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Of Interest to tif omen
Empire Influence Growing in the
World of Fashion.
It ir quite possible that even In tlieso
Ca>"s of highly developed educational sys
tems there are still some persons wiio
<Io not knew much about the French Revo
r-ition. and rainy of those who arc; best in
firmed on the subject may bo unaware
that it has any connection with tiw- ciothes
that tnc fashionable woman is wearing to-
Aay. After tiie Revolution the French pco
j>le carried their contempt for all the tra
«!iticws by ■which they had formerly been
Bj^aaaaaai Into the realm of fashion. They
?x>rrcnared Ideas for their clothes from all
p«opl«s and all times, and any novelty was
if only it had th.i power of pleas-
Ing. A mania for Oriental shawl? and fab
rics •w-a.s developed. anJ Josephine, tvhen
Ehe teraans Empress, hronght in classical
Ail tntse tnauence- resulted in the beauti
ful costumes of the First Entire, irons
■which the famous dc^ign^rs have copied so
many charniijjsr effects for their autumn
r.3\>deis. The rrsoFt noticeable thing about
tl>*> Empire styles is Their classic Eiinplicity.
The material of the ehort waisted bodice Is
laid in soft folds, one side crossing over
the other like a fichu. This arrangement is
eeen r.ot only in evening gowns of the most
fJciicatt fabrics, but in tailored costumes as
•u-eil- In tiie lighter gowns the classic note
Is often err.pbasiz-.-d by the cord that serves
es a "girdle. The sleeves are long or short
es preferred and of a comfortable and
graceful fulness. The straight, narrow
skirts are superio" to their prototypes of
the last century in thai They are without
itrffaesa of any kind and therefore fall in
more beautiful lines.
The Empire influence has been steadily
jfiouins uf late, and it would be interesting
t». know just where it is going to stop.
I'erhaps the curious litxle jacket mus;ratt.d
amjf :• et become the ordinary garment for
•"omen to wear when they appear in the
street, or the lair equestrienne may be seen
taking a morning canter in the i>ark wear
i:ig a tailored coat of the same length.
made In mar.nisa style over a frock with
the waist Itoe Just below the bust.
1 /^^lSl^SS^r^^ 11
X trifiins feintJneaa Here and there
le. Xiv.z a fcimp^.. siuaU ariuir.
Vet if your life has sown them free.
Wide Bhafl your happy harvest be
•»f 'rit-r'i« <j» love, of sweet frcod triu.
TVat «--:." rrnviins an! Maddens still.
— Leonard.
For Outings.
There were iuud lamentations from the
cash ?irl£ in a department store on Sixth
avenue when told tlia-t there was a doubt
about their getting a Sjjnshlne outing be
t ii-u^e the money for this particular fund
■*a.i Io»". It has been the custom for sev
.rz-1 rears to make one of their Saturday
half hoUdaya in August a real eunahlny
tiaifi by rending Them off on a long trolley
nds'lo some piace where they couid have
pijnie amusement and enjoy a plate of ice
£reaa: A car is always chartered and
wjjtv cr nor,; have this pleasure. The
z-^V. cum «f Jli w:ll cake another such
joyous occasion possible.
Tbere is dicappoir.tir-er.t In rtcre for the
Llir" 1 " people at the Home for the Destltnte
Blind, on Amsterdam avenue, if they tmsa
their usual Sunshine drive and ice cream
treat. SCothisg but a lack cf funds will
trsve-t them from having tt.
In Brooklyn there la a cick wcrk'.ng girl
who needs a few weeks ir. the country;
oth«rirtse she »-E! not be ab.e to resume
her work in September. She has no home
*- ; t irtth her w;aowed sir^r. who works
■y-^j-j •t---«.<;if to fjpport r.er little family.
Yonr ars a week will pay tWa giri's
T>oir<: a fa^n « n ' ! Si ve htrr hfe£ ' th and
strensllii --^'- a B-nuett is hoping that
Eh« alay have her Sunithln* drive this year
fcc-t^r.. For tn:te years the only occaalona
on~w-ntch she luis been, outside her invalid
room nave bet-n when she has been ts.nea
cut a.nJ p!ac«d in a carriatre specially pro
»-Wed throneh the Tribune Sunshine So
ciety. There must be some one wno w'.ll
rU-J:y give tre amount ne<'essary— S3 or U.
ixcrhops— to rcake a sunshine day for thbi
Pea vesta.
o-orgo O. Dresser, of Amboy. 111., an in
v.-iid jn -:rbcr. would be more oomfortabla
S !:c:rou-.V iuvt 2m air cushion, twelve cr
kahjTpowlr elevators
: . -$A.-.3t.m wio £r« ur.ab'.o to Sjßßal up and
ittvn fitairz.
*/• practical »tfa WJS ca»P»rat! .o!y &«•
•- - •
•Vis*. i*i* Gaa*. Da«t. X. t>» tiae^yr »U i.*.
fourteen inch siz<?. KB&tfta Tucker is a
little negro girl with a twisted foot who
needs cheer in the form cf toys, paper
dolls, see. Anything to please her man be
sent in the care of Miss E. Levy, Cora
wall Landing, N. V., Box IST. who has
taken a special interest in the child Some
clothing: arrj shoes for a boy of thirteen
years are gently needed and a baby car
riage for a tired mother, Mrs. J. B. Lane,
No. £3. Richmond street, Plainfleld, X. J.,
will knit articles for Sunshine distribution
If wooL; are sent to her.
Cheery Greetings. *
Mrs Bayer, on East i'"" street, never
had so enjoyable a birthday as that of
last week, wnen greetings from different
parts of the country began to reach her
5n the most unexpected manner, for the
letter party was arranged as a surprise to
her. She received 173 souvenir cards, $I' lo
in money, postage stamps and two hand
kerchiefs. On the days when she is unable
to leave her bed and "sit on the floor," as
she must when she sits at all, the cards,
with their views of different places, help
to raake the passing hours aeem mac ft
brjg.'it'?r. If some one will give her a post
card album It will help to perpetuate her
vMiss^E. Lev" is grateful fur the notice
:a the column that brought her so many
Sunshine greetings.
Nettie Ilolfapple, of Seymour, Conn.,
writes: "I -wish to send thanks through the
Sunshine columns of The Tribune to every
cue who so kindly responded to my re
quest for a birthday posfa.l shower for my
invalid sister. Mrs. Georse lieermance-
She did not know of It until the cards
V>e^an to come, and I wish the Sunshmers
to know how much pleasure they gave to
a 'shut-in.' She received 10S cards."
The -women aad girls living at the City
Fe^erauon gfotel wish to express thanka
for the beautiful flowers sent ihem through
The Tribune Sunshine Society. They were
eery gift that were greatly appreciated.
A worthy German widow on the West Side
has been made happy by a gift from the
outing fund that enabled her and her
daughter to spend a few days with a frien 1
ar Ocean Grove. Without the ?2 she coulJ
not have accepted the invitation, Only a
little money sometimes is sufficient to piv:;
real r^asure to others. Mrs. S. L.. Wins
>cw. v£ Northampton, 51a33., eends special
thanks to -'Theodora" for the package re
ceived for the bos .. . .- to the Armenian
c ; !:i<iren in Turkey. The mother in East
iutii strt^-t says the money for milk sent to
her has saved her baby's .-• during this
hot u-cather. but the invalid mother In New
Jer^-v writes tnat her baby's lir« "hanga
by a "thread." as he has cholera infantum.
She :.< grateful for the money sent to her.
Miss Kje-kv, of Hum land. Term.. was much
pleased with the -odds and ends" or rib
bon? laces, etc., for her "possible box. 1 out
of which many small warns an: supplifed.
The Brooklyn "widow and h^r boy arc an
ticipating the Sunshine outir.z of two week 3
on a farm at Grafton, N. V.. in August,
for which money has been received.
Money Received.
"Henry,** of Manhattan, has given 320.
half of -vrhich is for ihe Rockaway outinS
for mothers and babies and the remainder
for the care of ten children for a week at
Xetiierwood Camn. "A Fr.end," at Spring
Lake. N". J., sends Si; Emma Jackson, of
White Plains. «l, ar.d "Catherine, Jane,
Jared and Ned." ?1, to send children to the
camp for one week. E. P. B. has contrib
uted $5, to bo used in whatever way will
contribute most to the comfort of Hi*? crip
■.•.-d woman; Miss Hileti Weston. of 3tatei
i^'a"d rO fur the fund; Marie
X * $2 ' anti a friend at Greenwich XL, for
the ... fund; M. E. F.. $1. and Mm M
B Reynolds, of Binghamton, N. V., ?1 for
•hf ntedv deaconess, and somu unknown
friend at" Athens, Perm., J2 for postage or
Death In Sunshine Homes.
Clarence D. Baldwin, the husband of the
rtce-preslden'l st the Golden Rule Circe,
died suddenly last Monday, and the deepest
sympathy is extended to Mrs Baldwin ; also
to Mrs. Back, tii«» treasurer of the circle.
whose father recently passed away. It Is
only recently that the T. & S- has been In
formed of the death of Miss Frances Chap
b) of Tenalty. N. J-. a loyal member from
the beginning or the society. Her going
is a great loss to her sister 3aa well
as to the various philanthropies in wtucn
sho was a belpful worker.
Nerthfield Conference.
Mrs. W. I". Sailej-. etate president of Xcv
Jersey, hzs oeen attending the Young
Women* Conference at Northfield. Mas*
She was accompanied by four members c•'
the Young Ladies' Sunshine Club, of Sum
mit, N. J. Ifni Bai'.ey writes: "Wo are
planning to carry on a N'orchfleld leagu?
in connection with our Sunshine work, and
aext ear bring at leant twenty-five young
women here to tne conference. My family
are with me, and we intend remaining un
til October— It fa £0 beautiful."
