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Royal Italian Prince. Crown on
Luggage Indicated.
One Bears Titles, but Admits
American Origin — Teutonic
Passengers Interested.
Th'»s» who m.-t th«« ineorr.inr Jiner Teu
tonic at ihe White Star pier yesterday
rr.cminjr in<sulcel in cotwMerable Bpecnja
ticn »r Tr«=the Identity of three passengers.
erouad one of whim at i»«Fi buns m rell
"f ----.• This •wws a' boy of fourteen or
Rftcea years of T» He T\-r>re a dark blue
*-*l. with tatfciDWbockers and silk soefer
•hriT-Tij? hir bare raH**. A -, ... Eton
'^jTlsr snd sajlnr <-ap set off Ms Cra boy
■?<-h fa'-e :^> advantage. Th« favt that the
ri-e:?c»ss**Fir!sr looking bey -..st dre?pe^ like
- -?ix-y«»ar-e.)d child, although rather tal'
for hL* agfi, vas th» fir?: thin? thst at
•r.^-rtfHi attention to Urn; th«» F«*cond thin?.
•h« r i»tif«»n'^ of his companions as to who
]■• And the «hird. that th«= royal crown
of Itaiy was emblazoned on his bacjrarr^
snd that of Ms companions.
He was resist* r<*ri en th* ship"? list of
*ft-?t cat-in pa?s^n?cr.- as Mr. Aide JBene
,>»tr> JRubbi. and this was the name writ
ten :n a bic slanting har.d across the pho-
Tncraph be save the Rev. T>r. John Wright.
•rctor of St. Paul"? Episcopal Church. St.
J>ul. I-linn.. or><* of the very few pasScn
r«T. r who had mndo his acquaintance. In
i!ir- photograph he MR ;; uniform <*ov
riru!! with Moderations, and in the iicsair-'
r s^sjrr.incd by ilie customs inspectors were
jnany ■ picture of him. also in uni
form. It was Dr. -£•*-.; who told the ship
7f»< rrporter ihat he thoupht the lad
was a meiirrer of Itsly's royal liousp. A
cross fiie cf questions were turned on hi.^
rampanior «chile the basr^apc was 'nrins'
looked over.
One. a raihor En^riJl Italian, was listed as
**Th# XoM** Emo Marucci of the Count of
Casir-1 Fidaro," and the other, sn American
■who Siad evidently lived some time _■■«!.
»as reristerec as "The Marqui? Spencer-
T-.TH'-r. O. S. M O. ' He explained later
ttsi liX- iniiiais ni-aii? that he was a
Xnirht of th# Sovereipn Ordor of Maita.
.The Tnarquin. who appeared to bo a tutor
an 3 trav^ning com»anion. and Marucci.
■svi;" s£«ia«4 a royal attendant, were both
trellnigh boml>-pro'f. AVhen the marqmte
was asked if he wer«» an American h° re
■ - : im a Homar .'"
"You ar** on the manifest .tp an Amer
« %n. and <iec!ar" yourself «o."
"Thfrf are two thin?? th<* custom? regu
lations do nol provide for" he bc^an.
!>?:: stopped abr-ptly. lie would nol talk
Lt. Lioyi Tarkor. up to two year« aco a
furrron ft»r t!;*-- merchant marine- nn<l nrvi
llv^c at No. i" Wcrt «3d ."tr^pt. met th»
party at tlio pier. " ... th.it the boy
was a m-mber of th» Italian bouse, cut
said he T\"a> a duke.
VVh.n th" four =r>t mm a carria?^ the
roun^ chap raised Tiis hat -•■■■■ and
EnilPfi at the bysund^r? as he drove away.
'T.lr. RubM" and his two attendants are
k: the Hotel Belmont. and will by in this
couairy for ten days, scins porsibly to
Chicago and Washington and then return
in? to Rorae to resume his stud!*?.
It Tat said s'estereda.y that J.e was verj
probably th* youar Duke l^eon*; Mafslmo.
prandson of Prir.oe CamilJo Massimo, the
rre?er,t head of the house. This boy is the I
ssni* age as the young man who arriv<*d j
«^st*rrflay". Y'-.uri* Massimo, xrho is the j
Prince of Amiooli. is the t«on of Frnr.cisco i
"asfcin-.'j the rrinfe nt Ar^^li. wlw mar- j
rifd a princess of the house of Bran^a'^io.
The eldest ilasein-.0, who is a hereditary
:n^stc-r of Ir.e Tizpz^y- *a? a son of
s prirjccpi? of an old Italian Jw>uf*> and J
Aatet; V;i^ family back to Roman yfears. He |
!? alli*»il with the Vatican, and nr>t the j
Quirin.il. and ha? no connection with the ]
latter, but '•' the j-oom£ strane^r of yes- j
t*rday is hie srand*=ori it i> because his \
rtaaflfather claims aJllarice wltli Italy's j
'ormer txnwe that lie lfcs the royal pymiiil :
on hil l':3-catr*.
Th» only boys of hie ace who arc? .-or.- !
sectcd 'R'Tii tl»e royal house arv ihc^Konsj
nf 1V !>""*<■- of Aocts. and they ar^ at;
f'bfxjl in Kr.^l^nd, and tl>e son of the liike j
*£ <>xai. It is not ' thoucrht that "Mr- 1
R-^hi" ir a royal princr. ap he*caniej
" T »r»!v a? 3 •^r«T claF c cabin rarjsfnp-r, nnd j
wither ih* Italian Emba'Vy nor the cjs- ;
tottc •■ffi'-i>:!s received any notification or j
■•;i5 *orr.:r;j:. it is raid. The title of the j
"Mar'j •:-■ Si PticeT-Torner" if o( papal ori- j
Wealthy Contractor Was Admit
ted to St. Luke on August 20.
•!". r.o"**?voit S!:anl*y <iie«i at <?".!-". last
stain in si. L-:ko's Ho=niuil, from a
corrrhr-aunn of •di^^aspF. He had been ill
•ia"f Anjruii .... admitted to
tk- hot-pit^l. His body will be taken to
Stamford. ■ 'onn.C to-morrow, where the
iwwl will b*> made.
Mr. Shanley came intp prominence In
■*Vrt]. 1*99. «men his former wife, Mrs.
AG'jc Grace Backnam. who obtained a
f:oTn him in ]?>■»•. brought suit
sxzJnct !'t ex-husband for 110.090 a year
•linwny. Mrs. Budrman paid thai Mr.
EhanlpT h-^t* mad*? «. written agmment
">':? :irr a- t ne tim-e «>f thf divorce, in
*-.i< •- • „ prcmip^l tn pay her the amount
o^ aHmon;- ri-jerstioned. and al?o 3~rt>fi<l to
Psv Iris *orTn«T vif<> Rl.OdO.flft'j when ~r,f
fcia-'r* . -r-o IT ito his rhar" of his father'?
»«6t«>. ,
Mr. paid the fir^t yearly Ir.a'.m-
O^nt of 149.400, btit wh^n his former wife
Clifford Bucknam he stopped the
?'jn !f . n . S!.anlr-v married Mrc. nlra M.
bpnni;er two rrmnths »ftrr iiis (life ob
'air!<-i hW <i*"-re< . . >ir. <t . Bucknam'ff s«iit for
was trie-j bef<,rr» .tiiptiep Dayton,
2a the Hupr»-me Court, and counsel on both
s«S«^ sizrt-»*l to hay- pi-Justice Morgan .f.
( - nricti aPT'ojnted r «.foree.
( -*m January n. i?j«». the referee found in
i«vcr of Mrs. Backnam. and re*-onimendr«l
*hst Ehanley he made to pay his former
»■!' the S4<'/»Vi ;J year alimony for life. or.
? M c!,cs' . make her a lump payment at
*Tianiey warn a member of the <-ontrarting
• nr, ti i jj. a, j j- Bhanley, <; f Jersey
•*t"uii? lor Banker's Release from All
Sections— Protests in Walsh Case.
