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Of Interest to tOomen
In its Most Severe Forms It
Admits of Variation.
■v . mt I iiiagu af EMkiw
C r,rn. ■■ ■ ;,:<ily. an<l those
v i - ■ • ■ m • ies mfocmed
. . Mo the i ;•' I ' : ''
■■■•■ ' ' ' "
t that tin r.^ are
r . : East rules as Bor
i. • •„...■
• ■ ■ :at the
art <--f good dressing has been mastered.
>'o woman in U-ese days can be chic un
less she studies her own individuality and
knows just which styles among the many
available an. best raited to her. Bo widely
varic-d are the models sop? • ■•"! that she
need never wear anything unbecoming.
Such liberty of choice means added re
sponsibility—a thing that all except the
... minded avoid when they can—
but every woman who bakes the trouble to
exercise her nt-v.- privileges with discretion
should win xYif gratitude at all who have
the pleasure nf looking at h<^r.
Even in the strictly tailored costumes.
which are ino;e Influenced by conventional
ity than most other feminine garments,
there is enough diversity of «l<»sign to meet
the needt of all types of women. Autumn
models shown sy f;;r ar-.- most reassuring
after all the alarming prophecies that have
been rife during the last few weeks. The
coats are mostly shjrt. but they are shown
jn different lengths, and there -■ one reach
ing half way down the skirt that will be
liked by women of -"■'■"■
They may close in a straight line up the
centre of the front or may have one of the
many fanciful cross-over arrangements
that have '.>eon in vo?ue during the spring
and summer, Ijut with the coming of the
high waist it is natural that the long
revers carried fiov.-n to a lor. fastening
should he consigned to ...
tkirts have .-omi-circulur side gores that
fall Into slight ripples, and those that have
horizontal bands only appear to Lie con
fined bj them.
President Pallieres cr^uted h small s«n
yation In Paris by offering his right arm
to the Queen «f the Belgians during her
vipit to t!;n city. Tl.i:, exception to the
usual practice" >*■«* .... been re
served for officers, who, wearing tlie sword
on the left side, could not conveniently of
fer the left arm. One explanation offered
for the innovation is that the President
did not wi^h in Interfere with the sym
-.-.;• procession of the offlcrs be
hind, each of whom had been naturally
obliged to nffrr the right arm to his part
ner. "It is the first time we hav<- ever
seen our President trouble his head about
Some tOajrj of the World
The recreation pier at East 112 th
street is a happy pht these summer j
afternoons. A band in the centre of the |
pier sends-- up a summons from all Its tune- I
fui brazen throats and immediately chil- |
crfn by tens, then hundreds, crop up j
everywhere and come scampering gleefully :
straight toward the pier. Their whoops and ;
cries of j?!a<lijf-ss ought to be a source of 1
endit-.ss gratification to the one to whom is I
Cue the fielifiiitful idea of teaching the chil- I
<lr<:-n 10 dance and converting the recreation \
piers of the East Side into Open dancing
While the boys .-. having their le?son 1
I^grailt and petticoats must wait outside j
restraining ropes, inside of Which, to the
Inspulns strains ut "Has Anybody Here :
get-:: Kelly?" The boys clutch one another |
psyjy a!:J set forth in f t-arch of the miesing i
Irisi:rr.^n in is T.r.tly executed a. twoatep
£j one cot:l 2 hope to see. Their audience ;
beyoo4 this ropes watches critically, noting '
»Ith pride iht progress made by brothers
n-»ii f-laymates. From top* of seats and j
rriS.ir.fes :]-.<.•>• ehoux encouragement, as well i
th*y may: i
Tor- thai girls should 6s.nco is nr> wonder- I
fui nia't^r. but here teexna BUS* Of a I
tippy tinj<; to 1.01::^— future made bright
by a crop of rr.en who danee — can. will, are
*yen anxious :o do so; a coming genera- 1
tion t\ho. Tilth *raj- still attuned :o the;
magic of the Pled Piper, will shame this !
pre&eat inert, blase race, that can be urged j
«ri-cn to grand opera, almost, sooner than J
to a ddico. Verily, from the pier at East
I'tUh strwt ;» mlllcnniuni i* seen to ap- i
: ■ ■
What ovil spirit keeps paragraphera in j
women's nvigazines constantly telling j
women about new kinds of fasicywork? !
Women spenJ enough vitality that way
v. it.'iou: ... A column in a recent
•somber o* r-ui I-Jti^lisii magazine starts off
tmttin'.hlng 'Ik* '.his: "Kv<-n at ?he seaM<l*»
fi.t ni-t \ai idle. It i~: it g?00d :iuiL- for
a Question of aesiheUclsm," says one of his
A bachelor girl who lives in v studio
i k*e*« a P'.ect- of thin oilcloth, just the size
'of the mission table on which she pre
pares her gypsy meals; rolled up in the
i drawer of the table. When Bhe is poing to
| cook she Fpreads it on the table, which Is
thus protected from grease and Btldd
■ess Her work over, -'■"■ wipes the oil
cloth off and puts 11 out of sight.
All Problems to Come Before
Domestic Science Congress.
Many women's organizations will co
operate in the domestic science congress,
which is to be held under the auspices of
a special committee of the City Federation
of Women's Clubs In connection with the
child welfare exhibit at Madison Square
Garden from September IT to 24. Mrs.
Belle de Rivera, president of the City Fed
eration, will preside at one session, and
Mrs. Elmer Blair, president of the State
Federation, at another. Mrs. Robert Mr-
Vickar, president of the State Consumers'
League, and Mrs. James P. ('.-then, presi
dent of the New York City Mothers* Club,
will also preside at special sessions ar
ranged by their respective societies.
The Rainy Day Club, Mrs. A. M. Palmer.
president, will continue its campaign
against fids** weights and measures at the
congress, and Mrs Clarence Burns, presi
dent of the Little Mothers' Aid Associa
tion, Is arranging an exhibit to show how
the Little Mothers have put the prin
ciples of domestic science into practice.
The suffragists will also be in evidence
with "Votes-for-Women" jam and pickles,
as well a 1a 1 sound literature.
After the clubwomen get through with
this discussion of the problems of domestic
science there won't be anything left for
any one else to say. From food for infants
and kitchen tests for adulteration the sub
jects range to the city beautiful. Dr. Jo
sephine Baker, of the Board of Health,
will talk about the city's work for the chil
dren. Mrs. T. A. Pattison, president of
the New Jersey State Federation, who is
evidently a woman of courage, will tackle
the domestic service problem. Dr. William
P. Mason, president of the American Wa
terworks Association will talk about the
dangers that lurk in water, and the
weights and measures question will be
handled by Dr. Fritz Reichmann, State
Sealer of Weights and Measures, and Clem
ent J. Driscoll, Commissioner of the New
York Bureau of Weights and Measures.
