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Petitions Filed for Structures from January 1 to November 15
Show a Proposed Expenditure of $43,011,775.
All records for projected new building
for The Bro^x have been broken. Peti-
Maw filed with UK northerly borough
tmaOtaCT depßrtment from January- 1 to No
v-rr-ber 15 for structures ■*•• a proposed
«>xp-ndlture of JJ3.01i.775- The nearest ap
proach to foia record was in MB when
the projected operations totalled $42,000,000
for thr whole year.
The revert r:i!lrtK of .latino A Henderson
«nd Borough President Miller, that after
November 15 the fliers of buildlnc peUdaas
in The Bronx must •»•«* by the law and
ere^t their structures entirely within the
•,■)]; Id :nx ane. caused an unprecedented
rush to the department on Tuesday and
Wednesday h)SI The followlnp statistics
wer^ clv«n ant yesterday by C. A. Hal
d«>-si»dt. Fwretary to Mi Henderson:
Petition? filed from January 1 to Octo
-.. • £]_ jj»10. *."C€^.««*" 1 : from November 1 to
Kavcaaher IS, JT'.4n.7~: for alteration?
?!om January 1 to November la. $1.1*36.535:
total for M* to Naacaafecr la, 514.267.940.
It tvas- learned yepterday that Hestor M.
Ilitrhinps if the buyer of the ten story
r.'rkfail apartment house, a) the northeast
corner of Broadway and Tilth street.
Tradinc pmTnp the private sale broker?
y^terday was confined to private dwelling
hou?«*s=. Henry I). Winans & May sold for
-.-« *.^tate of Isaac and SiKmund Itosenwald
trie live story American basement dwelling
house, on a plot 30ilO0J feet, at No. 44 East
fAt n «tr*rt. 40 feet -west of Park avenue.
Th* 1 tuver Is to occupy the hount, which
1« stt^tic th*» finest In the section. Folsom
Bmtheia sold for the estate of Paulina
Psmberper a four story* and basement
brosraaAOßM house nt No. B West 56th
nrwt. on « plot 19.4x9^.? feet.
f;r, r of ih»> old buildings formerly eocu
r *>d by th*» Babbitt soap factory. In Wash-
Irrt"V Ftre^t. pout!, of Rector Ftreet. ar*>
bfins: torn down on account of their dilapi
dated conation. cordlnc to J. lid ward
ft rcKhaC «4torney for the Babbitt ex
r<-..tors Thr estate, he paid, had no idea
nt improi-inc th«» site. and. fo far as he
Vnc\vj=. th«>re lia? been no sale or lease of
the rrppoTty. The Babbitt holdings include
-; r«v. or ?a.f"OO stjuar*» feet, extending through
from "\VaFiilncton to West street.
Prase A- Elliman B«b-Iem*« their former
efflw. In No. Mi Madison avenue, to Alex
noQu X- l^hnert for elKht rears, the re
mainder of their lease with the New Enp
lani MaiU.sci Company, owners of the
■William H. WTiianK & Co. leased tlie
l-uildincs No«. -" 5 - and 293 South street to
IfnHwi Summ Jewell Milling Company, the
buIMUniC No. f.73 Water street to Wdas &
■\>wrnan. Btatt floors (Cos. -"2 and 54 Park
Km! 10 C. a If. Envelope Company, offices
In No. S3 John street to Palmer I/me and
<>m«>nt Company, sixlit loft Nob SO and 82
Fourth avenu? to McConlhe & Hubl-ell
ilßnufacturinp Company and the fifth loft
Sop. 67 md fS Fourth avenue to Louis
John J. CJancy & Co. leased for John I
Retaenwctar No SS3 l^iehth avenue to S. ;
<>.lama for a t.rm of years.
<; vv. Barney leased, for Bleecker & |
Simons the second loft Nos. •! and MB j
f»HjtnsrtCM street: 'or Robert J. I^eaycraft. ,
third loft No. ZBI West Broadway: for j
Marcus Lota, second loft No. 126 Univer
sity Place': for Webster B. Mabte & Co..
Brat loft Nos. 114 and 116 Bast lath street, 1
and for the Reliant Holding Company,
fojrth loft No. 4M Broadway.
fi., rr .cc Company leased for Hammond
Company the third loft No. 114 West 14th
.••.• jr. Berber & Wolf. and. for Con
1 f 111 Colwell the three story building No.
r^*. U>st Bath street.
The CnarleE F. Noyes Company leased '
the second floor of the sixteen Ptory in
surance building beinp erected at the north
east corner" of John and Dutch streets to
tii*" Great Eastern Casualty Company for
t»>n years at an a^Eresratf rental of about j
Burke Ston<> leased for Mrs. Dwicht S.
Fmith a house In Ua.wrenoe Park to F.
Wf.!l*,-c WMte, forrm-rly of Oregon.
Reeves A- Co. report lhat the- last fr*»e
*p*-cial train 10 I.Tk^ I-ackawanna will be
ran to-morrow. Lake Lackawanna is a
heautlfSi lake in the foot of the Bchooley
Mountain?;. it lias been constructed at a
«nst of $30,000. «nd it has taken thirty la
bnrcrp. "tti«ity-flve stonemasons and twen
ty-five teams i rear to finish, Landscape
p«rden«-r?; have laid "'.it plot? along; the
shor*> front and on the wjndinp wood roads.
It has more than a mi!<» frontage on th<
r.rvc rut " of the Delaware, Laekawanna
& Western Knilroad, and euglnegn of the
lßi'rofid are now ]o<-atir.p «=tatl"n«= alone:
th«^ n*>Ti- 1in«». and on* is assured at or near
l«ak* l^arfcaacnnna It is on the o!«l Prank
'in ■ mare Road, Just below Bear Pond.
It i' only one and one-half miles from Lake
:: T r,r.?T. me two rnilos from « "ranlwrry I^ak^
Rltd '"<- Sailer fr..-i P.ndds I^ak«».
A ri'-Tloif-nfy i<icni''!i for |U.NISfi lias
l^-r-r. n, t.i..; aeataEl Ihe Seven Hundred
nod T»vf>nty-*-i^ht rut', Avenue Company
n f*.v. - of John E. ttertrtnd. icma/lng out
of tli«» for*H-losijr«" of the four and rive
ftory dwelling lioufp No. 728 Fifth avenue,
♦he fnrmrr ' ohm of Charles W. Morse. The
property •"■at' sold under forrn'losur** on
..-•.. re- '•'■ It was 11.; In by John K. Ber
»md. the plaintiff in the action.
'>r*r' ioea arc owing Interest in the
«>1«- r>f ;.'i. r«.rt Comfort Inn. at Ptennont
'>n-ih«»-Hudson. inch Bryan L. Kennelly
has scheduled for to-day an the pr^mipes.
This property is 10 J,e «ol<i by order of the
rcceiverf, Oh Rorkland «'ourity Trust <"nm
panv. «if X>acl\. N. V. It consists of about
• ■•.«■. ■ res of land, with over a quarter
if a nii'p '■••-• «>n the river and valua-
N*> • nartan rlp!:i?
The- Amrricsn Mono S«»rvjo«» Company
hap M(M from th* VVoodslde Tannins
Company a factory site in Newark, upon
ivhich i two story factory. 300x100 feet.
iwtlng nsout $r/),o''o. Is to be erected. The
property Is located on Verona avenue «n<)
>*nuoa tfreel slim, a frontage of over W
f'-er and running to the Newark and Pater
.»on branch of llie Erie Railroad.
»Jl<x>minC(inl*» Brothers have <i» cMed to
■ •'..:■■■■ story store and loft building
on tie plot, 4r.x?5.9 ie«-t, which tlioy own at
Nos. ?Sj and* US IV'esl 27th street, between
Hnaadway anri Sixth avftiuc Th«- struct
ure, plsns ••■■ which are being pr'j>S!«-<J by
liuvliman I i"o\. architects, win cost
a ....lit t2oo.«f*.
.VVTJi RTUSET. — Polsoin Brothers havo sold
for tli»- •„.-■•■ af l'«i!.n>- llnnil"..' No TtTt
t\vn r>«",tli iltwt, a four stoty ami haai nl
'•(Ttificmi' dwlllng hoiif, on a tot j:t.4xi»>.!»
I«*.TH STREET— lfenrj- T. Draasa«i baa
»«i«j ii «'hmU« flactiaaeti Nut. ;>■!«; and 7,4*
"V«r; J«^tll Hf^t. ••» three story dw<-llinß
„,,,-«*>». fticit «n a lot l^xT'fVll fen. Mr
Tfc' 'lanftt RSVf fn <Ti<liaDjt>' No. ."..".7 1., r, ,v
.. \'nv. reoatly .... sold.
SnOAOXCAY — !■.«'•• M HitcJiitjKs It the
huy«T of i, . tea «■•■' Roekfall apartment
j^.,l*:^. »t tii*- no! th«-agt rornt-r of Firoa.lway
-•nri in >«rr<-*>t. Tli<> prop* i =:■•!> in pan
(•n'-rr.«--:.t hy Mr. HiV-lunce in in v 'at wais {„'
m»V|y l.n«-'T"n a« i!i» Illtefaian hnm^i^arl
iracC in ''>«" F?athu«i, w*>cti<m of Brooidyn, In
«h« in ifciit.'.r!<no<l «>f (ii'nn ;i\fiiu«\ Avrnu<"«
> sr«J *j '
OrtTM STUEET— ti*nr\ I- Wifinnti £■ May
*«?'«! f-«r lU* f«Hlf 'if Ji>«nc am! Sis
mum) Rosens-aid. No. 44 East 60th street, a
fly« story American baseme*nt dwelliriK hous»i.
or, * lot 20x100.5 feet. 40 feet w«»»t of I'ark
avenue. The buyer will occupy. Th* house
Is amone the fln»st in th«« section, It was
constructed by d»v> work and has a lare«
ext^n-ion at th« rear.
147 TH STREET — Alice F. B. Duffy Fold No
537 Wmt 147 th street, a. three Ftor> dwelling
houne. on a lot l»5xP0.11 feet, between Broad
way and Amsterdam avenue.
■ MONT AVENUE H. Maran • Son
have lousrht from F. D. N>>ihit th« plot. 7*.lx
fS.Ox irregular, at the southeast corner of
Belmont avenue and ISSth street. Th« prop
erty will probably be Improved with two
five Ftorr flathouses. with stores. A. Blumen
thal was the broker.
BOSTON ROAD— Cammann. Voorbees &
Floyd hay« sold for E117.a Van Namee No.
210" Pouter, Road. 25x100 feet, to Cliarlen
Welgle. who orrns »djolninfr property
The folloivlnß sale was the only one re
corded yesterday at the Real Estate Ex
chanpe' paleeroom, N<»s. 14 and IS Vesey
reel :
My Bryan L Kennel ly.
tsTB ST. 204. f p. 117.3 ft w of Amsterdam
av»>. 27xK«>*- •"• sty flat; SOU to Charles L E
Wolf for $36,432.
<\Vlth nam» and addrf^s of les?p<«.>
BROAD A* AT. SOL front part of storr: Morris
Goldman to Isaac P BoaA: 3 yrs 2 mo? from
i Nov 1. 11>1<>; 51. .VK); address, 17r> Clinton st,
' Brooklyn.
LENOX WK. I.V\ «torr; Morris l.m-(>i!«t?iii
j to Morris Loweneteta ami aim. ■! vrs from Dee 1.
1910: 12.440; address. M Wept 110 th st.
