: not long
over; very willing; highly recomrnend«d- small
■rases. Osterbeig's liureau, 716 Lexington aye.
Tel. 1055 — Plaza. ' ,
rAKMHAND. Sv <■'!'■; $2.">; ff"od experlcnc«
this country: understands his work; tober
and reliable. '<>. Matlicwson Bureau. SIS Gth
are. Tel- -'i" s Bryant.
p-ARMHANDS. useful men, married couples for
firms inrt imtlentn'l country placos; En
l■! «jorman and Swcdisli. Mathc-v.son Bu
r'au. MSJ-.thjv- Tel. 871*. Bryant.
jfAttM f MANAGER or >REMAN — On Bentle
m-i'n's place: Uioroughly competent middle
»ro<\ married m?n: first cias.s rtforencrs.
W. M.. f»lea«antvHle. Westchester <^>unty.N. V
JTTjit)r.-vBIt — German cou'pie; wife cook, wash
"and lrof» " cent-rally us.-ful on RpntiPrnatrs
1 plai < . best references. Carpenter's Bureau, 154
Gth aye.
' MRDKNEB ii> UIIST-rirst class; reliable In
'„.;.„ branch; thoroughly practical and com-
T .\ \\ 2S; Knglish; marrfcd; one child; hlßhly
S>^«£ J. N-. care Burnett. 72 Cort
l:ir.-it jrt. . - .
v . understand* aut-wiioblles, horses, dairy,
i«mltr . (rard-niiiK- Moderate. Box K. Tribune
, OflKo. ______
cinTiVLi BITTI.ER. I'eeful man or butlrr In
4maH Place- younK. tall gwcde; K ood apprar
anc™ '„||., references; |35. Osierberg's Hu
reau,' 716 liejKlns___J :__: —
Si-rw^vn "IAN" — German-Swiss; smart, superior,
_S_S5&Wd man; ejeellent referent; *40.
Wahlorf Bureau. 12 WMt SM st. Thone 300—
Madison. ■- . ,
— — i^TiTV, — vTan 50: ii<aitt,y. active: »-xpcrlenc«i
L> u»,-fr,ind work: <:>'<- of private place; hou
-vi.-i.-if **■'■• Holianaeri s'""i hand on
1 SKU L. »_rden«. liorsos. <ows chh-kens; sob.-r.
JuZu i an^l industrious, if.. MaiUewson Bu
'^^.Tti^embS'Tß and sin-'p.iPTioNS
AI X fr T l Tribune received at ihMr TJptown
for l" J" Brnac ) W ay. betTw^u 36th and
Om<:e. ,' vo '(, a ,-.■■■■ P. m. Advertisements
87 'in'a il- <ollowln« branch office, at r-f-
r T celv «f.. ra t * B until S o'clock p. m...v1_.: 2.54
ular oflire ru \- re ,, s t. ; ins (Ith av«\. cor.
'.' nil '««*» !•»"' ■« "'m 42d it.
'Tth end **« *" v "** : - :<5 " : Vl> ' 1 1 - :sih fc(
; f««^_r <_*_ • ',;,-, B i IST near 123 th t.: : ITo.S
i st a^,t,: a *£ • "«C 3d aye., and any American
TRIBUNE. TUESDAY, -JpNE ■;•____;..• 1910.
USEFUL MAX. All around (colored); n» pnrt»r
In office buildine and rare of ofltee_; alsa cook;
years rith last employer. Addres* all week,
Calvin, 00 West 26th ft., care of C. E. Mai
gadey._fur«. :
ISEFII, MAX. Young Frenchman: speaks little
English; Indoor, 'outdoor; small TOS": "it? 1 ""
ences; understands wnlting. E. M.. Mis* Fftz-
Gerald's Bureau, 503 Oth aye.
CHAMSSBKAIO waitress or -hiWa nurse;
youns- Krench «*ri; srood seamstress: mod
e-ate wagwi. - T.. Miss Hofm avers Bureau, r.jft
Bth aye., yth flojr. Telephone 4527 Madison
Square. . _
CHAMBERMAID. — Smart, Scotch; capable ser
vant; f-.ve years* excellent New ork refer
ences; $20. Waldorf Bureau, 12 «t 33d St.
•Phone W— Madison. -
'"M MRBRMAIH.- good seamstress, ex
cellent reference*; go anywhere. Miss Mar
garet .Smith's Uureau, 2^ West 4_._ St. Phone
■'•■•■■• Bryant. ■ ■-'
CHAMIJEI.WOP.K- By neat colored girl: in fur
nished room house, or s housework lri small
apartments. Johnson. 41M 7'h aye. -
fng her houso desires to place her chambcr
mai'T an_ waitress. They can be seen at pree
ont employer's from 10 to 1 o'clock from Mon
day, If. AVesi 54th st. .
CHAMBERMAID and S_A__TRE6a Swedish;
young: experienced girl; best references; —age?
$25. Call at I^ang _ Boecherer Co.s Bureau, 43
45-47 West 33d St.
ish ffrt; willing to assist waitress; understands
maid's duties-; excellent reference-!. Osterberg's
Bur'au, 716 Lexington aye. Tel. 1055 — Plaza.
Norwegian girl just out of etnploymfnt; ex
cellent reforencen; ?22. Osterberg's Bureau, 7l«
I/^i-lngton aye. Tel. 105 C —Plaza. ■
obliging: four years' city references. MIS 3
FitzGerald's Employment Bureau, 503 sth aye.,
entrance on 42d st. _____
Swedish girl; excellent references; $22: city or
country. Olsen'3 Swedish-American Bureau, 72!>
Ivxington avc. Jel. 469>>— Plaza. _, 1 _
cellent referoip.^: very neat: experience
with best of ramih>«<: $-•">. Waldorf Bureau,
12 West S"d gt.: 'phone 300 Madison. ;
oughly competent; two j'ears* excellent refer
ences; city or country: 3^525- Industrial Asso
ciation, 17 West 42d st. "Phone 0210 — Eryant.
COOK. — German: competent; good bak*r; best»
references: wages $35-S4O. Call at Lang & j
Roecnerer Co.'s Burea;i, 43-45-47 West 33d st.
COOK— young Finnish woman; flrst
class; good mar.ager; excellent referenc« from
New York families. jrassfia Bureau, 6SO _»X
ington aye. Tel. 4403 Plaza.