TaehujCton, Aus. 2."!. — Letter- sent to
noMfint 'Jafi from nil parts of the conn- i
tH Brßfc!|f a l' ardo » for Chark-s W. Tlort-e, j
f N*ew York banker, now in iho Atlanta |
Wsiwrntiary, h«v« Mea received at the ,
of Justice. Many ct the writ
'■* n women, and no le.s»; than figr.t <it~
t *^ t^ i^ktd for the prKJle^e of carrj'ins
p* T*irdon to Horse if it Is jrranted. Th*-rc
» petition for a pardon b-fore the dc
v •-«•» n ]i as become known that attor- j
~f3?5 for Joha n. Watch, the Ohlcajo j
row in ij.fc Leavcnworth p^n't pn * |
ian* (ntf^jj i4J =sk ffJr his • r.ion me j
aw n *-xt monia, several protest* have
£j reoeivpd at the Department of Juk
', ifw ' «t "«-«n l»*,v«» urnii- from tli* j
t^v " ' t>f 1hl? wreckeJ bl «" K -if ii ' lJon

rm r
*?'i'^?!i Jaitlt '•" niade that Americans f=p*>n«l
" W-w-L 2 - yt>&r fnr baseball. That Isn't {
♦•^i; *** to wijitt ihtj' s T> tnd for the high- !
Nonogenarian Brooklynite Had
Paralytic Stroke Sunday.
Daniel D. Whitney, ;■,..- oldest of the six
li\-ins former mayors of the oi.i city of
Brooklyn, i* rallying from a stroke of
paralysis, by which he was attacked on
Sunday morning while preparing to co to
Church. The muscles of the I«f1 fide of
. the face, especially about the mouth. ar«»
nCWted. and there is also a slisht thicken
ing of his speech.
Mr. Whitney, who . ... in Oyster
Bay. i* ninety-one yeans old. For fifty-five
years he ha.« Tiveil at No. ft Poplar street.
Brooklyn, and has been in the trrocery
business nt No. '?) Fulton street. Brooklyn.
fnr seventy yean?. Until Monday he never
bad misled a day *• his business. an<i al
*»}•? had been a remarkably health: man.
Re "was as .■■-.••. as be was alert
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney hsd <lr~F.=cri on
Sunday morning to c» to the Sands Street
?»leiliodi=t Church, alien Mr. Whitney, who
v.-as stan-iins in »h° lira '•- suddenly .iis
rovered that he couldrii talk, and his fa«e
ana noul her-ai-ie <iiPtor:e<l. Since then,
however, his condition has steadily Im
J?r. Wliitn»y. a lif«! n Tie: Democrat, w^
j Bixty-six y«ars old when, in I S3. he was
| el"rr"<i Mayer of Brooklyn,
j T?" began lii» political carer '■ Aider-
I man fro the l?r Ward of Brooklyn. Later
! h" became ReciFter of Arrears.
On his ninetieth l-Jrthday. Anrii 12 last.
: he ttp.o the sjijoct of honor at a dinner given
in th" Imperial by the Society of Old
BrookiynitPP. T^e. wa« as active as any
man amonpr the hundreds ther<\ and his
voice, clear and resonant, was unworn by
Finest Horse Show Ever Given by Bar
Harbor Association Closes.
{B> Telegraph 'o The Tribunal
Bar Harbur. He Aug. 25. — The Bar Ha,-
bor hi.rse show, which closed to-day, was
the finest show ever given By the associa
tion. Scnie s-urprises occurred in the
awarding of to-day's ribbons.
The championship — larsrc-r harness
horses -went to Miss Anno Thompson's Lord
Staston. with Edward McLean's The Re
pent takinsr the restrve. The championship
for Pmailer harr.e?s horses was won by
Edward II Oam Rifle, with Mrs. Mathilde
Townsend Gerry driving, while Snapshot.
with Peter G. Gerry driving, took the re
serve. Mi:-? Anne Thompson's Lord Ptan
toti and Goto took the championship in bar
ness pairs, with Edward McLean's Rifle and
Snaps-hot '.akirsp the reserve. George Chip
chase's Gienhaxn took the championship in
saddle horses, with Miss Anne Thompson's
Lady Loraine -■ ■.-.::._ the reserve. The
championship for hunters went to George
Cblpchase*s Sapulio. with John T. Pratt'a
Cedric taking ?ecnnd.
William Morris Will Provide One ' at
American Music Hall.
A .-moking room for women will be a
feature of the American Music Hall after
October 1. So said William Morris, [jropil
etor. yesterday, when asked about a simi
lar plan in the new the;; which he is
to build in Chicasro.
"Yes," said Mr. [orris, '"1 don't see
why women should not have a place to
smoke in our theatres as well as men.
They are provided with such a convenience
in Europe, and it is only a question of
time before all of the theatres in this
country will be similarly equipped."
Mr. Morris will not only allow women to
Emoke but ho will provide cigarettes with
his monogram on them. And he will per
mit vosaen to take away with th« as
many _ as they wish. Th« will
also be opportunity for the purchase of
liquid ......
The nmoking room will be situs on
the second floor, near the Eighth avenue
entrance of the Music Hal!. It will be
elaborately furnished, and none but wom
en who smoke will be admitted.
Fmrn Th<» Syracuse Hera
The pnntrKin hridg" hastily constructed
i-o t ■..■ th*> "old g^tard and Beverly has
h*»n effectually swept away, having the
O- G.. a? before, marooned- on Its lonely
From T!.« Albany Knickerbocker Pref=s]
President Taffs statement up already
•'lariyed the atmosphere wonderfully, and
thVfreat majority of tho party realize that
■::.•]■- plain duty la to end to the Saratoga
convention ■> <-~* • <"■ -oho -will not only <--Jf>ct
Tli*;o<iore Roosevelt temporary <-hairman
bwt will nominate a candidate for' Gover
nor who will represent the real principles
and ideals of the party. •
From The Rochester Democrat and Chron
The gist of all this correspondence and
these utterances is that there is no qus
r*>l between Mr. Taft and Mr. Roosevelt]
Both of th«*m. Iso, ar" in hearty accord
with th*» general views and policies of Gov
ernor .... That the rna.sfes of th<
people of this state approve th" attitude
of th^se distinguished Republicans on party
and public questions, so far as it is known,
there can be no doubt. It would, therefore,
be^sood politics, making for the success
of the Republican tii-k^t in November
an«J for th«» ffood of th^ state at n.rm .
if the Republican organization should wheel
into line and. burying all past and existing
differoncep. go into the campaign as r
unit«»«? pariy aimintr only *t the victorj*
which wo\)l<1 tberebv i.*> assured.
From Th«» Buffalo Kx props.
Roop«.velt will lead. Taft has indicated
"t.j" full Bjinpathy. Hughea has l.laznl ihr
ivny is your Republican ism of <by
Ifuihes-Roosevett-Taft brand, or do you
draw your inspiration from Barnes. Wood
ruff and \Va«3f»worth? Are you a national
Republican or b state machine Republican?
Do you think thnt Barnes. Woodruff and
Wadstrorth ar* better qualified to l*»d th«"
party and frani" iis policies than Hughes.
Roosevelt and Taft?
From "■'■■■
Th"ir fth«- "old guard's"! interest in roli-
Ticf" l. c ba?e<l on patronage, With precious
linle patriotism. Their love and loyalty
to the party are ■ eedinj small .•onirar" '
with their fondness Tor tfieriiselves. The
rank and file not only desires "r>ut is deter
mined to po Rhead. -Roosevelt is f;<r more
representative of Republican sentiment In
this state than t!u> Barnes- Wooilruff-
Wads- worth contingent.
From Tii* 1 Bln;jhanuon Republlcaji.
NofhiiiE now remain!" 1' Ik: shown. t!><»
stupidity aiwJ duplicity of the "old guards
m^n" ti^intf fully exposed by th 1 "flash In
th^ pan" of their lalc«t attempt. Viewed
in !h«- full light of the latest revelations.
It i.> difficult to imapine -:■'■■■
that displayed by the anti-reform little
bosses in this s-tato during the pust tern
From The Rochester Herald.
Direct pi imarM i;r<- a:- vital an issue in
the Empire gtatt- to-day as a rear ago.
and the course to be pursued by the voters
ip. a*- deai now ah then. Much clearer, we
think, sine- <he record." of 1 ••■• evasive
representatives ami Senators have been
-A-ritt»-ii where tin can be seen of all men.
In 11,. lisht of Mr. Taft'w letter, there
i? no riouiit as to what is proper on the
pur' of the ■•■'• whose duty it will be
to pas* Judpment upon the matter In No
vember, when one of tiieSe men si all *P
peal to mi. ni for r*-«leetion
R I .■■> 'Ml. LI C. I \ T.