NORFOLJE ST. 177: Maurice Cohn to Uosea
T«-p;<!-T : 4 >T« ."> mos from Dec I, 1910: $3,400;
address. US Norfolk st.
BTANTOS ST. 134 and 136. \v<>Ft store and
: basemen . Aupu?uta (irwnspan to I.op Rokp; 3
yxm from May 1. 11*12: 57."»6; address. 163 Norfolk
(TEST ST. 17.:: Sarah E Ray to Jamps McKeo;
[ ?. vts rrom March I, BUS; $2.(K)0; address, 173
' West st.
BTH AYE 2245 store: Heary Rieper to Chai>
! R BteMr; 10 yr? from Jan L 1911: $2.t^«j; ad
. dress. 1011 rVnn aye. Reading. Pern
11TH AYE. 063, n w cor 4!Uh rt: Annie Buck
les to John K-rr. 6 yrs from Sept 1, 1!<14. $1.
600; address, tis- lltn aye.
lOTH ST. 442 to 44t5 East; Ada ''.'.uck to Isaac
Flutsky and an... 3 vr* from Dec I, 1810; $2.'.«>i>.
address. 420 I'ast 3a st.
13TH ST. 714 East, livery BtaMe; Chas Friel
] to David Jackson; .'1 yrs from July 1. lt*ti«- $1.
! I *)": address. 714 East 13th st.
21ST ST. 4*« to S2 East; 20Ul st. 43 East; part
, of stores; Koscorn Realty Co to L. Fareman
, Fectitman & <■<• 4 yrs S< mos from May 1, 1911;
$6,000; address. 30 L'nion square.
I SSD ST. :> East. west basement and store;
I Fl'.is^ X, B Morrie to Harry Scblnlowttz; 2 yrs
fiom May 1. ls<10; $3,000; address. SS East 2M"st.
CIST ST. 2f>s to 212 West, two houses: Jacob
V Schi.T to Walter I) Ellison: 2 yrs 3 mos from
Au»r I. If**: $4.VK>: scKSress. 182 mjon st Jer
sey City, x J.
'With name and address of purchaser >
AYE 1). n c cor .if 7th st. 4V4xSr.- Samuel
Stern to Samuel Stem Co; N■■ II; $100; ad
dress. 137 Liberty st.
BROOMS ST. n s 246.3 ft c of Hudson st.
44.10x1<0; Joseph Sliestokas to Church of Our
l^ady of Vilna unts $36,000); Nov 17; $!"<> ad
drese. sag Broame M
DIVISION ST. :::■• and 3!>4; -'* sty hrk. 2f.x&6;
Rose V«aell and ano to Tillie Mann et al Nov
II: |t; address 100 W«t 117 th ft.
, LEXINGTON AYE. IK 1 ',:,: 4 sty brk. ll>.i<x7S;
! John McD»-rmott to Albert Gibson itntg $16,000);
l all liens; K<-t. 3: 51 ; address. 14. Vi Ist aw.
LOT 22. mar 1338. of Fort "Washington and
t Buena Vista Syndicates: Central, BatMlng Im-
I provement and Investment i*<> -'to Kirbv Con
struction Co (mtg ?IS..VK)»; Nov 1": $H«>: ad
j dress, 13T, liroadway.
PARK AYE. n c cor of •"•-<' st. runs " 200.10
1.. s s BSd st x f lst».llx J> l<«>..*iX w r.i\ s l'"» 5
' to n s , r ii:<i ft x w 184.S to bee; Steinway Sons
I to May E Bannon: Nov 18; si. address. 212.". r.th
: avf.
SAME PROPERTY: Mhv c Bannoti to Mon
j tan.. Realty Co tmte $555.00" . N ■■•. 18; $100;
address. 135 Broadway.
i SHERIFF ST. '.H3: :, sty hrk. 2.".x7.".; TiUle
I I^-ff to Harry Kober; ell liens; N ■- 18; $100;
address. 120 Wlerfleld st. Brooklyn.
STANTON ST, 31J»: <» ety brk. s iv ••■• of
j Goerck st. .V>x7r.: Samuel Schiff to Samuel H'hiff;
i all liens; I-.", part: Nov l>: $1; address. 1102 Ash
land Boulevard. Chicago.
■VARICK ST 107; 3 sty brk, 21x66. with richts
CARfCK ST I<J7; 3 st-, brk, 21x66. with rights
to alley in rear: Katharine I" Plnneo »t al to
Lawrence Drake: Nm 14: S!"": address, 330
West f.7tli st
7TH AYE. n ■■ ■■■ ■' 131« W 1».11xt25: Klisa
S Kip t 0 Fisch.-l ■::.,-..: Co: «i <■; N'ov 1: $1:
: address. <".l Park Row.
• lOTH ST. 4.".'. '■--• 5 sty brk* 2.'.. 4x02.3; Henry
Dorti to !«•" •.i Weinberger (intc $21,500): Nov
17. $100: address, 363 Columbia st. Brooklyn
LOTH ST. n c cor of Marginal at, llS.flxl«4. to
20th st xM6.6x — : Consolidated Gap Co to War
wick Thomson Co; Xov 14: ?100: address. Danton
Building. Mineola. Nassau County, N Y.
42D ST 215 to 221 West. 4 sty brk. loOJsxßox
irre'p: Star Uoldinc '".■ to May E Bannon fmtg
$2T.7.«t0<.i»: b and - and c a K\ Nov IV; $l<>0;
address. 212."i sth aye.
SAME "-PROPERTY: May E Bannon to tlw
Sr.-rr> /C- Hutcjiin<=on <•(. <int K $400,000): N. ' l^:
S1O0: address. 34 West 33d st.
ISTII ST 317 West. 3 sty brk. 18x100.5: Mary
Campbell to Sarah Israel untc 514.f«i"»: Sept 30;
II; address. 313 West 4»>th Bt.
4fiTH FT. 14.". East. 3 sty Nrk. 16.8x100.5; -T
Westewelt Clark and an.- to' I. Cooper Moti (mtg
s&Mot: all llenr; Xov 14: S100; address, Great
Neck. I»r.(r Island.
H7TH ST 2<" Wr-t. 4 sty (Hit. 30x1OO.S; I511«n
N Warder to Elizabeth W Elite; Nov 15; $1;
address. .Wirho. ' . up Island.
71ST ST 1".7 West. 3 sty l>rk. 20*102.2: Emily
W U-oasen to Elizabeth <;. Emily w an.l
K;-«n r IV Lionsven: Oct .'.. 1M0; SI ; address. 42 J
DwiCht pi. Engtewood. N" J.
74TH ST. n =. 63 ft c of 10th are, 16.0x87.5x
irrojr; Annie lloim'l.v tn John V Bacol «mt»r
$10,000 n, 17; $iit<>. address. 83 Maconloch
aye. MorrtMown. N .'
7;>TH ST. »14 Kast. 2r.xM2.2; foreclosure: Nov
9 I«1X) lCrnst Ii Wells, referee, to Jtlchard
I>ud«-nstne. |r; Now 17. $2,200; address. IS6
122 D ST. n s. 88.11 f •> rt <; *" 1 aye. 14x7«..'.:
rplea>»- ihie; York card am! Paper Co to .Ta.-oh
Berman Oct 17; $2,000; address .'..'i i-:ast 14vth
SAME PROPERTY; William Heiman to
Mary I! lohamon tmlj: $8,000); all liens; <">,-t
20; $.-,i< address^2l st Nicholas Terrace
132 D ST. 224 West, 3 sty brk. lfi.Bx9S>.ll: fore
closure; Nov I<s. 1910; David Robs. n. referee, to
William II Morse and Daniel E llorae. executors;
Nov 18; $10,500; address^ lf«K Lexington aye.
ISBTH ST. n s. -'.vi ft «• of Amsterdam aye.
50z99.11: the < "'v.n»--ti.-uT Trust and Safe Deposit
■••• to 1. uli So ■■- on and Emil Ott (mtj; *4K<»oO.i;
Oct 24; $100; address, 125 Hungerford st. Hart
ford. Conn. .
SAME PROPERTY; I-ouis Solomon et al to
Fidelity Trust <",, fmtg $4\<mi 1; Ocl 24: $100;
address, v.t Pearl st. Hartford, r, nn.
ALEXANDER AYE. 200 r- .«. ULRx96.fi:
Frederick W Pearae to William L Derxee;
'- part; \ ■ .-. 16: $1,000 address is;.- West
10th st.
BROOK AYE. 741. tnv!M :.>. irreg: Jonas
Well •■• al to Fanny Gruen; No, is. .$ln0;
sddreaa 401 East ."!:<! St.
SAME PROPERTY; release mtg: Sophie
Mayer to sana« Nov 18: *i . address, --.•■me
as a bora. *■• ,
1"<)X ST. c 5. 273.2 "1 n of lor.th si, -""x
100; James Killalea to f:oo-,iim CSraziadeo (mtg
K&.KOO): Nov 17. Jin" address. 2.: 15 n;ist
114 th st
HOFFMAN ST. c 8. _•:;:: ft 5 of Tellium a\",
■_T.\117!«. Leontln<* Mayer to Bronx Develop
ment" ' '•> <intp *".<iiiii i : all lien*; Oct 20;
?i«im. address, 2«<Tl 3d aye.
JEROME AYE. •• f at s w s Mosholu Park
way Souili. 75.11x74x Irreg; <;<f,rc<- F Moody
to .1 Clarerce Da vies: March I* IflOO; $1;
a<ldresß. :;d ay»- and 140 th si.
KEPLER AYE. n c cor of 2::Mh rI B0»
i-ieR: Myron Rolzberger to Philip .1 < - .>Kiin.
Nov 17; #4.42.",; address. Brewater. x V
LOT 07. nap of Melroae; Jamea F Hin^ins,
ref. to John A Bruckner and ;<no; (Co 1":
$1,700; address. 400 Cast I<ilst Ft.
LOT 328. nap Section P of Vyae estate;
'.!...■. /.ml; to Jennie <• Stewart; X". 17: $100;
address, 14.2 Loogf«llo« ay».
L<jT '■'■'•. map Hunter estate. Bronx; Hud
spa P Rose Co to Alfonso Carol!; < '. i IS; $1;
address, 32 West 4. , th St.
I,'tT •;. Parcel •.".. map subdivision estate
WiMiam B Ogden nt Higbbridge John .1
■•.-.;, to Brown-Weiss Realties, a • cor
poration: Nov 13; $1; address. •:] Park Row.
Soutli»Tn Boulevard. r.5.".. 20x100: Martin It..ff
to Rose Raft"; nil title; \ ov i.; «tj00: addreaa
227 Webster aye, Brooklyn.
3D AVK. ::721. 2«i.4x12a ; Samuel A lies to
Frl*<Jß Altos imtp $7.0001; \... 17; I. and c;
SI n<l<lr.<s. 2901 3d aye.
3D AVC i. •■• cor of 14th mv, 53x110.!»x
irreg; Jit Wrnon boundary line bet New York
itu! Hi Vernon, '-.". ft „ of 242 d st. runs n c
IC«i n Oh c 70.10x25.5 to bag; being lot
7- XC Hap Wakenald; Jam T Penneld to
Pasqoale Yennantuano imtc $3,000) July 27:
$1 : treaa Ml '■ • 1 son N T. '--•'■■■
i;TM AYE. n s. « 14 lot <;•>< map Wnkeflel.l.
.'.<>• m Caroline X Wager to ivier Whittle;
•Cow 14; $1; addraas, 648 Saal 217 th St.
m ST. r t-, i.-.r. ft w Avenue B. 2f.vKUS.