COOK. — First cla33; understands plain and fancy
dishes; good references; wages I*o. Flaherty's
Bureau, *85 Columbus aye. T*m. 741 Ri ver. _
COOK — Capable, fjutet. temperate -white woman
wishes place as plain coolt; general utility;
home preferred to big vases. Mrs. Kavanagh,
888 Bergen St., Brooklyn .subway). m
COOK. — Particularly capable young woman; will-
Isg to assist laundress: excellent baker; good
references; 52.1 to $30. Mrs Collier's! Agoriov,- t23
West _3d Ft.
CO«JK. — Understands all branches; excellent ref
erences. M., Miss KitzGerald's Employment
K'lreau, 503 sfh aye., entrance 4M sf.
COOK. — Competent young woman: willing to as
sist laundry work; also chambermaid and
waitress; references. Cooper's Agency, 657 Gth
COOK. — German Protestant; very capable,
neat woman: $;;0-s3r>. 8., Miw Hofmayer's
Bureau. 320 sth aye. 1 ; 9th floor_. Telephone
45-7 MadtSQfl Square. .
COOK. First class; $:i5-S4O: excellent refer
ences: very nfat, capable refined woman. Wa 1
dorf Bureau, 12 West 33d f-t. 'Phone 3.«>—
COOK.- of Ireland Protestant: flrst c3a«
cook; good baker; e-xopllfnt referem-es. Mor
ro.v Bureau. 721 I>_in_ton aye., cnr. ?i?th t*.
COOK for country: understands cooking in all
branches: excellent, rsferericas: taj\<» full
charge. Jliss Margaret Smith's Bureau, C 3 West
42d st.
COOK. — Voting Danish girl; exc^llfTit cook an<l
baker: good manager; best references; friend
good waitress and chambermaid. Osterberg's Bu
reau, 716 Lexington ay«. Tel. IC>55 — Plasa.
COOK. — First class Swedish; good cook, baker;
takes entire care kitchen: references; §2S. €>s
tsrberc's Bureau, 718 t-exington _ye. Tel. 1055—
COOK. — Particularly neat and pleasant: flrSt
class; all branches; disengaged; family closing
hous». city" or country. Mrs. Collier's A.gency,
122 West 23d st.
COOK— Equal to chef: $50; four years in last
place; lady going abroad. Miss Shea's Bureau.
« East 42d e't-
COOK. — German: first class: ■where kttchenmairi
is kept; best references; wages $45-?M'. Cal!
at T.ang ft Bcech6rer Co.'s Bureau, 43-45-47
W«st :«d st.
COOK.— Thoroughly experienced all branches;
neat, economical: excellent references; city or
country; $30. Industrial Association, 17 West
42d Ft. 'Phone 0210— Bryant.
COOK.— AH around; Finnish : understands soups,
dessert, etc.: $.'!5; best references. Call Olsen's
Swedish-American Bureau. 729 Lexington aye-
To!. 4tiO«> -Plaza.
COOK-LAUNDRESS, and chambermaid
ress; both neat, capable.- rpliablo servants;
together or separate; e*cellent references; 5
years. Waldorf Bureau, 12 West 33d; 'phon
300 M-'.dison. ■. .. .
WAITRESS.— Two joung girls: go together.
city or country; $20 to $25. McCallum's Bureau.
31st st. and 4th eve. !
COOK— BUTLER. — Colored couple: exceptionally
neat; superior help; wife first class cook p.nd
manager; man butlef or coachman; 5 yars' ex
ceTlent references; together or separate. 1 —
West 23d Ft. . —
■ GO VERNE^S.— English entire charge of on» cr
more children; experiftnee delicate rhil-rep;
five years' reference. FitzGerald's Bureau, 50>>
Sth aye. ;"■ : . _____
i QOVERNfiJSS or coinpanton — By Ensllsh-Ameri -
, can graduate; willing ■to so abroad, without
! salary, if all expenses are paid; absomtely
superior references. M_W L ._Trlb_ne Ofl>ce.
German: refined, competent; excellent refer
eftce; < hildrevi three year 3 up; wages S3L*. Julien
Bureau, l] West -d St. Tel. 4"Sl— Kryant. j
| SEWORK — General house— by young
Finnish girl; good plain cools, laundress ana
waitress: best references; $20. Osterberg's " Bu
j reau, 71'? Lexington aye.; Tel. IC?s— Plaza.
HOUSEWORK, *c— General houseworker or
chambensjaid and waitress; young, nent Swed
ish- good cook and waitress; .best references.
Osterberg's Bureau, 7it? liexington ay". T*l.
10^5_—Pla2a : __ I
HOUSEWORK, a half-trained girl *s gen
eral houseworker. waitress or chambermaid;
willlnc an.i Obliging; wagpsS nindi>rat»: good ref
erences. Flaherty's Bureau, 455 Columbus aye.
Tpl. 7tt River.
HOUSEWORK. — Bj Gfrman woman: family cook
and laundress; city or country- call Mr?.
Cooper's Agency. *'~>7 6th av'., 38th «
HOUSETWORKER. — Strong young woman; cook,
good laundress; wages no object, providing
Child. fnr*>» years. will h» taken: city. Morrows
Bureau. 721 Lexington avp.
HOUSEWORK KR.— Good plain cook: $20: gen
erally useful: v-rv best references. McCal
lum's 'Bureau. 400 4th aye.. comer of 31st st.
Tel. 5706— Madlscn. _____
INKANI-S NURSB.-r-StOtch Protestant: thor
oughly experlfnced; city or couiiry: §30; ex
cellent references. Industrial Association, 1<
West_4id Bt,?f Phone 5210-^-Bryant.
INFANT'S Nl'ltriK. -Ccnnan. experienced; takes
baby from birth; beef references; Wages $'i>
s3o. 'call at l^ng & Boecheref Cc.'e Bureau,
43-45-47 AVegt 33d_st.__ „_______
i7\l>V deMrfrTTo si- ure positions for 'two maids;
oook. r-hambermaid and laundress; do en mm
wort:; I'rivato lamilj'. Morrow's Bureau. i^l
Leijngton «>ve. ; t —
IjADY'S MVlD. German- French ; competent
"maid- goo<l traveller: best references; wages
525-s3>. Call at Ijang & Eoecherer Co. s Bu
rg Mii, 43-4.">-t7 West 33d St. _______
iVaV'nI'RKSS. — First class; shirts, collar?, cuffs:
Willing tO assist; excellent references; city or
country; $iVS3O. Industrial Association, ii
We.st_42d_st. ; . ■ f_,
LAUNDRES»-Fl_nlßh : experienced all branches:
$25 $;'-0: Fhirls; well recommendea. "aiflorr
Enreau. i2J\^t 33d st. 'Phonft 3tH) . _________
LAUNDRESS— do shins, collars, all J-neJ -ne
linens; first -lass references. Miss Margaret
Smith's Bureau. 25 West 42d st. 'Phone 80R
Bryant. — — !—! —
LAUNDRESS,i excellent; home or out by the
'<Jay. Laundress, care Bain, 2383.7 th a\e.__
LAUNDRKSS, diambprmalri: $25; three years in
last place. Miss Bheaa Bureau. S Hast 42d st.
