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secretary Wever Urges Appro "
v priations for Coal Depots.
-From The Tribune Bureau.]
v.'asMastoa. Decemh*r 22.
! OF J^EL STATlONS.— lmportant
** S ' points and centres of possible na
'"; - ' " ities> acccrdins to a etm.ement
Stx ilsyer has made to the House
cr4i£ ' c " a Naval Affairs in urging a
Ccc: T:. appropriation for coal depots, are
"= a und. Pearl .Harbor. Corregldor,
P **L_ wrJrt .' Boston,' New Toi* and
G "* 3 rtoa Roa-= Secretary Meyer has ad
*** tte coaalttre that there are no fa
r!r« at any of IbiM p!ace? for coaHug a
**pT^— » expeditiously. and that It is de-
Sr»«O««B them as *°t>n « p^-iK*.
£L- ccpots or a n:l=^n^= capacity ot
ii* wt» arc reaulrcd at all these Places.
SS-«*» Puset Scund already has
10 7«wt or MM tons ■••**■* capacity.
V^BB*aio -AOCO tone, Boston 11.500 and
S.W- Mr- Meyer favors Puaret
cil/ana Guantanamo Bn4. at BB initial
~° of $SC«» altogether and a maximum
CO % i».»» »* ■«■■■■• cost lor e^ch
5 at nara.s rations hi-.-e r.l-o
- crt* fey Mr - Meyer at Boston, XSeW
LoC t c^ji Francisco. Pupret Sound. San
22. Olongape. ----- r- and Pearl
Sue-, depots are being built at
V% Wtft, Charleston. Norfolk and Narra
"^ett Bar. ari osa is to be provided
f^ at ";u"n:2.r.arr.-. He told the com
~ttj«e that ha ■■■ ££ksd no pro-vision tor
jjw, Panaca Canal ports, as it was hoped
Adequate coal and fuel depots would
1* prevWed by th* government for com
jae—ial requirements, which would serve
•Sa'iiSy s* wn:. 'An ample sn;»>cJc of cor- 1
aatail." -r ■ llr. Meyer, -is as essential in
tfce prcpars i«fi fleet for V■as is re
serve ijannmittoDL*'
tary «* "" * T has served noti€ti on army
cJScws interested in special personnel ie*;-
that no tffort must be made, either
or indirectly, to pr&niote the
rh4EC J* of the ...dine bill which provides
c: aflditional officers of the army or of
en? other military measure*. There may
chance of th» enactment of tids
mea^Tir- at the preseat st--sion, but the
subject win b~ :-sr<?d on the House and
..- •- Military committees after the ■•*■
„. rece ««. or as soon as the army appro
priation bill is well on its way. Chances
hart been made in the original draft of this
Mi to crd-r to increase the nurr'ner of of
ixers who may be asirfs^'sd to duty with
tfce siCitia. It is expected that by virtue
of this amendment the militia influences,
trtici: arc potent with Congress, may be
«-jc=essftiily invoked to aid the bill. It is
rsaM=e<2 ty the Secretary of V*"ar and
•jie chief, of staff Ml the chances of
the bill may easily be Impaired if Con
pr?ss is zzkti to give its attention to a
r: ~i er of projects, and It is intended to
concentrate d'epa.rtmental influences upon
mis measure. Ttere is also r-e^dins a bill,
*rhlch has passed the House at., la now
before the Senate, to inert-are the corps
of e!i£is c *TS. This seems likely to be en
acred. Tiicrc- are drafts of tills to increase
?*;«? Qtiartermaster's department and to re-
Ggaaize the s'sna! ccrps, and numerous
ether measures have been introduced or
ere reaiy for Introduction. The notice
given to all army officers, especially to
»j.nc.-. connected with the Quartermaster's
department and -•^naJ corps v will serve to
eSeive t!:ese measures, as it mar. - activity
iz betalf of them an act cf insubordina
tltn, which wouM compel aled] :;nar>
XAiIED. — Acting Secretary Winthxop to
fyr bestowed names upon six torpedo boat
ftstroyers— No. £7 to 42— now building,
<"!:oo£iri£- those of naval officers who had
distinguished themselves in time of war.
Itse boat is nsrned the Beale, after Edward
Titzfernid Beale, who distinsukrhed hira-
E£^ in Q» *-sr with Mexico, eerval in the
CiriJ War was Minister to Austria
fas ISTfi.
Xc. 41 bears the name of Joueti, after the
J&',€ Admiral James ... Jcuett. w>v& had a
rrter.did recoitl of service ia the CM War,
■■Be with Farragut at Mobile Bay. Trttsn
ts ccnmaaiicd- the ileta-r^njet, which rras
\msSx& to Farra^ufs flacsMp during the
No. C assumes the name cf Admiral
Tfe)nitop. A. Jenkins, who eteaefl pirates
la the eexiy part of the last century; a«
«•"-.«■.•: in suppressing Nat Turn* negro
Insurrecticc in -!■-■- "^2.5 present a;'
the captare of the Euenos Ayrean squad
ron off Montevideo, in 1544: coninianied
BBS*as parties from '- Germantcwn Is
*ie eateas war; coTnniarided the PreMe
iurirjr the PsragnaTari expedition; pur
sued that fsrncus oM filibuster, William
"3-fclk-er. and was also Tith Farragut in
tte great battles ni the mouth of the
Sli^eissippi. actinjr as his chief of staff.
No. S7 is named after Nathaniel Fan-
Jurg, of Ston:ngton, Conn., who John
?i-;j Jot»»s said v.-as Gne of his chief aids
!a the fs-motJ? victory over the British
ifcip Serapis, ccmrr.andiEg- the forces of
th» main top -. that ensageci^nt.
A ;-oan? micshipmari, James C. Jarvis, a
r^tive of New York, will have his name
rerpettrated m torpedo boat destroyer No.
55. Ccnsrress by solemn resolution men
ftoned his Ices as *"a. subject of national
«&ieC* after the youngster had been
tiled in the crssrasewent between the Ccn
st='!aticn and the Vengeance or> Fehrcary
2. aae.
Another hero of the battle between the
Constellation «ad the Vengeance was Rob
«rt H«fley. Henley also commanded ■
Faboat divls'on. attacking the British
*'^at»s is Hampton Roads in ISI3, and led
Ci» Aroericaa line IB - -r-..: of the
"Z&e\t in the battle cf L*ake Champlain.
His caflM w jjj ... by destroyer

*or the censtrsctfon of the caissons foP the
soy is process of building at th-?.
Pearl Harbor. Hawaii, naval station; the
P^set Sound, .shiest on. Navy Yard and
the N«r rork Navy Yard were opened at
the^.Vavy Department to-day. Th«? lowest
bidder for the New York caisson was the
Ssare & Triest Company-, of New York,
■feeai price was J122.550. The Moraa ccci-
I^=7. cf Seatt'e, was the lowest bidder far
the other tn-o caissons, its proposal for the
P«arl Barber caissons being SUO.OOQ and for
tie Pug»-t. Sound structure H^.Wi.
*as tsrited by a match struck by the vie^
Vttk wrs tfre cause of the explosion en th»e.
North Dakcta, at Portland. Ens
-2nd, or. December I. according to the find-
J^? cf a board of inquiry appointed by Cap
**Bl Albert G!*»avcs. EL &vans. a coal
*■**". who died from burns received in
tt* expSoslotC erstered the coal bunker to
**** a nap. Finding that he aiOßed a light
** etrark s raatch. v.hich ignited gas ac
".-.. All the bunkers
** the ship have been examined by the
Wr<3 asa found to be- in normal condition,
r ra the exception or the me in which the
s«*a« occurred.
OEDERS ISSUED —The following orders
** v « be«i issued:
W«»»«naw Col'r^l MIL.LARD P. WAIyTZ. 27th
J'Jtastr7, frora Wjuiiri^ica to Fort Sissrl
?*39t JO-.rrc X. rMPßAY.^retinrf!. CetaSed
STOttrna-^r ot milixsry science sr.i t^'-Ti^ at
FncocK M»!:tsry CaUggt. San AvtaakL
GLT V. ItLTKK!;. niFiJ:=ai torp«, tttOß
of Tirst Lj«it^utnl VIIAAS S.
-^ OGSTJOR. m^SlcaJ rrß^i-.e ccrp*. accepted.
***t i-t^atrnart JOHN' O'KJiIU oraust artillery,
to Oar. FiSEdsaa. li lime ta tai-.e transport
>iV.i«5 for ptllirpmes Fctruarj' 5. Upon
swrai mt ijarlla L!eot»rißnt «3*Ken irfU
r«»u3ie ro-nnoaad'rßtns plant«r. Use G-;n<T*.l
iifmry Knix. r»ji"rtns Firet U**i)i«*nant
•viujAy k. piiijiili, jr.. coBFt fcrtiHenr»'
ar '«j i# £i«rt?ri*<J fc» ITt'ir. Company, xr*l «i;i
t **t; SJarch 13 tor Snn f*rar3r!s.'c.
