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Athletics .< Baseball ,* Lawn Tennis Golf <* Automobiling S
Football Not Getting Fair Trial j
fay Jury of Whole.
News and Views on Live Topics
of the Day. Both Amateur
and Professional.
Tb"! 6 * who jii* l pxsslnjr .iudcme^it <>n foot
ball up plnr-»l under the nerv niio are not ]
<loj^p ttn*:r full doty a? rneml^er?- of the j
Jury or the wtool*. It Is «reH enough to !
*-«rjiTr-s«- satisfaction. «r mayhap dissutisfae- \
tlon. over th^ Way this rule or thai is j
■aorkin*: out. but it tx far t<«o far'; to *i<- j
rlar* -with amurascr that tb^ rtrictnre ■
*sair,Pt pmblss or pullms the man carry
ing tbe ball hap r«ound<-«l tb" <ie«tb knell ,
*if t«<a:n xrork. v hich made the game what
tt w**: that tbe *bort forward pass b«« j
C"TT«-er!rd Uie prr<*Mt American collefPe game 1
into ■ poor Imliation of i.:isketlall : that j
Ui" dlvfuion of the pne Into four p»^rio<is j
ln?tea<i or Tw has robbed it of much daata i
»>Tid vim by ?!n»-«nc it up to & nuarfcfid de- I
pre«- : that rembrinK aJI lefcUivxions <m run- J
•nine with tbe ball by the man who re- j
ch-rs Ihr rui?!. 0 direct from tbe centre ha.« j
<Mvnrrvnl :b«* gs.m<* fr«ni !t& qu.-»rterh;(ck j
r-ncl I.Jp many attractive duties: that in •
*tp!te of r«dieii7 rhangep injuries will be !
cutte a>- common as In the past. Home was ,
nt>T bui» in a day. imd three or four weeks, ;
IT not longer, be ueceagaVy to find out j
•n-bat effort the application of the new code .
bason tlie came.
Tf every Rtratn 01 bruise, of which - ht "^ \
xrta be many. Jurt as there ar<» in haaeball, 1
y., .In <-.- ariy pfneniions sT>"rt, I* to l«e mar- ;
... « broken v >or.f of » ">m liprs- j
merit ; If U» crltlctem of those who wltboul j
thoosbi or Btudy tHwUt tb«ir opinions and j
"!i»v»- tber-i ao--«>r.ir>d mr truths by those •who j
rhmk n? Kttle an<] rare le*s. y«t are #. V rr
\«r.- t.. jK>iTil the fingT of *<-orn "n^ rf *"
T'.rm >. 1-arrn* doxvn. lb*n football -w-i'.l |
-mt v.ay. v ralr trial and raw* <>f tbe -worit j
«,f tj.ope -who have «.:ijdK-.J the ouefrtton so j
earnestly and carefully r.n effort to solve
Ih«r dliT = i'-ii!T problem will co for nothhaj-
Jt -w-otiia i# -nr.;j i,. wait tor :* time before 1
parsing Jud{3nent.
.-•n<" would-toe critic lia? t;nn" so far as to j
r»v that tb-r« ran b- no real team work •
la DWthaH now that tbe ruie.' prevent rush- j
Irsr or pu'liTi^ h T>ia>«»T- who :.■= running
v.jih the ball. This Is 1?" absurd almost
•.. !^ar repetition. Then yin \-' team
trnrfc an<l plenty of it. even as tr>er-> ip in 1
taffeball, and the delicti that d'-peynic upon J
«»n^ rr more individual star? will fin! thta j
*>i;T tr, iTS ...... Tt i^ tme that under J
the nrw roha the Individual will have a. j
r,<-t;e- cr.HV" tr. shine, but it is true also
That be will ne«-d jus of old tbe <■*>-« iporatUm
<>T Ma teauuuateg. if not by pushing and
-rjHins. then by some other means. If
Thop^ vho s«tv in team work only the <-on
rratration of the full strength of an eleven
in ii old-£a«hion«*d muss play, then Team ,
wfll becoiiic rabservient to individual
c-TTort, As a matter of la^t, howrver. t!w
jra^htnj: and the pullinjr of a runner were
«, r /!- tbe gut ward and rtelble tlcn? of team
«-ffr.rt_ There ore many other spd finer
vr 1o prjp t; : c mat, with the ball, and \
I bet* Is no reason to pel hysterical r
-hr io-s of one ol foctbalTa greatest as
j.r-tn. Tiiere Has been no lose.
Another crltk: lias innoutK'M vri'.U tbe ,
prmi.tept asnzratice that the division r.f ihe
ii.to fr.,;r perJerfif- will tend 10 slow
njp the -play and disconrajc a team which
■ ; v marchins toward It* o»pon«it"a (teal line.
Tbla •p..i;l<l !•' true under Bi« old v.:h^.
■v hen DospesKton of the bull meant so much
j-:rid i«"::«"7-, ground «ras pained by close for
ri-.»-i"V. ;•!«; - v a"d three or Cour yards at a '•
i. lir i t« floes not hoU. however, under the
3irti rales, in mjr opinion, or. ir 5t does, i»"t
v the extfsil of tlie good that will be a-
« i.mpb=b«-d m giving tbe j.iayr? a ybori
hrvatfcisg wpcTl and bo avoiding to a larg<
.jirrt «».<*- of extreme exhaasti«m, when
injury •".as invit'-<l. Po««essk>n of the ball
«-ir.~ not count so largely as in the old
• isyr. 3t v.ill change liands oftcner and a
of four or five yards by consecutive
a-nshea yri'A rot mean so much. A d. -fending
icjim ui»der tbe shadow of its own goal
3«m may profit slightly by tbe call of time
?or tbe eiid of the punod. but :t must be
resaexabereJ that the play la continued
«rbere it left oiT IH-tw.-en tbe Qrst and sec-;
*-r.i and third and fourth j^riods. and tba.t
the .-ittackinc sido may b<- the. stronger also
for a^three-caisute r»-st. ev.-n though :i .st
;„s „V plays has l«~ - n interrupted.
Ttorre <t uo danger, either, of the came
degenerating into a jMKir imitation of bas
i.etbaJl. The lortrard ;;:iss is open 10
jneatrr development than was the case un
<;er the previous ruie that made it possible.
*>nd wblle perwmally 1 am still In Cavor of
roßtrictiss ' : behind the ; inr- of scrimmage
3 am confident that it will open the way to
Tn::ny interesting and lartical plays and
?nrmalion£ T^e^■er dr'-ajneO of l>efor<-. As
to :f><- iiueatlon of tiie quarterback.. l*-ss eujj
t*- r.-iifl ;it prevent. T?ie name nwy los«
iim old meaning. Bat what* in a nanv- so
J<n» :<s the Quarterbacic is just as valuable
T— him! tbe line of .scriminapre. even if not
1 an^lniK tbe ball on every play?
A c)«:=r- friend of mine WTto saw Yale ri»-
Srnt Wefl3eyan m the iij»enimr tame o f the
prasm at N«w Haven. j<nd who has lx»en
•tt-sn«~j,inr the Tlarvar-j t^Htn In pra^ti.-e.
' if\\r me that ttH! ■rearera of the Blue are
CbtUkt Rdvjin^i at tliir ttme than the
T»>en at '"awSjnuc. *T!:i^ <si>er not meiin
• nytbtriz !n jiartioular so f;jr as th<> Har
>nrdTYsJ<- Za.m«- in November is rnir^niwi.
liut !: ."3o> *•• mdtcatn that Captain Daly Jtn«i
T»,j Coy. t:i" bead coach, have t>eon wide
i"\;ik«- to the itnj>urt;in'-e of p^trinu a g<>od
rt:<rr :ti v iii.t amounts largely t'> Hie <je
_> eini.TTfiit of a p— »• can". Tbia takirip of
lime by th«» forrJock ban lone been :< s**
«ret of much of Tale'a Buucega in othletlca.
i:yr"n T<an>- r T«ft J"hn."O7i j~ ;« iiiyser'-il
Ti.nn. H-jttk tu"ti have >« faculty of traTTip
line h^l ovrr tb«" rlchts «jf oTh♦-r^. wliile
i^-'Tjg 'lO'jri';. app!uTi<3ed atid a^laimfil, «nd
the T""eslcl*-nt of tbe American J^-aifje j^
• -<- a <j.i,£- cknely on the heeli of th» men
o? th«t rtamjv Mr. Johnson could not
cieny hnnaelf the jt|eapijj-« o f t'li'Tig- the
imsebaO worid. unoffl^ally, of course, that
31*1 <Jliß.f*- had b*-.Ti vir»dicat«-d and <;eorpt
T. f«ta!Miijit d»'jx>Ked as nianiiKer two or
I'nr*~: <lii>> b»-for*- l>aJik .J. Farr*-!!. the
nivu»-r t'f tbe New York yuriJa««-s, \\tin v. iil-
Jng to m:;te formal untiounc^riit-nt. No
longer ati't ti^an last wimcr the (tani*- ilr.
