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Beats John M. Ward in Final
Match at Nassau.
Former Champion Returns Card
Showing Even Fours for
the Round.
Walter J Travis, the Garden City scUer.
TMsnsili ted another ••killing" when he won
the Invitation tournament at the Nassau
rour.tr>- Club yesterday. He defeated John
>:. Ward, a rlubmate. by a 3 and 2 mar pin
!n the final round and carried away the
*hW -up In consequence. This, coupled
vith ... low score medal corralled on
Thursday, pave Travis the plums of the
m**rt*np. .
\ toT\-n«rnan of the former metropolitan
champion. Donald McKellar. who repre
*• T^tf-- tb« Midland Club, won the beaten
tlzht cup In the first sixteen, defeating
Jbid^ D. Foot, of Apawamis. and W. L..
Ulcks. of Nassau. In successive matches.
Th« -'teen-hole medal play handicap re-
FuU^i In 111 1 or of S. W. Trawlck, cne of
t v « liome set. vi'h a card of Si*— ls*— 7l.
Wh«--n th* fun began In the morning th»»
pit'lr^- Tiaid attention to the semi-final tilt
t*.tn«-n Ward and Gardiner W. White, of
Oaldacd. They last met In the metropoli
tan '-hniTiT'ionship tournament, when hon
,.:■. rested with White, but it required only
p fr w siiots yesterday to convince the close
ohs^ivpr* that the interscholastlc tltle
>»pW«r v.-as off his (rame. He began by
badly misjudging the dlstar.ee to the firs*
bole against the wind and fell far short.
Thereafter from several tees White, got
hfai hot-- away with Just enough slice to
place him at a disadvantage, especially as
Ward wat unusually lengthy t\ith wood.
■VThen M came to putting White also let
Rveral chances Flip by. Going to the sev
*mh hole, an odd incident happened to the
Oakland golfer. His drive, a trifle sliced,
Tour.d the edge of the shallow trap. The
tall restoJ on a ridge of sand, and it looked
*♦ U WUto would have no trouble in get
inr to the green on his next. He purposely
Ktruck a trifle behind the ball, but as the
i!a<3? of ■::■■ niblick descended the sphere
Htal as if by magic. On closer inspection
it was found in a mole hole several inches
betomr the rurface. White tried to pet it
mm bat after three ineffectual efforts he
j, irked up.
Kv*-n with all his trouble White found
1 itself only 1 down M the turn, the strokes
reading 10 to ■ In Ward's favor. From
t ..r . .- White was always the under dog.
md th? match terminated on the fifteenth
j:r«^n. The bye holes were played out, as
War*! wanted his score to count in the
l!.'ind ; cap. He got an SO.
In the mean time Travis was merely
Vreesinj? along In his match w,th A. E.
Jones, the Nassau left handed player, who
<Hd •-rimgly mHI to get as far as the
f*>;ni-fir.3l round in the tournament. As
Jvncs taid himself, he was beaten before
they Ftnrted. At any rate, Travis never;
lost ■ hoie, going 1 out in 3S and winning j
by 7 up and 5 to play. The bye holes were
rot played, but for the thirteen holes the
ret«nia*a card showed even 4s.
[Trots a S' oring point of view. Travis*
*• ork acainst Ward in the decisive match
v. as one of th* best se*n at Nassau in
: p ur?. I'nder the circumstances it might
F»*«-m nothing out of the way for "Ward to |
hf eliminated to the tune of 3 and 2, yet !
h i- mti to say without fear of contradic- .
tK.n that, with the exception of puttiiiji.
Ward <3id a? well as his opponent
On the first, second, ninth and eleventh j
P'cen? M"ard*s weak short pame made his
.-.^irnrers can Had he not taken three
put? at those points he would have been 2
i'T> ■""ad of 1 down coing to the. twelfth.
«nd at he won the thirteenth in ■ he would
ba\» been 3 up there instead of all even.
There wer<? the littl© "ifs" that stood in
the -wjy of a Ward \ictory. On the other
hand. Travis was a wizard. When he did
mate a mistake with one club he usually
rose to the occasion sufficiently to make a
I masterful recovery.
W'i«>n the pair reached the turn the
Ftrokes r * ad 36 to 37 in Travls's favor, and
ih* 1 last named stood 1 up. As was prevl
«'ijv!\- mentioned, the match was even at
th« thirteenth, where Ward surprised him
t-?!f b$ holing a put from the green's edge
lor a 3. }■'•:• m there on he played poorly,
srtd Travis took the next three holes and
ili«* ncalcn. He finished out the bye holes
::i par Is and got a fine 72 for the round,
as follows:
Tra\is. out . 4444 X& 4 4 4—36
Vtjid, out 4 3 4 4 3 4 3 ■ &—37& — 37
Tiavis. in 4 4 4 4 .'• 3 4 4 4— 72
V.ard. in 4 4 4 3 6 4 6 5 4—40—77
Tht? summary follows:
I nn t riaSßttl (semi-final round) — Waiter J.
■j r;ni*. <;«iden CSty. beat A. E. Jones. Nassau.
7up anc .". to asc] John M "Want. <;ard«-n City.
t*a'. Oardinor \%'. White, Oakland, 4 up and 3
i »i!a> .
Kina 1 i-ound— Travis beat Ward. 3 up and 2 to
tttaten 'ipht (first »iT.t«-fn: eeml-final round) —
Donald %i K«Har. Midland, beat James D. Foot.
«|.iv.dii'\ .'■ up and 4 to play; W. L.. Hicks.
>a»--iu. li^-at H. O. Parsons. D.vkcr Meadow. 5
Cf anO I to i :ay. *
nnul svunJ McKellar beat Hicks. 2up and 1
t, p'-ajr.
s<.-otii] fivteen -•■r.i filial round) — F. C. Jen
ujpsf. Nassau, btat G. 1" W: • :•., Epsex County.
4*. op ar.il .". tu I Jay; J. B. OtU<-y. Nassau, beat
U. I-. «.:at*-K, I'asadTa, 3 up and 2 to play.
Flaal ruund — Jennings beat Ottley, 5 up and 4
to play.
Third ixtf*-n . • ~i-:ma! round) — T. D. Hooper,
NMsao. it-at J. F. TcUa. Nassau, 6 up and 4
t<> T'l^ v : I'- H. Hull, M..:.^»k. t*at L. Teirt. Fox
1'r1... bj default.
Kta?] rour.d— Hooper ■sat Hull, 4 up and 3 to
Jourth • mi -final round) — A. C. Aborn
M<jr.t<iair. t.oat W. 11. Nichols. Jr.. Naeaau. 3
ij- hi)-] 1 to play; T. T. Kushtnore. Garden City,
lrf-at I-\ !las*«, ii lea City. *> up and 5 to play.
Kir.ai round— Abu.-: brat Ruahmor*. 7 up and
<; to play.
Kin;, «ixt« i fn <s<>ml-naal round) — W. A. W.
Si<«art. >'■!■■ 11. beat i\ B. Smith. Jr.. Flush
ing. 4 uti aril 3 to play; H. W. Ely. Flushing,
to'at F. I-. Stuurt. Montclair. 4 up and 3 to play.
I'ir.ai tounJ — Stewart fcx-at Kly. 4 up and 3 to
Nan.*- „;.-. <iuli. * GroßS.H'cap.Net.
«. \V. Tr« irlck. X»fmiu £9 it 71
I. .1. Trmmv, r«\v<>lton M IS 72
J3. N. !■ ■■:'-. \'«fmi K« 13 7.".
T. T. T{nt.!;nior*>. «iard»n City v.» i<; 73
•*. ' -'■"!sii~! i . Nas«au TV .". 7.1
*X A. V.'. Rtewart. Nassau ■« 17 7.1
II M. Adain>. Xi-«siii >• 15 73
-*ui:<n <"ri:!<, Atlmta W 14 7.%
«J. Carin. >r. i»avi<3'» *•:* 14 ",
X llcim -. nan. Kasaaa.. . M M 7.'.