*^ccd Ututocar.t CTIAUUCS M'H. CnT. from
._ --J to 12ih Carah?.
*^^ Ueu'.rrar.t HAROLD I*. CAKDISEK.
from 157 th to IG2<J Comjany. coast artillery.
— January l+.
Seoaad IJeutcr^nt M.VRCEL. s=. K2EXR
from 141 st to T2d Company, coast artillery.
; January 14. ,
j Leaves of absence: First Ueutensnt ADELNO
• GIBSON, coast artillery. Bnesß dsys. from
i January 2; Ul«u«Tiaiu Colonel JOHN C F.
j TILI^SON, l^th Infantrv-. one month.
} Chief Boatswain TV. BROOKS, placed! upon re
tired list, detached the Franklin, navy yard,
Norfolk; to home.
Pharmacist T. N. PHILLIPS, placed . upon re
tired list, detached naval Dispensary, cavy [
T*r*i. Xorfo?k; to home.
lawlng movements of vessels have been
! reported:
Dec 21— Th« Drarton and tlm PauMlnar, at Key i
th* Yanfcton. at San Juac; UM
Birmingham, at NorfoUt.
DD * C r-^ 1 --The. Culgoa. fr:-.; TTcytaonth for
Grare»end : tbe Drayton. from Havana lor
Key West: the Lebanon, from Norfolk for
New York: th« Hannibal, from Norfolk for
uuantar.ar. ; tr Birminsrhaxn. from Hamp
ton Roads for Norfolk; the El Cano.
>rcm aianlla for Ho&« K'.:.np; the West VSr-
Sinia. th« Merjrland. the South Dakota, the
taiuornia. txie Colorado and the Pennyj-l
rnria. rrcis San Diego for San PTancJ^co.
E. C. Converse Drains Lake to
End Suffering About Greenwich.
I "'■' Telegraph to The Tribune.]
j Greenwich. Conn., Dec. Edmund C.
Converse, the New York banker, who has
: fifteen hundred acres under cultivation here
;on his Conyers Farm estate, saved thevil
laces of Rye. Pert Chester, Greenwich, Cos
.ccb. Riverside and Sound Beach from a
water famine to-day. He turned over. his
I vote lake to the Greenwich Water Com
pany that it might serve its patrons. Inci
dentally, all the bays in the lake -went with
the water, aid residents of Stanwich, near
'.he lake, will eat bass for several days.
j The towns supplied from Greenwich were
[■without water from midnight .Wednesday
to 4 p. m. Thursday. Then the pumping be
gan to show, and it was expected that a
[faff amount of water would be available by
i TTvrr-
j The water stopped flowing 1 without warn
<ins. The company, knowing that the sup
' ply was soins fast, set up a pumping plant
on the Converse estate by the lakeside. The
cold snap affected the boilers, and the
, water, instead of flowing to its destination,
froze over a large area of ground. People
awoke this moraine to face a real water
; famine.
j Besides the inconvenience to 'amilies, the
•New Kaven road had to brine water in
tank cars frcui Xf» Haven and Stamford
jto its power plants at Coscob and Port
■ Chester. The Port Chester plant, supplying
: current for the New Rochelle-to-Stamford
trolley line, and several Port Chester manu
facturing pl-nts and school? shut down. A
small amount cf current from th«» White
Plains and Stamford plants allowed tro'
\\<i? cars to make four miles an hour, anil
I once an hour locomotives hauled New
Kav^n trains south to Hoont Veraon. where
:the third rail was then used into New York
In the midst -of the water famine this
morning 1 tire v.as discovered in a house in a
thickly settled portion of the village. Two
automobile chemical engines checked the
blaze when about SM damage was done.
To-night furnaces and ranges are again in
use, »nd the townspeople are singing the
praises of Jr. Converse. His lake holds
300.000.000 gallons of water, and he has
...... to glre it all to at towns which
ir>*^d i*
West Springfield. Mass.. Face to Face
TSTTtfc a Famine.
Sprinsneld, Mass. Dec. C:.-The water
supply of "West Springfield became ex
hausted to-day and the inhabitants of the
town found themselves face to face with a
water famine. One of the half dozen large
paper mills was obliged to suspend opera
tions and the repair shopa of tihe New
York Central Railroad also had to shut
In order to relieve the distress occasioned
by the failure of the water the Springfield
authorities stretched a line of hose across
s>e old toll bridge and furnished the town
an emergency supply from one of the
Springfield mains.
Thinks Water Supply Commis
sion Unnecessary, It Is Said.
Albany, Dec. — In order to bring about
a retrenchment In state expenditures. Dem- !
ocrats who have discussed state matters
with Governor-elect John A. Dix declare |
he "will - aeoBiSMBBI in his annual message !
to th* Legislature the reorganization of i
some cf tbe stale departments and the |
abolition of others. Among other things, it j
Is said, the Governor-elect has looked with t
favor on a preposition to do away with the
State Water Supply Commission for two
First, to save at least 523.C0& annually
paid the five members cf the commission, |
and, second, because he believes that
water storage and forestry matters should ;
be handled by one state department, the;
State Forest. Fish and Game Commission. •
Th* question of purity of water, Mr, Due's |
advisers say, should be a matter for the
consideration of the State B«a«> Depart- .1,
ment, i
Mr Dix is deeply .interested in the ques-
Uon of water storage and the develop-!
ment of the state's power resources in the;;
northern section. It is stated that it is
his hope that something of a practical nat- I
■ ure in - ie development of the?., resources
| will be accomplished during his admiuistra
! tkm. , .! :
It is understood that the Governor-elect ,
has discussed the feasibility of transferring .
i t^e e-sin^rin? duties of the State Water ;
\ SuPP* CornmiMicn to the State Engineer's j
! office. l
i The sportsmen of the state have ex
pressed the opinion that th- forestry de- j
partment of the state should be separated
; from ■* and Fame affairs.
Th* BUM Wa«er Supply Commission was.
created during the administration of Gov- ,
| ernor Hisgin*. and it, chief duty is to ass ;
Li plane tor municipal water supplies. j
I^er the preliminary work of investigat- ,
ing the water power resources of the state |
and the steps taken to develop them were j
i ad^-d to the duties of the commission.
'■ Mr Dix returned to-night from Man- 1
I treal hhs 'rain beins about two hours be- i
fM«arsca«<Snl« time. The Governor-fleet
l«s mVrli failed after his Canadian trip
of" four days. He was driven to &J3 home
aid retired ear l^cause of a sever- head- '
ache. He i£id be had no announcements
to make to-night. '
Tt is und-rstaod that the Oovernor-elect- .
cotrp^teU v rouffh draft of his annual I
Sage to the L^lature while en route |
to and from Canada.
Co-Defendant in Alleged Realty
Swindle Tells of Signing Papers.
Mr* Marjraret Graham Rerd. who is
under indici.rr.cnt with Irving XT. Roscn
thaJ ar^l others on th« '-barge of con
f-r.irsns to int-rfcr« with the legal fore
closure of rea! estate mortgages, was a
vitresa cr-in^ Rosenthal yesterday in the
criminal branch of the Supreme Court,
where lie la on trial. By having l*e title
of a piece of real estate upon which the
n:ort S^-e about " be J°^ff
transferred U> a dun.iay. it Is alleged that
he conspired with others to conceal the
wbx-reabouts of the • pad dummy owner
•'•nil the mortgagee had complied with
tuaL whil> t rr p iVh e a
a, a -jurse she beemmo acquainted -with «
mem.Vr of U.e family of Jacob &|>lro. a
i-dc/endant with her and Rost-nthal. who
r'u!.' her ot an ea^i^r vray of earnJi.g
tlutn by uur»insr. She » i a l d she
her tam<i to papers on sei'eial par
4^r-= i from t.Z to $3 for th«
S-vtee. tt. Vs iiilpp^a by the prosecution
trat in this way Mr. Heed was used as
An Investor Now Owns This Modern Eight Story Structure Front
ing in 115 th Street, Near Riverside Drive.
Sales of upto^ I B MHsacW properties
were features of the real estate market
One of the leading transactions was the
purchase by an investor of the Waramaug,
an tight story apartment house. Nos. G9
and 631 West 115 th street. It occupies a
plot 50x100.11 feet on the north side of the
street, about 160 feet east of Riverside
Drive. The house was owned by the Al
cazar Realty Company. ■
A. J. Robertson cold for Alpbonso de
N'ararro to Arthur Brisbane No. 13 West
46th street, a four story and basement ston9
front dwelling- house, on lot 21.6x100.5 feet,
between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The
properly has been held at $103,000.