EXUNDRESS. — First class on hidics fine
clothes; shirts: be.«t references; wages $3>.
Call at T.ang & Boecherer Co.'s Bureau. 43-4^-47
West 33d st. . -
MAID, chambermaid or b™™ s *'- Frel i ch: n^ < ?
a Finnish; young: ™t\nciz mat** rttwnen.
-aces, $25. Julien Bureau. 4. A\ est 42d 6t. Tel.
Bryant 4381. _____ - ■
MAll>— North of Ireland Prot-stant^ or cham
bermaid, seamstress: competent: first '-lass ref
erences; jto anywhere: wapes. $25.- JblJsb Bu
r^ii, 47 West 42d at. Bryant 4.151. _
NURSB— Scotch Protestant; long experience;
Infant: ood •eainstres*; lias friend com
petent waitress: cltv or .ountry. Morrow
Bureau. 721 I> .ington aye.. corner sSth. Tel.
Plaza ]f»_S. ' - ' _
NURSE— lnfant; entire charge; all foods, ex.-e
lent <itv references. Miss KitzGerald's tmplo> •
nwnt Bureau. 608 Oth aye. Entrance on 42d st.
NDRSE and useful motHcr'n helper; neat youn«
woman; boo<l sewer; fond of children. Mrs.
Cooper Agency. C 57 6th aye.. 3bth st.
KUnSß— Excellent: with child or infant; neat
German woman: $M: .reference. \\ a -
dorf Bureau, 12 West X'a »r. 'Phone .W0 Madi
son. . 1
NURSE— Experienced: Infant or grown; has
friend mai.J; will travel: good dreesmaker: ex
cellent packer; good sailer. Morrow's Bureau,
721 I^exlngton aye. , ___
MUSK -Toans;, educated, refined girl; muFl
cian; spoaks French: wants care .ne child;
assist chamherwork; $22. McCallum'a Bureau,
31st St., rorner 4th_ave ; ____ : - .
NURSE, a Boolcll Klrl; very best references;
wa«es |23; city or .ountry. Maherty s Bureau.
4-Vi I'olumbuß aye. Tel. 741 Ttlvtr.
NtTRSB (French), speaking Knglish, for child
from two yearn old; excellent n*f*renc«>x; gn
atiywhTO. M.. Miss Marpar*-t Kmstlis Burenu,
28 W"at 42.1 Bt . |ili«_i_L •" "' BrVant.
NURSE AND HEAMSTBE6S;--l roW«tiiiit; sji
perior roong woman; will assist <-hainbi»rwotlc:
excellent reMrMoea; b« anywhere. Mrs. Colllei"*
ARpney. 122 West 23d <t. _ .
MitiJi; UIH!< or ollamWrmiiM; jiarticularly
n«at twpsrier rr«ocn Rirl; excMnnj iPcom
im-iidatlnhx. Wuldorf Bureau, 12 W<*t 33d
yt.: 'phon" .■■in MadJ«on_. .— <-!—» — -_*- J^__
N>;n,E or • i r:-i.R> ' r '■•■■ ' ■ '■"■ ■■ >■:-• Nefth
i;:rrtun; refined: ■•"•od ■■ l»w»r, best reference*.
«rat«a *2S. .all at l_ins & Bo»4her*r O».*l Bu
4-'j-4&-47 W»s» saa, sf._._, .. , . r tjj . n l; .. t .
llEAktffßKii^-Clty or c6untr>-. O. R., . 327
W*st 16th ft ;' :^---, !
WAITRESS.— -Sw*>dl_.i Protestant; very neat and
competent; assist chamberwork : not afraid at
wm-k; excellent city reference:-; city *r country.
Mrs. Coßtf_ Agency, i:r2 West 23d St.
WAITRESS CU t.!kp MKleTs :>ta<-e; neat young
woman; exceptional referen'-es; present em
plo>er R<»*n? to Kuropt. Mrs. Cooper's Agency.
»i?. 7 6th ay«.
WAITRESS Irish Catholic: young, neat and
trilling, competent; excellent references; wajres-.
52_-s2:>; country. Jullen BuTean. 47 West 42d
st. Tel. Bryant 43hi. ,-''
WAITRESS— G-rman tfir!; capable. stn*r(; #2.".;
••xcellent refei WM.es. Waldorf Burean, 12 West
33d ft. 'Phmie 300 M_ii*on.
WAITRES^-Firpt class r«»fer«nces; makes all
salads; understands =.rving win»»; can carve.
Miss il»r|r*ret Hmith's Bureau. -3 Welt 4_-l St.
T« ». tM Hryant. - •
WAITRE.SS. parlormaid — Very neat _we_Wß
jriri; excellent waitress: understands n_alclii_r
salads, caic silver, etc.; excellent referenccv.
Osterbers'g B«ii'!_ii. 71<? Lextngtoa are.
wXITRESS, PARLOR MAID. — Has. servpd in
be."«t clfy families; 530. C, Miss Hofrnav^r's
Barean. .^n Mh ivo., 9tli flo'T. Telephone M_l
jWadtson ijqunre.
■WAITRESS -Kxperteneed younir Irish girl; will
-.-sj«r chambermaid; best references; wages
$25. Call at LAng & Boechorer Co.'s Bureau,
_l.{_ V.-47 Wast 3°, d st. • '
v. aitiikss. y,n>t class; nndera tands carving;
has very best reference; willing to go _ coun
try. .In."s!;a Uareau. 680 Lexington aye. Tel.
4i-".3 P:aza.
WORKIKG HOUSEKEEPER— Priest's hon»e pre
ferred; city or country. Miss Margaret Smith*
Pitreaii. 2r> West 42.1 st. 'Phonw Sft3» Bryant.
