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Sets WorJa's Record for a Four-
Year-Old Filly.
Earns Twelfth Straight Victory
by Taking Wilson Stakes in
Straight Heats.
I^xinrton. Ky.. Oct. 10— Joan, the prop
erty of Captain Pavid Shaw, of Cleveland,
won the Transylvania Stakes, of $5.0*5.
here to-day in straight heats. in the first
of which she broke the world's record for
four-year-old trotting fillies. She covered
the mile ir. 2:05*4, half a second better
tban ber own race record, made at Co
Ofrace. also o-.vned by Captain Shaw, won
the championship stallion stakes, worth
J4.«f'2 to the winner. W. E. D. Stokes.
hreeder of her sire. Peter the Great, earned
* %:*t) diver cup. The 2:09 trot went to
Soprano, Edward and Joseph Maddens
rr.are, f.hic'.i won the last three heats.
Joan defeated one of. the best fields of
the year, including as !t d;J Dodie Arch
<:.:> snd Billy Burke. McDcvitt in each
hear h-.ld her in second or third place
'jr-.tll the turn Jnto the stretch «.nd then
s'-: * her to the front. In each instar.ee
bSh won with iwmetHng to spare.
The Abbe, a prohibitive favorite In the
Wilson Stakes, won in straight heats.
TTurkinjr his twelfth consecutive victory for
12mb m^s'j:i. Tninkiir.g Dan took the pacing
division of the Kentucky ' Futurity, and
Betsy G. yon the 2:1 '■< trot, both carried
ok the last
c first
'.Three bes;s £a£S&&S]r.J
Twtekltn* l»n. Ix. c. by D»n Patch
OXarpfcy) i 1 i i
"i^-rtm'h. h. f.. by Moko (HeaJy) 14 1*
;jjur,cr'. Evelyn, ro. t. <llcDon^.i;i». . 2 2
:;.?.•■> ctMOXrette. bik. f. <\v. pony).. ? 3 4 4
J* li v. c. CUcAXUtmn <Ji«
Time — 2:144. 2:16*». 2:l^ 1 *. -:1«' :^.
ITHfE. J1.O»».
iThret: heats Jaturdaj. i
B«tn C... I), m.. by Brtai 'Com... 5 111
H«ratßC 'Llyhi. d. r. $ . by Harr!3
Starlight tJonesi 1 2 * •
M»> Gray«, ro. bl. <E:ycker.«taHi XI ii »
«"*«.faati«i. b. g vXuckolsi ." 3 V 4
Xriennt R . X m. <C. I>avi»i a ;. 4 3
jr.anJ*:T 'iuai'l. h. h. (WalkCTi. 7 » 3 6
«-»rt£.in Hurt. b. h. «McM*boai 12 * 7 •
XMJy £ . br. m. (HoflTnau' . 4 I* l 3--' »
Henry "SVirter. t. h. <A. Mcl«?aald).. 5 6."**
s".iiat*t*! Hay. b m. c3ahagant S 7 fidls
V; C icr Ailerion. s. iH*rala> 1 • 12 11 dr
' «•*»::, b m. iiTurphy* (if <2i»
Uir'fe T. eh. m. fL&tvTeneei <3is
T;-— S.IS-i. 2:15-^. 2:16, I 14-<
TKOTTING— -2.14 CI_4.£S— VALVE. $2 02.^
2?»ro= Pern, tr. fc . t?r VnQhcm Persn
fM«H«5rr» a l i i
Crf-'erter. " b §. by Th^ Bcna«rr.2r.
CLmffie) l 2 2 -
Peccnxiea. A. s CBxmxSng) 5 4 3 2
Optais C-tores, b h. •Murphyl 2 3 4^
=. 't.ja b m frroctcrt ..4 I € ?
EJeetrtc To6d. tr. ra. iOahasar.l S 5 P 5
?•>*.*'.• Tregarti*. br n< (Barber •.. 7 •> Hi
c.'.ver Gal, b m. (C t>»vj«i <3!s
T:r-s— 2:llJ*. m»h. 2^?4. 210^
"y-.t K*~±. fclk. h . by CtiTnes Otxaj . 111
Rtt* fetch, b. =l GlcMahcnH 2 2 2
N**ll!« Te~:j}e. b in. • Procter) 4 8 •
Frefi Patches, b. g iJoily* 5 3 4
Tte ?tU!»tiae, b. h- (McH*n:y^ 5 4 f
Xxsitt. 1:10. 2*&\. 2-10 1-*1 -*
Sitrz-r ;h ~.. tr Bettori iilc
iT.iTE«SI 4 2 111
r-'ace Girdle, b. a . by Tregsntis
(ilcMahcn) 1 I*s*
Bautle. b g. .Gihagas) 3 S 2 2 2
JMy toMtr. t, B. • X zDcnzl'i ... 2 5 0 6 6
4 :t* P.^oseA-e!'. e h. m. (U-JrcJir)- - 5 6 3 o S
.Vreer Ton*, b. | (J. J. Jiyaa) . . . . . * 4 4 • «
/!-!va J., b. T2. '.Cox. 1 * c <ir
/=:r Marpirrt, b m ij. Ber>yon>.. 7 7 <!r
T:nie. 2 CT- M . :*&*. 2.o^^. 2 <&H. 2:lOVi.
