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•^rnencan Syndicate Closes a
550.000.000 Transaction.
Negotiations *•"•* »*«« practically ccrn
,;«ed for a loan of 50.000.000 to the Chi-
sov«Bin«at by the American bankiru
indicate formed In the summer of .W9
*S» the object of nipplytair capital ft* th«
of China. The ■■■ " •■
Jhich i. — up of J. p. *««»*,££
Kuhn. l^b & Co.. the, National CU, Ba.-*
Ud O» First National Bank. »o«fct « th*
«,-.-rset to obta«i partlripatlca '" th « *?°-
«B.«JO loan •MC* English. Frfflch ■■ n ' i Ger
««, hanker* had arranged to make to the
SSL* poverr.ment for bunding the Han-
Vow -^zechaen Railway.
lore negotiations, m which the
Aowfcan bankers were reprinted by
Henry P Davison. of J- P- Morsan & Co..
MaO TTiHard D Straight, now the acent of
t!l * mini- in UK- Far East and formerly
Ceoidl General cf the United States at
"M^rkder an agreement was fim^: in
T-ar'- ; n May under which the bankers of
-'-*'foar countries ■<■• to participate
eovMltj tn the loan. The Chinese «:i->v«»rn
lOBBX. however, reserved to itself the Ha**
,' tv&BM to accept this l<^an If It could
-*!«* suScient fund? at home, and the loan
J-.sr not yet b»«en brought out.
The js-t.000.000 loan just srran£*d i« en
tirely distinct from the Hanko* -Szechuen
loan Tt« proceed? will N» «?M In reform-
Ins the Chinese currency and in forwarding
the :ndustr;al development of the empire,
-o «et the loan the Chinese povernmer.t
*;il raske an issue of S».Wi.OO« forty-five
- »ar .% r p r 1 *"" t bonds, which will be taken
h- the -yndicat*" at a price said to be about
c. a!t!iou«h tM? and various other details
i ;i .-« not yet he*n finally settled.
;: ts ... ,-•.•-.- syndicate ex
j+"\* to place th* entire issue in the
Vrr.ted ... it i.« possible that
7«rt may N> allotted to Europe, in which
raM the required portion wilt be in pounds
The A^rreeTrifnt wilh th»» Chinese jrovern
inent mema siimed in Pekinp on Thursday by
DssM A. M?nocal. of th*» International
T"^nki:;S Corporation, in behalf cf Mr.
.straight, -wao conducted the recotiations
■with ;r.at g-nrfrnment and ha? recently
Irf»en in thi? country, having sailed from
N>w York on Tuesday en his way back to
-3u« how soon the many .detail? conn^'-t
•^ with the loan will be completed and the
formal edict of th" Chinese Boyennnent
. -,F=ued is not known here, and accordingly
rtji date of bringin? out the bonds cannot
;et b* assien^d. A? a result of thi? finan
cial operation, U is expected, a highly !m-
T-nrtant market will b<> opened in China for
.American mar-ufa^turc? of many sorts.
Blichigan Central Sells a $10,000,000
Issue There.
.1. P. Morgan &■ Co. anr.ounre'i yestwrday
that the Michigan Central Railroad Com
r.ary had "oid ;« 50.0n0.000 franrs trP.non,
fvj Jsfue of on»-v»ar 4 1 * per cent notes to
Morsmn. Hanes & Co.. of Paris. The prire
et trhich the nnres Trill ly« orf^r^d to the
T'Ublic Tiot giver.. It was r»p^rted lap*
•week That th» Michigan Central wa? nego
tiHtir.g th» f^aie of an iss^e of notes in
Paris, but th« nnnor could not be con-
B»g)*<l at that time.
Thi« is th«» only !s*;ue nf notep that The
7 "an hap outsta:idiri?. Th*> last preo»"iins
»-a!e of sernrities by the company w? in
.I'ln*-. isns. and consisted of tiT." |^. r *oo 4 r«»r
« c "t fwenty-y^ar (?»b"nture bond!?, beinr
■Üb* unsold! portion of a £3.<*»0,0n0 ippue au
:hcrized in April. :W. Part of th* pr^
,•»*,«« <jf t!ii? las? salp rf debentures was
traefl to retire Rfi.ooo.flOO R p*r cnt note? due
Focwnary 3 cf this year.
Ccmpazies Organized Under I Can't
Do Mortgage Loan Business.
Mbanr. Oct. 2^. — Companie* --1n : ? °- 1
•.-rjer th* hurtn^sF or cneral corporation
*a« cannot <io the baFinrE? that a rnortsac'*
>8:i an«l irvcstni^nt company is p*»rm!tt*»d
in do ur.d**r the bankins law, according to
■n cptaflon to-day by Attorney General
<''M»;i« i >. H^ furtl'.er holds that companies
•iiing ■ rriortcape loan an<l btrestment
''■i^riPfF Without Incorporating under th»»
-osnkin? i«t\« a:»> sabjecj to a tuit annul
jjnc th^-ir coTTvoraf 1 existence.
Mr O"Mai>y rules that th» state Su
rprint "ndert cf Barks has discretion tn <jp
<^l7ie Tf> approve :hp incorporation of a
Tiortirase loan and investment company
vbteji purposes to do a F^coiri mortgage
CTashinston, Oct. 2?.— lmports «C trM
"«'n:T<»d Stat*-5 for the nine months end*»d
■^■•ih September. l?l r >. ap?T»»jjat<»fl in valve
J'TTT^^i.^v., a? oerr.par^d with Jl.^.fiOO.'X) 1 }
for the rorre.spording period of 1303.
Tbe s^Ht^st imponations fcr the nine
- orftba of I?!') woro supar. rifn.lOO/«"O: crude
rubber. $78.900/nv ; hidp? and fkins,
S7Q£9MXn, am! ro?oc. MSI3OQ.OOO
s- •
Vva^hinston. O'-tJ Inters-tat* <"om
rr>rrro <:ornn;is?jon officials here do not !>?
!l»ve that ',hf railroads eonTcrriplate any
«vat-ion of th«* new railroad :a-x. It ia their
'Tir.iori that railroad •rid: agem^nts feel tiiat
*n opsetdac or U» preaem law tnicht re
•ult in far more radios.! l^^i.-latlon, and
trsat m^ead of an attack on the u-r- t he
ra;lroads would b* mere disposed to objeci
in trie, court? to ary orders or arts of the
'-orr.mii'slon in exec-Jtion and enforcement
c ;tif ]a*.v ;n regard to ?ucii ordors as
n-.ia:;: be rteem^d by th«^ railroads to be op
;.rtf=s;ve or unconstitutional. 1

■ r

near, Ex
ad only
- ■ 1
Adolsb UaUer. No. T4'i I->st JOttb utreet
voluntary; liabilities. 11.1&: no as^tf.
n v«;r»v «;r»- *r* only two realtors— William
•J,*!', 17 *.* °" ' C "" J3f ~ nd Ab&W Schenkel
-uiius Johnyon. No. ZSl>i Broadway volun
tary; liabilities, $3,012; no ass*-ns. The United
fc'.»T*\s Enhance Bank, formerly of \Vfj»t
I£ak yvre~t but now in iiquidatlon. is the
Wi.> ' red; ior.
•I>>U* N. Adltr, No. US I^ast J:6th stroll
""iu-Taii: Jinb:i:tW. 1117,587. of uhirh ilif, -
W|W( twcur*-<1 claims. J11.057 unhH'urwl
* !<um« red f>*> accommodation taptr- no
Lincoln Sn-ina. trading ■?■ I-incoln Slvlns
« Co., ET4Lr.ufaft.art-rrt of Jadi^h' waists and
-costume. No TS Fifth avenue, involuntary
h > the, io!lowir.^ f-reditors: S. J. IliJJiff. JS.ll*-
Aastia UeXcaJ. $;.*••. j»nd A. V. Hayp. HS&
J!»«» ll*U!itl*s iiTr raid to iw» about $20,000
Jud«e Hoit he? upr"»irit<vi T^eonurd Brom.er
st'f-ivf-r ar.d f:x*-d i:i» !>ond ut C,W«.
.-imon Sov#»Tjj'ky and .Samu'l Arnowitz,
traalr.g under the tirm styie*of S. Soven
*«*!' 4: Co.. manufacturers of cloak* arid
*snts at So. U E*r.t fcth street, involun
tary, by the following creditors: I. Kan
"iUi. £S<J; thft Htar Thread Company. JZSS.
ana Arthur Abraham. U. Judge Holt has
aijM}irr * FrtLUclx H. Griffin receiver and
£ied hi. oosd tt C7K<.
The Perfection Waist Company, No. 7!
Ucst Houston street, has filed sch^dul*^
--- oankniKtcy. with liabilities of Jlii.S'JS.
«" which |:«,©J7 are unsecured claims, «uid
ro asset*.
Louip Kn^rll, <i«»l*r in furs. No 47 East
-Tli r.ir^T. has nl*d Hchfdul*s in bank
■TSPJP''. v 'UJi liabilities of 551.45-J. of which
"■«.*'3 arr secured r'.aims and C7.ET7 unwr
" lirnj claims and SIO.'SH notes and tills.
*"3 h*e*Ui of CS.»S.
Judpe Holt ha? appointed Waltrr Cook.
-Lj receiver <or AJam A. Moski^A'itz. for
merly c. <irug;ri*;t at No. 43 Grand street
■nd No. ir«o Third avenue, and fixed his
*ma 6 c.< $DOO.
Mrs Harriman and Commission
ers to Meet To-day.