MusAi— uun>.
Greatest Amusement Enterprise in the World.
T.e.av West 129 th St., N. R.. 9:00, 9:45.
10:30, 11:30 A. M.: 12:15. 1:00. 2:00. 2:45. 3:30.
4:15, s:ir.. 6:30, 7:30. 8:40 I. M.
Leave Pier 1. N. P... 0:45. 10:30. 11:15 A. M..
12:15, 1:00, 1:4,"> 2:43. 3:30. 4:15. 5:00. 8:00.
6:40 7:15. S:ir.. 9:30 P. M.
Leave Tron Pier, Coney Tsland. 10:55, 11:40
A. M-. 12:_.r», 1:25. 2:10. 2:35, 3:55. »4:55, 5:25.
6:10. 7:10. 7:. 8:25, 9:2-">. 10:40 P. M.
Retorning from Coney Island trip marked •
does not go to 129 th Street, N. R.
RnunH Trir, ti-i.... 5 From 129 th St., 50 Cents.
Round Trip Tickets jf, Fr - m Pier lf x B-# 40 C)Snts . J
STKAMER TAIKtS make S"trtpsS "trtps EVBRV DAY \
to fISRINfI BANKS. I>ar« 129 th St.. N. R .
7:20 A. M. : Pier (new) NO. 1. N. P.., S:2O A. M.
Bait »nd tackle on board. Fare: Gentlemen, '
75c: Ladies. r>oc: Children. 25c
fnpreredented Grand Fonr f>a.T"i' Exrwrnlof
<o t.OOO Island*, inrlTidinK railroad tickets,
boat trips, hotel board •' finest hotels and
lu!.che_l en routn. for only $17.50. with exten
sion trip through St. Y_awrene<- KapMs. I_ake
Champlafn and i_ako i^eorge. stopping at Mon
trral and Sarfttopra. Peven days, with all ex
pens* Included, for only 847.00.
tttmwthi City 3 days Qaly- »tO.«M)
Catsldll Site. 3 day* . Only $13.00
Tfmgmtm Fall* .1 r)»»-« .. . Only *!7.00
ThonsamJ Iffctnds .3 da*-*. . . .Only $17.50
White Mts 4 day*. . . -Only «5.00
Montreal and Lake*. . . 7 days . Only $47.00
Writ* or 'ph«nft for circular*.
343 Fiiltqn St., Bro-felyn. x. T. Tel. i9n:> Main.
Summer Travel
"Th« Best of Everything at t _c Best T'm#"
... _ Yellowstone Park
Jtwt KnotiKh Afaska, Colorado
Pd_l?eP d_l?e n d a^; C d°o n - Canadian Pacific. Ry.
away with th«* ; Around the World
car^s and annoy- I *■* ghort( _ fr<_nfi
anc^s of >«ttte« Tbfolsh^J^rU.
about ! >■*— Kt»fflan4
and C-inads
225 Fifth ATenue, »— Torfc
Telephone fi27o Madison Square
Send torßooklet ■ ]
West Poiot, Newburgb & Pougbkeepgle
Daily (except Sunday) hy Palace HUDSON
VIOTOK VISIBLE. 7» Nassau St.; catalogue
free: all makes taken part payment: bargains
in TJnderwoode. Rerriin-?tons. Oliver... Smiths.
BIG BARGAINS — Slightly used offlce furniture,
desks, typewriters, cash registers. . adding ma
chines, mimeographs, filing cabinets; safe*, ad
dressing machines, time clocks partitions, checlc
protectors. Bookcases., NATHAN'S. 4 White Street.
B!LI,r.\RDS. pool and new patent combination
table*; lowest prices: supplies, repairs;
bowling alloy builders. Decker's, 105 East 9th
st. Established IS.-f)
the Constructing Quartermaster, U. Army,
Fort Slocum, N. T., .Tun«» 13th. 1910. — Sealed
proposals, in triplicate, will be received until
11 a. m. o'clock July 12th, l!>10. for construc
tion of roads, sidewalks, curbs. gutter 3 and
drains. Blank forms of proposals and in
formation furnished here, wh*r<» plans may b*
seen. Envelopes containing proposals will b4
indorsed "Proposals for - Roads. Etc.." and
addressed Constructing Q. M., Fort Slocum,
N. T. . .
Columbia. .lune 6. 1910. — Sealed proposals will
be received at this office until 2 clock. P. M..
June 20th. 1910. for the conptructlon of sewers
in the District of Columbia. Forms of proposals,
specifications and necessary information may be
obtained from Chief Clerk. E!)«!n<=<»r Department,
Room 427, District Building, Washington, D. C
WILLIAM V. JL'PSON. Commissioners. P. c.
foT Tho Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. 1364 Broadway, between 36th and
37th sts., until 0 o'clock p. m. Advertisements
received at the following branch offices at reg
ular office rates until S o'clock p. m., viz.: 264
Sth aye., p. c. cor. 23d st. ; 158 6th av«v, cor.
12th st.; 104 East 14th St.; 257 West 42d »t.,
between 7th and Sth ayes. ; _63 West 125 th st. ;
1035 Sd aye.: 1626 3d aye.. n»*nr <Ust st.; 1703
Ist aye., near ftftth st.; 157 East 125 th st.: 75S
Tremont aye. , 650 3d aye, and any American
District Telegraph Office.
— Carl Fischer. Plaintiff, against Isaac Ilat
tenbach and others. Defendants..
Tn pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure and
sale, duly mjdp and entered in the above-en
tttl«d action and bearing da(- the 2d day of
.Tune, 1910. I, the undersigned, the, Referfe in
paid jivJgment named, will sell at nubile auction,
at the Exchange Salesroom. Nos. 14-10 Vesey
street, in the Borough of Manhattan, City of
New York, on the 20th day of June. H't'>. at
12 o'clock noon on that day, by Joseph P. Day,
Auctioneer, the prTnisfs directed by said judg ■
ment to be sold, and therein described as fol
All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land,
with tho buKdirißß and improvements thereon
erected, situate, lying and bein? In the Borough
of The Bronx, of th«» City of New York, in the
County and Stftfp of New York, known and
distinguished by the lot number 271, in block ft,
on a certain map entitled, "Map of 1,572 build
ing lots situated ln North New York. West
chester County, belonging to Clarence H. Brown."
