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Upstalc Leaders Continue to
Express Confidence in Him.
Display Enthusiasm oa All Sides
and Prepare to Get Out*
the Vote.
TJcre county chairmen from upstate, with
excellent reports of conditions then, had
talks ■eassßwaV with Henry L- Stims<>n,
the Republican candidate for Governor, and
State Chairman Trenticc at itaws head
quarters. They all said that tn< Republi
can outlook mi good, and woul.l pet bet
ter as Mr. Sttansbn an 3 Theodore Boosevett
made their campaign -rips through the
Among those who Bsassef elate headquar
ters \rer« Arthur A. Bl well of Cayuga :
Assemblyman Seymour Lowrnan. of Ohe-
KSBCI ■ames P. nill, of Ohmsnro; Frank
P nay. of Erie; Chartei E. Xichc.la, of
Olrecne; Horace W Fitch, of Ontario;
<;ocrpe F. Gregg, of Orange; Harvey »T» T
■Donaldson, el Saratoga; Luther C War
ner, of Albany, and Ch3rles A. TVTctlns, of
State Chairman PrentSw aid that all
ir.e -jjptate iren arerei :iEs!ou?- to have ex-
Preaidest Rcorc-vdt tpeal: in tbtir counties.
They tell me." rai.s he. "they th« rwsssl
rnca are orgar.izlrig in Stimscn clubs and
"ortiins tor.BepratJlcan victorj' ir. a *«T
♦n~o-jr&£ii:p: f-?r.:on. I unflrrstana that
.-^ratosa Cour.tr. which vs.s not especially
wsttp for Hashes twe years ago. is hearti
ly for £tlrrfcoa. In Albany County they
«3l Mr. Bt&ason to make a speech bef ori
:h*- Cncnhflltlenal BeptibUcan Club th^ro.
TUt : Stan ka«* whether or ■•< •* can
x-rx-.Si Jcr it."
Roct CsMs on Prcnt«cr.
Senator Eii^- Root called on Mr. Prcn- j
: .c« ♦ cui-oa: &&& hJid a. ionr talk with |
hiir.. Mr. ricnticc spent a good part of ;
the '"ay tv. r->r.ferer.c* with sia-to commit- I
'":-rt*n ar.d cht-s at hcci Quarters and at j
-■••• UcpuMicun Club. Among hen with j
«rhtta he talked was S-peri:»tcn<3<jit Hotch-
Yz:*- ef the £'^.to lasuranco Department.
«too volunteer fed his services as « speaker
for Mr. Stlin»or.. He said that he would I
-.c p ia3 to for Mr. Stin^on, ss his i
♦Uct'on wo'jlJ giv<s atvjranco of continua- i
tion cf the Hushes type of administration. )
Mr. Bttarsao. at hit headquarter* at the
H-n- 1 . Mar.hatian, had a. stream of callers |
Controner C.ark Williams was one of hem, |
yir. wmiaas talked over the condition Of
•»ii 6 state Oepartnients with Mr. Etimson. :
Mr. Erirr-scm sain he m «ry ela3 to gel i
rucli an Jasight into the Ftcte's buEines&jir ,
7Jr. WillianiE wa* at"*e lo give him. ~Bx- |
Ooverrior G?orgc <Jart€r ; o? llr.wail, was at
Mr. Stlsisan'e headquarters yerterday, work- j
*.zs i'--T his friend ana classmate. Mr. j
Carter was on a trip arounfi the world
when 1' reached here at the time cf the
?ara. toga cor. v «r> t : on.
■: haven't any vote la this stats." said
be, but ITr. perfecOy glad to ■• anything
I c&n to help elect Harry BUmaim' Vv'hcre
fore he is at the Manhattan headquarters
working In every way he can to put Mr.
EUinsori into me Governor's chair.
Mr Stircson will speak at Earl lidl. Co
lunibia, to-dar st 3:30 p. m. before the
Republican stedtnts' organization. Job
i Hedres, Senator Erough an<i Assemblyman
I Murray will be other ■sjeafeen The candl
' date for Governor will visit Brooklyn to
morrow. speak:rc; to the district leaders
fn t!;e afternoon and the Young Republi
can Cm* in th© men tag Also he will J
f; peak before the West Side Republican j
<-Jub, Manhattan, In the events*. On Fri
day he will speak at tho Carn^cie l?all J
rneetinc, anJ at the meeting in the Acad- j
*-rr.y of Music, Brooklyn. ,
. Frrrr:ae? p' Suprort
■ <r. ar.'
John IJtTTT"H»'"rii<-,Tnl— Please accfPt ray
I'iiti^t oortßra;u;a:;'jaK upon your nvnu
natfoa at >cra.i«i;< rxnj my btrt wlaSieß for
3-our ru-w-ss. i have been feeling Quite
newlmteUc over Ihe sitsaticn «•" New or\
Stale t'tit" :n vl«-v.- of your nomination U
uceaa x» me tha: the prospects i are
• r<l 1 know of no one t. ho vxnsld he- a net
:^r atandard Learer for tiic sen than your-
b CTOCTenor A:tcrh;;:y-My contra) ulat'.on^
■ aj-d oae vote! The latter, I am frank to
ms nrtjrtit have n< no to a rofni Democratic
■ fcriiida.tr *< they i.adnt smashed «!'<• iixa
« btne »iid ;iicki ,1 y.u.
• •'} troller Clai* KTllUanw— Xtta* m«- heart
ily to eontratulate y>u upon yocr nomina
tes Cor G«n«njor *■' the Ssaic of New Vcru.
