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V" 1. XX. .. N" 2X332.
C-'c ""' Fea-s *o- H2vs'ev and
Post. Who May Have Fallen
ito Lake Huron.
JLrarea's Crew Faced Wild Bison
.''and Srumbied for Miles
Through, Trackless Forests.
Toronto. Oct. 22.— Practically ev<ry in
taiited rpot in Middl** Canada, from the
islands of the Great Lakes to the Arctic
<^.rc>. however lsolaxed. it. or within
forr-^ipht hours will b<». alert to ascer
tain the fatf of the aeronaut* who drift
ed away fmm Ft. Louis last Monday
ahrmrc TT5f balloon America [] in the in
trrrsatinnal race.
Vp a late hour to-night no rafsasvr
lar <yd r.ad come through the rapidly
yrc»;at uetwmk of »ear<-h Hbm I
ASaa TL Hawle^. piir.;. and issl—
rest. aid. of the American aerostat, have
jjpt b'-'-r: hcu.rd frcm.
zafJssl that *ach hour means Ve<t
rtn?d probability of escape from the in
«\-itli^> rigors and dangers of the^rfld
rep-or.f into which the hallo<-«ns probably
]-five ■<r carried has made the search
etrpr.uciis and srrtoua.
Tbe srdi'hlps to-day recounted by the
iJLzsrea's crew, »tn upon landinc in the
Aigoxna district were confronted uh a
■wild bison, and who fought fur many
fcpu-s through blind foresls and across
streams befce reaching hrmiarlii.
brought to rr.uny the- first realization of
the hazards attending those unprepared
?rd unprotected in the vast unopened
arei? to which those striving for dis
tance records may have been tempted.
Trained Foresters Watch.
T■->-nightT ■->- night «core« upon pcore? of those
*rho know the sign* 0T the skles. the
trails of the forests .'nd the ways of the
lek^s and their tributaries are using
ifcr-ir trained ssecs«? in Btinuooa watch
\zt ' n ~ the ba!loonists or th<»lr aerostat&
Ir.di.3r runners, forert rangers, frontier
ronstaM* 3 ?. Canadian mounted police.
Rgttbocse ko»p*rs aloig the lakes, tnid
l^f and hunting- camps, railway con
|.trurt:-Ti prangi and lake patrols havr
bafl in. c tru<"inns and are on the lookout.
The rr-oucptp. officia! and personal, for
ro-pp^-rition in th*» search, sent out from
fcr f' r th- biilloorist?- or thrir aerostat.
I^ew Tork, from St. Louis and from th»
Canadian yiv«>mTT!PTit, have fx'pn flashed
Hieiw«B wires can - r,d them.
The vsytness of the territory srheressi
the v-yacers may have landed has made
tie ff-r.i'-r.K out of searching parties seem
f^practicable to mUT g-ovcrament ofS
«2a!s. and it was said to-night that noth
irgwouid b^ done in thai direction pend
ing th e rrobabJe arrival to-morrow of .*.
representative of the Aero Club of Amer
'•TVhst would ne the use." said Super-
IfitfeßJSest Rogers of the provincial po
kk r * Tn-n:ght. "in sending out an .exp^
tiJtioo to cover Bacb a large terrtt as
th*- p«^ssi^i^;tlAs make, necessary? Tn-r>
bi not th»» rttghtesft indication cf even
th* arrroxi:vate location of the mii« Sing
t>a!!.HT,. However, we ar«* doinir evejy-
tSxaz i^-SFsbic to _- p t trac*> of it.
Word Expected Soon.
■ th*» acr.ts of th*> Ontario eovcrn-
Srrrt and the n'l Biy Company
BBUUilug Th» woods of Nnrth^rn Ontario
*2d th^ <j'j« : 'b«»c g'ovemment taking simi
jjr«- «•»•■« '■^nfiden*'-' 5 Tia? expr*>ssed that
triTr.f- d'^r.ite word would be received in
tht r^xi twenty-four hours regarding
tt- missing balloon. Unofficial dis-
PUlt.^s from distant telegraph stations
sW« to-say wer#> to the Beet that a bal
loor. hsO landed in the wilds about fifty
rr^]*s northwest of Pog^imaFlng. Ontario,
the Ilf d* 3 France came down.
