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Of Interest to tOamen
The Loveliest Things Arc Re
served for This Season.
Each extreme or temperature brines in
Its ovra peculiar style of beautifi!-' attire.
■Without the Icy -winds of winter there
•wo-j)6 be no sumptuous v.-raps of fur. and
•without the heat of summer all the lovely
things now prcvide-J to make- their -wear
€r6 took «JJd feel cool would be unknown
a consideration that should reconcile hu
manity in this part of the world to any
i^-omfortable seasattoaa they may have
«-xr>erter:r«i during the last few days.
Pa?t blue, a tint that is always sug
jrestive cf coolness, is seen in many of the
articles of dress that are conspicuously
placed in the shops just now. There are
hats of palest blue cfii-Ton trimmed with
small ropes and leaves in soft natural
tints that give a touch of brightness with
out which the whole effect might be cold
and lifeless. The plain silk parasols in
the same shaOe of blue are just the thing
to produce the calmn-ss of soul one must
h2ve in order to enjoy warm weather. A
rcarf that would look ■ ntin*ly cool
and at the Fame time give effective pro
tection should the temperature suddenly
fall a degree or two was of white crepe
de chine with a satin border !n china blue
arrd an aP.over embroidered design in the
Fame color.
Kats of Enalish embroidery, too, have
an enticingly airy appearance, for it is so
«a.^y to imagine the gentle zephyr? of a
F-ummer afternoon chasing each other In
ar.d out among the large eyelet holes.
"SVreaths of rlowers that bring to the mind
thoughts of June gardens are the most
appropriate decorations for these lovely
head coverings.
Among The gloves of thin white silk In
■which oik's hands are almost cooler thai
If uncovered, two charming models, one
Fhort and one long, were noticed. The long
or.es had plain stitching on the back, but
or. the wrists, all the way to the tops.
•were tucks about an eighth of an inch in
width. The tucks were some distance
apart and between theni were little run
ning designs of flowers and leaves em
broidered in white. This style of decoration
would be admirably suited to the arm
that has the misfortune to be too long
and thin. The wrists of the short gloves
had worked scallops at the top and were
■ttherwifs© rather heavily 'embroidered-
The Equality L^acue of Self-Supporting 1
V.'crnen wHI pay the R*v. Dr. Charles H.
Parkhurst the compliment of holding a
ruSr.?ge meeting in front of his church in
Vadison Square to-morrow at noon.
Seen in the Shops
BrlgM red military cape? with s^k Uned
horsi and trass buttor.s for little four-year
olds cost $4 55 a-rd ar^ popular for the
««as.?:orti &ijd mountain wear.
A jr: • ■ •
. .■ " ' •
A?, cray hair 1? laahtosa'Ke just r.oTr,
wr.e, f.crnen are usinp a wonderful "silver
Jii- Si a bottle to p"^"^* lhe desired
■ '
, ■ ■ and one f<~<-
A < -• wet basket -.vith covers and a
Unirijr of pa'« 5D' .- Dk holds cix packages
oontaitiin? toys lor a child, one for each
<say of \oyag;; it costs $4 24. A basket
•without covers, ■contair.irg more expensive
S'.n&. l& pink Uaed. and costs J<94.
A very clean and pood siz^d pic with a
ribbon around his neck may be wound up
for <juite a walk a^ong- the floor, and costs
%* • -
Toy Ora&n villages, with houses, ani
mals Jtn-3 pecpi-. are intervstlsff toys and
*&U Sot p. 73 a. boa.
A Luxurious Outfit for the Soli
tary Dejeuner.
No pantry may be considered completely
stocked nowadays unless It contains an in
dividual breakfast set designed to be used
on an invalid's tray or for any one of that
growing contingent which finds it good for
soul and body to be erin the day in the peace
and solitude of the bedroom rather than
at tho family breakfast table. The set in
cludes three piatea of the dessert size, a
berry dish, a porridge bowl, a. coffee cup.
teacup and erg- cup. a butter plate, a cream
pitcher, sugar bowl and teapot, a covered
dish pet in a nickel plate designed to con
tain hot water, a. combination coffee pot,
salt and pepper cellars and a toast rack.
The covered dieh may be used for
poached eerg=, fish balls, hash or anything
which is to be eaten hot. Muffins or grid
dle cakes may be kept at the proper tem
perature by means of this device for half
an hour or more.
The combination coffee pot is a r.eat little
contrivance imported from Germany. It
is made of nickel in three separate stories.
The lowest takes up three-quarters of the
height and contains the coffee, the middle
one has a separate crook handle and holds
enough cream for two cup?, and in the top
one are three lumps of sugar. From the
same country comes a little alcohol stove
for reheating a breakfast. It has a nickel
frame, with glass sides and a glass door,
and stand? about three inches high, and is
large and powerful enough to reheat a
family supply of coffee in a very few
All this luxury, with the necessary ac
companiments in the way of napery and
silverware, may be put on one of the new
glass trays, set in light wooden or -wicker
frame and provided with strong handles
at either end. And the thoughtful waitress
may add, if she likes, a small glass vase
containing a pretty fresh flower or two to
gladden the "breakfaster's" heart without
adding perceptibly to her own burden. The
blossoms will do even more good on the
breakfast tray than on the breakfast table,
for the person who does not feel able to
rise for breakfast needs the solace that
thes* bring more than do healthy and hca
gry sons.
A young woman who takes care of her
mother, a nervous invalid, lias invented all
sorts of little ways for protecting the suf
ferer from the noises that Jar on jangled
nerves. Except on the hottest vs. a grate
fire is kept ?oins in the sickroom, and how
to replenish it without making a racket was
a problem. At last the young woman hit
RouikS oilcloth mats for kitchen tables or
j>orch tables are from 10 to M cents each,
according to fize.
Five graceful candlesticks of silver at
tached to a glass mirror plateau reflector,
silver bound. co?t $10 95.
An interesting punch bowl combination is
a ten-inch cut glass bowl that sits on a
standard. Vv'y:en the bowl is removed the
standard Is turned upright and becomes a
seven-inch comport dish. The cost Is $14 75.