From The Watertowu Standard.
The Taft letter, closing, ,v dot tlie
rrport^rt breacS ■■<*• -•• him „,.. HOOao
relt. is 'he most ••■•. that l>a»
i^fn tlirown on the >-'iatt> political Hltua
tiri in many month- That there I" ""
var t'» be *w<"i on tbelnatiqnal admlntf-
tration. that all is peaceful W-tween °>' 8 "
ifr Bay «nd H« -'verlv is vastly more i" 1 *
nortant than th" itetty politics !l'» f i4rf-
Uk-lv t<» '"■ Played on Uie eve «'i &11
4 „ . -.. . — '-
Management Forbids So-Cailed
Punishment of Children.
Writes of Good Results by Ap
pealing to the Reason
of "Bad" Boys.
The real success of the Fresh Air work
depends to a very considerable extent upon
th«» attendants at the Fresh Air homes.
Send from fifty to three hundred and fifty
lads and lasses from the Mew York streets
to tiie country and let them run wild. They
would doubtless gel fresh air and ?row
strong— hut think of the poor farmers!
Think, to", of the "hair pußtegs" among
the girls and the "boy baitings" among the
stronger r-"x: Discipline is a prime, neces
Ffrang" to relate, now and then -i "bad
b-?y" or a "naughty ?irl" somehow is in
cluded in a Fresh Air party. Any kind
of iBo-caned ••punishment" of the children
at the homes is frowned upon by th. man
agement: corporal punishment Is absolutely
forbidden. AVhal is to be done. then, with
the young scapegoat and scapegraces that
insist on misbehaving?
Adolph H. Meyer, en attendant at St.
Helen's Home. ink-". Mass.. thinks
he ha? solved the problem. Mr. Meyer la
an undergraduate »• Columbia during the
portion of the y»ar when his Fresh Air in
terests permit, and a thoughtful student In
several of the courses In philosophy given
at that institution.
In one of his bi-weekly letters to Dr.
Devins. the manager of the Tribune Fund,
after briefly outlining some idea* fathered
in one of his courses, be continues:
'Must as I tried to apply my theories on
food and eating. so T have made an at
tempt to apply my theories about reason.
We get. as you well know, children of all
sorts, some well behaved, some very bad,
etc. In every party there arc several chil
dren, usually boys, who are always doing
the things we call bad. I have .-,insrle<3 out
these boys and raker, especial pains with
thorn. Instead of merely punishing- them
for offences and letting it go at that. I have,
explained as thoroughly and a- carefully
as T could why it was wrong to do as
they did.
"The results in -onie oases were very
grntifyinr. One boy a the last party.
Harold Oehler, seemed lading on arrival
in any sense of obedience. He ?ot into
trouble all day long at first, and was pun
ished both by the attendants and the boys.
Well. I took him aside whenever he got
into difficulty nnd told him why the rules
had to he obeyed, why lie must not take
"ffenre at every little thins:, etc The boy
became very much attached to me and
learned to obey much better, and entered
into the spiHt of my instructions to such
an extent that he would offer his own ex
planation as to why this or thai was the
ripht thins? to do
••There is a boy of the same type in this
party, and I believe I have already made
him ray friend by the same, method."
It is the testimony of a witness that Mr.
Meyer's boys are well governed, and one
of the boys himself, in a letter to Mr.
Meyer's fellow attendant, gives unconscious
evidence to the fact that a lasting impres
sion is made upon tho boys — by the man
himself if not by his theories. Tie writes:
••neir Mr. Miller: I hope you -ire haying
a good time -while you are there. I wish
you would write a letter to me and put In
your first name. I don't know it; and I
wish you would rmt in Mr. Meyer's first
name and his address, and the address
where you live; nOt St. Helen's Home, but
your own home. The address of my house
is No. :»64 West ."9th street. New York City.
I mips you a lot. I hope you are both there
next ear, so I can see you again. Your
friend, CONRAD WEDEL."
Scarcely a ciiild leaves a Tribune home
but £O«-s treasuring the address of his
"teacher" and a promise that that "teach
er" will write to him during the winter.
And the attendants, or "teachers" so
styled, receive floods of postals and letters
from their former charges with expres
sion's of kind remembrance and deep affec
When i, is borne in mind that each at
tendant is taxed with the oversight of
twenty-fire children from * o'clock in the
morninp until S at night, and even sleeps
with them during tlie hour? of darkness, It
■will be evident that the young men and
women who are able to win and retain this
regard are of no ordinary calibre and are.
deferring •-■■-■ credit.
•In memory of "•- ° .lear ones' ' ■ fla 22
Mr and Mrs Henry, William Gwrtwey;. ->'"'
Additional to part proceeds of a vau^
, IH* .■.■-,■■ at Norfolk, i.onn..
Dimußli Robbins BatteH Stoeckel 17 38
ProceVds "f » candy sale on Ausust 24
by some members of Company < '. la
niaicfL <T>.;np Island) Traiiiinp School
for Teachera, through Kenneth Mac
•nf resp"n^ to' ap^af-' ' <c! " wi lh- . '■'■ ? ■'■■
•T B B. hd.l children" 300
Wlillani MarFarlane. Rochfwter N. V. . 0*»
FM7.z Moulton. New Ro»'heiie. s \ 500
Rmil>- H. i, ':<•-. V,.-.- Canaan. Conn... I '■"
.lam*.- .".JarFha" ':'['\
;.- vis F. Schwartz ■:;;
df, vzv fi Paywn 1 -„:
V \ppi«>ton rnrUanl I-^
Ma<!iF">n Vvenue '-'•"■, ■■ CTiiiroM. .. 4 „
through Charles F. Silvester .... -4" ••'>
M A Me X ... --
Previously acknowledged 31.878 0U
Total AusiiM 25. 1910 $31.815 75
Contributions, preferably by check, money
or express order, should be made payable
to the order of the Tribune Fresh Air Fund
and mailed to The Tribune. Now York.
Suit to Prevent Expense Being Sad
dled on Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. v |ib 25. A bill in equity to
prevent the .■ity'from paying the balance
due on a d inner tendered to Oscar Ham
meritein on February 10. 1909, by a rom
mittee of prominent citizens, iras filed in
the Common r\eu.x Court here to-day.
Mayor Iteyburn, who • •■■•■ dinner
<-<-ni!nittee, it is sail. t..i<i the hotel pro
prietor to «o ;ihead when it was found
that subscriptions at. $10 a plate, were not
coming in rapidly enough, and an ordi
nance iw passed thn - the council pro
viding for the payment of $1,131 OR. which is
■till due the ■■'"! where the affair whs
irg. a well known re.
■ . . t.,,-1,1 raani In the bill n
Aiimh gotg ot h.-r averm -.- U
"counciltnen *'bo participated
v. .-r.- lialiW' mr t!.. . osi
: -,.- v.i.-i '■•• ■ • dlnance bto
(rtdmg for die payineni at On bill hy the

Plan Under Way to Use Birthplace as
Democratic Clubhouse.
Caldwell; N. J.. Aiic ii r i ■- •■■ ■ Graver
Cleveland's birthplace in (his town may be
come the home of a Democratic I'lub com
posed of uiiizens of i •:■»<■ .. Verona, Essex
Fells nd Robeiand. The house, which is
an old mansion, IS on BloonriieH! avenue.
The in'ub is ;is yet a tentative organization;
but the prospects are ihat it will be formed
ami the Cjgvfilafid house purohasM.
The house now serves as a Presbyterian
parvonflSPj but it Is s-Hld to he for sale, A
•bronze tazlet, on which i" »n inscription
. cordiiscr the birth of ex-President ('it-n
laiid In the house, occupies ■ position over
the fireplace. <srovex Clevaiand ii' ••!! In the
h«iiH»«' until he whh nboui four years old. a(
v. him iline his father. whiS V as a Pre^bv
torian minister, reuidved from Cm Id* .-ii
The house evidently had im sentimental Ht
laohnjent for Mr. Cleveinnd, IS It IS tli.t
known th»! he ever \itited Caldwell to see
ihe place vf ... biilh.
Subject Brought Up at Confer
ence of Students' Alliance.