So far th« shantymen reported to have
f" r. •::•• balloon settling to earth have
2*il<-d to find it. however.
Thf v«=ath*>r coridition<« have l.x^n un
2»rorable throughout to-day. A cold
TEiri has fallen, and It Is probable that
tbe more northerly resign th**r«» hs?
-,y<r. considerable shot.-. Indirations fir
"IV >; .-.. ciari Bay r**girn w«»re for rlcar
*!iX. Hsu t t nthrr tn-mnrrnW.
Haw *y md Post May Be Marooned.
Th* jrraxert f^ar is i>!t for trt^ Am«*r- ;
Sra 11, Alan R. r-i«« aiid Aujrustus
of .Wh Tork. It is ssi psassi that '
!■&*•}' i.;i? down on one <>? tne
■Saany isiajids in the Gtwgian Bay. The |
Asa^rt-a II carried the j-Tnallest amount i
*^ bitllasi of the aerostats. Thi« fear j
■*&s Btr»TijErthened to-aay by the receipt]
•' a iispatch from Montrt-iti quoting ;
•X.kn*-! Scha^^cJc. of the Helvetia, who
*£ie! he anw a !>a!!oon failing ..v«»r 1-ak.
*iur<j:i_ J:" iJie utrwiiautu landeii on one
•'f Ui. Mandn they would n..t have uiiy
JSrtir.s .-: -iaviKatJT^ to mainland.
Gerk-ke. the pilot of the Dusseldorf, a
iKUtenaat in lii* Swiss army, "left St.
**oois \:th ih*» appendix uf the Ra«^ baff j
••^•d ar,d with bis basket heavily J.sl- J
•a«t'-<]. jji, <-<.n:j«injon. pprkins. wa«
<*;!«■*! • :, htirrif'dl}- To n!«k*- tho trip nnd
RaJk-d v it!i..-jt any cloth ini? Mtcept hi*
"■ «•■ suit. Tvrkinu is w.-!l known in <
; th " F^-' r r..m hi* as^nt In * Wte at
•-M.' aviating m'~-t5 at Atlantic. Mass.
T- p G*rrma\a i.= e*dited iinbfficiaDy :
*^' r v. :th hxvinK trav*»!l«»d the trrv.it *>st
6>tl&r,'t- aiirj by s<»ir;f twelv hundr'-d
ttSoi with having broken all records for
p t. Louis, Oct. \Zl.— The balloon Duf : !
i;, a German entry In the in
lernailunaj race fur the .Bennett cup.
'an,* t... ,'^n.li near Kiskisink. Que.. Ac-
to a brief uiossage received here
n '-i;:ght. Th. time of landing was not
►tated in the- message. Lieutenant Han-?
!»erick*; ail.ji, and Samuel F. IVrkins,
\.' ;., • , ,< ;r,; r , ,„ ln<J tone of lh» ir in<-s
*4i« 1V,.., .-. „ . .1,., ...;_,,^^v.. r .f <h«
Jp* r'-a* c of their laniiins i!Ha
»'-rtii «f Quebec. <-r about' I»l<*0 miles
1 Si. Louis. The U'-rma«ia. by land
** -t Coocoocache. Que., I.2<«> m!!"s
**<m he/., ;.. lillei-irj by Aero Club offi
(m *y one nr.re »«all^jn, the America
'^rr;in g AUan It. llawley and Au
<«n.iinicd «n mi'HU pus*-.
Il t i ' I *^ T ''* "■*• 'lifn»-r ■*ir>e!'.-
"^ey A. Sens Cu .. ::« Fuiiyti St.. N-V.
To-day ami to . morrow fair
w*»t wind-.
Able Work of Baron Afverstcne
at the Crippen Trial.
