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Secret Service Men Unearth Al
leged Swindle by Mexican.
Chicago Printer and Engraver,
Also Arrested in Spectacular
Raid, Say They Were Dupes.
Chlrar , Oct. —— Srvcn- hundred and fifty
ihoasand p<^=os in oounterfeit Nlcaraguan
r*«> "otcs. frofh'.y rrlr.ted. wore
prized, and the printer who made them,
the er.cra vcr mado the plates and
the man charged with rrocurins their mar.
cfact'jre were arrested hero to-day by
Car'-a*' n Porter, of the I'niied States Se
cret Service, and his operatives.
The notes had not yet lx*cn . stamped with
the "ciTiCml" seals or numbers. There were
cue h":iJred and fifty thousand notes, each
<i? f.ve ■peso (worth approximately S2 each
American money) and 'en*d' F. Baca,
advocate general; J. Madriz, "el presi
_ente, r and P- Mayorpaz. They had not
be^n tSA irom the l:iTRe sheets.
Geo"O B Winiaii.s, president of the
xrintinj company bearlns his nairre, was
cbarpt-d with printinß the spurious notes;
K. N. Secreest. of Tampico. Mexico, was
ccc-FC'd of being the promoter and having
the notes printed, and Ilichard J. Trumbull.
manapcr of the Guarantee i;npravin>r Ccm
jiany of Chicapo. Is charped with havinp
rr;adc the copper plates from which the
paper was printed. These plates •«•• taken
r >• the Secret Service men from the press
where they were being used at the time of
the raid-
A Wild Texicab Ride.
A taxicab ride of hiph speed across the
-:ty followir.p a "tip" that a conference of
the men engaged In the counterfeiting was
tc'.riS held enabled Captain Porter and his
rr.ra to reach the printing tr.t-a large
cm on ihe north side of the river— Just as
the eoa'errees were hurrying away from
r^e building. They made no resistance
■when arrested, but Williams said he
•ty.r. ;;ght Secreest was an official cf tbe
Nicarapuan government, and that the work
was icjraL Trumbull"s pita was the tame.
The Eton' of the counterfeiting plan as
evolved by the Secret Service operatives
from the men arrested and from the in
formation which put them ea the track of
Fecreest, is iis follows:
Becraest, a planter of Tampico, Mcx'.co,
fc_d been loaning money to Xlcarapuans.
i.nd was unable to pet it back -because of
a fhr-rtatre of current funds In the repub
lic. On a public announcement that the
povrrjiment would duplicate for ISIO an
Issue of five pesos notes similar to those ;
cf 1309 to relieve the financial stringency, ;
tbt Btory goes. Secreest. MiMK a cbance j
ip profit illegitimately, came to the United
It is allop^d he we:.t to a north, • •■ntrei
city f.n=U bat his allc-gea efforts to . ,-t the I
Tiotes prirxted secretly were in vain. The j
present here of Teter C. Dick, of Cltve-
Jand, a Secret Service operative, lends !
strength to the report it was in the Ohio
city, bat that was rot confirmed. Then, it
Is charged, he came to Chicago.
As a result of the canvass of Chicago,
U is cl-irped, the TVilliams company,
-Ultras- its presMent. upon Beercesfa rep
reseatatlon that he was an official from
and that he wanted the Chi
<-z.?o printer .to turn out the official meney
fr> r the republic, agreed to print the paper. |
<">n the same representation, according to
Tmmbull's story, the Guarantee r.crav
lr:p Gornpa.nj' • apreod to furnish the plates.
The "lookout" tip to the Secret Service
operatives from the first city Secreest Is
r^pofted to have visited enabled the Chl
capD operatrves to keep close watch •n the
Mexican £_d to-day, when a watcher at the
prir.tirig factory reported the three men ?n
conference thd taxicab ride of the officials
tr.d the arrest followed.
Eight bundles of the printed notes, twelve
copper plates -jsed In the printing and a
ropy of the oSicial seal of the Nicarapuan
fovcramer.t were loaded on a dray and
taken to the federal bnilding. The Secret
FTvlce rntn took from the offices of the
7 rioting company two bona fide notes
d the :.<*o3 Issue, from which the engravers
f.r* aileped to have copied the plates for
the counterfeits.
Note Easy to Counterfeit.
The note bears a design offering l;tt:e
<!_scolty in copying, even for an lnex
tX3fß2Ce& erpraver. X hackpround of
otttOge lir.fs, in simple, wavj- dtsiirn. bears
jr_u<rd in black type the \rords "RepubUca
c» £ pesos'! and tiie name;? of
tSlcia!ti of the povemment.
The United States statutes provide equal
Sns_fi_XßQnt for cou^terftittrs of American
or foreign coin or i;aper money or the
efff-r.f c of having ia one's possession the
inf&ns of counterfeitirig: or the spurious
eni:'e. The penalty is not to exceed five
yeafS* Imprisonment or a fine of £J,tOO, or
•■■ coo

• ■

?tblic Service Board Ifanta Data Con
cerr. E_tes :
A_t_ny, Oct. _2. — E-vcry tclei'iior.e corpo-
Tatiaa un_er the jurisdiction of the Public
Berrioe Comraisdda J.as Letn ordertd to
f-e with ti:? commis-tJoa by November Oi
Bdj_3ales nbicfa Kill show by each ■X
ct_E~e those of Its patrons or Huljscrit'cr?
■who are reodrlac telephone service of any
craracter at rat-js which differ i:j any way
"riTj th-_- Btaadard rates adopted a.nd novv
i-- lurct i"'.r contraciiJig Dtw bu^iiit-ps.
oom___tsioa h.is also ordcreJ that
Mtekpbon* corporations iile by I>etmber
1 a K_Mdole B_O«ta« a:i rate^. rentals ami
chargt:- lur m-i vie." over th<-ir lines be>
T «et3 j -.::.ts in lhis stu:e and on even pa«
if'AS'tt- or < ;/« ratc-<i by them, and all points
«a t^^ljie ot ar.y other tcl*ri'h';ne ccri»ora
tion ».}.. -„- v.-r a* through Bervtoe cr. joint
**« g__U have Leeri established between
*=T tv.o jjotats.
Tb«i. t-orr_nif_lon has orilerea the NVw
Ywk Telephone Company to file by Novern-
Wt 1 a ttrhcsltl* showir.p the numbtj o.
Pay etstians operated within New York
City, tosethf-r with the press earnings re-
fiaratora Springs. N. T-. Oct. 22.-The ar.-
I'-'-sJ rasvectloa of the New York Stste As
•o^ation of Assistant Postmasters was
opened v*>re to-day, with practically all of
the£m tire! sveend rlass offl^-es in th 4 rtale
Adflr's-sep wore «s*-livf:r<»d by
I*. V. De^rkxr. of VTasMnstbn. rourth A»-
CiSaat Postvmxtar GescraJ: W. \V. Dick
•tm, laspectdr irt .h^e cf the- New York
'•-' -•. :nd ■:. V.. Woo Hey, president of the
■ -•• -' . ociatioa of A«rf*tant Posi
•**atera A projiositloa to tinlte with the
Katiaaal of Portofltea Cleiks
*W fc< virted oa!

A cptciid lii. jjc-ctlon of all tenement
"<*»* Lre escapes jn the cJty will li^^'-n
' '•■■: Tb« pvrpose'ot t»ii-s li.si-oc-
£ Or > is to be« that a!l droj» ladders idtd-i
te * from Brgt story baloonle* to tba ground
Ma-.td in positions \vi:«»re they can
*a«td in ca=e of fire. In many cases they.
*-** l^r.g <n places where they are of little
m r J Ecniof. a is raid. The Tenement
f C "J* L»fi, ;u -tm ( . IHI H is directed to prose
utt Persons v.bo violate tiie law In re
•»a to fir« escapes.
Secretary Meyer Favors Closing
All but Four Navy Yards.
IFrom Th* Tribune Bureau]
Washington. October —.
NAVY YARDS MAY (iO.-Secretary Mey
er on his retu?n to Washington will take
up the Important question of the contlnu
an. o o." navy yards. This is a subject
which has boen und~r discussicn in the
naval BCBOBI staff and among the bu
reaus o." the department for some time.
Various rlans f, )r the closing of certain
unimportant naval stations were perfected
by Mr. Newberry at the close of the last
administration, and he ordered the naval
1 stations at Pensacola and New Orleans
,&\ andomd. One of the first official acts of
! Mr. Man r was to revoke this* order, at the
thoae in the neighborhood of
those stations, who were able to show that
loaOHßt was a detriment to the
i. Mr. Meyer Is in favor of
dee_ C all bat the j:o:non. New York. Nor
feft arid Clietlcaemi navy yards, but ther«
ir.ay be military and other reasons which
'will reniir.- 1 im to modify t':;is project. It
Is appreciated that much influence is likely
to l>e eserted In (."ongress apainst any
.-!on which will close a navy yard
' m.w in existence. There are always reasons
which an be Introduced to show why the
riant nava! stations riMwU be
: msintained. and the arguments presented
naval authorities do not necessarily
carry the weight with CongTess which
I Bright 1 i. of information from such
a source.
