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Says Santa Fe Earnings Will
Just Pay Dividends Next Year.
Declares Higher Wages and
Operating- Expenses Justify
Increase in Rates.
Chicago. Aug. SO.— President E. P. Rip:ey
of the Santa Fe Railroad system, on the
mitness siand before Srw^ial Examiner G.
31. Brown, of the Interstate Commerce
<"C7rrr.iss:<">r.. in support of the contention
of the railroads that hirher rates are just
end rirhu declared t^.at wage? paid by the
roai> have Increased largely, making
operating expenses a greater burden. He
iso declared that The outlook for next year
v.as not good and that general conditions
are so considered in the judgment of mer
chants and those familiar with The trend
d events. Further in his testimony Mr.
Kipiey said that he thought it not improb
»=;*• that next year the earnings of the road
T.:;rht shrink so that they would not more
Ihaa pay the otTidend& In his testimony
the fejtxwsis said it would co«t Js79,CtCO,««i>i) to
reproduce the Santa Fe system.
President Rlpley occupied the stand until
T:"0 o'clock is the attemoop.. and was fol
lowed by Vv\ EL Eailey. general auditor of
the ST«^H" and James Peabotiy. Santa V
? a . »i;^j<;jar.. who wer«* questioned closely re-
itenis of expenses and earning?
contained in different exhibits presented by
. - . ■ the Ii
- -

■ - ■ • " - ' ' monthi
: ■
• ■ -
"Ar^ tb« general conditions of business
- 1
Not Clear as la Cause of Trouble.
"Well, I am not a .... of political
fir.^TT.y and I do not care to venture an
opinion.*' was the response from Mr. R:r>
}ey. -•: do not care to venture an opinion
£= to what the trouble is. but I think the
rnn.fTLSuf amor.? the merchants and others
in this mp^i is that the ""ndiiions are net
a> cnod as they were a year aco, and I do
?.nt expect to see as large earnings as we
taw last year."
R'lveitag to the fubj»rt lat B r in the heir
ln? en cross-examination by <"ifford
Thorne, representing livestock shippers In
lowa, Mr. Ripley admitted that lor ten
i'«-are the sa.r-.ta Fe had paid its dividends.
"I have nothing to prove that they will
f.ox b* raid next year or that we shall de
fmult on our interest." said the president
of the road, '"but this year, which was the
lirs^et in gross earnings we ever had, we
kept up the property and earned S.S per
cent en our capital stock: but I can s-^e
exr-ens^s ahead of me for this coming year
ea<njgb to warrant m* in the belief that we
\-\U n«» any mors than earn our dividends.
V> rrrigrht possibly «*am our R per cent
dividends- In nth«*r words, it is not Im
probable that our earnings may shrink to
v point where we will not earn any more
than our dividend: " Mr. Rlpley explained
That by incr*a&*«l expenditures he referred
r- »- •
■ In nrci«r to keep urj ■vrith the times a.nf^ !
d»» •n-hst the public •xp^r'ts of us,"" ieplieii
%It. Ripiey.
"And ma-ke impmvem^nts above wha.t
you hid last yar?" asked the croas-^x
' Certainly. Any railroad tliar fails to do
this is b«yund for th* siic*," was the re-
TTou think thar cue^t t r . te paid out of j
the optr&'.ir.g expenses?" asked Mr. j
Mr. Ripfey Posit
' ilost certainly 1 cio." was the reply.
>pec:a'. K>arr.:r.er Brown shut off ques- j
*:<".ns wuching ih«» bonti i?s-je for the Kan- i
Pa^ City station, saying that th*> question '
of the depot had nothing to do with the i
penersl proposition. Tn the course of the
Vearir::; ih«^ railroad Introduced a tabula-
Tion of » he interest on The fito<-!f after pay
ment "f The bond interest for the years
:ST>R and 1910.
In croBE-examir.a'ion John H. Atwood. of |
3<i.nsas City, rerrefc^ntin? a erou;i of nhip- '
;-*irs. took »sp -;; 1 -!* disr-UFsir.r! of some of the ;
•-T.hibits offered by the railroad, and called '
attention to ar. Item of J753.000 approrri- j
ar-'t fijr f-:»! r***^.* \ r igja. Mr. A r wood '■,
comjiared the amount with much src.ali'-r \
r.«rures fr»r a similar charge in oth«r years. ;
"I^t rr*- a. c k j r '': if this tripie
<»f fun<i«, more than thre* times that of!
lh* (rood year !308. to this fue: reserve was
«:• '•■<*■ because th«»re was in the mind of th«*
i .ar.ap^ir.^r.t tfc« i(sea that it would help to
make this lean showing: that :?. to b» em
jjleyed as a:i argument pefore the commis-
Eion row"" asked Mr. AtwoodL
I <lo not think it had ary Influence. *' i
Bald Mr. Eipiey. "It certainly did not !
v-ith m*» ."
Pr"e. c 'ii<?r.* Ripley wa? r j'i»'s!ione'i **or.?< s r^- ;
- • - capitalization of the subsidiary ;
lines of the Par.ta F» sy?Tem, whjeh he !
: aid was Included in the <==TimaT*' of J".75,- ,
•••'.'••i which would lx» r*^juired to repro- 1
•• * the system's properties.
From the figures ;>.t his command Presl- '
*i*r.-'.. P.:r;««v d^^iar^d that he was 7jnabl»s '
"•• »:-rh«r th*- ?an*a Fe makes or]
io«<e« in Tht operation of most of the s'jb- !
M'liarj- ros^F.
•« • E. Bailey, ren^ril auditor of the svp- I
. ww 2 v .•„„ „ _ >:r £r!( i at cne « i
plua»»fd itito an array of Opwes showing \
the jn<-reai« i n wages paid by th« ?yst«>m ;
r- -w ow what i»-av s» Fp#r»t In former
"T" 1 c discussion «5f th* Jahlee u-hich th» |
auditor presented was i-rfcnir.il and tlie-
T.?-jr*± reqTiire'i nsuca explanation before j
Mr. Lron rts retisfi^i »o let the witness
proceed to o<.her details. Mr. Rai!»y de- j
<?ared that by applying Th*- wage of I
emj»J»yes ir; !383 to the emp!ov*s of the
read in JSlfl »he syst#m would have savM
more than J000.003. while ?he actual in
crease j n the amounts paid for labor in ;
ir-30 OTer u»j W2S »-, /ryyyv^ the differebeaj
in th* nr-are? showing th" advan<*e« h*in? '
- for by the jrreatiy inrrea-'ed i
number of employes.
Mr Kail«>v 4er\nr*-r>. that it wou!<! be pmr. ;
tfeafly '.mpossil.l- «.< differentiate h^tw^n ;
tv> -i^s't, •pxr-'n'i-'i ir-r labor solely for j
exr*r.feti£ and f»r money spent for '
labor «pen»e f Q t i.» betterment o' th^ roa'l- ; |
•u-a^. 11- estimate the dire, t labor chart?* i
as from -jr. to 50 pc, cent c,f the operaUncj'
■ H* was e x .. vs ed from the rtand i
af'er a^r^eir.jr to pr^parr tabl^ showing ;
th*- ralue or the Btocka and iwnds of the |
»-ur*!»liar>- linie.
"RTj«3 James Peabody, Sar.ia Fe statisti- •
r;sn - wa * «U«1 to the stand. Mr. Norton, i
fw- th^ railroad. Introduced In evidence a i
mnnHer of tabulations of comparative fis
"*s a period nf years. The tabl-s:
*er* prepared under the dirwticn of the!
statistician, and copiea were give,, to the!
tappers, attorneys and to the .-ommission. j
Grcsv expenses. ope!-atir, S expenset, and net j
earnings for the years from 1901 to 1910
■ ere shoivn in one exhibit.
Taking th<* HUT 1901 as a standard at
10a per cent, ■with prosa earnings of |35.
000,000. operating expenses of SXS.BOO.OOO
and net -earnirsß-js of $1<5. 400.000, In round
numbers. Mr. Feabcdy declared that 1910
showed an increase in gross eamincs to
IM~, per cent, at SSS,«WM>">O: operating ex
penses, to 209.3 per cent, at SoS.SOO.OOO,
and net earnings to 117.$ per cent, at $33.-
Sflo.OOO. By another tabulation the statis
tician declared that from 1303 to 1310, tak
inK 1303 at 100 per cent, freight earnings
d.-creas---d to 42 per cent and freight operat
iir.g expenses increa?»r to 170 per cent,
tfc« figures '•■;:'.; tot the. tinea east cf Al
buq':»r<jue, X. M.
Under the head of necessary expenses for
the years 1911 and 1912, Mr. Peabody de
clared that the Santa Fa syptem would re
quire the expenditure of 566.500,000, the
items of expense including terminal yards,
$4.00«,«ft0; track derations, 53,500,000;
station buildings, $4.000.000, and other <?x
penditnrea in lessor amount?, among: which
were listed right of v.ay and station
grounds, grade rei'ision and docks and
wharfs. The figures trom which the totals
were obtained Mr. Peabody said were sup
plied to him by the general managers of the
various divisions of the system.
It is expected that tha testimony concern
ing the Santa Fe system will be concluded
before the commission morrow morning
and the Back Island Ss*stem is scheduled
to present it? caso immediately afterward.
The shippers are to -■■-■•.• their side of
the contention over th^ increase in freight
rate? at the conclusion of the railroads'
a rsiiment.
Said *o Havp Spent 5250.000,
- - „. v -rpe This Year.
-<*---* Howard Carroll, president at
»■■• -■- - steame Kaiser WII-
helm from i two months' tour of Europe-
He criticised what he called the "extrava
gance of tourists from this country," who.
he said, "spent (250.000,000 in Europe this
year for baubles, souvenir?. *jewelry, liv
ing and travelling expenses."
