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Express Strikes Machine Squar
ely Between Wheels and Grinds
It to Bits at Cape May.
f W. Frldner and Wife, Daugh
ter and Son -in -Law, Fritz
Mergenthaler, Son of In
ventor. Die Instantly.
[By T>l«7rsx* to The Tribune.)
Cape May. X. J.. Aur 0. — Five persons
wore iristantly killed to-nieht when an
cypress train on the Wret Jersey A.- Sea
ffcpre Railroad struck an automohile in
•p hich they were ridinjr squarely between
th«» wheels and hulled the machine and
Its occupants clear of the tracks. Th"
Bcoident occurred at the Mill Lane cross
The Bead are Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
W. Feldner; their daughter. Mrs Fritz
Mergenthaler. and her husband, and M.
C. Joups, the chauffeur. All lived in Bal
timore. They had been spending a few
days at Atlantic City, and started out
this afternoon for a trip to Cape May.
Mr. Feldner was until last April presi
dent of the Cape Hay R<?al Estate Coin- ■
p&ny. which built the new harbor, filled ;
in four square miles of land here and i
erected th*- Hotel Cape May.
According to the occupants of two i
nher automobiles which swerved to one
dde to allow Feldner"? car to pass, the
ill fated i • me De a»as epeeding along
thf -, v state road at a rapid rate, ap- ,
parently unconcerned as to its prox
imity t" the railroad tracks or the ap
proach of a train. On th« left hand side !
if -he. neiv road and close to it at the :
rresssac is a field of corn so well giwii j
that ■■-.- enE-ine^rs and drivers of vehicles
— I pee each others approach.
Did Net Heed Woman's Siansl.
Shortly before fi o'clock Mrs. Thomas
MacKelil tvho lives near the crossing:, \
noted the ccmins- cf the express -which
• c due from Philadelphia at 5:46. and at |
•-.- same time Ebe paw an automobile
speedir.£r to certain destruction at th»
■tag leas it? occupants were
vamed ■• their danrer. She ran for
ward to wrars the party in the Fe!dn c r
m - 3fne, but either Oh chauffeur *?id net
understand her signal or thought that
heh c could m mil the tracks before the !
train reached th crossing, for he
osE^ed on.
The encinf-fr cf the express. Joseph
Wheaton. bbk the automobile pass the
edge of the corn field, a Few yards from
th* track en which he -was running. Al
tlwuall svar* of the fact that an acci
dent ti - . inevitable, he tried to shut off
■-c power, but his efforts fere bound
to fa and, Bfl ■"■•'-■" i his .'engine'
rashed into the automobile and smashed
it aajsjarc in tv.'o.
g«5 gr&zt was the •-- of th*= collision
that both parts of the automobile were
smashed to bits. The piston cocks and
the *'•• =• •-- leading to the cab of the
■-„_. . - c --.-.-_ torn off. The pilot and
driving wheels were covered with blood
and particles of fleFh when the train
roll?'? into the Cap" May station.
A!! Killed Instantly.
-• i? beloved that all the oemparita of
the - njobfle were instantly killed All
the bodies were badly mutilated, and
pieo** of th**m were scattered alone the
rfii'road tracks for a dis-tance of two
hundred feet F^ldncr's face was literal
ly torn off. The bodies were quickly
cohered toeeth^r and physician? sum
moned to the ec^ne. It did not take tl«em
long to Fc-e that medical aid was of no
favail. and Coroner Reeves was Informed
of the accident. He took charge of the
bodies snd brought them to ... Moreno
here to await instruction? from Balii-
Baltimore Aug. 9.— "Fred" W. Feld
ner, of this city, who, with his wife, son
in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. F /
M^rsrenthaler. and their chauffeur, were
killed nines a train struck their auto
mobile near Cape May. N. .r . to-ni~ht,
vac a well known lawyer <.f this city,
tnd was associated with Frank A. Furst,
«!.=" of Baltimore, in a contract whi- h
contemplates th*» draining of the Ever
gladeß and in oth'-r larg*- enterpriser.
Mr M^rc^nthaler. who was also a resi
dent of this city, was the son of Ottmar
J.'erpenthaler. the Inventor of the ller
i*othaler linotype.
Reported in Newport That His
Friends Urge Renomination.
