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«OSE2SN TRADIN'G.-ForelTO /houses
ta «r^ard of 12005 shares in the local
Ftock market, about evenly divided be
tween sales and purchases.
copper is quoted at l^iSl^. cents a pound,
but practically all the business is being
rtoTse on a basis of 12 * cent*. The buying
taoWsKOX which was in evidence last week
hM l-aMai, and this is largely reapon
viHt f , the eerier tone of the " J^;
l!a--e copper cons rar:s appear to b^ fol
vwSs the policy of the railroads and are
luTinf tor torned.ate re.^uirements oiUy.
.-onwrners hold to the opinion that there
pl»nt>' ot copper to s*» round, and haste
ti cover future requirements is not neces
l:<rr. There was no response hero to the
Richer quotation? in London.
«HRINKAGE.— The continue shnnkaee in
' ;" • ■.:'■■: tonnage of the United Mates
"orporation is due almost entirely to
_M fa^in? off in orders for heavy steel,
-•»rti"ula ly piato?. sieel rails and struct
ural material. Should the railroads enter
«he market for nrrmal requirements tlicre
■oould be ati immediate chanse for the bet
ter. W far as tonnage statement i? con
rual meetisg of the Erie Kailioad via?
V.t!d yesterday. Jarc:es .1. Ooo«iwin. I* F.
Lmrrci Opden Miii» and F. I-. Stetson.
vhofc trim? as director? expired, were re
«i<*cted. There were five Fto«khcltlers pres
eßf In addition to the directors. The com
pany*a annual report s>IU be found «ise
srttoe in The Tribune.
SOUTHERN RAILWAY.— At the annual
rneettr.g cf (he hoidrrs of the South
ern Railway Company, held at the principal
oTice of tiie comj.any. m KicMmond. a..
i ester-ay. A. B. Asdrews, first vicc-presi
iient. presiding the annual report ct the
.ompany ior toe fiscal year tnded June 30.
-■in, v.as subraitteii Jind approved, and
.;^orce F. Bakir. jr.. Adri_n Iselin. jr.,
«'^.arl<'F l^arder and E^m-nd F). Kani'.olph
elected director? of the third c'ass for
t term Of three yea is.
PANY.- A special mectirig- of the Famieis'
3rcar. f.rt'l Trust Company has been called
lor OcH !^r 2<a for t! c purpocg of voting on
. |i-oposition to alter and amen.l tho com
ranys cl-.arter so as to include the purpose
i: id* power to transact business by branch
cODM in Lnndon. Paris. Berlin and BU m--.
I^ave b-'tn declared as foil"" The United
t-uitfs Kesity and Improv»ment Company,
:*?-ular quarterly 3V« per cent, payault No
vt-n;!"«r 1: the Kerr Lak«% Mininp Company,
ic?-j!ar quarterly 25 cents and an extra I^s
cents. ray»^'« November 1Z: the American
District Tt-ltprapli Company ot New Jer
sey, regular quarterly 3 p»?r cent, payable
<.ic:o;»-r _>; t;ic Ilinghamtcn Light. eating
em! P< cer Company. n» i>er cent on the
preferred and three-quaiters cf 1 per cent
on the i>miron, pa>able October 15. and
'.tie Sayr* Electric Comrany. 11| per cent en
the preferred, payable October 15.
Spctner Tras-k <fr Co are oi'erinjt
to sale or advance in crice. ■•■.••I 1 7 per
"■nt cumulative p;«-ftrred stock of the
jic:ce. Butler & Pierce Manufacturing
Compasqr at lX! and dii-idend, yielding 7
per ecnL
The iifi-re, Batler &■ Pierce Manutactur
t-g Company is on* of the oldest concerns
enC-ged in "the mnnufacturt* and distribu
tifn of stfani and hot water heatinß t!
rara tea and sanitary plnmntng .-uiipll-^.
j ::t plant is located about two miles from
♦St busiacas cemie of Syracuse. The p: o
dsett ate dlstribJted through a compre
>-:ir;ve «llinp orjranJzaticn. The present
>fi;* of ? per c^nt preferred Itork is JI.3SJ.
i>«\ of uhfeh $3S.".'W is to be used to retire
■ T'stirg issues of 6 r«""r cent first preferred
*v.<i 7 per cent second pref«red stocks.
The T>Toce(»ds from the snle of ihe main
inc 51.400.f1Q3 will be added to the working
•cpital. For the la?t :He ytars the earn
!n£.-= ba-ve bfvn equal to more than two and
a half times the annual dividend reuuire
naent on tli<» noxr ;s*ue cf JI.S?r s OOO 7 per
cent Trtferr^l stock, or at the rate of uA
Tier c*tm a year. The company has paid
tVtH dni<i«-nd« on previous iss-ues cf pre
f- rrt-d f-ommon c tock? for ten years.
HONET MARKET.— Money on call |
opened at z'i p«r com; hlgtwst, S% per cent;
Ji'^tft. ; s 4 p-r cevX; closir.ff. S per cerit: I
rv):r.g rate. C s i per cent. Time rrjonfy" wa.°
vSthout charge. Kates v.ere 4H p«?r cent
ior sixty days. fifcSH% per cent for ninety
«iays and lour month*, and 4 1 -'g»*4 f t>r fivo
&nd fix months-. Comra«?rcia! paper con
»:r»ue«l to he offorei freeiy by brokers.
Kates. R4Bs_ per rent f« r sixty ani Dlntty
«.ays' biii* receivable, f.^(s\J tj»t ct^ni for
.'uur and six mortris' choice siz:?le n.in;ea
Bad 6^2 per c^nt for other?.
FOREIGN* EXCKA.VGn.-T.V foreign j
rifhsnge market 6i«idy. with rates j
•v::luali> oncb-nged at L&SOtHuK^ lor ci-i
ii!«, 4.CX-3t«<fi iijr dt-niand sien.ng an«l
U3 f^r Bl_iy-day biHs. Short lrancs «ere
• ;uot^d ra _19) l lesp l-M and roich??
rii'ks at J6. The market weak In th^
— ttcroooc rhowir.t* a detlinp of about 14c
To «.S^v'3 4.w tor cab! s. 4.5.",T<«7 4.S:=-4 for dt
r,an<3 KUrline a"d 4,£j^,!iii.i3 fir s:^ty-day
L4llß. fihort Irancs -viere qooted at LIS-*
:-Z." ar.d short relchcrrurks at 9C !e.«j
:-€-t The decline was brcupht a!x>ut by
rerc-wnl larce cfferirßS of cotton bills. an<l
«ii?o was holped b> th<* belief that th« cot
■ ■ bilis Of laJint; controxersy would b?
formii'.lj- adjusted »cxvn.
Bankers' po?ie<J rat«?» were:
Sixty Jaj-s. Deaaad.
rterlinc i.^4 4.^7
Geraway. rel_b___rks :>4*» ar. 'i
"'■■ T ctu:n. frcr.es r».21 l t r..:t»-\
i'6..-i». francs r..ly^ r. i" l^
Hwltzerland, francs SIS)'« o.lS^
"I"UanU. g-'jl'.'Jsrs 40 4 r *'%
♦Uircount; Chicato. i<^ discoust: San Fran
<-is»-o. isi^ht pteaalam, teiepran;i 5c pre
mium: .\r«- Orleans, c< rrstTK r<la!*7iic / v«Il «iis
<x>unt, taik 51 premium: Charleston, buy-
Sap v-?r. tcllir.fr i'.tc pr*rniKm: St. Loala, lie
dtoowm t Ml. ISc asfi-O: XJinncapolls. 'J;.c
prf mi-jrr. ; Savannah, buying 3-Isc discount,
rjtiljr.)? par.
EAXK CLEARINGS. — N««w York. «»x
<jbanp*-s JC'ft.'.^a.iTi. balances $:.",02;,k:u; Bos
ton, exchs.nizc* %2%Z3t£GS* balan^eis Si.ii'j.SM.
"Tila^'lpriT. exchanges $2K6.<6 SS. balances
CPO_3ft; CUcaso. exebaagea 98J882&3, bal
ances £2514.0^.
iiILVEII MARKET.— Commercial bar sil
■ver. S4-*; Mexican rilvtr doflars. ttc; bar
rilvtr in Loniiun closcii at 25i>-iW, an ad
■i-iiiice of Hd
GOLT' rHEMIUSL- In Madrid, 7.03: Lis
bon. 4.60.
chance oa Xcw York Is quoted at -.ulrj.
Irtym ciis:on~.s j - cstcrd^iy w»*re JI.I&m/jI; in
ttrtii'l nvtau* 1 , inctu<iin? <.orpoia»ioii tax,
?1.77G.7a3, »nd mlsc»-llaT!i-ous. fii.n."i6T, a totai
«z 53.»4:'.4iij. asai~st to<al ex pendltorea on
OtAtttary acc.uni of H.'<t>,vt>i For the
ri"ntn to <iate ortiinary receipts have b*-«;n
11.'.N.^.r0l and oniinary expe»ditur»?s Jl4,-
C3^.S6CL the excels of rt-ctipts iimoumini? to
Ji.l7i.SiO. For the riftal y«:ar to date t.rdi
r.«.rj' recfints have besn 515D.644, i55. aj^ainst
t:^.aCs.&-2 in the samf period of I?.--*, and
•.•rajnary expenditures Jll-l.lTC.fc^, acrainst
♦".l)i.STi?..7oi In ISi*, th<? txcfss of fixppnrfl
:urcs thi.° y<ar amounting to t5.53?377. com
ps>r«*d rrith a'i *»3tce^s < f expenditures last
"«ar cf |SJS9W3SSI including Panama Ca
:;jil account arid public df-bt. th<s excess of
all expfijcr. arw uver receipts since July l
«7iiouni>"l to $'s.oi:ri,6V!. :i?ra!r!St an «-xc»-ss In
•Vie co*"rospon<iiris period a year aco ot
BTJB-TREASCRT. — The Sub-Trea.^:ry
■^as debtor to the Ci<virins House J2JO.2;S.
N»-w Yf>rk. October 1U 1»1<>.
BKE\'F««— receipts. 01 rars. or 5".9 h'-ad. all
tor «:att»t^t»-r. Konr cars that arrivd iat>- r^s
r-rcay ir»-rc heia Tor Wc-rtneßday's market.
