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Research Burea Sa^s Board of
Ecu- ?■' ./- C\e r ::ates It.
Cost of Normal Development
Said To Be Exaggerated —
Budget Not Discussed.
Tlse official* of th* Bureau of Municipal
2*e*eareb have •»rriti«'T, to the Boa.rd of
Estimate find Apportionment and to in
iMsa«Bl members of taW Board of Educa
tion, asking thrm to ascertain -why the
educational authorities persist in what thpy
call ■WaaaaSaaaK the cost of th- average
yearly "normal enlargement of the school
The bureau said that, contrary to Its of
ficial records, the Board of Education states
when asking a building fund of SS.tOO.COO
early to abolish part time, and -when justi
fying its large estimates, that it must pro
vide tor from 3ja»» to S0.0O» more children
each year. For several years up to i»^»
an average annual increase of 5 per cent
In registration stated. This was shown
to be an exaggeration, a- the board modi-
Sed Its statement in the ISrt? and MM
"iudfreu. but continued, the bureau as
*=crt?d. to ha»e tt understood that it would
jj*.«d money to talie care of 35.<«00 new
pupils a year.
B r . • aversssß

Since 800 the anerape has been > 3S.
-3n the elementary schools, including kin
<l-?rsrartens. tiie hitrbest Del ay-- for one
f^-ear «n CjSOB. the av*>race BBSS than IZ.QM
■«nd one year was only 6k«"0. Ne.i:hcr in
rep.^'.T no: is attendance, the bureau as
fseried. do the npur«s for the last ten
.jcar. the last five, tn«» last three years
1 cr tbe iart > Bhow an increase of from
►tS-SW to 30.0 W.
V>*hat was called another fenn of
;Err':at:nn vas enntained in rhe IViard nf
Education'? requcFf for J^.S??.^] + 1 for "nor
fTna' enlargement of th» *:hoo] r^.^trm In
JrJSH "" In t!i e last antrual rer>ort the r^r
• carita cost for a?! school? <«i av^rajre tte
{Jft-v 1p given as S~l G If the new <-hil
! «lr*-r are to b*» given the same artertion as
Th r nid ones, a Der rar'ita airiourt* to loot.
f«rtrr JS.OWL and vox 3LGOQ. additiunal pupils
rjs requested, it is a"l*»red.
Other tipure? w*re cit»d a? tyrtical of Trhst
'j£s termed "lark of Information and the mis-
{■raTrTTKnT of information." which. It was
f«harped. hay* ri»arart<:rized the budget pro
ly>ofals and nth^-r estimates for money by
[*be Board of Educaiinn for years.
It -was ruiTßested that little else ran be
I expected "w hen the estimate of the board,
(cor; si ft in £ <>t 20T paires. with a numlvr of
;«chedus^s. was not seen by six of the forty-
MEix members until a few minutes V*' n " t
khey voted to demand sSs.(*yt.(fA or an an
jEtal incT^a.s» of 17J30Q.000.
In 1J»OJ» the bureau, at the request nf a
,«^>ecial committee appointed by the B">ard
|c>f Education, wrote as-kin? how may ad
'«iitional teachers had been required to take
•care of the alleged increase *>f 2?.?"" rhil
{*srfen from Sep»emt>er to r»ecembe.r. l?f'!».
The City Superintendent of Scsif>ols. an
«rcrerlng unier date of October 11. ?aid that
Xjurlr.g September. 190?. th» Board of Pu
perin Ten dent? authorized the fomiation of
3.16 n p w classes, and direrte.a the disebn
tinuanc* <• •• 117 classes already existing.
'*T«t on October "1. l»oj». th«;re were, aooord
tr.lg to register. S.SC-T claspes <»f Irss than
Sorry pup!ls and 2.VT.G of loss than thirty
Attention was called to the fart that th* 1
*m!y change th« board has made in it? *sti
mate Tat to favor an Increase of S.fi.o^o
over the proposal BUbmllted by its employes
«U3(l eommiTxees.
Mor^m-er. aJtliourh rity official? are to
r s bud^Pt cjihibit in ■-••-.
j>a-.-<- f<?<? tl* Ivjrlpet estimates, and al
thouph tlip efiisca.xirma) •estimate for ST«"..
<i«ti.nn<i nil! be bJhjt™, ueltlKi that fact
nor the r'urrM.iF*' bt informing thp piibllo of
school needs, the .bur^-^iu Faid. Va? m^n
tinned at the board vnvrting or at the prin
«::palr' raffiinc he!d on SeptenihT 13.
Steamer Brings Car- and Two
Mates of Norwegian Bark Th"-
Th« Prtos V.'iu<-ir) IV. -which arrived last
tiphT from West Indian ports, had on imarrt
Captain <""hristiax;?<-n and his two routes *ot
•the Ehijmiwckffd Norvvr^ian bark Thora.
j^LhJi r an a^hor^ on July 16 on a <--iral r»-er
Sf • the point «'f Tucaxaus. \>nfiuo!a
• T~!>e Thora iva? in ballast, proceeding
£rovn Tueaua? for Nipe Bay. '"üba. and in
Jlrvln" to cbe •atnt hiph ;ind dry on a coral
c*? r t and Iwcame a total wrack. The crew
•oi tlilit»eJi took to the boats and put bark
jlo Tucacas. «;aptain Christiansen and his
{mates took jiassatre on the Pxtna 'Wiilem
>^V at Puerto Cahcilo.
ipnllman Porter Held While Detectives
Search for His Antagonist.
