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E. 75th st.. East Klvcr. E. 76th st. and
lz l£l*Tt2iih rScctlon District is bounded by and
sTrata «^ »*» * vc - B. 77th st. * a<l 3d
't'l, nrveitb Electtcaj District is bounded »T
« 3 I lilfclTß. TSth *t.. 2J svc. E. 7Slh tU 34
!^ t 77th st. -ctioa Utsu ■ eve. t-car.dad by
TweifJj Eiectioa Ustrict :a bcaaied by
,-V'wlS^ E- --.-.. la avc.. E. 7Sth st. «ad
--JC^tm— Ejection District is bounded by
.-JTw-lhlr; li «-. Ea«. Elver. U. 78U» st.
* r iui Et F ourt-»^th EHrtlcn District to boarded by
«s>ithto S. Eid «- East River. ■ 73ts su
?TB^^^Seat* U=ctlon District Is bounded by
grtj^rftf«» C SClh st-. Avenue A. E. 73th *U
* = - i^e S Sbreee3lh Electlca District Is bounded by
»-*♦* trt*!ua » iiag«nal lirte rrcm the corner or
5-""cn-«i Ft nn' aye. to th«» corner of E. 61st
Jt Ist a"-.. Ist avc. L\ 73th at- »nd Id
* -Tie 1 mjiirji Ejection District is bcr;acs«d by
,-*» u-itMii E. Slst 6t.. G<3 aye.. E. SOth et.. 2d
■i? n ::»th rt. and Lexinjrton avc
rje CisSteeath Elfcaan District U bounded by
«ij with:n E. S4th st, 2*l aye. ii. Slat si. and
KWrtJon District Is bounded by
E. Slst St.. Avei._e A. IT. BHh si.
«rw T»wmUelW Election District is bounded by
«2dTu;ii::3 E. *&i *"-. Av«aua A. U. Slst et. and
*"-»<K c -"Trerrty-flrsr Election District 1» bounded
tv'aad wlUiic B. K2<3 St., Ist aye. to li. fist St..
Jf ciagonal line from t!;? corner cf Ist aye. and
;:. si« rt. to the corner of E. bOtn st. a^a 2d
s vr. an:i 2i *ye.
■Tlse Twenly-^^ccrd Ejection District is bounded
ty ar.d ».li^is E. tTd st^ Sd .1 . E. BOUI st. and
T^e 'Twer.ty-Thlrfl raection • „ .-.. t» bounded
by ora withia E. fc^J St.. 2d aye,. E. Sid Bt. aii-
The First Faction District is hounded fey end
wlUiln W. Iwth *t.. St. Nicholas a-e.. W. 12*'.ta
j-u. MS ave-. Cf. 123 i £t. acil .^loriuiignde Avc
m* Saooad Election District is bounds! by and
-n-iUun VV. 127U5 bt^ Btli ays.. W. lT.tn St., St
Nichcjas ay«.. w. X2wt2 st. and ilorai2S>lde
Avc. .bast.
Tb« Tiur'i Klectioa District if bounded by and
•n-ilhin W. lSuii it-. Sth »vw.. SV. 127 th st. acd
tur.xei;! ay—.
The Fourth Electien D:*lri-t is bcunded by
i.^2 -srithin 7Lh avc. W. 3—^tji s"-. Sth aye. to
v'-.e ccrner of W. liPfii ft., thence a diagonal
line to the comer of W. 130 di s-t.. and 7th aye.
T^e Filth E e;ticn District i? bounded by and
»rithin V>'. !2Sth sx. to th«" ccmir cf 7th aye.;
T-^rce a <lia»onal line w the cor2«i-r o' \V. lC7th
Et. and Lrncx aye.. V«". ir:th «U and Sth ay«.
Tie sixiii n>cucn Di/?i:ict i* boußdec by and
v ttfcin v\". ITytn *5-. Ltr-os aye. u> the corner of
**.' Z27th st. : thence a oiag^nal line to the car—
i.-r cf W. 12Sts si. and 7tn aye., and 7th aye,
Tl c Sevectn Election District is bounded by
rr. ! withw Sth are.. W. UTTtii sC. L«nox ava.
n. -h^ oomer of w. j^sth *v; thesif-e a diagonal
:ir:r to titr comer of W*. l^tth Bt. and ■<--».
Tlie EisMJi Eieotton District ib bruncietl by ann
vrrr.ni a <^:agoii2i line from the corner of Lftiox
«•• ». az:«i V»'. 131 st st. io Ui* Ciimor of Sth avo.
cr.i W. ISOth f:.. r:h ivc. to tb<- cr>ra«»r of W.
"2I):!) ai.; ih-nce a tiias;na! line in the corner cX
l^rr-x avc. ani W. IZ^gt st. and Lencx aye.
The Nictls e:cct;ot: District if bonnier! by and
T:;h:r. W. KUst Et., L«nc2 avfi.. V.'. ISyth st.<
ar.;" 7ih iive.
Th»; Tea Election District Is bounded by an«J
vrtthta \\. ISlst st., 7th avp. to th<- corner of
tT. :."C:h sjt; them-e c •;u.e--a; tine to the c:r
"'£. c - lv - I=3ti » ft 2 ~ d *' h «v«.. and aye.
..:• ETiovectii Oeetian Pistribt is bourri<-<J by
«nii within W. lS3d et.. bih aye.. W. ISOth St.
BSd Nicl.oias aye.
The Twelfth K>-tion Dirtrict la bounded by
ur.Z within vr. IZ3A St.. 7th svc. W. IGlst st.
Bad '■tri ay«.
The Tljir-.eectl- Klo^tion District la boumlei by
►ns rrithir. W. :5C2 st.. /■aoi ava.. W. IClst st.
eni 7tli aye.
Tbm FmxrtxeatSt D«ctlen Dlstrtct is bounded
oy and tclih-Ti W. 122 ; «t.. Bth aye.. to the cor-
W of W. UOtli BU; thtnre a diaffrnal line to
the tom-rr cf Lc^cx aye. and W. I31?t Bt. ani
'^'lOX B\e.
T!*e nricerrh Kiertion r>lstr!-t ie bounded by j
R-.ti Vtttla TV. ISGJ St.. Cth aye.. W. IZZi si. ■
»r.d Lc^rx a\<>.
The ?i!tt~"T2th TTler-Jnn 7'lrtrict ia V>oun<l<»d br '•
c.-.id wirnia W. 134 th «t.. ith art., "W. St. :
HTid Ijrr.m a-.f.
• Th~ Becoteanth El<vrticn Ptstnct is bounded i
■y sur.d n-itriin w. 123 th St.. 3th aye.. TT. lS4tli |
Ijpnnx aye.
T c BtKLUMUth "V-Tion Di«trlrt ♦« b-^ur;<!ed
- an. 1 w;th!a .. •lias'naj' lice fmra the corn"' "f <
p3a ex. ana 7iij aye. to the corn«^- of W.
IjCTJi st. ar.i Lt-ccx aye.. L«ai.x aye., 134U1 st.
er.i 7tJi aye.
"ht tnustemuUi rVrtion District la >>ourd-d by
rrd Britain W. 134 th rt.. L«t:ox aye.. TV. ICCJ et.
ew! TO- it?.
Tte Twtnti«-.»; El-ctlon restrict is bocr.ded by :
Bad wtthta V.-. ir;4th st.. 71h ai-e., W. 13Cd et. .
znr c t. Nicholas aye.
The Twenry-f.rwt ?*!«rtion TMrtrle* } S rr"jr<led
• «■ a=<i w-i;nin TV. 105t2 St.. 7Uj ait.. W. iS4th
tt._»r!il «t N'icho!-t! «v-€i.
r..-« "T"wcr.:>-tecor:i n".o!-tl-n District is bcundeO i
fcjr =d u-irhin W. l.TCrh st. to the corner of I
j^-n^t aye. ; thf-nre a d:ng-ir.R.: line ?.- the rc-n^r
•■f 7ih aye. ani w. 131 th ct.. W. IZZih st. and !
Et. Nlcbola* aye. j
Tbe T^•»^tT-t^ir(J EleetJsn ristrict is bounded
>•- and "wtttiln W. 338ti st.. 7th aye., w iCGth
end Sth c\-e.
Tie Twentv-CUliiOi TTlectlon DiFtrict is >-p-j^3e^
i.y «n<i wmnn W. UOta si.. 7th aye.. W. USta
KZ. and Vth a-.-e.
The Twt-rstv-sr-.j, E?er-t!rn Dlstrirt Is bounded)
•v u-?3 TT-ithin a iSiaecraJ line fro™ the corneT
el «en «'*. ajst! TV. ]40t-! tt. to the corner cf TV
inn s:. and 7th are.. 7th ay e . a=i XV. 14Ctli »L
Th' 7V.. nty^Txfh Klc^tlcn District ie bouTjiwi i
IF snj -vilihir. V.\ 741rt »t. to tlie corner of 7th '
ay». ; 11;*^^ a -iiagonal line to the corner of Sth
«'.-». arr* W. l*.'th rt.. W. MOBI 6t. and Eds—
njmbe a\p.
TT>e Tsrenty Wwmth ElTtim District is boun!
e1 br and w-.tiiin W. l«ja ex.. I^eer.itnbo ay..
«. 140 th ou, fctu a-.-^.. W. :Sst!i it. ■.nd St. i
r-Tlohoia? aye.
"l.c Tw«fitr-e'sr;th F>ct:ot! Plstr:ct is bounded
by end within W 141 m st.. s?t. Nl< holas ay*.. |
V.". :""i>i f.t.. Arnsterdara avr.. W. I4oth St. end I
Hsn:i:tcn place.
The T-aenv-r-T-.th lOwUlum District re bounded
br ari rri'.Mn W. ISilh *t.. ft- N'l'-hola^ ay
" n .'. 130 th st.. Arortcriasi avc. TV. ISM si ar.d
Cut. Will bvc.
The Thirtieth Eltction r.-istrict is bounded by
*""-! wKbln W. ir:3th et.. Convent aye.. w. irr.d
f. . Bmadway. W. !34th at. KSd Anisterrotni avc.
TTi^ Thrny-firsi Election District Is bounaed b»
.-■-J vrithin "W. ISorh «t., Ar::j!<Lrc2.m aye.. w. I
'"•»rh st_ EL-oadwAi-. ST. iSSd at ma K-idscr
i.: - «r.
25m Hilrtj^ttOiijj EJt^"*!?c Dlstlk.l i£ tounoe<*.
V- a-a within W. ISCir, st.. AsiEierlanj aye.. W.
™"-h r-. a rd Huison River.
"^"he Thirrv-tr.;:a election District '8 bounded
*f anr! srfthta TV. 188tb Bt. Hamilton place.
DmBdVBT. W. l-tith et. and ITud^fn River.
7"ht Ttelrty-ronrUi ESectlaa District is b«juid»<3
hi end *i;h;n W. 140 th s:.. Ar.ieterdam aye.. TV.
;U':U; rt.. tr^jad-aay «.nci Hunllton pltr».
. "^h* Tnlrty-rjfth El~-ti"n T>!ftrict If bounded
i." srfl v.lth^i TV. '.Ust et.. Hanulton niacs. W.
ti*ti Bt. tad Uuiscn Kiver.
Tie First Elert^m Distnct la bouaded hy sPi
w-.unu E. bOc 4L. iri av t .. c. t2j si. ana 2a j
The Svrmi Election Dt«ri-t Is boncde^ by !
' i wlthia E. fc3S et.. Aveoue a. E. Sid ct. aid !
riie Third Eiectioc Disirict is bounded t-.- ard ;
■»-r.h^ E. SCa St.. Eiet Kiver. E. *2i »t, aad ■
A-vcmae a. !
The Fourth Election District Is bounded by '
cri E. Miiii St.. East Rivex. E. f£a st.. t
.>.veaue A. E. fe4tb si. ar.ci Esst E=d eve.
Th* F;fih nie^tioa District i« bonndod hy asd i
•"•ttti:: E. rt.. Av^tite A. E. S2i et. to 2i i
e».. a r!ia*f>»-.a] iu>e fro-. .fe e ccrscr cf 2d eve. i
*tw U. iCd et.. to the ccrser cf •£.. S4U: at. jicu
Tbe Bfactb Eiectioa Dlttri'-t i» bounties by and i
v.ltinn E. .sith *i_. Ist a-.-».. f> E. fcith st. a :
ir«sonal Irs- from the romer cf E. S4tfc st. acd I
I*t » it u> the curner of E. S3c Bt and 3d aye !
•• ad ud avc. ' i
n»STO«rta JOjctko D^trict la bounded by i
sad Nftfato E. S..th st.. 2d aye, E. ts3d st. a£d ■
UO H.t.
The riplith Ele-cCon District is bounded tf •
euri vrttata E. g?th St.. 2d aye... E. BS'.h eu. Sd !
ere E. E^ t h I*, and Lexington ttV *..
The Ntr.tri Election Dfstrici is bounded by aud |
m-iil-.ia r. mita *t-. Av<oije A, E. fcith et". ard i
•o «ye.
The T'^2th Bccttoe Drtrict ii» bounecd by and !
v-iUiin E. BBt> et. to Aver.ue A. a dlaecnal line '
(no Ow comer cf Avenue A and E. h."itli tl to i
•'- ccmer cf E. Wih sU and East End c\p. E. '
fc4-li »t_ and Ist nv*-.
Th* Etewecta Ki^mrrn mstrtrt 4 .a bourfed by i
•iad rttin E. «!th wt.. Ea«; Fnd aye., to n i
w.h st.. .■ dliuronal !in« from the corner of E. ■
?*■> »it. Mrj E«»t ICrd aye.. to th* ccrner cf .