Plans have been filed for a five story pri
vate 'dwelling house to be erected on the
rast side of Park avenue, £7.6 feet north
of 73d street, known as No. 785, for Benja
min and Frances S. Welles, of Islip. Long
Island. This dwelling is to cost $40,000. It
will have a facade of limestone, with a
frontage of 22 feet and a depth of 75 feet,
with an extension. Trowbridge & Living
ston are the architects.
Plans hava also been filed for building' an
eight story fireproof elevator apartment
house on the north side of 105 th street, 123
feet" east of Broadway, for the 108 th Street
Realty and Construction Company, o?
which Joseph L. Grof is president. It will
have a frontage of 74.11 fetit and a depth of
I0>">.10 feet. Tbprc? will b« accommodations
lor thirty-three families. Tf>e facade will
be of brick and limestone. George and Ed
ward Blum, architects, estimate the cost
at *no.coo.
Plans have also been filed for erecting a
twelve story brick store and loft building
on the west side of Broadway, 24G feet
north of Bieecker street, known as Nos. C 63
and 6<a>, for the €63-6-35 Broadway Com
pany, of which Harry Fischel is president.
at a cost of $275,0v0. It will have a frontage
Of 50.2 feet and a depth of 2iW feet through.
the block to Mercer street. The facade on
the Broadway side will be of Indiana lime
stnoe and terra cotta, while .. the Mercer
street facade will be of brick. This build
ing is located on the block with the Broad
way Central Hotel and is two doors south
of the Hotel Kaleigh. It will be known as
the Fifohel Building;. V. Hugo Kochler is
the architect.
Plans have also been tiled for rebuilding
the front and rear walls and rebuilding the
third story of the three story ear barn of
the Third Avenue Railroad Company, on
the north side of 14th street, 158 feet west
of Avenue B, at a. cost of £5,000. A. Atkin
son is the architect.
Cloak. Suit and Waist Manufacturers
Lease Big Space.
Spear <£: Co. report that they have rented
six left?:, containing 3<>.000 square feet of
space- in the eleven story building just
completed at Nos. 133 and 135 West 19th
street, to a number of cloak and suit and
waist manufacturers; for the Eugatnom
Realty Company, 5.000 square feet at Xoa.
ta and SB West 20th street; for "Vniliam C.
Walker .Sons, o.'«V' square feet at No. 36
Walker street; the fifth loft at No. S4 Uni
versity Place, the second loft at No. 471
West Broadway, the third loft at No. 165
Greene street and the fourth loft at \o.
111 Greene street and the fif*h loft at No.
112 Bleecker street.
Albert E. Ashforth has leased for the
Revel Realty and Securities Company to
the William B. Jennings Company, a mall
order concern, the ninth loft hi No. 247 to
253 West 19th street for a term of years.
Leon S. Altmayer and Frederick Fox &
Co. have leased for a Ion? term of years
the first loft in the building at Nos. 474J-2
and 476 Broadway, extending through to
No. 3* Crosby street, to E. I. Weil & Son,
wholesale dealers in minings and ladies'
Ames & Co. have leased to the Hudson
Lunch Company the store and basement in
the building- in Sixth avenue adjoining- the
northwest corner of 13th street for ten
years at an aggregate rental of $40,000.
Eberhard Fsber> Place m Staten Isl
and on Large Plot Disposed Of.
Eberhard Faber, manufacturer of lead
pencil?, has sold his home at Lrringston,
Staten Island, through Frederick W.
Janss^n. The. house cos* SIOd.CGO and stands
or. a plot 350 by 320 feet, and is one of the
handsomest properties about the popular
Livingston Field Club. .
Henry Pierson £- Co. have so 1 No. 632
Baltic street, near Fifth avenue and the
Fourth avenue subway, Brooklyn. It is a
two story and basement frame dwelling
house, 23 feet wide. It was sold for Jo
hanna Ericsoii to a client for occupancy.
Also sold No. 365% l«h street, near Sev
enth avenue, a three story and basement
fancy brick house, to a client for invest
ment. The seller took a row of these houses
in exchange recently through the same bro
kef age house.
The Metropolitan life Insurance Com
pany baa loaned to the Yorkshire Realty
and* Construction Company $500,C00 on Che
southeast corner of Broadway and U3th
street ' a plot VXMIxIOO feet, and $7"-i,ODO on
the property; 107.4x1!X> feet, at the north
west corner of Broadway and 92d street,
where twelve story apartment houses are
to be erected.
George B. Cranston sold for Mrs. Shee
han the former Ma Reynolds" farm, at
Katonah, N. V.. to a Mr. Sparks, who will
improve for his occupancy.
Henry H. TTlnirgr sold the Marshall home
stead "and grounds, in Marble avenue.
Fleasantville, N. V., to James Flynn: also
two lots, south side of Bedford road, to
Finkelstein Brothers, of Qasining.
The Cuozzo & Gagliano Company has
sold to the Caesar Realty & Construction
Company eleven lots on Burgher avenue.
Linden Park. Staten Island.
Geor-e B. Cranston and H. H. Risley
have Hold for Mrs. Ebeehan to Mr. Sparks
the former John Reynolds farm at Ka
toiiuh, Westchester Count3'.
Albert B. Ashforth and J&9 He* nego
tiated the sale of Nos. 339 ao43?j West
60th street for the estate of Edward A.
Dourey to Charles Baab.
T i-Vowttfrs of AS** Hall. No. 536 to 540
w2t mh street, deny th*- reported sale of
the building- r
Benjamin Stern has bought from George
W VanderD.lt the .Swelling house No. i
West S 3d street. Adjoining the premises in
tie rear is the home of John D. Rockefel
ler. Mr. Stern' also MM and occurs No.
7 West »1 str-T-l.
,7TM p'T-f^l I client t» the C « ssar Realty
±«StS-T»3i &H SB
23576 feet. They have also sold for a client to
the same company eleven lots, each 25x100 feet,
situated in Berber avenue. Linden Park, Staten
115 TH STREET — The "Waramaue, an eight
ctcry structure at Xos. 629 and 631 "West 115 th
street, has been sold by the Alcazar Realty
Company (Anthony Schwoerer, jr.) to an In
vestor. " The Waramaui? occupies a plot 511
100.11 feet on tho north side of 115 th street,
about 160 feet east of Riverside Drive.
46TH" STREET— Arthur Brisbane has bought
from Alphonso de Xavarro Xo. 13 West 461 a
street, a four etorv and basement dwelling
house, on a lot 21.6x100.5 feet.
The following sales were recorded at the
Real Estate Exchange salesroom, Nos. 14
and IS Vesey street, yesterday:
By Joseph P. Day. '-
3D AYE, 3535, W s. 159.3 ft n of l6Sth st, 23x
104. irreg. 3 sty frame dw!sr; admr's sale.
S4TH ST. 331 and "S3. n s. 340 ft c of Zd aye,
40xf»7.6, 6 sty tenmt and stores; David Israel
apt J E Brande ft al; I J D.inziger, atty; D C
Hirsch. ref ; amt due. ?7.742~2; taxes, etc, 9090
sub to a. first mtg of 541.00 U.
(With name and address of lessee).
LENOX AYE 186, room In rear of store, es
tate of John Sehnug- to Louis Silverman; 8 yrs
from Jan 1, lull; $1,000; address, 53 East
113 th st. .
KOIfBOE ST. -3; "Wolf Fomer and anar to
Louis Xathanson; 3 yrs from Dec 1. 1910; ?3,516;
address, 2i Monroe st.
WEBSTER AVB, 202*: stor»: "Webster aye,
2030, stcra"»e rdcms; Frederick Roth to Max
MuTlcr; C vrs from May 1. 1911; $9GO; address*
2028 Webster ay*.
"WASHINGTON ST. 1, n » cor Eattery PI.
store ani ceilar; Lina Aschauer to Emily Ofn»r
and arm; 1 yr 5 mos from Dec 1, 1910, $2,400;
address, 82 West 12th st.
CD ATE, 1303, store. &c: Joel Kraus to Morris
Kauf r; 10 yrs from Jan 1, 1911; $1,200; adiress.
£67 Ler.cs aye.
STH AVK. 323. Ncrn <cr cor 38th st; ail: Henry
Sie'ke, ex'r, to Rudolph Resell] and ano; 4 yra
4 T-i i and 15 days from Due 16. 1910; 53.C10;
address, 823 3d are.
13TH ST. 444 East: Giovanni Paris! to Cornell
Monte; 3yn from Xov 1, 1910; $3,600; address,
444 East 13th st.
59TH ST. 109 "East; Chliata P C Paradise to
Abraham Chopak: 10 yrs 8 mos from Sen 1,
1010; $1,200; address. 168 East sf*b st.
WIST ST. IQfi East; Anna M Timmerman to
Marie T E Raman; 1 year C mos from Dec 1.
10-0; $800; address. IOC East 101 st at.
163 D ST. 0-15 East; cellar; Joseph Handler to
Raphael r.torea: 4 yra 11 tnos from Feb 1, 1911;
$100 to $1*0; address, &45 E lt>Ud st.
