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Manuel Silveira, Formerly Agent
cf Ceballos Firm, Primed
for Accusers.
At Time of Leaving Havana He
Was Blamed for $3,00Q,000
Failure of New York
Manuf' Silveira. one time known as
the "J. P. Morgan of Cuba" because of
his -wraith and varied financial and com
mercial interests, -whose sensational de
parture from Havana in October. 1906.
attracted the attention of the business
■world because to him vs.? attributed the
$3,000,000 failure of J. M. Ceballos &
Co.. bankers, of this city, has arrived in
|N«! York from Paris.
The Cuban backer, sugar grower and
promoter has had a hard three and a
half years of it since he left the coun
try of his commercial potency. The
to Is to seek in Havana, vindication In
connection with the Cebailos failure.
charge that he left Cuba -with $1,000,000
in money and securities belonging to the
Oeballos firm, which he represented in
Cuba, -was a great blow to Senor Sil
Few persons believed the charge, and
many declared it to be their firm convic
tion that he would return to straighten
things out, and that is exactly what
Senor Silvelra is going to do. He will
sail next Thursday for Havana to face
those who were so ready to accuse him.
As he stands to-day he has nothing in
this world in negotiable asset?, but
Maw Eilveira is a fighter from the tips
of his toes to the top of his head, al
though the measurement is not much
more than five feet. Also he has still
many friends -who believe in him and in
bis integrity, and they will stand by him.
One of these is Francisco E. Fonseca, of
JCo. 4S West 7?. d street, with whom he is
Senor SHvc-ira has suffered privation
since he left his native country, where
once he was regarded as the embodiment
of the square deal, and his bond and
word were equally good. His firm of
gilveira & Co. was liquidated when he
disappeared, his property was impound
ed and his life in the last few years has
been a struggle.
However, Sefior Pilveira has borne the
burden with extraordinary reFignation
during all this time, but now he is pre
pared to act. He has not been idle in
Paris, whither he went in 1907 from
Caracas, to which city he went from
Havana, He has been collecting such
papers and books and like evidence that
he could, and he feels sanguine he will
be able to confound his accusers, re
habilitate his name, credit and standing
In his country and also regain his prop
Hard Fight Ahead.
It will be a hard fight, for Sefior Sil
veira has powerful enemies, and his na
turn, it was said, bodes them no good.
The little Cuban banker is a careful
man, and his present step has been well
thought out and advised.
Senor Silveira is not a vindictive per
son. He proved that when seen yester
cay. But he is a determined one. Al
though it was said for him that he has
trunks full of evidence that will clear
h:e name and restore his property to
him, yet he refrained from indulging in
any incrimi nation.
"I am going back home." said Sefior
F Mfcfem Fimply. "1 go to set myself
right; to face those who accused me and
B*t what belongs to me. I left my wife
and family In Paris. In about two
months I shall return there for them
and bring them home. Just now I pre
ier not to talk. Later I will explain
everything in a full statement, wherein
I will give interesting facts and figures."
The regard in which Senor Silveira is
etill held was shown yesterday when he
went aboard the Ward Line steamer
Havana to see some friends off. Many
persons. Cubans and Americans, who
knew him in the days of his sunsnine
greeted him cordially and even enthusi
astically. They were surpysed to learn
of his presence in New York. All gave
him words of encouragement, expressed
their continued confidence in him. and
vished him luck.
The failure of J M. Cebalios & Co.
%vas a mighty crash. But even more
startling and unusual was the story of
the concern, that they were- pushed to
the wall through the alleged million-dol
lar defalcation. The firm of Silveira &
Co. and the senior member had an
excellent standing, and the charge
against the latter caused a tremendous
sensation— fully as great, in fact, as the
failure of the New York concern. The
one was as unexpected a.« the other.
Seiior Silveira was more than the
usual agent; he was an associate of the
Ceballos firm, and was largely interested
in sugar and cattle.