Defence and Prosecution Well
Conducted — A Dignified
[MaxTORl A#m«Ttm to Ttm Tribune I
jA>nd<.n. Oct. 22.— Crippen .trial,
which closed to-day with the prisoner's
conviction, after half an hour's delib
eration by the jury. »as in many re-
Fpects a model exhibition of the proc
esses of criminal law. The Jury was
obtained expeditiously and the time was
not wasttd by irrelevant discussion.
The Lord Chief Justice assist ed the
Jury by incisive questions, especially
wh^n expert witnesses were likely to l>e
wl&er tJ:^!u with technlcalltlea. He
tff protected •« itinsuf .exposed ,to
cross-^xaminatlwn. SJsd was helpful to
Crii-pen himself at critical atag.-s of the
Counsel on both sides were kept und^-r
restraint and s*ere n-.t allowed to abuse
th»ir irivilegrs l»y introducing unfair
comment wfcen they were examining
witness's «t dealing. with the expsrti
Th*» manners of counsel were perfect
and iho Ixird Chief Just ir-. 'l>"th In \h»
pen^ra! conduct of the. case sod in ■*■
lucid charpe to the jury, was the em
bodlroent'of hnpari i
Crippen was defended with lw * abil
ity by cl«"»Q u «' nt anJ sagpesw advisers,
who concentrated their argument >>n the
most vulnerable iH,int of the prosecu
tion, namely, th* lack of positive iden
tiflcatlonrof the victim, and laid un
wonted .-myhasis on the. individual re
cponsibUJty of each juryman to give the
prisoner" the benefit of a doubt.
The pri.-oner hims-elf had sought to
rei»for< w his eloquent counsel by a pio
lons«i exhibition of coolness and nerve,
and even when the verdict vas ren
dered Pasted his innocence , with
blnched 'face- The crown BoMcitoni
have d«m« tn '" :r w o rk ' amazing
thoroughness and the chain of Circtua-
B tantiai eyidenoe -as .rrefra^ble.
The trial ot this celebrated caee. in
• v t.niilic has taken ... ii. i
which tiac- public na shown that th
puf-sible illlcr^f' !„ th^ English courts
criminal procure 'njh^^.g anU effl .
•" •* " : „. -iKi.i- «r the mdi
-" l! "»*• " „,-1- and
partialJty. *_^_
ilin ,i,., anil SiaSfSW
— •" "
Thompson Acts After Water
Deputy Refuses to Resign.
Professor Edward W. Bemis. first
Deputy Commtsaioner of Water Supply.
Gas . nd Electricity, was peremptorily
removed b> Commissioner Thompso'i
■ • rday. following bis refusal to resign.
Before this was known Professor Bomis
had refused to discuss the case.
-Th- Mayor brought nie' .here'. from
Cleveland. ' said Professor Berriis, •;m'l
in » measure mapped out • the work [
have endeavored to d" This controversy
herwe*. n the Commissioner' and myself
has been hanging fire for som< time. It
would have been settled before had it
not been for the illness of the Mayor. I
expect to take it up when he returns
from Washington next week." .
Commissioner Thompson declined to
add anything to the statement he gave
out on Friday night. i
A representative of the Standard Meter
Company, whose mfetera have recently
been restored to use in the department
after they had been k-pt out by Deputj
Commisai r Bemia. said yesterdaj
th.«-. poUttcs oad nothing wrhatever to do
with Hi. •bandonment ur the taking up
agaiii of its nif t'-» •"■
Brother, Objecting to Her P'ar
riage, Then Commits Suicide.
Hackensaclc N. J-. Oct. 1!2.-Wilhelm
Meyer, twenty-fpur yar.s old. said to
hay" been a clerk in s gro<-ory Ftore in
the Hay Ridg< .<=ertion of Brooklyn, shot
and peverHv wounded his sister at her
home in Kidpcfield Park this afternoon
and then xent a bullet into his own
brain, causing Instant death.
The police say the young man was
angry with his Bister Louise becaui she
married a Widower named Ehrman. wh..
was considerably older than Miss Meyer,
and wno>"lso had three, children by his
{i^^t wife.