V. V i'.»n.kii<-r. (Smrdea City -i «< 70
A. IV RaMaStrr. ICaasaa si 7 77
-•.•«■. aiuT),.z. Hootdalr J»l 1« 77
H. H. T.h^i. -.... •„. 13 77
.T. A. VV.-.-U-. Nassau .. 95 is 77
.''.? in il. 'Aar.l. Oyrdrn CJty M» 3 77
X\-. «". RCerbtT Nassau . «7 IS "i
«•. V. V.-.r J:-. [Kicrr V...:-: I •■! » M»
1". V. <*iur!;y. Xas«1:1 lea 18 82
11. <•. FosW. jr.. Kawaa '■ 17 h2
c s:. <:i::r-:i. Wyiaasyt m « K2
«". «:. Slßltbjr. V.ykmrvl '.'- 14 ST.
}'. R. .I«tiiiltis«. Caidm City «1 a M
U. S. jrrj.-iijcr. Kingston '.'.'. 12 ».:•
«'. 1!. V"iii>-hiIJ. Mi'.r.hjttan !B II *4
11. M. 1-n.n-. iCamaa . 102 is m
K. ?:. Sii.i.-ii. KlsAinx 1«2 1«< M
.1. S T.t.Trti^'i-i'. Narsan ■••-• I" «-4
«". k\ Flrlay. OaUand I<>2 IS ♦■.-.
A. 'tell"-!-. Mac 1 ' I'.luJT '.'•.• 12 HI
<". !». Sr.i't»i«-rti. >a^■v^u I".". 18 *7
J. I. I^'Tini--. N.*««^ - iu I<;."< 1- «■;
<". J. TrftveJii, llra^- Hum vr. 7 >•«
J. W. Ganrmcfc. Nasxau . V' 2 ir. <■■>
V.. L. ltf rot*" I *. «:ar<lm <*:ty.... »". r. s;,
r.. ''': E>»". S •;: rv-la k- Hi" IS hit
\I* l «'a1 ;'n-J :natcli j.lay way ii order at
t't** DuTiv.^wdi* 1 «'Atmtry f^\i\h yesterday.
A:* C !a-Ar*>n<" letl the • ■ M in I 'ass A <>f
if i*=d atvi •■ !•,;.. lit ion. with 7S— — Cl.
*?iJle J. M. SHdel ■I--I the list in the I;
dfffWcnJ rnitb fe>— l<>-71. J. A. i shte led
* ~\zf* «". •viTli M— 29— <S. Tlie sumni-ry »nJ
:. oi <-<- fcllotj : . ,
n:i- cjuneii '^m petition cLass a.
!• '.I J.awretK— '. 7* 14 ♦«
I! !• Mar»ii«ll ••<» II <Zt
«; )'. 'Jil.'Ml . . K» 1 1 7."»
IJ «ollf'r «S *I 211
7.. T. Mi'.l^r -4*7 77
r '". •tl.jii. -'•♦ 12 77
.• M fV.<lr« .".'.......' M i- 71
ruv.rr-1 R<^» **• 22 74
P. M. J'.jr-hoJ v - IN 74
g ,- v-..:i; ; , ? , 9H TJ .'■.
.'. A. khI;!: ?» .'J «3
W. 3;. t*rock*»y •"' >' «°
W, A. y.it"i,rv „ :>- ss ;••
X- r. Tlifs. 10* 2«i 72
»- li. llanaff 102 .30 12
Miss Dorothy Campbell Shows
Skill as a Golfer.
■ ■ Icago. Get 8— MJss Dorothy Campbell,
of Toronto. American and Canadian woman
golf champion, to-day demonstrated to those
gathered st the Hsflsswaa* Country Club
for next week's mMMbsI tournament, that
she Is in the running for the national title.
Miss Campiw il sot a n^w woman's record
for the course, making an $9. one stroke
under the former mark, held by Mrs. I,uther
Kennett, formerly Miss Isabella s;mith.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.
Glen Ridge. N. J.. Oct. S. A fall handi
cap at eighteen holes medal play, with
prizes for the two selected nine holes witH
half of the regular handicap allowed, was
played on the <;>n Ridge Golf Club links
to-day, the first prize being won by S. D.
Smith and the second by T. R. Scott.
- The scores follow :
Gro«s. Handicap. Net.
S. D. Smith 40 12 2- 1 *
T. R. Scott 4.1 11 jj"-
W. D. RowJes '«« 1- •»«
J. H. I>oiin«l>ur>- 4ft i<> •->
J. E. BecKS «2 M ■»»
W. D. Ciould ■ 4-1 7 •»"
H. R. Fnyder 44 ~Si 30*4
VH. M. Kdwards 4.". >< 31
R. M. Hush 4.'. ;<i 3«^4
A Humphreyvllle 47 9 S?*
K. W. Comrdon 43 4V» 38»
W. R. Bniyere. jr 47 « J» .
R. H. Tlnsrley ."-> 10^ "'■>]-
A lymifS'na. 44- 4'- 3ft^
W li. Colson 45 .'» 40
T. W. I-angstroth 4!» * 41
E. Doane 4l» 7H 41«4
W. P. W. Veasle 40 7 4 2
V. H. Ptandlsh ■_. ■ v- " 47
In the medal play handicap at the Fox
Hills Golf Club yesterday A. F. Kammer
tODped the list in Class A with 77 — 73,
while Charles L* Smith, with X— C B. led
th*> field In Class B.
More than a hundred sMBBBCn took part
in the oualifying round for the presidents
cud. Those who qualified were B. T. Allen,
H. J. Curtis. C L. Smith. A. M. Williams.
T. W. Tjirmock. A H. Townsend, G. A.
Conover. M. Praln. K. P. EteOfy. C. D. Hof
fett, P. J O'Donohue. H. Cozens-Hardy,
E. S. Powell. J. B Eddelman. V. W. Pop
(«on. A F. Kammer. W. M. Ostrander. H.
L Wntt H. M. Turk. H X M^Clellan.
R. R. Mamlok. .T. A. McAleensn. C. A.
Reed. J. K. ODonohue, EL K. ArmstronK.
H F. Ives. A. H. Pogson, H. P. Hanger
ford. Albert Kritt. H. R. Anderson. R. A.
Sasseen and G. E. Armstrong
F. P Powell, jr., of Brooklyn, won tb"
Brooklyn Cup by defeating P. C. Tx.der in
the final round by 6 up and 4 to play. A
IhtJU 81l Untn medal play competition for
the Harrison trophy has been arranged for
■Wednesday. On Wednesday, October 19, a
four-ball professional match will be played,
in which Alexander Smith and George Low
•will meet Will Anderson and Isaac Mackie.
Following are tb* scores in the medal play
Gross. H'car- Net.
A. F. Kammer . "7 4 7.1
H. H. Lloyd *» » • 74
H. J. Curtis • J-"» 74
H. E. Armstrong 77 2 «5
R. R. Mamlok ** 12 •«
A. H. Popscn ■! 10 7S
Albert Kritt '•'- 1* 7S
Charles L. Smith *8 17 «I»
}■ J. O'Donohu- 01 '*> 73
H. M. Turk '•«"> 20 75
C. A. Conover «• 22 £7
R. A. Sasseen «7 1. Hi
E. Scheffer MS JO «
\V. J. Henderson I°* -- M
Nat- Harrison '<••'• "° & 1
S. H. Barnes won the championship of
the Apawamis Club yesterday, defeating A.
