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Leslie Intercity Cup Gees to
Massachusetts Men.
New York Players Show Poor
Form in Match Flay for
Trophy at Hamilton.
H&rr.nton. May?.. Oct. 1.-Th* Metropoli
tan «V)lf Association t^nt <w» of the weak
♦■^t team* 1- sjswr muptered for a I>e«h'e Cup
competition 1" Myopia to-day, and as a re
f-u't rereived a sound thrashing at the.
tiand? of ihe Massachusetts Go l * Associa
tion. When the singles had been decided in
the early hours the count r*»»d $ to 2 In
f*vor of HwHw^saaatta >••« decisive that the
i:*«sl nfternoon foursomes were unneces
sary The Leslie «~up Will now ro to Mas
pMts after trim r«sted in rh» vl-
CtaltT of New York without molestation
«=:r;ce 1905.
The only w lnner > on tli<- Mttac team
v . r re Walter .1 Travi.= . th* captain, and
Oilman P. Tiffany, a former rh»rnplon of
rr.» Hudson River Golf Association. Travis
hud I\. H. WiWer for m opponent, and th«
vrtemn vrnn ha I up and 1 lo play. Tiffany
hafl a harder time disposing of T. M. Oaf-
Un. but the rwaiMissi eolfer finally won hi
th* nsrrom margin of 1 up.
Rather unexpected was 'i ' defeat of Fred
11 e rrf short, the metropor^nn champion, at
th» bands of T. W. UTiittemore. In th»
recent national championship tournament
B t Frook!in« Herreshoff eMnstoased Whit
rrr o T «» j n the <*y-ond roiin^. '"'' to-day the
for-ner Harvard athl^t© won i- a I and -
rr.arjrln -T. O Anderson, an twhi'' >
MaKsachnsetts charr.pio:i. beat Findlay B.
J*o IJC Ir« 2 UP arid I to play, -while XV. R.
Ttirk«rm»r. the siockbtidge tjalfßr. -who
reached the ss<Tni-flnal stage itT the national
to«rnav i I had ■" easy time at Hie *x-
r *. n!a^ of Oswald Kirki.-. the BBglesrood
••er-owl holder.
John M. war prov«vl a stiiWmrn oppo
vent for Percival CJilbort, but the Boston
polfer finally yon •(•■•- two extra boles.
If. Schmi<lt beat Arcble Reid. Hie Hudson
Ttiver i>'f Association title holder, and F.
C. Pa^idfs->n. rutiwr-up in ■lie recent Inter.
rollepiate ch.«mpion«:lilp tournament, made
rnln«» Wiit •..•.II Shanlcy. Jr.. the
r>*al Oolf »nd Country Club'p leading ama-
Tom Stevenson, one of tlie Siassachuetts
substitutes, eliminated Has B*tw. the Sew
Jersey champion. In a nineteen-hole match.
T«b|le In tlie rnnst one-sided contest of the
day T. H. Fuller t>c;it Samuel .1 Orahanv
nT Greenwldv.
Tlie Hay State loam lost three «f the
five foursome matches to Now Fork in the
ntt«Tnoon play, but ■ad obtained such a
Joad in tlie smglfs of tho morsilng that the
«up would liavo liecn secure had all five
matches c»no to the visitors.
The Pssmasaaes developed some of t : <■>
finest golf "f tho day. the best match being
that in which Anderson and Tuckerman. of
Masacliusctts. defeated Travis and Tiffany
by 1 up.
imiiurr '•
V XV. Wliittenior*... ljFred lierr<??hoff »
H. H. Wild.r .«■ H .1 Trttyis 1
.1 <■; \nd<-rsor. 1 1 V. S. VWufcUs U
"W. n. Tuok' rnian... 1 O. Kirkt-y 5
I' G:ir--rt IjJ. M. Ward •
T* M. <-lafliri .•• . ;. T. Tiffany 1
H. Srhmi.it 1 A. M Heid <•
. 11. X " ; • "
T «; Stovi npon UMax Betii . . <»
T. R. Fuller IJS- J- Grafcam "
Total ........... i Total -
WhnWiiKitP b<^at IlerrwdKjff. •"■ op and 2 to
ilay- Travi= b«tt Wilder. Z up aiH 1 ir> p'.ay;
rndrri-jn i>ea» Douglas. S up ami 1 to v\&y:
Tu.kfrman V^-at KirKby. .". np and :: to play:
"lillwrl \*-a\ Ward. 1 up O» holest: Tiffany l.«-<<t
• •laflin 1 up: St-hmidi hr^x R«U. - up: Davld
»,, n FhanW. « ui> and r. to rl»y: Kereaaoo
\U-\iT. 1 Dp <15» li"'.cst; Fuller boat CrahHin.
7 up and 6 to pl«i'.
\n«i"rson and Tucker- STravis mvi Tiffany O
tl]fan . I] Mt rr^phoT nnd Knajip. 0
TViidei and Whittf- ! Kirliy and VCTtltlatcta.. 1
mnro 1 ! Warn ant I»ouKlas..Al
li^vi^son an(' H'tiwn . O' Hrid and B«hr 1
>-< limidt aid nill»-rt .. O'
I"i:'l- r and PtfiCnaOO. 0|
Total -=l Total 3
The record ol the Lesley <'i:p matches
Fince l*©». ivhen the Massachusetts team
tv;*s Rdnittod, is as follows:
Four- !«.ui-
Elncl< > s.«oines. Single*. Borneo
v--iinpoiita!i ; ."• Philadelphia :< -
•M.tiopoiitan . 4 -'■ Massarhusf-tty. . - >'• "
ilassachusms... 7 '2 Philadelphia -1 1
M'-rrrpolitan r. 4 MaaachuMttS... f> l
I'tiilnd^iplna r. 4 Manachtwetta. SI
Mrtroptffua .... B .*. ! • ■<■:< lt.li:a 2 <*
MBs»ca'hn<=rsis.M B s»ca'hn<=rsis. . . >•• ■ Philadelphia 13
trop.-«litan 7 1 UassacfauaeUS.:. ■" *
rvrriFylvania. . . . 7 .' Massa'-husetts. . . I - 7
'I'ln'p'^itan. . . . P ii p. lv*nis .. . 2 S
Mama' liw**t* .. * 4 P«a»K3i\-ania.... 4, 1
MaF.-arh-jM-lts. . . S M. •!>.;, i:..n - —
Tlie iiandi-onie cup presented by A. G.