"♦-tiinr <Ju'.i. but licit r<-r-ipl» eijiected for to
:norrtnr> trade. l>r- r»-c! beef «tt-3<ly. with fr^ir
(Vmar.d. l>cndoTi cattle market steady ut l" I
■l'.i^c. drfirrt-d w«i«ht; refrt«*rator b'-ef
•rrr.. r «1 il^illi»c per lb. Liverpool ratil«
snr : rkft wtronp.
<*AL,%"ES — U»-ct::>is. S~'>, includirß 1A for the
ra^rfctt: Zl9 on «ale. Ycala £t<'-»<3y. We»tf-rn
f A \\nt !n b«-tt*rr demand and flrrr.. Grat^^ra
T^.-tnir.al. l"a:r to >o.>d vals sold at Sift'/ 1
HO r,o iwr lot* H>: \V.-rteru calvec at $5 iO'i'
>* 7*. r>rt««t-d calve* *tea<lv &t 14#?l"Hc for
tliy 6r*««'-d ve-»la, 8^419e for country
«Ji«i«b<-<!. ami f^lOVjc for drcsaod »r^.E«eri and
Jed calvre
rt»!et — s. Judd * Co. : 109 TTestem mlv>F,
~~4 ILi awra.pt, $5 73 por lwO !L; VJ. n"*o lit,
%z r«.
T"tiln A- Shannon: 6 ■:!-■. :b. $10 £0- 7
14i» lb. 110.
h"rir.( «"orr. -nieoton Company: 7 Jersey v^tle,
J«.". ' v «. *^0 S".
MlEtl* A>D LASTB"i— R--C':ir«». 17 cars, or
'■■.'■•^i head. in-!udm^ <J cars tor the rria-ktL
f.tady f.r both tii*rv arid larrbe, nuh a
;i-i/n.i?t cl«-ar8nc«r of the r~ni~ Common to
j.O')d mtlfr*-.V soid at t% 'i %A 'Z~i i*r 100 Id; me
'iiurr. to c!;oice lambi at ll $ v . nrt-wypd m-i»
t«>n #tta<Jy «» 7»^-«'S>C V*r \V, Dre«s<-<1 lainhn
hir*er at 12 513«4C. with Jioff drfeaci Un.ba
.-..'r.f at 14C
Salea — Krrna Comrolrelon Company: H7
Gilo inr.-A-r. «0 lb i>v»tve, $7 SO p» r \d't H>:
*C Tr.ajniut, S2 lb. $7 50: 15 Indiana yearlings,
tC ih. tX: 51 TndlaLna «h«-ep, 117 lh. $4 "r.. 2
fOfU. M Ib. *3.
ti. Jii- 4 «i t <:o. : 2?C Wm' Vtrrtal* lam^a.
«7 Ib. «7 73; 10 esfl*. «S rb. X ZO; 1 W«rt Vlr
eir'.a yearling. s*<) 11-. *".
Nfwtoa & Co.: 2tt Vest Virginia lar.!>s, 75
Ib. •-
S EiLTiAerr- 17' Virtfltm lamba, sfl lb. $7:
40 Virginia aher-rj. 34 Ib. S3
I?OO*»— R*c»)pte. 12U «^rs. or 2.2 US bead.
inrlurtine hi If a mr tor the market. F«*»!:nu
v. tr'fie -weik. Heavy to i;»ht h<va sold at !'.''<r
S9 xn wr I«rt IK. r.,u-t-v ("ff'»,i h"-s a»'»'*v.
Hale» — Tobfn * Shannon : fit atate hot?. 171 I*
avercpf. J» S<* j*r 100 it, : 1 1 Jersey. Z7o Hj. $S;
3 roujrha. 250 7tt. f*.
J. U- Curtla 4 taotJ flate y«*erday>: S7 itat.}
hag: 147 IJ». f'« •< 115. 123 tt,. & 30; 40. 13*
- f:j J 5 roupba. S7B ». f7 st'; 2. 2C5 Tb. $0;
1 «^*# 'JOU It. 14; 1 boar. 3SQ n>. J3.
A.rfir«w Mb3l« (lav. r«itrrtay»: 8 (rtatG hcc«-
M 4 Tt) avere-ge fS 23; - rouffii. SSO Ib. $7 50; 2
bears 1«6 ». £»

Record Year Shows Increase of
More than $5,000,000.
For the year endwi June 33. tM9, th«
Southern Railway system shows the larg
est f:ro?s earnings In Its history, the total
revenues* including otttssAe operations on a
mileage of 7,(C0.17 mile*, amounting to fSS,
'•&■.&*'. an increase or $3,112,275 over the pre
ceding year. The Southern Railway, as the
successor under reorganization to the prop
erties of the Richmond an-! West Point
Terminal Railway and Warehouse Com
pany, was incorporated in February. ISM.
with a mileage of 4.391. W miles, and in the
lirst •ar of Its reorganization gross earn-
Infra from all source! were Ul.fci HI the
sain In the fiscal year under review, com
pared with the first year's operations,
amounting to J40.609.68S en an increase in
nrileape of r.SJS.a miles. In the last ten
years (.■f,i>a earning? have increased from
♦.M.660.452 in the fiscal year ended .Tune 20.
1»IL to $T*.'«s.BO7 »n ISM" while in the same
time operating income, after exi>onses and
taxes, has increased 16.381.M3. the mileage
In that, period having advanced from 6.612
to 7.'C(t miles. The Income statement for
the nvelve months ended Jane 30 last, com
pared with the year before, follows:
IS*lO increase.
MlWse y.050 •!-■'
Orosu operating rerenu».. *.">7 L".<; |\lo6.*©l
Total operating expenses... 35.6.15,740 3.098. TW
Net operating rev-fmi* »•»•;:,-.:■ - J'J.<VW,»S3«;
Outside operations — net rev. 1&960 •117,0*3
Net revenue <.TT 74- J1.921.6M
Taxes accrued 1.978.722 •-:."-'!
<T«ra:inir Income J16.C&N020 f1,858,«32
Otijcr Income 3.179.135 280.521
T>rml KToss inrome $19,877,130 a.13».45«
Intertst on funded dvbt and
e<4ui|>ment oblijratjons $11. .•'.*«■• •fSB2
Oth<T deductions from total o _ n
gross Income £.£06,451 •37.323
Total deductions $14,120,137 •fK.ra
Calanctf cf .ncorre over : _ ._,
cbar^. (i.757.018 ?.
A<ld:tuns and betterments.. u2^i'- -*>•'''-
Eaiar.oe carrted to credit '
M ijrorit and loss $5.7<M.t543 tJ,193.54«
•L'«e crease.
1 net c *as at the clos«e cf this fiscal year |
■ balance to be absorbed of $:,654.tW4 4»j in .
discount on «u>curHi«-s. resulting principally |
iiom the la:s;e sale- of development ana !
-'tneiai tnortgagr«» oond.s in the year »nde<i ,
June 30 19U9L In transferring the balance
ot income o\er charges for the year ended
June 3<% ISiC», to the credit of profit ana
lo^s the boaid of di.tctors deemed it proper |
io" n.ar^e fi.SA.Vo'J & of this discount to !
uroflt and loss, thus reducing tne amount
still to te absorbed to $4.8i3.i*4 57. The net ;
balance remaining tv the c;edit of pro.it I
and Joss as of June SO. 1910. after such j
credit and debit was $S,6S5.iCy 91. This dis
count la teing charged on partly by pro
portionate charts to income in the life or
the cecoritles and partly By extraordinary
ch-rges to profit ar*l loss. The charge to •
profit and loss This ear will result la sub
stantial :eauctlons in such charges to in
come :n subsequent years in disposing o*.
the taliince now in the account.
The income statement red.-, the tm
provemont in business in the year. Ft eight |
revenues increased il. per cent. passenger |
revenues 9.9: per cent and total operating
revenues l*V»0 per cent. The Increase In
totai or eratins expenses in the year almost ,
ken I'ace v.iih the increase in revenues, |
being aSI per cent. The operating ratio, ,
excluding taxes, was, however S. « per
ctnt. as compared with 6&.M per cent last ;
year and ?••'■; per cent in lUO7. the Im- j
jrovement in the three years being largely
the result of the improved transpo. tatlon
conditions under the wage scale heretofore
in effect. I
Late in th* year general increases were j
made In the rates of pay of employes .
whicn will have the effect of adding ap- j
;>iox:matily £2.<>OO,t«iO to the annual payroll ;
of th« company. Important changes have |
taken pla<*; in the capital account. The
property Investment has been Increase <>
$14 < -til ..ViS 29. of which 5X3:3.5?3 70 is in road |
and H4.tt7.954 59 tn equipment. The increase !
In the road account was due to additions j
made in the rear bnt the Increase in the ;
equirmr-nt account is largely a i pad just- j
mer.t made neressary better to meet the i
requirements of the new uniform system :
of accounting- prescribed by the Interstate J
Commerce Commission. There were, how- <
ever, actual oet additions to equipment
costing 5M4.772 15.
The result of all financial operations in i
respect to the funded debt has been that, )
despite the accrual this year of a full
year's imprest on the $41.33T>.000 of develop- J
rnent and general morts'«K p bonds issued
in th<» year "ended Jiine 30. net, the amount ,
I aM for Interest on funded debt and equip- •
rr.erst obligation* »■*? lc^s in the year end**! J
.!'.;n^ 3" 1510. than in the preceding year, j
The net increase ot 523.147 36 in the charges ,
accrued in the year ior interest on funded
debt, equipment obligations and rents ac
crued for lease of other toads, which items
!nclu«Io a!I the company's fixed charges. I
was due to an arbitrary increase in the : .
year of S~O.OOO in the rental paid the At- j
Untie a.- Danville Railway Company under
the provision of the lease mads in 1839. j
Tfce report, both in respect to results i
rhown from the mirations of the road and j
to its detailed and valuable info mation re- ■'
sardine the prcr«?rty. is ■ : •••• best ever is
sued by the ipany.
Revenue Greater, While Operat
ing Cost Is Reduced.
The Erie Railroad Company reports for
the year t-nded on June 30. 1310. gross op- .
erutir.Br revenue of $54,536,190, an increase '
or Ji.1i0.C23 over the i reced year. Op
erating expenses were £7,720.575, an increase
of 52A90.512. and operating income after
all expenses. Including taxes, Sl3,7£>,sr~. an
Increase of 12.22M5L The ratio of operat
ing exptnseu and taxes to operating reve
nuo wus 71.25 per cent, against 73.16 per
e>r-t in the y« ar belore. and tie ratio of
operating: expenses to operating revenue
»jS.7t> ptr cent, a decrease of H per cent.
