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It Is "Most Decent and Orderly,"
He Writes to McAdoo.
Appears to Hit Investigation of
Vice by President of Board
of Aldermen.
In b letter -written to Chief Magintrmta
r.T'-Adoo yrsterday Mayor Oaj-nor Included
•«-riat arrtcared to hf some »-harv thmstF at
President Mltrhel of the Board of A'.der
jnen. The lat'.T. «? artinc Mayor, had
rrtarlo an irveytirarion of the vice condi
tlniis. 85 the result of xv-hich he advi?*^ the
r^movaJ of Po'ir* Onnmlsstoner Baker.
The lrft»»r In full -■ as folloirs:
T thank you very much for your favor of
<"v~to!v>r 9. V*^"lnc me a ffi!l arrpunf of InV*
the me»hf»d of iPsuinc pummnnses for petty
<iff*nr-efe -vvorVs. s« ncain^t the old barbarous
Tnetho.i of grabhiris' everybody and locklnp 1
■the~i uv in «rivan<^ of a
■jjip effective xvay 1n •«rh*ch y"u have
Ts\-eri hold of the mattnr of imnci-pfsan
■tm*4« s^n ihc extent te^rhkSi yon have
•*IrVadv n^iimised s=urh arresti--. ij= s'jfflejpTit
tv. Itself tr» justify ir.y choice of you for
chief ma-ci^rate. ,
Hot\ much 1 »etter such F.vstPmatir wnrK
J* tJian the periodical artempt? «>f some
3%0- son- io sciindalire the eJtv and jrve it a
>ik vr-?>uir> .leclarinr Jts u-irkednes?
frtrm the bou.reTor>s. although it is the most
«^orvT* ano orflerlv of eitlcs.
T hope tip ran Rll •work steadily and un
*>stentatiou>!y for minimizing vice and
and n<>i seejf notoriety out of it at
kh< o\ner.«-e of the rity*« pood Tiomo.
Chief Magistrate McAdoo rtported that
Jtbf now scheme nf Ipsuir.r summonses In
«nany rapes insteaxj of livarrarits had worked
m He said that the nttmbcr of
buie&ta h:id been materially decreased.
T'nder the new srstem each summons Is
Ttakeu froni a hook, vi'hicb has a stub *o T>e
•?ilJo<] «>;ji as a master of record. Chief
•^Jtci^irato MrAdno fauid in ltis letter:
"Brrry sumrtions is Bcrially numbered.
•>nJ therefore has 10 be. Btrictly accounted
jfr.r on l!ie Hub of th« book from which
$ is taken." Mr. McAdoo -tvTote. "The for
«ner ou^toni wa^ to issue these blank sum
ferionsoj: -wltiiout regrard 10 the- numbers, and
Sin record whatever was ....
TThis mode of issuing: summonses treats it
•>E a document of importance and not to be
*ssii"d rasnJy «r inriiscriminateiy. Every
ticlieoniaii hi prciiter New York note carries
«- book rcsemblinc a check book. The sum-
TnonF in that rate hus two stuiis attaclied
- !t. One he returns to the station house.
, hroujrh which it poes to the court, and
«h«- other he keeps in his book to protect
•You tvill also. 1 have no doubt, be prsti-
Ciril to Know that the summons, now made
IrsaTby the new law, is 10 a preat extent
#-i:pcrseding- warraiits, so that the number
*>f arrests i^ very much lessem-d. Last
month there ivcrc Issued! in tJiis dUlsion
£..%?: summtiTises. as apainst an averapp
5)r7^..n5 )r7^.. n f OTT , o « aiioot E^SM a month, a drop of
ascar!^ wco-thirds.'*!
Jersey Prosecutor Fears Major
Is Not Out of Danger.
Tit* report «»f Dr. UTUlaun J. -\r!tt=. of
Siobokcn. to Tr.«s<><-mor Garvrn. of Hud
kco O«miy. N. .1.. that Mayor Ga^-nor had
rc-covrod. •wili br yubirmlod b>" the prose^
c-utor on Saturday to Justice Swa>-ze. and
*. <xmfprcnco will l«r hrld on the r^;xirt.
TVoi-rcutor Garven exiwxrts to ln^'t Justice
Fravze nnd Judges John A. Blair. T\-illiam
21 t-- ;ie <er un«l Robert <^.r*»y. oilhe Hudson
County coi;n.s a.t tb»- conference, and to
net xhr-ir judcnwJit «n HlO sufficiency of
It Arlitz's report for prund jurj- artion
i.^m.-t James J. Golla^bcri Jlayor Gay
n"!"s assiiilani.

■ -
■ •

.- .. ».■■

en. hut has i
nro-jld Cost Ncaxiy Ssoo.ooo— Asks
More Money for Salaries.
"It is impossible to cJtan the streets of
.^j,r cttr "* New York -u-ithout th«^ u^e rt
Y-af:, 1 said Qwmnlsstoner Kdwards of
tb*- L'«-parimcnt of Strc«-t I'lpauinc. F}>eak
sr.c it the budeel cxhlWt yestentay.
"Thcr^ shoTilJ lw more \vork done by a
•Jtijrb [jieaAUltt f.usliin^ machine and nose.
'This r^joifp an Vxpcndltur«* of nearly
3>alf a million dollars, and at th«« prospnt
JtlTjM It Is impossn>le 1<« hare this money

■ •

Slashed Her Cheek When She Refused
His Attentions in the Street.
>«-v»"-a! «iay!= a^-> I'aul i'antara, a tarick
lay.T <.>n tin- Cattkill aqueduct, was* told by
Pauline AJcoextxio'm father, -u-ith ■R-hom
the »iv*« at No. H<» Cherry street, he would
tin *-irii l>o0i!y harm if h« persisted in liis
*.flort« to win her hand in niarriace.
Yesterday ammkag. in company
vitii :» Jric.n<'. Miss Arcenzio •was mci by
<"artara ut Mott «»nd ilestcr streets. He
nrse<l bis suit and tlift young -woman re
?]«■<-.) to listen to him. Oar.tara. tal-^r!^ a
mmr irum bia jK>ckct. slashed her cheek
frum the eye to in* throat. Her screams
Tjroi^ht a Large <rovd, but in the confusion
<iint.ira escai^d.