Folaer. jr.. lor tlie Jjest composite Kore for
the Bemtoo at trK- Nassau Country <'lub
was won by W. !. Hicks, after a tie with
H. r. Whitney. Both had selected scores
of 62, and they settled the deadlock yes
ttrday. the <'onditioiis l>eing that they
s!;m:1d play till one or tlie other rtirould
lirvt pet a ' ;>nd." Nothing happened
until the fifteenth, w here Hicka won
with a X ■i ... -,\a> also a lie in tli«'
monthly Hghteen-hole medal-play handicap
between W i" Beecber, with Sj — 13 '„ an.l
J. R Maxwell. 11.. with «.^— "- Through
cut the montli of Pr-jit ember tlie member?
r^alih^d for the flub championship, at"! the
draw for the fir>t round is a^ follows:
Buscli \>. Ottley; vniltney vs. Adams:
Ryder \> .lenninps; Tiffany vs. Mick*: Me
cann v.-. Tobey: .Maxwell, jr.. vs. '■■HM.
Max "ell »1«. Hooper; I tana vs. Jones.
The b<.-ore«- in the monthly handicap were:
TV r p^.-hrr ... sa vi '<*
J. R Uara«tl. .v K<> " 1-
U. U • i'c '•'- I* '••
H. T. MeGurtj 1 91 i" .*
«;. Iy.-jnPlv-:i\ '■''< -" '■'
H X Whim*- 60 I M
■\v 4-Jar-ln*!- ■•:■■.
\V. V. H'«t*r l«2 -♦ '■>
A H. rut*-' '•«' 12 18
Several cup winners nr-re decided o\er
the linY? of the T>unwoodie Country (Tub
-,-.■... In the Qival round for the
prcsldent'fl trophy \V. w. Harris defeated
A. A. A!i«-arii by 2 up and 1 t<> play, srhile
in the third fixtwn Qhal Floyd Price beat
»\ L PiUl^em;;!) Zup and 1 to play <". H.
Mclx>'if:lilit) won tli<- fourth sixteen cup,
l^;.tinc 11. If. <>>rr l>y a .*. .nnd ." margin.
The usual red card modal play handicaps
produoed close flnis-hes. IV. I' .Stevenson,
v. Jth BO S 72. won in dasa A. '.in W. 11.
Fillmora and H. It Bncktey. with S4-2T.—
7] and ?>- -IP— 7l. respect iwly. tie<i in the
B division. In claim" C A. i^ollina and K.
V. Kwataton both returned cards of 30":—
;>;_^7. Th»- qualifying round in tlie lirst
r.n-1 6*-cond rixteens resulted as follows:
Tirsi rfxteeo- A J. tt'ataon. 7:«; W. I' -••
y t t,< r .rt H» 1". I . A'lsui> M: W. i". (V.nkl>n.
«■•; r T;r>l>'riF. M; W. W. llatrts, *JI; 11. «•■
Ki'njt *■:. P. E. Aik«n. f»: Roheii Collier k>>;
H II IJcCtare ►^ •'. •'• llawllton. v.<:v '.<: >'. H
Tbema* 8»: E. I- n*-t.1..:. f»; H. H. !'.u- kl»!
»<• 1i M r.»trt!i<'.i'>iii' > «. '■"'■ a H. l<rwT»oce. ft.
j^ema rixufii B. V. M.Kinl.y 92; E. H. '.'l
i#m B2: W It. Fli'-norf. 'X,: E. li. Rod*, ■•■• R.
f nmn. V.. B. 11. Klwww. '■*>. » •<■ s« .n- r
,„,.,,. ««-• j-.. \ i,uihl. va: i:. A. Elton, w. •■-.
537 »' P E UV«|as !<:« V.-. T. Al.hrilrr.
I; \: <•■ rJot,ir'voT>. W. M. K. Gilford, w. E. H.
X<X*raa#ltn. ■*: > c. i^-it-/ '"
li, ih. r ii;:itr-en-l)O|-» inedrii play handi
cap vi the AT'awarni:- Club \<>i^terday for
a pnze ».r«^enr.*i by Hoper D. Lanham, *1.
It Hnrpf-f- cim« «n the dinner, with a score
„f k'-T— ";;.. The other fdiir who turned in
»rd»>W«*folh»w«: (;i ,_ M( . a[ , N , i:
V >■. ruilrr J^j ;' «J|
W. n . Tri^rrtr n _ ',' -,
II 1C^;;::::::::::::::: ::- , *•■•
In ih*"ci!ih chlnipJonElilp W. 1. Taylor
br.t g S Kf'l'T. 1 IP. •" r.iurir'OU bOl«S.
,n.l <:. !•. llarncs beat S. Bedell, <& up and
Third Victory Gives Him Posses
sion of Trophy.
i By Telegraph to The Tribunal
Glen Riflpe. N. J-. Oct. I— By winninß
the final match In the club championship
on the Glen Rldße Golf Club links to-day.
Harry D. Smith, who has won th* cup
three different times, became pole owner.
I The- nip was presented by the club ten
' years aco Mr Smith In the finals beat :
W. B. * .'olson at thirty. holes by a score
of II up and 9 to play.
In the consolation division A If Mas
> sera beat R. C. Thompson by 3 up and II
I to play.
A novel event run off after the champion
' ship n= a seniors" medal play competition
for two cups presented by Joseph D. Gal
laKher for the best and second net scores.
In addition to the regular" handicap each
contestant was allowed a stroke for earn
) year over forty-five years. Those who took
i part were at least forty-five years old
I The winner was Thomas Conpdon. eighty
j one years old. who never played the same
! until he vas eighty years old. For the
I serond cop D. H. Standish and Ellsworth
Doane tied. The scores follow:
Gro*s. Heap. Net.
! Thama* Cnrpdon l'> J« J»
£ gosSe*?^::: ::::::« £< •*
A ball sweepstakes resulted in a He be
tween K. W. Contrdon and Ellsworth poane:
The scores follow:
Gro««. H'cap. N't.
t: W. ' 'on«.* n _ £•> f ii
K. DOSSM »-' }^ iA
TI. W. Benton P; '- fV
D. TT. .Standi*h »• '«
W. R. Brurere. 1r *£ '« «
T. W. t^Ti«rs?roth ?* J5 lx
J. E. KTe,,:v, :::::::::iw £ It
S V v vc^ ...... a .... 1?* • »
Eginton Shows Fine Form in
Qualifying Round.
At the Si Andrews Club, yesterday, six
teen sabers who had the lowest net
I scores during th«» season played the first
I round for a cup presented by the club.
IJ. W. Eplnlon. jr.. beat A S. Hierplns ! up
i and 1 to 'lay. T A Matthews beat J. M.
! flunt 3 up and 2 to play. .1 Harvey Bell
i beat T. H. Thompson 2 up and 1 to play,
; F. B. Allen beat T. A. Lewis by default,
W. K. Simpson beat George W. Klkin? 3
up and I to play. M. B. Fink beat Alfred
Craven - up and 1 to play: C. W. Hunt
beat Walter B. Hodpson 2 up and 1 to play
and T. F. Martha beat Charles W. Dayton
by default.