[By '.--rear' hi The Tribune ]
IC^wport, R 1.. Aug.*?— Senator N>lson
W A!dri<h has been the centre ol much
Interest here for th*- laFt two days, and
<)•<* r.«=-ij«.f i« that he is b^in? urcd by
BOtne of his friends to reconsider his de
<:Hon of pomp time •• i: ■ not to be a can
didate ■■..■•
Senator AJdrk ■ as - b**en here on his
:- r 'm O-We-Ra; and it became known
to-dsy thai Senator Cran". of Massachu
setts, had been a recent visitor on board
th» yacht and also that there had been
i <..,■. between Senator Aldrioh
tr«J Senator G*org«- Pea body Wetniorft,
*ho jp h«-r*= at his summer home. Sena
tor Wetmo-o called on President Tmtt sit
Beverly recently
1' wag a iso reported her^- to-day thai
fc&'Uher visitor on board the O P7< ■ i
this «.«-}< has b^en the secretary to the
President, Mr. Norton.
J Pierpont Morgan has been here on
Ht yacht «'orsa!r during <he v " '<■ . and
Ji* 1 5i!:0 Renator Aldrich are reported to
hJ.v* h^ld a conference.': What has wo
rinnr-ti ih*-s*» conferences could not be
tarnr-d, and Uk Aldrich yacht left port
London. Aug. 10.— A St. Petersburg dis
f*uh t.i -The Tlm*s" gays that the village
cf B^iiphr niuk. In the Caucasus^ was over
*&Uned i,y a flood at midnight which
L *>l-t sway five hundrtd houses with their
Bordeaux^ Aup. 9 —The steamer AfriQue.
*;-Uh i,as Just arrived her-, reports that
l 3t *pinK Bicknene ss* ravaging v.*-* districts
■ ,- . . . u_
_____ "' . "*" "- " . • ! _____
(Photograph taken the deck <->f the Kaiser Wilhelm d*r Grosse. immediately aft«r the shooting.*
Property Loss of More than $1.
000.000 in Lumber District.
Elazs Most Extensive Since
1872, and Nearby Cities
Send Effective Help.
Boston, Auc. 9.— A loss of more than
$X.OOO^OOO was caused to-night by a fire
in the wholesale lumber district. Start
in- from an unknown cause in the lum
ber yards of Blacker & Shepard. at
Dover and Albany streets, th«» blaze
early assumed proportions of Bach mag
nitude that a jron^ral alarm— th*» first
sounded in this city since 1872- followed
within ten minutes of the first alarm.
The fire Bone extended alone: both sides
of Albany street south from Dover
tro^t on the East Bide. wiping out the
buildings and ten million feet of lumber
piled in the Fort Point channel locks of
the lacker & Shepard company, and on
the west side extending to the Thsyer
tree* public playground.
Five brick buildings on the west side
of Albany etreet were destroyed. These
included , three story tenement block,
four woodworking factories and th» Bos
un Fire Department repair station, in
which several pieces of fire apparatus
were lost. _, , „
it was estimated that the Blacker &
Bhepard Company's loss would be mor*
than 1300.060 The Boston Fire Depart
ment's damage on the repair shop and
it* contents was estimated by one of the
chl efs to be about $I.* The Fire
Department headquarters, directly In
the rear of th- repair shops, was saved.
The lire called out practically all the
Boston Fire Department, toother with
larp , numbers of men and numerous
pieces of apparatus from nearby cities
Fiv* Bremen were caught in a shower
1(I bricks and burning embers when the
pear wall of th- Paull Building. a wood
working establishment on the west side
of Albany street, buckled and fell. The
inJ ,,red men were Captain John P. M.
m.bus of Ladd** 4; Lieutenant Harry
'„, of Engine 22. and Hosemen
Kdvard O'Conne,!. James <;allagher and
r - , She* O'Connell was the most
X * V ' injured, sustaining . broken
- i: ° "he "her men received contusions
M a^ions about the head and body.
: " • A rf-town fir- companies sue-
W ? uy fnu ht a four-alarm lire in.tha
Cf f the city's business district while
h r r noston department was engaged so
th % tw" the big blaze in the lumber
'^^n The six story brick bulld
>ard *Zs 55-39 High street, occupied
lnS t H w rohns-Manville Company.