Albany. Oct. 28— Mrs. Edward H. Harri
man wlli formally «rlv« to th* Palisades
Park Commission to-morrow a d«>*«i of ten
thousand acres of land In Rook land County
for state park purposes. The state, through
the State Commission on New Prisons, will
at the same time transfer to the Park
Commission the abandoned Bear Mountain
prison sfte, In accordance with legislation
passed this year. Mrs. Harriman in addi
tion is to Rive 51.000.000 to be spent in im
provixyr the park. The people -will vote at
the coming election on a proposition to
bond the state for $2,500,000 to be spent in
extendinß the park from New York City to
Mrs. Harriman and the state commission
have agreed to meet th« Palisades Com
mission on th* Bear Mountain site to-mor
row, where the transfer of the property
will be made.
Adjutant Genera! V<»rbeck will represent
Governor White at the ceremonies attend
ing the transfer of the park property. It is
expected that there probably will be pres
ent, under orders from the Secretary of
%Var. a detail from a company of. the field
artillery detachment at the West Point
Military Academy and that th.y will bring
a fi>ld piece, with which a sa'.uts will be
fired in connection with the ceremonies at
tending the transfer.
Under Ruling State Will Receive $2,
000,000 a Year from I. C. Road.
Springfield. 111.. Oct. 2S.— ln deciding to
day on the demurrer of the Illinois Cent-al
Railroad Company to the suit of the State
of Illinois to collect back taxes from the
railroad, the Supreme Court ruled in favor
of the state on all but one point.
The court holds that the charter airree
■»•■« of ISSL under which the railroad was
to pay the state 7 per cent of its gross
earning:*, is ■ contract, and that the 7 per
mm is nor a tax in the legal sense. The
court holds that all interstate commerce
business of the ma.l, as well as income
from eatine houses, express business, of
charter lines *f well as the Trunk lines,
form? th« principal on which th* 7 per cent
shall be paid to th» state.
In the matter of back taxes, the court
holds apainst the state, which sought to
recover it.-- percentage since 1577. Under
this ruling th» $15,000,000 whic* the stare
BOtlsbt from the Illinois Central dwindles.
roughly estimated. To about $1,000,000.
From 1905. the court lays down the rule
for accounting, by which the state, it is
estimated, will receive ?:.000.00<) revenue
annually from the road, instead of $1,000,000
or less as at present.
The Tennessee Copper Company, it was
learned yesterday, has entered into a ten
y»ar contract with the American Smelting
&- ftmtm -c Co. under which th« latter will
pell its output, amounting to about 1,000,406
pounds of copper a year. Heretofore the
Ur.ned States Metals Selling Company has
handled the output of the Tennessee com
pany. In connection with the change, it is
said that the Guggenheim interests have
purchased something under 100. 000 shares
cf Ter.r.essee Copper Company stock. Con
trol, however, -■in remains in the hands
of the Lewteonn&
The R-jssn-ChiTie^e Bank, the cashier of
the local branch of which. ■win Wider.
was found last July to have robbed it of
securities valued at more than (508.01 has
b»>eM absorbed, it is announced, by the
Banque <iv Nord. a French institution con
troHed by the Soci^te Generate. The
Banque di Nord md th«- Russo-Chinese
Bank will }v> merged as the Banque Rtis^n-
A. c iaticjU<\ which will be represented in
tiii.s cuuntry by Ladenburg, Thalmsinn >v
A. Barton Hepburn, president of the
'"ha^e National Bank, has been unani
mously nominated by the executive com
mittee of the Chamber of Commerce as
president of the Chamber, to succeed the
late J. Edward Simmons. Mr. Hepburn will
be elected at the coming meeting, to be
held early next momn.
Bradstreet's mft
Retail demand and reorder trade with
jobbers in seasonable line? has been quick
ened by the week's weather <ievelopiur-nts.
As the'nrst distinct touch of winter weather
gradually overspread the country, trie re
ports testify, demand has been stimulated,
and the week's business a:- a whole com
parer favorably with the like week a year
iico. Owing to tbe prevalence earlier ;n the
month of unseasonably warm weatner,
however, the total business done in October
is pronounced hardly up to expectations,
and in some sectioi it is actually disap
pomtins. Collections have shown i cer
tain (fepree of improvement „ .-. an are
classed as fair to good, varying with the
sections r.^>ortir>g. In leading industrial
;inrs there la not much new io ■ .->ni. le.
In iron and steel a fair business is doing,
and trade is l>est in finished lines, but in
the cruder forms it has not developed
greatly. Whore much is done It is claimed
to have been at the expense of rnces
"Duns Review" says:
While the volume of business is still be
low productive capacity, it is eworthy
that trade recession has clearly been
cheeked, ard a more optimistic view as to
the future developed, based largely on the
fereat corn and oats crop and Che higti
values «>f farm products. It is rue that
no marked advance has been made toward
increased activity, but the mere stopping
of the retrograde movement i« v noUible
gain, especially as tiie railroad rate con
troversy ij< still unsettled ; the power /• th<
railroads for new construction and new
purchases of rails and other supplies re
n'ains undetermined, while the period lm
medial preceding important elections is
nut generally favorable to a change of this
ri-aracier. The financial situation still
lareely controls the industrial and mer
castlle and much conservatism prevails,
uMd that situation is not yet fully defined.
b «eem«- m-j«'h better in this .'oiintry than
airoad. for the decline in the price of Brit
ish consols to the lowest poim in very
nitny years is arc evtnt not entirely un
derstood, but posdibiy of international sig
nifl^anoe. The appreherision of another ad
vance in ti.e Bank of England rate of «iis
oount was not. however, realized. The iron
fade is waiting for action by the railroads
and affirmative leadership of the financial
nvirkets toward a progressive policy. TUe
<2rygr.ods trade continues to Droaden. a.
tncugh pri'-es advance and conservatism
prevails Fall retail trade expands as
weather conditions become more Reason
able The shoe trade while not of f;ill
dimensions :- nevertheless increasing In
volume and there are also large sales in
!,ide- Report* of all branches from west
ern r-ltles a*-*' particularly encouraging, trie
assurance or a good return for farm prod
tw-ts making merchant* more confident or a
satisfactory winter. Bank clearings outside
New York' increased only O.« per cent tins
wef k over Ust year, but hi New York there
was a decline of 15.9 P«- CM. Railroa.l
Rornbuca in two weeks of October showed
'",.„., of 2 1 cent. Exports from New
York tl» latest w«'k were Jl7,OT€.Cm. as
compared with nirso/MS in i<*» and WJKS.-.
•""» in ISQB Trnports. on the other band,
„,,, fi«7r.837 or C2S.7SS less than the ex
ports and 'si.ttl.M9 mm than the imports
of 3909. although much heavier than in UK.
i <n . pOT :. by dtotorl Gilbert. No. - Wall s tr.«t.i
Bid A.k.J 1 "M A*«M.
•;«» »rS lUneoln «» »«■
Am sur*"t>.. g gjj v i .AT »C, 315
Asior ...-•- •£? M 0 IMadm.^i .... »»
« a r k trr ' ' ' "V -••'• Manhattan .. 37.1 400
Br«uS*»J' • i*" 4"". M»trnrK-,lltan. 510 820
112 , 1 '•
OWJ!;*:^ 14 . Mutual 1»» —
r a » <oof A ? _ |Mut A niance. 1». HO
Cit J I^, 103 108 jNat furiiy.. 2CT --'TO
Oa preT... »'« '^ Nyu l A T.1i0.) H2O
2£22Saltt MO '«° - N V Trust... <G5 6>»
F gU & T .M 1«O Realty A«o. l» I=3
JSh,. :-,- •■■?. '. r ■ m! "■"- ■■■""■
MMtm iin uss
■ iii ii.'. -'•'
H/. T 4.C. 4,.-
H^dm Tr. 170 lm fFT «J A 1 .'.'«» »W
Int RUg O« W WS ITl'aarilncton.. .w3 • —
Kme- "o • 805 — |Tl> S trh"«t-r. . IN> J«J
LTw Mt=e- •-'41 =» 1 Windsor ... **> IX
m:\v-vokk duly tribim:. satihdav. octobeb a 1010.
New York. October 2*. 1010.
B*«n». hags 7201 Oranges <Kla>. cs MM
Flour, bbls !>.B<M!oraniirs (Cal), ™ a."-™
Flour. nacks . 27.15<"» [>>mona <<"ali. c». «53
Cornmeal, bags.. 4-7' Grap-a <Csl), tS. 12,!«">
Hominy. akajs... •»£'• pears (Cal). cts.. ■■
Oatmeal, bbls... 800 prunes tCal) pk(?s 12.71."
Wheat. bu«h C.ri.C4A)| Kaisins (Call. pksa '"• 7 -;
Corn, bush. 21.373! Apples, bbls 19.4*3
Oats, bu«h. . 45.780 1 potatoes, bbls . 12.7"*>
Buckwheat, bush I.»W| Onions, I-.! Is. . . 4.1«3
Malt, bush li.OLKJjrranberri^s. pkes 888
Rice, pkts 11.328 Dried fruit, pk*s .V">"
Hay. tons 1,637 jßnsln. bbla 1.143
Straw, tons . I<>| spirits turn, bbta I" 1
Mlllfeed. tons... lEilTar bbla . 200
lHops. halts . bbls •*'•"•
Beef, bbls m null— bbls *-•"
Beef (canned), ca 1,522 oilcake, pk?3..-. 710
Pork, bbl« 125 Oil, Lob, bbl? •"- s l i
Hams. pkK* .. ~* oi»o stock, ;■*.%•' hi
Fsaeon, pkgs. . . 195! Almonds. pk«s... s<>
Cut i— at*, pkgs 1,428 1 Tobacco, hhds 2
Ton/rues, bbls... , 4C]Tobnrco. pk«9.... 1.11.1
I-nrl, lei . . 833 i Whiskey, bbls ♦*
L*nl. kegs. . , . 3.300 1 Wool, bal^s 73
Eteariae, pkgs. .. KM \\ no] sacks . • sW
Tallow, pkjts CottM bale? 12T>7">
Butter, pk^s . »v4l" - seed oil. M»IS. 3.703
Cheese, pkiTc... Copper, p^s 13.47."