• I
Jti^. tr. r^.. by Eireciusi £pler 01.
ICrOwitt) 1 1 1
X>udte A:chdJ.:«. bik a. tfteerf) 2 2 5
v,;:;,-, b. h. -,?er.:ckt 3 3 7
H»il»ui lhy b. g. i.Vottir£i.ar?i 4 •* S
BaiT Eurke, tr. h- <E Beejoa) 5 7 4
XfervtMah t i. tM-rpr.y) . 6 « 6
i-.TC'-ler eh. h. •.K?at'.r,f) 7 5 6
r.'Ejor Strong, b e iH. sr.vceri S 6 £
T.=r.e. i:^ I*.1 *. 2:C7^. . 00 V
vr orr-REr bt the ameri-
G-3CC. A. ... by Peter the Great (Uc
&«rttt) 1 ■
Natn%- SeOB. b. t. OlarphT) 2 2
Z---.1 A;r:c=. ct. t. (J. Ee^yor:) .. 4 3
Esuly Sler. t'k. J. (A. llcTKiasJdj 3 4
THE*. 2:<tS ; *. - »3»
Bernard for Tickets at Princeton
Greater than Ever.
Princeton. N. J., Oct. "%.— Ar.nounrerr.er.t
TO made htre to-day regarding t'r.e allot
m<nt of seats for the Yale-Princeton foot- ;
ball ?aine lo be played here on November '
1C The derr.nnd for jeats ia bigger "than '.
fi^r. and although stands are now te:nj
erected at Osborne Field which will hold
at lesst two thousand more than in any
prevtoas year, the athletic «t?sociation has
been farced to make more itrir.sent ruies ;
residing *h e allatsienl ol tickets than ,
• • z before. t
This year each Widerirrauuate will be al- i
h»w«d four on iim uaderstaiidins thai •
he wii! occupy oae of them himself in me !
cbtmrlcf s- cU'jt,. Qth,er*«se he will be al
ovrt or»'.y three tickets outside of the ',
rwseriTis .--ection.
Plaas are being made for -±n alumni ;
f.-(t'.Ti!.g tevtio:; besides Ihe rt^jular under- !
irradualu on*-. Each »lmanus will l»e al- ■
'. »»«<i to apply tut two s^ais and tne mem- ;
ws ol ?n^- Cacclty ar< allowed (va «ach. :
Tt» tiead coach and captain ol both the
!<!<; ami Pna.-'tt'-J' learu> wili l.c allo-.ved ,
: -• iU for lutniy'sa^ti uic the numbers '
cf tiie 'virsity tetuis to tiie number of {
..-. tn:>-tw« roen v.ii; b« «ilow«-<l eipht each. ■
,\y) o'N*r rr.eiiibcrsi or Uic wiuad v.lll be al- >
I«wed \o ar-i'ly l#r six.
Outpoints •"Young" O'Leary in
Past Ter.-Eound Bout.
Refining th* fomi v.hieh at one time «r.-
T:t".ec iiini t* serious consideration for the
bantamveisht title. Phiilie McGo*-«rn, the
>»>un?«r brother of the onetime "Terrible
Terry," had the tetter of th« Baa Side
;.usi;:si, "Young"* O'Leary, in I fast and.
fcrtoiis tahiwal bout *t the Olympic
AtSilctlc &vb, of Kark-m. Ust night. Me
«i>'»v«rn *-as :he iggTessor throujfhout, and
*.r.\ce had his as*.!e opponent in diatr?ss
frora trie };ard body punches which he sent
o\> r w ithout let-up.
Mt-Govtrn stnt his rival to the boards in
the eevtr.th round with a right hand blow
1o the Btomach. This punch robbed O'Leary
cf tttl itf«ini and renciered h:m an ea>y tar-
lor the ss.Vi.?e blon> which the Brook
lyn iari hurled at him until the btli ended
tbe jerioJ. Dttrisa the rext two rounds
SfcGoverq pounded Q'Leary all over the
ijhjl and landed the ri^ht to the body re
i-<a;fe<iiy. The latter maintained a good
Ot-ienc*, however, itnd while clearly out*
]>o:n!<?d. kt-f.t out <<t danger until the last
The final texxiun was c:ie luii^ nitihiinare
lo O'lx^iry. SJcG'jvcrn tore from his cor
i-.< fr. uu £.11 \t % sjH^d an d ferocity uhich
<i-.rri,<« h;s brother to the front in <t*\n
;■•< nr )y. a riffht to the stomacfa asaJa
put O'Lrarj' In ho; wnxer. but r»lcGovern
vaa wild. zn4 by dc\>r F'urrtng al lons
range O'lxxry managed »•• prevent auy
-'•Me.iv r:aTiiattr ur.tii the b*-lt en«ic<i on»- cf
;:•♦- best boot* M-en in Harlem this falL
I>euch Crass will ■MSI the Bronx Jad,
-^rk lJonrar., in t!«e main t»out of ten
T'j!i<3* at the Fairrnount Athletic I'lub,
Ti e Uronx, tc-r.itiit.
I Mfht-
September Decease Exceeds
Estimate by 50.000 Tons.
Both Dip on Announcement, but
Soon Recover, and Close Day
with Net Gains.