Cnionpor*; Harry Levin to Nathan Stern; all
li>ns: Orl 31; $100: Hd.lr^sn. I*7 l I,'tiion nve.
I3«TH ST h *. 4.V» ft .• of WilliH nve. 12. fix
10o: 1.-wis A Ahrams »■• r*yrua Hitchcock:
N'" Ii; s::«hm»; addreva, ::oo r llllam M. r.«t-t
<iran;« N .1.
l"7'::i .-T. n t> cor Willow sv< ij-. n.i.
fore. I. s-i r . . I>. . s 1:1111 Ishatn" Henderson.
r.-f iq t\,r Lotus Realty Co; I-". I. l», litnli;
ti'i.ooO: Hfi.JroflF. on pramiai ■
I4CTH ST, .7 Bast, 35x149; Jam** T Mr-
m:\v-yowk daily tribune, satt hdav. novembeb t9. 1!)1 °
Any et al to Richard C Meariy'; all title. > v
13: addross. 4:,7 East I4fith st.
140 TH ST 407 East. 25x100°; BlapKlo I'in
nola to William F Rurrnneh -nnd ano (ml?
$14,100): Xov IS; $100; address. vis Fair
mount Place.
•••■IST ST. 8 n, east 25 feet of lot 1047. map
Wakenctd. 25x114: Samuel .1 Hart to Milton
Hart (mW .$3,600); N"«-. 14; $100; address,
63S P>st S2lst st.
(With name and address of lender 1 ." attorney.)
Interest ."• i«t cent unless otherwise stated.
CHERRY ST. 03 to »7. 8 sty brk. 19.6X58;
Nov 18 5 yrs: Julius Tichman and ano to
American Mortgage Co; ?27,OOo; address, 31 Nas
sau Ft.
I/">T 22. map iis plots, 'property Fort Wash
ineton and Buena Vista Syndicates (prior nits
$35>..".00): Xov 10; due DSC 1. I'M, « per cent;
Kirh\ Construction Co to Central Building Im
provement and Investing Co; $80,880; address.
I4l> Church st.
SAME PROPBRTY: p m 'prior mtp $i<?riooi,
Nov 10; due Doc 1. mil; same to same; $21,«00;
address, same as above.
PARK AYE, n c cor 52d st. 200.10 to 63d st
■x irr»>K; p m: Nov 1H; due Nov 1. 1913: May H
Bannon to Equitable ute Assurance Society;
$450,000; address, 128 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY; p m (prior mt£ $4rio,oooi;
Nov [8; 2 yrs. « per cent: same to Stelnway &
Sons: $100,000; address. 107 Bast 14th st.
PARK AYE. s «• cor 117tl! St. 80.5x90j Nov
17: 3 yrs; Lillie Bernhoim to Helen M Kelly,
guardian; $30,009; address. 2 West .".4tli st.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, n c cor 151 st st. 10;;.; ix
173. irre (prior nit* $256.0001; Nov If,; 1 yr.
8 par cent- Slllon Construction Co to ( narles m
Rosenthal; $10,000; address. 180 Broadway.
STANTON ST. 84. 3 sty brk. 22x52; p m: Oct
10- due as per bond: Dora Leibner and ano to
Mathlas I.act; $3,600; address, SIM Bergen aye.
jersey City, N .1.
2D AYE 1462 and 1634, ."t;x7S, 4 sty Ink: due
Dec 1. 1913; Nov 1; Lina Sternkopf to Trust Co
of America (2 mtss. each $16,000); address, 37
Wall st.
2D AVF.. ws. «<■ « ■of -".Ist st, 2O x SO; Nov
iIS 3 MS, 5 per cent: Albert Herz an.l ano to
Lawyers Titl« Insurance an.i Trust co; $8,000;
address. 180 Broadway.
14TH ST. 233 West. 4 sty brk. 25x100 (prior
mt>: £22,500): Nov 17; due as per bond: Pauline
(Tiegney to Walter .1 I2Kan; $2,000; address, 58
Morton st.
15TH ST. n s. 150 ft c of !>ih sive. 100x103.1;
building loan; Nov ••<: due Nov 1. 1811. •'• per
oent; Huldane Realty Co to Hanover Mortgage
Co; $125,000; address, 4<t Wall St.
19TH ST. n B, 18.5 ft o of MarpirMl Ft. 100 x
iri-c X to (i st; p m; Nov 14: due as per bond:
Warwick-Thomson Co to Consolidated Gas Co;
$126,000; address. 4 Irving pi-
IHTH ST. n s. cor Marginal st, 18.5x75x Irret;;
Nov 14; ]• m; due as per bond; same to same;
! 20TH ST. s - at c s Marginal st. 80 *>x7sx
In eg: Nov 1. p m: due as per bond: same to
same; 550.000; address. 4 Irving pi
24TH ST. n s. 370 ft w of 2J aye. 29.11x98.9;
Nov IS; '•' yrs. .".'5 per cent: Max Wachman and
ait.. ■ t.. .tuiiii Cooney; $8,500; address, 537 West
14iUh st.
24TH ST. 233 to 235 East, 6 sty brk, 29.4x98.8
(prior mtg $8,500); Nov 1«; instalments, 8 per
ce'it Max Wachinan and ano to Jacob Schlamp:
$2,000: address. 4. r .«i West 20th st.
30TH ST n s. .120 ft c of I/exin?ton aye. 20x
98.9; Nov 17: 3 yrs. ♦! p.; cent: Esther B Ciold
man to He/man Goldman; $4,000; address, DO
East 80th st.
42D ST. 215 to 221 West 4 sty brk. 8Oxl0O.5a:
lrre» to ■».'{■( st; p m: Nov 18: due March 18. 1913;
May E Bannon to Star H ilding Co: $142,500; ad
diiss. I"..". Broadway.
46TH ST 145 East. 3 sty brk. 16.8x100.5 <prlor
mtK $8,500); Nov 17. due .-is per bond; .1 Cooper
Mott to Elizabeth A Barry; $2,500; address, 1!« M
Marmlon aye.
SSD ST. .".4!t and 551 West. 1 sty brk. 50x69.2x
lrrfjr; Nov IS; due, etc as per bond; William B
Schuman to Title Guarantee and Trust Co;
$6,500; address, 176 Broadway.
103 D ST, 301 East. 4 sty brk. 25x100.5; Nov 17;
2 yrs. 6 per cent; Maria Calls to Julius C Kolin;
$2,000; address. 17s Lincoln rd. Brooklyn.
129 TH ST. ,--4 West. 5 sty l.rk. 27x99.11; Nov
17; due as per bond; Michael Sween to Charles
Barle; $12,000; address. Mount Vernon. N Y.
IS2D st. s s. 100 ft w of St Nicholas aye. r.ox
7n (prior rntp $34,000): Nov 17: due as per bond;
Newton Holaing Co to Mary B Sayre; $3,000; ad
dress. 141 West 71st st.
BROOK AVF. 741. 40x»4.5x irreg; Km 11; 5
yrs; Fanny (iiuen to William Harriman, trustee;
SAME PROPERTY; Nov 11: „ vrs; same to
same; J?l4.<» <i: address, 368 gt Paul's aye. Staple
I ton. Staten Island.
CLINTON AYE. \v s. part lot 104. map Morrf
! sanla, 25.11x138 iprj.-r mtR $31,730); Nov 16; due
|as per bond: Louise Tiedjen to Cornelius G
! Kingsley: $1,000 address Ids West !'7th st.
I>B VOE TERRACE, 247". 25x90 (prior mtg
; $5,000): Ocl 17; 3 >TB. <; per cent; Susan F Smith
to T 1' Murray Ueal Estate and Construction Co;
$2,000; address. 2464 De Voe Terrace.
FOX ST. c s. 149.11 ft s of Home st. :.c>\l<n>:
Nov 18; due as per bond: Hichele Barone to
Morris It Stang; $2,500; address. 130 Broome st.
FINDLAY AYE. s v .<■!■ of 165 th st. 90.5 x
25. (ix irreg; Nov 17: due Fob 1. 1914; Mountain
Construction ''.. to Sarah .1 llollinshead; $24,000;
address. 255 Henry st, Brooklyn.
FINDLAY ST. s w 8. 350 ft s c of Courtlandi
aye. 60x100: Nov J7; Henry and John A I.ruck:
: ncr to Francis .1 <"ox. of Albany; $3,750; attor
ney. John .] O'Brien. 820 Broadway.
LOT 32*. map Section B. Vyse estate; Nov
17: 3 yrs. '>'- per cent: Jennie C Stewart to
Mary Zink. $2,000; address. 162 Linden st, Flush-
Ing, lr~mg Island.
LOT 132. map W F Duncan. Williamsbrldge
(prior nut '»'">>. AUK 26: due as per bond;
George Zuelarh to Adelaide Burlando; $1,500;
attorney. Paul M Crandall. 346 Broadway.
LOT 35. map Hunter estate. Itrom: Oct 15:
3 yrs. ,"i'- per cent; Alfonso Carol! to Hudson 1'
Rose Co; $323; address. .".2 West 45th st.
MOUNT VERNON AYE. c s. «0.7 ft H of 236 th
st. 29.10x71x Irreg; Nov 17: .! yrs. 6 per cent;
Alice M Kennedy to Mary .1 X Platt; $2,250;
address. 17!' New York aye Brooklyn.
NELSON AVB. •■ 8. 104.11 it S of 169 th st. »0
x irrf : Nov 17. duo as per bond; St Francis
Rp«lty ''.. to Schmitz a. Eulcnstein. Inc; $17,
( B"M I
NELSON AYE. <■ s. (59.9 ft s of 169 th -' 35.2
xl 07; Nov 17: due as per bond: same to same;
$15,000: address, 421<> 3d aye.
ROGERS PL, p R. 350-3 ft n of Westchester
aye. 50x90: Nov 17 demand. 6 per.cent; Rogers
Ituildinp Co to .lames <: Wentz; $28,000: ad
dress, 335 West End av<
SUMMIT \VK. <■ s. 80 ft s of 164 th st. 7.".\
94.6; Nov 12; 2 yrs. <i per cent; Mary R Lyons
to Lewis S Goebel: $1,000; address, 11 Pail-. Row.
VYSE WE w b. 86.1 ft s of ISOth Ft. ■> .'ix
10.". ,'!x lire*: Nov 17- 1 yi 6 per cent: Krabs-
Krnst Realty Co to <;reenwich :' Mortgage '"":
$26,000; address. 3025 3d aye.
W'» >1'1..\ WN RD. m v cor 212 th st. r.ixOr.lx
Irreg' Nov 15; Installs. <"> percent; .! Frederick
Sohaffer to James B Kllsheimer. |r: $900;
n.J.:re«<.. 2or. Broadway.
SD AYE. w s. 104. ft n of 17-".th ft._ r.Ox
|vi buildinp loan (prior mtp $23,<M10): N"V
IS; demand. •'• r r r cent: John W Cornish Con
struction Co to City Mortgage Co; $6.OO*»: a<l
drees, la Wall St.
3D AYE. w s R2.fl ft n of 134 th si, -'.'••.
mil p m No 14; •"• yrs: Caroline X Wai;,
to Ensign Realty Co; $1,000; addres?, 156
3D ST n «• cor nth st. 50x<1<"..11. Mount
Vernon. iot 7KC. map of XVakefleld: July 27:
2 ■ i-K. -io Interest Pasquale rannantuann to
James T P*-nfield; $3,000; address, Barker
aye. near 243 d st.