X* the woman fell Meyer rushed into
saotlu room and killed himself. Neigh
bors hurried Into the house and found
Mrs Bhrman unconscious and Meyer
Jead Mr*. Ehrnuin was :'" i!
hSpltat where it »M * h * *
chance of recovery.'^
.O Vaml«rl»ilt ft
al *" •; CarUkle ln.ii.iii>. v
I*rlnrclon -
, I. Brown 0
Harvard ....-••■ fa£
I'riumylvanla v S'-r, «
„ 13 Vermont 5
<urn< " ll ; ; n Ui'liu.... o
\ f » I'M* I«H '• , .
N»» v
n.,«.i...n ;l A " ll "- r%l °
W~ley.il I. I Jl "II (I
Candidate Makes It Easier for
Opponent to Declare
Republican Nominee Greeted by
5,000 Persons in "Fingey"
Connerss Bailiwick — Great
est Enthusiasm of Trip.
[By T«"IPKT3ph to Th» TrflMDe."]
Buffalo, Oct. -2. — Taunting: John A. Dix
with beiner so much under the control of
Charles F. Murphy, of Tammany, that '
he ilari (1 say nothing which didn't ha\ e i
Murphy's "O. X.." Henry T.. Btimson, Re
j.ublicnn candidate for Governor, to-nipht
reiterated hi.s demand that Dix come out
and let the people know where h« stands
on the issues of the campaign. To make
it easier for I»ix. Mr. Stlmson propound- j
ed a set of twelve; straight questions,
which he thought his opponent should
answer in fairness to the voters, whose
support he Is soliciting. For himsHf Mr.
Stimson in vigorous, evsn eloquent,
phrases pledged himself to a continuation
of the standards of th<- Hughes adminis
tration. He detailed the splendid achieve
ments of the four years of Mr. Hughes,
and then contrasted them with the Tam
many Hall administration in New York
City and the corruption of Tammany in
the State Engineer's office under Skene.
"Can you voters expect anything bet
ter now if the Tammany Tiger get? it 3
daws on the state administration he
uut-ri-i!. "l»" you suppose 'Charley'
I Murphy h.-i.* reformed in the last two
"Not a bit of it," shouted a man back
ir. the audience.
"Th'-n are th° voters pomp to walk up
to Murphy's room. R"c.m 212. «>n EWr
tion I>:'}' f, .r his orders?" Queried Mr.
Stnnson. • • ' '• ' ■ ' '
'X<>'. No!" ih« crowd shouted.
Mr. Btknson invaded th»* _ stronghold
of "Fing«\v"' Consjers late this aften n.
,i-,n to-nigot addressed nearly five thou
' sand persons In Convention Hall. Kef
i ther tne fact that this i? Conners's
"home town" dot that It was pouring a
deluge of rain seemed to -count- against
him. The big Convention Hall was al
most Blled, and the audience was the
most enthusiastic that Mr Stimson has
faced :it anyt ime Sincere '•began this
I tcur, Inst Monday."
Ridicule Catches the Crowd.
There were three speaker*— Mr. Stim
son wno argued his case by interroga
tions; \ttorney Gen< ral Edward .R.
6'Malley. *no struck out at Mr. pix
with nu pretence of kid gloves, and Job
X Hedge*. wlm II ll'*"''1 I'*"''1 '*"'' ridicule at Fin
gey" Conner* and Alton B Parker. The
shafts of ridicule seetbed to catch the
crowd, fur at times they fairly, howled
a« Mr . Hedges made a l articularly ef
fective crack at Mr. Conners. Mr. Stlm
| uoliinicil idi ♦«■«'"'"• l>ucr.
■\\ ivVAH LINK *»H '■'■<'■'! '">'■' iii-l:»-t«
«;- „ii mi Imi" nie«lx »p'l» p ' l b»rth «>ti vtitft.
.;",.; I -i •:""'*'■ !*»*«■ N«w.V..rkJ P. M..
v''7 ii.i.i-r h Ketum wffr rn.*s arrive
v>^"vnrk - . v m • Suvemb. r... Tele:
phone So?', tl-rfn?. _ . J j
/: . W2?H i . - ... —
Commander of Cuban Army Shot
. , — Sentry Hurt.