To "Pass On."
The bos of articles from Mrs. C. of Har
rison. N. J.. helped to supply eeveral neeo*.
especially the men's clothing. Th« picture
f;osta!3 for young foika tram Mrs. Jnmea
F. Bills havfl been paestj*! on. Clothln?
and baa n.u.ve . pas from Miss Carr; a box
of useful and fancy articles from T. D. T..
of Manhattan; children's reading, fro.ii
afn Walden, of Brooklyn: a bound book
musical compoaltlon*. from Ormnfe, N.
j • ear trumpet, from Mrs. H of Kinder
hook K. V-; unnnished wool work, worstetla
mid a book of pictures, from Mtas Rankin.
of Nawbunc; Infant's eiothlnf without a
«.%• EtßnUhed fancy work, from A
v^if-v"'- a bo= - maiazlnea arjiS booic,
fcSaso riead in Ifaaba^SaMi, and four
l^ng o* wsita tro4i*r», p&u Arhecu, Feat.
Speculative Parcels Among the
Auction Offerings.
Four Story Madison Avenue
Dwelling House To Be Sold
on Friday.
Some attractive properties aro to be sold
this week at tha Real Estate Exchange
salesroom. Nob. 14 and It! Vesey street On
Friday the four 3tory dv.ell'n- houae at
>Co. 7-57 Madison avenue will g:<> under the
hammer. The week's offerings are as fol
By Joseph P. Day.
125 TH ST, D s. 102 ft w of 2d ay«, 25x98.11,
3 sty ter.mr and store: H H Jaclcson a>T - Mary
Grellg at al; 1 A Kent, atty; V S ilcAvo?,
raf; am. dv«, S9.ST2 2fl
• By John S. K«p— '
MOHEGAN AYE, « s. 200.3 ft 9 of ISCXh St.
41x143.3. 5 ety tenmt: EUse Stall! a?t Louise
ICaaehaaai et al: G A Moses, - — R II Arnold,
r«f. arr.t <iue, $4.0-32 30; taxes, ate, 560 44;
sub to a prior mxg of 52.00 V.
By Daniel Greenvrald.
«TH avk no and T32. a a cor at 46th 8 -.
M15x139z Irrtsr; 6 ety office and store bids;
Sheriff's »aia of all right, title, etc. which
Metropolitan Mercantile ami Rsalty Co had on
October "• l!) 00. or since: F C Pitcher, attg
By Samuel Marx.
SIST ST, IS, p. s. 160,7 ft w of Madieoc ays
21.10x98.9, 4 Etr school; F L Richards -* «•
agt C F Richards et al: T W Butts. att7;
J £ Barnstels, rcf; partition.
Et Herbert A. Sherman.
BATHGATE AYE, C 233. w h. 23 ft a of I92>i
st, 21x97. 2 ana 3 at: riwc; W A Cameron
ast Nicola Robert] at al; W D CameFi ■ atty;
James O'irar. -:'. ami due. t2.2« 65; tazes,
ate, S«3SS7: sub to a tntg: of $3,500.
146 TH BT, ss 275 ft w of Leaox a--. 75x
&S. 11; vacant; Mutual Life Insurance Co agt
Julius Bachrach st al; James McKeen, att-;
L 3 Hasbrouck. ret amt d-js 516.9&1 SO;
taxes, ate, 3352 3S
E- Joseph P. Bay.
«. C r V : A 7 AYS, 1059. ■ s. 275 ft d of lesth st.
25x:iO. 2 and 3 sty dwigrs. E C Bernoardt ast
il P Kneel at al: EE : Gleisncn. atty; I il Dit
teEhoefer, ref; partition.
By Daniel Gtraenwald
150 TH ST, 121 and 123. » a, 80 ft * of L*x
ing-ton :?. .-*. 50x99.11. two H sty tanmts; Jacob
K.">rf agt Meyer Sacks et al; Benjamin Swartz,
airy; Arraham Brekatone, ref- am; due, SS,—
116 97.
Sy Joseph P. Day.
MADISON .WE, 747. a =. 33-8 ft a Of «oth it.
l«.SxtX>. i sty dvrg; Edward Born et a! Ast H V"
Mitchell; E!.=m3n. l» C * L. attya: W A Mc-
Qnaid. ret ami one, 33.146 85; taxes, etc. $1.0.
By Samuel Man. .
VALENTTXZ AYE. c 9, 610-5 ft s of Hl«h
srMse rd. aeorf to Tiebout aye, x SOOx Irreg
vacant; H W H Powell, trustee, et a.', art C H
Ccr.lna et al; Butts & V, attrs; H -I Goldsmith,
ref; amt due. | "0, taxes, etc. 52,300.
By Charles A. Berrian.
B2D ST, 427. d s. SS& ft * of Ist aye. 20xfi2.9s:
lrreg; 4 sty teanit and store; Leta Garland et a!
agt Valentine Ebel et al: Pa«l Gross, a.'ty;
James Kearr ; re?; amt due. 51 "1 47; taxes,
etc. $12 20.
By Daniel Groenr>-a!d.
CLIXTOX ST. 127. w a. 123 ft n of Brooms at,
25x10, 4 sty front and roar tenmts; Louis Bll
vermen a?t "Samuel Richard et ai; A B Ja-s-oro- •
Trer. atty; 8 M Roeder reft partition.
On rremlaes. at 12:15 p. m.
By L- J. Phillips i Co-
BATH AVI-, a a cor Westwood «v«. tor. a;
Era.r.ch. X J 390x3* a dwg fully furnished; vol
25T11 STREET— Furry & &>■ an.l James "W.
VTeiis's Sons BQia ta tha McKeon Realty* Oom
panx a plot of Karen jots, No. 41- t0428 West
"sth =tr»et and Xoa 421 and 4'Jo West 2ilh
street. A mercantile building will b* erecttd on
the site.
132 D bTKELET— L. J. Greenbt-r^r has ecld
for Harry I- Rosen to George Ros-ndaie :so. -t>a
•.". -•"-.■ * three ators an i casement
dwellinß hous-, en lot 16. 8x1*9. 11 feat.
71=T STREET— Si. B. Gtoodale i Son ha\e sold
for the Madison .-aaare Mortsapo Company No.
;it \v est t; ■ stre«t. a four Mtcry dwollf'ic;
hoaai on lot 21x100.5 f-:et. to a docter. wno will
occupy the house.
VLX.EX STREET— 3I. GolJstono has so!d for
.T Kahn the northeast corn of Delancey anu
Allen streets, a six Btory apartment house, on
piot .".L>x73.=s irrtgylar, to Samuei Kaufman.
BOSTON" ROAD— La-jter & Blacfenex have sold
for David Davfeon No. 144U Boston Road. a. four j
storj- Bathoose. wttl stores, on lot 25iC2 £ett. -
INTERVALE E — Lauter i Slackner.
In conjunction "ith Bauer & Co.. have <=«M for
Jennie PacSney Xos. 1024 and 132(5 Intervalo
avenue, a Bye etory flathouse, on plot OOxSS.Sx ,
KVIKMOr.NT PLACE— M. F. Eerby has sold j
for Daniel Casaidv three lots en the north a!.: • 1
of Falrmount Place, 100 feet west cf Marmion !
BRIGGS AVEKTJB— U. F. Kerby has sold to |
the Nathan D. l^. j vin Company a plot, JOOxICK)
ferf. on the we side of Brigga avenue, be
tween UMJth and 107 th streets.
LtiLY AVENUE— John A. Stelnmet* has eoU
for Henry Ge!a;er t-, the Teas Conatiuc
tion Company the southeast corner of Paly av-;
nuo and 17^th street, a plot. 27x171x lrresruiar.
CWith name ard v : rasa of lessee.
JULY 00.
BROADWAY, s S cor lltKh St. store; Broad
ov Viirictles Co to Nicholas Cosmaa; 5 sts from
Sept 1. 1910; $2,250; address, Kooa 1010. 61
Park How.
CAXAL ST. 2C, elope- LoolS Malloh to Abra
ham .Stem: from Aug 1; I'JlO. lo May 1. 1U12;
$1,440; ■ iress, IS Canul St.
-. Til ST, 524 East. no* store; Bohemian |
Kea'.ty Co to Edward Diener; .-, ;-rs from Juno : .
1, 1U10; ?i2O; address, 4<M Grand ot.
(With naroe and addresa of f.urshast-r.) j
jvL.r sa
MI riuht title and interest in rfa! ar.d p^r
so'i^l estate of ... Wagner, deceased, whose
wUI la dated Sept 21. V^*\ and rt.-.-ordod In Sur
r;niite-3 office; Elizsheth P Warner, ana of xhn
rhlldrea of Adam Wagner, to Car! Paul; $1,000;
icdres?. 537 East 144 th «t.
IVENTJE i* 281 -'-'- A^s* O'Connor to
I . tnas 3 Kearic: b and b; July 27; * :ii " ad
2r«;s. 418 Wt:st 17th St.
ftROADvTAT, W s. sft it 8 of st, nO.SzlOO;
Philip Uvtagston to Frederics W Fleder, r; July j
28 JICKj; address. 551 W l«i«th t*t.
SAME PROPERTY; Prederlck TT Fieder, Jr.
