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guch Pushing of Aeroplanes and
Mo Flying at Garden City.
gpnetators Get "Wind Checks"
and Foreign Flyers Visit
Behnont Park Course.
The*" !nteT>eft«»<J tn flying exhibition!" in
££ c?ty yesterday had to obtain their
from readiri? bulletin? of the
•ttV.rran airship. ThTC- v&s a slow pae»il
-arad" cf a*»r^p'ane owners and their
ll r-iur.dr -iur.d« > d machines *■ Garden City yrsfr.
£,j. afT»moon. All the funeral needed Tras
»!fitr rr.uEie. Ev#n s.->. as a fur-cral march,
tt *•*= fairly racoessful.
Nu^nix^^ °* ***•'* v eral thcrusand sp»c
t8 . r -, vha paid to se*> an aerial exhibition
caU»d! at The tick»t orMc*» to find out if a
#sr?Ssn procesasloa of fiisarroint'*<j avjatorr
iifTltr*^ aT random. Critlurat Jfientification
-jrks. aTSons a strtnc of pushed aero-
Ti'.ar"* ' wa * t-ated by th«« management as
,-rth tt» PTice of admission.
The mimaxemeut n-as of the opinion that
•• might be larcely a matter of opinion.
TTje rnTfflfm^nt ' therrupcin s-av* wind
f^erks to those who!"" expresped opinions
nr: distinctly in favor of a cash refund,
■wad check? have lately b*cn considered of
*!usrre vaJue. Personn who pay to see
•iyhts In these days can extract no humor
rrorn a wind check. Tvrn years .-iff" "v<t
th» pos<dM!ity of drawir.jr a wind check
»ti« a novel and amusiriß experience.
Oarlew K. HamiJton failed to perform,
pj-^y because of the wind, partly because
-. did not want t.i t_lte ar.y chances of
tezr.v?.7ic his machine so near the opening
.. (be international '-'-* but chiefly — the
« pr:T ,« r excuses did not rlnr true— because
V "difl not feel like it."
John B. SfoSaast and Jarne* Hacl^y visited
B*-imcr.t Park yesterday afternoon. Moi-
s-jty* Yif ■will fly th^re thi? afternoon
*z r.S JO-hors*pow«»r EJ^riot that ia as
»»ir.hl*«i. The machine in which he flew
•rcm Paris to I^ndon r^a-ch»«l his hanjrar
«N»ut dark. Moisant Bays he llk»»s the
Barman's Farman biplan- wa.« ready for
but th» aviator did not appear.
Z. C. Mc^oy, chairm».n of the aviation
|iffwiuitti>i« of th«* tovirnament, said yester
day that John J. Fripbi*. who ha? en
yrar?T*"3 an aviators license by the Aero
Clnb of America, had entered the meet and
-*ia? ~ ng phrii^r would also ap;«oar.
Pnb-r? . -ham was at the Hotel Knlck
•^ijockT ■^t^rda.y. He Is worried about
his Antoinette monoplane. It waa to b<*
fh!rp*^ from Havre on La. Touraln© on
Saturday, bot because of the recent rail
way ptrlke* fco France. Latham fears it may
hsv*. r-^n left beiilnd.
The Mflllfliip Niasara, which is Drtng
tns moet of the French aeroplanes in her
hold. ii> due to trrive to-day. Four Of the
"Xr'xht artatora are expected on ■Wednes
«av or Thursday. For some reason unex-
Piajr.etf the Wngrht flyers wl'l be kept In
t««T!t> iSJteafl of Fneds at mont Park.
NothJr.ff defir^te can be learned concerning
• thf rellabf!::y of various rumors es to
; charsc*^ sal<J to mm been made by the
■ v\ ■•- c'-ts especially for the tournanaent.
rZxi^rts say the Vfrlpht machine cannot
•\jx"t to capture trophies lor speed.
WBbsr Wrfeht has stated that "if put
10 :?" be and Orvi;le couid make a machine
•.-.a: -wouid be as #rood for nothing else ex
••;t ffK-ed as other aeroplanes in the :nar
ket. H*- also haa said recently that he felt
prfiiy sere the- James Gordon Bennett
□oph7 would remain in America.
