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■ <"!
Wins 2:06 Pace in Fast Time
and in Straight Heats.
Sold for Export to Austria After
Beating: His Field at
L^xir.rrnr.. Ky.. Ort. n— Earl. Jr.. a an
th* 2.0S pa<.-^. the feature of the card of
fered by The Kentucky Troftins Hor*e
B-eeders Asyocia'Jon tn-day, in the fas=t
■»Irre oi T:O4 and in ?traigh* heats. ■\VelI
«?rlvrn hy Cpx. h*> m3nasre<3 to tske r.r^t
Tlare at the finish, although Yard pressed
hy \V a. in The last two heats.
The CIS pace was won Vy How ley.
wbicli Took the last three heats after
losinc tb* first To Athol H. The Flunger.
f--«>n Of the I'ondsrr.an. took the 2:13 -■<->•
s-nr.:r.c thrrc ')eatp after Major Wrllini;
tr»n had raptured the first. The •a-inner
■««-a« Third icbotce in the pr-olin?. v. iih Ma.ior
Tt>;:;r:pTor. ih? favorite.
" ■
t*ori Mnscorite Fell m the perond hrat
rf t>e r.l^ trot, and run into by Sena
tor Rate^rhof* driver was Throtni cut and
his 'Ti'Vy Eraafhed. ... driver was
>urt. but T»";r- Mssoorite was declared dis-
TF»rir^<3 PetiatOT Hair apri CrystaHlon,
irtjich a .so vrrr in :lie trreckj wrere allovird
to sTart in Thr nea: beat.
Tb^ hun:m»Ti<?F follow:
t:a ;:«•<-.- :.i* cu<s- fckse $i.o»->s>— Tnnnr:
J!n» ir- . v by !.r>-i Karnd iT>ar
ns*.t i . ?• 1 1 J
.rtbol n . pr. ;.. h- .>!haJ)te (HoTTnujn* 12 2 5
T>>rl- STsaon. r!k «r rZMHebs.iT) 2 .'1 tf <5
tt'aij Pcrxsy, r . h. .K'^atinpi a « 4 -
-■ J.. .-h r. t'lrpvi «i f. 3 3
Arc BsnTerth. X h. tT'. C ai-*^'.... 4 4 r, 4
Time. 2:i*-;. 2:31 V.. S.-13.
ti;ottt:-g — r.ir. '-l.a>s — pt-k=e Jijooo -
T^ 6 T'iur.^T. ! . h.. by T>» Bonds
• »• iiinnnn ...ft 1 1 1
SCsjor *V«-Ilmiriaa. !.r. li.. hv N'.r<
(^ScDonalfl) 1 -' 2 2
"-•icior Hf!«. b. h (K»'t>> " 7 •»
O!n«T r.. m. m. iCahapan'. 3 4.43
%>izcc&. br. nj. h"ot< V ;'• 3 4
V««sl».-fc."n iM.-yHh,,,>. » .1 ."> Or
Orjsatlioß. br. h. iWHJW - *• <3i*
vri? 7 I'.nrain; ro = 'Itaff-nyi «; <i;s
(■rw Tv-ii»r. r.'-.. tr itXTMtciieadl *' di»
Dob Mn»-kwrtts < c pa<i<)i .....»«• <ii>
Time. 2.:»- ! *. -:^ : ». 2.10. -:<«•*».
FACTNG— 239S <"T^A^'' ri"R>"E SI. I .*"*— THKF.E
TSiTi. J'.. f" F • t-'V T!ie Ear! <<""oi« 1 1 1
TV. -„ . \-r . z. iHc-i«nn< 4 2 2
"Kir,? ■ oi< h t,. .:»'.cc<.. " H 4
fff-c! fn-n. f. '.. .MrVahor. 4 S
Qnen IVsunm. b. m. <'.Vai'> Z «•
*Tlm> . 2XICV, i'-fCU. 2:tM.
"TEomxir: . :> ci-ass— PimsE n.o<»< v —
— tTiKE IN FIVE. M;r.ftnish«Hj.<
-■'•<■■ <-- . t>. n... by 'Wiirzln" (CWtl 1 1 2
Jl»niy Winter b. !-.. br Eci Winter «A.
McDonai<J . •" ; J
IVnlPr tJi^irii. b. h '^Vr-iJi^r' - < »
Ounattoa. t\ p. r?Carkotei 5 r: r.
May Grave ro. tn. <R!iolv« 3 ns t taJT" 4 T> 4
t^.. -„r, r rrodipal. b. «v fj. Adrioni 7 j «
Marif T.. <h. m. iT.3T.T--n". . . « «' *•
hitler Alif-rtcn. b. p. iHannanl ft ? 7
Kc'iHimr r. . h. m. <C. I'ai ••*» I *4r
Tfmr 2 X' l r. 2:11 '■«. "'-•■!.
To Compete in Championship
Games at New Orleans.
TVi'i 1-*1 -* Coxnfflisslaner P.ciker has relented
jinfl the athletic "^ts" ■Rill jr**t a leave ff
»,^s«■nc«■. J=r> "!ha! thr\ ran compete in tbc
national championship trark and field
*ram*»s at JCe» Orleans on Friday and on
.Tames E. Sii'lii'an put in a to"'! word
f«r the noi end Oommissnoer Baker said
ihat if an arrJi-aT;on foT- a leave of sh
pfoce mt fiied it would h*> The
j-olic-mcn ''ho will make th« journey are:
Uattbew llcGrath ano Sicion Gir.ie-^.
v,f-pht Thro-werF. of the New York Ath
>tjc Club: Patrick HiDonaid. wrigv.t
throT.er: J»«ck El!»r. hurdler, and H. Mr
<;ii!r^ cf the Ir-sh-American Athletic dun.
A cumr-pr of athletes )«=f: by rail for
7 otv Orleans y»-*;teTtiav. They included:
ICew Trrk Athtttic Club- Richard T. Ed
• srd?. guarfr-mile'-; H^rrj- Gissing, half-
Tr:!er: Tr:ltcin C. PauVi. cne-railer: Fred.
BeQars and Edward Frz?:erald. mil*'-!-.
for WalsSi, welgUl thrcv-fr; .T. F. Ha*
Tan't. imrcH^r; <J- B. r«ukes. polr vaalter:
H. .T.. T . Gnnnjdjelt; hiph jumper: Platt
J^rjsrrT. jumper, and H. Thoinassen, msrl!
i'!«-h-ATQpr:ran Atbl«tir CluV> — Jame= J.
f printer: Robert Ecan. haU-miier,
end "iim Ry;ui. weight thrower.
Mohawk Athletic Club— James I»uncan.
r''=c:r- Ihrb* '"r .
Two KCbtflastic fooTba'.i canj"? b*>t^'*eTi
-n*~,\ Vslanr^d fains •will he played this
f;ft*-rroori. The Hiph School of Commerce.
«f Manhattan, and th«*. Boy.^' High .School.
*>f Brooklyn, vill n»eJ dt Hawthorne Field.
B-oc-kl^Ti. white Commerrial High and
Maaval Trsinln? Till tali" i.^ye at Sara
loca Tark. Brooklyn.
Fall Hiv^r. Mas? . Oct. U— A net lo?s Of
STPP lor the eeatrn was reported at a meet
ing Ct t^e Fall Etver lab at the New
llnfl&nd League t«->-nipht. John H. O'Brien
■«'a« rccrr-c-inttd manager for the nest t-ea
J&Sttes Blair dpfes.t"d Alfrp-l D« Oro. lh»
"^ crld E chamricn three-cushion MUiard
Tr'3--^r. c • Delta's Academy, tart nicht. Th»
BHKt t> jc 4 to 23.
Adroitly Took Impression of Key
from Warden's King
Fittibrirs; Oct. 11.— Charles Iliokrran, a
w :'.* mtrrflq^J, who •■P<~apcd from the
"Reaver County .■'ai! Sunday morning by
- his wa v to fr«rdom through three
*-?«l coor?. ■•a.- turwfl over to the police Jn
3£oaaoߣJ2hela City by DanJel Wil'Jsmf, bis
?->r?r»r bia!n«sa r»rtr*r. this afternoon.
Vickmen told a r^tnarKarle sror>* of his
♦"^ccr^. wWctl »» accomplished through a
T\f'.* of che-wins cum.
Hr declared th^ ftl*!^ t%ith which h«* cut
his »"»y ant vmrm tos-s^^J Into his <•■-!■ last
Eftncmfacr by « man h*» did not know. On
t*p!tmb».r IT. Hickman said, he started to
« lit tbc barp. Two w*»«"ks aco be waf r*T«*y,
•^xc^pt for The outer jail doors. A key L/»
faefcic - with a Ja<~kknife from a bit of
hard wood. Th*- *mpr*-E£ion for tlio key
■was obtained from o:i*» cf the turnkey's
ring, with & pi**<e of wins sum. This
▼.-a? done «p tli" turnkey stood next the
prisoner m th^ barbershop of the jail.