The consolation prize for the beaten eight
will be played off ne^t Saturday. At the
same club yesterday the deddinp round of
a special handicap for a prize presented by
one of the members was played off. J.
Harvey Bell beat George W. Klkins 4 up
! and I to play. \V. E. Hodgman beat T. If.
I Murtha 7 up and 6 to play, J. B. Kouwen
hoven beat T. A. Murtha 2 up and 1 to
I iay and M. D. Fink boat W. T. Stem by
j default.
M.ire than fifty golfers took part in the
qualifyiis round of the monthly touroa
nunt over the links of the Richmond Coun
ty Country Club yesterday. The competi
tion was for a prize offered by Arthur 1/.
Walker. W. A. Hamilton and W. Pell
tied for the leading position with net scores
of 75 each, but Hamilton was awarded the
medal for the best net score when, ac
cording to the rules, the cards were
matched against bogie. Ralph McKee,
who was third on the list, won the Class
I: medal for the best net score, with 76.
All players with handicaps of 16 or more
u.i. in this division. Otis L.. Williams
bad the best gross score, with tc.
Besides the monthly handicap, the final
fur tie September cup was played, H. L.
Cheyney beating E. P. Shelby by 4 up and
3 to play. The first round for the club
championship was played. The qualifying
scores and summaries follow:
Cross. H'cap. Net.
W. A. Hamilton X 11 7.
W. Pell i<" 15 7.'.
Kalph McKee '••-' 1« 76
C. H. Dlll«y. .. W4 15 79
1: H. Uerron '•'- 13 79
Otis L. Williams "82 •'! ''■*
H. I. Clieyney 87 7 M)
A. P. K*-lley M IS M
N. S. Walker. Jr U7 15 B2
W. !• Ujugti 93 11 (-2
'•. A. Ki<haid(> MS -<< 62
W. W. Haaee sM 17 J<3
X. S. Griffin «a •"> M
(harks Kins 10* M M
i: B. Honeymsn I«>2 17 S*>
K. Agar «7 11 b6
Club championship itirM roundl —K. P. Em-
Diooa beat A. }' Kelley. 2 up and 1 to play; W.
P<-11 heat Wil'.iam I. Seaman, 3 up and 2 to
play; A. i: Patterson beat H. WaJser. 2 up and
J to ay; P. H. I— lf "at A. <j. Hruinler.
4 up and :i to play; N. B. Griffln beat Arthur
Man. 7 u;> an«l i> to play: N. 1.. Fcarey beat A.
C. < o\r jr.. H up and 7 to Play; Otis U. Wil
liam* boat S. U Davit. j up and <> to play.
The second round of the club champion
ship .is played at Fox Hills to-day. 11.
Emerson Armstrong beat Bernard Ridder,
3 and -'. sad A. F. Kammer beat Milward
Train. . and 1.
In the third round of the Brooklyn Cup
K. S. Powell, jr.. beat Kmil Heikel, 4 and 3.
The summaries in class a follow:
Gross. Heap. Net.
Albm Until Mi IS 71
.i R. IVrclval »2 13 70
.1. W. McMenamy 7» 4 75
H. Cozens Hardy *« *• 78
Frank P. Heilly. 03 14 7.*
1.. K. Mara!»k fA 13 7.'«
.1 W Fl'-mliiK &■« 14 M)
Gears* (■••-- .t-l ■» 15 &0
WiHiarn K. I .»">ri« X, I.'l M)
The summaries of Class B follow:
A. M. Williams tto 21 74
John McKain 100 2ti 74
I. <. Oonklin BS 17 7«
Henry M. Turk 112 1"' 02
W. F. Prior V* 1« 82
r c. Bird i"" 25 75
IV I. O'l>oiio!iue fir. 20 75
F. M. White l'io 25 7.-,
<-. n. CoMrrti ... . or. SO 75
J By ' ■ esjraptl to The Tribune. 1
Plainfield, X. J . Oct. I.— At the Park Golf
Club to-day there was the first round for
the fall championship, with the following
results: K. Bird beat Dr. H. K. Carroll. 2
up: W. E. lyouph beat C B. Morse, by de
fault: R. V. Carpenter beat I". G. Tingley.
4 tip and 1 t-t play: W. R. Faber beat A.
M Morrell. by default.
The hest .scores for the president's, eolf
club and Oakm«'iit cups follow:
H cap N>'.
E. nird ........ ™* 23 76
W. 1! K«l*i 1"" 22 7S
W. V. Pyard TH 21 0
Di II K. Carroll ft 7 M '•I
W. F. Ixiueh .107 S3 M
Xh«sa score? were returned for the ladies'
autumn cup. nine holes:
Qiuss.lTcap ft.
Miss "Jra-e A. Ten Ey« k 66 11 42
Hiw P.!M 41 .'! 4!
Mis William Powell . ... .8 M 4H
Miss Harriet Kar*v# . 71 15 •"«
Mr=. . tries •'• McNabb o*s M *•*
There wh.v a general rambling on the
part of the EngVwood Country Club mem
bers yesterday In an endeavor to qualify
for a raluaUe cup offered by James Kirk
l- father of Oswald Kirkby. the dub
champion. The conditions called for cigh
te«»n holes, handicap, medal play, the best
Mxte«.|i to qualify. P. O. Miller led the hut
with a 71 net. Miller also won the match
1 lay handicap against par. finishing l up.
He bad an allowance of >« strokes. The
f-«-<»r«.-s .■<•! match play pairingß In the | "nn
j-etition for the Klrkby cup were as lol
«;ros«. H'cap. N. t
p. <> Miller M ii 71
H. K. Ueininitnd M ■ 7.
K. P. <■<■!..• BS _'•• 72
A. P< . nor* ....... J»2 '_•() 72
T. It Ffll »* 11 72
W. P. Fan :». 23 n
tiov Webb 7-» « 73
\\. 1.. Hall » Is 7:;
W A. Bari 1 . .... '■>'. '-•< 71
E. M f-awtelle . 01 M 75
F/Eno« ..... m 19 ;..
„ P. IJWTT VJ I» 7.\
E. M. Harneii ■! .'. 7H
i;<l»ard \lnrtlr. |r... . . X 17 7ti
V. M. '"hapmsn HI IS 7>i
11. WMthfrtiy •'" "i 7«J
The draw for tin firs! match play round
i? as follows: Barm vs. Rejnmund. Mar
tin vf=. Coleman. Gllmori" vk. Barber, Fell
VM l-'of-s. Bawtell#> . vp. '""■■ , Webb va.
I /itv, Chapman vs. Weathcrby. Miller va.