Mr. Meyer <vflH return to Washington from
' his trar.?continental inspection trip with
•strae new ideas, it is said, of navy yard
administration- He believes more than ever
in his plaa (or conducting those establish
ments, and he has fortified himself with
statistics which show the economy of the
Meyer as contrasted with the Xewberry
system. One of the questions which be has
been 111 n_lnf is th© situation at the Marc
; Island (California) Navy Yard. lie has
been informed that it will require no less
than $1,000,000 to put the channel at t'.at
yard in proper condition, and that it will
take 570,000 a year to keep It navigablo for
the largest vessels. He -will defer recom
mendation on this question until he can
talk with the President anr l ascertain
whether It is i^sible to include this item
in the naval estimates this year, it being
decided by the administration to reduce
those estimates by W. 000.000. as oompared
with the appropriations for the current fis
cal year. There re those who are in favor
of the abandonment of the Mare Island
yard If it is to take any such sum In the
-way of Improvement and maintenance, but
the local influences are decidedly against
any such proposition, and there is a dif
ference of view as to the establishment of
a second naval station, or dock yard prefer
ably |n San Francisco Bay. The Mare
Inland situation is one of the most trouble
some with which the naval authorities are
obliged to cope, and sooner or later it is
bound to furnish the occasion of animated
discussion in Congress.
' ORDERS ISSUED.-The following orders
have been Issued:
Colonol WILLIAM B. DAVIS, medical corps,
from .Philippine*. March 13. 1911. thence
to San Aiuonlo. as chief Burgeon. Depart-
Malo? Cn LoRENVO P. DAVISON (retired).
Ma3 Eoi« dut? -/sprofessor of military s^ene*.
Peacock Military College, ban Antonio.
CaptS^xlfAM 0 h M__K
rOWEL!.. m^dlr-al corp*. and First Llcu
ttnart GEORGE \Y. DAYWALT, medical
restr^-e corps, from Philippines January
Capt l ain t pETER* rr C C °VISON. 22d blfi^T.
from fluty as member General fctaft corps.
Ncv.-rr.ber 1; report lr. p.-rson to Ma^r
General J. FRANKLIN BELL, at 1\ ash
inston. as ai<l»-de-carr;p on his FfifT.
Captain? HORACE D. bLoOMEERGH end
juHRT s PL'RSELI* medical corps:
First LJeut'enants JOSEPH A •WOKJH
JNGTON. medlcaj corps, and Jl I.l' - 1 - C.
n.ediciil reserve corps, from PmUpp^iiis
February IS: to -San Francisco. ,
First Lieutenants HO'.VAnP M. PNYDLU.
medical corpi ard EDMUND "U. BAT
reserve corps, irosi Philippine* Apru ij,
to San Franr. „„„, . „
First Lleutenr.nl HENBY DO R. PHELAK.
rrei-cal reserve corps, from Fort De
Rusry. HoßOloln. ai-out April JJO; to San
Ftef3e«e2ant EDSIDKD B. IOLEHART. 3d
Infantry, roona incaracnat.fl lsr/.lrH.
Leav'!" <<1 - ■■<■■■ Major LL\KEMi. J.
MANLY, medical corps, and First Lieu
tenant BOBEBT P. HOWELU Ji-. corps
Of engineer*, uae month.
Commar.dtr O. V,. BBADSHAW. to cavy yard,
Puget i?ound. . ' . '
Lieutenant C. V.\ MAtTLDIN. dftach. 4 duty r.n
naff, commend -.r second diviElur.. Pacinc
f.ec-V. tj duty on staff rcTnrr.ai.iler In cfcl:-
Pari"c "tet. oa tl.tt West Virginia.
Ll<_u-^r.^.r.t T . R. LEAHT. detached <-uty on
etafi, commander in onlel l*»clflc ficti, ca
the California: home, await orders.
Ucui-nant H. ML. WALKER, detPChpd th*
North Carolina; to <3uty connection reserve
torpedo OotUla. navy yard. Charleston.
Ens^n H. Ji. IIIRD. detached the New Bmp-
r v ;rc- to I'ore River Sh-pbuiidln^ Com
pany connection tin« oa the Sserret.
Ens'sn R L. C STOVER, the X'ar-.'
!er<3- to duty on eiaff oomn.iu-.Cer in ch:<-f
Pacific ne«-t. on th» We«l V;r r] ■
EuEi^n W. A. GI-A^-T^'RD. Jr.. detached duty
on e;aff commander second d,\;s.on. Pa
c'fic to duty on »tafl commander :r»
cHef Pacific fleet, on l.oard th- West Vlr-
Midsnipman O. r* BPnXER, HcMtloa ec
cpptf><3. to tak«» «ffr-rt rcorember ir,.
surp<»on r. D BROWNBLX* cetacncJ tco
North Dakota; hamf, avait orders.
S-j-reon F. L 1-I.KAUWEU. <J^:j.cli<<i Bureau
of MXUdna «r.d Eurc^ry; to the North
V.ach!"i«r J L. VALLIANT. rrs!grr.at!on ac
r«.r,tcd. to lake effect October 80.
ll&ehlnlet s H BADOKTT. <seta<li;d the ilxs
sarhust-ite: to th* Tfiv.ee^c.
Machinist C. F. lIHEOKEIt. detached the
Iowa; to the Mich'tran-
Paj-r-.^s-er Clerk J. M. HOLMES, 1 pointed
'!uty the Lancasttr.
lo^lr.p movemerits cf ves:»ils have' been
r* potted to the Xavy Department:
Oct. CO — The Reid, at Solomon's Island.
Cjr\. TUc Reid, tho Prnltli. the Fluai find
the Lit:ason. at Annapolis.
■ ■

A d<-crf-;.se of 5,724 in t're nuinTfr of idle
cars in this country and Canada for the
two weeks *>nu>d October 32 was reported
in the fortnlgh'.ly bulletin of the American
Railway Association Issued yesterday. The
total number of idle car?, according to tue
report, was 23,725. the lowest of the year.
San Francisco. Oct. 22.— The ofnoia; clos
ing quotation: 1 for rntning etocks to-day
were as follow?:
Andes rtyJu.i* 07
BeVh«r fiSL Wash Ccn ♦».»
l^Ft & Uclcher M-«
ISulllcn O^iOccWental Con '-■-'
Cal«d<nla" 2 lis£ Wr 1 4 r>
Chalit-: ge Con XTjOvermaa »
♦ dollar Xlo V H?'ii; "J2
ron r\,j X Va l.ao.Hcrra .Nevada \Ui
Con iJr.rerJal Ol IJnlun Ccn 33
Csjvn Point TO Utah Con <■.
Gould ft <>:rry 12 Yellow Ju/.;:i:t . . .s>'.
V.:-:* ft Nr-<yis»... ■--.
P_nc_ New York B.hool ft-r '-titans _uJ <}»
itgolng Ht6ie»' tnd e--tU_ea # « K irir.e_is. Taught
by" trail or o* B** <th »v»-
"Yvy i>sr make nonqr corresponding tor new*.
• naocro' particular- for stamp. Pitta t-'yn<j:
ataT^tad r. Mld«cp-it.- W.'.T.
ACnrron of «dja*uaeat; general supervision of
*_<s;___ns account.; eaiary IS.OOU. MieWU
(Aetmcyt. Kiatiron Pal Ming;
BOOKKJSEPfia.II*««I«I 1» r™.ilyn : Pf«»Mta«
KPOly boom; t-rcrfictlc aiid c_,,_Me; tSM.
Crtuenilal li:uploy«i«it Con/oration. „_ Eruad
*iy (Agfncy)> Ei*.' W-
MOoyinggpEH for public acoooatanu; younc
" mail" v itl. fxwriuic- In bankiiip: ?!*•«». f"rt-
Cti-.u-y. Bajploynsent Cteporailoa, 233 Broadway
CACCPCT).T lart. ItfM. ; ,
DcOKK£knen; 5535 i 5: well known dt» hotel:
cay v.-jtV- ?.C<; fc«d nicaJs- O.u.ntlnl Em
,,j.>ir<nt corporation, '£>'•* Broadway (Agency).
Ktt HO4-
HobKKEEPKK. about 85. for eatate energetic,
.apubifc. handle mm. k«*P costs, purchase, etc.
Ci'«l<*ntlal U-nployment Corporation. __3 iiroad
n a r<A g«=nry). .
gnir I* lo 1S year* old; able Ul do t writing
and efflrs w_*. «©_- chaaoe, 213 liroa-wey,
BUTLER, for city: two In family: PB. Miss 1
nt-Oerald's Employment Bureau. SO3 _th _ye.;
entrance on 4_d st.
BUTLER, 986; second man kept; city; private
family; any nationality. Tel. 1928 Plaza. Miss
I-Orrow's Employment Agency, 721 Lexington
aye.. Efrth st.
BUTLER and USEFUL.; «>hort distance country
private family; 130; white or colored. Tel. j
10_S Plaza. Miss Morrow's Employment Agency,
'<-l l.*xinKton avc.
BUTLER. USEFUL, for the city; S4O-$45. _i_
kfersaret Smith's Agency. 25 Wtst 42d st.. 1
T?o m _07.
-UTLER. lor .ntclalr: capable, willing; $50
455. Miss FitzGerald's Employment Bureau, :
____J>lh aye.; entrance on 42d Bt. |
CLERK, familiar with payroll work; -_■! have ,
had actual experience ii iayroll work; bond re
quired; salary |M, Mighlll (Agency), Flatiron
CLERKS— Several good or-tnings for young men
who fijeure an.l write well; $C24-S72S. Creden
tial Employment Ccrpotation, _3 Broadway
COUPLE— Family three; <ntire work; short dis
tance country: $30: any nationality. Tel. 192S
Plasa. Miss Morrow's Employment Agency, 721
Lexington aye.