Prienda cf thf "W rights disclaim any
knowledge of a radical change being made
{ la tii'-ir mac.^ne on account of the forth
* i«min«- toumaroert. They say the VT rights
' t■A^e the best chance to capture all prizes
E toraitliude and endurance, ar.d possibly ac
curacy In landing and various 'cross-coun
trj- contest, and will be content with
Remember! This is the last day on
•■riich you can file your protest against
D ■ and Tammany Hail. A vote for
Stirr.son is a vote for decent government.
If you don't register to-day, the last day,
*c_ will lose your vote. Get to the polls
i Glides from High Altitudes and Dizzy
Fights End Successful Exhibition.
6t. Louis. Ort_ 15.— With srcsa.tior.al spiraJ
?l!<>* from high .altitudes and dizzy exhi
bmoa Sights, the Aero Club or St. Louis
!fcis afternoon closed a successful a\ia.ticn
brtt *t K:n!och Field. To-night the ma
t:::-*>e. taclotiiss Alfred L# Klanc's Bleriot
«aO t^e V.'rig-ht brother. -:' five biplanes, were
tv.; ped lii«J" to New York and Dayton.
~-« WncM fivors. Walter Brof'kir.s. Arch
m">!"-v. a 1-. U'eWi, Ralph Jobsstone and
.1. Ciefoni Tnrpta, had the fi^id all to rhem
* ♦i-lvr? this »ftemoon. l^e Blanc declined
• w civins a* a reason the necessity of
I r»--- f htm tnartotoe started for New York
I rw*. r<- the nmriz (1 Tr\f nts- for his ?s!?ht in
• •.«■ . •f^f,rinr.a' rar-e to-morrow
There's a Moose
for You
Pact your guns — leave . yotsf
'Are* and worriea behind get
£«rcy for • week ***" •■*■ hunt
vss in
Ola r-aaec ***« tke eign* t!»el moaa
plenty of dwar. grtMMa, pstrtriag* ana
ctber gtune «r well m rooo*e.
Dm U«^-Da^ap»yc^ Cadet" «»4
"FUkaedGuße County coauaa
• IUZ of fjac«» (ll*4 KOffw
f»cT nocat * r. C aeok ia
Janes & Kirtland
i\lH *\1
Which has arrived at Beltnnnt Pars Aviators are creatly intere^tevl in -it.
Continued from Hr»f p.ic
way. The balloon made a safe and easy
landing at Wormwood Scrubs.
The dirigible carried M Clement, of
the Clrment-Bayard firm, in command:
MM. Kaiidry and ].• Prince, -men:
M. Sebatler. engineer and designer; two
mechanics and Arthur Philip I>n Cros,
Member of the British Parliament, rep
resenting the British Parliamentary
Aerial Defence Committee. Only these
seven were aboard, although tii^ airship
can accommodate thirty • passengers
in addition to the crew.
The course turn by way of Amiens,
A">b4ville and Boulogne, and th«» balloon
was steered readily by aid of the com
Occasional •rind gusts caused some
slight rocklni? of the balloon, but other
vise she proved steady. The French
covernmvnt provided three destroyers
■which proved of great assistance in
crossing- the Channel. The Clement-
Bayard reached P<>ulojm« at 10: 1*0 nd
Polkestone at 11:20 o'clock. Over the
Channel there was little wind, but a
heavy haze.
The whirring' of the engines and pro
peller attracted the attention of crowds
of sightseers at Folkestone and other
towns, and the balloon arrived over Lon
don just as the streets were filled with
the treaU Sunday crowds leaving the
churches. The appearance of the mon
ster over the housetops caused the peo
ple to wonder, and hundreds of thou
sands gathered to watch the aeronauts,
who now experienced some trouble with.
the varying air currents and eddies. On
this account they circled St. Paul's and
the Tower Bridge twice, dipped several
tiraes and flew close to the tops of build
ings. They passed over the houses of.
Parliament and along to Hyde Park,
where there was a wild scramble of spec
Thy dirigible landed safely, aided by a
detachment of soldiers, after describing
large descending circles. M. Clement
said that he was exceedingly pleased
with the behavior of the craft.
Register this morning, on your way to
business;^ this •* the last day that th
registry booths are open. A vote for the
Republican ticket is a step toward clean
politics. Cast your ballot for Stimson.
Register early and protect your vote.
Trips with Passengers from
Paris to Brussels.