Goodly Crowd of Spectators En
joys Montclair Exhibition.
Continue Victorious Career, Al
though Rex and Eamapo Bow
to Greenfield's Pair.'
Well filled classes and well filled boxes !
made the horse s-how which was held at j
Montclair yesterday one of the successes i
of th*» season. One's first Impression on I
entering the beautiful grounds was that a ,
lavish hand had planned and executed, for j
the evidence of it was everywhere appar
ent, from the tiers of box's draped In bin*
and yellow, the club colors, which was an
innovation, to the new parking: spaces,
which were filled with road coaches and
The Brook Farm horses, which swept the
field last week at Fouchkeepsie, continued
their successes uninterrupted yesterday.,
until the class for pairs over 15 hands was
readied, and her* they met their Water
loo It was not that Rev and Ramapo dkl
pot outclass every other entry, but Francis
Ware, who judged alone In all of the
classes, must have detected a slight lame
ness in Re>. which made hi« initial appear
ance in this class, for Mr. Ware sent them
from the ring, and gave the blue to .T. M.
Greenfield's Snippy and Snob.
Ramapo won In Class 8, shown to a depot
wa.gon. Roundelay was also entered in this
lass. but he was not allowed to compete,
and aside from an exhibition in . the
ring, when the. spectators had a chance to
see one of the grandest geldings that ever
set foot in n show rintr. he did not appear.
Mrs. Andrew M orison drove Energy, also
from the Brook Farm, to victory in the
ladles' class of harness horses, over H. 3
and not exceeding 15.3 hands. Her own
mare, Sonia. was entered in this class, but
was not shown. Sonia had a monopoly
of the honors in the saddle and combina
tion classes, with Black Diamond right in
line for second honors. That much her
alded chestnut mare. Queen Quality, had
to be content with ■ yellow rosette In all
the clashes where she met these two fa
Mrs. Julius B. Walsh had a new black
mare. Frivolity, In the class for ponies
under 14.3 hands. Frivolity does not look
at all like a pony; She is a perfect minia
ture mane* and is s.i young that she has
not yet got rid of all of her baby charac
teristics. She. looks good enough to win in
any company and carried off first honors
with scant ceremony. Princess Morrill was
again successful In the only class for road
sters. The little mare is not a brilliant
performer, but she has the first requisite
<>! a perfect road horse— extreme speed-
and she has never yet been defeated in her
class. /
Good old Trampas added another blue to
the Brook Farm's string, in the class for
runabout horses, but none of the entries
vas particularly formidable, although the
class was large. Snippy gave a good per
formance, and it looked as though be might
carry off second honors, but, to the sur
prise of the spectators, he failed to score.
The exhibition of draft horses brought out
a string of heavyweights, which were as
fine a lot as ever faced the judges in Madi
i son Square Garden. John Hlondel had a
pair of black geldings called Dan and
Charlie In this class, and they were so
trimmed up with ribbons, straw and other
things more or less ornamental that it was
almost impossible to tell just what they
were like. Mr. Ware set them ahead of
Prince and Jack, from the stable of I. New
ton Rudgers, however, on account of their
length of neck, although the consensus of
opinion was that the latter pair were more
i posing.
The awards follow:
('lass 3 (local station wagons and horses;
torses to count •><• per cent, vehicles and ap
pointments 40 per cent* — First, William Koarns's
tn. g. Dandy: second, Albert Hiker's gr. g. Dan;
third. Frank A Rik. r. Jr.'s, br. g. Tom.
Class Hi (local ponies in harness, under 13.3
hands; children to drive; prize, cup> — First, K.
J Hull blk. B. Black Beauty; second, Guy
White's blk. ■ Norseman II; third, 11. H. ;
Wehrhane's sk. m. Judy.
Clasp 12 (combination horses over 14 and not
exceedinc 15 hands; prize, |25» — First, E. A.
Stark's oh. g. fcjtrongheart.
Class '2 (local delivery horses and wagon--;
first division)— First, I. Newton Rudyer's r. g.
Jerry; second, I. Newton Rudyer's gr. g. Dlok;
third. Jacob laser' «r. g. Harry. Second di
vision—First, William Hamilton's br. g. Dex
ter; second. F. W. llossi tann'a hr. x. John D.;
third. Elbert C. Hrinning's r. g. O«neral.
Class it <local ponies under saddle; children to
ride) — First, How-a Webster, jr.'s. b. m Missie;
! second. H. U. Wehrhane's *k. m. Judy; third.
Guy White's blk. s. Norseman II ,
class i» (local harness horses, 14.3 and not
exceeding 15.3 hands; ladies to drive) First.
J. M. Greenfield's b. %. Surf; second, J. M.
Greenfield's b. r. Snippy: third, Mrs. Charles
Powers'* b. m. I^ady Betxy.
class 11 (ponies In harness, 13.3 and nnt ex
ref-dint 14.3 hands; prize, SIS* --First, Mrs C.
F. I^awton's br. j». Buster; second. C. A. Ktark's
Mb s. Kins Ruby; third. Miss B. M. Daniels'a
b. k. Hug
Class IK (local saddle horses, over 14..". hands;
ladles to ride)— First. V. S. Mulford'a b. =. Re x ,
6econd, Mrs. Charles Powers"* b. m. I>ady Betty.
Class B (depot wagons and single horses, 1.~. 2
hands or over; prize, $3S) — First. Brook Farm's
eh. f Rsmapa: second. 11. H. WVhrhano's b. in.
Bright Promise; third, Mrs. C E. Thurstcufs
eh. m. The Lady.
1 la>s 13 (combination horses, over 10 hands;
prize. $35)— First, Andrew IfOlison'a eh. m.
Sonia. second, Andrew Morison's blk. m. Black
Diamond; third. Ben . Decker's eh. m. yue^n
i':jiß!i is (ponies under saddle, 1,1.3 and not
exceeding 14.3 hands; prize. $25) — First, Mrs.
Julius S. Walsh's hlk. m. Frivolity; second,
Theodore T. Maxfleld's pl«i. p. Gypsy: third.
Edith 1.. Van Clev«'« pod. p. Teier of bellhurst.
Class 6 (harness horses, it. 3 and not exceed
ing 15.3 hands; ladies to drive; prize, cup) — First, ,
Brook Farm's eh. k. Energy, drien by, Mr?. An
drew MoHson; second. H. H. Wehrhane's r>. m.
Bright Promise; third. J. M. Greenfield's b. £•
('lass 14 (saddle horses, over 14.3 and under
15.2 hands: prize. .".rn — First. Andrew Morison's
<h m. Ronta: second. Andrew Morlson'B blk m
Black Diamond; third. V. S. Mulford's b. ft
Class 4 (slncle roadsters, ]», hand? o r over:
prlz«-. tXx - First. Ed. Kearney. Ir.s. b. m. Prin
cess Morrill: second. A. H. [lumphrevlllo's b. g.
