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kern onion REPORT
Auditing Committee Reduces
Statement of Co.'s Surplus.
Accounting System To Be Re
modelled as Besnlt of Defects
That Are Revealed.
ccon after the- purchase, last November.
by the American Telephone and Telegraph
Company of aow ii EE ' crest in the Western
Union Telegraph Company, amounting virt
ually to control, measures were taken to
ascertain the exact iisillinsi of the prop
erty, no audit of the books having been
BBJsti for several years. A special auditing
committee of three directors wa* appointed,
consisting of E. J. Hall, who is Bias ftass
«»em of the Amerlran Telephone Bad T*>
trsTh Company. Jacob H. FchlfT and Henry
A. Plshcp.
The committee's report on the property
»nd Iwslness of the company, with which Is
Incorporated a report to It by Price. Water
house & Co.. chartered accountants, recom
lueadirs. among other thinjrs. adjustments
•n th- surplus account- requiring reductions
arsrerating CS.TSI.I4S. was submitted yes
,,rdav to the executive committee, by which
It was approved an<s ordered sent to E1 »
Ft Tne accoStants. whose instructions were
USSJiII- **—* ■MfcWiiMM W--e
to make a complete !nvestl«aUon and report
the fart* regardless of hat results might
be shown, have see. 49ais« on their task
tar sftsM months Vnder authorization
f-cm the special committee they retained >
b« engineer^? afslstants •< Bboeise,
Church. Kerr & Co., to value the physical
TaJdSE first the Item of property ac
onunt the accountants say that tho cost of
teleEraph lines, equipment, etc.. a? shown
ob the books, is S:r-.K73.T?7. The valuation
-ia<3e by the engineers was fD6.«is». and.
todadtex expenditures for uncompleted con
frirTinn work in ptOgnM on Jon© 30 last, j
ih« total «lu*tlon was Sir.STS.rA exclusive ,
estate. Th» dHtoenoe between the
bonk ar.i Ii Hi! valu- totals the «<■
j^UUUatl have adjusted pv a charge ac
a ' r <l 0^« against Eurplus.
The it Is noted, has been made
on QM be^ls of replacement cort, with no
account tiiken of depreciation, but the al-
I»wance which might have b~n rr.zA» lor
oepreciation „as been regarded a- oSset by
the emission to Ftate a valuation of :hs
companj^s orßaiuzation as a princ concern.
rhf report lududea in the property ac
count the entire prcperty of merged com
piin' c s but crts up a liability of $3,506.1:3.
representing the par value of the capital
*-nek cf these ccmpr.nies which i? in the
3-ands of the puKic. Th- book value of the J
mnpary. real estate is SMMUSt bat the
aluatlon fix*d by the appraisers 1? STs!>GS,44S.
Tn« value of the company's patents has
Veen written down to the relatively fmall
emount cf JIOCIOS. srrived at by computing
the proportion of the cost cf the existing
j.."tents tgpieteuted by their unexpired life.
Tn addlticn to the &SGtfS» reduction in
The book i-alup of triefrraph lines and
equipment to the estimated appraisal value
the- report Bhows the foilowin? adjnst
mecta is fl» surplus account: Liability to
■she Gold and Stock Telepr.°-pu Company in
r*s>ert of proc^ds of sales of securities
vr ir,- «0« 0 jun« r.P. 1?OP. understated In the
balaaca sheet of that date. ?_-.r.?.«74: loss
«m revaluation cT Investment?, SI.TC.S4S, the
lock values havinp b«*n adjusted to mar
j^»t ■"rices: reserves required on June TA
13C9, for bad and doubtful accounts, etc.,
*nd for accrued liabilities. C.701.634: reserve
created tor drpreeiatian of submarine j
cables to date. SOOO.OOQ, and reserve for
contingencies. pOCOOBi. a total of J13.751.1i3.
Deducting this amount frcm the J1&857,
«C surplus Fhov.-n on June 3". 2909. BB ad- j
<lisg tlie ?Z.Z51.~U balance to credit of prof.t j
and loss for th" year fnded June 30. 1310,
the surplus of the corerany as of th« latter
date is shown as J7.7C5.t9;. The total assets
and UaJliities of the company en June 30
last were 5i72.565.090.
The accountants Lao submit an income
eccourt for the fiscal year prided June 3<\
ZUQ, showing total earnings cf 522.751,111.
From tils total are •deducted operating ex
pends, including rent of leased lines, re
construction, repairs, etc., ££,"54,405. and
tares. SSCUB3S. leaving a balance of $3,133,-
X*. Addinsr Jl.lS,<#2 lucerne frcm loan Ear.i
Investments, the net profits were $7.^74,300.
DeCurtlr.g Interest ar.tl dividend payments,
amounting to 5i.67T."2C In all, the surplus
•-•_-. „ - was 5i.59T.574.
The report ir.akrs - Terence to "the seri
ous defeats" in the accounting nrjraniza
•lcn cf the company, which It says are
l"ing remedied In accordance -with the
recommendations of the chartered account
ems. A more detailed report dealing -with
ame of the important features of the in
vestigation la in preparation.
Manager Reports Only Three
Months' Suppiy of Ore Left.
Tfio rtorkbekiera cf the Montgomery
Shoshcne Consolidated ilininif Company, at
a special meeting yesterday to determine
T-hetli<>r or not to continue operations In
view cf *. report ty General llanager John
<i. liirchen that there *v«re only about
thrp« months' supply cf ore left !n the
nine, adopted a resolution authorizing the
continuance of WPOtk. up to the limit of
paying capacity. Ia other words, the op
• -::•'- of the mine Is to be continued to
loi.g as It can be dene without running
•ajr further into ctot.
Thft company is already lncJ^tted to
Cfaaxlea M. Schwab, president of the Beth
l««!jfia Steel Corporation, who ia one of the
directors, for J2i2/.»jC', a^d -wiiiie ilr. Schv.ab
la understood to be willing to advance aU
ditlynal bada to carry on development,
Ehould !t be considered advisafcle, the maa
apetaent, cccordin? to rresldtnt llax E.
Bezshe&aer, ci^s not ft-ei justified in
ir;<ikinj further il^naands upon hiA.
<ic.nferal Manager Kirchen said 1;. hia r^
r>cirt cf the depletion of the ore reserves
ih«t h* felt Enffidest exploration work had
b*tn done to demonstiate that further ex
penditure «f money- In that direction would
r.ct i.^lp the -..tiuH.
The Montiromerj' tEhoshone Consolidated
Rising Company was Incorporated In Feb
ru&ry, ivx, unGer the laws of South Da
kota, for the purpose of acquiring control
«* the Montgomery Siioahune Mines Corn-
I * B the blioohono Polaris ilininjf Coin
oer.y and xke Cr>-stal Bullfroj; fttSßtaS Coxn
'■*' Mtobu properties are located at liull
f*ojr, Ker. It acquired practically ail the
to» k ef the»"» companies and alt>o owns all
t-fc C23;u.! stock «f the Bullfrog Reduction
**'fl Tl'atrr Company, which was organized
to treat th« cree of the subsidiary com
**°>bs. Eks authorized capita! etock of
the comrany is C^W.OCO. of bsßj rpprosl-
Bu.tejy t.2L^<K)O Is outstanding. The par
v«lur of the Etock Is $5 a share.
iT-Lrr.it.t:«3 by Csia»i«-s B. Btni*y & Co.. No. 25
fcruad etreot, New York, uml No. I"J2 tout a
faia.Ju. AshaA.
Am C«BMtnt. i- ia .tjthigh N«.v.. »i ; i m.-
Jaa Ky Co. 41 «aSil.<h Va! It »» 80% Bl
<Basb Sue; 41% 4rU'rfc!!a >' «s'.a *'■>
1" "^r <* N 72 74 : .i,, prtt.'.. 42 4Z'i
£} « : » CM 48 ««« IKu RH,•„ «S *••
IJ Cv of A. 11% I!**; Kps ;-l,<-. ; f.IBS I*4
J^lnn't Tr c 7 ;f'i.i!» y , ... ,-., n% i6\
Cm AeptiStil SV» 1: |f»hii«. Ka» Tr 19 l» : *
<Jo pref... 74** 7Sl»|feß:ok<l->f J\ 15 Jl>
lO»ofXA»|4 » ua Tnetioa. 42 424
l«ice S Oarp tt 7 ** it ; i; n q u imp. j»-v, i^-a,
da pref . . . 63 £3 j V.elsb^eb Co. M 4.
A ItC«sv to S3 »4 IPtil* Eiw 4e 76 1 * 7flli
&«- Peo 4^ M 83% ] <!<> £ S 301 1, JO2
V j COB fta.lM li^-«. Plljl, Cc c«.. »i!» SB
Tells of Methods of P: onioier- of
Insurance Companies.
Albany. Oct. 6.— Superintendent Hotch-
Idss of the State Insurance Department
to-day announced that the investigation
of corporations organized for the purpose
of promoting: Insurance companies, which
during the last three months has been
actively prosecuted by the department,
was row practically completed. This in
vestigation was due to an amendment of
the insurance law. made on the recom
mendation of the department, which went
into effect on July 1 last. By it, holding
and promoting companies which intended
ultimately to form or control insurance
companies are subject to examination in
the same way that yisurance corporations
heretofore have been.
This amendment was intended to check.
If possible. in New York a flood of irre
sponsible insurance corporations like
those during the last three or four years
developed by promotion methods in the
middle Western. Southern and Pacific
The laws of New York do not permit .in
insurance company to begin business un
til It) capital stock is paid In in cash. It
roust also have a surplus— likewise paid
in In cash— equal to £0 per cent of Its cap
ital stock. This is not so in many other
states, and, consequently, insurance- pro
motions have been much easier elsewhere.
This probably also explains why, In many
of th" promotions investigated, there is
a holding company, the purpose of which
is to accumulate the cash, and an insur
ance company, which has a name, by
laws and oncers, but which has as yet
received r.o authority to transact the bus
iness of insurance.
j The investigation makes It clear that the
i promoter and his satellites, the stock sales
men, almost immediately take from 30 to 60
j per cent of the money subscribed by the
investor: tbat the means employed in se
curing the subscription are, of necessity,
;at times— in fact, in Bane companies, fre
quently — characterized by misrepresenta
tion both as to the profits of existing com
panies and as to the probability of. profit In
the promoting company, and that, if th«
plan ultimately succeeds, the investor finds
himself but a minute factor of a company
: usually controlled by the man who con
ceived ft. who la, In most cases, enly too
■willing to sell out that control to the high
est bidder, no matter what be the hitter's
Integrity or Insurance experience.
In view of the facts developed in this
Investigation, the New York Insurance De
partment baa since July 1 refused to ad
rait to do business in this slate any com
pany promoted by the means above Indi
cated, and will continue so to do unless it
jls satisfied that the management of such
; company is reliable and expert from an in
surance standpoint and that Its stockhold
. en have been definitely informed that they
and not the company paid the usually
larjre commission and promotion expenses
Incident to such methods. It i? thought
that by excluding: those thus tainted in
their organization much can be done tow
ard preventing' similar promotions In the
Holders of Columbus and Hocking
Stock and Bonds Agree to Plan.
