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Great Throngs Enthusiastically!
Cheered Governor's Address I
to Grangers. ;
Advised People to Continue the j
March of Progress Now Be
gun — Decried So-called
Thirty- Da Bills .
Syracuse. Sept. 14.— Surrounded by an <"n
thuf^astir audience of more than five thou
*■;■:■..d person.-. Oox-ernor Charles K. Hughes, .
honor guest at the state fair, to-day «3e- j
livrred his \-^l«iictory address to the peo- !
pie of New York State
Pihe audience were- leading grangers, ;
offi'-ers. le~islators. politicJana and !
ineni citizens from all sections of the .
f: . an«l the recVption . .... Gov- j
«rrior was more .--■■■■ he bail j
ever received licr". I-ater. when the ''"■- j
err«or made a tour of tne exposition j
grounds, he was followed by cheering |
Xhroags. There were f.ft: -five thousand!
r*r*.ons a: the fail and practically- all I
join-d ■■ the demonstration. !
Tt was <:;.->v*>ir.or's ari l^ Grange I Day. In;
liis address, the beginning of. v.hich was j
anarked by trrmend'vus applause, the Gov- -,
r-rr-or urctvl the people to aid *n trie eon- !
lintsancc of the march of progress and J
*^T»ecla]]y that they foster and encourace i
Xhe srrat piil-Tic jmprov-'ni«»nts now under |
-B-ay, }ie said full credit should be jrivon j
Itu the Ivcrtslaturc for the larpe number of j
cswellent laws onac'.eii.
The i;o^mc>r state*! that the m»tbod ol j
afseting lo^al hills is Cefecilve. arsd he ran- i
3>lain»^. of th« so-called thirty-day bills, j
3ie thoufrht that it was crowding matters j
so pass Vo many lav.-s jk the closins days j
«if (hr l^»«i«lature and oxp*»ct the Governor j
lo lave them all prope* consideration.
Tli« Governor"* declaration. "1 strongly
J'cijcve in the conceritratio'i of administra
tion r« siioßslblllties." evoked hearty ;ip- I
Ijiliuso. Dirrrc". PrvSMBTSBC
Direct Primaries.
<if r-j.jvF.-jal interest was bis final word sit
tnr sul>j-<"i of direct primaries. '"We have
rirf-i" '!<^-i.led -progress ""■--■ as
v corrupt practices^ ami notbinjr is more 1
;,**^-««rT--?- ilmrt tb* s«fepuardins of ortr I
priaiaries and elections,"' he yaid. 'As for j
•!•!'• ni*»r-t i«rt our r w *nr>l < ' HCI through po- j
Jitical par;if-f. it is of the inches', im- |
I-ortam-e -t« inelr true lil^rty tiiat action J
vithin thf purtie*: should be ir«*e. and, both ;
•visii respec: to candidates ami the sei«>c- •
-.ion of party manacr.-. should be based j
•si|>on me <Mrect vote of the party members, •
?.Ty " i»o-rition with respect to this and the ■
a;'pU:uraCl 1 have iiovanc-fi in suvport ot j
It arc vrH Unown. I":ider our systpm " r ' r "" .;
f«sentative povcrnmeht cannot 1»*» .i*^m«Ki j
,o tw, sertzrelr b"*^ Jf - through «^>mi>H- j
T^ted mnrhltrery. the elections of our --■ • '.
political rarttes arc left to :!»* detcrmina- |
tion of cabals."
t:,*. Oovernor wa«= introduced by T^irutTi- .
»nt Oorrrnor Horace AVhif. who ro««^ i
••jo th» Governorship next month, when j
jUr. Huehes r«°!lr«>s to hecln his -duties as \
Sv member of the United States Supreme |
:r - ■
Ap Tf contemplate the expansion of coy- |
«?mm^n.t. Th«»- preat pu'olh- works now in j
prosrese and to be undertaken tind tn«» in- j
«-'*t«»nt rtomanris of our jrrowinr activitieE.
] ■«•«? rannot faU to >>c impressed with the •
*»npo-tsn<-e of perfectins our system of .
state adpalnistration. l rtmnKly heiieie ;
in ih» eoncentraxibn of ■ .-•■., re- i
rr»orsibiliT- : . 3 do not heli*'v«* there is ;
«-«»Mn«5 r^aiop for its distribution a mom ,
several elert^d- herds. <ireat public eraer
- - .. . wil'-i!'*n -permanently prosper n this;
■way. An--5-aSiThe >>nro>ns of tato admin - j
irtrHtien ■Tn<ipe:** : e it will be found necet»r !
«r*-. in niv judpment. if the ,-.'■-• |
■jnefn'is to -maintain proper efficiency, to!
< entrjilirc executive rrsponsib;lity and m
*>ur state povernriTTit to follow the anal
c»*rv ol the fe<Jersl g.u \*ei iiiuent. j
A Four- Term Advocated.
I ttjink it x»otj!d be a decided improve- !
mem if the Governor were elected for a ;
term of four v*-ars i-r.d inHijrjnln for '
r^-eie>"ti<rn. r.nO rf the other state nfti-ers.
yioti *-je,-tF.,i. were mafl" appointive heads
of depurt !n«:ius. It would also bo to ihe art
r^ntnc of Administration if ihe various:
■ *■.•.,,!- V«r rVitHrtrj-.ents who ax* appointed i
*> the G*-.\-f>rTirir were removable by him '
m in-S'-aTI of J'v the Senate. Tli*-re is no loss ]
El </ .•]•-. -stu'r.Uii.iiity to the people in sucti ;•
w ■ on. -er.tr atiorf of power and of the corre
•rpondinx nsponsioiiityi Tin- people <n.v. .
<r;-,i?^ lii-riv attention tipon the election of ■ •
f. <;..-. •■»-r,"i. bat they <!<• not property fix it ;
irptni thf «-)ec:i«tn of a larire n\iinlw>r of CO- • ,
c.riHT'.at^- st;n«- ofiicers. AccordinE lo «\it ;
•rx?.<-Tj< :sif. th<> inU'rest in the enc pub- |
ri-r;^ ;!•• interest in the other. The peo- j <
■j-ie simuld Tv«t l*e concerrup*! with a mere ;
i"r:.--'io»i <>f ihe accountability upon which!
th*^y lisvoa riuh: to iy.sis!.