.Verrae \ crd E. »T.;h st. and Avenue A.
Th- Twe'fth K!*^t!o-r nifttrtct is bounded by
Bad wiTr-.in B. BTta r*.. Can end !▼«.. E. sns i
rt.. E»«- Rrrcr. E. *<-th «. and Ist aye.
T»=e Tvj-:eenTh ir.r-Ct iotj Dl.strirt l» bounded '
!»• enfl witl-.h; E. BTta Kt.. Ist jvc.. E. fCth st. i
■ad :■••■ »vf
~i ~ FViuitaeutii FJedion District i«» bo-jnded J
1 ■» &nrt Brttßtß E- «_. "1 aye.. E. SSth Bt.
Rrvi 3d avp
T!i^ rifte«»»it!i Ejection District 1s hourd>>d by ,
»ra srttnia R. fi^th «».. ci «v«., c, srth *■ z& -
c.v».. i;. Kits bl. »nri T^exlr»toT> avc
Th* sir»e«--th Elsctica Di«rirt is b«*ar.("ed by ;
BSd within E *Mh et.. Avrcue * C S7th «t !
er^ Sf e'-P.
The _««»»Bt«AJigi K>ee»jcfl rjlMrlcT 1, bourded *■
•P c T-err'irt'- DirtHrt 1« »^.^^ p « I
*•"»•- *-Tn^-p-v« w^-j^^n r>lrtriot »9» 9 Hornd- '
•^ V- ,^.« — •♦*-<-, — . p-« t e^^ 5^ g,^ J. g^j^ j
The Firtt F>^tloc District •? bennded by a-d i
»rir>.t a w. rrrtlj «.. Ltr.o* aye.. W. UOta fc *.
tr<i 7th eve.
Tht F*cond WsrOan Di?trirt 1* bounded It ■
*HCH C ,w:;1, w:;1 ' in ■ Biasjoeal ;.u>r. trom the comer of ;
i»dil^ "^^ ""^ ""• av * *** '^ c c °rn^*' of W* •
ISSIII Ft._*r.s L^nos eve.. Lerox kvt. XT. 137 th
et. wlti*. .th k'-»*
Thß TT.lra PSr-tion n'Et-ict '• bounded by nr.J !
\', Ar * ™ J* Orh -'--. Ltnox are., to the oorrw-r
c .raitn s*.. •*.e nc r» ta a diacorsl ;ic«. rr'.-Ti
the nrn.'^of TV. ins-rh et rrd T^enox aye. to b«
terror of W J3«", rt an^ ft*, , w , end 7th »v,
Trse m:rrh r.e-non r-«rirt is borndf-d br
b?^bS^S Tv* !41st ft - vu ' cot aye •w - uot *
• ard
<b,.!1::?i TV 14^J Bt.. Lenox aye., W 141-t *• ,
«rfl H* ive.
T>« Sixth E'#-»!on Dirtr'rt 1^ Vrjndcd by and <
•rWrifl W. 144 th ft . Lercs «v«., "v ,[3l ,t, t
•U><! 7tJl «ye
Tbt Brnsntt ETecticn Distnct Js bounded uv
•nil •rttUn ITar.cc B3r*r. Ltr.cx avc W 144 th
«:. t»5 TIII si*
The PArh'.Ys K?e«-Ticn j^e.^^ Js m,,,,,,.^, h
Bad withla W. IKitii 6t.. 7th aye w i'-j et '-
•94 *a> aye. ' lj " x '
Th^'Klur^ Election I>l«tr!<t ts bounded by and i
•rUiln Harlem Elver. W. ISSth tu . tth" bt-.. w. ]
i:Cd St.. EraUhurst aye.. W. IN.tr. St.. St, Nich
i olas place and Specd wai'. .
; The Tenth Klwtion DistrJet Is JmwHwhi °"
and within W. XCii st.. 7th are.. W. M"» ■ l
' and bradhurst ay«.
The Eleventh Election District i.« bounded by
ar.j within W. 149 th rt.. Bth aye.. W. l«Slh 6t.
and Bradhurst »ye.
; The Twelfth • -Tin-. District Is Njunded by
and within W. U&th St.. "th aye.. W. UiiH Bt -
I an- Sth aye. .
The Tl]irt#«cth Election District ia bounds* by
j and within W. liSth BU, 7th aye.. W. 14tith Bt.
: and t-tli aye.
The Fourteenth Election District is '-in.i*<;
■ by and withla W. l.V.th ft.. Bradhurst aye.. vs.
14i>th St.. Sth aye.. \V. Hsth st. and EUrecoiube,
a ■ ••
The nft#«jth Election r>l«rict Js bounded by
«a<3 within W. 14Cth St.. 7Ui aye.. W. 144 th St.
I an.l 8;h are. , . w _
The Sixteenth nwlHii District Is bounded by
• and within W. 144 th «t., "th aye.. W. li.»d st.
| and Hi aye. . .
l"he Seventeenth Election District Is bouncsc
| by and within W. 1453 St.. 7th ay*.. W. I*-J
I St. and Bradhurst aye.
■ The EUrhte«r.!h Election District is bounded
! by and within W. U2d st. 7.!-. aye.. W. Klet
: st. and Kdcect>mbe avr.
The Xir.rternth Election District Is bounded
by and within W. 14.- th st.. Sth aye.. W. ltJ
st. and Edpecombc aye.
The Twentieth Election District 1» bounded by
arid within W. 143 th St.. Edjecombe a«.. v..
14l»t st. and St. Nicholas aye.
: The Twenty-Srst E3ection District is bounded
■ by aad within W. 145 th st.. St. Nicholas aye.
j W. Hlrt st. and Amsterdam aye.
The Tvrerty-srcomi Election District Is bounded
i by and within W. 147 th St.. St Nlrtiol&s aye..
j W. I4."th ft.. Amsterdam aye.. W. 146 th st. and
i Ccnv*nt »V.<
Th» Twenty-third Election District is bound*"!
j by and within W. i4id St.. Amsterdam aye.. W.
I !4lst st. and Hudson Rl»*r.
The Twenty-fourth • -tlcm District Is bounded
b" end within TV. 143^ at.. Amsterdam aye.. W.
142 i rt. asd Huttfcn PJvtr.
The Twenty-fifth Election District is hounded
i 1 y and within W. '.44. «-. Amsterdam aye.. W.
i 143 d ftt. and BiiHid'HA"
j The Twenty-sixth Election District is bounded
j by and wjthia W. I43th St.. Amsterdam »v«., TV.
U4:ri ct. and Croadtruy.
The 7Tr»ntv-s'jventh Election District 's bound
j "1 by and within W. 140;h st.. Anisteria^ aye..
t\. 14Eth it.. Broadway. W. 143 d st- and Hudson
■ Pivcr.
The Twenty-rtjrhtri Election District Is blunder!
! by and within W. 147 th st.. Convert a--., V».
I4fff.j Ft. and Ku<i»nn Klver.
The Twerty-r.inrri Election District is r:nun<!»a
| by and within W. 14^th St.. Convent aye.. W.
j 147 th et. ana Hu.iwn River.
Th* Tl-irtieth Election ■-"•'• '" bounced by
and within W. 14S:h St.. St. Nicholas avc. W.
I 15<>th St.. Edswccmb* avc. W. 14.".th st-, Et
1 Nicholas aye.. W. 147tb Ft. and Convent avc
The TMrtv-aret Election District is •und«d
I b'v and witnin W. 153 th st.. E'leecoinbe aye.. W.
; ITOth st.. Et. Nicholas aye.. V.*. liSih St.. Con -
; vent aw. an 3 St. NichcUs aye.
The Thirty-second Election District is bound- d
! ty -irul »ithir W. 355 th ft.. St. Nicholas av-..
i Ct'nvtnt a%e.. V. T . tSOrh st. an* Amstercia:n aye.
■J^e Thirty-third Elecricn District is bound-*!
Ibv aud wttfais V/. I4ath «U Amsterdam aye W.
■ l>!i st.. vent ay«.. W. *4*th st. and Hudson
! The TMkrtv-t north C3ect»on Dist-ict is booaAed
, tvr snd within TV*. IMst rt.. Amsterdam aye., \V.
; liath et- and Hud?=or< River.
The Thtrt~-fiTTh Election District is bounded
ba rd within TV. ir.2,1 et.. Amsterdam avc. "W.
l.'l?t g\ an.l Broadway.
« xf-e TMrty-eixtt' Flection District Is »K)und>-:
, ba n--' wlt^!rt W. 15Jl>i St., Amsierdam a y: W.
' ir2J «t.. Eroaiway. W. 131 st ■*■ and Hudson
.Tlia"TtilltJ BfinntTl Ele<-t3on District Is boundrxi
' bi* end aithin W. IWKh *t.. Amsterdam aye., W.
! l> - h St. . A\\ ir>sth ?t. and Broadway.
I The TMrty-^icbth Election Dlstrtct Is bouttd~d
;bv and : in W. 13b:h st.. Amsterdam iayf. W.
i ir.6;n ti.. Broadway, W. / StU st. and Uu<Json
' ?Tb« Thlrv-niith E!e<^tion District If bounded
1 hv e~d -n-fhin W. 128 th St.. Amsterdam aye., w.
' MTd'i-t -'r^dway, W. 15»«th st. sr.3 Broadway.
Th« V'onir'h K!»»ctlon District )s -led of
jar.4j ar.4 within W. 160 th «t™ Amsteriain aye.. W.
! ZSKSt st. and Brcartway.
Tfca Forr.-first El^cticr. District Is bour.d<^r by
and within W. 161 ft st.. Eroadway\ W !fi2d BU
>trster<Jam avc. W. 10Ott St.. Broadway. V,'.
l.'Sth st and Hudson River. ]
' The Forty-second Election District is bounded ;
i r-i- and wtttia W. lC4th ct.. Anftorcam aye.. \^ .
I 15Cc3 St.. Edsecorr.be aye.. W. 162 d st. and Broa .
' *^.c rorty-third Ejection District is bwr.a^
! fcr and within W. 164 th *t.. Speedway. \V. lt.2d
jet..j et.. EUsecombe aye.. \V. 1034 st. and Amsterdam
| * V The Forty-fourth ElaflMaa District is boanM ;
fcv and within W. ICCth St.. Harlem River. W. ;
! lSini V-T Eroadwa:-. W. lCl.n =t. and Hudson
1 T*-\ ■*■ r '
! *The wtrtv-Rfth - -or District Is bounded I
Itn and wi'hln W. *.71st Et.. Harlem River W. |
I JMth st.. Amsterdam, aye.. w. ie»:h st. sad St.
j S^daa^we^^ Election D4etrtet is bou^-4
I ty ar.d within W. 171 st «., St. Nicholas aye.. 1
I w. icnh ?t.. Air-sWrdara aye.. W. HVJth st. ard
; or »yJ. s »^enth Fieetiort District Is bounded
! fcy*a"nd w'ith-Ja ivpot lane. W. lTTtli st. Broad
xvay, "ST. 17? th st.. (obOB aye.. iv. I.lst si
and Hudson River.
The Fo~>--"i»rnth Election '..... is *>o-ir..<!e4
by a'-^d" within W. isist Ft.. Washington Brldee.
Har.^in Hivej-, \v. '.71?t et.. Audubon aye . w. I
I7^th st. and terdain are.
The rrty-ninth Election District Is bounded i
by s:j! within W. 17(Hh St., Amsler<lain aye., W.
175 th Et. ar.d Audubon aye. - ■' '.
The Fiftieth E'ection District is bom • by
and within TT. 173 th St.. Audubon are.. W. 175 th |
st. a«d Broadway.
t-v.^ -pi^ty-nrst ElertiOß District Is bounded by
and within W. l*lrt i-t-. Broadway. W. l«.th i
St.. Depot lace and HMma Rrver.
Tsh* Firtv-*eccnd Election District Is bcunded
b- and within W. ISlst St.. Amsterdam aye.. T. r .
17* V st. ar.3 Br<sadway.
The Tifty-tMrd E>ctioa Dtstitet i* b9T>n<!»<l by
arw3 within W. i«r.rl »t.. Amrterds.ni »v» T.'.
IS'^t st. sn« BroHdwsy. i
The Fifty-fourth E3*ctSon District is bound«"l |
Xv una «itr:!n Tsvf-Vman St.. Hirltm Ti;ver, "■'■ .
181 st ft.. Arr.!"erd3::i T • W. IS3<J St., St.
Nicholas av«>,. and 11th aye.
The Fi'ty-fi'th Election District is bounded DT
and within" Inwcod rt.. Dyclxmaa Ft... lit avc
Pi Nicholas arc. W. lS.id st.. Broadway, W. •:
ISlst st r-r.d QCnfison Wwr.
The I"iftv-s:sth Election Dlstrt« 's bounded
br and *rtthtn Bpui ten Dojnrtl CreeJt, ll?.r>i:i
River. Dyctaum s*-. la-xood rt. and HQdsoa ]
T^e First E^etion Dietrlct is bounded by and ;
wttfcia E. nth St.. 32 aye.. ■, iitii st- and Lex- j
tiurtcii ava.
Tl:« — or-i Qectlen District is bpuni-sd by and :
with:a E. <:r. ti.. 2<i tvu. E. BBth St anu 3d |
The Thlr.l Election Distinct is bounded by »rd i
wi;h:n E. SOth st., 2d aye.. D. S&th Et- to Le*- 1
irc:on aye.. and a d.as't^il Mr.« from the comer j
of S. oth st. and .... are. to the curner j
01 Mi and E. »«Jtb St.
The Fourth E'ect^on District <* bounded Viy :
anß within E. 83d St.. 2d aye.. E. S2d .i.. Ist |
aye.. c. Bl«t ct., 2(3 aye.. E. 60th st. u> 3a 3v>i., ]
a diagonal line from the corner ct E. &>th et. j
•ad 3d aye. to the ccrrjer of c. S3th st. and ■
Lei:n*rtca *ye., Lexington aye., 3. 01st Ft. ajifi i
id aye.