There will be demonstrations, too, show
ing t*ie Inquiring keeper how to catch
germs in the kitchen Ice box and how to
cook the cheaper its of meat. Both the
army and navy will have- exhibits to show
bow I'ncle Sam dees things.
On* 1 of the nicest salad: at this season is
one of sliced tomatoes, chopped green pep
pers and a sprinkling of minced onion.
Chill the salad and i■ nd it to the table
with French dressing.
makint- up kimonos, pincushions, dolls'
houses, sofa cushions, etc., for Christ
mas resents. When walking on the beach
one can be on the lookout for shells to
polish and seaweed to press." Then follow
directions for making a truly awful book
of pressed seaweed with shell covers.
Articles like these seem innocuous, but they
are not. It Is impossible to estimate how
much harm they do women who. if left
alone, mljrht spare a few moments occa
sionally to look at the ?r-' j . and sky and let
their souls grow. Every Influence combines
to keep women from relaxing.
"Women never relax," said a man who
had just epent a holiday in a hotel filled
with them. "I watched 'em all summer. A
row of twenty would sit on the piazza
busily making things that nobody wanted
cr needed, while all the men in sight were
Idling back, taking It easy, or having a
stood a— lthy time at >rolf or something- like
that. Most of 'em changed their costume
for each meal and a few times In between,
while the men came down to breakfast in
clothes they could aav« a good time in. and
stayed In those clothes all day.
"Why does a woman call her summer
holiday a rest " he ended, reflectively.
Occasionally Plate does Intervene to give
a pen ISI revenge. On a 59th street car
the other night a man handed out a $10
bill in respon.se to the conductor's "Fare,
please The conductor protested that it
would take every cent of ohanpe he had,
but The passenger ■■■■■,- hold :he bill out
with a "Don't care if it does" expression,
and the conductor had to give in. In about
two rr.inutes along came a gust „< w.r,.. .in 1
took that ; issenger*a new straw hat neatly
out of the window and down the tracks.
The conductor stopped the car obligingly
and waited while the hat's owner puffed
away In pursuit. li. watted until the man
i auglit the hat and turned back. Th -n —
"Aw, *<' can't stop here all day," be raid.
A ii<l th< car L'jwlcd uu.
mM. BUILDINC TO COS! $400,000
To Be Erected by W. & §. Sloane at 47th Street Corner— New
$300,000 Factory for Trinity Church Corporation.
.An eight story store and office build
ing to be erected for W. & J. Sloane
at the southoH^t corner! of Fifth avenue
and 47th street, on par! oi the Windsor
Arcade block, will co« $100,000. according
to the estimate liled yesterday with 1 the
i plans at the buildings department by Ar
chltcct J. B. Snook's Sons.
Work on the structure will be begun
In the near future. The site, which fronts
100.5 feet on Fifth avenue, and 200 feet
on 4Tth street, is owned by Blbridge T.
Gerry. The building will be of fireproof
construction with facades of brick and
Plans were filed for an eight story fire
proof factory building to be built at the
southwest corner of Hudson and Morton
streets, for the Corporation of Trinity
Church, at a cost of J300.000. The building
will have a facade of brick with lime
stone trimmings, with a frontage of 125.3
feet on Hudson si reel and 125.3 feet on
•Morton street, with an extension 37.9x10.
This makes the third factory building for
which plans have been filed this year to
be built by Trinity. Charles O. Haight
is the architect.
Anna R. Morris Bold to Morris Weln
stein six three story and basement dwell- J
ing houses at No. 524 to 534 East 17th I
street, each on a plot 17.10x100.1l feet, be
tween Pleasant avenue and the East
River. The property was given in ex- j
change for the eight story store and loft
building extending from Lafayette to Mul
berry streets, south of Bleecker street, re
ported sold recently.
Charles S. Kohler has sold for the estate 1
of David Christie, the three and one-half
story brownstone dwelling house. No. 251 j
West 104 th street, on a plot 15. 6x100 feet,
to Wra. B. Ellison.
The Llewellyn Realty Company yester- ;
day transferred title to the Mott Haven ■
apartments, at No. 428 to ttJ East 188 th
street and No. 425 to 439 East 137 th street
to the De Goode Realty Company. The
property comprises six and seven story |
structures on plot IfiOx2Bo feet. There Is a
mortgage of $240,000 on the houses.
An official of the New York Central Rail- \
road said yesterday that if a terminal is j
to be built for the West Shore road it j
will not be in Manhattan, but in Weehaw
ken. More than one thousand feet of up- j
land and riparian frontage along the North
River, near the terminal of the West Shore
at Weehawken, has been purchased by the
New York Central for the future use of i
that railroad, he said.
Plans have been filed for building a rear
extension, one story high,, to the three
story and basement building at No. 14^
Elicabeth street, to connect with the rear
of the Thalia Theatre, on the Bowery. The
extension is for the exclusive use of the
employes of the theatre, and is estimated
Ito cost $1,000. The estate of William
I Kramer is the owner. Henry Regelman
! is the architect.
11. & L. Hess have leased for ML L. & C.
Ernst the eighth loft at No. 11 West 20th
street to the Vienna Novelty Company; for
the estate of Guv Witthaus the eighth loft
at No. 15 West 4th street to Ohlbaum
Brothers; for the Robert Burns Realty
Company the eleventh loft at No. 67 Irving
Place to the Stadler Photographing Com
pany; for M. L. A C. Ernst the sixth loft
at No. 4 West 16th street to the London
Waist and Dress Company; for the Fuller
ton Electric Company part of store and
basement at No. 109 to 115 West 26th street.
The H. M. Weill Company leased the store
at No. 200 West 34th street, adjoining the
corner of Seventh avenue, for D. A. Schulte
(Incorporated) to Jackson's Shop for Men,
who will occupy this store as a branch of
their store at No. 211 Sixth avenue; for
Nathan Weiss No. 222 West 37th street, a
three story and basement dwelling house, to
Emile Merkett.
Moore & Bchutte have leased for Mrs.
Flora MacD. Potter No. BO Hamilton Ter
race. a three story and basement dwelling
bouse, to 11. O. Jeffries.
Samuel 11. Martin has Leased for hllza
betl M. Rogan the four story and basement
dwelling house No. 120 West 64th street. to
C E. Hoerler; for Leon Cohen to the Lin
coln ' Square Barber Shop the store and
Pod^t- Company and the Le Buitre Im
port Company in the Simpson Building, at
V,, 1974 Broadway. .
Charles S. Kohler -as leased tor Dr. John
j Moorh«..l.the three story Queen Anne
dwelling house at the northwest corner of
104 th street and Manhattan avenue to HI.