Tiier*. i- also perious need of improve
rt«*vi in iesislatiYe procedure and Ihe '
T>T-t*nvr;\<it>n ,md *r*'atnH?nt <»f lejrisiwtiv-* ; ,
V.niv. I>i cmpliasisins tiiis. full credit ; ,
KiM>aid i>»- friven to liie lx-ci slut tire for the
1.-j.rs-- ntimbor of excellent biws that have
}*»*»] enacted. For example, fur" laws i>e- .
i.T'-.K t<> highway*, to li; j :iks. to insurance)'
« t .niv;';:i' > s .md tn thy srnpervision of pub- .
lie .-'rvS-." 1 rwpwations censtitnte an im- .
5-n^ji i body ••f beneficial statutes. Crit-j,
Jci<t'; -if the methods of Icpri*=l;ition in <<;'r ;
Ftßt> f j"»-'jt:' :i! ! y ovr^non'..'- 'he mark. Ef- I.
•f-cjon? df^fsi tiu*?iit^ ijq ve 1 n<<i only as <-oni- ; .
T^";«»r!: <-ri*.n-?- of p^ndinp oiiis. but ft*- '
r"«-<-rt ! - draft bille relattn?; io matters-;
«riirfjn U,-!r iiiri^tiiciion with scrupulous!
En;r:?rit Criticism cf Legislation
•j (,»>;;/- V o -.<■> r'«\<> v»^;;.-:-*t< a point iri i
t\ns m±< r - v here wiila rcFpect to larc and j '
Jrnport*tn.l ficMs cf legislation, m;iy l><- :
*"i!!rd **1 <-»jtis: deration and «Tit»cism :■" •
wcs»crt R8 coaW well be provionS. Such
•f-rieinJy sw«>uld i>^ t;-.- effect of maintain- j
iti— rre-;it •:tsi* > ciynartments deroted. Un- j j
/i»M- eonif»»»t^)it Zi'ipd* 1 . to th* Ftndv of stat«» .
T*-j t :nn their rrppective spheres.
Tb-n Ui<<xo are :-e commissions wtoirti
sr»>ni tim-e :^ time rrre appointed for Ti>e
jiarpftW oT m?kJriE stjv*»«:i iraiion arid drafi
ivg luv.-i-. A recent illustration te "' "-ri«»ri
Vy trte.wcrk of tLc ESnploypre' I^iability ' 1
i'irnmi"i'>i;. Here was .n commission in ; <
•w r!Je»i <h»rr t t- «-r*» repTe^entiitiv"- cf *>arh :T: T
-. r-,. v^ r,r tnV L^nrimure. of "Ti-tx'i^yerf of :
JSV'C'I STI'J Of <=rtipJOV<=S. «v welj as tltOS* '
»• ■.!«'.«■ qnaliOcatilnj* nerc f«ut!<3 in Fpecial t
rtedtes/ Th*> result is the «=Fta-bliFhmr-T3t
of a < ompcrsauon svst»»rn in thj? «.ts^c. i
--* > *'^'** -J?*~--j~'* ''. ■■.-»"■«« w,. .>■ .i» . --■ ' .■■' r<- ... '.; y^|
■-'■-: to wake good bread. <-^; ■ -
%£ 0013) fWAL FiOtp is r 1§
| and wriuttweT Vi " rh* view* of th» support
! frs .-«• rritics of th* system, it cannot V?«
denied lhat the legfolation followed a *«-
• rious and expert study, as .>••.;!.- pvnb
: cbly. «s under any Bupposable system the
subject cotjld have : ....•■ • . ,;
I T,',»>r, there are voluntary bodies "' oiti
• irr\* who — ■■-• Mil* to be drafted re
1 ins; in the matters in which ttoey are
c interested, and these bills which they prt-
J mote, as w«*!' as the bills Io which tliT
; ob.i«ct. arc th« sJib.tert of much study. In
] these wnys, independently of the 'work that
! Is done by the -!«•'-•■ committees at
I first hand, many bills receive very careful
1 atttntioti.
I It is ai?o to he riovd that a most im
! poj-tant reform has been Inaugurated with
j respect to th»» making of appropriations.
f In pMFsinsr upon the appropriation bills a .
I yenr hso J stated tft:.- th«»r«* should ' " pro-
I some permanent method for examina
tion of depHrtmental budgets and proposals
for appropriation' in advance of th« legis
lativ" seusion. 1 made a recommendation ;
i to this rffe.-t in my last annual nwcags,
•and 1 -mi jrla<l to «ay that the recomitJen-l
jdation T(aii acted ov. by the Legislature.
A Real State Budget.
After - ■ ing th« details of this plan under i
. which -rat'- offjeors and heads of depart- !
i meuts now file linanaeial estimates with j
the State Controller, the Governor contin- I
ued :
The re* 11 is that we shall have in this j
! state n reai budget prepared in advance of ■
j the meeting <<i the • ci^iattir-v it will 1*» !
i sulimiitfNi to the „..•-. as soon as it '
i m^t- and at once form th» basis for in- ;
i teiijg-ent criticism. Roth ih* 1 Legislature j
S and the public will understand what ;
; moneys ar» asked for and why they arc ]
j r*>qiiir*>ri. Tliis will srreatly simplify the;
1 work of the legislative committees n'l of :
j tNe governor, and should result in securing
| w*th little d»-lay an ce Xa«-tX a«-t understanding of j
j tb»- demands upon the stat^ treasury. weir i
: extent and comparative imt»ortance. Of j
i course. th«-- Ijegjslaturo. will have power to 1
make such appropriations a? exigency re- (
| quir«^. but the" tradition should soon ho op- !
I tablished .-;-: - any request for an appropri- j
ation which is riot r)« a rly an emerKency i
; one will not Iv considered, or in siny event :
I approved, if it has j.. ■: been duly sub- '■
', mitted for tabulation ;«nd consideration in j
j proper time ..> contemplated by the statute, j
When ye consider the ext°rtt to which
' requests for appropriations facilitate log •
! roiiiiic and the improper solicitation of sup- j
I port .«r antagonism of pending bills, it is
I difficult to estlmatf th« jaii which will be
reali7<» ( 3 by th^ careful preparation of a
j budget 1n advance of the meeting of the j
j I^e^islature. This course of dealing with
t!ie appropriations phould al«o have the
j advamaa of expediting the legislative ,
I work.