"If the amount of money which is being
spent by Americans la Europe is any
gauge by which to ..-._•■• of the prosperity
cf this country.*" he added, "then ,- c are
on the flood tide of prosperity. in every
city and almost every hamlet in Europe
hotels yre crowded, as are millinery, jew
elry, furniture and antique shops, with
•-»■-■ spending moni>y. and I don't
think it is any exaggeration or overesti
mate to say that the amount they have
spent this year has been $250,000,000.7
Speaking 01" crop conditions in Europe,
General Carroll said that crops over there
were almost a total failure. "There will
he ro wine made in Germany and very
little in France this year." he said. "In
Germany there is not a grape to be net)
en the vines, and the same is applicable to
France and Italy, with the exception of a
■rmall tract in the extreme south of these
: ■ srvad«d
ring to the serioua
• ■« sen-
Kaiir&x. Aug. ; »" The Union Bank cf
Haliftoc has issued a circular to its share-
I holders, communicating an offer received
! from an English syndicate of $240 a share
I fur The 12.000 shares of the Roya! Bank
i ut Canada, to whirh they may become on
! titled on the consummation of the merger
of The two bank.-, en November 1 next.
The acceptance of the offer would mean
an Investment by the Ens syndicate *-f
I 52.sKn.inii? were all the shareholders to turn
over their ■
The petitions in bankruptcy riled ester
! day in the United States District Court
J were els follows
Sherman Wager, who says he is an "agent
I or manager. ' living at No. 711 East Uioth
\ street, irf a voluntary petition, gives lia-
I bilitJes of $3,131 25. wim no atseta. He owes
! J. H. Gordon, of Bradford. Vt.. $1,000, which
; is secured by a no^e: Henry N'twman, of
\ No. 3K« Rutledge street, Brooklyn, Joefl for
; harness purchased, and A. Lewis, of No.
1 IV.-i Franklin street, $150 for f^ed for horses.
Involuntary petition against th«» M. A.
\ Thomas Company, which deals in shoes
and Ls> in Ms-ines? in the Flatiron Building.
Broadway and SA street, by William Lane,
Inc.. of Brool and two other creditors
with claims icr goods sold and delivered
aggregating' Sti. l^." K<. Preferential payments
made while insolvent are al'ieged in the pe
tition. The assets are valued at $3,000. F.
H. Ban^s. of No. 2 U"a!l street, hns been
I appointed receiver, with a bond of SS.i*-"
He wiil "rtntimie business for ten davp.
Serarino Manfre-ton:a. a liquor dealer at
I No. First avenue, in a voluntary peti
tion, gives liabilities of CL2J225, with assets
| cf 81,150, which include stock vaiued at JBOQ.
Involuntary petition against Abraham
I Berliner ami Hyman liembert. doing busi-
I ness at No. 35 \Voo.=ter Ftre^t as the Ber
liner Cloak Company, by the T'nited ("otton
! G-iods Company. Simon Brothers and
| Reich Brothers, -with claims for mer''han-
I di?e sold and delivered aggregating " - 58.
i Concealment . conveyance and transfer of
ia iarsti amount of stock and the proceeds
thereof amounting to upward of SLVtiO. F "
as to hinder, delay and defraud creditors;
is alleged in the petition- The assets are
valued at about SS.OCKS.
Judge Hough his appointed John Gruen
herz as receiver for Gla=a:*! ez Aekerman,
; furriers, at No. 2% West 15th street, with a
; bond of $300. The liabilities are about J7,7<*>
! and the assets worth 51.500.
[mroluntary petition against th« Empire
Hat Works, at No. 147 West i^th street, by
j Olivier & Co. and two other rr^ditor?. with
j claims f^r fcoods sold and delivered amount
ing to II.TZt. 4*i. Preferential payments and
; admission of insolvency arc aliee^d in the
; petition- The assets are vaiued at JS.f.'**.
Walter C. Lo-.v has been appointed as re
1 ceiver Tor Fink & ''r>.. !h business at No. 17
BleecSer street, with a bond of (500. The
assets consist of stock worth $150 and ma
: chinery and fixtures valued at 1200. The 8.
; Hyman Company, one <>f th«* j»»tiTi"ninff
crediiors. alleses concealment and sale of
nv»«t of th*» stock with tho fraudulent pur
pr-cp r ,f defeating and defrauding the reme-
ryf creditors. It is further asserted
that the liabilities probably exceed $1,500.
' "Furr.ifh*'! by .1. Thomas Reinhardt. Xo. H
Broad sir^et. K«w York, and No. 54 Dev
onshire street, Boston, i
Hi*h. Low. Last.
Ama] N»va<ia Min?s X 4 13' 3 13*
.\-izr* RlS^ta W SHt !♦*
Bay S:at«= Hite S.i ?." 35
I Bin^bam M:n«» 3% -T-4 34
Coh«nia *** " *
Boston Kiy 1! ' l * ''-
Bone and Uwdoa l- 12 12
Qictus Copper l T i lfi Ir*
Caiavcna '"** i"'«
;^^!unie< <'<Tbin 6* 4 lt R'J
I Chumjiior. .r'!s. r ' ! 5 ■■ sji
Cfci«* C^nE^iiriatcf! IA I*S *"*
ChJno 13 14S H>
[Coneiifine* Ii IT* ITs
Coritin C«PP" "*• H * " '
1 I.aviß-r>n'v IA Ii 1W
IDomlnicn Fj-ndicaf . ... !«';■ '•"ll" ll '" -
First National Copper.". S-t 3A •■"»
GaUIS«I<3 Con SU B ■• t*
I Humboidt S»n*lting . f*~ ni > P<
i !nFp!ra.'i«n Sft s; -< s t^
, Tj« R'« 3ff 3«s "i?
I ll««sach«m»tta Coal 24 22 23
Molli*. Gibson 2> 27 28
i do pr*f 1H Ji> 'r*
Maj*«»ie 50 49 4?
National Minm* Explor. 12 l'» 11
! X"-.-;ifla Doa^las L >! '< U 2W
Ohio Coppw - ! * 2 -4
Otwci : -a 2H 2H
Raven Mm-.nß ?.'' 20 Srt
EUwfaU<! M'.nlnz 7 fl'i T
Hho-ic tslard r^.al .'4 . ■« '"»
Pout* üb<^ ■;> JJ* "^
rß«omt«d bs Clintan Gilbert. No. 2 V, : a:i Mreet).
[yid APh"l.! Til') . Asii<?d !
AHinnr- HV. 12" 12J |l^wTT*T2^l 2W :
>s,«r ' :U0 355 'I. Ist L* T. 80S 315 |
i'-ink*iV- — *W> Manhattan..-. ."575 ■»'*• ;
PA ■ M n ' 24.. 2SO !MHr B mii*... 7-. -*" |
hrnaiiwav . 14.'. IW ! \t-irop-.lltan. . .VJS i
Brooklrn 4'" > 0 42 s IMS* Bond., 110 ll'i
' : air-g:* I'.'lW I-"' Mutual IS')
GuCial X 123 14" Mul Al«ai,c« - 132*
< * n t-ii «« r> lOf' ! Nassau — IK.
City lm*Ft «?> 70 'Nat Hurclv. . *J.V> 2'V)
d^, nr«f l'« 11*» IN* v I- 1 iTIMt 1}?1
Cltizras' •• 14<l 14S KvM * B - lfi '' -°*
rolurobla !"I'2«» _ !N V Trust... <;*/> tiT.5
Cflm'»*a!i!i. >*> P«spl«a • •'{<«•
Cnaifßcrcial. 115 12" Q» '"" Mtge, 1I'» —
Empirj Tr. ?/»■> 3J' l l<<U«*n« >'o. . 113 —
FiTjiiable 4'"' 4*55 iR-ai'y AEro. ll'i MB
\f'"lr ;\\«jn 17'tA Bav«V M lOfi
jn«tbu»h y.^t :i f ' i^iandard ... 40i» 410
i--r« n id:n ... 221. ?A« j T!!)*' <; AT. 4'» M 0
Fulton 2*l Tl of N V 140 UM
Fid«>ll»v 2*> 210 !Tr Co of Am ai" 325
<;i^rnntv . *«> ** ir > Uniotj ISOO ISSO !
Caardlan 17.". tin Starrs. . 1180 121" J
Ilamijton . 27' i C 4" TJ - ''as 211 ~
lirriK- Treat. IIT. IV SSI A.- T.. 4«» 47<>
Hu,i n*- a («y 11" DJTG4 I. 110 120
Hudson Tr. 17^< l"t I Van N'.rcr-n. — 23^*
Int Hke Cor H" — I Waaiilngton/. ."!".*> —
Ki«'S CO. , MS : V>>?tr|-.f«ler . ISO —
KnlCketWk 3" 30« W&BT&M160 17"
Law Mttf... 230 24'J [Windscr I2'J IS3 t
Bull Clique Still in Control, but
Price Eases Off to 19.25.
Compared with the sensational happen
ings of the day before, when the August
cotton option Jumped 313 points, or nearly
$15 a I ale, in forty-live minutes, th* local
cotton market yesterday was a tarn* affair
August opened at 20 cents, the hisrh mark
of the preceding day. but dropped almost
immediately to 19.50 cents and then to 19.25
cents a pound, at which figure it held firm
for a time.
Notwithstanding the drop in August,
however, there was a b*>li«»f that all the
shorts had not yet covered their contracts
[in that option, and some traders look for
I further i otechufcs" before the matur
ity of the August option at noon to-day.
That the bull clique, baa full control of th<?
situation and can make the outstanding
August shorts pay any price they demand
for that option is generally admitted, but
it is not believed that they will try to force
the price above 20 cents. Including yester
| days tenders, which were estimated at
about 10,000 bales, the bull? have roe^ved
about 110.000 bale? of Aojnial cotton from
the bears. The profits of the bulls on the
. transaction are estimated at about $4,500,000.
Throng-hour the afternoon trading August
•was quiet at between 13.25 cents and 19.60
j cents a pound. There to very little ac
i tivity. ami so far as surface indications
went commitments in the option were
pretty thoroughly liquidated As i matter
of fart, more interest was displayed in the
September option, which was active, and
strong at a net advance, of 24 points, or $1 39
a bale. It is understock that the bulls
have been conducting an active campaign
in that month, with the lea of continuing
the mcess of their August deal, and the
advance in that option yesterday was at
tributed to covering by shorts, who feared
a squeeze in September similar to that
which took place in August on Monday.
Aug-ust closed at I?.^ cents, a net loss
for the day of 35 points, or 1.75 cents a
bale, nd a lose of S3 a ■ Lie from the high
point of 2 cents a pound touched at the
opening of the market. The other options
closed unchanged to 7, points lower, Sep
tember iosinsr all of Its advance at the end
and closing at 14.3*5. the same as on Mon
American Bankers to Have Conference
with English Financiers.