The monthly statement of unfilled orders
on hand made yesterday by the United
States Steel Corporation, as of September
CO. showed a greater falling off than had
been looked for. the total reported being
USUCS ton*, which was a decrease of 379.-
C"2 tons from the amount of unfilled ton
nage on hand on August 31. It is the small
est In the history ci the corporation, • Kb
the exception of September 30, IP**, when
the total stood at Z.Q2~..i?.~ tons.
Although Wall Street forecasts had been
for a maximum decrease of not more than
335. tons, the statement, notwithstanding
that it showed a falling off of unfilled or
ders of more than 50.000 ton? in excess of
that amount, only had ■ momentarily bear
ish effect on the Steel stocks.
Stesl common, which had sold at UK dur
ing the morning and was at 70 when the
statement was made public, at noon, de
clined to CS"i en •'■ announcement, but
soon rallied back to TO again and Uept on
cOinp up until it touched TO 3 *. It closed
at To?s, a net gain of **, of a point for the
Cay. The preferred opened at 11SU. sold up
to 11SS. dropped back to the opening figure
when the statement of unfilled ardtrt came
out. then recovered to IIS 1 * again, at which
■ : ' ; of a point.
The small amount of unfilled orders on
the books of the Steel Corporation was re
garded in the trad«» as reflecting the de
pression that has existed in the steel in
dustry since the first ox the year, and it
was thought probable that unless there v.-a?
an immediate resumption of buying the
statement as of October 31 ■would show a
further falling off.
Steel manufacturers say. however, that
while unfilled orders are in smaller volume
than in former years the business now on
the books 1? flrm. whereas In former year?
m<~omir.c business was not scrutinized as
closely as It Is at the present time.
j Test Case Submitted to the Interstate
Commerce Commission.
-:ngion. Oct. 10. — test case to d€
termln^ whether shippers of benzine, ra?"
! ler.e and naphtha may be required by trans
portation companies to offer those products
for shipment !n metal barrels or drums.
instead of to vooden receptacles, was beard
to-day by James Edgar Smith, examiner cf
tJia Intsrstit'? Commerce Commission.
i Th* question, which has we«Hed vide
: spread interest among railroads and efl
prpducers and oil shippers, vac brought to
- the attention cf the commission in a com
plaint £'ed by the Bed C Oil Company, of
Baltimore, a^sinst many railroad com
' netiln parties to the Southern classifica
tion of freight. The ruie of the latest
\ Southern classification provides that naph
tha, gasolene and benzine will be accepted
for shipment only vchen Inclosed in metal
barrels rr metal drums The articles, ad
mitied!y highly explosive were required *«»
be so encased as i measure of safety to
l!f» and pmpeiij in transportation.
Ths ccmmiPEicn declined en petition of
the Red C Company, to suspend the classi
fication, hut permitted the case to oonie to
trial en its merits. In to-day's hearing It
appeared that the Red C Company had
brought the ess* on behalf of other chip
pert as well as itself, to determine th«
propriety and legality cf the classification
The C2.se. Important alike to oil shippers
ana railroads throughout the country, will
r.ot be derided for several weekf.
Fled from Girl's Gun, and Returns
Months Later. Completely Wrecked.
Frightened by the sight et a revolver in
the hands of a determined woman and
her threat to have him arrested. Car!
Thorn. of WoodhaTen. Long Island, hid in
tire woods at Oakdale almost four months
ago and wandered about until he became
feeble minded, his mother say;.
Then he spent two weeks In a hospital,
be dot not know where, and yesterday
reached home a mental and physical
wreck, having been found the previous
day in Trr' tarn. N. J.. by Detective
Sergeant Michael Lyon--, of that place.
On June 17 last Thorn, who is only
twenty-one, left h!s home for Oakdale,
where he had been promised work on a
farm, but didn't get It That evening he
was passing the Long Island Railroad sta
tion, according to the rambling story he
toiri his mother, and peered in the ticket
agent's window at the clock.
The ticket agent, an attractive young
» oaxan, to*>k a revolver from a drawer
an'i pointed it at Them, telling him to get
out or she would shout him first and then
haw him arrested. Badly frightened,
Thorn fled.
I - nteetu.g of tne Ameri an
EBRtttute. which wil; be n«ld
und Saturday,

. Va&lt i States Steei Prod-
urts Qonspany. on "Fcreign Relations";
William B. ijlckson, vice-preiident of the
TTnitdd Etates Steel Corporation, on "Bet
terment cf Labor Conditions"; Charles
Kirchhoff, an "The International Metal
lurgical Congress M Doaeetdkorf." i*ni Wilt
U- a I- Kin^, of the Jones & Laughlin Com
Ex-Judge E. H. Gary will deliver the
address of welcome. One of the features of
the meeting will he moviqg pictures of th«
Gary jnar.t. showing the process of steel
manufacture fr«m the ore to tlie finished
Portland. Me.. Oc;. 10.— a BQfhi down of
~^-j l>er oent In th«- depositors' accounts m
the York County Savings Bank, of Bi<i<i»
ford. which was closed August 12, when
discrepancies In the accounts of Treasurer
Richmond H. laajaraall were discovered,
was ordered In a decree handed deem by
Associate Justice Arno v Kins, of the
Supreme I'ourt. to-day. This action was
taken on pe-titie:i of the bank's trustees Jn
order to make the bank solves^ and divide
the loss of £344,021 pro rat a amonj the de
Ccnpcllsvitle, Penii., Oct. 10. — I': • i .i. .,
tioiis ar« beinp made at Be* ef id.- large
oven fttaaM here to extract oil from
the coke sn^oke. Already *•>• ine^na of re
tort ovens coal W. an) La am* a num
ber of otli«r subatnn^ea are obtained from
the waste of the ovens, uud to tit*- at- by
products Is to b* added a li?ht and Uighjy
expicsivo oil.