Hickman eaid he fillpp»»d the gum from his
aaoajth and squefzed it against tlie key
without the turnkey's knowledge. He had
Wr chewing gum for two weeks and was
B*>«cr without it. watching for this oppor
Daniel William*-, Ilickman's former busl
r*ifs partner, was walking; along- an «m
ttankment on th«» outskirts of Mononßab'-ia
« Ity -day. when a human form tumbled
from the bushes that lined the < jiff and
roUcd limply In front of him. Williams
turned the pro*traie body fare upward and
V^raajatsed his old partner. Williams picked
Ji'in up end carried h!m on his back to the
xrc*rc*t store wh*r<> !ie dumped the fugitive
jnto a waj;on and dro-vc to the police *ta-
Uon. After being fed Hickmun «raf asked
Jf b* <Jid no * think hi» liberty vra« short-
Ihed. "Yes." he drawlfd. "but I made
tr^m ?o romc."
Aib*nr. Ort. 11— Transfer tas*»s « o!lecte<J
Vy Btat* Ccr.troJ'.tr V/ilManus during the
tt'.ai year endfi on Sdrtombtr 00 assrt
*-M«i tS.n"/J</J. as ajainat SS.lt^.C'OO lor the
Herald Sauare Holding Company to Erect in West 45th Street
a Twelve Story Mercantile Structure
Another project to erect a twelve *»>
mercantile building near the Times Square
section was launched yesterday. The
structure will be built by the Herald
Square Holding Company and ' " occupy
the premises Nos. 62 and M West •»
street, two four story dwelling house? on a
plot 40x100.5 feet. The property was poid
by John E. Olson through Frederick Fox
■ Co.
Nrarl" rD th" other rffl^v roniis over ;
which buyers travelled yesterday led to ;
The Bronx and into sections of that j
jrreat boro-ojri. where almost countless real
estate opportunities ere to be four.d for the j
besinner as v.-ell as the cxperf.
The principal private transaction in "Ifl" Ifl
boroujrh was the purchase by the I-ast
ch ester Shorn Front Realty Company of the j
Charles Baser tract of a little more than .
seven and one-third aore^ of two parcels i
comprising: tight and one-third a "res |
formerly owned by George VT. Hum and
several other persons a:;d of 150 acres j
near by owned by various persons.
The. properties have laree frontages or. i
the Hufhinson River and Black : "■>? !
Creek in the Eastchcster district, aiid
extend westerly to the station of the New
York. Westchcster &- Boston Railroad at
Baychester. just north at 222 d street Per- j
sons identified with the railroad company |
arc connected with the real estate concern! I
U is penerally thought that i22d street will !
l>« one of the p-i:iripal thnmuphfares in !
thit j.art of The Bronx and that th" widen
ing of the Hutchinson River will make a
large ran of th«» district much more at
tractive to mnnufacturen 5 seeking suitable
sites so as to erect M?:j;er plants.
More Bronx Sales.
The otiw Bronx section which appealed
yesterday to the buyers prominent in the
market was the Hum's I'oint. Joseph P.
Day quickly found those purchasers at- his
aur-tion sale of C 97 Hunt's Point lots held
last niprlit at Terrace Garden.
Jt the first auction pair of Kronx
lots ever held at nicrfct on Manhattan Isl
and, aim it w;ss a mo?t successful one.
The Hunts Point repion was abo five
yrars aco a heavily wooded ar^a. \\ith a
few lanes extending through it. At that
time th^rt- were m^tiv r*-;il estate. men
who thoucrht The- Bronx as regards mod
ern flathouscs was overbuilt. In t'ne !a»'.
five years the enlargement of the dwelling
house, especially the r.at!iou«e. zones of
■■.-.- i;us Jxfn one of the l^adiny
features of \ho buildinp growth of the
preatcr «itv, and In that period lar^f;
pj - oliis Irom realty Inv-stments have been
made by those j>ersons who were not
tjway^d away from <ith*r ol>J«»ctiv«» points
by the cries about "overproduction.*"
Will Furnish Big Deals.
j Yv in T::<> Bronx" It is as easy to find real
•ty nit-n with gloomy views on t<al estate
matters relating to their borough as it is to
jfmd unnumbered housos there. Even late
ly th* re has l-p^n no decrease in tii*"Jr
!r.UT!ib*»rs. in spitr of tiif fart that The
' Bronx is s<-on poirsr to onlivrn things a.'one
realty walks, ns 1- Old just prior to and
'aft<-7- tli*> oponinc of the subway, in 19M.
(Sifms of unusually brisk buying there are
ir»'«di!y to be seen on every fide. Each day
-.■.-. Bronx property is prttlnc
i better; n*>iv high record prices are being
mad? in many districts, and r-owhTP is
there ■■* dov.-rmard trend of values. Each
'day. f>o, rapid work in the building of the
\ New York. W«»stchester C Boston Rail
iroad is e ported, and that means that th* 1
I t:m«- for ojvnir.p part of the road for per
jvice is T.earer at hand. "When that road
is completed new high record values alonß
Its route will uEdoubtedl.v b» features of
jth<= real estat** market
About a rear npo there was considerable
tradinc in IVest End avenue. A buy-fr was
found resterday tor the premises No 49- ( >
x\"«>=t End avenue, a four story dwelling
house, on a lot 15.4x1*** fe«t.
Tom Story Structure, to Cost $120,000.
To Be Built in 46th Street.
Plans w*tr*» fil^d yesterday for the new
music ball of Henry B. Harris and Jesse
Lasky. which Is to be- known as the Ftilies
B^rjrere. and will be locate on the south
of 4«th street, adjoining the Gaiety
Theatre on th«» west and across the street
from the sidle entrance of the Globe Theatre
and from the Madrid restaurant.
The building wjl] be four stories hijrh and
will have a ironiagrp of STI.S feet and a depth
of Mls feot. with s facade of terra eotta.
entirely devoid of windows and ornamented
at th* upp*?*" part with a massive panel of
j.rt-pspd c«»ni«=nt. reaching almost across the
entire front, representing Comedy, Drama,
Trsgfdy and Music by aJleporical figures,
Which will be painted. The theatre will
have a p*-afine rapacity of 672. and the in
t»ri < "'T will be l-.andsomely decorated
throughout. A special feature will b*» abso
lutely tir^rroof dressing: rooms, which will
be constructed of cement, with marble tiled
floors. The cost of this new amusement
place is estimated at Ji3VX>- Jacob W'ert
h*im is the owner of record Herts & Tal
lant ar th" architects.
Leonard J- Muhlfelder leased for Rosen
»-teil & Wiener the westerly store and base
meet at Nos. 130 and 132 West 25th street
to J. Bobrow k Co.. for Max Marx 5.000
f*«,» a t Nos. B^3 and 811 Broadway to D
Gutmau A Co* for O. B. Potter Trust,
6.C00 fe*t at Nos. IS and C East 12th street,
to Zeeman & Grossman, for E. Rice & Co.
6.000 feet at Ncs. 13 and 15 West 20th street.
for th* L<ordl & De RespJrls Construction
Company . r .,CK' tee« at No« I and 10 West
l?th street, for II L. & C. Ernst 4.0V1 fe»t
at No?. 4 and I West lfth street, for H.
Schwartz 2.6 M feet at No. MS Bowery, to
Gaule Hoffeld 2.5* v« feet at No. I Great
Jones ?»reet. for G. W. Weil 2.500 feet at
No. 15 Walker Street to th«» Monroe Knit
ting Mills, to A. Cohen & Co. 2.500 feet
at No. 38 West Sd str^t. to Blumenthal &
Lane 2»f4«> feet at No. 235 Mercer street,
for A. Kan trow •? 2XOO feet at No 173
Mrrcer street and for Prakin & Lebovsky
2,5^0 feet at No. MB Greene street.
The Cross &• Brown Company ha* leased
considerable space on the second floor of
the Stiner Building, at the- northwest cor
ner of Broadway and 31st street, to the
Delpark Productions and an office on the
tenth floor to the Maria Company.
The United Real Estate Owners' Associ
ation. »hich has had representatives at
the budget hearings and exhibit, has cent
out an announcement Inviting any sugges
tions from eMaaM or taxpayers regarding
OH budget for th« coming year. Com
munications will he received by Michael
J. Horan, No. 257 Broadway; Pierre -*.
near. No. 251 Broadway, and Charles J.
Bohlen. No. M East 23d street
The association is using every effort to
restore the budget of the city to a normal
and reasonable basis consistent with the
advancement of the city.
Justice Guy. of the Supreme Court, has
appointed John J. Mackin receiver of the
rents ••! No. 921 Melroae av»-iiu^. a five
■eery tenement, pending a suit brought by
Harford W. M Powell, trustee, to fore
close a mortßare. of $19,000.
William H. Quinn ha* been appointed re
ceiver of «he rents of No. I*o7 Second ave
nue, by Justice Guy. oi the Supreme Court,
pending a suit brought by Jonas Weil and
ethers- to foreclose a second mortgage of
hay resold to GeoriW E Johnson the routh
vest rnrr.cr t»f avenue and 2d «tT«et
five three story tijildings. on a p!o» rrtmtlng
.10 fr^t on th« av-nu? snri io" feet on the
Btrwt. with a 20-foot "1/r extending back v 2
feet nt the westerly • Tl'i
■vrrFT END AVENUE — »<■'"- M. Warner
nn* H. Smith har« «'-< id No. ifl " "<*>■'
Fnd avenue, a . , v , «ory dwelling house, '""
lot IS 4xloo feet. Tb» pan el is separated m
on» hou«" frwa th* larpp plot at th« «r.u-^-i-
f.r,^,,,,. of s tr»«"! recently acquired by tl1 "
Herald Square Holding Company
iffTII 6TRKKT — P^«*f &■ Elliman hare B°l«l
for B >Jou?o No 3M W*«t 109 th »tre< n five.