COUPLE— Man butler, wife cook-laundress; city
$CO. Miss FitzGerald's Employment Bureau.
rO3 f.th aye.; entrance on 42d Bt.
from city; 51.200. Huslntss Service Co. \
(Agency). &BQ Finger illdlng. j
GOOD OPPORTUNITT for young man experl- ,
enced on commercial ger«; $780. Business
Service (-,». 1 \p nr;.i. s«m-i -iPf'r Building.
JAPANESE cook, butler and genera] housework
er wanted in private family: good wages. Call
Japanese Reliable Emjjlcymtnt Agency. S2G Cth j
a\-f. ;
JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT for out-of-town firm
for a tpx weeks; temporary work; salary 525.
Mlghlll (Agenrv). Flatlror_Hulldlng.
MAN wanted; must be witling to learn and ca
pable of acting as our representative; no can
vassing or soliciting; pood Income assured. Ad
dress National Co-operative ltealty Co., 1232
Marden Buildlas Washington. D. C.
__N AND WOMEN AGENTS to introduce
h< usehoid necessity; sells at sight; large cora
misfion- parUculars frea Write to-da\. Mc-
Klnley Bpedalty <'<■-. H f 'X 722. Syracuse. N. Y.
MEN' AND WOMEN nuk? t,lt- money selling
our household spe laity; beet repeat order K»'t»
ter on the market; d n't delay. Write at once.
Xli hols Fpedalty Co.. Madison. Conn.
OFFICE HOY by a large manufa'-turlnK fcm
rany; Christian; quod penman; ambitious: state
Rferencea, ag<? and salary expected. Address J.
J. M. P. <>. Hox 237, Mew York <-lty.
PAINTER for Inat •- of town; steady
year round: $a 5 and found. Tel. 1»28 Plaza.
__■ Horrow'a Employmeat Agency. 71*1 Lexlng-
KM ..-.•■ . corner fiSth St.
B>LESMAN taclory. New York and vi
cinity; knowledge of drafting, estimating de
sirable; salary open. Credential Employment
Corporation, 2T.3 Broadway (Agency).
SALE-—EN, experienced In men's shirts; high
grade men only. Call, Mlghill (Agency). Flat
i-on Rullding.
SAL.Bt=MEN, throughout the United ?tates, to
automobile necesalUe*. Brery owner
waata our protector. References requi:-e:. The
O Nell Tire and Protector 00-. 320 Broadway.
SPFX:IAL SALESMAN for Johnston^'s farms,
Fituate all round New York City. Adcress or
call Jcseph Johnstone. 29 West — st.
rRAPHER Reliant, active young man
to train for position as manager's assistant;
$1,040. Cre'fntlal Employment Corporation. 'Jit'i
■ gency).
bTENOORAPHER for real estate firm; «alary
|18 Micbill 'Ajrono\-1. Flatiron Building.
bTENOGRAPUESt, beginner, for !«*'ft'e; must
te over 18 years of at,-f; another for a youth,
ormmereta- Jmp Kxchange (Agcnrj), S7 Nas
»-au et.
t^TOCKKEEPKR for plantation; single preferred;
ca;«ble. controlllr.g man issuing requisitions,
keeping' stock; salary $1,200. Credential __■
Iknment Corroration, 253 Broadway <Agency).
STORE CLERK for construction firm. ootalde of
New York: salary and board. Mi«hlll (Ag<ency),
riatlron BJllding. '
thorough experlonce and Al executive ability;
&\ooo-?5.000. Business Service Co. (Agency), So<s
Sir.per IJullding.
■ [ER for stenography. Civil Service: even
[nga. Call at once. Tb« Hopkins Educational
Agency. '•<>' • r 'ih tve.. between CM :J»;i- 43d sts.
TIMEKEEPER— Prefer rr.an wlUi f>m<> experi
ence '.n o.iiij: ruction work salary *i 5 monthly.
(Agency), Flat iron Building.
TRAt'ER ">n mechanical drawings App'y
ts Bervlca Co. (.Agency), 608
TIw\VE__XG AI'PITOP., who Is thorough cy
r uniant; not .'r 45; salary to cjmmcr.ee
fTfi- : ritcr— Western bran^bes; pt-r:otl of audit
two "tn «_ vv"eeU_ Ca.ll, -lgnUl tAgeacy), Flat
iron Botlding.
v. Ai.;. PLASTER SAUSSMAJf— A client has ln
structed us to locnte conSdentlaUy a compe
tent man this line. Business £rrvlce Co.
(Agency). SO6 Pingcr Puitiir.g.
WA^YnD^-BUI clerk, with come exysrleace
pn-1 quirk n* discounts anu figure*; also,
boo: eper, with esperlence In double <ir\try;
sober anJ Iri.3t!strious men only need apply to
A Kreamer. *a:U»rv. Bouth 3d et. ar.i Kent
aye.. Brooklyn, tefcr^ 10 o'clock.
I rtrst class strt
at once.
trty at.
..«' >vi bonse;
- ; .- : ■
. .» . ■ - S4 West
A FIRST CLiASa COOK, for T.'ashir.gton; *C 0;
must have excellent refcrtn'ts. Mrs. Dickl-i
son a Cb-operatlve Employment Agency, 873 Cih
avo. Tei. M 22 Mad. ' _..
Mra. Dlcklnaon's »_V-
ATTENDANTS, female; I nvat« sanatorium, near
\ity- sio coisisiencing. with maintenance ar.a
laundry; ell exi-cnuta p-ii<2- Infla's Agenty. 77
Weal 11th at.
. T-T»c»>»r> svt to elderly Hxiy anfl do li^ht
;s.ih_mbcrwor_; f25. Miss Fit-Gerald' ■ Bmp'.oy
v.\;r,i r.n rc^i^ »>3 r.th avc; enry ,ce on -M Bt.
IJUTTTEK^na COOK— TWO in family; *C 0; ex
cellent pl-*ee; refciences reaulred. lira Co.
licr'fc Agency, '4s7 4th ava.
CnA_IBERMALO-WAITKESS— aty apartment ;
iwo; 525. Tel. 1928 PlazSL Miss Mor
rcv.-s Kni^loynicn: A«enay, T-i Lcxlngtu- avc,
b. t. oor. 58th et.
CHAMBERMAID an-i MAIU — Swedish; Rood a^-
TXiiraijce-" exo»Uc_t rcieier.cta; wu*-es $_j a
Btfntb. Oisaji'fi Ageacy. 7_i l>:xlnjtoa aye., cor.
sKih Bt. T-31. -JfiO-3 Pfusa. .
CHAMBEHMAID and MAI D- French; late t r- ,
riral preTerred: citj family, two. Tel. 1928
Plaza. aiis a Morrow"* Employment Agency, .-i |
I.txinston aye., cor. 58th Bt.
tanca li> oountry: 125- i;us _l:..Kaiet =ru.Ui • ;
Ajeacy. . West 4_d tC' Room 307. |
two in family: $25. Mlsk Fit.rG«raid tint'loy
nent Bnreaii. MG sta aye.; entrance on «-d «t.s,
CHAMBERMAID.' Ewedteh'. for Bridgeport; three !
" in family; »25. Miss FitzOeraWa Employment
Bureau. 803 sth aye.; entrance on 42d at.- i
thr" in family; $22. Mis, Fi'.r'^ralda En*- |
ptoymeot r.nr^nJMjaO'.h b-.r.: ._____!
tfHAMBERMAID-WATnfIESS— Apartsßent city:
iO/. Can Monday. Mlw Anna lac>. Century
EmpToyment Agency.; 15 West 38th «t.
l-rric t"r family ; |SO. Mla« FlUGeVald'.
Emrloyment Buiciu, W>a 6tt aye.; eotraaoa oa
OOMTETENT Swedish aecond laundreaa or inuti- j
£4* aiore; In amaU lamily. OlMffl^ A«ency,
72i bexlngton sve.. agthjbt I _Tel._4C9rt }-l:taa.
COOK, for »«aU family in New Bruniwlck; |23.
Miba Uofmayer'a Agency. 830 Btn aye.
COOK— Colored" wii3 «3.; family two; city;
reference rcqulr-d. Tel. 1023 Ptexa. MU« Mor
r-^'-s^ E-iip!. -yn.ent Agency. 721 Ualnuton aye.,
Cboi^amily fou^ jiW *?Sig al !^ a^Sli
maid-iaundreaa. $-••• *eL i»-s i uzu. .1.-3
Mo^ow^ Kmployinau Agency, 721 l.cxinKton
SjOK..^:^undreßa, *^^ wal^-^fSj city
M^o^ "^"Xnt^y! 9 .-J i> _n«u»
Agency; 72HI*»»ngton are. *
COOK.iforcuntry^taree 5 f.f"^'- * :<t ;.., il J. Bs
"VMargaret fcalth* Accacy. ±> \-^ *-<i •^.
i.arjrret Sailth'a Ascncy, ±> West 4-U st.,
— ~^~. 71 „,.. 1-,-f.ieh- fJS; kltchcnmald
n:,n Acaa
4"^ii yt I{Oonl -07.
?T T.K^r"'^JarKSr^tT «« Miss W«»'r»W«
C M,l",,»t iiur.au. W3 i>th ay«.; entrance o«
i. 2d "h — , -- in.fnn-.ily; $33.*MIm Fits
g^SbS ". "em^iK .>".••-. » «» «'•■ -^
avc. ; entrance 'in ■i-'l — -— -
cvi>,; f-nti.Aive <ir. *~'J JfL: .. ■
ineudati.ma: $4»J klti-henniaW, »- ' *
f«r'«-rnte. 01.-an's Affency. 72- I^xlnjjton aye..
f.f-th et. T<?l. 4CUO Plata. -_-
__th at. Tel. 4(36 I J _ua.
Ciwn; willing to do the work f-r srau lam
Uy- good »v« CM, with reference*. Mrs.