But the most romantic feature of the
affair was yet to come. Serior Silveira
had sailed from Havana with Ids family
c:i the Carmclina on October 2. nine
days before the announcement of the
Cfballos failure. . I: wits understood that
h- was going to New York. When the
■aaa^M*^ — not arrive here there was ,
Lord & Taylor
Cold Storage Department
Plant on Premises
Furs, Wearing Apparel
Oriental Rugs and Automobile Robes
insured against loss by theft,
or damage by fire or moth.
We Use Both Compressed Air and Vacuum System
for Cleaning Purposes.
Special Prices
on Remodeling or Repair Work
During Summer Season.
Draperies, Portieres, &c.
taken down, cared for, and insured,
at special rates.
Lace Curtains Cleaned
in an unusually satisfactory manner and stored,
free of charge during the summer months.
Broadway & 20th St.; sth Aye.; 19th St.
Very Important Announcement
As We Have Disposed of Our Lease
and Shall Vacate by Sept. Ist,
We Will Offer Our Entire Line of
Brass and Enamel Bedsteads,
Luxurious Bedding, Lace Spreads, &c,
All of the Celebrated WHITCOMB Quality
At a Reduction of 10 to 30%
450 Fifth Avenue.
much anxiety for the passengers and the
vessel. WWle the financier was on the
high seas Jose Boela, his silent partner,
took charge of affairs and turned them
over to John T. Durant, leral repre
sentative, of the Ceballos firm, who
quickly liquidated in favor of the cred
The search for the Carmelina was vig
orously pushed; vessels everywhere were
asked to watch for her, and many vary
ing stories were toid of her poesihle
whereabouts or destination. And six
teen days after the date of departure,
when some were ready to give up the
steamer as lost, came the news that she
had arrived at Puerto Cabello, Ven
ezuela. From there Sefior Silveira and
his family went to Caracas. When his
whereabouts were learned there was a
remarkable Indifference on the part of
Ceballos & Co., who charged that the
Cuban banker had embezzled ?1,000,000.
Sefior Silveira remained several months
in Caracas and then went to Paris.
New Controversy Arises Over Eastern
Freight Rates.
Chicago, June 25.— A controversy has
arisen, it is said, between the railroads and
the shippers regarding changes in the offi
cial classification that governs freight in
the territory east of the Mississippi River
and north of the Ohio River. The shippers
are making the claim that the agreement
between the railroad presidents and Presi
dent Taft with regard to increased freight
rates included all Increases. The railroad
men insist that classification matters were
i not Included, and should not be. The ship
i pers insist that changes in classifications
are often the medium of increasing the
transportation charges, and that these mat
ters should also be submitted to the Inter
state Commerce Commission.
The victim of aphasia found at the cor
ner of 116 th street and Third avenue on Fri
day, was identified last night as Miss Ag
nes Hynd. twenty-one years old, of No.
297 New York avenue. Jersey City.
Her bister. Miss Anna Hynd, and other
relatives had spent hours searching in Jer
sey City, but when a friend showed them
the story in yesterday morning's papers,
she. hurried across the river and to the
Harlem Hospital. She was overjoyed at
finding her sister.
For Further Details Consult
HEARN. 14th street, near Sixth avenue,
announces the fifth and last week of un
derwear sale. This Includes a tale of cor
set covers, combinations, chemises and
drawers. Special inducements will be of
fered to-morrow In handmade underwear
and dressing- saeques. The last week of
the June sale of petticoat* and corsets is
also announced.
BLOOMrNODAL.ES'. 59th street and
Third avenue, announce a sale of new
summer waists and women's . pure silk
stockings. There will be a special gro
ceries sale to-morrow and Tuesday.
MACY'S, Broadway, between 34th and
3.'ith streets, announce old-fashioned hales.
In which are Included fancy linens. lingerie
gowns, handkerchiefs, special values in
Haviland dinner sets and silk para—la.
STEAD COMPANY, No. 4SO Fifth avenue,
draws attention to a special sale of brass
and enamel bedstead;., bedding and «>preii<i.s.