E. Taylor in the final by 7 up and 5 to play.
There also was a two-ball foursome event
at eighteen notes, in which the following
pairs returned scores:
J. A. Peck and H. Sanborn Smith ■ • 84
T. H. Barnes and B. H. Meyer W
T. H. Connor and A. Jr. Cor* in 87
T>. H. Lapham and W. D. l>apham M
T. H. Kenney and A. Bushforth »<>
L. L. Fleming and S. S. Wheeler J»l
r P. "VYaldon and S. E. Lally 18
\N" II Wallas, jr. and J. H. Seamon 'X>
V.*. W. Taylor led the field in the qualify
ing round for the club championship at the
Ardsley Club yesterday. Match play will be
continued next week. The scores follow:
Club champlonehip (qualifying round)— W. W.
Tavlor. S3- F. M. McAdoo. 86; U Dreer, V); K.
B "Johnson. HO; G. B. Broadman, P0; L. Brokaw,
00- M. P. Watson. 91: «i. S. Fuller. 92; W. A.
Staybach. 83: W. S. Baylies. »4; M. H. Matthew
eon 97 .1. H. Mn'ullough. 0!>; C. W. Clark. 8s;
L. G- Smith, 88. is. C, Maborn. 0s; < '. M John
son, to.
Irish -American A. C. and Xavier
A A. Win at Jersey Meet.
The Irish-American Athletic Club and
the Xavier AthUtic Association tied for
the point trophy at the athletic games at
the Jersey City baseball grounds yester
day. Each organization obtained a ttrst
and seosai placi f i r a total of eight points.
The Paterson Athletic Club was third, with
w-ven points.
Willi*" Power?, of the Irish-American Ath
letic Club, after being forced to start from
scratch in the half-mile run, made a
great bid for first pisrr. and only failed by
a dozen yards. Jimmy Plant, the former
Acorn Athletic Club runner and now unat
tached, won by a yaidaslided by a liberal
allowance of eixty-ri*-- . » da.
Harry Grumpelt, th*> *^n:or metropolitan
high Jump champioii, v. on from scratch
with a leap of 6 feet 1 inch. P. Foy, of the
Xavier Athletic Association, broke his
novice when lie won the two-mile run in
easy fashion.
The summaries follow
60-yard dash (novice)— Won by James Mur
ner. Paterson A. C. : V. Whipple, St. Peter's
Prep., second; P. W. Mulvaney, St. Peter's
Prep., third. Time. 0:06 i.
IMP ami :a«h (handicap) — Won by H. E*ran.
New West Side A. <" <<> yards); E. C. Lehman,
Anchor A. C (4 yards), second; Harry Dews,
Patenson A. C (1 yard». third. Time. 0:10.
■Kunlnir hlKh Jump (handicap; — Won by Hairy
Grulmirelt. New York A. C. (scratch), « feet
1 inch; H. Gear, Irish-American A. C li
inch*-."!. 5 feet V inches, second; John W. Price.
Bt. George A. C. (7 Inches). i feet 6 Inches;
12-pound shot put (handicap*— Won by F.
L Onkers. Irish-American A. C. (4 feet «
inches;*. 4-? feet ♦; inches; T. B. Tonjes. unat
inches (9 feet). 4.'. feet 3^-i inches, second; J. a.
Carey. I>iuKhlin Lyceum (S fett). 40 feet i
Inch'-*, third.
ouo->ard run (novice)— Won by W. J. Gil
martin, Bt. Paul's A. A.: J. L.. T>imi>er. unat
tached, second: Carl J. Butter, National A. C.
third. Time, 1:"4.
One-mile relay (closed to elementary schools)
—Won by P. S. -1. Manhattan (Ilutt<.;i. Boss.
Helms L>e»- Immaculate Elwnentary School
<c*£Eidy. t>rlsc.jll. Hyder. Wentlen). second;
Far HiY.< School (Schleshman. Btoodgood, M< «
oev. I»ij<asn»-lh. third. Time. 4:«m»is.
One-mile relay (closed to Hi Kb. School) Won
l.v J. r- ' ■:'■ Hich first team »Khl»-s. Miller.
Gllmore and Boctah); Jersey City High. second
team (O'Toole. T.roean. McLoughlin and Lo«-h
moHt, wond: St. Peter A. C. (Jones, lie
Laughlln. Smith and Kenny I. third. Time, 3:.^.».
<»ne-mi!e run <handkap» — Won by James \\
plaut. ui-.attathed «.^-, vardsc M. A. Devaney,
Xavi»-r A. A. «40 \.r.!-i second; I . '''"'">
Holr <"ross Lyceum (7O varda». third; W. A.
Powers. Irish American a. C. (scratch), fourth.
Time. 4:40 4-3. . . „ „
••--^>_var<l dash (handicap* — Won by H. I.
PoCtat National A. i- i'o yardsi; James Ryan.
S.«ut!i Paterwui A. C i 4 yards), second; L. 11 •■'.
wiu. I'atvr.'-cin A. C <!<» yards*, third. Ti.:i.
Rosoins liigh Jump (elementary school?*— Won
hy .1 I>ej.aKnler Far Hills, 5 feet; N. Memey,
Fsr Hills, i •• . ■ 11 Inches, second: O. C, >eh. ur
mna, P. B. «;, Jersey City. 4 feet 10 Inches,
liunnlnß broad Jump < handicap)— Won by 11.
i: i:...i uattadwd "I" feet). li» ftet 5Vi Inches;
Jjiiii.K Hyan. South Patenwn A. C. (scratch).
•«• l.^i r,', ire '.'- n<«>nd; Tim V. Aheame.
Ke« York A. C (scratch*. -'• feet •*'- lacbam,
Two-mil* run (novice) — Won by I. loy.
XarUr A. A.- T. Roach. St. Mary A. <*„ *.•<•
or.S H Hoarse*. B©t* A. •' . third. Tune,
was :: 5.
The .-st Mac Lawn Tennis Club <!«•
f..,t..l the Harlem Tennis Club in a dual
'm»*et yesterday by " HU to 0. In til*- .sin
\,-y Kos.s Hunhard. of th*- West Side, de
'*ntf-<l H. M. Pliillii^. of the Harleni dub.
«,_7. 4 <-. C— l. W. H. t.'ragin, jr.. of the
West Side, outplayed A. Bradford, jr., of
Harlem. 6-0. ♦>— 3. In »i,. doubles Kdward
R. niber and H. J. Bnnw. of the West Side
club, defeated Di . rtosenbaurn and U. M.
PbillipfC C—Z 6-1.
register esrly and vote for ttinson.
The registration books open to-morrow.
Get your name on at t^e head of the list.
Tb*o Champions Meet Defeat
Lawn Tennis Reversal
Matches on We
Two champions went down to defeat yes
terday In the women's metropolitan cham
pionship games on the clay courts of the
West Side Tennis Club, at 23Sth street and
Review riace. The interest Ins episode oc
curred in the semi-final round of the sin
gles, when Miss Mario Wagner signally
defeated Mrs. Frederick Schmitz, the pres
ent indoor champion, and ' Miss Louise
Hammond defeat, d "Miss Xoyes." a for
mer outdoor champion. No such reversal
of form had ever been seen in a champion
ship event In one day. Miss Wagner won
over Mrs. Schmitz at 0-1. 0-2. an.i Miss
Hammond won from "Ml«a NojCo" with a
wore of 4-«, B—6. 6-2-
The match betucen Ulsa Hammond anil
••Mi.-^s No>es" was v cJoaw affair, but the
former had always a little tlie better of it.
but It remained for Hiss Vagner to give a
remarkable display of fast t.-nnis. She
outplayed, outdrove and outsmashed her
oppon-nt in such a way that it looked one
sided In the first set Mrs. Schmitz went
ofT with the. lead, landing her long shots
from deep court at will, and she led at 4— l.
Then all of a sodden HIM Wagner .steadied
herself and began a series of back-hand
smaj-he* and placing phots which had her
rival flying aroun-.l the court. Miss Wagner
was :-o unconquerable in her price that she
f.rored ten games In succession, and this
not only won her the first set at 6—4, but
pave her a kad of B— tore in the second.
The result was not in doubt then, for it
Irish-American Stars Bound for
New Orleans Meet.