Dated January. 156«5, and filed in theefnee of
the Register of th« County nf Westcbester on
February 17, 1866. as Map No. 41fi. wMK& said
lot, acconiinff to said map. is bounded and de
scribed as follows:
Beglnningr *t a rolnt on the northerly slda of
135 th Street, distant li"> feet easterly from the
corner fcrmed by tha intersection of th<* north
erly sld» "f 13«h Street with the. easterly side
of Uncoln Avenoe: running Ihence llort^'>^!y
parallel with T-lnco!n Avenue 100 feet: thence
easterly parallel with 133 th Htreot 25 fe»t;
thence southerly parallel with T,lncolii Avenue
160 feet to the northerly sld« of 135 th . Street:
and thence westerly along tha r.orih-rly side of
IST.th Street 2r. fePt to the point or place -of
becinning. Said Dr«?mls<>s being now known by
the street number 520 East 13.".th Street.
Dated. New Tork. Jimp »>th. 1910.
' KKANKI-IX BIEN, Referee.
R T>I'DKNPI.v;. Jr.. A»t->m«y for Plaintiff. I.VJ
■Rro^dway, Borough of Manhattan, New Tork
The following t« a diagram of the property to
be sold: Its utreet number is 255 (formerly 323j
East 135 th Street.
The approximate amount of the lien or charge.
to satisfy which the above-described property Is
to be lold. is Four thousand one, hundred thir
tren .T3-100 Dollars ($1,113.23-100), with interest
thereon from the 20th day of May, lUIU, together
with costs and allowance ■mirattasj to Two
hundred seventy-seven 43- 10i> Dollara ($277.43
100). with Interest from June Cth. 1010, together
Yiith the expenses of the sale. The approximate
amount of the taxes. a!(Mes«meiit.<i anil water
rates, or other liens, which are to he allowed to
the purchasor out of the purchase money, or
paid l»y tho Referee. Is Two hundred seventy
nine (><•> HM> liultars iJJ7!'«" - , Ich.i. an-! Interest.
The premises will bn sold subject to«a first mort-
Kajje for Twelve thousand Dollars (112,060.00
100) ...id int^reiit th«rC6n from th 6 6th tiny of
September. 1«<i«-
Datnd. New York. June 6lh. 1010.
_KRAXKHx in I . n P> «f«ree.
for Tho Tribune re< <Mv<»d at th<-ir nptown
Ofllce. N6.iS"4 Broadway, between :;rtth .and
STth «t*.; until ft o'd«yk p. m. AdvertUements
received at th« following branch offices at r||
uiar offi'-p rates until ft o'clock p. in., vit.: - .'(U
*th uvP., » c. cdi*. Csfl «i. : IN flth aye., cor.
12th et.; 104 Kasi Uth St.; 991 tVest i.d «t..
M>tw*<»rt "ttl «nd Sth ayes.; Ma %'.■•-■ 123 th *t,;
U«."i.% 3d aV# . l«2« 3* ay*., n*_r «t»» *r.: 170S
Ist fcV#.« near S9th •' . 157 K-»t i<;.'h *ti; 756
Tremont ay*.: «5O V «v*., an« any Am«rjean
triei TeMfrlfl offlce.
IKronprinzessin C-cilie 1
I Kronprinzfssin Cecilia |
I Sails .lime 21 for ;
i.oM>oN y. il TUESDAYS
(SS_» Nprtn mm
I Express ___— _i t
Kaiser Wllheltn isj _B_s_ .i H 5 •
Kronprinzessin <».-Hle ,hinr -I \
Kronprina WilHelm June 23 I
ITnlirif Wilhelm II ...Jury S I
™-German T S s
BREMEN lIVI 111 Oil f 0 A. M.
ITwln-Screw Sailings- •
Rr«m<-n '..■..."..-.. June Ii *
•M.'iin J_n<. 23 if
Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm.. June TO »
Barbarossa July 7 I
'■^. ! vi, •Bremen direct.
GIBRALTAR ■ | ■ v lTliaiU'/fs
NAPLF9 1 lAlffi ii * lUrtU * fb
OK.NOA Liyjil (I IM.
Kocnis Albert June. M
Mse_s_ .June 9
Prinz^ss Irene J_ly._;
Koenigln I_uis<^ July U
tDoes not cal! at Genoa.
Wire'«ss an-i .-": ':..i:::i» Signal-.
jalsysjiiliiul Ro-,:rl the World Tours
Travelers' Checks, coo'i all over
the World.
OEI.RICITS _ <>.. Gen. A_ts.
5 Broadway, _»e-r York
ifi.s<lo TONS. 1
s»peri_t Saffinjr •!
6 Days to London *«
W Parly, 7 Pays to .^H
Pk. Hamburg, _i__B
■fen ___*^X£3
_D ¥ 1 4__t 1 C__M! __. _ H.'"* • ■
All .Modern &i_fe.y Devices (TTirelcss _c.)
tU_e_EHled Rlta-Carlton a \-t Carte Eeataurant,
-r>!HHsiiir.i. Klec. Baths. Kl»vator. ! _lm <Jar.iT.
IFnm'vania.. Jane 15 t V MißluecheT June _3
•Cleveland June lSjt>e.itschl3nd. ..July "
Crar Walderse« June «r*res. Uncoln. Inly 6
tKafe'n Aug. Vie... 251 •Amerlka July 0
§Ha;iib«r_ direct. *N---
I mm A n %#Vt.\ •.IBR.W.TAR,
■ sT_. I * XAPT.ES
I _^L mm I A>D <;e>oa.
S. S. BATAVIA June 14, 2 V. M.
■«•. 8. ir.\«BI»?(; '»ne 21
s. *. MOI-.TKE JuJ y ■
<QH firiliQPQ Orient, West
lull Ul UIOuO Indies, South America
TouriFt Dept. f«>r Trips Everywhere.
namT>i>rg-Amcriran f.tne. 45 Broadway. X. T.
Piers 34 and 56. North Rtv»r. foot of 14th St.
OFFICES, 21-24 State St.. opposite th» Battery.
Lusitania— Mauretania
Largest. Fastsst, Finest Steamers Afloat.
New Ycrk to London Direct
The most <._pe_iUo__ r-:-tjt«. Quic_est aUo to
.Leave New Torfc Wednesdays. 9 A. 11.
Wlrel«ss Telegrapb. Submarine Signals.