■torr Americaa ba«-m'nt dwelling bou on
loi 23X100J.1 feet. The b0.3 • win occupy.
1431) STIiEET — The Puro— Company has
foM for Michael t^canlon No* old and 313
tv>st 143 d atreet. a ''Mi- "tory business builn-
Jnc." on plot 50x99.11. between E^adnurst and
Eißl-.th avenues.
PATH STBEET— Agnes BaEsford is reported
to have sold So. 52 West W?th atreet, a four
Btr>->- d»«-i!inc liou?f. on lot 20x100.8 feet.
S7TH STREKT— Tb»» C N. Shoroi Inve«t
inr <"orr>pai>v (Cliftorrt X. -' unnai president)
pr.-rha^d No. .10 Weat PTth street, a fonr
Ftor?- dwening hous'. on lot i=xioo feet, from
David R Carvalho. t!i«' handwriting »>xi»«rt.
4,', TH i=TpnET — Th" Hrrald Square Hol'llnp
Company bouyht from John V. O>»n yester
day the' two end four utory dwelling houses
No's 82 and R4 WM 45th Rtrrft. on a plot 4>>x
180.5 feet. A twelve story bulidinp will be
erected on th« alte.
121'I> BTBEET — S. Strrn!irb» sold for th"
c. V. Ehurman Inveßtinic Company No. 'Jtj.'t
East 11!2q Btreet.
The following •r; I n^J'"l^•r^- were recorded
yesterday at the Real Estate Exchange.
Nos. 14 and l<s Veeey street.:
By Herbert A Sherman.
BATLET AYS. r. w cor 132.1 st. JJ 7\'<">i. <>-
24.7xtna.9; sold tr> the Klnpsbrid?^ Realty Co
for f I.WjO.
BAILET AYE, w ". ion ft n of l!Hth nL 60s
104 3 vacant; eol.j tv Richard 11 Montgomery
for P. OOO.
HAII-ET AYE. t p 104J5x14»." to Harlem
River Terrace- zlOC*xll9.9, iTicant; .«n',H. tr> H H
voucht. William H Voucht &. Co and the Kings
■ bridge Realty r 'o for $e.7afl
By Samuel , >MMicker
4STIT ST. C4fi. f s. 128 ft W Of M aye. 1c1 c Sx
I<iii.'.. 3 sty <lwg; ild to Adam U»b aj: 1 Joseph
ine L:"b for $11,630.
By Bryan U. {Com
BrVEHSrDE DRHT,. ... 5. 155.4 ft ii nt
ISRth pr . • llbtM.9 to l. r .Bth st x2ox7fi.l. 3 l "' s
.;t,; vol sale: R"la to C I Abbott tor $18,800.
LENOX AYE. i. «> rtn 14M st. 24.11x55, va
csnt; poid to Uj« plaintiff for (21.000
KELJL.T ST. 748. c | 3jr, ft r. of l«»th «• -"-
JOO. 3 Bty brk <i«g; nold to the plaintiff for
*: ■•-■
TIMPSON VU 4G2. eb. 116.7 ft nof 144 Bt,
16.7xSB.3xl7^ixt*O.l. 3 Bty tenru; BOld tO th«"
plaintiff for (3.O<X).
IRRTH FT. n b, •' ' in ft iof Webb my* .~T3.Sx
s'f'i irreg. vacant: adjourned to Not (••
By Joes] a V. Day.
11.-.TH =T. 607. r. s. UTf ft € of Aw R. 2»X
1C3.3, S sty icmnt and stores; adjourned to Oct
134 TH ST. ? .-■ 45.6 f: w of Wtltis ay. 12T.X
IC«V vacant: also 133 d Bt. n s. 40.6 fi w of nriUla
aye. 150x100. vacant; adjourned to March 18.
142 D ST. 264. ■ b. R4 '• ■ "f Morrtu aye, Z :>x
| lOu. 1 «ty stable; adjourned sin*; di«-.
i With name and address of lessee. I
BL,EECKER ST. 383. Btor* 1 and rellar:
George F Losch* to Albert Haas "■ yrs from
July 1. :■■..■.. $1,020; address. >:. Bieecker c.
FREEMAN ST. 928. etor»» and hasi-m'ii';
Mabe! r. Elnhont to Freeman H Hatter; '"
yrs from Oct 1. 1010; $I.S.'>O; address, 82(1
I IMB . -t.
MORRIS PARK AYE. 608: part store; Mln
lit* Sebwarts to Antonio Bconzo; R yr« fmm
Au« 1. 1916 fl'lfl. a4ldr«Bß. 608 Morris Park
°TH AYE. 515. *torr and part bss«m?p':
r>orfr«> Winner to Charlea J a Lund: 5 >ts
from Kov i. 191P; $1,200; address. 51S Pth aye.
22D FT. I West. 20x98.9 M rh''!mhorr Co
to Fhilii'Sbnm Outer Garment Shop of New
York Hi v-6 1 mo fmm Feb 10, 1010; taxes
etc, arc! J<s.l!U* to 96,904
23 D FT, 12 We«t. 33.8xAS.P: i«am» to same;
| : r jt» 1 mo from Feb 10. 1D1O; taxes, etc.
! 827.500; address. 56 West 3d at
I sj?t st. 252 West. 26x34. 8x lrr«g Fay Realty
! Co et a! to James Deraney. 2? yra 2 imx from
Nov 1. 1010; taxes etc. J2.000 to $."5.<i00 ; B d
drejty, 3no 'West 51st st.
- ith name mid kliliiil of purchaser.)
GREENWICH BT, (?IS, 3 sty brk. 21.2x91.9;
Greenwich st, S2O. .". (in- brk. 21 5x92 4 Neper
Construction Co to Harry J S^phian fmt?
565.500); Oct *: $1; address. 230 Wei 307 th St.
GREENE ST. 170. 6 sty brk. 24.4x100;
Frieda Greenbaum to Frederick A Elliot;
4ft-100 parti all title; Auc 24; $100.
BAVE PROPERTY: .I"r.as Well " a! *o
Frederick A Elliott: IS 100 partf all title;
Ort 11; $100; address. 161 East 22d st,
LENOX AYE. «■ ' ror »f Ith *t. 00.11s
160; Clara 1, N2*pau«»r to Mlnuit Rralty Co;
Oct 10; $1 ; address, 32 Broadway.
MONROE PT 263 and 265. 5 and 4 sty brk,
23x105.101 Irreg; Samuel N Hah»rman to
Eugene Bailee (mtg- (57.500); all liens; sept
17 SI: address. SS4 Myrtle aye, Brooklyn.
MOTT FT. 182, •'■ '■■ brk. 25x100; Frank
T«"i to Raffaele Di Lvg-110 <mtg 132.000); Oct
10; tl; address. -■■'■■ Kami 117 th 6t.
STANTON BT. M. " sty brk. 22*52: Ernst
G Deltz •>» b; to Blmon Orenstetn: •» part, all
title, mite (4.000); Sept 1: $100.
SAME PROPERTY: Lillian T Rioolan — al
f> same: all title; Oct 17; ', 500; address. &4
Etanton st.
same PROPERTY. SSm«n Oreasteln to
Dora Lindner: 4 right, title and Interest;
Oct 10: ?100. addrees. 05 Stantrn m.
2D AYE. 1982 B sty brk. 23.11x100, 6 c cor
of 102 d«1 , Harry A 'Wilkuß to Philip Set
mark ftntg $44. 750 1; Aup 20. 1907 $100.
2D AYE. 2125 and 2127, 4 st- brk. 40x?0;
Fame to «ame; 1-7 parr (mtg 120.000); a«?
2H, 1907; ?100; address. 2125 2d ay«
2D AYE. 8 w oot of 2d st. 50xS9; 2d st. • a,
PP ft w of 2il are. 20x91.9: also strip on rear.
20.3x5. &x irreg-; Mary B TV Booth and a""
*o Geofpe F Johnson; June 29 $100, address,
840 West 7: " st
11TH AYE. 440 »o 442: 3 --■■ brk 49 4xloo.
Knee! an( j Moore to th« Commercial Trust Co
of New York, b and ■; Or; 24. 1907; *100,
address, 1451 Broadway.
3D ST. 352 East, « at? hrk. si 4i«si Irre*:
Cecilia Neumann to Clara Pressman 'mtg
J37.00O 1 ) ; all liens, Oct 10; $100, address, 140
First aye.
