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College Football •£
Age Has No Terrors to Men on
Apawamis Links.
Players Fifty-&ve Years and
Older Drive and Put Like
Youngsters. '
Tatier Tim? got tadly bunkered en the
liiOcs of the Apawamis Club yeEterday,
rrhen 124 eolfers. crizrled and weather
. eat en, gathered lor their annual -union
Tn accordance with the conditions, players
h*d to pass the Sfty-flfth milestone cf life's
journey to fie eligible, ccnseqnently th*y
■»«re all members of the -'senior class.'
They admitted to that, tat a most careful
search failed to reveal an ' oli man."
Net even W. Z. Bcardman, the v.-ite
"bearded patriarch, v.fco fluctuates between
Chevy Chase and the Essex; Country Club.
*>t Manchester. Mass.. would answer to the
t:Ue cf eld. Ar he sat on the Epadoos
-<-eranda. chatting pieasantlv Tdth General
Adalbert Ames, a retired United States
cray officer, Boardmaa turned to the
*Ttter ar.d T.ith a twinkle in his eye de
clare«i: ' I Trish to correct an impression
*o the effect that I •am an octc^fsarian.
Tvty, I am only seventy -eirht—wai not be
E«?ver.ty-n!ne until next April. Seme cX the
papers would make me out as sn old man.
all the way from eighty to ninety years
cf age."
'The idea." chimed in G*rs«ral Ames,
"h^'s. a ycungEter."' "Oh, j'ou're sot so
Jar a-^-ay jQ'jrself." retorted Eoarfiir.an.
As a iratter of fact, the general cwns np
to spventy-fenr. Then t^ere tras Alex
ander Milne, the Scarsdale veteran, -^-ho
celebrated his seventy-eighth birthday a
month a^o.

■ :
- ■
■ ■ -

-. -
•'Hotv difl you g*t That fiae scorr?" ask^J
h ■fri* > r.4. a 5 Wrieht nmbi^d JatcrCDy off th^
base creen. -vrell. I made th« fifteenth
t.^'ie in 2." replied "Wricln. Nov.-. the ilf-
Tf>rnth Apainzois is a matter of 3*il
yards. It is a par 4. and most golfers ar*
7'>a*e<l with a 5. "SYripM, «ft--r a good
-«Iriv«?. let jo a lull iron shot. As the ball
f.pvr aTgy ho remarked That h« did not
th:r,k lr.uch of the shot, yet aftf-r rtrikins
a f<»Tr yard? short of the preen it had Just
«Tiou£h legs to trickle en to th^ <-,3 P . His
rard read as follow? :



■ -
- .

H. L Therr.eli. of the Rumscn Country
Out. burnished en« of tiie surprises of the
<Is", however, t>r gsttlng round in £4.
ThorritU hai a fonxteea-strcSe handicap.
to "hat his 7B net also * v i!l ccmc in for
a revar<s «rhea Use genial cn~iinitte*ra^n.
Hcr*ce L. Hotchkiss. E. C Converse and
Eixnepa Fcrd, fflStrOrat* the rood things
this «• er,in£.
le4-c4. tta* prizes sr- a rare let, as may
I*<- gftSherefi Brtm Cm BaDssteC ta^le: Bew
jrrosi.- KCOTC for fhiriy-six holes, gold inelal.
eectsod best gross score, thirty-sis holss,
relr of decarters, first net score, thirty-six
holes, coCfe* set aiid tray; second best net
f-cre' thSTtTr&X holes, silver and cut glass
„.^>, <ir („e ^ n n t score Srst day. lovin? cup.
secendlttest net srere first day. a clock,
firrt D*t score speend day. an inkstand; sec
ond D«t cccr* second day. pair of cardle
Al*-!*?nzft nothing positive is IKcel-.* to be
dena m ths immediate future It is rumored
lh«t * move to-orar-i OnrttjrX tfc* size of the
v-ids tvii! have to be made. "It will be
:-:j-c-2SiJjie to handle any more than took
part restertiy.*" said Mr. Hotchkls3. "but
Jnst i.-rr we v.lll &o about It to reduce tbm i
r.:» -,f the field has not as yet been |
c:- f-vtav settled- At first we strove to
3:a/.c the tournament. In fiat v.c were
-;cc^.-r:ul. -Now xre find ourselves con
fronted Tv-ith another pleasant, to
be : •ire. vc< none the less forrniciab.e.
7;^ score* toUo^nr:.
! -:. .-. tad clufc. Gross H'cap. £**. |
- t. knnstnsax. Fox Hills W is *>
I "... - '••- T!-- 1 !. P'JTTPOn C. <-".-•« ♦"* ■ « v
1. J N.-.r!--. Careen Cttj I' 250 J3
tiofc*n ' .' cr. l/u«*">o<jie «3 U! •*
r r. rr u »,er. For HUJ« .93 £<» T5
i; '. £res« 24. We* Earn.. SO JR •* .
1 -i i L'.'-jr.t, ilidlita-l 91 W ••<
r • A.'r.or 1 -. lirockl.nt- £3 7 T«
?',-;•••& rd V.ortt-.. BpTte* Hav*a M SO %£]
1 < . Erifr-.-r. fiaitusroi t~ I'- 1 •' I
•.>r'tsn il. 11. Jct=ston«, Wr«n- !
! t-.'«r' r Diisoiih.' Oa}:n:wt *>iis 6 78 !
' - ' „ * <tsm£, M 20 7S i
r O ; na«- Brookiise »?S ] I 7* j
Aceibert Aa«. SlyopU. Pt> 12 7% |
>-. a. might: Eiltusrol .. *" 2 7«
> T Csrrol!. Ar-*w*ral» <*■ 2-"» 78
!-. S. Pi.-«or.i, I>vk«r Me*«Jow 5*4 5-^ 7*»
.: H .-snidarrt .\»tr Rsvw.. 6S J« T» i
.' C. PiiWT ' jistrtxii !'» 20 7?