The second mortgage bond holders of the
Col::nibus and Hocking Coal and Iron Com
pany, it was announced yesterday, have
unanimously assented to the modified re
organization plan recently formulated by
the reorganization committee. A large ma
jority of the holders of first mortgage
bonds .have also assented to the plan, and
upv.ard of J.'.COO out of a total of 70.00)
shares of common stock have been de
posited and arrangements have been per
fecied by the reorganization committee to
underwrite the assessment on any stock
not deposited within (be time limit, which
is October 2?.
The modified plan provides that both the
Brat and second mortgage bond holders are
to receive 73 per cent in new first mort
gage bonds and DO per cent in new common,
stock in exchange for their present hold
ing?. The holders of the present preferred
and common stock who pay the assessment
of 510 ■ share xru* receive par in new first
mortgage bonds to the amount of the.
money they pay a, and in addition the pre
ferred stock holders will receive an amount
of nesv common stock equal to their pres
ent holdings and the common stock holders
will receive SO per cent of their present
holdings in new common stock.

FOREIGN TRADING.— Foreign houses
denlt in upward of 10.000 shares in the local
stock market, buying on balance.
ord of failures, as r^porttd to R. G. Dun & j
Co. for nine months of ISIO. reveals, in
1 some degree, the effects of the trade re
j cession Which ha? been in progress during
most of the year, but otherwise exhibits :
no especially abnormal feature. There were
fe.iTtt failures In the last nine months, as
compared with 9.666 In 1500: 11.946 In 1808.
£.o*o in 19*77. 7.5117 in 1901 8,80*) in 1905 and
9.1i3 in 19U4. The number of defaults was.
therefore, less than Ii 1903 and IMS. but |
greater tban in any other of the years ;
I named. The total liabilities of tin last
nine months amounted to *' 5-1,417, 3C4, as
compared with O16.12&871 in 1903; 5179.677.523
In ISOi, 8H.(86»34S in IS>)7. $8i.t>«.237 in 1906.
$75.:21.C:S in 190.* and 5111.0.205 in IW». It .
' thus appears that while the number of
failures icr the nine months was less than
in 29035, the aggregate liabilities was much
greater. \
COPPER SAU3&— The copper metal
market Is strong on the basis of 12% c for j
electrolytic. Additional sales of the metal i
mra made yesterday and the represent- j
ative of one of the largest producing and
selling Interests in the United States esti- j
mated the transactions in the metal since
last Saturday at about 60.000,000 pounds.
"The Iron Age." Lake Superior ore ship- i
ments during September were 6,273.824 gross ;
tons, a falling off of approximately 700.000
tons as compared vlth August. Total ship
ments to October l were 35.i00.864 tons, an
Increase of 3.-W1.231 bom over the corre
eponding period of last year.
CALUMET AND 13 EC LA. — Estimated
copper contents of mineral produced by
Calumet and Hec'.a properties lor Septem- j
ber aggregated 9.542.635 pounds, compared j
with 10 ♦CS.IOG pounds in August, a decrease
of 753.471 pounds, or 7.4 per cent.
have i een declared as follows: Th« Brook
lyn City Rai'road. regular quarterly 2 per
cent payable October IS: the Northern
Pacific ...... • ■ - ...." quarterly I*4 per
• ent payable November 1. and the United
States Rubber Company, regular Quarterly
2 per ... first preferred and m
per cent oa the r-econd preferred, payable
October Cl.
Ivan M. Taylor, of the linn of I. M. Taylor
Xr <"o . of Boston, has b*>r-n elected a mem
ber cf thn Nev.- York Stock !'xcha
PKtIE MABQTTBTTR— At the annual
meeting of the Pere .Marquotte Railroad
Frederick 11. Prince, of Boston, was elected
a director in place of A. Patriarch**.
q'jett" Railroad Company reports for the
year ended June 30, Mitt comparisons, as
Utfl. 10«i8. 190*.
Qtvma emrnlna».«WM--' 71 |1«,62».527 113,733.932
lZxp. ar.d t*»es 1i'.4^.453 11.153.473 11.0K).Z!7
N>t earaliai.l4.oW.7W ft.4i7.rr,4 2.6M.7M
Other lr.c &•>*>. IO.SCO •i38.3>!» •oCi^373
T,tal Ibssbm> . 4.070,«GT 5.700.563 S.U7.UB
Int ~an<l rf-nt.. 3.001.X4 S.WS.'jiz a.Kt),7M
B^Ptuj ~mca,m «),«5i t3a3.«J7
~Ort-.:it. tKquaJ to Sl7 per wm on $12,ir>.300
preferred rtock. jl.^iit.
CANADIAN PAClFlC— Referring to the
Increase from 6 por cent to 7 per cent in I
the dividend rate on the common nock,
which the Canadian Pacinc Railway made •
last August, and the l per cent dividend
out of interest on land sale proceeds, the
president of the company in bis report to
th«* stockholders says:
"Your directors are aware of the feeling
among the stockholders t|*at. jaJdn« into
account ... me and financial position
of tin- company, this is ■ excel sufficient;
and if last year's returns bts taken as a
bapia, that feeling is not without reason
able foundation. But we must not lose
sight of Lb« fact that conditions mi not
always be go favorable; that we may have
lean years, and that Ii fuch a contingency
a large cash reserve will be a source of
convenience and strength. Apart from
your curplu«. you have extraneous assets
and deftrred payments, or land mortgages;
cash fjrocf;»Kls of land sales and other items
of liHe character la process of realization
that may be roujrhly estimated at p. 000.000.
without taking into account unsold lands.
In ordinal course, this amount should be
Substantially augmented within the next
e "Th«T i be st Interests of the company win
be subserved bf keeping Intact a. consider
able portion cf these assets, instead of re
sorting to the policy known as "melon cut
ting,- which is not always a boon to the
beneficiary At the same time, there is
every reason why stockholders should ex-
Pect such advantages in the way of Income
from their assets without encroaching on
the principal, and the directors will deter
mine, within the current year, how this can
best be brought about.
ainnnupoLis. gt. fatti. & SACLI BTE.
1910. 1800. IPOS
4th wk. It, Pert. *»»•«!• .fJS'Si tKn.ns
July 1-Sept. SO- 6.08. .5.3 6,132,669 6,416.193
No of m11M... 1 - 134 1 - 114
4th wk. to SerC «^ 3 - 035 52C9.733 5251.366
July 1-Sept. 30 2,629.401 2.444.23(1 2,262.643
o£r hOfA . .-- ?M.BnS imUM 551.444
Net .....I!!;... IMB 15.631 18.419
Deficit is* i»si n2.00a;
Gr^ > '?" ATl *;. S1 ~"$l' 1 $»4.287 102.753
Net ..."...' 33.270 25,989 39.386
Surplus $3,109 »;2,909 $10,808
•Deficit. tSurplOT.
Qyar'iT ended Jun^ ■*■
Grow .7. $3,57.1.190 $3,220,507 $2.663.!W,
Ex»»n»eß 2.605.831 2,231.(338 2,24t*.92l
■M - .. $0«7,3"9 $968,871 $414.88.".
Other income... 34.805 23,720 b".MJ7
! Total Income. $1.002. $1.00-4.593 $802,893
Charees 1.009.419 1.170.140 64&.16&
IVftdt $97,254 $185,567 $946,462
Month of Atss.— 1810. 1909. Increase
N*o. of wiles... 454 454
Total oper. rev. $474,372 $453. hi. $20, K»
Total oper. exp. 275.5P0 235.434 40,161
•M mm*. rmr. "$195,775 $215.353 *$19.C0S
Out. oper. dphft 1.185 t2.720 1.905
Total net rev. $194.r>9«> $216. •$21..M3
Taxes 12.77-t 8.300 3.474
Op*T. inconi*. ~SISI,BIS $206,804 •$24.«<88
July 1-Aug. —
Total r .r. Vv. 89T8,f1t4 $564,732 $13,301
Total op-rT. exp. 062.781 480.513 82.263
BM orer. re-.-. $315,253 1354.219 $6?,P6«
Out. oper. debit 4. Ml +1.291 6.133
Total net rev. $310,411 $383,510 •$75,099
Taxes .. . 22-"4 IS.**) 4.174 1
Oper. income. $257.C37 $366,910 •$79,273
•Decreas*'. tCredlt.
Monti, of Au*. —
No. of miles... 789 759 — -
Total opor. rev. $495,?.."«> 1482.883 $15.0.2
Total oper. «>xp. 339.33S 512.515 26.522 !
[ Total net rev. $150,018 ' $16»..'<*>* •$!'). 549
j Taxes 17.079 20.228 »3.14«
| Oper. Income. 5141.939 $149,342 •$7,403
1 July 1-Aug. 31 —
Total oper. rev. $991,489 $945.(%6.S $14,920
; Total SSer. szp. HUB 635.407 50.527
Total net rev. $273,224 $311,131 «S«.W)6
Taxes HUM 40.432 6,293 j
Ot«t. income. $241,068 $270,679 '$29,613 |
Month fo Aug. —
Mileage 4.881 4.651 — —
Gross rarnlnss. $8.2ai,548 $4,^70,027 $364,630 •
But. ft taxes. 4.«eM0l 4.033,128 16.C93 I
Net earnings. "$1,174,726 $»*■.«« 5357.827 !
Gros! T earning**! " *a.03*11« MJJts.S9I 173R.22S
Dtp. & taxes. 7.822.309 7,970.419 «IS4.UQ
Net earnings. $2,113,809 $1,224,470 $5?9,333
Month to Aug. —
"Mileage K27 W7 ■
Total orer. rev. $1,002,815 $805.«« $1I«.«49
Total oper. exp. 721, 9?9 •"••">• "I" 103,4 1 2 j
Met oper. rev. $280.3526 $247. $33,177 i
Taxes 27.788 24.080 3,672 |
Oper. Income. $353,568 $223,082 $29,503 i
Tp"ui > open rrev^sT.K22.fiT.4r r ev^sT.K22.fiT.4 $U>27.551 $=2^?A-
Total oper. rev. $1,822,654 $1,527,581 *2»-°£!
Total oper. exp. 1.413,249 1.127.14+ 286.10.. ;
Net oner. rev. 5400.404 1400.437 •*••£
Taxes 85,816 47,329 8.157 j
Oper. Income. $353.85S $333,108 $7SO
Month of Aug.—
Mileage 1.372 1,371
Gross earnings. $719,924 $742,968 •$23,044
Exp. & taxes. 684.696 745. •CO.SeO
Net earnings. $$8.528 -tS2,OS3 $37,310 '
July I— Augr. 31 —
Gross earnir.es. $1,891^43 $1,886,699 $4.«44
Exp. & taxes. 1 ,302.300 1.448.983 *146.674
Net earnings. $89,233 192.91 $131,317
•Decrease. trvfioit.
4th week Best. £12.120 £12.2" »£155 !
July 1-Oct. 1.. 10<?,470 149.810 6SS
i Metropolitan PlFtrlct. i
4th -ice«»k Best £10.5*57 £9.93.1 £W4
July 1-Oct. 1.. 131,315 123. <M 9 8,2«
iLor.drtn United Tramways.)