Joljnsoji !n DMsddtesome spirit trit-d t.is best
to <lictiiti* to thf Nut .oiiul L.<-agutf. Un
equally jw>w«-rful itiid much olU«;r oijran
rrwtMrTi ar to v. hiit Hhouid nitt tIC Uuii. in
i!i«- iray of ejecting John M. Ward us
j.r»—itlt-Jit. Tin eventual d*-f,.at of Mr.
Ward encourased the czar of tt;^ Am»-ri
< at; l^-aiiju- i»* Ihe belief, no doubt, thut
}?.- «-<>uJd j>ull tlif irtrisi* uud everybody
»■!**■ in bat«-ban play Jt»t» puppet. He Is
iifiv «jut w;t!» iiin latest prooundamento,
wuidi i.-" imti.iuy more Dor less than :t
ibrcat to Chark* W<eJ>u Mujphy. t!>«: owner
<»f the Ci.i'-'igo Cubs, tbut ou Sunday cameM
..ill ii^ fclluwt-d in the world's weries nith
Ihe Philadelphia uuli-s* b*- se<-»
:,; i<» bhorlen up tbe regularly scheduled
K-3f«» ol the National League, ft most of
tbe otner team. 1 - have arraneed to do. Mr.
Johnson 5-»<rr!;< to forget that he is not the
N«tio:;iJi < •ommJj-FioN. m*ea j: he U thCj
American league. Garry Herrmann and
Thomas J. Lynch will have n voice in -?r
tarpin? the date*- for the world? <ha.rn-j
r»Anrhjr Bsatne* vnlrif thry too h»"e fall-n
«i»,r>r th«- •;•';;. Air, J«hn?en |a»* done!
much for ha^hajl and must be applauded
for puttine the Amtrican Leairue ***** it
stands to-day, liut Mr. Johnson is a dip
lomat. ■
VTlth Hal CkssK at the rein? and har- j
1 mony restored, to all appearances, the i
; Yankees wan three straicht gaaass last
' we«-k from the Detroit Ttc«>i champions
! of the American I^eßgu" a year ago and j
1 their chief rivals far second place in the
' rae;- this . MSB. It skbs a critical scries.
i and. everything being equal, the Yankees j
; bow have a reasonable chance for going
into (he pw=t-season a«ries wttn the Giants
lin the .«amf> relative position. The team j
i got home on Friday, and, while beaten j
' by Washington, played Cast, snappy has* 1 - j
ball. ; ,i,,i wound up with a rall> that .
showed once more i: - keen Seining spirit, j
I The season will end an Saturday at Amer- j
'■ lean Tv.ague ark it. a doubk-'ueader with !
! the Boston R<><l Sox. In Die mean time |
j Washtogton will be bore for two more j
I game*, while a short trip must be taken j
! to Philadelphia to meet the champion? on j
I Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. ;
I The r.ia'itt:. who ar'l"*ar to have ■. ..T!i] j
j }>la«-<- s!)f-!y n.m In tii.- National League j
j rac-. will be back at •><- Polo C.munds on j
; Thursday and Friday for two gam** with j
i th<> Buperhas, while they will jump over j
i to Brooklyn on Saturday to wind np that 1
j The seawin will end on the home j
! grounds early in the followinc week, with |
j a short series v.ith the r'.illi—. and then |
! the decks will bo ol^artd for the post- j
! season s«-riep with the Yankees. a.« author!- |
I tatively announced i:i Th« Tribune last |
I Tuesday r:nd a.^ formally announced by
I Frank .1- Ftarell on Saturday.
: This series iK?iwf-eji th»- Yankees and the j
1 Giants Is arousine widespread interest and j
ils likely to Oraw quit*' its well us the!
J world's championship yam". 15 between the j
j Chicago Cubs .md the Philadelphia Atti- j
I leticS. IJtoth nin«*s are badly off for catch- J
I «-r«. a!th..uffh Sweeney and Meyers, who are j
I■a the injured list. m;. • be ready to take
lup tlielr duties when the tiryt came \9
j called. Otherwise the two teams appear to
j ,»y« r .iy matched, and it would ml be
i surprising if the battle went the lull seven j
games. Matty, who has been raftering I
with a boil on his left ;;rrr<. may not l>e
aM«i to play, but m tfc'kine -with Hm on
Friday bo F'"-me<l to think be -will i.-c fully
i recovered in plenty of time. With Matty
j out of the gun^'tlw Giants would be;weaa>
j ene«l to an extent that snicht cost them the
I scries, otherwise Ihe two team* .• in be
1 veil off In pitchers, the CSiants having
] Matty. Wiltsr. Crandall ?in«l Drucke to
t bear the brunt of •'««' fW"t| while the Van- ,
iliiw« will depend «>n Russell Fiord, who*
• ke^pp on wintiins came.s in the most aston- j
j irliin? why: -'Hip .Tim" Vaughn, yuinn 1
( and Warhon. It look- like an even wager, :
j but somehow or other 1 rather feel that
I the Giants •will v. in under tbe leadership of ,
j y-jrh *v able ;>el«J general .**■ .1..1 .n .1 Me- j
! Gra« . %
Another Vanderbilt Cup race has leen ■
i run, an.J the pity is 5 that oiu- cannot ap- |
piaud tho wonderful skfll ■nd ••ourac- of]
the drivers and the ■ rkable strides j
in the building of <:arr; without feeling j
. thai be is doing s<> In tie face of bitter 1
griri and uncomforting sorrow. The toll i
of human lif^ vas heavier than usual; the
I cost whf f.ir too great. I watched the j
' Ftirrine rtrif^ and felt Invisorated: 1 hrard .
I the saddening now.-- ;t nd Wt depressed. •
'; Hti it must iia\«' en with ill Han ;
(".rant d««erv«*fl l.icb praise for hi« ■- II- j
iant performance it comes I.i f»w men
to win a m<'" like the Vandcrbili two yeaxa
1 in succession.
V."itb th** i\ii> i:v> r<= out "f tl.^ came by;
lan ur.fortun.Tt'.' accident, the <-hai>r^s of!
! the Philadelphia Athletics to win the
i world's baseball ciiampionshlp arc im
prov<-*J JLtHiut V< i«rr cent. It was just j
about that W per cent th»> Cubs needed. J
I Ev<tf is a big loss in himself, but the j
j breaking up <>f a remarkable mfieW is !
jv, here ibo troTjlile Ites. : HERBERT.
; Harris Wins Morningside Run to j
Pedestrians" Cheers.
Tora Harris. th<-- fiegro athlete of the
Glenooo Athletic «'!ub. romped borne an I
easy victor of the three und one-half mile |
roud run of t!i«> M«)rningside Athletic j
Club yesterday. The course was through j
! tlie Harlem streets. (arris won by two .
! hundred yard* over Jiiiwr; O'Connor, of '
I the Morris Athletic Association. Twenty- ■
: five uihlet»*s started, and all finished.
The summaries fullou :
! I'-f. Xame and ctub. Tit:'".!
J I— Tom Hurrls. Gl«aooe A. C _■> • 4 i ;
j 1- J. O'Connor, llurria A. A Jl:»l
::— \V. Iturk-;. LTnlon Settlement A. A a 22
1 4—l. LaJUr. Union A. A J1:44;
I !— \\. ViL-or.. Xiivi-r A. A 1:1 -~>~ ;
i «v T. K«-"»ra!i. Uomiassidc A. C -i -oS j
! 7 ~l£. havai:. Ctliun >cttlei:ivlit A. A 'S-.'-S :
I • — o. i:al.-t»n. unattached 22:10
I • — VC. Grimmlnc Convent A. «.' Z5:39|
iIV-.- 1 . Ilibiiorr. Win-ls.r A. C £2^3
'Leads Cross -Country Runners'
in Jamaica Race.
Prank Forrester, of the Sprocket Athletic !
; (^lub. proved a consistent performer •'■<--
terday, when b«> again won the weekly
I jaunt of th<- Jumai^a Athletic Association
over v '.lir»^> and a half mile cour:-e.
j The summaries follow:
I'o=. Nartjf and ciuli. Time.
i— P. Forrester, sprocket A. •' 19:15
I—<-:.1 — <-:. Vis.-h<-r. Nsliona.l A. C l»:20
:: I:. DuvaO, X:. Moid";. A. C 1935
A — E. 11. neffeaa. National A. C m.:<K •
.". loTTi OarroU. .t«ni»i.» a. A !!• :!•
i <S — A M'Twia. Tr!;iity A. «' SOSSU
j 7—l* nau«r. Nnti"Tia! A. <•
X J. I'UCHi;. Trinfy A. C 21 :nr.
<. !" l.r.tfer. Nnrl'.mil A. C 21:07
1-. ■;. i:..T-.inwß, Spr.--'-"j A. ■" 1'! :17
New York A. C Runner Speedy
Over Six-Mile Course.