STERN BROTHER*, West ad street,
will place on sale to-morrow women's suits
and dresses and imported underwear.
* [Hiii-jj- other offering:* will be women's im
suxday Jftm^irric f&tVtttiit* m^m.
Eminent Philosopher Discusses
Cream Cheese and Beer.
Bohemia and Normandy, United,
Will Cure the Ills of Poor,
Dyspeptic Mortals.
Herr Joseph Knirim. close friend of Herr
Most, the anarchist, a.nd an expert on cheese
and Pllsener beer, came back to the United
States yesterday on the French liner La
Savole, after an absence of seven months
from his adopted country. '-..- ■•
He kept a little restaurant In William
street, a few yards north of the bridge.
To him the place was "Knlrlm's Restau
rant," but his patrons, who lived chiefly In
Park Bow, persisted in calling it "The
Anarchist's." : ■
Knirlm, who was his own waiter and
majordomo. never wore an apron. He was
a pood waiter, but by no means a ' dumb
waiter, for he preached much.
He carried a cloth dangling from his hip
pocket. While cleaning the tables .with it
after the departure of a customer he in
variably told the next man the virtues of
the food about to' make a flight up the
shaft from the kitchen in the basement.
If the customer was disposed to admit in
advance that the food was good, the friend
of Herr Most would give him a talk any
how on the virtue of cream cheese and
Pilscner beer in the treatment of indiges
tion Knlrlm would fondle a piece of cheese
with th© sort of admiration and care a
father bestows upon his first Infant, and
in the same fashion would he call attention
to the color and taste of Pilsener. His
confidence" In the curative properties of this
nectar and ambrosia caused him to snut
up shop seven months ago to carry out his
beer and cheese experiments on himself in
E "Were tl^y a success?" laughed Herr
Knirim when I*. Savole. started up from
Quarantine yesterday.
"Ach I should say they were. Pilsener
beer- and cream cheese-not milk cheese
will make the o*r.er of the most feeble
stomach strong and husky, and give him
the digestion of an ox. I went all over South-
:he Advertisements in To-day's
ported neckwear, printed foulard silks,
Frtnch hand-made blouses and misses' 2nd
trlrls' summer apparel. Other bargains ma.v
be found in lace panels, curtains and dra
peries, ruKs made to order and women a
Milanese, and Tricot silk Kloves.
B. ALT.MAN & CO.. Fifth avenue. 34th
to ~*»th street, lay special stress on an
offering of French hand embroidered lin
gerie dresneß for to-morrow, together with
couch hammocks and vacation and travel
ling article*. For Tuesday are announced
sales of wiimen'H batiste dresses and sepa
rate skirts of white popllnette. On Wednes
day will be sold women's house gowns and
bathing suits.
RBNARO, West 23d street, .announce
their half-yearly, pre-invetitory clearance
sale of tailored suits aiid dresses. . Among
other offerings are taffeta and nrie.-sj aline
SAKS & t:O., Broadway and 34th .street,
on Monday will place on -wait- IS, sample
and model linen (own* and fancy .-.nits.
Also sale of lingerie waist* for women and
linen dresses for iuiß»e« and small women.
A >!.!'. CONSTABIJB & CO., Broad
way and !!»th Ftrect. call attention to their
women's suits and wraps, klmonoa. sacques
and petti la. Other attractions consist of
ff on ' veils and shopping buns.