4-h week Beat. {6.7T-" £5.997 E7BB
Jan. l-Oct. 1.. 252,297 241.619 10.878 -
("Furnished by Frederic H. Hatch & Co.. New
TaCk and Boston.)
Dividend. Bid. Agked.
American Brass Q-J 5 ll* 121
\merl<-an Chicle MoAHbt 12 222 227
American Chicle pf Q-J • 97 101
Am Dl»l Tel of NJ. ...Q-J 4 4.» 51
Am Coal rroductß Q-J « 94 97
American Press Q-JAJCx « &S 103
American Thr»ad pt JAJ 8 4»i 6Vi
Am Type Found deb.... M&N1926 ft 100 —
Am Tj-p« Found new. . . M&N1939 « M 100
A- Type Founders J&J 4 33 42
\ir. Type Founders pT..Q&J 7 »H 102
Babcock & WiICOJJ Q-J 7 PS 300
Barney &. Smith pf — 95 103
Boro>n'B Cond Milk F&AEi — 110 112
IVirden-s Cond Milk pf-.Q-M 6 103 103
Kuah Terminal com — 8." W<
Central Fireworks. — 2 3
Central Fireworks pf — 10 SO
Conn Ity & Light Q-F 4 73 71
Celluloid -..Q-J&Ex — 110 IIS
X I <iv P d<> Nemours. ..Q-M 8 145 150
BlduP de Nem pf...Q-J f> M\» 88
Err.rlre Steel & Iron.. — 12 M
Empire Steel & Ir:n pi.. — M «5
■Hall Signal common..— — 4') 4..
Hall-Marvin . — 30 40
International Nlckol... — 1£.7 148
International Nickel pf-Q-F 6 83 92
International Silver — <*> —
Jntrrnatl-.nal Silver pf--Q-J * M 8 110
Klrby Lumber... — 10 M
K'r*"T Lumber pf • — SB 4»
Kin/s Co k: i. & P.... Q-M 8 129 la
Nat Cash Register pf-.-j*j 7 US 122
NU«S-Betnent-P Q-M « 98 I<>3
Nlles-I^ment-P pf Q-F 6 98 103
Otis Elevator Aid 2 48 63
Otis Elevator pf <3-I 8 Pi 99
Old minion B B J&J 6 109 110
Pacific OM &E! — 66 I
Pacific CM &El pr...-0-J 6 83 87
Phelps. D* Co — 190 210
Pope Manufacturing.... — ••' <">
Por* llig pf — 75 80
Producers- Oil Q-M • 143 IV*
Pratt & Whitney pf Q-F 8 ioo 103
Rcval Baking Powder. .Q-M&Ex 8 190 200
Royal Hak Powder pf--'. v •". 103 107
Eatoty CII & L Q-M&Ex 8 123 128
Chiclet — 134 137
standard Couple — — » —
Standard MUMrff ■•-. . . — 18 20
Standard SfllUo* Co P*-A*O 3 47 to
Texa. Compmiy Q-M 12 123 188
rSI * PaoWc Coal...»?crtp 6 SB ion
Trenton Potteries.'.. ~" — .J J
Teuton I'oiteriea pf....- - — W «O
Tr.-r.ton POt lnl£ ctf9..JAJ 4 99 70
Trow Dir»»«-t'>r>' — 2" SB
Union Carbide -— - J»JJ 100
Dnton Vary *- J a -7. -
Trion Typewriter — " "- *- *«
Union Typ-wrUer Ist pf.A*O 8 l<- :< 100
Union Typewriter 2d pf.A&O 7 102 MO
United Bank Note . -Q J 4 40 43
T.-nited Bank Not* Pt.-Q-S - S S3
- 1 . 8
g I lolahinc com JWI9M 5 100 105
TT S Finishing cons J&J 1929 j> P5 j.io
IT H. Motor com — " •_•• F' 9
U H Motor pf .-.-In II
Virginian Hallway • — J" »>
n>at Pacific ~ r; 1 ■
WPHt Power pt "ZH" " •'■' ■
Weft I'ower pf "T M BS
(Reported by Clinton Gilbert. Na 2 WaJl iw.)
' BM.Aaked. _ . _ nid.AHked.
A'llanre Ky 120 125 VT I A T.. 2r.2^ -'»-ti
>m sure y '-•"" 20« IJncoln 130 1401 4 O
O . SUI 33i) SM LUlL*• T. 305 313
<1"O CM Madison .... 2»Xi _
BftM a!: Si 243 Manhattan .. 375 4.-
f'r,«fl»av 143 1M Mercantile .. 7CX> 740
nm klvn * 4I» - Metropolitan. 610 f123
Carn-SS .'.*.: 00 110 MtKe Bond.. 110 n5
;, r „/» 1"% 140 Mutual 1,10 _
Central "f" f A lo^ ~ Hut Alliance. 120 130
I iTpiSr.-. a ?
BSSSSS :: ■'■■■ is :■".?:;-■ '•'•;? «
Home Trust — 115 JO £ * o & /i "V* —
_ . . .. _ «M«r*rd B. Smith ft Co.. No. 27
(Furnished by n »^ et . New Tork.)
ath c lit 80» M Coal R .102 It*
•Mk * f," 8 "- 2 -! 79 Man & Law.. 210 -
a!? V"w"i4i 148 Manhattan ...1« 14rt
Allejfh ft W.I3S I*" Ma»«aw Vy...12n 140
A? T &C.. '1 a i 3 M H &'S H..120 125
At ft. C A 1*1.3 JfJ | Mobile ft Ppf 67 77
T°s & T?\i i' 75 MAO «tk t cf. 78 65
AOft MM. «■• J; Mor C & Bak. 58 —
j Beech Creek. W do pref Hr 7
rt^^.^m""*^ 22« Morrl » & Ex.172 182
»)St A Alb. .22© Sg do extil ws 104
Bost ft L0w. 213 mo IC|wh ft Dec.. lßl 190
Boat ft Pr0v.290 »• Naflh & 10 W . 2 15
B * Ay. 20 1» N>w Lon N 200 220
Bklyn City .143 150 NT * H cftp.3oo «23
C * B C 0. ..140 *;£ KTB&M Bpf.loß 118
Canada 50... «» .^j *KYL *W. .120 13»
Cata l«t pf-J" iao NT Mat Tel. loo —
do 2d pf •-•»*? m Ninth Av-e 140 190
Cay & Bub ..213 t3Ot 30 North Car 133 180
C Crosßtown. PO *™ North <N H).133 148
CPNtB R » j$ North <N J).. 80 »5
Chat & a --- 10 68 North Penn..l97 2^!
Cft IT cf » » Northw Tel ... 103 112
do ctfs pd. W * Norf w pfao6 216
C&lOthSW-CO W Old Colony... 190 200
CS & C PJ-JS __ Oswego * 5..210 225
Orfleld * M.ISJJ j_ p ac &At T.. 63 78
Clev ft Pitts. *• pat & HR... 180 200
do spl bet- 94 * pat ft Ram... 188 200
Col ft 3C.---*2i 170 « m 's Valley.l 29 144
Cone ft M.. .1?' *^_ Peo & B Vy..170 185
Cons ft/"-}u 142 Phlla Oft N*.200 —
£* P r,SJS ~» 270 B& L 8. . . 62 .70
Conn RIW..2W 76 «o pref 120 140
CBy A L... Li • 2 pFtW ft C..164 174
do pref.^.- 'I ™ d o special... ls3 170
£ Ito,?«^*¥''l<UI to ,?«^*¥''l<U 200 PMcKAT.,I2O ISO
Dft Bd Brk.l* wg Prov 4 Wore aw 270
,D-t .HA B-." 140 Rens & Sara.l 33 200
East Perm. . iw -a & o V . . . .113 -
Eighth Ave..=w - Rome & C... 140 160
Elmlra A ij« RWtO f ...11S 121
Prt2f r KiI"2M 230 Rut & Wh...133 143
?r!? r ! ? o-,.in 143 Para ft 5ch...169 —
S e i- P f 3 130 Second Are... 7 20
i?w *Vfr"lT3 l<o Sharon Ry....110 123
f^a^rcv'^o 270 Sixth Aye....103 130
p™-,vifnT W 45 Eo&AtTel..S7 97
r%ntHQi VMV M 265 Eouthw of 0.103 112
Oft =1k T lS» 110 IKL3 Ist nf .120 130
miMtaifiS 75 Tun of 5tL.. 115 125
Jcllet &Ch 168 175 Upper C 005... 123 —
KA&ORI4O ISO C 4 B R1T...1M 175
KCPL&Mptcs m 75 UC&SVy..I47 184
K'^L&C pf.130 140 vr c of#T:::iJ i«4
LflAMfoW 3<V> V T ofNT...m 124
LftMßpf-l*> 170 Vt A Ma 55. ..130 ITO
LSNRACII2 120 I "Warren 150 165
Caeported by Clinton Gilbert. No. 2 "Wall street.)
Bid. Asked. I Bid. Asked, i
America ... BS €00 Irvlns M E. »X) 210
Am Etch.. 230 — Jefferson .... — 1«»
Audubon N. 100 115 Liberty 625 —
Etna Vat . 175 ISO Lincoln . . . mi «■
Bronx Bor - 300 — Manhat C 0... 918 3.T0
Bronx Nat . 195 2<15 MAt & Ful. 245 255
Battery ri- 113 125 Metropolis .390 410
Bowery .375 — Mech ft M X 235 248
Butch a' D. 140 145 Mercantile .. 189 180
Bryant Pk.. 158 160 Metropolitan. 2»h> 210
Ccal &I V 150 — Merchants' . 177 IK
Century ... 170 178 Merchants* E l« 0 170
Chase ' 425 440 Mount Morris 250 2«<>
Chatham .. 310 825 Mutual 2*5 295
Chemical 425 430 I Nassau 240 —
Clt Cent N. 150 160 | Nat Reserve. 100 105
City ... 355 — New NethTd 210 220
Chelssa Ex. 2(io — jVYNB A. MB 325
Commerce . 202 205 N V County, you —
Colonial ... 400 — 19th Ward... 290 280
Columbia . . — 425 Night & Day 200 215
Corn Exch. 307^ — Nor Nat..... — MS
East River. 115 125 Paclfla 230 240
Fidelity .... 1« 175 Park ."US 3T,2'i
First Nat... M 5 888 People's .... 25>> 275
Fifth Nat... 900 950 Fhenlx IS*O 200
Fifth Aye..4100 4500 Plaza 625 —
Fourth Nat. I*4 138 I Produce Ex. 160 163
14th Street. MM 155 l^liwmin ... 135 —
Gallatln ... 320 340 Seaboard ... 390 —
Gartleld ... 298 poo ' Second 400 425
German-Am 140 150 ■ state 273 290
German Ex. 483 808 12th Ward... — 140
Germanla .. 650 880 20d Ward... 140 —
Gotham Nat 150 155 Union Exch.. 108 175
Greenwich . 288 2W Wash Hta . . L"75 —
Hanover ... 610 625 West Side... fIOO —
Imp & Tr. . 540 560 Yorkvllle ... BOS —
■ >
(Furnished by Warren. Gzow^kl A Co., No. 32
Broad street.)