The Fifth Election District is bounded by ava ■
within E. 03d ru. Ist aye.. E. iM'.h st. li«.st ;
It*^er B. P2o «t and M »vt.
Thp Sirth E'.ectioE District Is bnurde^ by ar.d !
Tvithin E. 84th St., la) aye.. E. o."d st. and Cd
The seventh Electlcn District is bounds by j
and srithia E, fo'h SU, 2d aye.. S. Wlh St.. '
Kast Ever. E. i»4th st. scd Zi aye.
Thp Eis^.th Election District is bounded by i
a-.fl within E. 97th EL. 2t aye.. E. 9">th it and j
iid aye.
The Ninth E!ecticn District is bounded by and |
•rhhiß e7 99th eu. East River. E. J«;Ui 51.. M !
ay»a v» E 07: h fi. and 3d »•■•
The T?nth T!ieeti'->n District is raided by and .
■within U. I'Jlet et.. East River, E. W9th St. and |
lid mv*.
Th»- Eleventh E:eclloE District is bounded by
ccd •srithLn E. 101 st at.. 3d aye.. B. D&:h st. ajid ;
Lex:n£ton ay«».
The- Tweifth E^ecMoi: District is bounded by |
atd v.ihin C IC^d t~. 2d aye.. U. 101 st et. ar.d ,
ijhxiztF.cn aye.
Tbt Thirieerith Election Dlatrict !s hounded lry |
»nu withir E. 3'Hth St.. Lexington aye.. E. lOOtb j
st. and T*ark a^•e. '
Th.- Foureenth Election District Is t.nnr.rt»-i .
by sn'i Wtt&ffl T~I 106 th st_. ZA aye.. E. 104 th St., j
Park u\f . E TOSrti st. a- L«rt!njrton ay
7T^ Fif'eefith ElecHon Oistrict is bounded by
wt^ TrifViin E. lo4t*i St.. 3d avc, E. 102 dst and !
Lerinfincn aye.
ft, Flsteert^ Elerrloß District is bcuT:flr-d by j
irad wttMn E. lCKth et.. 23 ay;.. E. 1023 «. and j
Sd ay«.
7^,,. pe- enteerrth Election District le houmind !
by and m*t**n -; 10€ th St.. East Btrer, 13. lOJ^t ,
c:. and 2<2 are.
T^e First Election District Js bounded by and
within Charles St.. W. ttli rl-. Cirtsto»lusr St.
and Bieerkcr rt.
The Verona Election District !a bounded by and
wjthjn W. 11th « . "W 4th Ft. Charl«a at.
as<-1 El**cUm- m.
The Third El«rtion District ie bour.'j«d > -.- and
•ai'J^n W. 4lh St.. V,'. lit:: St.. lileeci:»r St. and
ith aye.
The Fourth iilection District Is bounded by nr;d
within Jane ft-. Greenwich aye.. Bank St.. Wav- J
erl^y plar*. W. lllh st aad XV. 4Ui «l. !
Tr:e VitQi Election District us bcur»d«l by and
within W. lllh *t., W*v«r>y piaco. Eank st., !
Greenwich a-. • . W. 12th «., 7th mve.. Green
wich aye. to perry St.. a diagonal line from the
comar <f <:reen-wlch aye. ami Ptrry «t_ "» the
corr»r of Waveriey \i.± t and CUar!«k aU, Cdarlcs |
at and VV. 4th st.
Tiie Sixth Ejection District is bounded by and I
within V.'. 10th tX.. tJrr*nwt-h avc. 7th aye..
IV 12th tt.. Clh aye.. Grccßwich aye.. Cliriklo- '
v >.f. r £t a:lr . Waver'ey place.
Th* S«'.eri«i EVctlon iJiftrlct is bour,d*d ty
end wlt^tn Cbarle* St., tc Waverley flare, d ci- '
eeonat !»"« Trurn the fonwr of O»ur'm «! ani '
Waveriey dl«.ce to tOe corner of P<-rry . and ;
HlMllwli 11 aye.. Cr«i«nw|c!j aye.. W. lOtb st. ,
Wa verity place. CMftMftot* si and W. 4ih <t.
The KJehth Election lUfctrict t« bound«<l \,y -n d j
witrtn «.Tsfi?trpher at.. Greenwich aye., etu are., i
V,'" Va*Mf:ston pl»ce and W. 4th st.
Tie Ninth E«tlon Dlstrirt ia houcd*<l by ar.d j
witiiis iV. V.'asiiinfiton i'laco. iLiciouical »t., |
%Vaver'ry r'ac»i, I'lil-.trslty piice. E. Stu Ft.. !
Broadtvay E. •-- St.. <■ aye.. !^ifayetti» bu. T.'. •
4Vi ft Uroarfway, W. Sd hi and «th aye.
Tlse Tenth E".e«-t»or District li. bo>il by and I
within TV. *?h St., X- ?th St.. rrrt-rerstty pl a <"c. '<
Waverlcy place. Marimba! St.. W. V»ashlnctoo i
place and titit ay.-.
1 lit t'sirentii Ejection Distri«-t is bot:n<*«d I.y
etui within W. Htb ■*-. Cth aye.. E. loth «t . i
L'niverelty r'ac«, E. 14!h si «tli aye.. E. S*h at.
BroortTray. K. fcrh et., W. ttß at. anfl Cth avc.
The Twelfth Election I ■.»"•■ 1 hi boun-Jed by '•
and wltfcln V.' 12th «C. K. t2th «t.. Urlvtrsiiy s
place. B. iOt.l »t-. Sth aye., W. am «t_ ar.d ttih ;
Tae TbirteenUi docticn District Is boaniif <1 by
ana wirhin W. Ml et.. r, Mtti Bl . University ■
fiae, E. t2th «... W. 12th «t. snl 7th a-e.
The Fourteenth ElecUen District is bounded by '
and witnm W. ■<•"• ct.. 7ih aye.. W. >2th st. :
Greer.wich aye.. Jane t-U «rui *tii aye.
The ; ".it.-f-.Mi KitK.-Uia Jj-.»tri. t t» r^jur by ;
an-J w^'.J-in V." lfctn sL. M ■«•. \V. I4tii tt. i
ad 7th aye.
Tb<- .*!:xi-«>nta Election District is bounded
by unrl mfthin W. 23d St. toti: ay«.. W. 19th !
st. I':. 7«Ji aye.
The Srvent»-enih Election Dtftrict is bound'-d I
by ant* u-.thin W. 23d ex. Gth aye. \Y. IMb j
st. and Oth ay«. i
Tfc«» djrhteentfl ruction District is bounded
by an.. wi'hin E. «* st. to Winston aye.,
«- «Tronih CraSercy . «... to Irving plac *
*"<l E Stth -t.. Irving place E. 11th st. and
"ihV Nineteen* h »•«*«■ sJ"*jfe I* V.""**
by and wuhin E. t9tii •«-. M »-°-. B. , th «t.
*$&%&&? »•«*■?" District is bounds
*»r and within F.. SS'i st - 3d aye.. E. 10th et.,
}"«aa- place" to ft =« tn "^ l .te. e _s line fro ™
jT'lng place and E. -'"^ h ?? u^ «r*mercy
Pant to Lexington aye. and E. - lßt B t. ami
The TweatT-fint Election District is bounded
by and within \V. 33d ■*■• txh ***•• v » 2U st.
* Th« Twentr-seennd Election District la
' hounded by aiiil within W. --in St.. "Lb aye..
I\V 234 st/ar.d Bth aye. _ ,
The Twenty-third Election District is
bounded by and trlthln W. 26th at.. tJth are.,
W". u:^i »t "and 7th aye.
Tho Twt-nty-iourth Election District is
bounded by and within W . -Mb si., Bth aye.',
2Cth st and 7th ay«. -
The Tweiity-flfth Election District is bounded
Jby » ( j wtthin V.-. -•";. »t.. -tn ■»*, w. 23d
st. and 6th aye „, . ;
Thr Twenty-sixth Election District is
bounded by and within E. -3th st., 4th aye..
: E. 22<3 st. "and sth aye
Th«» Twenty-seventh Election District is
bounded by and within ... SCdvt^ 4th aye.. E.
27tb nt., L€ S j ng ton aye.. B. -la: st. and sth
Th" Twenty-ciehth Election District Is
I bounded by and within E. '■""■ Bt., 4th aye.,
E. ."il«it St.. Lt-xinsrioii aye.. E. 27th St.. 4th
' aye.. E 20th st and oth aye.
The Twenty-ninth Election District is
I bounded by and within W. 4th si.. Lafayette '
j Et., Great Jones st. and Broadway.
1 The First Election District Is bounded by and '
! within k.. B4th St., od a>»\. E. 01st st and Lex-
I ing-ton aye.
The Second Election (strict is bounded by
; and within E. 97tb St.. Z£ aye.. E. S4tn st. and
j Lexingrton aye.
The Third Election District is bounded br and
within E. jisth st.. Maclsen aye., B. s)7th st.,
. Lexington aye., £. 00th st. and sth aye.
Tlie Fourth Eectlon District is bounded by
and within E. imnh st.. Lexington aye., E. 90ih
i «■. 3.1 aye. E. 97th sf. and Park aye.
The Fifth' Election District is bounded by ar.3
! Tiith'.n E. ■:ii Bt.. Tar!-: avt.. E. 07th St. an-i
j Madison aye.
j Th« Sixth Ejection District is bounded by a?:d
1 within E l»J2d st.. Madison we., K. 101 st Et.. j
! Park i.e.. K. lOUUi »i. Madisoa aye.. E. 03th I
! st. and sth a .c.
The Seventh Election District is bounded by ■
land within E. lUSd BU Madison aye. -. 10-ith !
! st., Park aye., U. Ltilst tt.. ilaaison aye.. E. j
! 102 d st and sth aye.
Tne Eighth Election District Is bounded by ;
, and within E. 105 th bL. Park aye.. E. 104 th St., <
I iiac".bo:i aye.. E. 103 d st. anci sth aye.
Tne Ninth Ciecticn District ia bounded by and ;
j within E. luCtii Et., HaUi=-->n aye.. E. lOOib st- j
| and sth aye.
The Truth Election District is bounded by and
i within E. lOUth St.. Puik aye.. E. l't*th St..
! Lexington aye.. E. 103tli n. a ltd Madison aye.
The Eleventh Election DUtrict is ijoundcl by
; and w-itrun E. 107 th .-; Park aye., E. lOCth st.
; and itli aye.
The T-welfth Election District ... by
i and within E. 109 th m., Madison aye.. E. lOSta
I Et.. Park avo., E. 107 th st. and st)i aye.
The Thirteenth Glfction District is bounded
, by and within E. HUta $'.. Park avo.. E. lt)>th
! St.. Madison avt., E. lo3th st. an<i sth aye. . |
I The Four:- Election District is bounded ■
by and v.itr.m E U2tß st.. Madison aye., E. |
lilUi bt.. Park aye.. E. 110 th «i. aud st!i aye.
The Fifteenth Ejection District is bounded by
: and Within E. 113 th st.. Park aye., D. ilith et.,
1 Madison aye.. E. 112 th st. and 5Lh aye.
The Sixteenth Election District is bounded by
i and within E. Ilstl ML, Park aye.. E. lloth £t
i and M&dison «ye.
The Seventeenth Election District '■• bounufJ
Iby and within E. liutii st., Madison aye., E.
liSt.h st. cud 5 ; .h a\e.
The Eighteenth Election District la houndrd
|by 8.T.& within C 116 th Bt , Part aye.,* E. 115 th
! st. and ijtli aye. *
Th» Nineteenth Election District is bounded by
snd within E. USth st.. Park aye, E. lltith tv
an.l Madison aye.
; The Twentieth Election District if bounded by
and »v in E. llSth et., Mauiscn aye., E. UOO
st. and uth aye.
Tl." Twenty-fiMt Election District is boundf-d
by anJ within E HOtii St.. Park aye., E. Ilf-tli
fci. an<j sth aye
Vwtr-aac Election District is bounded
by «nd within U. l^uth su, Park aye, E. -.VJ.L
st. and Stn »v«
The Flret El«ction District is bounded by
and within W. -soth St., 7th aye.. W. 38 ii st.
and Bt i aye.
The gaoond Election District Is bounded by
and within W. 4Dd st., 7th aye., W. 40th et.
and Bth ny?. *'*"•.
t The Ti"iird Elr<-tion District is bound by
and withia W. 4'ith st.. 7th aye., W. 43d st.
I and $th aye.
The Fourth Elation District is bounded by
j aad within W. ■»9U> et., 7th aye.. "i^. 40tii st.
and &th aye. . ;>
Th« Fifth Election District la bounded by
aod within W. 5Ud St., 7th avt., W. 4'Jth St.
i and Bth aye. . .-■_
The Sixth Election District is bounded by
and within W*. 57th St., 7t2j aye., W. sod st.
I and St.! aye. . .
The Seveotn Election District is bounaed by
, and -Ait!-. in W. 57tlj St., 6th uve.. W. 55th si.
I a.r. A 7:;, aye.
The Eighth Election Distnct Is bounded by
and within W. 55th si,, 6th aye., W. Cod st.
aad 7tli aye.
The Ninth Election District Is bounded by
and within W. 53d St., 6th aye.. "W*. 4'Jth st
and 7th aye.
The Tenth Election District is bounded by
and within W. in:!: st. 6th »*«.. to W. 47th
si., a diafronal line from the corner of W. 47-;.
