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ft achting^ S> Golf S> Chess
Yachts make past time
First Day of Cruise Produces
Some Spirited Racing.
Good Breeze Favors Yachtsmen
as All Classes Get Off to
Fine Starts.
IB>- Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Eur.tington. Aug. 4.— Thirty-two yachts,
fifteen schooners, fifteen sloops and two
x-a*is. divided into ten classes, sailed a
! fist race to-cay from Glen Cove to this
pert in the first run of the New York
yacht Club on Its annual cruise for 1910.
Although the number of starters was less
tSan usual on a first day the race was
spirited and close from start to finish.
'.George 2vl. Pynehor/s slxty-flve-foot sloop
jsitslena made the fastest time over the
course of twenty-five miles. She covered
| in S hours - minutes and 24 seconds, de
feating K. F. Lippitt's Winsome by
4$ seconds, and the Aurora by 3 minutes
aac 5T seconds. The first leg of the course,
jjon Matiniccek Point to Long Neck Point
£uc:--. was a run; the second, to Oak Neck
Sun:-, on the Long Island shore, a beat to
and the •?■?•-'- leg. from there to
the fifiteh off Eaton's Neck, a fine reach.
Tie wind was from the S. S. "W.; light on
tte first leg and strong on the other two,
j^i'.r.? a most spirited finish.
X s:r:k;nz feature of the race was the
BsQmg of the new Herreshcff sloop, the
tiimna. owned by Morton F. Plant. On
corrected time she defeated the Istalena
l.v 45 seconds. Her owner followed the
rsce In his big steam yacht, the lolanda.
,v- steam yachts that accompanied the
feet included Commodore Arthur Curtiss
James's flagship, the auxiliary Aloha.; A.
Baudouine's Hiawatha, Henry "Walter's
derail. C- Led yard Blair's Diana. Wilson
SlarsnaQ's Levanter. Leonard Richard's
Carola, J. Stewart Barney's Admiral and
B. F. Lippitfs Magnet. These and about
fgtg others are at anchor in this harbor
The start, made oS Matlaicock Point, just
ostsiiie Glen Cove Harbor, was as pretty a
siftt as one could imagine. "With a fine
KWtlrwesterly breeze, the yachts ma
noeuvred to windward of the line, which
wa? between the gas buoy and the com
cflttjee boat, the Eugene i! : ran. lying north
of it. The Class P sloops and the ••thirties,
bes.: the smallest class, were sent away
Cwt, -: 3:25 o'clock. Stuyvesant "U*ain
•» right's Cara Mia got away first, leading
tie Monks Brothers' "Windward by a bare
beegth. The-n followed the Mimosa 111. J.
T. Morgan's PhriTie. saHed by Sherman
Koyt; the XepsL the Dahinda and the
Juaniia in the order named. Booms w»r©
to pan and in a few moment! spinnakers
blossomed out to starboard as they shaped
their course for the first mark, just east
cf Stamford a few miles.
The auxUiary schooners the Vencedor, the
Prnma. the Idler and the Iris made a good
■art on the same signal, crossing the line
Is 'ha: order and under splendid headway.
The schooners the Cygnet, the Vagrant,
the Miladi and the Dervish got away in
fire shape at 1:30 o'clock, followed by
classes L. M and N five minutes later. The
green balled Shimna, steered by Addison
■wmi led the way. He luffed her across
I the wake of the yawl Polaris just, before
the signal and they crossed almost on even
terms with the Plant sloop, a 1-nßrrh on the
ethers' weather beam. The E'.eanora, the
Phantom, the Adventuress, the Hermes II
an - th« Lasca followed in that order.
The start of the 65-foot sloops was a
lively one. The Winsome obtained the
weather berth, having the Aurora close up
; -under her lee. At the gun both squared
'©way and crossed the line at steamboat
!epeed. while the Istalena. well down to
the lee end of the line, also made * good
■ start, with her wind clear. All three broke
lout ballooners on the line. The Istalena
Said her spinnaker boom down to starboard
end the sail set and drawn before the two
i ethers were fairly on their course.
The last away were the big schooners in
classes B. D and C. They were led by
[the mm from Philadelphia. She was
f followed by the Boston schooner Taormina
[end the Katrina. Then came the famous
iSlmina under a cloud of canvas, which
[sent her walking through the fleet at a
[smart clip. All the schooners were able to
carry main topmast staysails as well as
ballooners, and the whole fleet made an
ir.s; iring picture as the boats sped away to
the eastward.
The times of the leaders taken as they
luffed around the first mark were: The
V«ncedor. 2:22:30; the Shimna, 2:25 the
Sereca, 2:25.-00; the Idler. 2:25:30; the Win
foine. 2:26:30; the ; • ena. 2:26:30: the Iris,
2:26.23; the Aurora, 2:26:25; the "Windward.
r:27:<v>; the Adventuress, 2:27:30; the Cara
Mia. 2:27:45; the Phryne. 2:25:50; the Polaris,
229:06; the Dervish, 2:29:45. and the rest
Within • . --en minutes.
Sheets were trimmed flat for the long
Etretch across the Sound to Oak Neck
Buoy, and with a freshening breeze the
tattle for first place in each class was a
keen one. At 3:30 o'clock, off Lloyd's Neck.
the Istalena was the leader, although to
leeward of the "Winsome and the Aurora.
She had held the port tack longer than
they and profited by it.
The Shirnna was sailing- like a witch In
eeamd place. They rounded the second
nark In the following order: Istalena,
Ghtama, 3:57:40: "Winsome. 3:57:15; Aurora,
4J0032. The rest were not timed at this
point, but the Vencedor was the leading
Fast time was :nade from here to the
finish, and the Istalena. travelling at least
twelve knots and with her lee rail awash,
swept across ■•. line leading the fleet at
Heellns to the southerly squalls that
came sweeping at o' Kuntington Eay. each
•loop and schooner, as she approached the
finish line ploughing up a furrow of foam,
Hiade a picture that ■■■ worth going milts
to see. When the schooner Eimina crossed
the line the water was curllnp up over the
deck, covering her lee Quarter.
There was & meeting of captains on board
the flagship at 9 o'clock this evening and
there were more than one hundred yachts
represented. The etart for New London in
the race for the commodore's cups will be
started in the morning at 7 o'clock. The
auxiliary iiUIW— owned by Allison V.
Armonr, and many other yachts will Join
the Heet at Kew London.
T!:e summary follower
► Ed rtme
: • "M " ?£ £
SißOa*. F. F. ■ ireter 4:45:33 3:03:33
£**■ t'jx. Dallas B. Pratt L"i- not flntstl.
6C31 GONERS — CLASS C — START. 1:48 —
Mi F. L Lelazd 5:05:47 3:20:47
Xttrlaa. J. B. Ford f:H'2* a-^'s3
E ■ . . '• iil^\
C«^-trt ii^-T.oV«ina> 2.«*>; Irollia.
8:01:4^- Ksirina. S:O2:C4.
S*rr^. Rdbett E. ToUnd..-.. 5;15:30 3:30:36
" - :< ■ 4 :. S
» i rB 'f !c »
'. <n «. F. F- Caiey "55!ff? vl^inf
Corrw-.ei ti.-re-terviish. 2:56:01; vagrant,
•*:27; Mliifii. ?:1S:O3; Cygnet. 3:l r »:<0.
1-25— COURSE, 25 MILES.
»««*, Gcor«« Hew. jr 6*9: l* B^4:l*
Keen Fight for Low Score Medal
at Shinnecock Hills.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Southampton. Iff. V.. Aug. 4.-Extra hole
matches lent zest to the first round of the
invitation tournament, which began to-day
on the links of the Shinnecock Hills Golf
Club. There was also a keen struggle for
the low score medal in the elghteer.-hole
testing round between McKim Hollins, of
Westbrook, and John M. Ward, of Garden
City, both of whom returned morning
scores of 78. They settled the deadlock in
the afternoon, when Hollins won. with SO
to 82.
Although successful in his play-off. Hol
lins lost at match play to E. P. Rogers, of
the home club, who had a 7S. On the
contrary, Ward got consolation, for. al
though losing the medal, he beat W. A.
Murdock. of Shinnecock, . in a gruelling
match that required two extra holes.
One of the favorites to fall was Robert C.
Watson, the Westbrook crack, who won
this tournament a year ago. He was de
feated by S. K. de Forest, of the home
club, in an extra hole match. Going to the
fourteenth De Forest was 3 down, but he
squared accounts with a 3 on the home
green. They halved the nineteenth hole in
6, but De Forest won the next in 4. Wat
son topping his drive.