Bid. Asked.! BM.Asked.
Amalgamate 2 :*: * La Rose 884 3«7
Bailey 7'i 7% I Little Nlplss. 284 ft 2«% I
Beaver Cons 3^** 3-t IMcKlnley ... 99 100 '
Big Six. 1 4 I Nancy Helen. ■". : 5
Buffalo 185 210 iNipisalnir .... 1"'» "••» ;
t*ha:r.b-Ferl. 16% lfi^i|Nova Scotia.. 29 24
Cof Cobalt. 24 25 1 * Ophir 2616 3"
Cobalt Cent. «4 8 jOtisae In 2%
Ccbalt Lalce 16% 1«% ! Peterson L... 24 24 Vi
Conlagaa ...480 480 ! Right of Way 21H 82
Crown Res. .£t'«s 280 I Rochester ... 1.1 Vi > '4
Foster - 5 10 Silver Leaf.- 0 fi'a
Glfford 7 84 1 Silver Bar... 3 0
Gt Northern S»i SHtw Queen. 2 *<
Green Ueeh. "_"•» 3 I Temiskamlns;. R 4H *5
Harxravea... 3.'i TrethewejF ..121 130
Hudson Bay. 90 10T> Watts 2% 10
Joan Blaclt.. - •> Wettlaufer. . . *•' 81 1
Kerr Luke.. 6so 660
(Furnished by R. L. Day & Co.. Kb. 37 Wall
Oct. 5. Oct. 6. 1 Oct. 5. Oct. 6.
Bos ft Alb.. 220 i United Fruit. 197 195
Boston E1ev.128% 128% Cal ft Hecla.3sl 850 '
rjRAUSY.I43 143 Centennial MIS 19 ♦
Fitchfg pf.125% 125% Cop Rang* M — BT%
WXH&H.IJ4 194 Franklin M. . 11 11
Old Colony. 182 Granby M.... -S 2."
W B Bt Hy 84 14 84% Mass Cons MS —
On pref... lol 101 ! Mohawk M... 484 i 49
Mas El Cos IP^ l»»4|No Butte.... 2»% 30T4
do pref... 83 3 63%iOseeola M...125 127
Am Pneum.. 474 7 ■ Old Don M. . 89 39 1 *
do prof... 15 13 s * Parrot M.. •12 12
At:i T « T..137U 137^'Qu!ncy M.... 72*4 72
New En? T. 131 131 Ms Tamarack M. 89 69
West T.* T I" 1 * 18% Wolverine M.120 125
do pref... M 88 U 8 .-■•m.'lters 3t>»4 39%
Cn Shoe M. 574 68 | do pref 48% <SV»
do pref . 27V. 27% 808 — 39**
Arcadian M. B 5 'MaK« Gas.... 83 S3 1 *
Atlantic M.. 0 — 1 do pref 92 J9
Shannon M. 10^4 10% [Utah 23'/» 23%
Chicago, Oct. 6. — Rapidly seesawing prices for
wheat to-day showed the nervous, mixed condition
of traders regarding the Argentine crop. Because
the latest cablo dispatch from Rosario seemed to
imply no eerlous fresh damage. If any had b^en
actually done, the market closed weak %@%o
below last night's level. The end of the day left
corn **c to %B)%C town and oats He. Hog
products finished unchanged to 17 toe higher.
Wheat business Increased in vo!tt:*e to-day, but
was by no means large. Indeed, some of yester
day's buyers lost confidence because of lack of
sustained demand or increased popular Interest.
1 Much of the Argentina news was favorable to
the bear Bide; other messages were the reverse.
All dispatches conceded that dry weather con
tinued, but a number asserted fears of frost, and
simultaneously other correspondents said it was
too hot. The contradictory reports kept specula
tors fuesstOC In an uncomfortably lively man
ner. Meanwhile export trade from this country
was practically non-existent and. owiaaj to ab
sence of notable domestic demand, stocks piled
up at a lit IT faster rate than a year ago.
Considerable interest wan taken In a crop ex
pert's astlmasn putting tha total yield of wheat
In the United States at 684.000.000 bushels, against
7.17.0«.f,0<)0 bushels last rear. The effect on the
market, However, was only temporary. December
ranged from OSHc to 99H099%e and closed He
down at 9S^G'99'->ic. The return of fine weather
had a bearish eKe^t on corn, i^o did predictions
that government figures would place the crop at
3,000,000,000 bushels. On the other hand, there
was a better shipping call. December fluctuated
between 49% c and 50\c, closing weak at 49%@
4!>'ie, a net loss of *ic. An expert opinion that
the oats yield will total I.OWJ.OUU.UOO bushels, the
largest on record, had a depressing outcome on
Eriee* for the cereal. December, after varying
etwpen S24fco32s>fi and 3.14 c. finished He off
at 32 7 ic Shorts and packers were buyers of
provisions. In consequence the market was firm
and pork at the wind-up was unchanged to 10c
higher, lard 2Vjc to 15®174c dearer and ribs at
an advance of "4210 c. Rang* of prices:
Wheat: Open. High. Low. Close. day.
December.. OSH 93 \» 08 Vi 98% 98%
May 104-1* lt)sVi 1044 1 04 H 1 O4«i
July 1004 1004 9911 894 lOOV*
December. BOH 50% 4& 1 *; 49H SO^i
May. 88« 63* 624 «Jl"»» 63 H
Dumber. »H S3 1 * 0% **% 33H
May 88% 88% M 3<» 304
July 3J4 544 34»i — —
January... 10 70 10 82 10 70 10 77 10 M
May....... 10 27 IS S3 10 27 10 32 10 22
January... »43 9 .V. 948 988 942
Hay .. 942 980 942 947 837
January... 17 73 17 92 17 Tr. 1782 17 72
May---... 17 20 "173" 17 15 17 15 17 15
London. Oct. 6. — A large and tine selection
vraa o!T«-rcd at the wool auction sales to-day and
met with a brisk demand. Prices ruled ttrm
and against buyers, especially merlnoa, which
wer<» taken for Continental account. Lower
Hurts were steadier. The offerings to-day .num
bered 14.238. Th« following i- the sale in de
utll New Pouth Wales— l.2B9 bales; «coured.
la SMOIB lid; greasy. B%dols 2^d. Que*n«
tar.d—■.*«> bales; ec-oure.l Is J4da>la 114 d.
"easy. T',V.-,lh Id. Victoria-- 809 bale-;
loured, is 4d«2a 2d; grow. 6%dfl U <frj*g3»
Zealand— bal^s; scoured 104d«la 104 d:
■rsasr. 814a»»ls. Cup* of Good Hope and Natal
f-1 000 bales" scoured. 1« 4^d(rls K»4d; grwaay.
.:>.(U ; . lUver Plato ellpes— «OO balas; scoured.
7c«ls 4d.
Liverpool, Oct. 6. — Closing— WHEAT — Spot
dull" No - red Western winter, no stock;
future* steady: October 7s 'VI; December.
V. \ -L < March, 7* SUd. CORN— Spot taay;
▲BMricaa mixed. 4s lid; futures dull; Janu
£? 4« S*Sl February. 4- tJ4d. PEAS-Ca
£2llan .t«»3y. -'.. FLOUR— Winter patents
VmM "93 HOPS — In London (Pacific Coast)
LVlk'.lv £3 1««M 10s. nEEF— Extra India
nKWs BBSS, UTS *L PORK— Prlmfl m-fg
Wwtcrn • irons. 112. 64. HAMS— Short cut,
14 to 10 Ib quiet. 00a. BACON— Cumberland
'„, 24.0 30 lb. steady. 71s: short jib. 1H to
"4 i v steady 81»; clear bellies. 14 to US Hi.
uuiei' 74s od; long clear middles, light. 28 to
H4 lIV »teady. Tito: lori * clear middles, heavy.
83 to' 40 lb. steady. 77«: short clear backs. HI
(„ 20 Ib quiel. 88s 6d: shoulders, square. 11
to 13 Hi quiet. tin.. LARD — Prime, weirte-rn.
»n twee's steady. 63s '.;d. American rcnn-<l.
) r naiTt firm. 61* )'-l. CHEESE— Canadian
fln-st white, new, firm. OS. tld; Canadian
finest colored, »•»• firm. •"'"■ TALLOW—
Frmin cltv. no stock TURPENTINE—
Btead Mi »d. nOSlN— Common firm. IBs.
PKTnOLEUM— B'Cn^d Stassj. 7U. ULNJBU^i.>
OlL fciirone. 47a
t ': •'* New York, October 6. 1910.
«eang, bags » 327! Pears (Cb,l>. crts. 3. SCO
*J '-"r. bbls „ $.303! Peaches teal), crts 2.039
Flour, sacks J».9>>l Prunes (Cal). pkgs 3.378
Cornmeaj, nbl». . 022 Raisins (CaO. pkg» 900
Cornratsj. bags.. 7 0«: Apples, bbls 24.437
Oatmeal, bbls... 315 : Potatoes, bbls.... 7.4CW
«neat, bush 125.700 Onions, bbls 4.025
Com. bu»h.._... 32.625 ! Cranberries, pkgs 510
Oats, bush 150. 525! Dried fruit, pkgs. 0,250
Barley, bush 12.100 i Rosin, hols t*2s
Malt, bush 12,000 Spirits turp. bbls. 250
Rle«. pkts 18,350; Tar. bbis 109
Hay. tons nS Sutjar, bbla 13-»
fctraw. tons 20! Molasses, bbls.... 150
Mlllfeed. tons.... 620!0U. lub. bbls 180
Beef, canned, cs. er,2 1 Oleo stock, pkgs.. 405
Hams, plcga 80! Peanuts, bags £♦«
Bacon, pkgs 23" Almonds, pkgs... ****
Cntmeats. pkys. 483 Tobacco, hhds. ... 140
Lard, tierces 2W l Tobacco, tierces.. 12»
Lard. kegs 3,091! Tobacco. pkj?s 735
callow, pkm 10OI Whiskey, bbls 2S»
Grease, pkes . . . 63 J Wool, bales 13°
Butter, pkRS.... 4.091 Wool, sacks 15
Cheese, pkgs 4.495] Cotton, bales 10.1«
K«P«. cases 10 292 Copper, pieces.... 14.800
Drsd p'ltry. pkgs 1,731 1 Spelter, slabs 1.050
Live poultry, crts 4.809 Hides. N0..._... 750
Oranges (Cat), m Hides, bales - W
Lemons (Cal), ca «72! Hides, bdls 721
Grapes (Cal). Crts 58. K961M505. bales 75
Plums (Can, crts 2,025|W1ne (Cal), bbls. 2-5
Cora, bush 28.548 Bee* bbls 293
Oats, bush 2,750 Beef, tierces—.... 20
Peas, bush... w . 342 Bacon. tt> -" «T3
Beans, bush^... 21!> Kama. Ib 5.200
Flour, bbls r.2l' Lard. n> 64.300
Flour, tacks.... B.onr>' Grease. Ib 175.000
Cornmeal. bbls.. nil Cheese. Ib B.MO
Grass seed, bags 648 Cot' seed oil, gals. 5.940
Hay. bales 290 ■ Lab oil. gals 41D.060
Alcohol. gala 6.«S> Cotton, bales 600
Pork, bbls 172 (
Iron. Nor. So 1 : Flcur. Mp!s pntsr SB €H
foundry SlfiOO ; Cotton, middling: 14.15
Iron. So. No 1. I*s 00 { Coffee. No 7 Rio 11
Steel rails 2S 00 ' Sti gar, granulated 8
Stand cop. spot. 12.25 ' Molasses.OK pmo 40
•Tin an j Beef, family 19 5O
Exchange lead. 4.47% Beef haras 23 00
Spelter 5.58 ' Tallow, prime... "*
t Wheat. No 2 re.l 103 ; Pork, mess 21 25
JCorn, No ... «> | Hogn. drsd. lflO Ib 13H
iOats S»H Lard, ildle West 12.95
•Bid. tF" ob. tFob afloat. {Standard white.
