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Englewood Country Club Adopts
a Conciliatory Attitude.
The Englewood Country Club, one of the
active members' of the United States Gc!f
Associaticn, has decided upon a policy ■■'■
compromise with regard to the all-absorb
ing putter controversy. Although Engle
wocd will not have Its own delegate at the
annual meeting • I the parent organization
to be he' in Chicago nest month, the
club's proxy has been given to James 1-.
Taylor, prominent at both Garden City and
J"V;v a- ■ k
H. V Keep, president of the New Jersey
State Golf Association, who is also an < th
cial of the Englewood Country Club, stated
Tast night that the- organisation In ques
tion does not feel it would be advisable to
break away from St. Andrews and that Mr.
Taylor had been instructed to vote in iavo r
of having the United States Golf Associa
tion interpret the royal and ancient ruling.
«o that the Schenectady. putter would be
allowable in this country, or wherever the
"United States Golf Association rules are
Englewcod is likewise hopeful that St.
Andrews can be induced to reconsider its
ruling. In Mr. Keep's opinion, some of the
Et. Andrews rules are not all that could be
<3eslred, but be is also firm in the belief
that it would be preferable to put up "with
m. few bad rules rather than cause an open
rupture, which in time would result in all
kinds of complications.
Metropolitan district golfers v. ■: • contem
plato a trip west in the near future might
Ao worse than make a note of the tourna
ment to tw held over the Del Monte links.
Del Mrnt«i, Cal.. about the second week in
February. This will be the first of an an
nual series of midwinter tournaments and
T.W. continue from February 11 to IS. in
elus've. The tournament, which is open to
mil amateur players, will begin with a men's
qualifying round, followed by match play
and various forms of consolation and spe
cial events, such as mixed foursomes and
lwgie contests. There -will also be a tourna
ment far women.
The nearby enthusiast who either hasn't
the time or the means to go South and v.-ho
can't -wait for spring is tramping the links
ence again. Most of the courses hereabouts
ere fairly Tree from snow now. The Gar
«en City regulars are out every day. and It
Is the same -way over in Jersey. So many
ef the Forest Hill Club golfers have re
turned to the links that the committee de
cided to make a quick shift to winter
Present indications point to a further
*hak->:? up 01 professionals ere the regu
lar spring season begins. Tom Gourlay,
the veteran, who went from Forest Hill to
take charge of ti:e Wykagyl course, where
Alec Smith is the "pro," will not return to
2se"w Rochelle.
Announcement has ■««■ received from
the Country Club of Lakcwood to the effect
that an open lian^icap will be held there en
Monday. This will consist of an eighteen
hole medal play competition, with cups for
best net and gross scores. Jasper Lynch,
the- Country Club's captain, -writes that the
course is in sroo-1 condition.
Walter J. Travis Among Those to
Reach Semi-Final Round.
PinehurFt, >". C, Dec. Waiter J-
Travis. of Garden City: Robert E. Hunter,
of Midlothian; Parker vV. Whitteinore. ot
The Brookline Country Club, and Paul M.
Hunter, of Mlclothtan. will meet here to
morrow in trie semi-final round for the
president's cup, in the seventh annual holi
day week golf tournament. To-day they
were the victors in the first and second
match play rounds.
The Furornary of th» second round fol
io we:
r?u! M Hunter won from F. W. Shipley. 4
end 3 ■ 1' W. Whittemore won from C. R. Gil
lea i r»! 4: Travis ■defeated C. L. Beckfr. 4
tir.d X an.l Robert S. Hunter won from W. C.
rveenms, 1 up.
Ithaca, X. T., Dec 35.— Thomas F. Fen
♦-•-■" Republican candidate for State Troas
v.rer at the last election, and George Young,
«£ the agricultural college, were appointed
to-day as alumjii members of the" Cornell
football field committee, which will have
charge cf the football policies of the uni
versity. Captain W. E. Munk, of the foot
lall team, also Is a member of the com
\ 1 -I-
Observations' Kl:r n AS p. m , ?s*h meridian time, last
{ m(t*. Air pressure reduce to sea level .
Isobars, continuous lines, psirS'^.'isjh points of cq-ii] air
| p-essure.
. Issthenns, Cc~el lines, put- tfirou^h points cf tem
i perature; drawn onr. i...- zero, f reezin j, 90. and ifti decrees.
] O Gear; <J Fsrt-y Cou&-; • Gaudy; R Run; S Snow;
j M 'Report casing. ArfWs />y wjii ;>-.. wind.
Flisl fisurrs io&cz!t ir-np»:i!«!f . satsrd, 24-hour preclp-
I Jtztioa of .ol inch c: raore, fo£24 l>3o»* ending ip. m. >**-
terday; ihlrd, ■*:-<; velocity *\ie !Q"<Sr sii.r: Rilespcr hour j
<il. •.•.! !>' or.", anfl r«»r«-n».t. — Waß'nington.
Ij*c .•" — The * t ■■-,-■■ cm has passed Into
the Atlantic by way of the Canadian maritime
province, with n.uch ;ncr<isft-i Intensity and
»r*r.tral rains anfl snows Thursday cirht (Ml of
the Mississippi River, where ii was fallowed
yvj I3J . _j,y i-apiily rising pressure, clearing
•n-eattVr and a i" i-.cd fall in temperatures. The
:.iiu-r. however, '-''- not unusually low to-night,
«xcept froai t»:c lake, ■•>•■■ eastward, wnsn
the? ran?*- from eight to twenty-two degrees be
low the sf-atoMl a\crcr«..