Fisher, and for Charles I. Goddard the
three story Queen Anne dwelling house No.
m Manhattan avenue to Mrs. Sarah Cook.
I eon S. Altmayer has leased for John W.
Stephens the extensive summer home and
founds known as the "John Stephens
Camp." to Edgar Levy, who will occupj
™for the summer of ML This cottage
located on the shores of Lake Placid.
Mr 'Altmayer has also leased Mr.
Stephens'* yacht to Mr. Levy.
Steven B. (Lyres and Walter K. BayliH
have sold lot 17. Hillside avenue. Mount
Vernori; for The Wheeler Corporation This
VI located in the immediate vicinity of
the railroad station of the New fork,
Westchester & Boston Railroad at Vernon
Park, Mount Vernon.
UTII STBEEMu..n Splnn. • h« . «M to John
:::^; I ,;t-l 1 mxm*^ uoi,n U.
Furev was the broker.
56 :,, STREET— & Blackner sold for
1, vJ Kiei'i Th- fnur »t..rv and basement double
g?^JS wiS *ISSa, so* 404 Bast Btth rtr«t.
on plot 26x100 fpp»
liJTH CTKFFT Mr* M. TurnbuU ha? soJfl to
iij-uning M. 'northeast corner of I^lngton ave
""IOJTH STREET— S. Kohler has sold
for the estate of David CUrUtl« the three and
iVlfrtory brown.tone dwelling hojw*. No 251
We«t 104 th strppt. on a plot lfe. 6xloo reel,
William B. Ellison,
r-icx H7TH STREET— Anna R. Morris gOlfl
rtSr StOrt an" lofl building C.xtpnau.g from
I«f«Ly*tte to Mulb*>rr>- street, south of Bleecker
street report«<J * ■■Id recently.
BRTAKT AVENUE- Charles I Kohler has
-for Francis J. o'Ketl to an lav«stor a two
Story frame dwelling house. No. 1217 Bryant
avenue, on a plot 20x100 feet.
UNION AVESUB— Kiirz & l.'ren have told for
Mrs Bertha Sheer No. 068 union avefteu a ny«
story new law hou»e. on a plot 356x05 feet,
near 152 d it.
IT-'D STREET — Polak has i=old for
Louis X Kleban the two *tory frame dwelling
how en a plot 60x100 Mat, on th» south side
of ITU str*et. I<>) feet east of Park avenua.
COLLEGE AVENUB— & lilarknor so!d
for Vincent Horowitz, of H*lmar. N. J.. the
thl*« family brick dwelling house No. 1043 Col
lege avenue, on a plot 22x02 feet.
161 ST STREET— I-auter & Blackner and J.
Trattner fold for Philip Frued^nmacher the four
story triple flaihousr. with stores, at th. south
east corner of lflist street find Catildwell ave
nue, on a plot 27j:10i3 feet, to a client for In
vestment. .
TiVToN AVEXH0 — Lautti A Blackn^r
and J. Trattner Bold for Henry Oundlach the
plot 27x135 f»'t. on the wmi side of Tin ton
avenue. 240 feet north of lOUt street, to a
builder for Immediate Improvement.
IfllST STREET Lau«#i A Blaekner and J.
Trattn<-r sold for Annie Brill the three family
frame dw«!lliu houas ai the southessi cor
ner of 181 it street ami Hoffman street, -on
lot L'.-xlmi feet.
JACKSON AVENUE— Usutei A niupkner
in,'. Bauer & Co sold for Alexander FVlede
iif-rs the riv<> story snd basemen i apartmani
house Nob 659 mil ••'M Jarkson avenue, on a
plot 72 ! l\".". feft, to .< client for Investment.
ir.2l> .sr-<F:i:T— 1. 11 it. * HI i.l, him an. l
IJuuui Si Co. m,U Ist Ail'ilpii il.ilile t!io tUroa
Mery front and two story rear buildings at
No :ss.- ( East 152 d street, on lot -.'.-.xl"" feet,
2.-I9TH BTREETT— Laiiter & Bla«kn and
Bauer & Co sold for Adolpfa Holile th« plot
of lots.' six 45x100 feet, located nt the sou tn
eaet comer of West 25»th street and ryndall
The following real estate transactions
were recorded at the Real Estate Exchange
salesroom, Nob. 14 and i<i Vesej street] yes
By Hugh D. Smyth
MADISON AYE, 1772 and 1774. « s, 60 tt
n of lintli st, 40.11x110; two S sty tt ninls and
Ktares; Bold to the pltff for $65,037.
By Daniel Greomvald.
MADISON AYE, 778 and 780, « 3. 60. " ft,
n of With st. 4«ixhO ; 10 sty ai-t bouse; Sheriff
sale of all right, title, etc, which J T WllUams
had on Jim-. 17. 1910, or since: Otterlm ir;?.
S & H. attys; sold to Adolph Shapiro for ?< >.
With name and address of lessee.)
3D AYR. 3221, south Store; Robeii II Berg
man to i.oul? Kaplan; 6 yrs from May 1. 1010;
$!n^>; address, S2U .' .d are! .
.SAME PROPERTY; Louis Kaplan to Morris
Karmazln and ano; 4 yrs S inos from St. a 1.
1S»1O; $960; address, IMS Eldridge st.
6TH AVI3, 2170. stoif- Lisette Meyer Bsess
to Job Weiss; B yrs from Oct 1. 1010; $1,020 and
$1,080; address. 2107 ,"th aye.
i'TH AYE. 573, store; Rachel Lederer to D S
Knujs Co; 0 yip from May 1, 1010; $1.9 ad
dipss 573 Oth aye.
16TH ST. .-.10 East, west store; Daniel J
Murphy to Fritz Danzcisen; 4 yrs from May 1,
1011; $360; address. 401 East ,V.th st.
34TH ST. ■ s. 250 ft c of 6th aye. 25x98.6;
Sol Bloom to Era L Gerber and ano; from .-'• 1'
1. 1910, to Auk 31, 1915; $25,000; address, ',■'<
William it.
105 TH ST. 315 and 317 East; Nathan Lamport
to Frnnk Canlrio; 3 yrs from Sept 1. 1810;
53,600; address, 317 East lU">th st
109 TH ST, 70 West, west store; James Claudius
to Morris Weisenberg; '1 yrs 8 nios from July I. '
1!>1<>; $300; address. 7O West HS'Jth St.
180 TH ST, 734 East, store, etc.; Brook Constn
Co to I wig Steitz; 10 yr= from May 1, 1910;
$~tW to $1,020; afidress, 7:14 East lMtth St.
<\Vi,h name and address of purchaser.)