Philip Carter, the fourteen-year-old boy
from Bridgehampton. Just managed to
qualify in the first sixteen, with an 86. and
then won easily in his first round at match
The scores follow:
John M. Ward. Garden City —
Out 5 4 4 2*3 4 4 4 7—37
la 4 4 4 8 4 6 5 4 4—41—78
McKim Hclllns. Westtrook —
Out 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 6—35
In 4 5 5 5 6 4 6 5 3—43—3 — 43—
Out. In. T'i
R. G. Watson. Westbrook 3S 414 1 79
E. M. Barnes. Englewood 38 42 SO
' E. P. Rogers. Shinnecock 40 41' 61
E. A. Thomson. Garden City 43 3S 81 i
E. L. De Forest. Midland 46 35 £1
J. R. Hyde. Bay Shore 41 40 81
Chester Cris-w-old. Shinneccck 40 42 52
G. Owen Winston, Somerset Hills. 42 40 S2
B. J. De Forest. Shinnecock 40 43 S3
W. a. Murdock. Shinnecock 40 44 64
C. F. Watson. Baltusrol 46 39 S6
P. P. Carter. Bridgeh&mpton 45 41 86
C. B. McDonald. Shinneccck 42 44 S6
J. S. Clark, Shinnecook 43 43 86
D. TV. Granberry. B&ltusrol.. 46 42 S8
T. T. Reid. BaltuErol 47 41 88
; D H. McAlpln. Morris County. 45 43 SS
E. B. Knowlton. Garden City.. 47 41 SS
W. W. Hoffman, jr.. Shinnecock 45 43 SS
C. M. T/son. Princeton 45 43 S8 I
William "Watson, Baltusrol . . . 41 4$ SO
A. D. Chllds, Englewood 49 41 S9
J. N. Ste«le. Shinnecock 45 43 S9
T. F. Keer. Baltusrol 44 43 $9
: D. D. Roberts, Dyker Meadow. 4!> 41 00
T. S. Fuller. Ardsley 47 43 90
E. B. ?ch!<-y. Baltusrol.. 47 43 90
B. F. Relnmund. Engle-srood . . 47 44 01
A. H. Lockett. Englewckjd 47 44 01
, A. T. Brice. Shinnecock 43 43 01
J. P. Perkins. Cedar hurst 44 45 92
C. L. Perkins. Cedarhurst 47 45 92
F. B. McLean. Wykagyi 47 45 82
1 W. V. Keliey. Shinnecock 43 48 93
C. L. Holmes. Warerbury 4*5 47 M
T. P. Snow, Shianecock 47 46 93
Marshall Mills. Dyker Meadow... 49 45 9*
J. M. Hudson. Ards'.ey... 48 46 94
C. G. Oakley. Shinnecock 47 4S 95
C W. Hunt. St. Andrews 4» 4« 95
J. F. Byers. Allegheny 48 47 95
B. O. Miller. Englewood 49 47 90
R. I*. Bowies. Dyker Meadow... 44 52 96
C. A Corliss. E-g'.etrood 51 46 97
J. M. Hartshorn. >r.:r.r.ecock 53 45 96
T. G. Thomas. Shinnecock 45 50 B6
Bennington, V:.., Aug. Fred P. Jen
; nings, of Mount Anthony, and R. D. Camp
' bell, of Dorset Field, were the low men in
the first day of play in the annual tourna
ment of the Vermont Golf Association,
' which opened to-day on the Mount An
thony Links. Each had a score of 79. The
other event of the day was the McCullough
Cup contest, open to four-men teams. This
was won by the Mount Anthony team, de
: feating teams from the Dorset Field Club,
of Dorset, and the Ekwanok Club, of Man
Great Barrinjrton, Mass.. Au?. 4.— ln the
matches at the Wyantonuck Golf Club here
to-day two leading golfers. S. D. Bowers, of
Brooklawn. and Dwfefet Partridge, of Bed
ford, met defeat. Partridge beat Bowers
in the opening round. 1 up. and in the sec
ond lost to T. af. Sherman, of Utica, ?on of
Vice-President Sherman. A. W. Hancock,
MetacoßiPt, beat F. R. Cooiey, Hartford, in
the Brat round. 2 up and 1 to go.
Many Out for Opening of Horse
Show at Sea Girt.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Sea Girt, S. J-. Aug. 4.— The annual
horse show at the Sea Girt and Spring
Lake Country Club, situated midway be
tween here and Spring Lake, began this
afternoon. When the gong Founded for the
nret entries to appear in the oval, there
were few seats vacant in the stands and
on the clubhouse veranda. A good attend
ance is expected for the last two days of
the show. All previous records for the
1 first toy w»re .broken this afternoon.
The awards follow:
Class 24 (ponies in harr.ef=s, not exceeding 14.1
han^st— Wonbv Miss R. H. Wasserman's imp.
Morning Glory f Asa 3. BushnHl's Merry Legs,
second- J. T. Telly's Fairy, third.
Class 36 (best lady's saddle horse)— Won by
Mrs C. Cecil F!tler'6 eh. m. Lady sandy; A.
Morrison's Black Diamond, second. John E.
Henderson's eh g. Houeton. third.
Oai<s 3 (open class for harness horses not
exceeding 15 l" hands—Won by Emil Swig's
b* Knickerbocker. Mm. Cecil Fillers b s.
=portln« Extra, second; Emil Seelig s Sunshine.
1 Clas« 27 (best single harness — Won by
Mr?' Cecil Filler's b. X- Sporting Extra; J. L.
Buehnell'B Queen Welcome, second.
Class 2 (best pair harness horses not exceed
ing 15.1 handu)— Won by Quaker Farm's br. g.
Leader of fashion and br. m. Lady of Fash-
Ion: Mrs. Cecil Filler's Florham King and Pan
dora Qu*en. second.
Cla«s 11 (beat combination riding and driving
norae j won by A Morrison's eh. m. Sonca;
■aim. Oetl Filler's Lady Sandy, second.
Class 11 best combination riding and driving
hor«c)— Won by M. A. Morrison's eh. m. Sonia-
Mrs. Cecil Filler's Lady Sandy, second; Joseph 1
Byrne's Bourbon Boy. third. .
"Clays 15 (open class Car harness her** I*,1 *, not ex
ceeding 15.1 hande) — Won by Mr» L. A. D.
P-'cival's eh. g- Gretta; James B. Breeze'F eh. g.
Lucky, second. J. E. Henderson's b. m. Dorothea,
" Class 5 'best tandems! — Won by Quaker Farm's
br m Lady of Fashion and br. fr Leader of
Faahion, Mrs. Cecil Fltler's eh. g. Florham King
and eh m Pandora Queen, second; Bmll Seelig's
eh c Sunshine and eh. g. Peter Pan, third.
Clais 22 (lady's pair harneee horses .1 — Won by
Mrs. Cecil Fltler's Florham King- and Pandora
Case 18 (open class for hunters and Jimp^re) —
Won by P. A Clark's b. m. RoeHle. Mr Ross's
r— g. Casacatte. second; Rcss & I>ntz's g, m.
Lady Alice, third.
'""lass 32 (quarter mile race for horses 14 3
hands or under, to carry 150 pounds) — by
Mrs E. W. Elliott's Alwin; DJward E. Cohen's
Princess Prince, second; C A. Beynolds's Break
o' Day, third.
Claes 35 'hurdle sweepstakes; one mile) — Won
by P«*er Haurk. Jr.'e. r *. Essex B. . P. A.
Clark's b. m. Boselle. second.
, Vencedor. A. V. de Golcourta. 4:5«:45 3:31
Iris F M Whltehouse 8:05:01 3:35:01
Idler. K. T Sloane 4:57:45 3:32:45
21 MILb. .
iFtalena, G. M Pynchon ...... 4:42:24 3:02:24
Winsome. H. F. Lippttt 4:43:13 3:M:1»
Vjrere C. Vanderbllt 4:46:32 3:06:33
:* Corrected time— The Istilena. 2:40:48; the Win
some. 2:4186. the Aurora, 2:44:43.
Shimna. M. F. Plant -'- - - 4:40:35 3:11:35
■ „.-r,..-iri time gfalmne. 2 ¥ •'-.'<
-"^ MILES.
Pclarla »«wI).L Alberger. . . . s^B^ 3:33:06
*A T-enturV-^' C a c r R^nvllle U I**
B Sr^ct"d Ume-Adveatureei. 1'.«2 .«. Polar!-,
•> 4' ]4 X aanoi ■ 2:16 :1&.
Phan.om. Carles z^mbrke.. ... ***** 3:3S:00
BLOOPS^CLASS . start i :23-COURSE. 23
■ A^ J ' MILES.
• Mil - Mimosa 111. - ■■• —
.NEW W^j^iniSE, 25 MILES.
i m & m y Aik«r .r, ;>t 47 411 a 7
35S?£ SSSSSS «:f4:10 4:00:10
City Investing Company Sells Site at No. 21 to 27, Held at
$275,000, to an Investor.
vesting Company sold yesterday to an in
vestor the property at No. 21 to 27 Cedar
street on a plot 65x60x irregular, adjoining
the northeast corner of William street.
On the site are old buildings, which were
held by the selling company at 52T5.000.