{With name and add r es3 of purchaser.)
BROADWAY, n it a, 10O.S ft i yr of Isharn st,
50x230x irre? to c s Cooper 550z388.9z lrreg:
Walter B P*et to Charles E Heubsrer: ail liens;
Xov 1; 5100; address, 1500 Bloomfleld st. Ho
boken. X J.
EXTRA PL, c b. at s a land Augustus Wein
koop, 25x4Sx irreg- Margaret Williams «»t al to
Emelin- Corr-ett and George Johnson; Dec 10;
1 c; $200; address. G4O West "nth st.
FRO XT ST. 253; 5 Sty brk. 21xC4.S: Sarah G
Hack»s to Harriet 6 James fmtg $12,000); Nov
22; 81; address," -1694 Broadway.
KIXG ST. 2S; C sty brk, 2»rslOO: Antonio
Pa^anini and ano to Ellenora C Hausler (mtg
$27,000); Dec 22; 1-3 part; $1; address, 300 Union
st, Brooklyn.
SAME PROPERTY; Ellenora C Haulier to
Mary Paeanini: 1-3 part (mtg $27,000); Dec 21;
SI: address. 475 Pearl st.
LUDLOW ST. 73; 6 sty brk stable; The.-. Pau
kumbo to Charles L Bcrck imts 531,<300); Dec
21; 5100; address, 33 Park Row-.
MULBERRY ST. 120; 5 sty brk. 23.2x34. 1x
Irreir- Frances M Twltty et al. exrs, tn Alexan
der "L Kenny; Dec 10; $28,500; address 410
West 14Sth st.
SAME PROPERTY- Alexander T Kenny to
Anna T EspoSito (mtg fao.OOO); Dec 22; ?1<X»;
address, 125 Mulberry st.
MOXROE ST. 193; 3 sty brk. 20x92x irre?:
Monroe St. 195; 3 sty brk. 20x90x lrreg; Leonard
"W'eill to Pincus Lc-svenfe'.d and William Prager,
Dec 30, ICCy; Hj part; $1.
MOXROE ST. 191. 2Cx6sx irre?; 3 sty brk;
same to same; 'i part; Dec 30. ICC9; $1.
MONTGOMERY ST. 33 to 37; 3 sty brk. *0s
75x irreg; David Bauni to same; ': part (mtg
f 12.000); ; 'Dec 29. 1309; $1; address. 149 Broad-
ORCHARD ST, 182; 5 sty brk, 25x57 .9; Hy
nan Rosen to Rosen Realty Co: all liens. H<n
22; $100; address. 130 Nassau st.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, n c s. 233 ft n w of
158 th st. 1177.3x212.5x lrre , Albers Realty Co
to Samuel Eisman (mt? $4o,000): ilOli 101 — 51.
address. 41 West S9th st.
IST AYE. 302 3 sty brk. 25x73: Waiting
Arnold. exr, to' John T Regan; Dec 22; $13,000;
address. 3-14 East 29:!: st.
"D AYE, ■«- 6. 20.4 ft n of sth st. 19.5x68;
Samuel Weil and ano, exrs. to Harry and Meyer
M'll-r: $13. 930; address, 1053 2d aye.
STH AYE. w p. from 135 th to 139 th Bt, 199. lOx
100; Thomas J Bm.^er to Anna V Butler; Dec -1;
$100- address. 2794 Morris aye.
~>D ST 223 East, 6 sty brk, £8x86.9: Ccr
nel'us Daniels to Leah Daniels: « part <mtg;
S27!o00); Dec 22; gift, address. 35 West lilt* st.
"3D ST B w cor Lexington aye. 50x07.6;
American ' Ice Co to William H :?eaick (mtsr
$iw.000): Dec 20; ?1CO; address, 7- Riverside
Drive. .
SAME PROPERTT: William H Seaick to
Fifth National Bank (mtg $150,000); Dec It;
address, 300 3d ere.
4?TH ST. r. s. 15-0 ft c of 3th ay«, 25x100.3:
Alexarder S Cochran er al to Jeanne V O Mc-
Kune- and s;"Xov 29. $100; address. Scars
dale. N Y.
7"D ST a fl 50 ft c of West End aye, 25x
100 r Mars- L B Xaethins to Catharine F ""'right;
a!! liens; Dec 22; $1. address, 65 Central Park
SIST ST 5°6 to 528 East. 0 sty brk, 5Cx102.2;
foreclosure' Dec 7. 1910; William Klein, ref. to
Eugene Cbhß and others, trustees; Deo 0. 51 (,
200'; address, 452 West 144 th st.
S4TH ST, 277 West. 3 sty brk. 16x?02: David
W Bucklir. to B'.ancho X Bucklin (vats $12,000):
Dec 20. $100; address. 50S West End aye.
99TH ST 122 to 124 West, 5 sty brk, 42t
100 11- Cabot Reil Estate Co to Charles H
: Soowden (mtg $42,600); Dec 22; $1; address, 2CO
West 72.1 st.
105 TH .-T. 2T.i> West, 5 sty brk, 15x100. ll;
Man' L, Bowler to Moses R Cherr>- (mtg $19,250) ;
Dec "21; $1; address. Larchmont Manor. X Y.
109 TH ST. 164 East. 5 sty brk. 25x100.1: Cor
nelius Daniels to Leah Daniels (mrß $20,500);
all title; Dec 21; 51; address, 35 West. lllth St.
SAME PROPERTY: Isidore Teitelbaum to
Antonio Teketbaum (mtg ?20,500); Dec 21; 51;
i address, 9 East 116 th st.
: l*> 0 -r ;i-r !^i East; 8 sty tele, 25x100.11;
', Charles L riorko to Pierre M Clear fmt« ?23,
300); Dec 21; $t00; address. 2012 Prospect aye.
■ 140~H ST.' * s 187. fl ft eof Lenox av<», 37.6 x
99.11: Winston H Hapren. ref, to Catharine E
Muth (mig $KUSB9>; Dec 21; $4,00u; address, 650
East 22d st, Brooklyn. C;.,
14"» DST 7' and 72 West: 5 sty brk. 50x98.11;
Cornelius bar.i- to Lenh Daniels (mtg «43.500»;
M part; Dec 22; gift; address, 35 Weal 111 th at.
= AMF. PP.OPERTY: Isidore Tetelbaurr. to An
ton!a. Tetelbaum; ! s part imtg $43,508); Dec 22;
gift; address. 9 East lltith st.
149TK ST, s s, 200 ft c of Bth uve, 40x99.11:
Ben"-' b Simons to Terrace Holding Co (mtg
j $36,ebn>; Dec 19; S100; addreS3, 103 East 105 th st.
EVTHG\TE AYE. c B, 191.2 ft o of 174 th Bt,
' 4lx 1 00- Rebecca J Seidman to Dora Finkelstein;
!q! q c: Dec 21: SI; address. 57 St Mark's pi.
BEIGOS AVE.-R w cor of 4th st, li:'-vll«x
irretr: M ill{amsbr!dse: £rio< Levy to Clodil^-e
Dunn tmtK $3,000); Dec 17; $100; address, 3127
Kingsbridge rd.
CROTONA AYE, s c err of lS7th et. Wxl"2:
Meurice Simmons to Alexander Btrnmoaa (mts
SS,bCO): Dec 21. 5100; address, 314 53d st, Brook
lyn. . ... - . : -
GDRM PL, r. c ccr of IST* st, 25x75.1:
I I«-idt>r*» T*--telbaum to Antonio Tetelbaum imut
*i:«0W>: ii part: Dec 22; silt; aaar/ss, » East
j llSth at.
JEFFEn O^)^ WE. W s. 144 ft B of Locust
five. 48x198: Henry F Hoef>r to Frederick H C
Wilkening; Dec 21. $100; address, 61 host l.ith
; if
JEROME AYE. ■» ft 401 ft not 1 *" S[ - -" x
i TOO- release m'?; ABB!e A and Mary H Ed"*irds
to August Kuan; Dec 16; $X.OM; address. 11l
SAME PROPERTY; August Kuhn to Harry J
DouVl^i. Dm *="-. $1; address, sr-ount Vernon.
x y.
tohv^OV AYE w 8, 300 ft n of Xelsrni aye,
I o2wiSita*B of X U ml I to Jen Collins;
[oat hi- Si: addiess. 2203 nth aye.
MJNFORD AYE. c a. 37* 1 ft n of Pelham
rd MX Thro s - 8 Neck; Man E fohw^tto
M L Stumpf; Dec 22; *100; address. IBM May
: licwer »v».