Parti Oct. 16.— Henry Wynmalen, the
Dutch aeronaut, solder of the world's
altitude record, and M. Legagneux. the
Preach aeronaut, each with a passenger,
made ■ remarkable trip in biplanes to
day from Paris to Brussels. They
started, with an interval of an hour and
a half, in an attempt to win the $TAOOO
offered by the Aero Club and the $5,000
offered by the municipality of parts for
a successful flight with passenger to
Brussels and return.
Wynirtalen, aft*r reaching the Belgian
capital, started almost immediately on
the return trip, and arrived safely this
evening at Saint Quentin. Legagneux
d«-eided to ptop for the niglit m Brus
sels, and will etart for Paris early to
morrow morning. ' Th«» distance between
the two points Is about one hundred and
weventy roil^s as th° crow flies, and the
distance b^twern Brussels and Saint
Qurntin approximates eighty miles. Th«
daring: Hollander, therefore covered
about two hundred and fifty miles with
his passenger.
On the trip to Bru*wls both aeronauts
mad" a landinc at Saint edtti to re
plenish their eapoien^. VTynmajon made
a second landing a Httie further along to
inquir* the way. The weather was ideal
and the trip was without incident-
WynmsJen covered the distance to Brus
sels in five hours '--' thirry-elght min
utes. Lfgagneux. with enly one stop,
made It in five hours.
Reported That the Machine Can
Fly Eighty Miles an Huor.
tßv nsasftnyli to Taw Tribune.]
St. Louis, Oct. 1& — Degpftc th*» efforts
r,t the Wrights to keep secret until the
international aviation meet in New
York- the details of the new Wright rac
ine biplane, it was learned h^re to-day
from a man who had been in Dayton,
Ohio, recently, that it has been tested
and showed a speed of eighty miles an
It is described as being similar in s^n
oral lines to the biplane flown at the St.
Louis meet, without front elevators, but i
much smaller. It measures twenty-eight
f*>et from tip to tip. and the main sup
nortingr surfaces are much narrower
than usual. They are placed bo clo«e ;
tr.cether that there is barely room for '
the operator to sit between them it
h ", ar , eight-cylinder water cooled mo
tor of about 70 horsepower, whirh
drives V™ profilers a t higher er^ed
Jhan on the present biplane. The con
trol is practically the same as on the
slower machines.
Two of these rac^TT are now ,n, n the
■n- '*? factory a* E> a >' ton - It 18 report*-.).
?J* P *Vv will probably be driven at the
Seffi PW* ™«* by ArCh Ho-***
Walter Brooklrs.
(V 1 w.— Ralph John -.tone, m
fit. l»uis. 'XL hed an altitude of
c Wright biplane. J^ nearer.
«^0 feet at th? *^^eJSxd«d with the
thlfl aftern^^ tbr uied . usaada
Aero Club of St. Louis Announces
Three New Cash Prizes.
St. Louis. Oct. 16.— 1n addition to the
James Gordon Bennett trophy, which poos
to the winner of the international balloon
race which starts from here at 4:30 o'clock
to-morrow afternoon, three prizes were an
nounced to-day by the Aero Club of St.
Louis. which lias charge of local arrans'"-
second JT>OO and the thin! $250.
The ten balloons wen; laid out at the
aerodrome this afternoon, and the task of
inflating- them will besrin to-morrow morn
ing at. X o'clock. It had been the Intention
to start the inflation of the aerostats ihi*
afternoon, but the group of foreign pilots
jirntestt-d that there was danger of the c*
weakening if it stood in the envelope over
tenant Hans Gericke. pilot of the
German balloon Dusseldorf, this afternoon
announced as his aid Samuel F. Perkins, of
New York. Mr. Perkins wit] William F.
Assman, of St. Louis, who is to act as aid
to Lieutenant Leopold Vogt. pilot or" th*>
German balloon Hamburg 111. makes two
Americans who will participate in the con
test, aside from the regular American en
;i> Yon Pbul, 'if Bt Louis, to-night
was nam<»d to tak*" the place <>f J. H.
Wail**, of Cleveland. Yon Phul finished
fourth In the r^-c^nt elimination contest at
Indianapolis. Yon I'hul announced tin* ap
p<>imtin-nt of Joseph M O'Reilly, of St.
as his ai'i. Th** balloon Million Pop
ulation Club will take t!»» place of the
B ii keye, Wade's bailonr..