A few weeks ago at the auction sale of
completed six story warehouse building
property at No. 19 Cedar street, extending
through to Nob. S2 and S4 Maiden Lane, was
purchased by Henry Evans, president of
the Continental Insurance Company, who
is reported to control the ownership of the
property to the east. Nos. 78 and So Maiden
Lane. At a later date there was incor
porated at Albany the Fire Companies
Building Company, with a capital of $1,500,
000, in which Mr. Evans is a director.
ross Company sold the five story Forsythe
Building, at No. 865 Broadway, on a plot
3oxlOS, to a Mr. Kates.
warehouse building sold—Ed
ward Hermani has purchased the recently
completed six story warehouse building
on a plot 33.3x57.10 feet, at Nos. 178 and
l«0 Franklin street, between Hudson and
Greenwich streets. The property was sold
by Uhlfelder & Weinberg, who erected the
structure and leased it upon completion to
Roethiisberg & Co. for ten years.
Hyman Kantor sold to Anna Englander
Nos. 604 and 606 West 125 th street, a six
story apartment house, on a plot 63.4x100.11
feet, between Broadway and Claremont
avenue. For exchange the buyer gives a
plot. 341x105 feet, on the south side of 136 th
street. 384 feet east of St. Ann's avenue.
The trade was transacted by Heller & Suss
Plans have been filed for making improve
ments to the Imperial Lyceum, at the
southwest corner of Third avenue and 55th
street, which call for removing the posts
in the theatre, rebuilding the stag© ar.d
dressing rooms at a cost of $1,500. Caro
line Lexow is the owner of record. Kraus,
Ruestow & Tintera are the architects
M. & L. Hes«= have negotiated the follow
ing leases: For the Sternfeld Building
Company. 27,000 square feet in the build
ing. No. 317 to 323 East 34th street, to Em
den & Wormser: for Golde & Cohen, the
store and basement, Nos. 69 and 71 Woos
ter street, to the Commercial Sponging
Company: for Summerville. Drew & Co..
the fifth loft. No. 30 to 34 West 36th street,
to Stecher & Co.; for the Criterion Con
struction Company, the westerly store and
basement. No. Ui to 130 West 26th street,
to Mayer Aronin; for Alden S. Swan, the
store and basement. No. 56 East 13th street,
to the United Ostrich Feather Dyeing-
All of the above leases being for a term
of years.
The Douglas Robinson, Charles S. Brown
Company reports the following leases:
For the Sage estate. No. 35 East *>sth
street; for Mrs. J. West Rooeevelt,
No. 103 East 79th street; for Mrs. H.
Winthrop Gray, No. 10 Washington
Square North: for Mrs. Donald S.
Mackay, No. 20 East 66th street, and for
Miss Annie H. Westervelt, No. 134 East
3Sth street, and in conjunction with Ewing\
Ba<.'on & Henry, No. 110 East 61st street.
with Payson lfel* Merrill, No. 123 East
73d street.
Huberth & Gabel have leased for Jacob
Spielberg to Herman Kaufman, the five
story tenement house at No. 45 First street,
for a term of years.
Lieon S. Altmayer has ieaeed for a term
of years to af. Goldsmith the store and
basement at No. 346 First avenue.
Pease & Eliimarr have rented to William
r Orr the Palmer house, at Lawrence.
Long Island The place adjoins her country
Charles A. Wessell has sold for the Iron
Clad Realty and Trading Company a plot
of eight lots, tffecieo feet, in Brooklyn, at
the northwest corner of Lott avenue and
Chester street, to a client for improvement.
A permit has been obtained by the Or
pheum Company for the erection of the
new theatre in Brooklyn, at Broadway.
Howard avenue, Monroe and Madison
streets It will be a four story structure,
covering a site 130.7x200 feet, and is esti
mated to cost 1600.000.
CEDAR STREET— The City Investing Com
pany .Old No 21 to 27 Cedar Btreec to an In
vestor. The property Is on a plot 63x00xlrre£
ular; adjoining the northeast corner of William
street, and was held at $275,000.
BROADWAT— Duross Company sold the
five Story Vowthe Building. Ka »65 Broadway,
on a plot 29x106 feet.
B4TH STREET — Henry E. Decker sold to
Emanuel Schieffner No. 171 East frith "feet a.
three story and basement dwelling, on lot 16x
100.5 feet, between Lexington and Third ave
10TH STREET— Jacob Moersfelder sold No,
410 East 10th street, a six story tenement, on
lot 20x02.3 feet, between Avenues C and D.
SULLIVAN STREET--G. Carlucci & Cow coM
for Pietro Alvino Xo«. 156 and 158 Sullivan
street, a six story new-law tenement, with
stores, on plot 42x57 feet.
135 TH STREET— Hyman Kantor sold to Anna
En*iander Xo». 604 and 606 West 12oth street
a «lx story apartment house, on plot ivS.-ixlix> 11
feet, between Broadway and Claremont avenue
In exchange the buyer gives a plot d4lxl'is
feet on the south side of 130 th street. 3*4 feet
eaj>t of St. Ann's avenue. The trade was nego
tiated by Heller & Sussman.
LOHBAUER PARK— John A. Steinmetz sold
for R. Wai don to George Barthold the five lots
Nob 654 to 558, map of Lohbauer Park, and
the three story building, with store, lot No. 27,
map of St. Raymond's Park The buyer gave
In exchange the four story flathouse at No. .64
WUlooghby avenue. Brooklyn.
TINTON AVENI'E— The Roth Construction
Company* has sold to Charles Krouske the
building on plot 37.5x55 feet, at the east side
•C Tlnton avenue, 151.7 feet north of West
chester avenue, for J25.750.
The auction sales held yesterday at tho
j Real Estate Exchange salesroom, Nos. U
\ and 16 Vesey street, resulted as follows:
By Herbert A. She*nan
BATHGATE AYE, 1838. w s. 25 ft n of 182 d
at. :: X!« 7X !«7 2 and 8 sty dwg; sold to pltff for
13.790; aiso.
146 TH ST s s, 275 ft w of Lenox aye. 75x
99.11; vacant; *oid to the pltft for $16,500.
By Joseph P. Day.
CLAT WE, lOf.o. Tv s. 275 ft n of 165 th st,
23x100; 2 and 3 sty dwg; adjourned to Sept 7.
By Daniel Greenwald.
I.VrTH ST. 121 and 123, n s, SO ft m of Lex
ington aye. 80x09. 11. 2 G sty tenmts; sold to
' pltS for $72,545. |
CVVith name and address of lessee.)
BLEECKER ST. 250 to 2t53; Isaac Leader and
Jacob Hi- >tn to Glust-ppp iraca: 3 jrrs from
May 1. 1010; $7,440; address. 25» Bleeck»r st.
CATHARINE! ST. - s and '•>"■ store and base
ment; Ernestine is Harris to Geetano Dl vata;
i 8 yrs from May 1. 1310; *W0; address. »3
| Catherine st.
DIVISION ST 139, store, etc; William J Lutz,
! *dmr to Joseph Zuck«-r; 3 yr» from Aug 15,
1010;' $600; address, 13!> Division st.
FP^EMAN" "T. 022. » a cor Southern Boule
vard'"M»U'l" E Ernhaut to William an.l Augunt
Eckhofi 10 yn from Aug 1. 1910; $2,100 to
|2.s<>f; address. IC«H> Park aye.
< iii n IT ■ • cor Beekman st. runs ■ ■»'.' 7i
. SOx2o 2x * 4^.6 to beg; Angle X Hlcka et al
iaiihi Roy Pre«: 21 yrs from May 1. 1010;
.I toJtwiVietc;* $5,000; address, 191 Fulton at.
PWCK -Ll!' Sf; Angole I Callan to Edward
M liix^n fl yrs from May 1. 1910: 1.830; ad-
I drfK», 3s Gifford aye. Jersey City.
PECK SLIP. Wi Edward XV Dixon to EM
DJxor ? & co : 5 yrß from May 1. mo; J1.500;
address, same as above.
bt NICHOLAS AYE. 1370, cor 17Uth it; store
and basement; Ferdinand Denhard to the Great.
laoL£S am*'**** 'I** Cu. x tot v vlu. a-wu*
Aue 1. 1010: 2 yrs renewal at $2,100; $1,700 and
$1,800; address, 150 Bay st. Jersey City. „
> 2.1 DST 536 to 546 West, part of 3d floor; J
& W Lyail et al to Sherwood Beers Co; 4 yre
and S^i mo« from Aug 15, 1910; $2,400; address.
536 West 23d st.
(With name and &ddres» of purchaser. >
MADISON AYE. n w cor of 70th st. 100.3 X
21; John H Snell to Sarah C Benedict i mtg
$31.50'}), Aug 11- $1; address, Cedarhurst,
N J.
MONROE ST, 2SB: 6 sty brk. 36. 7x97.10*
irreg- Wolf Cohen to Samuel Strauss; % part;
all title, all liens; Au( 2; $000, address, 41
East Bth st.
SAMS PROPERTY: q c. Aug 2; same to
same; $500;; address, same as abov*.