J"An r. aorffll. ■n-c::*«t=n c *^
. 11. T_ Hctchkus. A?i»«»ii 100 20 *■»
**. £ j-arp'nt *iT«v Haven 3S IS «•.
Wr*fJiJ T\*n!!»stnn ft « "* I
' T. hull Mm. a—jar Maa— r... S3 la *0 I
Golf I
T*.cjuh ' r of College
Football Games
Jlarrard Bare* ....!!!*"!! 0
I'eanvrlTanU ..... 18! Dickinson <*
£°™, el -i sfill<?hart 0
CartMv IXMli « a » :{r Muhlrnbunt •
» v *L. IC < W>«t*ra Maryland 0
.\ail?t-r»t 1". Norwich Tntrrr. . . •
Touchdowns by Sprinting Defeat
Dickinson 18 to 0.
tZy Telegraph M The MfcaM ]
Philadelphia, Sept. 2£.— The University of
Feanayivania football t»am defeated Dick
inson Collet- this afternoon by the score
o- IS to 0. In doin* so Pennsylvania dis
played a brand of football that, redeemed
in seme measure the poor showing ajrainst
Ursinus last week. ■; -* Quakers *eor*d
one teuctidown In the second period and
two in the third. •
For her first score Pennsylvania carried
the ball thirty yards in six plays. Har
rington getting the touchdown T-.-ith i
plunge through centre. The second touch
down was mad° in five plays after th"
Quakers ?o* the tall on Dickinson's 42
yard line. Spruance made the non aft«r
getting a forward pass from Hutchmson in
ciever style.
Morris, a mzr man. had the honor of
scoring the third touchdown, By fast
sprinting do^-n the field he recovered on
of Hutch:n;-rn's eplendldly placed cnside
kicks and ?printed the remaining distance
cf twenty -five yards for the score.
In every department Pennsylvania's play
was a frreat improvement. The tacklin?
was clean ar.d hard, and all the back? can
the er.ds in splend'd style. Ramsdell being
Faul Brcsnu left suard of Dickinson's
team, was injured in the flrst period. Aftrr
an examination at the university hospital
it was found that his left shoulder blade
was fractured, and that he would have to
remain in the hospital fcr several d?ys.
particularly effective.
The line-up:
Penrsrlrsnia US) Petition. Dickinson (©).
Kaufman Utit end ■ . fticfcmona
LT.lon L*ft tattle Feiton
TWifprt l^n pjcird Brown
Coafns c»>.tre Hartzlor
Sho^TTiakPr R^rht ruard St*€le
Ir^-1n Right tkcki* MacGreecr
J<mrlot R'.pht cad ■Cook.
Ki^h!n«on O«a r '*rbafk Boyle
H=rTincter. H.;«rSt ■ ■ '"-a ■■■ Wis<»
Boacatt. L.« r > h«lfback •»ar-- -
Ram^JeU Fli'lback V-inn
S :^:^e•^t•'Jt»«: — fpr>iar. <-< * for \«utn.an. Hollwav
lor Rlduaotrf. Stafford for Holloway. Miller
for Cos^ns. Humphries tn Hartzlcr. Hor-"»r for
Slioemalcer. Morr;!« for Irrin. L«rr» for .Tni;r^ o t.
Ts>--izii for Hu'Clilr.*on. Clsrk for Harnncror!.
To-;r.i fcr Clark. Keough fcr Pommer, Thayr
ntf.ri^i? p^fTi". ■---..- I^afa%^tt«. Cm
r n-— T-. \t. I-r\n ' ■•ton. Fi«lri - .1-iii?»— C:o-*:t>il.
Swartbfnore. Head hn««r.ian — T»>ynK>u»l». V»l*.
T^u^hd^-nv- HarrfF^n. Fpruance. JSorrU. Goi!i«
from touchdown — Htttcbl&ftoa. S. Length of
j-anv —Foot 8-«ntente p^rioSf.
Beats Leo in Final Round of Sin
gles on New York Courts.
Playins the stiff^st f>rt of drivin? gamp.
Th«edore R<X»«T«lt p^ll won the Jfew
York Lawn Tennis Club singles Champion
ship yesterday. «n t)-.e rluh court*?, at l">d
btt'eei and Manhattaji avoni:". H" drfeat
«l Eds-ir F. Leo, -in straight Sets, nt 6- :.
♦>— lovf, J.

■ .
T>.;r4 rc-and— TT'-^rt M. B#tH«y -I^fpsit^ Rcb
*rt 1 Bryan Y<Y d*fa.u!t; Th^oflOr" Booserelt
P-Il defeated' Edwara A. Ounther. <•—<>. «— 2;
«->i«st«r P. Kir« <W«»a.T~l J. C Fox. <s—i.5 — i. ♦>— 1;
Edirer F. Leo M P. B<?al* by default.
.-<-:i-.i-f.ra] round — Th-^odoro Roon»vilt pen ,}•
*->>-M Knf-rt M- B«tfkley. « — 3. «— 2: E.'-sar F.
Leo d«f<:a''~l Clief^-r P. KJce, 6—2. 9—7.
Final and rhaii-piorshm rottnfl— T*e«4or«
KaoKTOlt Pell d'f«-ai'"l E:?ar F. I>>o, fi-2. «— o,
o—3.0 — 3.
: •

■ ■ -

A. r. Booth*rtaad, Ettex County v> 10 w
S. O. LOCfctCtMXL ■ilo*!Vvjrp . . . S».» : » gO
■"•'•". S. '.'■ i?hin?ton. Kor-st Hi 11... V.T 13 SO
::i 11. MaIIOTT. harden Civ.:.. . . .. IS SO
i il. P Camr.ETon. Apa^vaxsia f«S IS ....
; B. McDonald. Fiae B\irv 91 I-** 81
> ; "x Milu" ><"iisdaie »7 ]* «i
Colonel J E. Smith. WHmtngtoo. S4 ."• VI
J Cclonel A. S. 'Vonhir.gTon. CtWty
• •has- 5» 1? SI
•v C Bruc». Oreemrtch ft* 13 *i
Is. W. Dcvibieda--. Afawan'.is 91 1" 61
! E. C H«ner, Forest HOI w IS SI
: 'i^oree M. Craan. Sfer Haven M ■■ 81
jL. E. Platt, Co'ambia I<>J is 61
1 B KanJhaaa, Chevy Cha5? ...... PS l« *Z
H. t". J«naian Kingston 9* 12
' J. H Oitley, Nassau i*> H -2
H. E. French, Erookline •'• 7 S2
A D Chaodler. Eaituirol <*? 14 >-2
: SeeJ»« Fenedici. Apa-n-amis •- i<? £2
: J. F. BW*s, Forest Hill ** IT P2
C W EaidTr;n. Esses Co-jnty. . .1^ l"»i «-2
1 C,"- v.*crthinyrer.. .-VnticEy C. C. 01 ■ 88
■C JC. Karris. Epgle^ooC •«.? 19 .<»
\3 Perawr. >>«• York G c as .'■ S3
I A F. Huston. St Darld's S» H *?
