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!ohnstone and Hoxsey Give Good
Exhibitions of Airmanship.
Plenty of Thrills for Big Crowd
as Asbnry Park's Successful
Meeting Closes.
[By T>.>sTS.pi] to The Tribune.]
. Asbury Park, N. J-, Aug. 27.-A chorus of
«v^ thousand crescciido "Oh'sl** greeted
alp v Johnstone's sucoessful Seat "* tr».r-
InS the -wcrkinp plans fcr sn aerial spiral
--•-.. at the closing: exhibition ot the
Wriffht brothers* machines at the Inter
iaken field Tiiis afternoon. There were six
f lX;hr.<: hOT the yoiTiE aviators and each was
>. "•« thrt'ler." -with Johnstone easily tb«»
■ - performer. Experts rr^sent declared
ttrat to-dar"s ejchlbltion a; tor far the
r-est ever Jrl^Tl in this or any other
.lohastone and bis -li—c1 i— c rival. Horxsey.
rev discretion to th© wird? and
-\9C\ited aerial Ftwnts vrith tiieir biplanes
w Mch made the doTra-to-cate circus novel
rip? eomrnonplare performances.
Johnstone made three, Mights. Kis first
<-shibition lasted sixteen minute?. He ■—
made -Ms afiroplane kow-tow to the specta
tors in the stands, -•ivc an Imitation of
a hobby-horse in action, sailed «> low for
« rircuit of th« field that his biplane
i-kiinraed the tops of a pa.tch of tomato
plant** and then soared away a mile to the
north. He retimed lo the field -with his
machine, making tvide circles, and at or.
attitude of 400 feet coasted to earth.
His second flipht laste<l only seven ir.in
at«s. b«t ir: tliat time he broupht on an
ep;d<=rr;sc of shudders by the spectaiors.
Wit* W« biplane **> Teetin the air he exe
rtrted three spiral turns so quickly that
•hr Srst cT!e swept his cap from his head.
Two of the circles were made in the record
ttoe of eight s*»corids. the last sweep of the
frial i^wiusr beirip maxle with the machine
Jes^ than twenty-five feet above the h«=ads
ri the spectator* -who stood in front of the
administration Bonding. While - rforna
\t- tills fea: the biplane ».t times appeared
t.-The ready and anxious to turn turtle. At
tirnrs it •was almost prrperulicuJar.
Sails Over Many Places.
joTnartone's filrd flight, of thirty-iw«>
TT.tetiTes. carried the aeroplane to an a ••-
rnde of 2.808 feeti arid' it travelled an esti
s-ed distance of thirty miles. The avi
jj.^'j^jed ti.i Trachirse 1,000 feet in five
— o^.jt,?*: ATfT cirriiv.s 'he tield sev
eral xlrr.es, Johnston* headed nor and!
cafl^d. he said, as far as Red Bank, pass
tar "ver Icteriakes, Oakhurst. ADenhurst.
THbbl Beach. L<r<ch Arbor, E3berm T>ong-
Breach, Monrooath Eesch and Seabright.
t_ (jiis journey c crossed Takanassee
Leke. Pleasure Eay ard s'.drred the
On bJf return *ri? he saiJen over As
ibcry Park, through the hotel di^trirr. and
*hen followed the boardwalk as far sotith
ss the Casiac. Making another torn he
«i!ed ever Sunset and Deal Lake? and re
tsrned to the a-iaticu croueds. where. Tritb.
d« bipiane twelve hundred feet in the air.
h* &z£t of! the engine, made one wide
t-src^"-- ird thtr; roasted dc«m. Thousands
of €xc-;rH-:cn:sis on the Aibu.n' Fark board
vsJk cheered the daring flyer as his 808
rrJse sailed alozxs it.c. beach From
Hc^sey had to be satisfied with tw?
gigltts He wanted to make three, but
rmssei wires attached ... . rudder o? his
bip'ane caused him to abandon the flight
cr his first triaJ after making three Inef
fsSosJ attempts to leave the ground- One
tested the wheels beneath the biplane.