SULLIVAN ST. 156 and 158: 6 sty brk. 40.4 x
85.11 (ratr $39,000.'; Aug 1. Pietro Alvino to
Agostlno Costa; $100.
SAME PROPERTY: M Part (mtg $50,000);
Aug 1; AgO3t:no Costa to Francesco and Peter
Tasslnl, $1. address. 48 Downing at.
3D ST, 43 West, n w cor of Wooster st, 2
sty frame. 42x74. 10; foreclosure. June 29. 103 0;
Aug 4; Melvin H Daiberg. ref. to Vahan Z M
Bayoiian; $ll.'X)0: address, 141 Broadway.
35TH ST, 306 East; 4 Bty brk. 25x98 9; all
liens; July 11: Joseph A McAleenan to College
of Dental and Oral Surgery of New iork;
$20,327 76; address. 216 West 42d st.
61ST ST, 241 West; 5 sty brk, 25x100.6
(mtg $15,000); June 2; Abraham Greenberg to
Lottie Goldberg: $100; address. 132 Nassau st.
62D ST. 15S East; 3 sty brk. 20x100.5; parti
tion; Feb 15. 1910 (mtg $12,000); July 29;
John J Delany. ref, to Samuel A Stf-rn ana
ano. trus; $11,000; address 2»9 Broadway.
S2D ST. 54 West: 4 sty brk. 22x102.2; Ju!y
19- Paul P Wi'Mama et a! to Elizabeth B Gran
nls; $100; address. 5 East 12th st.
SSTH ST, 404 East; 4 sty brk. 26x100 <! ('mtg
$17 200 V all liens; Aug 3. William F Fetzer to
Bella Klein; $100; address. Room 512, 3 Beek
man St.
tjSTH ST 324 West: 4 sty brk. 1» 11x100.5
imtg $28,000): Aug 2; R Lleweij-n Rees to
Lelia La F Rees; $100; address, 232 East
40th st.
114 TH ST 24 to 28 "West; 5 sty brk, 54.4 X
100.11 fmtß $35,000; ; ah title: Aug 3; Con
gregation Keneseth Israel of Harlem to Con
gregation Kol Israel Anshe Poland; $40,000;
address, Room 1029. 150 Nassau St.
122 D ST. 105 East, 5 sty brk. 24.0x100 11;
Hyman F^ltenstein to Marguerite Bruns; all
liens: Aug 3; $400; address, 104 South Ward
st. Richmond Hill, Long Island.
133 D ST, 536 and 538 West. 4 sty brk. 25x
99 11 Lucy Krieg to Ida Held (mtg $14.00O),
ail liens; Aug 3; $100; address. 252 Pearl st.
137 TH ST. 309 West. 3 sty brk, 15x99.11;
Edwin A Richmond to Emma Furth (mfg
$6.500) : all liens; July 29; $100; address, 309
West 137 th st.
151 ST ST. s s. 100 ft -w of 7th aye, 150 x
99.11; Simon Uhlf elder et al to Bradhurat
Avenue Co fmtg $4^,000) ; all liens; Aug; 3;
\ $100; address, 74 Broadway.
169 TH ST. 510 West, 50x51.7; Bartholomaug
i Eld to Katie Eld (mtg $13,000); Aug 3; $1;
address, 3654 Broadway.
ANTHONY AYE, w s, 200 ft n of Minerva
1 pi. 100x125; Peter Lockler to Alexon Land
: Co (mtg $6,000); Aug 3; v ' 100; address. 36
! Gold st.
BRIGGS AYE, 2584, 19.2x53. 11x irr<?B: Brlggs
I Aye Realty Co to Emma Enjreldrum (mtgr
i $8,500); Aug 3; $100; address. 172 Fulton st.
BATHGATE AYE. w s. 72.3 ft 8 of 182 d st.
' 63x100x irreg; James F Loughman to Edward
; I- Loughman; % part; all liens; Aug 4; $100;
! address, 2197 Bathgate ava.
. BRYANT AYE. « s. 20 ft n of 1723 st. Sox
! 100; Bryant aye, w a, 20 ft s of 172 d st, 80s
\ 100: Bryant aye, w s, 20 ft s of Jennings st.
' SOxlOO: Bryant aye. c s, 40 ft s of Jennings
: st. 80x100: Elviel Realty Co to Joseph Kus
i shon: June 9; all liens; $1; address. 3172
' Decatur aye.
CLINTON AYE. w s, 63 ft n of Oakland pi.
' 23x100; Andrew J Rice to Jacob Erdenbrecher;
i July 7: $100; address, 336 East 145 th st.
EASTERN BOULEVARD, n c cor of Havu-
I meyer st, 50x116. Unionport : referee's deed.
i May 10. 1910; Abel c Thomas, ref. to John
| E*an. Aug 3; $4,000; address, Room 1108. 68
! William st.
FAIRMOUNT AYE. s w s, lots 15 and 18
■■ and n w 25 ft of lot 17. map 21 of Fairmount,
228x147.3: James C Hull to John W Cornish
j Construction Co (mtg $18,000); July 7; $100;
address, 406 East 138 th st.
FRANKLIN AYE. n w s. 119 ft n w of
! 170 th st, lOOx Irreg: Franklin aye, w s, 50 ft
: s from n c cor lot 79, 25x100; Marks L Levy
; to Hodes Realty Co; q c. Aug 2; $1; address,
54 MaJden lane
LAFAYETTE aye. c s, part lot 94, map Mt
: Hope. BSxl2Lll lrrtg; partition; Feb 13, 1910;
I John J Delany. ref. to Pamuel E A Stem and
ano; July"l".>; $6,200; address. 290 Broadway.
LOT 21, blk 20. map 1443 of Bruce-Brown
Land Co at Throngs Neck; Bruce-Brown Land
Co to Gaetano Ferrugjda; July 23; $100; ad
dress, 300 East 106 th Pt.
LOT 11». map Laconia Park; Goldfeln
] Realty and Construction Co to Antonetta
Cicere and ano (mtg $700); q c; July 0; $1;
address. 411 East 115 th st.
SCAPES AYE. c s, 10 ft n of 177 th st. 45. "x
92.7. John TV Cornish Construcvlon Co to
James C Hull (mtg $38,000); Jlily 7; $100;
address. 466 East 138 th st.
PELHAM AYE, s w cor Cambrelleng aye.
j 25.5x141. 2x lrr^g; Joseph Wiener to Bertha
I Lcrber; all liens; Aug 3; $100; address, 3029
| 3d aye.
PLEASANT AYE. o s. 100 ft s of 2(1 St. 83x
1 100, Olinville: Sarah A Brings to Thermae
. Bueee: q c, July 25; $1; address, 3G68 OUn-
I ville aye.
PLOT becins 340.4 ft c of White Plains
i Road at point 620 ft along same from Morris
! Park aye. loOx^.'; James Dunnlgan et al to
! Nathan ?«»r.g (mtar $4,000); Aug 3; $100; ad
j dress. IS7I Wallace aye.
WASHINGTON AYE, W g. 75 ft 9 of 169 th
! st, 2'»xS9.o; Ettle Rothenberg to Lena Dan
; (rr.t* $8,500); $100; address. Hurleyvi'.le, X Y.
167 TH ST, n c cor Hoe aye. r.OxlOO; Lewis
V La Velle to Joseph Russbon (mtg $22,000);
I all liens; June 9; $1; address. 3172 Decatur
167 TH ST, n a. 11S.8 ft c of Stehbins aye,
25x74. 3x irreg: Max P Wartenberpr to Antonio
Ragor.e (ml? $2,000 >. Aug 3; $100; address.
150 St Ann's aye
175 TH ST, s s, 20 ft » of Prospect aye:
foreclosure; J Cotter Connell, ref, to Fred
erick H Schomborg time: $10,000); July 13;
$3,000; address, 305 Broadway.
175 TH ST. s s, 220.4 ft w of Marmion aye:
strip. 7x144.1; Laura A Klugh and ano.
exr«. '■, Meli.ssa A Hull. Aug 2; $500; address,
009 East 190 th st.
234 TH PT, n s. 460 ft c of Katonah aye. .V>x
100: Van Cortland Development and Co-opt-ra
tlvo Co to the J C Vreeiand Building Co, Aug
4; $100; address, 1 Madison aye.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5"« unless otherwise stated.
BROADWAY, n c cor 151 st st, 99.11x150
(prior mts $255,000); Aug 4: demand; 6 per
cent: Saguonay Realty Co to Yorktown Realty
Co: $10,38*88; address, JOSS Broadway.
MANHATTAN AYE. 506. 5 sty brk. a c cor
lJlat st, 25.11x05; July 22; 2 yrs. 6 per cent:
Nellie C Reilly to Catharine A Kane; $3,500;
attorney. E F Ri»lly. 20 Cortlandt st.
MADISON AYE, 331. a c cor 43d st. 5 sty
brk, 2.1x100; due Aug 18, 1915: 4*4 per cent;
Jul> 2S; Emily Charles et al to Bank for Sav
ings In City of New York; $£0 000. attorneys.