I6OTH sT. 2SI Rast. (15x110 (prior mtg $11
fM-io,; Nov IS: due May is, 1911; «'. per cent":
Mi. •!-..-.. i T Donnelly to William Fischer:
$1,<iOO; address, 20." Ktsi ICOth st
IfRTH ST. 011 East, -.'Ox irre (prior m's
S."> 000) Nov 18; '_' vrs. •'> per cent: John 1?
Kiel to Peter Cook: $1,500; address. •..".<*
IfIBTH ST. s s. IMS fi c of Nelson av< r,(iv
14!).:'.: Nov 17. -in- as per bond: Si Francis
Realty ■.i to Schmitz £ Eulenstein, Inc;
$7. "0n; address. 421 C '-l aye
1i«iT1I ST. B B, 10VS ft w of Nelson n..
•_'!•■!>: '•'■■:. Nov 17 due as per bond; same
to game; $7,000; address, same as above.
I76TH ST n s. 28S ft •• of Monroe aye. lf>x
100; ■>< . -1. due as per bond: Charles H Bull
to Williani^C Bergen: $6,000; attorneys,
O*Gr«<iv Brothers, L' 77 Broadway
177 TH ST. n k. ■••< it w of Mapes aye., 50x
100.1; No-. IK; 5 yrs: John W Cornish Con
rt ruction Co t.. William X Cromwell ct a!:
$41,000; a<l<ll ll' West 19th st.
(With name an.] address of lender's attorney.)
BROOME ST. n a. 288.10 ft >■ of Hudson at.
64.3x22. tt; .lini<. <;. 1*07: (,eorpe D Bartholomew to
Harmon W H<"ndri>-kf. Samuel Rlker, jr. and
Charles M Kirby. executors; $8,000; attorneys, lte
Grove A- Rlker, 145 Nassau st.
CONVENT AYE; 155, lfi.llxSs; Oct 16. 1!"".".
Mary B Buckley to th" Metropolitan Trust Co;
$10,000; attorneys, Parsons, Closson .v Mcllvaine,
52 William Bt.
LEXINGTON .\ E. «■ 8 56.8 ft n of !)4th st IS
x!<s; Dramln Jones t.i the Manhattan Savings In
stitution; March 8, 1888; $7.O0O; attorney. Ed
ward II Schell, 66 Broadway.
MONROE ST. n>,4B ft wof Montgomei st.
.■•••-T.v Nov 23, 1905; Jacob Binder and others
to \lrKi!iiM Hell, or Bavaria. Germany; $4<i.(X»o;
attorney, Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust Co
160 Broadway.
PARK AVK, s « ..>! 9Kth st. 4OxlOO.ll; I >e<
7. 1904; Joseph Goldfarb to Jonas It Klssain;
$2u.oo<>: attorney Joseph A Seldman, 6] Pai*
WASHINGTON ST. 470. 20.4x80; 1.. 28. It>tifl-
St Jotin's Park Realty Co to American Mortem;.'
Co; $10,000 attorneys Bowers & Sands. 31 Nas
sau st.
WASHINGTON ST. 470. 80x20.4; an 11. i»io-
Greenwich Investing •'■> to Jared IV Hell $17 -
<n«> attorneys, Bowers & Bands, 31 Nassau si. '
WEST END AVK, h w cor 07th st. 25.2x31:
Nov 10. ivts Francis W Jenks to Hannah
Josephs: si::. <»»>. attorney. Morton C Fitch 32
Nassau >•!.
21) AYE. 72".» 4 Fty brk: mtg on leas.-; March
28 1*08; Patrlc* lAmnim to th.- Henry Ellas
Brewing Co; $6,500; attorney!*. Cohen, Lavelle &
Guthrie, 2 [lector st
itTll ST. 612 East. i -'■ brk. 20x93.11; July
10. ):mi7. a. olf and Glstlla Moscovttz et' al to
Max Schwartz; $2,800; Httorney, 1.. ip i«j Mnscli-
COW I I z. 27 1 Broadway.
4!»tii ST, i:s West. 4 st] brk, km. - ,-. un
«. 1005; Edward It Core; to the Greenwß-h Shv
in«> Hank. |25,000; attorney, [jtwjrers Title In
surance and Trust Co, 160 Broad
4»TH ST. 120 West, I sty brk 2Sxl00; same
10 Kowery Ravings Bank; Auk I ifiOS; $25,000
attorney, same as above. *
k-.th si « -. 23»;« vi ..f mi live 18.6*102.2
Nov •" lss7; William P ftobir.xnn 1, Ellen S V
I'iflerre »nd \Ms 1: Snyder; $1«" "mi attorney
lawyers Title iti mrajfc • 1 -aiid 'I'nn»i Co )iVt
Broad waj
V" 1 ST, 1.-i m St.- i .-.ty '■• v, lb.4xKC.2; July
' ~ t-iirabeth It Wcchd
30. IDO!^; M V |n a B Rail I" AKohn 203 Bros*
i«r: .<10,« l( , ; attorney?. Wolf ■ '
wav - st. „P . mnm of -vntnil I'« rk West.
0-in ST. n s. 425 ft *« Vourneiir Realty Co
I T.-.X.11 .ax lire*; Oct is. 1*?, //k, nnorn-r . Mor
to Sender Jannulowsky; »1 !".'"*'•
rle Clark. 54 canal st. Ju , jus T|sh _
SAME PROPERTY: Auk "• '" game RS above.
man to same; $40.U0O; sttorney. s« 10 o.ilx5o;
BOTH st. » s. 128 ft •: "' ■■'" ~ x joo 11: May
.'.nth st, ss. 178 ft eof -it' 1 j" rUU d e .1 Levy;
13. »07; Alfred C Baehinan »( 1 r lr & Landauer.
$8,000; attorneys, Cahn. Nordlinper .v
160 Broadway. ■-«■* , iontix«l:
' IO4TH ST. 112 West. 5 -ty h^J Blum
June 21, l!H>r >: Theopilus Marx. „-, and
and Joseph fuck to .|..l.ti < .... jt.-/» OoO; attor-
Ollver L Jones, exrs an<l ,, tr , I Iwav
neys. Deyo & H.iuerdorf. 1" l«roadvwa>.
lOSTH st. r. 220 ft -^::rr;iS
40x,oo : Nov 25.4l0O7rl Samuel^£T^ Suds!
Sulzberser $6,000; attorneys, now ers
31 Nassau st. 1O ,, >m .
MOTH ST. WesV n * -»' lx^j Kl:^nK I :^na n Be«Co
"."So-'a.a^ u.rtJ™ V.'.iiV.n.-.lwav
{ 118 TH ST. 19 and 21 Wsst « fej^ritlftS
100.11: Nov 17. lli«»4 ; A';""''"" , „',:■ attorney,
ano ,0 ■ Louise Hartshorn: ?'• • (
Charles Gibson Bennett S3 wlUla " 1 irM)T
11«Tir ST. 246 East, ls ''',,-,>.■•' f.^'x'n: at-
John Doyle to Minnie I Thu^^ : BrO adway _
tomeys, Arrowsmlth & Dunn, -^j* 25x100.11;
117 TH ST. 151 West, .> *<> '■;„"..„ Ragt
June i». 1-.02; George Munstermann ] ttorney
River Savings Institution; •«' •■ (MH -
Richard T Greene. 41 ?ark R'^
124TH ST. n s. •-•-•"' ft '" „, Martin J
Auk ti. 1S:»7. Susan < • lr^_ S 2,r,(X»: attor-
Keogh. New Rochelle. N >■ ' "J., ;,T .,,.
neys, Cannon & Cannon, IIS " r
.„ „-'. Irvl2o- NOV 16. H>1";
BATHGATE AVEX --'- '* ;'" ' Becker Htam-
Mary Scawlcardl to MargaretfJ ] v „.. Na ..
ford. N V; $7,000; attorney, Aleb (took.
Ban '"■ , r i-v, lh st 50x100;
Austria! Sayings Bank; S'-.'" 1 "- adores,. .
l2^jrSe A ?JAT the B&feg^S
Co to North American Mortgage Co: $25,000; ad
dress. Kin Broadway. „,00
ERNE3CLIFFB PL (no« 2.""'th st 1. s s ™'--*
ft w of Lisbon pi. 25x136x25x135.5: March 1(.
1906: Frederick Piston* to !."'*'•* ,- ' ' ; %,
ecutrix: $1,000; attorney, Conrad Muller, jt.
HOE WE w .« ™ ft " of .IcnnhiKß st. 50x100;
April 2'i!UO: Allen Construction Co to Manhat
tan Mortgage Co; $35,000: address. 200 Broadway.
LOTS 37 and 38, map sub-division property
Lvman Tiffany. 23d Ward, beinp part Fox estate;
Oct 2.'! V.**- John Ryan to H Schleffelin Sayers
trustee; $1,000; attorney. Philip S Seligman, 3..
Nassau st.
LOT 205. map of ITnionport; also all right.
title, and interest in and to strip on Bth and 9UI
sts. L-nlonport; May 29. lf>o7; Edw. Fowls
Jones to Sarah E. C. Uutler. of OgOßtz. Mont
gomery County. Perm: $12,800; attorney. Jones
A- Car'leton, 40 Wall st.
LOT 306. Fame map, !Hh st. s B, 155 ft w of
Ay*< A. 50x108; June 12. 1!» >7: sain- to same.
$2:300; attorneys, same as above.
ROBBINS AYE. b c s. 50 ft c of in. as (or
150 th) st 2oxlO.">: Oot 1895; Christian Fritz
to Annie R Bauerdorf: .<3.500; attorneys, Deyo
&- Bauerdorf. 115 Broadway.-
RITTER PL. ss. !*•■>. '" ft "of lot 5, map of
William A an.l John Ashe. in Morrisania, .55.4K
40; Mch 8. 1910; Crownhill Construction Co to
New York Trust Co: ?24,<«K»; attorney, Frederick
A Snow, 15 Wall st.
10TH AYE (now 10th st). bfinß portion of
lot 861; map Wakefield. 305 West 4th st (now
4th aye). 25x114: Ocl 3, 1'.«32: Paul C Pctersen
to Arvilla P Keeler. of Ridgefleld, Conn; attor
ney.- Grant Squires, 40 Wall st.
10TII AYE (now 10th st). beihs portion of lot
561. map of Wakefletd. 25x114; Feb 1«. 1904:
Paul C Petersen to Samuel Keeler. of Ridge
field. Conn.; !>2<h> attorney. Grant Squires, to
Wall st.
Sophie Ilejns el al to Adolph E Hems: 2
assts; each $16,000.
Bessie 1> Dearborn to Title Guarantee and
Trust Co; $30,000.
Troy Savings Rank to German Savings
Bank. $35,000.
Eva X Rhoads to William P Kelly and
ano: $1.
Reuben Ross to Adelaide A Hillyer: $25,000.
William P Kelly and ano to .1 Charles Gras
rr.uk: $3,700.
Samuel LK-bcrman to Jacob Schwartz: $1.
William W Lowerre to Sarah A Sykes;
ail. W .1 Petrie to Louise Kissllng; $3,500.
Almon Gunnison and ano to William VV
Lower..- 5ir.,004:
Realty Transfer Co to Lou is Masbach; $100.
Thomas O'C Sloane to Title Guarantee an.l
Trust Co: $1.
Marie H Winkhaua to Marie W Donald
son: $20,000
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Isabelle
Solomons: si 1.000.
Same to Sarah Billings et a!: $.12,000
Charles I! Gleason, e\r. to Helen M Gay
lord: .<r,.7.-,n
Mollie f Stelnhardt. s'ln. to Gussie Frank
lin: $4,292.