Oollier" Agency.*-. 457 4th aye. __. z
■» t ears old; < ti
F.ti v i atlonilAi yenry^OOT^ «_sl£i_
FRENCH NURSE fot «V\ C i» Ud^_
year«i old Call Immediately. me uopkius
, Ffiucatlcm! Agency." CO7 6th aye. ...
SctSawZgovekness; «p«®°«
n _d
Educational Agency, 607 Oth eve., between _J :
. ■
e3_£ _J-W^ ~r.
uftll Et. .
HOUSEWORKEK. t2S-S3O with °££ w "]_™!
washing; rttr; family. T__ T_l ■ Ilt's I'la- ■
waafrnc rtty family. tw«. J- ."'-Y I*7-
Mlfb Morrow* Employment Ag-i">. «-l —
lr.pton iw., BBth «t. __ .
HOUSEWORKER— Any na ; jlonall ty; fg two;
$25 for Nyack. Tel. ll»:!» Plaza. Mi-s ■«
rew's Employment Agency. 721 Lexln_ton we..
UVEWORK 1 R-Small lainlly : no laundry ;
$25 to $30, good place, Mrs. ••'■■•liters Agtm.},
457 4th are., near'-lst ft. -.>*. .
BOU3EWORKKB I- < • ' <;<"it.-..iv , ftvo !_
family; $-':.. Miss nt-Geralde Employment
Fureau. 603 sth aye.; _ntrance on M at.
HOUSEWOKKEB-aty; two in I
MibS FiizGerald's Employment Burea... CO3 ..tk 1
avc. ; entrance on 4"1 at. . _._ j
HOUfEWOKKEn-1 wo In family; city; $Ul
• Miss FitzGeralds Employment Bureau, jO3 _th
aye. ; cnuano <n 42d bt. ...
L/ DY'S MAID. French, for ont 1a.1.v; *£0. Wee
FitzGerald's Employir.ent Bureau, 003 sth a\e., ;
er.lranoe on 4»i st j
IJ_Y'S MAID, good packer, hairdresser, for one
tedy; $30. MUs FitzGerald's Employment Bu
| rt-au. 503 sth aye.: entrance on 4-d___
Lu\ UN _ REUSES (two) for Institution, city: any
nationality. Tel. 1923 Plaza. Miss Morrows
Employment A_<ncy, 721 Lexington aye.. s. c.
cor. &Sth Bt. . ■ I
cut: four In family; $-7. Miss FitzGeralds .
Employment Bureau, 503 sth aye.; entrance on I
42d Ft. ■ I
LAUNDRESS, for Greenwich; flve in family;
|80. Miss FitzGeralds Employment Bureau.
r.o;*, .".th aye., entrance 42d St.
nationality; $_. Mis 3 FltzGerald s Employ
ment Bureau. 048 Sth aye.; «>nir_nce_on_4ad st.
NURSE— WiII take girl without much experi
ence: $00. Miss Kltz(;oral"s Employment Bu
reau. 503 Mh aye. ; entrance on 42d st.
NVRtE- -Enfillsh; $41); one child, city; must
wear uniform. Tel. IS2B I'laza. Miss Jjoi
rrivv'e Employment Agency. 721 LexlnKton avc,
oor. 6Mh st.
KURSE, for the country; $.15. Miss Marfiraret
Smith's Agency. 23 West 42d st.. Rown an.
N'lTßSS— Knglisfa; city; iwo-year-old ohlld; $:'.5
Miss IMtzGerald's Employment Bureau. 503 i>th
tve. ; entrance on 42d st^
NUR-SE, French, for one child, 5 years; $-3.
Mlbs FltzGeraJd's Employment Bureau, SOZ Jth
aye. : entrance on 42d St.
r.URSB -French; three-year-old child; $30. Miss
FitzGerald's Employment Bureau, 503 fjth aye.;
(ntrance on 42d St.
RSE, for Pennsylvania, for two children; $23.
Miss FitzGerald's Employment Bureau. 503 _tv
avo. ; entrance on 42d st. '__
NURSE, for New }loche!le; thref- children: will
ing obliging; $25. Miss FitzCerald'a Bmploy
ment Hureau. 608 ."th aye. ; entiancf on 4-d st. _
NLHSES (16). for an Institution very near city;
J2T< monthly, with maintenance and launtiry.
Imin's Agency. "7 West Hth Bt.
f-TENOGRAPHER for an office on lower William
st. must be bright Christian girl, with Kood
ieferen.-e. Jupp E-flhange (Agency), S T S*
STENOGRAPHERS' Bpanls> evening class will
ireet at Jupp Stenogmphers' ESc'hange. 87
Nassau St.. Tuesday and Friday evening.
U?EFL_ COITFLE, cook, butler, for country;
$65. Miss Hofmayer'B Agency, 320-8-2 stn
aye.. ninth floor, comer of 82d Bt.
TJtBFX'L MAID — Will take an Inexperienced girl
and train her; good heme; $14-slt>. Mi3B Fitz-
Geraid's Employment Bureau, 603 sth aye.: en
lrz.r,c-f on 42d Bt.
USEFUL MAID, for city; young and wllltng;
S2v>. Miss I-itzGerald's Employment Bureau.
SO.'S sth aye.; entrance on _J bt.
WAITRESS, for Rye. >. : ' - private fam
ily- an/ •
■ • c., cor. PBtn
V.,- VITRI for country; Protestant; J3O. Miss
rgaret Smith's Agancy. 29 West 42<i Bt,.
Room 2f)7.
WAITRESS for city; Norwegian or Swede pre
ferred! three h ram.!;-: »25. Miss Margaret
Bmltfa's Agency. 25 West i2d St.. Boom 207.
V.'AITK_S*-PAP.LOR_AID. $86; apartment. Call
Monday, Mlrs Ai.r.a Lacy, Century Employ
ment Agency. U West 3-ith at.
-• lITRESS and PAKLORMAII>— Two In fam
ily for Greenwich; $25. Miss FitzOeraJJ's
j-i,|ioyn.em Bureau. CO3 oth aye.; entrance on
4^l et. ;
\V r ATfRk.SS, fos Hastings; four la family; $23.
Miss I txOerald Erin loyment liur:ia. 503 stn
aye. ; entrance on I2d si.
WAITRESS I en_* J PABLORM AID. for Orange;
two In I v .-i : $28. Misa rtt-Oerald'a Empl >y
icnt BnreaoV.6o3 ••■. a.-.: entrance an 43d at.
WAITKE for school; no puntry v/ork; '-'°-
Miss F'itzGerfild'e Employraont Bureau, 503 3th
eve. •_ .--ntrsitice on 4DU gt.
WAITIUESS, for Ojsttr Bny, olty lai.ir: |30;
family three; any nattonaUty. Tel. 1828 Plaza.
IT'.ss ?.forrow'3 Employment Asency, 721 Lexing
ton nve. ■ ___________
JAPAN ES trf Employment Eareau,
626 Eixtt. Aye. Phon* PO«9 Bryant B^st Jaj
anese servants furnlahed lo prlv»t« tan_Ue»,
references Invfgttgated. ___.
6pan knows lome [ta4Ua, Portugnes*.
Russian go anywhere near New York. Amen
can, Pox 4.". Tribune Office.' ■; •
CaJAUFFETCK.— Good mechanic; willing to do
iir.> thins; exp»-ri(.nce.l , references; w«fct--s mod
erate. M. ATej^r^ 82g West 52J at.
CHAUFFEStTR. — City or country; g-ood meebaaio;
abl« to <s:ive s^ny car, goo« references. Nester.
B<? Eldrldge at ,
CIJBRICAIi POSITION, v.-l:h live house, linaii-
clal or m»r--antr.e: cr:i furmsh exceptional
references. Financial, Trtbui Uptown OiHce.
r.ifU B oaJway. - • ______
EUROPEAN LAW BRIEFER, for lawyers only;
lutC3t Knglish, Gorman, French, Dutcn. Bel
gian en_ctm«nt_ collate- cud translated. L. x.
Vex 21. Tribune Ofllce.
rOUKIQN STENOGRAPHIC dictation; German.
French f'rsnlsh; l»-«,!r:.» r, but pair.s'akh.tr ;
r*gui-*r or Irregular h!k!-.:.- .rk ruabad. C Box
2". 'i"rit>un<? • 'ffli-e
HTGII Cl— 3B BA—ESMAK, wKli provwu ability
as orpmizer an i »ale.< promoter. hi 0.-ntng a
sales agency In Chicago. ar.J desires to repre
peni. directly one cr more Eastern manufactur
era. Will represent cne manufacturer exclusively
If line Is larg enougn to warrant It. . For Inter
view addreaa B. B Bo- 21. Tribune Offlco.
CKGAKIF-T opfn for engnge.-nrnt ; in lest pcsl
e-'ttnn eight tfun ■' ' S Tribune Offlce.
V^VNTFD 3y a retired policeman, a position n«
special officer cr waf>ti:nan: best reference
riven. Address, Kctlred. Trlbuno I'ptown Of
flfe. 1.^(54 nroad^vva> - . ; :
WANTED— A rosition as spe^ la! offloer or watch
man by a reliable a:;i e>:p..flc-r:ced man, with
f;ri»t c!tt»H reference. Acliress. Waltiwun, Trlb
uaa T.-ptoAvn Oflce. 1364 Broadway;
A ?111 ',^-rrv DESIGXER and trimmer, ac
customed to Bth aye. trade, would <l ■■> work out
or it home, y Milliner.' l73 West 79th st.