A cut g!a?."« •wjne •Sir with two handles
ar.d an Inset of white metal costs $18 95. It
is elaborately cut and i? quite deep.
A combination cracker and cheese dish,
cut in the new daisy pattern, costs $8 95.
A silver fsla?n"»>« cover for a seltzer bottle
opens ivith a spring to admit the bottle,
and costs $42 ~Z.
A Eilver sardine box Just the size of the
tin box. with tongs or fork to remove the
sardines, costs 57 7Z.
A silver dish designed for cream ili'l'"i
with a wide knife at the side, costs $& To
md Is very pretty for the purpose.
Ramekins of porcelain, with silver Insets
and han<ik-£. arts $32 a dozen-
on the idfa of making: a mitten of thick,
dark cloth. She bound the mitten with
braid, attaching- a loop by which to hang
Jt up near the fireplace. With this drawn
over her rieht hand she dispenses with the
nclsy shovel, picking the coals up with her
A well known actress gave her laundress
a couple of tickets not. long a^o for the
play in which she was appearing. The next
time she sa-w her she asked her, "Well.
Hannah, how did you like it?"
"Well, miss," said Hannah, in a sepul
chral tone, "I enjoyed it, but when I saw
you on the stage lookin' so pretty an' good,
I say? To myself, 'Weil, my husband was
right xvhen he says to me. pays he. "Han
nah, the stage is deceivinY "
It Is bad enough in ordinary conversa
tion to have one's tongue play one a tr'ck
and transpose what one intfnds to say
into something ridiculous, but when this
happens on the stage it's a few degrees
worse. Mr?. Lang-try raised a laugh she
didn't want to by a mistake of this kind
oooa. What =he . meant to say was. "Oh,
cpp this oosey nook. Reggie." What she
did say was. "Oh. see this nosey cook!"
Astute women have been heard to say
that widowers make the best husbands.
They are like horses already broken ; they
are submissive to the bit and bridle. Some
young New York spinsters are so con
vinced of the truth of this, that they are
T t V nr*.fci tn have formed a club with th*
motto. "Widowers or nothing." That is to
say. they will go husbandless through life
rather than marry nien who have not been
married before. All sorts of penalties are
provided— fines for a member if she flirts
with a mere bachelor, expulsion if she mar
riee one. The club numbers thirty-four, so
thirty-four widowers are doomed, unless —
can it be that these spinsters, knowing
mans penchant for that which seems un
attainable, have formed this club to lure
desirable bachelors on?
Rompers made with sleeves in one with
the body portion are the latest and the
newest. The model illustrated is both prac
tical and attractive in effect. The back
portions of the drawers are attached to
the belt and consequently are easily but
toned in place. The little garment can be
worn over a frook or In place of one, as
likwl. All the simple washable materials
are appropriate, gingham, chambray, linen.
percale, galatea and the like. The garment
illustrated is made of blue chambray,
trimmed with the same material in blue
and white plaid. At the front the body
and leg portions are in one, but at the back
they are separate.
The quantity of material required for the
medium size (f^ur years) is three and five
eisrhth yards 24 or 27 inches wide, three
and one-fourth yard? ?2 inches wide or one
and Beven-elghth yards 44 Inches wide, with
one-half \*ard 27 Inches wide for trimming.
The pattern, Xo. 6.690. is cut in sizes for
children of two, four and six years, and
will b*» mailed to any address on receipt
of 10 cents.
Please give pattern number and age dis
tinctly. Address Pattern Department, New-
York Tribune. If in a hurry for pattern
send an extra 2-cent staxnn and we will
send by le'-^r postage in sealed envelope
Continued from ninth r=?e.
5* lots at OrtewoM estate; p m; June 21: 3 yrs;
James X Miller to Frank Weiter.kampf ; $1,000;
attorney, Momay Williams, 25 Liberty at.
FIELDSTON RD, w s, lots 5 and 6. map Of
6S lots at Grlswold estate; p m; June 21; 3 yrs;
Johanna C Meyer to Mary A w Heaton, mdlv
and as extrx; $1,100; adSress. 25 West 36th 61.
FIELDSTON RD. w s. lot 1 to 4, map of 6S
lets of Griswold estate; p m; June 21; 3 yr? ;
Peter B Sharp to Mary- A W Heaton. Indlv and
as extrx; $3.GsO; address, 25 West 3tith st.
FIELDSTON RD w s, lot 11 to 14, map of 6%
lots of Griswold estate; p m; June 21. 3 yrs.;
Mar; Peters to Mary A W Heaton, Indlv and as
extrx; $2.4"0 ; address. 25 West 36th st.
FIELDSTON RD. n v cor of Grlswold pi, lot
17 to 20, map of GriswoM estate; r> i": ,""i- 21:
8 yrs; John T Paine to Mary A W Heaton;
$2,462. address. 'S> West SGtli St.
FIELDSTON RD, w c . lots 9 and 10, map of
Griswold estate; p m: June 21'; 3 yrs; John P
Qulnn to Mary A W Ileaton, Indiv and as extrx;
$1,050; address. 25 West S6th st.
FIELDSTON RD. n w cor of Heaton pi, lot
4R, same map: p m; June 21. 3 yrs, same to
same; $065: address. 25 West 36th St.
GRJSWOLD PL. s w cor of Fleldston rd. lot
37 to 43. map of Griswold estate; p m, June 21;
3 yrs; Alexander Thorn to Mary A W Heaton,
Indlv and as extrx; $14,350; address. 25 West
86th st.
GRISWOLD PL, B s. lota 35 and 36. map of
f.S lots of Griswold estate; p m: June 21: 3 yrs;
Frances R Hackett to Mary A W Heiton, Indlv
and as extrx; $1,050; address, 23 West 3bth et.
GRISWOLD PL, p. c. let 21 to 23. map of
Griswcld estate: p m; June 21; 3 yrs: John T
Paine to Mary A W Heaton; $1,312; address. 25
West 3Cth Et. '
HEATON' Pl>, s w cor of Fle!<?«ton rd. lot 55.
map of Grlswcld estate; p m: June 21; 3 vrs;
George Ja*diKer and ano to Mary A W Heaton.
mdlv and as extrx; $060; address, 25 West
S6th st.