VTaFhingrton, Aug. so .— With the prospect
that American cotton shipments to Eng
land may be curtailed seriously this year
because of the hitch with English banks
over guarantees nf A m* -lean bills of lading.
a committee of New York banker? will po
to London for conferences with the English
financiers. Th* British banks have issuad
an ultimatum thai after November 1 th-->y
will not receive tton bills of lading from
this country unless they are guaranteed by
American banks. This step was induced
by the recent allege frauds which resulted
In the failure of Knight. Yancey S Co., of
Decatur. Ala., which was followed by
heavy »sea in Liverpool.
1 he American national banks under the
iaw cannot guaranty c«tton bin? of lading;
and there is great apprehension that unless
the Enehsh banks recede from their posi
tion the annual movement to Enarlanrt will
be crippled,
Passenger and Freight Rates Unreason
able. Is Government's Allegation.
Washington. Aug. 30.— -The rase of the
government asrain.-t the St. Louis Terminal
Company an.l forty-**- ..^ n other defendants.
mainly railroads, which --•... the city nt
St. Louis, was locket* in the Supreme
Court of the United States to-day. Th»
government alleges unreasonable charges
for transp irtation of passengers and freight
over the Cads Bridge. The Circuit Court
of Eastern Missouri divided equally on the
Chicago, Aug. 30.— Desertions from tlie bull
si-ie were numerous to-day because of th^ poor
ness at t.V export call for wh«ar. Tn» cohm
quent decline r^sulte-j in moderate sa!»s to *x
Porters, but it is nor pertain that the wii-at was
sold to go to Europe, a steady ton- prevailed
at me cio.s?, although the final figures wer« al
most tl!*> lowest of tn« session and showed » n*t
arap of ', 8 c to fcfi>%a Corn was "up owe* to
•*<-■ tugrher and oats varie.i from V- <i-ciint.- to
*-.- Provisions a'.sr. had an irregular
winfl-uD. a shade off to U'.zc up. Weighing on
th.? wheat market was a la;; burden of hedging
Bales. Primary arrivals were almost double tho^-e
of a. year ag->, and simultaneously '*zrrp nivs
that thp European visible supply ha-i Increased
nearly 4.(MH1.000 buahals for the ite^. and is
now 7.'?. lxii.iMi,, bushels, arraini=t 4fl.l.'i(i,iH>n bushaU
at the rorropponding time !ast y-=-ar. wh^n thn
M^ek showed a de-rrease of 400.000 bushels. Th<»
v.-orifi's available total was computed as bpjrig
sl.ono.ixvi bushels cn-eatep than twelve months
prfiious. InflU'nc«r| hv sufh b»arish cnsicicra
t'ons. September ilTuidation was on in '-^nsiaera
ble. force. Warehousemen w^rf trie chi^f pur
chasers. Rangt- of prices:
Wheat: Open. Hish. I>iw. close. day.
Sept jo?!!* 5*5 * sum;, so (X' *oiins so ■'■..-.
z*t? 104 i o*l* i cs ] 4 103^ i M
May 1 *» T i 1 <>0 =, 108 H lOSS 1 l.'f* 1 *
--• i 80 • •'■"', r,r> 7 . S3 T i gOVj
ilav '. ■"... 59% 57 - 57 -
:.: ■"- •- - tMTi '■'"■■- rp- %
gept 33% "« T ? 83 % MH M*i
Per .?rt* s ."rtH 86Vi ;li>V« a«ti
May -:• : ''.•I-, 89% 39% SSVi
Sept 12 l'< 1215 12<V7 12 10 1312
Dot 12 12 '. * ' 12 10 12 10 12 lit
cont 1" 35 12 42 12 32 12 2 12 S">
Oct. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.USB 12 in 11 IK! 1808 1 1 95
<=*,>tt Ork: 2130 21 ST 2120 2135 21 22
0ct ...... 121 C- 21 -.-••" 21 12 21 0«
Boston, am?. 3n— The Ioph! wool market
remains nul«l with pries fairly well maln
taln«d. aithoush th« lone - "taady rather
t'nvtn firm. Transactions ar^ confined to odd
tots but some "00,000 pounds of T us tw«lve
mniittaa recently rtians*d Lands a? 60c cleaned.
i'ora' ivrv«»r.< .-laim thai njany purchases of th*
101<i piin w«^re mad" on a higher scoured naaie
t'ha-1 had h»p;i undarstrto^ at flip Jim* of buy-
Ing. Trading domestla quotations:
?M-ii>i and Pennsylvania no«>p«s— pplame
•vash-rt ."4o NX. 30c; rtne unmerchantable,
••4^ •>?>.-'• half blood coml»mff. 2«@2»c; i!ir»c
elirhths 28S2Qc: one-qtiart^r. 27«<28<:: detain.'
unwaghed. 2'V-'2T';-. fin- unwashed. 50©21 c
iflchiean Wisconsin =»n<i N«w ork fl<--res —
Fine an washed lfl^20«; d»lain«. artU^T-; half
Mood [email protected]«; tl>r*«»elffhthß, 27#20e; on*
ouart'pr 2«©2Tc. ...... Indiana and Mia
s i ir ,., Th"r''<»-"»!Bhi"t>B l»lood, 28i}20c, nn>
■ ... t.iisis: Texas — Fine 12 months. .">!•
@Coc linn <i to "5 months. ">r. fittc : fin.- fall.
-7<)r ' California— Northern. .">?,<?.'..">. middN
eountv SO&Ble: s;)'itf.eni. ■J.VI/-57.-; fall fr^.
AT,tHA,\\- : f»H defective. ."■". ft .!«c Oregon-
Eastern No 1 utaple, tiJtf'V*.-: Eastern clothing,
SA^sic; Valley No 1. P2#s4c. Territory
fine staple, «4iffflac: fin« medium. [email protected]«0e;
fine clothing. ridffifiOc: ftne medium. 55 ©'37 c;
Ua\f blood comblngr. ... s three-pighthe.
%<>'-< ">K'>- on«-Quarter blood, i'JQUc.
_ |i,,j !e ,)__ Kxira. ti.V: fint- A. [email protected]; A
supers. [email protected]
Liverpool. Aup SO.— WHEAT— -Spot dull;
future 'I11'*"'I 11 *" ; Ort^her, 7f fi'id. December. 7g
7--.d March, "s ** ? d. CORN — fpm aip.iriv.
old American mlx»n. '•« UH'l f mures dull;
Scnt«mber. 4s S'«<t. Octpber. 4« -», -. PEAS—
CaJßUdlan 7*. Fl.OUß— Wlnt»r imt^nts. :{o H
6d HOPS in T.ondon (Pa-ttii* ■■:.-• a 9 i 4
{-„ BEE! — Eilra India m*m 1 13 aBd
POak— Prlma mess W*««rn. l«Ms ::d HAMS
pl^or; int. OSS. BACON — ''uinh»T!anil rut,
"2s <>d »h'i'rt rib. 7<>s: clear bellies. 7.'ls "Iri ;
lans --lear middles, Mgli t. 72h ; heavy. T.\n; »hir«
, >"r backs. <■«- SHOULDERS— Squar*. rt"s
rt,i LARD— Prime Western. ti«r«««. «ls,
American raflned, palls, «<•« -id. ''HKKSK
ranadian fln^Kf white, new. . r .:u fid; colored.
|-,4« TrRPKNTINK— J'pli'i'B Sl* ROSIN—
i-nmrioTi 14s -M. rETnOLET-M—Rennfd. Td.
r.rvSEED nn.—i'iß fsd. TALLOW — Austra
lian in !.onrt«u, Ms fid. COTTONSCEP Oil,—
Hull refined, spot, 30s 7>i«i.
I ondon. Auk. ".0 — ril'iJA R — Raw, r^ntrlfu
ch! 14k mu«rov:ido, --'■■• 'La
»i,.4 LINBEEP — Calcutta, Aupufi-fcnKni-
Jhh 71« «M LINSEED OIL. 41s PERM
OH £35 I'KTHOI.FU'M- •■Annrli-an refilled,
Ad: 'spirits. 7d. TUBPENTWB— Spirits, Ma.
ROPIN — Aiirrfan strM(fi*d. He U>i ; lint-. ITa
... 3ft. -PETHOI,Ei:M, 10 franca
Toledo. auk HO.--CLOVERSEED— C»sh
<■, 4r>- OtrtlKT. $0S0; December, »■• gr» : Karri
(9 an.* TIMOTHY— Prime. S3 80; Aubusi. f:5 80
--i,|.-r > f.T Sn. AI.FIKK- -I'rinw, f S TO; Au
gust, *«"<>; O'-«..her, SK TO
end 4 • ..■■■•
. • - . ..(. UM.747 -- ■■■ - •
Now York, August 30. 1910.
Beans, bags .... 142 Live poultry, crts 380
Flour. bbU 13.860 Orange 3 (Cal), cs 2.S2vi
I Flour, sacks . 25,830[Gnpes <Cal). Crts " M
Osrnmeal, bbls.. Mo Plums <Cal>. Crts -.100
| tornm-a:, bags.. 3.680 Pears (Call. crts. 3.073
Oatmeal, bbls... 800 Peaches era orts 3.763
Wheat, hush 111.400 Apples, bbla •" >i<; ''
Corn, hush 1,125 j Petal bbls.... ■.•'••"•■■
Oats. bush. . .161.680; Onions, bbls •,833
Barley, bush 1,273! Dried fruit. pk«. '"
! Malt, bush 22.500 ' Rosin, bbla 874
' Rice, pkts . . .. 300 Spirits turp, bbla. '-71
I Hay, tens ... 2.270 Tar. bbla .... 11 -
I Straw, tons 30 Sugar bbla ■ 2<«
Millfe«s. tons... 166|Qiicake, pkc* 5.738
i Qraae Hid, bag! SSOiOilmeal, hies. . 880
■ Hops, bated ... -«0;Oii. inn. bbli 218
Beef. bblß ...... IQB o;»,, BtecK. pkss. •""' :
j Be*f. canned, cs Of. Peanuts, bags . 13
Pork. bhl!< 17* : Tobacco, hhds. . . . 20
Bacon, pksa .. 52 | Tobacco, pkg* - 1 -.