Edward Thompson, a former theatrical
•dviertlsins ascnt, vho stole Tl.Vw worth
«>t Jewelry from Mrs. Alice "Wiixnrr. an
«'_trc!=s. on October 16. Mi •was. convict* d
jcfcierday in «leneraJ Sessions at frra^d Ur
ceay, and remanded lor ■cntence until next
Tlioniri-on was 1o be married to Hi*.
"Warner on *h«? date «jf Uu theft, but di>
iHWWd with the jewelry, and was r>«i!
-•■ umJ utiUJ Kirn montttf later.
Steerage Folk Detained — Three
Liners Pass Inspection.
The Hambure-Amerlcan liner Moltke.
which ha? yielded two cholera patients
since Bar arrival here, on October 3. from
the Mediterranean, was thorouphly disin
fected yesterday, and at 6:30 o'clock Dr.
Doty released her from Quarantine. She
will proceed to her pier in Hoboken this
The Quarantine tups on Monday »ii*ht
Transferred four hundred of til lonp suffer
ing passengers to Hoffman Island, and
went hack tar th" remainder yesterday. On
Hoffman Island they will have more room,
but no more liberty.
Rudolph S. T~ K. •:• DM UlaiHlW •*<
tain • - ■
st^rac* pa>Feng«»r wa> reported Rr«»at!y
The Austrian liner Martha Washington
arrived here yesterday from Trieste. Pa
lermo and other Mediterranean ports, with
one Eick cabin pasFenerer. She did not put
in at Naples. After a careful inspection Dr.
Doty released her, and she docked. with Son
cabin and I 531 steeraee passe.npers.
Earlier in the morninp the Kroonland.
from Antwerp and Dover, broupht 29" cabin
and 38 steerage passengers safely throuph
Quarantine, and the Kronprinzessin Cedlle,
of the North German Lloyd Line, performed
a like service for 431 first cabin. 303 second
cabin and 4G3 Pteerape passencers.
Chairman of Pollution Commit
tee Says There Is Still Danger.
According to Edward Hatch, •- . chair
man of the -• '•• water pollution com
mittee, there, will be danper from typhoid
perms In The ■water supply for a few days
after th^ breakinp of the drouth, and he
urpes that all urinkinp water lie boiled.
"The advice to boil all water before drink
lnj? it is excellent." said Mr. Hatch, "but I
fear that many persons will think the dan
per is past when The first rains raise the
level in the reservoirs. On the contrary,
there will then be more terras In the water
than before, because these first showers
•will in a day's time wash into the reser
voirs the filth accumulated aionp insuf
ficiently protected water courses during the
long- dry season, which in times of ordinary
rainfall would have been distributed over
i considerable period.
"Such a precaution is troublesome, do
doubt, but it would be taken by most of us
if the cholera germs quarantined In the
harbor should escape to the mainland: and
yet we are in infinitely prester danper of
typhoid every day than we are of cholera
once in twenty years."
Miss Beattie Testifies in Own
Behalf in Larceny Case.
Kleanore Lorraine Beattie. who is on
trial in the Criminal Branch of The Su
preme Court charped with jrrand larceny,
testified in her own behalf yesterday. She
t-aid that she had received from the Coun
| toss Pccorini. formerly Mrs. Marparct B.
Sterns, authority to make the purchases
on which the charpe of larceny was based.
A document so authorizing her and sipned
by ".Mrs. Margaret B. Sterns." was identi
fied fay the latter :<s one which she signed
about five years previous to May. l«<9, the
month in which Miss Kcattie made exten
sive purchases from New York merchants
on the eve of linr departure for Europe,
chaxjrinp them in the account of lira
Cbuntcss Pecorini said that tiie authority
was pivon Miss Beattie to make purchases
for the furnishings of a bungalow at Sara
na-- Lake and that when the bunsraiov
was furnished she forpot about the paper
she had signed. She did not know it was
still in existence until she heard from the
defendant after her arrest and extradition
from Enirland last year.
The defendant said she believed she was
actinp with full authority when she ob
tained coods to the value of nearly $1/00
from the Gorham Manufacturinp Com ran v
and charped them to "Mm. Marparet B.
Sterns." She said she had received ■ -' -a'
many blank checks from Mrs. Sterns,
which she had filled out l or sums to yuit
her convenience. After confinement |or
nine weeks in Holloway jail in England
awaiting extradition, defendant said she
had endeavored, without success, to make
payment for tl»- roods obtained.
She acknowledged obiaininp books and
stylograph pens from Charles Scribner's
Sons, th" pa<*kaze h»ing addressed to Mrs.
"William Bucknel. mother of Countess Pec
orini. at No. 52 Cathedral Parkway. Mrs.
Burkn^l did not Hve there, but Miss Beattie
said j-ht* pot the package from the tallboy
She also acknowledged petting shoes from
A. J- Cammeyer *r Co.. ohargin? em to
the account of Mrs. Bucknel. and $I<X>
worth of linperie from a Mm "Watson on
Ihe eve of her saiiinp abroad, for which
she did not pay.
Both sides rested yesterday and th^ sum
ming uj> will hepin on Thursday morning.
there being no session of court 10-day.
Destruction Decreed for Animals at
Large in New Rochelle.
NV'w Hochelle dog? are under quaran
tine for rabies, and any dog from now
on until the quarantine is raised may be
.shot by any citizen if found unmuzzled or
at larpo in the streets. J. G. Willis, first
assistant veterinarian of the State Depart
ment of Agriculture, informal Dr. Edwin
H. «<Kldinß to-day that the city had be«»n
pla<:<i! under quarantine restrictions, and
Dr. Coddinc wa* directed to destroy all
exposed do:;s. He added that the depart
ment would eend apents within a few days
to i>ost quarantine notices and to enforce
the quarantine.