10 Philip Livingston, of liar Harbor, M« initi,'
|105.0<)0); July 20; ?ly>; addwwa. ■•'•• aye and 1
iOth st. I
ESSEX ST. s c c^r Klvington st. 17x50 fxntg
.-■ .»... Feb 2T>; FaDr.ia Teitelbaam to Adolpli
reitelbeum; IX; addreaa 13S I"- st.
}"?aEX ET. .■ Ba, 17.0x50; Feb 25 sairs
to same; 510 a;i>:rt-aa. same aa atovt.
EL\ST f'M'i AYE. c c cor 83,1 st. 2WxS;. L«»- ,
mder M Hammer to Paul Wolff (mts 521.-
M); J'Jly 29; $liX>: address, BS2 Kast 91st at.
J»XK =;T 47 "7.3x58: r*re-:er'ck A Johnetc.-n j
0 Kite £»' Ransom; *& part- all Utl«; quit |
■lain- ■'-.- 15.000); July ft; *1; addreaa. 273 j
Pearl st.
WEST END AYE. 829. 48 lOxIOO. Emma 3
3eer= to Fanny l*v?; -July Us $100; aMraas.
534 Wee 1 End »*«.
IST AVB 351' 23x65.*; foreclosure; Robert a
MaddocU, rtferee to Louis Fro^Kß fmtgr f7.ooe<>;
iuly CO; $2.i><jo; address. 225 CbryatM «
BTH AYE 2573 25x100; Charles B" Bauerccrf |
;q Henry B Upr.er (xntg $20,000); July ZZ; j
5100; adJrees. 2440 &th aye. j
10TH •VEJi 124 22.4x100; Annie Larson to!
CV uealie Fawcett; July 38 H4.VO; address. 20 |
psaoa; st. ;
inn AYE. 670 and 672. c a, 50rl00 (mtg
taa.46o) all liana; July "5; Oscar Wolf to j
Julia Bachrach; $1: addre«B. 64 Eaat 9ls» st. ;
13TH ST Bit East. 25x103.8; one-third |
■art; July 8: Bernat Springer to Ignats Wela- ,
oeiper; $1 : address. ■• Catharine st
"OTH ST n • 802 ft " v of •*■ »ye. 56r»2:
ill ll^ns- May 18. Solomon Llndsnborn to Her
man Weiss; $1: address. 35 Maiden Lane.
"STH ST, 4ia to 428 West. ■ b. M-SxlSSz '■
rre* (mtps $40,000 and ail liens): no title to
,0, „„,) *3 Weal 24:;; it !« conveyed; June j
17- |£inn*s Vincent to McKeon Realty Co;
[100; address. 429 West 19th St.
"9TH ST. n I IM ft »of 1 26 aye. 20x98.3 j
rnitx $3.0O«)); July 20; Elizabeth T Smith to |
lo^n J Welstead: $100; addreas, 141 East
:7th St.
4"D ST. a •. 309 3 ft w of 10th «v» 19.7t j
ififTcmtK $4,0 »0>: 1 c; July 'JO: Sarah I wlfs ,
!f jo"a McCorinlck. to C arl« Dougherty \
Rosanna JacU-r.n and Mary 1 -awlMi j. helm of ,
P«ter DoiisThartT. drceae»d; *1 : Bddr«s. 534 |
ir*#i isd St.
4TTH n a. MO ft a of Tin Rv«?. I2ta
100-. (mi.- M 80.0£0): July 27: May B Bannon ;
10 Victor Hot* Co. a corporation; $10u; »■•.
Ireaa Room 241. 28fl Broadway.
lUTH ST 40.-. v.-Hi. -.-, :i-7., Irros. Sophia ;
I Becknrt to Raphael C K«rn: all Hans; July
13; $1<">: s4<liasa 87 •-.J.^<^.. i at,
7"n ST 4 . W-st. 23x102.2; Ed» Li Parrl»,
rrf to Ormoml Realty ci,,: July »; 1«i.2r,0.
tddrca Boom I 4& *■ Broadway.
rrrn FT 13 EMt. W.BXJO2.S; eiwoo^ Bar.
!o"lo Murv I. W!!.,:,! July 26; $100; ad
lrisa 130 77th si
ani-w ST 2W Vui, 231.102.2 Fl«r«nca
Barsca to star] -" Mullano <»«• $23,000); July
28- SJOO; null— IT West 82d at.
MRT ET » «, 812 « ft • at Am«t**«lans *•••».
••■> ' t»--ia° ' - " t - ic Third Universaits* bocJ«y la
£» cV-i ; of »r«w ?°** !« sTtoi Church of Di*- ,
I crtplra of C&riai In Nov.- York frntg J25.000>;
June 50: $85,000; address. 323 West r.Gth at.
«IST ST. 12* West, s B, l»*102.Z; Mary E
Cnnrow to Henry V A ParseH; July _. §1;
! aJJresa. 770 West Eatl aye.
S3TH ST. 291 East. 25x100.5; Jacob
; Bchmalsl to Otsi.rKe :- Uthe (ntfsj $12,000);
July -•'■ *100; a.- ■ l«88 2d aye.
03D ST, ISO "a... lS.SxlOO.8; Charles J Quir.n
to Mar- U Quinn; all lien*; M.ir :, 27. 1SX&;
3100; address. ISO East «3d Bt.
IUTH 212 and 214 East. BOe160.11: Fred
erick A Johnston to Kete i' Ransom; 4-tt parts;
all title; q c (tut;? $3,800); July 14; $1; ochres*.
278 Pearl St.
122 D ST. n *■ 85.11 ft c of Sth ive, 14x7C3:
Jacob E«?rrnaa to Wllllmn NeUnao (rnts J10.000);
July 20: -*-. address. 752 East (3d si.
12SD ST 33.". to 341 East. !C3.t>xloo.U (fore
closure. July 2* l!<li». Clarence McMillan, ret.
to Cornelius 33aawl3 (ratg IS7.00U); July 28;
SCT.oCO; aiiiresa. 5 B«jcluuaa st.
127 TH .-": 13 Wast, It ■■.-.•>■ Ma-sraret H.
wife of. and Warren Pcnd. to Otto J Be Parrie
(rut? $M.0fl0); July 1; Si. atMre*3, Mor.tciair. NJ.
102 D ST. * c. --.• ft - of HMaJwav, Mse».] !.
1 Mary Lee to Jarmett Sutciiffe (nit? §41,500);
July 2tJ; 51; address. Kaolins:?. -V.
the bho*;x.
BROOK A VS. 09S. c a 2r>.0x120.4xC4.2x129.3:
l> and s and c a s and correction -leect; ali liena;
Martha A Holler to Edw II Bums; 51; address,
:JH*j<> fcth ay
-AM?; PROPERTY »r3'.«a $22.00!)): all liens;
Ju!y 2y; Edw [Bun to Marii J • intner; $lw;
address, same as above.
COLLEGE AVEV ■ <■. cor of 170 th -t, 103.103.-Vox
107. ixW: Collrse .•••■ a ». IGalO It s or JJOth
«t. 1003.100: Final ay aye. w a. 309.10 ft * of Iwth
St. 73.0x1(>057v;5:1<)7.6: Utluvl S Osmun to the
Central Bronx Realty Co ••--- $31,000); Ju»y — ':
$100; addrc&a, Tlebout a- . aw lSßtn st.
COIJ^BGa AYE. » - cor of ITOUI st. 50*206V10x
-rrl-L- (nits $10,600); July »>; Mount Clare Im
prov«ni«:nt Co to Leland 5 Osnuin; 5100; address,
Orange, X J.
L/3TS IS and 19. bQi 20. map 1443. Bruce-
Brown Land Co; Bruce-Brown Land Co .. to
Mi.-h.ael J Burke, of Jersey City. v . J: S100; a-^
dres?. Terminal Budding, Hnbokeu, Si
hOT 40. n-.ap Carter estate. The Bronx: July
20; Hudson P Roi^ C*» to M'-.-hael .-.«■;': 51;
ai'drsss. 2212 st[i 3V9.
LOT 376, map portion Hunt sstate. _ Van IJestj
L^na Grefcnblatt. widow, to John 9 Posso Cmtg
5500; : July -S; 51; a*3<-:resc, 1742 Adams st.
LOT 1"2. map X F Duress at Wtasbrid2e>:
Pete: Zambetti to Oeorga S»»lcli Juue 20; $1;
address. 3414 Barker ava.
LOTS 218 and -l; v map 223. of Waeblugtaa-
villa; trilliani D Miller ro J»arinet?3 Holmes, cv
Xe^v Jersey <™\xg $2,5000: July 23; $100: ad
dress, 470j "K*hito PUlna sad-
MATILDA ST. n "■ a. lot 898 map cf Wash
ington ville. 50x100; John Eotando to JeanneUe
Ht-'tmes. of Worn Jersey (tntg 51.50Q); Ju!y 29:
•-■■-. - 40i4 Richardson aye.
MOSHOLT7 P^KKWAT. n w cor Lisbon
Place 111.0-9". »- irre?; Mary A. wi?3 of
Thomas F Costello to Martha Oully imtz $2,003);
Dec 6. lf'tO: Slo*>; tress &lo*Sm>lu Parkway,
dot East 205 th et.
MOUNT HOPE PL.VCE. n s, 250 A w of An
thocy aye, SOxlOO; Ed-xtn J Alexander to Blanche
Bauman, of Brooklyn (mtg $8,000); May 27; 51;
address. ISO "Water at.
ROBERTSON" Pli, 3!5, at • t • -.-.-• st.
6«3.5x10-3 (So^th Mount Vernoa): Frank B
Doughty ro William H Kirrhner (nitg 32,')00>,
July 2); $1; eJdresE, 5C9 VTest 151 at st.