7" * ;1 ! " ! NX t> '"ounj woman would IH'O c.cupa
;tlon for (*w hours afternoon; willing to
Rake herself g<.nernil>- useful; moderate. Ad
tlr<-m V... T>or 110. Tribune pt j-.m; OtHce, UiH
I : • «d w« r.
REFINED Parisian lady as vlsltirc companion
t-"r "irivat^ Jpstors; lonij experience; city refer
ent-sf AdVre" Mile. etare. Ml Wet 30th. str
STENOORAPHER 22). — Fivo years' cypcritnae;
v thorourhlv torrsxHtrit., educated, reflned; r few
hours .lai.v. Box 3i\ Tribune Uptov.n Ofllce.
1 I3roa d -.vay-
'- h:V:;' v.i.-vi *«o plaza

*SS«SS3!?^ 'Kit Sd •>• ■H n.. 300 l!«dl
*" ' — vTiiPr^it-rrnaiTL :W: »n prlvat*
../^r.'^,^ AdlreJ-DutUr. ca. e cf lUube.
21«fE«t^5O..t^_^- c—e — .-^-rTfTrTncT^fro^.
■ :!. M
enSSWty'o? WMW. Mr». Collier- » . Agency.
!"and U^VuL- MAiJ.- ITngllah;-; S30;
11111 H,nUhirood peraonal referanceaj u.'od «p
pf-ni-r.ee: rood o^ c T()1 3 . 8 ,, ryalrt .
glCT^y?? ;^uenanuw;?^^; excelleut H«ht
liUTLEHS— AH nau^ rt , feren c«: a In. useful
< ? lor 'Jn^ n n?«n- InvcStlgated referencw. Wai-
CHEF— French: first class; SSO; another English.
speaking French; $100; both hoM ml class
referenc-s. Waldorf Astno. 1- West 33_ *t.
'Phone Jioo_ Madlsoir.
1 COACHMAN. — Gcod rider and driver; capable of
I takii;g care of gentleman*!" jrlvate .--tal) city
!or country; ctjrht \-nrs' reference. Addresa A.
Jones. 69 West 16th st.
COACHMEN, gardi-nert. 1 uspful. DUtsM«» men,
chaurfpurs. caretakers. WaMorf Agency, 12
W»a 33J st. VPhrne 3' j> Madison. • • ■ - *
COACIIMAN— BxcellejU f_Xd«ner: sicjfle; viler-
B\-.n\6 furnaces; trilling. ft-liglnK. ties.rfs p«-r
! maaea'i place; city, country: thret years" riigr.'s,
rufereucea last employer; tern_ rcapur;ai< i"i
; S7. _J. 3.'.- Tribune pglce.
! COACUMAN. GROOM. — S-reTll»h Protestaut;
; general!] useful; not afraid _f work; fc«"st of
refi^rtne-es; rity or country. lira. Collier a
Agnncy. 457 4th are. . -
COACHKAN and GARDENER*— German, with
first ci«c-j rsferen—S, ... :.'!/ t«sltlon.
;i»-m^" rttfi* in X-^-th wnilwrn «t.-
coavhma:; or USEFUL. man.— ry good, re
liable Sw ie; S'-5 or |30; can miik: personal
reference. R Matfc'jwaon Agency. 31i Cth avo.
Te!_Jl7S^ Bryant. |
COLORED MAN. — ExceKent cook and baker; In
a first class family; good reference; ao agency.
S. —. Tr)hun» Harlem Offlce.
COOK.— Excellent; Japanese; honest. *cber, s
_u_trious; la family; highly recommended b7
fortnei tmployer. who Is go!ns to travel to
Kuropa. Y. J.f., 753 I^TitiKtonavej
COUPLE— laundress, useful man. good all
around or entire work small prlvata family;
city or country Morrow's Eopk ijiaaut Agency,
721 Lpxiriglon aye. .
L_— An excsUant young couple: man _t
ler. wife cook; can Ukt- enti'e charge; *»•
O»terberg's Agency, 718 Lexiagton aye. Te_
jfC>.> _Plaza. -- .. _,
COUPI— -— Swedlßb; |Q0; mai Inside cr cut3lde
work; wife good cook or ho_ewor_er; per- j
soral referent«s. X.. care Mathew*jn Agency.
81S 6th aye. Tel. 378 Brj'Hi.t. ' '
Pl__ -Xxoelleni cook; ae-tst laundry; man
cardener. coataman. useful: 3 years best _r
erences; ' country preferred. Indu3trlal Associa
tion Employment Agency. 17 .West _d, St.
FARM HAND.— Swede; good ail io-ind far.per.
milker and tear.>tfr; sober. in.iusirlous and a
Btajer on good Jo"<>; references. 0.. care Mathe*
son Agency.- 818 Sth aye. lei. »'i» Bryan- ;
— YounK Irl.-h coople; n-> cMldrrn; man un-.«r-
Standa 'U mscnJnfry: wife g-**j cook aad laaa
dress. CarTwn'fr's Bureau. 154 Bth aye. ;
GARDENER— Head; on privato estate; •:_tcr^i»«
. rperi net lr. «r-n"n\l garden.ng an; i;!*-'- 11 ;
house singV 05); l>est r- •.■r..---3. AL ctneu.
3012 Woodiawn road. The Bronx. *
GaRI>ENE^R— Englishman; married; wife boar_ !
h<'v no cnilJrcn; line vegetable grower; lawns, i
frame*, general work: ex<-.-ll«nt references. <-_-
penur's Agency. 154 6th ay- ;
GARD-UfER— Frenchxnan; lons • iperlentt under
glat-a and outside: taka good care of UMst CUM
private place; reference. Addresa L. L.. IN ■«■
GARDENER or DAIRYMAN— By married man;
wUe cook;, testar._. v. a^es * vJ '»» c *m tit-V'
Odell's Agency. b2b Cth aye. Phone 2601 Bry
ant. .
J..PANE2B, rirst class butier-valet, just dlsen
gaged; most competent in every re»pect: Bati.«
faction guaranteed; prefer city family where no
oilier Japanese help kept; $40 up. Japanese. 14t>
; ITtst 48th at. __, ' .
JAPANESE wants posiUon In any place, rmo!?"r mo !?"
Ing or after 4 p. m. Salto. 17 Concord St..
Brooklyn. — ,—, —
MAN and WIFE, middle a*ed. Iwlsh|r1 wlsh |r to do entire
work small family; man useful; wife go.»d plain
co<k, ISIIIIIUI— rtf;renc s. 11-rrlson, 3-2 vves.
2'jth St; -
SECOND MAN-Can make himself "_____*
excellent references; Swedish; $50. Osterber. ;
Agency. 716^Lexlngton_ave._TeU_ip.»3_ljaza.
USEFU-TMAN— Very good Swedish: make hlm
.elf generally useful; excellent references. $£.
OBterberg's Agency, 716 L«xin_ton aye. Tel.
1055 Plasa. r _ -— - —
USEFUL MAN— Scotchman single; to tend fur
naces. or as useful man. will take care of
Tiace and live alone If necessary; 19 >«*««;
fHrltnce on g«nt!emen-ii country Places ; honest
_n_ reliaDle. Address M. R. -l^rrlson. _j Bar
clay st. i
313 FlFitl AVM-
N. E. cor. cf 36'h Bt.
H'Kh class s«rvanta. male i.r; : female. j
Tii I C4- > 2_M^;:iron_S£Uii-! :
RtiMOVtD v- ■ 4th T^^^>-^J_ I
\ I Cm~ w i 3 hfcs to place two e_ceiient servants. :
Eniployment Agency. 3.« 6^n aye. *e_ «__- 1
I—rr~H(^"\1 — rr~H(^"\l A fER, l Bart_t BuiM- ,
I- 7 520-322 Ott ava.. JKh floor. Telephone ;
4527 Madls^ Bauar- Ageucy for superior do- }
cliXM^iiKM AID.— Very good st^ainstress. or
CHAMBERMAID.— Vary good » t «*""«I?'% € E
oriii takr Dlace as Darlonnald; excellent rei
, r^. I T. MWa Margaret BmltV. A aacy. M
wSt 4g-*t-^Phone 3039 Bryant.
CilTMliEßMAl_»S.— French. Swedish, Fr.g
iUU lTistT i»o:_e assist waiting, eewlng. chll
as Vjssri»-sa--s i- =s
Madl Bon. -' „_ - — r^c^ — v —
5J5 fnd BK—MSTRKSS-Venf j
StrtV's A»e_X 455 cStaml»- aye. "*- Wl j
l:iv.,r. . -I
cI'AMBI-nMAin. WAITT.KSS-— Very r»';;; .
Cwo year:,- KtarwUM-i r.^at y IU« sirl; 4-3.
Albany Agency, 20 Ea»t 33d_gt. . ,
A^n!/> :<2O and^Btt aye.. Bt_ C^r. Te!a
pi7one 1521 MaUlaep gquara. _ ;
FF TT ii AI tT anl WAITRESS.— By a neat,
ences; no objection to country. D.. carr^Mathew
san Agency, 818 6th ave.»TeL 87&^ryant. — ,
CONSCIENTIOUS. eJucateJ woman is seelrfnc :
IL. Bos _. Trlbor-ejOfflce. - — — - |
<V.nK — Swedish' can do cooking m all Its.
s^ssssjiss owfc ft» h^ ia 6 - r i;r n Tc_ i
A., care Mathowaon Agtnc>', bl3 6t_ av_ i«-
"fHifiK strictlT first class; all hranchM , pUUn
an^ar" cooking- neat, obilgtng young
woman ;*excelllnt references; city or country.