Remember! This is the last day on
which you can file your protest against
Dix and Tammany Hali. A vote for
Stimson is a vote for decent government.
If you don't register to-day, the last day,
you will lose your vote. Get to the polls
Bright Moon Brings Gloom as
Water Supply Diminishes.
The appearance of a bright moon last
night after a partly cloudy day cast oom
over West ' ■■••- County, where many
townships are suffering from the lack of
water. For two months there has been no
rainfall lit Westcheater County, and a num
ber of reservoirs and lakes are entirely dry.
>: mil Vernon. through Mayor Edwin W.
Flske, has secured two weeks' additional
supply of water from New York City. This
xvater Is pumped into the mains of the New
RocheUe Water Company, and in return
for the amount of water metered the New
Rochelle Water Company tills the Mount
Vernon reservoirs with an equal amount
from its supply.
White Plains has only a few days" supply
left, and It also will have to call on New
York for a special supply of water.
Pieasantville reservoir contains only
enough 'water to furnish that village for
about five days, and no one knows where
it will get a new supply if the wells about
the town dry up.
North Tarrytown is also suffering from a
water famine, and the residents all over
the county are praying daily for rain.
Yonkers ha.s enough water in its reser
voirs to lasr about twelve days, and at the
en.i of that time it also will have t.> ask
aid from Sew York.
Defendant in Suit Wants Many
Engaged Couples in Court.
When former Chief Hlmm»l of the
Ro^kaway Beach Fire Department appears
in the Ist District Court in Manhattan this
morning to defend himself against a suit
for $110 instituted by Max Theilheimer.
head of a publishing bouse, he will ask
the court to !«übp»Rna twenty-two hundred
enga-sred couples to whom the plaintiff al-
c— — hi." complain) he mailed copies of
a paner relating to horn" affairs.
Max Oisoa of No. 132 Nassau street.
counsel for Mr. Th«*nh*>lm*"\ sets forth
that on March 5 Himmel entered into a
contract with TheahetaMr whereby be was
to ray fly*» cents for every copy of a pap*"
d«voted to home decorations mailed to an
engaged eoupfo. How Mr. Theilheimer got
the urns and addresses of twenty "' 1
hundred »nsaped couples and how *•=• knew
they w>r» engaged '* a tiuestluflj that is
puzzling hot* Himmel and Ms attorney, J.
B. MerriJl The plaintiff pays the papers
were all pent by registered mail, and that
now, having completed his contract, h»
wsr.ts his contract crice at five rents a
copy, «? r fllO in all.
m his answer Hlimnel declar-s bo en
tered Into a contract with t.he plaintiff to
rive him five cents 9 copy for five hundred
copies of "an entertainins and reads
publication which was to be distributed
among the hotels and boarding houses in
Rockawav, and to contain a half paR« ad
vertisement of the O. K. Bakery, of which
Himmel is proprietor, and he further de
clares that no such paper was ever de
"I want every mother's eon an( ,v.
mother's daughter of the entire twenty;
two hundred engaged couples mentioned in
th» complaint brought Into court and asked
if they received a copy of Mr. Theilheimer's
paper containing my clients bakery adver
tisement," «=«*■"•* Mr Merrill yesterday. "Just
uhat a paper devoted to home decorations
has ?ot to do with pumpkin pie, Dutch
rnlln and pretzels may come out at the
hearing "
Captain Zimmerman Seizes Layouts
and Arrests Two Men.
Joseph W. Ftern and George L. Davis,
both giving their address as No. 42 West
gs»h utreeu were held In JI.OOO ball each
for trial in General Sessions yeaterday
morning in the West Side court by Magis
trate Krotel The charge against Stern
wa.«- that of k«"-p!ng a gambling house and
Davis was charged with being a common
B <'"i'.ta?n robn I- Zimmerman, of the Went
IflOth ,-.-,. i station, entered the premises on
Saturday »n.| found ?•• veral roulette wheels
and faro layouts, and the arrests followed.
< "amain Zimmerman told Magistrate Kro
tel that the place Mii.H pl«nne«i for the Pur
pose of getting players* '"' the Progress
•Mub ;i wealth] organization uttli a club
tiouw- ai central Park »•« and ;mi,
The amateur aviator, who will take part in
the contests.