Steon Brotlhers
- direct attention to the facilities in their own workrooms
for making to order
7 Lace - Panels, Curtains & Draperies
, j of every' description; from large assortments of g
Real Laces, Motifs and Lace Materials >r .-
Carefully/Prepared Models are shown, or
;. , ■ -•:> .-J y Special Models and Sketches ', f.- agg
will be arranged to meet the requirements of individual taste and
'\:i'£- y<j'&. '.' "','-'>.''' architectural 1 surroundings. _ „, : : ;t; t . . .-;
. ' Orders placed now may be held for Fall Delivery. '{ ' \
Uugs Made to Order
, -TV .-'.■.•'.-. - » ' ' * ' . ' ' -•?»'• :*.tf *;*.' ■" "" "• T ' *-. *-' *, ,' * ■,- *l J ]'-. -**• *
! Oriental, Austrian Hand Tufted, French Savpnerrie ' and •;•' |
; • Aubusson, to harmonize with the various periods, '~y\
also American Chenille Axminster Rugs. ; : • :
Examples and Estimates Submitted on Request
' ; r - ;•■•• ■' • fc -^^- : -v--'^-'-- >--^--^>^.:^,--.----\^-v . : >
..'■"'; To-morrow, will be placed on sale a special purchase, of ":"
' ■■■"...•• $■?%$ Women's Milanese and Tricot ; ;^^;f
Silk Gloves. ■ \
; Sixteen -.Button- Length, v ■ -' ; xV?-^s^i^M^^lS'«W?2?J
in white, black and tan, ' .;.._ .■ .;/> M,j ~^.^ :^li^ J & :'
.',. ; J, .- Actual Value $1.00 and 1.25 P?.ir : v ; „
/; Exceptional Values In High Grade >
" .Vi Vv^ : SSllk Parasols y^^-r'A
Plain and Tucked Taffeta Silk, in all- the newest colorings, $ + Ag
Black and White Striped effects, Lined Tussah Silks, . ; ' * ' . JJ ' yi ' ;
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Large Floral Effects, black and white designs C^fOe^.^' *J*
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•-. .: • Values "s4.so to 7.50 , ' "• ' .\y- : ■' y
Imported Novelties, in ■. v', [' . , ':'.__'"" ; -i- (6 75
embroidered and braided effects, . * . t Value.slo:7s, V. / O
■ ■ "•" ■;, ' ■ ;■. '■ * Novelties in >'f^:s\\: r." • ' ' '**
Women's \ Imported Neckwear . ;•
; Plaited Collars of Silk with Valenciennes edging, V , ■.•
in all desirable colors, ■ V '/ 7 Value 48c, Vat 25c
Hand Embroidered Linen Collars, " ' Formerly 68c, at 48c .
Hand Embroidered .Plaited Collars, Value $3.25, ? at i 1 .95
Jabots of Batiste and Irish Lace, at 68c, 1.35, 1.85
Values 85c to $2.50 . : •;'-/ "' -. ,
White Chiffon Scarfs; with colored borders, 2y 2 yds. long, $5.85
•:-• - :: ' :' Value $8.50 > " "
White Spanish Lace Scarfs, - at 8.75
Former Price $10.95
White Chiffon and Persian Scarfs, 2#r yds. long, ' at 11.50
Value $15.00 .
West Twenty-third Street
em Eun.pe looking for the real cheese, and
although I am a German I must admit I
found it in Normandy. France makes the
only cheese for dyspeptics.
•The Camembert and the Gervals of
France were delicious; glided down the
alimentary canal so ■ softly, and nestlec.
acbveo comfortably in the stomach! You
could feel your stomach thanking you and
your brain told you you were getting
St "Arfd the PUwner. Herr Knirim?" asked
an interviewer.
"Ah, that is the other half of th© curte
combination," he responded, soothingly. 1
spent some time at Pllsen. where thre«
breweries make the beer. Do you know,
you would not drink it if you saw the
"shiforish. almo6t muddy waters of the Rad
busa River, which is used in brewing it.
"Kut when you see the beer itself, anrt
smetl it and know how delicious it is in
its bitterness— then— well you would let it
roll down by the half litre, full conscious
that It is doing you good. I have solved th»
problem of digestion, and I shall give it
to the world free of charge.. The only pay
ment I shall probably get or ask for is the
satisfaction of seeing my fellow men get
The Anaconda Copper Mining Company,
according to a special dispatch from Butte,
Mont., has issued orders to reduce opera
tions at many of its mines to not more
than five days a week. The new policy
was put into effect several days ago at the
Leonard mine, one of the principal pro
ducers of the Anaconda g"roup, the dis
patch says.