The advance squad of the local entrants
for the junior and senior track and field
championships to be decided at New Or
leans on next Friday and Saturday left for
the Southern city yesterday. Nineteen ath
letes made up the group, which sailed on
the steamer Creole, of the Southern Steam
ship Company. Sixteen of these were part
of the Irish-American Athletic squad. The
Irish athletes sailed accompanied by their
trainer. Lawsen Robertson. The remaining
delegation of the Irish- American Club, of
ten runners, including Pat Con way, presi
dent, and several officials of the club, will
leave on Tuesday by rail.
Beveral hundred friends-, relatives, fellow
members and a dozen of the prominent
Amateur Athletic Union officials were at
the pier. Martin J. Sheridan, the champion
discus thrower of the world, will go on
the "athletes' special" on Tuesday after
noon. John Flanagan's absence will be felt
by the club. He sailed yesterday for Ire
land, where he has been called to manage
an extensive estate, bequeathed to him by
a deceased relative.
William J. Kramer, the junior and senior
national and senior metropolitan 'cross
country champion, was among the runners
who left for the "champs." Kramer was
accompanied by George P. Matthews, the
former Acorn Athletic Association presi
dent, who asserted that Kramer would
compete unattached in the five-mile senior
run. Frank W. Finecan. the all-around
schoolboy champion, also sailed, along with
Mike McLaughlin. the middle distance
crack of the Knights of Saint Anthony.
Lawson Robertson, the Irish club's trainer,
announced that he would put his protegees
through short training during the five-day
sail. The men have ample room on the
hurricane deck to unlimber their muscles
while on the journey. The apparent ill feel
ing that had existed between Melvin W.
Sheppard and the Irish club had vanished,
as the marvellous middle distance runner
sailed, accompanied by Mrs. M. W. Shep
pard and tr:eir child Adeline!
The Irish-American Athletic Club ath
letes who sailed, and the respective events
that they will compete in, follow: M. W.
Sheppard. 440 and 880 yard senior runs;
Jack Monument, the one-mile junior ami
senior runs; Frank Riley, the 8&0-yard
-junior and senior; Dan Ahearne, the senior
running hop. step and jump and the run
ning broad jump; James Rosenberger, 220
and 440 yard senior runs; W. C. Robbins,
440-yard run and 229-yard low hurdles
senior; Julian J. Elliott, discus junior and
shot-put junior and senior; Edward Ste
vens, broad jump junior and high jump
Junior and senior; Harry S«haaf, 440-yard
junior and senior runs; John Brood, javelin
junior and senior; \V. J. Keating, 100 and
220 yard senior runs; Robert Eller, lifj
yard Junior and senior; 120 high and Tin
yard low hurdle junior and senior; John
J. Eller, r_\> high and 220 yard low hurdles
senior; Tom Collins, five-mile run senior;
Dick Egan. SBo-yard senior. Others who
left were AY. .]. Kramer, unattached, five
mile run senior; Mike Mclaughlin, SSO and
one-mile junior runs; Frank W. Finegan,
broad jump, high jump junior, hop, stop
and jump senior. "Shorty" Haubold. of
the New York Athletic Club, also sailed.
Scholastic 'Cross -Country Sea
son Opens with Dual Fixture.
The scholastic 'cross-country season was
opened yesterday, when the ilish
School of Commerce and the Morris High
School engaged in a dual run over a two
mile course around Crjtona Park, The
Bronx. Although J. Lc-mbach, of Morris,
won the run, the Commerce institution
captured the next live places for a small
total of IV points. The .Morris students to
talled .'.O points.
Although the athletes bad to face a
strong wind and chilly breeze, they mad*j
good time for the distance. I^einbach, uiter
hwrttng throughout, won by ;i iarg»> margin
in the fast time of 12 minutes 2 second. 1 -.
Haase, the Commerce track captain, who
outsprinted Lembach for lirst place, was
deprived of Uk. honor, being ineligible o\v
m^ to faculty restrictions. J. Daly, of
Morris, who finished fourth, suffered ;i sim
ilar fate
Scores Thirty-four Points in
Struggle with Stevens "Prep."
The Erasmus Hall High School, of
Brooklyn, swept the Stevens 'Prep' foot
ball team off its feet in a game ou the lat
t«-r's Reid al Hobbken yesterday, tile visit
ors winning by ■ score of 31 to 0. The
Erasmus beys simply outclassed their ri
val-. who never had an opportunity to get
the ball within the danger zone.
Steveni proved a weak combination, which
could not stop the onslaught of the Eras
mus backs. The latter eleven executed
BOOM perfect an I long forward pauses,
while a splendid run the length •>! the lit .d
for a touchdown by Reiner on the recovery
at the bail on a drop kick enlivened the
Itetmer proved the star, scoring no (ewer
than fOUI touchdowns and making lart-.M
uains when called upon. Byrne kicking
also was goo<l. Gallagher, Janter and Ted
Hquitett, the <-;ipt-iln ... Krasmus, wen- con
fpk-uuu by their fast nlaylng.
KusmuK (Ml •'• ' '"i Xl vena >''< i> ')"■
Itoth 1•- ■•■ • :>'J Baldwin
o'Kri^n in: kl' Hut.li.ns
Hqutrva ii-ijiiaiin. i.'i. Buar<i Btit-rinin
l!jm< Centre Blanch
Armstrong Flight guard olds
I'Hep-r '"Kit tackle Burinan
il<Mutti . . . Id ■:.■ < ..... Nfcholaon
<Jambie ... Quarterback .. 1..1K-1
jajiiik . '- '" halfuaek <;■ i'l'>ii
• •alia^h^r Illghi liairba.-ii . Herman
„.., r. Kullback N,. k !
Touchdown!'- It*"!'"'! <4i. <jullaK h<> r. James,
. t ..lh frmn toU'-li<J«un— I:-.- ,1, tl(lil.»
bjxn* tut Koth. Palmer for ArmaUtmf, 1 • 'I-
J. r FrJ«-p«»'. i-irl" rly f.jr M'MiUi. M't 1 • 11. for
•Jaj-iblt. Kephart for <Jallm.-hcr, U'agiK-r for
hel!!H?r. .>;.-;
is Recorded in Spirited
st Side Courts.
was an absolute >£-££ Jj J2
Schmitz to overcomo the ieau.
Wagner won the match at &-*. " )n
leaves Miss Wagner and Miss Hammond in
the final for tomorrow. _
Miss Elizabeth H. M"ere. tne former na
tional champion, who is paired wttl i Ijte
E. Mahan. reached the final bracket of the
mixed doubles. In. the semi-fin* they met
srs. Halght and George M- CJ-Kb. the
interscholastic champion, but M ss Moore
and her partner won in straight bets.
Miss Hammond and Miss Little reached
the final round of the women's doubles.
The finalists in the consolation singles are
Miss Dorothy Green and Mrs. George \.
de Gersdorff.
The summary follows
Metropolitan championship. ir "'" B d , t »d
(semi-final round) -Miss Marie Wjsn""^
Mrs. Frederick Schmitz. «-"»• *-*: JHJVCS
M. Harmnonu defeated "Miss Nojes, ♦— ". »— "•
Women* championship doubles ' (pemi-nnal
round. Miss Louise M. Hammond and M.m "
ate Little defeated Mrs. William H. PoucH and
Miss Edith Handy, 3— 6—4.6 — 4. — 3-
Mixed doubles (second round)— Miss Ijttle
and O. M. Washburn defeated Miss Inn Klssell
and Mr. Davis by default: Miss Hl Uabeth ,ll
Moore and I.yle K. Mahan defeated v Mis»
Noyes" and Mr. lilddle by default; Mrs. Ualjrht
and G. M. Church defeated Miss Buda Stephens.
6—2. 6-2.
Semi-final round- Kllrabeth H. Moore and
Lyle E. Muhan defeated Mrs. Haight and ,G. M.
Church. 7—5. 6—3.6 — 3.