Singular Conjunction in Rear of
Store Leads to Arrest.
John Sheridan, of No. 2"? West 140 th
street, an errand boy, likes chocolates He
found some dangling at the end of a rope,
he said, in the r*>ar of B. J. Floras grocery
.store, in upper Broadway. Unfortunately,
the elevator boy in an apartment bouse
around the corner is of a suspicious nature.
When he saw the rop« and the boy in such
singular conjunction he felt moved to tell
Patrolman Doran about it.
The officer was at a loss to know why
chocolates should be treated like newly
laundered clothes. He enter**! the store
tv chance and found the contents of the
cash drawer scattered about the floor. It
seemed to him sufficient reason for escort
ing Sheridan to the West 132 d street sta
tion and having him locked up.
•Sheridan stoutly maintained his inno
cence and declared he had nothing to do
with the recent petty robberies in the vi
Polishers. Platers and Buffers
Seek to Enforce Agreement.
The Metal Polishers, Platers and Buffers;
Union, of New York, decided yesterday to
order a general strike to-day to enforce the
signing of a new agreement in all the
■hops, affecting directly about fifteen hun
dred men. Besides being against individual
employers, the strike is directed against the
members of the Employing Lighting
Fixtures Association, the Bronze Erectors'
Association and the Iron League Erectors'
The demands are a minimum wag*' scale
of 37 cents an hour, the wages of any who
are receiving more not to be reduced; time
and a half for overtime and Sunday and
holiday work: no work of any kind to be
done on Labor Day: a fifty-thre<
working week, and permission for the union
to appoint a shop delegate for every shop
or factory.
It .- a is,. apprentice
jenre three years, his wages to b*> so
. -e,i that be will be receiving full me
• the end of his apprentloa
ind that there be one apprentice to
- top and one additional apprentice for
every ten or majority fraction of ten jour
neS men
Former State Senator from Harlem
Threatened with Blood Poisoning.
Ex-State Senator .lam*-* Owens, who
voted against the Hughe* anti-racetrack
gambling bill, and who ha? represented
Harlem in the Senate for rears is slowly
recovering at his home. So. 4* Kast 129 th
street. Rheumatic gout, aggravated by
Mood polMoning in his left foot, caused his
IU n( »j.c t hi! doctor said
Last month He went to Atiantic t'ity to
attend Mir Grand Army reunion Hi suf
fered intensely at that time from ■ corn
on th* left great to*. A chiropodist tr*at«*l
th« com, but th« to., becanw swollen and
if wa? t.nken home.
His family b*v#> bf-n instructed to pre
vent him from taking any part In '-'• po
Ktical activities of Tammany Ha" His
physician. Di •" R. Ellison, said las* nigh!
that Mr. Owens would recover under prop» r
Bpartanburg B. C. Oct M Before h*s j
mother's eyes William Sayan, a child shi j
years old, was accidental!; shot and killed
yesterday by « playmate. Pleasant Garri- ;
son, eight years old, at Tucapau Mill. hi
this county. The Garrison child had picked
up a br»ech-loadln? shotgun, which "i
ploded. Us contents StriUttg the Sayan
child In the forehead.
The name
stands for all that
is best in a Piano
Buy no piano until you have
seen the Steinway.
Piano* of ail makes ukrn m exchange.
Time pay menu xi desired. Also piano* for rent.
Steinway Hall is always open to visitors. Easily
reached. Subway express station at the door.
Steinway HalL
107-109 E. 14th St.. New York.
Great Gathering Considers Sun
clay School Work.
Sp^'Ma' BwTtiOH Hold in All
Episcopal Churches in
Cincinnati, Oct. X— Th«» third w»*k of the
I triennial <-onvntion of •'"» Protestant Epl?
copal ""hurch of America, in ssawJen here,
I was nslwred in with ppaeial winlesß in the
I pulpits of the Episcopal .■hiirch'*s in this
city and suburbs during the Haormtag and
with a areat mass meetins In lac after
noon, which was devoted to Sunday school
and missionary work.
The mass meeting was held under the
?'ispices of th« board of missions and Pun
day school auxiliaries, ■■*>"} was attended by
■ ;?r«»at throng, Incladmsi many hundred? of
children from Cincinnati and other citie*.