: John W. Grigg-s. N'ort^ Jer**y ... PI R )*5
; B. XV. Frorrr. Ar^^a.-nt« 103 l™ >=3
C A. Sccfford, Apa-^amis $* 3 S?.
H E* R-jcse]!. ErooUln- ?!> I*> SS
■ - T Z: Torr. a paw-amis 84 ■• M
W H. terburr. Erse 8um.... 5« H 4
I John L G—jtr. Si-ranor or. 12 «4
<5 F T3Z£«man. Nassau .92 f> S4
TT. S. SmS!.^, Ar»->-<-!ls M '+ v »
. T X. Btuthsiare. Garden Cits- &fl IS P4
; Thon-.a? r.ard. Ha'kT.sark S3 .1 54
Pr. K. St Oates. CB«ry Chase. . S3 * M
■ C. T. SortttO. Garden 'C'.t- I&4 2-0 £4
' K«v. .T. X. Koflsor.. AriEley 100 16 £4
IC. j -r Kerr. Btwmaov ..*>s -, :4: 4
o d Thompsoo. A:;cgr.d.s- ss 4 s*
tT. H Eroim. AjttiraffiU M 13 *4
1 Kecry F D:xdti. erring Haven.. Q" « gs
! P.. C Beett. Oncr.la«2 98 13 85
j.T. Thcrpo, £{Tranoy 105 20 ,«5
r.:chard A tana. E:-sex County.. 94 » «>
lie. "VA". isrfl*::. Brook!:ne 100 35 £5
! Ciarles Hathaviay. E«eX County PS 13 85
1 - b lT»cdon»l'1, Oakland 07 12 sa
'< Tnr.l: Preftre". G-«r4«r. City 06 :■' S6
IT J. Pa!rn«r Ha.:k?r.sack 104 IS £6
HMfy -V Janif-r Mai^stcn* ft" 11 *6
j «=arr.utU Carr. Ercokline 03 7 sr,
! F. K. barrel!. Fox HIUf V)* 19 M
C :-'. Ertrr*. TTykafcTl- ■ !<•! •4 c 7c 7
! rantne Frayer. En?.ewce& M fi ST
!tf tj"«s Ea-t»r. nrt!»r.-ood. VC 16 P7
P J Mom. 3f*w Haver 09 12 gT
IXT R. EHi*. N«tr TCTk Gelf . ..102 15 87
: rjcup'a* H'nrr. Ari«!-r »9 12 87
jj "P*. Pr!*tol, New Haven 107 so 87
A ? ?;:chcl=. Fa!! River 102 15 ■a:
E t=. Nash. Ap»Tisi!t l"i 14 8"
C E. H-Jbbart!, Prookl!n« .. 69 12 ST
IT. S. 'ioasjw. Ealturrel jot 20 £7
TV. O. ..c-,. - Cclumous t»4 4 88
F. F. Roberts. A?a-».arals !* 13 X
B P Gates. Pa.«adena vi 2 83
o-rera! A. O. Mc^vXik, tt. An
firews 10* 19 $S
Itenry Van ATfial*. Baltutrcl.. 10S TO ■a
Juige Hccr;- Gil-crslesvp, Oak
lani 07 * S5
Col E M- V.'ea-.^r. Cfce-.-y Chase. P2 4 ■
F. Peafco/j-<-. Erockilne 102 14 M
VS. Jar-.->, Baes Rocks {•s> 11 §*
Key. E P.. Johnson. :.'«t P.njn«
wJck -» 10 M
Da=iei Bates Tatnur.k 101 1/ 80
gainu«: L Aiien. Atlantic City... PTi 10 ■«
H. M. Astros, r.'assau 'm ft SO
A Rytrson, Philaielpma C. C... f»3 » 8«
X A. C^mik. Asa-ra.T> Huat .lOT 18 88
*;im*on For-1. Api'.-ini? {«««'•
Dr W. G. WrUs. Gardea City f»S c, »<
Z Goo4se!l. BrooJtlawn If' Ift 90
; Einerscn Chamberlain. Morrts Co.IGS l«i M
!G. H. FheJpe. Drooklatrr! ....100 10 pr»
<~har!e* A Spear, Dunwoodle... .LOS jS f»<)
i Ralph Filers. Garten City... 2<« i; 91
iF V. Ftfvni. Mcm« County. . .10" a 91
q' ■V 7. Mubbrll. Greenwich 110 19 PI
j V," M. Scudd^r. Mwu Coun'j . . .lot 1.1 01
I A p Alier- Larcnmont ICKi 14 91
IW J BoarCn-.an. Chevy Chss« . .104 12 P2
! A' C S^per, l^alcewond 107 li M
! p.obwt Oil«, Wyka*r» ....I<>l * M
i j'^hn Wood. Apatvamu 10« 14 »4
Ij M D Stsrritt. Chery Caa«e...llo J« 04
|p «• Ee-Se'.l, Larchmont '*«?'"'««.
v. : H. Toonr. Garfl«n City 111 1* an
\v* E Bullard. Larelunont 11l 14 07
F'vr. rj.-r.*".ani Fcr-.it Park . 138 20 109
i rnthflra-* :a26 — W. T. -Vraliain. Oreaairich: L.
i l^-irr.it Ar-a^ram!*; J-^hn Dunlep. •• n-!ch ;
v -.-,,'a~ ryOUer. Rlverton; H. v Sack'tt. Apa
«nl«. Alfred Cra^-en. -• An'Jr-Tt-B ; TV. ■' B.
Jordan' Hackersack. Dr- I. W. Wells. D7ktr
Polo «j£
Left to riant. BtaaOat-DoaslM Henry. H. E. Hntchhiss. G F. Tang-man. J. H. Ottley, L. DU^orth. S. W. Brown. >'. 8. Smith and L. Loom*. Stttia«-E. Clwmtwr am
C B. Hog?, J. Mcßrlde Stfirrstt, H. r. Dixon and Oorg* TV'orthlngton.