Another body of one of the victims of
tho New Ifampihirc deader. a week a^o
Saturday, was found in the North River
yesterday off l'stth ttreet. The bo-iy wai
mat of Carl Erlcka, teaman, tuenty-one
years old. Th*- body was tak'.*n to the
Instol States ship •I* re.
Register today! There are only threo
days~isft, and you might have to go out
of town on the other day Do it to-day.
Fewer Deserticns and an Effort
to Decrease Court Trials.
[From The Tribune Bureau]
Washington. October 10.
I per cent decrease has occurred in deser
tions from the army, and every effort has
been made to decrease the number of sum
mary court trials, says Brigadier General
Albert L. Myer, to his annual report on the
Department of Texas. He says the absence
of many officers, especially captains who
have had experience, and the turning over
of commands to the younger officers of the
companies, has much to do with the "in
creasing lack of knowledge and experience
in handling men."
Genera! Myer recommends that ••en post
have a certain amount of transportation,
independent of the actual field allowance
for troops, and advocates legislation for a
general service corpr. to take the place of
th« increasing details from the line of men
as mechanic?. (Jerks, artisans and laborers.
On the request of a Georgia delegation, the
War Department to-day issued orders for
the participation of the army in the cere
nionies attending the dedication of the
monument to General Oglethorpe, the Eng
lish founder of the Colony of Georgia, at
Savannah on November U. A squadron of
the 11th Cavalry, at Fort Oglethorpe, a bat
talion of the 17th Infantry, at Fort Me-
Pheraon. and a company of the Coast Ar
tillery, at Fort Seriven, will go to Savannah
for the ceremonies.
j ORDERS ISSUED.— following orders
\ have been issued:
Wcutonant Colonel ROBERT D. MEAD, to 3d
| Major AUGUSTUS I". BLOCKSOM. from Cth to
lOtl Cavalry.
1 Major JAMES a. COLE, to V ;h Cavalry,
i Major JAJUSi) A. tuLb. iruin loth to fth Cav
Captain BARRY 1,. STEELJC, from 101 st to S2d
Company, coast. artiii»rj\
'-;;..... h.fci.sNtM'l c. iIAiTELLKK, from bTth
Company to the Joist Company, coast ar
coast artillery, iv :i. aMts&JMi to lloth
Company. attached U» llltli Company.
Plrai Ueuteaaot CUARUE^ M. MAiGM «re
tir<Hi.», uetailed proteMaot oi military science
and taftics at OKlanoraa University Prepai*
ti>ry Schuol. ronk»wa
lirst Ueutenaat no\ W. ISHBROOK ITth In
fanny, to New York Cny. tncnc« lo proper
First v-itiuenant 1 BO A. DEWEJY, 17th Infaa
ir to •;• neral recruiting service. Fort Sio
rum. vi. •« f-iret J^KntenaJil CHAUL»ES A.
DANFOKTH, 17th Iniantry, to hi? regiment.
I/tav<;s «i atfnoe; Firs' Lieutenant GEOKiJB C,
MAHSiIAJUU Jr., 24t! Infantry, cr.y month;
IKrtal Mirgeon HL'iri G. VOURHIK^. ona
moiun from e'etober H; Colonel WIL.LIAM
H MILLtJK. assistant quartenr.ast*r ge;i
ere ff'ten iiay?.
lieutenant .T. T k ATKINSON, detach** Savo
yard. Pansacola to na\y y«trd. --.ai .eston
LJeu-^nant L. b.A tiM. to duty as Inspector ia
cnarKs IMb i-i»:ninouie LdstrtctJ Honolulu.
Ensism <;. A WOuiJ^LTF. detached the Preble;
to Asianc stauon.
Midsrnpoian H <>. PER. t» the Louisiana.
i>ura^on L-. MOHIUt. detached the Geor^U.
- wait orders.
Chief Machinist T. H MORRISON detached th«
> '" Hampshire, to ms (.recrgia
Machinist _v <-- Bi'R.Vt, to the " --> Harr.r-
Michin'ft w >i. EVAJfS, resignation accepted.
to tike effect Oc*ot-<»r 31
Pharmacist C B FURNELL. detached r.s- -a.
hospital. Annapolis, to temporary duty naval
hcspiiai. navy •(■arc;. WasniQfttoa.
Pavmast-rs Clerk 3. L COLCOtiD. placed upoa
retired list.