Pn neprroe.'- tstp involved in a Fhootinc
ib£fa:r yesterday and on*- of them, the pulicc
•think. i« Augusta* Bottlr, a Pullman pnr
5. ■ \\iio i.'i<> othrr is dcteftivos ar* 5 trying
to find out. Bottle is a prisoner in the Wpfi
1100 th street Ftation. charged with felonious
; Bottle iiay^ h r {<u::d his" xrJfe talkinr xiith
fthe other n< pro yesterday aftornoon. He
trtieutcd the man's: presumption and invited
&2RI to tlie oc!lar of an apartment house in
TVest llAih slr<f*>t. There, h* says, his foe
| a larre revolver and shot at him. He
■ehenved bowder marks on his necktie, but
itr.e dctei:tr\cs wanted to know where the
{Jjullet went to. Bottle couldn't tell.
"Waller Wand, an elevator boy in th?
fiumltmaA boused told the police that only
.one of tiie .nesroep had a revolver. He< shot
,-«t th* other, -who foil. Then he tried to
*hoot himself. t\ hereupon the man supposed
'to be. dead jumped up and ran to th*
jßjßjrw. Tiir man vith tiie run folloT\-«?d
♦ <■■' afterward.
* tt: Bad v*»
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of *£»
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Before Sailing
end much valuable time will
be saved for sightseeing.
Alderman Campbell Urges Pur
chase of More Land by City.
Alderman Campbell, chairman of the
committee on parks, playgrounds and
schools of the New York City Commission
or. Congestion of Population, has prepared
a. report, In which he shows increases in
the valuation of land owned by the city
Bu:ce the "War of ISI2.
The- paper, which indicate? that the city's
land holdings have grown in value by leaps
and bounds, was mad' from figures fur
nished el the Controller's oSice and by the
Department of Taxes and Assessments. It
says that out of MS sites purchased by
Now York City. B7 have shown an increase
of from 20 to 2.of«> per cent.
In orrirr to show how the values in cer
tain sections have jumped skyward. Mr
Campbell compares those- of the Ml on
which are Public School 41. hi Greenwich
avenue, Manhattan, and Public School 34.
a: Norman. Hackford and Oakland streets.
Brooklyn. The plot upon which the Man
hattan schoolhouse stands was worth 79
cents a square foot in 1549. In 1205 it could
be sold for $13 ST.- That on -which the
Brooklyn siliiiii is built was purchased
lor CD cents a square foot in 1569. In 1306
it was valued at $7 16.
The alderman advocates the purchase of
land by the city, and tells of several Euro
pean municipalities ! which own property.
rim. he says, owns nearly one-tenth of
the ground within its limits, and Frank
fort-on-Main owns about one-half of the
real estate inside of its boundaries.
The report also says that Brooklyn has
one acre of park space for every 1.574 per
sons It recommends that at -least thirty
square feet of room be- reserved for each,
registered school child.
Job Commands No Pay and
Costs $200 to Keep Up.
Fnless some competent man steps for
ward in the next four weeks and takes the
nomination, the volunteer fire department
of ihe old town of »wtown. now the 2d
Ward of the Borough of Queens, will be
without a chief engineer for the first time
in its history of fift >' Jrears or mor*.
There have b«-«>r> 122 fires in this -ward
within tli<= last Heven months. The duties
o f <-hi«»f . . r .. . ■ of '*c local department
,-orrepponi to th^KP •>< battalion chief of
Uw paid Fir» r>epa-t™«>nt. who receives ■'
salary of JS.rW*. while the ■■''■<"■' of the
volunteer department, hi addition to giving
his service? free. 1? under a persona' ex
pense of ?3« a year to ke<=p up the duties
of his place.
<""hief Engineer Victor B. Weber, o' Elm
hurst, who has held the job for the last
two years, positively refuses to become a
candidate f->r another term, and J. Burt
Snediker. the only man who was willing to
take up the work and expenses of the post,
died suddenly of typhoid fever while on
Ms vatatior. several days ago.
Court Paroles Fisher, Accused of Mal
treating a Boy.
After b*me locked in a little jury room
in the town hall at Valhalla. N V.. from
midnight until Z.4S o'clock yesterday morn
inE. the jury failed to agree on the guilt or
innocence of Charles P. Fisher, the super
intendent of th«» BBra-«B ra-«ra-«r a-« Memorial Farm
grimol at Valhalla, who had been on trial
for two nights on a charge of assaulting
Thomas Barnsh&W. a sixteen-year-old in
Lawyers, spectators and Judge Qulnn
snicked and swapped Ftories until I a. m..
and th^n the Fix •jurymen, tired and sleepy,
marched into the courtroom and reported
that they could not agree. "Better go back
and try." said Judpe Quinn. as h< ordered
the jurymen escorted back to their -•••m
At .".:4."i a_ m. the jurors again can into
court an'! reported that there was no
chanc» ''under the heavens" of sareelng
Justice Quinn disrharced the jury and
th"n pan-ed Mr. Fisher.
The • . • i Unsi Mr
(fed. kicked urd punched"

which the
mtsc or
• - ■
John Redmond and Three Colleagues
in Parliament Coming to America.
.John Redmnmi. M. P.. leader of th<* fight
for Irish Home Kule. with his colleagues,
T. P. O'Connor. Joseph Devlin and Daniel
Boyle, al! members of Parliament, will ar
rive in this city on Sunday. Th«*y are to
travel over the entire country and Canada
pleading th°ir cau?p. vVTrile they are doing
so Er.gli?h ministers. Liberal and Tory, win
confer in London, and it is thought that
the conference will r« s-ult in an advance of
the Trish question toward a settlement.