Eggs, cases 7.208 1 Wine iral), bbls. 130
Pr poultry. pkRS 1.74» 1 Brandy (Cal), bl-!s SB
Live poultry, Cta 2 ••>•«
Wheat, bush ... tMo9|Oftmeal, tt> 22 000
Corn, bush . . 3.">.7»o; Oilcake IT) -™".' 1 "'
Oa-.s. bush . •_ .71"<» Pork, bbli •»
Peas, bush . JB7 • lieef . bbls. ... • 491
BMW bush .. 388 1 Beef, tea 34
Flour, bhl* »12 : ! :.. •< ■■".. Th lOS.KVi)
Fiour. sacks 8.92G ■ Hams. It 61.201)
<"ornmeal. bbls.. afiTjLard. » ...... 388.45 i
Feed. A - 132.000; Tallow. IT) 30,800
Bran. rr 5.400 •-• It) 645.200
Grass s.ee.l. bass 48 Butter. TT> 18.400
Hay. bales 210 Cheque. "" ■ .".ItV>
Al.ohrtl. pals 38.000! Cot 'seed oil. rals. M.150
Whiskey, gals... fWOSLub oil. Kals 457.000
Iron. X. \ : .- 1 f.slft«io irottm. tnliiilin?. It 73
Ft<^l rails . 28 <" 'Coffee, No 7 Rio. 10 T i
ttand <-<>p. spot. 12.42^4] Sugar, granulated 4.W
Tin . «55 i Molasses. O K. p 40
Kxrhansre lead.. 4.4.1 i Rr-pf . family flO ."rf)
Ppelfr r. m. |Be«f hams 24 ort_
*TT*linat. N< 2 r i ><; '■. ! Tallov.-. prime... ~'»
fCorn. No 2.... 57% Port, m n 20 75
Oats, stand oh 37\[Hcsa. 'lr. 160 Tti. 13»«
Flour, ilpla pat 590 [Lard, mid West. 13 80
•Fob. (Fob afloat.
New York, October 28 1010.
GRAIN — WHEAT — Inactive and *hOW«d an
absence of leadership, but scntimeni was more
bearish and final prices were \Q\c n*»t lower.
Liverpool came lower, with reports of favorable
advices ItailillH Argentina, as weli as predic
tions of largo world's »xp<"»rTs thiH wefk, which,
with Bradstre^fs flpurf?. pointed to a total of
about M.OOO • bush. Th« Australian situation
was somewhat more bullish, as damacc by frost*
and otherwise ha» resulted in estimates beinjj
reduced by 14.400.000 bush. Black Hea ports
were again offering wheat freely, and stocks at
European centres are beromlng heavy. Export
sales, 7 loads, all ok', business. No 2 r*i\ whrat.
»"%c elevator and ft^So fob afloat; No 1
Northern nluth. fl 14S fob afloat. CORN —
Easier at the start, prices showing a decline of
J «c. but later values rallied sharply and closed
«tt a net advanc» of *s't?'— c. Reports from the
country said that farmers were not disposed to
sell either old or new ccm, and this, together
with nailer receipts at interior points, resulted
In m sharp tovcrlm movement. No 2 corn here,
56T»c evator. domestic ba?ls. to arrive, c i f.
and 57 "i fob afloat. OATS — Easier early, but
later rallied and closed V'&V" net hl*h«>r. Coun
try offeringts comparatively small, and receipts
tinder both act wpplc and List year, ('ash oats
firm; standard white. 37^ic; No 2. .t^U'': No ■ '..
37Vie: No 4, 37c: No 2 mixed, nominal. RYE-
Steady; No 2 Western. M'«.- fob New York.
BARLEY— Baa malting, 74*FT*U c i t Buffalo.
BUCKWHEAT— Ea«r: American. C2c c i ( New
York: Canadian. ?.9 ; j^ ask* 1 : <• i f New York
for export. Wheat (including flour) exports for
th» wek. acccr.'ir.jr to Braii^rrpefis. aejrrepated
.">.427.J(iR bush, ae-Hir"«i 2.844.675 last wopk and
4.200.449 lai=t year; since July 1. 31.428.346.
seair.st 47..".1»i. 17f> last season. I'orn "xpnrts for
th» w«];. W7.0P0 bush. asHinst Bis gas last
T.e«k and "10.44* last year; since July I, 6.05!>.
4f>2. ifjainri 2.700.€5r; last season.
NEW YORK ri:i<
Wh»at: Open. Hi?h. Lew. Close. ■ day.
Dec $1 ■•■■ $1 00A $1 00-W $1 l) 0v 4 ft 00%
May 105H 1 05 Tl ! "•"'» 1 0-">'- iO6
D«^ — B3!i BSli
May — — — :■: , 57
fW .... — 374 r,: .
X}f^ — — 27 r - 4 37 •>
May — _ 411-n 4in 4
July — — 3SIN, 33X
Wheat. rorn. O^t?.
To-day.' 942.000 411.000 437,000
I^st weolt 5.7H.0110 492,000 «T»fl.O00
Last year 1.409.0C0 239,000 741.000
Flour. Wheat. rv>rn.
To-day 22,<n>> SI.tHW i^/h*)
Ijist vioek 27.0«>0 8.000 •_"• <mki
I^ast y^a r 16.01 235.000 ;»fi.oOO
COTTON' — N'ervotis ami unsettled, but less
ative. ami flutuations much l«»ss violent. The
market received Rood support on declines, nivl
whil>» :a.=t prit^s wt<> fnmi 4 to 1.1 flints unil"r
the fina! of Thuniday, the tone »a? steaiiy.
The market opened steady pt an advance of
162 j.olnts on tho cold weather news and steady
cable*, fjealizins Immediately bi"-a:m heavy anil
nric«p worked off until active months showed a
n»t loss <-,f aboi;t l.'^rls points. During the af
t»rrioon prices rallW to a shade over the clos
ing ficiir^s of la_<<i ni^ht. Thrre was a renewal
of realizinj In the last fen minutpp. in ,] the
market eaye^ off. with October relatively weak.
Wer4t!y movement rig-.jres: fort receipts, 3!i1.18S
bal»=«. against 420,4'U last year: overland to
mills and Canada. 30.217 bales, against 34.201
la?t y»ar: Southern mill taking?. es;ima.tej.
K.",,00<> bale?, against 85. 000 list" year; pain of
stoclis at interiur towns. 74, .14 1 bales, apra.inst
r.2.6ii'.) last year; brmig into sight for th«
week. 689,846 bale?, against .",^2.274 last year.
Total crop movement : Port receipts, 2,.*>10. !»!>",
bales <4«>l add<vi receipts season), apninst 2.823,
02 T. las* season; overland to mills and Canada.
86.043 bai<-s apainst lo.'.vj'.i iast year; South
ern mill takings. 320.000 air-, against &25.000
lant y«ar; stock at interior towns In excess of
September, :>H2.7". - i bales, afralnst .'!*4.ri77 last
-a;!'- brought into sight thus far for season.
r..4!»7.7<il bales, aeainst ::.R. - :s,4r>o last y«ar. Tin;
total Top is for Bfty— eight days this season.
a»ralr.st ."3 day? last season. Local contract
Open. Tlich. Low. Close. day
<,ctohr : r... 14.00 14.<i0 14 »<• 14.4,"7j 14.4H :4..*S
November. 14.38 14. .'3 14.."". [email protected] 14.47
December. 14.t">!» 14..V.» 14.:! i! 1 i.4"n 14.4'.t 14..') 2
January... 14. 58 14..V* 14.. '11 14. 4:!u 14.44 14.47
February.. — — — 14. 17>; M t-> 14..".1
March 14. 5K 14..", 14. XI 14.4."iJ,14.47 14. .'.1
April ... — — — 14.47'<[ 14.4!» 14..'.:!
May . 14..T0 14.« - ><» 14.42 14.52514.M 14. ."7
June — — 14.50ei4.32 11..V1
July 14.57 14.57 14.30 14.47014.48 14.51
Spot quiet and unehanjc«i Ht 14.7.V 1 for mki-
Oliiiif upland and 12c for middling Gulf; deliv
ered on contract. 4.4<x» bales. Liverpool cables —
Spot. m'x^»rat" demand: sales, 7.< ) < 1 <t bal»-s; gpecu
latlfm and export, f*«>: American, (>,<m)i). Im
port?. 37. 000, all American. Middling upland.
7 7<kJ Futures opened steady at 1 to 3 points
advance, floseii barfly steady at a m*t <i''clino
of to 3 points. October. 7.62% d: October-
Vove"mi>er, 7.57 d; Kovember-December. TJW&d;
I>».-ember-January, ".TiOd Januarj -!"■
7.."i<i4<i: February-March. 7.."M: March -April and
April-Miiv, 7..">1'3d: May-June, 7.ri2'id; June-
July, 7..">1J: July-August. 7.4.M.
COFTBC — Prices for the day advanced 20 B
27 lioin'"- wlth saIPS of *'*>•<**> baps. The ad
vance carried most of the active position above
the 'jc mark whicn represented a. Fh.-irp reeorery
from the re<-ent decline and sent prices very
close to the h!i;h point of the season, which was
recorded in September. Havre was •"■* francs
h'.jrher and Hamburg advanced 'i pf?nnis. Th°
small Blocks in America, a large amount of
which is either valorization coffee or roffe* held
by "trong 'nterents. make the available Bupply
of free coffee unusually small. Mocks In Santos
ht^ laxre arnountini? to 2.914,000 bass, nut Ban
tof It n.it disposed to sell, and firm offers are
again higher. Spot firtri. with Rio No 7 quoted
at 10% C I^ocal contract prl<:es: ■
Open. High. Low. '"lose. day.