Mrs r '..:iler p fl Agency. 457 4th aye. _ — • — ;
rmnK.— Colored wi.iuar; firat class; tesi rerer
cn^' Jl M., Tribune Uptown Office, 1364
tion. - a - -
! ri3liff.iAA Telephone
4. r .-'7 Mart«-on Sattar*. ' — — — I
coos. ur,:
- SSj
- - ■
Anna Tie T.e-lngton >-e.^Tel. 10S6 Pla-a. -^
7r^K---Cngt-Ji : Protestant; first clasj; under- ;
«\... Tel. 74J Blvar. . . . I
ST;'. iTo- t i-.vedist-. Klrl; v*ry Rood i
''^Ttak;; sn'SrtJa™
•ncc_-s3a OsKTbcrg's Agency, .ICHUUr-!
»v.>. Tel 1088 I |a«a _-."
• . ■
,v • S ji ®g S^S^j
• i
.-:." ... rare odell's AK'oaoy. b23 6:n avo. ;
'Phone Bryant 28Q1. .—. — j
,■%" ,K^Zsw^c'isa~; private, public: city, c&^- ■
■ '»• Mihwi references; ws« $6 w.,
Ci;;.<Un^O.icir 8 Agency. 820 Cth are. •Phone j
c'ol^T^CiiAltßEßMAlP.— f-/r friend* t-- |
[MBERMAir -T~ friends «
K-th«r one as cook, othei rliamberruaid and
waltrSs; first claos rotorerc.s. Miss Margaret
?n,tthß Agency. 25 Mt 42.. St. Thono 5059
'. it'u '~ii' , -mi \vaT^TTe S£. --- tozetner; iv" k assist
! SHd chaaiJgrmaW: ; »*rh .
referwes" wages moderate, riaherty'a Agcnty. ;
«8S Coluwbus itve.t;T«l.'.7<l River. '■
ci>OKH ainberimax*. waltreaeea. nuri>fs. :
workera. l.utl-rr useful men. couples.
... for city or country; EncHah. Germans anl
Bwcdcs %sp«tally- Math«w«B A.ency. bIA «tv ,
aye. Tel 37S Bryant.
Wnmrfi AH nationalities; flrat class; »om«
*ho ' laander; wag^-a, $26 to $80: Investl«ate4 '
' reference*. Waldorf Agency. 12 West Had H- •
•Phpnt; 1(00 Madison. ;
! JviTlPiS.— BcotcSj man eseellent for small plate
:« to eoSntry; wife Boneral hotweworker: 13J: u-«t
I retvrourrs. Albany r A«*ncy. H! 20 Ea«t sn.i st
J]?]^,"!^.--!.;,^- desires to secure poattlona for I
! an ««Hi«.»lly inteUlgeni c«»ok a,»d icap»bte ;
naeful man; »vu . vCars laMt «"if'<jyer- Mui. jv» » (
i \rm. •■- Til l.tjxlnKX"i» .ivp. j
i ii iior North German t.'rl; another Krrncti; aNo
r '-i-.lv "j^os.ts. Waldorf Agency, 13 West sjd !
Bt. ° •el.'-"'- 2m>— Ma<li* a _^ |
55oUSSKEErER-COMPANION.— Oenerally «»•- :
(vl # excellent referenoes. L,. M.. Tnbun L'p- ;
I town " o:ilr«. j3C* : Brofcflway. . .___ . j
LhOUSBIQBBPEB. — EiiKllnh; very ku^rlor; ex- I
ctlifnt rotnendctlun j;.".; u:i. iti'-r tl!^ cU»» |
prison.' |100 Watdorf ifHtJr, U W«»t 33d St. j
/Phon« W<>^Mttdlsu."; .— >
HOUSEKEEPER (worklngJ—Oood r»k; bn"h- '
! tier's nome preferrr<l; $^V»30; e»o^ll«nt t«f»r
e'io« for RiCb. "VVaMort Agency, 12 Weal Wd «t. |
•l'h<jny_;«'<>— J^adtson^^ |
lUil'tfKKßliPKß— Oooil seamstress; »»a:. rell- ;
ai.l.i peraon, middle a^t-d; »-..uj refereujes. 11.. ,
i . r i2 Wt-st lix>ih St., flrwt QiAir. _?
I iii lir.SF.Kl^ri'Kß. a«slitant or h".i<l \?ultre-s; !
huttl club or Institution; rliy, oountn- K. l'-# i
I OdeU'a Agency. tC'» fitti ay«. Thono 2iol—
; Bryant. , |
: iii)i'SKAV')l!K. — K.\c«-ltt-nt youn* Klnnlsta srtrl; i
experienced .-ook; v»ry »*Ft r»f«»rfnc?9: t'A. [
I Ponumar.'b Agency, Colncibus avo. T«l.
! 7V.il— Ki-huyler. _^ . j
! I^AUVa MAID. — lVinoti; F-Jod *cu!J>sti>ss9. h>i!r- J
dresser; $30; excellent references; wveral otlier I
i nationalities. Waldorf Agency, 12 West 83d «t- j
[•Poods 800— Madison. |
Miss FitzGeral^s Employment Bureau
503 STH AYE,, Cor. 42d St, Seymour Building.
! ENTRANng on 4tv .si. «i^^______i___-
A. OST E 118 ER C S r3r 3
Swedish Employment Agt v,
£_»i_-i " 716 LEXINtiTON AYE.. ,: :a [SSj*
iraiCTM PlttT CLABS MR: P Tr> H^p^a^^^;^-V-^v^x>
n.-TBT' »XO N r ' r>\K r ■ \^rT.V r y.- -•?:'.***■ 'VB:.- *"■' ia -li __i ' — ~ •
12 West 33rd St,, - d7loor -
MRS. VACK. r ro r i c irc-3. .. P ___,
Opposite Formerl- of Eaton Terrac-. B(x>
Orposif" ronr^r »«« • jno _ 4 di S o*
"Waldorf-Astoria. Vlr or .---. .e»^.pu^ : S-Rtand. .o^y. w»'»r__eß en _c »ft«r
Klrst cla« Vlr of *v_- tfesn-lptlon for private farrilllfs ors!y. Kejereac-s •_-
por-onal '.r.vesilgatlcn. — — — m— ' "" m ■ "■ .
Miss 3_v-Ca_?^:a»x'eti S__cxiti2-_. J -i
Emplojr-iient ___.g_xi.c * v :^,i
FOU -E!_!:rT HEU*— All N*Uona;itM«.
2 o West 42d St-., ISTe^x- st___ ___.~-e
»C_NTr_\l- B':it_lVO> *» Boor. . *<
Tel. «j.i*f— i-'ryant v
• AY. Ri feren. Inve»tl«»t*S. , 4
Near Wt% Aye.
Employment Agency
for delect help: all nationalities; ref?renc«!S
strictly Investigated and on file. ' T-iepnon*
C2lO Bryant. _ . !
BOSDS -in 0.-id S-tate.
__'____ — rrva?:t. «!__ ______
.Vj!iie iibtllui, Tel. _87 cfcste-, .
V: >vat« families, -statss. farma. corporations j
ftiTJp'ied with b>-si _ala _nd ferua.e ne.p. ,
E!ltab^Lß^e{l_i7_^ea^».__ ; . j
30 , et.. :iear r.tn aye.— For aelect h*lp. a*. \
patlonai!ti"s: referencea carefully tnvestlg-t-!-. I
Tri SSS3 — Mafll^on Squ-tr^. I
h€lp of -II nattfin— Ut— m, mitie aad fem-lc. »U.
Leslngio^ aT«.; ■ cor." WOk »t.*Tal.- C<B—jPla»_
AT ' CAfi__NTEB'S Employment Agency. lM j
Cth eve. Established I*l7. We have best
Cficlmsn, sardvners. gr^.ms. narried eenpiCSj j
farm foremen, farm hand*. Alt t_-Jo_. -well;
recommended. ■ j
COOKS, butltrs, seepsi- tarn, waitr lann- j
' dr-sscs. chambermaic!». kltchar.^Eld--'. 'adiey
maids, coo_ who launder, general house-om
en. Ju*s!la E_plo>-ment Agency, te> Lexln*- ;
ton hvb. .
E. V. ODKIX * -RKDEF.IC< BJ;IN _i th -™- •
plorm«nt Bryant.— Beas i^v-t- t_-u» -«l»r .
Tel. 2*!>l— Sryasst.— B«s: ortvat* i-a_y nei? }
r»'»r»>. ■■ - 'nve»t!c^t"<l ___—— . |
nlshed Ictly flrst class he_p t_ p. 4 .-t_ . am- '
Blca. bot€l<» an.i 'nstitutions. tio_ 6tl. aye. Tele
pho— 2543— iiurray_Iiill- I
U_NO A BOECHSKCR CO.. 43. 43. 41 V- •»'*-_* I
i st. -Flrat class vants for pilva'.'- tami.iea ]
Tflfi'hone 511 M:rrav iii'i _ __^
, MM-. T. CARN-O— O, Irench A—" V'.rs:
class Bvcdlsh. French. Oerm~ri anJ Irlsn help:
ma!e_£i:d_fama;e^ »So3 _6th ave__T_U_-C. ,_Rnant.
" IIP. ■ COIXIER'a. 437 4th A.*-— Rt'-iatle help,
• male and fe-aale; refercccea ||Ml_lllS iavea- ,
tlpated^ . . .