Lawyers Mortgage Co to Tru*t Co of Amer
ica : $30,000.
Morris I: ?taii£; to Max Borck; $100.
William Fischer and a;:.> to Barbara
Huff; $1.
Adelaide r: Cromwell to Emanuel Hellner;
SI 2.000.
Morris 1.-!-/.. ■•■ to Edward R *' oh. . SlfiO.
217 TH ST. i! s. 105 ft •■ of -White Plains Road.
25x114: Intervale aye. w s. 108.6 ft 11 of 16!>th
st. 25x184.10; Arthur E MaeJLean act James
■Roller, inc. owner; Gusta^ Schmidt. jr. con
tractor; $669 •-'.'..
16TH ST. 114 and 116 East: Osborne Rae &
Co act Second Manhattan Office Building Co.
owner: Bliss « Grlfflths. contractors; $3,160.
BROADWAY, I c cor UQth st. IfxlxlOOx irrec:
Brettholtz-Krumholz Construction Co act
Josephine Schmid, owner; John 1' Douphltt nn.l
Charles A Holland, lessees; Hroadway Varieties
Co. contractor: $2,337 50.
."•TH AYE. 564; Joseph Elms- act Arpinel Pay
shanjian and Ardemus Pavshanjlan. owners: W
Shelton Swallow Co. contractor: $500.
2fiTH ST. 214 to 250 West] White Contracting
Co act Wells Fargo Express Co. owner; Man
ning:. Noble « Co. contractors; $3,190.
ANDREWS AYE. 2202 and 2204; Charles M
Oray Marble and Slate Co am Jessamine C and
Collins. F I'.!iss. owners; Bliss & Griffiths, con
tractors: $136 25.
li.TH ST. 114 and ii(; East: same act Second
Manhattan Office Building Co. owner; Bliss &
Grffßths. contractors: $1.47(».
ALEXANDER AYE. 225: ChßH*>Fi II Fenidiel
act Henry C Entrup, owner and contractor; .1
William Kaiser, contractor; $615 30
LEXINGTON AYE. 223; Harry Applebaum
act II KascK. owner; Charles !l Lowcn. con
tractor; $258.
BELMONT AYE. n w cor IS.-.rl st. 100x100.3:
Yeamon J Fisher act William Schmalzbach.
owner md contractor; ?.io.
I.tOTII ST. n s. SO ft h of I. ex met on aye. So x j
I.'1 .' 1 1 ; Roof Maintenance !'.• act Meyer Sacks. !
owner; I>>rlngton Sheet Metal Works contract- i
or (renewal); 5125.
234 TH ST. n s. and 235 th st. s s. ]>■:. ft « of
Katonah aye, !>2x150; Vlncenao Santlrocco er al
act Germansky Construction Co: $2.10f>.
MTDI'BON AYE. ti r cor I76th st. W. 11x100;
Empire City Gerard •',> agt (Granite Construction
Co, owner and contractor: Samuel .1 Ruth and
Isidore Wit kind, contractors; $900
f"T*APON POINT ROAD, 11 s, between Pugsley
and rtetts avPK. 410x131; Harlem Supply Co act
Martin .1 Kane, owner; P r Phelan, contractor
$s4 -19
MACT PL'J - w cor Hewitt pi. 40x00; Jacob
Cohan act Higgins X- Stanton Construction Co,
owner and contractor: $120.
CEDAR AVK v, s. i:i.7 ft n of I7!>th St. 24x i
.".f»: Kernard Creenthal act Walter I. White, !
owner; R Tri-nhoim Co. contractor; $55.
MADISON ST. n C cor Jefferson st. 23.10t80.2;
Harry Drapkin act I^.uis Shulsky, owner; Jacob
Spectnr, contractor; »17."i.
Al'pi BON AYE, n <• cor of 175 th st; Man
donald Roofing Co r\gt Simon Improvement
Co el »l: N'ov 17. mm (by deposit); $160.
)STH ST. d s, 271.9 ft « of 7th itve- Amer
ican Radiator Co act Baldwin Engineering
Co •■' al: Vug 9. iniO; $1,601 81.
127T11 ST. k s. 100 ft , v of d aye; for •, 1
sty brick^aotorj : " lfl office bldg, 51M4.10- C
stani. _...,_ .:,i avo . owner; F II B.'neker 1»5
Claremont aye. architect: cost. $15,000,
MARION AYE. n w cor of lf>!»th si for a 5
sty brick tenmt, :.n\*7: Thomas c M.sk on
premises, owner; John P Boyiand. 103 F-ist
125 th st, architect; cost. $50,000.
MARION AVK. c s. 1.-.0 ft s of ijMUh st • for
two , gty i,ri, k t..nmt«. 50x!»."»; Miltern Mrop
«3 Henry st. Corona. 1. I. owners John P
Boyland. '° 3 East 125 th st. architect- ■««■
$100.0(10. ' "" l>
M3XGFEM.OW WE, « s, 300 ft s „f |7o d
st: for two 5 sty lirick t. nmts. 37.6x86; 7ohn
';!•■"■ !>!»l East 1.-.Ttl, st, owner; John p
1! " : •<■■•■■ 103 East ,•.•.".,„ si. architect ;° .■■,-
s7n mio ■ ' ' st -
CROTONA AYE. c s. 100 ft n of \SU[ 8 , • for
t. sty brick tenim, 50x87; John O'Learv ' on
East iX7th it. own»r; John P Bovland In-
East 125 th st. architect; cost, $50,000.
PARK AYE, n .:• cor of 1 72 d st; for a - „, .
tenmt. 10x81; Mahmer Realty Co. on premises'
owner; John p Boyiand. l(.:: Efast "'-.m, *?•
architect; cost. $40,000 " st ■
PROSPECT AYE, <• *, :-.'n. ft „of i.-,i .
for »i sty brick tenmt, 75x131; Georire Keliar
Construction Co. IBBth bi and 3.1 ay" owner
:::«: l\:^r L IO3W^ i2sth «• «wi?3
WASHINGTON AVK. b e co r of, 188 th st ■ „,,.
Building Co. 5 East 42d st. oun.-r L „ '^
Borland. ,03 K:iHl „ „. «**&s££
U7TH ST. •, -. 82.1 ft „ of ; Concord -,v,
4 stybrk tenmt. 37.6x67.6; Cullo ConstruoMon
Co. John Cullo, 212 Bast 1 12 th st. i.iesi.i ' ',"
owner; Goldner « Goldberg, 704 Jackson .?.
architects; oost. $30,000 ' **••
Wi:i(STER AYE. ,- s. •_•.;■. ft i of is.!,, s ,
three (1 « t y brk tennitn, 10x77: Go dftelri >& ,
s ' hroeder 38 Weal 114 th st. m.t, ssafnu el
Snss. 32 Union Square, architect; tost. r| sl2o.lloo !
I69TH ST. s * cor Tiff all Hi 5 sly ' 1 .
lentnt. 52.3x00.10: Ruhl Construction . •„' •■•„ rk
■'.•"■■ Ituhl. Helmar. N 1. 1 Idem „„,',.,'
Charles Rteemeyer. 168 Kast 01 m -t „,,..," ■
cost. $25,000 "•
riFl-A.VV ST. „ 1 82.8 ft 1 of !,;,„,,
•'• sty Ivrk tenmt, 7;ix27.5; Ruhl Construction (•«
Theodore rtuhl. Belmaf, N 1. president^ „,„','■.
Charles Bteirmeyer. Hi - East ;,| .... nr. hii. „
••out. $10,000. "■nn.,t,
ns-Tii ST. h n'; l»7 ft _'i. in .■ of Tirfariv si
•• mj brk i.ini.t. .".!iv72 ii; f»ulil Construction c '
Theodore Ruhl. rteliiiar, V .1. nrealdßni owner'
Charles Stegn* •. . , M ICist Bl I m, aVi lijtilt •
COSt, *•.'<■ I*4!
TIFFANY ST, * «, 135 f b ill ■ of iii(it|, st.
«Hy brk Moro an( , rttl . r 04 4 x n 7 »• Kuh\ CW
hi. arcniteet; cost j« ••>><>
VALENTINE \vf «•='•.• ft « <>' I!»7th »'.
■-■ Jty brk dw«, ££&. "„!:.• "'nvw..... l« Weal
K.blh st. ovner an.J architect; cost. fM" 10 - ■
187 TH ST n P tni'tt tinw of .-Valentine
Realty Co, us Easi 9M st, "« nwr; '"'"'o-t
tSUSt m »"^t 125 th st architect; rost.
182 D ST. s 8 . from Mmonl .ye to llOghW
aye. five 5 sty rk temnts. size lrr"fr: Staffort
«_pnatrucUon Co. 991 Baal lWth »t. PT^f:
John P Boyiand 103 East 12.-.th st. architec*.
cost, 175,000.
. RAOIUE avk. w v. -,:,«. 2.1 0 » •* £?*%,£
" sty hrk t^nmt, 30x91: M F Dowd, - 1 ' „.,,,
12.. th st. owner; John V Boyland. 108 I-" 5 " 1 '- 11 "
Ft. architect; cost. ?10.000.
ANDBRSOX AYE ■ ■..• mr l«2d ft. ."• "*>' *"?
t»nmt. S7xltO; Lloyd I Fhyfe 9»2 Anderson ay«%
owner and architect; cost, &».««*>.
162 D ST. s s, .-,7 ft w of Anderson »ye, - » . st , v
brk tentnt, 52.8*86; Unyd 1 Fhyfe. •"••'•- ii XT .'"' "
son aye, owner and architect; coat. $•■•'•"""•
COMMONWEALTH AYE. .> t>~ or, ,«J " ''<"
Merrill st. :; sty brk dw K . 25x58: Gottlieb Hel
ler. 1010 Hoe aye. owner; Albert E Davis. -••
Kast 138 th st. architect; coat, $8,000.
SHERIDAN AYE. " -. 150.90 ft n of »6Tth
st, three 2 sty b?k dwgs. 16.8x40; Caroltoe ■
Schumann, 2»ri East - i:i.Mh st, owner: ltenr>
Nordhetm, 10S7 Tremonl ay. architect: cosi.
SHERIDAN AYE. ms. 114. fil ft nof l«7th st:
« 2 sty brk dwgs 16.8x56: CaroHne M Schumann.
245 East i:t»ih st. owner: Henry Nordlielm. w»«
Tremont aye, architect; to cost $30,000.
SHERIDAN AVK. f. S. 169.98 ft n of < " th a^ r V
3 2 sty brk dwgs. lfi.Sx.V.; <*arolin. M t*-h«imann.
i"4.", East 138 th st owner: Henry Nordhelm. ' '
Tromont aye. architect; to cost $15,000.
WATERLOO Pl* s *• cor of 17<>th st : *• **>
brk Limit. 70x62; John MrNnlty. Bainbrw«;«
aye, owner: Scbaefer & Jaeger. 401 Tremont
aye. architects; to cost $45,000.
iaOTH ST. s ». 120 ft c of i\|.r»=s aye: 9 ■'.-'?
l>rk tenmts. 50x47.7; lvatrl-kl v atrl-k Me Morrow. i-" n 1 "
pi and Broadway owner; Neville & itaKKC -"
\Vest 12,' th st. architects; to cost $27r>.or«>.
3D AYE. * B, 4-".!. ft n of IWth st; 3 \**>
brk stores and dwgs. 25x63: Ferd. N^cht I«W"j
hv and Boston rd. owner: H"*.'" 11 Avolin. •••>'
Stebbins aye. architect; to cost $12.<hhi.