STCAiIORE AVB. • s. ■ 60 ft cf lot 459. map
Arden property at East Chester and West Ches
ter. 50x — ; Alic? ifaula to - •■■'". July 21>;
Sl'»: a-iidresa. 5-94 Prosxect aye-
TIEEOUT AYE, o s, tflß.s ft a lSßtb at Oa
tiO; Cent:-al Bronx Realty Cc to , 'and 3
Qaonoß (me? Sl6. 00); July 29; 5100; address.
Tiebout "aye and l^Sth st.
WHITE PLAINS RD, w 8 120.4 ft a Of 337t1i
Pt. 45.2327. 4- White nalr.3 rd. c s. 1-17.2 ft s of
2:i7th st. 4M.4s!<X>; Edward H Kelly to Sophie
Mars 'mtg $6,500); July 23; JlOl address. LOTI
Valentin? aye.
l"<TTn ST, n s, 486 ft c of Southern Boulevard.
2oxlOO: Mary A, wife of T!ioma3 F Ccstello. to
Mostmlu Realty Co (mtg $S.S0O); Dec 6, 1BQ9;
$100: adciress, 203 Broadway.
13>-)TH ST. 469 and 471 East. COxlOO; Xellis
B Be Kir* to Thomas H Rott (mt« 550,0.0):
July 88; (100; address, 1628 3d are.
145 TH ST, s c, ISO ft w of St Ann 5 ays, 25x
100; Thomas H R"f? to N?llio B Bo^irt (xntg
<3,700 v ,; July 14; S1Q0; address, 524 Wiflla aye.
T=7TII ST. 7ft s East. 34.."x70; Georse Pric* to
J.-seph Friedman r.ntg SS.OO), quit claim; .Tuly
29: address, 41 Canal at.
CWltJj name an.; addrssa of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5 per cent ualess other^-l?e stated.
JULY "0.
BROADTVAT, n" s. D 0.2 It s of !»2d at. 50.« x
100; July 28; due aa per bond: Frederick V>"
Fiftder, jr, to New Yurk cavinss Bank; 5105.0O 1 -';
attorney. John Webber. 7 Beekman bL
t-TH A\'E, ... p m (prior mt ff
S2s.OlX"t>; July 2y; duo as p<"r bond; Henry 8
Lipner in Charles Br-joe: {3.500; attomtys, Deyo
esc Baurrdorf. 11l Broadway.
lOTH AYS 124, o s. 22.4x100: p m; July 2«;
du>; as per bond; w Leulle Fav.-cAtt to Ma->-
Goodwin et al. irustees: 512.0C0; attorney. Titlo
Guarantee and Trust Co. 170 Broadway.
14TH ST, 209 East. 20^10.1.3; July X: S yrs, ."
r.er cent; Margaret nn.i llary t 1 DcnneUy, " trus
tees, to J-j'ius J Frank ar-d ano, as trustees;
535.00*1; address. 02 Wiiitani St.
18TH i-T. n a. 210 ft c of 7<h aye.
18th et. n a. 230 ft c of 7th aye. 19;ri)G.$K15 4^
».«: July 29; 3yT District Realty Co to AdolPb
L) BentJheini ; $rjT.5(.Mc address. 134 Grand st.
---T : [ ST. 418 to 42 V.". s s. 125 x irr-s. to 24th
Bt. 421 and 423: p m;*. (prior mtg .... July
27; due Dec I*7, 1911; 0 per cent; McKeon
K-r.ity Co to Klnnla V;ncont; (30.030; attorneys.
Title GuaranLee and Trust Co. 170 Broadxray.
2UTII sT, SO9 E. t s. 20rrf>8.9: July 29- n yrs
% i'fr cent; John J Wilst^aJ to Bmoki>-n Chll
ren'a A!d Society: fS.000: attorney, Howard O
Wood. «53 V.'all st.
24TH ST. n (?. 22.^ ft c of !lth aye. lOOx irreff
to G"itii st; July 22: 2 vrs. 5 per cent: James
t V. rciedhlll an^ Georr^ fT Kpltti to H'irrls D Colt
trustee; -- -• audrtss. 30 Broad «.
47TH ST. n g. 240 ft c of 7th aye. 120x100;
(prior mtg 54.So,<XN>»: July due August 1.
'•■_■- 5 p«r cent; Victor Hotel Co to Forty-sev
enth Stret-t Mortgage Co: Sl7O 000; attorneys.
Stoddard rfc Ma 130 Broadway.
BOTH FT, a 8. 84* ft c of Aye A, 0x102.2
Jt:ly 29; due Jan 28, 1011: tj ncr cent; ?.iart!n
Crfnnus to Herrann Srarit: $1,000; attorney.
Nathan FVtrdmat. SrtO Broadway.
SOTH ST. s s. 130 ft w OS Amsterdam »v»,
2n^1D2.2; i> m; July 2J>; 4 yrs. (3 per cent:
Mary F Mill la to Florence Z^reg-a; JG,s'iO:
attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co, 17»5
81ST ST. itS West, « s. 18x10X2 p m; July
2S; due as per bond; H.»->ry V a Para ti>
Francis F Thompson. $20,010: attorney. Title
Gu--irar.t«c and Trust Co, 170 Broadway.
S^M PROPERTY: July 20; 3 yrs: same to
Sarah H CoHins: $3.>>00; attorney, F H Pat
terson. 10 Wall st.
ST. n c. 175 3 ft n it \vi X 19 Ox
10-J.2 t?ri.,r nit^ $6,300); July 2h; due Aor l".
1»12; •> r"-r cent; Mary Rous to Alice D Con
ifer: $900; attorney, M F Johnson, ill Broad
gSTH ST. r,20 West, s s. 10.1x100.3: also
land in 91 km I. N V; July 2«: 1 yr, 8 p«r
ct-ni; Jacob ~ B«l ■ of Tiffln, Ohio to Tiffin
Nationul Bank, of earns place: 313,000; attor
ney, American Exchange National tiauk, New
BIST ST, s s, 512.>5 ft « of Amsterdam aye.
r.2.2r102.2; p m; July 2f»: :: yra; First Church
of Dircljiles of Christ to Emigrant Industrial
Savings . anii $13,000; addreas, 01 Cham
bers st.
D7TH ?T, 47 West, n 8. 20k100.11 (prior mtg
$10,000); July 2!t: demand. « p*-r cent- \u-
Kusta Haalter, c.r RJdneSeld 3'arlt. N J, t.>
Elizabeth Larling; §7,(j00; address, 27SS Sth
106TETST, -■"■■ West, s s. 23sl00.ll; July 20;
due as per bend: John Mo-Samara to Isaac
Stern; $27,00(1: attorney. Title Guarantee and
Trust Co. 170 Broadway.
109 TH 3T, n ■. 172.6 ft c of Cth aye- 2 i'->ts
<*stch 38.3x100.11: July 2!*: 5 yrs; Abraham D
v einstein to Lawyers Title" Insurance anri
Trust Co; 2 mtga, each $40,000; address, 160
Bread vruy.
BUCHANAN PL. n a. 100 ft i of Grand avo,
25x100; July 2i<: 3 yrs. Ti'i per cent: Blmondaon
Construction Co to Aunts G Wilson; 57.000- at
torney, L ilcK Whiting. Oti P,ne at
BROOK AYE. 4*. a w cor at 110 th st, 2T.S-7O;
July 11; 5 vr». Mortis L and Carl Ern-t to Max
ODpenheimer: (20,1 attorney, C'ha'-lcs VuWX
274 Eioadway.
BAtCIIESTER AVB. « «. 350 ft s of F^it!b
aye, ■ htSO; June 2i>: 1 yT. C P'--r osnt; Hannah
J M. Cr--..."y to Georffa F Qu< •! $2.7U0; artornty,
William G MuJUpan. 461 East Tramon* aye.
BAYCHE3TER AYE. « s. 225 ft s of Ferns
a'.-e. 180x90 July 15; 1 yr. i 5 per cent, same to
John B Ryer; $2,650; same attorney.
BEDES3IAM PL. « ■ 5T ft 5 of 50th St. 13xfK>;
87th st, n i, 145 ft » of Columtju* aye. 24x100;
July 29; ' yr 6 per cer.t; "U'illiam H Davidow to
Meyer Vesell; $15.00 l i: attcrneye. Arnsteln &
Levy. 12S Broadway.
COLLEGE AYE. c 5, 100. 0 ft a of 170 th £t,
100x100; p m iprior rr.ts 500); July 2S: dua as
per bond; Leland 6 Osmund to Henry Presscr;
$3,600; attorneys. Marsii. Waver & XVempie, -12
COLLEGE A VEX i, i> cor of 170 th at. 50x107.-ix
50x109; per (prior .t.t,- $2,501 July 20: due a
per bond; Bim« to same; 13.080; attorneys, sajiie
as abov*>_
FIN'DLAY ST. vi- « 207.10 '■ s of Coli««a »v»,
7."5,6i10ux71x107.C; p m (prior nitg $3,600); July
2U: due as p«r bond: saJi-e to same; J2,:»0O; at
torneys. Sam« as above.
GERMAN PL. 644. a 6. 20.11x92.3; July 38; <iv*>
i m 29 lull; 0 p^r cent; Aaron R.^^nberß to
Day.a M U.<nten; $2.U00; attorney. Louis Juliea,
100 Nassau st.
HOME ST. s 8. 100 ft w of Southern Boulevard,
BOx "irreg; July -- 1 - ■» yrs. ' 5 per ornt, Henry '-
Gouiman to Jacob Grunauer: *L 200; attorneys.