CHRYSTIE ST, 213, •! sty brk. 25.10x11.4x
lrrep-; I^uis Briefner to Edward E and Georg
ians L Caldpr (mtg 128,100); Auk 31; ?10D;
address, 20 East 16th St.
CONVENT AYE. s w cor of 183 dsi 50x
100, John W Haaren to Gold<» <% Cohen, a
corporation; Aug 30. $100; address, 171 Broad'
LISPENARD ST, 12, .". sty brk. 24.11x04;
Cornelius S Pinkney et al to Dell Realty Co;
Aup 29; $1; address, 115 Broadway.
PERRY ST, 168; 1 sty frame. 20x80. 6.x irreg;
Irvine Realty Co to Georgia Pine Turpentine
Co of New York (mtg $7,500); Auk SO; $100;
address, 1 58 Perry st.
WEST END AYE. 7*4, 3 sty brk, 18x80;
John Dwyer to Flow Realty Co; Aug •_',".; |1;
address, 77." West End aye.
BTH AYE. 21CO. s f> cor of llUth St. - i sty
brk. 25.11x82; Central Park Improvement Co
to Robert P Fairing; Aug 25; *100; address,
UH"»o Sth aye.
27TH ST. n s. 243 ft w of 7th aye, — — x
in eg; Jennie Orr. mis. et nl to William Gold
stone; 1) and s; April 20; $1; address, 'J West
S'Jth st.
64.TH ST, 234 West, <! Sty brk, 23x100;
Abram L I.lbman to Robert Bader (mtg
$12,500); Aug 26; $100; address, :.'i 7th st.
(>7TH ST. n B, 100 ft w of Central Park
West, 150x100; A L Mordecal & Son to C"th
Stieet Co (mtg $185,000); Aug 24; $100; ad
dress, 133 Broadway.
7STII ST, 212 Bast, 3 sty brk, 13.1x102.2;
Michael Haas et al to Abraham Haas; all
title; Fob 2; $1; address, 212 East 7Sth -•
Ji.'iTH ST, s s. being plot bounded n by s s
90th st, s by line 70. from s s 85th st. 1- by
c 1 Bloomlngdale rd, closed and w by w s
Bloomlngdalt rd ; Pedro smythe et al, by
guardian, to Chelsea Realty Co; all title, Auk
29; $23237; address, 135 Broadway.
99TH ST. n s, 125 ft w of West End aye.
7rixlOO; Barkln Construction Co to Jacobs
Construction Co: correction deed. Au< 24; $1;
address, 231 Bowery.
108 TH ST. 231 to 285 East. 4 sty brk, 75.x
100.11; Dc Goode. Realty Co to Llewellyn
Realty Co (mtg $30,500); Aug 30; $1; address,
Ih". Market st, Newark, N J. ■
117 TH ST. 448 East; C sty brk. 41.11x100.11
mile $40,000); A<ie !•; Matilda Rescia to < " -ir
■ oetta de Franco; $1; address. 3'i4 Amsterdam
I , aye.
123 D ST. 541 West; 5 sty brk. 37.6x100.11;
% part (mtg $38,000); Auk 27; David Crystal
to M.ix Tlscher; $100; address, 57 W.-st 20tl st
120 TH ST, 223 and 225 West; 3 sfy brk. J."\
00.11; ' £ part (mtg $12,000); \uk 2.">; De Witt
C Judson to Charlotte Judson; $100; address.
223 West 120 th st.
131 ST ST. s s, 125 ft c of 12th avn. 7"ix»9.n
(mtg $15,000); Aug 31; Geraldine Realty Co
to Frederick F Sampson; $100; address, 813
Sth aye.
17CTH ST. s s. 144 ft w of Amsterdam aye,
43.6x100 (mtg $46,000); May 14; Frances
Colety to Robert F McCoy; $100; address, 38
I'ark Row.
BATHGATE AYE, IOCS, 16.8x81.8 (mtg
$2,750): Aug 30; Henry G Autenreith to Eric
son Realty Co, $100; address. 110 Liberty st.
CLAY AYE, .■ b, 69.8 ft n of 166 th st, 39x80
(mtg $22,000); A-jg 22: A .1 Bchtfarslc Co to
Catharine Weldon; $100; address, 50 West
IRth st.
CROTONA PARK EAST, s s. <!P, ft c of
Suburban st, mix Irreg mit; $4,000); Aug 2»;
Jane Boyd to Ellen McLean $101); address,
1S;!1 3d aye.
CLAY AYE, c B. 225.8 ft s of 167 th st, .T.»x
SO (mtg $27,000); Aug 31; A .1 Bohwarzlei &
Co to Eleanor Gull; $100; address, 3060 Mohi
gan aye.
CROTONA AYE. 1823. 18.0x100: '. Interest
fmtg $3,000); Auk 10; Julia Drew to
Nathan Jacobs; $100; address, 1823 Crotona
CLASSON AYE, w s. 284.5 ft 8 of West
Farms rd. 50x100 (mtg $5,000); Vug 21; May
Wellbrook to James McNamara; $100; address,
170, > 'jd aye.
■ ELTON AYE. m s. 75 ft n of 153il st, 25x100:
also strip of land, Elton aye, w s, 75 ft n of
153 d st, 3xloo imt $6,500); auk 2!>: Frederick
A Opp to Hermlne Opp $1; address, 321'J 3d
FOX ST. c s. 110 ft w of I.nngwonri aye 100 x
100 (mtg $52,500); Aug 30; Winnie Realty and
Construction Co to William Daub: $100; ad
dress, 056 Cauldweil aye.
FULTON ST. 1721>. 1 ..-.x!i:!.!ix irreg fmtg
$28,000); Auk SO; Ericson Realty Co to Henry
, ; Autenreith; $100; address, 1729 Fulton aye.
KINGSBRIDGE ROAD, a k. at line bet
property hereby described and west point of
lot 1. blk 5, section A of Edenwald, contains
H llli-ionn acres; Lawrence E French to Hud
son r Rorp: July 28; $1.
SAME PROPERTY: Marl" T Dunn Roussei
to same; auk is; $1; address, 32 West 45th st.
LOT 163, map portion Hunt estate James
W Clancy to Dominick Rottkamp (mtg $3,500);
Aug 2it; $100: address. 504 East SBth Bl
LOTS 1 and 2, map of Seneca Park; Will
lam Seymour to Sarah Seymour; Aug 80; $1;
address, 4 " . i Amsterdam aye
RITTER PLACE. 821, 35x102; Thomas De
Grasse to Frederick II Meyer (mtg 000)-
Auk 30; $100; address 821 Ritter pi.