Sunrise, 4:20; sunset. 7:34: moon rises, 10:49;
moon'i age. 20.
• " A.M. P.M.
Sandy Hook 10:00. lO:
Governor's Island .10:10 1O:M
Hell Gate 12:00 i 12:1S
The Philadelphia, reported ac 930 miles east < t
Sandy Hook at 4:30 a m ycitcrday.' Is «xpi"cted
to dock Monday forenoon.
Th* Arabic, reported M S0« miles east of Sandy
Hook at fi a m yesterday. Is expected to. dock
Monday forenoon. • •
The Cr«ti<\ reported as "M miles east of Sandy
Hook at 2:30 p in- yesterday, is expected to dock
Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning-. "
Vessel. From. V Line.
•Philadelphia Southampton. June lS.Amenoan
•Prlns Willcm V..Hnytl. June 20... r> W I
•Caledonia....... Glasgow. June IS ..Anchor
•Altai ....; Kingston. June 20.... Ham-Am
Zafra... ".'.'.' HueJva. June 8 ■
Dorothy ;....St Lucia. June 1«. : - . t Z
Wells City Swansea. June 10 Bristol
Mokta...'. Huelva. June «... -w— -
Antllla Santiago. . June 17 ™«M
Monterey Tamplco. June 17 £»«
ThernliTocies.:.:..ratrk a . June 13. .....'. ...Creek
•Finland ..Antwerp. June 18.:.. •«?«". Siar
•Ityndam .•.:.".■. . Rotterdam. Jun. 18. . . Holism
'Philadelphia Curacao. June 18 .Red D
•Altai ■•* •"•.. • .:Pnnta-Marta. June 16, Hani-Am
•S V Luckenbarh.Pan Juan. June^ZS. .... -I™™**
•Ban' Tuan ' San Juan. Jun» 22.. N T ft'l* X
•Arabic- :.".'.V.Uverp6ol. June 18.. White Star
*«:;•• " "... . . .Havana; June 23.'.. . . ... .. . Ward
A inVrira . .Naples. June 1« •• • • Fabre
Viarara Havr» June IS.' ...French
Vo.n^s ' '""... New, Orleans. June 22. ... So ,rac
?1?y of Coh.mbus.Savaunah.- June 24... .Savj.nr.ah
El 5ig10. ........ Oalvejiton. June 21 So Pae
TUESDAY. JITNR2S. ' : „ ■ ;",.,', ;".l"
„,„ .tendon. June IS Atl Trans
•Ka'M-r'wii"...nremen. June 21 N G lAny,\
r*£2thtl GlbraHar. June IS ... .. .Cunard
ISTtfvSmI^XSSSk, fst K.H.ral. An,
•nrlntcs mall. • -» .' ' ' ■ ■ '•; ' \ • -■ ; "
TO-DAY. . - ' •<' . ;' ."; r .-".
: ; : Mall Vesiwi ;
Vessel For.' Line. ' clo.es.. ••'!»
Mara.ash... La 'Jua>ru. Red. 0 4:3oam
Marowljne Paramaribo. DWI.U:OOa in 1:00pm
Aim, PI Klttf.-.— — -r ••• '•■0 ■ .
TIICSDAY. JUNE 2«. . '".
1T...1 Wai nrornen. KG- I- . H:.K»ain 10:00 a m
r,,tt.Tiiain' notierdani.,H-A. , 10:00 am
fainagii'-y. Havana war.i... . is:..* m
<• .if Karon Savanna^. Say.. .< 8:00 pm
Aj>ache,' jackionvlUe. Clyde.. i;CWj>u»
• XV: • « Clme in N. T.
Destination and »teamer- P.M.