Ft. and 6th aye. to the cerr.er of W. 4Cth st.
and 7th aye.. and 7tJi aye.
The Eleventh Election District Is hounded
i by an<* trlthln W. 46th St.. 6th avi.\, W. 40lh
I si. ixr.i 7th aye.
The T-.vtfif'li Election District is bounded by
I and i\ ithln XV. -lOth st., 6th avo., W. 36th st.
Tne Thirteenth £'<?etion District la bounded
t>7 and within W. 26th st., Cth aye.. W. 31^t
st. -i 1■ ■ ' 7th aye.
The Fourteenth Election D'strict Is bounded
by ar.d within W. Cist su, Ctii avt., W. 28th
at. and Tth aye.
Tlj<» Fifteenth Election District 'a bounded
! by "id within TV. U6th St.. K. "Cth st., Madi
! Eon aye, IZ. 23d st.. sth aye.. W. S9tb su and
i '^ Sixteeutb Election District is bounded
I brand within E. S3a at-, Madison vnj E. 34th
I St.. Lexington aye.. E. ol£t st.. 4th aye.. E.
i 3Ctr. St. and sth aye.
The Seventeenth Election District is bounded
by asd within E. 3'Jth st.. UJ aye. IZ. U4th st.
aar" Lexington aye.
The Eighteenth E!*:Cti'.Tn District Is hounded
; by and within E. 40tb tt., SU aye.. E. 89Uj at.
""The Niiieteeath Electisn District is bounded
: fey and within W. SBth si.. E. SS:h b*.. M '<1 bmii
I aye.. E. 40th p'-. Lesdßgton aye.. E. 34th st..
! liaison iLve.. E. 36th St., V«*. UCih st- and Gth
i a'"**.
The Twentieth Electicn District is bounded by
; and within E- -l f "--!i i? -- Madfaion atft. E. 3Sto
St.. W. SSth rt. <jj.h are, a:id vr. 40th st.
The Tweaty-flrm E'ectior. District '.s b^^rded
i b>- am' within W. 4Ctii St.. sth aye.. W". 40th at.
j *jhe foeatjr eecoad Election District Is bOOBd
' cd by ano wi'uun E. «tli «:.. Park aye.. E. 46tb
• «.. Lriimtton are., E. 40th st. and ftth aye.
Tee XwenitjF-tWrd Electior District is bounded
! br and within W. BOth r.i... sth avo.. W. 4611 st.
Ito *he corner of 7th aye. : thence a dia^or.a.l
I line to thft oomer ci W. 47th st. and tth aye..
■ an<? 6th Kvm.
The T\veruv-fourt!i Election Diftri'-t is boi!Ht!
i »«d by and within TV". «.1 «t.. sth ava., t-. 54th
I tit., Parfe aye.. E. 40th «.. Bta aye.. W. SOtb
■ et. anr 4 aye.
The Twentv-flftli Election District is bounded
Iby ana within E. SSth st.. Lexington aye, 11.
' 4» : th sv, Park «v»., E. 54th st. an.J Madison
1 av«*.
The Twenty-«lxUi E>ctlcn Dtetrict v bounc
; ed by and within W. B"th St.. E. 57th st.. Park
I aye., E. 53th «U Uadieon aye. E. 54th st., sth
j aye.. TV. 53d Bt. and 6th s'-u.
I The Firs: Elfect^ra District Is bounded by and
! «rttflln K. lO&ta 'M aye, E. lUOtb Et. aud
f 1 >*v: v^Tnrt CVC
> ( ) ie geeond Ei-ction District is bounded by
I aid «rUhm t. lUbUt feU, -i a\e., E. lu.ih st_.
j lit a\t-.. E. lC6th St., '2d aye., E. UlSth at. arid
! " The Third Election District is bounded by anC
I rtthA C UOtn rt., Hart<?!:i River, B. IU6UI st...
j Lgta.Te-.JE. 107 th tt.. i^J ava., E. lUSth st. and
1 3<J aye. v
Ty« Fourri Election District ta bounded by
j ana within B- Hutii -t.. id aye.. E. LOSttb st.,
3d aye.. E- 108 th st. and Ijfiir.ffton aye.
'I he F :<t h Hiection Listricl 1> bounded by ana
ulthin E."llota St.. L-eiington tv«, E. lOtth st.
a'. t ixr^ a .c.
Th* Six! EElectioa District la bounded by and
within E. llCtu et.. 3d aye.. E lUin st.. ;..'■>.
ir.Etoa a-.c, E. 110 th st. and Park aye.
*The seventh Election District ii» bounded by
and within E 112 th st.. id ay* K. IKth St..
Lf-iinz'.in aye., K. 111 th Et. and avr.
The Ei'-hth E3e«tion Dtrtrtct is bounie.l bjr
ar.d' within B. »«th ■*-• »* e^ 1 X - "2^> «
to l^xinsrton aye.. a iiajroim! line from ihc
corner of I>-xina*on aw anJ b. Jl-tii it. to tiio
corner of E. 113 th at. and :;d avc.. and 3d
! '"l'he Ninth Election District 1» bounded by
nnd within E. 114 th Ft.. Ist »y • E- Ultt St..
H»r!e:ii l'jver. E. TlOth st. »nd >d aw.
Tlip Tenth Election Piftrirt is bourreo h v and
within E. HMh et.. Pleasant <>y« ■. r: n«tn «
I Harlem River. Randall's -nd Ward's Ts'anda, E.
111 th SI . Ist .ye.. E. 114 th Bt. and _'d ay. >-.
The Fl.'-enth I"-- tioD Plstrift is boun.ini by
in.l" within K. IHtb St.. L*rlnfVm aye.. K.
ll'th st 10 3.1 aye.. a dlawnnl llr.*; from the
■ o"ner of E ilCth et. aiul "6 are. to tb<" oorn^r
• i' 11. 112t!: st. and Ix-xiiiftcn are.. E. tUth st.
!*Thi^wsr£ I^-'-tloT, P!str!r.t Is M,mr!M by
i «r.d witlnn R. llMh Bt-'. Sd aye. X U-.th St.,
1 7^.^-lnir:"n ayr E. 114 th ft ar.d Par* aye.
Th* Tiurte-nth Election Diatrfct to^bewnflftd by
snd with:n E. 115 th st, td ay*.. b.. 114 th st. aad
e >o'irt^ntL raerttou P!*'; 1^ bonnded 1
! by »n<l wltrin a diagonal line from O» rnripr;
lof tt "TOi £'- an.: lyslnston aja, tn the or i-i
ijf E. 118 th Ht. tnl 3d aye 3d av^, E 117t:, :
' si "Hd «ye,. E. U3U> BU M aye.. E. 116 th M.
' U^^Fi'ffeSh a K^tion D-strK-t .. bounded br
'' an.l withlr; K. 117 th *„ I-xin*ton uv e ., E .
' nfti,, j] vie K. lllih st. urjfi Park nr.?..
jand'E 117 th «.. 'gjlTth^t. and Park aye.
The First E:lt-ct!on DUtrlci ■ >» b ""^. ed ,^ y ,. an £
wltiiin W. 67th St.. Central Park West. W v.th
;6 V^ d 4°rn™ b n^-';n Dtetrict !. bminded hv
! k^wiSTw. StM.t . Centra. Part West. W.
j '^^ h^ is bo-,nd w nv «d
ifrt^ w:«ota St.. Central Park Wast. W. sinh
! aivi wKbm V.'. B9tn rt . tih ttv*.. W. Uth tt.
|^Thf t Fl«h*Eie«lM District is I bounds by a n ; l
Within W BBth st , Bt*i aye.. W. "«»th Ht.. lth
I. bouade* t,
and within W. Kith st.. <Sth aye.. W. 67th st.
E.ecticn 8 S^S
aye.. E. Wth »t.. W. Ht« bt. Hd Otn
aV -f - X- n-i^t..», F-iection District ts bounded by
1C^ n ?T e 'e^,h nil IfTT restrict is bounded by
i. h «4V. Ir»t..1 r»t.. 3d aye.. E. KKh st. and
Lexington m e - r -ctlon District is bounded by
and within E. 63th ■«-. avc. a b4th ■*■ and
Election District la bounded by
and^-iihin I "Sth st.. Lexington aye.. E. 6Sth
3t Tn« d Fufeen V ta Election District is bounded by
I ..:^.t::^a^;^:
thta E. 72J «t.. oU MM.. is^unded by
ar.d within E. 72d St.. Sd aye.. E. lOth st. and
Ue -r£'s?ve£e«rtl. EJectlcn District 1. bounded
by and within E. 74th St.. 3d aye.. E. Os st.
"Ih^ESSenrt'inectJ™ District 1. bounded
by and within E. 75th st.. Lexington ays.. E
'*The t '.vtnet4nth a Elect:cn District Is bounded br
and within E. 7Sth St.. Lexington ivc, £„ , a th
S The TwenUeth Election District Is bounded by
and within Transverse road, from Centra; Park
West and W. SCth st. to sth i.e.. sth aye., E.
tC:u -„ Madistn aye.. L. 81s1 St.. Lexington
avc, 3. 7-Sth St.. sth avc. to E. .9th si.. Trans
verse rond to Central Park West and Central
Park West. , , .
The Twenty-first Election District is bounded
by ana within E. S3d St.. Lexington aye.. E.
81st St.. Madison aye., E. >ti; st and sth aye.
Th- Twenty-second Electi 'i District is bounded
by and within E. B€th si.. Park aye.. E. SUd St.
and Sth aye.
Th» Twenty-third Election District is bounded
by ant} within E. >Stith St.. lA Jll—tn« avc. E.
b3d st. ar.d P'.rk aye.
The Twenty-fourth ElecMon District is bounde<l
hy and witlnn K. S7th St.. Lexington aye., E.
Stkh wt. ani Madison ivc
The Twenty-fifth Election District is hounded
by and within E. 58th St.. Park aye., E. S7th
St.. Madison aye.. E. Sfitl) St. and sth aye.
Tho Twenty-sixth Electlcn District is bounded
by and within E. W>th St.. Lvsiasion aye.. E.
S7th st. and Park aye.
Thp Tvreaty-aemnth Election District Is bounded
b«- and within E. f'(Jth St.. Park aye., E. SBth st.
and sth av<*.
The rwenty-«i«hth Election District la bourdrd
bjt and within E. 91st St.. Lexington aye., E.
tgyth fit. and Park aye.
The Twenty-ninth Election District Is bounded
by an.i within E. tßd St.. Park i.-:.. E. 00th St.
and r»t)i aye.
The Thirtieth Election District Is bounded by
and within E. JXith st, Lexington aye., E. 91st
st. and Park are.
Tile Thirty-Hrst Election District in bounded
by and within E. 05th ct.. Park av«r.. E. »Tid st.,
Oth aw., E. 94th st. aa>' Madison aye.
The Thirty-secnd Election District is bounded
by and within Transverse road, aerosa Central
Park at W. 97th Ft.. sth avc. E. Oflth n.. Park
aye.. K. nr.th f=r., Madison aye.. B. Wth st.. Tith
ive., Transverse road, icpiss Central Park at
KtJth ■L and Central Part West.
Th« First Election District li bounrled by end
within E. llfnh at.. C<! vc. . E. 117 th et. anti 3d
The S?ccr)rt Elfertion District is bounded by and
wi-.liin E. liytli st.. Ist aye., E. HCth st. and 21
Tlai Third ESeetlon District ts hounded by and
niihin E. l!(>th p»., Ist aye.. E. 117t)i s.'.. H-»r
!«n R!v»r. E 116 th st.. Pleasant aye., E. llSth
St. a;. 2d aye.
The Fourth Florti^n District in bounded by
and within K. lllUh St.. Harlem -f-. E. l!7:h
at. and Ist aye.
T!ie P"lfih Ejection trie* i* bounded '-•• and
within L\ 121 st st.. Harlem Kiver. E. 119 th ?t.
an*! Ist avc
Th« six;h Elrrtion Di-tr!ct IP h«un»ie.l hv and
vithin E. 121 st et.. Ist aye.. E. 119 th Ft. and -'f
TJw Swventh E'ertion District is boundert by
and within E. l^l'li St.. Ist aye.. E. 121 st st.
ant: 2d ay.-.
The Eigbth Klectlon District 1? boon by
anii wi;hin E. I^4th St.. Harlem Ri\-er, E. 121 at
st. i.nti Ist aye.
The Ninth pctlon District \i> bounded by ar.d
within K. S3tb St., Harlem River, E. 1114 th St.
and 2'.J aye.
'Hie T*r:th Electlor. District Is bounded by and
w"!hin K. l"2d St.. H->r!em River. 2<? aye.. E.
12t'th St.. 3d aye.. E. 120 th st. and Lexington aye.
Th« Kle\«'r.th F.lection District is bounded by
and with!Ti E. 129 th ft.. 3d aye., E. 125 th «t. and
I.< singtoc at*
The Twelfth Election District !s Hounded by
and within H. llSth St.. 3d aye., K. 121 st st. and
Lexington I ye.
The ThlrtPeath Ejection District is bounded by
ar.d within E. lt'flth st.. 23 aye., E. lC3d st. and
30 aye.
The Fourteenth E'.ertion District Is bounded b>
rrd within E. 1234 St., 2d aye., E. 121 st Et. and
"d aye.
Tlie Fifteenth Election District Is bounded by
PTtf vrithin E. 121 st ft., M ay... E. lliith st. and
LcxtngtoQ bt*. ...
The Plxtaenth Flection District Is bounded by
an-i w't^in E I— d St.. Lexington aye.. E. 119 th
c t ?>T! <3 r*'?^!-! five
■ -j-};.^ peverteenth BCectloa District la bounded
by :i-d within a rl!ason-\I lire from the comer of
UadlHon avv and ■'-■■■ ft. to the ccrner of
Park aye and E. 123 d St.. Park aye.. E. 120 th
st. and Madison aye. .