Beeaoae <.-t my deep Interest for ir.c- last
4>-,....4 >-„... , ; -v> -ti j.iit;sr.s '.-«iu.e.i tt-i v M.rt <!;<•
artmtoirtrstlon of the ?oat.: s<v.crnm«Bt i
„i,, v .( Th;;t >n •.'.•-.»! t iiV o f»CCCSW>r «<< <»'A
»vcnor H \r,.-iif> hag been cbo«3i for this bl«u
;.\VTjII tawmiedso experience I have
nafcWl ir. iho public eercJc* ai-e at your
.■■•• ■■f.'-c.l. and I lra»i y<ra v. ill reel fr-;- r "
.»■■ ■.;•-.!. mi- at any ttnw i? t naav be <»i t««
>ast :..-:•■' -ir.ee. I >"< H o3r.iAi.-iit «f ivur
■ )■ "-• 'I! No 1 . /
KertK-Tt A. Bhcnnaß— l war.t to c-ntratu
'%t. v<>a o»i your uom!r«Uioa for t*oY<rrpor.
- ..-• aT*> ■■'■' r enly msax that Uw Repuoilcan
r*«^ o<.uld j^^ifc!-- #i^-t this fall.
' r> Kow^t <?ranl— l an«cipaied wltlJ a
ir-ut <l<^! of upure»icns4«i \h.- racoesf of
•;»* DcnjocraUc ilckn v.r.- fa.V. »m.ii I
,^.,-n*,; ..f u« favorable action of the KO-
T-iS.:rir:- C!iv<r.UiT.
Dr '\ '>> Briasroad*'^! am btaxtflv *»ta
• ... -:• iMr f-z'm ;•::•] happF ; " '■<" a -" c '•*
rrt« ihe IlepnWlcan tirlcrt aireln.
Joba J UmSOsxd -.-'io Ir 1595 wa«- th«
Demoerstio-Xaaepesdfsce l^apu-3 candi
flate ior •""ongrvz?. in \l»o T/.l: Consresa
T'itlrict. h^s con.t- out ?<*• -•-"• SUmson.
:»> ktter "3 U:yl C Grtscora; pixaldent
«.f ♦Sf- >C;v. Trrk Count r T»«--;.u.-j!l«a.:i Ccm
mlttee! M r . n.!*liF»i say« that in the
Trust erses fend 'li* Indictment of the Feet'
TruF? oficials ;i.c RepahUcans have shown
-»v r ;, fie-tire to trca: Use crtininnl rich just
«> ::-;. wjM any ordinary mortal. He
- r.lf belief m the dlrtrt nombxatlonfi
*ioctrln»-. Kit hi« dbtroat of th<- Ftf moi rati'.
•• *rsioii of Jiroct roramations. Said he:
I <io not believe in tho protestation of
»';«! Democratic loa<i"rs on the question of
' [red nomtafttlens, fr-r if they were stocere
■- them, why d)d Jh<-y Instruct their S«>n
atora *o vote the measure, vnlca
they d;^ bust sxar ! )% . the !> jrlslrtiiro?
R'.-f cm for Support" - 1 ' Gtimson.
'♦"o-diij' »hrre is r.o djffrnrn*** N'tw'T a
tr-iit J.cpa^iicari and a tru«t Denocrat.
To-day tl;< r ji 1* no ♦■lirtinrtion I^-twef-i a
-»dical >:^T"'> 1 1iciin und a rcdWi D:;.io
• rat. And a.^ ihe three, parties of tfils state
Tio^.' arti'ocat»' rri»»aKiiri.s uhi'n. if they '>•'—
come la'?', i.:*' radl.-al ♦■nou^Ji to <orr«-ft
»iur j>r»-sent political I'nd f-onoml: <-onci
tJons. 1 have mad> up my miii<l to rapport
a man vho hss achieved something for the
'xramon f,ro]Av <f thit* country.
So. i<j- these reasons. I Inteod to support
tlie cindl4«cy of Mr. Stimson for Govetnor
jind ire t!'V(-t uhi^-h Ji«- li<-ads. for ! feel
that Jf elected, tbft (t •*■'.;; be for th** best
Inten-ft? < f t!ie people of our >tat^.
A ProgresslTe Repahttcan dab has bc^n
f<!rni"*! in the 18th StnaU District to work
Jor direct ncrr.iiiatio?;?- und other progres^
sjsa aaffJcisk This district Includes tbe
25th. 17th and 29th Aeaembly districts. Tbe
lollowlng are the incoriK-.ratort: Albert C
PltSlSps. William JJt-rp, Ernest <;. Uuiiinp
ton, Wiliv B. Davis, lv.ilip J{. L»!!ion.
Ceor;;«- A. Kerris. i:o''*-rt P. J^ewi-, Colin
W. Maclx'rjnari, Prederlck JI. NichoJs. x Gil
>»ert E. Hoo and J. Douglas Wclinor*.