New York, October 8. 1910.
GRAIN— WHEAT The wheat market was
nervous and Irregular during the day. values
making some quick changes within a range
of about le a bushel. It seemed to be the
general opinion early that shorts had covered,
and as the news regarding the domestic cash
situation was rather bearish, prices declined
about lc a bushel under selling by several
prominent commission houses. In the early
afternoon there was a quick rally to above
the previous close on covering by early buyers.
but late In the day values were again weak
under renewed liquidation, and flaal prices
were at the low of the day. represent a
net decline of *»o?ic. The Liverpool market
was firm, although values there did not show
a full response to our firmness of Wednesday
afternoon. Broomhall estimated Argentine
exports this week at BO.oOti bushels, against
076.000 last week and 72,000 last year, and
said that locusts have appeared and art; caus
ing some apprehension in the northern prov
inces of Argentina, and are now advancing
southward, and that rain Is still badlr needed
all over the grain belt. "The Price Current"
said that winter wheat seeding is progressing
rapidly, ■with early sown coming up and mak
ing a good showing, and that the ground Is
generally in a good condition. Details of tßi«
recent October report by B. W. Snow showed
an estimated crop of winter wheat of 445,
000.000 bushels, and spring. 238,000.000. mak
ing a total yield this year of 6-54.000.000.
Northwestern markets were barely steady
most of the day, with reports of only a mod
erate spot demand, while stocks at Minneap
olis and Dnlnth increased 1,838.000 bushels so
far this week. No 2 red wheat here was
quoted SI 03 elevator and $1 03 f o h afloat:
No 1 Northern Duiuth, 21% fob afloat.
Kxport sales amounted to 10 loads. CORN [
Corn was moderately active, and. after open- j
ing about strady. prices developed an easier
feeling under selling by prominent operators
and on predictions of more favorable weather
In the west. There were occasional rallies }
with wheat, but on the whole the undertone ;
was easy, and final prices were \c net lower, j
"Th» Price Current" said that considerable j
progress has been made ia cutting and shock
ing, and that Indications are that marketing;
of new com will b»«rin In a -week or ton days
with a large proportion of th« crop of good to :
excellent quality. Snow's roprt placed the
condition of the crop at 80.3 per cent. which
It was believed Indicated a yield of 2.850.0«>0.
000 bushels. No - corn was quoted 59»ic
elevator, domestic basis, to arrive, aad GOo
fob afloat. Exporter* took 3 loads. OATS
— Oats were fairly active, and prices wer« j
influenced largely by the other markets, clos-
Ing at 'rjc net decline. Receipts were mod
erate at Interior points, and some- operators
seemed Inclined to take a more bullish view
of the situation, but buying was not aggres
sive. Snow's report indicated a crop of about
1.100,000 bushels. Cash oats were steady,
with standard white quoted at 3!>'-4c: No 2.
40c: No 3. :(!»<•, and No 4. SSe. — starkot
firm: No 2 'Western. S4Uo f n >> New York.
BAKI.KY— steady: malting. 73'??77e
0 i f Buffalo. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—Mar
ket steady at 82 80982 40 p er 100 lb. BUCK
WHEAT — Market steady: American. 70c c I f
New York: Canadian, 63c elf New York for
TTheat: Open. Hlfh. Low. Close. day.
December . .$1 OS** Jl 0ft T * SI oi>fl SI m Jl l*J<-4
May 111% 111 1 * 1 10S 1 10"i 1 11H
December .. — — — SSH 6*"fc ;
May •— — — «1 61H
October — — — 88 S9H
December .. — — — ?«r>»» 25*1
May — — — 41 1 * 41
July — — — 41 l i —
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
To-day 1.157.000 2f».1.<i00 411.<hio
Last week 1,154.000 422.000 427.000
Last year 2. 042.00) 631.000 633.0)*.)
Flour. Wheat. Corn.
To-day —.. 7.000 8.000 40.<*t0
Last week 30.000 «.00«> 41.000
Last year 41.000 258,000 S4.UUO
COTTON — of heavy precipitation in
ceatral sections of the cotton belt, with mich a
drop in temperattrr* 33 aroused apprehensions
of frost following the storm, created an active
buying movement in the cotton market this
morning, and while the official forecast did not
bear out the frost Idea, demand was later stimu
lated by Liverpool cables reporting that th«
labor troubles la Lancashire had been settled
and that work in the mills would be resumed i
on Monday. Prices recovered practically ail of I
their recent lisa, and while there were moderate '
reactions from the best in th« late trading, tha
close wax steady at a net train of l.".'ijiv> points.
no official, detailed -weather reports confirmed
tha early claims of heavy rainfall, and precipita
tion at one point In the Memphis district was
over eight inches, but aside from the possibility J
that the storms were severe enough In some
localities to beat out rrpen cottca the general
opinion here was tnat the disturbance may
have lowered the grade of open cotton and de
layed picking to some extent, but otherwise
Justified very little change In views as to the
probable size of the crop. The Improvement la
th* Manchester situation and numerous reports
of a more active demand for spots In the in
terior markets of the South appeared to be the
more influential factors after the Crst rush of
covering on the weather news, and trade buying
of contracts was at least partly responsible for
the steady ruling of prices la the face of con
siderable realizing during the late trading.
Realizing caused reactions In the late trading,
but the talk of a more active spot demand pre
vent .: much aggressive selling. Southern spot
markets as officially reported early were un
changed to He higher. Contract prices:
Open. High. Low. Class, day.
October ...13.00 14.06 13.90 13.ft5«14.00 13-fe3
November.. 14.0:» 14.10 14.03 14.02314.04 18.87
December.. 14.17 14.23 14.17 14.28fi14.2l 14.
January —14.27 14.3* 14.23 14.29014.50 14.11
February... — - — 14.55^14.37 14.19
March 14.60 14.50 14.41 14.4ti014.4fl 14.30
April 14.60® 14.52 14.3*
May 14.55 14.58 14. 14.54 14.56 14.37
June 14.47 14.47 14.47 14.47&U.43 14.2H
July 14.53 14.57 14.46 14.t53®14.W 1* 3d
Th« local market for spot cotton was quiet
.an.i 5 points higher at 14.150 for middling
upland and 14 40c for middling Gulf; deliv
ered on contract. 1.700 baled. Southern spot
markets were telt-graphed as follows: Mob"*
firm. unchanged, at 1^ 11-16 c; sales, 198
bales. Savannah steady. Ho higher, at' 13Tio;
sales. 6.034 hales. Charleston firm. I-160
higher, at 18%o; sales, 400 bales. Norfolk
firm, unchanged, at 14c: salee, 1,075 bales.
Baltimore nominal, *,c higher, at 14 c Au
gusta steady, 1 IBe higher, at 14c; sales, 1.643
bales. St Louis steady, unchanged, at 14 He
Little Ro'-k steady, unchanged, at 13H<"~ New
Orleans firm. He higher, at l<t»c; sales. 2.123
bales. WHminsrton quiet. l-l«c. higher, at
IS%C Oalveston steady. 1-19S higher, at
14 .'1 lie. sales. 775 bales. Rcustna steady. Ho
higher, at 14 5-lCc. sales. 4.423 balea. Mem
phis Steady, unchanged, at 1414 c; sales. 2.325
bales. Liverpool cables: Hpot cotton mod
erate demand: «mlr«. 8.000 bales; speculation
an.i export, :;r>o. American. 7.000. Imports.
3.000: none American. Middling upland. T.7od.
Future* opened steady at 5 to 7 points de
cline; ejasod urnv at a net advance of . a >
points. October. 7.87 d; October-November,
7.4SV;iI; November- December, and December-
Jaauarv. 7.4*1; January-February. 7.4iJd;
February-March. 7.47 V,d. March-April. 7.50 d;
April-May, 7.B*d; May-June. 7.51.1. June-July.
7.40 d. J-i!v-.\ugii«t. 7. l'd. Manchester
Yarn* md cloths quiet.
COFT'EK — Them appeared to be an absence
of «rden» either way in the local ciiflf.-« market
during to-day's session, an,l after opening Ir
regular, with Dosomoar 5 points higher and other
mouths unchanged to 3 points lower, thero was
a. steadier feeling, and at the close values were
unchanged to ' points net higher, with total
•ales lor the day amounting to 8,750 bags. Th»
falling off In the volume of business seems tv {
be dwa to the tact that certain prominent longs
have liquidated their holdings an.l are waiting ;
for a better buying baala tor again entering the j
market, as well as to » very quiet spot demand, |
which had a tendency to discourage buying on
th.- part of operator*. The European markets
tvere easier. Havre showing a decitn* of "• to %
francs, while Hamburg was %9M pfennig lower,
«n«l In Brazil the Rio market was 73 rets lower
and pantos showed a decllnn of 50 rein. Ue
eolpts at primary points were again small, com-
Bored with those of * year ago. Rio am Santos
reporting 73.000 bars. agatn*t 03.000 last year,
while Jundiahy and Sao Paulo had 64.4P*>,
against lfW,6<X> last year, a private cable from
Santos but'l »ha' the crop In that state will not
hi more than Ko>*>,ooo bags. «nd the flowering
far the next crop Is Irregular. The popular Mtl
mates of the Pantos crop ranged from M <io«».<xio
to B.sCo.<«'>O. but th« fact that the receipts have
been rutinlag ahead of expectations has caused'
1 ■- '~
some prominent operator* here to express th«
belief that It would not be surprising If ultimate
result* should prove that early estimates were,
too low. Cost and freight offers were valg Arm.
and while there was •» undeniable halt In the
spot demand, prices were generally fine. with
traders not disposed to make concessions a.« long
M Brazil remain* firm. Warehouse deliveries of
Brazilian coffee at United States ports were 14,
a*4 bag*, against 2T1.5»3 last week and 23.*37 last
year The supply of Brazilian coffer la and
, afloat for the United States la 2.0*2.773 h*jr*.
compared with 3.701..V* last year and 3.155.19H
two y*ars an"- In th« spot market Rio No 7
was quoted at lie. Contract prices:
Open. Htrn. Low. rio*. oar.
i October — — — «.««•.«» ■■«
November... — — — •.9nfl* Sft M 3
December... •» 8.95 8-K> a.9o«Jo.ni> «.9O
January.. — — — — s,*v{ ■*.*.••; •.*!