UNDERCLJFF AYE. c s. .W.« 7ft n otAW°
st; 2 1 2 sty frame dwjr. 2lxo«; the Itteloc
Realty -•.. John J Greave. 2fKl "roadway prest
dent, owner; Hugo H Avolin. 991 Stebblns a»»,
architect; to cost $5,600.
3D AYE. w s 46 ft n of M«h at: 5 sty_ bra
tenmt. «x 91.1: Hubbard Realty « •>. Mark Le^> .
!>«i West st. president, owner; George 1- I elham.
507 "»th aye, architect: to cost 540.1100.
LONGFELLOW AVK. n * cor of 174 th St.
.-, sty brk t -nmt, 50x100; Adams «>'"•
Pannv Morris I 1"*;I 1 "*; Broadway, aecratary. awn
er; AdolphMcrtln. 34 West 28th rt, architect;
cost. $60,000.
17ITII ST n s. 50 ft c of I/ongfellow aye.
5 V,v brk tenmt. 50x88; A.lams Realty Co,
Fanny Morris. 20.; Broadway secretary own
er- Ad.-iph Mertln. 34 West 2Sth st, architect:
Cl St. $45,1100.
174 TH ST «< p. 2.'. ft w of Longfellow aye.
•• -, Vtv l.rk tenmts, 37.«x88: Adams Realty
<"o. Fanny Morris. 208 Broadway, secretary
owner; Adolph Mertin. 34 West 28th M. archi
tect: cost. $70,000.
BRONX WOOD AYE. n s. 7^.r. ft w of 216 th
st 2 sty brk dwg. 20x50: Frank Costello v
Co 2290 I-"' Hve, owners; 1{ F Knockenbatier.
Tremonl aye, architect; cost, $6,000.
WALTON AYE. c s. 22.5* ift n of 181* at,
3 4 sty brk tenmts. 37.6x«5; Aaron Kletn.
•MM Walton aye. owner; Kreymbonr Archi
tectural Co. '••" Jennings st. architects; cost.
PROSPECT AYE. w p. from l«^th St to
Fieemah st. -: .', sty brk tenmts. 72.6 and ..Ox
60; <; M Karpas. 26" West 23rl st. owner
<;e'..i «- F Pelham, 507 ,">th aye, architect; cost,
TELLER AYE, ii w < or of 165 th St. .''» ■"• sty
brk tenmts. :!:!.2xlm»: Manhattan Island Realty
Co Adolnh Mandel. 155 Rlvington st. Presi
dent, owners; John Hauser, ::•>' West l->th
st. architect; cost. $fio.ooo.
KlM>l \Y AVK. a a cor of 166 th st, •'. brk
tenmts. 1 5 sty 3«. 1 1 xfit). and •"• » sty, 38x74;
Manhattan Island Realty Co. Adolph Mendel.
153 Rlvinstoii st. president; owners: John
Hauser 360 West 12."th St. architect; cost,
AQUEDUCT AVK. ws. 887.81 ft n 188 d
st 2 4 sty brk tenmts. 42x87.7: Picken Build
ink Co. William H Picken. 4.".7 West 1 list st.
president, owner: John Hauser. 360 West
IJ.'.tli st. architect; cost. $50,000.
1C"iTII ST ti e cor of Findlay aye, T. brk
tenmtF. 1 3 sty. 10x90. and 4 4 sty. :;f,x74;
Manhattan Island Realty Co. Adolph Mendel.
155 Rlving-ton st. president, owner; John
Hauser, 360 West 125 th st. architect: cost,
2.".. 000.
c- MI. invE 1.1. AYE. w «. 86L26 ft s of Bos
ton Road. 4 1 sty brk stores. 18.3x20: Lena
Rafel Iflfi West 87th st, owner: Bdward J
Clark! 2263 Rye aye, architect: cost, $4,000
171 ST ST. a c cor of Boon.- aye: 1 sty
frame shed. 25x11; Benjamin Vian, M West
23d st, owner: Ell Benedict. 1 '.'47 Broadway,
architect ; cost, $50.
ir.:*.l> ST n p. li><> ft w of Morris aye. ! sty
brk church. 42.4x70.11; Church Extension
Committee >( Presbytery of New York. 29
West 34th St. owners: Ludlow .v- Peabody. 12
W°Sl l''.tl' st, architects: cost, . ■'•""•
I26TH st .".04 Wf-st: to a 6 sty brick stor
age lio'is.- T 1 O'Connell. sr. 271 West 125 th
st. owner; Frues<Tel*Fox Co. 7 West 38th st.
architects: cost, $15,000.
29TH ST. n s. 100 ft «• of t'th aye, 2,"«x52.J:
Tenement House Departtnent of the City of New
York agi William P Dixon (notice of levy); at
torney. A R Watson.
127T11 ST. 108 East; William Sinkowitz act
olivia Baunheim (action to foreclose mechanics'
lien); attorney, fl Kuntz.
BANK ST. 42 and 44: Henry W Guernsey act
Charles Uuhinser faction to remove encroach
ments, etc): attorneys, Jones. McLJnny ..<• Stein
."'11! \VK. 12; Harry n Davis net <^arlene A
Way et al (amended foreclosure ('.f mtRW. at
torney. M S Mansfield.
6TH AVF3 s •■ cor of 3fith st 24,7x62.9: Beadle
ston .v W..T/. act James O'Hara et al 'fore
closure of intK>: attorneys, Suggennelmer. ' nter
tnyer & Marshall.
«OTH ST. n s ."..".0 ft w of inth aye. 25x100.5:
fiOth st n s, ■'."< ft w of loth aye. £5x100.3;
New York -in. l Westchester Improvement Co agl
Jonathan Bennett -t a! (specific performance);
attorney. Dos Passes Bros.
vVil.l-lSi AYE. 3"0; Joanna Kelly apt Gertrude
I Clrummon (notice of attachment); attorney. T
X 1/ine.
FULTON WE, 117."; City .Real Estate To act
Krnnk | iu<la ft al foreclosure of mtg); attor
ney. H Swain.
I.TIST ST 184 West: iJoutse C Mariotte act
William II Quintan el si (foreclosure of mtg»;
attorney. M Wlnslow
HAMILTON ST. 7: <iv Krai Estate Co ast
penjamin Bernstein >-t .<! (foreclosure of mtgi;
attorney. It ?wnin.
VYSE AVIV w s. *<>.■; ft s of l^rtth nr, ?.^.«
X 105.3; <;reemvi<-h Mortgage Co loans Krabo.
Ernst Realty Co; $2«.000.
ir>TTl ST, s s. 150 ft c of f>th aye, lOOx
in.-. ; ■ Hanover Mortgage Co loans the Hul
dana *R.i.ity c ; $125,000.
Mayor's Assailant Grouchy When Jail
Hospital Is Denied Him.
Within the next few days Prosecutor
Garven of Hudson County, N. .1., will pre
sent the case of James J. ClallaKhpr, the
assailant of Mayer Gaynor, to the Hudson
County Grand Jury, Mr. Garvori said yes
terday he had been ready to ~f> before the
craud jury In this matter for some tinip.
but that, he had h.-.n waiting >•> cot the
word from the Now York authorities, Ho
expects to r<HTi\p this word the first of
next week.
Since Gallagher has been in Jail he has
given Warder Sullivan considerable trouble.
)\f complained of Illness and was s»>in to
the Jail hospital, where he received special
rare from ("Dunty Physician HarMns. When
in- recovered he was sent hack to his cell
again, i.vi h<> became grouchy, ami ever
since has requested the warflen to transfer
him to the hospital again. I>r. Harkins.
however, says he can iin<l nothing wrong
physically with the prisoner, ami lins ro-
Cused !•■ alow the warden t«> take bin
from his cell.
Detectives Say Prisoner Was Working
"Pocketbook Flim-Flani."
Joseph Ilogan. alias McCabe, alias
Grudge, of No. 64 Downing street, was sen
tenced to six months in the Workhouse by
Magistrate Barlow, in the Jefferson Market
Police Court, yesterday afternoon, after he
had been arraigned on a charge of trying
the "pocketbook ninf-flam" on Immigrants.
' DetecUvea Mugge and Gaynor saM they
were at Hudson and Clarkson streets when
they saw Hogan pick up a pocketbook
which had been dropped by another man.
who ;:<>t away, and } ,| the same m'«' - nudge
an iiiimiKiitiit and take him Into a hallway,
showing the i ketbook a* he did -> The
run ' UV " * U "'" * fter nlm ■ nd '"' startt><l '"
As Mii^K,. B ained on Hecan the latter bo
>^"n tearing up a piece cf green and yellow
paper and put it i,, , his mouth. Before
aiiikkc cauglii hold of |i> m he had swal
ei'nV'i "i"' st '" '' The remainder which he
, '" ■ "•'' m iii.- hand; showed thai the whole
'".'|' '"'," '' '••111., 1, rHI ,, 51,1,1 bill, -•- •
' "■ ilH.rtu.'N i. .|,| Magtatrate Barlow
'•" ']'■" had been atchlns Hogtin and
I"' , •'"<•> man for about Itfl.-en mitiules,
and saw iir.i „„„ and then the uther take
'• |»»ck«»tbocik and drop it in i""" '" an
" *»i«i.tiu and the other run out and pick
» "i and then speak to the Immigrant.
Park Slope Duplex
Twt> Apartments — tw> floor* tn each.
Sfp«r»l» entraor* to fach. ■ V>
TWO complete bouaei in ONE. All b«d
roomi, Urge, enitatile an-1 light.
Extra la'i* lirtng and dintcz roomi. Hot
water h««t; hot water vjpj/lj.
Beintlfallj §u.tntti El^-.tnc *n<\
H»» UmlUiW ex^fptioTialir '■• f'»rQiiet
tioor !<e-Tea fine room* ■ai r»rh in «ach
»r>»rtn.ent. Rot of on* i|*,-tm>n> will
l«j all currying fharg»s. All privacy of a
one-family house— jrour (^WH bfite paid
oy rest of tfc? other »D»rtmfai Verj «c
rstibir by Mratal Iwial] lice* ted Ele
. »tr<l arc) by .-»:ir>waj oeio^ built.
Price $15,500. A fe»- »p»nm<rnts to
rent for »«."> and $70.
400 Ninth Street, Brooklyn.
\V. I*. Reorea'a Co. solid vestibule train
left last Sunday on schedule time from the
Hoboken terminal of the Ijickawanna Rail
road. "These people mtist he onTertna; some
thinK unusual." said the old trainmaster.
"Every Sunday for »" r-ons^cutive Sundays
this train has left with no less than 1100
people aboard -sometime! 15*. I'll t'"lt '" 1 't 3
the greatest real estate train' record in his
tory of th* business."— N. V. newspaper
clippings. Nov. Ist.
NOTE.— This train will
make its last trip to Lake
Lacka wanna NEXT SUN
DAY, Nov. 20th. Come
and bring your friends,
whether you wish to pur
chase or not. Meet our
representatives at Barclay
or 23d Street ferries, New
York side, Lackawanna
R. R., 10:30 A. M. sharp.
They will furnish you
with free transportation.
124 E. 23d Si., Manhattan
■mtnciOßKn cootv
One mile unobstructed river frontage: 30 mod
ern resldcnrus near completion. Address
Phllipse Manor. New York.
fronting on James River. Virginia. Suitable
for colony, timber or same and Bali preserve.