<=FTON AYE w ■ 500 ft ■ of Jefferson aye.
i 585x100: Charles T Anderson to tharlotie A B
1 Petefioa: Dec 8; $1. address, Fairbanks. Alaska.
<OfTHEUX BOtrUEfAim c a, 185.7 ft n of
Wcit Fsrn» rd. SBOK180: Henry Morgemhau to
!.;;^i: Fox: Sec 14; $1"'. addreas, 127 East
! 7&th Ht.
trfmon'T RD, n • cor bhi aye, BOxIOO,
TrJSont Terrace; Frederick .Ehr-nherg to Wlll-
Urn W Klein; '■- P»rt; q c; Feb 7. 1907; $100;
address, on premises
UNION AYE w 1. 21 ft n 8* 147 th St. 27Sx
VV> ' Charles S Carrinsrton to Charles Monday;
April 11; $100.
cwr* PROPERTY; Charles Monday to Oeorge
I J Hrown. Jr ..Mt* $2*.« Deo «; *1; address.
SM Teller avf.
V I i FN'TINK AYE. c 8, 327.10 ft c of 192 d st.
"-,1-nTlx irrcK- \ Oldrln Saltw to Wir.iam H
S^nkam D r all Hen*. Oct 1; $1; addrean. 140
Nassau St. ■•"i»V"«i '
\ \LEVTIMS AYE n * «rr Fordhara or High
bridge TO. rupntas-a aion« rd i^a.i f .L x ■ «
ion ft xii 23. H £t xt. « 124 ft x&" 1 - s -Ie «
r4u" % n V/-S2 f( s n « 94 ft to s w »
I Ku^siwUiKe rd x n w '3 ft x ? m 70.3 It x a *
J\ f t x \v rt2 10 ft to v » \ulentm« aid x i
I--, 7 ft ti tecainins- Valentin* aye, l; w cor
i&lbam or Ilt.hbrHlg- r.i .-..nnins „ aion^ ay«
47- I ft «x w 100 rt x " 15 - U x irreg to h a
?.',::, Ht , i w 103.0 ft ■■■ c « Concourse x 8
liw ft I * 100 ft x » 25 ft x W 100 ft ta Con-
F course i s 100 ft x <• 100 ft x » S..>--> « *.* ■•
Fordham rd x n c 103.11 ft to *> e nD!^' v .- i-T
A -;.■■• to A Oldrfn Salter: : all tltla. >° v *•>»
1502 r SI; adflresa, HO 111 Bt.
WEBSTEPw AYE. v «. 175 ft r. of Bedford
I Park Boulevard. 30x120.11; Bronx i,1 v « I . l ?*™
! Co to Anletta Ai Co; b and s. Dec — ; .*!._ »<*-.
; dress. 100 Bread way. _*-**:-
WASHINGTON "ST." - «V n 4 lot 414. %*»■**
TTnionpurL ■ 50x106: Jennie Winterbottofl^ to
Harvey J Kb : frstg.* 1.250): Dec 5; 5100 re
dress, 928 Dawsoc st. -*■-._;■
2S9TH ST. as. 100 ft »of Kepler ay . 40x100:
; Almura A Harned to Charles P Hallock (mt?
I $500); all liens; Dec 21; $4,100; address, 003
i East ISOth M. , ' - ■ ...
I (With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5 per cent unless otherwise stated. ■
CHERRY ST. 233 to 237- 6 sty brk. '"■" ■ 4 5^
I Dec 21; due- Feb 15. Wl-1: « Per rest; State
i Realty Co to Mary H Arnold; $2,62j; address
447 We*!. End aye.'
LEXINGTON' AYE. n w cur of 23d «-..->J; ( !S
30; Dec 20- 3 vra (prior mtjr $mo.00«»; 2™"*"
H'SealCk to American Ice Co; -•.>■**>; address.
: 1170 Broadway.
LAFAYETTE ST. 213. 25x100x lrree: lease
hold (prior mtg $18.«H»): Xov 1; 3 yrs ; MlcSele
I BrtgaiUe to Felice Trazza; — per cent; ,*l.sw.
! address, Si Cleveland pi-
MULBERRY ST; c s. 100 ft s of Hester st,
25.2 x irreg- Dec 22: due- as per bond; Anna l
; Kpiaito to William R Rose; $20,000.
=A:.IB PROPERTY fprlor mtß $20,000.; *?£
.22; due as per bond; same to same; *i,uw;-ao
dress. 12S Broadway. .
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, n « », 23.3 ft n w of
lKth st. 111.7x129.0x Irreg: Dec 22; 3 yrs; oAm
uel Eisman to Marie Mergenstlne. as trus; **>»•
000; address, 375 Central Park Was*.
IST AYE. 502; 5 sty brk. 24x75: Dec 22;_*je
Jan 1. 1013; -Hi per cent: John T Regan to Har
ris D Colt, trus: 57.000: address. 30 Broad s..
RW't:. w a. 5 sty « Of 24*75: Dec 22. due
t&lfi; 4 x .s per cent; John T Regan to Har
"o!t, tru3; $7,000: address. 3>) iiroad sr.
YE. w a. 71.3 ft • Of 113 th st. 21.3x100:
Dec 21; 3 yrs: Mlnnla Dus-halka to Emigrant
Industrial Brings Bank; $3,500; address. 51
Chambers st.
2D AYE. w s. 20.4 ft n of 55th st. I****®
irr«£: Dec 22; 3 yrs; Harry and Meyer ijalier
t« Samtisl Weil and ano. esrs; $S>,3M; aadress,
220 L.-r.ox aye. -^
SAM 3 PROPERTY (prior mtg- S0.300): Dec — :
due as per bond; same to Charles VV Buxtom.
$2,000: address, 311 East sSth st.
«D ST r. ~s. 213 ft a of Bowery. 25xG6.Sx lr
reg: Dec 19: 3 •,!=. <5 per cent; Virginia Glaser
to Farmers Loan and Trust Co; $10,000; address,
22 "William st.
2sTH ST. n s. 225 ft c of sth aye. 50x05.9:
Dec 15; 3 yra. 4^2 per cent; St Leo 3 Rorajn
Catholic Church to Bank for Savings; ?_i.'jw.
address, CSO 4th aye.
3-ITH ST. CO East: I sty brk. IHM (prior
mtsr 566,00im; Dec 22: due as ncr bond: Annie
Flii.t to Edward E Black; $5,000; address, Ton
kers. X Y.
• 45TTI ST. 131 East: 4 sty brk 21x1rres 'Prior
mtK ?17J0O): Dee 21: due June 1. i.--.^^'f?
S Fauilcner to County Holdm? Co; *-.oO»; ad
dress, ..■ Broadway.
«TH ST, n s. 150 ft c of sth aye, 25x100.5:
Doc 22: 4 yrs. 414 1 ■ and ■"• per cent; Jeanne \O
Mckune to Seaman's Bank for Savings; yjO.OOO.
address. 76 Wall St.
«TH ST. 215 West. 4 sty brk. ICOxlOO: Dec
22: 3 yrs; .Tames P Knight to Union Trust Co;
$iC5.000; address, SO Broadway.
49TH ST. 342 East. 5 sty brk. 23x .100 ". (prior
rnts F16.300); Dec 21: due Jart -_. I'-' l -- '" y,""
cent; Ann!-* lletz to Nathan B Broder; $I.IW.
address, 231 'Jin st.
60TH ST, 10& West, 23x100^; Dec — ; 5 yrs:
Andrew Strange to Emigrant Industrial barings
Bank; $16,000: address, 31 Chambers st.
«STH ST 48 West, 4 sty ' trk. 20x100 (prior
mtg $5,0 0); Dec 22; due as per bond; Anna P
Crossraoad to Title Guarantee and Trust O>.
$7,00"; address. 170 Broadway.
' IC3D ST 363 West, 3 sty brk. 20x100.5; Dec
««• dii* aa r»r b-3nd- David Werdenschlae to
fjgusto M SS P t«Uer?Wjo; address, 120 |«rt
111 TH ST. 173 East. 4 sty brk. 30x100.11; Dec
21- 3 vrs: Thomas Furey to Emigrant Indus
trial Savings Bank: ?14.500; address, ol Cham
11STH C T 71 East. . > 8t» brk. 25x100.5; Dec
21 ?Imai3.a7 C per cent; Sarah Levy to Samuel
Cohen; $000; address, 968 Aldus st.
120 TH ST. 124 East. 5 sty brk. 25x100 fprior
mt? S23.(XX;): Dec 22; due as per boni. j Cha r^?
111 1 Borck to ilonis B Stars; $o<TO, address. 130
Broome st. ■'
133 DST 3^ East: leasehold; r««c 14; ■; yra.
C p?r ceni: Rose Maßufaetartag Co to G«o>ee
j S Stoddard. trustee; *'5,500; address, 3SO i-ast
135 TH ST. 523 West. 5 sty brk. 40x9».1l
{prior mtc ?45.00i»); Dec. 20: due as per bond:
S esfriJd Blumenkrchn to Charles AUenbewer;
$7, W0; address, 109 Reservoir aye. Jersey City.