Sturts Two Thousand Fee* Up.
~€cmnr c Bewc --.-.-. a pretty
lasting tweaty-elgfal nointites and
=rerin? twenty-five miles. -.- an altitude
of r^o thousand feet, and when directly
cvct the aviauor. field, be cut eg-^re eig-ii^s,
naae foor scnsaxional spira.l turns in re
oartebry quick time, and then took a
-rcss-ccuntry Tide which carried him as
&r north as D^al Beach. Just as h-s left
Oat £v:aiicr:. field his machine passed the
we- or-irated by Johnstone. and the rival
Bvia-crs iT-:2Tra^:sed salute? HoxEey next
ra.uei over 'Asbury Park anr: headed the
A^a.;:t b v ia.l^ m!! c frc-TTi s'no?* the yacnt
'"t^bes anchored Hazsey made a
qfcrie abc-it tie boat and another about
te Casino en The boardwalk, ar-d then
??ed tack to the avtaticn field, er.dins- his
Sida ■5T 1 ' >- 2 five hundred feet Elide Hox
'*>• carried a camera about his reck and
several vie^rs of the pretty spots
owr which he sailed Later in the day he
r.i^fe ar.c-_b.^r flight lastine six minutes
■^"s-'-r- Erookins'a flisiit cf five minutes
•nde-i the day's rr?=T2-rrre He used the
hem Wright machine and made ■■ T . execute
tsveitl atrupt turns when hi?h iti the air.
~-.?r. ready tc descend he coasted a dis
tance cf three hundred feet.
t-c Wright machines sv.C aviator? left
icbary Park tb-night fcr Boston.
;. - erver in

■ -
- ■ ■ ■
- ■
c bet

Monastery in Brooidyn Likely to Be
come School for Negro Girls.
Rodents in the reJeht»orhr»od of the old
r,f the cloistered Sisters of the
Precious Elood. in Putnkni avenue, near
B^ford avenur, LJrookljn, uere surprised
s'%rterday to fcear that the building rrtight
'* told to nefrws ar.d turned Into a board
;!^ school for aegro sirl-".
After the sistor^ removed ... new
coaveaC ta Fort Hamilton, ih^re was talk
*-* tht old monastery beins purchased by
tee R<^t-. 4oiin L. Belford. rector of th«
C*tboflc Cburcb of th*- Nauvity, to }>c us^-i
«an anncs t o hi? parochiaJ school, but.
taw was d^ni^rt by the priest, f
'h«- mother Bup«rior of the sisters i
jo have admitted yesterday that there
;'ad u*u som^ talk of the monastery beins
nought hy wealthy n«-g-r<>«»s for the pur
r»js»; nam^d. Th« bujl<Jin? originally »'»•'
" Qatholic church. Th«>r«* i.^ a large negro
°'°oy rif-Ar U in I>"xin?»on avenue and in
M 'tte of ih» adjoining FTrt-<-Tp
Kaiional Gturd to Honor Valentine,
Vha Drowned with Fiancee.
f T**T* -will be a military funeral to-day
■ nr Sanuitl D. V«J»ntin»-. of No. 70 Jefier
**n avenue.. Brooklyn, who. with Ms
fi *acK Miss L,ueila iJoore. of No. I West
•SOi ;-tr<=et. Manhattan, wa-s drowned on
F nday m Lake Wammaug, Preston. iJ<mn.
VaW.tmp iva*= quartermaster of th«j 12th
«««Bl«lt. ff, G N. V for the iae-t three
foTT*' Mnti a H'-ni*r of iho reflimetii f" r
hir!f* yar*. The regiment win attend
gL?*»eaU, v.i.i. :Ji a m b- beid at - «.'-i««K
t-£J**Vttirtm ax the Marcy Avenue Baptist
Continued from ftr^t n«pr
and spectacular features of Ely's disap
pearing act. and then the crowd forgot
Ely in ■■. rising inflection in the lect
urer's voice when Justus Post was
seen to>t>e autoing down the field in his
flying- machine.