MRS. FLAHEr.TT'S OFF'CE. «'-3 Ccljmtus
»ye.. near S3d at. (T*l. 7*l- River) wt-r-liee
private fan:i:ies. city and country, with -rs«
f:8«"9 help. ________——•
"" Female.
HOUSETfOF.K —Woman pos
LADY'S S?%g%»
I stress; excellent reftr-.-icra. S.. J
Km'th-s Agerjv. _ W«e« 4_d si. *Phor.9 30_D—
! Brjant; ■ ■
LADY'S MAID.-.-- •-:. Pr.testat!*.: X ■*>'.}. saaia- |
stresa: very his^y recomraecd'sd : . wiltlcj : to ,
aMi» oth^r l!_ht work. __ MocroWs .^eacy, .
7_ Lexlagtoa aye. Tel. 3»M2— a«a^
LAW? MAID -»n<l B2ASCSTIUCSS. pertevl cut-.
ter and titter, wishes stead: position w<nfes
$i> to 130 a month. Clsar.N -'Sency. _._- Lex- -
utgton-T». corner Wt_ t. Tei. 46i)d Plaza.
LA GXDRFSS.— Willing to assist chamber;
woVk: Vrot^stant: exceptionally n^at. com-,
pttent ' willing — oallpHg: b«t of refer- i
enc:s; city or country. Mrs. Collier's As -. r.
4;,T 4-'h a" . i . I
l_L'NDß_HS.— First cluss: can uo ahlrt< col
lars- h«- references; Flnnts!. plrl. Jusslla
A gency. 680 K-tngtan >-fc.tTel.''44sßPla»-.-:
LAUNDRESS (Sv«reauh/ — -o s'-'-ts, collar*
*"__Tll_s Hn«na ; first claw refewßces.
Marg»r-r Sml— '■ A*e_cy. 2j West 4-d st. Phone
BOTO Eryqnt. ,
DejßS&-Bacelleat. ywanc .SwedM shrl; |
ur leratanda her duties thoroughly: $..•■ ye j i
best references. Oateiber«*a Aj;3C*y. US Le_.ng- |
tor, aye. Tel. 10S3 Play-a. ;
I_\UXDRBSS. compe-er-f desires -.ashlnc at j
home or day's \wrk; reference. Kins, 44 \\«st |
_7_ rt. i ]
VS DRHBS— clasp, neat tidy; can d>|
•hlrti«- iZO ro 5.15: also UunUCsess and ambeT- ,
mice %lr>- besr references. Flaherty's Agency. ,
4«3 ' Co 1 nmbca av e^ Tel. 74t _ Rlvt. j
LiATJKDRESS (Swedlah>— Un«er3:_£;Ja cedars, j
curs, f.ne !arf-s; \cry <«*>! rPl»r^-:ces: »-.l>. A.. |
Cpt,»rherg # s A_eary. Tltf _a gi ■ avo. T^L i
lor^Plazn :;^_ . !
LAUNDKESS— S3O; Oe— undersUnds .11.ir.«. 1
cuffs et.-- has friend ehamfcermaid nr.J
waltrw, |-i. want '" ■• together; e«e<?!!eni
r,.f.?r-n. _Aibaty 4:3ncy, 20_E_*t -Aa _«-__
I_\TJJjbKESS— TIIW --aas; J3O; parJcnl_r:y neat •
t*wiKii-a girl: excelleal refevence. city; s^vera! ,
others! a.dorf Ageacy. 12 W«t 33d st- 'i-h.ne j
800 Madison. , , . |
LAUNDRESS— To-j_« Ss.e-'e: excellent city ref- '
erence- $50. O-. MI"T Kefrnayer s Agenc:/. .
FoM & Barton Puildln*. 320 Fifth aye., &ta Coor.
Telephone 4,27 M*dl»on S*j-£re._
MAID AND BEAMBTRESS— Can cut nnd make
«owna e_cei.er.t r-sf-rencea; gj ar..v ner«. , _« I
Jtiss Margai^: _t.-.::_ a A_e*".cy. _ e»t 4_<l s- j
*Phor»» 808e Bryanl _ i
NURSEt.— Experienced: Infant or *rcwn; friend |
wa.tre.ss »n*l rhan.bfirni:d Rood s^am^cress; i
no objei- tions to country; hlcrhly recjmmcr.^cil. |
m» w's Mency, 72] .liS-toKto- a^e. ;
NURSES for Infant- a_d otrilOiaii, all ages; Orr-I
man French Swe-lsb. Scotch, etc. Invc.».i-
K_:e,l retervnees. Wald.-rf Ajjeucy. 12 Ue_t -^1 (
»" Thrn» a&^MarUsorr ; j
NTJBSK-— Experienced i^tJi*:.- i- •• widow J
Wishes position: ■•' " Ctac-Ing r*rman: .
Prot'Btani; 1 — of r_*re_r_ AJurcsa -• ii. .;
*LuX- !^'^?—^^^ ■
KURSEOff GOVERNESS — Orrra-i. sp-aka
French; wouM go Scuth or v. s t; t.ik.« cr.arre
one or more children; txoel'.ert reft-rer..^. _P. I
Mirs Flt*_er_ld n Bureau. 503 Wlta aye.. «n- ;
trunca 43d .** '
f'AULURMAID. -Superior; thorouKiiiv «*P*- |
rlonocci b»st o? eip*ri^nc<« In city: S^O: j
«»'.era! othf:r^, H2."»-*.;O. V.al<iorf Agency. 1_ i
West P,Sd »t. ~rPhone> gOOMadlaon. ■ !
WAITRESS. — ToJl. neat, capat-!«i plrl: under- •
stands wines, aalada carvinic. excellent ref- :
erences: $30: s.»ver*l others. $::3-S3O. Waldorf!
ArvincyJ_lp W^st r.3d at m '
WAITRESS —Protestant: raak«s all salads,:,
un_t-rptan la serving wsn«>3. first clu-** refer
ences. C. Miss Margaret Agency. S3 '
\Ve.t 42J st. 'Phone :;rv{«* 'Prynnt. '
W A ITR_;S9. — N eat, tile*. vonn* yirl; excellent '
rcferem-ps; $-- Osterbers/s Agci. y, J\4
Lexlnirton »ve>. ■■> Tel.* 10SS P'aza. j
WAITR£SB or CHAMBERMAID.— Fir-t c!a«: ;
T. tlllr.it to co l^ng dlstf.r.cf cr West; r.-^aost
eltv re.'c-renc-. a. C~, ffl ttt ay«.. caro - .
Flynn; apply Monday. , ■
va)t_; intellliceDl rertn»L nperteneed: rff
er«rc««; Will tr*v*:. Ziix *-. West S>-i '.i.s«e-'l. ■
l!m : __l
T.if^NO Sw<»«!«sh tt^ l " l very iiuperlor. «f*3klnr '
1 1 1. _I<— Rr»?llsh, tlc-.'roj» cf startlni jr. 0r»". :
class service vty c»?a.-lty. Vfaldorr Aceacy. |
T? w*-.-? ::" ■■? ?»t. i
r»H"t:^e_[AKER (Kr*nci) BOpslles models for
; >,"cs: exquisite sii-.i'plea c. hanl: »r:"uslve •
t-a4t m.lirttid. llroe^^i*^.!!. 3ja West 4Tt:-. ;
_,"nKSSMIvKER. — Oampsteot; r*rf«ct fitter- sty- ;
lisa; otti by day c-r houie; reference. Drfc*- ;
maker s»h v> --»t V?th st
BANKBOOK « No l?i">> it the L*n!^-. EtnS '
i-v.inFs D-ir.k »s inlsisrc A.l; p— s:r. hjvlr;c (
t r!».!m to it '.» h-'rety called v- 11 to pr-?.^. : •• .
pom* Atthtr. ten dny*. ?r -rjtmlr to havir.; salC 1
pa?3r-,c-k cancelled and antv ort l."ut.!, J
BANKEOOKtNO. >A<>.3l7 of t:-i« Union Dtxafl 1
ttavtftga B»nh la nn»«»«rf Any p»rsoT :4'.;:j :
» claim to it Ui hereby called upon v. pr*««>nt th«
•«rr» wtthlr t«-n rtavi«. or «übnnt to ha>'t. : _.J 1
paufcook cancol!ed._ano^ i pew ono la»j»O.
liOT.— Bankbook No. 45T.f3S of Dry Cock Sav
ln-a InH'.tutlon. Any person hartnc claims
upon 'a!.l bo..k Is calle-l upon to present t>;e
sajio t.> the bank within thirty day*, cr the »aU
Kr^fc will b* 1-".ln'e.< e->:?o»!>i! and extlr.yu'.shej j
xn.l » n»^ f>n>- 1.«n:»-1 »"■ »>"' t'.fnwf. j
VK*TOH viSiß'.r -■» Nisaau St.: c-Ualoßuo
f.e*- ul mak?« '.aicen t»art T^yw^t: irmnt ,
lr» i;ndrr»oc;d». I^n<lngtf.n< O.lv^ra. ___. ■
EPECIAUtrrS in tool*, dle^ nvic.'r expert- \
ir.cntml w< rk end «or*w nuttr.ine : irojui.:s r»t^- 1
ri4ti« turnl»h.>i Velquart-a u.icbtn* Works. 239 j
' ■■'"•' ■ * **' v ""''
ißOtrr tef.tii' ir»v"e tohsken "I
1)11 .'» C. POIAXD. DCTTI3T. .