1 ■•,';*;,. and magnesia producers, was
jSile of the s^cg lire. The
was about *r.O/wO- _
Mayor Cheerful in Hospital
Cracks Joke at Expense of Secretary Adam
son as He Is Tc^ken for X-Ray Examination,
Mayor Gaynnr's love for his sly foke
did not desert him even in St. Mary's
Hospital, in Hoboken. yesterday
Tt was shortly before 4 o'clock in the
afternoon The Mayor had b«=en In the
hocpita! six hours and had been fully
ronsHous of the seriousness of his situa
tion, except for an hour and a half, when
be slept.
A consultation by Drs. William J. Ar
litz, John W. Parrish, George E. Brewer.
George D. Stewart and Charles N. Dowd
resulted in an X-ray examination being
ordered. Dr. E. W. Caldwell, an X-ray
specialist, of No. 4£o Park avenue, ar
The Mayor was lying on his hospital
bed when informed of the decision of the
physician? Th^ X-ray examination was
tr. take place in an adjoining room, they
told him
"Do you want m<* to -.valk to the
place?" ask^d the Major I am able. '
They told him not to exert himself,
that a four-wheeled chair would be a
better way.
Mrs. Gaynor was present, and Robert
Adamson, th<- Mayor' private secretary.
formerly a newspaper man. When Mr
Adamson started to mt"F the operating
r<om Mr Gaynor said "See here,
Adamson no newspaper men allowed."
Six X-ray negatives were taken In
less than as many minutes, and then
Dr. Stewart remained with the patient
while thp other physicians hastened by
automobile to Dr. Caldwell's laboratory
to discover at the earliest possible mo
ment the location of the bullet
The crowds that clung close to the
hospital entrance increased as the
hours dragged along, as did the ner
vonaaess of the chief sister of the in
Russian Professor Believes the
Empire in Danger.
pt. Petersburg. Aug. 9. — Professor Rein.
of the medical (acuity of the university,
who is an authority on Infectious dis
eases, de* ribes the present outbreak of
cholera In Russia as an imperial danger.
H* osrttnates that the death list for 11)10
already numbers 57,400, as compared
with 28,00° in 1908 and 17,000 in lfmS
The danger Is Intensified, he says, by
the fa<t that the epidemic has spread
from tnf> towni to remote rural districts,
where ' l is d' m< uJt lfi combat.
Washington. Aug. » -The Empsror of
China hns tent a message " thanks to
President Taft for the attention paid to
r .,,,',, „ T.-ai Tar. head of the Chinese army
1 ! , inization board, on his recent visit to
dc (United Siatte. ....... :."•; »7<
stitution, who sent a policeman into
the throng with a polite request please
to move at least a little further away.
Messenger boys hurried up the steps
with messages of sympathy sent from
all over the country- and abroad Many
friends called, but except in two or
three instances only members of Mr.
Gaynor*B family were permitted to s<=p
the wounded man.
Bulletins in the late afternoon and
early evening given out by Mr. Adamson
were encouraging, as they bore upon
the Mayor's lack of fever, desire for food
and strong volpe. Mr. Adamson said at
4:30 o'clock that the Mayor was disposed
to talk more than was good for him.
Mr?. Gaynor. the Mayor's daughter. Mrs.
H. K. Vingut. and his sons. Rufus and
Norman, were with him Mrs. Gaynor
stayed throughout the night.
At 8 o'clock the constant statement by
Mr Gaynor that he was indeed hungry
was rewarded by n dish of ice cream,
■which he seemed thoroughly to enjoy,
following it with a glass of water.
The long wait for the bulletin from th<»
X-ray investigation being made in Dr.
Caldwell's laboratory was frying to all.
One of the hospital surgeons said there
was danger to b° feared from blood
getting into the Mayors hings. which
might cause Inspirational pneumonia.
"Well. I cant see why th*> papers arc
making such a fuss over such a trifling
Injun.-." said th<= Mayor when he heard
how many rppr>rt*rs .were around the
At 11: SO o'clock lnst night r>r Ferdi
nand C. Wolff, visiting physician at the
hospital, said:
•'Mayor Gaynor is doing as wHI as can
b«> expected. He ha? Blept slept some;
he has no temperature or evidence of
infection He is perfectly conscious."