Clyde B. : third. P. H. Ryan's b. m. Bdltli B.
Class 7 (runabout horses 14.3 and not exceed
Ing l.">. 7 hands; prize. $'<"" — First, Brook Farm's
b K. Trampas: second, H. H. Wehrhane's eh. m.
T^ady May: third. V. A. Stark's eh. g. Ptronjt
Class 1 (pairs of local draft horses; priz*.
< up. with 55 '■ winning driver) First. John
Rlondel and' Son's hlk. es. r>an and Charlie;
second I. Newton Rudyer*s b. ks. Prince and
Ja.-k: third. I. New ten Rudyer's hi g*. Captain
and Major
(By Telegraph to Th» Tribune.]
M' ntclair. X. .1 . Oct. -The finals in the.
autumn tournament at the Upper Montclair
Golf Club and the finals for the vice-presi
dent's cup were played to-day. For the
autumn cup Stanley R. Soverel heat Har
old W. Marrin by ', up and 4 to play. In
Class H A. B. Sweeze.y beat H. C. Christen
bj I up and 2 to play.
For the vice-pr'-sidpnt's cup B. K. Noble
beat }■'. P. Madison by 2 up and 1 to play.
In Class B A. .S. Armagnao. beat W. C.
Cushman by < up and 5 •" play.
In a ball sweepstakes which followed
Uin-e tied for first honors
: The scores follow:
Grons. HVap Net.
B. E. Noble RS 10 7<5
«*. P. D»nn«|| '•<< 1-' 7"
P. R Soverel „ !tn 12 7*.
S. H. Cone, |r 101 21 K0
W r. Wei more Pfl I*l «o
T. 'F. I.yon . 07 ir. sr»
H A. iMir M I" fc"»
[I. W. .MHrrin v.* ; .t|
fßi Telegraph to The Tribun- i
PlalnfleM, N. -T.. Oct. Th« event at
the Plalnfleld country Club* to-day was the
first round for the club championship,
>-. i ti|i. and first rounds for the >.r.-,iii(l
and third sixteen^, bandfeap
The results follow:
First sixteen (championship) -<"• B. Morgan
I.mi If. I). Hibbard 1 up (lf» hol»>«.. Whitney
Ttaker beat D. H. narrows, l up: Arthur Murphy
beat R. <;. Morse, ■_• up; h n Stockton beat It.
.- Rowland. .'! Up and 2 to play; W. T. OlMin«)
ifm Wlllard tlTadsworth .'. up sad 4 to play: is,
D. I.ounshrry b«'at 11. J. |>iiiiiotii. rt up and '■■ to
play; F. C. TalmadaH 1 beat I. K. Ericsson, «i up
i nd .", to piny.
H»<-ond »fxtP*-.n--W. T. Kaufman ilHi bent <'.
C. Burke (IS), 4 up «nd 8 to play; B. B. Shoe
mak'-r (12) i~Ht E. ,i Pattorsos (■»), 7 up and R
i. play. m T. Wllnon (10) b»flt A. M. Collens
(191 i up. I. G. Carman i J2i beat •- 11. M opt mi
(241. 4 up and (to play; i •. W. Klni; |28| b"St
nifton Wharton. jr.. h. default; p! V. Wood
ii») beat H, F. Fox ■'-. i up: It. 11. ••"* <'. >( > i
beat li. P. Goodwin <l*»i S up ,ni I I t<» play; 0
W, •• U '123 beat B< 11. l'atterson .I*;, 1 up.
Autos for the 1911 Season Have
Many Refinements.
Hundreds of Oldsmoblle owners in the
East have be»n waiting patiently to pee
what the Olds Motor Works have to offer
for the cominK year. With the arrival of
the different models during the week Gen
eral Cutting has olhcially raised the CUT
I-^or 1911 th» Oldsmoblie Company offers
thro.' models, two four-cylinder and one
six. The Oldsmoblie Special, with the Dutch
doors, one of the, four-eyHmler models. I ;is
already been introduced to New Yorkers.
The other Is the Oldsmobile Autocrat of
<U\ horsepower. These., with the frVliorse
power six-cylinder CHdsmobtle Umltcd,
complete the line. The Autocrat Ifl a cur
worthy of it* name. It is the product of
years of persistent effort toward the bet
terment of this particular type, and it I?
safe to say that It will stand as the last
word for many ye;irs to come. It required
some Ingenuity to better the product of
191"), jret this has- been done. The low cen
tre of gravity, lone wheel base, big wheels
and tires and the commodtousness of th«
tonneau are characteristic features. The
most radical Improvement noticed is the
adoption of the "T" type of motor, with
its long stroke, which sends the car speed
ing ahead without fuss or noise- silent as
the stars.
The wheel base has been increased to 121
inches The wheels are larger and fitted
with demountable rims shod with 38 by
4^ Inch tires. Tlie new "T" type engine
delivers 60 horsepower, :iml every one of
the motor accessories has been tin--d to a
The equipment this year la liberal. It is
composed of shock absorbers, Bosch mag
neto, Prest-o-Lite tank, baggage rack, gas
headlights, full complement of lamps, fool
rail, coat rail, tire iron^ ami extra de
mountable, rim. The straight line effect
has been worked out. The driver's com
partment Is fitted with the fore door, giving
the car a finished and well balanced ap
pearance. All three models ar- fitted with
a double step running from the front mud
guard to the rear. Between these steps
the tool l;nx has been built. Tubes and
other necessary accessories ordinarily car
ried under th. r.ar seal are taken care
of there, so fiat the tonneau passengers
need not l>e disturb.. i.
The. debut of the Autocrat marks the re
turn of the Oldsmobile to racing. The two
OldsmobUes in the Vanderbilt Cup race
wer»> tiie first two cars ont of the factory,
and ha.l not been run twenty-live miles
until they made their appearance on the
Vanderbilt Cup course in preparation for
the famous stock car race.
The Oldsmobile Limited, "f six cylinders,
completes the models. This is also
equipped with the new "T" type long
stroke motor. Its flexibility of operation
has been Increased. The famous 12-inch
jinrikisha wheels, which demonstrated ilie
wisdom (if their adoption through 1910. have
been retained. The body Is of the straight
line design, with hiKh fore door, complete
ly protecting the driver's seat.
Faculty Trustees and Officers to
Compete for Cup.
[By Telegraph to Th" Tribune i
Princeton, N. •' . Oct. 1. The members
of the faculty, trustees and officers of
Princeton University are to have a novel
golf competition during the corning college
year. Philip A. Rollins. '"9. yesterday offered
a cup to that member of one of the three
bodies mentioned above who at the end of
the college year had made the lowest ag
gregate score, this score being obtained by
taking the best score made at any time
during the year for each hole separately
and adding the best nine holes.