81ET ST. s s. 150 ft a c ''of Btfc aye. 23x32. 5x
irreg, Margaret E We!!! and ano to Charles
A R»:se;mar ; . 2-3 parts: a!! Hens; Oet B; SI:
address, 22 M*!ro«e pi, Montclalr. N 3
3?TH BT 233 ar.'J 23.'. East. 5 sty brk. 53.3 x
BS.ft; Mlchie! Pl«elr to the j Christopher Hupfel
Srewlsft Co Cmtsr 18,080 I lei 1. 1310- $100; ad
drese. 22» Ea«t 3&th st
47TH ST. 3.V» East. 4 Bty brk. 25x109 BenJ
Fchm«!dl*r '"> vjetr rtealty O»; al! Hens; S*pt 29;
$100; address. 203 Broadway
, >OTH ST. 354 West 0 sty •-- 25.2xf<3.6;
>r:.'« Ho'lani to Eertha Smolensk? (mtg $2<>,-
IDO^; Oct 10; *!<•" address. ~r, Morn Bt, Drook
57TH BT. n I 22.*. ft ■ or nth aye, .Vhcloo 5;
FYlede Oreenbaum to Jonas Well nnd Bernard
Mayer; 4S-100 part, all title; Auj 2.".. $10i); ad
dress. 6 liefkman M
SAME PROPERTY .T->na* Wei! »t m to Fred
erick A Elliott: 4.V100 part; all title Oct 11;
$W0: address. 10! East 22d Ft. Brooklyn.
70TH BT, U8 We s »_ 3 s ty hrk lOxlOO.o Ruth
I> Donn»-n to Florenr-e H Hunter imtg $l"..v«'i.
Oct 11; $1; addrrsa, 8U W«.st 70th at
7«TH ST n a, 2?* ft p of Aye A. 60x102.2:
Jrnnl* Faplro to Nevelson Goldberg rj.-alty Co
(mtg $63.W«0i; July B; $I<O- addrets, I.V Nassau
76TJI ST. n ? M ft .• of .<-,- a. 50x102.2;
N T e^-clson Goldberg <v. to Charles •'; Wlllougliby
all liens; Or' 7: $t; aodre«-s. 220 West 111 th «t.
BRTH ST •a, 404. « ft a of m a»«. 25x102.2:
Lambert S Quackenbush to Abraham C Quacken
Kinh; b and ■; April 'Si, $100; address, v^7
Madison aye.
bOTH BT. 12» East. 4 sty brk, laxMOil S6th
st. 127 Ea«t. 4 at) brk. 10x10081; "^th st. 131
Kant. 6 sty brk. n •■ cor I>*xington a". 42.6 x
100.8; York-. HI. rjank to Joan Vois imtg: $92,
<»»0> Oct 10; $1; adiirrfiH. 131 East 80th et.
BTTH FT. ■ «. U8«10 ft »> ..f Park »v», I8.«a
100.8; Rosalie R Gomez and ano to Rone Pre>er-
Oft 10; $100; address. «Mn East l«xith M
MOTH ST. * B. ;*> ft * of West End mv». li>x
100 fi; Win M illnlot«i 1., Mary T Mlnford b and
a, 1-5 part. Oct 11. $1; mi ireaa, ;ii<' West 90th st.
9*TH "T. 14»« East, f, «ty brk. 25x100.11; Jen
nie Baptro to Nevelson Qoldberg Realty Co; July
6; $100; address. 150 Nassau st.
113 TH ST, 77 East. 5 Ety brk. 87x76.10; N.-vei-
Fon Gol<ll>«rK Co to C!:arl«>B <; Wlllougl all
liens; Oct 7: $1: addreng. 220 West Ultta et.
12« TH ST. 208 Ea*t. 3 Bty brk. B0s99.ll; i^-j|>--.
Rubin to Max Bernstein iiati; $31,0<jiji: all liens;
July I. IBM*. $100; «<ldreii». 100 Went 110 th st.
J2«TH BT, ■ s, M ft • of Madison aye, 18x88;
Annie Plnk'l to Thomas o'lUilly nriif 110.000),
t<ept ••: *'""• iddress, 8 Mount Morris I'ark
RARNEF AYE, s » .-or 223 ««. W»xl8'»: twf
faelc- dl i^uKli" to Prank '.i, untg $4.60"); Oci ft;
}Vfll. Brt<tr<*», 141 Mi.tl nt.
BAINHHJI«iK AVK. 3043, 1 6. 10x1 Of V; Annie
M J Mill*-' to Harry W PavU mitt- $!.:**« lug
10 $100: addre*fc, IH«6 Valentine ny»
BEI^MONT ST. b*irt|r stripe or ev^h a' <• I.
„,, bntwei i «'h ayr and r.th ove. irap of Mount
Tden *» J - 50 ' l n'' Walnut at, run* i 120.1*
29.11 to n , cr n , « *£$£&£&■ Fl'-Sl?
2P.li to nsor a c ■ n»'^ Tn( .- P h. re X Flk.-w
2»!ta *> 123 to f^^Jfioh q r Sept 28; $150.
*t al t« Auru« V V.ln^lP"- 1
BddrHß. H M"rrlr«sldf «> , v .
BUCHANAN Pl* n■■* -g 6r^ fx ..p. I
50x100, beint lots » and »; n ™^ (1 In release
lot Wl and 10 't "^ !pf , V , Koopman to Will
recorded auk 2, li>°^ c . „„,, a i| lions; .....
lain V Plmpi ftntc •*••* •
• Milk, to |
£l; address. 131S Brook a-"
Pt 37-fixinO . Mitchell I^r'r/^V.f JjwTad
stef.n (nlc (23.134 «'. "- a -> *° ! *-•>•'
dress. osi West lfiOth it
rT , „„ . v 7. c 3.« f? v r>' JefT'.rson
N. J.
ORivn \VF f f K>o f» s t\- of lS2d st. WH
100: MarY F Martin to Raehfl Finder and ano
lmt| $1O.;-CO». Oct 10. $100: address. 1715 Fulton
HARL.EM TERRACE. »•• *™J" ,Q L"'*'
of io2d Bt x ■?- s Bail^v ay* 27 ; 3x125.8x lr.etr
B«nk« M Moore to Nellie OXoanor; Oct o; $I<h>.
address. Kg 75th «=t. Brooklyn.
HOC- .-.-r- nfri 2.=.ri00 Nevels^n Gnlfiberp
Heaifv A'Tn f-Mr-r, -V WllloiiKhbv: a! liens;
Oet 7. 51: ■ddress. 2» WP!5t nlth ff
1/17 m h ,i. mi —n-, 113^ section 1. n ' MOT—
■i Meyer Or t 8; ?! ad<ir?ss. l»08 Wallace "- 1 *
SAME PROPERTY; John "v - 7, ."2, John
ar.d Mantaret Cas'-he-; b!1 liens: Oct 10; Jt. ad
fire.c. is?xi Hoilanrt aye
IX>T? 280 and 281 mar Section A. _ "i;' > *C, c
tatr.; «^di« Com *.-. Alonm .iack«on <mts
Ort 10; HOC ad-lrofs. J."? Prospect aye.
MORRIS PARK AVB. 80" 2.^ I^' A t' r , a!l "l n
Blun'.b-rs- to Hosie Mortis itntp $*■■**"■ Aug ~».
$1: etldr^FS. «o< Morris Pat aye.
park AVB - ■ 50 ft » of ri^-h'- sf :< ? x
101; Han W Pnvt= to Gnstav* P M'jllt rmtg
jl- s.^.. ocf 5: 1100: address, "1"..*. Detrati a-.c.
PROSPKCT AVH. c s. I- 1 -" 1 ft c ci .TTnlnps
Ft .»;ixlo4.!>-~ EmlHe Thlic to .lamfs T lijirry
(mte $01,000); *>.-t 10 1100 a'iire?s. 114!' Bos
ton ,rd.
PLOT bopins ■■■ '•<-<■'• Plains rf at
point Jl4.r. ft n akre ?ame from ..lorrls larlt
aye. run- ti ;i..rv n .'in-, n c O.( c 00.& X 123 to
be«; W.lliam Keough to Emmanu-I and Albert
R->rnsfe(;, lln t? $TOOj: Oct 10; $100; address, 1<42
Amsterrlam ■n c
SIMP.-ON st - ?. '•"' ft n of ''•' " 4Ot
100; James 1 Barn tr > Taul C UhlUj 'mtg $20.
000); Oct 10 $100; ad -■ m Cranford v J.
TELLER AYE. cb. 03 firi r of l*if.th Bt. 2S.OX
107.7; Emilif- Itiliß to .Tarn* 1 ? T Barr inrt« 5.4
015); Oct 1O; Jinc>: ad-irr?.--. 1145' Boston nl.
TOWN DOCK UP. s b. lots I""-" 5 and '.'■■■ nia P
1131 Aof Pt Joseph's Orphan Asylum. "■0xl«>0
Antonio Guarino to Antonetta Guarino; cvt 11;
SI; eddress, 231 Bast 117tt. st
VALENTINE AVB. 2574. SOxW-10: Valentine
'-onstructloi Co v, Hobfrt V Gray, jr, Oct 11;
$100; address. lOfln Forrst eve.
VAUEJCTT? " AYE. 2 % *7". 'J.'ixOH.l : same to
Georm TI <irifPn ajid a;io. tonHnt." by »-ntlrety;
Oct 11; S10O; address, ir,."it> Ron rd.
3D AVB nf>2l. 28x1193 in-'-R: f oreelosm* : "T"
12. 1910; Alexander Wolf, ref. '■ The-»sa Shue-
Icr; Oct 11; .«.■••• a.Mr»-s?. S2l Sd avf.
144 TH STT. s i, 2"- 1 ." ft c of Willis aye. old line,
ir. v. in.- Lilite < c-r t^ Andrew J Rice (nits
$C.0O0i; Oct 10; ■■«. address. 3"'^ Fust 142 d st.