Cutmeats, pkga.. I.« 7'> Whiskey bbls .. 1«2
| Laj-d, tiercea . . . 867! Wool, sacks 387
, Lard, kegs 7.3lfWst!e, bale*. ... 450
i Lard, cape? 20 Cotton, bates 1,769
Tallow, plt^s.... 286tCot'seed oil. bbla 900
Soap stock, pkes 30 Spelter slabs - '•""
Grease, pkes 4fiO Lead, pips .... -"
Butter, pltgs... 13.0n5: Htd»!». ■No ... 1.000
Cheese, pkgs.... B.OHJ Hides bd!a 3*5
; Eges. rases 22 ■- ; Skins, bales . . 50
Drsd P'ltry, pkaja 2.1521
I Oats, bush . 750 B«ef tierces.... V*6
Flour. bbls . i,aOB Bacon, ft .. . 234.1"."
Plow, sacks... 10.164! Hams " '■•'■'■
Ornmeal, Mils 177 Lar^ "*■ . "' ■■ ■'
Grass seed, bag? 2J3 ; Grease rh . . 418.000
Ollmeal. rb 2.300 ! Butter "' ... 2.100
j Oilcake. ft . 2.250,900 1 Cheesa rt> 22.020
1 Pork, hb!B 17« Cot's'd' oil. - i... ---
Beef, bbla . 23SJLub oil. =i .- 1.042,700
j Iron, N«r. Xo I I Flour. Mp!s pnt3 $5 !K»
I foundry . $16 a7\i : Cotton. mi idling 19-75
: Iron, So. tfo 1. 1800 Coffee. No 7 Rio 10 M
BKaei rails 2S rxi i Sugar granulated 8.23
I Stand eon. spot. 12.30 i Mn'iasses.OK pma iZ
! Tin . . . 33.60 I Beet family . 1!> 7.'.
; Exchange, lead. 4.45 ! Beef hams 23 00
Sre-lter . 5.45 Tallow, prime... 7%
Wheat. No 2 red I OOs,7 s , i Pork, men 24 25
I •<- .m No X... <M*fe Hogs. drsd, 160 1* 13^
tOats, naw 38 Lai?, Mdle "Wee! 52.3?
•Elevator, domestic; basis, 'Standard white.
a -
New York. August 31 If>tO.
GRAIN - WHEAT — Inactive durinc »h<s
greater part of the day. but after showing a
I steady feellns early, prices gave way !r. the
afternoon and closed at a net decline of Vj 9
-»■ Liverpool cahl«s were disappointing,
prices being influenced by predictions or" <-!ear
iner weather in the United Kinpdnm. iess In
quiry, and an Increase of ''i": •.>■• I i«he]s in
tho European visihle supply, cojn'yoxed with
j a decrease last year of 4iSn ...... bushels. The
i stocks of wheat in pub fsn<i priva?» eleva
tors •- Chieaxo increased L 38&,000 bushels for
the week, which . ■-„,.;,;., the total t« 10,005.000
I bushels. Spot aasy, No 2 red "*int«r. ?1 "•'■ '-
| In elavater, and $1 07?4 fob new No 1 North
■ crn spring $1 -_-4 f o b to arrive. CORN—
Firm early but -*ft»r advanrlni? %'ff-\<- from
th« previous close, the mark«t eased off anrf
•st the ise was net . lower to %c higrher.
Cash markets easy: "-"> 2 Western dfi^c nom
inal. alevatar, to arrive, •■ 1 f, domestic basis.
— Fairly active and easier, closing at %
@%c net lower. '"ash easy, new standard
white. 35i4.0: new No 2 white, 33^4® 33c; No
3. [email protected]; >-..:.--- RYE — Eas=y:
No - WesTern, 77 V:'* t P b New York-, now
crop BARLEY — Steady; malting, 74<7 70<-.
l;«w crop, c 1 f Buffalo.
Wheat Open . High Low lose day.
geptembar .$! .">7 $1 07% $1 "« l i $1 06^4 sjat-.
December..: 111 IK- 1 10% 1 19*4 11!
May 1 15*4 1 ::■% 1 14% 114"-* i I.V;
September.. — — — 6fl fi? l^
December. . . — — - — «7 tT
May „ . — — _ _ 674
Septemhpr.. — — — — H^\i
December. . . — — — 41 '■« ii's
Mr . — — — — 44H
October ... M)*i 4Aii JiV i SO
Wheat. Corn. Oats
To— day 1.221,000 570.000 1,094.000
Last week r.OOO 533.000 1.805.00 a
i Last year -■ 000 SflS.nOO 645,060
Flour. Wheat. Corn.
To-day . 26,000 16 000 1.000
Last week . 8.000 4.000
Last pear 18.000 I*o. 000 21,000
FLOt X AM> MEAL — Fleur <miet and barely
Steady. spring parents. $5 Jrt 10: winter
ptrai>fh«s. $4 --„, gs4 7". winter patents. $4 flftij
*■"• 25; spring clears. $4 4.">5?4 75; extra No 1
ainter. $3 65® 54; extra No 2. 53 60^53 75;
Kansas straights. ?s*?-"i l' l . » RYE FLOtTR —
Pteadv; fair to orood. $4 to«s4 s«; choice to
fancy. $4 [email protected] 40. COBXiTZAL — Kiln <irie<i.
.$3 50. BAG MEAL — Fine white and yellow,
$1 sfl *$1 (Ml : coarse. SI [email protected] R5. PEED—
■v\>stern spring. f23 -..->_■, 10; standard mid
dling, J2". 7f>3 ?2'> 10; flour do. $28 [email protected]:
red doe. $29 OH; city bran 523 bulk. S2« 35
aarlm. middling. $24 50 <& 529 HO: red dos.
12J1 60; hominy chop. '■.' ■ 50 bulk. $25 70 sacks.
OUmeal. S3" -„<
COTTON — There was St.. exeirsment and
nervousness in tha cotton market at reopen
ing of business The first ea!>:. "orin^ at 200
or «v« with the ... point reached on
Monday, md 25 points ar,ove tho closing tigure
of Monday night, tt-niied to Increase the ner
vousness nf trie market, but almost imniß
diaxely, h"f«r*) the end of the call In fa.";.
August broke and a little lat«»r sold off to
19 2"ic. This decline was attributed to liqui
neiiiin by seatt^rinfr trailers on th« lorn? d'{ ■
wii-i had entered the market since the 1.-ist
batch of notlcei= wt= i35U"d on Friday, an-1
who had seen forced t« lot go »f their con
•.--■■ morning by the appearance
»f short notices estimated at about 30,000
hales. But the--*- was nothing to indicate that
tiie bull leaders thernsejves were avoiding the
notices, «nd lai»r August rallied to IR.ROc,
... that price during the halar..:»
or (he day closing at 10-Jnc tijd. It is es
... that n>it loss than 110.000 bales will
ham been delivered to the bull leaders on
,Vjgust puntracts N-"-w crop months oprnct 4
points high<-r to 1 point lower, sold off 2S?S
points, advanced sharply to a n»t gain of .S®
'J4 iioints: then ■..-.■ and closed barely
steady, n^t 'jtifhanjjed to .'{ points lower, while
Ulii clasinx for August showed a declirif of
35 points compared with the previous clay.
Southern spoi markets officially reported
early «er<> unchanged to asc i;)wer. Local
contract pi-ices :
-■_■.• Close. day.
An? 20.00 30.00 19.25 If*. 4<>'^i — 19.73
Sept 1.37 14' 14.33 14.3«®14.:17 14.3(i
Oct 13. «<» i:^.7<» 13.57 IS.S'jfilxrjO 13 ««>
tie . ii.CC I. ">')-* K-i.'il* 1-i. 4- ,- 1350 13..'J»
Dec . 13 .51 13. Wt 13.47 18.4.W13.49 13.
.fan 13. -{0 13.. ".7 13.48 15.4tf015.47 IS.W
Feb - — I. 1 ; i- : 13.50 j:;.4'.»
Marcl ... 13.53 13 83 13.52 [email protected] 13.54
May 13. TV) 13.(59 15.58 ... 13.H0
jun* . . — — - i3.rttf'»i3.r.g is. .is
July — — 13.55©13.57 13.57
Si>-i» nuiet and umriantfe<l on the basip of
I'.t.Trtc fn? initi^iinr upland and aOc for middling
Qn)i. Tiiere W' o re ho sales, pelivered on contract.
3.900 bale?. Liverpool <-ableg; Spot quiet, at 2
points •■-.-. S.ftOrt bales: an.i
eKrM-.i-T, ,-h"Ki bale?: receipts, ih.*hni bales, including
lt.<HH) bales American, upland. B.lSd.
L'unireg oiened steady. ;it 51rit1 points advance;
cjosad steady, at 1 to 6V4 points >;p. August,
g.Ofld: \tifvust-September. 7.7'» d: Septerabei^Octo.
ber .... :-d:: -d: October-November. ; ,7.2l%d; X9V«m-,
ber-rjecembar. 7.14 d; December-January, 7.11 d;
January -February. 7. l^'a-i : Kebruary-March.
Tin 1 *'!: March-April. ~.\u\2<i: April-May, (.lfttl;
May June 7.10 d.
fOFFEK Prices at the op^nini; were 11
ynir.ti; beloiv the prevlmia close. fa We? were
v.«ak early .md ih«re was a pi ivate cable from
Havre eiatine thai a prominent ■•"•• man who
bad recently Invest SgaW the crop situation es
tuna ted the crop in Santo* at from 9.000,000, ■•
10 000 00 has., whl'-h compared with the popu
lar eitlmat^ of S.ooo.fvv> to A r««. .-»i Latei
the ........ firmness, with persistent
buvinc on the part of prominent masters, ana
at ' the close was steady ax r.et unchanged
to 3 point* hltfhrr. with 'sales of .-<'.2f-t> baars
Havre closed at a net decline of l r to *i; Ham
burg closed "* to 1 pfennig lower: Rio was T«>
■ •is higher, and Bantoa unch»ng< ! to 50 reis
lower was le.-s active, but firm, with Rio
No 7 nu..to.) on the basis of lOgiOUc. Loca!
contract prices follow:
Open His Lflw. '-low. day.