October .'.b.80 --" * »■; 5.M)58.90 HO
November ■■.".'..... - - - R.RT.'&H.O.) f5.,M)
ne,-mber 8.80 8.0." 8.75 8.»0©8.f15 R.flTi
•lanuary - ~ K.»!Wt!».UI TO
\lar.-h ..... — O'oee»;o8 *.*)
M ... H'M 0.08 8.93 D.0809.09 h.S4
jun, ■■.:■.■.■.:::■.- - - :..!•■.;■■ 12 MMi
1..,.. .Sft» f».l« S.t)O i).l.t(r».lfl 8.87
■^uru«v .:::::... - — 9.i5e».n «.««
September a.OO S.U ft. oo 9.1»;<Q».1H 8.81
II <M it AMI MEAIi — Flour Inactive and
uricei were eauier. with buyera Insisting upon
«h« concession Sprin? psitent;-. ST. IT.'i/Sr. tui;
wi-iter Htraichts. $4 2"'«s4 4<i; winter patents,
K4floeS4 80: .-prmc cleara. *4 r,«u7j.*?4 r.r >: extra No
1 \ir.ier *:i :.oa :: B0: No 2 winter, |3XiO
i:; 7.0 Kansas straights. $ 4 m«M 85. RYE
nulH-Kinn Fair to K^xi. *4ii^l 2.'.; cii.ilcu
to fan' $4 S.ati 40. urCKWHEAT FLOIM:-
Lv w V- l<;'as2 20 per 10-. th CORNM --
Si-adv- kiln dried. $3 <«. HAGMEAL-Iln«
SriSS and yi'ow. 51 2e»l 2l> : eoarae. 11 109
«." r KFEl^— «" otwl: Wpstern »I"-inp. $22 10
iV«—,. Vt*tidar<l middling. $24 10; flour do,
•'^"If" '*** •<* *2« :'~> city '" l: $2130 bulk.
I-. 1.-.,,.,'.---,,.1 .-.,,.,'.---,,. mlddlin*. *22 2r.aj.-.o; red
rt^.Wl»r hominy chop. ?24 hulk. $23 2(' sacks;
ollmeal. »38fi0tf$»I.
nnrivlsiONS—^juiet. but str-ady :o: o firni. in
.h . fVcV of k dcclln.. of 5 to 10 points In tl.«
1 ".rkW orrenncs small. PORKr
stTLdv me»,. 190 800*31: tmmUy. *=»«
r»- "<j ahort clear, $22(e-$23 80. iBEEF—
*-■'■•». ."Vi si.' •'•<»; family. $T.)'<7s-J0; packet.
sioMtttl^ extra India mess. $.ii ff::i :,n
nrJ-K luis; »•_•:» tr*2». DaESSED hogs—
mfitc Pirkled beHies steady; s^iokinc. 18c:
mm . '17 ■■ 12 ib. I6c: H Ib. l-V. Plckl#d
hflms 141 «U»«c. TALLOW— Harelv steady;
city "!%•- country. "H «R 1 4< > - LARD— Firm;
Vi.lilf \Ves« \-Z.-->'» 12.:i.»r; city st.-ady: 12c;
r.nn-a nr"; ; South An.erlci. liflOc; Contl
aleady: o'iftioc .-TKAKINL— Ea-,. oleo.
11', U 12c; city lard, M*sw» fc
siri\lt Lnf"dnf.| "Mil »»'» 1 •"•<;-''• pointa
low.r All refiners «» n.«.tin S gramilaiM at
4«»r net |c-» 1 p-r cent tur cash. It i« Ktat.-l
S,i,s;; l -,"rli"',.'-'."'..:rr';^' ."■:;•'-'„.':;
tut 3 OS-". It is underateod thai sugars are
affiama In London at equal to the quoted price
of .-.>< i,. here.
— Slow hot--, but fairly active at pri
mary points, with ton.- steady, and prices un
changed - • -
.MKTAI.S— COPPER— Standard I"' ';- "P" 1
find October, l-.'.40 a l2A:.< . November. J- 40®
li.SOc: December and January. 12.50© l-60c.
London quiet; spot, £5« lrts 3d; futures, £;><
17« »3d. I>ake copper. 12.87^»*|18c; eleotro
: ■;)<*. 12.7.".'t»12.57Hc; casting, 12.37HJ0
12.tJ2%c. TIN — «juief: spot and October. 3C20
«::ji;.r.Oc; November, December and January.
36.29036.43 c. London quiet; spot. £l».i 1<«
•Id: futures. CIM 0«. LEAD quiet: 4.40©
4. Nic New York. 4.27 4 4.32 4 c East Pt
I.ouiß. I^ondon lead. £13 Os 3d. SPELTER
quiet, 4.40f)4.80c New York; 4.27^ 4. •.'-'■;
East St Louis. Spelter quiet. R. "5.83c New
York. 5.7005.80 C East St Louis. London spot.
£24. home local dealers quota spelter at »\r.
usked. IKON — Cle-veland warrants. 30s l' r)
In. London. locally quiet: No 1 foundry
Northern. N"o 1 Sniithern and No I Southern
■ ft, $ir. 7.". '-isni 23; No 2 Northern. $15 509
$:'>. 'p) iron certlcatps nominal.
out important alterations.
NAVAL STORKS- Spirits turpentine steady
to. firm, with prices well sustained. Rosin steady,
but quiet anil unchanged. Tar steady.
OIL* — Refined petroleum steady at 7.40 c for
standard white. in barrels, at New York. Lin
need oil unrhane'-d.
COTTON: — Steady for near por
tions, which showed grains for the day of 2
points, while late months were unchanged to 2
points lower. There was some apprehension re
garding probable deliveries on November con
tracts, but M seemed to be the general belief
that deliveries would he small. Foreign de
mand somewhat emaller. Crude firm, with little
offering. I»cal contract prices:
Own. High. Low. rio»c. day.
8p0t...... — — — 7.254*7.35 7.2.>
Ortob<»r — — — — 9 — 7.25
November... 7.31 7.32 7.30 7 > 7 .1" 7.27
December... 7.34 7..1* 7.34 7 •■4'i7 •"•". 7.32
January ... 7.40 7.43 7.40 7.3!><57.4t 7.37
February.. . — — — 7. 41'"7.*7 7.41
March 7 .'..1 7.J53 7.50 7.454J7.50 7.49
May — — — 7.sfr(fc7.r.fi 7.58
July — —:'— 7.0*17.72 —
New York, October 2S. 1910.
BEANS AND tnCAti — Keceipts. S3O bags
beans, lii >- hags t>ea3. Choic« state marrow have
settled to $:: !(0. at which they are easier bought
than eoid. Medium easier. Pea about steady
and In fair demand. Ked kidney unsettled:
choice stoclt offering at ?2 10. ner varieties
quiet and easy. Scotch peas In good demand.
USA.W-Marrnw, 1910, choice, bush. $2 90: me
dium, $2 4<'. pea. $2 40; Imported pea, $2 20®
$2 25: medium. $2 15©52 20; red kidney. 9SOBO
fa 1<); yellow eye. $2 50952 55: black turtle soap,
S3; lima. California. $."» 25. PEAS— bags,
bush. $2 43.
BlilKK — Receipts. «413 pkfrs. Firm on
fine and fancy fresh creamery, with a email sup
ply. Lower grades etlll dragging, and . under
pressure to sell buyera have some advantage.
Colder weather 13 turning a little more atten
tion to storage creamery- Western packings of
process, factory and packing stock are not mov
ing to any extent, • amen specials. n>. 32©
• L' _•-. extras, 30V2'@31c; firsts. 27029 c; seconds.
•J-"»'52» : c: thirds, 24®24Vkc; held specials, -".l ! [email protected]
82c; extras. 30Q30»c; ants, 57028 c; seconds.
2! . .'•■• state dairy tubs, finest. 2!>®3Or: gooa
to prime. _ ■■ •. _>< . common to fair, 2o | si'2sc;
pror-ess speoiala, 'M\<S.2lc; extras. 2H'^ic; firsts.
2493 c: seconds. 2?. c; imitation creamery, firftfi.
[email protected]>25c; factory, June make, firsts. 32924 c; cur
pent inaki\ firsts, '2:ir; seconds, 224 c; third. 210
22c; packlnK stock. June make. No 1. [email protected];
cunenL make. No 2. 22©22^ic; No 3, 2uiS2l hie.
< HEE>ii — Receipts. 2.25 d boxes". General
movement on fancy colored B«pi mbet che«*se
moderate, but holders steady. White cheese con
tinues dull and more easily bought than sold at
the flat quotation. The cheese has shown more
late made defects recently, and October lots ex
cp»rlinsly dull and easy. Young Americas and
Daisies sell slow'y. Fancy skims In fair demand
and firm, but nearly all other grades In large •ac
cumulation, very dull and weak. Ptate. whole
milk, specials. l."> 1116^4c:l 1 16^4c: average fancy, large
or pmall. colored. 15c white, 14 1 * ■ . October,
large and small, colored, best, H'.-ic; white,
14 l«c;l «c; choice. 4ii 14-. good to prime, 13!*@
ly'sc; common to fair, 10!;Ql3c; skims, specials'.
12 a +c; average fancy. [email protected] average fine, 10
glOVic; fair to good, i&&h%c; common, iz&
ttlsc; '■■ skims, ig3'-2C.
hiid- — Rrcpfpts. 7.105 pasfs. Increased firm
ness on fancy fresh gathered eggs, with tendency
higher. Possibly under grades are moving &
trtile bottor. but Utere ts quite an accumulation
anj holders art* urging sale?. L'irties se!l well.