February—. — — — &.»••»»*> «*7
March 8.95 8.98 5.05 • flflfr*'*! *.<*•
April — — — 9.o(vfi3.«Z »«>
Mar «-«• •-•» ■•■» »«tt*»°» » 01
June. - — — — 9 0259.M »■«
July O.CO •.*»> SCO •.«•*••. «R B<VJ
Aorost . — — — #.«•«•«)• 9.0*
September.. — — — 9.G549.07 0.05
FLOUR AND MEAL— flour market was
Inactive, and while some of the Western mills
i were attempting to secure higher prices buy
, ers were not disposed to foil the advance.
The following are prices quoted on the New
! York Produce Exchange: Spring patents, S3 SO
Cs«4o; winter straights, *4 3." ,i $4 -".<>; winter
patents. $4 «'>s»■» 90: spring clears. $4 40tf
$4 60; extra No 1 winter. $3 7095390; No 2
winter. S3 40053 65: Kansas straights. $4 909
94 80. RYE FLOUR — Firm: fair to good. 34
«94 23; choice to fancy. $4 25«5455. CORN
MEALSteady; kiln dried. 9.12.1. BAI MEAT,
; Steady: fine white and yellow. $ISSSSI4O;
roars*. $1 800*1 2.".. FEED — quiet.
city quiet: Western sprtr.sr. $22 S3: standard
1 middling. $23 60; Hour do. $27: red doc.
$2*30; city bran. $22 bulk. $23 53 sacks;
middling. $23 33; red do*. $30: horr.lr.r chop.
$24 bulk. $2,120 s«ick*. OBMI, $37 003*39.
PROVISIONS — The market for no* products
was moderately active and prices were firmer.
influenced by the light jeee'pt of bog* at
various Western points. Packers were the best
buyers and In absence of selling pressure
value* advanced easily, although some oper
: ator* were Inclined to take a bearish view
of the situation, owing to the fact that hog
prices axe above a parity with corn Receipts
of ho*;* at Chicago were 12.000. Kansas City
revived 8.000 and Omaha 3.100. PORK —
Steady; mess. $21 ©$21 SO: family. $23: short
clear. 922 * $23 50. BEEP— Barely steady,
mtss. $15«i515 60; family. *ir» a $:j ■'•"»: packet.
tl*-**>t>flT; extra India :;.-3s. $3 IS $31 *•"
BEEF HAMS — Steady. $22® 524. DRESSED
HOGS Firm; bacon*. 13Hc: ISO lb. 13* c;
160 lb. lS«*c: 140 U. 13*e; pigs. 13*, c. CUT
MEiATS — bellies steady; smoking. ISc:
10 lb. Me: 12 lb. 154e; 14 lb. l>: pickled
hams quiet. 14 4 ©13c. TALLOW— Cjutes;
city. 7^»c: country. T%«*%e, LARI-—^Un
settled: middle West. 12.90©13 c; city lard
firm. 12Hc: refined lard firm; South America.
14.13 c: Continent. V.'.-ZOc: Brazil kegs. 15.15 c:
compound easy. lO^SIOHc. STEARIN E —
Firm; oleo. 12 1 a '. city lard stearine. 14©
14 He.
RICE — market for rice ruled steady,
with a good Jobbing demand at full but un
changed prices. The total crop of rice this
year is estimated at 5.500.0w0 bags, or say
50f>.^f» bags less than the crop last year.
SUGAR — The market for refined sugar ruled
steady but quiet and unchanged, with granalateiJ
quoted at Be cet. less. 1 per cent for cash. The
following prices are net. less discount of 1 per
cent tor cash: Crystal domino*. In cawrs of 60
2-tb cartons, 7.53 c; do. in case* of 24 Zr-H> car
tons. 7.3.V-: Eagle tablets. «.30c: cat loaf. 5.80 c:
crushed. 6.70 c; mould A. 533 c: cube*. Eagle 5-TT>
bags powdered and Eagle confectioners' granu
lated. 5.25--, XXXX powdered. 5.15 c; powdered
and coarse powdered, ClOc; fruit powdered and
Eagle coarse- and extra fine granulated, .V;
Eagle 2-Tb. 34-tb and f-m cartons of rtne granu
lated. 5.30 - Eagle 2-Ib bays do. 5.3uc: 3S-R>
bags do. 3 25c 5-Ib lags do. 5.20 c: 10-Ib ba*s
to. 5.15cr 25 and M T?> bags do, S.OBc; Eagle
fine or standard granulated and diamond A. «c;
confectioners' A. 4.50 c: No 1. 4.75 c; No -■ *■""'''■
No 3, 4.65 C; No 4. 4.«0c; No •". 4.55 c: No «
4.00 c: No 7. 4.4.-..-; No S. •>«•«: No '•>. 4.35 c; Jjß
10. 4.30 c: No 11. -»-"«-: No 12. 4.20 c: Nos 13.
14 ani 13. 4.1.'..-. No 16. 4.15 c. withdrawn. Yes
terday's reporter! business from store at 4c for
W test. centrifugal, amounted to 10.000 tars.
To-day a fa-. of Java sugars, due next week
at Delaware Breakwater, sold at a price «qual
to 3.BGc, delivered here, th« cargo amounting to
6.500 tons. On this last sale a double spot price
of 3.55©4 c was quoted for 9fl test eentrtfrnral*.
although It was generally believed that nothing
couM be from store for kMi than 4:. with
•orr.e holders Inclining toward 4.05 c. Muscovado.
M) teet. was quoted at 3.4.^C3.30c. and molassea
sugar. «> test, at 2.2063.3Cc. The Lcndon mar
ket for beet sugar was unchanged for October
and November at 10s. with May %d lower, at
10s 3d. London cabled the world's visible supply
of s:«ar at 1.0?0.00o tons.
>rET.AI>U-COPPER — Standard was «uTI.
with spot. October. Novetnier and December
quoted a-. [email protected] London eas:--; spot. £53
173 6d: futures. £"" l."s. Custom House returns
show experts of 3.52S tons so far this month.
Lake copper. 12. 62^ ©12.87^: electrolytic. 12.50
@12.75 c. and casting. 12.25«12.50c. T".N— T n
settled: spot. «*• bid; October. V. 62 ; »#tMJr:
November. 54.5C#n5.50r: De.-ember. , 3O9JS**.
Sales, 3 tons October at 3.".c.V. London weak;
spot. £l«n l.'s; future*. £13* 5s LEAD— Quiet:
4.40©4.55 c. New York: 4 2251r4.27 l East St
Louis. London, spot. £*- 17* ■-• SPELTEK—
Qul-t; -. &093 New York: 5.37Htt3.42r»c East
St Louis. London, spot. £23 1B». IRON — Cleve
land warrants. 40s IVI In Legion. Locally iron
was quiet- No 1 foundry Northern. $1" 733J
$1n23: No 2. $15 s*V3*l»*: No 1 Southern and No
1 Southern, soft. $15 73<351« 25. Ptg Iron cer
tificates on the New York Produce Exchange an
1 changed. No sale* were reported and regulars
were quoted as follows: September. $15 CO: • >■•-
tober. $13 75: November. $IS. and December.
$19 23. all asked.
molasses and syrups ruled steady but cfuiet
and enchansrerj. wtrt prices as last quo!
NAVAL STORES — The market for spirit*
turpentine n:l-.-d firm at a substantial advance
her» and nt Sarannah. Rosin was also higher.
Tar »is firm but radial -
011> — petroleum was lower to-day,
with standard white quoted at 7.40 cln bar
rels or 1O pofnts bel-rw th- previous qnota
tior's. while water white oil m h.irrels was
marked down to S.4Oc. Linseed oil was un
ebt ,-rcr -'
COTTONSEED OlL— There was an easier
feeling in th» cotton oil market durinj the
early operations. d?ie la mo^»"rate? pressure to
sell, owing to the fact that crude oil ha» been
offered somewhat more freely In the South
r»c«r.t!y and to some signs of weakness ia
the prices for competing oil. Tn the after
noon, however, the market rallied on. re
newed buying and in sympathy with the
firmnpss In cotton and lard. Ftnal prices
wen» unchanged to 2 points net advance. The
ransre of contract prices In th» local market
to-day ■were as follows:
Opec High. Low. Close. Jay.
Spot — — — 8.60t?».50 8.53
October . «4^ !«. 0 9.42 8.47(5 S. 4* «43
November... 7.60 7.65 7.60 7.6497-** 7"4
December... — — — T'i .-:." 733
January.... 7.r,4 7.W 7.34 7. . 17 « 7. 7.r.«
February.... — — — 7.rsQ7.rt<> 7..1.T
March 7.M T.M T.!W 7.W.»7.«« 7«4
May 7.70 7.75 7.6S 7.71U7.7tJ 773
New York. October 6. 1810.
BEANS AND TEAS Receipts to-day. 2.20«
bags beans and 203 v ags peas. Some jobbing
sales of n«w domestic medium at $2 30 and
of choice pea at $2 57 2 4 if X- flO. though tne
latter is becoming extreme. Choice old mar
row have settled to $3 03. and are weak.
No established price for new red kidney; only
a few here as yet. California lima steaiiv, but
quieter. Scotch peas fairly sustain?'!. BEAX3
— Marrow. 1000. choice, bushel. $3 03: *■»
dium. 1910, $2 "5; pea. $2 55352 60; imported
pea, $2 30t?$2 4f>; medium, $2 23£52 33; ye.-
low eye. 1909. $35?3 10 black turtle soup.
$3993 10; lima. California. 1910, 93 40. PEAS
— Scotch. 1010. bags, bushel. $2 431? $2 50.
BITTER — Receipts to-day. 4,0©l pkgs.
Business was <>f rather small volume again
to-day, and while prices held steady on strict
ly fancy creamery, it wad a buyers' market
for all other qualities. Stock continues to
accumulate, and there Is some urgency to
sell. Process slight; weaker and factory and
packing stock are dull and weak- Creamery,
•special*, lb. 30^c: extras. 2S^ / S2oc: firsts,
[email protected]»c: seconds, 2SO2Ce: thirds. 24tJ24*ic;
state dairy tubs, finest. 230: rood to prime.
C3H527C; common to fair. 23-324 He. process,
specials. 27c; extras. 2ri>*c; firsts. 24 0 25c:
seconds. 23c; Imitation creamery, firsts. 24 v?
25c: factory. Jane make, firsts. 23V«524c;
current make, firsts. 23c: seconds. 22 Sc;
third*. 21-0220; packing stack, June make.
No 1. 23^c; current make. No 2. 22.- I *c;
No S. 20© 21 4 c.
CHEE>E — Receipts to-day. 4.41>3 boxes.
Trade fairly active on top grades of colored
cheese and fresh recaipti free to h* sold mere
promptly. Flat* s. 11 from IS-^ii'-- accoM
lag to closeness of selection. Under grade white
going at t4^l4\e Weather warm and un
favorable for holding out of storage, riktsns dull,
with prices on average qualities bein< snade 1.
