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»-<tf:. Tne fcaronrtrr dates troni 1700,
v.-fcen It si's bestowed by Kins William 111
K3 Sir VVj'iliiai ■•-.-.. "Parlia
r:.r::i i<V. Caithness.
Lord and Lady Lisngattock.
liia lion. Charles. Stexi art iiollr. v.ho -ivas
killed in such shock n;? fashion the other
Co.? at tb« srrc-ot a-.*iat!on meet at Bourne^
xj.o-th. -n Elnglnrtd. was so well known
In America. is-L^re fc'e iras a frt-quent vis
itor, thut v few T\-ords t-oncorrang his
family axs.y be of ;niorc»t. . He was the
iiiird sen of l,o:\l yangattock. and al
i!:oUr:h the latt«*s rteeraitt" :s of nioicrn
iiuistoj bavins lieex; !>« > stc\fc<l on li:ra us re
'■crMy as in 2VK i»y Quetn \nttorla. yet
the family hi ... oJie. nnj his Mon
isauthrhirii country place, the Ilcndrp, r r °-
i '.:r.;ci H*n4ref. r, hicn in %\tJ t ;. moans
"tiie c-Iu hoas<?.7 lm.n tn-cn in the pos.*rss:on
-' -r.c RoUses for ovi-r thre<? hundred and
::ft*- ;.«a.r&, the mansion itst!« Untinir from
IfrMJ. It has had many roya.l visitors, be
jrinnir.s with Charles 11. -who spent a couple
of nights there White flyins: from the vic
torious armies of Cromwell: wtoJe E'Jward
VII. and In particular King Gec-rf;* and
Viu»*en Mary, havte +-i;ti-t-d Share on several
The uou.^r, a wonderful medley of gzcKz,
towers and turrets, is full of sorts of
intertist;r;^ relics, trwrlnfllng a tortoise shdl
jlresstas oase of Ivir.g Frar.cis 1 <f Fi-ance:
a workbos used by Quern Ulizabeth, wh'.ch
s!ie eznl>ro!4ered h^rpelf: the identica.l hat
Nihich Napoletjn wrore at the bailie of
"Waterloo; the" chair at which Milton sat
■v hen he wrote "Paradise Lost"; the Your.;;
Pretender's vratstct at. embroidered by toe
Indies of the Slaart court of St. Germain:
the sets of si:ver and porrelain presented
by tbe English naticri to "L.<sr& NeSson: a
■<"•sl-.tr teapot and :>»a am wen by Sir
V.-illiarr! Batnlltoa &nJ tis wife, the frail
but heautif'.:! Lady Hamilton, in Xeison.
fcr t^e 3n board the Foudroyant. and Wtst,
>>ut not least, some magsificeot oli Span
ish plsir. four btouSred rears oid. whson
■was; taken ovsr to Sojtii America for safe
ty at the time of the Spanish Wars of tr.e
Baooession. &l the clore t>t the wvcnteer.th
ctnfury. £nd renr.ained loDßcealed there in
the inn:! at Ljttr, entirely t'orgotien, for
neariv two hundred years, until purchased
hr LortJ L.lan^attock during one ot h s pro
longed cruises on board his beautiful fleam
y^cht. ihe S.mta Marda. which, is almost
*s well known in foreign waters ss Lord
13 -afser's Sunbeam.
I^ord.and Lady Llangattoek .-ire both very
Ti:h. ?he l>fir!^ a daughter «>f the late l=ir
Charles Slarl^aa, chief of the Scottish clan
cf Maclean. ar;d a great htdrex-. Tt ~as
o-E-inr to this that their son Charles Rclls
v.-a^ si>le to indulge In a!i these avlJitioTi
-.-hich. a^-ccrdinsr to Ris -wrm
acKrjo%vi-?c;jrment. rest him many thoirar.as
cf pour-d=. and which refu't^d in hts death.
So orach has been written ai>oui the fatal
ace dent that it is unnecessary to add any
thin?- to the maiter. save p*>r"raps Just r>nc
or two Email persbaal touches, never
theless characteristic of ihe man. One was
that ix-fori; any sllgrlit he was n^ost partici;-
Isrly Eorup.ulous about his personal aj-r>ear
3jire and a? faFtidioue on such occasion*
»s he T.a.= carel^a about it tvhen exam:n
irf: and working at the machinery. Ke
r- al'rcd rverr time that ht made a flight
that he was challenping and he
wished. ;ik? Co!or»»;! Xtwcorr.e, *to tli-j as a
On ihe night before ::is dcuth he was
with Lady AMy uhat is to Kay,
tJ".* pre&Hit wife of Sir William Abdy. and
not tUe divorcee cf that name), and while
st taiiJe there was sonic disctittivn as to
the dancer <;t flyir.p 1 , whereupoi: he aiaxie
V.v remark, '•The-rvr are more ways ot
Cyins ti.an fyin?." a remark which ac-
Qulred & n^eciai r icnificunce on liic roiluw
icg aTEemocn. v/hen he was to sud4«aly
kijieu. jjet half an hour V^fore bis parents,
ot trfaoni he «ras the favorite son. arrived
at J->c-rnerr'o;:th to witness his exploits.
[E;- T,.1»-eraf.:-. ;■■ TSe TrJ&une. I
XewTJors, Ji-Iv EL — Kewpwt's social prc
craxurac for the pr*-?pnt week jiromises to
be l a 1! sod varied o:i':. B«?id*?r: the ffumer
- ainnere and lu&ch«cns Vj \k given, ther t
are dances an'! a receptioi£
?-lrs. ftccir.i.l'i C. Vanderbilt ;avr a *ar?<
luacbeon pun- at Sandy Point Farm this
afternoon, an>J <iinn«'r cornpanie? were en
leftained tliis cveninp fay Mrk. Mnrsden J
P« rry and Mrs. J. F. XL Clark.
H»-ir:stered at the Casino to^Ja;-- were AI;^;
A. Chaijfey, yii^a .\. yi. Brown and Cyrus
T. CrowTL. jr.. of vrickford: Mr, and Mis.
J^nus B. Eustace, Miss Kano and G^ijit*
F. Baker. ;r., of Now York, who are znestt
board the steam yacht Yikiric: WUllam
StacUiJOt*. of New York, a guest of F. 1*
Ames; Lieutenant Svcn HaroM Ponsette, of
tr-- Swedish Lezitic::: John V. TY,i,vn\t£on,
of Sew York, a s^est oi" Cyril Hatch;
•';-rrce D \Tidener, jr.. cf Philadelphia;
Philip TcmsonJ cf Boston, ami i!r. arui ilrs.
Frederick C. Havemeyer, of New York,
jruest* ».'f Mr. amJ ilry. H. O. HaV<meyef, jr.
TurtA-l S. ' Vanderbilt i: ; having i:i;
schooner vaclit Vagrant prepared for the
annual cruise of the New York Yacht Cl'Jb.
iir. ana Mrt. Oliv-r liarrinsi«Ti arrived to
ri-iy :■- the sttiun yacht Mobegan. and Mrs.
Edward H- Harriman arrived on t-i-.- ftcsn
ya<_-hr S;u!ta:;c.
ElhrtGsx T. Gerry 3rft r<>r New York to-
Cay on the Eicctra.
"VYhiut'-v iVarrciJ i^as returned to New
E. C Benedict and a party of sheets ar
rlvcd fj-dav en the j-t«-arn yacht Onciia.
(r,v T«.*?raph to The Tribune. |
Lenox. Mass.. July 31.— Mr. and Mtk. Will
iam D. O-s^ood Fic:a have Ecnt out cards
for a - o'ctoct tea at Hisblawn House tut
urday afterrsocn.