Rpfiiß<*rator cc* i!-. better demand. Nearby -^ggs
scarce, rwins to tho express stride, and higher
prices arf* aid for the f>w ..•-'■• . fancy hen
nery- whitPK. State. 1 eiinfylvania' and nearby.
hennery whites, fancy. 45g4sc: ordinary to good.
"3~'a4'2r.: gather ;;:;S3!)i:; heij, 'MHa.VK; hen
nery browns, fancy, 34®36c; gathered, 3>993c;
common to good. 2<>ia.;iWc; Western, gntnered
whites, [email protected]; fre^h gathered selected, extras.
[email protected]: firsts. 28®30e; firsts. •S\'a'S!>'; s*c
<>nas. 23®24Vkc; thirds, ... - dirties. No 1.
"and!^. 21©23 c; No 2, 19020 c; poorer. 16018 c;
checks, best, [email protected]; poor to fair, 14iglSc-; rp
frigerafcr. apecial marks, fancy. SsHO2ttc; first?.
24 tig 25c; Beconds, __ i '!-<■ thirds and poorer,
l:»ti22 c; dirties, [email protected]
FRUITS — DRIED Therp is a strong- market
on r.«i:» coid storage evaporated apples, with v \c
reached for prime at thn close; lUO»S and 19<.>7s
are hanier to sell and po somewhat slower. Some
new 1010s on the market from the - ate and
command aboi;t H'i'cti'c for prime and nan '-*■'
for fancy, latter nominal, l'uturrs very quiet,
November delivery prim« nominal at 7*4 C. Noth-
Ins iioir.f* in Decembers. Churs worth ab^ut 3c,
perhaps a little higher. Waste, 23&G2%C. Huckle-
Iwrries held higher. No raspberries below 23'nc
when of decent quality. Apricots scarce and
firm. I'eaehea just about steady. Small sized
prunes scarce and firm. APPLES, evaporated,
fancy. hn)ii. lh. 10c; choice. ,W29!*c; prime,
cold storage, 7%<SB*4c; common •■) fair. ♦>';'<!
lir; sun dried, quarters, "t'/^SB'ic; slices. 4V<i'
•"•4c; RASPBERRIES, It). £->•»:'■■ CHBRRIBt.
California. M<*'rparks. 1010, 14©17 c; Royals, l^
rtl.'i ?♦>-:; PEACHES, California, 11*10, pp«l«»ii. is
iilSc; unpcele.]. «SSS«': t'KL'NKt?. California,
Him to 3<Jh, IT> rb boxes, <iu©l4c.
FKL'ITS — FRESH — Market better on leading
vanoiies «f barrel apples, though no quota
ble change in outside figures. Far Western
bos apples easier. Kieffer pears a little
?!rm"r. Market a little stronger on grapec.
Cranberries ijuiet. with some concessions to
effect sale* promptly. Fancy grapefruit
rcarce. - ci»;-> quota nominal in ab
senc« or important receipts. Pineapples in
light supply and firm. APPLES. Baldwin.
double head bbl. J^'a*^ 75: Ben Davis, |2 23
& $3 50; Greening. t:iy s."».".(); Jonathan. J;t 50
'«#.". ,-,il: King. $Z<iisr>; M Intosh, $3&53 00;
N< rthern Spy, $::tt*4; Snow, $3 .:. n $t. Twen
ty Ounce. $3 [email protected]; York Imperial, JU.'.O'ij)
$.5 7.-.; ordinary kinds. $2fgs3; open h»ad bbl
[email protected]|2 00; Far Western boxes. $1 $2 7.",
PEARS. Bartlett. bushel. « iV«{l M; Seckeli
bbl. $4 50 ij .*>:. keg. $1 r.i)«i.s j i'.-s : Beurre Bo.«<
1.1)1. "■■ ""■•' »5 -,i); Clairgeau. $2r.og>s4; dAn
jou. $::ws4; Sheldon. *•"••? $4 .ID; common.
51 T.'ii v : •■"■ Klefter, double head bbl. $175
'aJ«; open head. $1 [email protected] 75; hamper. 500
Sue; Lawrence, bbl. i- ■i- basket. ::„ ®$l'-
QI'INTES. bbl, *- 'i* *4 ; GRAPES, upriver,
Concords 12-basket carrier. $1 251*51 50;
Western New York, black. 10-ba ■ i carrier
S! 2.1; Niagara. IM-lb basket, BOc; 4-Ib 17,
black, 20-li> basket, 50060 c; R-!b 23c- 4-!b
14c: Clinton, in trays, ton, $75-#sSi">: ' other
'■'"'■< and white, Ssili7> Js.">: Delaware $7.1 1
' RANBERRIBK, bbl, *».",.. $8; orate' >]«
$150; CITRON, bb 50083 c; GRAPEFRUIT,
Florida, box, $2 -"'a $4 u0; ORANGES box
Hso©s3^s; PINEAPPLE?. crate, $1250
HOPS Them Is a continued fairly active
demand on the Pacific Coast, and markets
in all section* firm, with holders generally
luililinsr for higher prices, i onaiderab busi
ness in Oregon at 11 * ®13 >,c; and it is re
ported that some bids of [email protected] have been
maife. it, .Sonoma a few sal*-s have been
made .it !:;<-. but most growers refuse to sell
at that pric«. In New York State there has
been steady buying at from 16031 c On the
local market trading has been fairly good,
Enguan and German advices continue firm.
IIAV AM) STRAW— ■:..!■ on top grades of
timothy. Medium and low grades easy. Fancy
clover and mixed hay scarce; under grades dull
.^traw quiet. Timothy, prime, large bales
l'ji> ID, SI 12^-; No 3 to 1. Ml, „$■ U, ship
ping, 70*4 75.:; packing. 45ifi5<h?: clover, mixed
■MewSl; pur.-. CM* s.V : STRAW, leng rye, s<*©3s>
(jat and wheat. 4UJi4.V.
I'Oi i.Tic, ALlVE— P.ecflpta. 3 cars by
freisht. Receipts mueli lighter this week and
market pretty closely cleaned uj>. excepting a
few fowln. The strike among express drivers
ami helpers interfered with deliveries. SPRING
CHICKENS, express. n>, 14c; freight 14c;
FOWLS, exnress. [email protected]; freight. 14<- ROOST
ERS 10<- : TURKEYS. ISJIKk-; DICKS nearby
HKil7c; Western, l«c; GSEtMD 14.- GUINEA
KOWXa, pair. BOc; PIGEONS, pair. Sjc.
DRESSED — While trading in moderate, desir.ibie
graiJes of chicken* have cleaned up fairly well
and whiie prices are unchana the outlook is
brighter. Fowli running s.» p.M^r there is scarce
ly any demaii'l. and feeling ••■ eak arid unsettletl
for average offerings, but fancy heavy very
scarce ard would command *i rood premium.
Roosters steady. Choice, well grown spring tur
k-'yn sell rea'iily, but few good "enough to brin(r
the top quotation. Choice spring ducks sell
fairly but small, • in Western slow and Irregu
lar. Squabs firm. Fresh TURKEYS,
Western, springs. Tt>. ii.:-- ol>l, aver
,.•■ best hens or torn?. 22<-; fair to good. lHfi'J"y;
nrtOILKPS. r»il!i>.. fan.-y squab, pair, 4<ir&.Vn-;
fancy. ■■. ••■ 4 n. to pair. rh. 23}t24.-: tin, itt'o 1
20c: '.Western, dry pl.-ke<], milk fed. 19020 c; dry
plck-d. solecte-1. under I Tr> to pair, 17 • . Ohio
and Mi-hlgan. scalded. 3 t»i 3 : s Ib, Ulc; SPRING
CHICKENHL Phlla. over 8 TT- to pair. 10©21 c:
Pcnn. lti®l?c; Western, dry picked, milk fed. M
to jo Hi to pair. iv.. ft to 7 Ib 13He; selected
large, 4 rh and over, each. I4c: average run, I. 1 .-.
<"ihio ... ■! HUctilgan selected. 4 TTj and over. 14<\
seal. led. averag.-. 13c: Western, selected, large,
4V' and over each. Tt.. }'.:'• average run. J2r
Weatern an.i Southern, poor. 10011 c; FOWLS.
Western roxes. Iry. •><> Ib and over to dozen,
174 - 45 tn 65 b. IS^ISHc: ■ ■ ■;• and under,
13H®14c; Iced, .irv picked. :!'ii to 4 ! - '! each.
14,- : 2'- to ''■'*. Tb. 13813HC; Ohio and Michigan,
■CaJded. Iced, 14c; other Western. U'tc; S.juth
ern and HoutJiwe«tern. 13ei4c; Western an-1
Southern. UQISe: OLD COCKS, II ■■!■■. .si>lti\.;
DUCKLINGS T»nK Island and Kastern. n. 2Oi :
I'enn T.i'-c- V. •-•• SflHi.-: SPRING GBKSK.
Boston 2«c- t»QI"A-nfl. prime. larg<\ white,
dozen 525f10f4 25; dark, Sl7.Vri?2: .•ulls. .'oft
7rM- SPRIN'S' GUINEAS, ov»r 3 IT) to pair, pair.
llflfn 10: under .'! n>. B5O85&
GAME—A little more movement In gam<
and nri.v" steailv. 'Jiiall will lie lawful on an.l
nfter Nov'-rnber 1. (jROI SB (iomeati, pair, $8;
forHrti $12.-«$1 75; PARTRII -C.KS. d-ni...«ric.
$"%..««>• *' woopcock. jiatCC; golden
V*,t\ R\ILIUHnS. .V.,«itsl: WILD I>f<-KH.