It should make inexcusable the practice
of throwing; upon the Governor the- con- ,
, sideration. durinsr Tho thirty days following: !
I adjournment; of many hundreds of m*»as- j
j nw hastily passed ;it the dos.« of the lee- j
i islative session. This practice certainly j
| n°eds correction. And the volume of i 11—
I considered legislation attests the necessity
! for improvement in legislative procedure.
This If particularly true with respect to
local bills, our methods of dealing with
which are seriously defective. This matter
( and the whole subject of legislative pro
j t-etiure deserves thorough and statesman
! like study on the part of our I^trislators.
1 heliev»» tiiat the ._..-. of our cit
i izenshlp have never h«"en more highly
prize- find that our people have never
be*>n mor«- sensitive with respect to the
honorable conduct of public aflairs. These
I privileges are not conferred from without
!or cuaranteed by any superior power.
They d»pen'j uposi the- constant vicilance
! of the citizen, his r«adin°ss to take part
in active political work, his insistence upon
' risht conduct, his demand for fidelity in
public ofneers. his attachment to the
• fun<iani< ntKl principles of ■■•.!:■ government
! and bis abiding lovo of justice. And de- (
! spite tiio conflicts of self-Interest nothwith- ,
stannins' the abundant opportunities whicfe
i democracy afford* for the display of weak- ■
: noss and depravity, my experience in public j
! affairs bar strengthened my faith in the j
! institutions of our government and my
conscience that administration in tiiis fa- I
vored tat* will rnor»- and iiiorr closely ap- \
proacb to the standards of rectitude am! j
efficiency to which our people are loyally j
T,i«»utensr:t Governor Whit* gave a
luncheon for Governor Hughes early this
afternoon, the guests Including Assembly- I
m Edwin A. ■.---■ and .if«r p Upe !
Senators •<-•-.. H. Cobb. Ilenr-- v.' Hill i
and Thomas F. Grady. Superintendent of i
Public Works F. <". Stevens, Adjutant Gren- ;
eral William Verbcck. Dennis McCartiJT; i
Secretary of State Sarrrael Koenig. Attor- ;
ncy General Edward Tl. O'MaUey. State j
I^icineer Frank M. Williams. State Treas- |
urer T. B. J^un. Mayor 'Edwnrd Scjioeneck. !
Oongrewraan N. E. Driscoii. Assemnly- ;
man .T. Henry Walters. Senator Hendrick \
P. H<«ldp'i. Ray R Smith. Francis Hen-!
driefcs. Justice iv. S. Andrews. Judge |
Charles Andrews. Frank T??«cnc.K. .Ti]dsr r
F Tl. TTiscock. .Tmice "-■ c G. Vann.
Frederick K. Hazard and Seii3tor Charier* ■
M. Hamilton.
Bartender Accuses Soldiers of
Cutting Him — Two Arrests.
Charged with atteekinr a bartender on i
the Fteamer Mary Ratten on her run from
Ix>njr Branch •■ the Battery, two soldiers. ;
who said they vrer* -■--• r- Martin A. j
Han and J*m-are John T. WiIKP. <Ta- ;
tkMiMl at Fort Hancock, N. .1., were locked
op In the -■'■-' I street station last !
The complainant. William Sicrner?. showed j
a face gash»-«i in sundry places, and Dr. I
AVestrm. of tile Hudson Street Hospital.
wno Ti-as callexi > to attend him. took nine
stitches in various lacerations. There were ;
about one hundred md f.fty jiassengers on !
the steamer, and, . according to the bar- j
tender, they were thrown into a •..■>;• if
«-xcitenient by the alleged attack made
upon him.
Siemers said that the two soldiers drank ;
iwenty-tive bottler of !**er. and when he .
asked for Va-- return of the empty bottl»-s |
he was met witii a refusal and abuse. Pri- j
rate Wilkes !ie <har^»^<i with striking him
on th*- head with a bottir-. an<i the sergeant,
be alie^eJ, aitled in the attack.
The soldiers made a general denial and j
asserted that a genexal light took place on :
thf main derk when the bartender refused j
to serve Rome of The passenger:- with beer, j
They iniimated that ;!iey had been the |
ones attacked in the confusion.
Dr. Gustar Sthoier Return? from Eu- ;
rope "Kith Very Sick Wife.
It. Wilts'- Schohr, a former coroner'!
of this rity, arrived here last night on the !
Hamburg-Aanerican liner Pre'-idf-nr Grant,
after a trip oT three months abroad study- .■
in? \h^ conditions m asrluma for the in- :
ra::e 'r. Italy. Germany] France ai:d Switz- •
On September 5. .> <lay a'fr the stcamVr
Ittf*. Hamburg. Mrf. Bcholer wag stricken
v,;*.h pneumonia aixi was aerioiis!:.- ii!
tjirous^out tljf- \nyagr. TJje crisis came !
or, T"et;c3a>- insht and rtcr condition im- ;
proved slightly."^ I>r. Pc;if>]«r sen! <i wire- j
irsf message ff|r an ambulance, and ti-h«n i
the siram-bir 1 flocked his wife wa* renioved
Ivm thr ri° r «tting upricnt in an In- '.
valHr f)z:r.
j Failure to Establish Sex of Body
Found in London Home.
! Dr. Pepper Testifies to Surgical
Work on Corpse — Date
of Burial.
Tendon. Sept! 14. — Professor Augustus .'.
' Pepper. th» pstliolosipt of the University of
! London, teptlfytn* si : thr. resumption of the
j ■ >irj" 11 furder trial. said that hi.* exami
i nation had convinced J-im thai the human
; parts fouTid in the rol!ar of tbe doctor's
! HHhlrop-Creßr«i< liomr> were severed by a ;
i haml Allied in surcpry and dirpcted by a !
! mind which possessed a knowledge of
BStmtomy. The-.witness admitted, however. 1
j that the .-'a oX the bod: had not ■ •*" dp- I
! trrmin^d.
Th«» iitt!<- coartroom in J>o-«- Street n-a?
! crowded. Dr. Hawley H. Cripprn. who is
j charged as the j>rinripal in the murder of
j his wife. Belle bftnore, the Axnericau a<-- i
j tress, xras weniiugly ::'- pool and collected !
lap eyrr. He did not mi(?F a word of thr ■
i tsstimony, and eagerly whispered to his i
' solicitor, Arthur Newton, whenever he \
I thought he had detected a pnint in his
j favor.
j On the othef hand. Ethel Clare r^enere.