"Jii'jr statnmait says;
Xbeae Tnti: i.r«- ct pre;-.i:;t rictive i<-na<-rs
in the direct primary or{-i;n ix.it ion of tho
ttirw AKwniblv diMr)*-ts sn \l.r- S^nat- : div
irict nan°ie>l. Ti«?y Ith the t.trifs h»»<l «om«>
•a siv..- CerclUe 'xptweslaa of ihr Pr<>grc>
t\\i. RepubUcasSsni of tre oppcr W«*t Ki<!A
-f is£.ri£Uitu».ri. Tr.t ■'st h ornate District
.►»}• Itsn e«il*<? the "GiiTaluir of Repuftll
'inirrp c* Mfrn^att^n." While tJ:«; JJ^•tra£:c
'.mtlZtei c? its <JectoT».ts Is- a h;gh as th&t
' ; z.Tty Sct;j.Lc or Cur-i-Tft*; tistiict i ; i
»fift TJtlttS bzt-.vs.. r.e-.-»rtiie:ei» the party
r-tcJintry *<-~ S'Cixs h3» "o*i:n in the hiccs
z-f t'ztt lexfifcrs *s Ahrzhzzr. Gmbtr. ■who
.-•v* ■ctti tittr po »cr ier t:re ; r owp pcr
ecr* 1 • >-«« &■?.£ havo nor rtpriitnied
tins n».^-p-y c' the voters. oi tfc* pmy ir>
tj; fc . • . The tillovlns is the forar.fel
-•ite-.' - 1 cZ ttt purp^Jft cf the r«^/ or
rtt:; •• '
rzt» o«"tct cf iHi d'-S s"' 1 - ""* '- r ' h ~ IT 'Z
tbt-t ifca nCtziiLTi of Progreowe Rcpuh
lici- pc;:cit£ 'ay the regular party crcarji
'*!■ Irn.CT>A *n .hia. and tO MA tOT th*»d«-
EtrucUon of all corrupt practices » nd , /",;,s_
ods in politics ann for the defeat <JT
constituted party dictatorship and for t™
direct control of party affairs by |h« ££>
voters, and also to promote eoclai » nur
course among the members."
Plans Renomination of All Tam
many Congressmen.
Charles F. Murphy has decided to follow
up his renomination of Thomas F. Grady
for the Senate by the renomlnatk'n for
Congress of the t>vti who voted for the
Cannon rutai In Osaajreae. That la, it m
understood iliat all the present Tammany
delegation, with tli<> exception of Joseph A.
GouUexU will be rcnominatcd at the con
ventions to be heM to-morrow night.
Thst the Tamm-iny "boss" has decided to
run these men again is another evidence of
hla confidence in the ability of the Demo
crats d put through almost anything this
year. Some time ajro William Randolph
Hearst announced that he would do every;
thinar in his power to encompass the defeat
of these men. At that time Mr. Murphy"
bepan to oai t about for other candidates-
It was Kcncrally understood a month aBO
that mo=t of the aid men would be retired.
Now. however. Mr. Murphy appear? to
have lost hi? fear of Mr. Hearst.
TLc ■MB who ar«* to be renomtnated. ' r
the ■am arc not upset before to-morrow
nieht are Daniel J. Blordan In the •»
District: Henry M. Goldfogle. In the am;
William Buiser. in the 10th: Charles V.
Foraes. in the nth; Michael F. Conroy. in
the Iftfc. and Francis Burton Harrison, m
the th.
Senator QBaOr was .anxious to leave the
Senate this year and bo to Congress. It
Vad been arranged that be should be nomi
nal fd hi place of Congressman Convoy.
hut at the last minute Mr. Murphy told
the Senator that Tammany reeded him
■Mrs In Albany. John V. Coggcy had an
ambition to go to Congress and was look
ir.p to .succor d Conroy, but he m turn<-.l
The T!CTnir.-»tior. to succeed Congressman
Goulden In The Bros* apparently will go
to Senator George M. S. Permits or William
E Morru. leader or the Ssth Assembly
District. It has been decided to nominate
Mr.Jor Henry Dc Witt Hamilton to oppose
Congressman Parsons. He is I lawyer at
No. M Broadway.
Franklin Leonard, jr.. a lawyer, of No.
■ Broad .-met, declares he believes he can
teat Congressman -William B. Bcnnet In
the [Itli District. He wants to try It
meads c: Henry George. jr.. are making
a hard fight to Becure the nomination for
Mm. They ray he- could pet the tndc
pesdenco "League indorsement and would
stand an excellent chance '■■ victory
Senator Sullivan Says Friends Insisted
on His Running Again.
Senator Timothy D. Sullivan was renomi
natedTet the adjourned convention of the
12th Senatorial District, which was h<M
test Bight in the Sullivan club, at No S"7
In the course of a talk to his constitu
ents the Senator announced that he was
in favor of obliging th- suffragists and
submitting the question of woman suffrage
to the referendum.
i The Stnaior also said that he was at
first uncertain about accepting ■ renomina-
Itlcn. but Ms friends prevailed upon him
to accept another term.
■ The Dominating speech was nisfle by
! Israel Cohen, who. it was said, after sup
port in? W. K. Hearst tor three year?, had
returned to the Sullivan fold.
Relations Between Nicaragua and
Ccsta Rica Are Threatened.
Managua, Nicaragua, Oct. U.-Tho re
lations between Nicaragua and Costa R!<-a
rue threatened. Provisional President B<b
i-ad.. tia-s refused 10 rccoa-niz<- the appoint
ment of Panylapua Prcido as fudare of the
Central American Court of Justice at Car
tago, who was named to replace Dr. htadrta
a.s Nicaragua's representative .when Ma
.; iz : became President of the republic.
"Fivsident Estrada has put fonvard ills
ov.-n appointee, whom Costa Rica refuses
to rocojrnizp until approved by the unani
mous vote oT the court, according Jo the
stipulations of the treaty of Washington.
Protest Against Independence League
Accepting Republican Nominees.