!■ vW.a.'k I air. $2 25«53; redhead. <1 (HM»t2nO
r^ VnapJl Sl'i-.; blwwtn* t«at TScffltl: «/reenwlns;
™ 7i*'*!cT broadblll. 50#75c : VENISON, whole
V'er li 22«25c: «ad>Ues. 80«KBc.
-„,:,;< vaster. Sweet potatoes meuily.
nrnmts ■uuta firmer for fancy. Carrots
,I y i r-,i'buges steady illflowers a little
(1r .,,»"r FegT»lunt!« higher. Lima beans
I,' ''Jood lettuce scarce. Mushnmnia
";''". vine onions firm. Green peppers
-i<ier Very frw pens coming Spinach «eii
tr,,r «',n String beans, when fancy, higher
r miK.-H firmer. POTATOES Maine, ha*.
«i'r,r*i"rtft: bulk. ISO lh, ?l W»r|l 75; Long
is,, |b, $1 730
[".'■ '," 'lie ;>a? *1 ':T ■*!«:,. In bulk. Iso ih,
,7 ••- V, . I r.5 .J.-rsev. round, hag. II fiOOIt TSj
, ' _•'* I,' kooVii f.fi: SWEET POTATOES, Sooth
,'« It 1 1-.cn. %1 75; Jerse\. .iouble head bhl,
Vi -<i,'; Vi TV open head bbl*. I133OI1S0;
i,,-i -t ■!'«', 75,- ' T!PvT'rtHEI.S M'R<»rTs. quart!
.',.., ■|tl■•l^T^ 10« buncliea. $1 sO«r*2 >\\:
ROTS.' bbl or bag, fit $1 50. stale. 1"" »
Tiffany & Co.
221 AND 221 A REGENT ST.
Encl ; v'i Branch of the »w Torh TT/wi»e.
25 Rue de la Paix and Place de TOpera
j Having several American Lift Vans returning
I to United States, can offer exceptional terms '
for the transportation of Roods to America T
In One Van from Door to Door
Baggage Warehoused
SFAULO3HG & 00.,
Cannes: Paris:
33, Rue d'Anlibes. 4, Rue Castigiione. 4
■ hotel. Restaurant,
and Grill Room,
LONDON - . .
Midland Grand Hotel
MANCHESTER . - Midland Hotel
'LIVERPOOL ... Addphi Hotel
LEEDS Queen's Hotel
BRADFORD. . - . Midland Hotel
Midland Hotel
DERBY . Midland Hotel
W. Towle, >T-in.ijrFr, Midland RallTmy HoteN
nnd Refreshment Room", etc. Chief Office— j
. Midland Grand Hotel. London.
milllKKs KHAVKI.iv UOTIX. .Elec U|bt i
Tariff-" r-t the Hotela and fall particulars as
to routes may be had at the European Offices
of "Tbe Tribune." at "Danes Inn House," 265
Strand (overlooking Aldwj-ch and Kincaway),
Grand Hote!
Boulevard dcs Capucioes and Place de
I 'Opera- 1,000 Rooms with Private Batbs.
Tariff on Application.
i ■
baps. 05 »7.V: 10«1 bunches. $1<?$1 25: CAB
BAGES, l>anis!i. ton. |90$11; domestic, 7 j
fit; red. sjo H $25 ; Danish, it,:. 75&!><>i:: di>
m"ttlc. 55tr70c; red. $2 0 2." , CKLERT,
state and Jersey, dozen. [email protected]'15c; state crate,
$1693; CAULIFLOWERS, 1 dozen crate,
SI '.', Loner Islan.l. short cut. bbl. - ; *_• .".ii. '
long, '.'•• '/.Til 25; CTUCITMBERS, Shelter Island,
bbl, $:;o*4."i<t: CHICORY, basket. .-.037."'...:
bbl, •-„".'. I'M,- ESCAUOI.E, basket. ."1" a 7".. , ;
BGOPLANTH. Jersey, bbl. $1 i-i-asi r>i>;" bas
kef. 7.,. ail. Florida, box. iz. LIMA BEANS.
Jersey, potato, haskt-t. *1 i^-.jjl 50: flat. bag. j
11; Long Island, $1©5123: basket. $112©
?1 50; LKTTUCE, mac by, bbl. 220 78e large
crate. 7'" ■<;■*'. Jersey ami state, best h»re. [
basket. 51 - : stale, poorer. 35^75c: Western
New York, 25cvj'$1; :J-dozen box, ::.". is! 60; !
NorfolH, basket. 26c; Boston, hothouse. 3- i
itrr.p box. 75c: Mi sili: i hothouse, Ib. IS I
.r 4.">.-; ONION'S, state and Western, white '•
pickle, bushel (.-rat- $' iff SI 12. other white, I
8Oc©*l; yellow. 100-lb bag. SI 25(&*l 40;
.irange Crunty. rod. hag. Jl _ < 5,i: yellow,
$1 2."i ©$1 75: PEAS. Virginia, half bbl b.-»«k ■•.
:•_■ 50; North Carolina, '„!.«>-»>•, $1 SO; PEP
PERS, red, •clioese. sugar bbl, ?t 730J2; r'-gu
lar. $133Q;flS0; other re.i. sugar bbl, $175^
>2: regular, $1 6)1 33; green, cheese, sugar
bbl. $1 •- > s'usl 75; regular, $l(p$l 23; ball and
long. 75c<-asl 12: sugar bbl. tl 250$] 50; ha*- I
ket. .".<i .; i.r.i . PARSLEY, nearby. 100 bunche.,
■:.. (3 7". . PUMPKINS, bbl. 70075 c; ROMAINE.
basket. i'tu.'iiii'. Western New York. :;.j .1 in.
SPINACH, near by. crate. SOOBSc; bbl. 73c9
SI; Baltimore, bbl, $40*123; Norfolk. 73c 0
$1; STRING BEANS, Virginia, green or wax.
basket. -•"■■ 6I ! 30; Charleston. 25<?75c; '
SyUASH. irhbbard. bbl. $1: marrow. 80®75c; )
TURNIPS. Canada, rutabaga, bbl. Wscepsl;
Long ijjlaml and Jersey. 75c^$l; Baltimore,
white. ?1 25: oth.-r white, tbl or bag. $1 25;
100 bunches, $1 50 53; TOMATOES, near by.
box. 30c95l 25; WATER* ion bunches,
|1® $150.
New York, October 23, ''.0.
BKEVE.H — Receipts. 174 cars, or a .4.: head,
including 14 cars for the market; 21 cars on
sale. Choice steers with, weight steady; under
grades alow and 13c lower; bulls and thin oows
• teatiy; medium and fat cows weak to 100
lower- the yards were cleared. Poorest to best
ste.e rs sold at $:', 7O«>s7 per 100 ib: bulls, $:( 7.-!
it $.".. and one extra fat bull at $5 15; cows.
$2 250 54 65. London cattle market lower at
13ft 14c. dressed, sinking offal; Liverpool mar
ket at WVitt'lOWc dressed, in addition to offal:
refrigerator bt-cf at London. !'ii: per Ib. Ex
ports to-day. 30 sheep In th» '"Her to the West
Indies; to-morrow. 950 cattle and 1,70<> quar
ters of beef in th« Mlnnewaska to London;
1.272 quarters in the Baltic to Liverpool; S3
cattle in the Bf-rmudlan to Bermuda.
Sales — McPherson & Co.: 21 Virginia steers.
lIS7 ll> average, *<> HO per 100 Ib; IS. lltf) Ib,
$6 50; 21, 1148 Ib, $3 80 17. tins IK $5 SO; 21).
11.14 Ib. $5 75; 7. IKM Ib, $5 30; 1. HHt) Ib.
$.*. 25; i. IOSJO Ib. *4 ■_•:.. 5 "scrubs." 7SO Ib
$3 70: I' bull. H. S" ib $3 13 1. 1560 Ib. $'■ . U.
!M>7 lh. $4 25: 11 Ohio cows, tMM Ib, $4 20; 1
COW. 1030 Ib, *4 55; 2. 1125 Ib, $4 !M>; 9. 1030 Ib,
$3 v, :; 893 :t'. $" I.". 11. 030 Ib. $3 .-,«• >'„ 1032
lb. $2!»0: 5. 872 U>. ?2 75; 15. *•«.'. Ib, $2 40.
S. Sander* 10 Virginia steers, 13*7 r>. $7 :
0. 1108 ; '.. $6 13 I, 1150 lb. $5 13 20 Pennsyl
vania. 11 1>I lb. $3 63; i cow. 1280 ik $4«:.. 2.
7;io Ib. $3 50; 8. 960 Ib, $3 25; 2. 828 Ib. $2 -.".
7. 828 ;... $2 10
J. Shamberg a Boa 10 Virginia steers. 1175
I! $0OU; 10. 1223 Ib. $1! »0; I :j, 12»« Ib, $»>25:
10 1212 Ib, $•". 75; 14. Ut»s Ib, $5 25; « bulls.
1105 lb, $4 15.
Kerns Commission Company: 20 Ohio steer*.
121.1 iii. $'»!•">: 22 Virginia, lit* Ib, $580: 21.
1137 Ib. $5 75; 4. IO:SS Ib. $:» 20.
Newton v i'o.: 17 Virginia steers and oxen.
14.57 lb, $«*25; 20 ■! • SI Virginia. 1135 lb. $5 !»0:
22. 110.: lb. $3 80; - oxen. 1223 Ib, $3 SO; 2.
1 l&Ti Ib, $3*30.
Tobin A Shannon: 2 bulls. 1225 lb. $4 «!' -.
Ib, $4 25: 111 daws, 1004 ib, $3 23; 1. 1120
In. $2 75; ■.. 547 Ib, *- 30.
.' G. Curtis & Bon 7 bulls. Sio ib, $4 2.