[ Winli'ld Bailey, of Tb«- New York Athletic
j <-J-jh. for tii*> ppfond ronascutlve time apt
1 ur<»d the 'cross-country run of thr
Mmm Haven Athletle Club over h <-our?e in
t h<- Bronx yest«wday. F^nil^> demonstrated
that I'" was raiiidf-v- rounding into cham
pionship form. Although hard i.r««ss<>d by
AVil'i^ V-urk"-. «;f M<»ti Haven. b* 5 safrly
outdistanced him by on« liundr«»«j .arc)- in
j ttK good t)m<- of ?rt minutea and i Becouds.
! Tb« summaries follow :
j rw Nanw hws rlub Tim*,
J n*tnfl«U i'-uUr-y. Sew Vorh a. <• M:08
2_Wtlll* V.tTrkf Moti 'lav«-n 4. C ,-4:ls
S--Charl*« Bchroetfer, Slotl >l»v<ii A <*... 5:06
4-i- Frrmatuui. Mott Haveii A. C 83^J8
;. <•. i!i.f.i*. \v.- t j r:>«i a. <* 2.".:ir»
4. - m. Qurrin llotx Haven A. C 8B:lfi
7 Ed Uall«v. N-« V..r): A. C ?.0:<M)
►— <"Uar!«-i* <;n«<*. SL.tt Haven A. <" ::7 SC
«,_.«-. HtaoftMßcad. il"ti Ha" - 11 A. C ::-. Sfi
H* t j Marlli,. lrirh Arn.-rt.-ai: A. >' 3b:l»
! Stevenson Wins Quarter- Mile
Race in Close Finish.
.\ spirited tu**le for premier honora r^at
urt-d tt«? monthly ganiea nf •!i- Hasthns
I Athletic <"iuij, which en beta ut the
dubs <jval >*«terday. liobert Stevenaon,
with v three-yard allowance, in the quai tei J
ti.il- ru:« bt-stfd Tom .... who Unlabetl
K.-riiiiii. T;i«- Xlinf wa« -'2 3-5 M-eonds.
Tbt- summaries follow :
Iu»->::r<l daafa < tiiirnlii-i»|. I—\V hi bT - 1 -\laiUf
j4 2* t"-:Xf. *V. Klua- iiK-mi<'!i 1. •=>' o:iii , IV.
Civaaofl i!i! i-.ti. iiiir.l. Tim-. u:IO2-5.
•MH..,--.jii..i!.M H ..,--.jii..i !. ! mill- run < liMiuisi^tp > - IVmi IpV
1 j. Trub ISO ytLrdmi: .1. ai<-'"»«i>«- '.':."• rarda); >•-< ,
<»ii»i: 1". A. XSrcnsmn (•crutefa), iliird. . tail .
U!>«--iui> wr.'k 1 !:s»nJi<ajj» — Won »<V II Me
! Jlußt; t*o rcnla); W. T. Alien « 2«mi irdai
1 ««i*>nd; T. O'Ceauoi (300 grards), third. Time,
MO-yard run « band k»pi — Won by H. Mtov«.-n
m',ri <'l jrardal: T. l»«i»ii <" yar«l«>. Heeond; J. i
I>olan •'-'•ralcli 1. third. T!m»>, 0 :."•:: S-S.
Twn-niH«- tun > tianrtirßp I—Won1 — Won hy J.
Pebl<»t«T M««X yardei: -J. Rtark <^^ ynnlti. «»r- 1
..mi: .J. Edirarda <fi"» jfard*>, tliird. Time,!
Putttejr 12-ponn«J iiri«t < han<}i»sr< — W«n by |
.1 <;forg<;«t.jl)* ilO f"'< '. wU}, 43 t***l 1/rnv
1 finrlanri "^ f«"t>. ivith 4? f»»»t 7
Mnett^v: I"- Vmehiniti (5 '-">. thir.i. v.,ti, if.
If..- 1 !r?h(l.
Martyr Hurt Under »iet*> Kule*
Four Yale Players Badly Injured in Syracuse
Game — Wesleyan Crippled.
fEy T-!esraph to The Tribune! i
.New Jlavn, Oct. -. — An examination of j
Ywl-'s players who were Injured in the j
prime against Syracuse shows that four |
were badly hurt and that two of the best!
player* on the team will be out of the <
play till close upon the bis games. Cap- ;
tain Daly and Quarterback Merritt were J
badly bruised and their faces were cut. 1
but they will play again late this week.
Field, the reliable plunging back, has a
dislocation of the shoulder and may not ■
play Hpam this year, although Johnnie !
Mack, the trainer, hopes to get him into
shape for the closing games of the year. I
Bomeisler wrenched his knee and i?
shelved for two or three weeks. He wa««
Vale's strong man and a Freshman oar*- 1
•1 n last year. As Howe. French ami ]
Robinnon. of the "varsity, were on the
hospital list previously, \he coaches think
that the new rules are fully as productive i
of Injuries as the old. Tale's hospital list :
was never bo lame the week aft-r college i
opened as at present.
Vale coaches are grumbling because the 1
officials yesterday did not enforce the new |
rules. Mass plays were allowed and div- I
ing tackles went anpenalhend. Syracuse >
offended in these respects all through the j
game, and toward the close of play Yale ;
followed suit.
An appeal for i large number of coaches .
has been made, sad Captain Daly said to- i
Pacer Takes Speedway Honors
en an Off Day.
Most ,- the stellar lights were out on I
parade at Speedway Park yesterday morn- j
irgr. but they did not furnish much sport for ;
tbe sne"Tato~f. h'"l It remained for the side- j
•nbeeioj-ls. .-.■ by Minnie Albert, to keep
thtngs Koin*: on the drive. ■
Nathan Btfaus'f T>envei-, i:l4' 4 . did not
enter int" tli-- racing a? extensively as j
canal, and Chartee. Weiland's Inner Guard, |
r.-o«i4. did not start at all. which was a !
disappointment. Denver's races were with .
Jamep A. Murphy's Kirn and L*eo Oettin- j
per"s Lady 'Worthy. in bis first sot-to be]
met the chestnut seldin? single hand and
put him in the run** of the defeated with j
.-'■■ in' ceremony Ii the next encounter Mr. j
Oettlnger sent I^ady Worthy to make- the •
brush three-cornered, and she finished in j
second position.
Minnie Albert was entered in six races ;
yesterday mornins. and five of ti em were j
"jntiiriF ventures for the good little mare. j
Slip •■ .ii th« decisive heat in a series of '
bru.siies with The Chief, a big Mack pacer,
owned by 1,. Samuels. Then rame 1". J. \
La. lace'a handsome brown pacing mare ■
Kate Nelson, but she also had to abdicate '
in favor uf the Wolf mare. Hugh Riley and
his bay ge ding B. Ontinie were the next !
to sro in the nink^ of the defeated, and .
then came Lady Tasteful. Pome of these i
defea-t^d ones veri' able o redeem tlietr j
laurels later in the day. '
H. Ontinu put two brush* to !-u> credit, .
Tn his first venture he had for an opponent 1
M. C. Keynolds's Dr. Threet, and If the ',
start waa as c'of-e- as the finish it was one j
of the best races of the day. The roan :
pacer T'l-i-h wan the next victim, and
then Dr. Threet came to the front in a set
to with little Kate Nelson. Kew persons
know that that splendid bay adding, .T-id^r
F.cardmaii. winner of a hundred trophies in j
the piiow rinp and on the racetrack. has- 1
passed his sixteenth birthday, and he ap- j
pears to be. just as pood us he was a decade
ago. He finished first in several *rood races,
notable arouni; which was his series with j
VWUiani Scott's Elliott B. Neither owner
could sain any ...-tine advantage-, and they
finally separated with an even break •
Patrick Kennedy entered liarl B. in two I
rar-t'F. but only one of them was a success,
from his point of view. He defeated L.
Grunzf elder's Triphammer, but Beaten
by H. B. Clarke's J. Q. J. H. I^awrence j
had his new chestnut mare Belle Mac on
the drive, ad started in a race with the <
pray gelding Kin? Clay, it was not a
fair race, however, for Kins: Clay's wagon ■
was minus a tire when the post was
reached, and the race was finished on the
rim of the- wheel.
Monument Captured Mile at
Knights of Columbus Games.
Athlete of the metropolitan district won
easily yesterday at tlie annual games of
Barrett Council. Knights of Columbus.
held at West New l'ork. N. J. They capt
ured no less than eipht first send seven
second yila.es. The Irish-American Ath
letic Club was the best represented and I
won the point trophy, with a total of Si
points. ;
Jack Monument, the junior mile <-ham
pion of the Irian-American club, ran for
half the distance With only one shoe in
winning the one-mile run. Despite this
setback he finished in the fast time of 4
minutes n:.' i-."> seconds. j
The pi]!imiari"s follow;
luO-ysrd daeh O«.ndte«p»- Won br *. rink-f
rtmi John Power*.