Roller & Rctder. 113 Nassau st_
LOTS 80 and 01. n:ap 17« lots fcsatfcgat* estata;
Ju^V^)" & yra. si Dtr rent; John E Sams to
Suhftrtni Bi«i N« tU T Plynn: |2.«00; attorney.
Charlei B McLaujrhiin. lrsl r 5 Uroadway.
SAME PHOI-ERTY (prior mt« ?2.r00) ; July
SO; 8 vra. tt'.-k per cent; same to Nora Boyle;
(500 attorn*; . same as above.
1 OT 132 map property W '■ Duncan at U'lll
tantsbridse; July 20; dur- hs prr L-ond; oeorso
Zu'.th i<> .Ihiiu-s T Waldron; $::,i.HX); attorney,
Thomas J ilacCahe, 71 Wall st.
LOTS 18 and 10, bliicli 20. map property
Uruct Brown I^nd Co. p m; July 23; duo aa
per bond; Michael J DtirhP. of Jcrat-v CUy. to
bruee-Brown X.anii Corfl.KiO: Httr>rncyis. Luien
uiu. Cook & Nathan, Hi Broadway;
- YIHN' I'L, c *, 86.8 ft n ot Stebbina ay«,
88.4S Irreg Lymao pi. c i. Ill* ft n <,t ' 5-w.bbtun
a»*« S3.fix 53.1: Bt?bhlns aye. n s, 13*10 rt n o
Of Lymar. pi. ».4x— ; July 21 Uu* May lUJ3; 0
Dftj cei<t.- Frank A Ten Crook to Ernst Schwan
•rmann. 9.000; attrxney*. GerUch A gchwe S if r ,
22'« Broadway.
JTEEDHAM A\TS 6OUTIJ, 22S ft n cf Fish m
SfixlOO; LstccsS* Farl;; hll H\ 0 1'". U pti cent;
Carmlle CatinateUa to Amelia Elgar; $3,000; at
tornej'B, Cook & Elgar, 55 Liberty at.
NUIFi-iUD PLACE. 1542. « a, 30x100; July 28;
C yrs,' 0 per cent; Henry E O-'iodtnan anil ano to
Jacob trans - $2.W)0; attorneys, Hoader &
Roeder. M;« Nassau st.
PROSPECT TERRACE, » a» eof 22Sth st, Mi
100 (prior -nta $4.5(5)); July 2«; 1 yT. »J per cent;
Teresina Dursie. •I Mt Vernon. N T. to Leo
poldina Siebert; $800 attorney, Hugo Wal«*st.
33S White Plains r:.
VYSE A VI?. n BSB Freeman s*. 33x100: July
29- duo a* per bond; Jor^nsea Realty & Con
struction Co t 0 Title Ouaran«ee and Trust Co;
•Jte.OOO; address, 176 Broadway.
VYSE AYE. a •„ 88 it 'i of Freeman et, 40x
100- July 29; due as par bond; aama to Archl
baki A Hrfiiaahnnr $2S.OtXj; attorney, sar.'.« a«
WALES A\*E. a "• 225 ft c of MR* st. Six I
100- July 2l>: 3 yra; Emma Ackermann, wife or-
Henry, to William Ruach-ir; 112.500; att.ircey.
Herman F • edxnan. 3.1 Nassau st.
14J5TH ST. a s r 1&) ft vt at St. Ann's ays.
25x100 (prior mtsr $3,700): Jujv 21»; due as 1 per
bond; Nellie B Bogart t-> William B> A Karti,
SSOO ' attorneys, Km* m Wren, 3<)2.") "•' asm
ICSD ST, CO6 East. » a, SBdOOO; Julr 2?: due.
etc", as »f.r ,nd; Oscar H Vaupel to Tltm Guar-|
aoue and Trust Co; $12,500; address, :,B Broad
way. "- ■ 1
175 TH FT. a a. fl-"-<$ ft a of Washlntrton aye.
U>?faSw Sto ..:„-,:„ to Manhattan Mo.-«a«ai
bond- Carl E liandrup to Manhattan Mo.ta?a««
Co »4.{00 address. 21V) Broadway.
t«»4TH rr h ? 28.1 ft w r f Web»t«»r ay*.
jpirlv-r in 19ln 6 P<*r cent: Fredertc* „%»■
['rttwmamS Pau«n; lioi « ■■■•>'• 3rt ».
Johnson, ill Broadway.
OVlta name and a.ldresa of tender*, ail lIsVJ ;
JULY >- ;
itANBATTA^:. j
_,„_._, __ m .. ... ror Franklin at, 5 «ty
BAXTIB «T, C5. n 1 *■ r ten Jacob Cohen <
Suranc* cociety of the Catted fcuit^a. *u>,u</^ j
address. 123 Broaftray. j
P.F.OALWAV, 3157. « «tr act. I R«9«ar.tna..
1006: Joseph Langao to Cnarl«* M Rowr.tta., ;
51C.C00; address. 14t> Broaavay. _ ;
ot-tttvatu bt <m - " f* *'-• '*•••-'
ano wS'rnTt-dw S 'rnTt-d Stafes T'Trust Co cf »w- 'tcrk. !
|j,000: address. -15 V>'all a*-
Bradley, of Brooklyn. Individually. -3-JSt r-,
tornay. Lwsryen TJU-? Ins.uraiica and -2-Jat Co. ;
160 Broad'-var.
WATTS ST, 47, 3 Bty brS. 46.6x21-7.x lnw i
Xov 30. 1308; Charles Eurkiltnac to Anna M.
Euch; Se.SOO, aidreia. 220 UivsrsWa a"J>.
WATTS ST i 3«s w cor Sullivan jat; 4 sty:
c xr: SU.O00; attorneya, Plraaon & B*all, SI Ui-.j
6 24TB[ ST. 231 Eflst: 6 sty brk. »-«^* i
S. J205: Garson Karnen icd ano to J-^ia- 9°^\
terfield: 530.000; address. 616 Kb aye.
i3TH ST. 403 West; 2 sty fcrk. . 2txO3^: Jan^^
190S: Jara-s Eoyd ma ano to Ipnn D.»nd Frank I
J Jlcßarron. exrs; y •-•■.■■ Bddroaa ■) Broad- ■
W 33TH ST. 436 West; 6 sty bru. 23i-SS.9; Dao '
-20. 1805; Leopoia Kaufiranr and anor «^ EjKvi-
City Eavlngs Ean!;; $22,500: address. SB we
67TH ST. 237 East; 3 sty * 2&1IOO-S; Ma: •-,
2S. 1887; Gmllanma Logeling ard ano w H«nr?
1.-ecarsulmfir, eir: 114.000; address. o& rjrL BO"
ISSTH ST. 622 West; 5 sty Bjrk, 3HTx(?e. -i
July 2a. 1907; D L Block Co to Jataph Koaea- ]
thai: $i»00: attorneys. Merrltt & Rogers, I^s,
Broad =
ISSTH ST. 521 Weat: 5 »ty brk, 40xfl»-ll: Au,
It 1908: £!ej.-ir:cd Blumeakroha to Henry j
VJTnana; $10,000; attorneys, rieischrrtm & !■•....
52 Liberty st. i
MIST ST 475 Wast; 4 sty apt. >'** '"}" } :
5 1905: Plcten P.ea:ty Co » Freftettek c ,*« ,
Hen.-n- Gllsey. trustees: $16,500; address. 1-69 j
Broad Tray.
173 TH ET. s s. 125 ft , of Fort *W;ashir^Tor.
a-». 82.6x156: Fet 0. 1S1G: Barspod Realty and ,
Construction la to the New York ma* CC;
5129.00U; address. 25 Brosdwav-
ARTHI iVE, 2107 and 2109- JL? car 8^ I
st" '211 aadi'2ll%. 20xi?e.8x20»*n«u Oct -3, !
10<-->- Solomon L«hr?r and Fannie. Kaseaber? to;
LUlv CorniVn: ft 960 attorneys. Lezow, Mac-,
kellar & "VVeila. 41 Cedar si-
CONTEXT AVB, «r a, 30.11 ft S of 142 a«. 20s
1 00 July 8. 1907; William Cummins and ano to j
Aczustua W o^nhym and Bnat trustees: *!«."
500: address. 85 Mercer at. ',
FRAXKLIN AYE. w s. 80.3 ft n of » w cor |
lot ga. map Vlllago "^ Maniaania, nmaans ■ • I
s S 'Galons w a Frankltn'ava S;>.3 to beslnnW: |
m P0.3 ta bsctaainir;
■\Tq-ch 31 110 Cohen ft Eckmaa Corpora '•->■• :
to ManhEitar. Morts^e Co: 10.800; amiiaaa 200
Broadway. '•
O VK TSRR^CS. n w ccr neekman aw. _5x •
100:" Jan G. 1910: TheroM H Ta!K- Constriction ■
Co t.> the New York Trust Co: 82O.00O; addr=?3, ,
26 Broad «t. j
ISBTH ST n 8 750 ft n. of ".• sadt ays. ."^t ;
inn- 'jim» 24 I(KH- Sarah R Lawrence to Will ,
\L C Uiiok'ey md Arthur X French «r£ j
JP.500: attorneys. Thornton & Ear!e. ts 1 ar^. ;
Henry ilusllner. as anr, to Lcuis M sfuallßar;
i^aaaie to Henry Musllner; $7,000.- ~ „.,,-a
Amelia Mock. «trx. to Ainehu uiec<: SU.l.rt.