750 Ib, ■«'■• 75; 1 cow. 7*o lt>. $2 50; 1. 800 1..
$2 2.',.
t'ALVKS- Receipts, 318; 103 on sale. Mar
knt strong. Common to prime veals sold *' 9~
OSIOBO per too Ib; idpa. SI I. culls. $5U$7;
Kra.tnern iiikl fed calves, $4:;.'»^s3: Western
calves, $3 75. Dr'SifJ calves firmer at 12'-j'tt'
I«' s c for city Alt mat A vrals. BOl&o for country
-1 reused calves, ana SOO^o for aassd pun
er- and fed calves.
Sales— S. Sanders: 7 veals, • „t lb average.
$11 per 100 Ib; ?. culls, 9:! lh. lit ..,!
S. Ju.ld A Co.: •»' Woiicrn calves. SM Ib.
$3 7.V
J. G. Curtis A Son: 7 v«ili, IBS IK $10 30;
1. 220 lb. *■*. *
Tobin * Shannon: 1 veal. Iso lb. $10: 8. 10:5
Ib, »7, 1 fed calf. 370 lh. $,', ; 7 ,fr;tns.-rs. 221 Ib,
$4 33.
N.wion A Co : 1 West Vlrslnia calf. 130 It.
JO; 2, 40 lb. $rt.
NtUnV AM) LAMMS Receipts, 20 cars, or
4, .'.17 head, including in ,-ttr» for tha in.trk«i .
17 cars on sale. Tr«d<- Blow hut »rtesa steady
for both Bhe.-p and lamba; rt ferw cars were
hel.l over. Common to fair »iief[> »old at $.1 n'
*4 per 100 Ib; fair t.» prime lamhs. $rt«otis7:
.nils. $5. Dressed inutinn hlow at tUf^'sc per
it, drsaaed lambs at ofj'l2'»c; general sales.
10 7? 12c.
Hales — S. Sanders: lfti stato sheep. 82 !b
Proprietors: The GORDON HOTELS, Ltd. ■ Ai||lAl|
A Favorr'l Stopping Place for American Visitors. 8 MS Ml 11f Imm
Mn"t Central Pomitiom in th« Went End. n Ilioll WE IV
Tariff Free from Uptown OtTic " Sevr \ork BWIIWIH
Tribune," 1364 Brondmty. A*. T. .
The Most Fashionable HOTEL V% I 7) |Q
and RESTAURANT in 9 All I 0
Thm homo of many DISTINGUISHED AMERICANS when In Paria.
i Hotel Ger Xaiserhof
! Rmnovaisd at coat of ?f .000,000 .
; AU Latomt American Comfort*.
|_ Il)u»frat«4 BookUt* (ram " N«w Y Or mJTriK ••«/]] J
DRESDEN, D UNION HOTEL all America* lHO.HE comforts.
BISMARCK SQUARE. Close Mate R. R. Station. UnrrvaHed position,
nice garden front and back. High class, world repute. Stiitts. •'" bath.
PARIS ( Favorite Ameri«aa Home)
*0 Hue Scr.bs
Opposite the Grand Opsra
"The Modern Hotel of Paris."
E. ARMBRUSTEB, Mana'gar.
— 3 Rue st. rlonor*. close to Place Vanilom*. I
First class All modern improvements. sT»saj 1
boms comfort. r.arj-1 nalL RestsaraaC
luncheons and dinners at fixed prices or * la
earta. Telearrams LILJLaLBIO.V. PARIS—
Henri Abadle. Propr<»tnr
AR2S: Ave'del'Opera
New & Up-to-Date Hotel
n'OXSCrand Hotel
IJ 1 \J 11 VJ Most Up to Date.
DRESDEN;;; — nrtrat*
i\i-*Wiyi-*l lßath and Tollrtt*.
Distlncnlsbed IIon»e of old reputatioo. Cnlqa> !
position. It. ROWBFELD. Cen. Manager.
MUNICH: C9fltr3 turape
m Hotel Continental
UUNIP^ 1 The Most Beaut'fa! a.id
MijyirV ■ The Most Beaut and
unmi, Modern in r.erman*
&lllQ£Mn£QG Th " Hotel d " ****■
j%3 UnLiTiULrib MO Room*. «lth Bath..
Send: a' Wurttemberger-Hof
Wl Essft 0E N ■ Hot * cold wat « r
ILOUAULII 1 (a every room.
PALACE Hotel & Baths
flimsy a BRISTOL
gbilliH in Austria,
Located an ttie fashionable Karntbaerrlaz.
and tbe favorite resort of Amerlcaaa. Vat'
tert French CnUlne an.i rhoirf wtne«.
average. $7 per 10,1 it,; 230, 74 lb. N 73- I
state - efijl ii.-> 11 $4.
Tobin & Shannon: 215 state lambs. 7«J lb.
$7. Late yeuterday l2o state lambs. 70 lb,
$6 75; 208, 72 Ib $rt 73: 217. 77 Ik, $U7.V 13
yearlings inu cull lambs. 3S lb, J3; it> state
sheep, |19 ib. J4 25: 4. 107 Ib, $3 25.
Newton i Co.: 268 West Virginia nibs, 62
!b. *„ 64); 240. 58 Ib, $«J 60; -H culis. :.i Ib, *■*
Karns Commission Company; 242 West Vir
ginia lambs, 75 lb. $7
J. G. Curtis A Son: 230 star* lambs. 71 Ib.
$H73; 220. S3 ib, 9679: 5. 10«> ih $*7.V 21
culls. 45 Ib. S5; S state sheep. 111) lb, $3 50; 1.
150 lb. $4.
J. Shamberg * Son: 235 West Virginia
lambs. 88 Ib, $>> c,:>
W. R. Hum*: '<?:: state lambs. M Ib, f <s 90
10 state sheep. 108 lb. $4; 2. 95 lb. $3.
HOGS — Receipts, 9 cars, or [,42» head, in
cluding about half a car for th« market
P^" 1 /^ lower, and hea\-3- to light hogs sold M
J!> a $!> 25 per 100 lb. Country dressed hogs
Sales — To'oin <fc Shannon: 41 state hogs. 144
lh average. $D 2.', •• • 100 lb: 8. 2tf» lb. *i» 5
roughs 380 If:. 57 50. '
J. G. Curtis ■ Son (late yesterday): SO »tat»
hogs. 172 lb. $9 SO; 4 roughs, 335 Ib. rv 2
stags, 255 Ib, $3 30.
Chicago. Oct. 2M.— CATTLB— Receipts. 2.000;
CUil and weak; beeves, $4 s<>gS7 7t>; T-xas steers.
$»304>S5«>; Western steers. $4056 70 st.xke.-s
ar.,l eders, $4 13014 «O; cows and h«lf«rs. $2 20
{/s';2r»; calves, J7USIO 25. HOGS— Rc-eipts. 16.
o<>f); ?Iow; light, $••* 43-S-** 03 : mixed. $7 »3^sS 'Jo;
heavy. $7 7Uos> SO; rough, $7 7l*Sys7 in); g>jd to
choice heavy, 87 SMXgfH .h0 ; pi s s. J-h^s.>. do; bulk
of sales. $*<3*, 70. SHEEP— Receipts. 13.C0K;
steady; nativ-. $2 75^54 40: Western. $3£s4 4O;
vear'.ings. $4 sl>!&*s iV), lambs, native, 4473.-9
$7 10: Western. .s3©«7.
Kansas City. Oct. 2H.— CATTL.&— Receipts. 3.
.so. including 1.000 Hiiutheraa; ateajy. Dressed
beef and export steers. $(! 2."«^57 54); fair to gr>o>:
f:.,if>, 2.1. Western. *4©s3 10. stooaera and feel
ers. $3 809$38O: Southern. $4«s»>sO; Southern
ciws. $2 7. r >as4 25: rative. »2 7T,'a.<.">. heifers $3 ."m»
tr*>s 75; bull-. $323f15450: calves. $3 73<j$8.
HOG.S — Retvipts. 2.44K>: l"ji."i>. lower; bulk of
sales, $h 25<ct&* 75; h«"a\-v. $SS)OSSSS; pa.ker^
an," butt-here. $S .•«!•«*»' light. »H >!»«.
SHEEI' Rwetpts. 5.«»») : steady. Lambs. * r > .HKJ
$»175. yearlings. $4 25<gjr>: wethers. $4««4 «i»;
ewes, $3 2V<»s+: stock«r» and feeders. $2 73y54 30.
Cincinnati, Oct. 2S. — CATTLE— Recfirits. 1.
341: steady; 10to-tsc lower: fair to goixi shippers.
»."'2.ifct< .' common. $2 25®53 23. HOO? — Re
ceipts. 2.475; generally 5c lower; butchers and
shippers. $8 63358 73: cemmon. $3*J$S 23. gHEEP
— Re<«eipts. 2.301; steady; $23?4; lambs barely
steady ; $;!»»&$««»>
East Buffalo. Oct. 2S— CATTLE — Receipts.
100; rjuiet: prime steers. $7^s7 23. VEALS' — Re
ceipts. 3«)O; active; 50c Mffher; $73510 23. HOilS
— Receipts !».t5OO; slow: s©l.'.c lower heav? P> •«>
•t.v.i mixed. «>V1«!» 1<»; Yorkers. $T) or>.irsr> 2.^:
roughs. $7 ■■.-.'! i: ■«■ daWes. $M 73®$t> 2.'. SHEEP
AND LAMBS Receipts. 1.000: active; Srt !<3:
steailv; lambs !•>-■ higher; lambs, $5 lOiffJi; A."
>ear!ir.ff<<. « Z3trss .V>, »»•( - - «4 ,"*>&«! 73;
. wrs $4OS4S; sheep, mixed. $2tfs4 40.