Mr. an.- Mr:-. Jljruld G-j<lwin acd fnm-
Uy will arrive to-mcrrow from Huslyu,
Long 3=san<j, to open thtir country place.
2lr. and Mrs. J. S. Arrhbold. Mr. and
3lrs. F- S. J'er^uso;: arid Mr. and Mrs. J.
N. Thompson arrived to-*ia; at ll^aioii
Xla!L Sn Etoclrt»rid*e.
t : . and i'rs. Meredith lioirland, who are
estscf :-lr?. Daniel rf. Torrcnce, tvill eai]
on A«fust 17 for Park.
;:<-. a=d Mrs. John E- Parsons entertained
t-'dtaser to-night ct Stoneover.
Sir. asd Mrs. Frank P- Nalrce. of New
York, are guest* of 3lre. » T chr. Sloan.; at
ilr. an<i Mr:. John Ellis Roysevelt and
ihe "is^et Gladys ar.d J^iac Iloosevclt have
fror.'-- to Manchester *>r zutcmzVAc.
Charles JjXDitv Lar.-renco is a KU^ot oi
l -jrcie. CHi-ricf Lanlcr. Tuesday Mr.
l*iv.-rer>ce. Miss Kitty LSLwrence arrd Miss
Trene Bigelo-cv will so to Mount Ki^co tor
♦h* wedding of Mr. Lawrence end Miss
.".rargartt Dix, which will takt fiaee on
Mr. and Mr*. Joeepo "Dyker aud Miss l^a
fcc! Dt.'ker are at Curtis Hole*.
I^flC*ey Fairfax, chairman o? the corn
rritree of the Ijer.oy. dab to consider th«
• rjanization of a coontry club ; lias an-
Dosnced that the organisation will be de
;<rri-d for the pretcnt. .
Mr. SuJd"3Jrs. .\. "V. Mead. Mi^s A. E.
Talrrcr. V.'. Chester Mead and Mr. ;:rd Mrs.
'Z. F. Nourse arc st Oreeoock Inn, In Lee.
s'iss il^*y I;ri:a? is vikiUntt ber partnts
».t Gucock Inn, In L*e.
>.'. C. Kumsu«nc luw joln«d._fcSs father,
"^."aJt^r C. HmbstOTxe, at the &£aplewood, Jn
Cocrjafe A. O'Connor, nodericb O'Connor
Ard Winthrop Ilaviiand, of New York, art
tr»: jlaplowbod. in Plttsfieldl
''trie, July •;!- Hono;"^, confciatlag <riii*Jiy
rt rrjedal?, iave be-u coaferrea upon fi«
tfco-jsftud perform whe dls^sslsiied tl.-eic
c ■ - fuilzz the r«*at Pft'-1i f.'.^di.
?&rl?. July ?'i.—l.o-die. rarulma. ttit Fr«SJp5
aviutrr; J-^5 b'itu dc.-oratcu tritib ;h« ■
; Bishop Harris of Corea Describes |
Solid Growth of Christianity. :
I . ■
; Unity of Effort in Japan Has Had j
Tremendous Effect on Whole
Nation, He Says.
• Bishop Merriman C. Harris arrived by
j the American liner Si. Louts in yesterday
| from Southampton and Cherbourg. The
! bishop was a delegate from Corea to the |
j World':; Missionary Conference In Edin- ]
I burgh and afterward toured the Continent j
A native of Meadville. Perm., Bishop Har- J
j ris sailed for Japan in IS7B as a missionary j
[to th« ■..- Easu six rears ago ',x was |
i made Methodist Episcopal Bishop of Japan, j
i with headquarierss in Tokio. : . place he re- j
rtaquished thr« yiiars asro upen the seiftc- j
; tien of _ native Japanese Bishop of Jnpan. !
\ to po to Corea as a c'sbc? there, with Seoul ,
a? his headquarters. .!
I < M''Kt of the mission workers engaged in j
•a camprii?n to Christianize Corea are Amer- j
| leans. Dr. Harris said. He will end the j
; vest of this year arnons ifc<s American Meth- |
i cdist churches engaged in the work of rai--- !
; Inp SSO.OOO for strengthecing the mission
j work in his fiV.d. In this . ■:• - iki ig ho |
J will he assisted by ■-:;::-■--■ (
: secretary of Die Corean m:?Eie:i work, upon |
j his arrival in America wilhin a few week>.
I Raisin? this fund v. ill be a part of the
: quarto-evntennial ■ ■:;:• oi x'f>f- I'cun
; dation of -■".:■ H missionary movj
. rncnt in Corea.
"Tht; two huridrid thousand Christians in
] Japar. itrv about eq-jr-i^- divided among the
: Protestants and the Greek and Roman
i CatnoliA." aid Dr. Harris. "A result of
I forty yeari' work in Japan Is four national I
' churches cf the Protestant faith. The Bap
• ... ether denomination? have Rair.cd
i nnr. footbolds. bill as ;t: r.avc r.j • 11 onal
: churches.
-"Tht; Rratesuuit diurches o£ Japan are
j practically one body, all utin^ th^ same I
! nyjnn book, the same literature ar.d the j
• E&me meihoOs, so ihe Orientals there Know j
I <«n!y t^o forms of the ■•■■■-• - religion — i
! the old and the new. Catholic, and Protes- I
| tart. A result of there being no friction
] to occasion Qoubt or •.-■■■■ Is Hiat the
i Christian rellgi«n baa had a tretn«ndouE
] ■effort on tii-? tire nation, far whit
\ appear? In the mere auinfcer cf con\erts. ,
; Ii has taken hold at the toj> through the
I influence of tlio?e in high life, and porcn
! lai^d down to the common people without
' any factions or clique* warring against
'< each otht-r.
"In Corea the moveir.f'.H in the chance
I of faith of a people having cne belief for
ceiittirles to ent?r the Christian fold i> the
I a:o<t firikin? thing in" Christianity. It Is
\ serious and thoughtful and in no sense a
■ cmzp. I iiavo fifty thousand members of
! our Ciit:rch in ;r;y rharjre. The Prcsbyte
■ rjans ire a? strong, v.-it.h another one hun
j drtd thousand divided among other denom
■ jnatlon?. U-r churches are almost entirely
: self-suppeirtlhs, and the entire ■■>'■■•
• v.ork is g«Jin£ on in perfect harmony, this
: beir.^ true :.lso in tbe conduct of hig-hcr
! edu-«tion und«r Church direction.
•'Pr. l'oitsu Hcnda, my successor as
J Bishop of Japan, is no-x a g^iest of tlie Jap
j Crinsi'l i!i New York. He was the
\ first active Uishop cnosen in eastern AMa."
Natiok. aiaa July Ul.— Representative
| Charles Q. Tirrtll. of the 4th Miissaclraseitt;
1 District^ died suddenly «.arly to-day at fcie
j Lorn* herp-.' Death "was due to a hemorrhage
] ct the I>rain. a.ud car.ie while the Congies'-:
'. man was u."."on«ious. He wis sixty--tlvp
; year? old. Con.rr-tsfcman Tirr?l!"s wife and
his only .-ron. Arthur H.. who lias betn his
I private secretary, were at nis bodEide when
I dt-aih came.
i C!iari<?s vj. Tirrcil "was a srra«iuate Of Dart
tfiOuth, class cf '«;. After entering the 2e^al
I profession" *'he becaihe a memher of the
j Siuto Senate. He haJ betsn in Congress
i a\nCM 190t '
] Original Company Will Play "The
Arcadians" in the West.
Charles Frobman lias <.nsa«*?d ,for lus
i Western • - Th- Arcadians*' company nearly
' a!l the principalai in the final English
■ company, which recently en<led a run of
! two years at the Shaftesbury Theatre, in
j London.; M«->r,y of them corns to America
! for the. first Jiuie. In bringing ...