Albany. Oct. Ill—Protests were filed to
day ■Mth the Secretary of State by Patrick
]■;." Callahan and William E. Hagarty
against the recognition of the indorse
ment l>y the Independence ',«;. •>:«■ Of the
Republican, nominations in Kins*? County
cf Supreme Court Justices Garretson and
Putnam. The petitioners contend that the
Indorsement is in violation of Section 134
of 11"-* election law. which they hold pro
hibits the Indorsement of the candidate*
of another party except a original con
vention nominations.
The Independence as*wei contend
that the Indorsements of the- Republican
candidates art- really ori,eir>i:l nominations.
tire- committee jiakinp: them ''.vine; l*»en
empowered Lo do so by the convention.
Fecrctary Koenlg will rive a hearing on
tho protect at has office in New York on
October 17. •
Washington, Oct. I Lf— Ex-Senator .'.aim-
\ H. Berry, of Arkansas, was appointed by
i President Tuft to-day commissioner m
j charge of the marking Of the f;riive.= of
[Confederate soldiers and pallors 'who died
j:n JCorthem prisons In the Civil War. II«
! will f.ll the vacancy caused by the death
[of Oeaeral William C Oates. of Alabama.
.Senator Bfrry was a colonel In the Con
f«:»i«:Ti»tc air;';-
At the RepuhUc/ui (invention of the n^t
I>i.-Lrict. heM last night at No. MQ
Third av«nue, John '^. Dnrcsyne, the pres
ent Assemblyman (or the SM Assembly Dto
trjst, v. i-b nominated lor Senator by ac
DrmocratK of tho 23st •• aata District, in
convention at No. Ml Wiiii- avenue. The
Bronx, m*t aicht rsnoonaatsd Stephen J.
BtilweO. a lawyer, for the Senate.
In tho — 'i Dl*trlct v,..i.«... .;. Drissin. a
ikuycr, of No. :i) Nassau street, was ncmi
Tho Richmond County Uemocratic Con
vention, held last night at, s"!.'i|ii<-to!i, Staten
jj»i*i<ii. unai)inio«;{>iy nominated Albert B.
Fach for District Attorney and William A.
Shorn for the M-scinL.lv.
Fourth Massachusetts District— William
[11. Wilder. Gardner .it.pj.
! Kighth Massachusetts District— Kamu«l W.
McCalL Republican wrtnated).
lloch«»ter. Oct. 11.— The forty-sixth Sena
torial Republican Convention nominated
'■ Wili'.ptn L. Ormroid, of Itiira, for tbe Seriate
I to-day.
' *John E. Anorus. who hi running for r<v
i election to Osngnaat in the rockers I>lsi
'tnct, wa* Indorsed by the Independence
| League yesterday, ilr. Andrus it the Re
publican cßncid*i«. He ie reputed to be the
j'wfc&lthiest man in GonjaTasmj hl£ fortune hi
; jar * c :irru»tftd between ttt.066.060 und |SO.«
j Andnu l£ « itror.j tupportT ot Cannon
i ;n cor.?re;.» and a <3tf£a'i£r of t!i< Payn-i
.•Jdrich tariff \-f He ha» aesß sa Con.
1 cxexi. for ttre* i>.r m*.
NEW-YORR I>MI.V TWBUNE, xVKI^KSDvv, ()( T onFn_ 1-
Forest Fii^s Swept Over an
Arra of 2.500 Square Miles.
Work of Bureins; the Dead and
Caring- for Homeless — Guards
Patrol Burned Towns.
Washlnston. Oct. 11.— Forefiter Graves to
day received the following telegraphic re
port from Supervisor Marshall, of the For
est Service at Cass bake, concerning the.
forest fire situation In Minnesota:
"Itcnorts to-day give one thousand burned
and missing. The area burned is estimated
to be 2,500 square miles. Fires still burn
inK Situation in this forest well in hand."
Another serious forest fire has broken out
on the public domain, according to advices
reaching the Forest Service to-night, and
is sweeping Biff Chief Mountain, in Colo
rado. Fanned by a high wind, the flam*?
are «aid to be advancing rapidly. Officials
of the Forest Service are not certain as to
the number of settlers within or adjacent
to the fire zone, tot have telegraphed for
Rainy River. On-.. Oct. n.~J. A. Matliieu.
manager of the Rainy River lumber in
dustry, to-day estimated that one hun
dred lives have been lost in the forest flrts
in this section. He placta the total finan
cial Jots at about £,000,000.
Th.> fire is well under control in the
Rainy River and International Falls dis
tricts. The work of feeding and housing
the refugees is taking up tho attention of
every ore. There are thirty dead in the
morgue here, and nearly as many more
have been taken south of the line to Du
Relief is arriving for the stricken people
of Baudette, Spdoner and the Rainy Rlv«r
district. First to come to the assistance
of the people *as Fort Frances, Ont., with
1300 cash. Six carloads of supplies have
At various points In the forest fire zone
between Warroad. Minn., and Rainy River
reports to fire rangers indicate 139 bodies
located. Of thtse. ninety have been recov
ered, but only sixty identified.
Worst Danger Is Pawed,
While fires can be sern to the east and
southeast, their progress is not dangreroua
to human life.
Five nurses, a doctor, fifty cots and pro
vision? have reached here from Winnipeg.
I^ast night the streets of Rainy River were
patrolled by sixty armed guards
The burned area is at least thirty-six
miles wide, and many of the settlers are
new to the country and comparatively un
known locally. Much of this land was
thrown open to homestead entry this sum
mer, and many of the settlers have gone in
far beyond the roads where they had only
a path to reach their place. It may be
months before they are discovered, and
some of them may never be found. Trees
have fallen in a tangle, co that it is al
most lmDcssible to travel any distance with
any kind of a burden, and a sick or injured
man could net help himself.