The offer of the cup came as a result of
the good natured competition which has
beep going on for some time among many
of the members of the faculty and trustees
who are golf enthusiasts. a committee
has been appointed to which all points in
dispute can be referred, and its decision Is
to be final. This committee is composed
of Professor h IfcClenahan, H. G. Duffleid,
the university treasurer; Professor O. A.
Hulett and A. A Moore
Benevolent Gentleman— Poor fellow: I
guess you'll be glad when your time Is up.
wont "you?
convict 41.144 Not particularly, mister;
I'm In fer life.— Chicago News.
Entries for Grand Vrize Kace
Contest Will Be International in Character and
Over Vanderbilt Course.
With the sixth Vnnderhllt Cup race now
history, the second Grand Prize race will
occupy attention- The race will be run on
Saturday morning October IS. over the
sams course us the. VaaderblH Cup race,
and its International character assures a
Kreat contest from start to finish. The en
tries' to date are.
Car Ottered by. Driver.
Benr. Henz a. <" Rarney (ildtield
}:. n, .. . h. I.?, a f*o Victor llemeiy
Is. ii/ Hen/ A Co ■">■' Hetm
Fiat.'.. .T.T.FIat Auto Co Louis Wagner
I-, ,• Flat Auto Co - .Ralph I>e Palms
„,, . . Fiat Auto co lie* Nsssai
Mam. on . Knrdyke Marnion ' '" ltay Harroun
Mnrinon. .. . Nordyke Marmon C 0. .1..* DawSBB
Marmon. . . Nordyki Marroon Co — —
H'jlck ■ Msrquetts Motor Co. .Ixiuls Chevrolet
Bulck M •'■! m It* Motor Co. Robert Bunnan
Rulck . Oarquette Motor Cb.. Arthur Chevrolet
R .. bllnc
Planch*. • A. Rrel.llnK. 2d W. Roebllns. 2d
\jco Am. Locomotive Co. . .Harry I" Grant
MiT'-edes. . .Georg« W. L>9tt. •• 11. matrons.
As was the oaso. with the VandcrMH Cup
race) the Grand Prize race of the Auto
mobile Club of America will start at day
break, and the cars will be dispatched at
Intervals of thirty seconds,
If. was ortgfnalrj Intended that the dis
tance of the race should be twenty-two
laps, or 278.8 miles, hut so many entrants
and manufacturers urged that "11" 11 length
he increased, that W. X Vand*rbllt, |r,
president of the Motor < up« lloUHng Com
Cup Goes to Miss Hammond
Wins Longwood Trophy by Defeating Mrs.
Barger Wallach. in Straight Sets.
Boston. Ort. V.— Maintaining the steadi
ness that has marked her play in every
match of the tournament. Miss Louise
Hammond, of New York, the Eastern wom
an's lawn tennis champion, defeated lira
Parser Wallach. of .Newport and New-
York, in the challenge match to-day for the
l^ngwood Cup. The match went three
sets, and the scores were ii — »i. • '■'. *> '-'■
Miss Hammond's victory to-day gives h«"
a single leg on the new '..ongwood bowl.
Schedules Arranged and Special
Rules Adopted.
Tim high school football committee
meeting; a few <la\ - ago, sanctioned the
football schedules sa submitted '
The schedules wen limited to nine con
tests, and several "f tl" 1 schools whi
exceeded this stipulation bad the surplus
contests thrown out All of the gam
ranged will be played in this city.
A representative of the faculty of each
school is to be present at each game and
will be held responsible for the conduct of
the nlayers an<l their physical condition.
Four new elevens are In Ime Us battle for
the high school supremacy— the Richmond
Hill Hi^h School, the Jamaica High SOooi,
t'.io Flushing High School, of Queens, and
Btuyvesant High School. I'lay durin
month will be of forty minutes 1 duration.
Ten minutes may be added In November.
The revised schedule as announced fol
October Z— ronkers High vs. Morris, at Mor
ris Field: Curtis vs. rfruyvt-sant. at Curtis Hrki.
October 12— Commerce vs. Boy*' High. «
Commerce; Commercial vs. Manual Training:, at
Commercial: Morris vs. Curtis, at Morris.
October 15— Boy* 1 Hi** vs. Rutgers, at M aw
thorn<» •;..;,, Morris vs. Mount Vernon, at Mor
ris: Curtis vs. Erasmus second team, at Curti.-.
November 22— De Witt Clinton vs. Hoys' Hiph,
at De Witt Clinton: Commercial vs. Erasmus, at
Commercial: Morns vs. lVtkskill Academy st
Morris: Manual Training v.«. Polytechnic » re
paratorv, at Manual Training: rownsend ?«*
Hall vs Sturvesant. at Townscnd Harris; Curtis
vs. Commercial second team, at 1 "urns.
„,.,,,, ... High vs. commercial, at
Boys 1 High; De Witt Clinton vs. Flushing at
Van Cortlanrft Bark; Morris 11.-1. ys. rowi sen
Harris at Morris: Manual Training vs. Sew
York Military Academy, at Manual Training.
November s— Commercial vs ,\il-lphl at ( orn
merclal Field. r> Witt Clinton vs Townsend Har
ris Hall at Van Courtlandt Park. Morns High vs.
Stuyvesant at Morris, Curtis His* vs. Flushing
d November >— Boys' HiKh vs. Polytechnic Pre
rarator School at Saratoga Park. Commercial
v-s Stnyvesant at Commercial Field. Moms High
v S ' Commerce at Morris. Manual Training vs.
Erasmus Hall at Manual Trail Townsend
Harri- vs 1 n Witt Clinton at Townseno.
Noveml er 12 Hoys' Hl| vs. Adelphl at Boys
High De Witt Clinton vs. Morris at Van Cort
landt Part Commerce vs. Krasmus Hall at Com
merce, Townsend Harris Hall vs. St. John's Col
lege at Townsend Karris. Curtis vs. Boys Hign
is nd tiMnii at Curtis.
November 1&— Boys' High vs. Erasmus at
Boys' Hi-- 1 ' Commercial vs. Jamaica at Com
mercial. Ik' Witt Clinton vs. Stujvesant at De
Witt Clinton. Townsend Karris Hall vs. Com
merce at Tovviisend Harris. Curtis vs. Green
wich Hi^h at Curtis.
November :M — Boys' Ilisli vs. Manual Train
ing at Boys' High, Commercial vs. Brooklyn Col
lect Preparatory si Commercial. De Witt Clinton
vs. 1 v.11!!!"'" • at Polo Grounds. Curt vs. Aluml
at Curtis Field.