The income account follows:
Cross oihr'a-ing revenue ?.*>4.6Cf1.153 ;
Oi"Tatir<g txpen^t-s and taxes 39,100.332
<_>;>«?ra?irij? inrnni* $15,7G5,5>7 i
! iT'-jm-s from securities owned, rentals,
«-t? - 4.334. CC«
fipfs corporat-.- income $Uf>.O»K>.S7S
Iritrest. r- Dials, tic. paid "'-"■•• ■■•
Nrt income . $5,5W,543
Appropriated for acOitions and better
n^tLiz 737.050
•Ealance to credit ot r rofit an( l ' ofs> $5,06»,45*
•Equal to 12.12 per ceat on first erred
i Of th" total operating expenses, 57.92 per
i cent was ' aid by the company direct to
IliLor. Additions "and betterments to the
1 pi-oj erty and equiument Of the company
iar-rcgatlnK fUBSXHU 7A were made in th.?
:y«j»r. of which ■■ _ ,191 43 was charged to
! capital arwunt. The total nvenue irelght
' tranio wa? C5,763.t0«) tor.?, an increase or
I :..>«.££ tens, or 15.13 per cent, and tr.e total
•riumlxrr of passersers carried was &.*4<,2a3,
ian Increase of 1.5&3a«0. or 6.73 per ctnt.
The- expense of maintenance of way and
structures was il,2H,*Jl 67. an increase of
$'S5 044 13. or 23.^7 per <:>fnt more than ths
[previous ytar. The principal items co:ti
i i t_-;-injr this increase ■re t •s. station and
! shop bolldings, snew removal, revision of
! pradps. docks, dredging and ;-lsnals and
interlocking plant*. Maintenance of equip
ment expenses «>rc C9.«S5^£L 32. a decea-e
[Of JIP2.?V6 €4. or 2 per cent less than the
[previous y*-ar. More extensive repairs were
irriado ... class* of equipment than dur
ling the previous yrsr. The cost of repnirs
1 1<. J'.'conn.otiv«»?<. however, shows n mate ial
'decrease, mcing to Improved efficiency at
th« several shi'-> plants. Forty-two !uro-
Iniotivs were reth'ed from service, and the
idiftircncc liotw-wn their <>•-])•' < .at- <i and
wtaj) valoe was chanrc-d to op»^-atine ex
:l*ent«-s: I*ent«-s The trartiv;- iwwer of locomotives
is 4^;.«'72.:'(K rM'utiJH. an increase of 1.624.097
[pounds. The totai number of locomo'ivea
;it the close <>f the fiscal year «raa 1.436. an
Increase of 17 as c-ompwrt-d vith th>' pre
'\i«ns yrar, Si new locomotives having been
; received and 4^ locomotives disposed Of. as
>Ft- ted above. From December 1, 1595. th«
• of the r«*ori<riniz)ition of ihe company.
• t" June iO. ll'lO. -■•■»:.; has been expend
rd in addltl'tis «nd tettrt mt nts to th»»
' prop'Tty, charged to c;n ifl account, and
in th<* same lime Ml.COS.fs^ ha« Ix^n cx
i ponded nn new equipment, < h-ir?ei to enpi
! tal iccount. In tlif lsht y«-K- there was
i appropriated from income t7S7,(&u for a-1
id'tior.s .- T 'd be 4 termc-nts. T'-e b«lanr« vheet
j Fhoxvs JSJC33G3 cash on hand »rd to'«l
! working vawta o«" * I *.o M,132. a^alns: work
jlng Uabffltles of tISSIMt
Liverpool. Oct. 11. — WHEAT- Knot dull;
1 future* steady: October, 7n 2'irt; Decumbir,
! -•> 3Vd- March. 7« •>'*d CORN Spot ..,-v.
I American ■j.-i in 1<»1 futures uteady: J - an
laarr „ -.■ February. 4b Rd. PEAS! —
'dlHi'i 7b FLOl'K — Winter pa'enif, ao». KOPB
jin tendon iPnr'ftc Co««t t£«*g«*^* T.KKF
U'« W«era, 111- «d. HAMf?-SS-,rt r,,t
♦>'.« B»CON — Cunib« rland cut. Tim: clear
*>rlXl«[ 7ts «d: me clear m:.'«l.-« llp*-t T^*;
i heavy. ?r\«- short clear b»cka. «<l. SHOt:L
i r>Kns_s<|uare SOa '»<!. LAI! 1 ' -Prim* \Vu»t
trn. tlrrce*. ««■: American rained. ilia. «»««.
fHEF.PE— Onadlan. f n*«t _^"r" e v. "*, w - •"•■'■
■ ■;-,. PKTROLKI-M—
PFEI) OlL— Hull refined, fc^ot. lIM «a. TAL
LOW—AuMraiian in 1.r.-.l"n. *** 3J.
L-ndon. Oct. i, m .-ah— Raw. c«ntrlf»Ml.
10- M- musrovado 9b 3d: b~t. October, ft, fl.l.
; I.I XSHEH- Calcutta. April-J^n* «-a^Jd LIK
PETroIf.t-jj—»rreHv»n lf«*»*i *i ?«1 :
I «tvn««. 7.!. TCHPENTINE— ) ' r!t: ' "' !( 3d.
1 no>TN— American eTr«in«d. Ul Id; tint. I<U
> Antwerp. Oct. A.— PETROLEUM— franca
j r.O ceattmca.
■ 118
J —
Sri" York. October 11, U)lo.
I an , L.l. *o T' )>j i Pears (CSJ). Crt«.. 2,300
Flour bhif it*** Peaches (CsU). Crts 6f)
Flour •___. ;: sf> l 'P nin . C 9 ••«« i
Corarao " ba«" 0 7« '7 Raisins (Ca,). pk« s 4.!ti:»
Oatmeal * hhvf « :tl " Apples, bb.s 31.770
VVh™, V.. v rS'iiO .Pvtatoos. bbls.... ifi.s : s
Cora at - b _J™ : : : : 2l!«S « >""—• v* ■ --
Oats butli ■ 1 4S» ::.-(' iVmberrlea. pk« 8 1 8
R.v?' bush li.'.^i Dried fruit, pkgs. 6.W3
Peas if:,.""' i.coo Rosin, bbls 930
Mil- hn,h - ;^k, Rosin oil. bb15.. ... ,5, 5
Rice ckS HESBSI Spirit* turp, tb:».
Ha-/ SSsT • ;,.> Tar. **!» » ;
Straw tons :u); Oilcake, l ' k " —• *»*°
Mlllfeed .' "',;;; : .' «JI «>. '"V • Sbl";S bl "; • ' - 2<; »
"ops bales 1:! L O!<^ stock - «*«•• 210
K. ,'. f tiercel ".'.'.' "■ Tobacco, hhds... 43 |
Beet caunt-T' cs JJBSI Tobacco. pkgs.... 40 ,
Bacon Vkgs UM.Wo-I. ba S ! *
rmmeau pk^-.: - M■ W 001 Kicks ■"
Lard, tierces^.. fiftVZacitan bales.... in
I^rd ken . 9.70". C0tt0n, bal^s 5,3h?
Tallow, pk^:::. • -"' '' ''"' ii "'■ baei.. l»T0
a-,.' pkss . 175 Cot s d meal. Lags 100
Gutter pkKs" .. 13.1-»<'; ffl JP° r - Pieces... 4.!>15
Cheese! Dkits • v'-14v '- 14 l " op matte - basra. V.^l"
EKS». cases.'.... 14..V.C I>-ad. pip »2.-, V )
■ Dr«d p-itr.-. pk=a 5.083 Hldea, No 83tt
Live p'ltry crts. DB7| Hides.' bale* cs
"r.-u-L «Ca!) cs r.»30 Eklns. ba'ea M
<;rap (Ca!) crU BS.aWjW" , (Cal). bbis. -7"
Plums (Si); crts 10.707 ! Brandy (Cal). bbls •
Corn Bash. . „'.-••—■■<><■. n,. .5,»»>.K»0
Peas Vat* ■.'.-. -"" Pork. bb!s 15
i:."an< bush . 113 Bacon, IT) ...... 31.500
Flour !,t'- •• "1!" 1! Hams. Tl> 12.««H)
Flour sacks .. 9.433. 1-ard. n ' lir>.3(iO
r,,rr! : ... . bbl*. «-'>3 Crease. It) 74.5><X)
Grass se»-d. bags 80 tter. rt» COO
Hay. bales . l.f>o4i Cofs'd oil. ■»*• 3.470
Alcohol pi!*.. B.4oo|Lub Oil, gals.... I»2,!H0
B7hlsker, jrals.. - :: "
Iron. NS 1 fdry^lSOO "Cottcn. middling 14.
f=tee| rails ... :><<> I Coffee. No 7 Rio 1<)"»
Stand cop, spot. I-."-" ! Suaar.grsnulsted 4.»."i
Tin 37.40 i Molassea.OK pme 40
Kxcbana I^ad. 4.45 H< " f family *1»."i»i
Spelter 5.55 i Beef hams Zi 00
Wheat. Mo 2 red lOOHITallow. prime... 77«7 7 «
•Corn. No 2... ■"■ 'i I Fork, mess . .... 2125
toats . '"•' Hogs, ■•■!. 160 tb 13*
Flour, Mpls pnts T> <-"• ■ Lard. atdie West 12.25
•F o s afloat. -(-Standard wlilte.
■Xpw York, October 11, 1010.
RAIN — WHEAT— AII the praln markets
were lower, under vi»ry heavy liquidation, due
largely to the government report issued after
: the close on Monday. Wheat showed a net
! lots of I^t#l4_c, with sentiment very bearish.