8011 th l*aieiß<Yn A. • ". <ti yurtJat, mwwJ; .7ohn
Wlllo.lv. M-jJ-awk \. C. iß.yardsj. ttiiri. Tiiu«,
*^t ynr.J run fhfimi^-ap^ by V.. T. ijilmnr*.
Domt&lcan Lyceum <U ■a.-'?": "r. Slnrlair. St.
M»r-> A. C. is ya-'isi. -• ond: .1. R. O'Nell.
■5....- ISO yardai, third. Tfm<-. 1 :ftT*i.
«in'— mil* run (handicap) Won by Jack Sfonu
m«n-. Irish- Ani'-rli^t!) A. <\ (scratch): M. B"trjl
■'..'• End A. A. '«."> -.i-i = ' frond; H. H. Hut
v rfiold. New Vortk A. •-■■'■ tliird. Time,

."'Nt vr>.r»i >las!i (handicap) Won !•-, H. P«-baaf.
lrt»>' American A. i . «7 yard*): V. Hall«-v. Na
tional a. r its :nra«>. «nd ; if Ulntion.
Irif-li -AniTi'-ar A C il4 ur.iHi tlitrd. Time, 1
Ttir«r-mil<- r«r ilian4l--ap>- Won by T. Colltna, I
I rtih- American A. •*. 'H.-rat'-l-i: J. 11. l>onn«>lly.
Irivl .Am»"ti«n A. <'. <t.".0 yan!<-». Kcond; If. H.
Hello well. Patenon A. C. (110 jmrds), third.
Time. 16 !h
»:iiun)ne htph Jump— V/on b! D •'. Condon. Pt. \
\.,,. A. •'. '« lnch»a). 6 r <-r' - Inches; H.I
Onimrlt, N'T York A. C. (acratch). <> *"«••' !
Inch. VxxmQ; i" Steven* Irish -Am»r!c<tn A. C :
i 2 Irrhesi. ." f«et 11 tnrhM, third.
RtmniTiic Imp. *t»p nn-i ■•;•■ 1 .'.BTxHi-ap* — "Won
br D, Ah^arne i«rni«rhj 47 ft. S»» 4 in., r. Won*,
Anchor A. C. «7 feet), *«o<n<i. mitli h. Jtmu' of)
.■ik rt ft 1 * In.: W. J. rarrell. Anchor A. C. (7
feet), third, with a Jump of 38 ft. \t In.
I'uttln*? «lxtf«-ii -pounJ «ri"! (handicap) — Won
by J. .1 [:]!t>>-. Irish- Anifii.-an A. C. ("erau-h).
with « put or 44 ft. I')-, In.; A. J. Reich. Mud
i-..j. B<iuar«- A. '- '4 fwti, ■ecoad, with a put
„; +<> ft. .'i lr;.; H. C. Klin;— . New Vorlt A. C.
(j f'-'-ti. third, with a put •>.' ♦> ft.
Ul^cut (handieapj— Won by It. Alberui. Anchor
A. C. t'St ttitty. with v throw of I'M ft 7 In.:
1i C i.,,.«. J»ew York A. O. (1!2 f«*tj WOOtMt
with 11 thro* of i«0 ft 7 In.; T. Ryan, Mali
Amcrlcan A. C. <i<> iwtt>. third, with v throw
of 1 !<• ft. nNt> t In.
ThrowlriK «l«t*«n-pi>Ußd hummer if«tnitl<-itp> —
Won by i. WirniMin. V.V«t sii. A. C <■**> faat).
»lth 11 throw or I", ft. 2 In.: 11. Mf«;innia.
Irl«!i-Ain»-ri<-ari A. C. CSS tact), aeeond. with v
throw Uf 1.17 ft. '1 "• T. .f. MS*—' I*—.1 *— . Irtali-
AuifiU-uu A. •'. (4.*. feet), third, with a thro*
o r 06 ft. :: !'■
i*. V. Benton won the cbamplonahin of
tli»- HutrtrklH •'•••i. <'lub, ronhars, on Satur
day. In the thirty-Hij; bole (teal match he
d«:f< utfd Th<-«»i'ii«- 11. I 'rum- by 3 up and i
to play. Bentou recently lowered the eour.se
record from 72 to X the former ttgurea be
ing tbaai ■!• I-oui-s i • _ AiyerH.
New Haven. Oct. 2.— As a result of the
game with Byracuso here yesterday, which
Vale, though outplayed, won bj' ■ aoete of
12 to <;, a hurry call hats been madi for
prnduat^ coaches. In » few day* runny «if
tiie former football »<tar« will he on the
field. Light v >it i la planned t" 1 Mon«la>
and then the roaches «lii mak« iwrveral
chajij<« In the In e-up.
nicht that cx-raptai^ Ton, S..m Un ,
Frank Uinlcey. Jim Rodger*. I-"". I r*d
Murphy/ -r-udpo'- Heffeinrif*^^
Winter. George Adee .nd Kalph Bloomer ,
arc meted before the '■>"'" '" '"' week. ;
Hlnkcy will remain most at the season.
[By Telegraph- to t The Tnbunr.l , V
-Mi.MletoVn. Conn.. Oct. *"*■■ as .
revi.-d by .... committee Has not »■*■
-end -v. number or lnjuri« at tTesleyan
tons year. Since the opening " the season
tiro of the veteran players 0:1 the team (
have been seriously Injured: Captain
Mitchell cct n broken rib during th > ale
name on Wednesday and «i" be laid up 1
most of the season.
Arthur Wright Wesleyaii's stal end; Oe ~
velooed internal injuries '••• yesterday;*
Kanie with the Connecticut ''Aggies,, and ,
at midrtlehi fear* were entertained f"r his
rrr-overv. Fir was much m.>- comfortable
to-day. however, and to-night at the loea".
hosoltal It was Raid that lie would '•'.)
doubt recover.
A number of other men bare been in
iured slißbtly. These two serious Injuries
comlnc bo early in tho season, however.
have set Coach Larry VorbJs to worrying.
This Is the most serious lorn* to the "Wes-
Icyan team by injuries since the famous
"Wesloyan-Union game at Bcbenectady two
years ago, during which sixteen members
of the two elevens wore carried off the field
i tniared.
Test Shows Horse More Costly
than Automobile.
Official figures of the fim recognized
economy test bet-ween un automobile and a •
horse rod buggy, which i«- b"ing conducted '.
hi New York and vicinity by the Maxwell^ ,
Pri^<M>e Motor Company. showed results;
that ■ re very mwri hi favor of the auto- I
mobtle a? ajerainst the horse. The proportion ;
of . .in per paysepfjer mile by automobile j
js less than -half the cost at horse travel j
under identical conditions.
This nimpariaoa la based upon the first j
four days" operation, on Monday. Tuesday, i
Wednesday and Thursday of last week. ]
The test will be continued on Monday nil
The Bronx and Weatcheater. Both vehicles
will be driven six •)«:- over ■ predetermined
route for th« same number of houra. It j
bas been sanctioned and is directed by the j
Contest Board -if the American Automobile I
Association, according to stringent rules I
formulated by the Maxwell-Briscoe Motor
Company to secure an authentic basis of
It ip the first time that the two methods
of transportation have been placed in actual '
eompetitlon. and the linnl results should dis
pel ny doubt as' to their comparative
The Sfaxwell-Eriproe Company silvered
a model fourHcyUndcr car and a Bound road
horse and buccy " nbK*!ryers appointed by
th- Am.ri-;.:: Automobfle" Association.
From tlie moment of the start Hie test was 1
out of th<- rompanj control. The observ- ]
ers ■" Qcorge if. l^ovell and lloraee.
Dantes. alternating each" day in their rldln?
aaslgninenU Tlie -..••■• provide a fair
average of road and traffic conditions. The.
first day's trip was entirely within the New i
York City limits. The second was on the j
eastern end of Lous: Island and the third I
in New Jersey.
Fe-llowinc are th« results o f the four> days'
test :
fii: • DAT.
Automobile. il<~rs«\
Mi eag« «f.l - t : ti - I
Cost $»-0° • v ' r>r>
.-..■;t p«i mil* 0.01 1 '•"•■■-; ;
Per pass€iij;cr mi.- . O.OtiT 0.016 j
Mlieacr . T«. 1 n."'".
.-cut $"■>'- *!.!■.-._
Host per mile 0.012 " "-"
Vt pa^sensor mil* o.0U« 0.013
Milcace ••.:•■:::.:::::::: RSI St.i
, „■.- Jil-
Cort per mi O.OM ' "v_
I'rr passenger mile . <•>■, O.Vht
MtilMLS* S 0- ""'•^
K.'::::::::^ *v«?^ &**
Co«t per mile O.Ota 2'^E
p« pussenser n»il« 0.00*23 im.i._,
The horse's upkeep Is based upon retail
prices of hay and oats actually paid en
route, just the same as gasolene and oil
were purchasi-d for the automobile. It
will be noticed from the figures that the
automobile mileage for each day's run-,
ning time was clearly within speed limits
and that the horse must have been v good
roader to average 31.8 miles a day.