He did not miss the crass for the
length of the inner field. Those who
had seen his numerous successes at
. -■-- so on the previous even - felt,
hopeful that his act would not be de
void of ropy.
They did n>-i have to wait lon- "When
Mr. Post reached the end of the field h"
was still carthnound. and his motor wa,~
humming as cheerfully as any aviator
could desire.
Instead of running into the fence, when
he was unable apparently to fly over it.
Mr. Post jumped out of his machine
while it was travelling eayly along the
ground and — the engine continuing to
work and th€ propeller to revolve — Mr.
Post pushed his _._..:. ■ refused to
balk from behind until h° had it. turned
completely around.
It was the shortest turn ever made at
She€C£head. Then Mr. Po t took his
seat and tried to get in the sir. but
only partly succeeded.
Big Welcome for Ely,
By this time Ely was been coming to
ward the racetrack- He flew four times
around in front of the grandstand before
alighting, the while "Mars. who on
first eeeins him flew to welcome Ely
htrr. c . pursued a diligent and delightful
transit beneath him, steeplechasing- over
the numerous hurdles and water Jumps,
while the crowd grew highly enthu
Ely said "1 dropped in front of the.
hotel and went in to get a drink. I only
drink water . Tm flying:. Mrs. Ely
and ilrs Mars and three of the me
chanics followed me in an automobile,
and in a f c^v minutes I started back. I
met some strong ruif?. to°. I "^"ant to
tell you."
Ely won an order for a &o!d ratch by
makiig The round trip.
Mare Falls frits cay
Mar? fell iv. the Lower Bay at 7 a. m
yesterday from a gilt of live hundred
feet while trying to fly from Sheepshead
Ear racetrack to Fort Wads*vorth
The aeroplane truck the water
sharply, and instead of floating dt-^ed
rj^P xhe fal! was due to the disabling
of his engine when he was about at the
centre cf a triangle formed by Hoffman
and Swinburne islands, Quarantine hos
pital stations and Norton's Point, at the
western end of Coney Island. He was
about a mile from either shore-
He was rescued by a Email boy In a
heavy dory which had been cut loose
from a passing: fishing smack.
The retcuer held him afloat until a
Merritt-Chapman wrecking- tug took
aboard both man and airship
Mars started from Sheepshead at «
a. m.. intendinsr to fly to Fort Wads
worth, or. the. Stater Island side of the
Narrows, then over the Narrows to Fort
HamPtor. r. n the Brooklyn f'i6°. and
back "home."' The purposed night cov
ered a distance of fifteen miles.
The breeze wa- cold and rather stiff
when .... above Coney Island and
on past Gate. As his machine
passed the end of land at Norton's Point
Mars elevated it sharply and mounted
to a height of ... hundred feet. Then
he «reered almost north, direct for Fort
Wad? worth.
The engine was working smoothly and
he kept on a fairly even keel, driving on
toward Statin Island.
The accident came just about the time
the aviator struck the eddying air car
rents which swooped down out of the
H<« was. therefor*-, taken unawares
and was unable to ..... a smooth gttde
in his dangerous descent-
Says He Won't Forget It.
AT 7:15 o'clock the drop ■'■-'" Strik
ing water when going at the rate of
seventy miles an hour made a splash
that Mars says he will not forget
... were only ■„...: within
several miles. The little tUUmm schoon
er that took part m tn« rescue was a
mile off shore, headed out tome* A half
mile beyond her was the tup: J lustier.
The third vessel was the steamboat Sea
T}|( , fishing smack was - renal hun
dred yards away with h^r sails well
filled in the gr-nerous „..< deck
W ..-, a mail and a .small boy. As the
air craft plunged, ii • man put *• wheel
over just a little, and at a eharp word
or two from him the boy raced sift and
with a leap was in the dory trailing be
hind Already the airship was along
side Not waiting to release Uv> dory,
the boy. with a slash of his knife. Met
' ""ah'«ooii a* the Hustler took charge
the boy i» *h<* muall boat pulled away
to lux '>w!i vessel: Mars r^iv him ting
and Bhouteil Ms thunka.