JACKSON WE. n w cor ICOth st, 2T>x7s (prior
mtg $20.0001 ; Jun<^ 21; due as per bond; Re
becca Bferstine to Estates Settlement Co; $5,750.
address, 'J>*> Broadway.
KINGSBRIDGE TERRACE, w b. 272.1 ft n of
Kinesbrlds-- rd, 25xG7.5; June- 22; 3 yre. 5^4 per
tent; Patrick Davis to Bernard Loth. $5 000, ad
dress. 62 William st.
LONGWOOD AYE. c s. 29S 4 ft « of Prospect
aye 37.»ix110; June 22; 3 yrs. 6 r*r cent; August
L Knolpke to George Schenck; $2,000; attorney,
William F dare, IDS Broadway.
LOT 2T.2 to 25-0. map St Joseph's Orphan
Asylum; p m June 22; 2*yrs. 6 per cent; Joseph
C Watson to' Rose H Cahlll; $3,000, attorney,
William C Orr. 61 Chambers st.
PARCEL of salt meadows, adj land Samuel
Valentine an.] land Andrew George and fronting
0-1 cre«k west of Goose Island, East Chester.
June 22; 3 jrrsi John H Campbell to Mary Esch;
$5,000; •ttorneys, 6<yfarth, Gunkel & P-f-yiaj-th.
L-"»- Broadway.
BOBBINS AYE. r.12, 25x300; June 21; 8 yrs;
William Drahovzal to German Savings Bank;
$J0.(»)rt; addrass. 100 Baal 14th st.
ST LAWRENCE AVK. c B. 230 ft • of West
Farms id. 2ixl00; Jun« 22; 3 yra: William G
Schlosser to Herman F Epple; $2,500. address,
2M6 Grand Et.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, n w cor 173 d st.
25x200 to •> v,- Minford pi; Southern Boulevard. I
<- cor 178 ii st. 77.Px2045 to • s Mlnford pi x
!20.3x20>) : Klnford pi, * s. at m Boston rd.
: 2.7x81x170.4* Irieg. June 20; due as per bond;
Annie R Sprate-ley to Montgomery 8 Sandford ct
al. €xtb: $46.in«). attorney, l^awvers Title Insur
ance and Trust Co, I<V"> Broadway.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, « *, 25 ft n of
173 d st, 277 :,r. Irrec; June 21: due as per bond;
t-arr.c to Bobart 8 Clark; 40»,<jOO; addr«i3, I w«jt
Metropolitan Life insurance Company Loans $1,900,000 for
Office and Apartment Buildings.
The Hudson Realty Company has bought
from Mary P Satterlee No. 108 Fifth ave
nue, on the southwest side of 16th street,
on a plot 37x80 feet, adjoining its present
holding. No. 2 West 16th street. This pur
chase completes a plot of more than 7,000
square feet, and is the only unimproved
corner on the west Bide of Fifth avenue,
between this location and 23d Street.
Charles F. Xoyes & Co. are the brokers
in the transaction.
The Metropolitan LJte Insurance Com
pany has made two loans, one of Jl.2oft,CoO
on the property situated at the northwest
corner of Fifth avenue and 26th street, a
plot with a frontage of &>A feet on the
avenue by 127.6 feet on the street, where
a nineteen story modern fireproof office
building is to be erected by the Croisio
Realty Company; the other for $700, 'T00 on
the property situated at the southeast cor
ner of Riverside Drive and 100 th street,
being 101. 5 feet on the Drive by 150 feet on
the street, where the West Side Construc
tion Company is to build a twelve story
modern apartment house.
Julius Scott sold for the Mannados Realty
Company to James C Crawford the Hudson
apartment house. No. 122 to 128 Clermont
avenue, on a plot 100x100 feet. The house
faces Grant's Tomb. Mr. Crawford gives
in part payment Nos. 142 and 144 West USth
street, two four and a half story dwelling
houses, on a plot each 16x100 feet; also
Xo.s. 53 and 55 Elm avenue. Mount Vernon,
two dwelling houses facing the proposed
plaza for the new City Hall, on a plot 72.6
xIIS feet. The transaction involves about
A large mercantile building will soon be
erected on Fourth avenue by the Douglas
Robinson Charles S. Brown Company cov
ering the holdings of the De Forest estate
corporation at the southwest corner of
31st street.
These properties, including Xo. 456 to
460 Fourth avenue and No. 48 to 52 East
31st street, have been leased to the Quon
dam Realty Company, of which concern
Louis Steckler is president, for twenty-one
years at an aggregate rental of about $700,
000, with the usual renewal privileges. On
the plot the Quondam Realty Company will
erect a twelve story structure at an esti
mated cost of about $4r>0.000 from plans by
Architects Herts & Tallant.
The site has a frontage of 63 feet on
FGurth avenue and 115 feet in 31st street,
with an L. extending to the centre line of
the block. A loan for the new operation
has been procured, and the lessees will
get possession of the property on or before
August 1. The Corrigan-Gorman Construc
tion Company has the general contract for
the new buildine.
A lease waa made yesterday between the
Interstate Pneumatic Tube Company, of Xo.
210 Fifth avenue, and the Bush Terminal
Company which will bring the manufactur
ing and office plants of the former concern
to South Brooklyn. The lease is for 9.840
souare feet of floor space in Bush Build
ing Xo. 4. at the foot of 35th street. South
Brooklyn. The company will hereafter con
duct all its shipping operations over the
steamship and railroad lines terminating at
and n^-ar the government channel piers.
About one hundred workmen will be added
by this removal to the population of the
industrial colony which has grown up
around the Bush development.
Pc a «c & EHiman hav^ rented for Dr.
Rowland G. Freeman his country place,
known as Battle Hill Farm, at Claremont,
X. H.. to Miss Elizabeth L. Cook.
The Title Guarantee and Trust Compan.v
loaned yesterday on first mortgage to John
J. O'Reilly 150,000 on the six story store 3
and apartment house property at the north
east corner of 141?t street and Eighth ave
nue. The mortgage is for three years at 5
per cent.