: accused at an »■ .-•-.,.-■ aftf-r the fact, was
| ]>!<}<■• nnd plainly in mental and physical j
! distress. The poll authorities had fore ,
seen that the day would be a trying on« j
• for her, and accordingly she was attended {
iby a wardress, who sat close to her j
; throughout the proceedings.
Professor Pepper said that he had identi
i fro«: ;iiee.-s of flesh ns belonpin?: ■■ varions
] part? nf tli« body, except the head, hand?, j
forearms, feet and Ipjts below the knees. !
lie could Pay that the members found were {
] undoubtedly from a human body. No bonea |
I were discovered, and there was no trace j
j of the penital orcan.«. .
The viscera was ires* hitart. and the ,
only wound was -i ■ ■:•■ in the upper part of i
the windpipe. Other parts were left undis- j
tiirbed by the one who did the cutting, and j
th* way ■■ which the parts had been sep- j
a rated convinced the expert that whoever i
was _•:■ ■ of the mutilation did his work ]
with an •■ •• • bom of familiarity with ;
the human body.
Professor Pepper said that the hair dip- j
covered included a short strand of fair j
texture wrapped in a handkerchief of tlT*
t.-iz<^ commonly us«»d by men. The witness j
Identified particularly a piecp of flesh Fix J
by seven lnch«" in size af= coming from th»« j
abdominal wall. It bore a scar which, in
his opinion, was undoubtedly left I>>~ a j
wound from an operation. That scar war •
in ■ vertical direction and more than four
■ Inches in length. It was old and mifrht ;
• have been on the body for a year, possibly!
! many years. The condition of ■'■■■ orgßJ ;
I r« .-..-, ered was healthy, and i:i his- judfr- :
j iTi^nt indicated a rather Btoul person inj
i middle lif*. whose hair was dark brown •
when it had not be«n artificially bleached. j
The witn< % s£ said that he found no trace j
of sex. The parts had been buried for not j
l»ss than four months and tor not more j
I than right months.
At this point Solicitor Ne^rleTl took the j
I witness in hand and asked him to b<> more j
I specific in his statement a* to having ,
; found "no trace of ?<»x. - ' The professor j
. apre<>d with counsel that it was impossible j
1 for him in any manner to determine the i
| sex from the parts of the body found and
1 examined by him.
This, was considered as of greal impor- :
; tare- to the ciofciT'e. i:r it had Iwn preuer- i
I ally believed that although certain organs i
i had ■•-,^r. , purposely removed to conceal tb»
identity of the victim, sufficient evidence]
i would be !ntroduc< ■ to establish that the |
', body was that of a woman.
ITip witness pxp!ain«:-d thai he mean!
j that h" could not identify the sex anato- i
matically lie was ■■;<■-<->- qu£si •■■•■ r*»- j
I p.irdinc the scar by Mr. Newton, who tried
jto vn»K p out that what appeared us a scar
! might be merely an overlapping" of,th'
: skin. "That suggestion i. fantastical, re- ,
. tn— tho pa 'il.>!, -•
The trial was adjourned to Friday. »
; London. Bepi 13.— According to a" pub- 1
! Jished interview, the line of defence to be J
followed by Arthur Xcwton. counsel for j
Crippen, will i>o that the body whs not j
'that of Bellr. Hlmore. and thai the strip j
iof flesh •.•■_■ operation scar I
i cannot belong to the abdomen beca.use of j
! the absence of the umbilicus. ;
i I
Specialist Brings Specimens of the Ehr
lich Discovery Called ' '606.
Dr. Otto Krug, ;t specialist of Maud* 1
j lure:, brought over yesterday <>n the ITam
burp-Americaii liner President Grant fmm
Hamburg six tube: of dioxdlamidoarseno
benzol. the EJirlioli discovery for the cure
of syphilis. Dr. Krup camo over as the j
ship's surpeon. and will be ii port only six
days. He h*J i» conference yesterday with |
Tii< Marine Hospital surgeons, and will j
demonstrate for them to-day the adminis- j
tration of ti-.e Ehrlich treatment, which Is !
adminißtcred to patients by hypodermic in- •
Dr. Kruj; is a friend of Dr. Paui Ehrlich '•
and was present at the demonstration^ at !
rrankfort-on-Main, where Dr. EhrHch is j
the director of the Royal Institute for Ex- \\
perimental Therapi The chemicals in j,
powder form, oninirin! 1 called *'W6.V were I .
brought over in small test tubes about rhe !
engt and tliickncss of ;; man's littJeL
finger. j •
Considerable interest lias l)^«*n aroused 151 5
abroarf an<2 in thir country over th*- dis- j ,
cdvery of Dr. Ehrlich. and his chemical 131 3
prcpara:i'j:i ha? been sent in sm;ill quanti
ties to Dr. Shn«?n FlcTzn&r, of the Roeke- I ,
fell-r institute for Medical Research; J'ro» j .
fascor L- P. Hsa-feer, of Johns Hopkins ITtti- j
verslty. and Professor Anders, of the Uni- h
vcrsity of PennsyiranJai i-
Th«^ treatments to be adirdiiistered to-day (
i-,, Dr. Kras «n«l tlie A ! ■ ■ Hospital sur- |'
crcjir. Tvill be h*-W ai one of the imcc lm?- . ;
pita Is in this <--ity at 9 a. m. ':
111 1
(ontinurd frtrni f\r%i pits'".
I i.< that institution In August of "■'
ypar with two payments, one of ?rJUK<<\
on the 11th. and the last of SIOO.OOO. on
| the 2T.tl. Th" cashier of the National
Park Bank supplemented this yesterday
vitij the statement Jlothbarth had
a pmall credit balance with them now.