Strong & Cadwalader. 40 Wall St.
SULLIVAN ST. w s, 100 ft a w of Houston
•". 40.4x55.1l (prior mtgr $30,000); due, etc, as
pvr bond, Aug 1; Agostino Costa to Pietro
Al--1.-10-. $19,000; address. 224 Lafayette st.
WILLETT st. w s. 100.8 ft n of Grand st,
27.1x100 (prior mtg $28,000); Aug 4: 2 yrs. 6
per cent; David Kotler and ano to Edmund
Billing: $2,500; address. 277 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY: Aug 3; 5 yrs; same to
Sarah Helper and an": $28,000; attorneys. Do
Witt. I.ockman & De Witt, 88 Nassau at.
?.D AYE. 1'.i69. 4 sty brk. 2. .x100; 3 yrs. 4\4
per cent: Aug 1; Leopold Krlelsh<>im<»r to
Grand Lodge of United Stales Independent
Order Free Son* of Israel; $18,000; address,
21 West lJ4th at.
17TK ST. 422 and 424 East. 5 and 3 sty
brk. 50x02 (prior mtg, $1—): July 14: demand;
,', per gent; Annl« L Scheuermann and others
to Michael C Gross; $1,000; address. 271
25TH ST, s s, 229 ft c of 7th aye, 55.8x»8.»;
building loan, etc; Aupr 3, due Oct 1. 1815;
6 per cent until completion of building and
.v.. ]„. cent thereafter; Gibson-Steingart Con
struction Co, a corporation, to Metropolitan
Life Insurance Co; $210,000; address. 1 Mad
ison aye.
3^TH ST. 307 East. 5 sty hrk, 2."> x Irreg:
Auk 4 5 yrs: Catharine A Crowley and ano.
e-xtrxes. 10 Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank;
$16,000; address. 51 Chambers at.
i'-TH ST. 615 West, ■"• sty brk, 25x107 7x
Irrof; 5 yrs; .Tuly 28; An«on J Moore to Adam
Mullet $8,000; attorneys. Deyo & Bauerdorf.
11l Broadway.
S!»TH ST. 218 East. 3 sty brk, 26x100.0:
■ .-■ 4- due July 1, ISHS; 44 per cent; G.-<,rga
Welch and ano to Sarah Welch; $10,000; ad
drees, 218 East sl)th st.
61ST ST 241 West, 5 sty brk, 28x100.5; p m:
June 2 due Nov 2. 1910; B per cent; Lottie
Goldberg to Abraham Gre-nberg; $250; address.
132. Nassau *'
6"D ST 158 East. 3 sty brk. 25x100.5: B yrs;
July 20 Samuel E Stern and ano to Everaley
Chllda. '"x and trus; $18,000; attorney. 1: ■
Merflls, (IB Wall «t.
75TH ST. 313 East. 4 sty brk, 25x«) '.x irreg,
5 yrs per cent as p*r bond; Aug 3. Joßef Gold
nnW to rector, wardens and vestrymen of
Church of Zion and Saint Timothy In City of
New York *11.000; attorneys. Harrison. Elliot
6 Byrd. 50 Wall St.
7STH ST. 421 Bast, 4 sty brk. 25x101.2; 5 yrs.
4 4 ncr cent Una Sehnelle to Bank for Sav
fnK. in City of New York; $7,000; attorneys.
Strong « CadValader, 40 Wail Street.
BATH ST 3 West. 4 Ety brk, 10x102.2 (prior
mja .^7,-uJi; July Sfl; 1 Jta, ti p«r cat; Jaani*
M Beattie to Meyer .Tarmuiowsky; 13.600: at
torney. Leon Lewin. 150 Nassau st.
148 TH ST, 50« West 5 aty brk, 41.9x90 11 1
5 yrs: Aug 2: Harris Friedman and arioso Law ~
yers Title Insurance and Trust Co; $40,100.
148 TH ST, 602 West 5 sty brk, 41-8x99. 11:
5 yrs: Aug 2; same to' same; $40,000; address.
160 Broadway.
CLINTON AYE. w 8 . 141.3 ft ■ of 18Cth "».
runs I 504 x n 10O» n 52.11 x • « 28 8x n 1-8* •
71.8 to beg: July 30- due, etc, a* per bond,
Jacob Erdenbrecher to Title Guarantee and Trust
Co; $4,000; address, 176 Broadway.
DECATUR AYE. n a. 220 ft w of 206 th St.
25x100 (prior mlg $5,500); 2 yrs, 5Vi p«r cent;
Aug 3; Annie M Muller to Adeline Cahn; $1,500;
address, 1 West End aye. "
DEJCATUR AYE. a a, 93.4 ft c of 306 th st.
50x100; Auc 3: 3 yrs; Norman Martin to Louies
Allen; $3,0 0; address. 2987 Webster aye.
EASTERN BOULEVARD, n c cor Havemeyer
aye. 50x118, Unionport; p m (prior tntg $3,500):
Aug 3: 2 yrs, 6 per cent; John E^aa to William
J Hyland; $500; attorneys. Knox St Doollng. 08
William at.
SAME PROPERTY; p m; Aug 3; 3 yrs. 5H
per cent, same to Elizabeth X Pooling; gold.
$3,500; attorney, same as above.
HUGHES AYE. c a, 186. « ft n Of 181 st st.
16x90: 5 yrs; Aug 1; Rudulph Wallach to James
Cure King; $3,500: attorneys, MUler, King. Laae
A. Traniord. 80 Broadway.
INTERVALE AYE. w s. 178.6 ft n of Freeman
St. 87.talOO; due. etc. as per bond: Frank A
Wahllg Co to Frederick W Saver; $6,000; ad
dress, 768 St Nicholas aye.
LAFAYETTE AVEw n w cor of Bryant aye,
75x100; Auk 3: due as per bond; Bronxland
Realty Co to Louise Huerstel; $3,000; attorney.
Oliver E Davis, 3025 3d aye.
LOT 21, blk 20, mao No 1443. of Bruce-Brown
Land Co at Throg's Neck; p m; July 23, due.
etc. as per bond; Gaetano Ferrug^ia to Bruce-
Brown Land Co; $647 50; attorney. Title Guaran
tee and Trust Co. 176 Broadway.
LOT 53, blk B. amended map No 314 of Mape»
estate, except part for St Lawrence aye; Aug c;
3 yrs; Joseph W Krauer to Frederick H St John,
true; $3,00i>; address. 132 Nassau st.
MORRIS AYE. c s. 217 ft n of 161 st at. 50x100;
Aug 4; due July 1, 1913: Salome Campbell to
Mary H Neight; $5,000: attorney. Smith Will
iamson, 364 Alexander aye.
MARION AYE, 2674. 25x90; p m (prior mt«
$6,000): Aug 1; 3 yrs, 6 per cent: Isabel A Cer
rute to Till!,} M Loeb; $1,200; attorneys, Axn
stein & Levy, 128 Broadway.
SHERIDAN' AYE. 947 37.6x66.10x Irreg;: Au»
1; due. etc. as per bond Briggs Avenue Re^ty
Co to Our Realty Co- $3,000; attorney, S x
Sattern. 41 Park Row. '
TRINITY AYE, w a. 102.8 ft n of 165 th st 50
X 123.- Aug 2; 3 yrs. 5% per cent; Mary B Clark
to Charles F Martenhoff; $6,000; attorney. R «
Berman. 3219 3d aye.
UNION AYE. 688. 18 9x95. 3 yrs; William
Paul He.nnessv to Harlem Savings Bank; $4,
750; address. 124 East 125 th St.
VALENTINE AYE. 2200. 16.8x116.3x irreg;
5 yrs: James J Ryan to John Theall; $3,500. ad
dress. 45 Wall st.
WASHINGTON AYE old line. • s. 397.3 ft •
of Fletcher st. 17.10x115.9x Irreg; Aug 4, 3 yrs,
Thomas F Daly to Commonwealth Savings BanK,
$4,000; attorney, George H Hyde. 41 Park Row.
167 TH ST. n s. 118.8 ft c cf Stebblns aye. 25x
irreg; due. etc. as per bond: Antonio Ragoneto
Max Wartenberg; $3,000; address. 553 East 16itn
171 ST ST. s a. 140 ft w of 3d a.ye. 16x100 (prior
mtg $3,200); June 17; due as per bond; Abraham
Shatzkln to New York and New Jersey Real
Estate «md Improvement Co; $500; address, o"
Church st.
183 D ST, n a. 100 ft w of Grand aye 25x lo ? ;
due. etc. as per bond: Aug 1; Helene Mundt to
Frank Reilly; $3,500; address. 963 Grant aye.
19STH ST. 385 East. 25x91. 11x irreg (prior
mtg $3,500): July 22; 3 yrs: Anthony McCarthy
to D«Lancey Nlcoll; $1,200; address, 31 Nas
sau st.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
CANAL. ST, 383. 4 sty brk. 80x21.7; Jan 14.