At a special sale at the Real Estate sales
rooms. Nos. 14 and 16 Vesey street, to-day.
Joseph P. Day will auction off Xo. 139
Front street and Nos. 27 and 29 Depeyster
street. Xo. 405 West 56th street. No. 557
West 48th street and Xo. 2412 First avenue.
FIFTH AVENUE — The Hudson Realty Com
pany has purchased from Mary P. Satteriee
No. 10S Fifth avenue, southwest corner of 16th
street, on lot S7xSO feet, adjoining its present
holdings. No. 2 West 16th street. This pur
chase compietes a plot of over seven thousand
square feet, and it Is the only unimproved cor
ner on the west side of Fifth avenue, between
TELLER AYE. n c cor 365 th st. 50y.103; June
22; 5 yrs; Wenigrnan Construction Co to Flor
ence M Haskln et a!; $50,000; attorneys. Dutton
& Kilshimer, 203 Broadway.
WASHINGTON AYE. c s, 27«. Cft n of lS3d
Et. 50x90; June 21; cemand. V> per cent: Martin
Tolly Conrtruction Co to City Mortgage Co- $2S.-
CHX>; address. 15 Wail st.
WESTCHESTER AYE, s w cor Castle Hill
aye, 28-llxll7x Irreg; fouth Westchester Turn
pike, s s. at n w cor lot of Mrs Schafner, 50x
114 x Irrejr (prior mtgr $13,500) ; June 21; due
Sept 1, 1910. t'. per cent; Joseph Wagner to Peter
Imncan; $1,000; address, 720 East 221' d st.
154 TH ST. w s. 100 ft w of Elton aye, 23.7*
100; June 15: due as per bond; Edward and*
Lcrrtta Bransf.eid to Margaret S Tabor; $7,000; !
attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co, 176
171 ST ST. s «. 150 ft c of nth aye 25x93;
Davidson aye. n c cor Buchanan pi. 15x100-
March 6. 1909; due March 6, 1909. 6 per cent;
John C Koopman to William V Simpson; $2,500;
address. 41 Park Row.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
JUNE 22.
AMSTERDAM AYE. 22CC. 5 sty brk, 37.6x100;
April 15, 1907; Louis Rosenberg and Samuel
Young to Isaac and Henry Mayer; $5,000; ad
dress, 100 West 119 th st.
BOWERY, c t>. 111.1 ft n of Rlvlngton st.
35.11x24x lrreg; March 1". 1909; George G Segal
to Joseph AJeUo. $60,000; address. 206 East 9th
BOWERY, k, s, 111.1 ft n of Rlvington st,
35.11x24x Irreg. Sept 2, 1909; Sega! Realty Co to
Delia Q Levy, $50,000; attorney, Wilson M.
Powell. 29 Wall st.
LEXINGTON AYE. 1717. 4 sty brk. 16.5.TG5;
July 22. 1901; Annette Lehman to Delia Levy;
$•3,000; attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance and
Trust Co. 160 Broadway.
MADISON AYE. 1843, 3 sty brk. 17.7x83: Nov
27. 1S1»7; John D Mesmie and ano to Efllz M
Anderson; $8,000; address. 30 Broad «.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE. 154, 5 sty apt. 24x100;
Dec 21. 1904; James Noble and others to Morgan
G Barn well and others; $50,000; address. 74
WADS WORTH AYE. B e cor 174 th st. lOOx
100; Dec 28, 1003; James C McGuire to Helen B
Alexander and ano; $13,000, address. 71 Broad
WADSWORTH AVHX SS, 5 sty apt. 4Oxl00;
June 19, li*o7; 177 th Street Realty Co to James
O Clark and ano, $32,000; address, 37 Liberty st.
STH AYE, 171 to 175. 8 w cor 19th st. 5 sty
brk 69.9x104; Jan 15, 1596, Walter O Jones to
the Equitable Life Assurance Society. S130.00O;
address, 120 Broadway.
13TH ST, 333 East. 5 sty brk. 25.4x103.3; June
17 19*1," Julian G Buckley and ano to Ameri
can Mortgage Co; $26,000; address, 31 Nassau (".
"IST ST 55 East. 5 sty brk. 74.&x14.Cx Irreg,;
July 3. 1594; Virginia Louise Barlow to Peter
T Barlow and ano; $14,000. address. 65 East
21st st.
38TH ST. 102 West. 9 sty brk. 98 3x20; Cth
aye «M 5. i' 4 2xttO; May 29. IStOC; Eliza Slater to
the Manhattan Life Insurance Co. $t<O.<iuO; ad
drees, CO Broadway.
CSTH ST 134 West, 3 sty brk. 19.0x100.5;
June 14 1907; J Ida L. Hurlbut to Levi L Felt
and anti of Hartford. Conn.; $14,000, attorney,
W W Westervelt. 150 Broadway.
60TII ST. 57 East: 4 sty brk. 100 5x20; Augr
22 1900; Jennie P Black and ano to Hy Bur
den trustee; 125,000; attorney, Eugene Smith.
40 Wall »t.
67TH ST. 'M to 02 Kast; nine 3. ,'. and 4 M.
brk 100.0x200: On IS. 1001: Hedwig Pln«i
to the Equitable Life- Assurance Society; *2>s,
lw; address, 120 Uroadway,
this location and 23d etreet. The Charles T.
Noyes Company is the broker in the transac
CLERMONT AVENUE— JuIius Scott sold for
the Mannados Realty Company to James C
Crawford the Hudson Grant View apartment
house. No. 122 to I 1I 1 8 Glermont avenue, on a
plot 100x100 feet. Mr Crawford Rives la part
payment Nob 142 and 144 West USth street,
two four and one-half story dwelling houses,
each of 16x100 feet: also No?. 53 and 55 Elm
avenue. Mount Vernon. 726x115 feet.
ESSEX STREET— D. &W. Mul'.lns have sold
for Francis O'Neill the five story tenement
house No 47 Essex street. 75 feet south of
Grand" street, on lot 2!>.3x57.6 feet.
MERCER STREET — E. H. Ludlow & Co.
sold for a client to Simon Meyers No. 81 Mer
cer street, a plot 24.3x100. with a frame build
ins? and stable.