;n- T»!<>!rrapli to The Tribunal
Hartford. Conn.. Aug. 85.— College yell?
and :-onr from two hundred voices, rep
resenting Hftv-eiirlit institutions, opened the
second day of the sixth annual conference
of the Chinese Students" Alliance of the
Eastern States. As there are more than
three hundred and fifty students in this
•section of the country, the Brsi business
done to-day was to appoint a committee
to report on the advisability of holding; two
conferences hereafter at different places.
Greetings and money were received from
Chan* Yin Tan?. Chinese Minister to the
United States, wlu gave $100: Vans Kuai,
superintendent of Chinese government stu
dent?. m, and Y. v. Vans:. Chinese Consul
at Xew York, $80. A cable message was
also received from sir Cheng-turg Liang-
Cheng, the Chinese Minister to Germany.
He was minister to the United States and
was educated Id this country.
T. C. Chu. of Harvard, president of the
conference, in hi? annual address recom
mended the consideration of whether or
not a gre«t navy was necessary to China
advancement. He said the Chinese students
should lay before their government the Im
portance of friendship between the United
States and Chins and consequently the ab
? o!ute necessity that its Intercourse with
this country should be conducted by the
mo competent person?. He also main
tained thai examinations for candidates
for srovemment scholarships should be hem
in America as well as at Peking.
About twenty-five students in attendance
arc women. The Wellesley girls have em
broidered a banner and will give it to the
best kite flyer. ' Kite firing la a national
sport in China.
It Is Denied Rockefellers Insist
on Building on Old Site.
F/i ar L. Marston. chairman of the build
in*? committee of the proposed new Fifth
Avenue Baptist Church, who has recently
returned from abroad, said yesterday that
he had yet to hear of any r : han*e in the
plans for the new building which were
adopted before he went to Europe, last
April. It had been said that a faction de
veloped in the congregation strongly op
posed to buildins the new church on the
present 46th street site, and wanted It
placed further uptown, out of the way of
encroaching business houses on Fifth
••As far as I know, things are in exactly
the same .-hap* that they were when I went
away, last April." Mr. Bfarston said yes
terday. -At that time we were, going ahead
.to build according to the plans then adopt
ed, and on the old site, I have not heard of
any proposed change. There was som* op
position to the plans before 1 went away,
but everything was settled then."
Mr. Marston denied that the Rockefellers
want the new church on the old site and
contributed liberally only on that con
Mr Rockefeller wan- 'lie church bailt
where the members decide to have it
.. ' he said. "He ;ia= not Insisted on
c, and will he g!a«i to have it
built elsewl ■ -- ' the members eventually
should consider it more desirable to .L> so."
• were drawn last spring for a church
: auditorium to cover the site of the
ape and parsonage. The ar
rangemeni of chancel and haptist^rv was
. | the pastor, the Rev It Aked.
•he auditorium whs to be a Sunday
. ■• room and parlors for Bible classes,
the whole T " <'ost $•;!*'.'>"• or more.
. Uv Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Boston. Aug. 25. — Mrs. Jeremiah Chap
man Kittredge, of Gardiner Road, Brook
line, announces the engagement of her
daughter. Miss Clarice Kittredge. to I^ot
Morrill Hamlln, of Detroit, Princeton. '03.
Mr. Hiimlln is a grandson of the late Sena
tor Lot Morrill. of Maine. He is an
business in Detroit, is a member or the
Princeton Club, of New York, and of the
University Club and Country Club, of De
[B3 Tel?eraph to The Tribon*.]
Boston. Aug. S.-Mi«w Alice Louise Pat
tersbn daughter "<" Mrs. .lamer Patterson,
was married last evening at her mother's
horn". in Brook street. BreoMme. to t.ouih
w \; Harriman, son o( Mr. hoo Mr?. K.
Baltimore, Vug. 26 Detroil was selected
olding next year's
convention of the Loyal Order of Moose
The order Is holding Ita twenty-second an
nual meeting m this ■it >
Official Record and Forecast.— \V»«hitiKton.
Auc. 25^— The upbuilding an'! southwestern
spread of th* north stern high pressure area
was accompanleil by a decided fall In tempera
ture that covered the Rocky Mountain region.
the plains stalPs and the great central valleys.
ncepi "'• uppor Ohio and the upper lake re
... .. On Thursday morning the lowest ter
n of record '■ the month of AugUft
WPre reported from Montana. Idaho. Wyoming.
Western t-'ouUi I>Bkota, Western Nebraska and
Northern North Dakota! with « >pwattir*a of
from 'Z to S degrees below •!!•■ freezing p<jlnt in
Montana! Idaho and Ws : oJnlng. Frost *araJn««
WPI -«. issued ■a i OnesdK rnarnlng for ■" North
xvest and extended Thursday morning Into N>
l,racka. Minn. . Southern WlHcohßjn.
em lowa and Northern an'! western [v.in»a;-.
- orm warnings were al?o ordered for the (iieat
• (The western cool wave will ' ■'■"'•■ '" ad
ran.-* eastward, reaching the Wen England and
i.ldtli- AtUntir coasts l>y Krlriay night It will
i,,. preceded br nHowßrs on Friday from the
„,..... Ohio Valley •"-'' the lower lake region
eStward and lower temperatures in th« (ialf
and routh Ulantlo sta-tes Frldav ••■ Friday
• ■*hi There will t«e showers Friday in th*-»e
districts Th« "■■' weather will conttnil- Hatur
riaV in the Past nnd South. " i;> In **" *** tli*
tenineratiire will rise. Th»r« will »•<• no rain of
cenvMuenee on* Saturday .
TIK- winds • lone the New England i oast will
b< liripk BOUthweßt to west; middle Atlantic
foast moderate to brink spilth w*«6t to northwest;
BOUth Atlantl.- ('oast, Il*M to moderate aast and
«r,,,t.hfap»: -a«t Gulf Coast, n oderat« and arl
„. .,. po-sihly oooaplonal thunder squall*: west
Uulf — • variable, becoming north, and rrnvl^
eratr. t> brisk; on the lower lakes, brisk '* hlKli
„„,, ar>d northwest: upper lake* northwest gn^
(UirrlnlfhUlC. becoming variable Saturday.
... depart ing Friday for I "row an port
will i,» . brlah southwest to west wind 3. with
■Uowera by Fiiday nitfht.
I ..re.-«-t " r *»>«*«' inl l.oraHli*-.— For th« Dii
tri'-t of Columbia, showers md ino|»>r u>-iiay
and to-»lßht; Saturday, fan and coot; moderate
SiulHvfest to northwest wind?.
Fnr New .;.-■ .-* sh-.M-prv and* cooler to-t'ay or
to-night; Saturday fair, cool moderate to brisk
BoaUtweat to northwest ivinds
lor Eastern Pennsylvania, photrers and cooler
!<► <m-. : Saturday fall an.l cool: ---ate to
brtsk" southwest 16 northwest winds.
Fur KHSlprn N-« Y,>rk Bhol»ers ami cooler to
flav Saturday fair and cooler; brisk southwest
ti> n'orthweiit winds.
r. r New England, nhowers and olei to-day
nr to-r.u!it; Saturda* fait. eon It In «-ast«Tn por
tion- irlMl- son* him M to met* winds.
T-'iir WfSteril I'fiinKylvania. •hower* and much
cooler io-<iav; Saturday fair, cool; \v«»st to
rTt"th\vst «rtnd«, diminishlriß.
For \v.=t,"i: New York, •iwts and much
c(hi!pi- to- day , with brink Ul liitrh iresl to north-
w «si witi.ls: Saiunlar fair.
CNBcial observations of United States weather
tmreaue. taken at Bp. m. yesterday, low:
rttr Temperature. Weather.
,| ha ' nv ■ "« Cloudy
psl'o ipii f i s
Netri Orlean* '* nln .
Si. I-ouls ™ ail,
Washington ..." fc - '- !ou(i 5'
1 ..M-al «)tfl«-inl Re.oriJ. — The following official
r^enfd from the \\>atth«-r Bureau i»hnw» tho
.liunK*-- In the temperature for the last Iwetit;
ffiur „-r a in romparliun with the correipono-
Uik date- of laal year:
liion. 1010 ; 1808 1010
na . m 70 Jlj «p. m M *•.!