1909; John F Dour to Henry De Forest Weekes.
$25,000; address. 45 William st.
COLUMBIA ST. 91, 6 sty brk. 25x100; Aug 1.
1904; Louis Fleischer to William J Amend.
$6,750; address, 119 Nassau at.
MADISON AYE. c 9. 50 ft s of 73d st. 32.
63; Oct 15, 1001; William F King to City Real
Estate Co; $50,000; address. 176 Broadway.
PERRY ST 45. 5 sty brk. 27.6x110: Joseph
Heldelberger and ano to the Mutual Life Insur
ance Co; $18,000; address. 50 Cedar st.
PLEASANT AYE, c s, 100 ft • of 2d st, 3Sx
100 Oct 21. 1897: Armand Busse to Isabella
Haradon: $3,350; attorney. Edward V ThornaU,
56 Pine st.
RIVINGTON ST, n «. bounded westerly by
132 b Rlvington st. n In rear Tappen property,
c by No 136 Rivington at. 25x78; also right to
alley 3x78. c c Norfolk st, begins at point .5
n n c- cor Rlvington st; June 30. 1906; Jacob
Blaumer to Lawyers Mortgage Co; $17,000; ad
dress, 59 Cedar st.
RIVINGTON' ST, s s. 58.1 ft c of Allen st.
42 2x77: Jan 19, 1904; Abraham Rosen ana an.->
to Louis Rosenberg; $5,000; attorney. N Freed
man, 2N> Broadway.
RrviNGTON 6T. 134. 6 sty brk. 22x78: April
24 1906: Max J Ortman. and David A Levlen to
Jacob Blaumer; $5,000; attorney, Joseph Wll
kenfeld. 280 Broadway.
WEST BROADWAY 140. 60x17: April 27,
1905; Sophie and M Hoppmann to William 1
i Havemeyer. trustee; $8,500; attorneys, Salter &
Steinkamxi, 140 Nassau st.
FIRST AYE, s w cor 30th st. 125x98. 9x46. 6x
93.5x151.10x197.6: 2s)th st, n a. 131.10 ft w of
Ist aye. 3d. 6x13. 8x99. 10x50.Q; Aug 1. 1990;
H Koehler & Co to Norman 8 Goldberger and
Milton I Ginterman. trustee*; $225,000. attor
neys, Einstein. Townsend & Gulterman, 42
I Broadway.
10TH ST 610. 5 sty brk. 24.5x100; July 30.
1907- Bertha Pasternaer and Henry Nichols to
Iraao Goldberg; $10,700; attorneys, Albert &
Albert. 14» Broadway.
13TH SfT. 39 and 41 East. 52.2x37 2 irreg;
May 22 1539- John A Hadden and ano to the
i i-.Jghkeepsl-! 'Savings Bank $25,000; attorneys.
I Young & Verplanck. 149 Broadway.
°7TH ST a s. 200 ft w of 10th aye. 25x95-9:
March 31.' 1877; John Morris and ano to
! Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank; $6,000,
! address, 51 Chambers st.
°7TH ST 3 s, 175 ft w of 10th aye, 25x98.9;
T «/ne 8 1904; Jeremiah J Sullivan and Annie
W his wife, to the Emigrant Industrial Sav
ings Bank: $5,500; address. 51 Chambers si.
BOTH ST, n s. 56 ft c of »th aye. 17x100.5:
June 3. 1995; Bukk G Carleton to the North
River Savings Bank; $5,000, attorney, Brad
ford Butler, 141 Broadway.
61ST ST. n s. 100 ft w of Central Park
Weet 200.10x75; Jan 12, 1907; Tlchenor-Grand
Co to Russell Sage Foundation, a corporation;
$3«0,000; attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance
and Trust Co, 160 Broadway.
(JIST ST. n 6, 100 ft w of Central Park
West 75x210; March 12, 1907; Tichenor-Graud
Co to Thompaon-Starett Co; $150 000; attorney.
Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co, 1«O
74TH ST. 207 East. 4 sty brk. 102.2x25;
\u<r 2 1004; Samuel Holober to Moses Gold
smith, $10,000; address. 35 Naanau st.
SSTH ST. 326 West; 4 sty. 19. 1x100. also
property in city of Yonkers. designated on map
of said cttv as Nos 0. 15. 19 and 23 Lamer
tine Terrace. 50x100; Aug 21. 1907; Jacob i
Bunn and ano, of Tiffin. Ohio, to the Tiffin Na
tional Bank; $20,000; attorney. American Ex
change Bank. 128 Broadway.
6.BTH ST. 8 s. 187.3 ft w of 3d aye, 17xl0O.S;
May 31. IRS7 John H A Winter to Frank
Reynolds; $5,000; attorney. James Kearney, 220
6STH ST, 181 West; 3 sty brk. 16. 8x100.8;
Auk 1, 1907; Harlan P Wright to Egbert B
Seaman; $4,000: attorneys. Eidlitz & Hulse. 31
Nassau st.
9STH ST. 125 West; 5 sty brk, 24.9x100.11;
Au*r 3. 1904- William Nlcolal and ano to
Rosetta Hart; $18,000; attorney. Emlle A Has
eey. 302 Broadway.
101 ST ST, 304 East; 6 sty brk. 38.10x100.11;
Feb 16. 1905; Harris Slegel to Adolph Hoert
korn; $5.250; attorney. Hugo Cohn. 19 Aye A.
102 D ST. 306 East; 5 sty brk. 25x100.11; Apr
1, 1006; Samuel and Abraham Posner to Meyer
Meyer. $3,500; attorney, Jacob Harris. 2&8
120 TH ST, 342 East. 20x100.11: May 2*, 1007;
Michael Stramiello and Frank SpU-a to Charles
Goldberg: $3,500; attorney. Nicholas Selvaggl.
320 Broadway. ,
120 TH ST. s s. bet Ist and 2d ayes, 20x100.11;
May 31, 1905: Samuel Goldberg to Celestia M
Wilson; $7,500; attorneys. J W & C J McDer
mott. 2 Rector st.
125 TH ST. s s. 100 ft w of Broadway. ICO.llx
42.6x63x63: Sept 16. 1907: Herman Kantor and
oths to Sarah Goldin: $6,000; attorneys. L & J
Weinberger. 5 Beekman st.
150 TH ST ti s. 175 ft w of 7th aye. 75x99.11;
Sept 8, 1909; Bisch-Hoef Realty and Construction
Co to North American Mortgage Co; $50,000; ad
dress, 100 Broadway.
BEACH AYE. a c cor of 156 th at. 97 10x34. 5x
Irreg July 31 1907: Valentine Gies and Emil F
Lumpe to William Schmidt: $12,000: attorney.
Robert H Bergman. 2219 3d aye.
CROTONA PARK, s a. 280 11 ft c of Franklin
ay« 25x100- Oct 6 U»05: John Drakard and ano
to Bowery Savings Bank: address. 128 Bowery.
LOTS 61. 62 and 63. map^Kingsbridge real
estate auction sale. May 2S. 1907; July 10, 19".;
Eugene Flauraud to Knickerbocker Trust Co and
Kln^sbridge Real Estate Co; $7,100; attorney.
Title Insurance Co. 135 Broadway.
LOTS 204 and 205. map portion Hunt estate.
Van Nest May 9, 1905.; William Holtz to Louise
Huerstel; $3,000; attorney. Title Guarantee and
Trust Co, 170 Broadway.
WEBSTER AYE. n w cor ISOth St. 2SxSO;
April 15. 1&10; Charles BJorkegren. Inc. to Ebe
nrr Draper: $5,000; attorneys, Dutton & Kela
helmer. 208 Broadway.
163 DST s s. 109 ft n w of 3d aye (formerly
80-ton Road or Morse aye). 25x100; July 31.
tBW; Frank A Wahlig and Rose, his wife, to
James B Fitzgerald, of East Orange. N J;
$13,000; attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
170 Broadway.
W Elmer Payntar and ano to the Lohbau^r
Park Improvement Co; assigns 67 mtgs;
Claus Bosch to Henry Bosch; $6,000.
City and Suburban Homes Co to Peter Tav
° Ford'inund Rothhaupt to Stephen Theobald,
$2 Sarah L Fairchild to Annie _ Arnold.
Sarah L, Fairchild to Annie & Arnold.
* 2 Grtirge P BUbs to John Corbett; $3,000.
George P B" B8 to John Corbett, $S.onO
George W Moore and ano, exrs. to Pheb* A
Burner' $5 000.
Murk MaclaV. fxr. to Lawyers Title In
surance and >Trust Co; $3,000. v
Louis R P Sanser to Lawyers Mortgage
°\'larv F Crowley to Katharine E Hurley: $1
%abra A PesnoTi to Charles a Deshon;
$8 .V 1 ' 1
Wtlitam Goldstein to Julia Bachrach : $100.
■Lincoln Trust Co to Francis E Dougherty;
Buckle KadJn to Tetta Lefkowtts: ft.
Chandler Smith to Betsey A Hart. $20,000.