: London cotnpany practically intact Mr.
] Fro!. man is putting Into t.peranon his plan
i lot n:i international circuit of play?. Eng
j ll>h will herewlier l»« exchanged
i with American successes in mgcii the same
I way as his N*w York. Bostofi and Chicago
j productikiiis vrill be ••-■■■_
The Western company will open in Clii*
'■ cago about Hie middle of ■■'■■■
{ fcauK' ti;n«i that tho Xew Yor'i company
' moves to Boston. Mr. Fronman will pive
; :h«- BrSt conapany a rest of two v,-teks at
I the close «»f the i^ur weeks* run at the
: Kvb -.-■'. wWch tegtns to
; ni ? !;t.
\ Sydney Ellison Will Produce Several
Pieces for the Shuberts.
Svdnoy ... well known in England
j as "a ttagi; diri-etor of musi^il coineOy and
: light opera, arrived on the Baltic yester
day, coming fr-jm toto uy -pecial ar
• ransement v.-ita the Shuberts for whom
i be is to make a number or m^ic-al produc
! UGne He Was accompanied ?.•>■ his ivifo,
t who in knqw'n on the tui^re as Kate Cutler.
Mr. Ellison maOe the original English
I productions of such pieces ai "rJorodora.' 1
j "Veronique," "Tli^ Orchid" aud I'ThejSpfihs
•' Cfcicked " It Ds 53M that b* evolved the
1 famous iv.-ctet of "riorodora" fro* a r.uni
>r thai w« origmall_y ■■■■■' ah a duct.
| s , pf-t-rthure, July SL^-Emperor Nlcho
i las - the Kmprf.FE .'-.<] others of the royal
i family returned to-day to Krohstadt 01
! board tba imp-rial yacht Standan. They
hjave been en a six ■netks 1 cruise In the
' Jia-ii:. .
Faruiv influence <t*n get a person into
1 th** larmrf circle of the Four gmidrM W
iV,v \"-H. but it rwne-* tndJvsdual melt
to^sei a position on the .%>«' Voj-k baseball
i team— N'e'v. Orlcan^Tim.rft-Democcrßt.
X hi? *uirpri.so ha« stru«k New YorK. A
prettyrwoinan has been discoveren pnemt-
Uiffiher ovw« motor car. dressed just »w
iensitoy as if ehe was driving a Ul FTOVI
! has 'qiik been * comtnvn signt in irou
i OeJice.*-Fro^td«ice Sews.
I N«.w t!)at Mayor 'JHynor has sot busy
i ilir- Ne« York theatre parties WHI r.«-^d to
1 t>p hriff snaiis atter inn , .rt.'iu: goea down.
' —Scranton Tribuiic-Rcpnbiican.
' Th^ weights and measures -i ■1• ■* tin en of
! Yti-k CHy i- ii'Ane: aggresstD work
m behalf ot a »<»i»re deal ror :• • jnyer.
' i- ltS,£ r*rfi» to i'^pp since anytnlng of tnat
I kind J appened ttere that the men who
1 make a. w^fcciaJty of ...... -• arc in
1 tensely Indigiuujt.— D««ton Journal.
1--, N<'V'" York a company hat nc«n formcJ
i •o*v.u.i?h di«he« for ptupi*? vil^> liv« in llat>.
i «'"l'h oV**'" coinpamce to v-ok tlie ■■• >J -
! da^the 6icee»ina and «-a>p ■', baMe*.
! «omen *■',; o hav> to llv<! mXcw York fia
\"y™ -Uvl \}i<> Why pl«aCKßt^Cb!e9o9 ri-'i
| QTil-llf.TSli-
CvMTAr.lr.i !t madfi 5n the New York new.s
< i ttiJefte that ttf« b»e Central Pafk aftoi
' •iitlf' ir-iiic.' !':." <>hfidr» v. So pdbUa park
1 roiail« its * -i^Miisy ymil It invents ii«.£viiy ill
• :,^ a^ «dasJ aboUshe* "K^-p oix Sws
: '.'.. H ," efPTW. '» i:oche*ter*a arroat par!:.<
1 r'U'SreW*** given 'BfiOx'tSXttaCk ned th^y
Idos.not abuse Ujeir piivMcgci\~-ItocheT;ioi'
! D--mosr»t zii r > Chronicle.
NEW-YORK daily tribune, jionday: august i. 1910.
| Settlement Workers Praise Corn- j
missioner DnscJi's Plan.
j Miss Lillian D. Wald Advocates ;
More Drastic Regulation
of Bakeries.
Thi? standardisation ot" the weight of]
■ bread, as proposed by Commissioner Dris- .
j coll of th^ BureSu of VVeiKhts and Meaa
! ures, is' a matter which is close to the great
fltratuoi oi society known as the mass.
I New York's settlement workers report that;
i 5-i-nera! satisfaction has been manifested |
onion's the working clause:- sinf-c Cornmis-
I sioner Driscoii announced Ms intention of
! liavi_f bread sold by weight instead of j
i "by the loaf," a> formerly. _ |
'VBread i.« thi great food item yvith the j
! poor people,"! said Miss Lillian D. Wald, ;
I headv.-orker of the Henry Street Settle- j
' ... yesterday. "Since the prices of meat
.have son- 1 up to the sky the poor are i
! largely d^pen'l^nt on bread, and the cry]
I against the femall ioaf Is nothing new to the |
j settlement workers. The .difference in hize j
i in ane something to the clerk and to the j
' mechanic, und if It affects them, think how j
1 much more it affect? the common laborer : ;
" 'The loaves are so much smaller now," j
I they say, and 'Now we have to buy two
1 loaves where before we had \6 buy only
I one.' They complain bitterly of the quality, j
| too. for they know that while there Is
[nutriment in fine, wholesome wheat, thers |
!i v fittle that produce* strength in Uae eot- j
■' tony; chemical stuff now used by bo many j
] of the bakers.
"Tor my part. sh< continued, '"I would :
! be delighted to pee bread -.. .• by -weight. I
I understand thai this Is the custom in E_J_
{ land, an I the foreigners tell the settle-:
j in";: 1 workers that this is thi custom on
I the Continent. Canada 1 quires a standard
I loaf, and bakers hftv* boen fined time and
j time r.gain 1c:- violating: that country's law
' in tWs respe"ct I have lo*t patience with
• th*> , ,_£• - and wp have Ion?: since stopped ,
j buying- their bread. We Iwiite our own. here j
j in the -.. lament."
•'And you tav<? money that way?"
"No. 1 can't say that we actually save
mnn»^\" anas Wald answered, "but we
sret— well, we cox better -suits, jf I may
1 use that -word. We believe that it is Jjet
| ter totavo a wholesome loaf. even if costs ,
i a litt^ more. Thr peopic we give brea.l to
lard perhaps better afi in that way than
i thofeft who can boy it. And you can have
] nr> idea how bread lißures in the nn.-als <4
j these, poor people unjtss you go anrontc
them. It is n.=t-fi at every m«al. and ofi^n
■ consUtutes the only thins on the bill of fare.
| "It is hard enough for bi?. strong work*
' i,\<--P to oaVe to cat bread in lei of 'i"'
| afid fre^h vegetables* but when k i^ uf the
: qualiiy hot ?c!J, and light Weight also, it
!Ui a shame. The city takes care of hfer
; trhiidron in ether ways, and she- should put
out Tier arm jn U.ii.-= direction. 1 believe
j that tIK- only laws now reßUlating bakeries
I are that they .be k«>r"- In sanitary condition
: ard be under factory in.- : pctiqn.