■ • foi tea
Kd • WUI

■ - ■ ■

lr Eart r,4th Strent. Near New Hotel
and Uptrvvn; Shopping Centre.

and ;<
Customers arc receiving souvenirs in the
form of card trays bearing: stamped re
productions of the Htiyler headquarters,
at Ifcth street and Irvinp Place. The new
store is just west of Park a\enut>. near
the new YanderMlt Hotel. It was de
cided to open a store there ■aaa of the
lnrreased travel throuph the street, due
largely to the opening of the Pennsylvania
Prank Caharo, who was indicted som»-
Umft a£'» for pacing counterfeit quarters
in the Williamsburp section of Brooklyn.
pleadt-d guilty yesterday before .lud«e
Ctaatfleld. in the United States Circuit
<\>urt. Brooklyn. Antonio Rlechio. a eom
panlon of Caharo. pleaded not Kuilty to a
similar indictment, and his trial was be
nun in the afternoon. In Hie tnoruins a
jt:ry tound Jacob <Jarliek add David Quin
lan puilty of passinp bad half dollars.
i.tzzi< Oaxiick. «lm bad been on trial with
the men. was acquitted.
WEDNESDAY, %tO ; UOtJi tXttbtttl*. OCTOBER * 101 °-
But Denies That He Inspired Her
Suit Against Dr. Peck.
Stenographer Not Sure Her Re
lations with Defendant Were
Only Those of a Friend.
Miss Esther Quinn. the stenographer, who
has broupht a breach of promise suit for
$.V>.<w> apainst Harry Thurston Peck, was
again under examination before trial yes
terday at tile office of her counsel. Daniel
O'Reilly. Miss Qolnn was on hand early
and appeared to be bubbling over with con
fidence, probably became she considered
that she had come out with flying colors
from the ordeal of the day before. Her at
torney was continually on the alert and
steered his client over the traps laid by the
opposinp counsel. C. D Francis.
In his opening question Francis asked
Miss wuinn how many enpagements to
marry she had had other than the alleged
one with Dr. Peck.
•I object," said Mr. O'Reilly, "as it does
not come within the order of the court."
Mr. Francis then pal a more specific
question. "Do you recall," he asked, "a
well known man. a man past fifty years,
in No. €0 Wall street, ten years ago?"
"I know the man you mean." was the
reply: "he's a lawyer."
"Dtdn'l you ask him for money? Didn't
you threaien to expose him. alleeinK that
he had relations with you, becauae be mar
ried aorne one elae?"
(>'Rcillv here mterpoai ■".. say
■J the queatlon was too mdeflnitt.
• Didn't v<n; know a man intimately at
aiiout th»' tim» you were on 'The .'nmmer
rontinued Mr. Francis.
"What do v.iii mean by knowing a man
Intimately?" asked Miss Qnmn.
Jinalh. after the question waa remod
elled to suit the woman's atxorney. srte an
swered it with a most positive "No."
Did Know George Graham Rice.
•■\\>-o you acqoaiatod with George Qr»
harr Bice?" waa the next ouestion.
"Hasn't Dr. Peck got any better mud
tblm that to slinp"" asked O'Rnilly
Finally Mis.= Quinn admitted that she
had known Rice for the same ]enpth of
time that she had been employed by B. H.
gchefteli i (> r about a year and a
"Din jon ever talk over this cas* with
She replied thai she had not talked it
over with him or with any one else con-
Prancis then asked Miss Qumn if on Sat
■ne hadji't locked the
SchefteTa ofn< c
"Didn't you leave the office in a blue
automobile, and weren't you assisted into
the machine by men who beat up an em
ploye of a certain person?"
"You mean a certain private detective
of Dr. Peck's?" Interposed O'Reilly.
•■I know nothing about being in any au
tonir>b!!f." was the witness's reply.
"I love to hear your essays on reports
of Peck's detectives." O'Reilly informed
"Do yrvu know who paid the men who
beat up the detective? 1 asked Francis.
"Flow does she know?" interrupted
" ' re
turned Prai
Aft>r several questions regarding her
knowledge of Rice and the nature of the
business conduct* by the Scheftels con
cern. Francis asked Miss Quinn how often
she had heard from Dr. Peck between Au
giisT. if" 1 ? 1 , and February, 191°.
"I called htm up twice in September,
isos. and wrote him a note."
"What did he Bay?"
"He raid that Professor Fletcher was on
the wir*> and to hold the 'phone."
Didn't See Peck After He Wed.
"You never saw him after he married
Miss Le tor*
"Not until February. 1910."
"Do >•-->>► know a certain woman named
Mrs. Lucia L. Bristol""
"I don't remember."
"Her attorney knows Mrs. Bristol." paid
O'Reilly: "so does Professor .Peck."
"How often did Professor Peck call on
"Sometimes he called frequently, Rome
times occasionally," answered Miss j.ann.
"Day or night
"In the evening I was working all day."
"Are you sure Professor Peck never men
tioned marriape to you befoi September 3.
the day of the divorce?"
"No. not to propose."
"Never led you to believe that he would
marry you before that?"
"Not except to pay that wed b*> married
but that he was already married."
"Up to the time the divorce was granted,
in 190S, your relations with him were
nothing mi than those of a friend?"
"I wouldn't specify. '' would be difficult
"Do you know where the Hotel Mar
tinique is?"
•■■Were you ever m a h I Bti<eet
off BroadwayT"
"Never. I was never In any hotel, save
in a dining room, and was never with any
one else but Professor Peck."
The examination was adjourned tint!]
Automobile Frightened Horses, Which
Then Became Unmanageable.
1 wo persons are in Bellevue Hospital in
a serious condition and another received
minor injuries yesterday morning when a
heavy truck and a southbound Third ave
nue car came together at 4&tn street and
Third avenue. Those in the hospital are
Matthew Grady. a driver, of No -431 Bast
34th street, who has a fractured jawbone
and internal injuries, and his helper. John
Gilbert, who has a broken leg and internal
Injuries. Mrs. Mary Sheridan, of No. 205
East 4.> th street, a passenger on the car,
after receiving medical aid was able to go
Frightened J>y m passing automobile..