•1 a. m W 7" »P" m 71 V:
Ua. in V Mllr- n 7.i 77
i» «' fc - i- .■ -"' •''
\ n. m s< Ml
!Ilcb^bl t«np»rltttira yesterta.v, K> degi tat
M d. ml. low«»t. TO in 3:40 a- m.»: averaffc,
7ft' rag- for i-orr««p6ntffhi lit- of la -■ year.
> hveraK'; for corresponding date of iaat t!iln\
tliree years, 71
Local forwaat; Showers and cooler to .la;-;
fair snd .•<.,.! r-aturUaj . brisk southwest to aurth
vou winds.
AUGUST 26. 1910.
But Not on American Hats —
Here to Rejoin Nat Goodwin.
Mrs. Nat Goodwin, who hi Mis? Edna
Goodrich on the stage, buys all her hata
In this country. . She so Informed a cus
toms Inspector yesterday in the stress ol
the usual ordeal after landing from a
European steamship and forgetting to de
clare everything that should be declared.
Mr*. Goodwin came on the steamship
Teutonic, with her mother. Mrs. Nellie
Goodrich. They had been abroad «even
month*. T*h« declaration was for $200 for
twelve trunks parked so tightly that the
cover? went :: p with a swish when un
locked by the Inspectors.
From the first of the twelve trunks were
tumbled out all Fort? of wearing apparel,
and down deep were fun». Mrs. Goodwin
protested and demanded that her hasrK*a«
b» sent to the Appraiser's Stores or ex
amination, if th« declaration was doubted.
The trunks wore taken to the .-tores,
and in the afternoon Mrs Goodrich came
to the Custom House to settle. The «am-
Inrr't reporter) about JLVV) worth Of coods
brought in. and Mr?. Goodrich paid the
duty on the *.'Tin nbove the amount ad
mitted free for two person?.
There were other things to be explained—
SS.OW worth of jewelry and th" hats and
fur?. Papers were produced to prove that
they were one and all of purely American
make, and nx the fait- could not he dl-
pitted. Special Deputy Surveyor Smyth ad
mitted them free While on the pier Mrs.
Goodwin was informed of reports thai «tie
and her husband were rot Bring happily
together. She made emphatic denial. She
Is on her way to join Nat Goodwin in Cali
United Singers May Be Heard on
Sunday — Other Programmes.
Th© United Singers of New York, under
the conductorship of F. Albeke. will share
with the Volpe Symphony Orchestra the
programme of the concert at the Mall in
Central Park next Sunday at 4 p. m.
The programme will include: "Tag del
Herrn." Krentzer. chorus; overture, "Merry
Wives." Nicolai. orchestra; "Im Feld dcs
Moreens Frueh," Burkhard. chorus; "Reit
er'a "Morgenlied." Kir. hi. chorus; "Capric
eio Espagnol." Rimsky-Korsakoff. orches
tra; "Das Deutsche Lied." Kailiwoda.
chorus; "Slavonic Dances,'' Dvorak, or
chestra: "My Old Kentucky Home." "OKI
Black .Tor." Foster, chorus.
At the Mall concert Wednesday evening.
August 31. Franz Kaltenborn will present
the little heard "Forest Suite," "In Octo
ber." by Edward MacDowell. and the prel
ude and finale to Act Til of Wagner's "Par
sifal." Mr r Kaitenborn will play as a solo
WieniawsWa popular "Cegende."
EZaltenhorn'a concert Sunday afternoon
at McGown's Pass will present among:
other numbers his original march, "St.
Nicholas," the Rhine maidens' . song from
•"Die Gdtterd&mmemng" and the andante
from Mendelssohn's violin concerto.
Welcomed at Hub Greeted at Har
vard—Feted at Night— Off for Buffalo.
Boston, Aug. 25.— Headed by the Rev
Heinrich Swoboda., rector of the University
of Vienna. the. Wiener Akademische
Gesanarsverein 'the chorus of the I"m
versity of Vienna*, to the number of two
hundred, visited Boston and Cambridge to
day. While in the latter city the chorus
went to Harvard University and were re
ceived by President A. Lawrence Lowell
and President Emeritus Charles W. Eliot.
The tourists then returned to Boston,
where Mayor Fitzgerald held a reception
in their honor.
H had been planned to visit President
Tai't at Beverly thit; afte r nuon. but the
time was bo limited thai the trip had to
'or given up.
The students and those accompanying
them ended their visit to Boston with a
Kneipe at the Hotel Brunswick. Professor
J. A. Walz, of Harvard University, acted
as toastmaster and delivered an address of
welcome. The response was by the Rev.
Heinrich Swoboda. PI D. The students
enlivened the evening with German songs.
Late to-night they left for Buffalo.
The Wiener Akademlsche Gesangsvereln
is one of the most important musical as
sni-tation? not only of German speaking
countries but of aW Europe. Its history
runs parallel also to the progress of the
i> r man universities and their growth of
Li < 'hartal. th» barytone, whom Oscar
HamineTstein engaged last year to sing in
; .- a opera next -••■ ■ on, will arrive on the
Liorraine on Saturday. August 27, to fill his
engagement with Mr. Hammerstein by star
■ ng In "Hans," the comic opera with which
the Manhattan Opera House will open hi
September. He was selected by Louis
Ganne. the composer of "Hans," to ring the
original role in Paris, but owing to a pre
vious engagement he could not accept.
Frank Donne has been engaged by Mr.
Hammerstein to play tile leading comedy
roie In Han:; "
Mmo. Nazimova will begin her season in
x, l( Haven on September 7. when slip will
be seen in Sehnltaler's "The Fairy Tale."
She will then jro to Chicago to begin a Tour
of the principal cities of the West.
She will act in a repertory including Su
dermann's "Johannesfeuer." in which she
will be seen for the first time, and Ibsen's
"Little Kyolf and "A Doll's House."
in "The Fairy Tale" com pan; will be
Firanrton Tynan. Elsie Esmond. Mrs.
jacqiisfi Martin. Gertrude Berkeley. Mar
garei Lindsay, Alice Wick.<=. Edward ft
Hanson, Orlando Daly. William Hassan.
L Race Dunrobin. Thomas Russell, Master
George Tobin and Evelyn Tobln.
\ Uteri Spakling. li; - America
played hi the Auditorium Building at Ocean
f Jrore la^i night before an audit 1
at least eight thousand, which demanded
encore after enco ■
Miss Laurette Taylor will opes i.« sea- j
son under the management of Cohan I J
Harris at Buffalo on * usual 29 in .1 Hart
ley .Manncrs's comedy-, "The Girl in Wait
Frederick Burton Is to play the leading
part in Augustus Thomas? latest play.
"The Member from Ozark," which opens
at l>Ptroit on September 5.
••The Girl ' 1-iPft Bel. in. l M. is tn be
I)re.s*'ntP<i by tiu^ now stock company at the
Academy of Musi ■ next week.
The Authors' Producing Company, of
which John Can is president and Charles '
Klein Is secretary, han engaged Miss Mar
gnrct Mayo to Write a furcp for early pro- I
,),,,■! on The same conipitny will present
Cliart«s Klein's "The Gamblers'' at Maxine ;
Elliott's Tlieatre on '" : 'her J! and a new
play by Henry Arthur Jones in December.
Frederic Thompson will product "My
Man." a new play by ESditii Ellis and For- j
rest i, , : ..•■ at N«-w Haven to-night .Miss j
Mabel Tallaferrd, Roßert Drouet; Campbell I
Ciollan. Anns Sutliirlahd, Aim- Wynne and;
Annie Frank are in the .asi. *
The Hippodrome, which besina its sea
son on September ■'■■ will have twelve hun
dred persona fin ">'' '>«•■. The manaff*
in' ii says it h«» 'ho largest company aa j
pesritiß on th" larsest f-tarro ■•' the I tap M J
In tha w«*lA
Edward Abelii l^ Vl! the. chief part j
It, ,i.i,,:, -. Montgomery's "The Aviator." |
which opens at Atlantic City on Monday j
night! ii" will use a SO-horscpower Blf- i
riot monoplane. -. 4
John J. Barry, former r*omnii."J'ionf;r of j
Correction, died yesterday in St. Vincent* j
Hospital. Mr. B.irrr was compelled to ■•■ ,
■«iKn hi.« f>fflff> in February on account of ill j
health. An operation was performed on j
him about two months aco. but It was de- j
ri ;• ,; last wf>ik that another was necessary, j
and ho was taken to St. Vincent's last Hun- j
day for that purpose. At first it was J
thought that the operation had been sue- j
ccssfui, hut at length hi bejjan to sink and J
did not re. iv». ;
Mr. Barry was president of the North j
Side Savings i-.:<n ■:. "f which h<* was or of j
the ■•-„.i ' • '■ He iraa vice-president, j
treasurer and director of tho United States j
Title Guarantee snd Indemnity Company. !
trustee and secretary ■" the "•-.-- j
Home, a member of the Catholic Clu'l\ The]
Bronx Board of Trade and a charter mem- I
ber of the Brnwnunn ('athofi'' Club and the :
Emerald Association of Northern New i
York: treasurer of the Fresh Air Home at j
Sprinc Valley, treasurer of the Particular i
Counsel nt th* M. Vincent d* Paul Society
In the United States and president of the !