Consolation singles (semi-final round)— Miss
.Dorothy Green defeated Miss Clara K.lttrolT.
7—S. I 7. 6—2; Miss George V. de uersdorf de
feated Mrs. E. A. Oeder, 7—6.7 — 6. 6—3.6 — 3.
Oberlin Plays Big Red Team to
Standstill at Ithaca.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.!
Ithaca, N. V., Oct. 8. — The Cornell foot
ball team suffered humiliation at the hands
of Oberlin on Percy Field this afternoon,
which was the more keen for its unexpect
edness, and which. It Is hoped, will act as
a spur to tli*? enire football squad. Neither
team was able to score, but Cornell had a
slight advantage.
Oberlfn proved an opponent worthy of
Cornell's steel, despite the fact that the
team contains nine second year men. Al
though light, the strength and speed of the
players were remarkable. Oberlin's playing
was that of the team rather than of the
individual players, and only the skill of
Stimson, left hiilfnaek. and Martin, full
back, stood out from that of the rest of the
team. Martin was successful on several
occasions In making openings through which
to gain ground, and on Cornell's golden op
portunity to score, In the third period, when
the ball rested on Oberlin's 2-yard line,
Martlln. supplemented by the line, held the
Red and White team for downs.
The game was Interesting from the spec
tators' point of view, and, while Cornell did
not play up to the .standard which the team
has set for itself, the play was almost
constantly in the enemy's territory. This
is especially true of the two middle periods
of the contest.
Butler:- kicking was the feature of the
game. In every instance he out pun ted his
opponent, Martin. His punts averaged
thirty-live yards for the game, and at the
start of the second session he sent the ball
from the Cornell 45-yard line beyond the
end of the bridiron. In the first few min
utes of play Butler, on an attempt from
placement on the 35-yard line sent the
pigskin straight for the poets, missing a
score by the .slightest possible margin.
The summary follows:
Cornell iOi • Position. Oberlin <0».
Whyte Left end Pyla
Munk l.cfi tackle .-. Klnney
Champaign Left guard Curtis
Stimson Centre. Mi-Daniels
Ha).- Kljrhi 'i?uar<J Hubbard
Austin Right lai-kle . .- Ueualf
Pitcher night •nd Kerr
Butler Qu:irteit>nck Nichols
O'Connor I* ft halfback Stlmaon
Bates Kight halfback Bird
Collins Fullback Martin
Referee — Hackett. West Point, li'mptrc Mc-
Carthy. Gerniantown. Field jiidi?e Evans,
Williams. Linesman — Cornell. Tinu* -
Two minute ami two 10-- minute periods.
Substitutions Cornell Kyrlch for Whytc;
Seagraves for Stlmson; liaker for Pitcher;
Nichols for Hates; Kates for Nichols; Simsun
(captain), for Collins. Oberlin — Gray for Pyle;
Henderson for Nichols; Nichols for Bird; Uiru
for Nichols.
Colgate Holds Providence Team
to a No Score Tie.
[Bj Tcl.-craph to The Tribune. 1
Providence. Oct. B.— ln a gruelling grid
iron battle Brown and Colgate fought each
other to a standstill to-day. The score was
o to 0. From the kick-off the game devel
oped into a spirited struggle, with superior
weight telling In favor of the visitors.
The fast Urunonian backs gained ground
repeatedly by spectacular end runs and an
occasional forward pass. Save when kicked
by Stipp, the giant Colgate fullback, the
ball did not approach within striking dis
tance of the Brown goal.
In the final period, with the Brown fight
ing blood fairly up, the ball came peril
ously near the Colgate line, and had the
home team kept up Its persistent line
plunging, instead of resorting to an at
tempt at goal from a drop kick by Sprack
ling. It is probable that Brown would have
■cored from the visitors' 10-yard line. As
it was, however, the chance was lost, al
though six yards were gained from Col
gate's 30-yard line by the forward pass,
and a few more were added by High's and
Sprackling's line plunges, the hall being in
Brown's possession on Colgate's 20-yard
line when time was called.
Urown. Position. Colgate.
Bean I>-ft end Hudson
smith Left tackle Thtirb.r
Kttlp Left guard Jones
Sissun Centre Docket
•'"if Jtlßht guard Lenhon
Krats Klßht tackle 1 Ham-hard
AshUiiit-h Went end Loeber
Sprcckllng Quarterback conn
Marble Left half bad: Richard's
McKay Hlxht halfback Peterson
Ili-li Fullback Stlpp
Substitutes ßrown: Tewksbury for l:<an.
Goldberg for Corp, Crowther for Sprackllng
Warner fur McKay, Adams for nijth. Colgate:
Itarnsey for Richards. Heferee Murphy, of
Harvard. I'm; ire Lowe, of Dartmouth. Field
judjee and head Uncsman -Noble, of Amherst
Linesmen Hunt and Curtis, of Urown. Time
of quarters — Ten minute*.
Stuyvesant High School won a victory
over Curtis High School in a stubbornly
fought contest on the jatter's field at
Stattn Island yesterday, by a score of 'c
to 9. Neither team was able to score in
the first two periods. After securing tho
ball on a rumble In the third period, Cur
tis, by line plunging and end runs, ad
vanced the. rugby' to Stuyvetant's 2-yard
line, where the ball was relinquished to the
opposing force on downs. r.slng Beeghly,
the agile fullback, as a means to approach
Curtis goal line, Stuyvesant, by end runs
and line plunges, soon pushed Ilcpglily
...toss the line with the only touchdown
of the game. MeNamara kicked the goal.
Both team* bad rather' yhaky defences' «nd
ragged interference. ■
The ore loll.m ■- . .'■'.., .
Stuyvejiatit »<■>. Position. I'uttis i'O),
F"« rrt II baft ■ end V rton
i'l-k- left tackle.. .*.:.*;W«Mman
Krltz Left Kuan! KenPUr.
Ti.wiiKenj Centre . .Jarl.h.m
Wa ere reek. ..... IHfrht jniard. .... . Schwartz
'<>nn«-il ...Itlßhl tackle #....Heyn
Wlllyouns T!lKht rod BtQV«y
Hodglna QuHitertuek Miller
MiNninara ... !•" balfbi«k Burnstetn
Mrorkuuy Itlßht halfback Waller
DMB'iJy, • • Full buck . .. ." Klern»n
. '|Viiii!n!u«n — Beeghl] Goa! from touchdown —
Mi-Namarj. Hrferre — Tdrrmce, University 'of
Vermont. IJinplm-sSturke. Btuyve«ant. Time of
quarters— id minutes each.
Defeats Rochester, However,
Showing Speed and Power.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune. 1
Syracuse, Oct. B.— Syracuse won the third
game on its schedule to-day, defeating the
University of Rochester eleven by a score
of *5 to 0. In spite of the email score
Rochester was clearly outplayed through
out the game. The visitors made the first
down only four times, twice on forward
passes and twice on end runs. Syracuse
had | the ball within ten yards •of the
Rochester goal four times, but was unable
to score until the third quarter, when a
series of line rushes and end runs yielded
a touchdown.
r>urtn,, the entire same the Syracuse
backfleld showed great speed and made
repeated gains, but fumbles prevented their
running up a bigger score. The work of
the Orange line was excellent, although a
tendency to hold while on the offence' was
In evidence. It was the opinion of various
football experts that the new rule which
prohibits aiding a man carrying the ball
was responsible for the low score made by
Syracuse, as the Orange team twice failed
to push the ball over' from Rochester's s
yard line.
The line-up follows:
Byracus*. Positions. Rochester.
Hartman Centre Dunn
Myers (R. Flgher)..Rl ht guard *[*"*
Ajrltns (Camp).;... Left juard Abbott
Prcbst Right tackle Tom the
Walte (Smith. B. „ ,
Fisher) Left tackle X< tT
Kallet (Lyons) Right end Melen
Plnder (Long) Left end V"JiP n *
Waldron Quarterback Marxnam
Darby Fullback Slocum
For* (Wilkinson).. Right halfback ..Brown
Rledpath (Frye.i . Left halfback. McDonald (Otis)
Touchdown — Wilkinson. Goal — Wilkinson.