Warroad. Minn.. Oct. 11.— The wind in
creased to-day, blowing en! the lake and
drivine the fne back over the burned area.
There is no dancer here, but Roosevelt is
seriously threatened.
Z;pple, on the Lake of the Woods, is in
hard straits, and many families are desti
tute. Clear River is burned. The reads are
all blocked and it is impossible to get de
tails. There is a bad fire at Cedar Bend.
Saiol was saved, but many persons are
destitute. Longworth, which was threat
ened yesterday, did not burn. Nine bodies
were taken out of the woods at Cedar Spur.
Baudette Under Martial Law.
Baudette, although mostly burned to-day,
was declared under martial law. Captain
; it. of Bemidjl, la In charge, with a com
pany of national guardsmen. The remnant
of Baudette ia in a panic. Several hundred
refugees are cared for in "nts and in the
remaining bouses of Baudette and Spooner.
A carload of clothing and provisions
niched i-iaudeito to-day, and more supplies
ere on the way. Thus far twenty -eight
bodies have been buried at Baud, All
j -Acre in the woods south of the town.
Others are known to be miming. There Ii
no danger of further loss of life and prop
erty around Baudette, as the country has
i been burned over.
The l>odies of the victims of th? tiro are
tak--n Into towns hi farm wagons, placed
In wooden boxes and burled in ono long
trench. Each family is placed in a square
box and a wooden identification board is
pla«:ed over tii" spot.
To-day .1 homesteader, nearly starved and
almost exhausted, was brought in from a
distance of ?'.x mile?. r Th* man was
burned and was almost naked. He was tin
able to talk. He had been i: Ing in thy mud
of a creek since Friday.
Demldjt, Minn. Oct. -"Minnesota has
i;. ■'. a ghastly lesson.*' .«aid Governor Eber
hard 10-day. "The losa of life appalls one,
while, as a lesson in iinancc. the property
loss, the destruction wrought in our forests,
will stand as a convincing argument when
th • Legislature rn-eta next January.
"The loss nistamed In the present dis
aster is man than enough to have Insured
proper fire protection for the entire State
of Minnesota for the next fifteen years."
Governor Bberhard passed through Be
midji to-day In ■ specla.l train, and with
him tw<- car* of provisions and twenty
eight aUHthunen, who are going to help
keep order and distribute supplies.
Testimony Therein To Be Taker, in
Paris. Mexico and Cuba.
Justice Putnam, of the Supreme Court,
granted requests for oommlsalona to take
testimony abroad in a suit against William
.V!, r ChanK-r by Mrs. Henry J. Brennan,
of Carbondalo. P<nn.
According to the plaintiff, Mr. Chanter
agreed to pay her husband $10,000 for his
aid in securing each of two contracts la
Tampico, Mexico. Th« plaintiff alleges
that though Ohanler got both contracts
he said the $10,000 tor only one of them,
asserting that Brenaan didn't help him In
getting the second. Brennan has assigned
the claim to sis wife. Chanter has sublet
tho contract in question to one i>;uii<: H.
Campbell, who will be examined in Tam
pico. Mr. Chanler himself will be examined
in Paris, and another witness In Cuba.
jaeob Brenner, chairman of th* Republi
can Kx'-cutiv" Committee <i EClngs County,
aaneunosd restarday ihnt Ttmotb) L.
Woodruff wouM preside ;tt tt><- Ettunson
„,,,,,,, • v evening In the Brooklyn
tcademv of Music, when the candidate for
Oovemor s]»;.k. Other ipfalMiri will
b<> James W. Wadsworth, Jr., Speaker ut
»he aas»a*hlr: Wllluun ii. Kotohlrlai. Htato
Bssjsrtntandenl ol Lnsuraaoe, cn<i Job
Hedges. The meettog premise! to be one
„{ ;;,, : .,:. ' • iblican ralii 1 : h< id m
King? <9U ■' !: ' '''•'■ " r ' " r
Norman a» Mack, chairman of the Dem
ocratic National Comrnittoa, called on
Mayor Qaynor yesterday. He declared
later that there was not a particle of poli
tics Jr» n!s visit and that be ha'i called
solely for the purpofe of r.itrod'cing Sen
ator Culbersen Colonel B. M. Jo'.jn&on and
L. m" Howe*, all of Tcr.as. Among tba
.-.the Writers it ihf> Mayor's office ivara
.Tame* CreeUßAa and Richard llardtns
"My policies"
Are bound to please,
No matter who
Ycur nominees.
With platform right
Let all unite
And vole for Road
of Anthracite.
I Iq p & a w /i nri/in ri/i i
Justice Bijur Restrains Enforce
ment of the New Law.
Court Holds That Distinction on
Grounds of Wealth Is Wrong
in Principle.
Justice Bijur. of the Supreme Court, de
cided yesterday that the new state banking
law which went into «teet on September 1
was unconstitutional 'nd granted tn*» in
junction prayed for in the test case, restrain
ing Attorney G-neral O'Malley from taking
any steps for the enforcement of the law.
State Controller Williams. District Attor
ney Whitman and Police Commissioner
Baker are similarly restrained.
The proceeding to test the validity of the
new law was brought by James L/ee, a cut o
broker, who was also acting for otner
brokers whom the law affects.
The statute makes It a misdemeanor for
any one to receive money for deposit or
for transmission without a license troni the
State Controller. The same provision ap
piles to any other violation of the law.