Grady'.* horses reared and then started
across the tracks an a car was approaching
from the north at a fair rate of epeed.
Before Viener White, the motorman. could
stop the car there was a collision which
could be heard for same distance. The car
i, a well Ailed and several iwussengnrs nar
rowly escaped being hurt from the flying;
Member of General Woodford's Firm
Chosen to Succeed E. P. Prentice.
Attorney General O'Malley appointed
Frederick C. Tanner as Deputy Attorney
General in charge of the New York office
yesterday, to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Kzra P. prentice, the new
chairman of the Republican State Commit
Ur ""Panner is v member of the. law tirm
„. Woodford. Bowse & Butcher, of which
General Wood ford is the senior member.
He >>«.- 'been connected with the firm atoce
ISD3. He. was educated at Illinois Col
lege, receiving degrees of A. D. and B. ■„
In IS9S. and aras graduated later from the
New york University I^aw Hchou 1
Many Inquiries Received Regard
ing Protective Holding Co.
Inaccuracies in Insurance De
partment's Figures, an Un
derwriter Replies.
[By TeJ«n«p*fl to Th* Tribunal
Albany. Oct. 11.— In line with the cru
sade against the promotion of insurance
companies recently started by Superin
tendent Hotchkiss. the State Insurance
Department issued a statement to-day in
the form of a report on the investigation
of the Protective Holding Company, of
Syracuse, and the proposed Protective Fire
Insurance Company, of the same place, in
which some of the early methods of sell
ing stock and promoting the latter com
pany through the Protective Holding Com
pany were criticised.
The report stated that more inquiries
have been received concerning these com
panies than as to -any of the so-called
holding and promoting corporations now
operating in New York.
"This is doubtless due." the report said.
"to the wi<ie geographicaJ extent of the
promoting operations of the Protective
Holding: Company and to the ambitious
plans of the promoters, whose first pros
pectus put before the public a fan-earn
mc scheme f " domfau great com
pamtea, which, combined, would write
everything In Insurance."
The Protective Fire Insurance Company
Is yet only a name, the report .said, It hav
ing received a certificate of incorporation
from the state, the funds with which it
is to be supplied, through the promotion
of the Protective Holding Company, being
as yet far from sufficient to permit the
completion of its organization.
Holding Company Organized.
The Protective Holding Company was
organized and began business In Novem
ber, 1909, with an authorized capital of
$400,000. the stock being divided into
40,000 shares of $10 each. It was first
under the management of Ira A Manning,
an insurance promoter of experience, ac
cording to the report, and active methods
were employed to place Its stock through
stock salesmen. Later the Manning plan
of selling stock was given up and the
mail order system adopted under the man
agement of "Wight man & Dudley, of New
York. Mr. Manning severed his connec
tion with the company after the Insurance
Department investigation began, and he
is now contemplating the promotion of a
fire insurance company in New Jersey, the
report stated.
"This promotion lias as : •■ " the
report said ■ Under
writing Agency, a fire Insurance concern
• from
the ver . methods ■ ;alists
who were employed to place the
with Investors, seems to be founded on an
intent.' ganize and conduct n .arce
tire Insurance company, and, si ould the
same succeed, to organize and conduct in
surance companies doing other lines of
business, all of which would >■• controlled
_.. the Protective Holding
■ in a xxoi'k afi
the hoidinp corapan] entered Into
tract with the Tuttle underwriting ...
~" ' - for a
period en years i ■■• con
trol of the underwriting busii •
fire me ould be con
trolled bj L • olding orporation."
• report
to this contract, and was brought
■■■'ition of tl mpany the con
tract was chance'! ;i , . • ■ „,j „f i ime ,
cut down tn on>-
Tiic original pro pectua f the impany
was m riticised In Llii
"grossly m i ting the facts to pros
pective Investors," an
«as brought to the attent of the con
in its
place, concerning
The New Prospectus.
Tht la now being
us^ii. while somewhat mon in the
particulars indicated, Is still < •
ould not be
relieu on too to I - •• investing
The financial exhibit of the Protective
Holding Company, Incorporated, in the re
port showed that the company has placed
Its outstanding stock, the sail so far
amounting to }X.». at a cost to investors
of between 22 and 3 per cent of the money
subscribed, or al>©ut 4o per cent of the
money paid into the surplus. Under this
heavy expense, the report stated that the
company now has cash assets amounting
to only J3h.iv,:? and subscription notes
amounting to $45,196 The report, however,
commends the present methods of selling
the stock and gives the new repime credit
for endeavoring to reform ihr> business so
as to overcome the criticisms of the In
surance Department '• said in this re
stock by m- i] interview? had
been costly, the managi
• -•
mail This plan, inaugu
rated by th* . I inunc 1 tud
ley, has resulti i ■ don of the
toutl e.xj,*.ns' ■ i, tn ahont
cent of the -. mt of sub-
The firm which Is disposing of the Pro
tective Holding Company stock by mail is
Tuttle, "WiKhtman & Dudley, of No. rr
Fifth avenue. Mr, Tuttl* is the Robert R.
Turtle of the Syracuse underwriting agency
and is president of the Protective Holding
Company. Fredericks Dudley •• that firm
is vice-president of .... holding company.
Mr. Dudley's Statement.
Mr. Dudley said for the company yester
day that the report was unfair In that it
made so many negative statement about
the. company in regard to conditions which
existed prior to the time of the new regime
The Manninp managenn nt had been en
tirely eliminated, he said, as a result of
reorganization and efforts to comply with
the suggestions of the Insurance Depart
ment. He pointed out several "inaccu
racies" in the report.
For Instance, Mr Dudley said that the
total organization expenses would prob
ably not exceed S per cent. Instead of the
15 per cent mentioned, in the. report An
other fact which had not been brought out
in the. report was that, the company was '
receiving from • to S per cent imprest dur- {
ing the process of organization, still fur- i
ther reducing tho cost of organization.