Paymaster's c!<sjk F TV JEPSON, aF?f-- T -ed to
duty- on the Lancaster.
lov.-ir.g mov«?men.ts of ->->;-: b&va been re
ported to be Navy Department;
Oct 6 — Tts Panther, at the navy yard. Ne*v
York; the Nortn CaroilM ana the uucuque,
at t-ort^aoum, N. H-; i.hs * orjitov-n, at cal
lao; tie l/=or.iaas at r*wai! i-osnt; tr.»
North Dakota. %t Torapkinsvilie; ihs Srlph,
at Delaware ErtaicwfetrT; toe Birm!niU6.r.i;
fct. >,fc.vpart; tne Louisiana, tn* iCansis aci
me Vw hsmpj.n»re, at. Nt^Fl
Oct. £> — rh« Das jqoyriti at Ijsoon; the Helena.
et Sia-cwan; the Michigan T:t Ntbr»s.-^.. th«
Bhoaa i=iand and the Virginia, at Boston;
ths touth Carolina, et Neil
&4IU -
' Oc*. 6.— Tha Panther, irom New York City, fo^j
navy yard. t**W few i •■= Iwar.a. from Bcs
tci. Jar Ksciiana. Me. : the XearaMC^., tt.s
■ H:iid* islanu axd ths VirgmU. Irons I\«' ar
Sirk City, tot Boston; Urn Minnesota ani
th« Vermont, from Ns* York City for
■f'hiia.se.phia; th* South Carolina, from N*w
Vark City for Norfolk; th» Vestal, from navy
yard, New ark tor Newport News.
Oct. '■ — ire Princeton, from Acapulco for
imapa'.a; the Delaware, from \V::tn:naton
i tci Norfclk; the Sylph. Iron: Delaware
BreakHuter for Washington; -■= Doljiain.
fr^m Waihineton tor AnnapaHs.
'i The T«rri , ordered commissioned at navy yard.
Norfolk, as soon as practicable alter v&ssel is
■ delivered by contractors.
I The Charleston. p>iac*ii out of commission at
j aavy »ard P^g^t Sour.s^.
| Posse Searches Mount Butter
' milk for Five Escaped Convicts.
i The pospe of keepers and deputy sheriffs
searching for the five convicts who escaped j
! from Sing Sir.g prison, including '"Big Bil!" ;
'Green, its fattest convict, were almost;
! positive yesterday that the fugitives were ,
: hiding in the dense woods un Buttermilk
I Mountain which form a part of the Po- 1
\ cantleo Hills estate of John D. Rockefeller.
! Forty officers beat the brush on this
mountain, but could make little headway.
j They found footprints, and decided that all
i the convicts were together in some cave or
'. deserted Italian shanty, if not on Butter- .
'■- milk Mountain, then along the new Cats- i
' kills Aqueduct. j
The police of White Plains received in
formaticn yesterday that the wife of one
of the convict?, who llvr-s at Mount Kteco,
had a letter from her husband, asking her
to send him a blue suit of clothes and J2OO.
It was also said that Green had Si.OX) in
trust in Gssinirig, and that ha has made
efforts to get this money.
MAY COST STATE $1,000,000
Liquor License Cost in Brooklyn Ruled
by State, Not Federal Census.
A million dollars may be lost to th«
state through a decision by Justice Crane,
of the Supreme Court, Brooklyn, yester
day, in which it was declared that the
state" law relative to the increase in the
price, of the liquor celling license with
increase in population must be regulated
by the facts set forth by the state census
of IMS, rather than by the recent federal
census. Depending on the government fig
ures, the Excise Department hud raised
the rice of itoeaie* for Brooklyn to
$1,200, driving thirty-five saloonkeepers
hi u| business. By tne federal censm
Brooklyn was reported to have more than
I.jOO.O'jj citizens. Saloon men aski Jus
tice Crane for a writ ••'' mandamus com
pelUnK the Excise L»t;i>^rtnient to iasue a
license at the old rate— ll»7s— and won
their point. The department will appeal
If ycu want to put m your vote for
Stimson and against a Tammanyi«d
state government, you must register. Do
it to-day.
Nyacfc N V.. Oct. M •Bl Thursday the
R«v. Franklin Babbitt rounded out tifty
>car« as, rfcto;- of « race Kplsc-opal Churcli.
which 1-u esiabll^hfi litre in October, ISUa
«c c.4»ne here from Turrytcuvn when ■
joung man with a »lt-tfrtninailon to avtk>
this i.iacf. the IkIU of hi* labors, and ;«^iin
the wwik ot building up a congregation.
His church is no* the largt-sl atul w^iilih
keel in N>-.
Thpre is to be * m«ellng of the board ;
of trustees of Barnard College on Kri- j
day, and rumor hus it that the ofticr of
d*an. which has beep v.naut isintf 190?.
is •... i... filled at that time. Tti« name- of ■
Mrs. Anna B. If. Meyer, now secretary of
barftard Collfjie on-1 v gr.t«l»at« of U3S,
is tiwnlioned in connection with "'' «|>. !
i'olntmcw'. •
Of Interest fa omen
Fur Not the Only Effective Trim
ming for This Fabric.
Everyday velvet and its relatives, vel
veteen and corduroy, are seen in new ,
guises that Show to What a variety of at- j
tractive effects they lend themselves. There j
are still mM women who think of vei- :
reteen as an inferior kind of velvet, but
this is quite a mistake, for It is an in
dividual fabric with its own peculiar
••harms. Smart tailored costumes of vel
veteen are built on simple lines and
trimmed with silk braids. These braids
may be the ones three or four inches wide, |
nGU E E^O^ v pr t^DE i , l y "violet ,ash violet B M I,| ? E D IK
or a moderately wide and narrow one car.