148 TH ST. n si 371 •■ - "f Morrta aye. 2Sx
106.*;. Oscar C Boricstroni to Hedwts norkst-oni:
b and B and f a p; Oci 1; «i. address, "47 St
Ann's ay«?.
IB6TT! ST 504 ' ■*• 3T.6x1003: Charles Z-->ller.
jr. t.. Husseii 1. Tarbox <n.tK $aO,O0Oj; ••■• 10;
$1 : ad'iro??, 4C . r >tli avr.
233 D.- r , cor -..,.- 50x100; Henry
Harston to John Lynch: S'pt 12; $1; addi fiCS
East 22M Ft.
(With name aril addresi of lender's attorney.)
liner- st .'. pe^ cent unlfps otherwise stated.
HENRI ST. 240, 3 -■■ brk. 3x83 prior mts
$tS.s<)o>- Oct 10; 4 ■-- r. per cent: roaeph
Flnkelstein and ano to Chevla Anshel Ptuxirer
\>i AEhsel Grayewo; $5,000; address. 136 Iltvlug
ton st.
LOTS IT. IC. an>) 17. map property Außustns
Wvnbro.k. also plot bejrinp »14S s BUi «t and
{•1 "w 2 aie runs n W »K»X s .">.f'x Irreg; .Ijne
2:>: 3 yn: G«onre r Johnson to Mary B W Booth
anl] aiio: J60.000; aOilress. 41 Wen 31 st.
LEONARD 1 ST. M> and 82. .'■ aty brk. 4JV2x
Of* 11 -[.: Ui. •)>••• March 1. 1010. 4 and 4-a
per cent • Woodbary I^ingdon tc New York Life
Incuran.-e an-1 Tro?t Co; «-.: i«». adiress. S3
Wall st.
m. -— PT. K2. ;, 8 t: brk. 25x94 (prior mrj;
SS2.000); Oct •■■ 2 yrs. 6 r f - c**nt; Ftafl PI
Lugllo and mo to Frank Teti: $1,400; address.
HI Molt Ft.
STANTON ET, K4. 3 sty brk. I ■■"-'■ r m; Ort
10; due. etc, as p*»r ond; Plinon ' (renatern to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co; $10,000; address.
17« Broadway.
29TH ST, 4 Easi - ft? brl 2Ox9f • Oct 11;
due July I.' 1911: l>o\iise" Briiinniel to Emlgiant
Industrial Bavins* Kant; $5,000; address, 61
Chambers ft.
3STH ?T, 27 We»«. 4 st> hrk. 2OxDS.n. O<'t 11;
dv«- as pf-r bond; <"harles» O Mmhal! and ano to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co; *4&.000; address.
176 Broadway.
4!>TH ST. 248 Wept. 4 sty brk. 25x190.6 (prior
mtg $16,000) •"■ -. demand «i per cent; Frank
!ln Smith 10 Leonora M Maccabe; $7,000; ad
dress. -„ West M 1 st.
.V.D BT n f, IT.O ft c of |ai aye., H!>.loxloo.sx
Irre^- Oet 11: 3 th: H°nry - enlng to Farrn
erp: 'Loan and Trust Co; (83,000; address, 22
William st.
•WTH ST. " Weal I -•" hrk. 20x100.".; Oct 11;
due as per bond; Roger A Pryor to Manhattan
Mortgage Co: $8,000; addr»ss. t>44 Broadwaj-.
70TH ST. .315 West. 3 sty brk, 20x100.5; p m
(prior mtg $10.5001 Oct Jl; due a s per bond;
Florence It Hunt« to Rath T£ Donnell; $S.OOf>.
afldres-5. 817 West IO7Ui st.
{\-.TH FT 210 East, 3 sty brk, 26.1x1908; Oet
11 due Jan 1, 1915; Abraham C (Juackejibush
to Cora Cook a: d ano: $1B 800 address. »*"
Valley rd. Montclair Heights. S3
105 TH PT, 72 and 74 East. 5 sty brl JiOx
io<tii '12 rrtcs each $21,000); Ocl 10; 5 yrs;
Rachel ?ch<-nfeld to George Friefeld, trnt.
$42,000; address. 44 Hart al Brooklyn.
FAME PROPERTY (prior mtg. $42,0<V>>.
Oct 10; I yrs, Q per rent; same to Isaac
Coben. $4,000: addreaa, 1391 Madison awe,
111 TH BT. i a 158.4 ft « of Broadway; 2
lota 83.4x100.1l each (2 rr-tsrs. each (30.000,
•Z prior mtps. $200,000 ea ; > : Oct 10; 8 yr».
« per cent: Carnegie. *~onstrurtion Co to
Eugenic Lev;-; $80,000; address. 371 Euclid
aye. Brooklyn.
■'4' T "FI ST - * 98 ft • of Manhattan «••».
S0xl00.lt; Oct 1°; r> yrs: Otto Harwlts and
ano to Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co.
$54,000; address, 180 Broadway.
115 TH ST, IB West, r sty brk. 24.11x100.11;
Oct 10; 5 yrs: Hyman Moi m to Esther Surut;
$24,000; address. 138 West I21»t st.
137 'fH ST. 61« West, « at: brk. Ssxf>?>.ll;
p m; Sept 15: 2 "•*!■. *'< v r cent: Lono-e Realty
Co to Delia t'hlfelrler and ano; $22,500, ad
cress, 132 Nassau at
17»>TH 51 ■ a 100 ft • of Wadsworth aye..
60x100 'prior mtg $50.0001 Oet 10: due as
per bond: Vandei Tile Co to Louis Fischer;
$10,000; address. 162 West B7tli «•.
BROOK "■" t : ■■- s. 382.7 ft i of 1; 1 " st.
35.9x100.1x irreg-: Oet 10; 5 yn Isaac Fine
to American Mortgage Co $19,000, address,
31 Nassau st.
CHISHOLM BT. a ti cor of J.nmncs at. 25x
7<5.S 1 prior mtg $13 '"""" ' pept 29; due a» per
>ond: A del ins Gollubier to Adolph Gollubier;
$1,675: address. 7P2 Jennings st.
ELIZABETH AYE. n ■, 200 ff «- of Main st.
100x100; City Island. Oet 10; dv« as per bond;
Jane a Dickie to Thomas McLure; $2,000;
address. 129 Rocbeile aye, Ctty Island.
FORDHAM AYE. n ■ s. at b w 0 11th at.
23x100; Oct 7, due as per bond; Louisa C
Squire to Title Guarantee and Trust Co;
$3,000; address. 170 Broadway.
HOLLT ST a 9. at a a Mile Square rd. 100*40
x lrreg gepi 7. due as per bond; Wm H Cauvet
to Martha P Cooper. $1,800; attornar, Wtn H
Canvct, 181 Livingston st. Brooklyn.
LOT 980. map I-acon!a Park (.prior mtg $4.
200), Oct 10; 2 yrs, 8 par cent: Michel* Ajtj
giario to Marie Mohlenkamp ; $1,200. address.
: 2752 Sth aye.
LA FONTAINE ATE. 2017. 87.9x100 fprtormta
$27,500); Oct 11: due. etc. as pc» bond: Valen
tirie. Construction Co to Pinkus Nathan; $5,000;
teldress. 88 Nassau ••
! LOT 108, map Van Nest Park; Oet TO; I -r»
55 1 * per cent: A Rezzanr. Construction Co to John
H Kerkmann: $5,080; address, 2M2 Bth aye.
SOUTHERN BOn.EVARD. ■ ( cor 174 th at
80x100; '.'■• 11; demand, 8 pe r cent; Tra*lr
Kuildini? Co to city Mortgag* f0;f 0 ; $2,500; ad
dtes-s. 15 "^Val! ?t.
VALENTINE AYE. 23.34: Oct I demand. 6
I*r cent; Thomas .1 Hammel! to r-ani«" J L.yon«.
$300; address, 34 West 33d st.
VALENTINE .AYE. • a, 61V8 ft 0 of l«soth at,
16.f>xM4 A'ik 15; '.' yrs; Henrietta Fink to
Kenry Fischer; $2,000; address, 211 East fi7th St.
WILKINS AYE. w ► 101.7 ft n of Jennlryrs
st. 109. 10t. irrc^; Sept 80: demand. « per cent;
Slltehell-McL>ermott Construction Co to City
Mortgage » : $54,006 address. IS Wall st.
3D AYE, KaSl 25x116. Oct 11; due. a - per
bon'l, Theresa Schufles to Title <"?uarantee and
Trus-t CO; $4,090; address. 176 Broadway.
iWith natne nd ail'lliaa of lender's attorney.*
ALLEN «T. 4.'.. •"• sty brk. 35x58 Oct 10. if>or(,
Julius Berkowtti and Esther Frank to Louts
Gordon, Barn*-tt '.••■' Sophia Oruensteln and
lifnn:i Flchter: |6k380; attorney. Jacob (iuden.
23»t Grand st,
ALLEN BT. 43. 5 i-tv brk. 2TixsO; Oct 10. lf>os;
Julius Brrkowitz and Esther Frank to LiouU
Gordon et aJ; 54.500; addraaa, 230 ("Jrand st.