U. n. Boyeseri. of Sullivan & Crom
j-well,j-well, said that thefflrni of Kothbarth £
Co.. of Frnnkfort-on-Main. Germany. If
composed ••• thrco brothers. Leopold,
| Justus -n>! Martin. Leopold and Martin
I RothDarth manage the. home office, Jus
iiu handles their English affair* from a
branch ofik-o in London, and Adolph
I fiothbarfiL th* prisoner, though not a
j ;■;. ;iil«.>: of the firm, ha>: been their ac-
I credited American representative for
j twenty yarn He has held a broad
i pcv.er of attorney for the firm in all its
j American dealing, and the paper held
by th*» two victimized banks is all be
lieved to have been executed in the firm's
: i anif.
| T!:' banks feel that the German firm
'will raakp pood/* said Mr. Boycsen iast
{ i £.-!-.!. 'They are an old established
! and a most reputable firm. We have not
i yet communicated with them Rqthbarth
■ has not been as successful in handling
I ••■■ affairs of late as he was before.
! and his stock speculations have been 'iii
i fortunate. We went to him on Tues
j'dav ami confronted him with his two
I statements to the two banks, which dif
j fered bo essentially, and yesterday morn
ing we secured a practical confession
from him as to the falsity of bis state
; ments for the last two years. We took
i him from his apartment In the Sherman
Square Hotel to hip <:ffi' l c yesterday
I morning, and later to the District Attor
; iu-'v'p office, where the whol^ matter was
Kept Brothers ignorant.
"Previously his accounts had always
been in the beat of shape, and, in fact, h«
usually carried a balance of something
around ?2.">,000 in thf bank? with which
he dealt, but he told 115 thai in the
panic of 1907 he lost so much in the
slump of stocks thai 'he hardly knew
how much it was.' Since then he has
been ensrapred in a fijrht to recover his
moneyj and in .the course of it, he told
■:.- v had concealed the true state of
affairs from his brother! abroad."
Rothbartli's attitude when he was ar
rai^sied yesterday was one of resigna
"I'm s:i;i<i ii is over," he said. "I have
not had a peaceful minute since the
panic. I'm heartily gla<l I have no wife
or children, and T want to grt th^ limit."
lit mentioned Union Pacific and
United States Fte«»l as ;iTn«'nE: th<- stocks
in which he was 'aught, in the panic, and
declared that the affair would wreck his
brpthers' firm.
Th« lawyers and Hanking people inter
ested were of the opinion, however, thai
Rothbarth is ro overwhelmed by hi?
j plight that he think* it i? much worse
; than it is. and they confidently expect
that the German hop dealers will have
no difficulty at all in meeting th<-> obliga
tions which their American agent and
...... hap piied up against ' hem.
From 8 statement oX his affairs volun
teered by Rothbarth it appeared that
the American ■; agency did n business
amounting annual]: to about £50.000.
11^ produced a small iK<ck<?t size ledger
in which the trur> tat us of the agency's
affair? were kept by himself, and in this
book, which contained none of the exag
gerated assets put forth on the . open
books and statements of the firm, the
mvestisrators found that bis bills re
ceivable *in sis month periods since 1007
approximated $25,000
Rothbarth assigned what cash credits.
accounts due and stock on hand he was
possessed of yesterday to the complain^
ing banks, and ■•• exact amount of hi* 5
liabilities to the institutions will not be
determined until they have bf-en bal
anced against iii;- notes in their hands.
Ktnii Kl<-ir;. the cashier of the Mer
cantile National Bank, appeared in court
as th^ complainant and Hccpiiesced in
the amount of the hail asked by th< Dis
trict Attorney. Rothbarth conferred for
a few minutes with James W. Osberne,
and though that lawyer took no part in
th. proceedings yesterday he said he
might take up the case later.
State Department Accepts Pro
posals of New President.
Washington. Sepi H.— Th" State Depart
ment advised Salvador Castrillo, the Xicar
agnan Minister, to-day of its satisfaction
'.vitii the polic> - which Pr«»skl«»nt Estrada n. .
announced for his adrainistralioii. mclU'J
ins: the rpfuie^t that ihi? government send
to Managua a commission to conclude ari'v
formal ns:reemrnt:; tiiat may be noccs.«ar..-.
The note of Huntlngton WHabiu acting tsec
.-•:.-• was in reply to the lvote
of Minister '."astrillo of last Mondsty; trar.ii
mitting President Estrada's ■ gram
Tli« State liepurtment in tins note! which
the 2*icarajiruan authorities regard us an
ofliciii] recognition of the Kstracia govern
uieiit. takes th^> position of pxpres?s!nc t^
bciief that President Estrada's propoßails
will Nicaragua's and 'sm-npt li
en thf r»latjons of the Wo zovomtur-titv.
The Wa^hinzTtMi! irovrnm*-nt has -cir-m-.;
Xi^aracua. that it vrill advise thai country
further on 1 1 I*-1 *-- subject, ami that tho. >-<:>m
mission will soon be appointed.
Thomas C. Dawson. rho ti<->. aiinlEter to
Panama^ accompantod by ttariex ('amp
bell, Jr.. ho it to ? ir - th" . ■ . • . of le
gation th»>re. lefl Washington this niorntng
for New r<o 1- whence they wil! sa'A to
morrow for Colon, Mr. ) lawsen will spend
c few days on th». isthmus looking into the
situation there, flf will tii^n sro nn a naval
v*'ss»'l I on '• an una to ''•■Tmto, and by rail
from there to Managua, to ... acting
President '.••.,.:. with whom, us spe
cial commissioner from the United Statesi
h«* will tnk»* up ihr-. ?rfi!'>r>]«»r.t of claiiiis
against Nicaragua.
Prisoner's Mother Had Stopped
Credit, Detective Says.
O. S. Locb, a salesman, of No. zn West
lOftth street, was arr<»st«-d ye«terday after
noon by John F. !.;irl;.i. a department
stor« detective, and locked up at tl.- West
'Mb street siatiojj. chargred wiUi grand
J^arkin said J^.^-lt bouKht a met>h haj;
rained at Si 1 in tlie tstore sibout a week ago
iUid hud it chanted to the account of his
tier. Mi
A f«f\V i!uy» later he Selected .i siiaUe
ring, .-i- -i say.-;, valued at $13. When In
-uiitl that be wished to purcl it In the
i.iii!- of ills mother ha wap old that it
would !••• delivered to him If he got an
-•rd«»r from bar for ii. The detective told
Li^utcnunt Deimpae*y that ■ ■•■ management
if th# biotb communicated with Mrs. Loeb,
1 ho d«siwd thiir no gooda b»» delivered to
!»er t*on. ■,■<■ Ji)!|n»uri*(l aram ..'■p.trM'iinv.
tCCOMtnS t0 tlir- r|>'tr^ti\«'. Wjlh V. lial RUT;
parUtfl to be ■ order from his rnr>tl!<-'r for
• )»*• rint. He P* 1 " the rmg and the tl»i»«'
tiv« fcl!on.°r| i)jni frunj th* ?torfl au'J vi
. I auu.