L "r.oidetone to Henry Goldatone. $1.
Yetta L*fkowil» to William Goldstein. $100.
Title Insurance Co of Now York to Crulk
shank Co; H6.000
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Columbia Trust
Co. *1. ; .
New York Life Insurance Co to Bond and
Mortgage Guarantee Co; $50,000
City Real Estate Co to New York Life In
surance Co. $300,000.
William A Butler. Jr. exr. etc to Frederic
J Agate: $1
Frederic .1 Aura*" to Euy-ne Smith. *25.0f10.
Charles L Tiffany to ~ Louis C Tiffany;
Lawyers Mortgage Co to Mary A Ward:
Henry W de Forest to rhax!«« L, Tiffany:
Robert W de Forest to Louis* "W Tiffany
and ano. $16,000.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Greenwich
Savings Bank; $12,000.
Same to William H Ely: $20,000.
Same to Kingston Savings Bank: $36,000.
City Mortgage Co to New York Trust Co:
2 assts; $1.
Lawyer* Mortgage Co to W Butler Duncan:
4 assts; total. $50,000.
Same to the Cathedral Church of St John
the Divine In New York: $100.
AUGUST _.';''
BTH ST, 352 East: Samuel Krevltaky agt Max
Kleinsinger, owner; John Atkln. contractor;
$310. •
139 TH ST. •s. 477 ft eof St Ann's aye, 73x
100; Webster Iron Works agt St Luke's Roman
Catholic Church, owner. Henry McNally, con
tractor ; $49 30.
CKOTONA AYE. n • cor ISOth st. 35x102.2:
same agt Plrk Realty Co, owner. Amelia. Plrk.
contractor; $850. '
HONEYWELL AYE. w s. 35 ft s of 178 th st.
«JjtlOO : -" Waiter Wilcox a«x Merrlvale Realty
Co, owner and contractor; $195.
CAMBRELLENG AYE. n c cor ISftth it. — x— :
Globe "Fireproof Door and Sash Co ag; Bedford
Park Construction Co, owner (renewal); $300.
2D AYE. ISO- John Nesbit et al agt Polish Na
tional Alliance owner; 3 Fox & Co, contractors;
FAILE ST. c a — ft • of Spofford aye. 130x100;
Meyer Schneider ! agt William Maass. owner.
Joseph Roth or Jacob Guraliack. contractor,
$435 53.
WATER ST, 145; Samuel Krevttzky agt
Samuel Kutler and Samuel Kotler. owners ana
contractors; $125.
HONEYWELL AYE. n c cor^TTemont aye.
100x60; Nassau Flreproottng and Co.P-trucUon
Co ajft Evelyn Building Co. owner; "White con
struction Co, contractor;- $45.
214 TH ST. s s. 75 ft w of Barnes aye. 23x££:
Garland Refrigerators Co agt Antonio iieren
dwlno, owner and contractor. $351.
CHATTERTON AYE. n s. 479.66 ft « «
Castle Hill aye; for two 2 sty dwgs. -!*»■'•
J E Bentz, Zerega aye and Butler pi. °?£«£:
Otto C Krauss. 2313 Newbold aye, architect,
cost, $90,000.
VALENTINE AYE. w j. 11*19 « • of , l»Tth
st; for a 4 sty brick tenfet. 79-1x39.8: A "* u3 j
Nelson. 188 West 168 th st. owner; Anarew j
Thomas. Sedgwlck aye. architect; cost, $-u.«»w.
55TH ST. 234 West; to a 3 sty and basement
dwg; H E Fitzgerald. Paris, o^ner.
F Joseph Gormfey, 131 West 31st Bt, arcn.
tect; cost, $6,500. .
32D ST. 118 to 125 West: to two 4 sty brie*
stables; R A Wallace, owner; H F *',*■ ana
E Rossbach. 2010 Broadway, architects, cost.
BTH AYE. n c cor of 51st st: to .5 sty
brick hotel; Mr Cashnigback. P/"" 1"*1 "*
owner; P W Goesow. 23 Duana st. architect,
cost, $20,000.
32D ST. 106 and 108 West to a 4 sty brleic
factory: L& A Pincus. 20 eK 3Ut «.
owner: Bernstein & Bernstein. 24 East -3d si.
architects; cost, $8,000.
LENOX AYE. 513; to a 3 sty store and
dwg; L Schneider, premises, owner ,H_ ganger,
81 East 123 th st. architect; cost. $0,000.
PLEASANT AYE. w S. 35.9 ft S Of 117 th St.
.11x75 7x irreg: Pauline L Goodman *£ s am
uel Greenberg et al (foreclosure of mts). at
torneys, Krakower & Peters.
LOT 65. s c half, map of ,. villa *_f^ Wak
field. Th^ Bronx. 50x114: Julius Lewlne et a.
ajrt Melrose Realty Co (foreclosure of mtg>, at
torney. J Z Wechsler.
BAT AYS, 3 s, 435 ft w of Main st. City
Island. 50x100; Fordharn aye extension n s.
450 ft w of Main st. lOOxl^'O; "Thomas J L^>-<
agt Mary L Roeder et ai (foreclosure of m* ,
attorney, H W Kennedy.
STH ST, s s. 100 ft w of Ay« B. 30x14*? 2:
Max Fischer agt Caroline Keller et al fore
closure of mtg); attorney. R Dudenslng. jr.
vast st. s s. 66.3 «•■»• of Ist a** i^7x
104: Arthur Frankenstein agt Sol Danenberg
.foreclosure of m_g): attorney. H Bri 14 .
STH AYE c s, 40 ft n of 153 dst 39. 11x100,
Empire City Wood Working Co agt Myer Cohen
et a' (foreclosure of mts); attorneys, Presinger
& Newcombe.
CAMBRELLENG AYE, • c cor 188 th St. runs
n 40 x c — to Beaumont aye x s 40x w —
to beg: J P Duffy Co agt Bedford Park Con
struction Co et al (action to foreclose rneefcan
lcs # lien): attorney. C A Edgerton.
27TH ST 232 West; Selkln & S'eplan, Inc.
agt Edward A Kohn et al. June IS, 1010;
9, 10 or 11 Large Rooms and 3 and 4 baths. Perfect in equipment ana run*".
Apartments will now be rented from October 1. Rents from $-.10© Up.
{The only West Side Avenue without s:e«p-d.s- .-'- TROL
■ lrrcT pvjn I LET CARS except Riverside Drive, and Riverside Drive na»
WEST LINU all the WINDS In Winter and all the HEAT Summer
The Fifth Avenue of the West Side, under care of Par*
AVFNUE Department; no trolley cars, no h!ifh winds, no business
ftVUIUI- traffic no dust, no surrounding tenements; a Quiet. leaned
residential street; an ideal place for a home.
Can B« Seen Daily and Sunday.
For Booklet or Further Particulars Apply to Agent m Premises or
A, L- MORDECAI & SON. 133 Broadway.
New 12 story apartment house Absolutely
SS^r o^cuVanc-y; Wu^Z^^^
representation premie
Broad-way and load St.
527 Columbus Aye.
sistibly attractive,
community. Wit «*
Vnfeeuns enthusiastic
public approval.
compelled the advance -.penia? of our new
and attractive
"The A "Pine
Oaks" an Terraces"
The Most Beautiful of All.
$480 a £ FOR PLOTS 100x150 Ft
V is^^ g hAwa^ ri roury^^e^
Sivt.. Aug. 6. or Sun.. Aug. 7
Write our New York office or telephone
Murray Hill 3204 for reservations.
Writ© for Illustrated Booklet .No. IS.
T. B. Ackerson Co.
"Developers of Choice Propertlesand
Builderß of Houses of Merit.
Sew York Office*.
1 West 34* St.
(Opposite Waldorf-Aftoria>.
Two family brownstone house on Belmont
aye . between Walker aye. and Clinton Place
(Woodhaven). eontilnlns apartments of 3 and
6 rooms and bath, steam heat, hardwood trim,
parquet floors, open plumbing, can be pur
chased at a aucrlrtce on ea«y terms.
JACOB gQMMER. Mscon St., Brooklyn.
bush. — New one family brick house; every
modern convenience; $5,500; terms to nutt;
convenient to Brighton Beach •'L 1L 1 and eight
trolley lines. WM. F. MEYERS. 473 Graveseml
»ye.. Brooklyn. .
ment 10 rooms. 3 betha; «p*cial Inducement 1
to buyers NOW: 4th »l and Prospetf Park West;
«lihin "iiO f«-»t of Prosiwi t Park entrance. OTTO
SINGER, builder, on premises; always op«n.
houaes are the bent value In New York: 7
rooms and bath; largo porch. $4,730; Sea B*ach
••L" from Brooklyn Bridge to Kin«a Highway.
On* block to West Btt» a*-
SAME PROPERTY; Gr*enootnt Metal Core*
ing Door Co agt same; June 22. 1910; $210. *
SAME PROPERTY; Jailus Braunstein tr
seme; Jun« 17. 1910; ll.v. :,■•
SAME PROPERTY: Samuel Cnerriff et el ««t
•am*. Jun* 23. 1910. $200.