•Campania. 15.9 a:r> I Lupitania Jtm _ 29
Mauretania Juna _2'Canspan__ Jul^ •
•Carm-mia.June SS_ 10aml*Caro_i_.Ju!y 9. V> am
*WHI <-a!I a Quesnstown and Fish_-_r_.
|Ultor.ia..Jnno 16. noonj Pannonla July 19
tCarpatbia.July 7, boob! SUltonla Aus__t 4
f Calls at Genoa. SCarriea 2d and Sd class only.
Travellers' checks — good erarjrwhers.
Particulars of Services. Rates. Sailings and other
...formation will frg sapolled on application.
Call at any one of COOK'S four K«W
Tork offices for your Travel Tickets In
with or without Hotel Accommoda
tion. Traveller's Cheques. Foreign
Money, Guide Books, Ba_-ga?e or Ac
cident Insurance, etc.
Befeet TOURS TO EUROPE, trim p»r-
Bona! escort, i»»vp wOlil
Official Agents for the Passion Play ■>*
Ober Ammer?T»n.
24". Broadway (cot. Mnrrav St.>: 264 Fifth
Aye. (cor. 2»tb 8l.>: t««3 Fifth Aw. ."Windsor
Arcade);- &i» -Ma-leoa-. -Ave, -(for. 60th St.),
New York, and 149 Offices Abroad.
rook*!i Traveller's Clieatxes- \r« r.noH All
J Over the World.
AMERICAN LINE Tt a io!o£ l £ _tS
N. — Plymonth — Cherbonrjr — Sotitbampt.-n.
New York June IS j Philadelphia I'll-; 2
St. Paul June _s|S*. Loai3 luly 0
RED STAR LINE g°i \n^.
Lapland (new).. js| Finland: .---..;- July 2
Kroonland June 251 Vad<?r!a_d. July »
>'. >.. Queenstown. Holyhead. Urerpoc?.
Celtic June, IS 9 amlArabic „ July 2
Cedrlc. . Inn^l 25. noon | Baltic July <>
S. ¥.—. — Plymouth Southampt*-?.
Oceanic. .June 15. noon | Adriatic. •» Jane S9
MajestJc.June22.B:3o am| Teutonic. . July 6
Alsjp >'«•»• . York and Boston — Mediterranean.
Our TraveSers* Checfes Good Kverywhere.
Offices g B'way & PM» C_. N. R. <23d St.). N. T.
' ffm »y "•>'fif '■ -• '■ '■ :M: M -~M" 'M* L I'y W ' m*- II
'•: 'Bt ' hT^ ~ AJk - ?*.i?u ' |r| : flft '■■69' fitt'- fi
D» If Eo^^H^^tokJ.- y n J ■ I]
i'ne Most
Charming Short Sea
Trip oa the Atlantic Coast. >^
Failings Tu»s<la . Thursday afld Saturday.
5 P. M.. from Pier 20. East River. N. T.
For full information and booklet apply to
M AIM-'. S. J». CO., -90 B'way, V T.
Shortest. Smoothest. Most Picturesqus.
TUNISIAN June IT, Julj- 1.". Au;. 12
VICTORIAN June 24. July 22, Avg. 19
CORSICAK July 1. July 29. Augr. 2R
VIRGINIA* fuly 8. Aug. 5. S«-pt. 2
Saloon I'Wa.it. $77.50, SST.&9 upwards.
Second CabiiJ. $47.50. $50.00 upwards.
THOS. COOK & SON, 245. lliOO Hway. If. T.
EDWIN H. LOWS Asency. 3123 B'way, N\ T.
Or H. & A. ALLAN. Montreal.
TfIAATAII Direct from City to
IBOSTON •:;3^rr:'
0 UUU I Ull Metropolitan Lin?.
if Yale & Harvard
A most fascinating Rout<». Kivor, Harbor, Sound
»ni Ocean. Fares th* sam* «s I/>ns Island
Sound Lines. W«* "lays and tSundaj-s. I^av«
Nf.w York. Pier 14. N. R . 0 V M. fcame dally
schedule from lii-lla Wharf. Boston. Uue to ar
rive Httier city I o'clock next mornlne.
RED "AH LinC r- 1 ! Wall St. ferry.
ntll U LlliC Rrijo!t!vn. at nuon.
"or S»n Juan. P. R-i 1^ fiuayra Pt,,. 'Jixbello.
1 ra-ao an<l Maraeaibo. via Caracas.
rARACAt Junp t»!PIIIL.\t-ri/'inA.Ju!y 3
i:-,, r tj. iluayra, CafMM ami Alaracalbo.
iIARAOUUO..Jun« 2T.IZCMA.... Jnly 9
«^iiD<-r!or Aceommoilatlons for .■ars>c.iKers
<>neral Maß— W». HJ \\ a :: St.
F'ness'a June IS, 3 pm|Caleaonia..July 2. - . -.-.
rolumbla.Juno 25. '■• ami '.•alifornia..Ju!y 'J. 10 am
VIUST CABIN. *07-5W anU 5"\:.3.t.
SECOND CABIN. *4.1 *ml $47.D0.
Till Kit CLASS. S-?».1.j unU SSO. %
HEN ERSO N BROTHERS. 17-t» • '-•-/_
■■ " "~T~m * '•'--- "B-TTlrt
■^^TT77. ■ I Steamer? leave Pier 43. N. R.. ft.
niTSKILLI Christopher St.. Week nays J,
""' . ,1 «P. M.; XV. 120 th St.. 7P. M.
CVKNINt- JcatskilJ— Hudsan— Coxsackie
LINE ' I and Intermetlidie Landing*
„ j ■■ cents In stamps for Summer Booklet
° nesorta In and near the Catskill Mountains.
onl ' -Phon* I>'V< Spring.
"ifninitnrent S. S. "Arabir" B ni ABIfIC
leav"» Feb. 4; rates $400 up. MJ ULAnK S
incluilins »h«re excursions; In nRIPUT
71 enchanting days. Stop- ■) UHlCill
over privileges. Program Hj CRUISE
I»{'\NK « (1 \KK. 1 iiiTP<« P.ltls.. Nevr York.
,-, , l««8t leadership and many special features:
nttractive ltinerarie* at fr>ciu-r:i i!>-p*rUires
J rt , £273 to $$20: all expenses, includine Pa«
rlon T>iavlj\C. ('LAKK.TImei Bldg.. New York.
— "red bank line.
T rm.\rr Franklin >*t Pi-r 24. North niv«r.