Hawaii (via 8«n Fr«ntUco)— Slerrm.June 29. 6:30
Guam. Philippine .Island* (via San ' ' - ■
FrajicUco)— V. 8 . tran»port — >: June 30. 6:30
Japan. Core*,' China, (via. Seattle)— ' •
Tambt Maru June 30. 6:-0
Japan. . Core*. China, -Philippine I»l- . -
and» (via. Vancouver)— of
Japan -.• Jut >' 1. 6:3 °
Hawaii. Japan. Core*. China (via
San Franelico)— ........ r . -July 1. 6:30
Hawaii. (via San Franc4»co)—
mlna ;:;...:.. V...V. ..July ■»«■
Hawaii (via Ran FrancUco) — Sl*rr*.July 4. 6:U>
Hawaii.- Japan. Core*. China. Philip^
- pine Islands (via San Franci»co) —
Manchuria July 7. «:S0
Port of New York, Saturday, June 25,
„-. :. ' 1910. W*i
" ARRIVED. " ' , ..".
' Steamer id 9*vole (FVV Havre June I*. (a the
Compasnie Generals Trans*tlantlque. with 308
cabin and '.821 •. steerage passenger*, malls and
mase. v - Arrived at the Bar at 1:36 p m.
Steamer Rotterdam . (Dutch). Rotterdam June
11. to Philip Ruprecht; In ballast. Arrlve.l at
the Bar at 10:15 * m. ' ■. ■,■ '-- .
Steamer Javary <Br), Para, Oft the Highland"
at 1:87 p m.
■ Steamer - Suwanee (Br). Tamplco June 17. to
•Philip Ruprecht. In ballast. Arrived at the Bar
at B * m. i ■
Steamer Hudson (Fr), Dunkirk June 4. Bor
deaux 11 «ad- Corunna 13. . to the t"v>mpannt«
Generate Tran»atlantlque. with 1 cabin and 80
steerage paa»«neers and ' mdse. > Arrived, at the
Bar it Sam. , ", '■",■■ '.'■'.'■ . ' ■
Steamer Cacique (Br). Valparaiso. , Passed in
Sandy Hook at. 8:28 p.m.- ■ -.:■
earner Monroe. Newport New« and Norfolk,
to the Old Dominion ''Ss-C*.- with pawenger* «n«
mdse. • Left Quarantine at 4:42 p.m. . . • .-, *
Steamer Cheß*pe*ke,- Baltimore., to the New
York and Baltlmo;* Transportation- Une. with,
•.!..:■;- I -eft Quarantine at 7:10 a m-
Steamer Meilco. Vera Crwx June. 14, Projrreso
18 and Havana 21. to th« New. York and Cuba
Mail Sb Co. with 90 passengers, mail* and md»«.
Arrived at the B*r at 12:14 a m.
Bteamer ManzaniUe (Cuban), Cl«nfue«o« June
18. to the New York and Cub* Mali 3* Co. with
sugar. '* Arrived at the bar at 10:30 p m. 24th.
Steamer 'Mohawk.- • Jacksonville June 22 and
Charleston 23. to the Clyde Ss Co. with passen
gers and md»«. L«ft Quarantine at 6:37 a m.
Steamer Caledonia. Ulaacnw and Movllle for
New • York. Reported twelve mile* east of Fire
Island at 4:45 p m, \ -> :
steamer Caledonia.. (Br>. Glasgow and Movllie
June 18. to Henderson Brothers, with 348 cabin
and 2*" steerage passengers and Tndse. Arrived
at the Bur -it 7:ofr pm. '.■.;-• **'' - 1 : -■ :
Sandy Hook.' N • J. . June k 25. '■ ft:3O p Tn— Wind
south, light breeze; clear: smooth se*.
.. .;>.. . . SAII^RO. ■ . .
Steamers, Richmond. ,• Georgetown; . st Paul.