Yale Has Little Trouble In De
feating Weslcyan Team.
Forward Passes and Long Runs
by Corey and Paul Enliven
the Struggle.
New Haven. Sept. :?.— The Yal" football
<• if,c n tried oat the now rules in its first
game of the reason, herp to-day, ani inci
dentally def-^at^i Weslej'an by a BC6r « °*
22 to 0
Tale n

As a muster day for the new rules the
game more than met expectatibna. ' Borh
te»«m? had been £« well grounded la Uie
new code that neither showed a trace ••"
the old game." .^aid Ralph Bloomer, a
veteran Yale tackle, to-niglu. "With the
player? demonstrating the strength of the
cod« of 1010 and not Its weakness*, the
game made an athletic spectacle that
stirred the blood an<l won jfs way into
Yale hearts thai were critical, but optn
to conviction.
Contain Daly and Trd Cor, head .co-ich
cf th« Yale eleven, admitted to-nigiit that
the rules had &too<i the test well, tUat
the chances for injuries seemed to have
been l^ssenM and that there is no longer
room to doubt that the game will prove
attractive both to watch and play. ' "'"
extreme h"nt the; only drawback."
raid Captain Daly. "This forced both
teams to up? many substHutes."
Yal*> rent twenty-four and Wesleyan
seventeen players on the gridiron. Wea
leyan did not use tlir rule which allows a
retired playpr to re-enter th° came, while
Yalp empioyed it only in th" cas" of Brooks
at right end. Never till to-day has th^ for
ward pasfi been u«?d at Yale, only t.-> fall
into an opponent's hand?. Twice a Tale
player's pas.~ fel! into a Wesleyan trap and
y«!« r< i< ~ipr r »*3t^'l twic.
By u:--e of the forvard pass VVesleyan ad
vanced th«J ball to Tale's 30-yard line
in the recond half. Three thnes the play
netted the visitors nearly twenty yards
each. The fourth proved Wesleyairs down
fall. Pop Corey seized th? pass' and. dash
ing ahead, ran seventy yards to a touch
down. Weil timed Interference by Kisti«?r
and Rftilly mad" this remarkable run pos
sible. One by one the Westeyan tackierF
were passed till the ISf.-pound quarterback
had left them all behind.
Charley Paul figured In a touchdown ni'!
a little less spectacular, although 1t ended
a run of thirty yards. He recovered the
ball on a muffed punt from Bacon, of W«a
leyan. ... over th» goal line, Yule .
first touchdown nt the only score of the
opening period. Taking the baH on Wea
levan's 60-yard line, Daly and Fie!d found
gspine holes in th* 'JVesleyan line. A for
ward ass. Corey to Brooks, netting eighr
te*n yards, then took Th«» ball to Weßley
an's 2- yard line and Philbin shot over for
the ore
The line-up follows:
Yale <22). Fcsltion "Weele>-an <0 %
T>«rr.«Hl*r . l>tt »nd — . . . •- - -i** 1 ?"
France Left tackle Mcuaxihy
Paul .. l*ft guard .TK ilrox
Morri? . O«Btr« . .- M^S
X^orc* Right guar-1 Gilli»s
TtmlJiwon Right tackle E»rnhar.l
Brooks. .. - Rlrftt •■• v. right
COr«T Quart*rfcack ■■■■■ Quirk
Field Left halfback TC*ntwcrth
X>ai->- Kicht halfback Murpny
PhiJßin . Fullback ■ .Bacon
.jownn — Ph:;tir, Brooks. Paul and <_orey
Goals 'mm ouchdowna — Daly. 2 Time of game
— FO'jr 8 minute periods R«r*r«« — Mr. Evaiifc,
t\-i:iia»s. t*mplr« — T-,-"-- tTniver?i'y cf
Pennsylvania. Pl-W Ju«!*»— Mr. Fultx. Brown.
S S. Hea<3 linesman— Jlr. Hull, Tale.
Substitution* — Yal*: Scully for Francis. Fuller
fflr Paul. Bronson for Slorrlß. EuckinghAm far
iJsroe. Glover for TemlfcEcn. Church for Qlsvcr,
Praemaa fei EreeVs. Strcua for Corey. Gr«elcy
for Stroud, Kia'ler for Fi«!d, Ball fcr Dalv.
Hans for PlUtWn. Pctter for Hamp ■ff > «sleyan :
E'auv*)* for WUeox. Morsel! for Mitchell, Klm
lrxk for Quirk. Suth«rland for Wentwortii, ITis
tls for Murphy, Grand for Hu*tSs.
Columbia Student Body Curtails
Interclass Matches.
Cteps rrere taken by the board of stu
dent representatives at Columbia yester
day to curtail the Interclass football eames
which have been held annually each fall
slnre the autumn cf 1507. when the uni
verElty authorities decided that although
the 'varsity sport should not be played
there was no reason why interclass games
could not be allowed. The action of th«
student council resulted from eeveral
causes, the first and most Important of
which is the lack of Interest in the sport
Itself and th« harm it doers to men on
other teams who feel duty bound to play
lnt-rclasn football. Last year rowing suf
fered materially because most of the
•varsity men took up football.
Instead of tha annual series of ram** In
a round robin tournament only three games
will be played this fall, the first between
the Juniors and eeniors and th* eecond be
tween the sophomores and freshmen. A
deciding S3me will be played by th* win
ners of the flrst sets, and en that win rest
the university chamtionshii'. *
HE - r - •. ■ ■■- " *■ \ND W. J- BOAKDMAX.
High Traise for VanK.ee Veto
Earl of Rocksavage Sails Away. But Says He
Will be Back to Capture International Cup.
Two of the Enslish polo players, the Earl
of Flocksavagd and F. A. Gill, sailed for
home on the Lusltanla yesterday. Both
were enthusiastic as to their season upon
the fields of this country, but especially m
to the competitions in which th" rtaneiigh
team had rngaped^ durinc the last two
month?. A- the Earl of Rocksav;ipc put it:
'•Thf last;t\ro months of polo mark an
epoch )n my life. Tn the Americans f havo
met the finest players that the world know?
in the spoxt. an.l it has teen my good fort
une to witness feats of horsemanship and
mallet work that seemed almon incredible
As h result I am only tr.o ke«m to return
next March. al'~ng with the team thit will
cliiilien^f for tlif International cup."