ROCK ST, ? s. 150 ft c of Hill st. 50x154.6x
in»-g: Edward F Malohey to Mary Montgom
ery; May 20; $100; address. 3121 Klngsbridge
STARLING AYE, c a. being lot 11. map
property Colorado Realty Co. sub-division lot
40. map 1288, 25x111; William Buhl to Edward
Zufrass (mtg $55,000); Auk 30; $100; address,
1701 Castle Hill aye.
UNION AVK. rt6S, 37.6x»5: Bertha Scheer
to John Schaefer (mtg $34,800); Aug 30
$100; address. 3025 3d aye.
WILLIS AYE. xv s. 75 ft s of 147 th st, 75x
lOOx irreg: Robert .1 Mahottey to Emma I.
Mahoney fmtg $50,000); Aug 24; $1,000; ad
dress. 1183 Broadway.
187 TH ST. n ?. 300 ft p of Willis by». 150 x
200 to s c 188 th st; Llewellyn Realty Co to
De Goode Realty Co (mtg $240,000); Aug 30;
$1; address, 5 Beekman st.
171 ST ST. * s, 150 ft c of nth avr. 28x68
(foreclosure); Aur 23. 1D10; Colin XV Mac-
Lennan, ref. to Emma 1. .Simpson; Aug 29'
$8,250 address, Matawan, N .1.
IS7TH ST. « s. lot 54. map S Cambrellenir
et al, at Fordham. 25x irre,; Lawrencs E
1 Sexton, ref. to Walter Grant; July 13; $1,000;
address. 402S Barnes aye.
(With name end address of lender's attorney.)
Interest rs r- unless otherwise mated
AVENUE C. H'V 5 sty brk. 21.2x68; Aug 80;
S yrg. Grossmarm Investing Co to Sarah
Wchlgemuth; $15,000; attorneys. Arnst. in *
Levy, I2fi Broadway.
WEST END AYE 704. 3 Sty brk. ISxS!>:
p ir.. Aug 25; Flow Realty Co to John Dwyer
sl7,ooo; attorney, William M Kileullen, 15
Wall si.
11TJ1 ST. 33? and 860 West. 44x100 3; Aua
20; due as per bond; John H Goetschlus to
Franz Slgel; $4,000; attorney, Herman Lub«t
kin. 3S Part i:>*
11TH ST. * s. 31!) ft ,v of Avenue A, (Mb
linlf block (prior mlg $43,000); Aug 25; due
etc, on pel iioid; Moris Cassellc to -Francesco
Genoveeo; $0,000; address, 118 Basl 11th si
$4TH ST, 140 Bast, 1 my ), r k, 20* Irres
(prior nil i.' $1.4.000) Aug 30; .*. yrs; Mary .■
Drown to trustees of Banern star Hall and
Horn* of New York; $10.11011. attorneys, Kuri
man £• Franke'nheimer, 25 Broad st.
BOTH .ST. 213 Bast. 3 sti t.rk 18.0x81 B Vue
3i: dv.- Nov 1. 1013 Ret ■ * Kees to?' Horace
V llutcitinson and an,. .-m«. $75,000 iti irnei
1: IS IC-lly. 170 Broad
04.TJJ !ST, 231 West; 6 sly bry. 2Cxl00; I 18
Hroadway . ,
75x100; Au« Bft; flue, etc. an. prr .';<">' 1 - ;'' ...
Co: $200,000; uttorneys, i'»'"' * ■•* « I>ar
iVroailw.',!'*.vlnW Institution: $21,000; attof
ru-v. i: i: Kelly. 170 Broadway.
,i n- iVE c 8 225.8 ft » <>f !•*»« 8t - - w *
Coll to A .1 Schwarzler Co; *fi,.»00. aaoreswi
i: .1 Krug. jr. 150 Nassau SI :
DAVIDSON AVK. I •• or I«M »'■ 87.«*
04 8x !rreg (prior tntg $250,000): Aus 81:1 >'■
,-,,,.,■ cent : P.o. likJrrh Bnliainf : Co to '<<»"£
.vila Mortgß.r Co; *0.000; address. 81*3 «
Construction < .»: $.!.•»'"; attorneys bternbcr*.
Jacobson & Pollock. 309 Broadway.
FOX ST. c •< -it so» Weatchester a*».
attorneys, Wolf & Cohn. 203 Broad* '
LOT -.•'" man Yon Nest Park: Ang -'!»; flu's
SeptU fiir, rA- per cent- J-icob Wetabergw
io P Kdward L.-ttnor; $3,500: attorneys. Was-r
v ]•;■•!■. 287 Broadway.
lot 81. map Ifl3 !«>*■ •"'••"" M ? r > ■*, , ",'
way: Maria B Yon D« Linden to John yU
laKhan; $1,500; attorney. Lawyers Title Insut '
ant- and Trust Co, 160 Broadway.
LOT 158 to 181; amended map Ad«» Par*:
A ,,<, 30 a vis 6 per cent; Louis F " "Wal
,.,: to Helen X Wall: $2,500; attorney. Oeor«e
M C Ouslan, -II Parti Row.
MAIN ST. '■ ■. 50 ft >' of Evndlna "'• -/" >x
iuux :..«; a,i k 80: 3 yr». r.>4 P*r.centrJoba
Godfrey to Daniel .1 OConor, trustee; *»,■•'»'•
address, -•».; W*sl 29th st.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, c s ><>*•»•■•!
ii block ♦»•' map part Fox estate, Sioiiw,
••' ".•.■« i..'r i.mii.l. Margaret II Curtis
to Title Guarantee and Trust Co; $8,000; ad
di m, 176 Broadway.
1 TTII ST ii - 300 ft c of Willis aye, »60s
300s Irre'g (prior mtg $— ): P m; Aug 30 due
April .'i'l l'.'H; «5 per cent: IV fJoort* Re.ilt>
Co to Llewellyn Realty Co; $120,000; ad a*
is:. Market st, Newark. N -\
JBOTH ST. n a. 70.1 ft c of Mnh»gan aye.
37fix11H.2: Aug 2!); 3 yrs; HonTmann-Di •
here Construction Co to Isaac I. Kip and a >•'.
exo; $30,0OU; address. 20 Xaiwau st.
!S3D ST. n p. 100 ft f of Grand ay?. 25x
100; Vug an; l >r. »'. per cent; Bamiiel lK »'^"
1,, to eilen L Keegan $700 : attorneys, Wna
ley. Walker & Hay. .27 William st.
240 TH ST n a lot 213. map Wakeflelrt, lOOn
111 \vg 18; dn« Jan 1. l»14; Albert Www
, 11Hk to Jo^ph SliwKoskl; $3,000; attorney.
Charles Alt. iS2 Wyona st, Brooklyn
(With name and address of lender 1 ? attorney.)