A.-z _ — 7.«s<rT7.o<> 7.83
Sppt ■■■■■.'.'.■.■■ 7.80 7.53 7.80 7.53®7.»0 7.83
rJt ' 7 Si) --.-.--■- 7.83
X..- ' "' _ — 7.80®7.98 7.00
V^,. 700 -00 790 7.95a5.00 7.05
j " ■■■■.■'..■... — — — SO.ft.on 7.PS
p" h . — - 8.00^8.01 S(>o
«,'.. ' -„;. -04 7.90 5.044rM.05 8.01
1 " r .i — — — So4ft.s/>5 5.02
fy, v g.OA so:; s.oo R.o«<»a.n« 8.04
i,,' . — — — 5.07«5.0« 8.06
Juiv '.'.'.'.'.'■. 707 8.10 79K 6.0»@5.10 «>.':9
PROVISIONS — Moderately active but firm
Pale,; of lard amounted xo inn n«r.-#s of No
vember at 12 "7. PORK— Baraly steady:
mess 524®524 50: family. $24. r io®|2s; short
cl^ar' $22B0#$24rifl BEEF — Firm, tnepr. #lf>
<>t*lii r i"- family $19 •'•I $20: pp.ket. $lt< T,n>a
117: extra Tn.iia mess. $30 BOeSai SO. BEEF
HAMS-^-Quiet: $22«524. DRESSED HOSB
!=i'adv hamns. lS ; 3 c; ISO ib, 13 «, c: 100 Ih
13iici no Ib. l3Vic; pigs. i"\c. ct-t .m;:ats
Pickled bellies dull; 17'jc: 10 Ib.
161 r 12 Ib lfiKc; 14 Ih. U»ie. PtcUled
hams'q.ii-t: 14<»141tc. TA LLO\V — Firm . city.
T a . f'nuntry. 7H«r7»ic. I.AnO-Flrm: mld
dl- W«»t 12.50®12--lno": rity steady, I'-'c: r"
fit ad 1 S»Uth America. 13 «0« continent. 12.83 c:
Ttra'll Ue^F 1 I file. Compound firm. 11®
l\h,~r STEARINB — Olee, lie; city Urd, 14c
RICK-ln somewhat better slispx at prl
m,»rv points, with a good demand, and here
I hero was 'i steady undertone, with fairly
R r.od demand. [>.*n Talmacu'a Sons Company.
New Orleans, telegraphs Louisiana >-r"p move"
inent tp <lntn ad follow*--: R^c^iprß, rou^h,
176 SOO sacks. 7i«ninst -J44."2f. n year aaro.
Sales cleaned, ... were 156.500 pockets,
against H>7,077. ua;h, last year.
■»' I, »; — Not tnueh in the wav of new huei
n(is -' i,ut withdrawals were liberal. Prices
were uni»lianned. witii jtranulatr^ quofd at
',•>-,<■ n.>t lei-H 1 p-r cent r- a jh. Ther^ was a
sale of 1.000 or 2.oi>'i buss '"üba crnlrifiiK.il
in port «t -i 1 ■•■:■-.■■<'■ and that was
quoted although wan beltev.-ii Ihnt refiners
unulrt not pay that for any quantity. Mtis
oovado RP last, IMe and molwuei BURar, S!>
tent at 3.70 c. The 1/indon markfll for he«t
nuK-ir Was ahnui ft«i lower for nearby months,
liui' unchnnnnH fir dtatai 1 posiMi - Auyuet,
14.s "i,d sei'temli-r. K'.a S>d : October to n*
■>», d
<i|KT\l!"> COPPER— standard dull; «r>ot
and ' AußUft, ... September, 12.^4
13.30 c; October. No%'ember and Pecember. )U.l!<>
jMS.B2Hc Lendfni <ini<»t: si-nt, tM 2s *>i: fill
ures ... I s * ''ft Ijjkm ■■[;-' rj.B7H©l3e
electrolytlc. J2.fi2HOt2.7Se; ea«lnff. 12.23ji-12.r>0e
TlN— lrrei spot ami Angust, aa.f10935.67He.
Seiiffmhpr, 33.n2Hff3S.«2He; 0.-iobf-r. 84 550
34.95 c; November. 34.72 l iQr!4>.'.c; P^ccmbur,
34Sri«f34.fi.V. F^iii'lon Ftronn; Kp.it, £lrt3: fulurft*
£150 " LEAD— Quiet. [email protected] New York, 4. -•*•
, ■III! '
Collected by their own Agents
Comprises tome of the rinett
Reproductions of Rare and Beautiful
Specimens ever exhibited.
Finest and largest stock In Ireiani or I- >n-t a I
Direct {ram our own workers, thereoy
saving our patraaa tntaiiiiadiaif*
proSta. inepectlnn solicited.
fc&m depot FOR IRISH j
WB^W*^ I**1 ** !RISH ' WAREHOUSE '
'liin^iiP ( 47, Regent St., London ,
7 '. « 3 uaa Shamrock. Ln Ii "■•
Erta'jliEhed ISO years Telenhone: 34TS O;"— .- J ..
TH =ri T.spoc Shirt Waists. Irish Hand Err.ti.--)'.il
ii^ii udL.,b ered Dressed, Blouses, Jackets. *- ;
Triaii T __„_ Bedspreads and Shams. Hand Em-
Ulali Ijaces brGidiarP£j and Trimir.e'i i.ace. ••• ,
Trial. T -„.„,. Table I.men Finest Quail Hand- !
iri9H LaCSS kerchiefs Large Variety BalHris-
TH<;h T sen" En " IToslery. Iriih PopllES. colour* ,
insn Liaceo ar .d biarv.
Irisn Eos Oak an 4 Couneuiain Marble Nov»!ti»i. ',
m iinofi ?i2nlinUU-5t t i.«njon. w.
Cannes, Paris"
33, Rue d'Aottbes. | 4, Rue Castiglione. 4|
64.30 c Easr -=t Louis. London, spot, £12 Its 3d.
SPELTER — Firm. 5.G7%@5.50c New York. 5.22' i
@5.27M5C KaEt st Louie London, spot, [22 13a
IROX — Cleveland warrants. 40s 1 in London.
Locally Iron was quiet. No 1 foundry Northern
$18 sr.-gsirt SO; No 2. $13SOa$16: No i Southern
and N<- 1 Southern soft, $!."> T.'.g?l»> 2?
chan.ereil prices.
N'AY.VL, STORES Steady but aulet and un
HIDES — Ftpa-iv to firm. Full but unchanged
prices w»r» no'- 1 '!.
LEATHEfI .-...- with light
offerings at full prices.
DRUGS — There was a quie distributor, of
essential oils, for which full pries were ob
tained, and th« marker held to i s'eadr basis.
Rd«ts were g.-lline well in a. jobbing way at
full rates.
OlLS— Unseed unchanged. Refined petro
kum steady it "Me for standard white in
barrels at X«w York. .
< OTTONSEKD OIL — li"s months were
easier, rli-sinc: net urn-hanged to 1- points^ de
cline, but in old crop was firm. sSaieg. 11, Si
bbls. Loi-j.l contract price?:
Open. High. Low. Close. ■!?!"
.jpot . . 1« !.'.§■ 12 00 10.60
September.LlO.l© 10 12 10.10 1»[email protected] I<UJ
October ... g.se R.RO 5.7* .S.Tfttr 8.81 S.S3
November . 7.66 7.67 7.W 7.50® 7.61 771
December ."J. 7.36 7.37 7.32 7.32# T. 34 7-37
January .. -38 7 :-W 7 » 7.31® 732 7.3.
February... "iU'g 7.37 i.34
March 7.38 7.40 7.37 7.35<g 7.41 7.:«
May 7.4." 7.4.1 7 4.1 T.Sfg 7.4 i! 743
i «
■\V-ek ending Aueusf 3". 1010
&v INK AKD PEAS Receipts for the week,
3> .;» sacks beans, 1.080 sack? peas; exports
for th-=" «■•-!•}{, 721 Backs hearts. 18d sacks peas;
Imports f«r the week, 1.24.i sd"ks beans There
has been .i steady and rapid rise in the pri--~
of domestic pf-a beans during the week. The
market closes firm at Vi'i @ s- 15 fo* choice
quality, Medium iiav- shj^d in the impmve
pieaUisbut th«r» is Htfle stock to trade on.
State marrow hay» gained about 2^c an-i
clof=e at S3 \2\ % fi $;i I""-, though the outside
figure is still more of r»n asking than s-Mlin^
price; a few jobbing sales are rppertnd at that
Foreign beans are about pc higher at tn«
rlose White kidney scarce and in litrht de
mand. Exporters began taking some red kid
ney early, and th»re '.vas enough competition
to' force a decline in values. At the lower
rates shippers took a good deal of steek,
which has largely reduced the local hold'nes
and gi •■■««! a lime mcr» tone to the market.
r.ate sales hav^ h»»n mainly at .*4 80. bul
some holders are asking ?4 6<>. and claim r«
reach the pri< c occasionally. >-iine ef last
wt-tVis biiiint-ss was 10Sj toe less than ■l"' ir|
tions Yejhrw eye scarce but qi:iet Turtle
".oiip havo advanced sharply, with li'tle ••i.oic
stock ■H \r first hands. California nma
hay improved a. little. Fcoteii P*-as "how
further advance There is quite, a gtron?
holding bneause of the higher Western ad
vices BE\N^. marrow. choice. l.tisi..-..
$3 12J*«5313: fair to sro-i. [email protected]; m«
(iiurn.*choice, $2 70.; pea. $i 70 OS"-' 75; fair to
?ood S" 4" •.• $-' •'••">: imported, m-fifum. f2 J5&
§2 30: i>ea $230©$-o3: white kidney, choice.