TENTH AVENUE — Henry Brady has sold
for the estate of James Kent the four story
tenement house No 124 Tenth avenue, on lot
22 4xloo. The property has been owned by the
Kent family since 1>««« The buyer Is William
L. Fawcett; who owns No. 12S Tenth avenue
and No. 460 West l?th street, abutting.
SECOND AVENUE — John Peters has sold
for S. & M. Krotosky. Joseph Kantrowltz and
T. Flato to Christian Gommel No. 1006 Second
avenue, adjoining th* northeast corner of 53d
street, a five story tenement house, with store,
on lot 20x70 feet. ' V" P.
111 TH STREET — A. Phillips has sold for
Isaac Polsteln to Elias Zenft Nos. 106 and 110
East 111 th street, a six story new law house,
on plot 52.Ax300.il feet, adjoining the south
east corner of I-'nrk avenue.
76TH STREET — Austin Finpgan has sold
for Albert and Harold Korn Nos 184, 180, IRB
and 100 East 7Cth street, four five story
double apartment houses, on plot 100x100 fe»>t.
between Lexington and Third avenues, to th»
Brothers of the Blessed Sacrament. This
order owns property on th« opposite side of
the street. The site lust acquired adjoins a
large plot at the southeast corner of Lexing
ton avenue and 7Cth street, recentlj' secured
by the French Church of St. Jean Baptiste
as a site for a. new church.
ELEVENTH — Catherine M. . E.
and Di<»<lrich G. Hlldebrand. as executors of
the estate of John H. G. Hildebrand. have
sold to John J. Danaher the southeast corner
of Eleventh avenue and -">fHh street, old build
ings, '•□ plot 75;xlOO feet. The price was
KELLY STREET — Ernst & Cnhn have sold
for Curtis P. Byron the plot. GOxIOO. on the
east si. ie of Kelly street, about 400 feet north
of Itj.'ith street, to a builder for improvement.
TIEBOUT AVENUE Ernst & Cahn and
J. .T. Pittman l.pv e sold for Ida Gordon Nop.
2237 and 2239 Ti«bcut avenue, two two story
dwelling houses, each on lot ISx7O feet.
IC_'l) PTRISET — Kurz & Tr«-nT r«-n have sold for
a client two lots on the north side of 162 d
streer. 130 f..rt oast of Courtlandt avenue, to
4 builder for improvement.
BATHOaTE AVENUE — In part payment for
No. 1003 Second a\enue, Christian «;iTnint.l
plvee tc Krotosky, Kantrowitz & Flato No.
I":!'. Bith^ate avenue, a four story double
flathousc. on lot 2'3x93 feet. John M. Peters
was ih<- broker.
EAST CHESTER — Paul Kohn has sold to
George Pfaff the old Galway tract of about
plxirfn acres in the East Chester section of
The Bronx, just south of Boston Post Road,
and having a large frontage on the Hutchln-
Ron River.
of No. I.M Nassau strf.t. has sold for a client
two parcels on the Southern Boulevard and
Cypress avenue. In the deal No. 057 Southern
Boulevard changed hands.
ISIST STREET — H. Smith has sold
for a client the northwest corner of 181 st
street and Prospect avenue, on a plot 66x
150 feet.
The auction sales held yesterday at th«»
Real Estate salesroom. Nos. 14 and 16
Vesey street, resulted as follows:
By Samuel Marx.
605 East 140 th Bt. on map 607. 40xf»5. 5 sty
brk tenmt; sold to the plaintiff for 535.000.
, By Joseph P. Day.
12 East 76th st. 10x102.2. 4 sty ston«» front
dwsr: sold to Gold? & Cohen for $."»:.. 000
31 and 33 Market st. 50xSS. 6 sty brk tenmt
and stores: sold to Jacob Cohen for $50,311.
1414 and 1416 Washington aye. 2 2 sty
frame dwgs: sold to Charles H Cronln for
Fordham rd. 8 a. 150.6 ft w of Lorlng pi,
runs w and n ♦ to Sedewick ay» x s 29 ox
c 161. 10 x n 108.3 to beginning; vacant: sold
to plaintiff for $15,0^0.
176 th st. s c cor of Vineyard pi. The Bronx,
plot 65.36x40 Psx6?> 12x46.50: sold to William
W Scully for $3,900
Experience Told Him Why Brooklyn
Calendar Was Behind.
Mayor Gaynor took a ran at the Brooklyn
courts yesterday when a request was made
to the Sinking Fund Commission for the.
rental of outside quarters for two extra
parts of the County Court of Kings County
on the ground that the calendars were far
"If the calendars are in arrears," he said,
it is not due to lack of room. I know aM
about th© causes. To my certain knowledge
only two term? of the Supreme Court have
been in session in the seven parts for some
time. I was a judge over there for fourteen
years and know."
The Mayor thought that possibly room
could be found in the present courthouse
for the proposed two extra parts of the
County Court, and later Judges Dike and
Fawcett talked with him about it. It may
be that if enough room cannot be found
the Sheriffs office will be asked to get
quarters elsewhere in order that a!! the
parts of the County Court may be in the
same building
?3D ST. 527 Ea.«t; 5 sty brk, 2"x102 2: April
2S, 1905; Igr.atz Welsberg to Charles A Rob
inson and Lawrence E Bro^vn. as sub-trustee;
$ls,000: address. 37 Liberty St.
S4TH ST. 114 to US East: three 4 sty dwgs,
62x102.2; Sept 4. 190:?: Henry J Bigham to the
Equitable Life Assurance Society; $35,000; ad
dress. 120 Broadway.
S4TH ST, 114 to US East; three 4 Fty brk.
102 2x60 2; July 12, 1906: Hy B Anderson to
Emanucl Schfeissner; $6,000; address, 240
Ea?t.6Sth st.