Southampton: rvnunU . (Bri. Liverpool; Ber
muilian (Hr). BefmUil*:-Kroonls.nd <R*lg). Ant
werp; Kivl»erln • AjaTJHte Victoria (tier). .• Ham
burg; Ne-k»r .(Ger). -Naples; . Diir* •leajll Abrtixil
(It*l).-N'ar>le«: Cedric (nr>. Liverpool; Baramo
(Cuban), ' .T*mpico: Coarno. : Sari' Juan; Htirr»n.
Charleston and Jacksonville; Denver, Key West;
Minnefonka' London: Columbia (fir). Ola»
•Mr: 'IJmon <Hr). Port Union: Atlantis (Nor>.
Puerto Plata; Texan. Port Arthur. Titian i Mr),
Manchester; City, of Montgomery. Savannah; El
Xorto. Galveston; Havana. Havana; Klj (tlr).
Sama: Hamilton. Norfolk and Newport Nitrt;
Slhlrla <Ger). Klnmiton: Northman. Clenfuegoa*
Castllllan Prince (Br). Pernan\buco: El Valle
New Orlaawi OaroHaa (Fr). Havre; Chicago (Fr)
Havre: Massachusetts. Puerto Mexico.-
ARRIVED. ' „ \\' . - .
Queenstown. . June 23, 5:27. ;. m— Celtic (fir).
New York ■ for UvM-pol (and proceeded). ■ '
Plymouth. June .25. i\:W p; m— Bremen- (Or)
■New York for Cherbourg and 111 ail ■ (and
proceeded): 4. 0 m. New York. New Tork for
Cherbourg and Southampton (ami proceeded)
Genoa. June 31— Europa -.(Ital). New York via
. N*9l<is. rf.-".;.r f .-". ; . ..»"..• ;•; ;• - , ~.
Havre. June 23— Aurora (Nor). New Tork-
Klorfde-(rr). New York. ...
MaltA, Tune SrV—AVrlsh. Prince (Bri New y <iTk
for Hong Kong. Shanghai.. etc. . •
Hong Kong. June 25— Alht-nga <<Jerl New Tork
via Algler. and « 'nlnmlv. ;*,' 'y •- *
1 "ape Town. June 24-»Koranna (BrT. New York
Sento«. June 23 Ktilrrn . Prince (Br). New York
via Pernambuco an.l Rio de Janeiro.
lytndon. June Minnewaaka (Rr) New
Tork. • ' ■ .■ ' ' ' . .
Genoa, June 21— Manuel Cal\-o (H[>ani New
GlasKOw, a 24a 24 I'arUlan (Rr). New Tork '
Shields: ,«une '24 -^Cuj ahoia ( i| r ). UHaj
Bremen.). New York. ■ . •.."»... -..
Hi Thomas. June. 9«, > 4 p in rarlma .Hr.
(from '»m<-rariit. New. York. .
UouloKiie. June an. a n "in— rotsdam (Dutch)
(from Kotterdau^; New Tork: : .' ' .^, cw ;
': ii Star n 1 Brothers . S |
. Commencing July Ist, will close
Daily at SP. M. Saturdays at 12 M. ; /
To-morrow, Closing Out of
Women's Suits and Dresses
At Unusually Large Reductions
Tailor-made Suits, in a variety of materials,
at $12.50, 19.50, 24.00 and 27.50
.'"' t: '. Formerly from $30.00 to 70.00
; Linen Dresses, this season's styles,
.;: at *7.50,' 11.50 and 16.50 r |
Reduced from $13.50 to 30.00
Special Clearing of ] : ]^
Women's High Cost Hand Embroidered
Wl Imported Underwear
Greatly Below Prevailing Prices
Night Robes, from 95c to si)
Chemises,. ■ 98c •» 343
Drawers, V\ , '" 1.95 " 3.73
Combinations, " 5.50 • 93
Corset Covers, , - " 5.65 •< 6,71
Petticoats, " 6.50 - 12.31
r A Late Importation of % _
French Handmade Blouses
: ' •> * will be offered Monday • <*%^
at *4.75, 5.85, 9.50, 12.75 & 17.50
Former Prices from $6.00 to 25.00 . ". ■
, » ..:■;;>'' . i .-. .--;•?/ ": v>v^ -'. "»V
Also another collection of Very Desirable
Women's Batiste and Lawn Waists
at ■"•■* 1. 45, 1.98, 2.25, 3.95 & 5.50
Women's Summer Shoes H
- An Exceptional Offering of
Perfection Pumps, Three Button Low Shoes, College,
Gibson and Oxford Ties
in the season's newest shapes, of Black and Gray Suede, Blaci 1
Tan Russia Calf and Imported Bronze Kid, Hand-sewed
and Welted Soles; highest grade workmanship.