BANK ST, 4" 3 "='■ brk, ("'\l!t..'>xS*Ox2o. l>c 7.
l!K>>v, Hy v Guernsey to James A MrKlnley;
$4,000 attorney, < - ia!enc« It McOulre, 15 Wlii
tam Rt.
BROADWAY. •• ». 53.3 ft ■. of f»4th st, ior>x
89.2 May 2. H><>4: Ninety thmi Street Co to
Knickerbocker Trust Co; 1123.000; attorneys,
Davids. Stone. Auerharh a- OornHl. 34 Naitsau at.
DELANCBI .ST. B B, 51 ft from ■ a --or Sharif
at 47.3x1«)0; May 9, 1805: Joaapli Isaacs to
lurghard Hteinfr. Individually ami us exr; $15.
i««v aitornaya, M it I. Jartnulowskr. 105 East
HOUBTON PT, 101 aii . l»l:< West, 8 sty brk.
leabn ntor« and hatemtni ; Auk 21. llxi> John
Mniijal.li to Joseph !*...i .., ■ -..uk. v copartner
■hip; $I. •>&•». attsrnara, Paakoa, Cohen, La\'elle
& Gordon, 2 Rector st.
MADISON A\*n. m s . Bi)x2<>: Kept •-•». ISM;
Geurirt« 1* Miller to Thomas 11 Van Fine. exr;
.«•> tuMi, ntii.riifj.-. Norwood & Mbiclkii, tiß Will -
lull! St.
MONROE) ST. 218 and 217. 11 « 001 Qeuviniaui
el. tl Bty brk. 101 8x23. March 31, if 3; Maurlea
.! Burateti to Bernard M.i -• 1 $6,000 attorney.
Ma' Bltverateln, 808 Broadway.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, c s, 7.'. ft r of BMh st.
25b\lrtO; Nov 11», lt«i- William r! Walker to
Mu*<iul Life Insurance Co of New York; 120,000;
a<lfirr.ff. 32 Nsxi^au ■••
UTH BT, 236 ICatt. | sly t-ij.. I<T>.3»A>, Oct
M. IM7- Catherine A F Casaro^ a *?,, Jfohn T " n "»-
Its. jruardun J20.00J. attomer. Us n M po W .
«U. 2jf "Wail Ft
IBTH ST 133 an-i 135 West. 3■£ br * 40.10*
«'or., to H Seymour El^a": $10,000. attorn-y*.
■Ml Mil * noc-r» 12.*- Broadway.
'MTH ST n s .".7rt 6ft» nt Rr !L°" T- 00 SxS2:
'&♦♦-. st 183 irs IS3 TCe«t, ii «•• 30i«B2; 11-t 1.
I^»; 'iv pit lfnh Street. » corporation, to the.
Cora Eichanle Bank; *»«.'«•. attorney,. Merrill
* Rosters. 12." Eroad«-ay.
«D BT. SB Wesi. 4 »'*" trie. 1» OxlOC V Aur
» •■'"• ' Mar 5 »4t * tV« to th. GnawleU
B«vlajt« Bank; $12,000; attorney". r>yo & Bauer
'lorf. in Broadway
«D ST. — West 4 •'• " *- W-»«ltM Auk
3°. UN;'«mi to same: * ! - fi(V ': attorney! a "
"OTH FT n * 70 ft * of Weal En* »•• - Ma
100.5; N'ov 17 inns Charles A Klnch to Martha
2 Boyle. En*lewoW. N J: &•£; attorney.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co. li« Broa-Jway.
112 TH ST 134 Weft •' * tv brk - ■■>•». 11:
O« 9. I**7 'Abraham P*nr and others to liarr
A Racy. Individ and as exttt! M.000: attorney.
Abraham Cohen. 132 >assj.'J at.
113 TH FT 128 and ISO East. • """ ■"■ «x
10" 11- :>••,- i 1904 '.•■•! Wein'raub •■■ Sarah
on.l Betsy pinkelio'an ; $10,000; attorney.. -•<>_
se.nthai A- Bteekler, 820 Breadway.
I2IST ST n c ITT- ft " «>* *' "•■■•'" : - aye.
run? n 10" My -,- _.-,-» c .*•* w I2fta ' W.llx c
ISO, with ail right Utta and >n"" r * st U> «rtp of
land b'rinninc <jr n »■ tot of above, niris * ti'x
nS3 « 125z 5- April 1" JOtO: B*thloi» R».i!tv
Co to laldor t Worrasrr. jr. • ' : J»".fl0O. arrrv T
'"vs. Hoadly. Lauterbacli A- .T<->hnson. 22 Will
iam Bt.
163 DPT n d 100 '•' " V-T—l'*,- -l- 'T> Ih
110: Nor k j<v«> comfort Realty CB to "^- sh- a
ißßUn Ilolrtlne Cto; $1,800: •ttoroc] Ur-'n
Titi- bttonace and' Treat <~c 1"° Bnaaway.
163 DST n » .-■ ff f of r.^arfwar-. h»>t
00.11; April 1 ' ;•••!-. QomSotX P»al»v Co to
K«m York Trust *:o; *;..t.:-" addresa, 2*
THE pnr>>:x.
BROOK AVB n « tor John r'.. I*4-8x191; July
14. l>-n<v Louis .T Pooler and an" to N»«-Nirg
Saving* Bank; $31,000: attorney. Title Guarantee
BOd Trust '•■-.. ITS Rrf»ad» - ev.
BRIGGP AYE n w •■ I~>2* ft n • of Traren
at. 25x100; .lan !«. liXW: x ' HK«w J Faweett ro
.lohn F. Bow $' 250; address. Fordhain EQQare,
N T.
CAtTLDWEU. AYE. r «• eot ***** st. 2B«ia»:
''•-; B, IMS : Daniel I'apav 10 En I '* Klsppert;
$2.n00 : attwrnev* IVcaselcaa <i- Krai?. ■■" Lib- ,
erty St.
EASTERLT one. half lot 31 nap TTf>. Brier?
estate. We«t rhestor: AprO C ■>. 1!M«; Favlno
I'eir.rJirihTig to Thomas Ban City Island;
$800; address. 1403 V ashinpfon •■«■<
FOREST ST. • s. 200 ft - ••' pp«rh •" 7 "' x
100: April ft. |m Thomar J Tott*n to John i
Fink: ?7f*v „.;,;-. j. 3093 H"atb ay».
LOT 14. blo«-k -'". m«» rv'.ram Park. Nov
16. men Cathertn* •, McGulre '<-■ J«nny Cock
burn; $r:4:. atton Title Tiiauranre Co. ISo
Broad r»-aj-.
LOT vn map s'-tlon B. '•"•*» -state; (>♦
4. 1SB5: Charles r Skoo« to <h» Twcßty-tlltrtl
Ward T^and Impnrremenl <"o; ?.■»<•<>: «ttorn»y.
Title Guarantee and TnM Co. 17*5 Broadway.
LOT 307. map i«rtltni B. Vvr» -staf<:; O<-t
14. 18SW>; Charier Pwter Sk«x»« to William H
•;..•». trust*-*; -. ■..<■ attorney! Row & Pu:
zol. 12S Brnarlway.
LOT 15. block C 7. map P»lbaiß Park: No
ii- jsotl Cstbertne A Mfi"Jui-'" to Jenny rock
burn $:'.42; atton Title Insurance Co, 138
BTEBBINJ" AYE. c • -.'• " • of r*"man St.
25x110 May 22. IWI Catherine Pw»r» to
Margaret Nolan: S2..">Ck»; attorn"y. William R
fymf, 170 Broadway.
UTH ST. n ■ ZS3 ft » of A'-. C. 10«.
T'nionport; —r - 7. "•"■" Majria'ena K-ithanns
lichen to riorenr-- S Crosby; S7o>; attorney,
James B Crosby. West Cheater, N T.
173 D ST. a a, 1.037 ft from 8 v.- c<ir W*>bst<»r
»v», 17x99.8x17.1x67.11 May • 1OU>: B»rn»rd
, .1 Coyle tn Brori Security and Brokerac* Co
S.ii'O; attorney. A Beaver, 41 Court at. UrooW
IKOTH -- n a. 70.1 ft < of M"h«Ban eve.
118.^x76.1; Fob 17. n»io. Horinann-I»ej-e r li*rsr
Construction Co to Rocklaad Realty Co. of
Nyack. S V: $•■-■■■'■ ..•■•---• Lawyers' Tttl«
Ineurance and Trus' Co. l»so Broadway.
taOTH BT, n a. 70.1 ft <- o? v ■'„- ,-.
1 118.2x75.1; Fob 17. 7!M<' : the Hnfminp-pnvr
berg Construction Co to Enoch C Bell; *•• • -
s<.c); oc!drc«r. r.oo WUlia a- • .
Thnmap I? Bolin«?r, as tru*. to Ed'th C Mac
i Crack^n: $1\."7r..
A L Mordecal ({ <lnc) rt al to Allenal
Construction «'o. Ji.
Tttle Gu;»raiitp« and Truat Co to Marj- Keil:
Same to Herman X W N<*V:afre; $12,000.
Sam« to Andrew C Zabriakie. trm $s.Ortf>.
7. aw en Title rnc-:rar>'-- and Trust <~r. »o
Lawyers" Mnrtscas:e ,-,. 4 <<!<stß total. $94.000.