"We now have more than S3<"» t .OOO of stock ,
cold," Haul Mr. Dudley, "s23o, (*¥) reserved !
for directors at $j> ■ share, and approxi- ;
mately $75.0u0 additional has been reserved
for options by original subscribers. \v.. [
now have caM, In the bank, J50.0"): prom
issory notes, $60,000, and the balance, less
organization expense*, is represented by
Instalment subscriptions, payable nt the
rtte of li per cent a month, which art
liquidating themselves from month to
month. We have 1,700 agents appointed
who are ready to begin the writing of in
surance as Minn as v. complete our initial
capital and surplus
Sophomore.— What's the matter, old pal*
oil look Hick.
Senior.— l am fie!.. Just gon« through a
blamed serioua operation. Bad '»>' allow
once cut.- S'u» '
Yom Kippur To Be Observed in
Temples. Homes, Institutions.
The Day of Atonement, the holiest day in
the Jewish calendar, will be observed to
morrow in all the Jewish temples and
synagogues throughout the world. Like all
Jewish holidays. Yom Kippur. as it is
known amonj; the Jew* bep'ns and ends
at sunset, and the initial or Kol Xldra
services will be held this evening:
It will be the beginning of the tenth day
of the new year, on which, according to
the Mosaic law, the observant Jew is com
manded to "afflict his soul." This phrase
has for acs been interpreted as meaning
that ha shall fast, and thus Tom Kippur
has become known as the prcat fast day.
when from sunset to sunset no food or
drink may be taken.
In the orthodox pynapocue the services
will be continuous for twenty-four hours.
There the men. in onler to be reminded of
their mortality, will wear the shrouds and
sandals in which they will be buried. II is.
a day for wiping out old scores of dispute
and dissension, and. as explained by a
rabbi, "as we strive on that day to become at
one with our Maker and Writ* ourselves, so
we endeavor also to be reconciled with our
neighbors, to forjret and to forpiye. so that
we may betrin life over once more at one
and at peace with all the world."
In the various reform temples there will
be services this evening and twice to-mor
row—at 10 o'clock in the mnmine and 3
o'clock in the afternoon. Arrangements
have been made nt Ellis Island and at the
various city institutions where there are
Jewish inmates for the observance of the
Tht>rf is an element in the Jewish district
of th^- B which for years has shown
Its Jintacoiii-n: tfl the observance of the
fast day by arrancinp ♦•m.--:;iinments.
parades and dinners for ttue day. These
demonstrations bacn BTOWB lesa popular,
and probably will be tocouapfctuoua this
year, according to a statcaaeni by Abraham
Cabas, tha editor o* "Forward. 1- whs said
that these revolutionary uiimimaaU were
not countenanced or gncouraged b] any bt
ejanisatioß, f no
Controller Voices Awful Sus
picion at Hearing.
Commissioner Michael .T. Drummond of
the Department of <"harities. before the
Board of K-stini:.' yesterday to defend his
tentative budget for 1011. became so dl»-
Rusted that he said if some of the condi
tions that existed because of lack of money
were told by him it would make the mem
bers of the board ashamed of themselves.
Commissioner Drammond said that the
department was in such bad condition when
be entered it that he had to pledge his per
sonal credit in order to get coal. He said
the most of his efforts since taking control
of the department had been spent in in
creasing Its efficiency, rather than decreas
ing its expenses.
It was evident that the budcet commit
tee of the Board of Estimate had pone
through the Department of Charities with
a more or less fine toothed comb. Charles
S. Hervey. of the Department of Finance,
declared that there was one employe for
every nine inmates in institutions. To this
it was replied ttiat many of the employes
j:ot little or nothing, which was about all
they were worth, and that better work
could be done by paying better wages and
decreasing- the nun of employes.
Commissioner Drummond said he did not
p.-e how his tentative budget could be cut
10 per rent. Whereup Controller Prender
past started out to show how loosely thinsrs
were managed. He said that an inventory
made by investigators of the Finance De
partment had no: tallied at all with one
made by members of the Commissioner's
"According to our record you are fifty
pound; of prunes short," said the Con
troller. "Is it possible that some of the
inmates got four more prune? a day than
trey were entitle to?"
"What does that amount to?" snapped
Commissioner Drummond. "'U'hat is fifty
pounds of prune out of a total of sixty
thousand pounds, which is the amount we
handle every year?"
<'ontroller T'rendergast went on to read
items in which the department seemed to
be short, such as thirty pounds of butter,
three hundred dozen eggs and other com
modities. Commissioner - mmond sug
gested that the Controller's inventory might
be wrong.
Homer Folks, former Commissioner of
Charities, spoke up for the Commissioner,
declaring that no Commissioner could be
familiar with all the details of his depart
ment. He declared that the work of the
department would suffer if the budget was
rut 10 per cent.
Regarded as Probable Case Will Go to
the State Department.
A derision by Judge Blair ■••■ Jersey
City, in the case of Porter Charlton Is ex
pected by Prosecutor Garven to-morrow.
Charlton is in the Hudson County jail
awaiting the result of proceedings over
his extradition to Italy for trial for the
murde rof his wl'e at I^ake Como. In June,
which hi has confessed.
At the hearing on September 21 Judge
Blair refused to hear testimony concern
ing Charlton's sanity. R. Floyd Clarke, of
New York, and William J). Edwards, of
Jersey City, arjrued that Italy, by enacting
a law that no Italian citizen should be
extradited, had abrogated all extradition
obligations of this country, and they hav#»
since submitted briefs in support of this
contention to Judge Blair.
If .fudge Blair overrules this conten
tion, it is probable the. case will be certi
fied to Secretary Knox at Washington.
The legislative investigating committee
will hold no sessions rhia week, on account
of the Illness of ex-Senator Benn Conger,
who was to have l>een called as a witness.
M. I,inn Bruce, senior counsel of the com
mittee, said last night that Mr. Conner, who
is in a sanatorium, did not expect to be able
REPUBLIC d»d' Strew, n-ar Brastfwar.
KI.AU * EICLAXOER'S moi>r«"TlOX ' ■ .