OfiTH ST, 34 West; 5 sty brk. 17x100.3: Deo
22 2597; Peter Wagner and ano to the Equit
able Life Assurance Society, $lS,000; address,
120 Broadway.
96TH ST. 30 West; 5 sty brk. 17x100.?; Dec
22. 1597; same to same; $1S,000; address. IJO
Broadway. *
97TH ST. 18 East; 6 sty brk. 37.6x100.11:
June 20. li>os; Annie Davis to Esther D Lin
coln; $15,000. address, 251 West 61st st.
97TH ST. 20 East; 6 sty brk. 100x37.6: Jure
20. 1905; same to earn", $15,000; address,
same as above.
9!>TH ST. 53 East: 5 sty brk. 25x100.11;
June 29. 100.".; Sophie Shapiro and ano to
Georgre F Krumm. $6,000, address, 320 East
51st st.
104 TH ST. 56; 5 sty apt. 33.4x10011; June
7, 1599; Edgar Coles to the United States Life.
Insurance Co; $37, 200 . address, 273 Broadway.
- 17f.TH ST, s c cor Wadsworth aye.. lOOx
IS9.S; April 27. 1905; John D Baker and ano
to William P Dixon. trustee; $50,000; address,
29 West 49th St.
BELMONT AYE. w a, SS.IO ft s of lS2d St.
84.1x35.3x Jrreg; Deo 3, 1909; Charles O Krabo
to American Mortgage Co; $17,000; address,
31 Nassau st.
LONGWOOD AYE. 9 p. 90.5 ft w of Hewitt
pi. 89x104.0; June 19. l»05; Michael Meehan
and Johanna Meehan. his wife, to Newburgr
Savings Bank; $25,000: attorney. Title Guar
antee and Trust Co. 176 Broadway
LOT 360. map village of Melrose, 25x115.2:
May 15. 1905; Jacob Slegel to Vincent and Katie
Greubel: $5,000. attorney, John F Frees. 60S
East 156 th st.
LOT 25. map South Washlngtonville. 40x125:
June 22. 1906; Anna M. *wlfe of) and John H
Nlckrlch to Dollar Savings Bank of City New
York; $5,000; address, 2SOS 3d ava
LONGWOOD AYE. s s. 905 ft w of Hewitt pi,
39x104.6; Sept 1, 1905; Jacob Leitner to Michael
Meehan: $6,500; atorney*. Bowers & Sands, 31
N&sau st.
LOT 14. map of 112 lots estate of Moses Devo*.
Fordham Heights < 188 th st East); 0ct .14. 1907:
Hugh McLernon and ano to George w Moore;
$4,500; address, a c cor Greene and Clinton ayes.
LOT 74 and part of Lot 55. map Peter Valen
tine farm. West Farms, begins at point 400 ft n.
n w cor Tlebout aye and Clark ft. 100x235; also
all of Lots 74 p.nd 75. Sam« map. begins -w ■
Tiebout aye 316 2 ft n of lS4th »t. 100.1x235;
April 6, 1905: Michael Naftal tt> B«rnna-d Po
linsky; $0,500. attorney. Hleronymus Breuntch.
130 Broadway.
ST ANNS AYE. ■ w cor 13? th et. 83x50;
March 1, 1907 Samuel Zlpkln to David Zipkln:
$50,000; address. 444 East 141 st st
ST ANN'S AYE. ■ w cor 135 th st. COxS3:
March 1. 1907. Harris SWxel to David Zipkln;
$13.0<j0; address. 444 East Him st.
UNION AYE. « b. 171.10 ft n of 161 st st. lOOx
37« l; June 18. 190.5, New York City I'm 1 ••>■
tshlp Realty Co to the E<iuilable Trust Co; $25,
000; address. 15 Nassau et.
WALTON WE w i>, 156 6 ft " of East 145 th
*t. 51.f1xiai3x51.7x101.8; Jan 2<>, 1910; Thoma. D
Mai 1 1 Construction Co to the New York
Trust Co; i 10,000 address. 2ti Broad st
mi ST, n >. lav n w cf An« V. 25x100; June
Yon do not h»ve to new * paxxle to reap tie benefit, ofonr wonderf^
l*?**?n* There Is no pn«le f teem. TUe p»M« has been sel^M b7b 7 girla, ,
to"c r«dy' to more in .* o M you cm <-,-- .-,■.-■-..*-- .■;
5-Roofn Hous9 and Bath, 50x100 Land; Price, |3,030— $200 Down] &+ »
6-Room House and Bath. 50x100 Land: Price, $3,350 $300 Down $ J.U
7-Rocm House and Balk. 50x100 Land; Prhe. $4,350— 5400 Dawn, MIJ , TFfly
2-Famll| House, 2 Baths, 50*100 Land; Prl:e, $4,800— 5500 Down $25
r^^w t% . I fcsproT^aa^nts 2.1*1 bksc fc* -^j
1 open dally from &A.M.tos P. M- Monday and Wednesday 9 A M. t, » _'- .
On, rnlle unobstructed river frontage, 30 mod
em residences near completion. Addreia
Phlllpse Manor. New Yorlt.
Substantial Mode! Brick Homes,
7 rooms, reception hall and ■ rompl* r -*>.y
tiled bath rooms; hardwood trim. beaut i
fully decorated: parquet floors: nn *«
open sanitary plumblnK: gas and «<!««<:
lights, cabinet gas ranges: »team M at
must be seen to be appreciated; will be
sold on any reasonable terms: monthly
payments If desired.
Ralph H. Reid. Builder. Edici-watfr. > -1-
Telephone business hours. 287 ritffside.
Telephone residence. 203 CliSside.
tAfTo reach property (via 4-' d St.
F"rry> take Palisade trolley car to La
fayette aye.. Grantwood. then -waiK .5
blocks west and half block south to the
houses. Via West 130 th St. Ferry, take
Paterson trolley car to Anderson aye..
Palisade, walk south to Lafayette i ave..
then west 1 blocks and south a half block
to property.
improvements. 93 Hancock aye.. betw—n
Bower and Griffith sts.. Jersey City Heights.