Same to Home for Ola Men and Agrd
Couples: $11,000.
J Hoi.-'i» b Lowinc-r t« V.mtt C Bond--;
i $23,000.
1 Emil C Bondy »n'l ann «-x'-p. to Rosalie
Bondj-: $2.". .":.■• 7or
Robert L ?tii and am. arimrs. to ' a—
Stix: 515.40S 3T,.
Georp^ Toons Bauchle to Gotham Mortgage
Co: $1,000.
Charles Hjilb-rstadt to r>avid B <~ahn. SI.
Gottlieb Wteland to Rtrnard A r Wolf;
1 Joseph Lahrrg to .Tacob L. P»rkn»r $6.2-"0
Hinder Jaraalowalr? to David Z!rktn: $.V>.fK».
Peter X Hagernaa and an" to Eliza B Taber;
' 12.500
Adolf Golluhier to William F Wun«i: $1.
Hamilton Fire Insurance Co to Sender Jarmu—
hrwskjr; $.V).(> 47.
West End Co-op^ra»ire BnlMinyr and T/oan As
sociation to John S KorsfOtston . $2.576 62.
Mary E Halley to Herman w "^Voifc . $2,700.
Mary E Hall«y to W E Paynter and ano;
: assigns IS rote?; $1.
Harvey J Cohen to Sadie Solomon; $1
William ?aberski to Anthony Mayer; $".orm.
Thomas H Bohner, trus. to Edirh C Mac
' Cracken . t15.522 92.
John J Btctßtcer t" Jane T^lar $4,120.
William V Simpson to Francis F Simpson: $1.
Thomas II Thorn to Rob»rt a B L>aj-ton;
Ida B Towaaend to Henry R Kropf; $I.loi>.
BROADWAT. r « cor of lMtti al for »w~
3 at: " fa mil-, dwgrs and stores. 25.2x112.9.
F M Burzess Conatro Co. EMH W»?i 141 st
st. owatr; F E Gi^sser. " Manhattan st,
architect; ?15.00«
lOTB BT. b s. ISO ft w of Ist ay«: 10 ■ 4
p.- brk tenmt: C Helferman. .'(424 Broadway,
owrer: L a Shelnart. 191 Bow — . architect;
116 TH BT. 204 and 2«« West: to a 1 pty brk
• tore; Eng<*lsbers Bros. 7 Waal 22d st. owners;
Gron«nberp & L-uehtag, 7 West 22d st. archi
tects: $5,000.
MARKET BT, 7: to a ? sty h-Vc t-nmt;
; Mrs II Murphy. 33 Cedar st. Brooklyn. owri-r;
Gion?nherjr & Le'JChta?. 7 Wes' "3d St. archi
tects; J-. id.'
IST AYE. 1145; Peopl» of the Ptate sf New
York ag' C*hari»s M Kaufman (BOtlca of I—-'
attcmey. j 7 Clarke.
2D AYE. 1P07: .Tor.a« Weil •• at ajr Aaron M
Schwartz at a! ffumJoauft of irtgi: attorney, M
rinnTin i—
LENOX A "E. ■ • cor 14.".1 st. 24-11x85; Frark
C Schaeffler at a! agt Spencer Blake Realty Co
et a) (action to foreclose mechanic's lien); at
torney, p t< Fairchild.
MADISON* AYE <? ■ 4P 11 ft 11 -' '" : at BOx
! 72 8; lttd «. «• s. 72.6 ft c of Madison aye. 57.6 x
P9.11; two actions: John AaptnwaJl at •! ast
One Hundred and Thlrty-thtri Street Realty Co
et «1 (foreclosure of two mtasl attorneys, Jani-s.
Bcnel! <t Elku*.
MADISON ATX. '■ « cor 13Sd st. 40 11x72.fi,
: Wm L Condlt apt same (foreclosure of ate); at
torney?, James. sche!l & Eikus
10TH BT. 272 East; Georse T I>«rp art B«ttv
Oluck et al (foreclosure of rats : a'torneys.
Jarr.es, Fchell & E!ku».
HESTER ST. n c cor Mo", st. 2&fix4.V.V. Viola
L. JotMi a.Kt Frank Tettl (foreclosure of n-.'g'.
I attorneys. Splro & Wasswrvogel.
MEL.RO?E AYE. ? w cor 163 dat lOOxin.s;
Harfcrd W H Powell. tmate*. «jp Joseph Wiener
et a! (foreclosure of nrtS): attorrsev, h Kropf.
HUGHES AT • s. 131.11 ft • of l«Oth St.
7R.3x165.3x75. 7x171 4 Arthur Nettnardt a«r Pao
quale Laurla at a! (action to foreclose mechanics
Baa): attorney. B Kelly
AVr\rE A. • I •"••• 7 ft M of TSUI at, 19.3 x
P4: lots «4 and IM map of Section a. Vyne es
tate. Tin Bronx. Lonpf<=llow aye. - s. TS ft • of
173,1 st. 79x10 and other property In Klp^f and
Queens counties; John E Qulnn art Jam»« .T
Oulnn et «■ 'parti'li-ri'. attorneys. I'oley. M*rt!:i
4 Nelson.
SOTH FT. n r, ISHt ft ■*■ of M eve. 2fi..«<x**>.P;
Kate Ryan apt Louis H Perlman et a; foreclos
ure of me attorney. W C Orr.
MACOMBS' RD. 136." Pasquale Of%aaa et a!
us-! Jerome Avenue Building and Improvement
Co (action to declare lien), attorneys. Johnston
A Johnston.
U7TH ST. 1 ». '-:>■> ft • of 2d aye. 23x100111:
Louis Lahens et al apt Jacob Hertzberj: et al
(foraeloaari of mtpr>; attorneys. Car*- * Carroll.
GREKNWICH ST. Mjli Steffen Dieckmann ajrt
Charles Bettels et al (foreclosure of mt|r' attor
ney*. Thompson. Row * Warren.
Mrs. Marie Weiss, twenty years old. of
No. ?.T. Pelham road. New Rochelle, •w.-as a
BMTOH and frightened prisoner yesterday
morning In the Morrisanla court, where ahe
was arralsmed for driving an automobile* at
a law brcakinp speed. She was s^ntenceti
by Magistrate o"Connor to pay a fine of $„.
Mr». Weiss was arrested Monday after
noon in Fordharn road. Sh» said she drove
every day to the city to meet her husband
and that eha did not realixe she was going
as fast as the policeman charged. She paid
the nne anl promised .•'he would b« more
careful In tut- future.
San Francisco, Oct. 11 -The ofticial clos
ing quotations for mining stocks to-day
were as follow*:
Alpha Con 03! Hale * NorrroM. .21
Andes 10 Julia 0/
neli-her •*• I.ady Wash Ccn. . .07
Boat A Balcbei »|Mexi.«n "--»
jiiilton •KtitTflrtentaJ Lon... .44
Calcd-nla 31|Ophlr M 0
Challenge C»n 11 1 Overman ■
• hollar i'!i£* »l«' .\. •• -20
Conndence ... ""'Sag Belcher. 12
: fan Cml &Va '*♦ «•"• Nevada X
Cou Imperial 02' Union Con 3»
< rown Point Mlftah ' >n •>»
CjuU 4 Currj ••■ lOiYftUon J*.»ti ... •*
More than 200 Lots in Hunt's
Point. The Eronx. Sold.
The first real esta'«> suction ever held in
thai city at nisrht took place last evening
at Terrace Garden and attracted a large j
<rowd The street in front of the bulldlsr J
•was lined with automobiles and gave th* j
unknowing the lBJ^t«BBlBB that an Impor
tant gathering of som» organization or
Other was in progress. Th* sale was con
ducted by Joseph v Day. and more than ,
two hundred lots at Hunt's Point, in the
Borouph of Th- Bronx, were disposed of.
Th - first forty-one lots sold brought $»*.- *
0,0. Philip A McLean paid the highest j
prteA of the evening, giving $46.0™ for a
plot on th«» southw«=t corner at Huntsford
and Ptnfford avenue*, vrintam Low bought ]
Ova lots on Coster street for IMB and also j
paid J2.S Fl O for ■ pint at the corner of Coster
<=ireet and Stafford avnu'. John F. Mcekln
Colored Tenements Wanted
Results Guaranteed— Bond Given
New York's Pioneer Negro Real Estate Agents.
, Brokers PAP Appraisers
67 West 134 th Street. Telephones 917-913 Harem,
TIT A ~ ■■bat yon w«hl »rsroad rw»
J h"m' — •l'-vatlor. f»-»?p!ne views, pen
tle hills, srassv slopes. »rrr*t towfrir.s trees.
a fexr minu-»s away from your city office.
That? i<''3-, you r an rio'. fn4 in any suburb
around New York .«o <-onß'imrr.ately as la
|«O*l . I IIM. ISLAXX*.
No artMt.-nr*. u»« "f th» surveyor's . .*
mars Its arflntic d»vlopm»nr with streets
of r?Kuiar lot" or p!ot«— nafu-a ! honie sites
abound near nindlnx roa'i.--. no two aMW*. yet
a!! beautiful in npr p«rfert pi>-tur»sque.
natural park affording «-rf-ry orvenien^e
and '-•■nifo-T nf th* town. Tho ph-as-^. "ITS
PERFECTLY BEAUTIFT'I." «ts |t pxactly.