The four men will attend the convention
of the United Irish League to be hold in
Buffalo on September 27 and 28 . At a
meeting hold in the Hoffman House on Sat-
T-rday nißfn delegates were named to rep
resent New York at the convention. Among
them are Acting Mayor Mitchel. John D.
Crimmins. William Bourke Coekran and
Magistrate Matthew P. Breen.
I Magistrate Wants Witnesses in Al
leged Poisoning Case to Appear.
Pierre H^ritit-r and his wife, Honorine.
of \u. 232 West CTth street, who were ar
rested on Saturday night on a technical
charge of bein>c fugitives from justice from
the i^tatp of Connecticut, were arraigned
in the Tombs court yesterday morning and
h*ld in (1,000 bail each for examination
The couple were arrested on a warrant
issued by the cl<*rk of the Superior Court of
Fairfleld County, at Bridgeport, on an affi
davit mad«* by Stiles Judson. State Attor
ney, in which he charges the Heritinrs with
an attempt to poison William L. Searles, a
wealthy wool merchant, of E&ncayton, Conn.,
by placing a quantity of rat season in a
barrel of flour, the contents of which were
used in making some biscuits.
The prisoners wrre not represented by
counsel, .and HerUi^r said he was willinf?
to go on with the examination. Magistrate
Herrman. however, ■ssjsested that witnesses
I* broucht to the hearing from Connecticut,
and thought that Mr. S^aries should be
present. Chief of Police Brc-nnan, of Stamf
ord, who »!a::s»d the rests. objected, but
tb« magistrate arljourn»d the hearing until
Stamford, Conn., Sept. IS.— William H.
Breunan, Chief of Police, stated to-night
that he believed that Pierre Heritier and
hit v:: Honoring, arrested in New York
on Saturday on the charge of Leing im
plicated in the poisoning of the family of
William 11. Seailes. of Tokeneke, Darien,
will waive extradition papers and return to
this state. Mr. -• .i.-;- will accompany
Chief Brennan to New "York to-morrow
and make an identification of the pris
Iflmfjßssem, Conn.. Sept. IS.— Although It
•was decided to-day at a meeting of the
Board of Health and loca! physicians not
to clos* the public schools on account of
the apidenai< ■■' Infant paralysis. it is
«-xp**cted that the attendance of the schools
will b^ much d«»crea>*d. Many parents are
sending their children to (schools outside
the city. Thre« n^w oaees »ere reported
to-day, making a. tot a! of fourteen case* of
the BSSaaaM in the last seven days. There
ha.va been thre*. <3f-Hths, two tflr!?. who
«rero roembera of rpr «f-nior class it the
h:£h school, md an kifan^
I^Setu^otlc Oltibtttie*
Appropriation for City Record
Will Show Large Reduction.
FROM $350,000 TO $210,000
Decrease Effected by Following-
Investigating Commission's
Recommendations. *
Announcement was made yesterday that
on the City Record appropriation the city
will save $140,000 in 1911. as against the ap
propriation of the present year, which was
$350,000. David Ferguson, supervisor of the
City Record, expects to keep the work up
to the standard on $210,000. The saving has
teen effected by following the recommenda
tions of the investigating commission ap
pointed by the Mayor.
"Mr. Ferguson, do you find from your ex
perience in the office and Ha operations that
the criticisms of the commission were jus
tified?" the new supervisor was aßked.
"I certainly do. he replied. "I think the
report of the commission stated a saving
of approximately $400,000 a year could be
effected. I think that the waste in 1909 was
nearer |MuM than 5400.000. I also think
that the prices paid by this office for the
Fix months from July 1 to December U,
IMO. wiil prove that $t*v>.onn wap wasted In
1909. and would have been wasted in 1910 if
■ halt had not been called by Mayor Oav
nor fo!V>winjt his receipt of the commis
sion's rep
Mass of Illegal Stuff Printed.
All along the line gross waste has been
revealed, and when the new contracts are
made much wast« that cannot be ptopped
while they are in force will bo cut off.
Under the direction of Supervisor Fergu
son, backed by Mayor Gaynor. the cost of
the City Record has come down an average
of $iv» a day. all due to making depart
ments keep their stuff down to what the
charter requires shall be printed. It was
discovered that a great, mass of stuff had
been primed that was absolutely Illegal.
For instance, there were the minutes of
the Board of Health, the Public Service
Commission. the trustees of Believue and
Allied Hospitals and other things, which
had been printed a' great expense to the
public. The charter provision states that
only brief extracts of Bach minutes shall
be printed, including the minutes of the
Board of Aldermen. The savins; is running
now $250 a day, or SUM a week, on the City
Record, which will be close to $75.<vifi a year,
and that will be effected merely by elimi
nating from its columns the vast amounts
of illegal stuff that had been printed in
them under the old order of things.
There also has been a large paving on all
the supplements that have been issued since
July 1. On the civil list supplement, there
was a saving of between $3,500 and $4,000.
"That saving was* effected simply by fol
lowing the suggestions of the. commission
and by having- it printed in brevier instead
of in nonpareil type." Supervisor Ferguson
said. "There are 2fi.nort ems on a nonpa
reil page and 11.220 on a brevier page.
We made thr- big saving by eliminating the
•faf of which the commission had com
plained. In fact, we have eliminated every
possible bit of 'fat' from the City Rec
ord. "We have made the contractors set
it as close as anybody on earth could set it.