Havana.. Oct. 22.— attempt was
made at I<> o'clock to-night to assassi
nate Major General Pino Guerra. cotn-
n-ler of the Cuban army.
General Guerra was leaving the presi
dential palace whtn he was shot in th*
leg nnri seriously wounded. A septry on
guard at the palace gate also was shot,
thf- bullet striking him in the breast.
The assailant, who was captured, proved
to be a member ot the national secret
poll c. The raure of the murderous at
tack is not known.
Chulalongkorn I Expires After
Few Days' Illness.
Bangkok. Siam. Oct 23. — King Chula
lor.gkorn died at 12: this morning,
following an illne.=s of only a few days.
Kins Chutalongkors I tSomdetch phra
Paramindr omha) waa born on September
a. 1553. He was the eldest s<m of the late
Kin^ Mobs Monskut. and he succeeded to
the throne in 1368. ChulaJongkorn waa one
of the most enlightened rulers of Asia, was
fr.r..t of arts and letters and h;i«i travelled
in > Borland anil on the Continent. Tnere
ua« talk recently to the efTe't that be waa
Planning a visit to the United Stales. Hi^
reign has been marked by the progn ut
hla Kin?r<lrim.
Miss Blair Secretly Married to
French Downer, of Buffalo.
. [By Telejraph to Th« Tribune. 1
Syracuse, Oct. 22.— little Milage of
Chiitenango was surprised to-day by the
news that Miss Elodie Blair, eighteen
years old, daughter of Joseph Allen
Blair, of Chittenango. and a sister of
Mrs. W. Gould Brokaw, had been
secretly married. Yesterday, without
th knowledge of her parents, she be
■ yriL.- the bride of French Downer, of
BulTaii>. twenty years old, who hud
been si*iulinK the summer with hU
srandparents. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. . D.
French, of Chittenango.
A separation wan granted Mr- W.
Gould Brokaw, with alimony <>f $15,000
a year, on Febi
Her>rv L. Stimson closed a day's
campaigning in Genesee and E r
counties with a speech at Buffalo,
which was attended by about five
thousand persons.
Ex -President Roosevelt spoke at
Concord, . Manchester and Nashua.
N. H., in support of ths Republican
state ticket.
Chairman Prentice of the Republi
can State Committee announced that
Senator Root wouid speak here en
October 28.
John A. Dix- rsplt«d to- Albert" H.
Walker, who asked his relation to the
so-called Wallpaper Trust.
Chairman Huppuch of the Demo
cratic State Committee, went up the
state to sound sentirr»rvt there.
Ex-President Roosevelt will begin a
campaign trip in New York State. ;
Henry L. Stimson will continue his
campaign tour in Wyoming County.
The Stimson League of Independ
ent Voters wiil open its campaign at
Clinton Hall, in this city.
Congressman Bennet, Senator New
comb and en-Judge Wudhims will
*p;»k at Commonwealth Hall. No,
2005 Amsterdam avenue.
Child's Aunt Charged with
Locking Her in Dark
With Central ParS Only a Few
Rods Away, Alleged Pris
oner Never Saw the
Sunlight. .
I Three agents of the Children's Society j
went down into the deep basement at '
No. 1 West t>Bth street yesterday morn- j
ing prepared to smash doors and wfn
dows. When they came out. half an
I hour later, they brought with them a
I pale, undersized girl of fifteen years, who
saya that she has been confined there
in a small room, dark and dusty, since :
' last April, without even a glimpse of 1
sunlight and the blue sky.
Hetween sob;* the child paid she was '
Mary Kllen Smith, and that her ma
ternal aunt. Mra. Emma Sibbald. wife of 1
George Sibbald. superintendent of the
i building, was responsible for her cap- ;
i tivity.
As they were takin? her away they j
were accosted by a tenant of the apart
ment house adjoining, which faces Cen
tral Park West.
"It's a blessing that you have got her
out from that hole. Her people are re
ligious fanatics." he said.