The contest Is an adjunct to an offer by
the MaxweU-BrlHcee Motor Company to
mS models Identical with the one used in
the test, under a guarantee that the cost j
will not exceed two cents a passenger
mile or « refund of the purchase price |
will be made, plus rest.
Rangers and Brooklyn Play Tie
Game — Other Matches.
Flaying their first Rational lieaguc frame
against the strong Paterson Ranejen the
b»-st th" Brooklyn football team could do
was to tie. In the first half play was near
ly equal, and with a l>eter break of lues
the home team should have at least pror»d
once Miller, the visitors" goal keeper, was
the man that kept the Brooklyna from »<*»>-
inc. his work being of the Knclidh league
The line-up :
■Mrrw.vb-n. Position! Patwson Rangen
I-lalliweH Goal Miner
• v !!■■"•• Rtsht bach I'i«»att
Milne i,..f? b«'-k . . .Guthrl*
Klmp»in RtstitJimlf . ... Mcnrtd«
Onp^rmanri ' "til ■» half A '""ill'
Glli#tt<! '*■'• I ••'' ''■ ' ""nil
l>unt»lK'in "ihmi.i.- rljfht «v>nnnm
A<laino'>n ln«M4< right . . H.>h«>rf
Kjrby Centre rouni
Coward In«Jd> left . Turner
I»rlnkTi-»t»r .OntWd* l«ft Mnlr
H,-.f»»^ A. Fturiisiii*. tiiwiiiiili J. 'JMl»t»».
for Brooklyn «r"i ■' ntt.-i »• for Paterson
I anai '<• Tlm»-— ■ '» i ' -" of 13 minu'eu.
At Van <:ortlHndf Park yesterday the
Bronx T ntted and Columbia football clubs
tried conclusions, the game ending in «
draw. Each side had one goal to its credit
when time was called.
At McDonald Field, Brooklyn, f aateidi
the Clan McKenale FootbaU «'luli took thr
Hungarians Into rump !•> the tune of 4
goals io s in an sjnateur I sagns gaaaa
>.i.m :ift»;r play began Lawaon scored for
the <'lt:n McKensiea, and ■ few minutes
later dolmoyi squallasd for the Hungu
At Van (.'.irtlun.lt Park yesterday the
Hollywood tnns defeated the champion
Cam*>ruewi by the shut-oul score of •• to 0.
All the Koals Kcored by the wtnn*>rs were
registered in the drat period ■•! play, aided
by h strong wind.
The llnt»-up:
[{olljrvoud Inn <''■', J't'dUiun. ■ itDieru <«>i.
r-n.i.l! . 'i.iui ItlMeti
ihkU.-. ltljrtit liH<-k Ht«wart
Chryvtlo Loft back In 111 ii1 1 1 i i - - ■
M-LlonalU ILlKht nail Joj i
;il>lm. . (Vntre hulf Wliltrlaw
Port«l . 1 .. !• iiait Carrie
M Claud Outnlc]o rtttht U.ill««y
Tbompaoii inMiiii; right Hcott
All in* ' '-litre lAujt'i
Kalmon lnald< i- ft . Kivvttt
Mulrolm «".:t:.i,;c )ftt Uuoclnmu
Kisf*r»r E. Illlama, I limimiiimi TV". Isaacs,
tot- Hollywood Inn; .1. Tirown. for CuneroiM
Ooala <iil>b3. -'; Milr.*-. i. Time of lia.vw— i-,
The National League champions the
West Hudson^, defeated the Wllbarforor
tram it Harrison, N*. J.. by the ror< •■ ;:
r",ii'- lo I in a National l^eapjr ganif,
Gardner. In Five Sets. Wins
Bronx Championship.
Hamilton Grange Defeats Har- ;
lem Team in Metropolitan
League Series.
Showing aaazing skill 3: tirlvins for the ■
fii'i' lines in a fifth set pull-up. Tarlton R. j
Gardner, one of the California croup of [
lawn tennis jjlayers who have been eompet
ins in the EaaH this season, won the Bronx
singles championship cup yesterday. He;
• -• eated the holder. Gustarc F. Touchard.
after tive fots. by 'ho sr-ore of;
&— 4. 6—4. •••.:" Tii' 1 chall^nffe ;
trntch. p'>??tr>one«l • „,,, Mr. ;-n .in ■• of'
la?=l May. was held ■•• the c^ay courts "
the Bedford Park Lawn Tennis 'Tub, be
:•■-•■ ■ large .-•-.. enthusiastic irailerr.
Gardne; began his jmni' by an energetic
attack upon -he sides' of his opponent's
■ our . He p,'a--»-d his shots accurately and .
met nil of Tuuchard's .>'ia at the net
by such loir and sharply played volleys
thai t.i latter ira more than outplayed at J
this stai;e. Touehard was two set? down :
before he steadied his game. Then he . ,
opened with a series of whirlwind rushes
and swift variations of racket work that ■
swept Gardner bafore him.
Th" real strength of Toi;<Jiard's | asms |
for handling ■• racket and hi« skill at I,
finding the vulnerable spots in the opposite |
court were at the besi in_the fourth and
the early psrt of' the fifth sets.
In the third <"t Gardner had partially j .
stemmed the tide that was «- tine agahwrt ;
him by tim«ly and deep lobbing. Thin had j
t'<e . •-. . ■■ ,■; checkinc Touchard's siwwl to |
...••■.■ decree, but i; was not sufflclent to [
Foi«re the set. ;
Touehard eompelied Gardner to desist I
from lobbing and sending ih«> "-••. rtag 1
tn dizzy eights at the l>ecinnins of the!
foijrtl: set by forefna; his ohots cleanly to !
the base Ifn* , «nd consequently «»ardner had i
either -.. send tire bat? baH swiftly or take
th« hazards of ■ horl lob because of the
hw.i eased ranc-.
11 iras after Touehard had executed i
splendid kills of the ball as it dropped close {
to the Tj^t from tbe lr»b* tiiat the cbal- .
lender bad tried to play that Gardner i .
elected to m»t the defending ebampion at j
tbe faster trame. The rallies were played i
at a furious pare after that. While the
challenger wa* po^vl and steady TouHutnl I
seemed alway« to find the openfnc through |
which to force the ball for the point- Each |
was playing with all the speed that be j
could muster, and it seemed as if tbe de- |
f--n<liti!r champion was «-: '" to win by one I
of his brilliant finishes 33 he scored the .
Bet at c> — 1. . ■
Continuing • into the fifth and deciding!
set. Touchard forger] abend 1o 11 lead of j
v—lu — 1 on came* in a manner wh*rti would j
have i.e^n sufficient to have broken the j
heart of a less eoiira?e,,i;« p!ay»r than!
Gardner. The change caTpe in the seventh j
pani". with Touchard erring, an be dropped ]
a double fault which. »iad i* bee n goad,
might have won f J:e nwtch and title for!
; lilm agnln.
j The failure of t)i- scrvlrf appeared *■• pel '
!on Touchard's nfsrvps. lie ad been within :
: a point of Winning and could not brine It |
off On his ride Gardner. forced his attack
■with renewed vijrnr. He be-an to vary hi? ;
'drives with low >rOBB OPUfi phots that
caused Touehard ■ lot of trouble, with the
result thsit hi* returns began to fly wild j
and out of court. Once a pain, on the ninth ;
gssne. Touehard was within a stroke of
winning, only to hare Gardner eutukM him :
to the aids for the point that spelled defeat j
for him.
On the challenger's pan it was a won- j
derful retrieval of lost jrround. for. despite !
' the fact that he war; twice within ■ point j
of losing. Gardner finished out the .-• ' and ',
match with a run of six straight games.
!(»• scored the tlnal set at '— ■>.
I How closely the matcii was played nay he j
! judged from the point?, which totalled 153 j
I for Gardner to 13) for Touchard, while the j
I games ran 24 for the winner to S for the
i defeated champion. A. .1. Ostendorf acted]
I as umpire in a mo^t able manner.
Waltei Merrill Hall. George P. Parkes ;
and Julie M. Steinacher, representing the |
team of the Hamilton Grange, Lawn Tennis !
1 Club, yesterday defeated the team of the ;
' Harlem Lawn Tennis Club on the courts of ,
the former in a series of the Metropolitan i
League championship. The victorious trio |
scored all of the- matches in .singles and
In the singles nail, playing a strong
game from mid-court, defeated Morris S.