»315©JXU5; red kidney, $4 [email protected]; f^ ir to
KOOd.r?4^s4 4rt; yellow eye. choice, $33»'S
It-'.-,- black turtle soup. ?- nrt-ti $'■'>. Uma, < ali
fr.ml.-i. $:{ls®S^2o: PEAS, Scotch, ba^s,
bushel. Si: 4"T, S'J 4- >; i-
BTTTTER Receipts for the week. 40.3<0
nkirs: >wports t> tropical <-ounines. r,;;:> pksrs;
re,-i P ts last week, 4."., 140 pka;>. rmmediately
rollowing our last weekly report market made
a *ui-hrr slight gain on hiph yrra.ie tre.sh
crsamu'rv. Supplies were runnjng over and
buyers bid the advance without much hesita
tion Since then th»- ruling price for rreamery
special? has he«B ">"-' c, but trading "as been <>n
a smaljer scale. There ar ■ enough goods ta
eupply all requirements, and the markft is a
little" easier The average quality is BtiU Quite
defacuvr and there is :■. liberal offerine of all
bur the finest gooda. ExtFaa can be bousat
eastlv ax 3Ov*@3lc. Bel«w the Inside figure
U is 1-l.rgoly a matter of negotiation. Occa
sional saies" of higher gru'lf firsta are reported
at ".'Mi -HH 1"'".1 "'". but average nrs<3 are oflßnnS
freely at 27®2Sc, and tnere is a pretty fnti
stock to be had at Sorae_BaJes ol
storage creamery ar.- reported at .»i«..l'-i-.
Most holders unwilling to sell besi goods at
the price Process elopes firm at -lie : ■•■'
specials and 26®26fcc for extras. Rec-pt.
are moderate and demand fair Factory
quiet. Packing stuck has fair cxll and mar
ket is a little stronger at the close.«( ream
hrs a ■ •
°4Vi©23c - state dairy, tubs, finest. 28 ci- .
good to 'prime, 25%®27fee: common to fair.
22i*@24Vic: pnx'w.s*. specials, -7c: extras. /Ji.
tf-r, v,■u ,■ firsts. 2 » * t 'a 2.»<* : Bueonds. 22Vi<ft24c;
Western, imitation orearnery. firsts. :-ifi-'><':
factory, June make, firsts. •_ > HH 1 2 'rj - to; current
»nafee.«fir»tS, 22V>@2:*c; secon.is. 22c: thirds.
••1 if- -"I ' <■■ pa-kins stock. June make. No I,
23c;"curr«nt make. No 2. 22e: No ~. 2D*t-2Te
CHEESE — It*ceip!s for the w?ek. ,0.3-3
boxe* exports, 147 boxes; receipts Ust week,
•4 fW9 boxes. Buyers more sautious, and not
1 to take on any more stock than re
, quired for Immediate use! On .he other ban.,
i receivers have not been disposed to hold
j ..r^ese because «f the high cost, ar.l have
freouentlv yielded a little rather than put
goods I" storage. Coacesslons have been
sl'xhr thus far. hawever, and dp not warrant
any material revision of quotations. Most of
1 the fancy full rream ch-ese. both colored and
Pome choir,- parcels have K on« # a 1 14 We. while
jo medium grades Mtwo from [email protected]
iktms iteady at about 13c for specials; an
occasional |o« going « tittU hlffh«r \oun?
Americas in li^hf supply .• about 1 . v.c. whH«
i mesi of the fancy dairies are Eo'^F, at lt> '-°-
State, whole milk, specials. 18®l.Jic; ayer
aK ; fancy small colored. ir.U,-; white. 15i,c;
,*^j —JorM, l*Hc; »'hlte. i!V ! 2c; choice, l.V^c:
eoor! to prim-. U*i®l3c: wmmo» to fair. 10%«
14c- Ekiiv < special. lSe: averace fin". n- 4*il*.-;4 *il*.-;
fair '« «»"•!• H'i(.vr'" ! »''; common. »[email protected]!sc; full
F.O«;S-R-.--iptK for week. 7=.4;50 cases.
Pt-i.-ps have made no material change, ami the
market Closes fairly steady on high grade*.
\ moderate mftvprami in storage .-kkj in th«
ranees quoted. State, Pennsylvania and
nearby hennery! uhites. M®33c: gathered. »
«<».>.-•' hennery, browns, fancy. rtli
e>ed.V2s«j! 27c: spoor to fair. 10024c:: Western;
gathered, white-, 20p26c: fresn Kathfr»d ?■«
fectvd extras. rloz*n. 2tl ?J ■.'/.•; extra firsts. 3l«|
'•-,' ri-sts -• tt "-' • seconds. 'JOff-Jir: thirds.
r-lgeiei? airtws, No 1. candied. i*fl9Hc: No
*> 16»17c: dirties, poorer. 1."».i1..c; checks.
rec#ipts. as to quality. I2#irt'*'-: re-
Jf 1!»C
FHITTTi -PR IED — R»«*»ll)ts f<»r the week,
1". ewes ewpamted apples. 45.15 a pkjca other
dried fruits: exr n "« tot tho week, U.ncn pugs
! No . hanse in the T°« evatwratud aiiple market.
Future market a little firmer, with business r<>
pcrted at JTm and holders generally a«uiiiH $S
at the close thoue'.i uno.l^ roulil probably b*
bought at *7 87H«|7 90 Old raspberries moving
nut very slowly; new offered to nrrtve Mt SOKO
21c «mi «»nsiderable business ;<t the etitaid* iiu>>"
at lon 6pp< prunes, apricots and pearlies all (Inn
ani "scarce. Not much ■ ■ in cherries
I APPT..BS.tya!M»rated, fancy. tt». !O^40lle; pheiee,
« l -<rr!l" prim-, car lots. >c; Jobbing sales oft,
*w- common to fair. 6\«74& RASFBBRRIBS.
ISJOO 21c; 1810, 20*i(»2Ie. CHSRRIES. >!M<>.
pi.ii-iui, M'TlU'oTf*. I'alitoinia. Mooroairf.
SOD. lSHOialvie; Royal. n>n>. ll^lSc. I'KAi'iiffi,
<'-a!lfor"ii"i. p-"vlerl. 14'(T!Sc; unp«.-lwd. rt'sSfT'sO
riMNKf* *'«lifnrnt."l. a* tn «>ize, 4 liiSftt'r*".
fin ! ! - -h'UK.-H- Kain-v apples steady;
niedhirn and lower ..■■•■- dull and w««*U. Pears j
show little ,-han>;e; funcy tfl einin-i fruit is
Mtra-lv. V ¥ «-aches n sha In firmer. r.rapes f.ivor
,, 1( - ti t^ buyr. Few s?n«d huckleberriee arriv
iiiif Borne fancy Colorado muskmal*nv are
(•rtiiKing a little better price, but much of th«
Supply It* '''i' l l' oor nr)l1 "ffTt-rl low. Wdtar I
msians drasstilf »' i rtw Hn 'l trr«"HUlar priors. |
APPLES, r»<). tabif varieties. Rood to fancy.
$2MXSS4: blush. J-J NinJ.l •">»'; Rreen. chniie to
frtnc>. $2SO&f3BO; ordinary kinds and 'iiiaiiti'S.
bhl , 52SJ2SO I'KAii aI'VLK.--". email, $:>as»4:
large. *2©*3 50. PEJARS. Bartlett; $^iH?»; Se,-ket.
J'J 73*t $1 75 : I'lipp'H Kavorii*. $.Ib#»'.ii ; i-oniuion I
Itinda. S-'isf- <"('. HKA^HEF. fancy, can if r. $1 23 1
Csl7s; poor to p<»>«i. W)r(J(Jl; choice t<> funcy. j
basket, H.Vv-jsl. p,.,.r to goa<l. 80O«6e. PLUMS. I
Pamwm. bank«-». "">'rt '.Uh- : other vurle.tleg, infj»
I GRAPES. Niagara. T.VSjJI; Deiawar*. ",*i<
<yi.-; Concord, 5045.'83e; M«ere's t-Hrly «nd Wnrdfn.
&o®Ssc; Champion. .... BUACKBERRIEB,
quart, B©l3c. RASPBERRIES, pint, .'■ffs-.
HUCKXiEBERRI^, Jersey an,i Pennsy lrania," l
large, blue, quart, •••• '■••■'• . iiuall and ooor, 3'3-V. I
Proprietors The GORDON HOTELS, Ltd. gj fg% «SB ff& jA ftl
("lose to Buckingham rnl.icc, Westminster || 5} HM 1 || S&jj
Ahhcy and'rnnvrni-at' f*>r wrywhTr. Tariff trrr m g|n]p|l U!s^
from r>roifn Ottiir ">#h' I'orfc Trihunr. " r.Js< ifj^lalp will
Bf(iarfH-»y, A'ew Vorit. .^^— i^— — — -•
Hotel Ocr Kalserhof
Renovated at cost of 5t. 000,000.
Alt Latest American Comiorts.
iila»trated B«oii«i» froai " Nsw Tof« T iW<M '
DTJIT-CST^fr-T^r leading fashionable hotel of Dresden.
Facing Central Station. THE CONTINENTAL
Hotel, Restaurant,
and Grill Room,
LONDON . . . . - .
Midland Gracd Hotel
MANCHESTER - - Midland Hotel
LIVERPOOL .... Adclphi Hotel
LEEDS Queen's Hotel
BRADFORD. . - - Midland Motel
Midland Hotel
DERBY Midland H§tcl
W. TowJe. Manser. Midland Railway Hotels
and Kefrehliment Rooms, etc. Chi-f Office
Midland Grand Hotel. Lacdon. .
HniilKß-S s!U>KI-I> HOTEL .Elee. Light
K^^-n?o E fEL^§ ii L n «oi[i^r l mvtß.
Tariff- of the Hotel-. and full particular, a*
t« route* may be had at the European " ffi , c «
of "Tlie Tribune." at "Dane* Inn H»»a»e, -OS
strand (overlooking Aldwycb and Kinssway).
T.ondon. _^ -
c rr- "^^
Boulevard dcs Capucmes and Place de
I' Opera. 1,000 Rooms with Private Baths.
Tariff en Application.
PARIS (F av °ri te American House)
fim » 15 Rue Scribe
Opposite the Grand Opera
"The Modern Kctel of Paris."
£. ARMSn'JSTER, ManaQar.
22.1 Rue at, ttonore, close to Vla?e Venaocns.
First class. All modern Improvements. Ever?
home comfort. Larg» halL Restaurant.
luncheons and dinners at axed prices or a la
carte. Telegrams. LILLALBION. PARIS—
Henri Abadle. F~opriet.tr
MXTSKMELOXS. Jersey, standard crar«. 54jr-g-
SI: ha.=k^t, [email protected]; box. [email protected]«5c; Maryland and
| Delavrare. standard .-ratf 4"<-«3sl 37; Coforajio,
[6<teig42 25; p«jny iraie. JjOcg?! 25; fiar. .">••*: .•■••-
WATERMELON'S, oar load. < Ssl --" F'INS
APFLES. Florida, craf. SISSSfiO; Havana. *-4
$■'{ h>>: Porto Ri^*>. eOcQs3 "n).