State, white milk, specials. 134©17 c; average
fancy. Urge- or small, colored or white, 13V«cj;
cl-olca. 14"*915-" «•«"'. to prime. 14®14Hc; com
mon to fair. lli»!3\'"; sk!ra«. specials. VIH3
12% c; avernge fine, It V, 11 ** -; fair to gnoi.
gWfjtoVjc; common. 607% c; full skims. 2454 c.
EGOS — Receipts to-day. 10.-02 cases. Gen
eral trading continues quiet and, with warm,
summery weather, the market la unsatisfactory
for the great bulk of supply. a range of 2+5
27c still eon >** full value of most of the re
ceipts, but very fine fresh stock Is scarce and
generally held, for more rroney. some sale* reach
ing 27Vso and in rare Instance* even 2Sc Ms>
axe fs;ss are moving very modsrately. chiefly
In grades obtainable from SI" downward. Statn,
Pennsylvania and near by. hennery whites,
fancy 3S^f4*V;; ordinary. S%»r.»V- gathered
wMtsa, Ss#Mb: MM white. 25<ff2Sc: heanery
browns fancy. »»C32e: gathered browr.s. ZSft
30c- common to grxid. .■i-,'27-: Western gathered
Trhftfs >••>*: fresh gathered selectecT extras.
20«Siic: extra Srsta. 2«®27Se: firsts, 244325*';
wo.ndi. 253240: thirds. 21^222; ctirt!ea. No 1.
candled, Jo#2lc; No 2. lSSlOc: poorer. 133 17>-;
checks !«•»', 174Cl'He; poor to fair. 123J
17c- refrtgerator. s;ecial mark*. fw»<-y. 254«
2fic- firsts. 254525 c; seconds. 22»23c: thirds.
FRUITS — DRIED — spot evaporated ap
ple market continue* quiet and unchanged.
Future market somewhat uncertain: a sale
of 3 cars of November delivery prime report
ed sold at T*»c, but this hi» not been con
firmed, and » quotation of 7Su7%c about
covers the November market. Decembors
nominal »•. say. 74tJ7Hc. and a «<m««hiif
stronger feeling pervades at the c .■■>«<*. AH
the small fruits continue quiet, but hold
steady at the higher figures quoted. Very
little doing In peaches, prunes or aprtcora.
but they are all h*ld Steady to firm. .\l'-
PLE3. evaporated, fancy. 11X19. Ib, 10c; choice.
S^WOUc: prime. 888\c; common to f=lr.
Hit7Ue- sun dried. Southern, quarters. 4*» If
fie- sfl/es. 4Vi»3c: RASFBERRIIE.-f lb, 23*
«?7*. c; lII'CKLEBERRIES. l«t#lHc; APRI
COTS. California. -park. 15ifl7c: Royals.
114ftt4c: PEAOHEA California, prelert. 134
We: unpreled. " ■ 10c; PRUNES. California.
1900. 4Vi^loc.
FRUITS — FRESH Appti»« more olenty and
moving slowly, pears «•••■.!•,■ I 1 firm. Quinces
doll and weak. Peaches largely of ordinary
quality and prices irregular; fancy firm. Few
plums arriving. «srap«* dull and weak.
Cranberries held firmly. Muskmelons scare*.
Grapefruit Increasing In supply. Pineapples
steady. APPLES, red table varieties, douM*
head bbl. $3«rs3 50; green varieties. $2 sO<»
$4: ordtnary kind* and qualities. $173552 73:
open bead bbl. $1 23 • 92 25; Far Western.
box*«. II 78013*0. CR.\BAPrLS3. szn»!s.
:"->!. SBCSI2: large. 8599»- PEAKS. Bsstsst9
bbi. <-'.'iriji;;ii; keg. $SMOS3; SIBSJII. bbi
J3«5«: E«urr© Eosc. J.-.*»ss»: Sheldon. *2 •
«J83O«: other good variet^Mi. c:u«tlk>
common. ti.-.nr,s2: Qr;.ViT..\ b»l. 82 73iJ
$T 5O: fEACHES. carrier. 7^t#*l "3: basket
2."c^51 I": cr»t«» -„' 2 ma!! basic*:*. SSe4)
$1 73: Southern. itt* lead; basket. W#79«
VXXntM. 9-1* basket. 20949 c: F&C3rKa M
Ssc: .RAPES, L"lawnT". cax». 79c«91 2ft
Niagara «oc©*T2.": bUck rart^tlea, (WES *lc-'
20-lb basket. »«e»e. 4-lb basket. XoQlZe.
whito. 20-1 j> basket. 98« i 4-!b book* 1*".
black, bulle. ton. J4O; white. 850: (THAXESH
RIJCS. Cape Ck!. bbt. 54 <l $r. : crates. ttaOi*
*'. '<> MCSKMSLONA Jersey. bask*t, IZC&
1150; Colorado, standard crate. 4:l '£ 5 1 ."••»:
pony cratf. $1 50«*2 73: Cat crate, s: :■ «
$1 5O: CITRON*, bbi. «OS9Oc; \PKjrRTTT.
Florida. bos. f^23gssiO; PI^Z.KPPZJia.
crate, *!£•*,{ 45.
SsBJ9?S> — ha* b*»n sotn<9 farther bast
new on th» f'acirtc »7bast on Uto basts of 129
13c in Orison. 11 j'- la Sonoma and small
sales In Yftklm* at 13c la Sow York Stat*
tradinjr has be«a fair at eeaera>li7 20f>ilo for
b»st jrrowtha. -hough Basso poor lots tut*"*
sold dnwa to iSc. Tb« local aukrbot contlau«»
very quiet, with 4Tr,ann from br*T»er» mcxl
•>rat». O»mun ami engll»!» ma#k"to or* r*t
»orte«l fairly active and flrai State. 1319.
prime to choice, lb. 21923 c: 1309. ißvdi-inx ■•»
KotmU 1?>«2Oc; Pacific Coast. 1310. pnm« to
choice. 16©17e; niedlaa to rood, . f-#!3c:
I'M'J, prim* to choice. 13©14 c; modluaa t<»
go«x!, S^l2c; older growths 496 c: rnaao.
MAY .*?m STRJ.W— Market a Mtrte sfrosgw?
on all grades of timothy. Ueceipt.i SIMMS'
•oroe> fantss; off ami stock* ta transit lighter,
but all roads now open far hay »hlDr-i. an.t
r.-w ir.v«!c-» picking op. Clover and mixed
hay selling b«?tt«r. HAT. tUaothy. prime,
lane* bales. 10« B>. $112-,: No 3 to 1. HOC*
•1 10; shipping. 10c: parkins". 45&54 V:: elov*?
mixed. «)«Kc: pure. sO'c?7sc: STRAW", i.m*
rye. W^6vc; oat and VJ9Jesßj 40 s$ 40c.
POULTRY— A LITE- Receipts to-day tha?
were unloaded foot up 45 car* by freight, but all
th* stock that arrived after Tuesday »oom la
stiU en tfc<» tracks, amountlsc to about M cars.
iTi— m wr.r* s«tt:ed on th« stock anTnaiis) fo?
to-day only a: 1*: for fowl* and ehtciiens. but
no charges la other descrl^Uons froan Uat w»«k-
Suppliea to come are v»: y bearr SSSI OOSBBBBi
uncertain. Express rsceiots ar* quite txesvr
asd peddling out a: IOvIKVm for fowls ani
chickens, with th« latter figur* eifrowiOi
CIUCICEX3, sprlnjr. >iiirM. Tb. ieanß%s;
freight. l«c; r«>WTv4, exproM. l««flSHc;
freight. Me; ROOST 12c; TURZ33YS. 13tf
15c; Dr."KS, nearby, express. 17-?; Westers.
!.-« GEESE. 13c; GCINEU. FOWLS, 3OJr. •*■;
PIGEONS, pair. 20c. DHESSEX)— The s«a«rsi
demand was slow and i:!«rpctn:ing t>-<la7. ar. J
while receipts are somewhat lighter tier* IS
•till some accumulation from receipts ssoco
Monday, and with beldam mr.ro anxious to sell
there is little If any warrant for actual im
provement in prices of either fowls or ehickooo.
V.'-.-'-ra spring turkeys ozul spring ducks show
lrr«ir:iar <paiiry and wld<» rooso hi v«lue.
Nearby spring <J ic't». srrsabK sad oprfn« jutaoso
about steaUy. Msb kIUed— TCRKET3. West
ern, spi-inga, a. [email protected]; ell, average host.
hens or tonis. 2Sc; fair to good. l«^20c;
EROrLEKiJ. Phlla. faacy squab, pair. 40s)80c}
fancy. 8 ti> 181 pair. IS. 3rsC4c; Paan. 19©
20c; Western, dry picked, nil.* foe. tSsJBSei
selected, under 4 7b to saur. rh. X7o; Ohio save)
Michigan. scalded. 3 tn 3^» K> to pair. l«cj
CHICKENS, eprtnir. Phil*, ow«r 4 Rt to pair.
lt>i?2lc; Peaa. 16^13c; Westera. V picked,
milk fed. 8 to 10 m to pair. ISc; S to 7 A. 16c:
select*!. large. 4 r5 and ever each. XBc; s>Trra«tj
run. 13c: Ohio and il. nuan. selected. 4 rb aa«J
orer. It>^ei7c: scalded. 14#10e; Westers.
(•cftld-d. selected, large. * Th and em each,
154y15^c; averas* run. 12c. Westera as.! South
era, scalded, poor, ll£12V»c; FOWLS. Wostorn.
boxes, dry. 4M IS and. over to dozen. ISc; 43 tl
47 IS. 17317 Sc; 40 » and uader. l*^ltiHc:
iced, dry picked. :•, to 44 A eaca. l«Sc; 2.»
SB 35* D each. 13**C16c; Ohio and illchi<tia.
scalded. !c»»l. 16 1 -!-- other Weatera. scalded
Iceii, I*<|l«l4c; Southern and Southwostsrn.
15^^t«.-. Western aari Sovthera, scalded. 143
13c; COCK 3. eld, 12Vic; DUdCLXNOd. tprteE.
Lflnr Island aad Eas>Ti»r=. l9Hc; Peas. l»c;
Western. SSJIOe; GEESE, sprtajc. Bootoa. 24e»
WjrrAß?. prtm»>. larse. white. <lczea. 82 3*988 73}
• !ark. $1233*173; culls. «X575e; GUINEA.
FOWLS, sprtnif. over Z H> to pair. pair. *I©sl 10;
under 3 It*. "Tllstn •■«»•■— •
GAME— coattaaed, mUd weather to an
favorabla to the ccn3umptloa of gam*, and the
movement is moderate la all descriptions.
GROU3E, domestic, pair. S3 foreira, 81 23<£J
*1 75. PARTRIU. domestic. $3SO0«4;
cioiea. J.'a-feKJi. i^.'GLLsH _pe. 82093}
WILD DUCKS, caa-rasbafik. pair. i 2 2££s3; red
head. saaBSJB2»: mailard. #1 25; bluewtcg tea;.
[email protected]; gT«enwiay teal. 75um*:. broadbiU. 5041
75c: VENISON, whole deer, a, 22Si2c; saddles.