Cape Breton Police Think They
Have Alleged Quincy Murderer.
Quincy, Mass., Auk 9. — Chief of Police
Barrel! to-night received a telegram
signed "Michael McGrath; Chief of
Police." announcing the arrest at North
Sydney, C. B. of a. man believed to be
I,uigi Resttlll. the alleged Quincy mur
derer. Thf telegram read:
Have arrester! suspect who answers
description of Restilli. Wire full de
scription and will make thorough exami
nation. Found on him revolver and
Chief Burrell immediately wired a
complete . description of Restilli and is
awaiting further news from North Syd
ney. •
Genuine pebble eyeglasses, the cool kind
that never mist. Spencer's. 31 Maiden Lane.
(Photograph copyright, l? 10. by the American Pr*»ss Association )
Mayer Gaynor displayed a fondness
in the campaign last year for quoting
the sayings of the philosopher Epic
tetus. If contemolation of the pre
cepts of the stoic who taught that
the perfect man would not display
anger toward a wro»gdß»r has only
m?de the practice of those precepts
second nature with the Mayor, the
fact was illustrated in a painful mo
ment yesterday.
The story is told that when Epic
tetus was a slave in Rome his mas
ter. EpapHroditus — one of the guards
of Ncro — struck the future teacher
heavily on the leg.
<! YoLf wit! break my leg." said Epic
Anothi?'- blow fulfilled the prediction,
and Enictetus, seemingly caring more
for the philosophy to be applied to
the situation than for the pain, calm
ly remarked:
!: Did I rot say you would bresk it ?"
Eoictetus taught that philosophy
was the practice of virtue and that
insensibility to pain was a mark of it.
And the Mayor, before losing con
sciousness yesterday, said simply:
"This is a pity."
Americans Shocked by News of
Attack on the Mayor.
London, Aug. 1O — The London morn
ing newspaper:; print full reports of the
attack on Mayor Gaynor, and express
deep concern and earnest wishes for his
"The Standard" in an editorial says:
"Mayor Gaynor ranks high in the class
of men who can ill be spared from the
world? work. The 'completion of his
career Is a matter of international im
portance, and his loss would be a calam
ity to hip own country."
The attack has called forth many ex
pressiona of regret from British public
Americans who are passing their sum
mer holidays in London were greatly
Shocked. A stream of inquiries regard
ing the Mayor's condition and asking for
details of the attempted asrassination
has been continuous since the issuance
of the firs* bulletin.
Voiced in Resolution — Open Conven
tion with Lord's Prayer.
{By I>l<*irrarh to Th* Tribune. 1
El Paso. Tex.. Aug. 9.— Opening their an
nual convention by reciting the Lord's
Prayer in unison, the Texas Sheriffs' Asso
ciation closed the first day? session to-day
with „ resolution denouncing the attack
upon Mayor Gaynor and expressing their
deepest sympathy with the New York ex
ecutive The. resolution was telegraphed to
New York this afternoon.
it was a departure for the peace officers
of the state to open their convention by
praying themselves They have heen used
to having a minister <lo it for them, but
when the president asked them to stand
and rerite the prayer not onp m th* 1 a'icil
ence failed to respond
Lack of Food and Clothing at New
Alaskan Gold Field.
Seattle. Auk. 9. — The steamship Olym
pia arrived to-day from Nome, bringing
oewa that the Idltarod gold field is great
ly-overcrowded and that. many are with
out proper food and clothing.
One rowbOSi with two men was picked
up on the Yukon shortly before the Olym
pla left. The men. who had come from
the Idttarod, had had nothing to eat for
forty-eight hours-
Mayor's Condition Reassuring
This bulletin on Mayor Gaynor'? condition was issued at St.
Mary's Hospital. Hoboken. at 1 :30 o'clock this morning:
| "The Mayor is awake and is cheerful. He has no pain; be is
conversing freely with his nurses and physicians. The indications
are that he will have a good night."
Talking to those at his bedside, the Mayor said:
"I have been forced into strife and responsibility against my
will. I have done my best, and this seems to be the result."
The following bulletin was given out at 9 o'clock last night :
"The radiographic examination of Mayor Gaynor's wound in
dicates that the bullet is divided into two fragments, occupying posi
tions that do not demand operative interference at present.