I Liverpool oaMes were lower than expected,
(being Influenced by the American and Argen-
I tine news and a poor demand for cargoes,
as well as expectation of continued heavy
; shipments. Th« European visible showed an
I increase of » M 72.000 bushels, brireirig the total
lop to 101. MO. 000 compared with 71.700.000
j last year. Values gradually grsrS way until
in the early afternoon stoi Inys orders were
uncovered, and from that time the sflltng
was heavy and values declined rapidly. Brad
streefs visible supply showed a uisss in
stocks fta.n of the Rock « of 544.000 bushels,
but Acre wa" a i. <::•:< Increase in the Cana
dian visible and the amount afloat, and the
world's stocks showed a total gain for the
week of 13.173,000 bushels, compared, with
lan lncrt-ase last year of 6,823,000. No 2 red
wheat hers closed $1 01 elevator and $1 <>o<;
f i. b afloat; No i Northern Duluth, Si i'» T i
fob afloat. CORN — Closed at a net decline
[of "«,®lc, and was generally weak. It was
estimated that tho amount of old corn held
! hack In the country amounts to from 150.000.-
IX'HI to ifiO.OOO.OOO bushels, compared with
about 7!>.rtoo.o<)o last year. Cash corn lower
land sentiment bearish. Export sales, 2 leads
I \'o 2 corn h- re, 58He elevator. domestic basis,
I to arriv. c I f. and" r.SVic fob afloat. OATS
ii — Moderately art've sad weaker, closing at ■
decline of *kS>T«c. Cash oats easy, with
standard white quoted "0c: No 2. ."W^c: No
I 3 - -c. and No 4, :\T-r. RYE — Eisy: No 2.
Western. Bsc f <> •> New York. BARLEY—
I Firm: m.iltine. 70©82 c. c 1 f. Buffalo. BUCK--
WHEAT — Quiet; American, 70c. c 1 f New
! York: Can*<M*n. We, c I f New York, for
j export. BCCKWHKAT FLOUR — Qui^t at
i (2 30952 40 T" r 100 |b.
TVhpat: ■ pei Hi?h. Low. Close day.
December . 104% 104 V I 08^ 1 «3 l 3 10? »i
May . 1«B% 108* 108 I CB 1 08*»
Com :
December.. — — ="•. '■» ,'T'-.
May — — •'•" t»\k
October .... — — - HS R»
December. . — — — :> = 39' i
May — — — M 40%
Wheat. Com Oats.
To-aay wo,ooo 411.0i»<i €02.000
Last 'week 1.135. 00 8»7,< CaROOO
•List rear . ■
Flour. Wheat. Corn.
To-day . 17,008 -J»'i<«) 134.001)
1 Last i eek 13 000 103.000'
! 'Last ear I
H.OI AND MEAL — Flour inactive, with
buyers ho deg of for lower prlct-!«. Spring
! patents, S3 SO® $6 50: winter Ftraijjhts. »■»:!"•»;
*4.'.". winter patents. $4a0054 !J0 : spring
clean $4 [email protected]$4 CO: extra No l winter. $.'! 70 I
1 »e$;j»O; extra No 2 winter $3 «0«$8 65: Kan
aaa stralghta, MKo®f4Ba RYE FLOUR—
Barely ?tratJy; fair to good. $4©s4 25: choice!
Ito fanr;.-, [email protected] 40. CORNMEAL — Kiln j
drlf-d. $;', 20. BAG At. — Fine white and
yo;;oxv, SI r,.*.15l 40; cnarse, $1 '■• SII ■"■ ■
FEED — Western spring, $25: stand mid- i
i dling. 823 «0; flour do. >-" •'•■• red dug. $2S 35;
city hran $_1 bulk, #:•_ 50 sacks; middling,
.«'J.i r?3Ti «:{<v red doe. $Sfl hominy chop. $24
I bulk s .-. 2."> sac* ol'.meal. 537 •_'"4r5.17 50.
COTTON — Prices earlj bad sharp break.
but tri^df- Interests were biir buyers en 1>«
I decline. There was active supP'Tt from one of i
i last tea.-on's bull leaders, and late In the day
! a more ppnerrJ buying movement developed
as a resell of which October made a new
'lil»th record for the sensim. and the market j
j closed firm r.t an advance of from C to 11 1
! point? for the day gouihern upot markets |
j were mchaneeii to He higher To- |
! day being a holiday, the cotton market will
i be cios'd. but Liverpool w'.'l open for business
las usual. Local contract prices:
j Tester-
I Open. High. Low Close. day.
I October. .14.80 14.«O 14.31 14.59^14.60 14.4
I November. iir::; 14.33 14.33 [email protected] 14.44
Perembcr..l4..*.7 14.»w u.4fl ■>■■•:»';-» 'i 53 J
i January -.14.54 14.t» 14.43 14.fJWrl4 66 14.5fl
, February .. ■ — — — 71 _14 73 14.it.! '
March .". 14.72 14>7 14. Cl 14.82014.83 14.7.1 I
April 14.70 14.70 14 70 14 Bfl«14 — 14 77 [
May 14. 52 11.93 11.7'» 14.91Q14.82 14>4
! Tune . M.fttS'H.&'i 14.50
July ."..'.'."."34.77 14.94 14.72 14.69014.00 14 .-:'. j
I Spot quiet, wl'Ji prices 10 points higher I
lat 14.75 c for middling upland an.] 15e for mid- |
! cliri? (Julf. Sales. i.W» balo.-*. LJverpool catiU-H;
| Sool In pood ilemani'- salea. 1-"><"«i bales: specu
i lation an.l export. '••"' American. 12.000; )rn-
I ports, 43.W!0: Amorlcan. 42.000; middling upland.
1 S-.l Fut!i.-x:S opfned steady at 1 ■;- points aii- |
I vance. Closed quiet and stead; unchan.-?^! to
1 point lower. October. 7 74d; October-ICovem
! b<^r. 7.W"<l: November-December. riecetn'crfrr-Jan- ;
1 vary and January-February. 7.6-d; February-
Marrh 7 i>T.il ; March-April and April-May, 7.«4d;
May-June. 7.6 M; June-July, 7.<i.'i'2d; July-AU- |
" ■'•■- ■:-
I ':|| XK — Kasif-r at the opening an.l o«11
points lower, Icllowed by a further decline of -<§
5 po!r.ts under selling for local and fon'i«tn ar
c-Mint AP>und midday values rallied BharplJ
' and advance.] raplcly. makir.- : tins of from 10 i
to I'O polnta from the carl/ do line, and the c!o^; |
showed a net advance of from 5 to 1" point* j
wi:h sales cf '^.2'^ bacs. Havre closed K&l's ;
mnca nft lo.vcr. Hamburg «Jpclin«-d '-sfil |
iiienr.lr. i:io was 75 reir lowtr and .Santos 50 1
r^is decline. Cost ar.,l Ireis^t (,X<.th from rasU .
«rer« firm but insular. . c pot unchanged at
l(T.n;i c for Rio No 7. Local m traci i>rice>«:
Op<:n. High. Low. Close day.
OcUber - - - *>I»«S.SS It 1
Vov. irber . — — — H.fiMt*.** biS
DeWber S.CT. 8.85 8.65 iLHO«.M its
laAu-Trv — — — fLSIKWiefI ?<.7S
S; ; "' - - " H.B6©»:*7 S-W
M-r ", 5.72 S.N) 5.72 HMTS-S.^ "KM!
""Vi, _ _ — S.SPfJS.M» H.H2
C.- v "." 8.73 8.90 ».73 K.'J(|£n.»l B.M
?_S - ■— — [email protected]»l -84
■;-:-.;.; - )£,
>•■.•■--.>•■■• 8.55
WmU-r... 5.77 S.DS *~2 b.MZ».Ki KM j
PnoVISIOXS^-Flrmer early, but late in tne t
'.lav tidier in"K>mpr.Uiy nun ■rain, It-ough
October lard snowed a snarp uptuin just si ins .
~i , ' pork St.-ady bmh. »21«j4-l Th); fain- I
Uy. $_-.; short c.^r. *-^W-< &'. BKEK— Mess, i
flirnsr.'w family. $l»«*l»«0: packet, U>M»v& \
• HKKF HA «i.S
_-Oui.-' !220f24. DKEi.'IJO BOGS— Steady; j
bactrs" 13? -, n> i3c; 100 n>. 13% c: i«a Ib, j
nwipl:i'i". CT'T MKAT.--IM.kl-a bellies; ;
1 ■cnokln- 18c 10 tb. 17c: 1- n». 154 c; 14 Tb, I.V. ,
PfcfcieS hSnV.*l44e. TAI.U'W- Qui-t; city.
i 7^c -2,,,,mr"V lisC&ii: l-AKD--Ku S y: Middle I
i West I2.70012.80c: city quiet. U-sc. l£oiin.»d ,
!,„- south America, 14c: Continent, 13.10 c;
! Hr-iVil Xoks IV. . rmpound Steady. M>UOlo%c. ;
I _T_t"hlN?V-oVo. 12>ic; city lard. UWW-
I >»-l- V I O'1 ; FK1«— H .in.ard pulet: STMt,
October. JCorember tnd lumber. 12.25012.35e. ■
i I^tirtcn nnr.; »i<ot. £M 12« 6d;; futures. £57 ''■'
i , f-i p< ,, •■ i . '
i 12 T.V .-H.-'nr. I - H;^ 1 "
tied; spot, 37.08©57.75 c: (Ktol-nr. *J-«S«*J-2Be: :
i »-, ■ . „,>■■ ■ ' ■'■
January h-J .vi« ::.-,-. l^n*!- n steady: sr»t. tvti .
isTrfuturesi £1K» 15s. MMJV-Quleju i 40«4 -08 ;
Sol 5.5008.«)e '
NV-v Tortt: 5 3P«5 -40c K''Bt - st - I>'U ! -"- l*>n.lfin.
H<t. £2T( 15s. ' IRON— Cleve'xnd wamnK 4'..i !»<1
roonSr^Northeni m*,*"^!^ ■«L ! 5? 1 fo 'i -
.lrv Boutbern «-f t . «3 7'-*»l« 2->: N* 9 fo-n^ry
Sorthern, $13 r,(^Jl«. rip irr n c^rtlflcotes sn ■ ,
1 .Ban—a.
rOTTOV«FKI» <>'!.— M-- U|i t .suiot on. L r,-»r
row cteln/at ' Polnl -H-nce to 1 point de
cline. Local controct pri'-s- rsstsr
Open. III.*. ,£££■„ fy n
o^i,ev::::::::: s .4o M m *«»8 t?S
NoTWnber T.fO . ■•- rlwwwSi t ft
I>»--enibf;r ' 4! » J« ' --„ -...,- -J i, :
January . 7.5.7 7-S3 KM J™*}-" J-M
'Vhnj.'.iy _ r.«l t.« 7,io W7rt :, . ;J^ :
j^^ 11 .■:::7.t5 77 -, 774 7:7207.73 7.71
MOLASSES ANI» 6YBCPS--Mo>_Sße« sttudy j
bu^unchan^^^ru^du... turpenUn<> easier.:
''o'S^'iNn^ '.:■'; -MnV^nu-ed H'nned petro-
Impor- |
ts '«... \''« :> *'p ,« n /,' „ii.' with the list prja, !
same terms Raw closed " 'Tft -est sto.rt t
test <entnfacsi. Muscovado •«>*"- l ? t l0 2dlP2 d IP " t
8.40 c. and molasses sugar. 80 test, at 3.15 c. .