Bishop Boyd Vincent, of the Southern
, Ohio diorese, who was to have presided,
! was unavoidably nbeent. and the Rev. Mr
Flinch Haufjh. rector of Calvary Church.
of Clifton. Ohio, acted in his Btead. Th*-;
: speaker* of th* afternoon told of the great
j work that waf> being done in Sunday school
! and missionary work throughout this coun
! try and in foreign lands.
I The Right Rev. Arthur 3. Lloyd. Bishop
Woad.i'itor of Virginia, was the first speaker
at the Sunday school mass meeting. He
told the great gathering: of children of the
pride ho felt in pennies they contributed
for the support of Sunday school* In Japan
and other parts of the. world. He was fol
lowed by John W. Wood, corresponding
secretary of the Board of Missions, who
yielded a laree part of his time to Bishop
Nathaniel S. Thomas, of Wyoming. Bishop
■ Thomas gave a interesting talk concerning
, the work among the Indians.
j Bishop Henry 1,. Duhring, of Pennsyl
vania, gave may statistics regarding the
I amount of funds collected and expended
and the progress of Sunday school and mis
sionary work.
The men's lay missionary mass meet
jinsr was the principal event of th* night
1 programme. Samuel Mather, of Cleveland,
was the first speaker. He discussed the
| general work of the laymen.
j ••Business Methods Applied to a Man's
Desk" was the topic of an address by W.
; R. Sterling, of Chicago.
! "'Money and Kingdom" was discussed by
Alfred E. Marling, of New York, and
George Wharton Pepper, of Philadelphia^
! spoke on the subject "America's Religious
» Responsibility for the World."
' The House of Bishops yesterday adopted
j a proposed amendment to the missionary
: canon regarding the reorganization of the
i board of missions. Heretofore the board
; has been chiefly directed by Its secretary.
| Dr. Lloyd, of Virginia. Or. Lloyd recently
i resigned to accept the office ot Bishop
: Coadjutor of Virginia. The board has con
■ sisted of forty-rive members, elected by the
I convention. The new amendment proposes
i that the board consist of forty-eight mem
bers, divided as follows: Sixteen bishops,
sixteen clergymen and sixteen laymen.
: Half of each of these bodies are to be
elected by the convention and the other
half selected by the eight missionary
I councils.
Heretofore, the' presiding officer was th»
president ex-offlcio of the convention. The
new amendment proposes to make the of
fice of president of the board of missions
an elective one. and he will have the ap
pointing of as many secretaries as it will
require to conduct the business of the
The Bouse of Hi.-hops also .idopted the
new missionary hymnal that was adopted
several days ■«?<■> by the House of Depu
The House of Deputies received a general
report of the Church from a committee of
i which the Rev. Frederick E. Harriman.
of Connecticut, was chairman. The report
| showed that the missionary work in the
j Church had surpasse 1 any other work.
I The social work had made good progress.
1 but the applications for holy orders were
I falling off.
Episcopalians of New York Dio
cese to Meet in November.
The convention of the New York diocese
of the Episcopal Church, to be held la
Synod Hall on November 9 and 19, will be
the occasion for the election Of one suf
fragan bishop, or possibly two, made pos
sible under the new law. Prominent among
those spoken of as candidates are Arch
deacon Burch. of Staren Island ; the Rev.
Dr. Hugh Biickhead. of St George's, and
the Rev. Hr. Frank W. Crowder, who left
Ktaten Island recently for Grace Church.
Pro\ idence.
In -!• ■■ of these new assistants to the
Bishop, 'he-.- Is still talk of dividing th»
diocese. The sentiment funnel prevalent
in the rural c.iunties ajrainst this step ap
pears now to have been largely dissipated,
and " Is held that a. division may come
at an) moment. Whether the n^w district
will be entirely :-!iral or partly urban ha«
not be*-n determined.
Bishop Lawrence of Ma.'s^chnsett?.
Bishop Klnsolvinp ••' Southern Brazil and
Kisliop Rren'. of the Philippines will »d
draw a bishops' meeting, to be neld on th«
night ,f N'ov«-mbor i at i"*»rneg-ie Hall.