Inquire owner.
for investors and homeseekers on j
Long Island will be sent FREE I
UPON REQUEST to any ad- I
dress in Greater New York. ■
Send post card to Headquarters I
TATES. 146 East 34th St.. New I
York. Houses. Lots, Plots, I
Water Fronts. Summer Homes. I
Farms. Acreage, etc., on Easy I
Monthly payments. Five years' I
credit given if required. H
IflflilCV TO BUII D ■
mUiIL 1 ' \ •;:•':■;■
New House for Sale
Was built for owner's occupancy. Contains la-?*
living room, sun parlor, dining room, kitchen,
laundry: five masters and two servants bed
rooms, " three baths, hot water heat. Photo and
full particulars from J. L. PHIPPS. 43-' Fifth
avenue. Tel. 6066 Murray Hill: or Woodmere.
L. I. Tel. 1353 L. Far Rockaway.
Westbury.— lncomparably beautiful, healthful, ac
cessible- choice lots. $450: adjoining schools,
churches, depot; money to build: asrenta -wanted.
Westbury Terrace, 115 Broadway.
av-nu- fMO. SfMNER M. SMITH. 7<> OHM
St., Elmhurst. L. I. . __^
FOR SA.LE — LOT. 20x100. O>* S?TH ST.. BE
tween 213t and 22d ayes.. Brooklyn. It. . X.
■Write to Jacob Kffssoa for Information, Mills
Hot*!. 7th aye., 36th St.. New York.
"housekeeping, at "Watch HI!! R. I. and nearby
beaches, for 'rent 01 sale. Fcr full particu
lars communicate with FRANK W. COT. West
erly. P. I.
B'way. Amsterdam Are , and ?6*h to 87th St.
W. H. DOLSON & CO.. Agents.
527 Columbus a-----
Cor. Classen <£ TYiQonghbr Ares.. Brooklyn-
OWNER on premises.
fiOxO". 50xl'>Q. and up to 60.000 square, feet;
Splendid location to get help.
15. l$X)7; Caroline Ke!k«r to Elizabeth Hoeirr-er:
$4,000: attorney. Charles H Baechler. • 1126
Walker ays.
172 D ST 740 East. » * cer Bathtrato p!. 2?x
109.9- May 27. 1001: Henry Lane to Err.ptr* City
Savings Bank; $20,000; address, 231 "West 125 th st.
Sidney C Bors to Teresa "Wallac*: - ass's:
Samuel H Golding to Jacob Steigelfest; $100.
Peter Kane- to Minnie & Cohr. ; $1
Ellis Kempner to Herrmann Levy: $5,500.-
Albert L. Blum to Title Guarantee and Trist
Co; $100.
Fordham Realty Co to Milton P Day; 51.350.
John T Dunbar to Louis Gates; $500
' Joseph Ravttch to Iron Masters' Realty and
Construction Co; 51-
Emily Falkenstein to Jacob Rosenberg: $100.
John C Hariri?, err. to Carrie M Hariri?; $1.
Wilson M Powell to "Wilson. M Powell et al.
trustees; $5,000
Louis P Holzwasser to Harry L. Rosen: $3,300.
Mary Gabriel to Emille Dervieux: $8,000.
Cedar Street Co to United States Realty and
Improvement Co; $25,000.
JUNE- 22.
41 ST ST, 7 East; Marcus Schlossman et al agt
John Doe. owner; Mrs Frank H Warner. owner
and contractor; George F Schleuter. contractor;
$21 73
225 TH ST. n s. 425 ft c. of Pauldlntc aye. 25x
100; Alfonso Lucchlnt agt Thomas LVots. owner
and contractor: $S*~ M
27TH ST, 232 West: Henry Wslsfeld «st Ed
ward A Kahn. owner; Solkin & Sleplan. Inc.
contractor; 5210.
BOTH ST. 164 East: William Garber act Anna
Garner, owner and contractor: $43 50.
2X> aVE. ISO; Manhattan Stone Renovating
Co ast Polish National Alliance of United State*
of North America, owner. D Becker & Sons and
S Fox & Co. contractors; $65.
3D AYE. © s, 75 ft •« of 15fith st: DlUria *
Co agt Cramp & Co. owners and contractors; $97.
Epstein ast — Robinson, owner and contractor
sls3 50.
TELLER AYE. 1055. 1057. 1061. 1063 and 10«. V
Baraett Bernstein agt 5 F Myers Realty Co.
owner and contractor; $4.">5.
BAXTER ST. 20; Louis Herman et a! airt
r^vid", Flnellt*>. owner; John Palmiro, contrac
tor; $20
JUNE 22.
IW.TH ST. 2?* West; Solomon Chester agt
Reynard Realty Co ct ai. June 3. 1010; $782 *>
OSTH ST. 202 West; William Llpshutz «t al
art Margaret F Goddard et al ; Juno 3. 1910;
$242 10.
EASTBURN AVB. n c cor 174 th «t; John X
belter agt Irving Construction Co et al Jun»
U 11*10. $201 72
BAiIE PROPERTT: Wllliim Rapp acrt same:
May 31. 1910; $300
,, T BNB N £ RlT>Or ' AYE. 2051 and 2053: Borgia
r» ar iolO^ll Tt Fdnn1 * Z «nied«r «t a:; May
BAIN'BRIDGE AVB. 2057; Leo Marble Works
■** * annJ * Zumleden et al; May ID. 1010;
10TH ST. 261 East: Re!ke» & Chaykln ast
Easter Realty Co et a!. April 1. 1010; $•■■
JUNE 22.
WVCR3IDE DKIVB, 14*. to a 4 t t> echool; Q
you lend Money on Real
Estate be sure that the
property carries an up-to
date policy of Title In
surance issued by the
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL - -84,000,000
SURPLUS - - 5 500,000
160 Broadway. *ctt York.
JSS Montasf Street. Brooklyn,
at: Jr^ulton Street* Jamaica.
Geo. R. Bead & Go.
Head Office. 60 Liberty St.. near Bw^.
Bran, 3 Ea*t 33th M.
111 Broadway.
for booklets sfcowir.* most d»siraS>
Exclusive employment of oar ser
vices by borrowers on mortem
ensures reaching practically e»wj
available representative lendiagMKt
of real value to borrowers. I; also
eliminates indiscriminate offKas;
and useless competition so ofta
injurious to the borrower's inlßßl
a. w. Mclaughlin & co.