'w'»/\u>/\ifiriA[^!li\lif : i is on y CNE d the nunxcrous
I OoUvJUAiMIIMvJ Swiss Winter r sports n easy to
* acouir- sad all to be enjoyed in their tna_-niticent native cnv^on
mAt of unparalleled grandeur, to the accompaniment of glorious sunshine
«in.l air like champagne in Its exhilarating qualities— with Hotel comfort every
there of hlgh'st order. Skiin K . curling bob-s^l B hin K . festivttlea on ice and
Inow^ buoyant health and never a care In the wide world: that is
snow. duo. an I.VTKH SPOUT in SWITZERLAND.
. handsome batch of special literature, with suptrb Illustrations, that we J}*'s
' P oc*"nv prepared l to firs you full Information sboul the dsli.htsjl "J^frtgJ*
£ winter and which tnc!u.l-s th» _33-BS«s book. -Hotel, of Switzerland.
'- KR'SVS'iS.vt &Kn's°. I J,."?.iV-fV.n 1 S NEW yobk. >-. v. i
. — •
L _ jmi mH tOk ■ /dE&» U .SWITZERLAND: Steamboat Services: Mountain \
IIP fl Hill Rsllway*: Funiculars: Golf and Tennis: 45 Hotel, con- j
1 1 if 11 11 1 1 «HSK|g«
U II fl ■ • W from the Offlclel Agency. Swiss Federal Hallroau. --*1
%P T«_s. | IBIM Fifth Ay*., New York, or Town & Country Bureau. 389
Fifth Aye. (cor 36th St.). New York.
Msfl HI ss f E: |P 111 1 V GRAND HOTEL tDLN
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r „ Br:J)^^gH>^^-^--—B r:J)^^gH>^^-^--— ir; ;■. -. >r» «.
' __ssir-i-s- The Most Interesting and Most ricturesqne Railway*
ZERS^ATT tattaA^ i
-*" ■ l— fi . "V.,,wr HOTEI.S:-Th* "TICTOIUA." "MONT CERVI>."
Season: May to October. , <MO>T KOfii: ,.. "RiFFELALP." "DU LAC NOIR - j
5307 Feet. TIOSAL" -BEIXEVtE."
ZEBIKinT-^3JIEBBRAT Booklet.:— 3B9 Bth Avenur. New York. ;
Collected by their own Agents
Comprise* tome o- the Fineit
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Speciaiens ever exhibited.
The London market for beet sugar was %d
lower but firmer at the close. October and
November. !<s *1: May. its 9»*d. ar ,rt
HIUKS-Firm. owin* to a steady demanri.
,■": ' limited offering Receipts light, with
the balk coming to tanners. nrlt .p=
UEVTIIKK— Steady to firm s* fuil Prices
and the trend seemed to be upward. Offerings
"'niirTiS-EBsentlal oil* firm but quiet and
unchanged: Roots steady, with a moderate
jobbing demand
Week enrtln* Tuesday, Oct. 11. 1&10.
BEAN* AND PKA^*— Receipts for the week.
1_,013 bass beans. 1.300 peas; export-. 3-*
beans 4-T- -as- imports, 34.232 beans. IM
pass ' Supplies of new domestic white beans
L . come forward rather slowly, but gads
'•• jeln*r supplied with foreign stock. State
ma^hav/ settled to $3 for choice quality
and the beat lots of medium and pea are no*
off«rlng at $- 50. A elnele eteamer from the
rranean. In last Friday, brought 31.2^4
oaVs 1 bean-, mostly of the pea varieties . Moro
thai, half of the stock has passed out ot a. ft
v. nl i, at «2 "Oil %'i SO for pea and *->•>"?»--'
Mner_Uy for medium. Small lota of new red
kidney have been placed in special channels
on private terms! Increased B"PPl ii;s . »"
looked for soon and the market will probably
become sufficiently establish, d to quote, shiij
p. rs should anticipate a rapid declintf. Jellovv
eve quiet. Turtle soup have a ijtht Jobbing trade.
California Una nave sold fairly well, but c.uaed
about 5c lower. I'eus. Scotch, steady. -LEANS,
marrow. 1809, choice, bushel. $J: medium. iniO.
82 50- »ea J-' ."><>: imported. lylO, pea. ?--l'#
j--;.*"- medium. 5^ loW 'X: yellow eye. «3»
$3 10 buck £rt£ io-V a_©asio; lima, csji
firnia i:» 10. (3 3<J®s3 ,-.. PJfiAS, Scotch, bag?,
bU Bi;TTK"K— Receipts Mr ">s we**. ."JiJS
nkes last week 45.003; exports to ■- s
,C.:.,-,4. 11l No -han," i:. high rr^jfr^h
creamery, except in tone Ths change to
-. „ i.'r weather has had a beneficial effect and
business is now a little m.-re brisk with a
■teadier feeling at the close. M.dtr «ra-ei
• till rres-ular. Creamery specials firm at
30>ic; where th«:> so into resrular channels
under special agreement they sometimes "ring
a llftln more. 1., man,! absorbing -toe* quite
c;»cr?y Extras had a few sales down to ."'a
B'i»\.c but 2»c li" now the mnn B«nerHl rat.3
for the «ra<l-i Firsts raa«ed from 2'#2Sc
and seconds from 2r,ir26c; there is still quite
tin accumulation of these and holders are
anxlnu* to sill. Star.- dairy mostly defective
and not often Inquired for. I.ess process corn
intr this way and tlie surplus stock Is being
reduced, which gives the market a steadier
lone Factory awl paokinir stock not very
plentiful, but inquiry light and feeling ratoer
easy. Creamery, specials, lb, 80% c; 1"*"
•'Uc; firsts, _7&_«c; seconds. _»#_•«: thirds.
•M(,/"4>.i<- etate lalry tubs, finest. "JSc; good
to prim-. '_o^^r_7r common to fair, '_'.»{«
24 He; process, s;»-ciala. -Tc; extra*. *.OVic;
firsts 24&23 c; seconds, 23c: Imitation cream
*rv rirsis 24&23 c; factory. June make, firsts,
•■■:■., ■4.- current make, firsts. i'Sc; seconds,
•••i-c thirds. 210£2 c; packlns stock. June
mnt'tfl.' No I. '1%%-'-\ '■•>■: current make. No "-'.
22(»22%e; No 3. 2*> ■ _l'-^c
CHKKBB — Receipts for tho week. -1.2.1
hexes- sports to tropical countries, 223, Fair
ly active demand for fancy Colored cheese, the
attractive quality of the offerings having in
ducod many buyers to purchase for future
wants, and som*. having sufficient stock for
present requirements, showed more Inclina
tion toward the close to hold off; trading
continue* fair, hut has not been snappy so far
this week. Holders firm in their views and
disposed to store favorite marks unless they
can secure full value. White cheese have not
been so attractive as colored, and not quite
so firm, though wo do not hear of any dis
position to shade price on fancy grades The
favorable weather has brought most of the
cbeeae In tin« condition, and th« range of
values has become quite narrow. Some
slightly defective lots are in good demand at
a Bii«ht concession, though more defective
lots h.ive had to be cut considerably. Young
American In moderate supply, and held firmly
at 17,- in Instances 11 shade higher, and
Daisies firm at 164»1«%C with some holder*
not disposed to urgo SSI4 I at those figures.
Tha Ighesi grades of skims continue firm.
and some especially attractive lots are held
above the big-best quotation, but cheaper
ctadi-s draff, and prices show a weaker and
w-ldcr range. State, whole milk-, specials,
I". 'iff 17c'- ay.rag" fancy, larjc" or small, col
ored «>r white. 13.c: choice. 14\©15c; good
ta »r!mf 1-1*314 >^o; common to tar. 114J
IS_C* skims ecials, 12 % c: average f.^ncy.
liuei2o; aver..!."- tine, iou,^llc; fair to
good, Sii ■■■<■■ common. o<&7c; full skims. '2
EGOS— Receipts for the week. 6«.071 cases.
Arrivals have decreased somewhat, and the
proportion of new •■«)--!* has grown smaller.
The better grades of Western have mad-> some
advance and do* arm, but seriously defective
■ i.-.-k has ruled dull «nd many lots remain
unsold In competition with storuge eggs. Re
frigerators tire meeting a fair demand, chiefly
in qualities obtainable from Me downward:
stock held hUher moves slowly Fancy nuaH.y
hennery scarce and higher, but offerings from
all nearby points are of very Irregular quality
and value State. Pennsylvania and nearby
hennery whites, fancy. »<>tf42c; ordinary la
rooJ Bt&:i>*c; gathered, 31-''ff3 1 -' 'ff ;iSo ; held. jr.lt
«!»•■; '!n nnery browns', fancy. :l'-"<i ''> l . BHth
eifd "It'illi- rommon to good, •Jsi3 l 2Sc: West
ern gathered whites. Z7033c; fre3h gath.-r^d
selected extras 30©31e; extra firsts. 2J«4tf
■■•. 4, ■ firsts 2«©-7c; seconds. 24®25e; thirds.
•:-J«23c: dirties. So 1, candled. »\flHlei
No 2 j sil •_. poorer. l_#lTc; checks, •-«•?!.
18U019%c; poor to fair. 1- -;!"•■. refrigera
tor" ipeoial marks, fancy. 2.? *>'-'*■■ firsts. -J4
(ft'jSc; seconds. 220-3KO! thirds and poorer,
FKI IT« — DfllED — Receipts for tho week.
1 831 ,as-H evaporated apples an.l -ttt._A3 pkg
nther dried fruits: exports. 14.7U7 plojn dried
fruits Pi lees on spot goods are little more tn&u
nominal Holdcra of cliotee and fincv evapo
rated n'pt>:«'9 aek their own rt»rur«H. v- these
rrsdes are very scarce, in prims B%e Is extreme
hi tho close. In futures we hear of 2 cars of
November prim.' sold at Be by m>-«tat.. parties,
thai Quotation hoKJlns at the close Decembers
nomtnsTat T%. .-her,,, <_ 75. Little Inquiry
f.r waste Moon>ark apricots linn on the spot;
Ravhli steady- p. a> ;• « «»a»y. Smaller of
Drunes »_, DOS to BOs. hold firm, sa th« new
rr on ... to Hie larger bi"-'.s. AI 1 [,!•_•. . ; \Jt-..
rafi ran.-v t«». Tt. 10c efcolc.
nrlm« i.jt.binß '«'•■''• *©H%' . common to (air
y'T^r (iopH. 1J>1". 100 II). »2 7B: nun drle.l.