Tnf «übject will be "The Great Commis
Are ycu going to stand for Di a"d
Tammany Hall? Keep them out by cast •
ma your vote for Stimson *"d a straiaht
Republican ticUet. Remember! You
can't vcte unless yu re.qi^t"»" — and thi%
m the I ••»«* day. Do it now!
Chicago. '■i.t I*?.— Judge Landis. In the
T nited States District Court, yesterday ser
November 14 as the date for the trial of the
"Beef Trust* -ajes.
Commissioners on Distribution of
Population to Begin Inquiry.
The Stat* ("ommlwinn on Distribution of
Population, th" members of which were
named by Governor M:isrh^« a few •):•' I
h,*.f>->rr> he resisrn«HL will me»t for organi
zation «n Wednesday morning: in the heart
quarters of th»» SUit»- Board of «.'liaritl«"».
No Mi nwal 22-1 stre«t. It hi exp**ctr»l
that a major' nf the m»mt)*n<. In
cluded among 'whom are I^w!.« Stiiyv*sant
< ■hanl»r. former I.f"'Jtenant «";overri'>r: Jo^n
Mitchell, th" labor l«Tid«»r, and Dr. St<»ph«»r.
p. wine, rabbi of th- Fr*« Syna(soeu«, \mlU
It is th»« in>» of the commission, wht<"n
will sr*v-*» Its services to th»» state without
pay. fo lnv».««tieate conditions of livl - In
th«» citl'°. < ". vlilasr»« and country district".
It will also look into the rental and owner
ship of hom*s. "o-»t of farm lands, th* etfn
catlonal conditions hi the -raro. th" ssstnre
of instruction. esp*<lally agr*<--iltaral =» '1
industrial, and othT matters. It Is th* flr«t
body orsrantz*'! ♦" i^qntr* knowl»dz« ••»
,T. n »r3l conditions for a utat*. It invir-*
•='IB;«T. <! from persons lnter»s?*d In th*
Th* Row York City ' "'>TTirnl«««lori on «on
gestion of Population will liav<» shNS m-»*
ir,a^= in the City Hall during the week Th
r*ommitte« on Factori*» win m** 1 ' In th«j
Mayor's rs«wntloa room to-morrow aft»r
noon. th* •""ommltt»«» on Charities In t*ie
council chamber on Thursday afternoon,
and on Friday, in the council chamber. th.>
Committee on Transit, Docks and Ferries
will confer.
The Burglar* Policemen Expected Were
Tnree Small Boys at Play.
Thre* small boys in the cellar ■' ' th*
Twelfth Ward Bank, at 106tti street and
Third »v«»riin», w*>r»» suddenly confronted
yesterday afternoon by as many big po
liceman with drawn revolvers. The boys
had slipped in between th* bars of an iron
door. they said, to play. In an unthinking
moment on* of them ran foul of a burglar
alarm and brought the- officers upon them
on the run.
The lads save their nam»n as Charles
<"r«"lg^r, of No. 1935 Third avenue, eleven
years old; Patrick Fltzsimmons. of No. 210 '
East 107 th street, ten years, and Daniel
Reynolds, Of No. 1933 Third avenue, eleven
years. They will be arrai(rn»<l «lav •-•-
fore the Children's Court on a ehnrna of
Juvenile delinquency. »
Comfort Style Service
Quality Constancy Economy
This year, as in years past, I held a Convention here in East
Aurora for men rated 'way up by the Advertising Profession.
To one man I sent a very Special invitation. I pictured to
him the Joys of the Weeding Party, and the Sport and
Exercise to" be had at the Woodpile. Discreetly, I sug
crested the Early Morning Milking Bee with AH Baba-
The Man's name was James S. Co-ward.
Shortly I received his regrets. He could n't come.
And the Reason he gave was so peculiar, so near to my
own sympathies, that I remembered it — remembered it
word for word. And now I give it to you :
"The people put me here forty-seven years ago.
in this same Old Spot, as a boy. iiueen years of
age, and I never had a Journey of over one and a
half day* away from the Shop. The Other
Fellow may have had a good time, but I am hav
ing a better one. lam making Coward Shoes."
In this day and age, when the almost accepted way to take
a Vacation is to throw down your pen or sledge or shears
or chisel, and hie away to the giddy whirl ! — bowed my
head over James Coward's Note.
Then, for the First Time, I grasped the full meaning, the
symbolism of Coward Shoes.