"If Western cities s*>il bread by weight,
why n't New York .1o it:" she ended
' "We arc alway? talking about hoy. iar
| ahead «c are 6i other ciu-.- T.et us show
i that we are able to keep up with them In
; th*- rare of our riii;.l-cn r caiieviniiy lh« ones
' that need this care most"
' Seventy- five Biscuit Concerns in
: $30,000,000 Company.
' Another big industrial combination will
| be launched ai Wilmington. D-L, to-day.
• when the FederaJ Kiscuit Company will be
I incorporated there wi-h a capital '■■■
i $».«»,000. Seventy-five bakeries from Den
i rer to Portland, Me. will be Included in
i the combination. The organization cora
! mine-,- fonsisift. of Thomas £. Robinson,
I Chjarlee P. F«st, president of the Fest Lii^
cuit Company, and Charts 11. Boss. pr«sl
' deut oi the Biscuit and Cracker Manu
j facturing Company, of. this city.
H;iriw«ll B. Grubbs. former pre«Hent of
I Ui« Gonsumert? Biscuit and Manufacturing
Company, fe th« 1 .adlns spirit in -he n.w
cumbiiwUMu. He will be in WlUnington to
day (or life final act of incorporation.
I other local companies concerned are the
I Manhattan Biscuit Company, the Crescent
■ Biscuit ana Manufacturing Company and
j Anger te Co: Mcwt of the other conip-inieH
| concern-.; are in v. ■■ r England and In-;
j dlana.
1 Two itomenpe" plants are Being construct
i C d— one In The Bronx and one in L-"ng Isi
| ami City. They will ... $4,003,000
I fach nn'i ■ m be managed by Ward & Cor-
I bin. who already have bakeries in eeveri!
i oth»r cities.- of the capital stock 51S.W0JW0
! will be 7 r«r ee'at ;.! »_-— - and the balance
I common stock. Only 55,000,000 mi th« pre
| rerrefl and $1,300,080 of the common w_l fen
issued at the present time. .The new com
■ blhatlcn has , ROM already lilted up !n
| the same- building as the National Discult
' Q-smpany, v.-ith which it will work in har
; mony.
j . — i ■
! John Kramer Going Eack to Germany
to Spend Days in Comfort.
I John Kramer, who for tne last twenty-
Ithrei? years has b-en day attendant at the
! pate leading Into the grounds of feellevue
l Hospital, ... .... of wvico at
! ....-■. yesterday. On Batufda? he
! and till fi.«ter, Minnl<-. will sail for Oer
' many, where thny expect to spend the reat
61 their daye.
■- 1 me 1 out of i:- f-alary o: JSOO a year
ha- managed to ■»"• M per cent and to i!)
vest It judiciously. 71is ?istcr. for a'l of
thefe yt-ars. lice been In Iho service of Dr.
! j .1 Kindred, president of the fliveroreit
j .Sanatorium, and Khe. too. has saved a lar.re
i Drbportlojb of lif.r earning?-. ;
• Hal'trr. <■>!••>, Ju'v- 3!.~Danf«>l E. donKn'u,'
c well knuvh rfctlrfJJ ftjarSsiut «i tuft
c:t:,-, is dying Oirlsbad. according '■
ijispalcbea: reqeij'jed lici-t by 2tfr_~. ConJUin.
lU: •■Conk'iiii weiu .».-. "oread v.'Hh AVilii.tr.i
"aißTburjji of this city, and Jatyb- tjclmki
■\\t>s, of Cincinnati.'
Beneficiaries oi the Tribun ' k r Fund
Only "Undernourished Children" |
Sent to This Home.
At the End of Their Stay They
Go Home Strengthened in'
Body and Mind.
"Would you V'<* to have a doctor's degree;
conferred unon you? Then just take a trip !
up to Shokani -.*. V., nnd seek out thr Kroni j
Farm. Tlio only requirements are tuat j-ou i
be a mile citizen and wear ijtore clotJi^rf. |
Nobody clad in roust- gets a Kigner ]
degree than "fnTmer." a til of respect.
by the way, which is religiously prefixed to ]
the naiwa of all recognized as natives ot
the resion.
The Jo«ree will not be bestcm-ed, mind j
you, by a grave and learned university
faculty. You will not be asked to kneel :
down while you are gtnittej) acrc^s the
shoulder blades with the trusty Damascene
blade of your forefathers, before you are
told to "Arise. Sir Knight!"
As you ascend the drive that leads to
Krom House - toe one of a hundred lads
and lasses laying in the shade of the trees
will shout. ■•Hello, Doctor: ' or ma; ■ just
'HeTXo, Doc:" and alter that it goes. Un
like more learned conclaves, thy Krom
F.inn settlement doesn't wait for til-.
dean of the president to prCneunce the
title. Tne firs', fellow who FCes you does it,
and, presto! you are it, as the Germans
You see, s:ro» Farm Is the Tribune- Fresh
Air Home for undernourished children. The
superintendent^ William M. Dunn, •.-( a med
ical student at Johns Hupkins, and his maie
-- tanta do not object to beint; called
■ , tor." if cne insisu Hence the chil
dren, it" they don't know what you are,
aesi*n you to the "doctors" just as they
would out you among the "teachers' 1 at any
other Fresh Air home.
It isn't a bad place to go for a degree, or
for almost anything else, either, this rolling
farm In "the gateway to Uje ' -"kills." as
the reeion Is called. Around it, on every
-,:. rise those time-rounded knobs that
"mint their bold outlines or. the clear even
in_- Blty." the "fairy mountains" whose
i "majrical hues and shapes" change with
: every hour of the lons summer day. And
! down between the ranks of opposing peaks
'< winds in and out the silver thread of Eao-
I pas Creek, right at _&< doors of old Krom
1 IJouse. r- 1 Xr-
For two seasons now this Fresh A:r
j farm, which formerly received the sam:
class of children as other Tribune homo:-,
has b'-en set aside ac a place where special
provision is r.ii.l^ for children who come
from families some of whose members have
: Children Are Free from Disease.
; Only chiiafeft who arc themselves tr2'i
frofn the disease, however, can be received
at tr>e farm. ElCfi One before being sent
must "pass -i special examination made '" v
Dr. I. Ogdeti Woddrutf, Of Net» York. They
are however, what are termed by physi
! cians, "under-nourished children." children
whose physical condition wftukl render them
easy victims if once the fclague to u-hicn
they are dally exposed should gain a. foot
jhald 'jn their meagre bodies.
' Bntnedlalely upon their arrival each cnilil
i in welshed and aubjected to » test to ascer
tain the quality of its rod blood. Mo^t of
! them prove to be tlndcf normal weignt. and
of impoverished blood. In vie* of these
: facts, tbe life ..nd food at -the home are
! regplated so as, it possible, to irier-a!?* the
! weight or the children and to enrleh their
j blood, thiiß fortifyms them ■'- linra the at
■ tarks of disease.
To this end care is taker, that they shall
[at no time overexert th~m» and cer
tain periods of aDSoliita rest during each
day «".re prescribed. The food provided r>
[selected with .111 eye always to its superior
..... aim *. Every child is required
. — usually it -.■■:■ to enforce It
I*« a ■ re'qulrei.vnt— to drink at least two
i glasses of ra:k at each meal, and alPo a
i moderate quantity at stated intervals be
tween hieals. "he to !k Used i* moreover.
required to be of a very high standard ii
I flesH making- materials.
The children atu kepi at Shoß for near
ly twlc^i the customary Fresh Air vacation
jof two weeks, vrhen they S o home the re
iulta of the life are evident in almost ail
Inilahces. In the case of the first an
, criteria Inc.) this season, the girls gained hi
iUrcragf nt four an- one»quarte* pouna-t
! each, tiVc boye, because of Ihoir greater ac
1 tiv tv, thrw nr.d one-q-iafuT. Only one
I child failed to gain. In addition to this
pain in \viirht. their blood gained in esscn
!tial qualities from 10 to 1". p« r cent.