Clark, — i, 6— love. Parkes in his turn de- i
1 feated Dr. William Rosrabaum, ♦> — 2. — . i
In the doubles Bteina< her and Parkas
paired against Clark and Dr. Rosenbausß,
1 defeating the latter, 7— .". 6—3.6 — 3. The volley-
Ing In this match was last and often spec
1 tacular, the steadiness of the Hamilton
I Grange pair in the pinches outplaying their
! opponents.
The entry list for the women's metro
politan championship lawn tennis tourna
; ment closes to-day, and the matches hi
Kinglet;, doubles and mixed doubles will be-
Cln to-morrow 01 the ■ '■>■ courts of the
I 'Wept Side Tennis <'!üb. 2Stb street and
Review Place.
Costly Errors in Seventh Inning)
i Turn Tide of Game. ;
i Two errors in the seventh Inning leal the.
1 game for Newark against the Philadelphia
I Athletics, in Newark, yesterday afternoon.
They came when two asm were out and
resulted in hi runners crossing th© plate.
Th*» scare was 9 to S.
' 'onnie. Mack had most of bis rrsrulars on
the Held. The Indians ovthsvtwd the visit- '
ors and had the came apparently sewed up
in the sixth, when they pot. three men ■
across and the score stood T to &
Th» score follows:
iJbr IM ■■■ f\ Si' Ilipi It
Hartsi If. M 1 r?o" Biwinw rf 4*J 3 3 «> «>
1.0 r.i ef... .•■ 1" <• 1 <' •' /.('•• "iui.nt. 4 0 I 1 HO
Mcion*M,*b 5 a ."• ooolKeiir, lf...ar 1 •» 10
liTrkk Ib 0 1 1 «'• - OlOanley. rf. 4u_ 2 5 ai
Honwtr, Ib & 1 1 820 -i.«.i>. ■.. 42 L' 3 2•>
Murphy. rf 4 1 " »O 01 Merer, it. It 2 n 4 1
Harry, h«.. 4i> 11 1 '_• 1 Asler. lb.. &0 0 M 01)
:■ nohui eft 0 0 •»- «»; Hmrnc, «-. . S3 1 •• 00
Murfcun. p. .» " 1"" M. •«»!-. 1•» 0 « 1«>
Atkina, |„. -_ «• 1 i- 1 0 Wudd. 11. p 1«» 0 0 0 0
•Lr*. p SI 1 0 1 •
TOtala .'.39 1> 11 2» •l| Total!* . . as •laSI 13 I
Philadelphia I " - «• •» *> « • *»— «•
Ntwt a o •• 1 0 3 O i> I— H
Two baoa hltn—Muri'fiy. Bsass A, !-••♦■. K«-liy.
Thrw bata blta M<-lnn»-»". «l«ule>. Etmiaonaaa ,
li.»iii.. run» Melßnu— . Murphy, im Hits — |
01T UcOinnitjr, s l " a Inntna*; ofT Wadu«-i!. I
In :; limit. «*■ off MorKuii. 'I In 4 latuagi BSSSS
■tt^ Uiiu -urr McCUnotty, I: "iT Uonpaa, 1*: off At
kins. J; ufT I.^. t. Btr out -Hv MeOlantty,
2: l>v u,,i.i.-!:. ''J- hy M"tK»" "; !■ atklaa. £
i Wtl.l |ist,-h.-.s >.:.:. <2>. DmuWi- pluy— Zlmnirr
man, M.\.i »ml \i;i'' Ttrmt haaa tin mimi
I ItltladrlphU 1'; NVwurU. 1. i<-rt .'ii i..».-»- —
I I'lillmi»-i ; .h!:t. &; Newark, •»• Tim»— l:44. I ni|.tr«
; — Hurry 1 ■.* 1-
i". Muinlne-stur and WUMass Hoppe. in
practice for beir IS.I balklino billiard
mati h. which begins to-nieht in Maurice
Daly's academy, made high averaßea of
:. HI and an even 20. respectively, y«-ster
duv. Mornlngstar completed a .'trim; of 400
.i: eighteen inning, " ltl: a hich run of m.
IMh oTipunent. .John TlendriCKx. counted 140
only. Hopp* mad* Ho in twenty turn- hi,
li« M run t>einc I*3-
awasaaM " r '" •
. \oni. ....
Speedway ** Other Sports
'Baseball Fight In
Major League*.
>>w Y«»*k ft Ho«ton.
rTiiladrlnhlfi a Brooklyn
« b*a«». fit iTM'lflflfl 1 1.
♦ rltt-l.urc nt *t. «<••*•• I
nESiT-TS or ..\>n- yestekdat..
(li!raK«>. »: Cinrinrmtl. 4. I
litlohurc •»: s *- »•••»•• •- I
. \ \ri<>^ vi !?Ml • STAXHWO.
»r.i»r.r.i . w. ur.r.
< „,. „o . im •*• .tni : « irf'nnjitl 73 "1 *••
New V«rV h: .»» .aaannmU/w.. «** •*"
rittahtirc ■■ t. I "ni-. . *• ?5 .410
rjiii» "i * :: JVO3 ihtMun. ... 5* »• -*•• I
AMKKHAN 11 XI r .. •Ml - TO-DAY.
M'a»hinjrton at New VnrL.
n»«t»n at rhilaii I
z:ksi:i.t* or SAJMH V»>TKK»*T.
(hiia(<> I; Clrretaod. •. _ I
Ma* I-: >« I.«wl». " I
« i f«. * i- r.r.
TMiUa 100 «« J"i n-, -Lin.l fi« .* .■*«* I
Nf«\ark *3 « JVVi W .-ht»a «4 H3 ,4X.»
T>etrr»U.. . «4 «M ..%««« hira C o. . • <*» •*?■ I
TTiili- »• «* JH* '"■«- t3 1 — .300 |
Reulbach Pitched Great Game.
Defeating Cincinnati 8 to 4.
Cincinnati, Oct. 2.— By vinnin^ from Cin
cinnati br a Been of I to 4 to-<iay Chirasro
beyond cIU aoubta clfcched tht- National
Ltam pennant for :?!'». Caspar v«tJs hit
t:ard. v:.i'..- i 'infir.nati'H wras poor.
Fteulbacii pitt-hert himself uut of several
dangerous situations.
Umpire Brcnnan ardarwJ a spectator off
i!i« gnranaa In the fifth tnninc T> - man
had kaaa lotidlv critirtintr Br^nnan"^ df
edsionx. Cnicaeo made a trip!*" play in th*"
third inning. The plaj 1 wma more th* result
of poor baW! Hinnins on th«- part of Cin
rtnn&t tl:an exptfl plajins on the J >Brt ° r
the visitors'. sb«*ard. Kline and Archer
Btarrcd in the Tinn^ual play.
It whs announced after the umc that
th^ <"ut>s -Bill piny thHr fir?t _- •■:■ of the
world's S«1«! In Phil:i«lrlphia. . There ap
prnrs to L«* no chance of moving up the
t nr<-iiriai ' -■* M.
Tlie Fforr:
al r I
Zimmn.Cb 4! :: 'J » •• . .Vl!>r. !'...} 1 U I 1«
Hh*.-kard.lf ;. . U 41 i« lobrr. St.. o^ 1 - •> »
Hofman. rt SI 1 -»>■ Hob HL n. 5 o s0 1
«- - It, .-. l t »Ot' Ml
BtetnTdt.3b « 1 3 •> »•• rn«l^~. rfS« I * •
Sdralte. rf. -.. i •• M-l^». c. £• 1 3 2«
Tink"- sb •"• r » ' ISV-Ejcan. 5.«... -♦► t - ♦;,
Kitni ■ 4O i «i« » Mlirr..., =1 1 O Z'j
Keulbach. P r. 2 l '"IgJJ-*^ ,1 f *J 1%
• «
rurke.' v.. -i 1 1 ••
FWTM. P... 1" f> ° °"
•Downer.:: «»o ■ " ""
Ivph^ian.... 1 » •> 0 **»
T.-tais ! .i.39 S IS 2? Sl| T.itiil? . . ..T. 410271 Dft
•Han for MpT^m in fhr si-;th innir.s.
for Burns in thf ninth Itir.ins;.
rhiraco ....... 1 • " " •> ' ? 2
Cincinnati » 0 0 « • •• 1 - 4
Two-has" hits — Ilobtltaell. Labert. P'-hult".
Tlitf — OiT <;aspa.r. !» in « inninirs: off Hums. 4
in :: inninss. Samftcf-iilts — S-hu!te. »;j*sp-»r.
H«"ilba. :j. St»inf<ldt. Tnpl<- plar- ■ —
Ktinjr tn A>eher. I.eft «n ba*-*~- Chicago. !>:
»-ir>«'!iir.ati. 11 'Flirt base <>n balls —Or: Reai-
J,«rb. oil Gaspar. Tilt by plt.rtif r-Pr
K-ulba'-h. z t«?ow;ormH. GaJ>n»''>: by Caspar. 1
i?"tiiil»'>. Struck out — X- R«-«lba^h. ": ny
"laspar. 1: by T«urn». I. I'as»"d lull -Kltnff.