Move to Bring State Institutions
Into Line with National.
Government Takes Steps to
Enforce Strict Compliance
with the Laws.
! TVashington. Sept. 14.— A nov<>mcnt to
bring all ':''■ r=:»i< banks of la* country
into the national bank system of reporttas
th»ir condition to the public *vas l«~siin to
day before the 'National Association "'
Supervisors ■■ Slate. Banks <-i,.^.-d its con
vention here. Heretofore it. has beon^next
to impossible to gather Kama of the condi
tion of all the state banks because no two
FtHf"? used the ?am» fyst^n l .
The scheme for co-operation b«*Tv.*r'*n : tl ■■
examine! • of state hanks* mid th*» *\am
iners of national ones vm furthered by an
ortW from I^awrenep O. Murray, Controller
or the Current that state bank taxper
visors in the Furore may attend all meet
ings of tli«- national examiner*.
Henry M. Zimmerman. "•' Las - Mich.,
was elected president of th* association.
Clark William?. Controller of the State of
New York, was not eligible, because of his
ni'v. place. He was elected -wliilc Super
intendent -if Hanks.
During the next few imfks the few na
tional banks in thf United State* which arc
rated a.« weak will have their last chance
to strengthen themselves or set out of tonal
The Ml examiners through whom the sr>v
ernnicnt feels the pulses of the national
banks has been instructed to carry thslt
ultimatum to every oard of director? wale*
needs it. T\\f statement of the condition Of
every national bank in the country at the
close of business on September l. now be-
Ins compiled, will be fh<^ awl chance for
any national bank to show its capital im
paired, any reduction of. its reserve under
the limit, and bad paper in its valtit or
any concealed liabilities. The power? which
the national bank law confer? on the Con
troller of th» Currency ar«* absolute.
A<:tinp on the principle that it i-* better
to liquidate a weak bank, pay oft* tb< ne *
positors and save tome of th<» invp.-tment
for the .shareholders. Controller Murray
will use .-.11 the authority of his offlcc to
compel sound banking: in the strons in
ftirmion's nd force the weak ones to
stron?! 1 ' '■ m" retlr".
Paint Man Wanted to Answer in
Suit for Separation.
i-pwi:- .\. Dairymple Tcrcival. president
of the Amalgamated I^aint Company, ?ur
render«*u himself yesterday in the Sheriff's
oflifo on an order of arrest which his wife
obtained in an action for separation which
>-!!<• had begun against him on the ground
of cruel and inhuman treatment. Half a
dozen „ morf process server? had been
Foarchiii^ for Perelyal; but were unable to
find him at his office, No. ■- Broadway, or
at his factory, in Jersey City.
His wife Fai<l she applied for the order of
arresi because he threatened •■ transfer
his interest in The Amalgamated Faint
Company and go to Europe. Pe-civai was
held in J3.000 ball. Tie furnished a bond
and said that he would move to have the
order of arrest vacated.
In her complaint Mt rvrcival s»t forth
th;it on July i. while they were in th«»ir
automobile] Percivai truck and seriously
injured her. Hbf said it was sate to live
trWi liini and alleged thai at another time
he hJid threatened ii°r with a revolver. Fh*
l^f! him after the episode of July 4 and
began the action for a reparation, asking
'5250 a month alimony.
The plaintiff said .... had cut
oft r/Pi credit at the hotels ...... had
former!:," lived and also with the merchants
with whom yiie had dealt. Accordins to
Mr?. Percivai^ iier husband received a largrc
inroni*' and hi.-' personal and real property
v. a:~ valued at more .::■-.■
District Attorney Questions the
Friend of Dr. Scimeca.
Professor Francesco Italisno, a friend of
Dr. Mariano Scimeca, who was in the
homo of Dr. Petrella, Feim c ca's father-in
law, on the night that three-year-old Mich
ael Scimeca was returned by his kidnap
<"■•■ . -"a- examined by District Attorney
A\"hitman yesterday in his investigation of
the mystery surrounding the child's return
to it« parent?.
The fact that Itailano had spent several
hours ■■-■■ Petrella home and •■•• there
hurriedly when Mrd. Petrella returned with
the child led the police to believe that he
miKiu be able to supply valuable informa
tion. lt;.ii;i! denied emphatically to Dis
trict Attorney Whitman that hi* sudden de
parture had any relation to the kidnapping.
Lieutenant Vacliri.^. who brought [taliano
io the District Attorney's ofllce. expressed
the opinion thnt he was not tfMlin:r all he
know about the case. To all inquirers,
tiowever. the man would only say that Dr. -
Scimeca had requested him to assist in re
■overinj the child, but that he had refused
ii have anything to do with ;ii- mat)
Scar of Commissioner's Auto Broke,
Making Control Impossible.
A; automobile containing lame V.
O'Brien. Deputy Commissioner of .-• •-<*■
Cleaning of The Bronx. ra;i on th* ?ide
ivalk at Ifod Ftrert near Intervale av»nii«»
yesterday and ir..i;ired Nathan Simon, of
Xo. ?,*~A East 110 th ■•■■:. so bad}} that he
lied last eveninc in Lebanon Hospital
tvhere Ii« was taken after rhe accident
' v.r- ' was thrown to the flo«r of th*
?;ir. but wa. ; . not injured. The chauSfenr.
"leorjrr Hillrnnn. ChO ' -"• sirrest^d and
:ak«Mi to ttie Horris snis police court, said
;b« teei tag scar broke whil«- th<- car Was
noving. Magistrate ElaTria paroWl him t n r
'xaminatioD to-mor
Dont Persecute
your Bowels
Cut eat calkstties «ad jirn«tnw. TKer «r*> }-ron
— har»t»— unnfrnwrr- Try jflp^^
Pvrrif \-irix\ir. Ai3^^S^s»
SrotlT no Inr iirrs. JffsS^
rsiminat.- UU. .im> jMJ^SWJP
loathe thoiiaicr!'- dtQ&pjGn
membrane _ *Iktp^£**L*W^
j^3 j
ten rnuiur son ikuiscsimo. v r.\ii'.o«« nm
>mall Pill. Small Dote, Small Pnc*
Genuine ■«" ■■ «•«»•
— . I
AT HO!¥IE r ! s
200 WEST 72nd STREET i i
mm B;.LL BOOKS de LUX£
lELErHO-VE 9212 COLL'AI^VE. ' ,
Store Opens at 8:20 A. M. and Closes at 6 P. V Directly on th= Inisrbcro-i !i
Subway. Eiglxt Car Lines Each Way to Store.