Just how the young people themselves
enter into the. •i.ii of the ghokan Home
rthe ,iiowlns note, copltd from a postal
I card written by one Of the present guests,
v.iU show:
"Dear Grace-- I received your letter 1
a- g-»d to hvr© you are well I am having
a . good time I weight 73 Ib when I ?o hone
(I am going to wei_ S3 ibe Til be a piS
tivm I drink at least 3 slaeses of milk a
[meal I eat 2 plata of oatmeal for breck
1 fast ai 3 o'clock milk and crackers thUrsdaj
' morning i..- nr,ta wt-re coverded with c!ou Js
jmy blood was tested It is T$ r - Doctor said
I must be So'- o well I hope you will write
«atn; • T ™*; t ;
! It must, not be supposed, however, tna.
' ...... ljnpresse<3 upon them the
! i.iea thai ■■„ are invalids, or iRAt their
i young iptriti dampened with tho Intor
! million that they .live in the presence of ;i
! constant menace. They a* bidden to ".-a:.
| drink nd be merry,*' and are hclp.?.l in nil
! p9aslbl^ -ways to do these thing!".
Fishing with a Bent Pin.
i The other .... when a Tribune reporter.
I visited the fan he found Uio hundret.
gsier. atvtoed Into rallies at twenty
fsvo and Ju»l starting out fcr a morning
' walk llowtng them a little later, he
found one party of girls sealed *>R a cirpet
of pine needles In a thick grove of plneu
'at the iivtr'.s t-Uy- Ufftgnlns ith rapt at
! teniiovi to the readlns of "Alice in Won
«j.'rland." f«-elln(J dowbtless amW their new
| S'.uvoun. lings .a certain kinship with Alice.
i A Htt!i l'-i '.!■■ down me course of ;i;e
jatrsara utre iwt-nty-five other, ■•'"■
j Ing M-ith the proverbial bent pin. Nine of
thf-m eeemecl to b<? aware that one of thoso
! llt'tie wrijisl"!'* »>t«h as «re found In ihal
! lovfi at. v jEircam's ease v ..ul'l HniJ it ait*
' Gcuit to BwallOW a pin con»ldcrably biss<tr
==zz :
than himself. Even if they didn't catch j
anything they could boast to their friend- ,
of the experience on their return to the city. |
The Loys had gone upstream. They were i
found clustered around one of the *'i!oc- .
tors,'.' who had made himself a greit man t
among them forever by proving his ability j
to mane a whistle out of a willow wand j
with no tools but a jackknife. Well for ,
the feelings of ilr. finchot and the other j
believers in forest preservation that they-|
were not there, for every uoy had to have |
a whistled and every whistle meant the ex- I
tinction of an embryonic willow tree. And. j
what is more, "Doctor" -.■.-.- had to ;
make all the whistles— a fact he v.ell re- j
members. ■
But when all is said and done. Rip Van j
Winkle i^ King cf Bbo-U Why. it wa3 j
up there on Hish Mountair.. Just a ?tep j
across the valley, or on one of those other ;
peak 3 that one can see welling up to n j
noblfl heiffht and lording- it ■ •■- the sur
rounding country/ that he slept far twenty
years. And a fellc-ar that can steep for
twenty 3'ears and t!i*>n wake up can bo
king of ::r,y place Ise wants to. as far as
any small boy is concerned. I
Next to Rip in interest com"? Henry !
Hudson, with hia champion team of bow!- ,
ers, who, of course, still infest the moun- j
tain fastnesssai. During a thunder :
those who are not to greatly frightened j
may be heard commenting as the intensity j
ot the thunder jieols varies:
■„•■ that was a strike!" j
"Nope; only a spare."
a hat guy is bouncin' the ball down j
the all^y." '
'A iii i that a tcorcher?*'
The rpglon is full of mystery in addi
tion to the store of Ir-gentls which arouse
the hungry imn^nations of. these children I
from the shut-in canyon streets of tUc '
city. .'■ feTv mornlnga ago all were full !
of the fact ihat th»y had seen the moun
tain topi "above the clouds'"' There are
numbers of haunu-il houses, too— due to
the fact thai Mrora Farm is in the Asho«van
reserve, where, most of the property hav
ins been condemned, the former inhafci
i tants have moved avay and left vacant
houses open to the weather.
At this Cat:-kill U< me the youngsters
have a good time and go home strengthened
jin body and mind. But it is really a pitiful
; thine to look over the 4"J'-us little com-
I pai.y as they sport out and then to real
ize what a Damocles iitvord, as it ware,
I hangs by a thread over their heads. .cy
j ought to be kept at I^rcm Farm for years
j instead of months, until strong and vig
orous, they could make homes for them-
I .■elves beyond the reach of that danger into
! tne jaws of which they must go back after
! a few short •. - eks.
Is. K. Kilnvr $Zok*)
I ••r!far=< do not puolihh our company's
! name" jz c*\
i "Do not publish my nanio" <J. F.) i~i<o
I A. H. Tiliis, New Koch*!!e, N. i" 1500
"In memory ot my be!ov-<l mother" .... ■■> '■<>
! Charles A. Der!s-r . tT. ( 0
111. E. Stver.B, Troy. X V ... 10 00
I Mr.^. Mnrv T, liary.cz too
Mr WHHam Wj's .n. Mount Veir.cn... -i 0
j "in memory of j. is. T." . r. cx>
, M. Plgher, Sons & Co • • ii
S. A. H...., 'icn>
j L. V. Farrlaston. Hy<le Park. N. V. . . 2 »t>
1 "Please do not mention name" (E. Hi SCO
!W. B. Cr>i,; v !iii ": ; . 200
Kir.!! Sletili. Montciair. .v. i 2 .V>
iJ. H. MoUgSOn 100
WllHarti :"uh!rm.?r. New Rochelle, X. V. 100
Gilbert Hoffman £ldtnberg, Greenwich.
Corn, r i no
B. n 1 00
I in response to appeal, Xew RdcheUc,
1 r X. 5 100
■ in re»ponse to appeal. N"«w Rwliellt.
I *. r 100
! In resp^nsf: tt> < pea . ... 10
j Elizabeth Hoppe, New Rochelle, .■-' v. 25
■ Previously ;.KUno\vl» ig-ed -3,18] 73
Total, July 00, 1910.... $2r.._71 98
Contributions, preferably by check, money
or express order, should be m-idc payable
j to the order of tnc Tribune Fresh Air Fund
j ;?nd mailed to The Tribune. New York.
• ItJirinl I!v«-ord ami I'orfH-not. — Waahln:;ton.
I July SI. — The Jietui-Lance that w-is ovrr t! «•
i St. I.aivrence Valley Saturday moverl eastward
j off thf north Atlantic coast, and it has bf<*n
j followed !•■ rising: pre&surc, norther!;.- winds
j and moderate temperature over all diitricts
i east of the Missis! Hlver. Th» temper&tof*
i lias ris-:n over the plains states and the
j Northwest ur.iler the influence of an area of
I low barometric pressure that is forming in
1 tTr» cStPcme' Northwest. "fliere were local
I rains within the last twefity^four h.^::« in the
I Onlf and south Atlantic st.itPF. Bortherh New
j Knglaml. nonhern Mirhl^an. Minnesota anrl at
j widely scattered points in ih»> Kooky Mountain
I regions and th-? plains states. <_>v«r the
j Kr^ater part of ihe country, ever, the
I weather was fair, \vilh tße exception of local
I showers durins Monday and Tuesday on th>*
south Atlantic and east Gulf roasts, and In
••■,■ Rocky M.-.untain regions and the miilril*.