November Curtis v*. Townsend Harris
Hall at Curtis Field.
The final round of the club championship
at the Forest Hill Kiel. l Club proved |he
main competitive attraction yesterday.
Albert Allsopp, familiarly known as th^
"Nipper," continued hip roo.i work by
winning the title, defeating Robert Stouten
burgh, 9 up and 8 10 ptoy, at thhrty-stx
holes This m.ikes the third member of
the Allsopp clan to win the ciuh champion
ship during the hist five years At one tim^
Harry Allsopp won the title, and two years
as.. Edward Allsopp did tiip trick The
annual dinner was responsible for more
than a hundred of the members linir^rin^
until late In the nisht
X M Hodson I<»<1 the field hn the etghteen
lioJe me.lal play handicap yesterday at the
Ardsley «'lub. rernrninc a car.l of 18-^fJ — il,
a stroke, better than A. P sfeacham, with
ga 11 7: 1
The ranis returned \v> • " as follows:
';ross. HVap. Net.
F. M. Hodson '■'- -' 71
\ H Mra.-tiini ... M IT 72
M Pat. n ■>'' '"• •*
M. Wedde* ••■ I'"* -•* JJ
S C Weltmsr • • '"" -» "<*
.1 Finch -. 2 1«» II
W. A. Lowpsc* v-> V- ••
H. Wilier "•"• -7 »
H Oibnev • '"' - : '8
.T Henry ....... KM '.•''• M
W. Tavlor ... S( » ■ **
W E. Lambert l« 23 S3
C. T. McDs.ll WJ 23 M
C H. Matehlnson . . . *»•> IS »-3
.1 W. Johnson • JfJ H S 4
T. F. Stske? l« s 5 "<•
pany. bris Inrressed the distance le
laps, or approxlmatelj ••7 V| .' miles
fhe urst Grand l'n •• rao srai held m
Savannah on November -'>'. UM. lbs db>
tance being »" .' » nalles It^was won by
1 "ii w aaner, ol Italy, iiruinu ■ r ■■
who .<i\.T.'it the distance In •'• hi ' Vtctm
i i. in.r hi h I•• ns, «as -•■■ and 1 •
marain of onlj Ofty-sls seconds separatlna
these t\\.. Felice Waaairo, In 1 Flat, was
The race was thoroughly international in
character ( attracting, besides American
drivers and cars. German. French and
Italian em les With Hemei . Wajcner and
Nan again in the rare. be. idi>s the
other well known driver?, a .stirring battle
for the Automobile I 'lub of Amerlca'a J.V»«
gold cup I:- looked •"> The '■ »l team of
drivers -„,,( mechanicians will arrive in
New York this morning
ioori \i., ; -two HKM'TlFri.i.v MATCHED
and u-.JI mated |i<oiif.^. with full outfit, con
pi.«tln s of double CW single trap, rubber tired;
cart. ilelgh double an I xlngle liarn«sj, h,h il.>
mi. i i.i i. ii. mv,m v , ribbon «r loner* ■ children's pet-.;
perfectly «'afe I:<r children to rl>le or <trtvr: want
$r>(Ki ... outfit. mak< offer; can t" --•••ii *»
Hawthorne StaM»!«. 220 Matn hi.. l>»rt Orange.
or lurthfi rurticuten Of "WN'F.R, .'•"■ Water ,i .
Nen roral 'I'lione £•!• ■ orchard.
with three legs necessary for possession.
Mrs. Barger WaMach won the first cup
last year. .
Ml-» Hammond added to her triumph;, in
this tournament later in the day by wto
pills . with Miss EM LMtk* also of New
York, from Miss Kve.yn Sears and Wm
Margaret rur.is. both of Boston in the
fi ni=h match of the women's doubles. Th
N >w Yorkers won In straight sets. *-*
6-4. - _— c
Calif ornian Pitting Elkins's Yacht
for South American Cruise.
John D. Sprocket of San Franct^'O has
purcha^i the ,team yacht Venetta from
Geor e W. P^kin^. of Klk.ns Park. Venn. _
The Vcnetla measarea 2Z* feet over all.
,!>K feet water line, .- feet i inches beam
and 15 feet draft. She was built by Haw
,home & Co. at Leith. Scotland, in 1905.
under Uoyd's survey. Her accommodation,
consist of eight staterooms and thre- b"tlis
for her owner, and two bachelors' rooms
and bath: The main deckhouse contains a
■mokins room forward, ■ dining room m
loon next aft, followed by a pantry and
galley the engine and boiler room casinff
and social haO being In the after end. Taw
yacht's normal speed la twelve knots.
The yacht hi now Ottmsj out in South
Brooklyn, in command of Captain La **-
She will leave with her new owner next
Monday morolns &' New Orleans, where
she will He for about six weeks. Mr.
Spreckels contemplates Joining he* there
with his family for a trip through the
West Indies, circling South America and
reaching San Diego. looking over the
owner's many interests along the coast. In
„.!■. an extended cruise is contemplated to
Honolulu, the South Sea Islands and th "
Orient. For the •• •• New Orleans Mr.
Spreckel3 will have as guests George F.
Keene. of Philadelphia. Read G. Dilworth
and Stanley M. Seaman.
Defeats Flushing High School in
Close Contest.
St. Paul's School of Garden City, won s
hard earned victory over the Flushing
High School eleven at Garden City yester
day by a score of 3 to ft Davis, the right
fullback on the St Pauls team, was con
spicuous by his fast individual play and
was responsible for is team's narrow
victory. After the Flushing team had
l . en forced down to its twenty-yard line.
Davis, with a well directed drop kick,
sent the ball spinning between the posts,
for what proved the only score of the
The well executed trick formations or
the St. Paul's team bewildered their op
ponents, who were kept on the defensive
almost throughout. Back team used the
forward pass for considerable gains. In
the last quarter period. St. Paul succeeded
In advancing the ball, mainly through line
plunges and good use of the forward pas?.
to within one inch of the Flushing goal.
where it was lost on downs
St Paul's (3j. Position. Flushing «J>.
jju.MpM L*»f- md ...... McK»nna
D cr rfll ... I>> ft tackle. . OoMmer
BtßSett I^eft Stuart Phillips
Esterbi . t.Vntr • W>*
Galloway Rufu piard Cornell
carltni! Riuht tn'-k!e Glnrwj
Meyer Right en) ........S
Feinaltl . lUsht hatfha.'k Homar
c: n ,ith l*tt halfback Racket
IM-. .- Rteht MUback Runite
CtUuntflf .I>>ft fullback Per.-on
Drip kick -Davis F'-- SH and umpire — -Tom
Thon'c. CbiunUa. Time of quarters — Ten min
S^TfirTjiTniy ! 29 n "l i^nT'3 1 k^cSclr
ififlSS^ >> Tr^^^^ I ■fc^W>Ct».^'*Pfh
m>WS^Bt.'!nlfilSißH Eefll
■ssilpristf MMPfTWf
J' v i v <<i Hipr • ' *Mj
Thomas Car Completes Long
Run of Two Thousand Miles.