They have carried out our Instructions with
out the lecst bit of friction. We have- had
no trouble with Brown & Co."
Tt was said, however, that *' tl -o'iet-
Brown & Co have fallen into the new order
of things without friction, the Pratt com
pany has not been so prone to fall into line
without compulsion being exercised.
"On the assessed valuation supplement to
the City Record last year the cost to
the <~.ity was $58.6*0.** Supervisor Ferguson
continued "This year it will cost in the
neighborhood of $21. "f0. We haven't all
the sections in yet. The last one will be in
this week. I^ast rear II contained 3.690
pages of nonpareil, outrageously padded, at
an average of SIT. XT a pasre. This year
there will be fewer than 3,100 pages of bre
vier, at a cost of $6 17 a pas'- That makes
a difference of $7 70 a pjse i n favor of the. j
"We tiavo u?ed i larger and eaner type,
and that enormous saving hap been effected
merely (-,.- eliminatin(r the "fat' and havine
this matter set honestly. The volume of
n;attrr in this supplement is greater this
year than ever brforo. and we are using:
larger type for i*. and yet the list covers
600 fewer pagrs than it did last year and
»■< got the work don» for less than half
what it cost before. The Mayor's commis
sion had some sample pages set up. showing
•what could be effected in the way of savins,
and those sample pages have been of the
greatest value to us in having this supple
ment printed honestly."
Saving of $62,000 in One Item.
Tnere also will be a saving in printing
th*> departmental uitlnistrn Last year
they cost more ; than $70,000. Supervisor
Foriruson says he thinks that this year
they will cost less than $S.OOO.
"That saving will be due to this." the
Supervisor said "I^a-st year, in addition
to printing those estimates in the special
s-upp'ement to the City Record, they also
wore printer! in pamphlet form and also
• i book form for the Board of Estimate
in five volumes at a cost of $30,000. They
also were printed in five volumes for the
Board of Aldermen at a cost of $12,000.
There was the same wasteful way of set
ting type all the way throuch the City
Record and In the books. There was a
\ast quantity of •phat,' and they were set
in nonpareil and padded out in every con
ceivable way. This year they are to be
In brevier, with no "phat," and they are
only Romp to be printed in the City Rec
ord. Instead of givlnp the Board of Esti
mate and the Board of Aldermen separate
volumes 1 am having five hundred extra
copies of the City Record supplement
printed, and they will be bound in cloth
and man Ha for the Board of Estimate and
the Board of Aldermen."
Getting competition on the city printing
also has resulted in a stupendous saving.
The cost of composition has been cut SO per
cent on every page. It is asserted by Su
pervisor Ferguson that in instances the
cost of an identical thing was 600 per cent
more last year than it has been this year.
"For instance, let us take the printing
of the annual report of the Department of
Public Charities." Ferguson continued.
"Last year that oast C3ST IO, printed in
book form. "This year, under competition,
the cost will be $54SSO. The paper is as
good and the report shows the Bam*) num
ber of cuts. We had the department con
dense th« report to some extent and
eliminate useless matter. The printing of
the annual report of the Fire Department
cost last year Ji.241 20. This year the cost
is £22."
A ig saving also has been effected on
the printing of requisitions that are sent
in to the City Record office by the depart
ments •every day.
"Under the old order they never had real
competitive bidding on them."' Supervisor
Ferguson said. '"Hie work was allotted to
different printers. They went through th*
form of sjsttteg competitive bids, but they
were always collusive. The Pratt company
got all the printing for the Health De
partment. The amount of printing the De
partment of Health has done in a yaamr is so
vast it would choke an elephant. The
Brown company would go through the form
of bidding againnt the Pratt company, but
its bid« ... never lower then thone of the
Pratt company. The Wynkoor. rlallenbeck
£ Crawford company also would tid ou
that work for the Health Department, but
never would underbid the Pratt company.
"There was collusive bidding all the way
through- Now we. have from eight to
twenty bidders on every printing requisi
tion that compß in here, and it is the- ftercost
kind of bidding, too. For instance, here is
an example: In August. 1909, there was a
requisition from the. Health Department for
■•• •-■• physical examination blanks. Tha
Pratt company got the job for SMB. ts
July this year there was a requisition from
the Health Department for the same num
ber of blanks. There was not a change in
The nature of the order. I had eight bidders
on that requisition. The Pratt company
was the lowest bidder and its bid was $sfio
for the identical work for which it previ
ously had charged $1,822. It merely goes to
show the difference between collusive bid
dine and genuine bidding, and that the
Pratt conroany made an extortionate profit
of about BUM on the requisition of Wto.
"That is simply a typical case of the re
pult of getting genuine competitive bid
ding, when you figure that the printing
last year cost the city $SSL\OOO. exclusive of
printing the city Revord. In this case
I have cited the price was 'JSO per cent
higher In August. IMB, than It was in July.
1910. with the same printers doing the
work. But even if there were a saving of
30 per cent on printing amounting to $900.
000 in round figures, the saving would be
$270,000. and that is .lust about what the
saving resulting from the new order of
things will be on that line of work. In
other words, the printing this year, wltn
only six months of genuine competition.
shows that under competitive bidding, less
than $rtjf».nno has been spen* this year, as
against $833,000 last year, on the printing.
We also are getting genuine competitive
bidding on the. blank books, and there will
be a substantial saving in that branch of
the, work of this ofn<e."
Investigation convinces Supervisor Fer
guson that the waste heretofore was not
nearly, so large in the buying of blank
books as in the printing- Notwithstanding
that, where $154,000 was spent for blank
books last year, there will be about 5145,000
spent for blank books this year, with only
six months of real competitive bidding ef
fective to bring about that saving.