.',.,, ; A. M. -'30 r M Sun. S:3O A. M.
BiitterV fI:SS "A. M.. -• '•"• r M-. Sun. *:'A
am for Highland*. Red B*nK ttc. Ex.',
Toe." frolic; '" '■'• I Branch and ASbury Parte.
" * ""south*! n P4l ifi«- •s«»«jr,!«Ulp».
366.^15? d»r 1 BfgiH^fcy. Nfy Toik.,
*^ — rot meb" TOUBP--.41.1. RESORTS.
I_V\>-?»t ftat#* •:■! tor Booklet.
' MAR3TSR3 TOUBE. I] W*m 30th St.. X T.
DUO i ysi BEW EjiguiO
FALL Iti VER LINK. ru Newport and FaTl
Rlv.-r. l.v. Pi«»r 19, _V. I_. ft. Warren J?t.. -»^^f
days and Sundays. .":3O P. if. £*". COMMOS
WEALTK and PiU-Ct— _A. ©*•<•*•>•' • o_ ''•'■
PROVIDENCE- LINE. Thy Providence. Lea^*
Pier is. North River, foot Murray St., ■»-•«'<
days only. 6-0«> p. _i. Steamer* PUOVIDENCS
and PLYiIOL'TIT. Orchestra on each.
NORWICH link. Via. it*— ln-i »• Lv. Fi-T
40. N. R.. ft. Clarlcson St.. we«k days, 5:0«>
P. _.: Pirr 70. E. H.. ft. E. 23* »____? P. M.
CHJ I'iN. .
NEW BEDFORD LINE, for New Bcdfonl.
Wood's Hole, Martha's Vla«^*f* S__taelM«.
Mnitapois.-tt. Marion and Cap# Cod pOtalft
Lc-t* Pier 40, North Kivqr. ' ■■■ o£ n_r*stf.i
Street, week days only, at 6:0O P. 11. St!__n_n_
NEW HAVEN T.r.VF! for >>•■-<■ llar«_t. H*-
forii. SprinarfleW and North. l>_v« PI— • 2*.
E. It.. w*ek days. _:45 P. JI.: Sunday*. 9 in
A. M. Foot Eaat 22nd St. we«tc l»r» S:«V>
P 31.; Sunday?. 10:00 A. _L Sir. RICHABD
Tickets, staterooms and lnfarrnatir-i «t City
Tlckrt OJ7.ce. 17T Broadtr av. n«ar ''Ttl-lHtt
Sr. Telephone i»121 Corflandt. *!•> a* N. T.
Transfer and T«urt3t Qfflcfg and at Pii»r»
,■-.- • *-•■ Brooklyn. Falton St. .h? _ -->••♦
8: T>esta-oss«- St.. «:40: W. _S_ St. 9; W.
120 th St.. 9:20 A. M. Landlnc at T_g»sn_
W#«t Pofnt. Newburgh. Poti__ke«s»ie_ Ktnr
(•ton Point. Cataklll. Undson. ___ Alba.-ry.
Ea«y conn»ctlonji North. East, =>n<t Woat. Alt
♦hrousrh rail tlc_»t» between N. T. a_t Al
bany accented. Most |MM on«-day #_t
tnfrs to West Point. N_wbura.h, or Panclt
ke«>p_iie. returnlns; on down boat, dr_s 42d 9t.
_:3O p JI. 't. ,■» _wrr<»d •- all hoar* Musi=.
Leavln,.- Dus-ius— St. at 1:46 11 W. 41 _
St.. j P. if.. W. l_3tl> St.. _r2O P. IT. dally,
except Sunday, for -:ar.d _"S«U». r— * Paint
(returnlnx by boat or rail>, Corn-wall. .'■"-»
bursrh. New Hamburg, lllltoa, Poksepsl*.
Rondont and Klnaraton. — _*rs_ __^
i ■ __L4___£_i_L-__&__*-_-£_3^J
Modem — >af> — Keliabl^
ST'R -ADIRONDACK (eireTi «i_le« J__S'.
ST'R C. W. _O!t8» ( _lter_atlaif> — P>»r 32.
X. R.. foot Canal St.. 8 P. _t. W. I_M_ St..
6:30 p. m. dally <3_n_*r rnahided^. Ftotj*
Albany daily (Suaday la«lu(_e_). 8 P. M.
New Strs. TROJAN or RENS2___VE_{-. jj*«_"
4«. N. R.. fr. West l't'h St.. 8 P. M. daily <__tt
nrdays excepted). From Troy dAiIT <Satnr_a__r«
exempted), 7:30 P. _I. Sunday «te__ier tcu C
at Albany
Excellent <-uls!n<» and serrlca. Dtrwrt r_ll
connection at Albany and Troy for p-otaur
North. East and 'W'tet: h -i »■;■ and. asx__r_K__{l<s_
can 'at r»a_t«n:tM<* r_te_
and P_a_>n_erß Steamer, from yraj-Itn «t. <t»lly..
For Both — City.
H.i-:--. Branch. 343 Lenox A"c.. near l_TTt__ __
Brooklyn Branch. 218-229 Livingston. St.
m»rwao -iii.i _orei«:_ Teactusrs' A_ei
Eupplies Profe«aor3. Teach^rw. Tutor*. _»-»
*r_esae_. etc. to Coli^g-?, Schools _s<_ 7a ____!_ - 1 •
Apply u» Mrs. _. J. _OU_NTa-Fr_TOX.
23 Vnioa -aoar— .
Ofcl«»f. La— Host 3lo_er_.
Tel. 463_— 4«93— Bry__t. EstaMl-bsd 1337.
Fin? Rugs Wovsn from 0!d Carpets,
Prices Reasonable. _«nd £dr Clrc _V_r.
437 and 439 W, 45th St.
\t'. H. JORDAN- gPW*- T -7VTr.
Carpet Ry| Glsanstiig
_r:e |5 £J Dn__t»_M Oa Telaphono
Cs h* Brown ho» $ 1331 _urr, r m:t
_o__3llF 37ti_t »t. .IS4I!_
by comi»rease_ a_r. rteam. _a__ or on Soot
1554 Broadway. 421 East 4St_. «_ CO- *
BP.AXDT. Te'.. 132 — SStt.
i— m ii Hi if Portland Lad*— Co., I3OOr___»
iff_S^»£-»_-« St.. Newark. N. J. WESTEIUr
laader3 deliv»r»d at 20c. per ft. ToL S^4 S. E.