A(fent Robinson appeared with the
child before- Justine l*-uri. in thr- Chil
dren's Court, yesterday, and In an aril- |
davit tuld how he found her. It was in I
a room \- by- I- fe-t. -cluttered with i
boxes and castaway furniture that w.ia |
covered with thick dust.^ There was one |
small window in the room, the shade of j
which was always-kept down. In one,
corner was a dinsry-cot. on which Marj* ;
had slept. On the walls several Illblical
mottoes sren --nun jf. -
At first Mrs S bbahl denied that there |
were any 'children in the baaesßCStf. Th» j
nX« > rn> pressed her hard and threatened ]
to call in the police. 881 weakened ;
then, and said her niece lived with her. j
The agents saw her go down a pri\at<- j
hall O0 the kitchen leading to a closed |
door. They heard a key turn in a loc* j
and presently the woman's voice was
"Hetcn. Helen! Come oaf. Don't be
i tv-. i, i < unit- men runt to talk to you."
Girl Frightened by Agents-
A slip of a eriri, looking wan and dazed.
stepped mechanically out into the hall
and crept "alongside of Mrs. Sibbald
toward the kitchen. She wore a shabby,
ill fitting plaid frm:k. She began to cr>'.
und "suddenly, before she reached the
kitchen door, she paused and* darted
back to the room whence she came.
This time" the agent.-* Jasßpsi up from
th«ir chairs and followed her to hrr d»r*
üb..«lf. TSSIJ found her 3ltU!l« »>n a
sofa, apparently rruillUK from m smalt
liil.le, which SB* BSMi j'..Ht psrlsli up.
Mrs SU>l»ii!d had crowded Into it-.r *.<>m
with the asrent*.
••H-t\*-ni I briMißhj y«»u »n» |»ruperly"
ll:ix.n't 1 taucht >..n t»» say yyur
«*t>Btlß-te*! oo third p«g *
Grahame- White. the Enq sr.-nar.
Wins Largest Sum on First
Day of Tournament.
Moisant Gets the Cr333-Co-: - •
JSvent and Hoxsey, in a Wright,
Captures' Prize for
\* Altitude^
But He La*>d Orlr 25 Minxes 1-f-. |£
Says His Propellers Drots Rais in
Hif Face ax Rate of 400 JfilffJ :'■>
an Hour— America's Bif- : "j>*
gest Aerial Show. \ }
1:39 p. i»u t» ZzXn p. — ■■— Ij dNt»nr».
ttm w- ■»> •* 2i3tt p. m. llourty *itit«*>.
2:45 p. m. SS 3:«B p. m. — Suit/ dl'taorr.
S:«4 p. m, «• 3:43 P. ■■— <J altltodr.
4 p. m. — Cwasi ip«fd, Snt omj
4 p. 1 — «■■■■ altltuU*.
I>.»ll>- totalization «T dsntlnn; tar*H.xatt<ra
• f duration and dUt«nri>. «».-oniJ rt»y. \*-l
f»«ti--t flight, t-n kUom«ter«. .
C. i,rihtm»-»htif — Ft.*»t hi flr»t •■■•
MK-xnd hourly dNtanc* ront^^ls. ■»• raeto.
*n<l I1r»t In dally totalization «f dumtloa.
»300. Total. SI.M 9.
J. B — V«— «l tn flr«t aad «rr
ond h«nr!y dl«t»m-« i «I>nt<. SISS Mrk:
first In '«m«i»-«ountry (■■4tal. SSSS. sad
M>«-ond la 4>117 totalization. IB»». Total.
1930. «.."
Arrh Ho*»ey — Flr«t la S>*« hn*trfy«altl
tnde, gna. and sm la wn< hourt/»altl
t«*p. atse. Total. i.v»
J. Arm»trwß« Drrxpl — Third la Br»t
hourly distance, »3»; third in dally totaU
ratloo, 1100. and third la second hourly
altitude. SM. Total. «SS».
Kniirn* a«r— < ta flr»t honrly *lil
tndr. fIOO.