"Great savins also is being effected In
the grades of papers used," Supervisor
Ferguson added. "'Before steps were taken
to reform the office and save money it was
the practice to print a!! manner of forms
on exceedingly expensive papers, and to
use such expensive papers for printing
forms that had only a fugitive value in
the departments and that were not per
manent records The- great savin? has
b*»en effected by using cheaper paper for
all such fugitive forms. Of course, any
permanent record deserves the best kind
of paper that can be erven to it. and it
has been the policy of this administration
of the City Record office, to give to the de
partments the best papers for everything
that is to bA a permanent record. But for
other forms, instead of giving a accent
paper we give a paper that costs 10 cents
a pound, and it serves the purpose just as
well as a higher priced paper."
The work of reforming the department
is still going, on along the. lines of sug
gestion made by the Mayor's commission
and on other lines which have suggested
themselves to Supervisor Ferguson, who is
being backed by the Mayor
David Herman, of No. 223 East 4th
street, accidentally struck himself in the
calf of the left leg with a bale hook while
working in a warehouse at No. 75 Leonard
street yesterday, and he died of hemorrhage
a few hours after lie was taken to Hudson
Street Hospital. The hook tore open an
artery and the physicians were unable to
stop the Sow of blood.
Sunrise. 5:44; sunset. 8:04; moon rises ;
moon's ajre. Iti.
A M. V M !
Sandy "Hook -- 7:30 7:51
Governor's Island - 749 a, in
Hell Gate ' — 9:39 10:00
Th" Fri^drich d r Gross?, reported as 888 mile^
east of Sandy Hook at 7:ir> ■ m yesterday, to I
exp p <n«>d t" dork Tuesday forenoon.
The ileaaba, reported as 7<Vi mllea east of !
Sandy Hook at 6:15 a m yesterday, is expected
to dock Tuesday for*"Tio«n
The Kronprinz WHbelm, reported as 740 rri ! *= I
east of Sandy Hook at 8 40 p m yesterday, is
expected to dock Tuesday forenoon.
Th* Graf WalderFee. reported as 1,281 miles j
east of Sandy Hook at i p m yesterday, is eat
pected to dork Thursday forenoon.
Th« Finland, reported a>= Sir. miles east of
Sandy Hook at 4 v m yesterday , la expected to
dock this afternoon.
The Potsdam, reported as 203 mile* east of i
Pandy Hook at »> p m yesterday, is exp^-ied to '
dock this afternoon.
Vesse!. From. Line
•P WU em TV Ha.-r!. Sept ; . DW I I
*B«giirar^a Tampico. Sept 9 Ward
Parthenla Antwerp. Aug 31 ....
Luisiaua Naples. Sept 6 LJoyd-Ital
El Monte Galveaton, Sept 15... Ho Par '
Potsdam . Rotterdam, Sept 10. . . . Hou-Ani I
Finland Antwerp, Bepl 10 ... Red -~r.ir j
.lavary. Barbados. S>pt 12 Booth
Philadelphia San Juan. Sept 14 fie i 1> j
Altai ... . [nag Sept 14 Ham-Am '.
S V J^uckenbach.-Pan Juan, Sept 14 ... lns'jLj- ;
San Juan San Juan. Sept 14 N 'i «-• P R
Conoho Galveston. s<?pt 13 . SaaJ] '
Proteus . New Orleans. Sept 14.... 00 f^c
Cof Savannah ... Savannah. Sept M .. Sav-anji.li
•K'pr'z Wilhelm. Bremen. Sept 13 N<; IJoyd I
•United States. ..Christiana Sept ll)..Scand-Am
•Frledrich der Gr.Bretnen. sepi 10. ..N >, Utoyd
•Tennyson . . Barbados, gepi 14. .Lamp & H
* Saratoga Havana, Sept 17 Ward
•Coppename .. Trinidad, Sept 13... D W I
•P A Wilh«-lm. Kingston. Sept 15 Hamb-Am
>'esabd ... London, 3epi 10.... . Atl Trans
Ennlsbrook Fowey. Sept 8
Raatalia Narvik, Sept « .
Xl Plßlo Galveston. Sept 14 So Pae I
Ancona Naples. Sept 8 Italian
"Teutonic Southampton. Sept 14.. Wh Star
••"ervantes Barbados. >ept 11,. .Lamp & H
Florida Havre, t?ept 10 French i
Atlanta. v Almoria, Sept 11 . ,
Volturno Rotterdam. Sept 8 Uranium I
Mar»>iiß« .. — ...Hull, Sept 7 . . -..Wilson
:uigfii Lisbon. ?ept 7 _'
•Brings mat!.
_ , , Mai! Vessel
Teasel. For. Line. closes. falls
Marowljne, Paramaribo. DWI. 11:00 am l:0»pm
Kron Oactlte, Bremen. N G L. B:30 a m 10.10 am |<
Voltaire, Bahia. Lamp & Holt 6:00 a m 9:3Oam '
Korona. Grenada, Quei^c 11:80 am iitjo p m
African Pr. M'evideo, Prince. 12 :00 m <s:(r>]>m
lyndam. Rotterdam. Holl-Am - - in -i <« a m
Hamburg Naples. Hamb-Am. 10:*>am
Duca di Genova, Naples, Ital — 1 1 :OO a m
Fantiapo. Havana. Ward i- "' m
City of Savannah. Bar, Bar.. 3:00 pm
Apache. Jacksonville, Clyde... 1:00 ii ni '
ktauretanla, Liverpool. Cunard s.3<»Hn; 9:00 a m
Adriatic. Southampton, W 8. IMin »•;{»> am I
Pres. Grant. Hamburg. HA. 8:00 am 11:00 am I i
Cretic, Azores, Ounard .. ft:(H> am 12:t*» m
■fararaa Trinidad, Trlnadad.li>:UO a m 12:00 m i
Ikaia. Montevideo, - IKIOpn f>:Of)p-m i
Obacbo GaJvea) -'-. Mallory . ■ . ! <n> p m i
Comanehe, Jacksonville. Ciytie — 1:00 pm
Destinatlon and steamer. Close In N. T. P.M.