The Issuance of this license lies in the
discretion of the Controller, which Justice
B'.Jur holds to be arbitrary discretion. The
applicant for a license is required to de
posit with the Controller cash or securities
to the amount of JIO.OOO, to furnish a bond
cf from 51i>,000 to $50,000 and to file a state
ment of assets and liabilities. Trie taw
further Imposes a penalty of 5100 a day
for failure to file reports as required by
th«« act. There were Bye clauses exempted
from th« operation of the law. One of
these classes exempted were the bankers
of cities of the first class who deposited a
bond of 5100.000.
One of the petitioner's contentions was
that trie law was In violation or the Con
stitution Of the United States in that It
deprived persons of their property without
due process of law. It was further con
tended that the act exceeded the police
power of the state and on-sited arbitrary
classifications, and that the discretion with
which the Controller was vested was arbi
trary and therefore unconstitutional Jus
tice Bijur quotes several decisions in sup
port of his opinion, and agrees that the
banking busmess should be regulated under
the general police power, but disapproves
of the distinctions made by the new law.
He says, on this point: "in the nrst
place, it Is to be noted that the statute dis
tinguishes between persona of different de
grees of wealth in that the conduct of the
business Is restricted substantially to per
sons who have a .minimum of $20,000 rather
than to persons of approved probity or
sound judgment, and that a person who
can procure a bond of $I<W,OOO may remove
himself from the restraints ot the act.
This In aciovel standard in our legislation."
Boy's Skull Fractured — High School
Football Player Held. >
John Grohs, halfback of the De Witt
Clinton High School football team, waa
held in $£ t ooo brill for examination on
Thursday morning In the West Bide court
by Magistrate Iferb^rc yesterday. He is
charged with felonious assault. The victim
of tho assault— which was practically un
accident — John I'lynn, twelve years
>•]■}. of No. 539 West 68th street.
There baa been constdetmbl* feeling be
fVcen tli« boys of the high school and the
boys of the neighborhood as to the right to
play in a large vacant lot opposite the
scboool. On Monday afternoon the foot
ball players were stoned .severcl times by
the other lads. The players returned the
tire, Grohs using a half brick. It hit young
I'lynn. who was K"Jng to a neighboring
druggist on an errand. His skull was
fractured. At Roosevelt Hospital, where
hs v.:. operated, upon, it was said yester*
day afternoon thru be was in n<» danger
of dying.
Boston, Oct ii. As three naval pr: »ners
who complained of toothache \.ir* being
taken out of tho Chartestowa Navy Yard
tu-ni-'ht to visit ;i dentist, th<-\- turned upon
their guard. Private Bowser, and after
beating him took awaj t.is mtilotm i-.nd
revolver. (
Edward Fitxgerjld, <iiu- ol th»- prisoners,
donn<d the ■ . • « . r . r.■ t .• . and '- » it I > th< revolver
tield u;> i.. sentry »it the gats and made
|,M escape. The other i\\» prisoners w«r<
captured In the yard. Kitsgerald had
served three months >>i a three-year term
for fraudult nt enlistment
• •nts-kiil, N. V., Oct 11. -J. l><wls I'sitr!"
rasjonunatsd, f or tbe Assembly at thi
Oraenc Cownt» Democratic convention held
at « -aire ts-da]
BaUston, S. V Oet U.— The Saratoga
County Demticrad' Convention to-day nom
inated William L>. Martin, ol Saratoga
Springs, i'>r ih' Assembl:
Homo, N. V., Oct. 11.— At Clinton to-day
thy 2d District Republican Assembly Con
vention of Onelda County renominated Her.
haft B. Alien, cf Clinton, for member of
rtochoßter. Oct. 11.— :.t!i Assembly
District Republican Convention of Monro*
to-day nominated William J. Key*, of
ScottHville.' for the Assembly.
John I. Donovan, of Mount Morris, "*ras
rhos-rn by the Democrats of Livingston
County at Caledonia to-day to run for mem
bar of Ajwembly,... ,
Broadway, Ccr. Well St 503 Fu.ton St.
Broadway, Cor. Howard St.
Broadway, Cor. 28U» St. NEWARK:
Broadway, Cor. 40th 5:. Broad & Market M-;
Huppuch and Assistants Put 24
Men Through Course of Sprouts,
Judge Parker /to Speak Often
' More Money in Sight than j
Usual — Planning Big Rally.
Twenty-four of the sixty Democratic j
county chairmen were put over the Jumps
yesterday at the Hoffman House, First
they were talcen in hand by Winfleld A.
Huppuch. the hustling and energetic state J
chairman. Aft* r he had put them through |
■ course of sprouts, the division com- j
manders In the campaign were taken in j
hand by Arthur McLean, the treasurer. Be- \
fore they were allowed to escape they had j
to have a session with Congressman Fran- i
cis Burton Harrison, chairman of the I
speakers* bureau. ■
Norman E. Mack, chairman of the na- :
tional committee, and Charles F. Murphy. J
the battle scarred veteran of Tammany j
Hall, were on hand to drill the upstate i
men in various manoeuvres and in tactics.
Each chairman was quizzed regarding the |
conditions in his district. He was asked j
what candidates he thought he could elect,
what the drift seemed to be, and what j
issues seemed to be of the most vital Inter- j
est In his secti6n.
Chairman Huppuch dwelt at some length |
on the necessity for a thorough and a-cu- ■
rate canvass, and asked that It be sent to
him not later than next Wednesday. He I
Impressed upon the chairman the necessity !
of getting out the registration in those
districts where It is required, and of arous- !
ing the Democrats to enthusiastic work.