"••oh that's ;■!' ri*hL Bill," rpfe'lionded
ifip little fellww. ui«J nobody cv*"
!e;«rn^d whu he was or the name of the
'- looner; . • -
_-, . | | riaJ News Company >
Alert Aviator Prevents Accident
St Garden City
Garden City, Long Island, Aug. 27 (Spe
cial). — Seymour, of Vanderbilt Cup fame;
George P. Russell; Schreiver, in the biplane
of Howard Dietz; John J. Frisbie, of Roch
ester, and Captain Thomas S. . Bald
win, were all on the field to-night Sey
mour, who has placed additional plane sur
face on his Curtiss machine, made four
brilliant flights about the field, rising to
a height of fully eighty feet and soaring
over the grand stand at the last turn.
Seymour and Schreiver had started out
together and Seymour at once rose In the
air. making a circle over the Diets ma
chine. While this -was In progress Frisbie
started from the east end of the field and
did not see Schreiver until almost upon
him. Although he has been flying only a
week, Frisbie saw that an accident was
unavoidable unless he rose abruptly in the
air. and this ie did without a moment's
hesitation Seeing that he had complete
control of bis machine, Frisbie continued
about the course, making two complete
rounSs of trie mile track
Captain Baldwin did his most brilliant
wot this afternoon and established a rec
ord for the course, of one and a quarter
miles ir. one minute and twenty-tw sec
onds His speed was terrific and he flew
through the air like an arrow. Conditions
for th« speed trial were perfect and his
Curtiss motor never missed a revolution.
He then made a cross country flight of
nine miles. He drove straight away to
ward the Meadow Brook Club and over
the country seat of Mrs. Adolph Laden
burg to the Long Island Motor Parkway.
Circling about he passed further on in the
direction of Hicksville, where he turned
west over Westbury village and then back
to the starting point, which he reached in
just eleven minute from the time his bi
plane left the ground.
Captain Baldwin then sent his speedy ma
chine around the mile course seven times
before cominir down for the night. During
the last round he reached hie highest, alti
tude This was about one hundred and
twenty-five feet.
Clifford B. Harmon'? Farman biplane was
completed to-night, and will be shipped on
Monday to Boston, where Mr. Harmon will
compete for the Harvard Cup in the bomb
throwing contest on imaginary war vessels
which will b« painted full size on the
Mr. Harmon will nrobably make a number
of flights here morrow in order to try
out his machine, which will be shipped to
St Louis after the Boston meet. The bi
plane is entirely new. Mr. Harmon a for
mer Farman biplane was wrecked last Sat
i rdav evening on a rock after making a
night aVrnss Long Island Sound from Gar
deh City to Greenwich. -■■';
Will Serve Out Term as Governor and
Be Candidate in 1912.
New Orleans. Aug. 27.— 1n ■'- statement
to-night Governor J- Y. Sanders of Louis
iana says he win decline to qualify as
United States Senator, to which place he
was recantl elected to till the unexpired
term of the late Samuel D HcEiiery. The
Governor did not deny report that Judge
.J. R. Thornton, of Rapid.- Paris! . for
many yearn Identified with political affairs
of the state and ■ prominent lawyer, would
[}•' appointed Senator.
The Governor announces that ho will be
a candidate for th« United States Senate In
the Democrat 1,- primary to 1... hold ii. 1912.
Union Cloakraakers Angered at Publi
cation's Stand on Strike.
A mob of several thousand cloak strik
ers and ,L , !r sympathizers attacked the
offices of the "Warh'-it," a Jewish publi
cation, at No. 153 East Broadway, just
after midnight this morning, and before
the arrival of the police reserves from the
<„,., streel Ktatioti they smashed sev
eral plate pla.^i windows nil filled the en
tranca writji Btoneß. Several attaches <>i
the newspaper were bruised.