Suirteri? r',,,-.. 1 ;-. slices. 4- <l( r. HASf*BKRRtE!*:
rah i '-.rnia M.i«rparks. V.tH\ H«til7- Royals
ll'i^M,'- PEACHES. 190 l». pcrlej. 1-©lCc; un-
X"l r lT«*— FTUSSH — Receipt* for th- w»ek.
,i.l ;-o« bi.is app'««. -* t>hl " " lfl *■ "•*!•"
crßnherrleV AW* nmrket rounding Into better
»ha»« with cooler weather; fins hard stock selling
Finest and largest stock in Ireland or 1.0n1..a.
Direct from our own workers, thereoy
saving our patrons «ntermealal*
profit*. ir."»- solicited-
rrism IFPO'niES
147 EegentSt.,lond3n
, «.cs>aaaa: Sha~irock. London.
E»tabllßhed 150 years. Telephone: 2478 Oa— _m
SUSOS \o>tlllLS— LXLLLbiVt _tS!G\S.
1,:.», t g .«g .-n.rt Waists, man Hand tno;»J-
Insn -iaces ered Dre -,,.a. 31ouee«. Jacket*. A?
WW nyn v T ____ B«l«preada and Shams. Hand _«i-
Sll baces broidsrfd and Trimmed I_w-». at*
T-* 1. T - Tnb!e Linen. Finest QunlttT Hand-
IrlSn LaceS kerchiefa Lar-e Variety ->•««-
T-.^», T ,™. «fan Ho-iery. IrUh Poplin*, colour*
Irish Laces BrM >„„,.*.
lrlih Bos Oak an<! Conn»-m-* Marble Nov«!"»«
IHt IhISH Wih-HflUfc "^-5-fVg-
Cannes; Paris:
•:,. Kue d'Antibes' <. ue Castiglioae. 4
well; acatter.nK sales atove quotation*, but aiifh
of the supply stl.l ordinary, and such anowa i Utt^e
improvement. Market easier on Bart.eit pea".
thJugh oiroilnKs m.Kleraie; w-ckel and »*«r »«
varl-liea selling w«il -hen nne. with th- ten"
ency of the market upward on strictly i-._. -
fruit. Qn-aecs have Improved « oin<e * n *^,_f.°':
ceipts of peaches gradually falit"« off. »-«?^*
arrivaU of p.umu. but market Uwjrely "^{.f,,
Keceipts of grup«s Increasing rapidly. especiaiy
4rom Western New York: tine up-r.ver carrier
■tock Selling well, but general rim of ->****<*
from th« western part of the "tats show s_sm
w*.iknfrea at the clo.»e. Fine grapes In MSI
weaker. -A-ith the exception of p*j»^™JJ™
CUntun; dt-m-nd for general l off(?rln^^ t '? tl t^
sack Cranberries show no lmprovt-ment. "aa.
Hghrand^otation., nom.nal. Muskm* |toM have
rase,', off an.l season Manlf ■ • clo»«. 1
selling fairiy w«U; 4«« and Ms , ttvorl . t JpfM
Umite.l fre-h arrivals of pineapplps. AfPUEa.
A Zander double-head bbl. fZ iiKg?4 50; B.ush
Twenty Ounce, fail p.ppin and HoUajrf pl^
miuw $" :>i«4:».) .I- natnan. $35i .V>: York Im-
J ,?£.-.• *. Jin-irv kinds. *1 So©« 3: open head
$I_s«s2 25; CRAB AHPLSH. ««"IL. JjfJ
i.VlaiV" |395»: Far Western boxes. UW»:
I'KAH.t. Bartlett, bbi. »*fc*j; ke^lljo^f-
bushel. $1 25«j $\ 75: swkel, bbL W»W. k«.
Sl''^.i-W"_3 : MeurV^ Bcsc. Bonnie SihW.
feu 13954 Sh.;,.n. Loau- BaBM an-1 •'!« rg- » ;
fjj.-.i hamper. io«Tsc; (JUIXCE&. bbl • *-* $ , 4 .i
PHA<'H'« Weftarn New Ycrk. "high hats
I:. $ ...," ";vfiji 75: - basket crate. s»>fi»»c: bas
ketMSfl^« Virginia. mW^Qßjrg
up-river Delaware, 2<>-n> carrier. [email protected]»l -5.
Mag »: 60c©ll 25; black, «ir><g •«?.,._ We*t-rn NN
York Xlasara. 20-rb basket. 43#05c: S-H\ j^c.
other blics. »*••»»: whll(J - •»••»• I^p^^ar...
•ffifiSTS • RASPBERBX-SB. ro.i. p.nt
bW fl'^sS'r: OKAPKKRUIT. Flcjto -box. J2 »
«ii 10 • PINEAPPLES, crate. 81CS3 25 _,_,_
S G-VMK— [■-r«»fh dompMlc same very sn-nr-e.
♦ hnn^h a few lots of frozen carried over from
last yea? imported forM n irime fairly plenty.
Weather has been too mild and -neral move-
Wir.P DrCKS. ranvasbark. p«l-. J_ _5«*H r.-.l
?^l. TSrfi* I : »re.n W in K teal. M»00c; J^a*
blil. SOfeTr..-: VENISON, whole deer. ID. 1-t-Bi.
a;-.: ". <. 30038 c.
HOI'S — Rsw«»S<s for the wee*. 2.030 bales:
exports 1.642 bale* Thare ha» been fcuyins in
Oregon nt 10©13* C. wlrn buyer* takln about
everything offered. Other coast markets, how
ever, have ruled quiet. In New York State
lower grades weak and offered at li^lSc. but
choice Srni si 20©21 c. with steady buying. 'I"
the local market brewers have shown a little
moro interest, but market traMactlons llraKed.
State. 1910. prim* to chotc«. It.. -1033 c; 19 9.
medium to good. IMSOe; Psctßc Coast 191 0.
prime to choice. l««17c: medium to good. 143
1.',. 18U9 prime to choice. 13fil4r; indium to
4.-00.1. H(g\2c; older growths, 4.H?; Germans,
lUIO. 3HQV2t\
II 4 Y AMI STIMW — Steady. Some Increase
In invoices, but stork*" In transit still reducing
Clover »nd clover mixed hay well cleaned up. but
outlet for S-der«radM limited HAY— Timothy,
,ri,U. large bale*. 100 ». $112»-; No 3 .t0 1.
mv';sl 10; shipping ""■ • packing !t:! t: ;'''!'.•
clover, mixed. 606»3c; purr. GO*7.V; STRAW.
! loii« rye. W)©«SOc; oat and wheat. <0948r.
; i»oriTT'Y — »TIVE — Peceiots fof th* we*k.
180 carload- by freight and about 13 cars by •»
prefs. 5..1-...1 4o cars n_OD have arrivo.l cy
1 freight sin<-e early Monday mcrnlng and still en
the tracks. Rec«fpt- have run laricely ■■hl<'ki'n^.
and such are in considerable accumulation.
; Fowls i". moderate proportion In thn receipts.
. and pr!me heavy lota are short of the require
ments. As th« Yom Klppur liolliluy will bt«ln
at sundown Wednesday, the buying will neces
sarily have to be all done by Wednesday mcrn
in« Fowls have been sd-snc«4 to I7i\ but
chicken- reduced to 18c Express receipts lib
eral an th« general <!• mand moderate: alm.^at
imDaasibla to exceed carlot prices on nearby.
KCX>STHKS. 1-.-. TfHKIiYs I_Jl."»'. OVCKS.
nearby IT. Wcstom. 15c, tJKKSK. 13c;
GLINKA FOWLS, pair. v. PIGEONS, pair. £oc.
DRESSED — IU-celpta for the week. 12.05« pkgs.
' The fr« i ri <>r3 l in. v. merit last week was somewhat
dt-DDOlnUng. !h.> occurrence -t the Hebrew New
• >„ .. holidays, with an jttscncß of that class °
' dealers on Tu«>luy an.l Wednesday, having in
terfert-d with the demand. Hear) fuwls would
' romnuimi •'« premium, but l"ta are running ■mall,
aad medium sized <rnd-a «low and lrre«ular.
Hiirlnc turkeys fairly plenty, but while 25c has
>„-. obtainable tor choice, well «rown and
rlump. very few lots have be*n goo<l enough to
e*-'.\ abovf _0c anil poor (trades have 10 I 1 chvap
' erl Piesh killed old turkey* scarce anj firm.
j Nearby sprint: .luck, gradually shrinking In suj>
1 ply. and prices held steady up to TMBSMJ «
this week, whea an advance of ';•• •■ estab
lished. Western spring dirks sell rcaiitly when
choice well urowu and plump, but umall and
thin lota h»va to be forced at Irregular tl«ure.
Eaatern spring geese In Eat* demand »nd steady.
PtSJ If any desirable \\>ltr:n hBTS arrived.
Hquatm In good demand and a shade higher on
All itrafl. t>. Si ring utnean wll fairly Fresh
killed— Tl RJ-EYS. V.'eatern, springs, tb. !«•
SSe: olil. average l>est liens or toms. 22^: rair to
(t.x-d. lS':*J(>c; "II>:!IS. Phlla. fancy nqM*l>.
pair. 4<><x'>«ic; inncy. 3 to i tt» to pair, n». 23#3«c
»'<-nn ll«.i_i>.-, VVeatern. dry picked, milk '•'•• •'•'
03OC' dry picked selected, under « !b. lie: Ohio
nn ! M»«'nteun scalded, a to :i'» tb to pair. Me;
SPUING CUM KENS, Philadelphia,, over 8 "
to pair, lOQrSle; P«nn, h;<nis ; - Western, dry
picked, milk fed S IS 10 ib Is pair, lT'it»lS<\ 4.
to 7 It'- 15#1*5; eeleeted. large. 4 n> and over,
ea.h, Ki^lC'tc: average run. 13'i«l^-. Ohio And
Michigan, -elected. 4 rh ■ and over. IHSaiK.:
! acalded, average. l'»^<?; Western. ael»cteil.