• I»irrrli«iu Joseph Rrmkm _^\ nilltlon people have known
nrnrnp/i fir S?^«^« R^2K VU?:
nr nr ■ ifl Ilr lU) v mor " fr! - rrts ln thls «-n
luluuh ur gs»safia t ßs2
ouii!iicn vvi\ r h n ill „-■ .
!. Katt> Douptas "^"lffgln anil OJiarlotte TTionipson I J""" hanii tn. wcwl aprin^s nt
Founded «>n the ranu.ua Roascea Bnoka ) >?mpat >•
flni Auill '•"* i°-<lwnrdn* Son? llnni-.
IjULUniAL Lll Hawthorn. Mr* Card
** Ii»!ly Mat. aa^nar Cranr A- to.. otherr
all umnni ! Karno'a (.'ornedlana. B»ti
oLn AfnUilA <oote & <\v. I_*ilill.- ri!.T.
■** Daily Mat. .'.„ Mow .ird A North, other a.
Inn ir nr* **•■■ nr Bwav - Eve - **■*».
DILLuOLU Ma!» Thur.- and sat . L".:n
rmTtw .*mE CONCERT"
Katth JC l^oTto7> TSlurphy X MchoU.Ttim
SK»-lth « |-r.Mlor> I Murphy * < »•• Harry
rtt ««- s " Sl *'»«"" * *"■ Harry
TH AVt. ll«y. i «r*«-ii. Mark jfc Walker.
1 Innl vM j ' •••*» A .'.i>c. ' !:.i»aM» \ an A Ttertigy
IDURMr Ev.ry Ev. 8:1 ft. * Hat. Mat.. ;»:15
l>l \( !■ „,-r II »* t Ib 1 Mfr"
mi \ii:i iiip Mou»r Trap Ivjassasr."
to appear befor* the committee before a
week from to-day and a postponement «-on
sequently was taken until that time.
s»unrl--. «"7. "in***. 5:27; BK * "*"• UM:
moon's age. •■
M - tnnlt . 1 **1 1:54
Sandy U'»ok . ;".
Governor's Island i ;*J J*
Hell Oate -j _■ — - 1
Th« Adriatic, reported as Ol mi.** •••* '
Santfj- Hook at 6:45 a m yesterday, >- expected
to dock tomorrow rrtomlnx
liCHiKoßn*. reported a., southeast J** l **
Inland at 4:.T, p m yesterday. Is «•?► to
*±*$ r °T?et n^n reports « »V> mil. -«
aflaaatr Hook at ■•"■ yesterday, is expected to
°Thw a rallanza. *%£« a, « mil** «•"« «f
candy Hook at 1 ■'■>! B m yesterday, Is exited
to dock this afternoon.
icF^etxen . Chri^t?M«and. Oct I. Scan-Am
Norton 3»v!lle. B*|M 24
El Mont- Mil I Ilia, Oct 3. 7..,\r B
Manzanillo Guantanam. 'J*
Harcroft <***■ W -' -^ '
p.trr>l«in» - - -^
El valle Oaliawss Oct •-•.-• I a*..n
I mimiTa Liverpool. Ort » Ctowrt
•ObWen-B Jamaica. Oct « ;• " -^;._
•Adriatic Southampton. Oct G-«?»£W»j
Kansas City Swansea. *-pt Si BlW*
PtavanKeren Jamaica Oct »•-•-•■ „
Ant nie» New Orleans. Oct 8. ...So tar
ASyif Si^nnah-Savannah. Ort 10 - Sav»rv r.ah
Iroquala IsIBSIII- Oct 1" Cl>de
.* >xico -- Havana. Oct 11 r^
'-H-to^ Oct UP.
, AfmrranVeV K.n^ton. Ort
! Pan Marcos Ga!ve,tor.. Ort » £ vZ
I jtj 14 ... Galvestan. Oct 1 so t"ac
! "Erlnsts mail.
TO-DAY. . ,
Mat! OMI
Vessel For LJne. rioses. sails. I
Mauretania. Ltrerpi. Carat &£•>" ?:£«£
Majestic. Southampton. W s.il:3Oa m S.iOpm,
Par- Anna. Marseilles. Fabr* HiZ»2
Bluecher. Hamburg: Ham-Am — i^n^V,
Alice. Naplea. Austrian M^SS
r-oncho. Galveston. Mallory... 1-'<>P m|
Comancie. Jacksonville. Clyde l:ouj.m .
Ijl Ba- -1- Ha--- French... T:ortam Warn
p F* WUhebn Bremen. N'• X. £30*" 10:"> a m
Esperanza. Havana. Ward... ■"-• 1 " ]z:z :f *' m
Zacapa. Jamaica. VF Co . ft-tOam 12:£ m
Albinsia. HaTti. Hamb-Am . . 11 :00 a m l^P m
Oscar 11. ClulaHasssaiii S-A. 2:00 pm
Campanello. Rotterdam. • — —
Cof Columbus. «a- Say ,^ P
Sahiae. Bnawkk. Mallory.. — — l:W)pm
Bayamo. Tampiro. -Ward 12:0 ft ra
Arapahoe, JackscnviHe. Clyde -:«K> P =a
TVstlnatton and «eam«r. '"'<-.•» ln EC T. VM.
Tahiti Martju-saa, New Zealand.
Australia (via Jan Franc:*-...— _ ... . _
Marlpo»a Oct '■'• •■**
Japan. Korea. China, 'via Seattle) —
Red Till! - O=t 13. 6 - 30
Japan. Korea. (Titna. Pfei:tprln^« rrta
•Van-cir.T.- ■ Empress ol India Ot ♦. « 30 i
Hawaii 'via San Fran<-!sco>— Sierra. .Oct IT. 6:3 l» i
Japan. Korea. China. FhiMpplnes (via
San Francisco— Mongolia Oct — '• 8:30 ,
Port of New York, Tuesday October
11. 1910.
• rr:~ a
Steamer Canr.ania «Br>. Liverxwol Oct 4 aajl
Queenstown :. to the •■.-.- . Ba Co. Ltd. -with j
818 cabin and UXM «tp-ra«- passena^rn. mails
and rnr<«'- Arrived at th« Bar ■•■ t»:2t p m.