Aurj^sT *.
FRANKLIN AYE, w a. 9* ft n of ITOth a*.
33.2x04.11; Theodore Wentz "loans Hode» Realty
Co 125.000.
2.VTH ST. * s. 229 ft • of 7th aye. S3-Bx3a»; *
Metropolitan Life Insurant Co loans G»b*oa>-
Steingart Construction Co $210,000.
CAd-DWELL AYE. w s. I*3 ft n of IMth
«'. 4Oxl30 : James d Went* loans Tuckman Broth
ers Construction Co (37.500.
13V> 130©. M
4th w-lc In July 9330.903 $2»4.73T »*l* *•»
July 1-July 31.. 301.247 820.684 «72.62 i
4th Wk la July $3«0.«» $2<n.200 $227. We
July Wuly 31.. 1. 225.100 843.300 728.504
4th w*k in July $2.7*.2.000 $2,270,000 $1.9f<0.003
July 1-Jaly 31.. 8,660.000 ft.9sß.'jtt> «.10«.00G
4th Wk in July $50,275 **7.*»» $8O.50«
July 1-July 31.. 225.737 252. 231.713
4th rv'k tn July $104,200 *«» I>*> $»7.W0
July 1-July 31.. 384.361 :ttJ6.7»*> 313.
!4th w'k Jn July $307,255 $2«5.477 $253 "4l
! July I-J-'iiy 31 . . 9«»*C23 795.734 w.,104
Month of May —
Mileage 90S 99*
Grcss earnings $l,0»Ml« |jm.«*» $037,123
Exp. and taxes. 701.137 602.3*3 ->4. .45
Net earnings. $397,679 $33*4*1 $372,379
Other Inc. deb.. 6.0C8 36.222 4.4.424
; Total income. $408,706 $3?«.7<"« $325.!>54
I July 1-June 30 —
I Gross earning. H3 475 $12,300 88Z $12,102,730
Exp. and tax»s. 9.057.G41 1 M ""- 3.013.149
Net earning $4,270.5.T4 $4.T11.»W $*■""*•'•
Other Inc. deb. 4W.-i.T-, 273.319 :'& 7*57
Total income. MMMM $4.42j?,411 $3,927,374
Month of June —
Gross earnings. $1.9«. 131 $1 VW) S7l $:.730.114
Exp. and taxes. 1.723.048 1,307,177 1,326.463
Net earnings. $33,105 $JS3.«>4 $-03,*W
Other income... 72,474 "4.693 42.562
j Total Income . $310,579 $«53m..T*» $246,20*
Charges. addi
tions & befmts 4«3.»3« 450.107 *458,093
Deficit $153,257 •f208.252 $23»,554
July 1-Jun« 30 —
Gross earnings.. 26.353.34* 23,300.915 23.2M.e7a
Eip. arid taxes.. 20.155.967 15.&J4.715 17.120.331
Net earnings. $6.3K0,373 $5.6«f1.2!» $V.< 53.31»
Other Income... 207.371 181.433 &31.423
Total income. $6,655,250 $8,347,635 $8,544,742
Charges. addi
tions 4 befmts 5,616.7*7 5,461.339 3.733.012
Surplus $1,041,483 $1.356.2&>5 $7SS.S3O
Month el June —
Miles operated. 431 451 — — •
Gross receipts.. $306,308 $204,153. $2SI .073
Exp. and taxes. 216.600 142.819 2C&480
Net earnings.. $«9,70* $151,278 $73.X«
Other Inc. Web.) 166,373 412.285 241.130
i Total income. $255,079 $653,541 $318,735
July 1 to June —
Gross receipts.. $3.772.63« 53.425.644 $3.*22,534
Exp. and taxes. 2.349.919 2.228,432 2.712.42s
j Net earring-.. $1,222,717 $1,202,212 $1,110,40?
Other income... 523.167 752.213 263.763
' Total Income. $1,755.75* $1,954,430 $1,374,169
Month of June— 1310. Changes.
Operating revenue $1,346.3*4 Inc. $210,813
. Operating expenses... 03-4. "ietJ Inc. 108,320
Net operating rev.. $415,198 Inc. $10_.OOS
: Taxes 59,333 lac. 84.60S
i Operating Income $323,806 I=c. $47,190
1 Mlac credits to Income 2,733 Dec. MI2IS
Balance $323. Dec. $39,007
Interest ; 221.006 Dae. U. 534
I Surplus „ $102,068 Dec $27,243
Fiscal year —
Operating revenue. . . .$16,774,627 Inc. *t.0H.215
| Operating expenses... 10.361,458 Inc. -.3.,, ••-
Net operating rev.. $3,913,168 Inc. $1,038,443
■Taxes . • 473.934 Ire. *C' 2*4
I Operating Income... $5,437,234 Inc. JjjJS.-jrr
MiscT credits to income 156.338 Dec 2fiS,3*7
Balance $3,593,570 Inc. $711.03f>
iBtSSi 2.543.^72 Dec. 3».M»
: SurulUS $2.»49. 1 Inc. $750,533
808 West End Avenue
North East Comer 99th Street
The Building With the Tower."
On Ike top of the highest point on the west side, with,
southerly exposure and surrounded by private houses.
THE PRASAOI Central Park West
PR AS AD A tor. MthSt.
»-l" Rooms. 2-3 Baths. 2. 200 to S3.*'*.
W 5 NORTON. Agt.,35 Nassau St. Tel iwd Cert.
5, 8 and 7 rooms aW bath: $540 to '1.200.
The Colosseum. Riverside Drive and 113 th. St.
8 Rooms and 3 Baths. ) $2,000 to
12 Rooms and 4 Bath*. { $4.-00.
B'way >■-■-._ St. and :••--'
NEW APARTMENTS, steam heated, hard
wood trim electric light, modern laundry la
basement; a delightful location Tea minuta»
from Van Cortlandi Subway .-Cation
INDUCEMENTS. Inspection invited.
Five rooms and bath ? , -,„. Drvra
i Seven rooms and bath J LOW REyra>
On premises. J. ROMAINE BROWN a CO.
One sails unobstructed river rronta*e, 30 mod
ern residences near completion. Address
; Philips*' Man New York.
810 BARGAINS — Slightly used oKce furniture
desks, typewriters, cash registers. adJln* ma
chine*. mlm<»cgr3ph3. filing cabinets, safes, ad
: dressing machines, time clocks, partitions, check
protectors, bookcases. NaTH.VV'. 4 Whlt<» 3tr»«t
*brer C Thomas, a surrogate of the County
r,t New York notice Is hereby given to all per
°o-,- ' havin< claim* against James R. Plum.
fill of the Borough cf Manhattan. City of New
York deceased, to present -- same, with
Vouchers thereof to the subscribers at their
place of transacts* business, at UM offlce of
bane" Nason. their attorney. No. 35 William
' street In the Borough of Manhattan. City or
t New York, on or before the first day of Oo
i tO l>ated*Xew York, the 9th day of March. 1910.
GEORGE W. PLUM > Exec ., Ut r*.
CAROLINE T. SASON \ "ecatorm,
I D\NIEL NASON. Attorney for Executors. Ml
L William Street. Borough of Manhattan. City
cf New York.
order of *Hon. Abner C Thomaa. a Surrogate ><
t*e County of New York, notice is hereby given
•o all •raoas havin< claim* against David
Lapsley. Late of the County of New York, de
1 ceased to present the same with vouchers .hereof
• to the' subscribers at their piacy of transjctlaff
business at the office o* Wallace. Butler &
B-own No ,Vi Wall Street. Borough of M%rhat
i tan hi The City or New York, on or before tl;
"4th <iay of August next.
Dated New York. th« 11th day of Fe&ruary.
WALL.\CE. BUTLER * BROWN. Attorney* for
Executors. 34 Wall ?treet. Bor<-u#h of Man
hattan. S<w Tort City.
NOTICE TO CRJ3I>ITOR3. — In pursuaac* of at*
order of Hon. Walter N. Gill. Surrogate of
Ulster County, notice is hereby given accordls*
to law to all persons having claims against Ana
\melta Lefever. late of the town of New Pair:.
County of Ulster and State of New York, de—
tass intestate, to present the --■•"•. th«
vouchers in support thereof, to the Surro*at» of
tfee County of Ulster, at hi* •«( - in the City
; of Kingston. New York, on or before ta* 2Qiit
day of August. 1910.
And notice U Hereby given to all creditors of
said estate that it la the intention of the under
. gtjjned to apply for Letters of Administration on
«al 1 estate, under the provision of Section 28tS*
• of the Code of Civil Procedure.
Dated July 20th. 1910.
\1.1'."1." A. LEFBVER,
1 J N * J. H. VANDERLYN. Attorney* for Pe
titioners. OrT.co and P. U. tilt feat* Ne<«
1 Fall*. N. X-

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