_ According- to the Karl of Rock3ava?e. the
one regret that the English players have
was that th^y had r.ot met the s'rong four
of the Meadow Brook Club, ted by Harry
Pa: p^> Wnltneyi that won the cup from the
Briton? last yecr. He recalled the tact that
In the only mat'-h which Ranelagh plave-i
agn::;st a four of Meadow Brook in which
the American. ? put forth their leading men
his side had suffered a «l»fent. Still, h« be
lieved that with th^ t^i n G>cnf^il=— Revy
;ind Francis— in form. an<l with th<> inspira
tion of the world famous cup at stak". the
Briton? would be able to hoid their own.
■The winning of tiie Internationa] chal
Forward Pass Works Well in
Beating Bates Eleven.
[By Teie?rraph to The Tribune. !
Cambridge 1 , Jlas?., Sept. 2S.— N'ev foot
hall "as ceen for the first time in the
Stadium to-day, •when Harvard defeated
Bates by a score of 22 to 0. The visitors,
with a I'ght team, played brilliantly at
first, while Harvard waa ragged, but the
Crimson soon asserted itself, and in every
v.-ay outclassed its opponents.
Harvard's rush line showed up surpris
ingly well, making big hole* through which
mar.-- sti-alghtforward gaina were made.
Tn» t»am also followed the ball better
than has been usual In a fir3t game, and
the short forward passes, especially those
of L. p. Smith, worked to perfection.
Corbett, Frothingham and Campbell were
spectacular in their work. Although all
three profited by good interference, the
alertness and the brilliancy of the Crim
son's back fl*l<J. under the new rule?, was
clearly shown.
The first touchdown cam? on • s*rles of
s«iven line plays after a 25-yard run by
Frofhlnjfham, who had reached the Bates
20-yard line. The next score was made by
Campbell on a run around Harvard's right
wins for about thirty-five yards, the Har
vard runner using the rtraight arm el
fectively on three or four of his opponents.
Soon after th« kick-off In the second
period L- Smith took a forward pass on
Harvard's 32-yard line and ran to with
in nm« yards of the Bates goal. Here
the ball was exchanged twice on fumbles.
Corbett then (otaa through a big breach ■■
the line for a touchdown. A fifty-yard run
from th« next kick-off and the two twenty
yard gains by Frothingham and Corbett
placed Harvard on Bates's 16-yarJ line.
Three line Dlaya then sent the ball over
after ■ steady advance of Just 10? yards.
Harvard used substitutes eenerousty.
There was only one penalty imposed, that
for holding after a blocked kick hud given
Fate? the only opportunity it. bad to MCtxra
the ball anywhere near Harvard's goal line.
Far- (22) Position. Bs 'V '"'
Ifir ,e ■ ... Left nd Dane*-,*
Helton - .. L*ft tackle Meßus«lck
Hunungton Left guard ... Dyer
P. Kmith ■ «n'r«- ■ ■ • ■ -■ -Col*
Fis h*r Right ffuard ...Tecu»«o
TYithinKton flight tackle Andrew*
L Smith Right end Thompson
Wtet le»worth . Quartsrback R«r.imert
Corbet t Left halfback Lowell
FrotMnjbam RUrht halfback . Dennis
Le£ lie .. Fullback Sn«ppard
Igswaa — B- Frothingham. Camphell,
Corbett <2t. Goals from touendorvnt — By
Frotaingham. Fl.-her '-' P.steree— Banksart.
Dartmouth T mpir-— Burleiirh. Exeter Line*
man— P«!«i'1 HarvarJ. Field )udr«— Croljas,
VUlanova. Tim*— 2o minut-' halves.
«4 Horse Show
lenge cup by the Americans ha? served to
stimulate English . 010 as nothins se
oould possibly hay dor.c." continued the
par.. "It has brought about the adoption
of tho American method of ratinp and th*
abolishment of th*» old form li"t. (or which
many Englishmen had been workin? for
som- tinie. Tli^n the tactical method? of
play provided a revelation to British lovora
of the sport. Th? Americans Injected new
ktea? into th» gam*, created n**w ways of
acromplishing th? old things, and altogether
havo '.iv*n*>d things up in a truly wonderful
M *j*rom every aspect our lit to America
haa b»»n n most .teeaful venture, al
though our r,in.i<i!an cxpfrlencps were
marr^.i by skirmish*? with the customs of
ticMal?. so that we did not have our own
?a.l<ll^i.. bridles and mallets. Earl Grey
printed th« Rnnelagh team with a
massive <-jp of Fiiver. and the Grenfella
prettily returned the courtesy by off-Tine
.< cup through th? Canadian r- Associa
tion vbic.i win serve aa an incentive
toward the development of the sport thcr*."
As thr I'team^r Eaiied tho earl said that
h* would not i?ay "Roodby." for he ex
pected to return in a few months, and be
li*»vefl that t:.*> English .^al!°n)rini< team
ha<i a fair chance of retaking the cup in
the matches which are expected to bo h*ld
on th*> Meadow Brook nek the latter part
of May next year.
Scores Almost at Will in Trounc
ing Hobart Eleven.
[By Telegraph to Xha Tribune.]
Ithaca. ST. V.. Sept. - The Cornell foot
ball team opened its season to-day in «1' > -
feating Hobart by the decisive score of II
to C. The game throughout wa? marked
by -the even strength of t|-»> winning team.
which ran up points almost at trill, and at
no time was in danger of bern? scored
The; Red and White eleven attempted
nothing except straight football, and was
able to gain with equal ease through the
line or around the ends. It was plain that
the men were well grounded me th« new
rules, and the officials experienced no dif
ficulty in enforcing the changed regula
During the .last of the lour pertada of
play the coaches took th« opportunity to
try out som» of the new material, and many
substitutes were mad*.
Captain Simpson. Bu'ier. Baker. Baf»?
and Pitcher wer-? th>s more conspicuous
stars of the gair*. Slmaon making * large
proportion of the tains by line plunges.