Referee— Leigh Turner. Dartmouth. iv.plrr
Southworth, Harvard. Field Judge— Sen wart ». ot
Hamilton. Head linesman— Foley. of llobart.
Rutgers Holds Middies Down in
Fine Style on Wet Field.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune]
Annapolis, Oct. B.— Rutgers put up ■
splendid defence against the. Naval Acad
emy this afternoon, and after thirty-six
minutes of play on a soft field and in a
tteady downpour of rain neither team had
scored. While the midshipmen made con
siderably greater gains from scrimmage,
their goal line was actually crossed by
Koblnson, . who got the ball on a fumble
and ran seventy yards, but he was brought
back, as the referee ruled that there had
been illegal Interference with Gllchrist, the
Navy «nd.
This was a h.ird blow to the visitor?, as
Gilchrist had no chance whatever of tack
ling Robii'son, who had distanced all his
pursuers. The offence took place on the
Navy's 5-yard line, and Rutgers was pe
nalized fifteen yards from that point. The
ball was handled finely, considering its
slippery condition and the muddy field.
Smith and /.tegler, of Rutgers, had hardly
the semblance of a fumble, though they
received a large number of kicks.
Erwin whose lot it was to recover most
of Alverson's long and well directed punts,
frequently lost time by Juggling the bail,
but he never lost it and did good work
in returning with the ball. He also madn
a gain of thirty yards on one run from
his position. Dalton made repeated gains
ard Clay was not so regular in his work,
though runs of fifteen and ten yards were
to his credit.
The line-up follows
Naval Acad. <O>. Position. Rutgers (O.)
Cobbi ■ Left end McOovern
Uoußlaw Leri tackle V^l'iC
Merrln>c I* ft guard MaCA i
Weems Centre . . -_• •; •-• • • .Julie
Wright Might guard an Winkle
Loftin ..Ulght tackle Tohey
GUchriYtV. Klsrht end Robinson
Er« In . Quarterback Zelg ler
Daiton Left halfback en:ltn
nay Right halfback Overton
Auitin.'. Fullback ..... ... ••• - • <'oo^r
Heferee— Mr. Tausslg. Cornell. Tjmplre— Mr.
Armstrong. Yale. Field judge-Mr. Donnelly.
Trinity. Head linesman— Midshipman Meyer.
Time of quarters- Two 10 and two 8 minutes.
Substitutions— Dickens for Cobb. Hamilton for
Dickens. Meyers for Merrlng. Elmer for r.il
christ, Urown tor Elmer. Mcßeavy for Erwin.
Krwln for M.lteavy. Cochran for Daiton. Dalton
for Cooliran. Rodes for Clay. Sowell for Rodes.
White for Zeißler. "\
Holds Brown and White to Tie
Score in Hard Fought Game.
■ [By Telegraph to The Tribune. 1
riouth Bethlehem, Perm., Oct. B.— Stevens
Institute surprised Lehlgh to-day, holding
the local eleven down to a tie score, neither
side b«ii«£r able to cross the goal line In
forty minutes of hard playing. Both teams
failed to gain consistently through each
other's line, so open play was resorted to
almost continually. About three-fourths
of the plays on either side were forward
passes, which were worked with Indifferent
success, seldom earning a good sized gain.
The onslde kick was used frequently with
little better success. Considerable fum
bling marred the good work of both sides.
Two more evenly matched teams have not
battled on I,ehish Field In many moons.
Th« tirst quarter was distinctly Lcfelgb's,
and the Brown and White lost a sjaldoi
opportunity to score when, with three
yards to go. Heard essayed a forward
pass, which failed.
The summitry follows
■ Stevens (0). ' Position. LehiKh (<*•■
Harris Left end Rous»
lord f.«-rt tackle Vela
'De.-ou Left guard Kevse
Nash Centre Wylle
White Right suard Bailey
?kinner Right tackle Black
Myers Rl«ht end O. Wool
I'iittricld Quarterback Heard
Ackerinan I^eft halfback Kennedy
K*tchum Right halfback Knoi
Howe Fullback ; Cox
Referee — Davidson. I'niversity of Pennsyl
vanla. I'mplres — Ponder. Stevens. anil 81l -
helni'-r. I>«'high. Head linesman — Hcrden. T*
hlgh. Time of fjuartrrs — 10 minutes each. SuV
ptltutes — Stevens: Nortlon for Ford. Slier for
Skinner. Hrauch fcr Myers. Myers for Huttiiel.l.
M. -MuMen for Ketchum. Buttflel.l for McMulli«n.
LehlKh: H. Wo.vl for House, Relnhart for Wylie.
Hayles for Black. l»rlce for Heard. Dobbins f< r
Kennedy, Donalds for Knox.
. i
Brooklyn "Prep." Scores Twice
. Against Garden City Team.
St. Paul's School met defeat at the hands
of the Brooklyn College Preparatory eleven
at Garden City yesterday by the score of
12 to 3. McXulty played a star game at
halfback for the Brooklyn team and scored
two touchdowns. His daring end runs and
line plunges were the feature of the game.
St. Paul's played an open game and used
the forward pass for long gains. The stiff
defence of the preparatory team kept the
home eleven .from scoring until the last live
minutes, when Chalmers kicked ■ goal from
the twenty-yard line. "
The line-up follows:
Ili-.H.klyn I'r.-p yl'2). IVFltion. .St. Paul's <:?>.
McCaffrey I^eft en.l Hut.t-11
Farley ,\« i^.ft tackle Dally
Cunningham .... .."...I^eft guard Hennett
(JriKon,- Centre E»terbrook
Hoy „ ....'... Ul?ht suari (Sallnnay
Wt-Oauldy .Right tackle Carltnn
Ro r k< Right '-nil .'. lioldwaite
».;iilj. n tjui<rterj>:»ck Hun-hell
. M.'Xiillj 1., ft ljalf>>c»ek ..FelneM
C. MoNulty. ..' . .Hlght halfback ...Chalmers
M. Cassldy.' Fullback ..t»avis
Touchdowns -«-|». .M.-Nullv (-> • C.uulb front
touchdowns — P Mc.Vultv i-> «!oal from field —
Cl-alin.-i;. Time of -periods— Ten minutes inch
The Morris High School Matty defeated
the Yonkera Uli;h School eleven at Van
Cortlandt Park yesterday, by a : core of
'.'0 to 0.- The Morris' eleven showed itself
to be. n t;i-;t combination. Two na'fetiea
were called against the Vonkera eleven.
* Th» Itne-up follows: .. • -• t ' '. 'W^
Morrli i2oi. • Po»itjon. . Yonk. - trti.
<)«»M.ni 1 .ft end ...Rarrle
Kvans. l^-ft tackle. ;Klef
M.u -lirle ....... ... I^-ft guard.... Sul»<c r
Roland . ('Mitre R>«.lU.>n
Si«ni.T flight RuArd ZlmJey
Fuhnuin .'. Right tui'kle. .....'.. .Mulcahey
1«.K3n... \a ft guard John
Huntley. yuorterbuck W u l»h
l>i>nohue .. 1 «ft ".aift-i-W. Bhemian
l-.:Lii Itig'it halfback . . Chemte r
Phillip) ru Uwck „.^ehllcht«r
»'.u.-|;iiouns~»*hllilpl. r'Tgun. -Donohui.. u.ia.'
from toui-Mown - Saft»r« Monrs C».
Hefereo— Murphy. Umpire— McCaffrey. Tta« of
Vii -lb in minutes eaca
Manual Training High Beats
Flushing High with Ease.
Leads Team in Fast and Bewil
dering Offensive Play, Which
Confuses Opponents.