Tj rR CMC. t*mpir»9- — Rrrman *r\<l Ol»ay.
Lcifield Pitches Effective Game,
with Hits Scattered.
St. Louis. Oct. 2.— Tittsbur? -won '" •■ ■ =: '
f .— % to-day by a score of ."» to 0. L*>ifi<M<i
was •fr«.-t : sill, wine on'y se-i-en scattered
hits. The score follow? :
riTTSßrnf;. ST. t.oits.
abrlbroi»r ahrtbpoae
Bvrnp. .-.b.. 44 J ilO nuzz.nz. Cb 4•> O ■» -'•
I^earli. cf... r. 2*> 2«»»» Kllis. If . 4•> .". t «> 0
r^mpbetl If B*>l SOU StOwr*r; rib. :: 0 «"» 0." 1
"Wagner. lb. 4>• 2 "•> ••; Kon»t '-hy.lt> 4<**>V> 0 «
Miner 2^«. .. .".0 1 ::«"i« Xv»n S . rf... "(to " «'•>
McKech>*» 4J: :41 I*r»«naium. •• S0 1 Z, T.ft
Wilton rf.; 4o •> l*'f> Abbott, --f.. 4f> 2 4 f> 1
Gibson, r... MSI l •> tImWT, «f. . 4t> o S r. »»
I^cllif'ci p.. 4•> •» »> «>•» Si»«>l-. j... -.•.!»■•
•fli'lps I'll) •> *»•»
T.->tal«. . . .'^Z 5927 63 Tot«l». . . .™ •> T2T 15 2
•l*ttr<l for Fto*-:'- in tlw ninth ir.nirs.
PHtatmra; .... - n " »> •> 1 ft •• C— "
St. I-ouls V ti 0 •• « o ft •> •►— o
Twn-baK.- hit* — Kr^snaiian. t;il>i">n. Saertflec
hit* — ramiilifi! (C». T»oubir play»^r{r«*anahan
to Hnjcs McKo.-hni-j t<> Miller. T'ass<*-<1 bali
— Bresnahan. Stolen has* — T.farh. Hit by
pitrh^tl ball — T!y I.eiilvli? . Evans). Wiltj pltrh
— Staple. Bases on balls — Off Steele, 4; oft
X.fifieltl. -. Straok out — Br I^iflftld. 5: br
Steelc, 4. Left or. bases— St. T^iuis. !>: Pitt.«
burg. 7 Tini' — 2:W. t'rapire?— lU;i»r » r 'i
Em lie.
Shut Out Naps Easily and Move
Into Sixth Place.
Chicago. Oct. '2. — Chicago defeated Cleve
land to-day by a score of 4 to •». Meioan's
batting 1 and base running- featured the
same. Both White and Kaler pitched pood
ball, but the visitor's support via? weak in
the pinches.
The score follow 5:
abrlb abrtbpo gr
TScGm'tUJSb -4 no OlOfTßmer, .*b. . 400 1 30
Lord. .:. 41 O *> - O Urac-v, If. . 4»»2 1 0 0
Meloan. rf . . 4 '_• - I<• "Jacks, n. rf . 4« 1 S »*>
Mfssenser.lf Z 1«» 20O,LaJoie. 2b.. 3O t» i> ♦> 0
Oiouinani.if 4•> 1 SOO.Stoval!. 11>. . 4 ODIS 11
»iii«r. 5». .. iOl" 3no Bimi"li»m.cf 4<» I ♦> 11
ilullin. !>>.. IftO 11 «I) Smith. 1: "( » 1 3 1O
Sullivan, c. 30« : •• " na!l. .«? ?. t> O .t Xl
\Vhif_-. p... :o0 OSOiKafer. p :ot o SO
[•PectTpaogn im> 0 0 0
Totals 2*4 327- Oi Totals :^»JCCI IS3
•Hatted for Kal! in tbw rintli ltininK.
fhi-ait" .■ 0 ft ft •> 2 „ « *-4
Ov^isnfl •' • it o 0 •» I © •• ■
- , -:•...» Ml — fiiilllran. Sfolon lan«ii — Mullin*
T.ord. Z'liJer. I •'• .<n bas*^— •"lovfland. S:
'hi-»r 3 Has - on ball«— on* Kal'r. 4: •->•
TVhH<!. C. Ftrurk out -By White, «. by Kal»r.
S. Time — l:Sft. i:n»pir^» — r<-rrin<» and fc'heri
Bat Out Score of Hits in Defeat
ing St. Louis.
St, l»uis. Oct. : - Detroit won from St.
I^ouls have to-day by a score of 1C to 1.
Nelson, who twirled for tbe lirnirrw, was
lilt hard, «*obb got four bits oat of five
times at bat.
The *»core follow?:
ncm ST. LOtTIS.
■b r |» po a <•' abrlbro a •
r> '-m if « 2 '_• 1 0 " Tru»rl«l*>.Cb 5 1 ] O 22
WXiTJ.m I I 2 1 7lHarti r.b 4TO • 21
»>ibb. rf . • i 4 R «>*>!Sfni»». If 4V « 2 CO
• r" fort rf « 2 {I " <•«' Nori — rf. 00 O g t>rt
Mor'fy.Hb B^O P.I 2 .'iSrhwwr. rf S t ■. ,i 0 "
Kirk*, ft 2 11S 4 0 Wa!!jc» m. 41 2 It 4«
T.jo'b.it> ,*. 2 r.-t;; ! " '•'•KS- \t>.. 3o»>i» 2 ■
Nr'mlJt.e » 1 •- T> 1 '»' Srrpb^ns. o. S«>«» , > If
Work*. p4 • 1 • 5 1 NfUon. p. . . 41 1 07 0
T0ta1«.42 12 2W 27 I*3> Totals 33 7J*27 IS S
P«n.lt . 1 ft o ! i 1 4 a 1-12
t>l. l.oui.i I o O • 1 2 1 ■ t»— 7
Tw» ti<t»»> httit — Crnwfiin!. (Vl^ary (2>. TVal
la;- Klrk«. Tlire*' h»ut«> h!t — Stim*. Hum- run —
Kelson, PaeiM hlta— Stontf. Worsa, Klrke O.
Suiibpiw. O'lrfury Umlii' i>lay— H;irtzel^ t'.rliK»
ana Stephens. J^is-i.-.i hall — -*r hmidl. Stolen
bains Ovwford, I>. Jones. T. Jtmea. First taw
on bullß— off Work«, .. off N«-laon. 4. Stru«k
out — Hv Works. S; by N«l»«n. 4. ■-■■ on tij»i II
— tit. I.«>u:>. «s. :,.-.;. 11. Time— 2:ol. I irt'ir.
— Btum.
Harry Coates Wins in Fast Finish
Over Big Field.
The '. r«>.->»-i-«iuntr' season of tilt* «liencu«*
Athletic «;iul> befjxua »-si i-i «iii forty-seven
runners startssi in the invttuttou fvent.
liarry Coates, uuattai-liMi. had the boon 1
of 'nail home th» Held. Ills time was is
ndnu.-s arid ♦• seconds. Harry M«;i thf
fast rerrutt of thr- New York Attiletic <'lub.
outsprtnted llildt»- i^anipoaU. <»: tti. ijlvnrvi
Athletic I'lub. in in« dash down the stretch,
taking sironil honors by t l% " yards.
l*f». Rasa* Hub. Ttn»e.
1 • H. I '..III*. unatt«ch»rt Me
3— lt. .Mr-«"ii!in. N«w York A. 1" IS:*S
3— n. ra.mpt>*lU 'Jtenco* A. C ls:»7
4—r;. ■ i,. ..;••■ Olenvc A. •"* !H:tS
•"'-M. Dasaaa Mohawk A. «* lft-.ot
•'►—•'ha?. Ttmtntn*. Gl'ncce A. C I»:«V.
7 --T». j. llkwti. St. MU-hael'a Uyr»nm... ~\%':.\
s_vr v.'tin'^- Hassan OoJM t!»:::7
j»_j \* >m •in* N>» West .-<»■"■ a. r r:».u
l»»-j! i:e-I*ll. Xim-j A. A tf tr.
I Rumor Busy with Next President
of U.S. Association.
Interest Centres in the Dykes -1
Meadow Club Championship
— Other Events.
In accordance with the constitution? tjjS
the Unit*'] Stat<« Golf Association, tin '
r.fw nominating commit t*«» «»>ct»«J at tfcj |
annual V —•■ C in Janxtmry mu*t submit
the 1911 ticket to th» •xrrutivr committ**
by November I. so that notification may S
he sent to all Hub* not la»»r than No«tb. j
ber 18. X"i» to dat«» fherp h«>« n^v»r :».., |
anr opposition ticket. Imt if is now "H*W •
sible for five artive rl*:b mrm^r* to ;
po?<e th" rrcular nominati'm w!r:-. r.-» „ j
their own ebooatac
Thus far nothine rt«"f.nit« i.i known ajr't» j
th*> nominating .-orpmitt» > »"s prosr***. fat '
fh»r» Is a rximnr that th* pr»xid»n«*VTtfl| - j
frf» off»r**d t<> sr Wentem man. vi". !