.-•i jnt-MnvT WF 1 c s . r i7."i ft nof 122 d st,
S&fiOrfwSoJ .fan l»09; the Marcy R«. tjr
Co-fa „„., to Lucy R Bail; $0,000: attorney.
5 W Ball, lUS) Broadwayi .
9TANTON ST. • c .or of Sheriff st, 2* lOx.-jx
Baras ■ . $10,760; attorney, IsMo" H«nM«M.
W Barasch: .*l">,t:><); attorney. Isidore Hersnneia.
''••i/TvF "IV. s w cor of Ulth st. 25.10x80;
a,7 li for 4 "tv t.rk; l-asauale bWp»^
Robert 'Herrmann and MIW Stlner; »»»j^p
torney, Title Guarantee and Trust to, lit) tfroau
Wa i > . TI , qT „,, West 7 t vioxl7.2x:i«ls».'ix4'Voxl7S:
I ll^ril'Xy 10? l«»: Catherine McVey
l<r p - „f Archibald McVey, to «*>« «^ nMctl
Savings Bank; $7,000; address. 24« «tn «*•.
iTTiI St n ■ 190 ft m at Cth avp, 20x4 blk.
Lan -".llit. Mary E and Patrick Clark to•l«
iln A Ilprt^rt and ... hn H Quin.an. exrs; »13.
500; attorneys, Woodford. Bovee & Butcher. 1
Madison aye. !
4!P ST 108 110. 112. 114 and 116 1 -. l^
100 3 sty l.rk; Keb 4. 1809; NOTT>Tork f Lodge No
1.-S Benevolent and Protective Order of > Blks. to
Max Marks and John J Mahcny; $— ,ooy, aa
dress, 1128 Broadway.
11OT ... „,, vCfat 25x100.9: "> sty brk; Juno
.■'.:,„ " O^idoerTto Abraham Ore«a*« :
;i»yi; attorney, ii Knepper. 99 Nas.au st. ■
"- tl . st ns 200 ft *of 8d are, Wti.-i: t-b
11 IMW- Eohralm X Browd mi an ■ Ioh " '
Goodsell; $l»!,0W; attorney. Title Insurance Co.
135 Broadway. .
M-rr ST 235 East. 24 11x102.2; 9 sty bl * ; JK?
-7 V, v- Robert Bader to Mary B Hagne: |25,-
aSorney! Lawyers Title Insurance and Tru^t
Co, 100 Broadway.
1..'.T!1 «t s a 4°."> ft w of Columbus aye. 2£x
100/11 Arts 31, 1805: Julius Davidson to the
State Hank? $6,600: address, :$76 Grand st .
i—l» ~T r ■ 278 ft *• of Amsterdam aye. iJ<«
, : ;,it,.i Stated Trust Co of New *«*: $23,000:
address. io Wall st.
cauLdweia avk. w >,i«(!.At^
terman. .-.. •■ Broadway. •
LOTS .4 and 55. map Of property Sisters oi
. o n eastern Boulevard opposite Conntn
, „ Bronx: June 21, 1908: j/*/ rl <-* MM rm L' n L.
tyre to I'll a Green, extrx; $1,200; at.orno,
Charles V Gabriel, 38 Park Row.
LOT 77 map property St Raymond's Park:
liilv •-• 1007: Kenlinando Marino and ano t<> John
Bun»sT $1,000; attorneys, William Peters A Co.
l'.i'.i.'! Boston rd.
LOTS lias and 1100. ma D 1274. Trask estate,
■ ■,■::-*';■--? K'jSb
bridge; $420; attorney, Title Insurance Co, 135
Broadway. • ■ .
LOTS 256 287 and 288, map lands °* ™ c
i 19 Broadway.
Mary Voprhees to Equitable Life Assurance
S ", aw?TlS£ insurance and Trust Co v Grace
B^^r^^h^ Collier; ?7<,)0
S '\vuiiam E Turner, exr. to Theodore L Bitley;
$:{ Theodoore L Bailey to Columbia Trust Co;
*-y,','!. .. Savings institution to Gorman Savin?*
, adrnx. to Eugene Kahn;
tXS Ts^Tei toward .1 kn,, Jr.,
$Ini/1 ni/ ; ,i,.th Phillips to Elizabeth Phillips; nom
'"john Kleiner to Frank Wiederslch ;^s 1.300.
Title Kdi c C> to Dorothea T S Pope and
ano, trustees; $11,000.
rt jm/.X ST J7 1 ' and 181: Joseph Kisselsteln
a r.\).raham'Xeuinan. owner; Solomon D Malta,
contractor; $822
1 iviNGTON ST 126; American Luxfer Prism
Co agt Rosa Llntz. owner; Albert Halpern, con
tracl >i $110.
r'.rni ST 80 and -i' West: Max Straw agt
Isabella Wallace, owner: Herman Herrnstadt,
contractor; $157.
FRONT ST. 149 and 161; Sidney V Ettingir
i_i Scherlng & Glatz, owners; William F Dixon
Building Co. contractor; $141 96
l.".^L> ST. 378 East; Levoll Construction Co
agt' I^ongfcllow Realty Corporation, owner and
contractor; $400.
KELLY ST. 120 ft s of Intervale aye, 30x100;
same .:; game; $1,620.
LAFAYE3TTE ST, 2'.i4 to 293; Patrick H Mc-
Carthy ast Leo Pohl«»»inger, owner; Emile M
Helmerlingef. contractor; $2>4 -•<
•_'!> \\i;. 1825; .-'!■•. Brothers ast John Kohl,
owner and contractor; $-.">
AMSTERDAM AVK, 110H and 1111; Louis
Polsteln act Mathilda Bonnelman, owner; An
dreas I'osselman, contractor; $9S.
229 TH ST, s s 100 ft c of Barnes nv. ma
114; John Maier ■'"' Brill Contracting Co, owner
and contractor; $629
6TH ST. 528 East; Michael Keller a^t John
Kronester, owner; Georne Kronester. contractor;
$7 B0
11MST ST, 420 West; Evans Bros, Inc. agt
Arnold and Mlcbaells Kaiser, owners; Sam Llch
stein, contractor; $140.
COMMONWEALTH AYE. s m cor Mansion st;
Isaac, E Abbottt agt St Anthony's Church of
Van Nest, el al: An? 11, 1010 (by bond); J437 77.
SAMS PROPERTY; BmaMl & Scbom a«t
same; Aug 1. 1010 (by bond); $333 64.
58TH ST, 323 East; I.uici Casall a^t Vlvant
Machinal: ■■ al: ah- 24. l!' 10 (by bond); $4»^2 2,"i.
WILLETT ST. 58j for a 6 sty brick loft and
store 20x07.3; F Leidem, 252 Graham aye,
Brooklyn, owner: a Berres. 1313 St Mark's
aye. Brooklyn, architect; cost. $20,000.