Oeorse D KlngsrCn to Antnony Hoffmann;
L yi-ir- to 'R'illiani O taaa: it
\^r,-v f< >r.,-('t-r. n to "J-hard f Fell; $1-
Mtnnlo C Mendel to Isidor Ginsberg: $100
Williani S Pattra to Anthony F Kodhla: WOO.
\7i-li.mv I" Koe'ble to Aloi? L Ernst; $tOO.
£n£ Pressc? to WHhftlmina C Popek; .-53,600. |
Same to same; SS.f^O.
Same to same: J2.500.
.T-!Tersoii Bank to John KaH<a; *1- --
Roßia Diamond ta Estle Spr ogar; sTj>. |
Land Co B of Edt-nwaid to John J Fox; Sl-U.
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Guaranteed Mort- j
Bullalnff Co to Gilbert C Broivn;
i \rirtin T.iv)"ijston to SYanlc A Ten Brook; 2
assignments: 51.
JULY 30.
"OSTEU WE, --■ ? 200 ft « of 5j '" rd aye, i
3rtfhclOO; r{a-faei« Luorca a^t reiser Realty v.i j
ronsrrurticii Co, owner and contractor; ,
$12,240 88. !
HONEYWELL AYE. w a. 58.7 ft a or I 7^-'-. j
st R6x1003; Hcuchtallntr i Wnttpraa acr? Merrl- 1
\a!e Realty Co, owner and contractor; *4i_ on
l"0TH C T 2.M to 255 ■ est; Harry Lehder act
Johnston iUmsted Realty Co, owner; Charles C
Johnston. ocntm?:tor; <-r. 75.
3 \iIE PROPERTY; Samuel Ma'.atzky ag*
saa!e : Sll 80.
(WTH c ' r 2"0 East; Jacob M Feldenharß agt
Louta SrolMt, owner; Mis D Sandzlk. .-onrractrr: ,
?72 7i •* J
PERM AVEL w s. as ft a of -•■•7th s% 1
"7 -^-£-.x'*L* Frederick T Rich aa K t Church ot \
St Brendan, owner; Kilcy & Loughuey. con
tractarq; $-15.
Q9TH gT 1-3? "West; F-.-F-r.k C O' Donne:: & Co
nzr "Mary ' J Gaynor, o'.vner aaJ contractor: j
47T11 ST 14C> to 1.V5 West; John A Roebllnjr's
?or.s a^t Longacre Ueaity Gy.^owner; Kir.;; E.i
ward Hotel Co, contractor; $7" 24.
ilwTii ST, TO and 7 s Wast; Harry Rotman a?t
t^nb^ria M Petter. owner; Ensene Asli!sy. Mar-
OnlH^chrenhelsen and Maxell E Smith, con
tractors: .S"0O.
~i>T*l S^ "4t East; Samuel Rosenberg agt 1
Caroline Dillenbers. owner; William Bloch, coa
tractor; S4O.
BUG VDVYAY, 53."). Samuel Rosenberg .irr*.
Wyllys Co. owner; Nathan : [man, con
tractor; S3O.
i-uSTER ST. a s. 200 •■ b or Spofford aye.
860x100; Joseph R^h a^ r^ia*»r Realty ami
(-.instruction Co, owner and contractor;
Bl r^RD ST. 1 ta 7; Klcneit & (los^nblutb, ■
mri n r aa S t Eiiz:. A Pease, owner; William J i
Condren and W.. and J Griffln. contractors; [
sa ! s 20. :
ISTH ST 20(5 We«: T«n«>rr.ent Construction |
Co ast Rhlnelander Re;il Estate Co, owner;
Dunr.u- R«Hlty Co, contractor; 1230 93.
HTTGHES AYE. c v ■•■::. of ■-■ -■ »x
71- Biaiul-inl U:v.r.p Proofing and P.oonng Co :
hit fYi t,Vntoni £ Amabile Ke-lty Co. owu«r
and contractor; f.120. ■
nMt * Anton. Oil!, owner and contractor; ,
J1.539 25.
BROADWAY. 26ST: ChriEtian J Han; ■>"
Arthur P Fegoft. lessee; Paul W li'iss 1 con
tractor; ?25.
D\LY AYE. w »■ *0 ft a of ITStfc st, 40s«0; !
\V U ?oung 11 ?' Marrivala Realty Co, owner
and contractor; SlO3 S3.
HONETWELi. AYE, w s. 3r..T ft « Bf !T<>f a
gt 08x100; W M. Youne act Alerrlval-s Rea'.cy
Cc. owner and contractor. »110 05.
JULY 00.
1 ? E \'''ll A^"E. w 5, -~< rt 5 cf SOU) stj j
DlmockiA Fink Co as* Ali»tzier BulWlns; and
Ccnsiru-tion Co et al; Jan SO. 1910; $SiC Sa
SAME PROPERTY; same agt same; July j
us.aaw; "fi-io.
SAME PROPEBTT; msm ast same; Ju!r
EAJIH PROPERTY: Gr*orga H Mailer agt
same"; July 1. 1010; -' MS 75.
23 TH ST 3 . 400 ft c■; Ist aye; for i 1
-Tv br& garagfe. 82x82; city, owner; I M Ca
Varonj, architect; tia.ooa^!
UTH rfT 41S and 41S We«it; to a 2 sty brk •
ir- house; A Hl'.a. In-, premise, otwxeri Marvto, ■
Davit. « Lurton. arci-.ltet-U, aiJ sth aye; 10,000. !
j-'[> ST 145 W«.hi; 10 a S Fty ark note] anil
caffi 1 WHliam loung estate., owner: L Schml.lt.
1.-a«ec; V li Ki>el;ler. 4fi!l G»h uve, architect:
BTU AYE. ws : fa a 4 sty privota i1«t; T V
kvan nrcu i t<.''s. owner; Carrere it UaKtina^. 220
sth avc, arclJiUota: fut.utH*.
• m
J36T11 tiT, 11 3>3 > -*"' " w °f Anwievdiim uvn,
BTx&O U' Ji'i.'phino tS Carpentar, trustee. o«t
Lavy'&a'WeiMt*!^ B*alt7 and Ccaitruotlon Co
ft iU (forecloauro of mortgage); atttirc*ys, W B
it O X Chamserli"
otIVER ST. -*i: Plc.ru Capftna **» Michael
Haiuinsalc- (9PtCtoc r«-riorw«nc*); *ttorn-ys,
Simmons * l'*rrlS
»ivnu;£- «r. - 1. W 2 ft a 9 f Cs«rrr at.
' 23.9xWX>». and property in Kln?s ObMM Chrls
tcpner Wallace et al a^t May A Kearna et al
I (partition): attorney. I x William*.
lIOTH ST. 24»; and i*B East; Istdor Glnnbers
I art Louis Lewenhof et al (foreclosure '»' nits);
: attorney, M II i layman.
jcly so.
HUGHES AYE. wn. fJS ft »of •.'-■ st. 50x
1T.6: Italian Savings Bank loans Gerardo aval*
and Aryela Garretta f22.0«W.
' Structures Offered on Highest
[ Section of Bay Ridge.
I Th« Wtllsum Construction Company, of
which Joseph Ljaeor is president, !s orrer
ing for sale at mti street and Si ave
nue, Bay Ridge. Brooklyn, four story apart
ment house*, containing five and six rooms.
I The site overlooks the Nsirrow3, the New
[York Harbor. 3ur.i2t Park and is situated
', on the highest section of Bay Ridge.
j The houses have all modem Improve-
I meets- tiled bathrooms, steam heat, elec-
I trie light, open plumbin?, shower baths,
fete. The property is -within two blocks or
', the Fourth avenuo subway, now b^in?
i built, and one blo<:k from the propose*! 1
; Seventh avenue subway. ;
TtT» concern i« also oflariaaj two etorx- !
Eton«» and brick apartments, at Rogers and
Tlld«n avenues, a row of two-family brow::
ptone houses in Belmont ■aaDBSt between ,
Walker avenue and Clinton Place, Wood
f haven, and a few of a group of forty-four j
one-family bro^nstone houses In East Slst
street, between Church avenue and Linden
Boulevard. Tha houses cry offered on
terms to suit the buyer.
— — — . - i
■ , _ -^ 1
Two fani!l» ajßwarqajlasM house so Selmoct
i -.■-.--;. "Walker are. and Clinton Placa
("Woodhavea). containing apartments ci 3 and
6 rooms and bath, steam heat, hxriwood trlra.
parquet floors. o-p*r+ plu^tins. '.';:.
chased at a eaerlSce en eas7 terms.
JACOB SOMiTEK^s4sA_aracoa St., Brook: ya.
decided'bXbgaix is bsactiftl flat
bush.—New one family brick house: every
modern convenience: {5. 300; terms to salt;
convecisnt -- Brighton B«» " "L"* and eight
trclMy Uxuik. VTiL V. iIEYSR3, Grave^ni
avo-. Brooklyn.
hcu«e3 are the best vaJu« ta*N«w York: *
rooms and bath: larg« porch; %h 730 - a Beach
"L" from Brool n Bridge to '--'-:' High-raj.
On»» blotk to West ath at. .
misat; 10 rooms. 2 baths; spsc'a! indjeernenrs
to buy»rs Now 4th at. aad Prospect Park Way:
rftihi «TO >_. • .- [ rasßX Park entrance. OTT'_'
BINDER, but l * l ". on premises: al-vaya open.
NSW APARTMENTS, steam heated, hard
wood trim, electric light, rncdern laundry in
basement; -» delightful location. Tea minute*
from Van Corttandt Subway Station.
INDUCEMENTS. ruil'H Milll invited.