I plains states and the lake region; the weather
! Will be ffpn- rally C~Or during .tho next forty
i elfrht liov.rs throughout th" countrr. Moderate
' taenrppratute will ontlnu" 1:1 the Eastern
I and the weather will b<- cooler in tUt>
[iCprtbwePt and »otnetFhat warmer In fl-.e Ohio
1 and mMd!- Mlasfssippl Valleys. In othor dis-
I tiicts it will not change materially Mundr.y
i and Tuesday.
! Th* -wind' nlnnsr the New , Kns'and coskst
i v.ill »•- liK'»t variable, mostly wert; alonz thfl
1 mie'd'e Ailanlie ro;;st. Uifht >I ■ ; >■ aioni?
! t!H SiTtltfl Atlantic rind Past Gulf foast.". lisrht
: t.j inodorate virtable: wtst Oulf coaj<.. ill"- 1.
i t-ralp south: on the lower tee, l:s:!n variable,
! mostly south and so;u'-wT"»t. ->-'.i on tha upper
I in**-.' lit-ht to moderate rarjable. .
: Strainers departing Monday for European
; jroi'f wii! have iß«Jerat« west wirtfs and g-?ti
j craliy fair weather to the Grand Dinks.
; fitrrrnst for Special L'iralltir*. — For rCew
! Enfc'Und. fall 1 to-day: iili?:iM!y .v.-.r m * r It
f,. rrtawei portion; Tuesday, partly cloudy;
light ... winds,
r-'..rr -'..r Ea**ern S«» York, fair to-day; Tim-
I day par eleudyj probably showers in we
! t.reme north portion; moderate temperature;
I lirht. varl«rble winds.
For mc District ot t'oi'injbi.'i, Kaatvrn Ponn
: ffvivaniii. N«w Jersey snd Dtlaware, fair ia
■ ttm ] prohabiv Ttte«dajr< mtxlerate tamper.
: nef^ture! Helit vaii:li'»- »<rr'p.
■ s r o- Western .-■ ivnnu. fair to-day;
I Tu"*-S' !•»*". uortiy i-toil'lv. itifhlerai« tuirpur
i nture; I'iht varlablf wina»,
r-i-,- Western N«w Tork, partly clouar, with
! showers hj W-nignt or Tuesday; li^hi variabla
i winds.
OIHr-tal ol.se rvat lens of L'nltud States artatber
!.ur«ai.j» taken m S p. ra y««t«rday-, follow:
I cj t j "!'»;nir e r"Hiurc. Weather.
I Albany 1} Clear
j»raht«c CUy [1 « ta! ;
; Ifoetcn 21 H : " y
BUffak ?J t1 * ilr
I Chlcajo <*> S* ar ,
Ko« OrJ«ah» !>1 ' ■*" '■>
jot. Uxils * = rUar
1/Wojthineton __I__l_l'" - v '"' nr
Th« tollnwinK cftit-ia! r:*cnr.l from tIM WrSther
j Uun-uu iIMMB the chur.s<!* !:i tf^ temperature
I for tlv- lait iwer.ty-tOOr hours In ionipirlaon
wit!i thy;' c6rireiipo«ding o^t« ci' la«t year:
! IWtij. l«l». ! VMS. ID!>>.
! 'Id ni . . , . 7-» »>*> iCp. vi To 7^
i 0 a. :\nv. 13 WIP p-tii T* -7H
1., a *•;,. 7?* COjlVP.'hi T;i;"Tl
12 „j M T.-.lL';). n: .... J». ,_
;Ip. m *2 '«!
HltfWtal tenip:*rat'Srv > f >»*trr>liiy. So dfertss »at
. :s':iu p. 111.); UnvKSt. £t>; 'z:x*-r*x>:, 7^; avcra-rv
f.-'r t-irnspontii.-ik! <l«l" l~*t year, n avtrase lor
corrsapocalns dale lart t!..rtj--tnrei» >«ars, V«.
Lwul foreewrt UMtay: T»-day fulri Xueadnj,
IWth' ctpuijy; lifit' l variable winO*.
J. Eacis How Wants Lodging j
House as Free as Public Library, j
Brotherhood of Unemployed m
Meeting Told of S5 a Day \
Jobs for the Unskilled.
.;,.-. the "miinonalre hobo," [
cam.-; Hark frfim Philadelphia, yesterday and i
.. Mr- Md at»:ut a hundred hcoo.-^ who
had sathere': in meet h*ra at Xo. 3S Korsyth \
street. Sir. llctr- <ixplah:<»rl that he had i
been arre?te-d in Philadelphia far .«p*rafcins \
in the strcf t. and he "Just ran over, sa it »
-. - r- . between court sessions."
"I have to go liack to Philadelphia." he i
remarked, rrlih a sort cf wistful f^ize at \
' r.ls tV.lows of tfee Crotnerhcod of the Vn- ;
i employed. "T' ¥ .=. : have to %o back to {
Philadelphia to-morrow— l thtos it<s to- {
morrow that I so on trial."
Th« Uttie me* | yesterday drasr^d ■
*onif"?-hat for tha most part, thought at
time?, such as wher. llr. H<y*r announced
that nominations to the committee on re
freshments uould be entertained by the
chair, ,i brl«hten*d nj>. That committee
was in fact the only working con-mittee
'f' the __tr< ""B* 1 ftei"e w»s *«w ha>l" j
clcaen otUer liOianiitteea (liUy selected and !
r*sai^:e,j to various tasks. One committee |
vras designated to lock afrer jobs for tfce [
men. and an6ther to mvestiKate trairspor
tation—that i 5. free transportation to such i
places as ere in need of 'a.'nor— and still j
ano.her was elected for the . .--- of in- ;
v*stigattn< the Mantdpal Lodging- Hou?".
"A man should -■• able to approach the j
Municipal Lodging House."* sai.l Mr. How, |
"jusr as he arrproaehes the public library 71
and * nan shouU! be a't>U to -•-^ hid- J
*eif o: the prtvileiaa of the lod^ln^ bosae i
jrst as he -svo-jld dra^x a book from the |
library, whenever he tvants 10." :
Another important committee tt—_oß- J
■?:as to the commiUee on protection, though \
ti.l3 -..-...-- a^ concerned j
Tvirh the tariff or the high cost of living.
The protect ion they are to look into is
fr»>m policeraen wiio too fnilustricusly ar
rest and hTiDrHon "vass/'
"This matter of arresting *va^3/ "* said
llr. How. -is senins: to be tea common. A I
friend of mine in St. Louis— Henry Clay j
Pierce— ?.a3 arrested, and made such i
threat. of trouble that they turned him j
loos* asrain; but a friend of mine la N'e-w
York, -These name I won't mention, was
arrested, and they turned him loose— on
the Island. That was because' Mr. pierce
had money, but my friend in Nerv York
had none."'
So that committee on protection «■■
named, but there was no ru?h for places.
because, a? one unwilling nominee ex
"Hutv fell you soin' tar- fvid a cop?"
With the liill.ltrr on refresh meats it
was different, though, several candidate*
voluntarily offering themselves as nomi-
nee* It appeared that llr. How. before
fominij to the meeting, had ... the fori
tsu>ught to order Mine iandv> ietes aa lem
onade s«nt up to the hall, and it was Uie
committee's duty to distribute portions.
After the refreshments had been served
Mr. How told his audience that be hail
really come over to New York to recon
struct things In regard to the association
of the. unemployed. It was his aim. he gakl,
to provide jobs lor all and to organize tiie
unskilled laborers so that they should fee
able to demand 15 £ bur for their services-
One rather timid brother sot up nerve
enough to interject the opinion that they
could demand ST> a day right M if they
wanted to. but for him. give him his little
old. $1 »K> a day that ■—■•---
ditches and lied be satisfied.
llr. How explained kindly that he did not
have the right point of view, it teas b«
caufe the wori*inj?mar. was so motlera-te in
his demands that he srot little, he said, and
be advocated the mod2st pian of paying
vagrants for the time they »p«nt en ihe
Island, so fiat th<*y might leave prison
better off than they were sent to it.