Ii is ... strikers learned in Koine
»ay tliiit :t n rilitoriul udvislng the union
io acctpi ill*' compromise plan was to aii
(■•■ Mi in tin* morning's 's.Mie an<l ilic strik
ers bad become angerod.
Fifth Avenue Coach Company
Gets Writ Against Koenig
Albany, Aug. 27 —The Fifth Avenue Coach
Company, which operates about sixty
double decked omnibuses for passenger ser
vice In • New York City, secured from Su
preme Court Justice Howard, In Special
Term, here to-day, a peremptory writ of
mandamus against Samuel S. Koenig, Sec
retary of State, commanding him to grant
the company an automobile license fcr its
vehicles at the commercial rate of $5 per
annum, instead of charging the $20 per an
num rate for each of its omnibuses as
vehicles other than those used for com
mercial purposes.
The company instituted the action as a
test a? , the Secretary having ruled that
its vehicles were not such as were used for
commercial purposes within the meaning
of the Callan automobile law
This is believed to be the first action in
stituted to secure an interpretation Of the
provisions of the law H. G. Crawford, of
New York, argued for the Fifth Avenue
company, and Attorney General O'Malley
supported th*» ruling of the Secretary of
Worcester Man, Hopelessly 111,
Fires Bullet Into Brain.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune ]
Plainfield. N. J , Augr. James W. Har
kins, jr., of Worcester, Mass.. who had
been visiting his cousin, James Harkins,
of No. 1003 Watchung avenue, since early
in the spring, committed suicide at the
home of the latter to-night by shooting'
himself in the head with a revolver. The
tragedy occurred in The bedroom occupied
by -kins shortly after he had returned
from a walk.
. ■ c- ■ ■ -.-. family were in the yard
whi-n a pistol shot was heard. Going at
or ,^-p m Harkins's room, they f<->u:-.d the
door inckH. and it was necessary to br»ak
fn^ lock. Entering the room, th<*y found
; .-.! t . floor unconscious A phy
sician vs Bummoned, but Barkins soon
Mr. Harklns was about, forty-six years
old and was a writer on dramatic subjects.
Ha had suffered some time with creeping
paralysis. it., realized that he could never
recover from the disease mid constantly
worried over that fact. It was said to
night that Mr. Harkins had gono out this
afternoon and had attempted to commit
suicide, but failed in his purpose When
he returned home he was In -i weakened
condition and was scarcely able to walk.
He went at once to his room to rest, and
It was only a few minutes later when the
pistol shot was heard. County Physician
Westxott Issued a burial permit.
Broker Finds Strange Man
Crouching in Dark Hallway.
William S. Diekson. a broker, entered his
horned at No. 8 Kast ! "th street, fit 3 o'clock
yesterday morning, and found a man
crouching in the corner of the vestibule
The stranger sprang up as soon as the light
whorie on him and exclaimed
"Why. heHo! You're late. '■■> Krai
gone '"
A moment or. so before Mr. Dickson bad
said good night to Ms friend, Frederick
Em ha an
•'Why, yes, Fred had to ko to tit;; hotel
was Mr. Dlckson'a reply. "But it's too
early to bo to bed Let us go over to {he
club and pet a drink."
The man accepted the invitation, and,
walking over to Fifth avenue chatting
about the weather, they tat < Patrolman
McKee, of the East ;.i -i street station,
whereupon Dfekaon took hold of the other
man's arm ,mii lurnml him over lo the;
bffteer, who took liim to the station hou ie,
where ha said h< was Frank Hanson, thirty
yearn old, a pyrojrraphor.
In the YonivlHe court th* man pleaded
thai he meant no ■ irni by being in the
hallway -.1 the lioune, mil Magistrate
O'Connor discharged ' "i! or) the ground
thai there was nothing to show tliat Ilnn
mm imd any felonious Intentions
Demand for Cash Halts Plan to
Redeem Newark Plant.