The Eighteenth Election District is bounded by
and witliin El 12T.th Et.. Lexington aye., E. •— ■>
s:t and Park aye.
The Nineteenth Election District is bounded by
arid within E. 129tfc st; Lexington aye., n 12."th
Ft. and Park aye.
Ti-^ Tweiltleth KlecMcn District Ia bounded by
ar.- 1 wltMa B. 127 th St.. Par aye., to the cor
ner of F ITil St.: tht-nce a diac^na! line from
E."v.?d 't to C !24th !t. and Ma.iison aye.
Th" Tw-ity-first Election District is bounded
by an.l wlth-ij D. 120 th St.. ParK aye., E 127 th
st. and Madison ay«.
The Twentv-sercnd Election District Is bounded
by and within E. lolat si.. Lexlnstan aye.. El
129 th Bt. ar.d . r >th aye.
The Tw.-ntv-thiri Election District is bounded
by and within D. st.. Madison avc.. E. iXid
«t Lex:n?t:n aye.. E. 131 st St. and ,>th aye.
The Twenty-fourth Election District i« bounds
hv and within E. HI.-' at.. Harlem Ulver. l.cx
laston are., E. 132 a st., Madison avc. E. 133 d
st." and Pth aye.
The Tweaty-flfth EJlection District is bounded
by ar.d wir!-,ia W. 13Cth St.. sti aye.. W. :33th
si. nnd Lt.ox are. ;
The Twenty • bltHi Election District is boun'it'd
by ana •rtfim vv irvth st.. ."th aye.. V, T . 130 th
»>t and Len/ix aye.
The Twentv-M ventli Election District is bound
ed fey and within W. lCSth St.. sth aye.. W. 137 th
st aid Leric?: avc
Th» " r TTr"tv-ei?htb Election District la bounded
by and within a dUtCOOB] line from the corner of
Lenox aye an<i W. l"i!th St. to the enrrer of TV.
140 th st. and BUj avc. Sth aye., TV. 135 th st. and
5. The Twenty-ninth Elect Son District Is bounded
by and wtthln W. !4«th St. Harlem River. W.
141 it st.. 'tlj aye. to the corner of W. 14^th st.,
a diagonal lire from the corner of W. 14'itli st.
tin-! sth avo. to the corner of W. ir.9tfc st. and
Lenox aye., and Lerox aye.
T)i<> First Election District l.« bounded by
anc within W. 11-th bt.. I^enox aye.. W. HOiU
st. nn-i 7ih avc.
Tf.e Klection District is bounded by
and within W. 112 th St., oth aye., W. 110 th
Et. Had L:doi aye.
Th* Thir<i Election District is bounded by
anil within a diagonal lin>: 110 m the ccrner of
Lenox aye. an<l W. 112 th St.. to f.e coru.T of
W. lloth st. end otli aye.. Ik avc. and W.
The Fourth Election District Is bounded by
;ii)d witiiin W. 114tli st. tSth avc. a diagonal
line rrona the corner of uth aye. anj w. U:;th
rt. to the comer of W. 112 th st. and Ler.ox
n\f.., and Lenox ive.
The Fitth Flection District is bounded by
und wiThin W. V.4th St., Lrnux ?.ve., V,'. 112 th
St. and St Nicholas a\e.
The Sirtli Election District is !>oun«leil by
and within St. Nicholas aye., VT. 112 th st. and
7th uvc.
The ■ \ ent ti Election District is bounded by
and within W. 115 th st., Lenox aye.. W. 114 th
st. and Si NlchotaJ avt-
The Elßhtii Election District is bounded by
ar.J within V.*. Istn at.. sth avc. W. lHlh
»l. anu I.enox B*e,
The Ninth E^'-ction Diatrict is bounded by
within a diagonal line from the corner of
I.enox aye. an<l W 1 !iitb St. to the corner of
sth aye. and W. il7l; St, 3th aye., W. 110 th
«t and Lenox avo
The Tfith Election District Is bounder! br
and within a diagonal llr.- tram the corner of
W 117 th s>t. :in«i 7th avo. to th? •.•'>rner ••'
Lenox aye. ari.l W. llOtri et.. Lenox aye.. W.
lir.th st. ar.d 7th arc
Thf Eleventh Election District ts bounded
by ar.d within W. llS'.h St.. Lenox aye. to W.
lK.ln ft., a diußona! line from the »-nt:r of
W. llflth ft. ami I.enux avo. to ilie coraer of
\V 117t}> r«. an.l 71^ five., jnrl 7th JVC
The Twelfth Election District Is bounded by
iin ' nithln a iil:i£ona.l lint.- from tlio oornt-r
<-,f 1 *-nox aye. er.d W. MSth st. to the canter
;l uih iv. and W. 117 th at., a diagonal line
from the romer of 5ll» a\e. h»J W 117tli st.
to th* corner of Lenox aye. and W. 118 th Bt.
ma enox aye
nt . Thirteenth Election District Is bounded
by nr.d within a Ji?.il'»n:il line from thu corner
of W ll^'.ii st nnd Lenort aye. 10 the corner
of W Il'.ith bu aiid iUi <t\u-. uiti ay. to W.
iITUi "i.. thence a diagonal line to the earner
of W. 118 th '■ anil l-enox nve.
Th<- Fo'irt-enth El-ction District is hcrsnded
by and wltliin W. H'.it li f>t to tlie corner of
r>th av<-. thence a <ilag:oiTal line t" thf «'ornf.r
of W. 118 th st. an<l Lenox a\e.. W. il^tli st.
The Fifteenth Election Dlatrtel Is bawnded by
and within Vv. ll»t»i st.. 7th aye., w. Il7tb st..
SI Nieiio.as arc. W. llfl.h st. and J>th aye.
The Sixteenth Elfi-tlon 1.-is-.rk-t ia hourd»»,i by
ami withn W. noth at.. =th die.. W. ll>th st
!!?Tha*^eventeenth Election District U boan<S*d
by Bad Wtthln W. 120 th at 7!,: aye.. W. 110 th
(^t a tJ Mlj KVC
The EtKhieeiith Election Dlntr!ct Is houn-ied
by and within W. 121 st at. 7th aye.. W. ljeth
et ur.d' Manhattan aye.
The'vin^ieenth Eiection District Is bounded by
ml within W. 12-td at. Sth aye.. W. 121 st st.,
Manhattan avc. W. 120 th si. and MorningsiJe
A Y«. "xw^ntieth Election District is hounded hr
anrt within W •sd st mi aw W. lUlst st
" n T»ie th T**eTity-first Ktectlon District la bcun.it d
by an.! wttiln W. irji st.. Lenox aye., W i ■:»<!,
* t ' T^" < TwV h "A V< »Pcctirl E'ectiun DU<tri,> . Is booTnled
iiv i»id within W ind «t._ Mount Morris aye .
W ruth st ti nth aye.. a line tlrmmh Mf.urr
xii rrl P-jrk to the corner of W OOt* st. and
Stb «ye. Mh aye.. W 1 1' M* st. and Lrncx aye.
TSe Twenty-third Hl*ctlon District is houn-lfMl
bVannVwitl^ v ' i:M ■*- I>enos a " 1 ' 3 - v '—d
Flei-tion Dlstrirt is bounded
b. „,. wiiMn V lH4r^ »t.. Lenox aye.. W.
SnthTat rt>> av * W>l I?4<h ■**" '. >:nr Morris
aye TV I*"d »f. S"" 1 Tth aY ""
Tub Twcaty Election Ulatrict Is bounded
by . a " d withm \V. OKI a:.. 7th aye.. W. 12TM st.
and Sth aye.
The Twenty-sixth Election District U bounded
by and within W. 127 th st.. 7th aye., W. 124 th i
-and Sth aye.
The Twenty-seventh Election District Is bounded
n\ and within W. 127 th st, Lenox aye., W. :
l-4th SI. an<l ":" :t * avp
The Twcnty-elehth Election Dlstrtct Is bounded .
by and within w I27tn »c. sta *»•-. W. 12ftt*
st. and Lenox aye.
The Twenty-ninth Election District la baanded
by and within E. l»tb St.. Madison are.. E.
i-^nn st. to the corner of j'h aye.. a line
,".r°L :s:h Mount Morris Park to the corner of B.
i~4th st and sth aye., and sth »ye.
£, ... t , Location. Occupied as
f, • \ft Linear aye Barber shop j
»A- £ Alexander aye Candy stare'
5 2*-? «■ 133<i 5 f Restaurant:
34. UK Wiii-a aye Candy store !
•£• Jif Willis aye Tailor storw
t'. 7-u £• *•** « Tailor store;
„- [H ■*• Anns aye Tailor store;
*«' iS ?■ A;m3 * v « Barber shop
!«• «6 E. 154 th «t Bakery ,
1 -vn i^** 003 - Occupied as
! i' t£Z d * ye ..Auction Rooms
" ~!J-~ >-i «ye ...Harness store
'.'■ S :\' !liß * y e Plumber fboD
k £- A rxanier aye Tailor store
5- rli ?- Uls * v « Shoe "tore
- »2 S" Ulis aye Barber
i. 480 E. Wai st Barter shop
i>. ~to srook5 rook aye Upholstery
10. ?n U Will!, aye Barber shop
•V I°* £ 143 dst Barber shop
I-. 403 E. 144 th st Upholstery.
iT 111 E - 143tn st Awnings,
14. 45, Win i» »v* Tailor store
{*■ £2 Willis aye Barber shop!
15. 540 E. 148 th st Candy store
1.. ._.;! R. Anns aye Ta. lor store ;
}*■ £|0 ! - Beta st Barber «hop
13- 603 B. Ulst st ...Bakery
m 5.0 E. lS'th st Candy store i
-1- ■E. 13Mh st Stationery store ;
X. fiis r. xsxth st Barber shop
£-■ 4*. Rabbins avej Bakery!
-4 747 Southern boulevard Vacant stare I
£>■ £!XJ B. 15i;th et Barbershop!
-8. 811 Dawson st Cigar atore \
27. 047 Long-wood av<> .......Tallur store I
a, 1007 Southern boulevard He- store i
-t). IC2O K. 162 d*l Tailor store '
•JO. 1143 Longwood aye Grocery storo
31. 17Tth st. and Roseda!e aye Engine hous*
."^. L'lso Westchester a1.«3."a 1 . «3." Him- ■ store
."::;. 2^*l4 Westchester ay» Barber shop
S4. IMS Fort Schujrler road Feed store
85. 1521 Pelham ay« Qro<-»ri- store;
36. 1418 Williarrisbridge road Barber shop
37. 1603 Parkf.T aye Vacant store.
38. 1415 J'nionport road Vacant store
S9. 1730 \Valk«T avc Vacant store
4W. iS9 Van Xest aye . . .Stationery store •
41. 1738 Uniorport road Cigar store'
4^. Crager ay». 50 feet north of Morris
Park :i.-. Tailor store'
4:;. S4."> il orris Part an Grocery swre :
41. .Southeast osrasr of White Plains avo. ' '
and Bartholdi st Hall
4.". .■•_'. i;: White Plains aye Vacant store
(•;. :;f>4i" Wait* p:»fna aye £arb«r shop
47. "SI 4 Barnes aye Vacant store
48. SS4O W^ite Plains aye Office .
49. 682 E. 233 dst Candy st-">re ■
COL 40<>."> White Plains aye Vacant store'
31. Orchard st. and City island avcCamiy store j
E.l>. '• Location. • Orrup.ed as
1. 477 College aye Bar.* shv.p !
-. C!«) Courtiandt aye Earner shop |
0. atiii E. 14-i:; st Tailcr ature !
4. .'.L'?< E. 14WT!i st Tailor store !
•".. .".17 K. I4^Ul st ..Barbei shop J
'■■ 851 RobMBS aye Junk store j
7. ISO Kobbins- aye Shoe store j
8. Mi Et XSStk st Laarulry •
». TV Tnicn aye Tailor fcior*; j
i" 7>." Tinton awe Laundry'
11. ei'l> K. 15«; th st Tailor more I
'- 7) : Forest n\e...A Plumber *cop j
IS. tilS Wfstchcster aye Uiirber shop ;
14. 2950 H a. 1 Barber slMp i
IS. 70S Elton aye Vacant Store 1
10. 71>> Cuurt!ancit aye .-'hce store •
17. (575 Courtiandt aye Clothing store'
18. 71."> C irtiandt aye Tailor store
Id. t*K\ Coartlandt aye Real eitate ot!lce j
#1. *!t7 ']'<• :-r avi Barber shoa :
21. 627 lleiroF'- aye Vacant store.