At §iUm^ ■ !
/ I .New York. Sejrtsrnijcr I" 1910
Samples of French China Plates. Cups
And Saucers at .a Half or More Off
A Regular Feature of Orj.r September Sale of China
Over a thousand plates alanost every one different. None
costs more than $2. many as litti'e as 15c, All are worth tv/o or
three times their price.
Next largest quantity is of cups and saucers. All kinds, all
decorations and prices. 25c to Si. instead of 50c to $2.
Covered dishes arc 50c, $1 arvi $2. - None is worth less than
$1.50. and many sell regularly at $t7-50.t 7 -50.
Tete-a-tete sets of tea pet, sugar boy/l and cream jug. meat
dishes and odd pieces are all an average of half regular prices. In
cluded are a few splendid vases and jardinieres that will be sold at
$7.50 to $10. Generally such elaborate hand-decorated pieces would
cost $20 or more. t
This is the entire Fall sample line of an importer
rificcd 3.00 C pieces at a bottom price m order to get instar*- -rady
for Spring orders.
Such values as these in suqh bcautx'ul china s
inside of a day.
Ready today when the store opens .at 8:30. Please c ■
—only one piece of a kind. •-« '
New Designs m Trade-marked
Axminster Carpets at £1.25 a Yard
Made by the original power-loom rr.ani tactu-f-s. he last
75 years their carpets have gone into the Eacst in v
homes of millions. The acknowledged ma: ■:■-<. • worth of g
is $1.65 a yard.
4478 Yards Body Brussels from Same KB, $! \ard
Sote — Market estimate of value $!..^0 to %\MA i •
32°3 Yards Smith Velvet FUiing: at >L 25 Yard
Varied color-range. Market appraisement $'.60 a
430 Yards Smith Figured Wilton Vjivet at 5! Yard
Conservative valuation is $1.35 a y
Also 752 Yards Smith Wool Velvet at 75c
This quality customarily aefli at 95c n j
NOTE: On the greater number o: patten I er« ire ~ocxi
quantities. In some instances a number of duplicate
Fourth • ialif 1 -' N1"N 1 " BnlMtng
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co.. Broadway. Fourth aye.. I
For Girls find Tonne Ladles — City.
J Mrs. Helen M. Scovf He's
i RESIDENT and DAT r'ir ?rom fourteen
;to tv rl'--flv« y<-sr s old Hr>~Ma! studies and
! ■ »jru!ar course. ----- ldtn« work and
From Kindergarten to College. ■■••-••« for
| rr.-.all hoy? 3Cth Year W^je»ti« Ociotyer 3rd.
The Misses Rayson's School for Girls;
I Tta.npen* October «th
| 164, 16*. IKS \\**t ?3tb ~tr>*t ,
C.O-22S East l*tfc fit.. >;~iv York.
mESDS school.
706-1:6 Brbprm»rhe — Strict. Brooltlyn. :
THE SEMPLE **t — Park ffwti
I !n£ dCInrLC w.of Mtbst^ajweUy
i "Dpost'^ r.ncral Park. Boardinc and Day ;
I School for nir\t. Colle** Preparatory and ■
i l>p«»<:tal Coiirs»». R«qp»P? October 5. _ j
! TTJC EARLn !'OLLE*GIATE, Girls" dar and I
: boardlnc 15th year. S-lert preparatory, fin- |
I 'shin^ school; ehll<ir»n> department special. ■
Ftud'- <-la»is<"». r.;> WVrt fl^th •• i
For Both :>excs — City.
PRATT Institute;
i «»< lino: -OF n\f AND AITI-IEB A TITS. |
! iyo.
r— | 8 PRATT. S«t»!»'»
1133 Broadwar. corner t»6tb Mr^t.
IRth Ymr. Fall Tern- Now Oppn.
Th» orsrantzation of th»- neir irhno! ;it "Tth \
; 5 -. »• and Lexington Avenue ilfortta an oppov
i tnnifi to olTer. for tta< ttme n»iiu. SPKCIAL
j 11ATE5 for complete scbolsrshtp that ar<»
, about $20 less than th« 7 ■"•ill b»- tnt^r. FtiTl
! information .._-.. upon r-:Tj«^st. Th<» i
j only schools that ivjii name a definite price ■
' -.%- oomi)!»t» '":'■!'•■>».
I fHAKI-FS M. Mil in;. Trinr.- j
Nterte«nth y«ar "n<»rins S»pr. 2^
• COIiEGE anri COMMERCIAL Prppar^ticn.
j Certifl<-afes admit to aY --.->• , c roli-K^B.
• Offlc»; hours. " to .•; -?•-■ P»pt. 6th.
T-l^phon* vn^O BclrnrJer.
j ror r-atalogii'g i ..•-■«. 4.' WEST «1 ?T c— ■
:•; AVt?t Slit St.. orsrlookinc Manhattan Arc i
nnd r.-»r>tral Park West.
rol!ce» crrttnratfii. Oradnato tnntructor* — ;
m«n and worn- L.iincli"i>n <iptton3l. Study ;
ho^ir*. Gyninasluin. B^sk"* Bait. T»tini<«. out- j
»1"or play. I'.ini.irn.,, , • in ...,,... ■
Mn«!>- and Art jirhool liniit»<l t^ 7,\ pupils. |
Offlf* honrm, lo tn 4. Tpl. !>lsl Pci>»ivl*r.
The Barnard School of
' online. EmrrroidfTr, MMMfw«. Pr»-«»rnakir.s. !
"■" l '- i '"i" Bworntion. A ••count ». Manajc^Tirnt •
On» ot all subjects may .<. taten Private I
*taa>M aS *cr mm form'^l it. request. Ex- !
tension eour«»s for your.fr matrons. 2d year !