Hearing on Petition to Set Aside
Sheriff's Sale on Second
There was a. dramatic -climax to ■ hear
ing in Newark yesterday in th proceed
ings instituted by John A Qualey, Harvey
W. Corbeti and Mr?. Ellen Dunlop Hopkin*
to set .aside the Sheriff's sale of th«» Stone
if. Plaster Company's plant to Clarence
P. Browning, assignee of a second mort
gage, on the ground that the price was in
It was furnished by Mr. Qualey, when
near the close of more than two. hour?'
questioning of Mr. Corbett and himself he
made what, he declared to be a bona-fld"
offer on behalf of a stockholder to redeem
the property or buy It at a- resale.
Mr. Browning bought the property for
$25,000, while three mortgages, including the
one he held, aggregated $41,000. Mr.
Qualey's proposition, which cam" as a but
prise to \y. T. Martin and Henry M. Havi
land. representing the mortgagees was that
the unnamed stockholder stood ready to
pay the amount of the Sheriff's decree to
redeem the property, or would submit that
sum as a bid at a resale. A the same
time the promoter agreed to make a tender
of $5,500, the amount paid by Mr. Browning,
to the Sheriff as evidence of good faith to
clinch the deal.
Messrs. Martin and Haviland. after a
brie? conference, accepted the offer on con
dition that a cash tender be made of the
amount paid by Mr. Browning, In addition
to security for the remainder of the claims.
Qualey at the outset declared he was pre
pared to make, the cash tender at any time
stated by counsel for the other side, but
when asked if he would produce th* cash
on tho spot he had nothing to say bat Mb
lawyers. Chauncey H. Beasley and Frank
M. McDermott. argued for him that It
would be unreasonable to expect a man to
carry so much cash as that with him.
Squabbles Between Counsel.
The session was marked by several
squabbles between counsel. " Mr. Beasley
making numerous objections to Mr. Mar
tin's line oi inquiry. Mr. Corbett was
called to the stand first, and after declar
ing he was a mechanical and electrical
engineer, he gave a long explanation of
the proces3 of manufacturing magnesia,
plaster and piaster blocks.
He named the various pieces of machin
ery m the plant and put a value en each.
In this regard he referred to a gas plant
there which he said could not be dupli
cated for less than 5140,000. There was also
what he called a saturating machine "worth
$24,000. Asked as to the riparian rights of
the company, the plant being on the Pas
sale River, Mr. Corbett asserted that if
he had the plant without those rights he
would gladly pay $75,000 for them.
Mr Corbett finished his testimony ' r%
garding the valuations by stating that in
his opinion the plant as it stood was
worth between $360,066, and $400,000.
By consent of counsel the hearing was
cut short by not subjecting Mr. Qualey to
the questions which Mr. Corbett had an
swered. Mr. Qualey merely was asked if
what Mr. Corbett had said was tru«. He
replied in the affirmative, adding that he
wanted to go beyond what his partner had
Growth of Magnesia Process.
Th» witness then proceeded to tell of the.
development of the magnesia process in
the last thirty years, following th« develop
ment in steel construction and steam pip
ing This necessitated the location of the
plant at tide water and in close proximity
to the fertile lime rock vicinity In New
Taking this into consideration and hi 3
value of (230,000 on all machinery amx«»d
to the soil th« witness said that he con
sidered the plant worth half a million dol
lars. Speaking of the Stone Age Company,
lio saul it owned the Magnesia Company of
Massachusetts and owned 1,763 acres of as
bestos land in Quebec.
When an adjournment was ordered by
William H. Piper, of Trenton, the master
who is hearing the testimony, it was with
the understanding that the hearing be re
sumed to-morrow afternoon, unless Mr.
Beasjey obtained an order of continuance,
for which be sail h» would apply at Tren
ton to-morrow morning.