2:.'. *••_•: Bit avc Vacant;
"S. 77-> Msiasaa aye Tailor store i
i! 4. 7.V Mclrcse aye Barber shcp j
25. ".<).",4 3d aye Candy store '
2t>. 3216 Z>i aye Bar snop
27. 26S* E. 1(12 j st Barbershop
38. 44:; E. lt;4th st Vacant store
29. Fd'.t E. 1»;2<1 st Barber shop
30. 1023 Boston road Tailor store
E.L). Location. Occupied as
1. 790 E. ltTlst st Tailor store f
". <::.;. E. 161 st st Barber shop j
I Ml E. MKM st Candy store ;
4. !:■_'■' Forest aye Tailor store i
.">. 797 E. : »51st st Barbershop'
ti. 1021 gtabbina aye Var*nt store 1
7. < -:>4 Prospect aye Upholstery
-. 1054 H^ll place Barbershop
». 757 E. I*i»tß st Barber shop
10. 1162 Boston road Tailor store
1!. 1147 Tinton aye Barber shop
IX 1332 Prospect ays Laundry
i;:. 796 Home at Tailor store
14. 1209 Southern boulevard Stationery
15. 1013 Fox st Bakery
It!. J)s«» Freeman st ....Tailor store
17. 1322 Southern boulevard Tailor store
18. \T.»; Intervale aye Vacant store
i.». 1442 Boston road Tailor store
20. 1378 Prospect avc Cleaners 1
21. 1425 Pro«p«ct avi- Cljrar store
-1. *»:;." E. T*>Snh st Trunk store
23. Wfst side Franklin aye., 150 feet
north of 170 th St Booth
24. j3:»7 Fulton aye Plumber shop
2.". ."41 Wfndover ay» Tail store
2fi. 14r:7 Boston road Barber shop
27. '.m E. 172.! st Barber
28. 13"4 Bryant aye Dwelling I
_!>. 10<)4 E- 17Sth at Vacant store J
50. 702 Trerr:ont aye Barber shop,
31. ISH4 Bathgate aye Barber shoo '
32. 511 E. 174 th st Hall !
33. 447 Tremont aye Cigar store ,
34. 443 E. It/** st V«e«Bt store
"..".. 2110 La Fontaine aye Vacant store
:>■ ■-■■■»•_ A rthur aye Tailor store
17 I*3 Treiront »th BarbT ?hon
38. 754 E- l^Oth st Candy store
39. 2111 Southern boulevard "'anilv siorel
40. 70S B. 1 *3o! st Barh«r shop
4.1. 613 K. 133 dst Barb«rr shop
CD. Location. Occupied as
1. •>"> K. 161 st st » Flarist
2. 10HS Osden a"- •■ Vat-ant store
«. 13S Union place Vacant sti->r»- i
4. 283 E. l^.Tth st Candy store
5. :«.'.:: Morris aye Candy store
$ 1 v- Washington ay.; Upholstery
7. 3840 3d aye Bicycle store
S. MM E. iTOth st . Shoe store
if. 1311 Washington aye Barbershop
l'l. 41" E. lOHth st Barber shop)
11. 3SI E. 169 th st Tailor store
12. 14T. Brook avc Bar*- - ?hop
13. 1 ."?3 Brook aye Barber sr'oo I
14. SORE. 1 71s>t st Storage !
ir>. 51ft E. !7:<.J st Machir.- shop
1.5. 410 E. 173 dSi Bafeery
17. I*l*l Morris -„. Hall
I.H. 1777 W»-ks aye . Stationer*- stor
!i). 1272 S!iakeip»eare ar« Barber shop ;
20. .1 W. BurusiM aye Undertakers !
21. 2127 Jerome aye Real estate office j
L' 2. Ins E. 18Sd st Grocery store I
S3, 4221 Park aye Undertaker I
24. Rv»r avc. and ISOth st Butcher shop I
25. 471 E. 184 th st Barb.-r «4iod
28. ."•:; Wrbster avc Berber shop I
27 47«0 3d aye Barber shop ',
2*. Zfttd Webster are Vacant sture j
23. 3120 Jerome aye Club Bouse •
Srt 23» E. •_•!>::.! st Candy storf '
3L 271." Webster aye Hal! (
.".-•. '.'!) E. lOSth st .iroc>»rv stort- j
143. 2«?r.2 Feiuaia are Butcher shop '
Si South tide W. 230 th St. and Putnam
Railroad Candy store ■
;:.-.. .'..".K2 Eroad-way Barber shop .
30. ::g«brnigc are. and 230 th st
Barber shop i
37. R ■■■'1-. <» l-.-., between 239' and
26<)fn <ts Tailor store '
C?. 309 E. 2.".7 th st Barter i
• THinriETH ftrißMtlliT DISTRICT fNORTH).
The Thirtieth E:ect.cn District ia U>unde»l ijy
anti witatn tl 13taCfl at.. Al«xand?r ay,.., B
l:«»:h st, Lincoln <;•• c.. E. 13-.L. st, ,1J ava. anj
j Harlem River.
Ifce Thirty-first EU-ction Dlatriet i.' <.nnOd
by anti wlth.n E. UV.th Bt., Lmi <>lv ..e.. E.
l^ith St., . lilts aye.. E. 134 th st.. Alexander
aye., Ilarkm Kiver and ."..1 aye.
The Thirty-second Electlrvn District ia bounded
. by ana within E. 134 th fx., St Anns aye.. E.
132J St.. Le*is place. Bronx Kills, Uariem Btvar
anil Ak'xanrler aye.
Th» Thirty- Elt>ction Dlstrirt in bounded
by an<l wit* in E. l^tli St.. Brt«ck aye.. B. vs-tzti
st. ami Willis aye.
The Th.rtv-rourth Election District is bounded
by and within ii l.i«lQ St.. Brown place. E.
l;Sth at. and Willis aye. •
T!)<* Thirty-fifth Ejection District is b»un«i««I
by and ulth.n E. l.TTiu at . Brown place ii
lr.Cth st. an .1 Willis aye.
The Thirty-sixth Election District a bounded
by and within E. 137 th St.. St. Anna aye.. li
in."th st. anii Brown place.
Th» Thlrtv»»eventh Election District is hounded
by and within E. I.iitii at., Cypress aye.. E.
I.TJd ft.. East River Bronx Xl If li-«j tiUce.
R red St., St. Anr.s aye.. E. 134 th st. and
lirr-riU avc.
The Thirfy-el*hth Election District is bouaJed
hv an'l within E. I3!ith at.. Baal River. E.
!33d st, Cypress aye. E. t39th st and St.
Anns aye.
The First Election District is b^nn-;--; by and
wii&in t l-»l»t.i st.. Park »v»., B. 14«.t: st. CW
leire aye.. Slcriis aye.. 'M aye.. E. ;om:,; o m:, St. and
Harl«rn River.
The fc«c«>ijil Election District is bounded by
anil within E. I4Bta St.. Sd ay*., Morris aye.
1 and College ove.
71) « Third Election District ip bounded by and
• within E. 142'J ft. Willis avr... E. 140 th St..
i Alr.xamifr aye.. H. i:r.»th a nn.l S.i aye.
The Fourth Election restrict ts txainded by
; and w.tiiin E. YJUtU st. Wtula a\«.. fcl. liath bt.
{ and 3d «v#.
The Fifth Election DiMTict ia bounded by aad
' within E. ir.:?tr. St.. Wlliu aye., E. I3«tb st
i and Alexander aT«.
The atxth EJf-cton District .a bounded by ari
witliin C 136 th »t. Willis axe., tl IOCa st
' an.i Uaaaader «■»«■
The Revert li -rtion IHstrlct is boondad by
, auil wlth.n E I'Wth et.. Uiu>k a-, i- . E. Ki7th t?.
; an.l Willis aye.
i The Eighth EJiK-Mon Diftrict Is b«u»detl by
; anJ witntn B. VtOth gt.. Hruok »vc. E. lUath
, ■• ami WM» err-.
Th.- Ninth ESextton District Is trended tv an.l
; within K. 140 th BU Un uk »\.r.. E. 1 :i>tn •«■ ar.l
Alexanrfi-r nve.
The T^nth E)tctlcn Distrtci Is t>ounJrd by an,l
i within E. lilft «t.. Brook aye.. E. 140ih st and
1 Willis aye.
Tbr ElertJitt. E!«ctlon District is bourn!*-! by
! am! witMn li H3d st.. Brook axe. H. I 4 '-' st.
1 and WlMIs «<"*■
•Phi- Tvclfta E'evtlfln District Is bounded Vf
an-l wr^in C H-'t'i »t., Br<)ok aye.. U. 14S1 »t.
ami WIMH ive.
The •••-• nth Election DNtrict 'a bound<-<1
by »nd within E. 148 th st. St. Anns live.. E
[ 115 th st. and Willis art.
The Fourteenth Election District is bounded
by and within E. 113tt> St., WUUs ave-. B. U2d
St. -"■! 3d aye.
The Fifteenth Election District is bounded
: by and within E. 143 th St.. Brook aye.. E.
14« th st. and Willis aye.
The Sixteenth Election District Is hounded
by and witfctn E. H3th St.. St. Anns aye.. E.
14<?th st. and Brook aye.
Tli* Seventeenth Election District is bounded
by and within E. 14" a st. it. Anas are.. E.
lflst st. and Bro«k aye.
The Eighteenth Elaction District Is bounded
by and within E. 141 st st. St Anns aye.. E.
137 th ST. and Brook aye.
The Nineteenth Election District to bounded
by and within St Marys St.. Cypress a\e.. C.
14I»t st. and St. Anns aye.
The Twentieth Election District Is bounded
by and within E. 141 st St.. Cypress a'-e.. E
13»'h st. and St. Anns »v».
The Twenty-first Election District is
bounded by and within E. 13Sth et.. Cypress
aye.. E. 13«tb st. and St Anns sve
The Twenty-second Election District ts
bounded by and within E. 133 th St.. Cypress
aye.. E. 141 st St.. Locust aye.. E. 14" si..
East River, E. 13« th St.. Cypress aye.. E. lism
st., St. Anns aye., and also North and South
Brother Islands.
The Twenty-third Election District »•
bounded by and within E. 14f»* «t.r East
River. E. 1-iOth St.. Locust aye.. E. 141 st at..
C} pre ss are.. St. Marys st and St. Anns aye.
The Twenty- fourth Election District is
bounded by and thin Lonirwood av<-., Whit
lock ay».. E. I4:»th St., Prospect aye. and
K«My st
Th* Twenty- fifth Election District Is
bounded by anti within Ma~y rt-ice. Hewitt place.
Lcnswood aye.. Kelly st. and Prospect place.
Th« Twtnty-s.sih EI-ct!on D.str.ct hi
bounded by and within Stebbins a". c.. Datwn
*t. , Bsraroad at* Hewitt t>b»c«\ Macy place.
Prospect aye. and Weetchester aye.
The Twenty-seventh Election District ts
bounded by and within Ke'-ly st. I.onswo«><l
aye., Da -a- son St., Stebbins avx. aad Westches
ter aye.
Th« Twenty-eighth Election District is
bounded by "nd within the Bronx Kiver. Gar
rison are.. Bryant ay»., Wh-tlock a»e.'. Hunts
Point road. Doagan St.. Kell7 st an.i West
ch^stcr aye.
The Twenty-nint> Election District ts
bounded by and within Dons;an st., fjouthern
boaievard. Lon«^r«od aye. and Krlly at.
The Thirtieth Election District is bonrtdM
by and within Hants. Point road. Whitlock
aiajL, Bryant are.. Garrison a»?.\. Bronx River.
Baal Kivcr. B. Mflth - WTiitiock aye.. Long
w""d »vt. and fo'V*-*r-i bottferard
The Thirty-first Election District is bounded fey
and within Walker aye.. TTnrwTurs aye.. Tremont
aye.. Beach aye.. U"«itc!»esUrr are.. tVUktas
Creek- Pupsleys Creek. East River, or the Lon?
Island sound, and the Bronx Ri»er.
The Thirty-second Election District m bounded
by arid within Westchestrr aye.. Cattle Kill aye..
Fu*rsle>» '':<■«!« and Wi'.kins Creek.
The Thirty-Curd ETection District is bounded
by and within Westchc ter aye., Seubrey Creek.
Westchester Cre^k and Castle Hill aye.
The Thirty-fourth Election District ts bounde'i
by and within the Causeway. Fort Sctmyler road.
Coddinjrtcn »%«.. Eastern boulevard. Town t>o<-k
road. Ea»t River, or Lotjj Island Sound, and
We*tche«ttr Creei.
The Thirty-fifth Election pistrict is bounded
by and within Givens Creek. Ilutchinscns River.
East Chester Bay, East fii.»r. or. Ixmit island
Sound, Town Dock ir>ad. Eastern boulevard. Cod
dlngton aye.. Kort Scbuyler road, the Causeway
an»l Westchfst<-r Creek.
The ThirT.v-sixt:i Election District Is bounded
by and within Pelharo Parkr.-ay. Westchester
CreeJc S-a'urey Creek, We*tct>f"»ter «ye.. Zerega
aye.. Glebe aw.. St. Peters ay».. Walter aye..
Silver st. and WUBaßßArldga road.
T^e Thirty-seventh Election District is bouT.d?i
br and within Walker aye.. St Peters aye.. Glees
ay*., Zt-ti aye. WesTchesier aye. and Castle
Hill aye.
The Thirry-«is;-.th Election District is bounded
by and within Walker aye.. Caatie 11:11 ay».,
Westchester aye. anJ Beaoh aye.
The Thirty-ninth Election District is bounde'i
by a.rA within Walker aye., Leach aye.. ■rerr.ont
aye. anil Rossdale aye
The Fortieth Election District I* bounded by
and within Dcston Post road. White Plain* road.
Ir.ionport road. Morri* Park aye., Garnetd St..
Walker aye. and the Bronx River.
Tht? Forty-nr?t Electicr District is bounded by
and within Morris Park aye., Cear awamp roaO,
Walker ay». and Carf>id Et.
The' Forty-6e.:ond Election District is bounded
by and wtthln Bear Stvamp road, Barnes * --
Mcrria Park aye, ard micnr*rt road.
The Forty-third Election District Is bourdel
by ar.d within Bronx and Pelham Parkway. Ui:;
iamst.ridEe roa<i. Si!\-er st, WaUer aye.. I>ar
Swamp road. Morris Park aye., Barnes aye.. Eear
Swamp road and White Plains read.
The' F\->rty-f'>crTh E2-'Ction Ptsrrtrt ts
bounded by art'! within Oun Hill road. Ttlden
st E 213 th •'.. Boston P<--st road. E. ZZZ& St..