In spite ••■ the demand for jobs, how
ever, the •:-•:- with Mr. How
rendering a tenor solo, the wards of whicb,
he ild, went un-3er the title of "Work
insmen. unite. ' and tHe sentiment of which
was, "ShaH wo still be pens and tvork for
wages'.' It is outrageous, has MB for
I ages."
There was no vote taken, but the senti
! ment of the eting seemed to be strongly
| for the "serf and work for wages" propo
. sition.
i Catholics Here Announce Plans
i for Eucharistic Congress.
■ In the announcements of plans for att*-nd
! an.-c of Catho.ic rri^tjs and laymen of th«
New York Archdiocese at ihe Euchariatic
C'.>i!giv>s in Montreal tarly next month.
made in tilmo.^t all Catholic cburctoea yestcr
1 day and to all Holy Name societi*?. crCß^.a
j sis was laid on ih« i&ci tljal Bowers wgl
jbo ti-an.~portcd freo by the railroads. Klow
jars form a chi^f part of th*" r.ovtlty t>f tiio
'■ parad<-, and it ia expected that at MQBtrjpaJ
: th^rt- will t)« Uie greatest display <tt rtower^
i over made o;i this tidt of the Atlantic
Th-.- Holy Name societies will'liavo w>
: ;*;.ei'i;ii train.-, to .Montreal. Eacii society
. i.-, planning to send two Relegates, but many
who are not «lt-le?ates will 50. The sp«;eiH!
! for men exclusively v i.l kave this city
! early on the nigat of September 10. arriving
\ In Montreal |n time to taKa part in ths
i greai paraded An earl er «p»---ia! t wbicn
1 will take women; will leave <-n .-=eptenib«r S.
In most of the Brooklyn churches ye?t.r
diy arransenients were posted. The Xavier
Alumni Sodality, wbich includes sradtatea
of Harvard. Yale ail Colmibla. will also
I send v !ars«-> delegation! Many «>f the ex
! curslohists will atop at the Catholic sramner
I school, or. Lak<: Champlain. and a •■'■»■ will
I jco en the shrine of St Anne do Beaapft
•An exeureioii .... i-_-ft last tic-) for thj
! Quebec shrnf.
i The Euctwrjstie Conareaa is. held for the
! ptirptised of coieoratlng and gJorifyir.s t.^e
I Hu!y Eucharist and nn.iinsf the bert ir.eana
[to spread knowh-dse and loye of the Uk!
'In tlta ihrju^hout the \vor!d. The
6he in ilontmtl trnj te in session from
\ Feptcmbcr r to il. and It is the" twenty-first
to be held. The first took place In Lille.
I Franc*, in 1351. ana the am m an EnffUsb
i ipeaktot country in ..- s - mhm a "ms^s
j trai held in London.
The parade at the eor.irreas will lake
'place 01; Sunday afternoon. September 11.
fit !a expected that fifty tftousand pei-sor.-*
I will actually Ulw par' « n(1 that the °"-
' l orVc-i "ii number two Inun'.red thousand.
> :
| ••Write Heine and Go Home," Dr.
Darlington Advises Men.
Bisl>or< Janus Henry Darllnstop. of Har
! risburs. IVnn.. wk* *»'«• tin Uowery W?s
j vion l:t-"t nUht to v cruwj tha: comp!«tcjy
I iut'd thfe dieting rtmm. The Bishop ia not
i t! Stranger ?o U;e mixsl^n. for when rector
i ot Christ Church. In WUUaraafctJrg. he took
\ \ *rpat in.crest la Moilur Bird ana htr
j work.
• ;BUhop D»rtinston'ii Uplg !*st night tnu
! •llome." «nd he t^l 1 the mea to think of
their home; ?o think of the mother «--r lh*
wire or the children that were at home and
t»,\vFlto ..... t«»tte:* &a coon a» the ser
' vi,\- was over. "You know to wbcm you'll
j writ* that letter. <and you'll fee', fcettt^r twr
! it." advi.-ed the Hlst.op*
1 srTTl«re may Ue an old cootb*t a; h^nie wise
I t-; thinking of you to-nfeht: there- may be a
wasn't it got discouraged and fault? How
.■";.■- .■- ..■
mucii d : <l yot: spinel for lirjuor and tobacss*^
Think the ,w. • • over and go ba-k horn«
an>! say. - I-«* 3 forget It and start all over
T'c^ usual free -t ' " .::.'•' . ot tSa>
Totair Wom-n'3 Christian \«-*>ci_;.:a_»
summer school "u"il! take th< form OA<*
evening '?: a BH_B_M- festival, wICi
.«onsi;. 'Janc*i« a^d musical <;rilis. I?i^ s^lj
tfi*m?ehv<»3 will furnish th« entertairvniert
with a promising programme. for irhiri*
tic clashes In f.locKti<;n. ?in/»j and nhysJ
caJ culture hay,; b**i prep«ririii tS«?nis»iV'?3
f>,- w-»?ks. The ooject of ths ■ "
g»Jl«o: 1^ not so - .en to Instruct as t«>
a^Torii recreation tn voting s:!rT» Jivlni; aTor^
in the city, who arUjriit oth#rw!.f« have n>
pieadant. place, to sprnrt Uitir evpnina.'fc
rfer*; th^-y firti roo! rcom< and ptaisanc
comf»an7. __haag «M opportunities to • *ra
a ntaiibrr of bseSal thins:*.
From The St. Paul Dispatch.
SJJXwaakee haj an Interesting pian. for.
h»*»pjnpr th<» str"<»t."! Heart. **TT» plac»" to
tepin is vrith ti.e cliiirtrsn.** -a.v i Mayor
jsetdl.: so t»e sjot op a seherne ot prtsrs ami
pren*i!"j=is fr- work done by th-i Tittle ony.
I« w Tvorkinr wond«rs. OntJns: rrrp*-.
medals and book? ar» zlven as awards, and
the Juvenile popr^ation ia very rouclx inter
•atsa. _^__^____
TJ»Tl>^rl — XTCHCI.3 — By the Esv. Jrln 5X«<1»"»
Fi>s:»r. at the QraxcS of f.Te Jlesrtafc. Fos^js.
en Sar-ir'lay. J=: r 20. Slr% FrzrtnHa Sldxti*
to J. Allen Tayiar.
>"olUr»-» ot mnrr*Mst» ami rf««th» raa»« *•
accnnapoaied hy fall name «nd i«i<lrf«*.
AJI-R? Tul!* Sf.. Dr»uah*rrr. MicSael X
Cant-w^U. iuna.E. JtaJlwwson, a-% I".
Carl'rl*. John G. Strcon. ICatherlne.
ComXXkjvn. Haigoah! X. !*ti.»!l. liary.
D^sr. Katie T "Wii.lazis. EltsaSeth. C.
.VL.LKX— At PselisMlt V. T.. JuTr 3P. Mi
swW^nly, Julia 11.. wi;» S. n«^her AHeHi
Fhbct. fcroni ?t. P»t*r'* Church. ?-s«tuMtU
Tu«siir. at Z-2>t p. m.