PARK ST. 60; for a « sty brick loft M,l
23.3x143; E Mesaadri, 23 Mulberry st. own«r
0 Reisemann. 30 Ist it, architect; cost. $40,
HUDSON ST ■ « cor Morton »t; for an 8
Sty brick factory. 123.f1x125.»: Corporation of
Trinity Church. IS7 Fulton «t. owner- C O
Ha'.sht. 452 .">th aye, architect; cost. $300,000
STH AYE. s * cor »7th St; for an << sty brick
oSice and stow bldg 100..1x200; E T (Jerry
■ -'■ "Port, 11 I. owner; J B Snooks Sons 73
Nassau st. architects; cost, $400,000
BROWN AYE. f.< 77 ft nof Spoff«rd ave
for a - sty frame stable. 23x50; <; Clements!
ISO! Barnes ive, owner; T .1 Kelly. Us Morrts
Park aye. architect; oust. $2,500.
MARION AYE, « » 30 ft „ of 107 th st- for
a 0 st) brick tenrnt. 64.1UM; William C Ber
(ten. ISOth st and Andrews aye. owner- chas
Clark, ii.". Tremonl av<> ' architect; cost.
BAINBRIDOE AVK, s S, 4.' .17 ft n of Mo
»ho . Parkway; for two 3 «t> frame !.-:u,.i,<
21xf13; Annie DWml.ra. 208 th »t and™St
Qaorgeß Crescent, owner; Moore lV Landsledsl
148 th si and 8d aye, architects; cost, $1.1.000 '
THURIOT AVK. c■, 12 ft 1. of Davii m for
a 1 sty frame ilwlir, 21.6x30; Raffaeli DI Mat
teo 280 East 153 d st, ownei II Nordhrtm
|n>,7 Turnout aye, architect; .-out. $2,000,
221 ST ST, 11 s, 230 ft „ oj Ham, » „,,. for a
:t My ' '"<- 5i.,.,. Hid llwlß, 20x50; 1.,, . lm
[»** rji t rlri*. "J. » 'J! in. .i r U **r »t, OWHf f 1 Jeoi I*
Croiier, "-' M »\ ii. 1 « „i ■ Plains '.n... »rchl
ttcl; cost. $7... hi.
Btroub^l47 4th aye. architect; wst. $l«.00O-
CHIRII ST. ■ S «'* « • o - tS&"'t"nli
oftorn.v. M II Md'orklo JuTla nnJ
f.V ;M>'!rMi, ur.. of ml*', »ttorn-j. <• » »
SC n U 7TH »T itO East: Isil<!"r- Jacknon aRt
( . (1 i ,:.;.i i K-il« H "1 (foreclosure of •«
linn, attorney. A Bt*m
&»2ffi S2SB2SS
of mid. »ttorn*y. H •:■ ltn«
of mth) attorney. -S Wccjtol^r.
Sws ! - ■
t»in construction Joline. Lnrkln & ,_, h i. ( , ne
Handsomely tarnM •■■! "-'''■■''
Apply to
60 Liberty S. 3 Ea»tT3stMSt.
FOR SALB-A ¥VR«\ &-* s sJOirTGAOT or
high ci.as S .f^vn, BE , grig?
B I NO , ir. William -••"'. New Y^-rk CJty. .
van roKTi-AMrr nun^r
N ., v dweltinsa; all convent* •' .
■ •
vlt^-rt I'rinclpnls only. M. «.. Lii-.uii.r.
.-"l World Bui I'll nK._N._J. _ _ . . -
An atfractivp r*>w suburban bov.ro. all W>
•Phone 4070 Beekman j
~" mm JERSEY.
75-80 Trains Daily via D., L. & W.
The Estate <»f George Manic v
Hip.li Class* Realty. City Lots,;
Residences, Private Hotel; •
line grounds, near station;
also acreage inviting dev-Jopment. .
MANIOn & GRAND. •''.-' BTway. S«" *•*,
1 acre. 5 acres and 10 acres. High, dry fertile
■oil. All cleared, no scrub oaks. *12.> per acre.
Easy terms. 40 a. re farm, large outbuiHin?s.
I! 000 fruit tr»f^. $?.<>>«».
«pp"ial excursion Saturday. «ept»mb* r SO.
For free tickets to inspect this property, write ,
124 V.. 23rd Street. Ne_w_York__Clty.
bush —New one family brick house. . iart;^.
light rooms tastefully decorated: parquet t
floors hardwood trim, tiled bath and vestibule, j
wainscoted dining room; every model con
venience- price $5,500; terms to suit: conven- j
■ lent to Brighton Beacb T." and eight tr ••» ,
lines. These houses cannot be equalled any- j
where either for a home or an investment. ;
WM F. MEYERS. Grav*»«ncl arc; BTkiya :
wssvcHßsnn my.
One mile unobstructed river frontage: 30 m:6
ern residences near completion. Adure*» •
Phlllpse Manor. New York. '
Hotel Arts onto.
Broadway, 73d -74th Streets
The Ansonia is unexcelled in apartment hotel construction and is
in many ways unique and different in original idea?. The location. class
to Riverside" Drive, suggests a corner of the world's mo>t beaumul spot*.
Everything about this house breathes a spirit of generous «*" -
Subway Express Station.
7 room? anil bath 12. T00 1 or . rooms and bath J*l)0O
' 10 rooms ami ; baths IJ.OOO 3 rooms and bath 1.400
11 rooms and 3 baths t.<>OO
13 rooms and 4 baths 5,000 4 rooms and bath 2.200
May be had, furnished or unfurnished, .- desired,
and service for care of rooms is optional.
Telephone. 3320 — Columbus.
Hotel Clarendon
Northwest Corner
58th St. and Park Ay.
Refurnish-!, redecorated; furnished or am
furnished . a i:it»>s. also apartments for winter
s oa son.
12 TO 10 SMI xi ST ST.
Apartments, furnished 11 •! unfurnished: now :
1 en .«ljn g . E. H . CHATILJ .ON. Prop.
14 EAST 60TH ST.
\'.> irt mi-nt- fnr:ii-hfil and unfurnished.
11*. West .'.7 th Si
Open for reception of guests Beptsmbt Ist.
I. D. IVISON. iVneral Manas 1
205 WKST 101 ST ST.
Near Broadway, 103 d St. Subway Station and
101 th St. Elsvated station
Hlich-f la**. Modern.
Elevator Apartment Hou««>
6 Rooms and bath) to An i_ # i nan
7 Room-* and bath ( $900 TO S I 080
Apply to Superintendent, on premises.