HOPS — Re-tipts for the ««k. 7>4 hal^s:
j fxp^rt.-! f.->r th«» wp»k. 6*? bales. Neither •*-
i porters n^r dealers have fhoun much dtsp-sitton
to operate, an! the market ha* had rather a
s!iissiFh mn». with lierit business, gisw
era a:v unirllUng ta a ••cepi less than 2Tx». Good
reports from the Pacific Coast. Ptate. lt>"?>.
medium to prim^. 21©23 c; Pacific Cbast, 19* 11 ©.
j prim* n> rhoii-e. 14'J?15<-: me-iium ta ano<i. 1"^
1^?: Pau-ifU; Cbast, iai'7. 7'£ > "<': Germans, l».i!>,
4.">fl .')!>.•; pacific Coast. l!«>rt. ■i'aTv-.
HAY AM) STRAW— Supply targ*r; eenaidw
abl* stork arriving by barges an.i Bajrket »•«!<
and Inu<?r. TIMOTHY, now, pr:m«. ?1 -<• V"r
100 Ib; N r rv :? to No I, 80d$$l l'>: shippins. 75--:
! clnvpr mixed. 7.V*?sl; ciov»r. tHrfjiAh;. STRAW.
| long ry, rilKjiiV:.
rOII.TUV— ALIVE— Receipts for the we»k.
| r--". cars by freight. Trade fairly a.-tive
, and marker pen^rally nrai. with prUea
not established up to a late hnur. CHICK
ENS, spring \ia express. R.. lrt-fTK.-; FOWLs.
via expi^ss. 15A15U.': ROO6TER3, young and
old, lObe: TURKEYS. [email protected]; DI'i.TCS, 14c;
(iEEHB. 12c; GUINEA FOWL^. pair. 6»c;
PIC, EONS, ;&c. DRESSED— Ueceiftri for the
w«ek. 11.450 pk.£rp. Trade generally light and
market without material change- Flowla firm.
Chi' kens weak. Turkeya scarce for o!4 Fresh
killed— Tt.'RSCEYS, Western, average, b^sr hens
and totns, 21frii": fair to jjoo-i. lSa2't>-; BROIL
ERS, Philadelphia, farcy, squab, pair. 4rtSt.*)r :
« to 4 rr» to pair. R>. SSSCIe: Penngylvania, li»
S2i>c: Western, dry picked, milk fed. n>. 19f»20e;
j selei-tod. :J to .T-j IT) to pttir. 17c; CHICSCBSS. !
! spring. Philadelphia, ovet 4 rb ti, pair. [email protected];
Pennsylvania, X^S-J?c: Western, dry picked. 4
th and over ti> pair. IS#lUc: i rh and over t'> pair,
and mixed, se'ertcii. fancy. l." l jslrtc: averng-s
run. U'Sir*.-: >[i<-h;6-ai2. scalded, choice. Ittaltf '•*<•:
1 Western, scalded. s«-ir>cf^il. J".a 1"> L2'-;L 2- ; average
|grad»B, lWlt'i'': Southern, I3X-<gl4e; Fi^WLS.
j Westrrn. b«jies. dry. 4S !t> and over to dozen.
l&SlTc; ."54 to 42 !T>. 15 He; ii£d. dry plcke.i.
4 to R It> each, l.'iVjr; bb'a. small, 14'sSir-c;
Michigan, scalded, faacy, 15 lie: Western, iced. 15
Wls'j'-: Southern ana Southwe»tem, averas» best.
Io4ilo'«c: other Westsrn. poor ta fair, 13 ! . a 3
144,-: COCKS, e!d. Ib, t2c; DCCKLJNG& spr!:;«,
I^m^ Island an'l Kastern. !?>. !!*<•: Pennsylvania,
l^^itrl'.'f : Ot'civS. sprinsr. Western. ,"»cli'-;
HQr.'AB prime, vvhire, 10 Ib to dozen, per
dozen, *.U"; :> H<. ?3 »; i IT-. $3 •-"«; 7 n>.
12 7.*.; B t» rti-t !b. S2S*>: dark. H ."m)vs! 7.':
culla, 50€T73c: GriXK.V FUWUS. sprm?, ."> IT< to
pair. ?13.<1 10; under 3 TT> to pair. 63073 c.
| Frozen- -Yf«ins foms. Mo 1, 26827 c: No -. IS
ff^V; youtjg hens. Ko 1. 24325 c: Xo 2. !>''?!
2i»c: old toms. No 1. 24c; CHICKENS, roasting, j
milk fed. fancy. 1 »*■?:> X- : fair t<» g-~vi. l*V<tl7e;
fryers, fancy, 17c ; average No 1. 15c: corn teri,
soft mealed, fancy. IT I *} !••••; av»ras» No 1. 15.^
[ l«r: fr>er^. fancy." 15c: average N» 1, He.
anil pwet notaries firm unit sijshtly higher,
f'nion.s steady. Cuenmbera and pickl-s -lu'l and
weak. '"aMiages lower, lireen com llrmer I-imcj.
beans firm. P«>m.« show wide range in Quality.
Peppers weak and lower. strln< iJieans sliululy
lower. •Toma(o»« steady POTATOES. I»?i5 l»'
ar.d. bM. $1 .' 7:, .Urwy. bi.l .>r lues. *1 4i>'«"
$175- Southern, bbta. Itfill 6»: SWEIET POTA
TOES. $10$2; PARROTS, *1 ."»frr? - J 'y>: CAB
BAGES .... CEfJERT, dozen roots. !o-*
2.v-: CAmjpLoWERS. hbl, t\rtt ci'CJ-M
HER? M)i-iajl •»••; Ct'CtJMBER firiil.BS. 7rt.--r
$1 r.«t; l.ikin, st."iig|Csi» EGGPI*ANTS, bhl. 5'V
Qs\: t^ORN. liHi. ."5n.-Jt.lt2 2S: LIMA PEASrt.
hasket. or hi?. .VyffSl '«•: LETTUCE, Lai-Uets. I
- . OKRA. box. r-io'gl!; ONIONS. i»ranij« 1
County, b;iff, *l''r*l ".">: (»ng Inland and Jersey
yellow, lib!. flipVtMS2s: r»d. *!rf^t7.%: »tate,
white, crate. 7."^!«K-; PAKSL.EY. l-a-ket. :»>,-. j
PEAS, basket or baa. rxir-(js2: PEPPERS, bM.
50975 c; STRING BEANS, basket or hag. 4»i<*
73e; '.Ml-.- rutabagas, hl.l. 73cG$l: TOMA
TOEii. box. 40<'(jJl 'J5.
HONEY— -Suppli-a of new sialp romb hiv#
been coming n little nmr» freety and m-etins a
firm marlct. Old California extracted al*> firm
St.iie cpiiii.. fancy, th. !«<■; No 1. I.V; So 2. I"^» i
14c; California extracted, »sit white. tT>. SW<; |
white, l -fi!»c; H»ht amber. 7'»^.V-; as to qua!- j
ity. srrilli.n. «H><||7S«.
BEESWAX— FuII quotation for ftn««r jfoods. j
,tlc. moil U>ta rinKT'nt down to _7c In in-;
staiifes for foreisn. State Hud Ni»rrh«»rn. pure j
bright. »'. 31c; Southern, ■."•^"■'••■, f'-reisn. 2S# '
" M \TI KCSAH Stock! hal.i flrmlv by rf--al- !
in awaiting iht- er*ning »f th* fall tra.iin*. i
?»upar tT'. l"314o; s>ru|>. as to quality, (titllnn, ,
v| |. Mnrlltt *n pr#try s ood shjpt- All j
pntdes of iinelted peanHt» movinj »ut well, PK.v
NITTS, Virginia, hand picked, nimlw ?t. T-t>- ,
fancy ri'«W.'» '•«••: hand »ick«»l. "utra. 4 ! a»t »**■•;
Vtrslnla. ahet'ed. Jtimh.>, *> 5 «0c: N,> 1. «*ic;
No 2. )<«*••■: Spanish, ■helled. No 1. SOSKc: tio
2, SVt^Tr. ,
N*W York. August .in. l!Mn
fIKK\ I - ■.» - eip«9. -1 cars, or 405 head. |
Includlnii i |( ciirs for the market; I™ cars held t
nv.-r vestatday. No trail* in live rattl*. but :
feeling Bteady. r>resa.-d b«>ef un<-h4HKe<l in :
price, Liverpool and tendon cuttle nurk-ts ,
lower rtt 1 2 •» *t I •* 1 *". dr»»»«id ueijjlil ; refris^r- I
tttof b**-t »i London. !o%a.
CALVES — Pv'-''«-ip!s. S»0, including •.•f»o for!
tl>e market; ?i~>~> on *ali". mainly WttUrM |
\>als weai, except fi>r chiitfo; W'-sinrnn no ;
ra->r« tlun stea.lv. Medium to prim- veals ;
sold nf $9 «2*i<Bf I<*"3 P»* " l 0 16: cv!!». *7:
Wuttrnß, all common. S4OS3. No buttermilks !
offercii. City dressed veaU Quiet at il®!To«
Opened .909. HAMBURG-
Hotel Atlantic
Facing m«mut;.'ui Al*tor Lmkm.
PA Hie Hotels ST. JAMES
< .ntnti !n. iriio Opposite TTSll»rie» GOT
"o^ Private Bath-*. Heater*- Rm»m
from 4 •,« . with I B»<1». * fr»- Luneß.
4 tja . Dinner. .■» tr*. at *eparale tables.
! P>^B>ii>n from fr*. 13. 50.
Hotel Cecilia
; 11, %m Mac M ahon, Arc do Tri
' omphe. Suites with baths. Cables
J Cecilia. MViE. THAYtR, PROPS.
PARIS: Ave' de I' Opera
Sew & Up-to-Date Hotel
DI? IT C ft* P \T liooraa with iwHUi
r\LJI/Lll Bath and T»tt««t«.
! Di-::nzni»ii»fl Horn» »< old rojmi-Mloo. Cauja*
I pabltiao. R. KO.NVEFEI-D Oen. Maimar.