Manual Training .'M Flushing High •
&tujrve«uint ........ 6 Curt I* High ... •
Mackenzie 5 B'ktjn Poly Prrp. 5
Morrl* Hl«h 20 Vonkera •
Brooklyn Prep 12 st Paul*. >
Knamu* Hall 34 .Stevens Prep . . •
Fordhnm Prep . It De Witt Clinton.. 0
Polt Prep., Zd.VT. 5 Commercial 2<l •
The Manual Training High School foot
1 all eleven, playing a remarkably fast
and open contest, easily defeated the
Flushing HiKh School team ai Saratoga
park yesterday by a score of 32 to 2. Man
ual Training show Itself to be a finely
moulded team. Their defence- was almost
impenetrable, while the offence was over
powering. Many trick plays, combined
with long forward passes, bewildered the
Flushing men. who could not stem the
progress of the Manualltes.
Flushing put up a lame fight, showing
little team work and no interference. Pier
son, who replace:! Range, proved the best
player of his team. lie could be found in
all scrimmages, and on many occasions
lulled Yown runners who were headed for
his goal line. The playing throughout was
open, with much punting, many end runs
and much passing. Peck, the Flushing cen
tre, played miserably at critical times.
Foley, the captain of Manual, played a
splendid game, figuring in every attempt
with the forward pass and making sub
stantial gains through the opposing wall.
Klnney's kicking was also beautiful, he
averaging forty yards or. each punt. Bow
man and Lent, at left halfback and full
back respectively, also played well, cross
ing the line with the ball for a touch
down twice.
Kinney opened the contest by kicking to
Flushing's 15-yard line. Runge. followed
suit. Koley. however, returning the ball to
the 15-yard lln». On three line smashes
Bowman easily found epr^sa, scoring a
touchdown. Soon aftT play was resumed
Kinney hoisted the ball beyond Flushing's
goal posts. Kly scooped it up. but after
immediately stepping within the gridiron
was pushed back of his line, rewarding his
team with a lucky safety. Manual again
rushed Flushing down the field, and a few
minutes later Bowman was pushed over
for his second touchdown. On a fake kick
he grabbed the ball and sped twenty-fire
yards to Flushing's 1-%-yard line before he
was downed. The whistle then ended the
A series of double passe.-, combined with
an end run by Foley for twenty yards, and
three line plunges soon resulted in another
touchdown, I^ent going over the line. Ding
wall successfully kicked a goal. Kinney
again kicked across Flushing's line, making
a touchback. Runge. with an onside kick,
sent the ball to mldfleld, where Lent sig- ■
nalled for a fair catch. Manual was then
penalized fifteen yards for pushing, put
ting the ball on the 40-yard line. An at
tempted triple forward pass by Manual
was intercepted by Pierson, but Greene,
of Manual, recovered it when the former
fumbled the ball. On three- line smashes
through the right wing Bowman was sent
over for the fourth touchdown of the game.
The quarter soon ended, with Manual get
ting the ball on an unsuccessful forward
pass on Flushing's 10-yard line.
The ball changed hands, going up and
down the field; but two minutes before the
expiration of the third quarter Lent was
again pushed across the Flushing line.
Foley by a sensational end run. aided by
some magnificent Interference, soon scored
a touchdown a minute after the opening
of the last period. At the call of time, end
ing the uninteresting contest. Manual had
possession of the ball on its opponent's
1-yard line.
A large contingent of schoolboy enthusi
asts were on hand to witness the fray.
• The line-up follows:
Man! Training «3C>. Position. Flushing 42).
GiMen Lef t end Ely
■aaaaataai Left tackle Goldsner
Dinirwall Left guard Phillips
t Cook Centre Peck
Spurgreon TJfplu cuard Cornell
Kinney Right tackle '.;ilr..y
Wheeler Ri(.-!, t m.) ..Smith
Foley Quarterback HWker
Bowman I eft halfl>ack Robert*
Hess Right halfback... li- r-. )»
Lent Kullhnck Runge
Touchdowns — Bowman »2). Hess. I-> nt d'>.
Foley. Goal from touchdown* — Dinjjwall. Safety
—Ely. Umpire — Holly. Referee— F'Uher. Time
of quarters — 10 tnlnut»s each. Substitution's —
Plataaai for BBsaaja, LHmohue for Pierson; Leighte
fcr Greene.
Fonlham I*reparatory football team de
feated the De Witt Clinton eleven by a
score of 11' to 0 yesterday afternoon at
Ford ham Field. In the first two periods vl
play neither side scored, but In the t!iin!
Hamberger. of I-orriliam. caught the 1 a'l
on a kick-off and made a sensational run
down the entire length of the field for a
touchdown With three minutes to play.
O'Rourke registered another goal after r«
celvlng an excellently executed forward
pass on the 2"i-yaril line.
Ir the fourth period of play the hall zig
zasfj,etl ur. and down the r eld. neither side
scoring. M«-Nal!y and llasalii niei starred
for Forcham and Wright and Cntalsky
played well for <"llnton
TT.e llneur» follows: _
Fordham I'r. r> «i^>. ' Di- Witt Clinton »o>.
Kennedy Left em! Telf--r
Slmonotl.i Loft tackle Wi.-ri. r
Murphy I.*, ft L:u:«ril Croh*
Lannanl Centre Grei-nbrrp
Flnneuan Right suanl s::non
Vlvtanu Ulßht tackle M -X ■.
McNally Richt trad . Wrirhl
HamherK»r Quarterback Cumlskey
O'Connor Hiiiit half Moore
Doollni,- rul!l>ack Roesa
O'Rourki Left ball Sullivan
Substitutes: For Fonlham Prep^ — Fltx f..r
Kennedy and Shannon for Lannard. For Clin
ton — Grossman for Telfer. Davis for Wlraia*
and HmL- for Rom.' Touchdowns — Hamb.-r
»er. O'Rourke. Goals scored by kk-k — Ham*
berter (2). Ref»re.> — Tom Scanlon. F.>r<!»iir-i
Coil>»Re. Umpire — Hookes, Princeton. Me
linesmen — "Splkr" Lynch. Fonlham: Hajsril
r>.-iuni. New York Univt r«i!y. Tim keepers '
I'haprnnn. Fnrcihom; V."rlc»:t. V>f Witt Clinton
Time — n»-mlnut*> prrloqa anil one S-mln
ut< and one 7-ml-.;:; pjaa ,. t |
Republicans! Register early and vote
for Stimson. To-mcrrow is the first day
of registration. Have your name first on
the boo!*'-.
Perm. R. R. Terminal District:
Send me particulars of anything you
want to sell, from 16 ft. front tip to
any limn ( largei the better 1 *
I have cash buyers waiting
25 years* experience ?s
a broker in Greater
New York.
Principal addrr -
Insanity in the Navy—New
Rifles for Marines.
From Tiie Tribune Bureau. ;
Washington. October f
INSANITY IN" NAVT.-A irinisQ st B7B 7
of th<* insane at th* government hospital •
(or th» Insane, in this city, prompts ruiaaj
Assistant Surgeon Butts to vlsrwmja 1 rora
ment on the lax methods of a reptln^ -• '
cruits. It is found that nearly o«»-TtMi- -
of the insanity in th» navy, - n«» main*
corps Is furnished by privates In th» ...
ter service. This is held to be caused 87
the scant examination elver by cJvfUan
Ihysicians hired at marine re-ruitina; st*.
tir>ns. Evrn the navy mi?dlral officers. -*
censured for haste In this atl-lmpomnt
matter, am! It In «rui'K»'<"tefl thai some form
of mental examination in desirable, as w«(I
as a probationary «<»rvlc* of six month!", to
determine mental status and iptltod* fur
service. It i* also deemed nl.<*e to Inquire
Into family and personal history of candi
dates before accept! th'rn. Dr. Butti
finds the men of Irish birth furnish by far
the greatest number of Insan*. and nm*9
great eautlcn In enli^tlns: Irishmen. A' the
.-a me, time l» is f«»urd that among th©
forti^n born the Germans have the best
mental make-up. From January. I*9. to
June. 1&10. th"r» was nearly in p*r '••m of
n-coveries and lM than 7 per cent at
deaths Over 63 per rent or the insan* are
between twenty mmi thirty ••■»»« old.