Baker. Bates and Pitcher mad* run wor
thy of comment, and both of the ends suc
ceeded wel! In running down under punts,
almost I them! exception tackling then*
men before a gain could b* made.
Perhaps the most sensational play of the
contest was a beautifully executed forward
pass from Bates to Pitcher.
Hobarfs only first down wa3 made In th<»
fourth period, when Barker succeeded m
going around th»» left »nd for eleven yards.
The lineup and summary follow*:
' Cornell '*•" Position. Hoean i<>>
Fltoh-'r L*ft *>nd Hancock
Mur.k I,.ft tacfclt Roht'iis
Champaign I^ft guard . *u*'t'
Slmson .... Centre. ; McCain
Hale RljM iT" 1 ™- ...Earner
Aubtin Itieht tackl* Hum-
Baksr. ... Right «nU Donnelly
Butler Q>iiirterbai-'k \v,,.
Robb l*tt halfback. . Barker
Bates Riant halfback \\>^l
Sirasou Fullback Eavlesj
,Sur«tltu!es — Cornrll, Miller for St!in»?n.
Black^eil for AiutiTi. f-'^heu for B*lter. Smith
fnr Eu'ler, O'Ctmnor for no^^. Nichols lor
Bjtf-a. llob<rt. Hicks for WoM tR. >{ i
Touchdowns — Itobb <3>. ■..- ,'l. <:>. O'Connor
?.'li.hol3. Pttoh»r. Oo*u fr^m twaehauw v* Bin
eon (81. BftfeU«i — Cornell. 2. Ttm» of p«Ttods —
F!ttt.-en anil S niinutes. R.effr*» — Coon«r, Trtnt-e
ton. T.'mpir*— Wright. Columbia. Fteli iu3ge —
Te. B le. Corpell.
Newmarket. England, Sept 2S.~ The Hope
tul Stakes was run her* to-day, and re
sulted in a <scad heat between H. P. Whit
ney's Borrow • .1 J. B. Joel's San Star.
Porphyrie was third. There »re .x
J> Other Sports
Roundelay Takes Blue from
Peter Pan and Rataplan,
Miss Stanley's Martini Wins
Saddle Class Cup at Dutchess
County Fair.
Thre- lifht harness events opened the
racin? programme M dM Dratchess County
fair yesterday afternoon at Pou~hkeeps!e.
•but this was not the oniy -»ftractir>n. for a
hers* Stxow kept the .iu<is»s busy In the- tn
fieH from 1O:SO a. m. until nearly sun-
t ra- k .' ■ " •
race between a motor car and an aero
plan* 1 furnished thrillina: sport.
Th* entries from the Brook Farm swept
everything bi 6Dr« them In th* h<»avy h»r
r.»33 clasises. ItcunUeiar. a bay -"Idma;
which has • leasing- cct:*ormatlon, gavp a
splendid p*rf Tm, In th* class over VU
nnd under 15J hands. He defeated De Witt
C. Flanagan's Rat-iplan and Emil iseeh^'s
Peter Fan. which has b**n a winner.
Energy was rompelM to capitulate to Sbt
3 X. Hester's Novelty in the smaller clasj.
but Raniapo and T^ampA^4 won in their N
gpective clasM*, and in the class for pair?
Mr. Delaf.eld «fdkl out a pair. Hex ar«»
Piunapo. v,hich mad* every other entry
appear insignificant in comparison with
their strength and style.
The ladies' saddle Ctaea brought out a
diversified lot of horses, most of which
acteH as though the show rin^ were a new
thin? to them. The judge? finally selected
Miss Laura Ptanlcy. with her Invincible
Martini, to wear th«» b!ue> and tak© the
silver cup. Amon? other good ones wcrs
Reginald Vl\ Rive's Rex. Miss Maud
Spanldfng's Duke and Mi P. n. Sraith'3
Red Wood. Miss Maud Spauldln* ndes her
bip chcetnut Duke astride, and she was
such ao artractiv* picture in h^r blue velvet
coat that it was too bad that Duke d;d not
have, better manners. A3 it was, the Judges
placed Miss Rive's Rex ahead of him. as
Rex gave a performance nearly perfect.
In the iiJt pacing race little Osntrianna
lowered her record from 2:lsVi, made last
week at MmeoU. to 2 i* 1 - sh<? got away
badly in the first heat and lost it to Ro
mona in ZilStx. but after that th*r* was
no beating her.
The awards faOeM
Class 6 ibrnv. mires, wtti t9*l~> — Hudson Htt-«r '
Stock Farm's <-h. n:. Fancy Color; second. Hud— ■
i eon River Stock Farm's b in. Lauretta: thirij. i
■ Hudson Eiver Stock Firm's eh. m. Neily Da j
Belle. ■
Class 9 iSUles. two years oil— Ed«n !
stools farm's & f Pansy Rofcotns; jecout .
Braj'toa Ires b. i. Annie Biniren; third. H. C I
Ferae' s eh. t. Ml •.."■I ii*«ma
Class 11 (roadster?. pac«r» and ■hort-t*lle<J i
: horse-* barr««: : : r>if prize. J.V>. «*--on-.-! prize $2t'>
— First, Elm Stock Farm < fer. m. France* Bain {
• MC6O& Brook Farm'? b m, Jo3le tt. ; thirl. Enii! :
, 3«e!ig's en ? Car! "Wuk-s. '
■"*id.'s 13 (pairs of roadst«r». 13 has£3 cr o^«r:
flrst prize. $23; second pru*. >i. ■ ■■ — F:r- Elai
Stodc Farm's b. m. Frances Bam and B m.
i.»ia noit-ir.*: second. Baeaai Farm 3 a m. J.)«i«. I
M and eh m. Flora c. : thirj, Einii Shells'*
eh. «• WUkM and Carl Wtlk»s
CU&3 is (heavy harness aaMaa> eeet !4 2 and ■
not ■>i.-<i+WZ 15 1 hands: first rriie. $35, sec
ond aztsak $20)— First. Mrs. 5 X. Hext«r * It. g.
Novai:y, seccnii. BrccS Farrrj'i oh. g. Eaersy.
t.l:ri. £r.:;i Ss-lls'i b s- T^.? Laos,
Clan Hi (heavy Airr.«-s horse, over 13.1 *nd
not ■'J.-.I 15 3 hands; flr*t ' y nzc. j35 secoati {
prize, $20) — First. Brortk Farm * S. z- Rounde
lay. second r>» Witt C Flanagan's b e Rara
plan: third. Emil S««U;'s Ctl « Peter Fan.