Urge. 4 It» and over. each. i«4ji«S^: .1* ►->"-««
: run, l.'< *trl4.-; Wr*tf-n «nd ■siltllSia. 12'013<-;
FOWLS. Western, boxes, dry. 4* It) ami «ver to
dOSSB, ISc; 4- 10 47 Hi. 17c. *« Ib -nd uniJ«r.
lttc: rsattra, l<*rd. dry picked. 3S to *n Ib.
L each, 16Hc; 2h to 3& ft, 13<J18c; Ohio sad.
proprietors The GORDON HOTELS, Ltd. R AUDAII
Closr to Buckinehnm Vnlac, Wr-%ttnin*t*r U I ■ 9X1191911 '
4 1 her Hint convenient lor •rrry*rbere. Turin" free I If «<B MmMIV __
from rpoMn Oißrr ••?,* York Tribune," ijsl liVll|# Will
Hro*<l**r> Xe*r i or*. _^
Hotel Der Kaiserhof Hotel Atlantic !
Hmnavmtmd ml cos/ 0/ $' 000,000. REM7AURAST PFOHOTE,
I 4/1 Lmimmi Ammnomn Com/onm. Fmoim-j BmautUul Alnlf £.*«•♦
I BS««lr«lc4 Booklet* fraai ''Nt« T»r« Tta»»«," \
Facing Centra! Station. THE CONTINENTAL
1 Hotel, Restaurant,
and Grill Room,
LONDON . . . . . . j
Midland Grand Hotel
MANCHESTER ■ • .Midland Hotel
LIVERPOOL .... Adelphi Hotel
LEEDS Queen's Hotel
BRADFORD. • . . Midland Hotel
Midland Hotel
DERBY . . ; . . • Midland littel
IT. TottJ#. M«na«*r Midland Rallr-ay Hotel,
and Refre-hment Room*, etc. <."W«» OlH<^-
• •••!■.,) f.ranrt Hotel, l^»mlnn.
S>J \NKi.l>— I^LE OF WH.HI.
tUiLUtKS allA-NhtlN HOtEL Ele*. Us«*«
T»rHr« r.f the Bntela «n.l full partlm»»rij a«
♦« route- may be h«d »t the Etirooean Office*
It • -■ I Tribune." at "Dane. Inn Warn*." Hi*
s'rand „ver,o 0 Aldwyrh ,nd Kin,,—,)
f nn^on _^^^^ —
Grand Hotel
Boulevard de« Capnciaes and Place it
I'Opera. 1,000 Rooms with Privat; Baths.
Tariff on Application
j»t AI- |Q .favorite America Mouse
Kni%J lb Ruo Scrib»
» Cro^sltc th« Grand Opvi
"The Mocfe-n Hotel of Paris."
E. i- Riv* Sr^US* cR, Mana.sr.
VIZ ROe ai jiuooie. ciu*^ 10 Pact Vtoun<i>r
First class All modern !mprov.tt.--« Ewary
nome comfort. Large nalL Rratauraa:.
luncfaeona and dinners at fixed price '"/■»*
1 c*rt« Tflecnnu fclLi-vi-BIOX. PARIS—
I H»nn Abtdlf. Prope«»*«»«-
PP A 'Hotel Cecilia
Hotel Cecilia
11, Aye. Mac Mahon, Arc de Trl
omohe. Suites with baths. Cables
I Cecilia. MviE. IHAYLR. PROP'S.
A J^ I fe: Aye' de TOpera
Sen & Up-tO'Date Hotel
Michigan, scalded, sa%e; other •Western, lfic; '
P*utnern^and Southw^te'm. 134t116c : Western.
• and Southern. Iced. t4&l3c: old cock*. UHc.
f SPRING DUCKLINGS. Long Island and East- |
'• cm. :iv Pennsylvania. t»H<: Western. SClsc; i
i«KING GEJESK, Boston. 24c; SQUABS. £»»•«*•
large white, dozen. «2 3©#S4j dark. 11 75«»2: j
culls. 30-a7sc; SPRING GUINEAS, over 3 ft to
pair. $ly*t l'>: an -r 3 IX 65^"5«-.
for the week. 67.253 bbls potatoes and 12.32» |
bbls oalonr. Imports. 1.312 crated onions. Mar
ket Is gradually Improving on white potatoes,
though much of th« supply ts of ordinary quality. I
! and outside quotations reached only tor fancy, f
', Eastern Shore sweet potatoes ruling higher at (
' the close. J«rsey sweats doing a little better. .
Cauliflowers when found selling better.
Cucumbers quiet. Lima beans a little hlsner
toward the close; good demand for tins stock.
Lettuce arriving SI ordinary; strictly fancy want
ed Mushrooms have Improved considerably; ac
cumulations reduced and market on good bast".
i An easy undertone to th« onion morket; general ]
I run of offerings still very irregular In (jaall'y; |
' 'xtra fancy red scarce at tin clone and doln* ■
' a llttl* better. Market heavily supplied with :
I peppers. Last shipment of string beans from
, Virginia ao!d high, but heavy offerings e«?e«-t^i
lln the n*ar future. White and yellow squasn a
i little higher. Turnips wilt*. POTATOES. ;
• Maine, bag, $16*1 30; Long Inland, bulk. bbi.
! SI £O«S$2- state, bulk. 1?O m. V 30^51 73; Jer- ;
I any, rouud. bag. »1 U*3Sl -'; long, Slftl 50;
1 SWEET POTATOES, Southern. bW, $1 iO©s2;
! Jersey, douNehead bbl. 91 now $2. basket. *>-i *
! TAMSi Jersey and Souther^, bbl. $!3s; l->:
BRUSSELS SPROUTS, quart, 6^loc; BEET.-.
100 bunches, $1 25«51 SO; CARROTS bbl or
bar >l''ii2; Km bunches. *1; CABBAGEH, too.
! $7t<s&; M», ?2^J4; as*. 50(&;3c; CELERY, state
and Jersey, dozen, 131|30c: state, cratw. $123;
«s_"■ CAULIFLOWERS. Long Island, short cut. i
i ..i. $1 25«53; long. 50c3»2: CUCUMBERS.
1 ■Western New Tork, bush. 73cUJl; Long Island, \
l-bl »l 3o<f{S2 2T.; Shelter Island, $175£?52 sO;i
'Jersey and ksas Island, basket, $I'ssl £0; CU- »
' CUMBER PTCKLE3. J*rs»-:-. bbl. V-at- 5O:
■ Western. New York. 100. 1V930c: basket. 7;wt
' Nc- Long Island. $1&»1 23; CHICORY, basket. ,
!S3<KSc: !•:«<■ \.R»>LJ~-. [email protected]; EGGPLANTS. Jer
; eey. bbl. !«»<-a*l: basket. 25<330c: LIMA BE.INS.
! potato, basket. $1 254r*2; Hackensack. bag. Jit?
j $1 73- Long Island, 914*1 Ii; Long Island anil '
I Jersey, fiat. SOSSoc; LEUTUCE, nearby, sM, 33
I <«73c: state, baa*»t. St'cSJl; Western N"^ Tork, I
' r.'hfiil: 3 dozen box. 43o'^SI ; 2 dozen box. 70c; I
MUSHROOMS, hothouse. TT-. 203500; OKRA.
' Jersey. U">. in©l2c; PEACH BASKET, 2V375C;
i d.jx. s«K.<»#l 25: half bi>l basket. ioe«sl 50; !
I ONIONS, state and Western, white pickle. r>u»n I
! crate. $15*1 25: other Thite. crate. «to«-90c; i
! ISB, yellow, bag. #1 SO. state and Western. I
y«llt>w. 100 n> bag. $lif}l 12; Orange County.
1 r»-<i. bag. *l«f$l •»; rellow, J' 23® > J1 >»; Conßectl- :
j cut Valley, yellow, luu » bag. »l i;»£Jl 20: white. t
'bbl 12 50^$.*!: Long Island and Jersey, y«llow. !
I $1 30; red. »ltrsl 3O: PB.VS. Virginia, half bbl !
! basket. $1 3O©s2 5«: PEPPERS, red. cheese, bbl. |
! tlitfl >>. other red. T.Vt: *l Vi basket. 3<Mo<k*r |
j green, chev^ie. V.'UJI 12; bull and long, ••"roil; i
I SUGAR, bbl. *t=jsl2s: baj>k#t. 25^3<«r: P.ViJS- .
' LEY, n^art*». 100 bunches. 7.VtisU \Ve«tern New i
! Tori: ba/Tet or box. 23t*:0c; PUMPKINS. bbL i
■ bGiflZc- (ROMAINU. lu»sk«:. .-fiVBTO»- Westera j
■ New Y.\«.. !■• ■«■■«. ."W)©73c: SPINAOIT. basket. .
i Z&QW-: \Ot*P GREENS. I(X> bunches, 7Se«sl; !
l srKIV rvEANS. Virginia, greirn. basket. Un-.-i;
! *1 12; w»»> 30c»*l 2i; SQUASH. Ii ihbai ■ ;. bbl.
• BBcSJfi; marrow. ".«W»750: white or yellow, crook- '
j n. , k. t"krejl"r -TirKNIPS. Canada, rutabaga, MM, '
I $1. Long Island and Jersey. 73c«751; while, i
\amtk, fttt«7T. . 100 bunches. $1 .-^S?2; TOM A- j
! TOES. nearby. .i->\. SB**', Albany, busa baa- ■
•' Wet. tOS73c; WATEKCUEiiS. 10<> bunches, $1 !
i sm r.o. ;
.MJT>— Sj.it e and Northern chestnuts ncar^a '
! ar. v market very Bra Old Urge cultivated often I
jo* poor quality, and n.<-:irn little, Inquiry. First I
I tot of new hickory nuts here and being held at 1
| $3. Old black na!nui9 slow; no denund for old 1
butternuts. Domestic peanuts quiet; tn« lower'
Piters named do not seem to nave stimulated'
demand. Th(» Is especially tru- of Spanish
»ht!ted, the "lorra! Importations i»f Spanlah af- ,
' f*cting '•lit grade. i"HE.">TNVTS, Northern, j
I bean*!. »>'u»SsO: *-uthe-n. JtU; «7; large cuttl- L
vatPd. f2&s*i liU'WultJ NL'TS. fZZOitiX. t
n:.\.'K M.srT^. 73c©$l; BCTTERXUTS, i
75c; PKAVI Virginia, hand picked. jumbo. !
It.. 6?* c: fancy. 41i©«c; «stra. ;^.'.c. as* !•<<.;
I Jumbo. 7B a i - : So 1. <-\-. No 2. 4Hc : Spanish.;
No 1. 7*;«Sc: No 2. 3*« c.