Formerly $5.00 to 7.00 Pair at $3^
An Important Sale of
Printed Foulard Silks
in the most desirable designs, including polka dots
and newest colorings, also navy blue and white, -BR
black and white and gobelin and white, *at %JV
Regular Value 95c Yard - .-
Black Japanese : Silks, ; ., . •'
36 inches wide, superior quality, ' SIC
water and perspiration proof, • , v at vv
Value 85c Yard
. . ■ -■
Unusual Values in
Imported Dress Goods
Mohairs ! in Shadow Stripes and Plain, "Jl^
in white, navy : blue and black, at J J
Misses' & Girls' Summer Apparel
: .Distinctive. Models at Very Low Prices
Misses' Linen Coat Suits. $S 0*
in 14 to 20 year sizes, • Value $12.50, at V* 7V
Misses'.Dresses.'of Figured Lawn and Plain Chambray. '
Dutch neck effects, with borders of contrasting: colors, cm \
sizes 14 to 20 years, : . -V: * Value $9.50, at V* v
Misses' Skirts, of White Pique Corduroy. - AC*
plain habit back model, 14 to 20 years. Value $8.50. 7V
GirlsV Dresses, of Plain or Check Gingham. Dutch neck 2*j
model, with insertions of embroidery. 6to 14 years, at "*
-•?"' ■;■ .;.' .^' •' Value $4.50
" ? ' ' A . Misses' and Girls* Suits
.Misses' Suits, in various styles, $14 5.
and 'materials. 14 to 20 year sizes. at VT,
Heretofore $24.50 to 35.00
Junior Suits, two and 1 1 fjft
three piece models, 8 to 17 years. at
Heretofore $18.50 to 23.50
Boys' & Young Men's Clothing
For Summer Wear at Special Reductions
Norfolk and Double-breasted Suits, ' a;)
in mixtures and blue serge, at $5.00, 0.5"»
Values $675 to 10.50
Young Men's Suits, Single-breasted Sack Coats, _ .«£}
in fancy mixtures and blue serge, ■ 12.50, 14.50» *'"
' r ; ' • Values $16.50 to 24.5« , • ;
Washable Norfolk and Double-breasted Suits.
in khaki, tan linen, crash and white duck. at S3.ys, ..' .
Values $5.00 to 6.50
Washable Russian and Sailor Suits, _- 2.5^
in white and colored materials. : ££V;£ at *..'
''■' Values $3.50 to 4.50
Boys*- Summer Blouses, of woven and { <& 1
printed madras, with or without collar. Value $1.00,
West Twenty-third Stre« {
Mm tile June »— California <Br). (from Gla»
gowt. New York.- ' -V.
Calcutta. June Ocean Prince (Br). •»>«»
< Genoa. Jun* 21— Km . (lul). New York; ZM.
tlen^a. June 21 It j t ( lUl>. New Vurn. —>1,
Jl««kl«u UUU. N* w lork.
. ; • JM* '
Antwerp June C\ 1. P m ~~ .£*«*
N>* York via Po«er. - • m^po<*** J
Kottenlani. June 55. -* ■" •
New York via B»llfil ~ p a*"* t
Southampion. June •** ~ '
.New VorW >U Oxut»*l+

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