Claea ':: (heavy harness horses. ov» r 13 3
hands; flrst prtr-. $35 »<cord prize, &>>• — First.
Brook Farm* c*. g r.jrr.ar. «»cond. t>t wut •
C. Flanagan* & • P.*a Jladaa; triiri Emll '
sJetiK'? l>. g. Kn;-k<■r^o•:k«r
Class -"2 ipalrs of harness !ior»e«. •> ■ »r It 2 i
anJ n.">» exretding 13 1 hand*; flrst pm». J^.
leconJ prise. f^'— Haxt-r <*: JlrDcn
«!d's b J NO* eltv and ft. m Nortao; «econd. I
Em!l Setlif ■ b. r. IJie Uoa aad U an. Th«
C!«e 23 ipairs of heavy ftarne-ss ftar*»#. 13.1
hands ani ov«r. first pnse. fiO. tecond rnse.
$2S'i— First. Brock Farir. * rh. %i. R»x «r.i
RatniiTs«: second. Em!l ?»el)ss £h gt. Sun*hiTi<»
ani EttßMt: bird De Wit*. C. F'ana#an s b. tr».
Ohio and Kentucky
r'.i.- 25 Ha-lles' pairs: ladies t<? ijrrr*; prßf»»- '
?i"nala barred: first priie, $30. second prise. *25.
— First. Hester & McDonald's b *. Novelty and !
b m. N'erlne; second. Emil Seelis's ct> ?s. Sun- !
sh'n* «'■: 1 sanaa!
Cla*» 2r} «'and«ro^. £s*t prise. |30; ««c«Rd
crlic S23>— Ftr*', r>»- TTttt C. F!a=ar«rt » t> gs
Ra-SDlan and Prince Charmintc; saoond. Er.-.;' !
Cellar's '-h. s--- VVtat Psn aid simtntne 1
Class ?> tr*jr»aN>isr hcrses. nor to exceed i*. ; t
first prli<«. $33; sercn.l prii;». $20)— First, j
Broolc Farm's N - Trarr.pas; second Emll Se»
'.««• th. jr. Carl U'like*. third. W. N Vietter
»a>r» eh ro. Mv Own.
•rii*B r.l (tantcsa hori"r, 13 hatiJ^ or ov?r;
first rrl*". $rS; second rm<\ Ho> Tim. Mr«
Geonr* Boyd'c m. *. Don; t»^"nd. Thomas ,T.
F»r«>»'3 b ni. Emrrtaj; tntrd. TTjernas J. Fero*'s '
b. m. AtSrU
C!s»s S3 ipfm)** In harrtM. no» »xce*djr<s ts I
hands, flrst rrlz*. $23: S'cor.t prlie. •Si'* — Firs». j
\i. ii Davuon'* b. s- Crtck»t: «^cor.d. jt o \
r>av-t.-uin'r b. s Grautv-ipper. third, C V. Nox
ons lr . KhriM
Class S3 «p»irs of paniea. net »Tr»^iln* 11 2 1
h«uifi3. first pr!:e. $23: ««<on.l prir*. $13k— First I
11. G Paulson's CMCkM md Grsii*hopt*r: <co- I
cod. II tl- Davivsn'-, Priairo**. *nd «*nta cinui j
<~laj» ;~* dail's' saddl* hordes. lad!»« ff> rid* |
professionals h*rr«4; priie. *l) »r • upj — Fir^ti i
Miss t>»ur» *ran!»r'a <"h. z Uatttnt; **i-cn.J '
R«(rinsl(S W; Rl--es •■»*-»;. Eejt; tfttrd. Mtss SUm! J
Cnauld'.n* • Ch. «t. t?lke
Cl-«»s 4^ «pon»e* un-I*r »aiidle. n^ e\ce*ilrsS ;
1.1 h»»nds)— First. 11. O. Dartaoa a s- Bmntm ;
Claus, itconS. H. G. DBvisoa'a t. m. Primroje.
Hamilton. N. v. S«pt. •.?.— 4?iar*nce H. '
Thurb'r. of Bratti*borr». Vt.. nas b**n i
elected captain af th* CMfMi University |
football team, to aucce«d C. XV. Ke*»ao.
1 wlio 'i.l not return to coilee*. •
Ostermann Tells of Alleged I. C,
Car Repair Graft,
* Remarkable Story of Scheme by
\ Which. It 13 Said, Eailroad i
Lost Bfillions.
( Chicajc. S«ct. 23.— Henry C. OaMraßM"*
i formerly president of The I 1 immmt Slann
facturisff Company, ■wrfco '■" Mld tf> h*^
b*-n » bsc factor m ths il^rtou C«3tral
Railroad car repair frauds, by -erfcich th«* .
railroad is a!ie»-d to fcav- 133t several
million dollars, related a remarkail« st-irr ;
of the inside working* of aH concern b*»
• for* Slunicipa! JuJ«a Brujyraseyer to-dar.
Ostermann ■wa3 caller! as a xf!treas fop
the prosecution tn th* trial for con?p:racr
of Frank B. Ham man. Charia* L. E-win? j
and John 11. Taylor, former lUincis Cen- '
'tral officers, ar-» charjad wttn rakin-y
part la *xtensl'-e car repair awi&?
Th* rtoar act ales» lavoi-rer! th*»
three rr*n novr en trial, tut extended to *
dozen others -vi» occupied p-->sts of truai'
with the railroad cob: ?r.* al- !
!*s»d r-pair frauds were conceiv-d and, *<-
• Ira O Ra^rs. former pT-3i£-nf cf Ota
I 310r.0n Railroad, «S» myajtertouerr
£hot to <t«ata *t his some, in TTiniitka. II!..
l^st. July, - is named oy Oetennano «aaae>
cf the chief ;i4?;r*» td the alleged araft:n«.
! '^riann declare. r:\xt *3 vlce-prwt
dent of the Illinois C«r.tral Haiiro*! Rj'n
T.rst received . •« «aare« cf stock la the
Ostermacn Manufacturing Caaaajajg a=<4
later 1.2C0 more share*. He said ta »t Kawra
sold this stock to the manufactures' <oa>
I pany at par— {3 a sSar*.