Ideal location for hunting <-Tub. Full partic
ulars fr..m the H. J. ARRINGTOX CO.. «'l^.re
mont. V«.
PUBLIC notices.
Port of New York. November 18, 1810.
following described merchandise ha? been seized
at this port fw violation of the I nit. States
Kevtnue laws, viz.:
Miv 8. I!" I*.*, 9 pieces manufactured cotton ana
6 pieces dress goods; Aug. 9. mm. 1 coat and
1 t.alr trousers, .'{ pieces .u-f.l leaf; Aug. 1».
1!«".'. 12 rinss, 8 pairs ploves. 4 pocket!* and
' 12 strings coral: Nov. 6. i!»»<!>. 3 bottles medicina.l
I preparations; Nov 13. 1999, 1 case handkei
I chiefs, etc.; Xov. 24. 1909, 100 sets mandolin
I keys and 1 lot mandolin picks: Nov. 2«. 1909. 1
bottle bay rum and 1 battle honey; Dec. -. 1999,
1 demijohn rum: Dec. 13. 1909, I demijohn rum;
I Dec. 'Si. 1909. 1 Wit!" bay rum; Dec. "-0. 1909.
2 cases lithographic atones, etc.: Jan. .'. 1919, 1
package books; Jan. 7. 1910. M packages to
bacco: Jan. -': 1!<I">. 1 case cotton lace articles,
etc.; Feb. 3. 191©, 1 ring and I perfumery case;
Feb 1". 1010 8 sea shells, 2 silk gowns; Keb..
14. 1010. 1 pair earrings and 12 rmn>. :: pack
ages containing lace, lace collars, etc. ; Feb. -' ; .
1910, 1 package tobacco, 1 package tobacco:
Feb. 2S. 1010. ] bottle bay rum; March 2. I9M>,
l package mnfrp. of metal, 1 pair shoes, 1 lot
yarn. .'I cases mnfrs. of metal: March 3. 1010. 1
demijohn of rum. 1 bottle hair tonic: Me* 4.
1910, 7 pain gloves: Mch. 12. 1910. 1 bottle hay
rum; March 14. 1910. 3 pairs stockings and 2
odd stockings; Mch. '<:. 1910. 2 uns?t .-tones:
Mch. IS is.in. 1 bottle cordial: Mch. 11». 191»>, 7
Jerseys: Mch. 21. 1910, 3 bell buckles, - '■ brace
lets and 1 metal bottle; Mch. 23. i'.»l<>. 1 bottle
brand] ; Men -•">. 101<>. 1 bottle Jamaica rum;
Mch. 28. 1910, 1 bottle bay rum: Men 31, 1919,
I bottle wine, 1 bottle wine. 1 bottle wine;
April 2. I:<l'>. 1 bottle wine. 2 battles cordial;
April 4. 1910, ! bottle bay nun, 1 bottle wine;
April h. lino. 2 princess gowns and 2 evening
i gowns; April IS, lfilO. ■': watches. 1 set studs
I and 1 scarf pin: l rinc and 1 brooch; 1 raincoat;
i Men. 14. If»W. 1 cast- postal cards; M i: I*.
| 1910. 2 watches; Men. 2". 1910, 1 sweater. 1
shirt. I scarf and 2 pairs socks: April 22. I!'!".
I bottle olive oil, 2 polishing Irons and 2 boxes
medicinal preparations; April 23. 1910, 7*
charms: April 27. 1910. :: watches and 1 scarf
pin: April 29, 1910. 2 packages cut coral, I
brooch ami 2 pali cuff buttons; May 2. 19 UK 3
pairs forceps, 1 mouth mirror. 3 pairs shears. 5
razors, etc.; May .". 1910, 29 watches. «
watches: May 11, lf>lo. » bottles bay rum; May
■ 12. 101", 1 suit case, containing IS bottle* bay
rum and I bottle perfumery; May 14. l'-'l". .".
1 shell designs. i card shell ornaments and ■< lot
of parts of musical Instruments: ilay I*. I9K I
II watches; Ma* 28, 1910, 1 run: June |O. I9K»,
1 piece lace; June 11. 1!»IO. 2 packages tobacco.
1 j»K Kin: June 13, 1910. 2'» rases statuary,
etc.: June IS, 11MO. 2 suits Of clothes; June 11.
1910, 1 packae« macaroni and "> bottles olive oil:
June If. 101<>. 2 bottles wine; June 2.", !'.''<> 1
bottle bay rum, 1 bottle bay rum, 1 bottle lay
rum: June 2f». I!»l<>. 18 pocketbooks, 2 blank' ts.
2 umbrella canes, etc.; July 2, 1910. i neck
lace. 1 piece cotton cloth and 1 silk scarf. ."»
doilies. 12 handkerchiefs and r> table covers:
July 6. 1910. 1 bottle toilet articles, i bottle bay
I rum. 1 bottle hay rum, 1 bottle bay rum: ,Tu!y
ft 1910: -" box» maps, 8 ring* '< «trln** beads.
' S brooches. 4 Sv-arf pin.". '"' snaps and 8 p*«"k
; a*-? part.« of j'wflry: July 12. I T •"». I nerklsur*
' and charm. 1 watch and four hairpins. IK skeins
cotton yarn: July 13. 1910. 4 razor?: .lulv I*.
1910. 1 Panama hat; July •-■■>. ISM«>, 1 bottle- bay
rum; Atie. 4. ir>it>. t> bottles bay rum. 1 bottle
i Kay rum. ."!:: ple< .■> !.i.--\ 13 lace collars iirtri
I cuffs, <><■•_. Aug. I". HMO. I demijohn rum. 1
1...ti10 \\in». 1 "r>ott!.> hrnndy. Aug. 11. IM», 2
; V«-itt!«>s bay rum: Ann. 12. lf>H>. ' p.u-knr;- to
! bacco. 1 bottle win*>: auk. 13, !:•'•>. i pa fcagn
cotton lace; A>ic IK H>lO, •_• bottles bay mm;
I Aug. is. 1910, 1 bottle cordial. 1 bottle Lay rum;
I Ang. 20, 1910, i bottle bay rum; Aug. 2".'. r.>l«>.
fi undershirts and 3 sweaters; Auk. 24. T!>l'». 1
bottlr win-. l bottle olive Oil: Auk. *JT>. I*lo, t
bottles bay rum: .Vie. -•"•- I»M>. »> shirts an<l '.
hat. Sept. I, 1010. 1 toy camera ; Sept. 2. i«»i«\
1 parkas* tobacco; Sept. ;i. lulu, i piece ».v>l
embroidery. 200 pounds old rope an.' 4 brn's
couplings; Sept. 10, I'.-io i handkerchief. 6
sweaters: Sept. 14. 1010, I handkerchief. 12
pairs earring*, >". watch chains. 12 rtaa* 9
bracelets and •"> brooches: Sept I!». 1910, 3
sweaters, " bottles medicinal preparations:
Sept. •-."-'. 1910, I bottle olive oil and 7 cans t->
m«to paste. 1 b-.-ttle rum, l bottle win-, 1 boots
wine. 1 bottle bitter?, 3 sweaters; Sept - J4
Ij4in. 1 battle N<y rum; .--■•: 2>:. 1010. 4 sweat ■
er."«. 2 bottles cordial: Sept. 28. ISM 1 bottle bay
rum. 1 bottle bay rum; Sepi •_> 1919, 2 waflies
and chains. - bales containing 2 mattresses. 4
pillows, etc.. .'! sweaters, t sweater*, :; sweaters;
Sept. 30, 1910. 2 sweaters: Oct. 1. I;>l<> 2 sweat -
ers. l sweaters: Oct. I. i • • 1 . . 1 sweater 1
sweater. 1 sweater: Oct. :• I«>H>. 4 sweaters 3
sweaters. 1 sweater 12 pairs tocka 1 swsatet
1 sweater: Oct. T. I»W 19 undershirts. «4» sweat
• is. 10 pairs drawers, etc.. 1.1 pairs stockings
and 2 packs playing cards; Oct. 8 1910 1 kesc
win*; Oct. I*. HMO. 1 sweater 1 sweater 1
sweater ami 2 undershirts. 1 b»ttli- champagne
Oct. It' I'-'l" 1 sweater. :; sweaters .: sweaters
1 sweater. 2 sweaters 13 pieces s'mp. 4 boxes
face powder and 2 bottles perfumer-. On S
1910. 1 bolt!* cordial, 1 bottle b-., v rum ! >h*li
basket. 2 conch shells; Oct. 31. 1910 'i N.ttle
cordial. 1 piece cloth; Xot, 7. 1910. 1 bottle bay
All persons claiming the ab,,v#.-describe<- mer
chandise or any Interest therein arc requested
to appear and tile claim of ownership with th«
im(!.-r?l(;n«l within twenty days ift — the first
Publication of «his notice ; otherwH* the
chandlse will be sold at public auction. In aur
■nance of section ;u>77 X s „. • v^..^.
Room, Appraiser's Warehouse"' ••' WashlnS
Mreet. Kor-uKh of Manhattan' \>w York , I.
o n Wednesday. December 11 1 iia VsV 1 »iV.
"llil 1 \m I.OKi:. JR.,
. , Collector.
of Finance. Hurea v f, )r ih „"i, , .
K1 ri.mkm «t .*-, iY> " <ol lection of Taxes.
lltlH. n 1,-" 1 "" BulWtoK». Manhattan.
l,vXn oalllr, '""payers. -Notice N hnf
1010 hS. no,'^^,,7^ '"^
November of the s?i,' ' '' b4>r<>rf * the Ist *« of
shall be paid ,. S t t' E£! mt ';n; nX "* «« S: '""
„m,.- ■„ th,- i;,- , Recelvn of Taxes at his \
(hambera xt fo..r, ish f^ ou wh '^ f Manhattaa 91
t'hninlxTii at • It ,»/ l u>r °UKh «»f Manhattan.
r.!.i..v...;. .■..„,. o SZt£*%Z t £*% Th * *«* «- ! '"' ai
of Hrookljn Room/» '""" "" uves. : IhtroiKh
Building; Borouch J,, 4 « »nd v Mttiikli«l
Island lily; it! „ .h"'"7"\. '•;"" Square. l.omt
Hal"*, aeorse r 'T, h ',\ , Richmond. .lorou,h
collect upon such' ■,L " !!l •■*'«- receive and
that day. In «. M , ,','","" '"' «'" l "« unpaid on
taxes, interest „ „"" '° th amoanl al sue*
per annum, .„,„." , ratt - ••' •'•"- » per centum
Which the .-all t.,-. l^'" 1 " 1 f*oai th« day Kf n
viz.. October • **** b*oam« due and payable,
the < -barter >. , '"" ■ vi.ie.,i in Section I>l lof
or ! 19rt2. " s 3 ""n.led by rhapter 147. Laws
November 1 i9 lO
TIM^Ni'VV -I i: "* T ™*. receiver orT.^.^
T "mi «'. ,'"! :k harbor line BOARb
.-1 into In |{ ' ' "X al '•> ■ M- S■■
hall - t N »"» "09, \ihm BulMlng •"«• WThlte ;
recommended f' '" ""•■'"■l''" In* locations '• **"
Harbor IJnes fn,, 1h< * MaMtehsa»al of I*. S.
Interested „,,,, " IM|< '" " n<l 5h».!..( -.it Bays
ROSSELU CoLrJk.* 1"*1 "* lnvl *'rt to attend. WM. T.
Ol - Bagra.. Senior Member at f->+rxi.
llbliOVC.il OF BROOKLYN^ "~
You may buy
real estate, build on it,
pay Taxes, do you own it?