440 CnltirnhiiN Aye.. cor. Mi»t St.
1.780— BROAD WAY— I .731
Attractive APARTMENTS of 8 Rooms and
2 Baths to choose from, some with coveted
southern exposure. Modern fireproof build
in*. BxolusUene**. eup«rtor hall and »I*
vator service nl«ht and day: refrigeration
transit facilities uneiiual'ed, within R\e mtn- '•
utet' walk to amusements, restaurants and
bast hostlerles in New York. Your UMpectton
invited from * A. M. to « P. m. each day
lncludlng Sunday.
North Corner .Hlth St . No*. 120, 125.
h> |pwumui ..t a. M , and 12 rooms and I baths;
location finest in th« city; rents. j-j.Ci'O to |3 CX»
_, W. ■ • j. m STEWA RT.
Near 100 th Street.
Overlooking th- Most IMctur« 9 qu« Part of
_ Central Park. All modern Improvements.
„ and s rooms and bath $t,OUO tv *1 '00
:<»« Madlw>n A,, Tel, ,„„„ Murray Hill.
I^TllHfEl va r 1 v 1 1: \V
! MuKnlflcenl Klevatnr *> part »a sati "
•« T, I and n Rooms *4J". to ti MM
lhri<«» blocks treat of ISlst St. Sub«
%i»|.iv •> 00 * rwnilssa, TH. 1 470« Tjitasssj
( S. l: - cor ISISt.A Haven A\c.
Official Announcement of /*?-J
pointment Made at Bever|7.
Beverly. Mass.. MBJ ai.-Oftljfal an-
BOBJBCMBBBVi was made h*re '**" to-day Of
the appointment of r^orjf*. F. Robert*. f, ?;
rMmnn. as Director of the Mint. s«cce<*j.'
inK A Piatt Andrew. r«CW»»Iy named as
j Assistant Secretary of th? Treasury. Mr.
| Roberts telegraphed his acceptance fras,
CMCSIgO t«»-.I;ty.
Mr. Roberts was Director of tn«* Mint
tot a number of years under the McKlo.
ley ;md Roo«*nrelt administrations. aeh:ev*l
a high r*P"tation as a financier, and w a ,
a notable fltcure In the p..lltfr»l world. Wr . j
itlmlarly In the McK»n!ey-Hryan cam...
I pa'Kn. when he made many speech^ Oa ;
the money question.
A couple of y"*ra a«o Mr. Rn&erta r ». f
turn his poetic* In th Trea-nury li *-
I partment to become president of the or»>
mercial National T^nV. of fhica«o.
! The tender of the office of Director of ta»
I Mint was made by the Pr en dent to M&
Rob-rts abor.t two w-eks a«o, and he "'•*
until September 1 to reach a decision.
A small fee
paid us annually, will ob- j
tain all bills against your
property for Taxes, Water
Rates and Assessments in
time to secure all rebates
and avoid all penalties.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust i\
CAPITAL - - 64,000,000
SURPLUS - - 6 500,000
l»;o Broadrrltj-. .\crr York.
lew* 51oata«ae Street. Brooklyn.
475 Knltua Street, Jamaica.
1 ___ . _^
Brokers and Dealers in Mortgages
129 Broadway, cor. Cedar
J We have a few floors at «
1 92 Liberty Street, \
a suitable for corporations or J
; + for subdivision. Also some !
# rooms at (l |
$97 Cedar Street.;
; 0 The two buildings are con- 1|
I # nected by hallways. Both are I
I <{ new, well built, and centrally X
jj located. Parties needing )
i 5 space in October can be ac- t
j # cemmodated at once. l|
J of NEW YORK. $
» • Si 'Sb'W
Sfz<* of rooms ami b.iths sad .juaacty
ef closet room can htf found la *>
other apartment in this etty, beln? &
every r«>sp#ct actual to those la pri*^*
i "Til STREET V\T> bko%pw\t.
?'i.">!> TO >3.?'>tf.
S. m. Tor. I.ISd St in» M Mehnla* *•*
4. 5. tl rooms ami hsth; T roOBW and 2 bat-»l
rents moderate Aj'r.t on premiss.
li'way. Amsterdam Are., and !<»>th ti> *:tB St
W. H. DOUSON * CO.; Agents.
5 ?I Columbua Avf. -
Finest Apartment Rouse in th* ■world
Mr. C =; TAYLOR. Manag*r._on_pryil**^.
>'. E. Cor. 151 SI St. and Kner-iii- PriT*
•V «. 7. H. 9 mil ll> Koora. *TM> to *IJJ»
Fred'k zittel A Sons Agt*.. B'w«>-_jk_T2t^£
121 ST ST. & BROADWAY. j
5 Rm. Apt. ?rttV>. 7 Rm. Apt».. S'-'^PIAA^
THE PSAS AD A c^ :%£*.*
S-10 Rooms. 2-3 Baths. $2,200 to J3.*?*
S.NORTON Agt. '.•N.,. .- T"'...V.>gH^
BBOOKriti n
430 Rlv*r*ul« Drive tlCtt St-)-
! 23 Liberty 9t T»'- M 2' ToBJJ^*
! 557 \V**t 18TU St.
4. 5 «r..l 6 Rooted, '1 »•» • and ;"•'
Rants -1.,'.* „
GIBBg A KIRBY. lftM gt an>l Srcai^S^.
MAJESTIC. S. E. cor. l^3:h 'it
oU» aye.: 7 and * k*i rooms; *l*ctr<.3 '••*
ani !ce »upplled without cost.
Pf BOIS A TAY I.OR. 3333 Er3Jd«JtT^*
Besf Va!u«« on Washlcsrton Hels&t*
33H to Ml Went lIMh St.
IV and 8 Rooms, all latest lmproverav»=t».
l__s*' ntH SU to Sal
sri i>kh COURT. -£
Block front »ast »td« of ;*t. N:ohoUs ay«- »^J
176 th and 177 th »ti Two to four room* *;,
bath, with kitchenette, jaoo to $«J3i>. a**" 1 "
Premise*. ;>
M dranwrfT Turk.
Several desirable apartments for r*nt.^^
9 and > rooms and 3 t-atha. . . . S'J.itfO to *-JZ
rKA^F. A V. I. I 1M A.V .jUKJW M.i.li-«"> *"
IWth St. ami ftroa.'lway.
«. 7. S. 9 HiHvms. 2.< 3 Kith*. B* nt *
$i. : -■ to $1. •«'
E. A. DAVIS. U*ntdt»nt Manager. ___ ---
Any nnmhor i>f rooms; host locations in t<»*
from $.Its<» to Sl,«.M> \ht year. V. F. ''•!••.
TIJK.M' * CO.. ISO ltetusen at.. Uroe* l^
Thono ->,:. Mala. ,

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