Hawaii Japan. CV>rea. <.'hlna (via :
San Franolscoi— Manchuria Sept 22, 6:30 1
Japan. I vat China (via Seattle) — I
Tamba Mara P»pt 22. 6:.".0
Hawaii (via Baa Francisco) — W)bi«i- i
mina Sept 22. 6.30 I
Japan Corea. Philippines fvla Vk 1
torla) — Empress of China Sept 23. 6.30 i
Samoan Islands, New Zealand, Aus- ]
tralia <vla San Francisco) — Needles. S*pt 25. « .to 1
Hawaii (via Ban Franciscoi— Sierra Sept 2<j. 6:30 i
Hawaii. Japan. Corea. China i,via
Fan Franclsco>— Chlvo Maru Sept 20, C:3O *
Hawaii. Guam. Philippines (via San £
Francisco) — '" B Transport . Sept 30. 6:30
Port of New York, Sunday, September
18, 1910.
AJUt|VU>. *
fieaniT Apache, Jacksonville September 14 and
Charleston 16. to the Clyde Ss Co. with pa»»»n- i
e?r» anil mtdee Lefr Quarantine a' »i am.
Steamer Chesapeake. Baltimore, to th«» N»w i
York & Baltimore. Transportation Line, with
rr-dse Left Quarantine at 6:60 am. j
Steamer Mexico -Fn. Dunkirk August M Bor
deaux September 4 and Oornnna «. to the rom
pacnle. Cencrale Tran»atlantlqu*. with 2O cabin
ann 02 steerage passenger* and nidse. Arrived at <-
the Bar at 4.35 a m.
?»eam<*r N^cka 1 " i<s»r^. Bremen Sepfember S. to
Oe!r!ch« A- Co, ■■■.:. and 224 ste*raz» ?
pas««nKeT« for New York *Ji>*. "1 <-abir> and IV.*
( ti>i>rgr<' psi'seiie'erE ai i ., mds* fir Faltirrscre Ar
ri\fd «t t!'e Bar a' % 4O a m }
Etea-uer Colorado, Gaiveatoa September 10. to
SEPTEMBER 19, 1910.
There is no "one correct
style" in Derbies.
There is a general trend; but
many blocks and wide variety of
proportions are needed to be
comingly fit every man.
So even though such fine
Derbies bear our own name,
we're glad to have the exclusive
New York sale of these other
Derbies from famous makers—
the "Stetson Special," the
'Knapp-Felt Preferred." the
"Victor Jay" English hats.
Among the brightest spots in
our Fall clothing are the Harris
tweeds, made m Scotland, and
named from the Isle of Harris,
where such cloths were first
Suits, overcoats and motor
ing coats all include some of
these famous fabrics.
We might add that we have
a few suits of the old-fashioned
handwoven Harris tweeds —
very few because it's almost
impossible in handweaving to
get two pieces alike.
Rogers Peet & Company.
Three Broadway Stores,
■I at at
Warren st. 13th st. 34th st.
Bids i«-i:i b» revived a* the und»rsljrr.*d ad
dress tor a!' or any part of the following con
tractors" an<i dredginsr aajafpaaant. all In good
repair and capaN* 1 of Immediate commission;
One clam shell dredge 3^i cv. yd. Bucket-
One clam shell dr .- S ru. yd. Bucket.
One clam shell <ired£« 2 cv. -d Bucket.
One IK ton Standard GaTige Porter B«ll Loco
One 10 ton Standard f'rß'igf Porter Bel; Loco
Five 10 yard can for mud or cellar dirt.
Eleven 7 yard cars for cellar dirt.
About 1O tons of 55 round rails.
One Mundy r>oub!e Drum Engine and Boiler.
Seven anchors, ruining from 6O> to ISOO pounda
Bidders desirl'^s a- examination can secure
further particj'drs by addressing Box K. Jersey
City. N. J.
EM DI DC B*ws3 & -»Oth St. Eve* 8:15.
Cttirillk Mats. u-. d and Sat.. 2:15.
.lnhf. Drew T.\rrlH Himself." — Eve. Sun.
I ¥rE!Ilf •*♦»» 81 - nr B'way. Bvas-i tfi
Lit kUIrl Mat. Satnrdavs Only. 2:13.
UU n P (1 i' w - 44th Rt •nr B'way. Ev c : i 3.
nuUOUn Matinee Saturday. 2:15
fifiDDinif r>r ' h Sf - nr - B'way. Eves.s 20
UfinniUlV Mats W«d. and Sat .2 18
WILL REOPEN THIR>., 8:20. >«at* Not.
KNiGKEBEOCKER Mat. Bat.oniTatSris
by the Author of Music of Th« Arcadians.
CRITERION B ' waj '- 4Arh Ft - Ev<? - B^o.
Will I CillUn Mats W«d. & Sat.. 2 15.