Not unless your title is
good Better consult us.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL - - 84,000.000
SURPLUS - - 6,600,000
100 Broad-way. srw V^-U.. j
188 aiontasae Street. Brookin,
375 Knlton Street. Jamaica. ■
SI >»*««. «trert
Property Always Pays
If prop-rlv managH. If rours i^ not parir-
Masasthtaa Is Wrnnic. Results Guarante»il—
BB ° i-iin n a. p.xnos jr. (OMM.nv.
New York'n rion«>«>r Ne^r.. K--;il Estate .\4pnrs
67 \\>*-t 131 th St.. N. V. T»l. OtT-^!> HaPWi
The Cleveland
124-130 Ka*t 31th m.
Unfurnished apartrnf-nt" l of '.* ro«Tn.«. amp
closets, etc. Call bft»o«n 19 *?>l 3.
105-107 Ka«t 15th >t.
A and 5 Knom» and Bath. $40 I" >.».
York by me srac« " ! God. tree and Im>-.
pendent, to Hannah R. Levy. Maurice ?. hers.
Victor I' Levy. liebecca la**>. Alio '• Rut*.
Ettie ritche. Neliie X tl.evy) Ne»witt»r. Han
i r.ah R. Levy as tran?fere^ of Maurice S. Levy,
Victor t>. Levy. Retacca :•• Alic«- I- Rub*.
Kttie -.. ;nc ami N>llie R. (Levy) NVwwitttr,
Amelia Levin-. Euim^ S. Benjamin. Grorg? &
Benjamin. Morris Benjamin, as surviving Si
! e >.utor«, etc.. of the 1,.- Will and T*s;am«C
.^cphia Banjannin. deceased: Mary Nauheim. v
1 aumlnistratrlx. He of Elia.-« Isaa--?. ( '.p>-?as«.;
seamon Praeger. as administrator, rtt^ of Kmi
1 Prater deceased: L«wls lsaae». oonimomy
known as Lewis ,1. Vnwia. Mary ' 1&
tilda Huryt. Kate Cohen. A. Joseph TOI3IM. M
adtninistraior. ?■•<■■. ft Annl« Totaaot "t«aast
1 JOJt-ph Levy or l.*e. aatn Levy. a« administrator
I etc.. of Abraham Levy. d*c«-ascd ; An.elia U
! vine, ii transferee ot .-am Levy a.- 5 adminis
trator -f Abraham Levy, deceased: Morns «•
V. rn~ M. i.--. Jo*. W^U. as admni!!<:rat!!r.
etc.. of if, nri lyv. . deceased: Isaac S ?aa?ff.
m* assignee of Joe Weil as administrator,,*:
H*nr> i.. ■■ . . decease.!: Sol. B. Altb«iswc.
1 Executor of the Ijst Will and Tfsram»>nt •■•**■»
fl, Sin moods deceased Nathaniel Myers. m
j transferee of SOL K. Altl'eimer as n.t*rot^.
etc.. of John U Stmi ■• - de«-eas*H; PhiUst
>'irr.monds. Mary Nauheim. as tran?r>re« «.*
Ph'.lip L. Simmind^ Naihani"! 1.. - Ttoaft
Miriam A!thefm»r. Kva Newton. <nrah Jos(^.
I Annie Hynoao. Harry Barnar.j Hjman. air*
I e-.vs Mount ?inai Hospital. Hora» for Api
and Infirm H^brp-w!". Hebrew r;»nevn!«nt ■*
Orphan Asrlam. ConEre-ation Shaari Z<*fc
1 Mary Nauheim. Julian C. Barnard. IHiiiio *"
: nar<i H"nry Bsrnard. «"Ira' ••» If'-Isf^in. RatW
I I.!e^»>nstei^." Maurice Barnard. Sophie urn.
' Kicazer Isaacs. K.it" Isaa.-s. "f'anih" - "'* »
1 Smith. ".lir.~" Smidt or Smith. "J^hn" ?iyilitr
Smtth. the names of "Sarah."' Fane"' all
"John" being fictitious th«ir real naii»s }*i! 5
unknown to our petitioner", and cannot a ft?
diligent inquiry b» a^i hy th»ra^ J
said nmsiH ro de^t^rat*-^ tein? ci;pd as * »"
(v~nstlrctln<c th» Etecurors or AdrninisTratS**
legatees, if any. of !>aid Mary Ann >rrsl&T*
r-mith. <ie.-ea-«-i. and also th» on'v .•hildr*n"isl
I next .-vf kin, if tivinc. of said Mary Anr> -ml«ir
1 Smirh. fl»cea-ie<}. nnd if any suc}> <irta £
next of kin of ml . Ma Ann >rr.idt aha!! *•*•
died, all t-- pers its »ti" ar» rhe r.ext of s>^
Kxecutors. Adniin ( !>trat«r« or '"sar*" 1 * cf asa
"Sam! "Jan»" and "'John"* SmMf or ?IBK"
.-aim:»! N'auh^lm an-i Philip Barnard. a» tl
ecufor- of th^ F^st Will and TestameOl «f H«r
Barnard. ilff-ea-.*-<i. an.l to all persons ntwal
in the '■".-■:- ■ of Rachol Barnard. '!*• off*
County of Nerr Tor* ■"?• »-=•' : . 9 « cr»3'tcr*
lepatees. next cf kin or otherwise. *end Sf^^fj
You ard each of yo?i sr» hereby ci?<».: and requlr* l
p»-rfonal!v to be .in.f app»ar hefor* our SurrcfJ^
of the County of New Tork. at fhe : urr>jpjj
• v-iirt of sai.i County, held at the Ht!! "f *f~
ord« in the .onntv r-T '--■"■ .-.n th» It
day of IWemher. !»1i». a? half pa" '"> o'rW*
in the forenoon of rha» .7^'-. fher and t^**T.j
attend a |iidr<-i;»i sef»!*>m»nr of :h« a-'coont*
pr nc*edins«> f>,' S. Nnwton I/-" an,? Vm.i r *f
Coh^n. b« surviving Esecotors of a">i T r3 "il
and) r th" T.a.«t Will and T«r.wn' wf-IBBT*
Caranf d^coaser?. and to show ran*". i^_^
t on ha v* ■ ' •* i W - '' x^^n**^
r.n.! Trustees shot] " nor r-e a,--er'«"l »rd •**• 1
decree should not »w» made r<>v--.Vinr " '"• «-* *f'
T-«iam»m.iry beretofof* issued to fhe"t. '"".*"
■ v ircri them a« ?uch Kxe.-ti'or« tr-1 Tn>'
ac.or.lins!>. >md such or you ar <f» W**
rite<l. aa ar» under th.-- ace of twenty-en* *•*
are required t.> appear by >our z-iardlan. If .««
have one. or if mv have n<ve. to appear »-;
->: ■■ . for in t--> bo arpotnre<i. or in the ■■■*«
yotjr net;'oct or fat'ur^ to .lo p^. a ttia-^UB ■"_,
i-,.. t P: . ■ • by the Sirrnsafe to r-r-resent as
act for yo-i In the procee.itnK _( ,
In f*-«tlrr:onv \v!-e r »-of. w * have cau«e.i f-.o *":
o.* the Surrogate.- Court of the said count? &
N.-w York to ■- hereunto a^M
rr. 5=.J Witness. Hon. Ahner C •■^o^l»»
a S'lrroga'e „,- our »aM ' yyt '-'2 t J:Z
the County of Xew Toi-k. th<- ITrh dar lif - „,
h«r. In tV -ear of <vir I^->rd r>-oii.-»aii!» "■■
hunrtrrd and ten DAXIEL J. P^vCpNST.
Clerk of the Sur—caW CWOV
for letters of ailminlsr pat ioti with <**?'' '.
| security.- -Pursuant to an or.ie*- nr t>.e .
' jrnte-* coiirt of Nassau County, ■*** c *'£iJs
'Mr- to ail credit.-.-!! an.l persons s
c!aim.< ajtiiinst the estate of .la:v»s E. »*•^
I Jr.. late of Creat Neck. )n th' town et > "% i
H^mpstea.t. Coui.ty o.f Nassau. N--* TPrk._J
ceased, that The und-r«iiC7.ed tntends t« MF
(to Surrocitos Court ..f N-»»sa'i > "U n ...■
I T.'ertnesd.iy. th- ."Oth ilav of Sow"**^
[at lfl o'clock i» the ror*ooon. ■■> ■*« s" l11 J -r'^
! after as .-"unK.'! can be heard, for I -•«•'■ 4
Atlmlnist ration upon the estate .>r '-* w
Jarre, :'. Martin. Jr. drrrased. with m£"^
socuritv ■.'..•- Srctlon -JflKt ..r th* ro l rf n
• Civil rroch:r.\ »..rf th;it you ;ir.- rrW**™^
prrs^nt your claims t.> th» snid Sutrc *'^j.«i
the County Court llonar. in Mi "' o!a * .r,(r
' County. New To. k. <.n or h^f-r- »*•£»*■«&*
1 said C.T.APVS- ROBINSOX M-*fs}|
l ' >■
I\. i •■•:-'■• \ ■•■• V>F A V "ORDER ;
; Ahner C. Thomas, a Siirrosat- .^f t:>«. ' o "|^,,
I N>« York, nottce is h-r.-hv elver r«» ail ttj^|,
I havinc claims asninn; Crn^lius R *•' •*"?;;«;■.
I"' th» County of N>\v T.<rk. det«M<l tiTTr
[the same, with vouchers thereof. »<> i» ' i
\rcr\tx-r. at her place of iransaj-ÜBJ »«J -*' * ; 0
fh? once of Mitch-It A Mltchelt *» " '.V
Wall «tr<v-t. In th* Cltv of N. « Tork. •» w
for.> th- :»oth .!«v of January. »«!.«•«* iTlt
Dated N-« Y.>rk. the 2Oth day pf JW>.
MART X T> MlfciiKl.l. Ex?c J^t»
i TriU'l.i .« MITCH F. 1.1.. "<»;"*£.£Zn*
rcutrlT. M -»n<l 1« Wall str^t. Xf^*
Xrw York City. —
N.n 7 l!H«».- Scaled propraab will t* 1. «**
it this bfflc. iintU 3 oclork I*. M- *>
•lay »»f IXfmlwr. 11M... and th-n •£*£$
Itttj ,t !•
Instal - » h.atlnK appsrotua to '"'.***
Asswy -•■ New York, X V .. U» *£Lm *
with Urn drii«m»:s nn.t spMtßcatimUl SS"i«
«hl,h ...i.v »*. hH.J «t this offlv*. or »t t!>« *|.
ol th* Superintendent ot con-trmt-.^ Aj}s>
discretion . f the mi^i vi-inc Archl«*rt.' i\*
l\\.<\ TAVl^'i:. "ii"' r- nl'ir Ir" I *''*^'-",,^*"
N i'ARI'K-1 i 1. (MNi'i I'
Oldest. Lar«Ml. Most Modern. .*«0
KINK RI'OS woven from our* c \Rra»-
Prices R«a.MMiabU». Send for Circular. fl
Tel. iwe »■■ Bryant. «r-*»_WV«g£
by luiaiiisswi air. steam, hand or SB ,
I.W Ilroidwav. -«:t Kast 4-« th »t- CO-,
BRANDT. Tel. '■•' --•* -»
Vl< ION visim.K. •"' N< — . iy t £*
fre»: all n-k^s taken part P-y mt %-J^l
1a Unjerwowls. K«ntln»ton3. Oliver*. Sa».u»

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