Mr. McLean Talked Money. j
i Mr. McLean talked money matters to the
chairmen. He asked each man first whether I
ho thought he could raise any money for j
: the general fund. The answers he received i
to this question were not encouraging, and ,
It looks as thouch most of the money wHI J
have to come from Wall Street. The usual j
reply was that the chairman could not raise j
anything, but would very much like to have
a nice frit contribution from the coffers of ;
the state committee.
Not. was made of the amount each j
wanted, and these requests will bi filled so .
far as possible. The Democrats expect to j
havo more money to use In this campaign j
than for many >< *»o n year.
Congressman Harrison's conference with ;
1 the chairmen was regarding the speakers i
wanted in each district. Judge Alton B. j
Parker la to be reserved to follow up,
Theodore Roosevelt, so far as possible, but j
1 other speakers will be available to send on
! special missions throughout tha shite
"1 have been much encouraged with what t
I have heard to-day, said Chanaaa Hup- |
piich Just before he took a train for Thorn- j
son last nit;ht. "John A. Dix as stale j
chairman rmrt got acquainted with the j
leaden In the various districts, but there ,
were many whom I did not know person- j
ally. All brought the same — that
f i,^ r were many Basaihllcaaa who were
going to vote for Dix, but no Democrat* ;
who would bolt the ticket, so far as they ;
bad been able to learn. This la going to i
be a red hot canspalgn so far as we arc
concerned." I
Notification To-day.
Innan Huppocb l^ft for Thomson at
. ,m o'clock. Others who •:<> to the notifi
cation there to-day wffl travel oa Ifce Etn
pire State express u>: ; moramg. The
New V'tU Central has put on a special rar
for Charles F. Murphy and his friends,
Bomethtes they rarely do for any <>n.- on
the Empire. In addition v> Mr. Murphy,
J. Sergeant Cram, Philip Donohue. Daaiel
F. CohaJan and SlehohM J. Hayes v.iii he
)n the party.
Th.- conferenoea yesterday were neld ut
the HulTnmn Hones, on account of the
cramped conditions in stat* headojuartars
In Wast Mtfa .«trt-et. The corridors of the
hotel were Riled wliii poltticJajis. Among
them were John A. Bcnsel, candidate for
Stat«- K";:!ll»OV.
The Democratic State Ix-aisrue decided yes
terday to hold ix MS rally in Carnegie Hall
on October 2* They hope to induce Mr.
Dlx to speak at this time, in spite of his de
sire not to appear ben 01 the stump.
Woodrow Wilson, candidate for Governor
In New Jersey: Martin W. Uttleton, Bd
ward m. Bhepard and Judge Parker are
others on the tentative list of speakers.
Judge Parker has notified the State Com
mittee that he la prepared to meet any de
mands that may be made on him in the
speech-making line, up to an average of
two talks a day.
it .mis suggested yesterdai thai Charles
v. Tounc former president of the Repub
lican Club, whose aversion t<> Mr. Roosevelt
ulted n .*:! s boWn#j the Repebßeaa
ticket mlghl be » stroßi •* r «i nl Urn Carme-
Klc Hal] rally. It was not known lust night
Whether or not he would ronwnt to »p«ak.
Washington. Oct. 11.— A revision of the
o,ii4rantlii» regulations of the government,
with a view to meeting new requirements
of the service, is in progress at the Treas
ury Department. Tho principal chango la
i a modification of the mosquito :on« where
;by th*> ip*.t»l restriction* imposed under
! the old regulations guardins against the
i entry of yellow fever it Norfolk. -port
i News and Portsmouth. Vs., from April 1
I to November I, are Changed to be tn force
Xrom May 14 to October I.
Directly on the Interborough Subway Eight Car Lines Each Way to Stor
. At $MLM!Awz
p f S>w York, October 12. 1910.
We Would Sell an Overcoat to
the Weatherman Himself if
He Were to Come This
Ideal weather for business or play—
for riding or walking.
Certainly ideal LIGHT-WEIGHT
Certainly ideal overcoats Jo match it!
Whether the man choose ore of the
dressy black or Oxford coats, cr a fancy
coat in cheviot, worsted or cassimere,
or one of those stylish, distinctive Eng
lish topcoats, or a cravenetted coat for
damp days, he will leave the Wana
maker Store for Men
as to style and with a few dollars in his
pockets that he may check up as "saved this <?? ay/a y / ' unsur
passed showing of aU-wool fabrics, hand-tailored, fashioned after
passed They are of all-wool fabrics, hand-tailored, fashioned a:ter
our exclusive models. _ ~~r»g^
■ A bolter jcrade. Bcr S e cr!-lk-linM M-
Far •
En*Hrt top coats. HiHs I «•'' a ' -
Scotch mlatoref - . ' • ' ' l> - - v. , -
Craven- .•?'.•_■■ i rjire<>at->. Jl*
*For:nerly A. T. Stewart & Co.. Broadway. Fourth avenue. Eighth to Tenth 5t
Days Campaign in Auto — Two
Rousing Meetings Held.
Toms River. X. J.. Oct. 11.— Vivian M.
Lewis, Republican candidate for Governor,
made a tour of Ocean County in an auto
mobile to-day, accompanied by several Re
publican speakers. The candidate stopped
at several small towns and was favorably
received, : akin« hands with many per
■om who assured him of their support.