GLOBE B'way. Katurdav Only
ViLUDC 4mh st. nt-j ir. "
BESSIE WcCOY ■s^rgS',^ 11
BIJOU Bway ft r.Oth St. Eves. R: 20.
*«"****-' ** Mats. Wed. and .«at.. 2:13
NEW AMSTERDAM W - M 4 ff.^^ii 13
l.in:t AbarhanelL wit] Ralph Herr. in
fifllPTY Bwa 5' an" 48rh St. Eves. : io.
Ui4Sl.ll Mate. Wad and Sat.. 2:li
<ieo. M. < '>han- »w (omrdf.
LIBERTY "" >Bt 42d Bt > Eves. «:15
Jtj * OI -' IV * * Mats. Wed. & Sat., 2:ta
NEW YORK B'way & 4r,th St. Ev*.R:l3.
RLII lUnn Mattne© Sat. Only. 'J:ls
Farewell Nitrht Saturday. October I.
•-•■! A I'm- ■■•• » , EVA TA>'GOAV.
niilHlCl -Sth St..;Wlllett*Whlttaker. Ma
w Daily Mat. lir.&r.<>c Icart * Bradford, oths..
! the MaJlory Ss Co. -with md»«. l^ft Quarantine
at 1 35 d m.
Steamer Monroe. Newport News and Norfolk,
to the Old Dominion Ba Co. with passengers and
; ROM Left Quarantine at 3 pm.
Steamer Mnnx Isles (Br>, • "arilrnan ptTttem!«r
; 1. Glbara » Bad Ntpa 11. to the Muniion ,"n Line,
with cedar sad mahogany. Arrived at the Bar
at ! 30 i m.
Stnamer Comanch". Jacksonville Peptemlx»r 15
and Charleston 16. to the Clyde Sb Co. with pas-
Bt-iißfrs and mdse. Left Quarantine at 4:20 a m.
Steamer V^nezla <Fr>, Marseille* September 3
and Naples »i to James W EHwall ,v ••<■ with OH
• .tint; and 319 al»i i air pa»«enßer« and mds»>. At
rr -il at the Bar at M" p tn.
Steamer Out Hell <Ger). <'i;^d»nas September
12. to the Munson S.« Una, with molaases. Ar
rived at the Bar at 1 '■■<> p m.
Steamer Arabic i»r Llvarpo I Sfj>t<mt*r 10
and Quet-nstown 11. 10 th»« Whitn star LJn«.
with KM cabin and SB3 steerngei pssaaasan and
radse. Arrived si the Bsi at 3 CB j> m.
Steamer Prins WUlem IV (Dutch). Paramaribo I
August SS, Qtarzttowa 28, Port of Spain 89,
Canipano 81. (**umana and Guanta 5-epttmber 1.
La (Juayra 2. I"uerto leDo .; Curacao 6. Jac
!!i.-! 8. Aux Caved B Jeramle 10. Poll an Prlnc«
ii sad Sam; Marc 12. to the Itoyal init.h West
India Mall, with 24 pasitenKers, malis and mdse.
Arrlve-l at the P.ar at E p m. '
Steamer Delaware. Phtlad^lpMa. la the Clyde
Sb Co, Wit nulae. Passed In Quarantine at" 11 :
a m.
Sandr Hook. N J. Sept I*. l*:Sn p m— Wind !
southwest, light breeze; hazy; light sea.
Steamers Ocmulpcee. Texas City. Jamestown j
Norfolk and Newport News; Yearby ißi ■ .
Plymouth, f-fjpt IS, noon Cleveland 'Ger> New \
York for Cherborus and Hamburg land pro- .'
ceeded). .
Dover. sepi IS, 12 » p m— fsrlasil rßaaj) New ;
Turk for Antwerp "and preraadedi
U\-erponl ■-*(.• IS — Celtic (Br>, New Yo*k via
BcßttbUbptttn. Sept lß—New- York. New Ynrk Ma
Plymouth and Cherhourr
Qufiwown. S«p| .... a m-Brtlti.' .Rr» (from
UvrrpooU, New York 10 a m i uaitaaai
• Mri ifrrm Liverpf^lf. New York
Southampton, Prrvt i», .? p m— Kalsertn \u»u«t»
\ lct«r'^ .Gert ifit.ni Haiiiturj;. ... York
< la i"!v»rhoure
>!-' ••■ S«PI IS, i> V Hi- Vl TeuTiir.e (F'l New
James McCreery & Co,
23rd Street
SILK DEPARTMENTS. ** Both stores
'OlcCreerj Silks"
Famous over half a Century.
The latest weaves and colors in Silk*
and Velvets, including Novelties from the
Exhibition at Brussels, also productions
of Messrs. Liberty and Company, London.
On Monday and Tuesday,
September the 19th and 20th.
Twelve Thousand Yards of Dress Silks
in various weaves, including Peau de
Cygne, Crepe de Chine, Liberty Satin, Pail
let de Soie and Messaline. White or black.
65c per yard
▼aloe «>
DRESS GOODS. In Both Stores.
Showing of Autumn Dress Goods in
the latest weaves and colors, also a wide
range of English Corduroy and Velveteen.
On Monday and Tuesday,
September the 19th and 2Oth.
Unusual Sale of Black Velveteen, best
English make, AVorrall dyed, fast pile,
chiffon weight. 27 inches wide.
85 c per yd.