<m 7 <>h »>■ w»i»' ____^_____ ;
"*OOOS, BIROS. _TC. ~7T|
iuuJ"* *>i» iiutn* no \i:i>kd.
AcuarU I- «•■ OoM Fl«n. etr n:rd». Posx I
r»'». rtm^lf* for "-i'" •-'♦ Am-trrUir. av>
WATCHES brAND OLtTcKS n.id Jew'lrv of I
nrlri " dtwrlptsw r«pa:red by profe««teaal ,
„ r , Valef H"iy. p_rla« »hop P.^.m i
Tfl N'usiau et.. «eeon(l tttght. |
RoisioßE U'NDRT. "* V Mt i? ts w at .v . I
Llnena hundlea i»onac««ntlo_«> Wurk that ]
t>rtu«* reiiuUiUija. Telephone, 13-* Maauoa. '
miss ISABLE shea;;;
s ka->t 421> ST..
totwren 3ta _n_ il»i'»ns • * > __ -
Bel«rt i-fi?. sal* an- leinaie. f*r oW ■ 3 * -'•
TeTo^-B• y~2— -Ta-r-T n'.H.
_M?LOI»-SSr omc- __ ._
Ren_bt» serv_:ta *!1 _tl__-:l_- * 4 J_?__
:»*?i st. ru%r U-i a.c. T«i«pl-oo« — — ■ ■•
H-rlem. Branch 2S> E. Pa!__4« a*-^. Eaai*
! ■» ood. J J_J__*___J* Co. _ __—
MKo. is.\nci. _UW2I VDKKSO.*
1 <PUQP:tIETU_S- •
I r-r-ish<«s r_f_l!le», In-trnttona. co:.«g»«. ete-.
I with .<:i;^at!o_a» «r._ <otn»«!e s«rvic*. __
V,-.-t. ZSth ft. 'phOTW-JOxg— M ' :>r "____'___—
First c!as- -His aril f;mal» h?:?. wtt!i »"••
1 tljr'i:<>d r*f«?r^iir-»-i. for private f.< nl':-»a
L/i.SE AG-NCT. T22 L_-lrjrtrn A«»
Cor. 5-Sia rt. T"l»phone. tft'jg P T -ta. t
MIS? .V^FEpTTtV'S Knploy_«me Bar-ao. 72t
X-rti-gt3n aye.. co- Mth »v . -»'•*»_?_>
i cUt« hci.' of a_ n-ttcn-irztea. ma!- aaa tißili-
i «it- rt couiit»-. '>!»■'» pi»-» teae.
wombn'B DOMKTTIC -.aock
Ko. 11 Kast 32d at. Hl«h <•!_«. domestic pc_
1 tlon."; mal » tnl fvmal*. Tal *r r -9 rv M»"Ka
uns. O. ,- •■'•VA Finnish rripLOYMtNT
Bureau. 524 •in'bj: aye.. n--»- .3th: first cia*»
r-.nnbh r.»lp alwaya^iy^and^JTeJ-^Jj __L__Tt.
I _R3. C- 3 OCCPE3I-3 E-'^P. BfREAf. _*
■ «t«. neer W.s e_— reie-_on» lot4— 33th. 8«
! lecx help of a:' _M_-_nUa» Mh and ten_»«
1 Irfcren ip^fgfTated. - ■
i _CS Wti-i 4«i'h Tt.. want laiicbtnen. colors- ao* .
' whlt< «ent:._ houa3".ofk.n I ,a»:n_. pa»'J«<
j m-i3»- ' .
! Tiriii PATRONAGS of first cla»» famlUe- aohsltoii
fcr Kleot ;."lj>. »!1 a.itic-.-' ties. Bur » Eaßiv-y
mor.t I 6th_aje . r.ear >^Tel at.
WM _A^ A* SrEriAT.TT <* «•'««_ 'g'jSl
help; r-r-renrea «_ira,-ite«4: feoB ?» _T_,rt ___
OW IK^mlnloo tinpl-jmem Cureao. _ West U4ti»
1 Bt. Tt'*.noTit> l|t»--i!ar;-in : ; .
» tcttenj cm plot •-E-tt b'teac. _^| •_
, aye. near Cou, (Tel .Vo::-rbua).-r>>HumVs
! t-rtp » sp«ci_ty: F*rv=ata in ail caoaclila* WIC
. inveaUgated refer»nf<.
' tio-J a.i«J a«-r-e taat you m-y r-^? tn« loan. ,
• fro-i 'he _-viden_ ?n an Inveai-icnt ■**»«*
w» wlli augseat. COSTiNENTAL COM3l£_l-
I CIAt. CO.. C*. Lot:!-. Mo. — ■___, -'
• $5.00 t'.^.t ard $5.00 per month buys fortr
■ acres of c_oi.~* Ce=*rnl British Col_nbta farm
lards t*at vrtj? _o_ le in -alue. _-«l _onl)l» -
' _?_iti b«r- ,-» vcu- h»ve paid *or It. O»t a a.ic» ,
of t__ L_t Best -West Postal b^. 3f3 fB v__
[fonr— tion. NVchac© \_l«y amdlcat* i>a_
!'p-BT»r, X C. __
FX?S S.\L£ OP. EXCnAXOE.— f *rr* br'.v. »e
torv. Coaoectlcut c.ty. SHfcoors No v To%.
»dapt>d any Clas rr.anufacturta*: co3*."^^-.c o3 *."^^-.
-.raUor. •
inapect -ad c.aita o£ar; terms; ao oroiera. 1.
Rolfe. Anaonla. Corn. ... .
SO 00 CA;r.l and Jo. 00 per month p^vs f->r 40
a--res, Central Kritlsh Cotttglftlfß> r.eAr raijTca^
where farm inJa are ch«ap, snll fertr.e. climate
luperb. ro»t yourself. * tn?jrr^a'.!Jn £r_.
N«chai-o "yc^at*. Vancoovfr. B. C. ___-.
HEAT MARKET— Mj«t •'■11 befors I.'ffvesaisoj
Ist. F Shurfmier. 5C13 Broadway.
551H ST K'-r.S WXST iTh- Koaei:*).—
sorr.eir f-:rnl-sfced r.;_; ae__ l a^a a«rvlea
BBteptteaaJ; reference*. _^___^^__—
US WE3T~iil> ST. — "rrvate v a.r..v ft«_n, par
queted. •?• rtcity, hot water. »peoia tai>X
it-- arfl : r^l'-nhore. ____»— —
I -3. Er>vrc. Me «tn
eve. _^
3l> STREET. 20 EAST ■ Square; —
■". ••vo rewn.?, bitcroom, j» Laon_. reisr"-»
!£cea._[ '_ _j
W VVfc>'T s<iTlf BT. r«vo or three cnarratnrr
rcoms arc offered 'r-r a orlvat* tamiW In their
•ftrtfullv apocntcii home, private J>%tt»; ate*-*
ttt- »p;o!r.iii ri*rts: tr»altawt opUonal: pea
■i'. ly" oth*-r '.i^e-.s .-onpldcretL
o'^T ST. Z^TwEiT (corner Eroa.iTray». — N"«^t
ly ftiiaisaed ro.-i-r.a; near baUi; e:evm.uir »cart
rrr.t: re*T^ri:*i >< <. Ttellly. "
OSi>7~2tl WEST (Brosulway, "West " ,xi .—»laas
soine ror>n-s: private Iwuae; tvery wjuvetiieoce;
•aeons' ;_rub "« v _
__ E\3T 7'rril ST.— lla:i isorr.ely f^i..:'-w > i*s
ror.n. sultaMf f-T Wi. _utl>eia exy©a_n»*
-'Ipphone -
>TIIVATK faml!" on Park Slope wffl a«onaw
.:..'» r.ia c r v.\ * g-c__e_iea. S^v> L'nijn wt. m
VB^6L.UTE_.r ««iect private r_m»u=ij> _^Jrla«r
c - >r t-*-o r-v-i.rs ca» .«•■-::•• '33« •w'.thooi
•li.iir'ty. RocniUi,- _rl nj._ii.c nous-i^i* «^
,L Vr> place UsrwlVltnout lnsfition. Atttllcar.^s
; riag r-i":--.! lesirOl? *j,;cmni.^_Offlg ocn
nit us. Teiei hon« Ma.ll.~>n r-oaarw *74-. •»•»
ane* Iteahy Co . tir-t rro.-» :*vay.
_ 7OR^ SALZ. r
uFT~iiAßOArNS^Sll_t;iy usfa oJScs furriftirc,
desks, typewriters, cash rrs-!«ter». addLif ra*
•hlncs. mliueoF-aptis. BBSC caa;nc-s safe*. •<!
•reasimr mactlr.e.<. tiraa clocjri. cartltloa*. CSecX
>rote?icri>._bo.-'-icasea. NATTIAy 3. _*__*^. _*_-!'
iirIvAT7E SAf^: OF a Tvix, __:i_; O;?
J A g
BTLLIAKDa pool »n.i new ps.ti-.t co_i^!n»:lon
tat>t. t-west pi;ce«: -applies. r«{>atr»:
'cwllr!« ailey hi.JMi»r« n*clcer's. 1O» f?a»» 9O»
it E«tab!fs'bed IH3« _______
"lIGHKST FKICK? ' >f I >iaraon«J» Oi<i Ool<i:
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1«1 SALVO ishOS. — Antique furnl' l ir* > brio** .1
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lonta! furniture. *lU«r t*ve««rle» »iJ • iin*rou*
yt*.ti art obj^ots. 40--*3 W"Jt 4W »t. Eva fork.
TO- LET preparations.
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