Mr. l^ewis said thai whale his canvays
had just Sgtß ho was well pleased with
the way. he had been received In the few
counties in which he bad appeared and
spoken. The candidate addressed a meet
ins *c r «* late v'- afternoon, and another
at Lakewood to-night.
His Lakewood spss was to the larg
esi crowd of the day. Other speakers be
side? Mr. Lewi* wen Governor Fort. At
torney General Wilson rfn \ lUpisassMallil
McKinlay. of California. All referred to
Mr. Lewis as an Meal candidate and con
gratulated his party on his nomination.
Mr Lewis's revised Itinerary follow*:
Wednesday. October VS. Ellxabetn; Thurs
day a, Burlington County: Saturday, I*
Plalnfleld; Monday, 17. Newark; Tuesday,
is. Perth Amboy: Wednesday. "'. Knjcte
wood; Thursday. :•->. Gloucester County;
Friday, 21, Warren County, instead °
Somerset: Saturday, S ilunterdon County;
ilonday, Mi Salem County, instead of ***•
c«r; Tuesday, Z. Cumberland. Wednesday,
-.; Cape May; Thursday. Zt. »*»••*•■ tTi
day. Camd?n. instead or Salem; Satur
day, ZO. Salem County. Instead of Camden;
Monday. 31, Hudson County; Tuesday. ■!•■
x-*>mbcr 1, the Oranges. l£asu County;
Wednesday. X New Brunswick; Thursday.
3 Passaic County; Friday. *. Morris
County; Saturday, ... Atlantic County; Mon
day. 7. Somerset, instead of Essex county.
Only Way to Give Economy in
Government, He Declares.
(By Ti I nisi 1 * to Th*. Tribune. )
lMterson. N. J.. Oct. 11.-Bofore an audi
ence that packed the Paterson Optra
House Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic
Candidate tor Governor. Invaded the home
of his Republican opponent. Vivian M.
Lewis. hen to-nisht. •>■• ' declared that
he was an Insurgent am! always had toon
one. Congressman ObBIbM N. Fowler occu
pled ■ front seat in the balcony and «-x-
Assemblyman Henry Marelli. a Progres
sive leader of this county, sat in a box.
Dr. Wilson «1 vi. ted much or his talk to
rraft. and he asserted that men would not
much longer be able to "debauch the proc
ess of legislation." Tho Payn*-Aldrieh
tariff Mil also came in for some of hi.*
criticism, and he declared the present law
could not hay*. been built up If M hud betrt
dlscuie*-! item by item with th© rxople.
He reiterated his lo.m«r statement that
tha individual waa rerpon&itde for t^e bvtak
>ng cf the. law by the corporation-, •■< that
the individual and not the innocent stock
holder. r a* th« on* that should v " pun-
Resolution, However. Causes
Young Parliamentary Row.
There was a fin*- youn>-' parliamentary
row in the Board of Merman yesterday
afternoon due to an attempt of Ald<:rn»*a -
lient. who was presiding, to shelve a reso
lution asking Nathan Straus to rccon
elder his ri^eisH.on to give up tho distribu
tion of pasteurised milk.
Th*' resolution, which waa introdr:eed br
Alderman Drescher. after recitlns to*
benefits thar had been accompli by
the distribution went on to say that it wa»
tbe *eii**a of the board that Mr. Straus
•if he can find It consistent to do so. con
tinue his splendid efforts on behalf of tIJ»
I-oor and needy in the supply of pure milk
or render such servtce as he a!on» ?»
capable ad in the "formation of sn\ organisa
tion for the continuance of the work ao>
well begun and furthered under his si
forts." *
Aldermen Bent ordered the resolution t»
tho Committee on Health- There were ob
jections and Alderman S*nt ordered th«
roll called. Aider: W?lsM and Whit*
declared that the presiding officer had no
ri'-'ht to dispose of th*- matter In that way
and that tho rollcall was bbbbßbl JIM
however, it went through and the motion
Co rtf-r was lost. Th« original resoUUon
was then passed by an almost unanimous
The Spanish War Veterans of »•" Tor*
County sent a communication to the beard
asking for its co-operation in removing the
bc<Ue» of many veterans from the rot
ter Field on Hart's Island.
Arthur C. Train to Begin New Inquiry
in Queens To-morrow.
Arthur C Train, apeclal Deputy Attorney
Oneral. whs was appointed hj former
Governor Hujches to conduct the new graft
Inquiry into public affairs In Queens, will
hesln operations to-morrow.
Jv.dK" Humphrey. • »»• custodian oi tht*
rev •Jut-en* t'ounty courthouse In Loa?
Island City, yesterday granted htm the us*,
of several rooms adjoining asm of tli* court
rooTi*. ami Mr. Train propose* to b«rtn hN
cnmna'Kn i«y subrwnalnju «ltness<?9 for hi*
Personal rxaniination. Mr. Train will also
ke*'p track of ihe testimony at the hcartns
tn ihe charges of |BJSSjSBSJSaMH9 and neglect
of duty preferred against Borough Presi
dent I ■■isais Orsasaf of Queens.
It is thought that as the hearing against
President Gres»er develop*. witness**
agait!.-: Mm -nay ♦>• ushered from C»
Gwrser hearing to tea their •lories to Ilr.
Syracuse. Oct. Congraaaaaaa 3C I*
Driscoll, Republican candidate :or re-«!«
tlon In tha i9th District, has racked #
cotnrsunication from tha Carded f/00l
Manufacturer*' Assoclatloo !aw«ehh»t»
askfd to define hi« position regardteg Ci*
revision of the wool and wool goods Hswl
kno^n •» Sca«4ula K.

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