FOR SALE-^Nemr tenoning and nsortfelnj out
fit. Does coping. L*s» th»» half ■rMssjrr
co«. Greatest cajweitr and «Sci«afT- - ■
demonstrated. Ale<;_aais_J Ea_tws9rl_ CO.. 131
Read° st. ■ _^^_^^^^_^^^
Br\»>T^lF;R CO.\IPJ.A_NTS and kindred dl»
ea*«>3- relief at one- in d.*c?«»TOu_ cases, rfcent .
or el'i: tho*e de«lrlus oV.v fir=:t .lasa seMsttfl*
treatment JfconM cail. Dr. BOIIsCHUR, ft; ws^l
known specialist. 5,9 West 3S'.h st. Hour*, &-3. T-ft.
r L 057 BANKBOOKS. "^
BANKBOOK \o. 542.217 >f ths Union T*Tnm9*r
ings Bank Is mis3ins. Any person fcsrtrs %
c!?tlm to it i 3 her»rrr calTe-1 upon / ! > w-«t «•■
sam*> within t»n day?, or sn.mlt to havln? ■"■ f
passbook cancelled and nftw on* MaMSq. j
BANKBOOK No- 50&9SS of th# Union Dlta» .
'«avinrs Bark is ml— ing Any person ha*-.
ing a ctaim t" it i 9 hereby caCed nycm t»|
present the M-jn- within ten day«. or n j>—tt j
to having sai<l passbook cancelled, an«l » n»w i
089 tswned. _' , - 1
BANKBOOK No. 5J7.431 of tfc« tTnlon Dln>»gyr
in«C3 Bank I* mt*siji«. Any person bavins*;
claim to It Is hereby called upon iv present tB»
sanvs within ten ila>!«. or submit tf» na»ln» saw
passbook cancelled and ne^v on* usasd.
"BANKBOOK No. of th« rnio» Wt»fc»
ings Bank Js misalng. Any peraon hzrisg »
claim to It i,« herety called up"n to vv 111 1 jissil th»
Fame within t*-n days, or submit to havtas said
_>_L__ j?__ ll> '_ d and t_yff one tmmma. . .
LOST— Bankbook No. 400.3«> of DryDoclt Sav
ings Institution. Any person harlns: «Ui»<
npon said bock Is called opon to present tfc*
same «• the bank within thirty days, or tb«
said book will be declare* cancelled msA extm
guished. an! a new one issued In Uea ther?o>.
IjOST _B_nkbook No- 80R.236, 2 8nk fo J S*l^?_T*S * I^?_T*
2SO 4th aye, RM York. Payment stopped.
riease retorn book to bank. _
LOST OR PTOLEN— Bankbook NO. 5;/^*s_
nt the (icrman Savings Bank, In the < ftv f>f
Jfew York. corr.?r 4th ay» and 14th St.. ta
sued to N Chn«tlan Koehl. Alt p-rs<MW ar*
cautioned a«ainst iattns; th« sam*. lj
not returned to the bank on the s*h a*/ °-
July. I:U'i. a duplicate will b« Issued. *
Puccursa Tavollno Plralno and Ant«ehsa.
Tavoiino. Tier moth-r. Plsintiffs. astilan
Mariano Plralno. Defendant. — Summorn — >
Action to Annul a Marriage— To th*»J>«y»
named defendant: You are h-reby (nOMMIM
to answer the complaint in thtu action, »-■*-••
serve- a copy of your answer on th^ plaintiff**
attorney within twenty days after th* S«r ■
ries of thi" summons. #xc:-? of tft* OX7
of service, and tn c»s*> of your f-«Mur«» t» ap
pear or answer. }tu!s;m«nT ivtll b«» tak93
against yoii by default f^»r th« r«ll»C d»
manded in the complaint. • -
Dated. New Tork. April lOtft. 1310.
Attorney for •'lalntMßs.
Ofllc« «nd po»tAfflr» Address. 230 Grand!
Street. Borough of Manhattan. N"w T«rlc
To Mariano Plrain<\ Defendant: Th- f^r«-
Koine summons is jwrveii np->a you by publi
cation, pursuant to an order of lion. J*m*9 A.
Btanebard, a lu»ti< of th« K>irr^Tn-> Coart oj
the State, of N»w Tork. dat»d the _«th day of
April 1910. and nied with lbs complaint ln tim
OClce of the Ol*rfc of th* Coanty of N»w Tork.
at the «'.»unty Court Hona*. tn the City,
rounty and State of New Tork. on th* sta
day of May. 1910. .
Dated. »w York. May Jtli. Hl».
Attornry for Plain*: ■■* ■
Officv and Postoff»c« Adilresw. 230 orand
Street. Borough of Manhattan. Ncr» Torl» '
Abner C nksssßj i» Surmg»to of t_e Count/
of New York, notice Is hereby Klvea to all per
sons having i-lr.tms a_ainst Mary A. AliSjr*.
late of the county of Ne-sr York, deceased, t»
present the same with vouchers thereof to th«
Hubicrlbe.-a at their ulace oi transsjcttaj bu*i
n««s, the offlce of James D«mar«st. No. 1»
Nassau Street. In The City of New Tork. on er
b«(ore the first day of Septemt-er next.
DateU New York, the eleventh, day •' February.
■.> .... am . ■'. '.-:•:->-
Xx ecu tors.
JAMES T>E-MAREErr. Attorney for F.liiMll*.
Ito N^asssiu gt.. New York City.
for Tha Tribune r*cei««d at their Uptown
Of3ee. No. litl Broadway, between 38tJi Mi
S7th »<».. unrtl 9 o'clock p. m. AdvertUeraents
received at the follow iag brasjeto »OMI M fl««.
utar office rates until S o'clock »■ m.. ■zix.i Mft
Sth _v«.. s. c. cor. CSd St.. 15S «th »ye . cor.
Hl|g .'*.-".»■ -i: W«»t O<s •♦ .
b<»tw«en 7th i:il Bth ay**.; _&5 XTest 125t_ «t.:
1035 Sd *ye.; H2S 3d are., _•»» «1»- »t". Ml
Ist aye.. near g&th at . 157 Ear |M| »t.; 75.
-. -n-r ay*. : -■■' 31 aye.. __,_ i:. .vaar*ci»
cutnet Tsi»tr»ph ora:«.


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