St. Autrustlne Conferenefc
Mr. Barry' Was horn in Ireland about
sixty-one years *%r% r -tnci cam? to tbi« coun
try when hf! was a ■ "nig man. Ha was j
a member of Tammany Hall and M *V>- |
pointed Commissioner of Ed;iration in I* l * 1 . !
and held the place till ttM Ha WM a ;
tru?te« of Bellevne and Allied Hospitals j
from ioo»; to January, '""'■" In which month ;
lie vi- as appointed Commissioner of Corree- i
tion. When Mayor Gaynor took office Mr. i
Barry was rerjuestpd to remain in office, j
» Well hr <iii until February, when his j
health compelled him to tender his r^i^rta
tion. .* 7
Mr. Barry leaves a wife and four daugh
ters, two Of whom are married, and five
sons, Gerald J.. a lawyer, at So. HO Broad
way, Joseph F., a doctor, and John .1.. jr..
Frank and William, who are stJU In school.
The funeral will be held at the Barry home.
No. 1331 Franklin avenue, to-morrow.
Ambrose I. Harrison died at Vl*V 1* force.
No. 30 Prospect Place.. Brooklyn, on
Wednesday evening. Mr. Harrison was
born in New York in HR In far!*- life '"
was in the foreign commission business,
but in ISSS he became associated with the
Iron Steamboat Company trade to < "i ■""■
; Island, and was at the time of his death
I president of that company. He was also
i president of the New Jersey Wtwiajajtißa
| Company, the Horn Silver Mining Com!
! pany and the Cupric Mines Company, an«;
! was an officer and a director m man' otner
I companies. He leaves a widow, four
daughters and a son. The funeral will
take place from St. Augustine"? Church.
Sixth avenue and Sterling Place. Brook
1 rjrn. on Monday' August 29, at 10 a m.
! Burial will be "!n Philadelphia^
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.)
! Middletown. X. V.. Auk. 25.-Dr. Lydia
Saver Hasbrouclt, a leader in the dress re
form movement in this county, M dead at
Middleton. N. V.. at the agp of elarhty-three.
! Following- Mrs. Bloomer, in 154?. she adopt
ed the BJoomer costume, consisting of lon*
1 velvet trousers and short skirts. The cos
tume caused her some annoyance, she be
ing occasionally refused admission to public
places, but she continued to wear it until
her death. She graduated from the Hypea
Therapeutic College of Medicine. New York.
and practised in Washington. She lectured
1 all over the country, and in I*4 was pres
: ident of the National Dress Reform Asso
; ... .on. _______^^_^_^
[By Telegraph to The Tribune. I
Newport, R. T. Aua:. Mrs. Sarah Titus
! Zabrfakie, of New York and this city. di*«!
at her summer home, the 2abri«ki»» House,
in Rhode Island avenue, early this morn
in? after an illness of nearly three months.
Mrs. Zabriskie was a summer resident
here, and for many years was interested
in a number of the city's institutions. The
handsome edifice of the Cli a of St. John
the Evangelist, in Washington street, was
erected by her about eighteen years ago as
a memorial to her mother.
Mrs. Zabrtskie is survived by one daugh
ter, who was with her mother at the I DM
of her death. The Rev. George Hang
rector of the Church of the Transfiguration,
of New York, a lifelong friend of Mrs.
Zabriskie. was also with her. The funeral
will take place on Saturday moraine a:
St. John's Church. The Rev. Charles F.
Beattf" the rector, and the Rev. George
Hmiffhton. of New York, win conduct the
professor of Old Testament theology, anlj
at me time dean of the faculty of theo!- j
„-■ of Mount Albion University, dted in
Sackville. N. 8.. on Wednesday. Tie was '
born in Glasgow and treat to Canada ; n
1852. He was one of the best known Meth
odist clergymen in the country.
of the Interior in the. Argentine Cabinet, j
Is dead in Buenos Ayres. '
THOMAS A. HARVEY, former banker!
and vice-president of the Michigan Sugar!
Company, died suddenly at hi« home in |
Saginaw. Mich., yesterday. He was fifty
eighty years old.
JOSEPH L.USTIG, a retired tanner an.l ■
importer, died on Wednesday in the Jewish j
Hospital. He was bora in Prague, Austria, j
in 1526. and-, had been in this country stance j
1850.; Four "sons and two daughters survive I
him. -
Chicago. Aug. 25--George E. Roberts, ac- i
cording to a report from Washington, has
received an offer of his aM place ■■ Direc- j
tor of th<* Mint, to succeed A. Piatt An
drew who was appointed Assistant Sec
retary of the Treasury; Mr. Roberts re
fused" to confirm or. deny , th< report
Anthony. ■ JitmVa U **j£°* l~l ~ M ?* r *
Burr-.- .lotn J. M Enaney. Pwtr.
R'l-im Frederick. Metager, LJIUan.
Hlack. >ara h *. ■ j<- JP-- ...«-•*£ £ -
Cftaffe*-. Cifford VI. »J " -.t.-a.i i..
Cnelweil. Emit? F. Sesn.an. Catherine U
.:' ,| P . Helen 1* Tavton. Arthur.
Graham, ' I •"*■"- ,'" "' *.■ In Ins.
Hyde EHiarvth L. M. zibrtoki*. Sarah T
I.ustiK. r««ph.
\nth'>nv Thomas: »' = ■>'• 25 Iflin. it {
' Sluntclair N .!.. James 1.--: Anltionj. in lh«
,!Tth r VJr -f his as-. Nctlce of funeral here- j
after. •
B \r R \ "sn:.lAT> MEKTINO of the S«-I«tj of
V \ iiv i»n( ■'•• Paul in Hie City of New York lielri ;
Thiirx'lav afternoon. Auxua« -•"•• »»««». '" «h«» sen- •
•ml ofticea a* the Soriet> nt nhi.-h «»•!-«■ pr»>Tit i
the ..It!,.' ■■ ■■• the Superior Council of '-"" York, j
tlii. Particular Council of Sew York Hn.l its j
«r>eriai committee! of «w Otthotle llem- Itur-au j
for Dependent CWWren. Fresh Air Work. C*n-|
v»|osccnt.V Homo an,l Finame ■ .'.•tninlue*. «n ;
nnuncement whs made ->f the death of John J.
H«rrv for v«ara actively ii.Hwx-iatnl in th« van -
oum 'i-nti-n'ilH^s of the Society. The oKkers J
adopted lhe fOU ° Wl TIINCTK.
The offlceri of the Sew Tort .^uperlor ami Par- :
tkulnr Cpnndli of the ... of St. Vincent J" |
Pawl and • •«• -i«»-<-n«i <-ii»rl»»bl« worts .i(fltia'<«<! |
with the „, i^., learn with deep regret at the |
cloath <•< our brother and follow -worker. Mr. John j
I Harry who for >«irs unselfishly hH!t devoteii ,
much of " 111** time and means la an effort to «s-l
tttt.tba (Society tn its work •(" bettering the con-)
dition of the i»«>r and afflicted.
rtroth'T .■„ r /» kmi t«nn»-'-ti».ri with tbe So-}
cluv hU painstaking labors as one «f tt» offlcer»:
his "deep devotion to th«- aUvuiu-omcnt of tt* in- ;
(•rents- his particular -attention to ilw develop- !
m.-nt of Its -i- -ml worts, more especially the;
, ■„,,■ iMcmu and Fresh Mi Homes; his a(>lr !
fcdmlaUtraUan .<■ '• '"■• of thf S,*:!oty » Ft- i
nancfl ronnnltff. in v«hl<-h rajwiity hbi wise;
COUIMdI „,.i Inti-lUßent Jrra^p of matters relating
in tl><" financUl neetls of the StH-lety did moeb ;
Io help materially It* vnrie.J a.tis Ities; UN futh- '
erlv InterrKt In the >»''!. of provl.llnß for the |
future of th«- little dependent child, are- unt- ton- !
tinned te.ital of rt life .li»\otPfl to the tntrr»»t« !
of the aftttcted and surferlnir dependent. In Mr.