V\^ ii E v Ofl D t n[■ ■ Tlrf »^*
PALACE Hotel & Bat&s
VlCiiilil The Finest Mil
ICililM in Austria.
Located on the F.i»hn»aabi< SArat&aerrlsx.
aud the favorite resort of American*. Fez*
feet French Coisiae aaa ek«ic« wiaea.
1 *^ E 12 !^ft "* BEAUTIFUL'
:|| "EDEN P&LAGE-"
KflU 14 i = -*i
VENICE Hotel •--" <■— i
Kg 9^l<>ndiii View.
NB i in • •• . Electric u^ht.
f Bova Dsiiß r 9 iwoijju
hUJUI UUUIUII gteaci H*at.
AU Modem Comforta. EaUway Ticket
NVwiv Reftttfd.J
ErilUCi Wine th.
Ua- a frontaso uf
£00 Feet co '*" ' A. FIANTA.
linad ijiui. I Maxiaa-»»
per Ib; country dressed at W«MH e t^^
srrassTs ami butt-rmi'.ks Uiwr at 9 * "'•
Sales— Kelaon & MeCabe: 4r, Wesura ea»*«*
•>42 1b av^rag?. $0 per 100 lb: *>• 27<> .t).«»-
Tobin & Shannon: 4." vonls. IST b. $»■*-'-?:
5. San<i*rs: 12 v-a!s. 161 Ib. $10 *5.
Kerns roramission Coir.par.y: 8 ven.s. 140 is.
$».w : J cul!». 1-5 ib. *"■ ._ .
SHEEP AND LAMBS- R*c«iprs. 13 cars. •*
4.7TJ h»arf. ir.eiurtir.jr 7 cars for th» mark-t V>
', cars on »a!<v B^th sh*>-p and lambs w»r- fm.
ptaagy, and tlu li*h« ottering* w-r» *!»••**«£
ear'.y. Good t o choice Bhee-p sold at f* \OJ9
<4 73 p-? r l fl ** H»; ordinary to prtme lauaw*
SBSO'SSi T5. pressed mutton sX.ea.Ay i: "Sl*«
p^r Ib. itrcpwd lambi* hffcfier at 11913^6 <n
ciu.iins h.->K fir*a«e<i at 12 Cf 13 4c
Sa^* — Karrj Commission » ompany: -,«•
Wesr ViramU lambs. H7 lt> av«r»*a. S. SJ^P«
MO !b: 177 Kentucky. 75 lb. *7 23 ; --•■-."•
S7 22 «:; lb. $i 5 5O; C." Srmßtkj sh.~»p. Ito TO.
$4 7.". 13. 100 lb. $4.'..V toD. 107 lb. H *«
Xewton * Co.: 230 VT*st Virsnia. U=bs. .3
Id. $7 63: 21* 71 lb. $7 60: 2-6. « I>. $. •>*.
2T3 65 Ib. $7 60: 119 Virginia. .4 lb. J. »>■_
?. Sanders: ai «st' !*ml)t. rtt l"c. Si*> •*: *
6l:*ep. 95 lb. J4 50.
Tobtn 4 Shannon: -.--■- tarsus. ■ *».
$ " Andrew Mullen: 6 state Urabs. 75 ib. J6M.
J. Sbamberg* i=an: --■ West Vir s iai»
!•*■*•■ ■■ • ii^cVipt* 3 cars, or . ._ h**-A. la
cluriin* half a car for ttM tna.rk-r r*rmjT*r
!!v^ hogs ar.rj g<->od heary to h*ht w«*S»ta
M-idars: ' o-* .-.,. hoCT. «- 1*
a-.prasr*. $3 ftf. p*r 100 '.J>: 4 rouxsa. «29 t».
Tobin & Shannon: 2T» state hoys, M I*
$r»T.'.- r rewk. •••-■■ —
Andrew Mullen Cat- yesterday>: .-'•?•
p!^s 120 Ib. $10: tl frate bnw 1«4 !b. $9 .■>.
•J. l'Jrt !b. $!>r.O; 3 roughs. =3B lb. «•* 50; 4. *«T
'Nelson & McCabe: 4:> state ptfs, 1» IK
$0 - SO 207 it>. J3 «0 _ __ _
»!»--. 7 J . i-i-f lb. V.) 7'>: J7. 157 !b. f»63; 32.
182 !b *0 •■><>• S mixed h.>ca, 276 lb. $^S d. l.»
lb. $7 7"; 1 star. 41 lb : ?.'..
Chicago. Aug. 30.— TATTLE — B?r<*ipt>.
roou steady: b««v e s. T«*<
stft-rs. $:; -:>{rso; West^rr.. (4 -i*JT Ij: stnerf
prs and f»-(i'r». $4 10(jtriC»: rows and h«rf*r».
$" rtii o;sH.;i>: ealv«. ?rt".'»-asl». HOG5 — B»
re'ut.i 14.<W0; ."c up f"r lieht: r>fh«r* steady:
liuht ' $'.>ijs9 55: m;x»d. ?■* rt» d s9 40; heavy.
S»43fis!>2s; rough. ?>43jM*TiV «o»d to
choire h»avy, $<» 7rt9*» --1: P'e*- **75 §•»>♦:
balk "'f sales. S««sOS»lft SHSEP- Receipts.
25.OOO; sfmns l*e up: nattv-. $2?S#M*3:
Western $285|f»4«: yearUnsa. *4 4*315 73;
lambs native $."»'os7 10: Vffesifn. ?j JS>.
V.ast Buffalo. Auk. :VV— <'ATTLE — RecH?%
250: tairly actlr*: anade en.-l-r. VEA^i— R#
HOGS Kec»i»t* SflO; arttve: O-3r;i>c hi^*':
hVavy $9859310; mix^d. $!>««*•!<>■. Y->r>*r».
s<>8O0S»O3; piss. J:> ♦«•■« :j 5^ Sl " > ; rn U iibs<. $5 10»
»<»••-,• .J i)r;»3. ?'.* I.'. ??s:»«*• SHEEP ANI>
: IMBS R«e«tpt», 4<>ft. acttv-: sb»>«p steady:
lamb.<. tor hisrh.T; lamin, ♦4 77>e$7C5.
Ctnetnnati Auy. 3<>— CATTLE— R^-eipt*.
824: Bt^dv. fa:r to xoo-i s^lprers. J6 :>0
jsf I>. common. *2 2»<»*3T*. hogs— R«c«4p-j».
1744 m-tiv*: but t -htrs an-1 shippers. $:>:Uie
«;».-..» (nmmon. $* 2il«»* 23. SHSEP—R*
cetpt». 2:133: etr^ng: (F39H 15; ia«cb» *ct-.v<»
and »rr.>n«. *:5 7"»fi $7 I.V _«.*•_
K,nsa< City Au=." Sa— CATTXS-rß*e«!ptA
"1 060 Including 1.200 Southir-r.B. iimit; cr>*»
stronsr; f!rfss»il heef anil export *r*eri» ffi 7.1
OM2S; fair to «"*••<. *.Vrr#*»K«»: W«»r^m
steers $> •_••". it $7 : sitorker* ami f»«,1oT-« $3 SO
jmii' Poorhcra. ♦« 7". »if»j.'. . t;.-nithi»rn k -o«-«.
I2«I»«S4 2S: native *J Tr. tr «4 7.-. : h^if*rs. f3J3
T T*rt7.-»' bull*. S- -••-• 2 H -:>: .-a!v»9. HS»O
«s ",o nt»:S-RT«i?'s. «.»«>•>: Be hi<it»r: bviik
of »!.'t. *0 2« if» !"»: h-h -' VT • fS3 i?s^ 3S:
n ; «.-k^r« Bad » aJ-H-rs. $0 259030: lishr. jr» ♦<•>
gMjntj SHEEP — Receipts. l».0M»; si»ady:
lambs" steady t.-> 2Oe lower; lambs. *.". T.*. i
$Hl>i»; ye.ir'.ia!?^. $t !»^s*."> 75: w-irh^rs. $3 9O •
$1 .-.(>• Kt"<-kers and f^der*. $:'. ■?? «."» ."«>.
fPy TrfU«c:r:»ph to Th# Tribune]
I.ouUvllle. AWf- SO.— SHEEP AND r.AMBS—
Hix-ripi* 55*: f«r »•»• «*ay«. 5.423; n»rk#t
steady to firm: bulk of b^st Jambs. .V\ ««*' 4 o;
sonf prtnif lambs a Bbada hisher: »*roml«.
4'. •■vt.ip; rOtlm, r. n4c; fat sheep. »tf.<»dy »t .It*
tiovn: c-orn»n.-»n s"n»»p Htil!: j •■> t inquiry fo
prtnir to faiu-v stock. »•»«■»; plain and com
mon »l»w
(Furniahevt by <Tiarl« T> Barroy * Co.. X» tS
Rro<td !>tr""t. Ne* York, and Ni>. I^2 So-JCa
4th strvff. v:-i1,*.1-' ,»h..i >
HtdAskfd. i Ufegi
Am ivment. 17*4 l> I L«huh N«v . « an
Am Xv <■■» *■! 4.'** L«h Va! It X »S 79ii
famh S«»el. ll 5*5 * 4^ i Phi!a «".-» 43 ** 44
C Tr et S .1 Tl 71H ... ... 43 43
El St <r Bat. 4»;'s »7S Pi-nn R Rto K4 ! » *4 l i
X! ro nf Am UU 1 * US Fran S«r<»! pf. I<H lf»
Ktini.i Tr. « 7 Fhi!a VMc «'.> IX 13H
Oen A»ph«lt WH 2T^itPhlia Rap Tr "'? IT\
do i>r*f... 7»)>; 71 ISmckelesa P. to v«,
ICnof N A 1!» l>» l i f'nlon Trac. . 4*H ».?
I^ak' S Torp 21 v s •_:: Jt'n Oaa Imp. S»>H .*«%
■Jo pr#f... 54 38 NWlaba^-b. Co. 33 IT '
A R C0B» •- ■- »3 I Phila E!ec «* MM IS%i
Xl i pm »i SO 1 . «S> s ;: do us 100 101
N J Con 3».10-j 102 '♦ PMla \."O 3a.. 9ft MH
Peo PRy 4s 0J M i

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