Cards and Stamps Ready for Distribu
tion to Postmasters.
| t->om Th« Tribune fiureau. 1
Washington, Aug. 27. — Five millions of
the new postal savings stamps have been
printed. and their distribution to- post
masters will begin as 8008 as tin board of
trustees Is ready to establish the postal
savings banks system.
Card* large enough to hold nine of ilia
stamps will be sold for ten rents each.
The price of the stamps will be .'ten cents
each", thus making a card containing nin>j
Stamps available a:; a deposit of $1 In it
postal Baying" bank; Postmaster QeiifiaJ
Hitchcock has »! ; " had printed a spe.-iai
two-oent si;imp which will be affixed to
,iii official letters between postmasters and
the po tofSce Department on the subject
of postal savings bank*.
Pine •.mi!' N- V.. Aug. -• -To-ilay'.x bat
tlo, won l>y th» Rw army, ,Tidt<l, T idt<l th« war
between th« Red and Blue at«tea, which
:;!.,.!, River i- supposed to divide. Then*
will be no more manoeuvres at Pine i amp
fhi.s year. The engagement scheduled for
Monday has ><■■>■■■■ cancelled i.. th*» adjutant
genera), and i' '* probable Hiat nothing
inure exciting loan regimental ami hat
tali., n drills will take place on that day.
Police Order Prevents Sale of
Liquor in Auditoriums.
Six Places of Free Vaudeville
Variety Pulled Up with
Bound Turn.
The proprietors of plt concert bans In
Con*>y Island pnsrended the service of
intoxicants in th" auditoriums of th*»<r
places last niffht wh»n an order went
forth from Police Headquarters, via the
Coney Island police station, directing
that licences perniittinsc the sale of li
quors in any part of the halls but the
barrooms be revoked.
The order came from First Deputy
Police Commissioner B'iarh*"r. and is one
more «hot from the nolire rapid fire srun
in th<* w>trfare atrainsf plaeCT in the.
sea breezy is!» " 111 are said to be n»t
up to the standard set by an exacting
police adnainistration. It marks the
death kn- <■!' six which have enjoyed
the patronage <>f thousands of visitors
daring the present and past seasons.
The balk affected nrr> all of the t>"pe
which lure trade b>' offering free raude
villo and moving picture shows t«> the
passing pleasure seekers. The police
some time [ago starter! to ciean up the
island, and none, of the amusement
places or devices was overlooked in their
efforts to make the resort cleaner than
it has ever beea before. Frequent com
plaints of robberies were receivd by the
police from time to time from persons
who had been drugged in various dives
and then relieved of their valuables.
Captain "Mike" Calvin, who at pres
ent lies on a sickbed in St. Vincent's
Hospital, did more than his share in the
purifying work, and acting Captain
Bason, who fs filling- his place tempo
rarily. is carrying on the work. Cap
tain Eason personally attended to the
notification of the concert hall men last
night that they must serve nothing but
Store Closes Daily, 5 P. M.— Saturdays, 12 Noon.
Tailored Suits and Dresses
The New Fall Models .
TAILORED SUITS. Oxford IPaHure, new short Coat « fi n
and gored Skirt. 40.D"
Chiffon Evening Scarfs
on TNCHES LONG. 45 INCHES WIDE. 5!! the desirable colors, orr.br- , , -
effects, BeH colors, Crystal beaded. Valne $5.75. SFECIAL. •*» I->
Foreign Broadcloths
BLACK BROADCLOTH, Imported. Sponged and Shi it, M inch. -_«
Regularly $3.00 yard. &.6O
BLACK SERGE. 5-4 ia Fall weight. Regularly $IM yard. 1-50
Linen Laces
REAL CLUNY AND MEDICI, laces and insertions, most desirable -width?.
Values 20a to $2.25. Per yd. 10c., 15c, 25c.. 55c. •■ 1.35
I "The STANDARD in Qnality and Style" I
For this week, we have reduced the prices on
Dining Room Furniture
Consist mz of EztenskMi Tables. China Closets.