Barry did uIW nee a nhlnliu exainplo at\<l typ* of
llie mi» t'hriatlan K»fitl«-nian.
In „,,. ,|, hi;, of BfMltfr Dnrry, »ho.v i>urlty
,f life, many ylrtues. (1 " 1 ' '"-' M^hlh for the
i.rntection MMi uitllfvrnent pf th« (..u, had en
d»ared him to nii < 1 "'mug Into tntimnte contact
with him. Hip oflW^ri <»< the ■■•!•■' »f -• Yin
, . .-i .i. Paul In the •'ity of N>» Y->rk have lost I
„ valued and faithful colleague nhoae place it
will be dltncult 10 nil.
In the hour rt wrmn «c etienrl ti« th«> h*>
reaver* wife anrt family our dm**) and most
heartfelt qnnpathy anil take thin orcaaton rt
evpfeMnins to th«m our xincere r»srx»et anrt
cOnllal affiwUnn for our late associate.
As a alltflu tukeu c£ «ur i vuicinbran w e 4 j t v j
«ft*M thar thin mlnut* b* aavaarf r^n th»
i«onl» of th^ sfcwjetv and that a copy. «tittaDi7
»nsro«s»«l. l-f Dre^-nt^rt in hi» -x\tc and laraily.
.Siif,»rK>r t'tmncW of M»r T«»r* — TrKWra* M.
Mulrr. rr»«ld«nt; Joseph A. K'man. Jxnv* HJ.
f'artlrniar rouneU of N"w T<w*p« — Iflrhaci J-
Iranian President' Vai»ntln» Malckef. Pafric'*
If. Rlrtt _
Flnanre fomniitt*- — Myl»» Tierner, Jatn«J •-
.lohns.-.n. Jf^eph P. Orac*. _
Comn-itwe on Fr»»h Air Work— '-i ■*'■'■ C
Baher. jT-mi.ih N*. MarTin, -Thnvna* Han!«r.
■TathAltr Horn* Burea:» — Kdnvjnd J. ■■>:•.**.
Pr»sld"nt: Osarlrs F. McK»nn». Jatne* T. Boy!».
EJAI'M— AujtUMt ;i nagaiirlj Fturni. r - moral
««rv!c»-i at '•>!- Fan<n! Chnrrh. ."ondajr. 2SfX
No. 24 J W>« rM st. (Frank E. Carnph*!!
Bn,aKn-i)n August 22. VJto. dolae Hea>r.
Services from Th* Funrr*! •'h'n-rh. Xc». 341
and -}.■: We.it ZZri at. «Frank I • amaMl
BLAt.'K — ?uiSd«ily. on Saturday. AuKti»t 13. »t
• n-w»-. Isle of \Vi*tit. En?!an'{. Sarah ?anf<rrd.
■wi.iotr .rf the laf" U'liiwm Dtrnon BJarlc. '"' •
mer!-.- of Kail. Black & <0.. Xr» \nr\. »mt
<f"»usht«r of the late tattgß David c. anrt Siriffy
Tnll anforri. of v-t Milfir'i. Conn. r>m*r«
■etAiiMJi at All S»inf!»' Miw^riaf Orirnrri. N*^
JlilforrJ. i'onn.. on Friday. August 2«. a* t:*>
V m. Train le3v-»« LexlnKTun ay» terrninar.
>f»w Tori. at *»:.*<."j: refirnirx. I«^it»« N»-»
Milfor! ir'j:M p. in. It !» aarttr'jTarTy r—
Ti~'H fhat no fl,--.«-. N» »m PHiladeiphi*-
Bo»for<. fhJcsjo aao" f>»nver papers pi««*«
CHAFTEF — Aft-r n nri-f illn-w.' *t ttt* *•**-
rlen>-« n f ,- A j.-, j, r », U/-tt.U /-tt. tn thin rxty. mffor-1
H. r*, n n^. -„.- -.. y . nT - Fnn»r*l »' Mt<l
dlcto-wn. < r,nn.. .". p. m «atnr'lar- *-■" 2T;V».
CHOttTKIX—On Werhi-sday. -*.J«-J»t -*- R)10 »
Emllv F.. wh*» ••' Le —a-- ?. Ojol'*'*!'.
4a>l«ht»T nf fh- late f.'harles and frxrtr**
Dnrata. Funeral privat* »w London »Conn.>
pap«r« pleas' crrpr-
COWI-fig — m h^r residrmr* rsrmtestoa.
Conn., on v>»ii.r«!T- mnram?. \uguit 2*.
l«>?o. Tl»[<.»i p-r»rs Vlf^ nf -■■•',-■ Ma'-
frr-xt"*. an.l <I.Tu^ n r»r nf th» Ut"<" K. If
'■■*■•"■' <f \--rark. N J. Futi'ml on Friday.
iußtisit -«. at • •. m . xewar*. S. J
n^r>»-« p|,^ , opy
GRAHAM — <"i n Ausust 23. 5310. L«»t!e Graham.
Scr»K«9 'mil 'Th» Funeral <-hiirch." . .<»
West -ZUI »t. 'Frank •,- . ■■■■*■■ Buildin*>.
H7DE- On VTMn-n'Jav. An?Ui«t 24. Eiisar>»t.l
I OUI»- MifhHl. rtaa«ht*»r of the U?e William
Mirtott Mttrheii ,-■■'.' tne ln:*> WU tiara
( 'l"'l»n<l Hyii*. S-fvir^« prlvaf-. •-„, h»r
- ■•• ■■•.■ N». _•- . w»ns« Road. Mnnirlair.
N. ,r.. on Saturday momtni;. August .' -»t
li>:3o o'clock.
LA WIG - Joppph imlfL r-»lov«4 father of Philip
H.. fa- i<l 1, William T.. Ahrnhjim 8..
Sarah T^ilT »nrl Ifarilda Kivh»r. F u n»ral
from »4i Park Pis* n».ar N.«r>^ir.r) »■«-..
Brooklyn. Friday. AotTKSt "J<? 151^. at 1 ;i>
p. m.
isAHfX»r»— On tCedaeMteri h«si Zi. I3H».
.-.'l-va' :. Mr •>( $nrr.ue\ and Allrta aush»«
Mahood. aeed 13 y^strs. F-nr*ral from bra
late MsWtane« No. HI'S Hancock »t., Brook
lyn. Saturday mernine.
H'ENANBT — On W«ln<»<wjay. Aitiu«rt .■ !»!•>. ;
Ppt^r MrKnaney. h^tov«wt hn«ban'l nf «ii» la'.^
Bridget ?.;cEj;an*»v. Ftineral Fr1»1«r. ft a m..
from iii* iat". residence. i.«£ Withers .«t..
XETZ6SS Cm .v.iEi;3t 2H. 1310. XJillaa vi 1—
zer. Service from "The Funeral •"T»nn;ri.'*
l'4l-2« n>st 3d st. (Fr«r.ii E. Carapb-H
ilEVEX— Aaaru»t -' 15>1O. l aiaatsa Ha »n.
n»» .'chmitz. n»invwi trff» or Hans E. M»y»T»
in her S^th y»ar. Funeral «n-!r« on K-i«.
day »v«>ninx. > .!;-:•• 3R. at £ o'clock, at Vow
4.V; wnioughby aye.. Brooklya. Kindly <»n..t
noon At Paxton. Maw., on Auxust 2*. »m,
lAirv Carlisle, widow of th» lat<» Rit-haM *V.
Ph»rDf. iPterraent at convenience of famt::..
SATRE—Ar ajaasasai ■ J.. Su*an E. c!ayr*.
Funeral at her late resM-ne*, Madison. Fr»
uay. August 26. at 1 "• p. m.