&c used together, with a little space be
ccYdurcy. with its rifoed surface, is suit
able for the most severely c , cnctr "^,ff ed
ments. If they are cleverly plated
the ribs become exceedingly , d ; c^ f - ' *' . — ::
if other trimming is^nceaed fur is c,.= o*.
th Vei b ye that car. ehesen coats b r- C
- tailored coatumes show coa.s be ;
d*red a!! aiour.d -fur and with one or
more bands of the same trimming on the
s>irt. It i. needless to say that such cos
tu-n-s a:e very simple In cut- rale fur is
a decoration that one would almost Instinc
fivelv combine with velvet, it is Dy no
Seanß th£"onrv one that can be used suc
cessfully With black velvet black satin
is flequently used in large or in small
Quantities. One costume was seen with
skirt that opened up each side over a itrlP
of black satin and the coat had *.* B *J.
collar of the same material Inside the
,O:Ur n«i at the wrists were folds of rose
sat'r. eH the high waist. wai girdled by a
eol-d co d ,
Maraood was the trimming used or a
black velvet evening sewn of very imoos
ln r cha-^ter «Ti nd of it ■ laced at ■ put
knee height heW in the back of the Srcirt.
which was <ie idedly fuli and was eto ijfa ea
to" live a little sweep The corsage w-s
of lace and the sieves wee e3ged with
?hout r r ot>p =ide was -*> a r ery ct
velvet, caught with a large rhinestone or
Such a fancy waig: as this one can be
varied almost Indefinitely Combinations
of materi?] are . - '
styles, and this waist is peci l.ar;
adapted to euch treatment, while It can
be made of one material, if desire^, witb
the chemis tte only in contrast, la this
case the material for the mats portions hi
bine, tie front and back are
inaii' ot all-over lace, and the little yoke,
or chemisette, is made ot tucked chiffon,
vhlle the triniminjs is velvet Wade «mi
cut dean cuffs the aleeves become tt»ri-e
quarter length, and without the under
.•ileevts they are short, flvlns a still moro
P? material required for the
meiiiinn «ize Is -' yards 21 or -; or I yard
M „, 41 iHcht»a wfdf. with -' vanis of all
over lace. :; h "t a yard uf taking and 1
yard of v<lv*<
' Tht tiattern, So 6.W. •« cut in sixes fer
a M > 4' 1 and it ia^U bust measure, and
wlli'bu ni^tlt'l to any address on receipt
° Fleas* 'tUo number of ri«tiern «n»l i. . ii
meaauie distinctly. Addre»a Pattern I'.
i....i.u. i i New-York Tributif. '' '" a
hurry for pattern •nd an <"Ura 2-cent
<ump ami »• will mait by letter rusUge
in ~w ale<l envelope.
Storage Warehouse, Moving Vans.
L.r o .»r in «h« World, •••ry ir<Ml«rn n.eil.oJ. Rn a «.
""THrfHOS.'r'sfEWSRT CO.
B'wa*Tk«6U»ht>-V Phone 3B«6 liryaut.
liritsiimintti -i- ,••"•♦•> « nj.
40 3 far*' eayenea— .
Why He Raids the Pantry and
Makes So Much Noise.
The little boy who said he guessed his
name must be Johnny Don't because that
was what everybody called him told in
those few words the whole story of his
borne life so clearly that the polite Inquirer
hastened to change the subject. The feel
ings of his mother when she heard about it
have never been described, but It is to be
feared that she said to her son, "Johnny,
don't ever say that again."
In the faraway days when such things
could happen there wns not so much lit-
j erature nor so many lectures en the up
i bringing of children and so there was some
! excuse for Johnny's mother. To-day If any
| mother called her sen "'Johnny Don't" she
; would be swamped with invitations to
; mothers" club lectures and deeded with ad
i vice to parents from bar horrified ajahjav
! bors.
! A helpful book in such an emer^sne:-
! would be "The Care and Training of Chi!
: dren'" (The Funk i-^'asTialls Compaa Xew
*•■&&-&* *™ := JJ* i_ r-x. r=g "^" "*^ "«^y «aBB
OCT. 16
Ihe BUKfIHS end i UIO
A few Corner in 'The Old World 1
Wonderful notion pictures as fol
King Peter and the Crotcn Prince of
Falls of Jaj'.e. '-The Niagara of Eos
Sational dances m brilliant costume*.
Bunnay morning parade at Ragusa.
Servian t,o:diefs drilling.
liuzciirs at Mvstar and Serajevo.
Street I' m in T'.uchavest.
Artillery Drill and Infantry Manau
Rumanian Dances.
I'anorama o/ the Roman Bridge at
Black hooded women c/ Mortar.
The Greatest Educational Travel
Talks of the Season
By Mr. E. M. NEWMAN, at Carnegie Hall,
57th Street and 7th Aye M New York City
On the Evenings of
October 16th, 23d and 30th.
THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE will §iv« 300 Ikkcti ttdi v eek, or tm* tickwH 10 the
authors o| the best |50 essays am each of the llirw* letttire- •i'.enti'.acci *|»OV« 4 mwA c>=a\ I
no more than 200 wor
FOR EXAMPLE: The boys ami girb who write ami mail to rnwel Talk Editor, New-
York Tribune, the best 150 essays on '"The Balkan? and Rumania" will be £.v. v « n 300 reserved seat
tickets (two to each) lor that lecture, which will be given on Sunday evening, Oct. 16th.
The authors pi the best 150 essays on *' Turkey Under the New Regime' 1 will receive two
tickets each for that lecture, and so on each week.
All essays must be mailed not later than the Thursday night preceding the date of lecture and
addressed to Travel Talk Editor, Xew-Vork Tribune, New York City.
A very little effort on yojtt» part will enable you to hear a celebrated lecturer describe graphi
cally famous scenes and places and to witness motion pictures of great interest.
Address TRAVEL TALK EDITOR, Kew-Yorh Tribune,
York and London), a volume published re- j
ccntly by Dr. Le Grand Kerr. of Brooklyn, j
In this "ttle 00 a parent can find good |
advice to cover almost any situation. It teHs
how to ventilate Johnny s room, ho-x to make !
him like- the dentist, how to punish him if ,
he is bad and how to reward him when h* ,
is good. It tells why Johnny ♦'catches -
cold" so easily, why he makes so much j
noise and why he helped himself to Mary*3 f
cookies without her permission. Only when j
the causes of such affairs are understood \
can a parent deal with them to any ad- j
vantage eltner to herself or the chll<s.
It is useless, explains Dr.* Kerr. to «ay. •
"Johnny, don't you ever dare to steal j
cookies again. If you da, I'll ? ■■•-■• you to j
the ragman." Johnny was hunrry. It wa« j
the mother's fault. She had M hHn eat
banana 6 before dinner and spoiled his ap» I
petite, so thai h« wouldn't -at a nourish
ing meal at noon and was therefore real 1
hunsry by 4 o'clock when Mary went up- ,
stairs. i
Th^ latter chapters deal with Just such I
situation* a3 this and tell parents how hi i
prevent or CUT* them. They h' | solve all :
thoso serious problems connected w!th hi? j
mental and social life In which Johnny ■
anal be considered, not as merely a |
•'healthy little animal.' to be washed and j
f>d. but <•- - a very Important little person- !
ajte, with an individuality of hi" own. The ;
wisr parent re?p*"cts Johnny, makes a friend I
and companion of hirr. She or he i.-i re- i
sourccful, tactful, and. above all. does j
not "nag" : therefore, her Johnny is respect- J
ful, truthful and obedient.
Parents are warned against threatening, j
bribing, scaring and scolding. Johnnys' best j
instincts are to he appealed to. not his
greediness or his cowardice, for by usage •
habits grow. ■
To sum it all up. the book ad^*i«es a
course of treatment like that which proved
so successful with a little sister of some j
Johnny once upon a time. Little sister was
tad. but soiie one "came I tine and treated |
her like a lady," which astonished her at
first, but soon won her over completely, so :
that she resolved to be a lady ever after
ward Treat Johnny like a gentleman, and
It will make him one.
Bazaar Gives Way to Ncrdica Concert
— Campaign Upstate.
Philip Snowden. M P. of England, and |
Mrs. Snowden are expected to-day on the j
Carmanta. Mrs. Snowden is wel! known in j
this country, but thai will be Mr. Snow
den's first visit. His first address to a New
York audionre will be made at the city con- j
ventton of the Woman Suffrage party at !
Carnegie Hall on the evening of October.
_-. when Mrs. Snowden cdi alee b«» a |
speaker. While in New York Mr. and Mr 5 - :
Snowden win be the guests of T<- »nd [
Mrs. Charles F. Aked, No. " Waal 86th j
The suffrage haiaai committee, of whicZ) j
Seen in the J" hc& s
A miniature pae|i*e4 playts? cards In ar
adver box makes an attractive gift for tha |
traveller and costs $TSO.
A neat gift to a man v a pa af 3ilv«r ;
iimianlemai in a case. The set includss a i
cigar cutter, knif*. scissors and match bcx. •
f^o k=y chain 3. and naosts ll^S).
A pU!n dark tlue enamel clgaretts case,
sl'ver lined, =c-!!s for JM 3?. and Ii very ncii
*n coloring.
a silver — case, holding 1 3. 10 and To
cent pieces, for use In ths shopping bag-.
sella for J5 ?>.
A ateaaaa cigarette caae of French en
amel, hat-ins a Galnesboroufh head upon
It, sells for «2S 50
A new fancy In Cover fans *3 ens that
closes up to form a bouquet tied with rib
bons. It sells for SI 73 and upward, and
comes in violets, lilacs, ro=es and all favor
is© flowers.
Chanteclar fans have tts bird hi colored
spangle* on a delicate «asae foundation,
and Bell for £2^ each.
%stique trass and colored enamel frames,
OCT, 23
Under the Naw Regime
Showing tiese faiross scenes:
Streez Scene.-, in Snlov.tca.
i-auitrana of the Golden Horn.
The B>ispotu3 — as glorious palaces
and kiosks.
Street scsns;. in Constantinople.