In Crov-rded Traffic Drivers
Walked and Throttled Down
to Two Miles an Hour.
A 1311 Thomas *■*> rar trill comptete th!»
w-ek one of the most remarkable tfIWfKJ
test" that rave ever b*«n undertaken ia
motorin?. Mr. Thomas claims that his
lons-stroke. lar^-valve. six-yl'.nder car U
«o flexible ard tiisy ridina: and powerful
that It '•an b» nperored entirely on hZsft
Efr a nd vil! run as Blow as twn miles an
hour cr as fa?- as sixty mile*. ?o remark
able a legrae " C«"»«»«5 has b<>en rlsar#t"r ls ar#t "
rA by motorists r/ith inrr-dnlltr. TT.er
for- Mr. Tnorra.* toiuissfcasi is iMtn
an other K*> a rs* bu» h.' eb * n>l r *""'re' rrer c an<l
erart the rßrr B r frr>m Buffalo over a t^o-thou
sand-mne rcute. which .'h^uld •mhrace-
ctirec: sr^riP? in the F.a*r. and tb» rrr,i«??
ejrl roatfa tasi of tn» Mte»t«tppl River
The ra- started flrr«B Buffalo on Thurs
day rr.orninc of fas* *"". af'er being m
•sperte^ by T>a« Lewl«. th- American A'jto
morel' As?orHrion rarine r-pre?»nraMr».
and handed for Brff. If made th- nln.tT.
six miles In- ? hours, 15 minutes ar ■ forry
mii» '•"P ->rr ***>*■ reapii »> m Erf *
Firt?bur^ It had •« asc*nd Jf-adx-HTs
Mountain, the stlffesf ?rad» In Western
Pennsylvania. The sssssi • <s t« 9 '•*"
bt?b. and the »«»nf '.? a BBBBS =»nd a hair
lons at a trade of 1« r " r cent ar»r«.,
with abrupt turns that !*»»m»d to ma*-*
K ear shifting essential. The car HimbM
the one and a balf miles In better than
three minute?, and arrived lr> Pltr«snr 5
at an averae* for th" distance r>f »!»fTty
two mil's an hour.
From litlatisw Friday m^rnYnz •' - <•*-
ran Usssssgll Gressssl and f.t^onl-r t»
Gettysburg, across the Allegheny 3Xoon
taln? and over the roii«;h»«i' road hi tht
East, with water breaks aH tfc« *»' Th*
ascent of r.,aiir«»! Ran^e and C©*« Masns
tain was mad«» wit hour dlfflrultv »nd »hsj
crew arrived In Os«t*s»sbsj tn (r>«d time
Saturday Iks c ar ran M PfsßSsd*lt>>'S»
and Sunday the crew rested. Early on
Monday they ran to New Tork. Thronsc^
the concerted Wai) Street district the crew
disembarked and walked beside th« car.
itrattssj conclusively that It rould **
throttled down to less than two miles an
hour. Monday afternoon It started fr>3
New Haven an<J Tuesday ran to Boston.
From Boston the rout* ran across ths
Oreen and White Mountains. Indudlnsr th*
ascent r>f Mount Washington anal Jacoba
Ladder. From Albany they followed th»»
New Vork-t»>- Paris route ba«'k to Buffalo.
Fred Nelirhis and George Miller alternat
ed at the whee: and George t. Verraolt
and Ray Mac Donald acted as observers.
The tar was checked aIT along the !in» by
A. A. A. officials.
Members of the Montclair OsM (Hub tonic
part in the qualifyirssr round for the clut>
championship yesterday. The conditions
cal! for, the sixteen to qualify to continue
at mar play on succeeding Saturday?.
A. R. Allen, with a card of 7>. led the neH
by two strokes. A gale swept over the
c-ourae. playing: havoc -with the scores.
An incident of the afternoon was the fact
that W. B. Bremner, who recently made a.
score ad •■■ barely qualified, being tied for
last place with Paul Starrett, each hav
ing S3.
In the usual handicap In two classed
A. R. Allen and R. 1-. Redfleld led the fleW
in Division A. with 73—6—73 and 82-3— 7 J.
respectively, while in Class B three ti«l
for first place— J. C Platt. R. M. Kerris ana
H. M. Robinson, each with II net. T.^
scores were as follows:
Grosa. Hdp. N>%
A. ■ Alien 2 •* J^l
R. L. Redfteld »
c. E. Van \leck M » "•'
H. >;. Hwussssj >*2 7 "■>
c m. sohuitz st II Ta
rt. C. Kerr ■ It 7*
J. GL Todd *** * 7li
A. Woodward SI * . .
K. H. WU.swell . *« 1 y
H. •; Plimpton ■• • "*
J. Hodaon. ir M * "*
Paul rnrtl _...?.'* V* 7*
T W. Stales ...... M i «I
V. \yy"T .... >« I si
W. Brown ... .M 9 *.
Paul Har'j.-">n —21 2 . S3
F. 1^ Stuart 94 t: ?«
c. J. Turner . «» * *<
I- H. Tuke — . »* 11 W
W. R. Periey »•" 10 S
J. A. Phllbriok M It f<
A. F. !<MZM '■'* *> **
.J. H. KirkiMv ... sa I|> »
V U. Harrison -■ ■• U» **
W. B. P.reran»r ....*]* 2 *•*
J. I. gtmniona CO & 8
V. J. Swords W> 12 ; "
•Jross. H'cap. N't.
J. C. nan •" 13 77
n m Ferris — *> t" 7T i
T! it. Robinson W M "•
William Hillatmer WB 7*
H. s. afcCton 91 13 7*
YV H. Cl..ueh "'■♦ 14 «<>
H." ■■• Hornfoi-k <• '■* M
li. Dunkak sM ■ -:
A. v Pearson 9* ■' a *
R E mirham :.«■> m m
W. B. Br»^ham 11" sj 0..
dob champton'hip tqpattfltas rouni> —A. R
»llen 7!> A Woodward. *1: R. 1.. RMflel*. «2;
*H. O. Hornfpck. M •' E. Van Y>-.-k. S.T: J. O.
T rJd ?4: K. H. VThww»tt M: Paul Harrison,
*.v if. G. Plimpton. **>; T. W. Mal»y. W: ■?*.
j, VPr ««; j. Ho.ls*->n. jr. *•: C M S<-Mi!tz. 9S;
R. c. Kerr. S7; W. B Bremrer. 88. Paul Star
rett. 89.
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