S«>SC3c. — »— -»
TOTATOES A>D Tiinimn ruisssiis
plenU^l ail weak. swan potatoes tinner. 00:0114
lower. idu«gtjwMk. CaulUlowaro largely sous
and prices irre^cuiar. 'jarrota tinner, t \.cumbors
and pickles dragging. E^splaats slow. Cora
scarce. Lima beans bigaar. Letiuc* we.
Mushrooms lower. Peas la light supply but poor.
, String beans very BjIBSKSBsI asd SMB. P«t>pers
; weaker, lomato^s dragslair. other ve;etablei
i« quoted. fOTATOi^i. ALaiae. Dag. Sxtf«l4u.
[ Long Island, buik. bbi. SI >j4>-82: state buiX 13«
Ib, 4lo<"t.St7o: Jersey, rouad. bag. |1 jIISJSJI " .
i .-rig. 91 9SfX U5; SWEET POTATCSS. South
; era, bbi. »IS$2; Jersey, dottble-tead bfct. 41753
J2 23; basket, ■i■>e^3c; T-AJI3. Jersey and South
ern, bbi. JlttXl 1^; ERUSiiiiLa SFHO'JTd. «juart.
5SlOc: CARROTS, bbi or basr. Slg« 50; CAB
BAGES, ton. %Cm»: 100. $2®J3; bbi. 50<iJ75c»
CELEiiT. state ant! Jersey. Oozea roota. 124rU5c;
state, crate. $: 2^B-$2: CAULIFLOWERS, state.
larsa bbi, $3 su*rS3T3. small bbi. $I SVBJBZ;
Lo.i? lj^r.d. short cut, bbi. SI rves2 23; lor.«
cut. 73c©<1 73; CUCUMBER;?. Westera Net»
Tor*, bushel tiassot. B9QSJI; Loair Island, bb;.
*1 50-2*- 25: Shelter Island. si 754)«sae-. Joist
and Lt;ag la:aad. basket. Sl^SlSu; Bostca. box.
7&cgs-J; CUCUMBER PICKLE 3. Jersey, bbi. $1
"SS2 3O; TT^terr. New York 100. 30^30c; backer.
75S«c; CHICORY, basket. 3S4JSBe: E3CAROLE.
basket. 2T»©fioc: EGGPLANTS. Jerser. sol. B*e
©SI; basket. 2SS»c: GREET? CORK. J#TS*y.
!•>>. 75cS>l 75; LIMA BEANS. Jersey. pots:.-,
basket. jl 25^ ' 75: Hacker.aack. bag. »1»
SI CO; Lon^ I»:aad. $T^l »V>: Ixmg I.«lan^
1? 1 Jersey, Cat, s*>?r7sr: LETTUCE, star-,
basket. 28s#S Westers New York, bosket. .■'-"a
(Ssl 25; 3-dozea box. 50c*J*t 23. MT-SHROOM?.
hothouse, tb. 15^50c OSRA. J»rv 10<>.
I'fSi.V: peach basket. 23iQi75c: bob. »r«9l 25:
half bbl basket. 50c-(t*l 50. ONTON3. stat<» an-J
Western, white plck!«. bushel crate. tIfSSI 5O;
ether •*•*•♦„ crate. SBSJSSjr; BBBBSj y»i:ow. bar.
>IBB9>S' "' state Bad Western. y«il"w. 100-r»
i:nz. SI 2»'^sl 25; Orar.sr- County. w!ilt« has.
$1 25«*- 73: r<^l. <l!&?l 25: —!'..w. «i 25<?S1 '":
Connecticut Val>r. yellow. 98P-SJ hog. Si 2W3
JT 2T»: Long: Island and Jersey, yellow. bbl. 81 C<%
■?J*lß7: red JISJITS; Jersey. wa!t*» pick>. bas»
k-t. $1 25-S*l &>; Jersey, white. yoHow cr re«T.
7,V?JI. PEAS, ilarvlaad. basket, 81 250831
Virginia, hair bbl basket. Jl3Bl T!T; thin ta»
k»t 73.^951 2T.. PITPPER?. red. n*=»», hoi. $'">
1 $\ EiV orh»r re«?. 75c®*l 25: *— ea. rh^tit*. 85^3
;SI 12; bull «ad long. 60cS*l: sugar bbl. *l 3
SI 25. PLTXPKINS. bb!. 50^75c ROSLUXS.
' sfate. basket. 4*"*?'" SPTN'ACH. W«»f«u New
: Tort, basket. 30&4« V. STRINO BEAN 3. West
era New Tork. basket or bag. 201r50c; Ttr»iHia»
, green. ba«k<"t. 20«50r: wax. 20e«0c : Boittmor%
iwn. 20©4.tc: r.eo,r br. basket or baa*. J9BJBBU,
PQirjkSHi HubbarrJ. br.!. nOctfSl; marrow^ 89SJ
7!fc r whlt*» or ye'.l^w CfOOBSMOB. »^7sc. TTTK-.
NIP 3. Canada. ruriSica. bN. »ICSH2T Lon«
Inland aad rwosw, raTs,:-««ta, 73<?C«i: white* lf*»
busche'*. St ."fcxgSS. TOMATOE3. c««r by. *»?•
2."^<v»c- Albany. busSel b»*ket. oee/na. "BMffSssV
CRESS. 100 BWBBehoa. S1«S1 50.
Ifew Tork. October 9. 288*
BEEVES — Receipt* won 100 cora or 1. ■49
head mainly consigned direct to aiaoajtitororo*
No traaiflij on live w.tght; toeling; nosatnalir
steady. Dren.ed be** 4ui: at 8311^0 per IS.
for native sides: Texas beef. 7£ SX,o^^L£r
erpool and London cattle aad he*? ■SBrllBtS)
ar.cbang" H - No exports from tits sort ao-aay
or to-morrw.
CALVES — Receipts w»r» 330 t»«iSr 188) os»
sale. Veals steady: coarse l»e»*T BSesiBSOS)
and Western calves dull and wook; otaose SJB
changed. Os* car Indians, ca*v«» •****<•*.
Veils 889911 per 100 lb: coll* *?""»**l
caJres, SO si> d s« ; »•> osJao <*t siaosars or
"* a"i e^!b#«rire * L. F. r>t!!«b*csr 8 ;»wJ
153 lb averse, *U per 100 Ib : 24. X« IX
$10 62^: 1.1 taix*d calve*. ISO to, KM
s. Sanders: 9 veals. 114 la. »0
S. Judci & Co.: 12 esasl 11T Ih. «lt>t •
SA -
X »-n* Commissloa Coaipa«Ti 2 JOSSOSf
veals. 220 lb, 811
ojajESar A>T> LA9KB»— R«oofp*s wore ilSHJ
cars, or 3,820 head: s cats on ssio. a»oo»
slow and weak: Uuab* firm to 10c hleaor; »s»
car SBses unsold. Commoti to prtrao ssVoosv
S3&S4 per 100 •>. yearUaffs. SB: cmaxao^
to prtja* iimlx, S5 50® $7 13 H. Dressed taat
ton slow at 7t*€oo per la: droaaad lambs)
steady at 11 0 13 c. 202 -tat. I«.M.
galea Tobla ft Srannon: 203 et*t<» larns^.
70 lb average. S7 12 v, per 10«> pi 23 Ota:o>
sheep and <ra!l iamb.. 54 18. $4 50. I _- I
nil. Ho»:is: Bi>« stato amoa> 94 Th»
J3is-'S: 230. S3 Ih. S*sa
9. Judd * Co.: 2UI State lambs, SI ». ST
17 Pennsylvania. «d IS. S7; 4 90 la. IJ^J
7 Pennsylvania sheep US la. S4. XI. «*
£>. ~Saadern: 211 stat* '-•»>■»«»■ 73 IX 97 109)
- crate saeep, 91 r>. J3.
Gear** * L. S. IHUonbaolB: 115 »tat»
larr.L.3. 71 lb. $7.
Kffa Cr-rr.mlsslon Company: 3* BciTa!"»
lambs. 52 la. 8**0; S7 Bs^alo yoar.la«o. 12:1
lb. $■*■-
noOJ? — Receipt* wero 7 cars, or 1.233 a soda
Xi car on sale. Market steely. Pn^i* stat.»
hogs. h<«a-rr to light wotghta, sold it |»i>
$d 60 ter 100 It).
Sales— Geort? £L. S. PiHeaback: 18 »tat-»
hoirs. 132 lb a»«ra*». S3 5O per 100 Ib; 4.
203 lb, S3
3. Judd is Co.: 33 state hogs. 153 V $> 4O-
Chicago Oct. CATTLE— ■■■jsasa. T.00O»
raarket stronff. beeves. U ™eS«: J?*** " t#e^*
S*loess«»; Western str«r». ;. 354 »5; etock
ers and feeders. S3 40 c* S5 75; cows *aAJ*tt»
•rs. S-'2s»S«l4i); ■»:-». S7 30 «*:•>. UCH^S —
' H»> ■ -ipts. 12.00O; market. 10*150 Mfjß>«r a S>
yesterday" s average : light **•?Q? Q *» 23 :
mixed. *3 45©#>2t>. h«T T S3 20^. ro«h.
89 20*8* 4-1 rood to chclc» h»a.-y. JS 4.. t»
S3" PIS Sa2syi»os: bulk of sai«s. S*MS>
«!),) SEP- R*cetpts. 40.n0O; market
steady- nattvw, $2 305U23 W-»te-^. S- ■ *
S42V>f>artlnW» $»3OdS3 5.>; bnabs. natlv..
J4««>j'sT. Western. 84 .31*8.
Claclaaatf. Oct. A— OATTLE— Receipt ».
1 15'- active and stream: fair to g'Kxl ship
pers?" 89e099e78: common. Sjf3»#SS 9tK #
rOGS— Receipts. I.JKO; active- 25»S0c hisa
)% lM butchers *rui shippers. S»l»>'CS»l3; com-
I T-irin 9a#9188l — Receipt*. 712:.
™mng; »*»*»: BsisS strong. 83 3»»8*««. :
"•a.- Kur*. Oct. (fc— CATTLE — Reeerpt*.
ISafhcjut nothlr.* d«la*. VE.VI-*— Uecetpta.
: "«...i heid- active Bssil hlirher: *t$ 30 U> «:o "-
HOGS— Receipts. 2.iM» head: »cuve •** 8 "J1
15c hUher; heavy. S'-> tOtf Ss> 25; mtxed. $9 iS
©*0 4<>: Yorkers. $<»SotfJ»4o: rt«. S»su; t
I iTiassi $7 75tJ**: stays. $<*^<Taß: ifas>«ia>
<. 75^59 35. SHEEP AND Loras^itißssjei
1400 head- active: ah-ep steady; lamb*. 2BS>
higher: lambs. 55 50© S7 13: * tew. 87 23.
[By T«le«ra,ph to The Trtbuao.]
I.ouisv!l!e. Oct. «.— SirE^P AND LAMHS-
Reeetpts. 110; for the week, thus far. X.f2*i
the market ruled steady, bnt fatot; Uttl-»
doin*: best fat ahoap. 80 down; coma l
»n eep hard sellers: bulk of tho b«ft UaxbTt.
5 :.\ue. and asm* <aaey h-*-*». svASSjoss^
♦ Cic- culU 3'ii-

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