Br-jrer aye., B!a"k Dor Brook. Givers CißiaX
Westchestir **r»ea. Bronx ard Pelham park.
way aaf l tl;e Bronx R;ver.
The Forty-fif'ri Election Dirtrict '" bounded
by and within E. -Jinth m.. V.'^ite Plains road.
Gun Hill road and the Bronx P.iver.
The Forty-«ixt* Election District is boun.led
bY and within E. 21»th St.. Broutwwxl aye..
TlMen St.. Gun Kill road and White Plains

The F»rty-seventh Election District ts
bounded by ar.rt within E. *2!Kri St.. Gunther
aye.. Boston Post road. E. 213 th st. TlMen St..
Bronxwood aye .E._' ■ st. and Paraia »■■>
The Forty-eishth Election District is bounded
hv and wfthm E. 'J2oth st.. Earncs aye.. E.
St. and the Brorx River.
The Fot ny-ninth Election District is boun«!e<s
by and within E. 2:J7th St.. Disney aye.. Bis
sing dv«.. the northern oenrdary of The City
of Nevv York, Hntehtnson's River, Givers
Creek. Black Dos Brook. Bruner aye.. E.
•j-jj.' St.. Gunther are.. E. 229 th st. and the
Bronx Riv-r.
The Fiftieth Election District Is bounded by
and within the northern bovr.dary of The City
of New York Mumiys lane. B':3sin- *•■ • . Dis
ney a-. <■.. E. li.TTth st. and the Bronx River.
The Fifty-first Election District is bounded
by ar.d wlthrn the northern boun^arr of The
City of New Terk. Ix>n«: Island Sound. East
chester Bay. Hutchinson"? Ri vp r and Goose.
Hunters. Pt;a!s, The Twins, Ilis^h. Hart aad
City Inlands.
The First Election District is bounded by
and within E. l"»"th at. Morris aye... E 149 th,
; St., Co'irtlandt ay*.. E. 14Sth st. College a.ye..
I E. 14Hth st. and I'ark aye.
i The S-eoml Election District Is bounded by
and withia £. '.J-.l at.. •"' ~adt aye.. II
14!Hh Bt. and Morris aye.
The Third El»>'tlon District ts bounded by
anil within E. 1 >.St St., Meiroae aye., E. 10--.i
si.. 3d aye.. E. (6th St., College avo.. E.
14Mh rt. n.n«l Courtiandt ay».
The r'ourth Election District is bounded bT
an<l wluhin E. 14Sth St., rit Aim* aye.. E.
l-lsth st. and Sri aye.
The Fifth Election District Is ....,.- *■■
anj within E. lo2d St.. Brcok aye... Westcies
t?.- aye., St. Anns aye.. E. 141 st. and
I 3d aye.
The Sixth Election District is bounded by and
1 within Westchester aye.. Bobbins aye.. S. 143 th
st. nnd st. Anns ava
Th.- S#v«nth Eiecrton Dlstrt<-t !? '.lourrded by
and within Westcaeater aye.. E. i.'-'.th st., Tlb
i ton aye.. E. 149rh st. asd BMBB aye.
The Eig.*i'h riect!«i District is boonded by
and within E. 155 th St., Prospect aye... E. I4wth
st. and Tinton aye.
The Ninth Election " strict is bounded by sad
within Weatchester aye.. Prcspec; ays. an.i El
135 th st.
The Tenth Election District la bounded by and
within B. 158 th St.. Westchester aye.. E. "I3<sth
st. and Foreye aye.
"Hi* Eleventh Election District ts bounded by
aad within E. 158 th St., Fores: are., E. BBJtl at.
and CSraMwefl aye.
The Twelfth Election District is bounded by
and within E. 13»>th st.. Westohester aye. and
Cauldweli aye.
T!i* Thirteenth Kl«ction District •.-.-■•-
ami within B. I J>*th «t. Cauldwell aye.. West
chester aye. and St. Anns ay*
Th* Fourteenth Eleciion Pistrict is bounded by
and vrithln E. ljtMi St.. St. Anns ay?.. West
chener ays.. Brook are.. Ei 132rt st. and Sd aye.
The Fifteerrth Election District is v^undad hv
and within E. lioth St.. 3d aye.. E. l^-Jd at and
Me! rose aye.
The fixteecth Election District Is boarded &t
»ad -Aithln E. l."«th st.. Mclrcse aye.. E. IClst
st. and Coiirtiandt aye.
The Serente«nth Election District is hounded
by and wi'Mn B. 104-h St.. Courtlaruit iv«.. E.
ISCI st. and Morris aye.
The F.lshteenth FTecti in t'!«t-l'-t f- H<«.n(!»fl t<r
aM within H-- l.'^b - ■. Coijrtiantit a»c, E.
IB4tn ■' an.l Mcrris aye.
The Nineteenth Flection Disrr'ct is bounded by
arid within E. l p orh st. Conrtiaadt aye.. E.
IStUh st. and Park aye.
ti, TTrer>t •>?*> Elertion District ts t'CandM by
*n.i wit Sin E. I'*lst St.. Morris aye.. X lfiCd at.
Psrk aye. HirrN aye.. E. luOth St.. Park are..
E. 149t»i •• ar.l Matt .ive.
The T«"«!n f v- first F'ectioa District is Nsunde.l
by an<i w!'hin E lfilM st., Me!rose aye.. E.
ireth St., Courtiandt aye.. E. tCOth s:. an! Park
: a^e.
; The Twenty ■ necori'l Elertion Districr is r>ot!Tiiied
] by md ■n-irhin E. lGlst St.. 3.1 avc. C lC9th St.
anrl Metrose aye.
The Twen*y- f ri!rd f!!ect!on District '» bounded
by and within E. lXrth st. 3d aye.. n. 157 th St.
ar ■'. Me!rn?e are.
Tbe Tnwrv- fourth ETection District is bounded
by and within E. Id7th St.. Uu aye.. E. liith st.
air' MeTICB" nve
The Tirer.tv- fifth Election r-.sfri.-t Is hmimied
b " an.l within K. 15-th st.. Eas!<* aye. c. jsist
ft.. CanlJwe'l aye.. E. I'Hth at. an! * 4 | aye.
the Twentv-rfxth 'C'ecTlcT? TMsrriet is bonndej
by and within E- IGZA St.. Sd aye.. K. VZt\ st..
Eagle aye.. E. IC^th St.. S.J aye. arvi Washir-s^on
The Twenty-seventh Election District Is iisand
■d »»v arii within Hr^-ok aye., Washington aye.,
E IHst -«t. an^ P^rk aye.
Toe Twmtv-et--r.'rt Flection Dis'rtct !s bnrrmietl
by anil wirhni E. l*3tH «t.. ?A are.. E. l»V4th St..
VTsshinurton aye- and Brook aye.
Tlw Tw«»nr>-nmth Flection DlsUlcl N hounded
ty anrl wl:»>!n E. HVitfi st.. C»l avu . E. ICCJ st.
and Washington avj.
The TMrtleth mectir-n TM'trict !■» bonnderf bT
•ad wtt^■!n ST. Wth *t.. BasXnu roi.t. rßiiMwali
a\«*., E. VBSA St.. Zi aye. anJ Frßßk&a aye.
TTHRTT ! ' *s?fiil-lt district.
The First Klection District is bour.rte.i by and
within E. ltX>th st.. Trtnity aye.. k. Ifilst st..
Pro.»{-eet aye.. West^h««:er aye., Ev l*>3th st and
Caul^weH »ye.
The »'m-onj riecti .a Dlstrtct is bouru><! by and
within E. ICW <- F-jrest »Te.. E. ltn« st.
Trinity ay».. E. t«*h at-. C&iilUw«il »ye.. E.
laist »t an.t Ejsrle .up
Tr»« Thrd O^ftlon PißTrtrt is bounded by nnd
within E. na'.th «t.. TnnUy ava. E. •IK ■«..
Forest aye.. E. +("<i *t.. Caudtrcll a\e. ariii Bos»
ttm rraxi.
The Fourth Election Distnrl i.-> bounJe<: by and
within E. tfifth st. Lnion ava.. E. iCSti st. Tla
ton avc . E. l«lst Bt. anrt Fcrt«t 'V-
Ttie Fifth CTectifn DlstrUrt 13 in«*e<l by ard
within E. ltd st. ITosp^ct aye.. li ttJtst st. and
Tintcn a\ c.
The slxth E'.eetlon District la bo«a^*tf and
wtthln E. irsth «.. Stet>b:nj »ic. C tSU »t
an<* t.'ninn aye.
The Seventh KttcQQß Oiatrtct is bounded B»
an<i within EL 1«&J «-• t>trb» ln» ava.. E. l»3th
tx.. In' Tvale av«v. Weetehe- aye. ajui Pros
pect it*.
The EUhth ESeeUca District la r*an<ieil ty
anj wltMn TX VXth xt. Pr<wp< K <*t »vi-.. stebbins
av»*.. E. Ifi7th *'.. Tirfany s«.. We&tchast«r *»• .
Intervale aye.. E. ltiutn su aad Union aye.
Th« Ninth Klection District la bcunilcl by nnd
wtthin TX 16ttih mt.. Cnlon avt-.. E. ws» »:. and
Trinity a»e.
The Tenth E!ec Inn Dtstrici hj- boun^nl by an<!
wlrhtn B l«7th m.. Fult.>n ay».. E. 16Kh »t.
1 Forevt aye . Htttr.e at.. Juckscn are.. 12. l(St>th
at. Franklin asa. aad 3d a«e»
The Eleventh Election District is boiind«4 br
aad wlthia Uuia* St.. Feres: awe.. E. MBA St..
Itnwn aye.. E. l<Wth st. and Jaeaaosi *▼«-
The Tweifth i::«.t.on DUtri ■; la boundad fey
and withia R. l^t.i St.. Cotoa »wa.. E. MBtk «*_.
I Il« me SjL ami Tir.'ia aye.
The Thirteenth Election Dlstrtct i» toond^d hr
I and within Home St.. Tiffany at. B. isVti St..
I StabMaa rye.. Frospect <ye.. E. ldKb st. aa*
Tinton avo.
The Fourteenth Election District la booadwl ay
and within Home St.. St.. Freeoaa at.
j H..* aye. . E. l«7tk st ask! Tlft.*ay st
; The nfteenth Election District ta bocstJeij br
•net withia E. lt7* st. \V«stctester ava. m*
i TttTany st.
The Sixteenth Election District !• busuu'sd b-r
and within Freeman st,. X>3nyfellow aye., Jss>
n:nK» st.. E<Jgswat«?r road. V.'estcisester a«a.. X.
lS7th Mt. and Hoe aye.
The si«vente«Bt!i Eiectioa District l» hOßßsiiel
■*»• and within J«nsitaiß* at. f — T*n«w ava,.
Freeman st. and lr.tervaie aye.
The Eißhteent.l Klection Dlatftct is bounded br
ana wittim Kre»raaa st.. <:hi*hola» St.. Jennings
St.. Stebbins aye.. r lTDth St.. Charlotte .:..
' Jenainxs st. Interval* ay«, Tmwmait St.. Slss»-
I s- m st.. Uotne st.. E. ICJth st. and Lysiaa pla<re.
The Ntßwassaik Election Itstrtct t» bcruaaort
b7 and within Ctotena Park docth. Prr.spwrt
aye.. .Boston road. StooMaa »▼•.. J»nnxn«» st.
Prospet-t aye.. Ei ITTJth st. and --*>n» »v».
The Twent.eth E.ectJoa District is sounds* by
and within Jenr.in«s at. r*.aholm St.. Fre*«s»a
I »t.. Lyrnari p.ace. B. l 3>ta at. Union aye., E.
' l*<th St.. Tin ton ,»v- . E. lOta st. and Boston
rtja.t. •
The Twerrty-ffrst Erection District is bounded
by and w.tiiia Crutona ParW f*>«th. t>nCons> *v«..
IK. 17urh «t.. Proi«nect sjm Jennings at.. Beaasa
I road. l«»th st. and Cltntr.o %v«.
The Tw«»nty-»econd E:e»;tion Dtstrtrt is bnun<t»t
by and withia JeCersca slace. CUaton a**.. E.
torn st., Tin ton »•■•.. E. l«stn st Bart rraaklm
The Twenty-third E:*»-t:.Tfi ntstrtct la basjßdM
by an.! within Cr»>tona Park Sou'h. Clinton tv». .
Jefferson place. rraakiln •*«.. E. :70th St. «ad
fTil'ca aye.
T^e Twenty-fmirth Electina Disxrfct Is bonndM
by tad within St. Pauls aistaa. FtiUoo a»«.. E.
I 170 th St.. Franklin i.e. E. ISMii st. raiassi
. av<\. E. TC7th -«t. and M ' ■"* -
■ The T»«nty-f»fth E'^rttou UJjitrtet ts bottarJ*^
'• br ani within E. 174 th St.. l^lton ay«.. K. tSti
! St.. Artrr?ir a.ye.. Crntoria Piric XcrSi. Craton*.
j jv».. Crotona. Park s«rt:i. at Paula ptaaa savt
1 Th- Twenrj-«lxr?» B»et:<in Dtsrrtct is Nwroisd
Iby and withfca Crotona Park !*»rtlt Sfaasator
i aye.. E. I7;;th rt.. So«th«Ti houlevari Ei. 113»t
j St.. Boston road. Seaburv place. Bt 170 th *•-
! Stebbiris ay*.. Boston roarl. Prospect as**.. Cro
; tor a i*ark >outh an<l Crotona aye.