Seventy-five Hundred Yards, all wool
Colored Dress materials. Various weaves,
including Coating Serge, Satin finish Pru
nella, Satin Cloth and Cheviot. 45 to 50
inches wide. ~sc per yd.
former price. I m to 1.73
Sale of Imported Broadcloth, abso
lutely spot proof. Weight suitable for
tailored gowns. 52 inches wide.
1.85 per yd.
▼■In* Mi
James McCreery & CO:
23rd Street
James McCreery Sl Co,
23rd Street
On Monday and Tnesday,
September the 19th and 2Oth.
An unnsnal Sale of **Shamrock Brand"
Irish Satin Damask Table Cloths and Tap
2x2 yards 2.75
% asanil on
2x2^ yards ÜBS
usual price 4 -■"
2x3 yards ..._ ...♦♦ 3.75
usual price 3.(X>
24-inch Napkins to match .... 3.50 doz
ti«na' BJSsM 4 ■
500 dozen, extra heavy Hemstitched
Hockahack Towels. 2.90 per doz.
n«nal p-!r» 4M
OFTFXTAL KUGS. In Both Stores.
Extra quality Persian Serapi Rugs.
Size 9 x 12 ft 150.00
nlio sasVH
Size 10 ft. 4 in. x 14 ft 250.00
▼aloe 375. f10
Extra quality Persian Mahal Rusts.
Size 9 xl 2ft 100.00
SaaaaS 133 W
Size 10 x 13 ft. 6 in 135.00
▼alae 183.W
300 Antique Mosul Rug:s. Average
size 4 ft. 6 in. x 7 ft. 6 in. 25.00
T»lae* *5.m mad * M
Karaha^h Rnjs, average size 3x 4 ft . 6.50
value «.3rt
Anatolian Mats 5.00
James McCrsery k Co,
25rd Street 34th Street
Box ofneo now op«-n. THpphon* SSOO Columbus.
Eatlrn Block. «th Aye.. 4.1d-44th St». Xv«. S.
Dally Ma!ln"i a! Z. B»-st Seats SI. 06
The Interna- Bailat of The ! 1 2 New
tlonal Cup Niagara j Earthquake | Circus Acts
Nazlmova'n 30TII ST. Theatre.Sßth & B'way
TOMORROW r><i. rftM . m
Henry W. Savago Will off.- CON & CU,
latino. B"\- * R&th. Bfßtn XII KVK.
CAM BERNARD in Hi: «*ame ikom
9AIH DCnliAnU aulwaukkk.
CO>li:i»Y. llat.bel B & f.th Ay. | R*-at«
0%, rr: H. 50 .1 118 Littii Oamszsi j M rrt.
Law Fields" Herald Sq.. ITv & S3 St. Ev.S:l3.
Sat. Mai.. >M.pt Zl. PnUl/rillD Ti. K»*ry
300 th fVrf. Lntiiu* OUUlLflin Lady
Mau. Wed. Mane Dressier.:,
* Sat.. 2:15. Iflariß UrcSSlßr Mshtnmrr.
Mailnr i:ilintt'« Tlira.. 39th, b*t- By AC \v
k>h»- la Mat* wv.t ... f|cni nuiny
last irt times UlrLUinAbT
Kna.» Th.. 41 & B # y. Ev.S:ls. Mta.n>d.Sat j
rlriV Summer Widowers , k in
DALY'S Evß -B:3n. Mat. Wed. * Sat. 2:r.0
B-wa'fsoth. BABY MINE
I YRI0 4 - d w of B»ay. ET&Sna Mts W»d
L I nib sat •_■ I.V MADAME X
l.ut 2 WVs. at Lj-rlc MADAIViE X
H\( KETT. C3d St. VT«-»t of BroaHtway.
Bycv8:1& Mat*. tjfiTura By ! U i».» Eik-
Thur A .-at *. % ! : PJlUlntn crt bondman.
«IM KM), l?sth St.. W of « Ar, Kvs. 1 * !:,
Mat*. Wed & Sat 21\ MARY JiHF-3 PM
MAX ritiMAN tn MART JftME d Pfi
54th Street
54th Street
54th Street
' AMUSEMENTS. _____-^-
POSTPONED TO Monday** T?rk»t» «"<»;••
Hans the Flute Player
seats now: "j°2£
nes^rv-atinns bT Thono. 1714 Murrsy^gf — •
BELiSCO 44th St.. n-ar ITwar. S^:?- 13 " i
DCLAaUU Mala. Thurs. an<! Sat-. - ">v ,
Last 2 Weeks THE UtTj
REPUBLIC TV. 4Cd St..nr.Fw«T E T *.*.. !l
nCrUOLIU Mats. We.! and Sat .. --wjj
Grand Madison Square fiarfa
r- H Domestic Science Conjre?*
tali and l>ure Food E»f«-J"J
r>_, • Open Dally from !• VM *£
Opening *• m. «»»«. ana .p*nd $*£:
; — 2 so Cents. Chefs or aW &£***
swuTfnJTw »nd Chohf** Fi»oitojrre» — -
' ft CTfJC >' 43th St - »e v " l s :li M %[*
Uttlktrk'*. B>. ".(*. Ev.913. Mt*Wt«tS«t-;"*
H. B.Warner SU/as Jimmy Vasenti*
COLONIAL »\ttH.«a%
** Dally Mat. g.V. * Mason^KegiglL^-l^r^
ifISOICSN to^&l^
i 4Jd St.. nr Bvrar ftaisar i < aaaaaV** ft .
i|> \ll > !>IAT. 2ac. Marrtott sjjggL j!
P I T V THE »TmK E \4**
! THE THinD DESB£E>-g§^^

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