You should *~e Tloslyn E»tat»s. You ran i
hay»- tli»- choice of nfYTiil exquisite houses
r>-arty for occupancT. and of rnnimatiiilns:
F-.t-'s at a wWe ranee of prtrrs. sonw very
low: all extreraelj reasonable.
If jon ur* lookinfc for a p<--f— -' horn* tn
thr most t>-autiful eub'irh n'ar New Yor*
let show you ih" booses end sltei or serid
you pictures and d*firlptlT« mstt«r.
Suite 921, 111 Broadway.
OWNER i.K\\:n«. CITY
v*||! «ar-rifl-» »'"znv r B«w F>J'a«Tartiai mMnm
«xp»rßively ana artuti'.-atlv furnished; 14 rooms.
5 ln'xi' 1 ! bathrooms: mission finish library;
pan«'t'-»l f>r?«t oak finished dining room; oper
f.rr?\& r *-*: Kas: s"T»am h*a' : WtM piazzas; T»r
l^st r!'^ lTsl: ' trls ctld hearing sT«t»rn; niarv beauTi
fol «rquisir!^n»: bmnimmm srrour.ds; j»-?!e^t. r"
sTr|i*t«-i location- f*w minut»» of .atatlon; 4* mlr
utp? out Tltla i>v th«- Title :iara:>
tpo anii Trust Company of N. T. Im^erlla** pc?
stfeyion: prtnclralf only. Prtc- $CO.onr> c u :tab>
t<:rms. Address OVTNKR. WH WcrM Building. N.T.
ready J1.(X») cash, balano- as rent: « mmu?e«
frj m Herald Square. QUBI^'PBORO COP
PORATION. Queer.iiboro Bridge Plaza North, or
.•!«<; Fifth aye.. ■-'-■• Wth >t.
Unusual Homes
7 rooms and bath. «x?ra Urg» Ilvine and
i dining- rooms.
All light b«dr<sems. outside windows.
Pup*rior t« aurtMng in Manhattan at twje»
th- cost.
Rent* M."> and f~n.
400 9th Street. Brooklyn
■When we oft*r mnd»rn dwellings to peo
ple o? moderate means, strictly first class,
up-to-date, steam heat, cheerful .pa:i
ments at the email weekly rental of
4 Room* and Private Bath. 85.95 to 85.S*.
Tenants occapyinjc apartments for one
year or --,-- will --•'■•• a rebate or SZO.Sa
Office Hoars: • A — ft F. M.: — 8 P. M.
Sanday. 10 A. M. to S I*. M.
First Aye. Estate. Office on Premies* '
415 EAST MTH ST. T« 2990 P as*. |
One mile unobstructed river f-ontac- SO mod
ern residences near completion. Address
Philips* Manor. Haw Torlt. !
"lace- td^al location. Apply to THOS. LEART.
Osolnlr.c X. Y. :
j-^ Large Mad Small
To Let Offices
Single or em Smite in the
ZS4 Nassau Street Opposite City Mall Pass
The Centre of
Transit for the
"L" Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridie
All within a S«rp
purchased fK» lets en Hantsrcra a?...
tor C 3.128. "
Maximilian Bt«wt>. fri No. 34 Bn>ad-»a.
Manhattan, was held for Special E-s^ '
yesterday by Magistrate Ttghe. la th» ag
ami «tr«Nft police court. Brooklyn T»»
case had already aa«i adjourned t*«ai*.
two tim«» rinc© De^mtwr 12. IMb. Bro^
!3 an attorney. He represented Cola:^
Edward E. Brtttrm »nd Fr^derteit £
Scferocder. ex -Qiiara t»tin« Comislsstc-j
formerly the president and th» vtce-pr^
dent, respectively, of the F.a*l* Banaji
and Loan Association. In their attest* «*
secure a stay aft— they had bw«
tei-ced to Sin*" Sin* for rohbrr:* tin fa,-.
It was "harw»*J that Brown had rfrsj.
! lated l ats# afflda-rtts. Is which It was tU
}^ed that Assistant District A:tors£
1 Elder had conrptred with counsel for gjj.
tor and Schroeder to r>nnr about tttttraa,
[ quUtai.
, ' TVE>T 3IDE.
The -SXBIIT. 250 V. . ej'T =•
Koorr.s ar.d ? Ba'hs
The Forre*. •_'»! "W sis': Pf
- Boots aT^l r^i'r.
Tbe Tarlyle Owellfß*- 4.V> \7es* C3l
10 a=«l 11 R"on anri 3 .' ha
De Witt Conrt. 252-4 "^*s<: SZi Zz.
* T?rH!>m« and Z Baths.
119 K»ver**d» I»rn
ft Rooms and 2 Ba'.rs
.•95 -« *♦>* »«th Bawl
- Jloottis an*j Bath.
r«r Information Inquire on Prejaiw*. w
T)oii*lm» Robtn«on. Ctiarle* - Bi'»«u r«
! gy^ -W. gist -t. an<l 14*: K»f. N>t Tart.
The finest T2 story flr"proof ap3rrra»trr» \%
j >-.- w York: S and 9 rooms. 0.306 to $'^300.
Supt. or. Pr»m:«»«
8 S T.;^^rVs l? i^^
! KOBERT_i.nvf:r.?. rra i-nox Aye.. ror '.3IHI.
I PARK COIKT. «1 We-* »..>fh ■•«.
; «-" la-rg". I'.Rht rwm.". wi:*« »very moilsn
» improvement: near M^rnins'irir Fi*'< md BM>»
!„.. J720 •-, $9ftO '-»ar!':. *PT>r- S« prrst,^
!or -. A. BERWI?:*A rr».. T.'.« B'g-ay. V "__
XS \sMI>'..T()N ndGirrs.
rw*. W. Cor. 1 79th St. and BVaj
Brr-adwar ?urfa>— Cars ra?s D->or.
Why Pay Bis: Rents?
B<rpr«a*Btati*a on Premises.
*• -^•-J'-l 1 ? 0 /*^ 1 *- j^yg^- A>P TJCHT. t
"Vorth Cor. l."l«t B*. and Riverside Drtrp,
5 *«. T. 8. » and i* Rooms. fT99 to BU9BJI
"'-' "' - 71' tel A ?«rs. Agts. B'rav -^ T^th g».
THLCORI^Z Qp. Pin.-k of 5-Jbw*r.
New Fir«"prr>of. Twr» ara-rr2' - "s "^ eacS
floor. 8 rooms, 2 baths. r> '~ias. 3 Da'.lis.
Tter.'s. ttlW wg- J
\!»t SIDE.
THE imam i
At the Cmtlag >ladl«on A»e. •'Ml Mtb ■ I
Th» V»rona contains tweet" rr.ssT.^'.'-r.. -
• partments. »ach arr absoluf!" d-ra-.lied "***
dence from •« n»trbbors
it offer" to f«B«le« «»♦ r-flneTDe"' all «■•
adTaalW" ■•«• et>nTen!»nr»« that rt» to mak»
a Th? £iny b *?c!is;,-- ir.r.-a-^s ta -he r^
-•_„.. - ■ - - ---•••
den-es of -:- •-— I* " V arTord ir.raiCT^ab!*
•sslitanc- to the (Jutes or n9U9*^eeu:=s Va
\Dartraent>» Containlns Fourteen Rooms mm
Thi^e Bath-. «•«<»«• t« •» V»*
51 an a g»r on Fr»rn:s;'^
The Cleveland
12*-1"» Cast 24th St.
TTnfum!sh«d apartments of 9 '— »■ «=rpl»
- ■— -, etc. "a: he*w»er. ' r - »sj 3. ■
829 PARK AVENUE -fe.
I>UT>!« ApartrrrT!»s. T Boorr* ar>d ?, BaVi" t>
9 Koott:* and 4 Baths. SC.Coa to $3. «00.
anaaer . Os Prrmi^e*.
Any rum be- if fMBBI tv?st !<?~»tioB» « I
t tctrn. from S36f> to 51. «» rt T>^r r»ar. r-
PELLKTREAU * CO.. :"»»5 P.-^ser r. . Brook
1 iT-r. T*inTi.. -J9OO Main — — —^ *
Hotel Renaissance
512 Fifth Are.. Cor. 43d St
.MADISON AVr.. ?f»TH «T.
Butt's fvrr.lshed and sofa — to -«a»
sr^-JZfi/icJrTVaM SI >««« str~t.
for Th» Tillilia r»c«!v»a at tf!«*r Cptowa
OSce. No. 1364 Broadway, aatwoaa S«--*i ir.4
27rh sts., naril P oclock p. tn. I ---•••— — *
received at th- fo!!owtns branch o!*lc«» at r»r
u!ar ■■«■ rates twtll S o'clock p. m.. Tts.. C*»
■th are. » c. e«r. ZZ* St.; 158 «th »v».. cor.
12th »t.; 104 East '4-r ML: -*" West Ci ft.
b«tw«;n Id arii S'.h av«s ; M XT ast :^3:!» st.--
sto -«: pi3T«» ic!ass f-r^i r : «ream Soar; r*nt r-*-
Absolutely Safe
Fast- Running
(Plunger Type)
Electric Light
and Janitor

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