The Twenty-vvertth motion Di!*trtct Is bonne
! «•«! by and w*s n E. I7«th St. Vyaa a*a. JSS>
j ninss «.. Cbarlott« rt.. Saabwrv !>lar«. Maaan
1 road. T. 173<i st. .tnd :ra«ia Basj!ev«r«».
I Th» ' null «la»th Btorttoa Distrirf \a baana>
1 • by and wtthlo X I7»?th St.. Bronx RJv*r
j TTestf heater aye.. Edsrewater road. Jnrntr.gs st-
I and x ~r*m ay»
The Twenrv-p'.nth ETectlos District I- bosr*!*'*
;by and wi;ht3 C " a h -t.. Boston road. W«s»
j Farms road, Br«->nT River. E. 17Sth st. liar
j mion aye.. Cretcsa Park North «ad P*«s»ar^
The Thfrti«h Ejection Dlsttrtct It knajsidad: by
I an.i within Trwnont aye. Prospect avw.. C?<»
tona Park North and Arthur «r».
The Thrrty-flrrt Blertten XJtstrtct la buuudart
by and within Tr«snont aye.. Arthur avat. C.
17T,th et. and 'VSTaahinxtoa ay*.
Th« Thirty-«e<-«m(I Election District Is bonaaV
1 «d by ar-1 wirhta Tr«nsont aye.. Wastrtaatasi
\ are.. " !77>th St.. Fatten ay«.. E. TT4th at. aad
j Part aye.
Th« T*si!TT-thinJ ElwcOon D'rtrtet Is liißsHsß
j by and within B. ISOta st, 34 aye., Treaasa*
j ».• and Par* av»*.
Th- TTiir-T-fonrtii E3*cttos District is bMßaiad)
Ibv and within E. -4th St.. Bathajire ava.. E.
I l»th «t. and Park aye.
Th» TMrtv-fifth Election District is bsesaiadl
i by and w:thia E. !*«*j «'_. Artanr aw*.. E. 132<i
St.. Hashes a.»e.. E. 150 th st. and Bathrat^ aT".
The Thirtv-stxth Wection District hi baasjaM
by acd within E. lauth '- . Hu«-h*a a**.. T»a
cont aye. end :^1 aye.
The Thirty-seventh Election District J^ MBMaaV
ed by and within ■ laOtis St.. Beimant »*».
i Oakland place. Pro»p«ct aye.. £. 130 th at.
j lUpea aTe.. E. 178 th St.. Propp^t ay».. Tieiiinat
I aye. ami Hughes aye.
The Ttlrty-eiyhth E:«ctiaa DStrtct Is b«-3iuJ
! *<i by and wizhin B. ISCi St.. Mans «t».. E.
l^Cth st.. Prospect aye., Oakland place. BetOasaC
! aye.. X- l<<Ctii st. a.- ! Hus;h«9 aye.
j Th« T>.irt7-nhsth E»»etlon r-iatr^ is ft sea I
1 «1 by asd within E. lS2d St.. Boejiaa read. B.
IS Ist st.. Bronx River, Wast Farms roaU. Boa
: ton roa^l. ■ ITSth at. and 3f*p«a aw*.
Th* Forti«th Election Oratnct la bmaasl br
and within P-lham »•;».. Bnocs Riv«r. Z. lSlire
st.. Beaton road. E. ISSi st. and Batnoßt are.
The Forty-tirst Elactioa District is usand»
by and within Pelham are., BVliniail av*x, B.
I"Cu st. Arthur aye.. E. l*»t?i st. anil HosTiaaii
The First Election District is buajnaVaJ by aaJ
witain W. 161«t st.. Summit ay*.. W. l«4U» at.
Nelson aye., r. ISith st., Jerome aTe.. HaCl9i- :
. • lan s:.. Grand Boal*v«ir: and Concocrso, Mot;
■m E. I4i)ti» st. and Barren River.
The Second Election District Is bounded by
and within W. l«7th St.. Llnd ay«.. W. l«eta as.
Jeroma aye.. w 163 th st. Xnjaosi aw.. W. MUCH
st.. Susiiit aye.. "W. lSlat st and Htf-en
i River.
The Third Election District is boended. fey sad
within W. MM St.. Boacobei a»?., W. ldftttt Bl
I Jerome aye., E. 170 th st. Grand 3oul«var . antt
: Concourse. JCcCiel'.an at.. Jeroaß avo.. W. l*a!i
| st. Usd aye. and V.". liTT sc
The Fonrth Election District la bounded by
. | and within E. lCSta St.. Webster aye. . E. lSTth,
I at, Clay aye.. E. l&tta St.. Sheridan asa E.
j 18-*" st. and Grand Bsajtevmrri and Concourse.
The Fifth EZeetiOQ Deal Her is basaidM br a .-.I
, within El lS4th st, Sh*ridaa aye.. fc. liitt.*! at..
Park aye E. 16"3 sr:. ilorrfs aye.. E. IStst st.
a»: Grand Boulevard anti Concourse.
The Sixth Election District :• ' 1 1 1 j I » 1 1—1 by
and within E. Ifi7th st.. 3d aye . East l«th st. .
, Park aye. ar.d Clay are.
The Seventh Ejection District is bec»Kf»'i by
and within E. KStB St.. Park av-.. E. 168 th SC,
I 3d aye.. E. 187 th st. and Webster are.
The BMatt Election Dlstrirt Is hounded st
an<l within St. Panls place, 3d ave>.. EL 163 th St..
Washiaston aye., E. 170 th st. and Brook srre.
The Ninth Ejection District ts bouwdw* •*
artd within E. i7oth »t., 'WaslsjTJstoa aye. , E
' !««>* st. and Br«k aye.
Th« Tenth Election District ts bound*** by sad
wrtMn St. Pau!s v'.aa. Brook ay«.. E. lQth. *«-
I Park aye.. E. 16*tn st. and Webster »▼«.
The Eleventh Electron District is buandwS by
an.j wirhln E. 170tii »t. CJay aye.. E. ITlsc st
Webster iv»., E. lCOth st. and Grand Bo«lr-va»^l
AC : Concourse.
The Twelfth Elerticn District !s bsoatal br
and within E. 171 st st.. Waahisstsn «ye.. St.
Paula p!ac«? and Webster aTe.
: The Thirteenth Ejection District ts txnrsded &*
ard within Wendov-r ave>.. WakMasaja ay«.. "•*
{ 171 st St. and Webstar ass
I Tha Fourteenth Election District Is »o»x.idad
! by aTrf wf hi-r. E. 172.1 St. 3d ay*. St. Paul*
1 place and Was* 'acton mv*.
I Tbe Fifteenth E>rtion Dtstrart la boeaiisd p»
and within E. 17«h st. M axe.. E. 1721 st. asrt
! Park aye.
I The Sixtaenth Election District ts booaded! yj
an-1 irtr?:!n Tremors ire.. Park st».. E. !T3fl a*-.
{ TTaßhiujrtCß ava.. 'w*en,-lrv»r ay». . W<be>ar era*.
i Oay aye.. E. 170 th st-. Toiler avei. Morris m**-.
, Belmcnt St.. Clay aye. and Anthomr a-**.
Th» S*r»ntaeat» Election Distrtrt is baaafal
j by and within -<«r!»»MSe »»•., .\r.tflony »t% B.
i 173 th St.. Weens aye.. Had Boglevara sad Coo
. course. Mount Hob* p(aea> and Jsrom* s?p«.
i Th£ Eighteenth --„--- .-- •is bound?-! »r
I tir.d witfttn iljunt Hope place. Grand Bouievsaa
i a!td Concourse. Weeks a"- E. 179*- ft. <a-
( t.'iniy aye., t^ay are.. BeSnont st. Jlorrta aaaj»
Teller aye.. n 170 th st. and Jeroraa aye.
: -v. Nlrietwrrth E!er«on District Is bimaSaf *•
land within W. -■a St.. Tiuusaat ava. W. .
' 177 th at_ Jerosse an, W. ia»»h st. Bcscr>b«l
aye.. W lCSth st. VT. IS7th at and tne llar
lem liivar.
The Twentieth Election District la bounded br
ertd witMn W. t5Sd st.. mv.dson %v«. Clistmx
riace. J-rotne *ye.. W. 177 th nt. " r *ajnont •*•* •
i W 177 th «V. K-irlera Rtver. TV. 175 th, r... Caaa*-
I »re . w l'Tst st an^l Andrews a*«.
The Tw»r.ty-trn«t Elart'.on Dtstrtct la bn«r:c*l
!rr a"il within W. ?"<)rdiiasi mad. Jeronw ay» .
i W l>*th st.. Davidsfsn -. W. t«sd *••*»
! drew* aye.. W. tSTst it.. -*;ar ay».. W. 17»Th
TTi'a Twentv-seccnd ■(■••.on District Is 1 lainta*
• ' hv arrf within E. ?V»rdhani read. Talenttae »t».,
i E l**4th st Gnat) pgiieiai'd and Ctacoor»e.
' ! A"r.t^orty aw.'. T^jrnside ava,. J-rorea aTe.. c^a
* ten place. Davttsoa * -«.. W. lfteCi at atn
i Twenty-thlrtt Ke-tiaa Dtstrwt is 'iusjad»it
• or and withia ITumstre aye.. Ryar »v«. , E. l>«3
! at. Webster arc. E. l?nth st.. Para a-**. Tre-
I n-cnt aye. snd Anthony aye. — ■ - -- •_ - -
! T^e Tw»r.rv-fnurtri K!«ction District is ne^najasei
1 Sv and w!*Mn E. l*»ta st. rarfe avei. E. _Ka—>
St.. Webster aye.. E. •<»oth st. Ryer a**.. B«gs>^
: ' sine av- . Asthocy ay«. aaj araa« Bonier*?*
I I :i: Tn^ <? Tw«u ; -tfth Elertlon MsWtet la **z>4~*
hy and wrfhm E. l!»7th st. BofTsaaa st. £.
I t?4ti» St. ar«i Martoo **a. _ . . . _»_,
i i The Tw«>n:y-»t.Tth Election r>"trjct Is aaaaasM
by aad afttb X KMth ««-_I>S««» avg.. B.
i fariam rca.:. Webster »i^, E. ISTth St. Marks*
I ! ay.-.. E. mtb st and Vs.ewtine * *
' ! T*e Twep.tv-sever.th Cle«-tlon District Is b"ttßd
ed by *nd within E. W+it at. Sent hera bout •-
' i v-iri PeiUarn aye.. Hoffman at.. E. 13. G» st.
* W* hater aye.. R. - inaafl ro*<l. Decatsr ay*.. £.
* l«?r-»f» »• »»»'l Wehefer aye.
The Tw«mty-*i«hth H-ttsa I?isrrtct Is botr=J»-i
; by and wltSln Cun Hi"' n>ad. Pror.x lUver. Pel
ham" aTe.. southern FoolevarcJ. E. 3»>th St..
; w-b»ter aye. M.isnoha rawer Xorta. Bata
. ■ bri.ieo aye.. E. 2tis-.h St and Perry aye.
The Twenty-ninth F3ec?:cn Pistrttrr is bOTr;ii.»'t
!bv a-d within <;un 11111 r^ad. Porry *vm . C
• -"^th sf B^!nbr.viS& aye.. Mo«ht>!u Parkws/
t North Webster aye.. Moshola Park^-av .Soutr
i E "IMth »t . Jerome aye.. Ki3S3brldx<* ro*ii.
, : ciafTia terrace. Sed*wlck *Te. aad Dicklason
i Cl The Thirtieth BaattJa District la bean *>r
i ,n,i wttMn F 2i>«rh »t.. Mosrictu Parkway South.
• wi'bTt-r aye!. E. SK*a «. aad IH«M ava.
TheTbtrfT-flrs? Ele.-ti.-n DisrrKS Is bounded
i by aa,i'w!:fc!3 E. awth St.. We^tff ava.. E.
! i!Ct* st. Marlon aye.. E. lW,:a st. an! Eat -
' as*aad Election Dt-trtc? i» aM
' b- a-d wl'Mn n. COCth «t.. BaiaJbrtdß* *ye.. C
•* *mmstm»
; hr»M««riM VV rmtS St.. Krrr«rsir*sa;e -acv
•m Klvar
. (tn.ine^*
■ bT ard witftns" Vsn t'ortta.wtt **-» South. Dh'k
tiin-*-? plaU. SfK»«wtck aye.. Perot at.. Konss-
IS%» rerraca vr. =rwth st and nroaitvr av.
Bf V? nS?.^-) Faction Du-trict is bounded
1 s- wiftfi W. rwih «t. Tonkrrs *»a.. W .
' %th .•4"^ tn> t^ivvll arkaar, Eive»«dal«
' i av4 w' r>rr» St.. Wad.-. avt».. TV. 3490 at..
1 • CroadwaV. sp<:vt«n •iy% T Creek. Hartesn Rtv«r
I al T^., T .'Tv'trtv-sev-^rft Ele.fion P!<«Tr«ct l» bnon<t><
• I few "and "w'tMn tha northrrn aoundarr of tV»
1 ' rTtv cf N«w Tor*. Piiil i. W. 2*2* at.
■ ■ WaM<-» aye . XV. r»th »t. RTverdale aye.. Bpuy
i t»n Puwi! parkway. W. ---•■ «t. Yaaaeaaawe.
■ ' W :S''*> »t- ana Hurtaon River.
1 f The T>trt--et^hrh ET*<-t!or( rtstric" •» br>.iadiad
I br and within the northern boundary af Th*
! City of Saw Ynrk. Hronx Ittver. O'.in Itin rc»4.
1 J Via Cort!u.n!!t Park Scith ariii Tlroadws.y.
I-*- J.iHN T. r»X)UNO.
! ' .T^MKS KANT.
t ! r-^^^irm*** o: su*cticaa>
i Oct. 8. IKS. '

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