Steamer Homereus (Br>. Bu«nos Ayres August
2O and Montevideo 24. to li P Houston 4 Co. j
with mdre. ATlvrd at th» Bar a- I pm.
Steairer "fin naiixill (Bri. Ijondon P»rtemb<*r
•JS to Philip Ruprech:. la ballast. Arrived a:
th" Bar at 11:30 a ro.
Steamer caxonla ißrl. Boston October 10. ta <
Ike Cunard -- <•<>. Ltd. la ballast. Left Quar- ;
antine at 12:.?0 r> m.
Steamer Navahoe. Georgetown. S <*. October ?
and "Wiliriinsrton. N C. P. t.. tr^e Clyde Ss On.
•with passenpers and md?e. Paared in Quaraa- !
tirA at f> p m.
Steam»r Arapali"^. .la'-kyonviile Ort I and
Charleston ft. to tli*" Clyde Ps Co. irith pas»»n
gers and muse. Passed in Quarantine 3,1 2j|O i
p m.
t-teamer Jam«stnwn. N* > -wr" v rr Netr« as-! Nir
folk, to the Old PwnlulMß J-s ''■■), wfth pa«»»n
«rer«i and mdcc. Passed In Quarantine at 2:24
r ■
Steamer Ceara [tall 'Lfz^.orm f»pt»iubet J?.
••-»•-• 0. Catania 11. :.ip«!- 13. Valencia IT.
Denia IP. Almeria 24 aril fJibralrar 25. to Simp—
sen, Swnce & Younsr, with mdse. Arrived at
th" Bar at 1:13 r> m.
St»amer St I^aarent (TV). Bordeaux SerreTT.Nr
27 and r orunna 29. to th» ' 'orr.;>aifr!!» G^neral^
T>an»a*'= w-tth 4 raMa and 107 s:<v?ra(r<»
rayser.rers an'l radse. Arrived at the BSr ai
3:10 i> ia.
Bteaawn "oraara mi (Br). for r»raacbu^).
•tc; Ossa.t>a-«\ Galveston: ra-xr.e-. PhUadiiphla'
Seminole. Puerto Plata: Colon. Cristobal: City of
Atlanta. Savanna.-:; Princess Anne. Norfolk and
Vwimrt N'«*n-s; Apache. Charleston and Jack
Fonieaux. Oct 10— Mexico <TY>. N>» Tork.
Havre, Oct 10 — Ortfhu <Bn N- v Tork
Batavta. On — Clan Maclver (Er). %• Tork.
via Cmp* Town. *>tc.
Rio da Janeiro. O^t f»— -Voitairf* ißr). N»-w T^-k !
Adelaide. O<-t V> — Arg'r.iels <G»r>. Now York'
via St Vlnrent. C V, and F>»r".a- b«»?o-»
Hth, IVnirLflei,; ißr>. N»w York via Ht Vtn- i
o»=nt. C V. and Frpmantie.
Iwlasoa Bay. Oct rt— Pan*turn-. Or>. New York |
via c"ap»» Town. Mr
Ptrrt Natal. Ort II — Washiniron a^-r). N»tv Tork i
via Tenenfff .
Flsh«r:i- Oct 11. « rtS r m— Cam7«nla (Br). I
N^w Y'^rk f^" l-l^'^rp^o; carr-? r»roi > e« k <'te«l>.
Bremen. O-t 11. 7 a m— Kai3er W!lh»!ra TI <Ocr). !
New York via. Piymoush an.l Ch^rbourj;.
Gibraltar, (>rt 11. - a m— Koemeir Lui«# (Ger). i
New Tork for Naples and *je::osi (and pro- j
Barbad"?, Oct lft-OriM (Br>, Houtharnp»on via 1
St Michael? for Colon, etc. and New Tork.
Brisbane. Ort 11 — Anile Bolivian iHn. New Tork j
via St Vincent. C V, Vremar.tl-. Me.
Havn ■■■ lo— ."hifaKr. tFr>. New York.
Li«-shorr. Oct 1»V- Calabria iHri. New York
Gsaps Oct S— lie illia-I^i iltaw. New York vU
Marseille,. t>t 9— Venezla (Fr», New Tork vU j
Montevitl».x Ort li' — Frankby ; R-> NVw To-k
via NnrfoTk.
Naples. Oct lt> Oceania tltah. N»w Y»rk f>r
Calcutta. O.rt S— Walton Hall O?r). Bostoa and ■
New York
Napl»». Oct 10. 7 p m -Tacrmlna (ItaJ). from I
'■""■a f"" N— tv York and rh!?ad»!phia: 12 :
I« m. Kuro{« tltali. from Cre.nca. f;r New I
Marse!ll»s. Oct 7- Roma ( Fr). New York
Malta. Ocr 7— Utienfela (Ger>. frc.-n ( aicutta tor\
I'hlladelphia an] New York.
Pej-tin. rvt in_- St George ,Br). Manila vta Co
lombo for N«w York
Gibraltar. <"-t 1O -Senega .Br-. Hrnc Krr.g. »'r
for B-st"n and New York: 11th. Athfat !
(Greek). New York far Piraeus. Constantl- '■
nople. «»tc.
Isle of Wijrht. O<-t 11— Voltumo (Er). \^w York
for Rotterdam.
™ 1
1 ASTOR r'v 43thst - By S:IS Mat, v.v.i I
MO lUIli S«t.. --Mr.. Today Mat ..vv-«! S
= «u!k> SEVEN DAYS 1
UaUack'a. My. Tin. E\.S.t>.. M:VToda>~A ~?at : j
H. B. Warner -i- Jimmy valentine
4:d St.. nr. Wway. i THE MONKEY'S TAW"
I>AII.Y MAT. Sftc. ■Zlfrunor <Julm«-t. otttrry.
ft '-TV Theatre. E. 14th St. Kve. « Sat iaT
Ul 1 I -3c. 40c. 70c. $1. To-etaj Mat ".-.;:..•
Next Wrek. ItONTtiuMEKV A ST"VP
Now that College men art
grooming their team*, it's evi
dent once again that they don't
really wear the alleged ''college
They do wear just such
clothes as our youths' suits —
smart and up-to-date, hut never
extravagant in nit.