' CANT WELL — JuK- B -usan Harriet Ca=rwe!t,
i 22sr» 23 yea -s. 'Service The Funeral CTturcJu
211 W-- 2M jr.. Frar,i E. Ca»pfc*n Bid?.
i CARHZSIX — In tSSs cttr. on Sunday. Jalr St.
j<>j» R 6. CarTlsl-, of TC»«hta^toß. D. C 13
fs» T^'-h ycir ■>? ai» *g« Notte-* ot fnn«rAl
I -
b<-'ovel wife of Xasar COBtfltjaa, JuTy 3D. a£
Swsmtt. N. J. F'J^eral 3f«r?-Ja7. Anyat Uat
T:2«» p. m-T from the rf«id»»«:^. N9. 10 D^
Faieat aye.. Summit. X. J.
X.»^'tr.P. f-'Vi'i^n':-*. S'JTUla^ afternoon. Jnty fl.
luli» a- B~fiioT-l =-ation. N". T-. Katte T-.
trtfe of J. Osrio'l &5-W a=«i <iaus»ht»r et ?ft*
late Dr. Jchs tCKßterfiL F-JTterjl ssmtflf
from the cealJeiace of ber sister, ITrs. H. F.
- Ryier. W*dn<;sc!.ir. Angegt 3. at tl a. — .
I Carrtae^s win b<? ta waZtini: a: B^trl 3B
? ticn. X. T.. on arrival ef train !»artr!¥ Grind
I Central IVpot »----. nc. latfnrws:. C?sres»
flUi* CMWft^ry. . Auerai 3. a* *
p. m. FrleTni? are tnvi-.er!. ITiraniK-fi! (JCS*
. •-■■■-
I DO^^HERTT-Mr'r^ap: J. Oo>:sh-rrr. LTte? W
; «tat'- TV; Fuß^ral Cbnn'ft. West 23d at.
- m E. CainpbeU Buiitfinsi.
f iC^TIiE"K"iOX— JsiIT 28. Clara Franoss Mathew-
Charch. Z\l S-T st (Campo^ri ETdS.T.
SEXTON-Jtiiy SO. Kath^ne FvTton. ££*/£&
bs in sfars. TM Far^ra! 2«
FY— ait E. ■"__:■. p'-:' w>nv>
' -".; i LC-Jn*-- .Tft. Mary Srr^.il. a«?«l 3a JWfl;
Otmvb. No. 211 tC«st l^d at- Caciatell BuiM-
Wsl. LI A -Ma— SuiT'ia--. Jn'.r St Z::iah«th Co^s
• >
th* U:- TT^xtare J. Cogsw-'i. Fun-rat at
Grat-* Gwwch, Ja.i^»i<^. Urns Ula-vi, Tuesda:--.
August 2. ii 4 p. x\.
the no-.iCLi«> !■■■■■!
■a readf.r acc«sJ^Je by TTar'-rr-. trains '- ■»
Grand Cerrtral St^-t^f*. W»h»t<»r anii > IVNM*
avenua trouays and by carria?- »^>:s TO» uy.
Tel«9tU«« s:;ri GraffiiT-r f->r Boon o: \.w'
or cepiWßtastTß.
Oflos, 20 Eaat 2HJ St.. N>c T«w3t Cirr.
FTMVK r-\>»FB£l.t. 341-.": TT-«t 2*4 St.
Cliap«:a, ?rivar* Eooiba Prtva.;» AaMla^i**.
Do ■■ vraut desiraole nelp quickly?
•ttlthir the Sic of applications of selected
ispiranfcj for position* of various kinds
ivhrcri ha.-s just been Installed at liie Up
town Office cf
THE NHtv-YonK tribune,
Xo. 13*54 Froadwar.
Between 3Gtii and 37th Streets.
OfEcc hours: 9 a. m. to 0 p. nx.
; D»U» Elation. One Cent in City of >'«
! " York. j-»— • Cit* ami n»h>*k.ea.
Et-v-Trberr. fw» Cent*.
-„„,!., Cuttica. I—ling1 — ling similar Ma*_
a jtae. frr* Ccata
In «n *3 ;Jt Oi ' :nssl *=*>««• -tneri <r_J
be «hiir»«l I vent p*r ->ut extra I»**p.
Hail*. P*-' BioQih *122
IMBt. P*r J«* r S
Dally '-■• -'—■.'■■ ■ - **
: ■ ■ *

Nu . 2W W<m i^'- 11 ***** aE<i -'°- rl3r 13 v ~*^
: -

TKuafl O«* & Sen, Taurut oaca ■ ■**■•
*?*? ■-„; ?v;'cf titc mrßcxe is a «*<
> . -
«JSl?Bueaa. So. 53 F.u* Csußboc.
S?af?ffiM * Co-" No- S= ***•««■
O^^lESus. &BKU *J» EKMSO
Cont*n*ntai Hotel Nswss'-asd
'i£S3n Bxvrets CcKpanr. Xa II Bw

1 ,
i ■»
M : .fff*rt«. ISA
» Vs.
r- ... .».; couve.iter.cr tf TtilBCJfS r«J«T«
a^-^'J aVr»«i«w*nu hay* i**n rr.ad.- t.» ;;«:> sfi*
DULY ana SI'NDaY TRIBUNE on til* In U*
r«*:-i«r S^ea of tlw 6nWH rart'-.i Mto«: _,
Hotel. St Brain* iUtel. .Mlviljiaj Oraail
Uriel ard Ettstoo Kct*L
prV»r'r/-lM!«! fan::a-nt»l. Gr»od Katei. tt>
il.ri*! gt. Jaestp et a Albany. Ifur^J^Mwiaß.i
t!>>i»i <iv t*»rc aaa Uow: -ea '...■. uj .•.•;...•.
rtp-jji ;t*"*f flats! ?p!esil!i and Hotel J« '»
t * _ — t -
Htt LANI>-Tii« K^f-Tus. £.h.»i.«alas«e.
C y^^i V viion eZ&WU* ***** and O»«l CS>-
K»tfj»«rt»i ai.l ©mad Inlon H*!. Dt**c*«:
a- h^-* Mor.-iv ;*-M^T!-c^ ?. Fnuak«*rt: H>
••li "<»<jriH«er-2.-»hrinseph»'f. Ff B iftuiv: He;*! "i2a
r" a! liani.v'r; Hct*l *..'an"tr!<?-til. It-iei
i-y^-% Scasoni an! Hot^l <I* Russia. T.Jun:cr.:
ll«-.««i SKi^KftCl and tictt*! .V*tr<r^4e. Na^j
h*im: The Kur Uote>;. N«uenahr-Bj>;l;
t^n^er««?r-Itof. NcieTrfce*-^: Hitet N«.«a-rer
»lof »lct*s KaOetfiot. Pa!*C« Hnttl. Jlotal
RVSSIA— Kotd H r-ln. U-*ow.
«sViT7r'!l^XP — ilJte! VTctiorta. lUi*: Kot«t
Vic'orui tn'-er.aken. Palace Hotel. Xla;ojs :
Mon:r<-u:: ThwnrrtH^. Timn.
insTRJ v— Hut^-i uriswl. Vienna; Crar.d Ratal
Hur«i'i.">. tt'-JdatW't: Hiitt't pav^v ana U'*i_
V'l«arit Hotel Nattsoai, CKrfitfKUk: H*tel
Tvtol t«m»uraclc; wary's IIut»l Kitaigarrtlfii
franco- ««i: llt>it"i W*«mer w^ Uo;ii KUn^
*T *f.Y— Oirsn.l Hct?\ 6rwt^|T9Ul t^uinaai »r.d
iiat t {»'*:. B«-n«: h«"««! .v»i:* tusi*, c^r
non^U 1 . Cwmo; S^v-jy Hou«;. {Tot»; r.riiiJC'f and
jEScn !*«»!*<?• Hotat. Genca: Orji»* Siotst »ft*
HAWi K.^yal Xactc^. ' Vccice; -.- •- Haiel,

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