Five rooms and bath >_ „_. DTVT4
Esven rooms and bath 1 LOW RE -^ iT3 -
On pr-mlse 3 . J. '. ■---■; ■-■;»•% & CO.
On* bbßs unobstructed river frontage; 30 med
erri residences near completion. ». . naaa
Phtlipg» Manor. '.'- - "--',t
Pennsylvania i<»rmlaal and new poatoffiee,
with excellent Rhipnmg 1 facilities at hacd:
12.500 square foot jrrons: excepti'onaily good
llsht: oievator sri *lea Apply to own broker
or on premises of Wolff Buildins. 31*. 34 West
Sfith ti.
New 12 story apartment house. Absolutely
fireproof Suites of 8, 7 and 8 rooms; cow
ready for occupancy; all light rooms. Renttns
rsprsasntwttn on premises, or
GIBBS ft KIRBY. Agenta.
Broadway sad l<Hd St.
B'Tta-y, Amsterdam Aye., and Wrh to 3"th St.
W. H. DOLSON ft CO.. Agents.
527 Cc-lumciis Aye.
REED house
12151. ST. dc BROADWAY
5, 6 s:?d 7 rooms and bath: $540 to '1.200.
The Colosseum. Kiveralde Dnv-> and 116 th at.
9 Rooms and 3 Baths, > 52. •"»10 to
12 Rooms and 4 naths. $ ?4.2(M.
fred'k ZITTEL & SONS.
B'way at 79th St. and lifh £*.
E3O T 3 ;
"Swept v< " t Ocean Braer^s.**
New York's Popular Recreation Centra and :
Outdoor Dinlns Paradise.
•or Florida East Coast System). :
European Plan Exclusively.
Merradante's Orchestra Mornins; * Erenln«r j
New Open Air CafS. Tennis Courts. Garags. 1
European Plan Only.
Alfred ft Amer. of Waldorf- Astoria. M?r.
Ca*uchlln'<t International Rand.
Morr«"Jl»? Grand Opera Quartette.
Pai"'' Anv.itjc nr»n-nrki*,
Tuesday — Thursilay — Saturday. j
llanj- Improvements. New Pe.-sjola.. Gs«m
Automobile ro-.'.ds directly to hote! entrances
Brtarrltff Sln^s?
Under :lir maniuteuient of DAI '.!> B. I'LLMER |
OEORCE W. TUTTLE. Assiitaat Manager
M.Y. Office. Windsor Arcade. Tel. 327* Mnr. H!K |
NEW IF.;:>. I
:he rieli^hts of th« seashore during the sum
ner combined the comfort? and conven- !
en.-es which this famous all-the-year resort
ias to offer.
with everything modern, is a! way* oyea ar.i
maintains an ■ j ,T, T
Automoblllnif. riding, drivinr. tenala. i?olf.
:anoeln«r, sea bathing, sailing, fishing.
KRWK K. -HI rt. MADajr^
THE shores am
A new and deUffhtfulrj 1 locatf-d hotel, with all j
modern Improvements. remslntr? open J
throughout the ?ntir>- yfsr. un«lpr th.-» dan- '
agr*ment of FRANK v ynrTE. }
ffi3arnjoroßgb =■ Bknbdm
Joslah White 2 S— * Cawapainj. .
FOB 72 PAGE BOOK illustrating and doacrib- J
in? Asbury Park send 9 c«nu to Municipal I
Information Bureau. Ai^u~ Hark, _y. .t 1
I -V\>Wl.\ V.
for these •who s»e!r ths b*»t in it ion. ap- j
pofatm^nt. service 3r!d romfort.
Remains open to D*c«mb*r BoolUai *nd ;
btmr. Pa. Cnder rew nianapstrent. Tfi* finest
and most exclusive mountain resort in this seo
tl&n. P«rvl<-e and cuisine unexcelled Rcors*.
with bath, electric llsnta. 'Phar.« in ff:» room.
Boating. ftshini; on Lake Cnurieish. nuukl«t on
appUcatlon JOHN i~ GOHMAN. »a*i aiv:
Prop. j
L«adtns Hotel at tuliifiM 'W'atpr Gap. Pa.
Booklet. G. FRANK COFE.
■ mm ricn
EQQEWOOn INN „>, TllE soi.ND.
Now open. .- tniies from New York. Garag*.
Griil room. Casino. Golf, tenr.ls. Music.
GOOD DRESS IXAKKB mVJ tr« to country for
August: aa--t»t with houx-work anil rauk-i r.vr
,-<-if 'lief'il- Buall comr•fn^3t^3^. Wrl'e t-r i-a!l
'.: b, «tuiv, V2Z3 St. Nt.'ivjiatl aye. N. Y. Ci:-.
VHiIHOKiU, Vl'llliAM^T ri'*nE«* In cases
of diimii) »t)i"ON. >Kuvm:> until in.
BLAUUBK COJUFI^tanW and ktndrvd .:ts
i»ases: rrli-*f at orce tn tJauperons o-is»a. recent
or old' th^»e ilcsi.-lng only first etas.* aeleniifir
tr-atmert nhcul'i call. ©r. BONdCHLR. the well
kr'^wri srwtwM-t. f.» W»a; 5>!H t>t. H..i:m. I>-G. 7-9.
1 « -.WRITING AND TYPEv/rTiTsirr j
VICTOK VIsISLE. 7& Nawau St.: catalogue- j
fte«- »> a**s tiicea part ivt^a*^n»; i
iii uia*f *tK..ii. Aiai-'ajtona, OUvtr*. Eciltiii i
— Harlan F. Stoac. csi »aSntitut»d Trnsts? ni
the trust cr->at*>d untier the Will ot E>avifl
J Stevenson, dec^asi for the benefit of Mario;*
j a Buckler. Plaintiff, ajrainat Charles "W
lUuschat. Individually, and as Executor, etc.
! and others. Defendants.
la pursuant of a jud?irent of fr»r*r!rti»ur»
and tale, drsly mud^ an<l entered in the above
entitled actloa. and bearinsr data «h« 13tS a»r
of JuJy. J9lO. I. ih« andprsisr."!. the Rrfer««
in -mid Jud*nient nasied. win sell at pabllsv
auction, at the Exchange Sak-jroom. Son. I»
j Id Ves^y »tr?et. in the Eorouicii cf Manhatraa.
Ciry of NVtv York. 00 ths l.'.th day of Aurnat,
1910. at 1^ o"c!ocit noon 03 that d*j. l>r
Daniel Grern-wald. Auctioneer, the pr»csts<-»
directed by said Jadsrcvsnt to *• »old. ant*
trereln de«rrib«(J as folirturs: "Asl that cer
tain lot. pi«ce or parcel of land, with Urn
botltltac thereon er««:ied. situate, tjinff aai
heinif In the Boro'jsh oZ Itanftattan. nty of
New YorK. and Count-/ and Slate oi <Xer*
York, bounded and descrtbed a» folio-*", ta
\ wit: Bf-s'.nnlr.jf it a point on th« sooth-sa**-
I erh» l!n~ of the X^w Bowery. dUrant thir;<r^a
1 US) fe»t thr-e (S) tachea northeasterly fr^TT*
j Ux« corner formed by 'he lnte-*"<nlon of llt«
1 fixst»r!v line of JaTrj«-» street with me soutn
j i!ae of the New Bo^»<?ry. rusritTT*
! theace norrSeast'rlv alor.g thn sonth«asterlr
I !!n<» of the N?tv liowtry. thirty-seven i37>
I f««t four C 4) Inchon, to land no-* rrr fonnerty
j of •;:.- hwirs of Jiaoi J. Kyin: th«»nce m»t
, <:rTy alon; said ln.nr mentioned taoad ■«"-ent7
j four I7i) f<"et to iarnl cow or fcrrmerly of th*
! Trustets of the Cun^re<3t;on of SaearetJ*
j Israei ; »hcnc<» southerly ainng that Uukl ar.d
! Isnd now or formerly of rh<; beirs of David
I Prysoa tw-n:y-s!x iirt> f»et femr i'4> Inch"*
to other land norv or fnrm«>r!y of IH» ftelrs ot
Jame- J. R7an. and thene* we»t«r!y la «
!»tralzht lin-? a:<->ni; said la«* iifHttoßwd Hw
one txnadred and <!07> fe«t -%nd «i«rst
'5) Inches to t!:a point or place •* t>»<;:i3'n*..
be the paid several dimensions a-J d;srar.r»«
more or iesa- said pr^n?is*s beint now known
1 by the St.-pet Bomber 47 »*« Bo«!t7: bei=*
the first of the parcrla of tan* d»»crl»«<J in
and conveyed by a D-e»i of Heivrv S»a<»r.
, En-ctitor. etc. "to Mary M. Hartout ir.l
ethers, dated June !7ih. l"S-i> ar.J r^ccrdr-i
In the OSes of tho Rszister of the Csty *n<S
; County of Ne-w York, ta Liixsr ISM *C ,C«"
1 v?vanrei at pas:* 123. on Jure 17tr.. 1554-
Dated, N?w Yor^ j :ai . r 2">*h. 1»1?.
S^lirSL S' SOE^". R«f3r««.
cvNFTELD a stone. Amxuajj
foT- PlalntlX-JJo. 43 W*il Street. Bcraaffa
of Manhattan. Ners- York City.
The foliOTvi^s ts a fitas-rani or th« :-;■»*
to be so!'J; Its »tr««t Stzatae if d x*»
Bows 7:
"^Se a?pros:raata aseunt c- ti» Use c*
char??, to satisfy whteh _-- alscTf^-iaacrfiei
prcper^7 13 to be sold. Is TTreat7-»ix - y.-■—-4y .-■— -4
t^ro hundred Uztrtjr-ftntr - — 37-TCS <S2*.