Interior of Pgeon Mosque.
Constantinople fire department in ac
tion, shoxing ho.t not to put Out a
A fey remaining dog* of Constantino'
Ths arrival of the Oriental Express.
Mrs. O. H. P. Belmoat Is ehatnamr m*t
yesterday morning at No. 35 Fifth a»enu».
and decided hi order to meet ti» con
venience of Mm». Ncrdica, tvho 1» to ti"*
-. concert for It. to postpone the Daaaar t-
January 2> and 21. Hal r'a<-» aataal ?3
the ballroom of the Plaza.
Senrtn? or the committee with Mrs. Be 1
mom are Mrs. William 31. Ivrr.s. ilrj
Henrr IM and Jlrs. Ella Ila-xley Cree
sett, the state president.
The Hudson River VToraan suf?ra»T«
League, of which Mrs. Henry YElarC ■■*
pretldent and Mm-. Nordttra a m*atbr
»ill open it.? fall campaign »t (rrtnaio"*
on Friday, .Then a hm*;id< will to held hi
Baa town hall a? 3 «• clock. ronar Su
preme Court Justice JOB«ph E. Daly aMt
Max Eastman, of the M«»e 3 L*a«ue for
"Woman Suffra^r. will am among the speak
State Suffrage Association Sager
for Such a Candidate.
"Wanted, a dark hcr3« who !• n<->i
enough to par her own salary air pr#r«'
TTi© New York State 'Woman Huffraa*
Association isn't exactly pasting* tats on I* I
bulletin board-, but a candidate answer tag
the de?cription would b* received with
tears of joy. For th« state association,
like every organization, has ltd traditions.
and on** of these hi that an unpaid officer
is much more classy than a paid one. Even
the most advanced brains have cells that
some other advanced brains call cosktt»
Now. Miss Harriet 3*av- Mills, of Syra
cuse, and Mrs. Frank J. Shuler. of Buffalo.
th^ two avow*! candidates for th« presi
dency, are both self-gupportinj? women end
can't be expected In these strenuous day*
to serve the association for nothing, so
Mrs. George Lewis, of ButXalo. has let it
he known that aha will make It possible
for Mr- £huler to accept the presidency
and bbbb Emily How land, of Sherwood, N.
V.. has stated that she would do the same
by Miss Mills
So it isn't any vulgar anxiety about wher*
the money hi coming from that causes th*
association to search the horizon for an
opulent candidate Its sensibilities, not it*
pockets, are touched.
Prophets say that if the opulent candi
date appears there will he a live':, thre*
cornered row at the convention »hlch
meets at Niagara Falls on Octobpr I*.
A mm - lirft of speakers ka announced fer
the convention. Amonj them ar© Dr. Anna
Shaw. Mrs. William il Ivin». Mrs. Henry
Villaru". Mrs. Hubert IT. E!d<r and Mis*
Jc-sle Ashte3\ from New York City; Mrs.
Ella II- CrO39«tt ash ail of trie a»*o
ciation: Miss Mills. Senator Henry W. Hill.
Asiernblyman Philip J. Kel'.ar and A- C
Douglas. Mayor tf Niagara Falla. Mr*.
O. IL I* Ee'mont expects to ■ present. .
!n all sir?*, till ar V ivA np-rsr-l. zsreri*
ins to siz*.
Fr-n<-h fswmi fccs-s o? ?1!r. zitz. ttSO&. «r*
an addition t-> the dres;!n? tibia, and ess'
R each
A masitlfytos ?'.a:-3 for readaai hi 3 a »«W
ahji and a motb.= cf pearl handle. It sa!?»
for j::-X and H retj B*C« tor th» HteajaT
table. .
A Japanese salad bowl, hi th* r»d Strut*
ware, haa ths raised fts^rres en th* our3ld»
and also en tha isr.sr -':■-■ r »ry oi^»
irrangeinent It Mlla for i 2 50
Aji umbrella stand tn at aaiiie<l -war© !9
fasc:natl-j U has th* !ar3 a ' fisnm •ftSOt
its sldes, and costs Bl ■
A pratty prxnch bowl, ta Via domsitlc D-l
dora ware, w«h Its odd grssn -.olerhjeßv
sells tor M 7^
i Shaking dolls, in rr'any rrcesou* figures.
s«I! for 25 c-»ct3 aelec*. Tn-7 are in ds?»
rated eTitna.
Revolving 1 busts of marble, stand «t^h
teen inches high, se!! for $13 75 and upward
Tfca isw c* sh3?3 wnsra articles laaufiußfl
oa &3 pas* *crt seer, can ba obt*ta*a by ■«*
* i Jaaajil and »*»W»»ajßtrtteoa to *«0
OCT.. 30
Ths World's Jewel Casks!
Great moTirsr pictures, as follows!
Par 39«3 9« men and tcorass at prayer.
Xcutch dance.
Kc:iew ct the Sikhs
Pilgrims bathing. Burning Ghcts.
H ndu silversmiths ct ••■
M&nkty Temple. 80-j preaching ts
Indian jugglsrs. Snake charming.
Proctsvian of elephants carryasr JTs
Native laundry ruininn clothes.
1 rxda on the Holy Ganges.
Street scene* »* Bombay. Calcutta end

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