Alexander, of Chicago. i.«< fh#» nrst rfi^. ■*
prf^id^nt now. Tli* n^xt annual mo^tfft; .
will be held In Chicago *n January, flit, ;'j
the nominating committie was itam^ 1
John El Bnrne. of Garden Clt;\ th* chaSjC j
man. has* d!ed. ar.d under the const:rutj«a I
th» vacancy made by the death of f»jj f
memb»r may be filled by th- r«*Tnaijffij- I
associates on the committee, Herb«r» -i
Jmqpaen, presi'lent of tbc I"nited Stato»
Golf Axsociatfon. ha^ written to th? noo.
lnators remindinj: them of this duty. -
Interest tn th*» fall ct>rni*"tiTive r»ra_»Kt |
at the I^"ker Meadow Golf «*Tu'j wia 9
be c*ntr*d In tlw fl;:f» cna m [nutt.xliia, tj,j '
rondirlons in thin eretrl <al% for (he aist*^ '■
player" w!i»> hixvr madf t'v^ low»«t »htti^ r
Cross :wor"?» in Th*^ year's monthly -■-;■, '
hand!ra.ps To by dlim t<» play «>fT -it rrsitrti
play. Mrratch. 2- r fol! ir w« :
First roTin»L «*i='if'Ti bole<». to b* plar^t
b^for^ Ortoi>er i~: .•••t-onri r'«i;jf}. *ishr»^i
}-...,<* fvofr.ro t>rtob*T -t: semJ-flxstl rnnial.
thirTy-six hol^s. V^ff>r«- October H: ftal, .
thirty-stx ho!" 5. b^for* ??oiruil>*f 7. Th«
■vrinriT of th* etotl rhan;pmri.-;btT> wfTT'"it«
tin i pi rhampion'hTp m^'ial atntf *
1r" ' ■win b*» awarded the nnmer-njt
The seventh monthly dnb li.in'i;r3p wilt
tak«» pla«*o on Saturday. Thi" wilt he- th» i
l»rt opportunity to itj^lify for fp* eta
<"hampiPtj:-hip and for the Pyker I
cup. A bosta handicap will f»-c:rpy tl» j
attention v? the club mfmirrs on Otto- 1
The iijalifytnr round, a* eichf^en hol<%.|
m"lal play handicap; for the Cro-^*"!! Mad- «
den. jr., mTnorial comperirion. TrfM b*" nst j
the *-istit tow eat n«»t s«~irea are to be drawn j
off at rr.ai play. The -win-ncr -wiU re- 1
eelve a gold m*"tl;ii ;>nd lii»\e bis n<tme in- j
scribed on tfc« If.-id'j^n m"mniiai In 'tl*
clubhouse. T!i!«; win be ::>« slsth «f ■-»•»
competitions, wldct ar^ fi*>|rl annually ta
perp^tTuit' 1 ' th» memory f > f on* trho was de
voted to th*» bttemta <j( t'^ r - dub for ":-r.-.'
i>ti Ortober Z^ ami 29 a medal plaj nan.
di'-ao tr> two '•lar?"!; ■w-ill tnk»» p?ae». Play.
era may ertt-r as often as tbfy &stre-. TSs
*iehth montMy handi<~ao fnr ftn=t *»nd Wf»
ond priz's wiil b» held on N^-eTtiber !L
whll<» The Uli^tiori T>ay contest frr t!»
covernors' «".:p. with firb-t and »W.*'Mid p.'li^a
and a thJ-ty- =ix IioIp? n>"dal play handi- I
cap. wBI be held on JCovember S.
Member? of Cw Eastern Trad* G<j!f as.
soriatlon win lu»ld th^ir atstunsn touma
mpnt oVer th*> links «tf t.^«» V.>.tfin^r!»h
Vallfr Country- C!u'». Chestnut BHF, I'Mlv
delphia. on Thnrsdaj". October '". This
.ompctltion wi'.l b^ al rt^Mccn holea m»dal
p'.ay. handicap. Thf playr? vrrny romrete
in thi? eienl In Hrher th^ mt>rnin^ or nftT
noon. btrt tte_finrt round of Ibe eoorse wH j
count as th*» ••nnip^rrn- pbi», Th«-r«» »L»
■nit' b^ a hat!<ii.-ap «_-.-•:::.; bosie aad *
four-hall nirdat pli«y bandVap! T>- -tJB I
will be as follows: CTwice of two ccpa Tin I
b*» marie by Th^ player? in tT*e order of"'
rh*"ir finish. Two ronpolatiftn caps for t*i»
Msh^st net wow in th*" autumn tourna
ment: a rup for the b*>st scorei mate!) piay. ]
apain3t bogle: nip ftn- the n«*xt be» s-ore.i
matcli plaj. acain?: .bogie: a tow nt't se
lected score euj>: two cold med'*i"» tot ths
bpst net m:ores in a fuur-ba!! march. tw»
silver medals for th^ r.ext best s^orew ia %
four-ball mutch and two bronze medals for
the third best net scores in a .r-l»S
Provision i 9 beins traJ*- al the Nd3«2
Country Ctafc for v lar^ field tif starte»
in its invitation coif tournament to be hell
there on Thursday. Friday aiid Saturday.
The projcramrue calls for five slxterr.s MM
the contestants will classify them.-selres B
a thlrty-slx-hole medal r s^v f n «-^ * I! &T
Thursday. A gold meaal will b.» ?:r?n tB»
low score man in tb* Btrok« r-vent. AmonS
thO!=" who hare already entered are Walter
J. Travis ar.a J.'hn M. Ward, of Oirtita
The women of th* district aiw win en
joy competitive activity thai w»el. as tfc«
one^day toiiman-.ent ut the Plainri-id Coro
trj- f!;:b wtl! taJW rla*'" to-morrow; TM
cißntern-hoI« haadteaw which b .-ehcdu^*
for the mantes; w? have thne prte.% an«
the apprna-hins and P-.ttins cont-st In C*
afternoon will b*** BrN »r.-' "« tH^ n:! **- ;
No pcr^^n win be allowed to yin Mm
than one trophy.
Worlds Series May Be Schcd- ;
uled at Philadelphia- Oct. 17.
TV pan,*.- «c schetfnted C^i- .
enco and >'t. I.ouls to »md up the ?-»>««
on October ?. W 11. C C and R to °T
11 b an open date, and by arrant. »
play dooW-b»d«" " n October > acd " !
th*-' fchedutr may be completed "j*£
next day. B la P**** «« «" *fr'
championship !-rV- 3 with tb* T'h.Uii-lpB»
Athlete mar begtn on October :.. as an
nounced from CnJcaso last night. . .i
This Is what Ban Johnson 's a""'n
arcompl&h. and i« the r»a-on h« b p»^
to tssTie his ultimatum to tbe^ownei
thy. «'»lcaso c!ub. . .'1
Jottms from reports from th* *' T| ;
ni«ht. the onner. •! the 8t j
hum that som« coßsJderadoa la °** v .
dab for wtßdto* up th* season »™"|»^
t-*me as the (?a.m«-s are likely to u
well. »o that Charles W. V.urv<:y dsreur>
on paying out any of hi* yr^\t>.
Leading Clubs Enter Men » j
Bouts for Local Honors.
The tournament U> be held br th* J*^
M ,n Bmmn> Athletu- Club in the coac^ j
ball of Madison Square tUrdt-n ro *\ K .
amateur boxinc champior..ship of '
NVw- York will start to-utiht. * lI ? >ta
fmals on WVdnesHlav ni^ht. Five «^*^
will »^ cotitfSt«-U— loi. UG. I^. w-Jj 3^
I.ounds. huvr b«^n r 7^' ' v^tjooal
ShWta' nub., the Aloit "^u* j
y*» 1
i-tuK th* Xuvier Athletic t MJ. l >^ «^ I
ropolitan I.lf- Athletic »':«». the >« *
1 v.-.-uni Association, the N'» rt ".' , '■'» i * I
Asr( «iatk.«.. «fe Trinity « '"^ "* VI
American Athletic » Tal> Mini »«J» j
t?.ti( riub. -Neurlv all The »"to n ££, B »» >
„-, .ut niftrupolitan cna.Jnp»onS"iP 3 1
has b-rn «'>^* c % h S tf*r !
,h,rd m^n it, the rtr.,- «n*i f^-,.^:^* S
.lain *H! »•»•: .Jm.l=*-:. .'•• |l '\:f;, .", *CW*** I
jurmwhT. M;.b..«>. y „!»! tin ■

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