! HONEY — Tholca grade* of comb are in good
{ dVmaad and sosj firm. Only a little back%'heat ;
I • <<;•> here ■• yet. Lu*»r crado extracted slow -
New 1 \iilf.>rn.u ••xtrncteil offered ti> arrive here, j
in carload lots at Vt- generally for tiverago !
I .all-. Fancy, white clover, comb. rt>. ltic; !
clover comN. No 1. t3c: No 2. I2911e: clover. ;
i «xt raited, H'4c; buckwheat, extracted. •*«• ccmb. |
U»t 12c; California, extracted, water whit*, i»'*c; •
white. S^ifiiK*. light amber. 7 : jit <t '-. Southern, i
i estr^rted. aa to quality, gallon. £ViJ><V.
BEESWAX- Pure domestic wax contmtxes
very ■let at ?fVO."Oc Tb.
MMI srOAß— Business light and figures ;
r.v.ite.i represent dealer*' paving prices. sowar. !
- Tb. 12914 c; syrup, oa to quality, gallon, d3OSAc.
Chicago. Oct. 11.— •CATTLE— R«C«lpti. 0.000: j
dalL Bmvm. J4 735J5; Tasas stsars. « SB#
I YnV^Cr^nd Hotel
lv I \J 11 O Most Up to Data.
DRESDEN Room. w11»» r»e»»mt«
iNLOLJLrfII JVith a<M« Trfl^t^
l).««tnml»lie,l H»»* if "Id repntatl«aL t'al^—
p<»lticn. R. BONXgrXLP. O<a- M— ■«*»•_
W! E6 b Autn %msrvma Vl*«-r»
FALAC£ Hotel & Baths
VICIIIIA Th 9 Rllwf * 9ti
ICIiHH In Austria.
L.,, 4i( U oa turn k»»oloQj»bI«k »»oloQj»bI« tCamUuMrriaax.
auil th« laTorlte reaort «f Aa»«rlrt»a*. P«»>»
tert French fulfil* — f efcas— sitsast
MONTRr^LX. Switzerland
Season. I»eptemt>er-Mj»y;
Rome, Italy,
Grand Hotel
The most beautiful
mad comfortable
M let i m Italy- let trim
II bt throughout Amertcma
tit 1 it— i bMrmtmg battes
v wtth f» 'tJiTOom* attach**. . .
Rome, Italy.
3d. Hotel Quirina!
ntehly reputed aa<t taithiatuible laS eL»»*
I Hotel In the healthiest and SBM«> part of
Rome. Every modern i—lirt and luxury.
(.rand Hall. Band. Private bathrooms. ra»
fert «anltatlon.
.amsbV C 14 ft A IN EEAUTIFUL
fffflk CHU *4 1 PRIVATE PARA
VENICE KfllEl «— ,B-j,^
Royal Oanieb *' —^"^
AU Modern Comfort-. Ballw*y Xlcßet.
Newly Refltte<t.J
¥ EitiJCE. —JEST*
mm hotel M Asr- to
torn* m fraaxge •»«
too Feet •■> »*• A.PIANTA.
o«^n^ ijaal 1 * r *<*
$i'.s. Western ateers. S4 13«« 73; '' «-* *™
tetter*, <i SOS 3 **. cows and heifers. J-
Sh3o. calve*. *. BQ®*lO. HOGd— Recsipta. t-J.^«-
We to li.- Weber l*» li«f.t; oOi«rs 3c to ;*>
higher. Light. *sv.rfs»i»' ' nt »**. l SSI:
heavy. «««««»: rough. »»«>»S »:.«<»<* •• i^ l^
heavy «*%«*. *5; dss. W 10ej3 «:
aaie*. »3 40^0^ 75. SHEEP— P-eceipW. £■!?£•
steady. Native. $2 35; \%«»teriu *2\VP
•4 25.' y«u-ling3. 54 33©45 50; lamb*, native. »»3*
Ss lla l^r e3 at mr n - CVt * tl. -CATTLg— «•*—**>
21.0DW. tnclud!n« 1.700 Southern.: atMdy top.
*3 15; cows weak to Hie tower. Dressed *'«£Js*r
e«port «t«-r». »«« 25« M 13: fal* to *» tagW
Western. «3 70«J3 3«: atoc!cer» and t^dern^i^P
«r»s*s: Southern. S4S»: SoutSorn COWjJJ'fO
S4 native. $2 «o«s4 73; h-ifer*. $..«<«»•.*;
bii:-. «i*H 2^ »^,»- a ,"° < i i^2r
eelpts. «.."v»»; 5* ti> u>p highw. bulk or sm
but-- -T-.. S»*VS*H«. lt«ht. » TBjMi S* .«f>^
— Receipts, 7.»»> -teajy. Lambs. J?^fSaC
J — Mil $4 40«55 23; ™* h ' r *L.* 3 73««^>.
»we». »3 30654 80: stoc>t«» and feeders. S39SSF
"oiclnMtl. Oct. n.-TAT-rtjE-H*^^. 47*;
atead 7 to strong. Fair to Rood shippers. BHO
J«73; common. J2 3<>Bs3^. EHOG»-IB«C«gB»gE HOG»-IB«C«gB»g
1 425- I<V hirter; stron,- Bntcher* and«Btpp«r«.
ceipts. 4«; steady; J24H3SO; lamfca. steady,
■«!. oct- ti.-cvrTLK-r^Pt,^
steaJy. Prim* steers. JJJ2«*' w - ,\^:\^T
peoeipts. 73: »ctlv» aad 30c lower: JsSOjßslOf«>.
HO;s— KerelptsL 3.2W: active afi;lst-9«^r
to '-• Miher H<-«irr. $S O»S$3: mixed. J»«nif»:
-«£»». »: dalrt«. »5BO««a jj < WSW
ANt> LAMBM-R#retpta. 1.400: a«*Jv« «nd steady.
Wethern, M sOff*4 7*
Chicago. Oct. ti.-w«isht of * r »«* accuiaal*
ttona of wheat ta« world over »al»«« <ww^
prtcen to-day. T*i* a-iouat a»«ila**» » DW
•aVMft.flOO bush greater than a year ago. Cto*
lnit pnoes were »**•!%« lower, as compare^
with last night. Cora ifcowM a not laa* ot Ht>
le and oa:3 >»« r *- Fro» islona at th» Csia!»
ranged from ■■ adTancw to 2HS3c decline.
Wheat exhibited Increasing weakne*» «J» Rl»_W
wore en. Ralitaa wens few. and — ■»—
and more feeble. Part of til* *in:.>adUi« was !n
view of to-n-orrow'a holiday In nearly all Im
portant markets, hut • far greater •haw of tU«
a-lllns resulted from the withdrawal of Ar
gentina as a caus« for crrn> fears ;»tiVi mcr»
trrportant, from ■» bear »-ai»«fpolnt. w*r« tti*
Vnltetl State* go»«rnin-Tit figures Indicating teat
the shortage In the domestic emp la not at :arsj»
as the tra*io had estimated. Racg« of pr!re*r
i SSI r
VTlscat- Open. H!«ft- L«»w. Clo««. da;"
necetn6«r... I*\ 37 KSS *«"» *[!?
May *l<Kr» «1 "--'% lIOIH fl -*1 ««%
July 97% M »7* *;». 95%
rWemb-r . .. -*'% ♦■--« 4.0 S 4«S 4»
May Sl** 51^. M « «2
July 5U : a O2'-» 51S CIS ai%
Pe^mber... R2S .<?2»» •.'=» St% m
May :.. C3H nn 1 * 5* S3 1 * M
July S4 l » 3*'» 31 S4 S*^
January ...lOSB 10 .V. I<> 4T. 10 4.*. 10 5n
ilay WO2 10«T3 » 3T WiO »C-»
Hibs: . „,
January' ...!*23 923 9Z2 >13 J»J>
May 917 » 20 913 9IS 9 12
January ...17 « Ita 17^3 g» }; S3
May ..-•■• 1637 1C37 It! .'-3 l.teu 16 Si
noitton. Oct. 11. -OM M SWSSpsSSSSSj wfrfi
unchanged v*lue«. conttnu* to doratnsta^ tS»
ISSaI wool m*rk*t. asSBS territory itHSjIS fs
beln* boujrbt by Baansss»*tßrer». and » align:
demand h*» »ria»n for Onto mm. bat th»
market Is dull. 9tHl th« local trad* I* In *
hopeful moo.!, and there Is no dlapo*ltion ta
murk down prirt* to Instigate buying. th-»
fr-n«rai bel>f 6«tn* that th« masMfac«asw«
will be seeking wool wlthtn a short ttme. T>
support this ytew. It ts pointed out that rh«rw
<> a steady Increase m atunpltng. tsp aaiily
tn rorn'a and etght-montas Taxaa> an X
mach Interest ah own in an lines of terrttory
stock. Domestic quotation*: Onto and Penn
aylvanla fleet c» — Delaine washed, 3«c; XX.
Ma fine unmerchantable. ■J4»t3!^-; half blond
combine 2«».--»-. threw- •lgath*. 2^©r>i.
narwr, " 2»» v» 427 c ; delaine unwashed. 2tK?
IxWcT. fine unwaged. 21 * 2."V. UtcbUaa.
WlaVonsin. New T<irk (le«ce« — Pin* an»Mh»il.
199 21 c; delalaa. 2«»27c: half blood. 27j*2Sc:
three-ei<Mhs. 27cii2tK-. Kentucky. Indian;*
and Missouri Tbre»-aUhth» blood. 7»02»e
ouarter. U7S2S<:. scoured hum* T««i Ftae
twelve month*. 57'33'Je: Cr.», «tx to «I»V
months aStt.V^: me fa!!. Soc. C*llfomt*--
Northern. .V>©3Sc: m!.1d!« county. 3<>a>sl<r:
Southern. 4«j4Sc: fall trr*>. 45^47c. Or*iOT,
Eastern No I <pia. «»***iv fartarn clotn-
Ing. 3<«37c; valley <fo I. 32<f34e. T«rrttorr—
Fin* «taple. *IB>»*.V-: tine medium. JMMe:
tine clothing. 37.^3«c; nn* mediuir.. MM*(
talf nlood. combing. M8«c: tirea-«lsith.«
M«3sr: quarter. 32e34c — Extr*. «Ja.
(In* A. 33C*>c; A masr*. **#•*■>

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