Chicago. O<-t. 2S. — Wheat parted company with i
other Btaples to-day, an.i esSBI *«c to 1c lower .
than last night, while corn scored a g-atn cf
* oats, V»o to '»c. and pnivlstons a
shade "to nn 1--.1 -'-. I!l« world shipments In sight
were what ailed wheat. Short »»-l!<>r^ showed
little fear, and there was plainly a severe de- ,
pleting of the rank« of "he balls. No search- '
light was needed la find the reason. World aMp .
ments of wheat promlsej tr> reach almont lrt. - '
1)00.000 bushel* this wee*, against 13,55«v,000 last
week and 14.352.'J<«» a year ago. Range of prWs:
Yester- ;
\V>i*^r Open. High. Low. Cln»*. day. ;
December... l>a'» IKS 1 * »2U I*2* KJi-.
May . m>'. «•»'< «>*S 9HS OO't
July ■M 9»»\ ■ t b WS IWi
I*.-«rrt.er .. 40 4«*i 4* 4rt*i 4H 4
May ...... 49 4»\ 41* W-t 4!>V»
July . . 4!> 1 « 50* SMI Mi 50
number... 31 S .11% -"JIU Z\S 31 »»
* s n%\
Mar . . 34** 34 •% -.14S .T» X 4X 4 31S
July 34 34' i M 34 l * 04*
January... slf» 17 $10 27 »•<> IS $!O 17 $|A 1,1
May t>«7 » 77 U <M 0 72 S>«7
January ft 02 ft 12 ft <>•> !» iV7 !><)•>
May . •» SO »02 880 --7 BSO
January 17 *> 17 13 1* ft,'. 17 ' V. I*^7
May . 13 07 li» 2t>_ BS6I Id 12 1« 02
Liverpool. Oct. M Following are the
weekly cotton statistics:
H lies
Total sales, all kinds 4^ooo
Total sale*. American 3«.<X*>
English spinners' takings 93.000
Total export 4,iW
Quantity afloat, all kinds 437. tH»
quantity utloat. American .3a>,i>oo
Total -aii-.^ on si ulation 2.:*W>
i Total sales to exporters 1.300
op« a «i ,000 HAMBURG-
Hotel Atlantic
Facing Beautiful AJater Lamm,
Gd' Hotel Hungaria
Flr»t-Cla«» Hotel with Panoranil« View ef«»
the Danube. ETery modern Comfort. BTsiefssww*
Amrrlran and English patrons*- CHARI.F. 4
J. BURGER. Mauser; JaisatiTj of. Imperial
Hotel. Vienna.
ONTREUX. Switzerland
Rome, Italy,
Grand Hotel
The moat beautiful
mad comfortable
Hotel ia Italy. Klectrte
light throughout. American
elevator*, Charming Suites
*rith bathrooms attached.
Rome, Italy.
Gd. Hotel Quirinal
Highly reputed and fashionable Ist ela««
Hotel in th* bentthiett and finest part of
Home. Every modern comfort and laxnrr.
Grand Hall. Band. Private -itß anaaa Per
fect sanitation.
HIGH riASS rRE>'Cn REn.»ri.iyT.
Via r.ndoTi«l. fax-ma: Qneen'^
Pal:«r». Modern rhmnsno«t: pfa-
I fr;il heatin«; h*-t AlllA 1111 1 Ii aai a*4
i r.n«Hi»li patronjge.
lyEMicE Hi «-™ jdT ,_
W Royal Danieii " >*^m Heat.
\U Modern Comfort,. Balhrv Ticket,.
i >>wUr_Bffltted.J
CillV/Ci t«!nr ti.
RDAlin pnTr"! B « st A-.pofaM<J
Vf— |4J 1 RuitL. »«n<ywa^ a*
CWIUt, wine tk*
It a- a froouta;* •»*
tOO fast o« "»• A. riA.Vt*.
CrunJ Cisi' M*- n"
Boston. Oct. 23.— -The Commerctal Bul
letin" will Siir "f i*e wocl market ta-tnonwf :
"Business has motlerated MO" 6 - 1 out
there 19 stiM a very fair trad.-, passing and,
prices show a stronger tendency, although !»■»
actual advances »r* noted. The deTnand run*
through practically all kinds of territory wool.
and d-aiers ar» speculatin< ia fln« ncoured »r
s«Urt'»c. or-.g-.r-.a.! Montana is s»Uinf freely «t
";:-.f24<-, Montana three-eighths at 2-V? a"' l
half blood at 25c. California northern comh
"l^eeces a"ro. becoming 'scarce and s^™ o *^
In tone. s;aiea of Ohio thr<*«-elghth9 and Sa.f
biood ar» bein* made at 2J»a3Oc. whi..' Ohi»
quarter bloo.l seiia ac 2tS' 2 "<?27c ar.a unwasft-t
e-a'tt*lwe -a'tt*lw in Boston are being '■«? !< * f ,'^ » tP *f,:
ilv and a few ■asaa more of activity win
leave domestic supplies at a low point. •ieal-r
are daily becoming stiffer. although no d-al-r
will lose a s*l« by inajstins upon An advanc*.
••T»ie shipraentji of wool from Boston
October 27. laeliurtre. w-re 137.tJ00.211 pounrt".
against 21T.017.359 pounds fjr the »*p« "f 1 "
last rear. The nevlpta to October 2 lnc.a- v
aive were C 37.3 <3 4'' 1^ pound*, ajraiast 0i>4,1i1.
3:»l"pounds"for the same time last: year"
Fail Kirns Oct. 2S.— Sales In the !»?*« <•!<?«£
mark-- for tiie week are estimated it - * ■*****'•
pieces. Tradins has been of a B«M orter dis
tributions beinj la sraall quaa title* for dflllv
e'ies for the next two or thr-e month* Buy-r*
ceased to interest themselves to a certain d»
-^^» but the mills are not making any con
cessions, full prtc-» being aske.i Followta*
are prices- 2»-inoh. «4 squares. ::*ic: 2H-inch.
«4 by «'). 2%>- : r^H-inch. 64 »(jt:ar<»s, S^c; 3»
tneh. 64 by 72. s\c.
Liverpool. Oct. ■ .WHEAT— Spot dull;
futures stead October. 7s ?id: December.
7s l*d: Mirch. 73 IS-i- CORN— !*pot easy:
Ameri.aa mix».i. 4s f)^4; Tatures ''"•* r;
January. 4s 3^d: February. 4s 3i«d. PEA:*-—
Canadian. 7s. FLOUR— Winter patents,
II VMS j=aort cut *n». HOPS in London
Pa. vac Coast). £3 13 g H 1»s. BEEF— EMfra>
India mess. 1.17s rt.l PORK— Prirao m<Ji.
Wes'ern. IlSn »d. r.ACON— Curnbertimi cut.
«Hs- clear bellies. 725: lon* clear middls*.
liarit. 735" heavy. 73i» t>d: short clear b*--ks»
dM tUI. -SHOt:LDER.> — Square. 61s. LARD —
Prime Western, tierces. H2» »>d: American re
fined pails. «2a. CHEESE — .aniidian lines*
white, new. 333 «d : colored. 3«s- TrnPEN
TIXE Spirits, "a '.W. ROSIN — t'ommon. 13^
3d" PETROLErM — neSned. «'id. LINSEEO
Oil* 47-« COTTONSEED 011^ — Hall -fln~.l.
spoc. .U»s «d. TALLOW— Australian !n T.OB>
don. .">• m<J.
London. Oct. 2S.— SUOAR — Raw. centrtfu
ra! 10»: muscovado. S»s: beet. October. *»
S' t d LIXSEED— Cakuttx Apfil-Jane. rtji
PETROLEUM — American refined. » 13-I*4;
sptrlf«. 7.1 TT'nPENTIN'E — Spirits, 33s 7m.
ROSIN' American strained. lla 0«l; SBSB,
lija M.
Antwerp. Oct. 2* —PETROLEUM. 19 franc*.
• >
1 itindai
(FUrniahoti by Van Scaalck & O-. No. 7 Wan
Bi.L Asked. : gllf ■ ftlfcit,
United Ry.- » 15»«! Cotton D inc. l>»s i.>
do tm-otnn «2'a BT. ; Xorf B * L,5» t>7»,
da 4s .... « »Ti(U * Pow pf >«> *3
084 !* V T I S ! do -I'-s h»'^ »1
■ AS Incomes » * «"har C R SsitOS —
do lsts ..42 43 ; Char CEI 5» ?»» i«
Seaboard I*o !l ~ [Cont Tnist. !.»« JHS
do l»t pf.. 7.'. >2 I Union Trust.. 7l> 71
do 2d pf- - *3 ** 1 Third Nat at 15 12*
tVab AL is X3'-i "5 I FW .<- pep. ..\V> 131
rto 10-vr fw W» lOlVaiaryland Tr. — 76
■ Cotton Duck * l » 3 i Nor Cent Ry.lCrt —
The followins ahows ye«erilay'a clostnc
Quotations for government bonds, compared
with Thursday's:
—Oct. 27— - Oct. .- —
P.i! Asked. r.i<t AS*«^.
V. S. li. rvr. ■ m !.»>*; 101 '♦ I(XV»k lot \ 4
T* S. 2». coupon. l:ct>. . .l«»v»» — l.nt V —
I* S 3a. reg.. VJI.H VH\ 102S 101 16«N
t" .-t. 3». i^iupon rJW...I»>t A » I«2S 1««V IICS
V S. 4*. r^K . «!»25 Its 1134 113 113^
I.'. S. 4a. coupon. 1aU5...U5^» — 113^, —
Panama 2s. -<>*.. 11KW...HW3 — 10»>S —
Panama Zs, reg . 1X3...100^ 3 — 10O^» —

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