"The condition of the Mayor is satisfactory. He is resting
qUiet } ' "WILLIAM T. ARLITZ. Visiting Physician.
It was said by one of the doctors that the impact of the bullet
against the jaw bone caused it to split. The chief cause of anxiety
was the danger from blood poisoning.
This bulletin was given out at 5 :4S p. m. :
"The Mayor's condition is unchanged since the last bulletin.
\n examination was made by the consulting surgeons with and
without the fluoroscope. Six X-ray negatives were taken, which,
after development, will be carefully examined, and a further state
ment 'issued this evening. E. J. LEDERLE.
William J. Gaynor. Mayor of New York, was shot in the neck yesterday
.aorntog on the deck of the Kaiser Williel i der Grosse. m he was about to Ml
morning on the d«rk of the Kaiser milieu
or. her for a vacation of leal than thirty days.
He was taken to a Hoboken hospital, where it was said last nisht that
his condition was satisfactory. The Mayor, however, could hard* be «M to
be out of dancer
"Big Bill" Edwards. Street Cleaning: Commissioner, leaped npon the
would-be assassin as he fired a second time at the Mayor, and received Ik.
bullet in his own arm. He bore the man down, and never let him 50 until
he was in the bands of Hoboken policemen.
The man who tired on the Mayor i* James J. Gallacher. «l I 111 from
the Dock Department recently, who had repeatedly tried to induce Mr. Gaynor
to have him reinstated.
The bullet was split into two fragments acainst the Mayor's jawbone, in
creasing the danger of blood poisoning. No operation was performed last night,
after an X-ray examination, but one may be necessary to-day.
Mrs Gaynor hastened to her husband's side from St James, Us] Island,
all speed restrictions having been put aside for her automobile.
City Throtvn Into Veep Gloom
Widespread Fear at First That Mayor Was Dead
or Dying Owing to Delay in News.
Less than half an hour before the ship
on which he was to sail for Europe for
a four weeks' vacation was to cast off
her lines from her pier in Hoboken ye
terday morning Mayor Gaynor was shot.
That was at 9:40 o'clock.
And almost before the brief struggle
on the deck of the Kaiser Wilhelm der
Grosse for the capture of the would
assassin was over the news was flashed
broadcast over the city and the coup
try. The first word was that the Mayor
was killed, and though this was soon cor
rected, so that it was known that al
though dangerously wounded the Mayor
was not dead, so cautious were the doc
tors in their statements that the. city
went 10 bed last night still in doubt as
to the fate of Its chief magistrate.
The first bulletin after the doctors had
reached Mr. (Jaynor's side said that the
wound was not necessarily dangerous,
and beyond meagre bulletins on the pa
tient's wonderful courage and his cheer
fulness liltk was added to this as the
In City of New York. Jemer Ctty »nd Hob«ke».
J. J. Gallagher. Discharged City
Employe, Sought Revenge
— Shows Nd Regret.
Second Bullet Ploughed Its Way
Through Arm cf "Big Bill"
Edwards as He Bore the
Would-Be Assassin Down.
Assailant, Who Had Never Seen
Victim. Got Priest to Point
Him Out. Walked Up to
Him Through the Throng
and Fired at Close
Covered with Verdigris and Split
Into Two Pieces, It Is Still
Embedded in Mayor" s Head
— Operation May Be Per
formed to Remove It To
day. Doctors in Attend
ance Fearing Blood Poi
soning May Set In.
day wore on. It was not until after I
half dozen X-ray photographs had been
taken late in the day and the. plates de
veloped long after nightfall that the bul
let was found, and the question of the
extent and danger of the operation for
its removal remained to be determined,
although the physicians in attendance
had said earlier In the day that they
did not look for a difficult operation.
The Mayor was at no time uncon
scious, and often during the day talked
cheerfully with those at his bedside In
St Mary's Hospital. Hoboken. where he
was taken from the ship. His throat,
which was at first choked with blood, be
came clear, and with that relief his
breathing was easier. In the afternoon
the patient asked for something to eat.
As he had been on shipboard when ha
was shot, the Mayor was in the hospital,
the least disturbed of all those there.
The hsjtte: had entered behind the
right ear and taken a course forward
and downward. The probe 3 hid failed

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