IS7TH "5T n I 10<) ft tv of Amsterdam aye,
173x94.5)^0? mtg $1W.OOO); Dec 21; *>*>««
1 1911, 6 per cent; Joseph King L. onstructi.in
Co to Benjamin Flaum; $la,000; address, b.i
RiTHfitTE aYS c s, 191.2 ft n cf I'JQ s^
41X110- D-c <iiS aa per bond; Dora Finkel
stefn to Eli« P Friend; S31.000*; address. Wsl
Park aye. „«.->
BPOOK AYE- s w cor cf 137 th st,
■ 5"5.OOO; address. 980 Anderson aye. -- — -,
BRTON ST. 6 c cor of Kossuth aye. ™&**
]?%»££ Jnstals. 0 per cent: 3 «
t? Henrietta Shotten; $440; address. -58 East
lasth st. -" .:'-■■
FOREST AYE, o & 100.10 ft s of Home st.
19"SSt- <Mior mts ?1.50O); Dec 20; 2 yrs. 6
1 Per^n'tT MirvF Smith to Martha Schoeppler:
*500- address. 215 and 217 .th are.
' LONGWOOD AYE. n c cor Of '.^^^L^^,
68?& tt«w; DM li: 2 srw: John Ahem w -.oJar
i Bank 5500: addrew. -=^= -* 1 a^e
" Ria 4VE ISS3, S^B: D«e 2i : due as
MARMION AYE w S 100 « » of |7Sth st.
Pana^hau^vt^^iin'Taier; $»>0; ad
dress, 740 East 175 th st. -
vrrvfiKD WE c s. 367.1 ft n of Pelham re.
a 'v ODO DT O v PU n s, 14S ft wof Harrison aye,
! dress. 42 Morten pi.
ROBBIXS AYE. 3 c s. 41 ft S w d MM St.
OM^^S S P^r ß^ Fr^ s iSa|
Co to" J?s%h'j Meaner^ 515.000; address. 233
i Huron st. Brooklyn.
WFRSTEP 'YE W s. 175 ft n of Bedford
lutl^tta & Co W Bronx Investment Co; $ob.OOO,
address, i'-S Broadyay.
(With, name and address of lender-* attorney.)
.■,,.„,. „ xj 6° 6 sty brk. 24x100: Oct 15.
IPW Loufs BRB Ro S e-AbeV to Vltali- Wolersteln;
h; $20,000; attorney. A A Tauskj. -**»
w |0 in f, n
RRo" $25,000; attorneys. Rose & Putztl. 122
Br BH d OA a DWAY «. SO ft nof 92d lOOx
„K T3 IMO- the Realty Company of Amer-
Fca to Catherine O-Ilara; $24,0. attorneys as
3l?i D jln" T 3 24 fi l '4^R^rtyVo°m p!n^ St.
1W« to Lorin^B Gale; Realty Company of
A££?ca' to Loriai R Gale. «14«.O0O: attorneys.
USd B^eei Butcher. 1 Madison
BROABTVaY. s w cor 113 th st. 10OxlCirt.il:
KovlP^tThe Realty Co of America ,to Will
iam J Casey; 157,000; attorneys, btemhardt &
Goldman, 111 Broadway.
4 ME PROPERTY: December 1. 1300: came
to Franklin Pettlt; 542,750; attorneys. Woodford.
Bovee &. Butcher. 1 Madison ay«.
BROAPWAT. r. w cor 02d «t, «>"^ 100 J tr^
25x106.5:.125; Jan 3. 1910; Isaac and Henry
JiT™, ,- tha Realty Company of Amerira. $oi.
yS?»^2 & Pmzei. I=9 Broadway.
RROA.DWAY 6 w cor 113 th st. 100550.1 l
Mab^ | «uydam' to the Mutual Life Insurant
Company If New York. $47,000; attorneys. Bow
ers &■ Sands. 31 Nissan st.
BROADS \.Y, w s. 50.11 ft s of 113 th st, 50*.
100- March 2, MO6: William J Casey to J Ito
nuiine Brown; »41.006; attorneys, oodfor^.
Bdvee & Butcher. 1 Madison aye. \
CiTHAKINE ST, 90. 6 sty brk. 100x2(5. with ,
a'lri-ht title and interest to 10 ft alleyway: i
June, *7 ' 1905- James W Furman to Stephen X
Jackso'nl $W,000; address. 10« Lexington aye. j
E\ST BROADWAY. 165, bounded n by East
ErfadwayT c by Jerierson sU . by H«r, * and
5& .[cvVjarmulow'sky and others to th
g^kly^SavtS^ Bank: 570.0C0; attorneys,
Schenck 4 Puucett. 19 Liberty st.
HfIfSTON <T 267 and 271 East, s c ccr Suf
foS «l running T 37.4 ft x s 61.1 It x w 37.4
f'Vr«t ft- Dec 1. 1*05; Joseph Kashowltz
to Rachel H Powell? $28. (XX-: attorney. Wilson M
Powell, 29 Wall st.
F\RK WE. 1746. aty brk, 80x25; Dec 31.
.... ■ Bertha and Ernst s<-ht*fcr to Benedict
KriVe. ex'r; $3,000; attorneys. Files & P.ees«,
64 Wall st.
r-Ti'HTH AYE, 557. 3 «tv brk, c w cor 3Sth
st lOOx'MS June 1, 1906; Alfred N Obon to
the Franklin Savins* Bank: SfflXOOO: /"orney.
Lawyers 1 Title Insurance and Trust Co. ICO
Broadway. I
I!TH ST 21 and 33 West. 6 sty brk. 103.3 x
51 10- May 2 I'Jlu: Ob*rlin Realty Co to Frank
A'tehz, §"!>O,iiCt.>; attorneys, ■:;-; try & Stewart,
115" Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY: Jan 27, 1910; Frederick '
3 „,,. OMlainr. - v - V. to Frank A Seltz; ?00.- ;
000; attorneys, san:e.
UTII ST 515 East. 0 sty brie; D«e 1. U»V..
Maurice M Strauss to Albert Plaut. general j
Kuareian discharged of records wltnout produc
tion of mortgagf. by :<-r or Suprenw Court.
eiecial Perm. Part I. Deo l«. lulw: S%-.50; at
torney. Maxwell Davi-son. 170 Broadway.
"'.TH ST. 317 West. 4 sty brK. 88.9x25; Oct j
•• i.«<». Daniel F a!ahcn«»y to Lincoln trust Co; |
1'12.t.i»): attorneys. Bowers *= S*:iUs. 31 Nassau
»t. '
-AMI-: pnOPERTY; Dec 20, 1C09: SWonla
Wei*a to J«anle E X' VP. attorneys. Title Guar
ahtce & Trust Co. 17« Broadway.
GOTH ST. o - 198 ft w of 3d aye. SffaUttUj
Jua« IS I'JCS; CcnteJU * Goo-lwln to the Com
monwealth Securities •*o; ?t.000; attorney. Tn.r-
Insuracce and Trust tic. 100 Urtadiray.
76TH ST. 103 VT««»; 4 sty brt. 20x102.2; Dee
"0 I*W)- Joseph H Turl to th« Mutual Lif. In
surance Co: 51B.00O: atldrcaa. 32 !Wsmit
USD ST. B I -tiO ft a of West till at.', |i«V*x
25- On 1!' IwSj Martin P I-ods- to Iwwery Sav
ings Uanh: IS.uiO: attorneys. Woodford, Dovec
& Butchrr, 1 Madison uve.
1)21 1 ST. n «, '■■■■ :t * of RruadwßT. U5x10.».5;
Dec 21. li>«>; ,■■_■ Co of America to Mar- i
tin P Ledge; -■„■!■ aUornoyS, Roee i: i»utiel,
12> Broutiway. •
IHTII ST. 01 \V«»t. & air brk. U33.100.H; Deo j
Si 1908' Fablns Price to Sarau»l Rcs^nber*;
Ji.r-H.. attorney. Huso Coha. '■'< Avenue A
!!7TTI ST *s. 247 it wof «th aw- ».3~X
UO.U; April 17. 1907; Katharin. Bcfte }A -^
Jear.r.e II Pock; dl.scharsj-d or record *•;;;.
production of mtir. by order of Supr*ffl-> ;orart.
free 14. 131Q: |IS.WX>; attorneys, V.'o\l x Knnn.
204 Broadway.
130 TH ST. n s. 200 ft w of Boulevard." t t -,^
25; Dec 23 ISS2: John G' Helr.tie to the Em.
grant Industrial Savings Bank: $»,000; attorney.
William C Orr. 51 Chambers st.
130 TH ST. n a, 175 ft w of BotJlevard. *» m
3; Bee 25, 1982; same ■■ same; $3,000; atujrrwy
as above.
ISOTH ST. ti * IS ft » of BouljiTard. Mils
-": Dec 2S. 1?"- sam* to Sam's; $5.0».<5; attor
ney as above.