United States marine K»iar'l at Pekt- . th^
entire marine '„r'-. in the Philippine Isl
ands and every marine In both the Pari^.
and Atlantic fleet." have been equipped trlth
th« latest arm. the new West m«xi c ! ni
the SprlnsrfleM arm* rifle Tnis lake*
four thousand or more marines armed al
ready with this weapon, while all th* rw
of the marine. corps— which must*rs a total
strength of a little less than ten thousand
—are equipped with the old Kraji-.lorjren-et;
Those still unequipped are marines »%hnr<i
on the, Atlantic an.l Pacific coasts. In thlj
city and in Hawaii. Th« new rMsl is a
fast multiple tlrer. The ide> I" to er^i?
the entire corps nith the same type fit
weapon as the army H5»-s. s«>'as to hare
uniformity in both services. Th* fond*
for the supply hay«» run out. and to ■ > ">
plete the equipment an approprl?»ticT> fey
Ccngres? will be necessary.
by Colonel Joseph <;arrar<l. commanding
the 15th Cavalry, at Fort Myer. eleven f>M
offlcers attached to the Department of the
East began a ninety-mile test ride to-day.
They travelled through a heavy rain an 4
over muddy roads thirty miles by a cir
cuitous route to Fort Washington, on the
Potomac River, where they were to camp
The party of War Department officers
with Major General Leonard Wood chief
of staff, continued their thirty-ir.lle-a-d*y
physical test ride in the vicinity of Roi-k.
ville. Md.. to-day. They will return her?
ORDERS ISSUED.— The follo^ins orders
have been Issued
Captain THOMAS) E. MERRILi* Gwiera? §»«•
from Washington to San Fraactsco. aatMr.c
December 5. for Philippines.
Captain GROTE HUTCH fcdON. »>* Cavalry, to
Fort Ril*y. for examination for promotion.
Captain ROBERT E. L. MH.IIIE^ 12th Cavalry.
upon expiration of present leave of absence.
t • Fort Huaohuca for duty pemMna; arrival c*
hts troop at its station In Vnited f atfs.
Operation of special orders. announ<-in-;
able discharge of First lieutenant CRNEST
K. SLATER, medical r»s»rv« corps, from
s«rvlc« of United States, to ta*e effect Octo
ber 13. suspended until further or4er».
First Lieutenant BENJAMIN D. FOV"I_Ol> «i«
r.al corps, from San Antonio to N«<* Toric
«'ity. for temporary duty pertalnm* to inter
national aviation meet to be held at Beinwmt
Park. New York. October 22 to 30.
Leaves of absence: Captain HUGH J. B Mc-
EL>iIN. coast artillery, and Captain LAM
BERT W. JORDAN. Jr.. Ist Infantry. en»
month: First Lieutenant ■ MADISON H.
BOWMAN, medical reserve c-'rp« t*o
months and twenty-four day* from Octo
ber 15:
First Lieutenant KENYON A. JOYCE. «th Cav
alry, recruiting: 'ffl'-er. one month from N l^
vember 13: Second IJeutenant JOHN K.
MATHEm'X. corps 4 en«tne-?r9. f*e-it;
fn.- days from I)ec?mb<>r Il*.I I *.
Captain J. T. SMITH, to navy yard. j.-»t» v ?r*.
Lieutenanf Commander >'• d OALBRAITH. or
ders to naval station. Guam. revoked
TJeiitenant Commander it i. B.'.KEK. to naval
station. «av>t«L
Ijeutenant • •imnian.H'r V. .- HOt'STON. de
tached as inspector in charge Unh IJ«nt
house Distrt«-t. Honolulu; t.. Astatic station.
Lieutenant '■■inniaii«l»r A. N. SIIT«*HB1 Je
tached navy yarJ. !•._••-." ta As af.3
stratum. H. F. LEAHT and C. U ARNOLD.
I.i.uT.nur-.ts T. IJSART and C I* ARN'M-P.
detached the North I>akota: M Aslat'c sta
Kn»i«n E. D. WASHIU'RS detacher th* <^-T«ia;
t.~> Asiatic station.
rin.-lKr. R. Hll-U detacheJ the Minnesota, *•>
Asiatic station.
Ensign C. H. STTKU. dota.-hed IBM New Jcrs-:';
lo Afiatlr station.
Ensisn U. KELT. satsch . the Salem; i.-, Asiatic
En*isn i:. 'l» \V.\i... .lstache.l the Aaitii. ■
th«* r'outh «"arolina.
■nssai K. A. HIVING. d«-tach«i the Ka: « ■ ■•>
En>iVn •■.'. lI W. SIMPSON, eSBMSMi Om Kansat;
la the Pl«at< n. rjl
Eastav '). v.-. WRIGHT. tletsrlMd ih- l'r >:oa;
lo -. Kansas. .
Midshipman C. A i>t .VAN .irtuohed »• "•»"
aaai; to th* Franklin.
Midshitiman K. V.'. STR"Tii dota.-he.l ...»
N>w Hampshire: to th» Uim«
Assistant Paymaster A. ■".. HEARNE. «**«
Bureau <•( ?*u\j\>\le* -and AttWßtli ti> -■•
% «,lit!» l m Pavinast.-r H. B. RANSPELU *£?**?*
Bureau ■>' Supplies and Account*; to ""
AsM^ant^ray master H. R. sNYCKK d»U,M
Bureau of Supplies an I Accounts; to wm
Paymasu'r^Cicrk P. D. BOGUS, appointmen:
Piiymas;. -"a I'lork P I>. BOOLE. app<^
',■ ,1-itv ■•■> the R:-Mnr>.>\\ r-vr.lte.l
ncatswain H. VIUJAMS. detacSed the Patap-co;
tn NVw York ShipbuiUttne »'omp«a«;. C^nwlf*
conne.-tion the ftah. ' . . r-rv.
Ilc^tswnin n PAVID an<l Carpenter A !*.-.->-
S()U ,-he.l the Albany: to the New T^rx.
Ifc^tswain P. H. WEK.T. detached th. • ,Je.
to V. ? Fisheries steamer Fl»h II3WK. .
Chief Boatswain P. K. HAl'<-LaF>*K. deta.-?»««
the Albany, t" the Rainbow. __*. w
Runner A. KOOIER. detached the >•* * ork ' i»
the Rainh"W.
Ounner H. WEBB t retired*, detached char*»
navy ...:i; d. not. Sun Dt-K©: to horrid f + m
I'as.vH Assistant Sur««m G. L. WH'KE- w tJW
1 Assistant T S^ncvm E. P. Hl'rT.^d-tache-i •»
New Tort to i:.n.i! hospltat. Cupno.
ftsaMant .--urr^n «. P. HART, detached ts»
! Albany: to nay-»! station. Olonnapo
M.d'vVt l>'r. „.,. . .1. .- WISE, placed u?oa re
tired list ..f offlc-r*.
rflsswl An9i»tant Www 11. A. ,V, V , XT a
t laeaed naval hcPtr.il. Mir- UUn.l: -»
»_ liar j «nt! Rureau of m -.-. •m- an^
raw* A!»sli>t:«nt Paymaster E. H. tx>f<:i J^
I '.. ->. ( » n«v> yard. W»r. Island: to ■»■?
»n >»:.v ..m.'. r on IB* K*lnS»w. v-: \*.%
ant !•:.>•„. • st-r R. V DE W TITAZ-A £EX.
Chaptatn J. R FRAZIER. detached the tnde
i..-.i.n.-. to •i«'-al m*tlm . -
DoM^Sta A. J. SVENSSON. .tetache,! the N»"
York: to naval station. MM

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