Count de I,e— ep« — «*>*-«WMi «n n^rond
hourly aititaaV nwt«». »••»■
At 1:30 p. m. resterda*--. when J- Arm
strong Drexel. American aviator. sfcol
up into a downpour at Belmont Park,
an 01.l racetrack follower should.
"They're off!" .'-. -^
' r hope he? fast on a wet track." sa!d
another man who had been compelled
involuntarily to stye up the ponies and
follow -jibe tncroushhreds <rf the air.
. The first 'man's wish canie true. They
; wm the mlTe-a-mlnute men that slipped
and slid through th*> murk of what is
hoped will be the worst day of the inter
national aviation tournament.
Flyin? may t«> In its ir''" but
ypsterday augured well for the greatness
of Its future.
Exactly on the hour the official burst
ln>c vf an aerial bomb started the great
est aviation show ever held m America.
It started with a burst that shook the
fo-.inda*ions of aeronautic enthusiasts
who have suffered m : h through diiar
ir.tntment In this neighborhood and
made them happy and fonrivin* and
unmindful of the slashing drops of ram
and the aggressively present mud. ;
Six aviators flew yesterday, represent
ing three countries, uslnj? four typ*»s of
aeroplanes. It is not unpleasant to note
that SaW of th^se aviators were Ameri
cans. The two others represented Ens
land and France.
Grahame-Whlte. the Ensli-'hman.
proved he feared nor mud nnr wind, nei
ther rain, nor was he disheartened by
the naturally limited attendance of
h*autv in the jrrandstand.
Grshame-WHite Wins $t,CCO.
He attended strictly to the winning
of the prize money in Mi FS»rman hi
plan«*. nettlns U.MO for. his afternoons
gmelllngr work.
John B. Motaant. In a BUrlst; wa» the
particular feature of the day. more than
on any other account, perhaps. becau3»
of his 'cross-countrj- flight i^^ifun at
4 \9 o'clock in a thick fojr. and whic!-.
lasted for 39 minntes and 41 4-". seeonda
The official d!stance waa estimated at
twenty miles, but Moisa:. was positive
he had flown nearly twice that distance.
For this he will receive J3OO. and" hiJ
other 9plendid performances brought bbs)
whaainsja up to J950 for th^ day.
Arch lloxsey. in a \\ r.ijht. Bf«Sl tlf«t
prlztf for ultitude. Jiou. l-rr-i."l cupl
ur»-d J^'iO.' and B] and d- Le^aeps JIOJ
each fur various accomplishmentii.
Grahame- White was fiyinjr before the
bomb exploded at 1:30 p. m.. and Wy the
rules had to make a new start in the
hourly distance event. Before he could
do iMi Drex«»i was flyinsr in his Blertsa^
Urahame- WtM followed a» faat as hij
laic* Farman would pernii?. Moisant did;
not wait up*>n the order of his Koin?. but
went at once his nv>ror was ""»iUjns.
Moisant used his Paris-to-London pas
senget-iarrying monoplane.
Drexel lapped White before the «nd .f
the second tin-.e around the one and one
half mile course, and gained steadily «o
Moisant. whose racer was smashed oa
Strangely BeautifuJ Picture.
They who stayed away because of ths)
' rain missed the strangely beautiful pict
ur»- of the thre« blurred aeroplaaaa rac
! ins: through the animated drops, tha
I outlines of the delicate contraptions per
i sistently assuming the proportiona and
activities of healthy mostiuito^" am!
their motors humming no lesa sweetty
i the while. Tht?y who did not travel U>
! th«r opening of the first mtem.- i
aviatiun ti>urn*ni»-iit held in America
\v«rr«r many, but thry dhuuld not refer li>
It >»ith pr;J«- ssJ wetith.-r such us yes
trrdiiv smbVjsl «>«: ssjsia i.r.nui.ini by the
1 iik*»iwi»rnif nt
After tv»eniy-tlve minutes of w»»n»lfrful
! v»».rW l>rexel came ii«»v»n. Asked tße tftx

"My propellers >»r*» in fr«nt. Tbeyar?
A bit *\- •<i . and it is perfectly <isMs|r
£e=tlßs?tt oatrreati p*f*.

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