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The First Real Cost-Test Ever Made
Automobile vs. Horse
Automobile, l*/ ia c.
Expenses stop wbco not in use.
Eaxxi Ml IS-MS* Tr»
Gftsolis* - 222
on ah
Grease ..... .803
Tir*s maC Car X>epr*ciati*a
Cost per mile- two ?er«ca» - .136
Cost per mile— perj>er»oc - JlB
To operate an automobile the
cost is based on gasoline at 20c a
gallon; oil. 50c a gallon; grease.
12c a pound: depreciation and
tires. .023 a mile, average cost of
gasoline per mile. .0122 (figuring
16 miles to the gallon) and not
including storage. The average
of lfi^j miles to the gallon of
gasoline is based on tests of the
Maxwell used la the economy
test and is extremely low.
'^hat New York Paper* Said
ITHE. Muw^^fHca. Mow Co guarsMte. tins ca, to >r rat* «a « goof sn4 wo»tanaoii«* «» oe '" d
tins aad-adoc* acceswnec) »^«^frd drfccrfrc wb«rra«uree« torn factory h* lwf**». «Mi»*rtanoc prepmi
What the Trade Talks About
Between Sales.
Miss Marl* Dressier has Just purchased a
Thomas Flyer and has designated Miss
Natalie White to come to the factory and
superintend the final arrangements for Its
delivery. Miss White is the only licensed
woman chauffeur In the State of New
Tork. Her nwnber is 13.050. She la a grad
ate of the New York School of Automo
foUlnc and has had considerable experience
In driving cars of many well known make*.
ACa^lgggggg, ta.e axtreai^ hag, picked. SSL
ifl*BX3F&ll~ per passenger mile — 1 To cents
Horse and Buggy per passenger mile — 2? cents
It Proves Beyond Dispute
power of man, conserve his time, ex
tend his field and support his hands.
That the automobile industry, practi
cally unknown ten years ago and now
the fourth greatest industry in the
United States, is fully vindicated and
proven economically sound.
That the Maxwell car is the standard of
that industry: the efficient, economical,
reliable, utility automobile, as ne-ir
perfection as human intelligence and
human handiwork can make it under
modern conditions.
Test Officially Sanctioned by the American
Automobile Association
That its low cost of operation surprises
even its advocates.
That the extravagance of the motor car
is voluntary and unnecessary.
That its pkasures are within the reach
of men of moderate means.
That it it an indispensable factor in
transportation and a utihty.
That it m an implement which, if prop
erly employed, will increase the earning
We in viced the Contest Board of the
American Automobile Association to
conduct this tew in order that it might
be in absolutely disinterested control.
The board appointed judges to attest its
The two vehicles ran each day over a
predetermined route. Each ran con
tinuously tor six hours, regarded as a
Eormal day's w©rk. Account was kept
of every item of expense entailed. The
The automobile cost m / m of a cent per
passenger mile to operate.
The horse and buggy cost lvl v / m of a
cent per pas»cagcr mile.
The car covered 21/,2 1 /, times the distance
traveled by the horse.
The car averaged 76 y M miles a day at a
cose of $1 03.
The horse averaged 32 § /10/ 10 miles a day at
a cost of 95 cents.
The car required 5 y - gallons of gasoline
and a pint of lubricant daily.
This is our answer to the charge made that the automobile is an extrav
agance. This proves that it is an economic factor that would save mil
lions if the Maxwell were everywhere substituted for the horse and buggy.
We have always been unable to fill orders promptly in the spring and sum
mer. In order to stimulate early season business all these cars sold during
the next 30 days will be
this car and made arrangements with Miss
White to act as her chauffeur. Miss Whlto
has gone through the Thomas factory and
If very well pleased with the manner In
which the work Is handled. She expressed
herself as thoroughly pleased with the
Thomas rar and Is very enthusiastic over
Its performance. She Intends to leave Buf
falo to-morrow.
Cables advices have Just been received
that the Bens automobile, driven by Erie,
on the Gallion Hill. Franoe. made a new
record for the bill of 9?V» miles an hour.
which is more than seven miles an hour
faster than tho prortouo" record.
"Caah" F. Baker, of Toledo, for tho last
two years sales manager for the American
Motor Car Company, has Jolojkl tin* forcea
A PUBLIC test of the Maxwell Car and a horse and
buggy on the streets of New York and its suburbs,
under actual conditions of traffic, has just been completed.
That the automobile is undoubtedly an
The Results Attested By Its Judges
The horse needed 12 quarts of oats and
20 pounds of hay per day.
The other expenses — tire cost, up-kecp
and depreciation or similar charges
brought the total cost of the car up to 181 8 / U
cents per passenger mile, as shown in
the table above.
position a* assistant manager of the Chi
cago branch Baker Is known among his
numerous friend* as "Cash," a sobriquet
earned by him In th« old Pope-Toledo days,
where he made an enviable record a* an
automobile salesman.
Another suit for infringement of the Bel.
den patent, which ha* been sustained by
Judgellough in the cases asalnst the Ford
Motor Company and the Panhard and Le
vassor Company, has been filed against an
importer In New York. In addition to the
■1 teen owes served last week. The latest
suit I. against the De Dtea •*** auto:
mobile selling branch. «**•«£»■*•'
an injunction, damages and pronta. The
suit £ titled the Columbia Motor Car Com
pany and G« O rS» & «*•*<*« **- Emanu.l
needs of each vehicle were supplied at
roadside stores at current market prices.