130 TH ST. n 8. 2Ti> ft vr or Bonlsvard. 38 '.lx
23- Sept 12. 10O<>: Fre.i^ri-ka Kad!e to Harlem
Sarlnscs Bank; $6,000: attorns, ft Maples Jen.
•—17 Broadway. • ;.,
BEECH TERRACE, n « 125 '• w of ""■-'.-™
ay» 23x100: April 11. 1905; llarv Mc>aU-.- to
Lillian E V Vollmaa, extrx: *.">.o»>': attorney.
Hermann 6 Friedmarn, 31 Nassau st. "
BAS3FOBD AVB. * s. 264.1 ft n «t JSZ&. it,
T4.ll*nxTT.lxTl: Ma-'. 3. 1010; }^ m }*
Phelan to TV'entworth Mortgage Co: *^.*w; at
torney, Robert S Patterson. 45 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY; April; 14, »|«: Pfcelaii
Brothers Construction Co lo same: »3 "• -»: * l
tcrney as above.
GRWD AYE. c s. 2.T" ft n of 134 th st. 93.4s
1.-xO«5. 11x15; Dec 23. BM Pi MM P Cohn ■
Ida € and Mary E Polllon: J5.500; attorne>-.
Title Insurance Co. 130 Broad-way.
HOME ST. n s. 200 ft ,• of Westchester ay-.
100x100: Fel? 9. 1*)!': Wyandotte Real E»«at*
Co to Benjamin M Tuckar; 5T.0C0; attorneys.
Bowers & Panels, 31 Nassau st.
LOTS 266. 287 and 2t5S. map of 308 lots Sl3ter»
of Charity; Juno 21, 1* c,. a res V Ha;!--- et
al to Edward Lucas: discharged of record wiga
out production of mtsr. by order o _ 9 " p^ #m^
Court. Dec 19. 1910: $520; attorney. Robert vs
ilalonej-. 209 Brsadway.
■ LOT 145, map St Raymond Park. 252x106.4.
Jan 2. 1&0P: Christian Broschlrt to Barbara &-
Schaefer; $500; attorney, Frank Gas?, "vvsat
LOTS 7 and 8. map 1237. of 26 lots property
David B Cocks at Fordham: Dec 10. lWt . "Will
iam. A Wallas to Pavid B Cocks; $3,230. attor
ney. \ William G aiulUgan. 461 East Tremoot
LOT 6, same map: Dec 10. 1307; Johana A
Wolf to David B Cocks; $1,650; attorney, tame
as above. „_
, ROAD from TV>»t Chester. to East Chea^r. at
s c cor of premises hereby Intended to be «3^
scfibod and in boundary line bet premises liereoy
conveyed and lands conveyed by James V.at.'on
to Lydla A Bliss by deed dated May IS. loss;
recorded in West' Chester, in liber 13jo. pass
21. May 22. 1595: contains «>•> acres of la.'
June 13, 1907: .Sarah F Sullivan to the Pk*
llortKage Co of City of New York: |12.^0; *--
torney. Fettretch & Seybel. 41 Park Row.
SUMMIT AYE. w ?. 111.* ft s Of 16« th St. 78-4
x 2- 11- Xov 1. 1907: Michael H HaSey to A<J<Mia
E Kenny; Sl.COO: attorney. Title Guarantee an.i
Trust Co, 17« Broadway. *
170 TH ST s 5. 75.1 ft ■* from tansent point
ii; a ■ 170 th st. at end of curv« which has radius
of 25 feet, betas lot 35, map 221 lot?.^ Clar-
raont Heists. 56.5x2».7x irr-s; May M, l-'W.
William F Git— to William Linen; Sow.
attorneys, Wfcaien & Dunn, ».*♦> Broadway.
?182D ST. n s, 125 ft a of Aye 81 Nicholas.
7Ti.nx73; Dec 19. 1904: Harry V Perlsmac to
Annie Saier: $l-°...-0«»; attorney, Title Guarantee
and Trust Co. 176 Broadway
I»7TH ST. n <=. t*l ft « of Hughes ay». 25x
100- July 11. 1910; the RuSsb-Barba Realty Co
to Theodore U'»nt2: $y.500: attorney. Title Guar
anty and Trust Co. 176 Broadway.
215 TH ST. 76S Bas?. 2&zlZ3> known as lot 113,
map of new village of Jerome; Dec 9, TO
Antonio de Carlo to Charles Wynne: I}- 11 * I''
attorney, Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust
Co, 160 Broadtray. r '. • • "
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Greenwich
Savings Bank: $28,000.
Same to came; $30,000.
Same to Lo-iis S Brash; $15.«». ■
Jennie Kuretsky to Maurice Cohen: »S.WWJ. -M .
Trust Co ot America to Anna Amend; $34,009.
Thomas B N'icaols to Charles Gahren: ?l.
Charles Gahren to Eugene V aliens: ?100.
Lawyers Title Insurance and Trust i» to
Lawyers' Mortgage Co: 2 assts: 536.»u0
Henrietta Seckel to Hugo Lehman: «•««• -
Minnie P C Blossom, trtis. to Ellen Meyer: 51.
Michael P K&ly to Bridget S Fitzgerald; »WO.
Sol Heilperin to Marion H ceisrel; si.
Anna A Schulz to Herman w Ortkey. tras;
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Hamilton Securi
ties Co; 3 assts; SI.
Jacob Busoh to Parah Browne: $100-
Jacob Don to Sarah Brown: '1 assts: SIOO.
Harry S Purdy and ano. exrs, to William A
Cooper: A*Borman to Sarah Bro-wn : $1-
Ja'-'-'^ A Borman to Sarah Brown: Si.
Seymour Realty Co to Lina Jaeoby ana ano.
eX . r -h'antfc S le"r s Realty Co to Alex Pfeiffer: $1.
Morris Lang and ano to Stanislaus > Tuck
"''Eisi^Poweil to Edith C Gri£fen- an interest
Of Same to Henry C Griff en and ano; an In
'"Sli» f na*CW*r to Adelaide P*vaer; S =. SCO
Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co to Title
Guarantee and Trust Co: $20,000.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Le-wis S
Wolff* $ o 0 "00. -
Hannah * Wallach et at to Bond and Mort
saeo Guarantee Co: JCO.noo.
" Bankers Kealty and Security Co to Emma
M Katharine M Tomney to ■VTilliam Clare:
°Emma 3 Blumen Krohn to Charles X Alten-
Catherina P Cummins to Eflw J Molough-
Samuel Eis^man to Samuel Jackson: SIOO.
Charles H Topping to Robert T. Morrell: $1.
Robert L Morrell to B"sfn-lck Thorns: $1.
Mercer Cemetery, at Trenton, B J. to David
Jacobson : 81.
C^rL.rm-ELL, AYE, w s. 143 ft n of 135 th
st 49 2xll* • George Sprickerhoff agt Tucorr.an
Bros Construction Co, owner; Tuchman Bros,
contractors; {211.
SENF.C\ AYE. 5: Sigmund De Jon?: aft M
a A wn<o n Construction Co, owner and con
tractor: $63.
10' TH ST. 205 and 207 East: National Plumb
ing Supply Co act Francesco Vrgo and Mary
Bracco* o-xners; Kocco Dacunto, contractor;
$27 SO.
7TH AYE. 243 to 249; William H Spelman
et a! ag Manhattan OSce Bui:d:n* Co owner.
Bliss & Griffiths, tractors; 53.576.
CRF.STON AYE. t 5. 93 ft so? ISCd 3t 100*
100: Rappaport at Besner ast^Walmore Realty
Co. * owner and contractor; $342.
WILKIXS AYE. c s. 262.6 ft r. of 170 th St.
237.6x100: same agt Joseph Coh^ru owner; M £
Construction Co, contractor: $SC-O.
17RTH ST, 586 and 590 West; George Brown
& Co ami John Glass, jr. owner and contractor;
BRO^DWAT, 1465: Cutler Mai! Chut* Co agt
estate of Charles A Cop. or .No 14»>.> Broafiway
Co owner- C L Gray Construction Co. contrac
tor; $710.
BROXTC PARK PLACE, * a whole front be
tween Bear Swamp Road and Bronx Boulevard.
"OOxOl" Hudson Woodworking Co r-.ft Geor^a
Relss, 'owner and contractor; Henry Jaeger, con
tractor. ?-"<75.
°7TH ST 115 and 117 West: Standard Metal
Furrin^ and Lathing Co agt Aurora Investing
Co owner E H Watson Co. contractor (renew
al)': $382 62.
BROADWVT, 1239 and 1241: John. 3 McKI-r
nan a?t estate of Joseph Weschler. owner Man
hattan Theatre, owner and contractor; $<67 *—
AM a TERD\M AYE. n s cor of 50th st ;
Hiil' "Grippen & Co agt College of Physicians
and"«u-B-ons and the trustees of Columbia
College et al: Ncv 16, 11U0 (by deposit);
$42 40.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, n c cor of 151 st st:
Brooklyn Fireproof Sash and Door Co ast
•fiUon Con.«truction Co et al; Dec 21. 1010 (by
deposit): $2T.