SEAMAN— >- F7u*htn< ajasaaaai, nt .*» Cath*rTr«
Tv«h Seaman. Ansrust ■ in h«r **th war.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
TAYTON — August 24. Arthur Tayton. Tunera.'
srnrm !>aturdar. 27th. « Thf V^m«r»l
church 'Frank E. CamptH?!! Bun<lin«>. JT«, 241
West 'ZM «r.
TKRPEXNINO — Or; ABgost 21. If » I '>. stuUt^.t-
Iv. at Gr»at Fa!!s. ilont. . fi. Irv.n?, -Mi'.y
belov^ ton of Irvin? Broker and ilar tg«y»
ncr Terpennins. in fcis 2ith year. Funeral
ZABRISKTE — At her »----. JsUnri
-re. Newport. August 23. ---i' Tl'aa Za
bristi". Pirn from .'t .John ■ Cha-c^l
1 7^ibriski« Memorial •, Ns^rporT. R. 1.. -.;
urday morning, at' 11 o'clock.
is r»a<: r aeesaa • by Kartem rats* nraaa.
Grand Centra! Station. "Webetar .-■• J*rom«
avenue trolleys and by carrlart. Lot 3 Sl.'O nj>.
Telephone 4555 Gramercy far Book OS View*
or r«pre»entatl've..
Office. 20 East 2.T! St.. New Tork OtT.
FR*VK E. CAMPBELL. 24T-3 "West -T St.
-~».ap..'= Prtvat* Room?, Prtvatn Am&-alar.ce».
i Tel-, 1324 Chelsea-
Do yon want desirable help quickly?
sulting the file of applications of selected
', aspirants for positions of various kinds
which has just beer installed at the Up
town Office of
No. 1364 Broadway.
, Between 26th and 37th SIM
Office hours; 9 a. m. to C p. m.
Eall.T rrtilion. Our • >at in CMj of >ci»
orU firr^rr City aad H»rt>o»ien.
BsawlMve Two "in
Monday Edition. ;n<-(it»rtnK *nn«tor»- M»;v
line. Five <>nt«.
In New Yorfc City mail «ib«rrlb»r« win
be .h«'c*<l i rent per ropr <rctn pn«fns
!)lß<i(Rlrlll^ BY MAIL POSTTAID.
Daily,' per month ..S<ls'»
l»aiiy. («"•■ > ( * ar • ••«
•iiimlar. per rear - JH»
Pail} and .^unHay. per year . a9O
Daily anil >unday. per month . 19
l'ureicn I'o«tuse Eitrj.
, M»IN' CrFICE —No 154 Nassau str»*t.
tIPTOWN OFFICE — No. 1.16* Broadway, or any
\-n, ri-"a- (»tatr Teieeraph O!5«.».
-■ « ' '-V OKFK'ES— No. liT East t2sth ■ —•-
iX No 38 W\rt 3*° street and No. 210 W«c
W^HIVGTON BVREAU— W-«ory Butklln*.
... BRAN-MI uFFTCE-JT-dert^ N.
t:omm*r No TIM Bra« : street.
n»r<;<XLS-Xai $2 Mrntacn^ •*" ?a Crur.
L OS DON-- ... of THE TRfW-XE, a: owt
UN |mll«i». »* 2« strand
American Express company. No. 6 Hajrnar-
Tliotnas Cook & Son. Tourist ~.c». :^ita:»
nro^'sh'Plev & Co.. No. I=3 Pa.l Mall.
s£y« BpiVrt. No. 7 LMbbnry.
The I ondoii office pf TIIE TRIBUNE in * -on
venient' place to !ea-.« advertisements an «a*
%a M «_ join Munroe i Co.. No. 7 Flu* Scrtb*.
j'hn Wanainaker. No. 44 Kue dcs P«ite»
Eai!^ Bureau. No. 53 Ru» Cambon.
i a . - •
V— ■ !4arjP3 v Co.. No. S2 Bou>var>
CrMlt I^yonnals. Bureau dcs Ei;an;n».
, -ontinental Hot*! Newsstand.
The rURro Offlc«
saa-orch's lewa fcj "■an*- N«. 9 ", » -'.
Aiwrtcan Express company. No. 11 Rat
- nt^
Brentano •«. »• .17 Avenu* d* I'Opera.
N - 1 ,- K _rrM!» l.><inn*!»
GBN B»C A — Lombard. Odl<?r & Co. and Lsiom
f-ianlc. N ■
FLORRN'-'K-Fr-n't). Lrrrwn ts. Co.. Noa. 3
*x\<\ ■ ia ToTirna^upnl. .
Maquay .<■ •'«.. Kanlcr*.,
MlUAN—^aarr««'i»'* News E.T!■^■nse > via «
Mopforte. ISA. ■■—■j -
ham"" : RC»- -American Express Coniptny. No.
» rdamni
,or tn* convwuJence m mwyrti mmm
abroad arranitfmrni!" ha" t-e^n made to !t«~»rt th»
1 V ' !.T ii 1 SCNDAT TRir.tN'K «»n nic ir. tht
!..».:iri< r«»»ir.s» of the h'i(el» namtd h^!oi»:
LONDON Hotel .M*fropol»\ Hotel Vi.-torU. Cx?\
ton Km. -I. Ermtns Hotel. Midland Grand
Hotel and Enston Hotel.
KlUN'^K — H»tel CPntlnenta), Crarnl Hof»I. Ho
tel Mcuritf. Hotel .Astoria. Holel CTu»d«n».
Tlotel d« l'Athene>. Kotrl de ÜBH et d'All-ion.
Hotel St. .lames ot «i' \lhany. Hot*l Montana
ami Hotel VlraNau. lNrt!!: (;rsnU H.>te! d'Alx
ami TIotM Splemliil Kxi-*ls!«»r. Aix-i»-» Rais»:
Hotel Uu Tare and Hotel de* Ambttssadeur*.
BEXGIVSI-— KMtl splendid, and Hotel da :*
HlaK:>, Ostend.
HOI i *Xt> — Tie Kurhaus. Scrievertlnsen.
GERMAXT- Hotel Bristol. Hot»« Kaiwrhrr.
tfr,t«". Adion. Esplanade Hotel and Hotel Co—
fburg Berlin; Ilot<«! Mn*m«r. ftaden-Eaden:
Hotel Dl«v'h. Cologne; Hot#l Bellevu*. Hot.M
• "ontlnental and Grand Union TJote!. Prescien:
Hot*l Angle-ieiTe. Eius: Hotel FranXfuner-Hof
and H 1 - I '* l M>>n*»pole-MetrorH>le. Kiuakfurt; Ho
tel -ommer-ZahrlKerhoT. fVeibur^: HotSI K»-
Utaiuide and Hotel Atlantic. . nswa Hate!
ROJ i - Hanover: Hote! Continental. Hotel
Four Reasons and Hotel |« Ra?«te. MunK*h:
Kotel „>»!-■ O« and Hot, Metrepol*. N'au
natm The Kur Hotel. TJwmwlll B»i TVur
* teinberger-Hof. Nurembeft;: Hotel Nassauer-
Har. Hotel X ii*-f!wf. Palar* Hot»r, Uctrl
linpertal and Hotel Hose. Wiesbaden; liotal
K^l.^rhof. \Vt!<3uni;en.
m*«!»IA— ■>»«! p#rtm. Mnsiow.
BWITZKRU-^NT>-H«»te» Victoria. f?«l»; ||ot#t
Victoria. InterUken; Patac# Hotel, MaloU;
Hotel Continental. T.«iu*»nr)e; Hotel Baimwnt
Mont-fax Thunerhof. fhun.
At'STIUA — Hotel nrfstol. Vienna; Onrvi Hotel
(aria.. Budapest: Hotel Savm mwi w « n
End and Hote! National. CarUbad- Hct»l
Tyrol. Inn»bru<-K: Kitp» Hotel K^nissMUa.
Frnn*enMid: Hotel Vetrnar and l»ot»j KHn
gjST. Marienoad.
ITAl.T— Orand H«tel. Grand Time! C'Mrlnal an.f
Hotel Hoval. Hnrrte; llr»#t Vt!!.i d'^M- e»r
(tabbjfe Como: Savoy Rot«l, TTotrl Fri»tol ar>,t
I'.len ralare lintel. Orx*; Orar..l »r.,tKl an I
Hotel n.-al L'anielJ, Venice; Crjind Hotal.

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