Each day a different route was laid out,
in order to cover all conditions of city
and suburban traffic and all sorts of
roads. One day they covered the dense
ly congested districts of the city; another
day they ran in infrequently traveled
suburban roads. Everything was done to
make the test normal, actual, eminently
fair and conclusive.
The other incident expenses of main
tain-ing a horse and buggy brought its
iotal cost up to 2l2 l / 2 cents per passenger
mile as shown in the table above.
Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co., Tarrytown, New York
Broadway «t Blst St.. .V. 1. City 53: M.rcer St.. J.riM C!tT. ->• .1 35« Halmt St .Newark. -V J. Iwktn. .H. *.
ZS6* Bedford Are. B Wr.. N T HACKE.N.ACK KVTf ۥ SM.AW A CUmi. tac HBOL4W AITT* ۥ
CORNWX M«TOK CAB CO. Hack«ua«k. N. j 1* U.^, at.. N«w>V|a. K. T. PWia*«M. N. J.
439 Bl«km«>< AT*.. Port Blch- BUPIRJE GAEA«I itHfl ZM&VU ' «A ■ 4*TM
«a.c S I . X E *l«"'«wv H T. r»ms%k~+—+. H. T. «FKk. * t.
Following the recent shipments of Wav
erley electrics to the island of Java and
Moukden. Manchuria, a sale has just been
made of a Waverley, Model 7«, victoria
phaeton, to Solicitor General George Roger
Harvey, of the Philippines. The roads
about Manila. General Harvey says, are
equal to if not better than those about Los
England has Invaded the American com
mercial vehicle field by the Introduction of
a new design of heavy chassis for loads of
from three to four tons. The new motor
truck is known as the Atlas Petrol Lorry,
and is manufactured by the firm of Mar
tin* Motors. Limited, of London. The new
truck has many novel features. Through
out the whole design special attention has
been paid to Insuring quick and easy re
j2.lAcem.ent of worn, sorts, and wUttfiWar soar
Other Newspaper Comment*
Mble each ««par:-ite part Is made so that it
may be renewed without disturbing- those
Immediately adjacent to It. process steel
in preference to aluminum, steel and iron
castings has bee n used for many of the
parts, with the result that increased
strength combined with lightness has been
attained. The whole weight of the chassis
with water, oil. petrol and light testing
body works out to about 5.150 pounds.
Rapid transformation of the two plants
of the Maxwell-Brtflcoe Motor Company at
Klngsland Point and T%rrytown, N. T.. la
being effected by the erection of many new
buildings and the reclamation of a large
tract, now partially under water, for fur
ther building expansion. Extremely novel
methods have been adopted to convert
Kln&aUad Coyq la to Outer? alt**_ .What,
Horse and Buggy, 2 / 2°-
Expenses c««tlaq« when mot in ni«.
%—md mm Lo<Mil*Tri»
l*lb*.har - - - - Mi
13 «raart« oats ... -.3
MO lbs. straw par «eatX
dftQir pr« rat» .65
H<r»— hfiarns 1 4«Tly »*•• .-»■» .083
Grrease— !• Jt pr • ram - - JBMZ
D«pr«et«tl*a ... .M 2
Cost per mlla— tw» penoit - ■?3? 3
C*«t per aiie— j«noi Sit
To operate a bone and buggy
th« cost is based on bay at $21 .00
a ton; oats at 60c a bushel; straw
at $1.50 cwt.; honeshoeiag, $2 .50
per moath; grease. 12c a mentb;
depreciatkm harness and baggy,
.005 a a»il«. horse, buggy and
harness costing $275. 00 and last
ing tea years, stabling not in
will eventually become the permanent bulk-
head -ion, the Hudson River 1* now only
a chain or old barges stretching endwise
across the Inlet of the cove. These barges
re firmly anchored to huge piles, driven
will into the river bottom, and when the
space between the barge, and the shore has
been filled In. the bars*, will form a sturdy
bulwark. Twenty-one barges have already
been used, and twenty seven have been
purchased to complete the work. The com-
pany has also built a new three story ex-
perlmental and ensrlneertns building. 50 by
175 feet. Another feature of the Maxwell
betterments, providing a great Increase in
manufacturing economy. Is the now foundry
for aluminum work adjoining the- present
bronze and brass foundry.
Automobiles ar« pla^n» rather a prorni-
aact part la taa OUca«o-Neir York aero-
Prices Are
Never Cut
Maxwell prices
right, based on
big output and
honest profit
Others cannot
equal Maxwell
perform an cc
even at higher
Hence, one after
another they are
reducing their
prices to compete
with Maxwell
But their real com
petition is
Maxwell cars at
$900 and $1,000
are worth more
than other cars
at higher prices-
Ask that "cut
price " automo
biles equal this
economy test
and duplicate
this guarantee.
Never Equalled
| Un# ft „ tateJSdrt that «• con
vms wU, trave, ..^y to a*«y
mUes „ €acQ ,tmch and win then land
for th# purposes of replenishing oaetr
Vinka and mkkißS such repairs as may
required. The oeci ai3 of the race are
„,„ automobile, for the purpose of *••-
, tft#> arrangin S suitable landing
* ces tad mmr^ng out the route, la m
far M thu „ p^*,,,, to be- done. That
tbß autwnofcile wnlcn th* odcUls win os»
wtu _, nan, BerYlce goes without saytaff.
for v will be necessary for tho car to roa
at lU timea an<» through all IN
of roa<s3. under all sorts of conditions. In
! thl3 connection It la Interesting to- ■•••
..'. — y^ otSdalj have chosen the Carhartt
car as the official machine for the- BMI
«™ **I* °< O^ l*^ «tßadl3S -^ --^*'
» land to N#w Tor»

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