Rawn Got . 8 T3500 *o- ahfcWf..^
• Arter Ra-srn had «oid Back ni* linlilnan
[-' stock in th« car r*pair company tor
I U3JOO, m witness t»itaW!. tb» former ■
I Il'inois Centril rtce-presid*r.i . : -warded
| and set f.rst S3. then $K> «rd flnallr C 5 trrr
e^ch car repaired, or aUesed to ftav» b<fn
repaired, at the Oetermaaai olas* Oster
mann laarJaM that he p«rsonAU7 made on*
payment of jiaSW to Bavn for "•»' cars on
whicrr the concern ftad collected bill 3 tor
repair?. Th* -witness said thar Ra-wr: r*- j
ceived $15 a car durina; the first six met
of the year Ma\ Thai »'». the iMt 3tx
months that Qaajaaaaaaja was cmaaa wttli
Vet repair company.
According to Ostermarm. Hire* dlstlr.et j
kinds cf payments were m*> In the pas - '
! ing of this alleffed iprart. In addition to th<* ;
payment to Ra.-rn for each car Ost^-iiajjn '
said that a fixed monthly rim »• paid to
certain railroad officers and a 2 per cent a» j
• month dividend a* paid or. all Oaaanaa ,
I Jlanufacturir.g Company stocJc h«ld Irjr j
Illinois Central cfSccra. TTU3 stock dl~?'-
Cond. amotintlns to 21 per cent a year, -was
raid on several large blocks of •DaMraaaaat
company stock, Ostermann said.
"What Illinois Central officers held zJoelc
in your company T' Ostermartn -was assert.
'Ira G. Rawn had "HO shares. Fr«R*
Karrimann had -.""* atur John 3L Tay- ,
lor had, first LOO', and then 5.0^ share?:
Joseph E. Buker had 2.2C0 sharss. \nilSam
Kenshaw had I.SM shares ant VT. J. Taylor
had a» shares. ?. P. and MOtewi Harri
naca ha^l WO shares 'ach. but I do not
know -xho they arc. or -n:h*ther Otter ■«"*?"
• connecrr^ with the lUinol3 Central com
pany. Their stock -was boos&i and paid fir
by Frank B. Harnmar.n."
: -"UTiai offlc- of the railroad «-»rmpanr
rorpivrd monthly pavrn^nts from your rom
ps m\ and in vha; amount T' 03t»rmarin
tras askc«i.
Monthly Payments.
"Frank B. Harrlman letmiwwd JLCf<>
monthly. Joseph E. BukTalso go* HJ69
monthly. AViKlam Rer 4 3haxv was paid ■■•
monthly: W J. Leahy. MM H. BX. Dunlvp.
$100; R. G. BaaHaei £^>. Join. TVaror". J23:
Matthew Morgan. $23. and F. A- Jones got
$100 on at least one occasion that I kno-x
j cf personally."
"I did not think of som: into th? cir re
pair business at first." said Ostermanir.
'The idea n-as first suss-stod to me M- *
Sir. CoTisidlnc. whom I met while selling
stock in the srrain door -nterpme. Later T
tool: tt up wfh John 31 Taylor. I'lmcis
C'Stral H<* alscpurajr^d me at flrst and
later x^sL't^l m*. Josaph E. Buk^r tr>f>k
me to Ira G Ra^ti tr> ornn;p for » cr?r»
tract to do repair for the Illinois Cen
'"Mr. Bawa asked me how many car? t
thought I could turn cut in a da 7, arwl I re
plied, about twcnty-Sve. "Too ar- tha man
we a r» lookiss 'or.' he said, ard ?!ie de^»l
T33 arranged."
Burin? the period that Cm ailcs!*d *raft
in? •was'soins' en OTterrnasn old h» han
dled each, deal bj person, an* rra: the
payments of money to the railroad cfiicer?.
He declared that he frequently naaaMat
$1,000 bills to certain of the men mentioned
On one occasion, h* sai<l, he handed (mrr
I So.'^O bill.
\3tcr Court. 20 TTesr 34th ?».
Telephor* 24T2 M'Jrray BCI
A.--. A la Carte. Tdtu. T+tl* <l'Eot» P!3.
L.. Luncrf.
10S to 114 Cast 14" Si TeL. 143*— Stuy\-esi=ti
2.W-760 TVest 33d St. B AN'QCZT BOO^I.
Ml It,, tlilaill IHWIH A]-. '
Bri—t M»tt St ?<;«» Ev. T*;«er— •
_ 1.1 a — tkH-1 St.. joai uraai of
lisrald tijuarg ma b-w» 7 a » can-.
3t.3-3w.s3ST aHlnCl lit 811 M -i r -
Pin xr ~* . C3c. Hi Wfla. I < t tch. » . ». 4^
Freo Xe<» Tsric" CTTriinrafth \o*
Eea-itiful drives froai to^a r*cortm*n3«tf. „
Trirellers* Cc . Astor C<rurt. 20 TV**t S4ta £»•_
Ttlcpbon* 2472 Murray Hill
nnCTfIH * N"*^ EriS!»3<* B«or?* B««t reasfeM
S'Jdlllii b» Metropolitan I_ln* Turbtaa St**! ?.
3. Yai« & Harvard. Fa!dar». ht:>. v tir^^ta jfTa.
!!W888"lllg :
stauch's Coney Island. Orsn an y«*r.
3 IflUWn W High cltaa R—». A!--. Must".
The Standard for Champa22s Qualitj.
lu-tohobile HUMS
vroom in NETS" an*t> ?econp rand cars.
S" Ti»tr»r what rur you *r>* looTiinir for. w» *r»
s ., r » 15 Ji»v* v at the pi-lre r^ni xrinr to pa>*.
<en-1 tT O':r R3~fr»l:i B»il!":n
1 .\'so Ftlt^r.. CmgSHBS 6t Lou;?. Kar.tv CM*
in a 10 Lessen Course.
Dili ton Swimming School*
15-21-2S w«*t 4ita St.. 31. T.
■' jmmr ~ T- ' ' ■ II I 111 IS— .— _
tian». Writ* or ttWsircne.. JS4<l
I rrrry-ct ar* , Br>nx. >

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