Brokers and Dealers to Mortja?es
12* Broadway, cor. Cedar
5*4% Interest on mort?a?» loass. Prise!?*
and Interest gnaranteed. Titl» Insured ij
Weptchester and Bronx Tit!» asd SlortgiS*
Guaranty Company. I ■vill invest '-"' -1
sums from $3™ to $3,000. For ptrtteaja*
HENRY Y. HALLEY. 103 Fark A-*.. N V- OS,
32 Nassau St. Te1.130? — Johr; EstaS!iah»a 1«*.
Of 200 CHOICE LOTS in -i*»*jj
on premises at 2 P. M.
SPECIAL TRAIN from ~vr; = - A"» 3ipK»
t_ t p p. (Terminal Brooklyn Sub-ray l»
press)," on day of sale a? 1:30 P. M
Sena for Booklet and Railroad Tlciets.
BRYAN L KE>~NELLY. Acttleaeer,
■» a 0 Montague St.. Brco!t!T=
7-.-r->.!-?. OSee. on L- I. «. st s*aL (
Supreme Court
Foreclosure Sale
7.612 Acres at Rye,
West Chester Co.. New York.
Or»r 900 feet frontlssr on Grace
Church Si and Midland Are.
Monday. June 27th. at noes
at the Connty Conrt H-i^> TThite ? ;sii *
For particulars apply to^ „ '
„__ ' 95 Mb**** st - y - V " '-
s*~yV){MJjV3y st t. an
Auctioneer. Privst; S*« **

M Browne New W!=don. Onr.se <**=9\Xji
o^-r.er J H Fr!e=d. 14* Alcacder a* 9 - *■
tect; cost, 55.000.
LEXINGTON AVI 125. to 3. * *%,%■.?&
n.-ent private Owg: WHllara P- H^fJ^vC
and Duan« .-- o^«er : J C Oreea. 1<» ™£ .
architect; •--- $5,00»\ ■
STH a vs. n • cor 40t>. ?r. to aa , » ••;
apt; George Kerr.r P.ea! Estate O- o- 3 "".^
owner. R A T-iker, 320 stfc ** «e
cost. 510.000. ,g*
125 TH ST. 245 and 245 West, w t*l V?a
2 sty brk stores, etc: A I> F-^*?j, * ",# !**
body. 30 Pine St. owners: L C HokS* ilu
aye. architect: cost. $15.« X».
IN*WOOD AYE. « c cor ITO'.h f. & *#
frair.« shed. I*-'- Joseph F v-°^_v -°^_" Ci it
N J. owner- Jerome Avenue La'^-ILj
premises, architects ax I lease**; cos*- s*^ § 4<4 <
WASHINGTON AYE. ■ s. ! - 5 7^,^" IT'S
lGSth st. for a 1 sty brk " a **s ! i-SoB **
47.5: Minnie P Mar.de.. VX<4 •!*-*€»•
owner- Char!?* 5 Cls.tK -- Trecwat aw.
t*ct; cost. $1,000 • -" *->»
22STH ST. s s. 25 ft c ct Pros*^Z^r^-'*
a 1 sty frame pirag*. I2l»: WB H*2£«!*
1700 Batfc*r»te aye. owner; G* ol * 9 .^
677 East 224 th st. architect; ccat. s:t * r
ANTHONY AYE. - *. T^ ft \i > ; } g^-u I
a 2H sty frame fiwgr. '^.-"rWjs"**
Lock. 1937 Anthony aye. owner; *?*L* •*
25 West 424 st. architect: cost. $-.tw. _-
PARK AYE. 41i~. to tw> 2 »ty asd * r^^
dw s. 22X3RS and 13 t>x:W£ T^l^-iaaSi **
3»SO Pa-k aye. owner; M V. r»i » C.iV»
mont an! Webster aye*. architect; COS»
I<?IST ST. 770. to a 3 sn- fra^» VS?. I**^1 **^
15x25: Meltm & Rosen. I» East 1«--
ers. William Huenember<r. ■•>• Tln.cn » _
tect; cost. $2»5t».
JUNE = „-"!**-
CORNELI. A^*E. — 3^ r '^L^ tS H *A
map of Arden property. v-v -' > Br««j ' W Bil«*
.cannon a*t Harry M -Vri, **«^
of mt,>; aftomeys. Farbour. RW»** tf
«4TH ST. 232 East: tf^jf'^
Simon Lefkowitz et al ifor*.!* 1"
attorney-. S H«llSns"' _ v «t*^
mxH st. .• s. u>7 « ft w of r^» M m«
99 11. William H p.^rmann *£jff jl T^
et al t.forec:oaur» •■• mtg>. attorae). ' t
son. liJx'** %♦
Gundrum Co a*t Martin G' '«!,%
ure of mtg): attorney. H c^'^ „,_ ft£
A^-B A. 1444; Walter *•*£*. it W«9« 4
Shwei:zer et al (foreclosure m ■«
Pavey A Moore. « »a«^
BAST BROADWAY. »«v£Si« » «
and Madison st. 345. and P^j^rd >*"
County: Charles O Mahler •^ Man jf<. uj*
•t al (partltion>; attorney. 1-^ *™ % &
• GOERCK ST. *\*°P* a f£sl*V B"rj£
» of Scaxnmel st. 24. ixl«. J«^^ m «>.
Abraham Hun* it; itoncle*** M ;
neya. Wells & Sr.e.lek«,i u^^nf 11
UTH AVU s c cor B«^^j3^£«#!
Danahar a«t Cathlirln< ' ft orn#> « -B '
«apecinc p«rformanc«^_^i nn * y> ' *^j
JUNE 22. ..mjOS:.^
STH AVK. n • TcV I ?^'^^
Guarantee and Trust Co loans
$5O.(«'O. „ toOtS J^_ sjT*
RIVERSIDE t> ,>; B n Lf/S" V
l.V)x irr*s: Motropol tm L«r *
W«*t Side censtru-tton w - ••
STII AYE. n w J^,^JS« CO W?X<
the Mrtropolttan Life ln>U — *° . . „ .r. r
r.taJty Co SU-jO/OW-

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