234.37) dollars, ••■» i"tsr<»«T '-».-=;- rrcrr
•.-• 3t:-. I^7 .if j^'y, 1910. tegsther w.tn -c**«
ar.d allo^arice araountlsj to Fonr bnsar^d
»;evea 53-100 tHXUttI dollars. wttH atof— e
fr^Ts Ja!y -*"• ' 1310. legsther trt»Js ti« «x
ren^cs of t&s sale. TiM apcrosl=iate irr.-rmt
of the •.aiaa assesssaesta and -13- —l ■?*, c?
other liens, which are to be allowed to dM
purchaser out o; th* -!.--;-■ A3« inoa#y. or paid
by the Referee. Is Sis hundred trrj-far**
and S5-100 «' 5653.33) dollars -•-• = - also
unpaid rrater m?ter r»2i since Xjvesibtr 11.
IS'ty. amount not axed.
The above prerr.'*as will be «sld snbjeet ts
* its of i •■:.■.. tenants and subject to any
violation Sled by the D^cartrsent at 3u!ld-»
ings or the Tenement Hoca» Decarturaat.
DiUsd. New YorJc. July 20tb. 1910.
SXMUEL 3. KOEN'IG. rlafa-^iL
— Lillian Hose. p?air.-!» nitwit 2lcses a.
Shill and others, iefsndants.
In pursuance c* a judgment Bl r^-»--'.eaCr«
and sale, duly made and entered te tlia *t>ov«»
entltied action, and. tearing date thm 20th day
of July. 1910. I. -. usdersi^ned. the -.?*-_.»
in said . iiuaul nasisd. wii! sell it pnblist
auction at tha Exchange Sa!e3roon. Ncs. 14-lS
Vesej Street. In the Borough o? JlaslMttas.
City of New York, on the 16ta day cj Aurast.
1310. at 12 o'clock noon an that d 27. by
Joseph p. r>ay. auctioneer. rh« ?TsTr>:?»» dl
ected by said jodgmeat to bs aoML and tisraia
deacribed as follows:
AH that icrtaln lot. place or carie! of fcL=>!,
with the buildings id improvements tSsreoa
erected, situate. ly;nsr and being in tin Bor
oug-h of Manhattan of the City ot Ne-w YorJc
in the County and Stats at Ne^r York. btstiadeA
and described aa foi'awaj Begln^n? at j.
point on the cortfcerty side ot One KtndretS
and Ni^ete^nth Street, distant one hundred
and thirrr-a^ven (137> feet six (8> inche*
waateriy from the corner formed by the inter
section of tho westerly aide of Seventh Avetiu*
with tha northerly aid** of One Hundred and
Nineteenth Street; rinam; thence northerly,
and parall°l with th" nestrrly side of Seventh.
Avenue and part of th,e distance throtis'r! *
art ■ wall, one aaa-irrf ClOtt) f*et eleven ill»
inches; thence w«jt»r:x, parallel with th*
nurtherlr side of One Hundre'i aad Nineteenth
Street. thlrty-«-ven .'37) f:-?: six tti) inches;
tn^neff «OTither!y. pa.ral!e! ISj w«wt«tly
aiiie of Seventh Avenue, one hundred 1 100»
fe-"-t eleven (11 > inches to the northerly sid» of
One Hundred and Nineteenth Street; Lh<Miea.
easterly, alcnij tba northerly side <if On? Han
tired aiid OTseteenth Btre«t thirty-^ven (37*
feet sis (3) rs^iies to tts point or piaca oi b-j-
S1 D r ar U -i X^ York. July Zt. 1010.
JJ vNTO.V M. WYVELL. Refere-.
ROBERT L. TCEK. Attorney for Plaintiff.
No. 35 Nassau Street. Borough of Man
hattan. Ne-sr York Ctry.
Thft fQV.ovt'.nz In a d!a3Tam erf the prap^rrr
to be snid- its street nvmbmt is 389 V,"-»t HiWU
Street. Boroush of Manhattan. N^ ToriCityi
W. ll^tli St.
Tho approximate amount of th 9 lisa s«f
charse. to satisfy which the above descrlbett
prop^rtv is to b« sold, i? 412.773.33. wl:ii ia
tt?rt-£t thereon from the 13th da» of July. 191' A.
totfpther with costs and ano-araace i aiattaajT
to $435.50, with Interest from July 20. l»10.
together with th- expenses of tba sala. Th(»
approx:rnat« amount of M taxes, assess
ments anc: water rates or other 2!«na which ar»
to be allowed to the purchaser out of tn« pur
ch-ise rconsy. or paid .;• tie referee, ta $123
and interest.
S^id prssUes ■wil! be sold subject to a. ftrpt
mortgage of $4,1.000, wiLi accrued !mare»«
thereon at the rate of Sve (S^) per '-uxnum.
Dated. Neir Yorii. Ja!y 21. !i»l<>.
MAXTON M. vrrfEU. Ref«f««.
— Kai>trt N. Quinn. P!a;nti3L against Tti»
Brcwnhlil Company et ai. Ixiendanta — la pur
suance of a judgment of foreclosure and sal^
duiy cade and entered ia the aocva-esutJesJ ac-»
tioß and f)ta:ias iato th? ita day of Juiy. !9lt>.
I the unders.«n«d. Uw Kefcrew ir. »al!l juJsrnent
aaiEod, will sell a: public auction, a: th« Ex—
chung* Sa^esroOEU Noa. l-i-lr> Veaey Stntd la
the Boroaga of Mannattan. Clry of Ne-r YcrX oa
tB« 10th day of Autf-oat. I^ID. at 12 o'clock aooa
on that day by Josepfc P. Day. Auctioneer. th-»
premises directed by said judsraast to be sold.
and therein described aa foiiowa: Ali these lot*
cf land 13 the City and County ot Xe*. t">rfc.
which on a certain mao entitled Map rȣ O_>
cl-.oico lots, bea:? cf tS* sct»e2eha r-ata.*^
la ih« -ith Wart N. T^Cter B'^S*
of t"w Bronx."' made by Charles M. Slajei. C1»1Z
Er.smeer and City Surveyor, dated May. an
and Sed in the Ott*» of tfta Register «f th»
County Of New Tor*, aa iUo Nraber S!e»»
nosdred and fourteea A. &-•»» ir.owr. and des}»
iiated by the lot Numbers T*o hOßdr-i «nf
ni-ety-rtve. Two nundr&i and alseC-eypt. tw»j
At^W^ r i2?S n sl^«. B-'-ni: tfsakß4aßßW|
" tan. New Yoric City.
The foilowlns is a • vim or tie prapttrry ••
foM: E. M St,
Tin* arproxiTTiite i"r*"l' ot the Usa or As^%^
to satis'v which, th? above— described property !a
to be ami. is tl.il9.£>. with Interest thereon iro^i
th« 23* day tif Jur.i. ISIO. whether with c^a'B
and a:!cTT2r.c-(» snicur.tlns to $130.01. with &»r
es: freni July Sth. 1050. t^=s".hsr w.:h Q* *s.
p«.".s-s c? tha sale. Thd acproxixats Accurst cf
iha tax?s. ajse'sani'ar.ts irtd wa:«r r3t*s. or oHer
Urns. whtCß ar« to b* ai;cw*l to the purcfcia*r
out of the purchase rr.cr.ev. cr p*id by tha Ref
e-e~.e-e~. is or «*en lot $201.5 a and Interest.
Dfttsd, *..*^ DW . Jkßl> cHjjgJs CRO-WTLET.
Vay Supplies.— OOM <>f Assistant r-^rcaas
:.-■•-- Panama Kail Road Cocipiny. 24
6ot*Stn«t fS«ti Tort. July tft IMft— S«M«d
proposal* wUI b>? r*vetveil at this offlcw until
aioT* artlcl** Blanks <*r.tl fun !a
roP^.»»>f>-. may e*t»tTi«d at toia aOc*.
WTN-DrU L. StM P?ON. Major, I'M ft
fantry. L". g- A. A.««-i»tant Purchaal". y Q-?»ctrr.
Rn^-ivin? an<l Vrinttrt^. Washinstcn. D. C,
Ally «. Dirt. — 5.»210«t pp.>pon.-iii» *11l l>a r«
c»'l\l'-! ut th:s Itiirenu ur.t:! S ?u Mowtay.
.\j;i.^t s. IOH». for CIOSOBteS Printer* 1 \V!p«P
( Ji.th* ilurlnc (wmatttdai of ttscat y»ar »»ail:iliS
j u .i B ::n. 1011. lilanlc fcrm« «ir..{ other infor
mation wii: r\i>-T!i<h-'v: tatMMttstc ftMdi»r» ->r»
api.liraf.on tv JO^El'l! E RALPH. Director.
«H)0 to take »nt*r>-:»t Uj-I'.gloust l*\ibltcal!o!l
with author and founder ot natiocai proml
nencs: sruat future, rarticulars Ueorsa ■*•
Kl"'i»r Co.. j~iO rt-twttitva>.
LlO BARGAINS — Ssigtit!y ua*d =tsc» turattareT
UeaUs. lyve'w riterr. ca»h yejjiiters. acli!s£ da-*
ehtres, nnm^oifranh*. fiiiaj >^hmat3. soifis. a**
dresaiT!^ inachlnes, ttma decks, partlttaas, -.-^
preiscters. cceieass*. JiATHAJTS. 4 Y>Tilt» str**»

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