SAME PROPERTY: same ast earns; Deo 21.
1010 "by deposit): $S5.
BROADWAY, ■ * cor of 43d st Manhattan
mm^ — Large and Small
To Let Offices
Single or en Suite in the
154 yassau Street Oppo*it? City Hill Park
The Centre of
Transit for the
"L" Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge
All within a Step
StafrbuiTriinr Cn ■,_-■ X,--, A Fltwt«raM •? slf
••■ • 2". ■„•■• «.-..« . .
KELLY ST. 104? to l&W: !»»me«? Al&tmc
witz ast Boulevard ConstriMTTlon Cft «t »'.:
Nov =.-. mo (b7 bond); SVK&3.
SAME ■pROPERTty Jacob Strum it. •: a«
same: Dec 3. MM <by Mai MM
LUDLOW ST. n •. 55 ft wvof Hi7«n«y«T
are: ">n-Wmlh«r tteffluil— Co ag-.
Roth Construction Co et ah '■•- '. 1910: «!M
MONROE ST. 37: At« Warm a*r Jail* ■
Lee et al: Nov 29, 1010 ib? bond>: 4437 34.
124 TH ST. 112 to 115 West: Otis gli fit 1
Co -.■:- District Realty Co -■ a!; D- •:».'»
(by ► .>n-i II.IW. •
IIOE AVE>> ». 12.'.. -- a of '--•• st; ■;. s«p?»
Gtilotta. a*-. East Os« Hundred and Slxty
seveuta Street Realty Co et at; Dec 15. 1910;
BP.OADWAY. s » cor of Z4M st: T * IT
Thorn & Co aart icterborouwri EapM. 7 — -
Co et al: Fet> 24, 1910; 4220 98,
BROADWAY/ ear to mr David -=•. i -— «r*
Bra;sden Realty arui Construction Co «t »':
J&d H. 1M»; 12.453 72.
e3TH M «Sth n. 2i«K 3£ tm -wfcoU
block: Kl-nert * TTw— iiWlli Ok) act Tilr-i
Avenue Passenger Railway Co et ai; Xov 1C».
1910; 92?
■WILLOW ATK. ■ • cor 13SUi »t; same ar?
Third Avraa» Railroad Co «c al; Itor a. HWi
S4IUS. - -
PARK AYE.-755; for % ', st? We -iwg. 23K7S*
- •* F s Welles. Islip. Lor.* iß'.aad. Tn«n:
■ Trowbrtfleo i :,.-.--.<. -. .-.- At; »•«%, «.ren'
; tecta : $40,000.
100 TH ST. a «. 123 •• • of Broatfrray: fer to »
sty Brk apartment. 74.11xt0a.10; lOSts Str»ei
Realty and Construction Co. -• West 3l«t m.
owner: G * E Btara. *" 6Ui aye. -■•-*:«»•
BROADTWAT. «■ aT!«" 605; for a 12 itr ir»
rtor^ and lo*tal 0».3z3a» to M«rcsr st: 963-965
Broadway Co. (53 Par* Row. owner; V 3 K»»h-
Mr. 4*& SOt ay«, architect: tmjaetk.
SPUTTEN' r- ▼"T" T RD. * ■. 580.8* « w ef ,
Port Morris Railroad. 2 2 arty nollcrw tH» *«*».'
20x24; Char!-a R 7'-\ *4 William at. *nn;
er; Robert W Gardner. 122 "ST 29th. at. »reV.t»<i,
cost. ?7.000.
14TH ST. n a, M ■ vr of a— 3 v a S •" -
car ram; Third Ay« R R Co. owner; A Atfcto- 1
sen. 1 Madiscn it* IrMM ; PUN
- CROTONA AYE. w 1. 21« (■ «to = of yjTtiiil
aye: 6 sty or* hospital. 121x43; City of .» •••
Yorfe. owner: Raynuind F Aimirall, liZ ■.'...' »o-v
• a.«. architect; cost. J3VJOO.
JAN3EN AYE. s -w em MM 5-, 46.9X3A.3. •
Edward A Everit ast Abels GoM Realty C»t
I ((oreclosur-? cf rrue>; attorney, G W P<»ar3ail.
fTT ANTON ST. ••: Nathan Koha ast Gl»".!« '
• R^rs-^r •»! al (foreclosure of mtg): attorney a.
I Fischer & Rosenbaum.
OLINVILLE AVB. 34«»: Carter. BUcS *
Ayres a^t Potdme- Construction Co tpjmiuww
I or int^r>; attorneys. Watson A Krlsteller.
GRAND ST. a -. 20.4 ft « of Matt K.XUI .
Kk>; Una EttJin^er asrt Pietro M«TI et a! <ftf«»
closure .* miz>; attorneys. Peacock. & £te-»e».
CHERRY ST. 428 and mi a: Edward F Col-,
ton »St Mary Gorman (2otlc<» of ler7); atzor-'
j ney. L, 'W Eisenber?.
SOTH c'T. 433 and 433 East; G-crse F VwaM 1
et at airt Nathaniel H Prag-er et al «'foreclostrr» 1
i of njts>; attorneys, Johnston & Johnston.
11!>TH ST. 133 East: Annie Gis*»l et al. ana.
agt Minnebaha A Junker et al 1 Tumi li— 1* o*'
: mts>; s;r-:m-y. J M Rider.
iiTH ST. 310 East: Tenement Hous* Depart— (
: m«nt aijt Nathan SVader^r^en (notlcs of lary>; !
attorney. A R Watson.
46TH ST. 3<T3 East; Tenement Honaa Doparc- !
! ment a^t L»;';:s Rinaldo (notice of levy); attar
ney, A R Watscn.
1 34TH ST. 347 West; City of New Torfe ayt
i John H SchCTer (notice of l^vv; attorney. A R'
i Watson. •
TIFFANY ST. .- w s. Intersection c -v- a
Southern Bou!««varr!. I<>>x7."., Edward Thompson
. act Charles A Etierhardt et al (notice of I*77);'
■ attorney, M H Ellison.
GREENWICH ST. 399. and Beach at. 57 and
5S>; 'vVilliam P Collins a^t Sarah A "Wood 9t al.
! (partition); attorneys. Arrcrsrsmlth, & Dunn.
• CROTONA PARK-WAT, c •- 354-3 ft « of
. 177 th st. .".4xl'.Tx.>-xi2t.t: Daly are. w a. 330 ft
I of T77th st. 50x133. 5x&jx1 28.3: Isaac I> Kip
, and Philip Rhinelander, exrs. loan Roaa Realty
! Co $7t).tXK>.
WEBSTER AYE. w a. 175 ft a of Bedtort
Park Boulevard Mk12B.11: Bronx Investmaat
Co loans Anletta. & Co $34,000.
Grand Jury Recommends Ctaan??s :a
Stmcti^e, However.
The grand Jury t'--- -r-■=--r -■=--- ■• -\
condition of the Criminal Courts BnMifeS
reported to Judgß Grain, In General Ses
sions, yesterday that they had found tit*
structure to be safe for habitation. Ju tbm
same time the jurors recommended that
the temporary sharing: under sorca of th«»
arches be removed and th* arc Sea
strenKthened In some permanent manner.
Improvements in th« plumbing 1 , heating 1 ,
ventilating and elevator equipment of th*
building are also urged. Bor<vus-£i Freat
• ! ent McAneny, who was a witness asfara
the grand jury, said that $70,000 wsoM bs>
expended by him for the purposes re
■-••-■ to
There's No Better Paying Investment
Than a Properlr 3lanased Colored Ten*tß#ni.
Hr*:ilt* Gnarantewt. BawlGlwß.
New York's Pioneer Negro Real Estate AJ«at%
Brokers — Appraisers.
67 West 134 th St.. N. r. Tel. »17-919 Harlsm.
wlmcukmtek CODIX.
One* mil* unobstructed river frontage: 30 mod
ern restdenc-j* near ■"•:., •' " \llt9Mm
phit.ipse MANOR CO-
Phllipse Manor. New York.
an Unproved Bergen County Property ?a7'"C
Sen«" 'or Booklet.
Gentleman's country estate, 17 *i acres. sjsa^
£t°STON M. FRENCH. 141 Broadway. K. T
of cleared land, rich i>oi! . pr-.ce VMf*;
terms. $100 down, balance «!•• p-r month. Call
° r R r sUTTOX. 4i> W*»t 131 -- St.. Ne^r ~- <
' FOR sale— .-^X lots] THIRD avenue.
: Branl- Ixclvated; etprity. S2l.i>». Win ~
• chanite for Bronx Unproved and cash. OWXEK.
[ Room 604, 103 Broadway^
Absolutely Safe
Fast- Running
(Plunger Type
Electric Light
and Janitor

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