Three youths' models this
Fail (32 to 3.5 chest) $1G to
Open as usual to-day until 6.
Rogers Pm & Company
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren st- l?th st. ?4tb*
turn B'way * 40th Sr. K»«* n-.ix
tn.riliL Mats. To-day and Sar . 2:13.
JOHN DREW Q^- u^ Smith
LYCEUM 4^^ St - nr B'war. Eves. SJB.
LI WfcU Hi J!a:;nce Parurda- at 2.1 i
By th«» Author of Music of Th» An-a'iiasa.
ITfl T» Cn U TV«st 44th Ptre-t. Eve. 9.31
HUDSON Mat* T-la and S^t ia
B" T;nb*^t f-i*~>r an.! A-.-r.n. ''ha?ta.
CRITERION Mats To-day A- 2:&
CHAPXt? DILT.!NGHAM"S Evi ftt £3
CLO 5 E B»ay. Mat.n^a
ULvDIL 4«tU 5-. [Safy at 2:TI
I.lna Abarbanrll. wttl Ralph H--- ta
urui vnnk fn " wa " & 4r>th s: - r -« s - •^
nLu iUtln Ma*!rr»» Tf»-d3v. 3fc to SLBB
NEXT MO.\DAY **at* r^niorr«w
M«4tS.I I T—dav & fat. -T5
Irtf WPRPR'R KITTY «.OKDt»X :•>.
BWAV & 29 ?t :/4.L»i*lra VO ( LIVE •
Ma:. To-day. iw:th fHAS A. EIOELOW.
C«nrral Park "W -at. «2nd r~,-t St? To.- -«:m ■"oJ.
("Th«. Blno Bird for Ilappinna.")
Evn. S3i> Mat!n»ea T.-.-.iav v^ ?a:_:rt!jy. iili
MAMHATTAJV Ev. s:l-. iia: ?a:..2:tj.
'Pfcon<» 171-4 Murray Hi!'.. Prtcea J2 «• iic.
yjtU Cine Flute Player
Enrir- Blo^k. A" . 4.".d-44' v -. ?:s S.s *•
Daily Mativs B»st ><»ars S; i" 1
The ■.-.'.■ir-ii- Bai.it o! Ti. : : \fm
Haas) Cuy . *«.jjjr.' Eartnquaxe Circus Acts
Cnmrdr. 41. E.of F. y. Et> .!."». StTdy.StSO
Ntw American THE FAMILY "till .tOfiN
nay. iat rfimlLT wsj.-ti.et.
1.YR1C.4-.W.of By. E\.^:!i. Mt.T'cfy.St S-^.
ggL^me. Troubaacar agT
Dl— lIWJ "TH^TTt'T-T II Ev. "»:!.-.. Mat.Sat.
marie camill in the N»w JSushm! •' >t.-
DHatTa Th..r.3.H. r .^ y t»-,A v. c - 9-.30.
Mar To-.ia- 2:3tt FORBES- ROBERTSON
ln Th- » ■.-• - of th^ Thirti Floor Cat-k.
<\SI>O. E'- "& noth. Ev»> I.". Mi- Sat. 2! -.
caw OtHWAnU "» ur. r\>». from
Lot Fi^lrf!*' H^Tjild Sq..S'v * .*:.-, St Ev.' ti
lUritDrissltf _^
n .| V«C $1-30 Mat T.»lav. •_•:.-;.■> t; ■-, i r.i">
II \. Kr ' 4-d Str^- -t. W-sr o* Brrartw-iy.
Fve^ »:S0 V.,tt. UnTUpßßvjniMEi-k
xVm.ir w.sl.."<» laUinsn »rniop&caMXL.
Nisi- 39TH ST. Thwt ■ " !>th ' n * B-war.
n'lova • u3ID *•• Eva. <* :.lU. Mr.TrtT -«1 3'>
bfi \i A LAKI.F.n TUKVTKt KS
rirrle. B> * *Mh. EvVi.! M: T -*v. •_'.-. .-n «•
The r.r^«»t Urama MADAME X
of Mother !.ovo. *•• *• 6*>* IWi C JK
WEST END. l?."»th St. V. jrfl v- •• Ev»> 13
International Aviation
Belmont Park, Oct. 22 to n°>
rnrkin* spar*. Coses an.i K«— n »d S~»t»
run t«- hnd at
Room tin.'.. FIFTH .WE BIDG.
I»nOAI>WAT «n<J '-•"•'l *T.. or
\t tr\ of th»- I. railing: T'^k- - t «>?TV»»»
■ OKI lir.STK.%
/ Sut>*TivU i:>n ren»-*»-al now proitiv ssm; >
( >«>w 1-uhlM- ""uh-rf-tiptlun >twu.
Nr\[ »t.nni.»»
\rtvanc*» Sub»«Ttptt<>ii t >r<i->r^ now h*in
ncvticd by I.ouiion «'hartton. 31 *r . ♦ - ar
n-Kt» Hall. U rit» U<z i-r»-<p. «tu* *•%:::>:
fu!! Information.
i MtIKOI-KIII oru.% n«>i sz
\r\t •»»«uri!.i» Afternoon.
Imp. i:u»«t.»n Ballot & Orrheotra.
S#m Sttl* No* — l'ru-»s t:'..Ot» to r»(>c
" ».l Mill \l > HROW.
•Till'- \L.%l»l»l> •»» TIIK t».NnK\"
|> \«iitin"» limit Or, lir-ir:4 of I fan. f
Ma<llM»B square tiardfn. Oct. lU-.'l) Mr
H^.VUMKtt^TEIN'!* j Bfftlaßlancnr. Butt Fiaher.
K\«.UT»-.".0-T5-sl. Mason. Ke*>t«r jfc **o ,*."»?
r»;»'l\ M:t;s"s-.vi i ntval of Ko«e«. T other*.

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