Sideboards. Serving Tables, Arm Chain,
etc* t« nake room for incoming foods.
Foraerty Now
3-Piece Mahogany Suite $172.00 $145.00
3-Piece Mahogany Suite 291.00 235.00
3-Piece Mahogany Suite 398.00 198 00
4 -Pi«ce Mahogany Saitc 645.00 450.00
12-Pjece Mahogany Sheraton Suite. 705.00 650.00
,-Piece Golden Oak Suite i 3? .<v> 140 00
3-Piec« Golden Oak Suite 205.00 339.00
3-P>ece Golden Oak Suite 325 00 345.00
? -Piece Gold«« Oak Suite PM* 269.00
3-Piece Golden Oak Soite ?4vo« 275.00
3-Piece Golden Oak Suite .... JIM" 296.00
3-Piece Eariv English Suite . 357.00 195.00
3-Piece Early English Suite 205.00 237.00
2-Piece Early English Suite 322.00 249.00
3-Piece Early English Suite ... 37500 29600
, -Piece Early English Suite 38s. 00 320.00
3-Piece Early English Suite 47? °° 395.00
3-Piece Early English Suite 58500 465.00
4-Piece Early English Suite 765.00 860.00
1 2- Piece Early English Suite 865.00 750.00
Many odd piece* marked at proportionately
low prices. Initshi?h quality and charac
ter, it« general completeness and variety
of choke, our stock stands aneqaalled.
IR. J. HORNER & CO. W. 23d St. - 61-63^15 I
iFaraihr. laic«s *« ImpartenlW. 24th St-36-3S^O I
■nnounca tht Ramoval of their Business to
39-41 West 23d St., thru to 24th St.
Where They Are Showing an Entirely
New and High Grade Line of
An Inspection Is Cordially Invited!
or AI.MO> C. 4IDD.
TH* HTO\. »»TFP.BIR\ f o\N
soft (Jrinksi. except at their bara. and in
orrl°r that th*» Bnsrher mand:itp mfzht
not k4 dishonored ■■■•■ stationed a man
In every i.a <*
Th« cbn^trt all men ar* wratWfnl an 1
threaten v»ng»an<-<- A.i th«» *ir«r ."top »n
th*»ir ficht th*>y :nf ' ' : a rnntf.ron^ -n-irh
i ? o r- Meyers. » lawyer, ■' No. '•" Wall
j str^t. who i»|H*a»ntß rh«>m alt. It H
i th*» lawyer's plan to apply to th*> eonrt*
! for an injunction trainin* thr po»«*^
j from enforcing Mr. B'ljfher'a ord»r.
NoV«'s nfT^W hr th*» ord«r than ihm
proprietors of tb«- hali=» were M««*r P*
\ tronf. All lr.-t ni?rht rh«>y crowded th«
j thf-atrcs and r.rd^r^rl all kinds of drink?.
j only to »>** informed by. II waiters that
• soft drinks w erf the only liquid refre««h
m*--nt.'* in order A went their way*,
bnt in most cases th* show? proved •>■
attractive that the disappointed •■«•
I stayed to view them and undTco the
i ignominy cf drinkins lemon soda and
; gingt r air.
! Charged with Aiding Defence of
I Browne in Graft Case.
Ohicaso. a «j 27.— Charges that the Pu!l
■ man Company is aiding the defence of L**
• O'Neil Browne, minority leader of the Illi
! nois Lepiflature. In his trial on th« char?:*
• of buying votes to elect William Lorim-r
i to the United States Senate was made in
i court to-day by State.* Attorney John W.
! Wayman.
i This chars:** was Jotlow«»«J almost imme-
I dlately by aubpcpna? by th» prosecutor for
; tli<» ■ ..-.-. on Tuesday before a ?pe
' < ml srand Jury of numerous officials and
of the Pullman Company. Includ
i ins John •' Patterson, division supeiin
1 f*Tident_

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