Lest you overlook it. friend, I want to write me here that
this Loyalty to Craft is the same that moved tho Mallet of
Michelangelo and held Leonardo <]a Vinci to his Bru.>h.
Can you doubt the Coward Shoe, male bj a man who has
worked his work, been Loyalty to h:- Ideals for forty-seveu
years? I can not — and I wear them.
* James S. Coward has one Store — hut His Shoes are
sent round the "World.
r t At the last, this may not Vie an xltnili— ■■!. but it
is the word of my Heart.
You Folks who have never been quite foot-.<viud should write
to Coward for His Little Boolcpicturing the Coward Family.
Some Coward ''Special" Shoes
The Coward /;o«v/-5«*n«* Sbo* < mad* *np*ciAlly for tender fert )
The Coward Straight-Last Shoe (for *lim. strai£ht.stender f»~r)
Tfte> Cnvrartt Banian ,*>'bor The Coward A rr-h-Smpport Sfes»»
The Coward Corn-Room Shor Th- Co*rard Orthopedic Sh*9
264-274 Greenwich St.. N. V. Sam Warrtn Strrrt)
SOLD NOWHERE ELSE .Mail Order* Filled Seal for Cats fox
To those who appreciate values, our present exhibit of
Flint's Fine Furniture is a convincing demonstration of the many
advantages as to low prices and exclusive designs which our
facilities enable us to offer.
Critical inspection o\ the display on our ten spacious floors,
including the interesting exhibits in our Decorative and Rug
Departments, is cordially invited and visitors incur no obligw
tion to purchase
Our Trademark and «'-\rntv years* reputation is your
guarantee for
Geq C Flint Cq
Wocr as"Srt. **.28 West 24*3*
I Situation in Nicaragnan Capital
j- Reported Serious.
New <T;»^n.a. «>ct. IS.— N^w^ r^arhed her*
! la?f la" niehf from -**'ia. NiravnfßßM,
! tlMftl d!sf»rdeT h»d broken ml ancrv in th*
1 capital .ttnl ifcnt Tre'jifnt rioting w>»<» «*■
1 rurrinjr. A^»-">rrfinar fr» th*T«? advtr*^. the
I Sit'),. ?H<! Twntam rrUtrnl.
Salva-lor «';v*rrIII»». fnrrnor mini*t«^ li»
j \Vn<MnKtf>n f.«- th» K«tr:i>la sov»rnm»nt.
; who i^ in thi.-* city «.n hi« «at to Sfana^na,
' ha« nor \u>f. n^\ \*»<\ of any rl;.«orrlcr.
!/»•»' f?rr>i-t who »hiv> ti» Ih" Ni>-;»r^ciian
i-apltnl *ay »haf th<~ *t*\+riun*n\ ha* asalri
r«-»orf^'l tn the rrn.wrins r>? all raMr di^-
y.crordav in I>l!-\"io M>w;itril .««= th* r*.
*u'.t of th*- Injuries whi'h *:■* r»«-»jv*l
' v hen shM T"i<» r>tn down hy FJr'M'i v •
;rsr opposite th«" l?offm»r» I f*>»?r^-- «rr • ( ,n
; Ph» «■».« »tt»rnrtfnß to <w« »'»*• «*»*■<»»
- • h-r ?i*t.r. Mr«. T»ra •;.>.-I^r.o.ieh. ».
ith* tlm-. II«ht nifier al*« was ir»o<-St».l
d«-wn fey the <-j»r. but r»tr»iT<«; only ial&rsrz
siicht h,nt««e^
I ArnmH Kichenberser, ♦»; Ozone Part,
! Qur»n*. <vw rou««*i rut of b^l *nr'y y»S
' tenlay mornine to ff*t a horror :»nd a nur*«
, and <i.> various other h»ipf-ii things. Shortly
; »ft«»r a baby vc^h t*nm to ■Hi Eichrrsberzer
■ th# tnsin <-r>niplain»d of f»»liriar til. and whiJ«%
th* c!o»n»>r mh -nluisleraug to him be died.
; Valviri!»r dis^M of th* heart, made artite,
• by th* ex<-if*ment, was said *.■• have eau3M
! hi<» death.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
neutralizes the destructive
acids of the mooth — cleanses,
preserves and beauties the
teeth, and imparts porky
and fragrance to the breath.

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