«prns Qgt. 13. rrita'tog. T»i. ffffw> grrinT-lyr i
<~ol!»jf«» 1 - :■■--.• & Genera!. •,- Ul linC* i
KlnO-rjfart^n & El«m»ntar>. 4^s ff. 145 Ol »
ISfh VKAK begin* jfataloit j
BARNARD sgbool"! soys!
721 ST. M( HOI AYE
Thorontl, pr^purmion for eoil«x» or bttaln«>«
Barnard Elementary School
■».,, ._.., s Hast 18jh St.. Ni.tr York.
???-.*l«_Scbermerhorn Str-«t. Brookiyn.
""nr^J?"" l^- :M:l Lon ™ Ay *- n-ar ifTtVsw !
Brooklyn Bimncb,-; 31^220 JLlvlnsston 9t.
:■-'.. Mil V.
JlaSir Jfeiiss^s I ■-
Hundrato wctwitnl; COLlJBQtATE. &a \v. !»e:5. |
For Both Sexes— Country ~f,
. f^l?, 11 * 11 * 11 "- Wmtrhentcr Co.. N. Y. i
roun^ * U .^ UOTial Kl.Unds"K I. Unds " S^ ool tn th ' «' a| ! "
■ ■ : . ',' ,"* v: N ' ■" • " ir ' *»s . •
v T bBtMtM » at Valhalla. » mfhla from *
*rrf; f^rt ,t., t . l^n-cunv*^^ for
■ -
255«.tE??2"? ltVffl for * E -' fotUjtt or ■t«h!iimi i
t;L e °;. '^f^u:; Jtajwal Trttateir: I>aps»Ue | I
For Boys and Tonr.r Jltn — City.
lilerkeiey I "^^
\~^ ■■ — i *!■■! Cfthubn lE<titT»»
• j^TvilUMI --Jr.. ■- -- ■■-•■■ smi
~m 'F tlftt tint* Ai«.
riipifH Hb»» Th»«m>lj f«- •'! *eU**r% Hi Tt*.
i>lc»J »^»<m»U, l-vr.TMuai ! ?>»trs«'.c": S'na'f
I ("lasses. Afternoon atiitiv IX. >ar. Mniwtt Imi!
; ■ «cpt:enal». Li&rarr. lijuiaaKJis:, £;h\»<-ri itt^??
I I cxorrienc^t TrAj ner .
Xo Hem* tcr Yoins t^ l^!*. . ».. .
J JOSEPH CURTIS v «LOA = . '--Tr.- "
L. D. RAY. 35 W. S 4th St
Thorough preparation ir.r -o5*?? afj
bashj»"«. EJ?r»»'nt3TT. Triznsn 32tJ
; No home >tudj icr b"T& uadsr CV.skj-
Cist year b?s:n» 50. Tear book on ra«ri*-
I I>r. Ray :i'ln nt ~- r».w>i ri;«;! . ____ ■
! Collegiate School
341 TVEJT -ttm Mm
Bars t— *r«c tor the Coi'^svs and tit***
t ttfic PchooU. VTet!-«(;Ktrps<i Grisnasiura-
I lieop^ns Wednesday, S?pi-?Tnb* > r "JS"-!i.
Pending- trt* appointment ot a h-?ad na#"f
I ti;e School irITJ be TJn<l»r the direct:?a of ••*
! Rtr Edward B. Cce. D. I>., ciilirni.i= of t5»
! Board of Trustees.
Al! con\K»-jn:catiors9 may • sddrtasei » i
[ Miss Can t:. iJarsh. £ecr^tar>-. a f . th* ScJie*- i
om^ Bookkeeping. Shortirnd. Type-
v*rttins. rVMUUSaip. ■ ■ vntt
I and Acatleinic Prpartazeatv
£ Call or write rci Catalcjac.
TirBLrTH TEAR cpeas Ortober 3L -
Manx- imr>r-jvcrrtv.-.ts in »t>- tnc JmBjBBW t 3 *
| 'r, the i 'ovrses. ■-»..> y-*r Niaetr-s: s Sd?' s J?3?
i Frurt°»n Teacher?. Ages *ix to •?t^!i:e«sj. AS*
■ pJiranrs mi»; he nr-il r»'-^»trrm*nii»tt.
Mom >>%ny four Su-n<*r«>«i rrs.i^a'-!"* h***
; rOLCMBIA. Oranplctc ACADEinC and ai«
: I^ETro KQrTP>rF>-T. SnrUl c!as?» «» ! *"
■ dhrldaa] instructiorv-
K-^r^rs o--t. 7»J 2> E»r 5C?t
g 13!>-147 IVEST 31* r ST.
; i him hioh schools, xsurrrisrixo
■ New, York • istb ■ ->- o^=3 **»s- v^
; UniVCTSItV t Afternoon CUm. g
< Law School ♦ Eventn« fla-*. TC f
j Address L. J. Tompklas. S*c.. WijtteS« *" E
! New T->rfc. ____—^-** . ; ;
The Carpenter Sc&ool- 1
I For Boys, 310 West End li*|
NEW VOKK Day srUooL 174 r»»J '. I
LAW SCHOOL. Ei^ninx ■•>*» s-*s -* T«rx»^j m
**r»wt ht Xfethod" of tnstructltm. LL. t- ..',-» |
: year*. LLM. in ?fir-(e v^ars H:*-'*. * t ir'^ a i I
t Send for cataloyae GEOItaE CHAfa*-_JgZ ■
>,;;-■- <? >tIM vKV. ■
ZZO-?2» Eas? l«th St.. Now Tor*- I
tOB-11fi Schermerhom Stre«t.^jggg«g!a^ ■
Broailway ami ir.lst $ r - __^ --• 1
KorJjttaloKiwi No^iJfir'U ■
For Girls and Tounsr Ladl-Fs— Coa^C: ■■
NETVV YORK. Pcckskl!!. I
St. Mary's ScIjoo!. K. St. Saint* I
Church Boardlnif School tor <"»' ri *£s!rZH I
third year. Ki«hty «cr-?. N>w P ll "^^ I j
Building ready Jn the fa!!, "^""fini • I
Oar Jan City. L. I. ■
__ TT» hww how to jea£b.i??st — T" I
Fur Boya und Yuung Men— CbnnCf.^ ■

ST. DtATXSrS HALL. Sc*rsd»>. \Ja^'m
*VUth ctlncaticn or bors for collet* T ,^Zt<or ft
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