Over ♦>,<» greater part or the western half of
the coeiztry Bsan las U-cn a marked pressure
Mi tccomj^acled by a nseMed ri.«^ hi tempera
ture to much above normal oaa iti' n.-. but also
by Generally tI«X weather, except la tbe Ncrth
■ti'-rt and In the middle and northern districts
■n»-tt of tie Rocky Monßtaißaj wnsrc there
w»r»- local rains and st>o»F.
•j->-« -w-ctern d«-pr<-«aion will move ostwsrd
&tt*ud"i by snows over the nortbera and amowa
and reins mtr ti.« central distri'-ti-. covering
the Northwest, th« upper Mlssiß>lpri Vali«-y and
the- udp*t lako rtpion* Saturday asd ext«>a ing
Saturday eight ana Sunday !?.• . the Ohio V«,-
Vy, tti« lowbt lake, r*;gi'.ni «rd i.robab'.y the mid
dle Atlantic etate*.
Local fdows will clsj continue Bstnrday In the
middle sad north filteai:. while !n New Bag!* ;
th-fc DowcTi and Southwest, tii^ weather will be '.
geserallj- fair .-arur' and .Sar aj It will bo !
«»lder Saturday la Ncr Erf-lan.; ■-:..' the mid
dle Atlantic etai.ee. followed by rising tem
j>eraturts Sunday, and warmer in the central
valitys end toe upper lake region
*^«»«"-rt ;t again riEJCf it tie tiUfwt North- j
Fire in Stables Docs Little Dam
age, but Delays Sport.
Jacksonville. Fla.. Dec. ' 30.— Considerable
excitement was caused at Mor.crief Park
this afternoon when. Immediately after the
Bsdak of the first race, lire broke out in the
association's feed and implement stables,
along: the backstretch. The heat -was in
ttnpe, and the smoke was so dense from
burning hay that it was necessary to delay
the races for about an hour.
Several horses stabled in the burned
building were led to safety. The fire was
allowed to burn itself out. The damage did
not exceed Jl.OCf).
The card to-day was made up of five
Mliing races and a breeders' purse affair,
and some good sport resulted. The sum
maries follow:
First race (Breeders' Purse, $100: for all ages;
five and a half furlong?) — Morning Sons. 92 (Mc-
Caney), 7 to P. 3 to 5 and 1 to 4. won; Dance
Away. 0". (Hopkins). ]_ to 1. 4 to 1 and 2 to 1.
second: Bscbau. 114 (Clement). 10 to l, 3 to l
and 2 to 1, third. Time. l:01<. Clarksburg.
Elizabeth 0.. Anna. Harvest Moon. Red Dee and
Whim n!so : an.
Second race (for thre<vvear-ol<3s an«l upward:
purs*. $400: clx furlons-s> — Huda's Sisier. 104
(Bell), 1- to 5. 8 to 10 and -' to 5. won; E. T.
irhipp. 109 (Burrs). •? to 1. •_' to 1 arid even, sec
ond; [nferno Queen. 101 (Gordon). 20 to 1. 8 to
1 and ■! to 1. third. Time. 1:1514. Conpo, Mar
jo: le. Kc'-el Queen, Billy Cod<-mfr and Rose
hir.g II a so ran.
Third race (?e!MnR: fer ttvo-yftar-olds: purse,
?-j00: six furlongs) — Detect. 300 QfcCabey). 11 to
5. 4 to 5 and 2 to .'», won; Ben Lomond. 107
(Goldstein). .1 to 1. 2 to 1 and even, second;
Mason. MB (Butwell), 12 to 1. 3 to 1 and 2 to 1,
third. Time. 1:14-.-.. Gold Acre. Definite. Lav
ender Lad. Ruby Knight and Whin also ran.
Fourth race (eelUns: for all ap-s; purse. $-100;
oge mile at.d seventy yard?) — Flcaltlr.tr. 105 (Bell).
7 to -. <"■ to 5 and 3 to 5. won; Henry Cross
caddln. 108 fßntwell). s to 1. 4 to 1 and 2 to 1.
Depend; sla<!e:ine L.. 302 (^rossi. 6 to I. 2 to l
end even, third. Time. 1:4755. Duke of Bridfr^
ivater. Mir.ue O'Brien. Hampart, Wanfisr and
Dusty also ran.
Fifth race (selling; for three ■year- olds and
«I>war<J; purrc. $-iou: sis furlorp?) — Amelia 111
fMcCabey), 7 to 2. 7 to 3 and 7 to 10, won;
Starboard. 104 (Musgrave). 12 to 5. even and 2
to 5. second: Manheimer. 309 (Er"l). 5 to 1 2
to 1 and 4 to o. tMrd. Time, 1:14=4. Maple
ton. QiK»en Lead. Loa Tinier. English Esther
an^ Ross Hampton also ran.
Sixth race rs^Hnsr; tor three-v«ar-o:ds and
upward; parse. $100; on- rr.!!e and a sixteenth)
— Ardrt 106 (Davis), 13 to 5, 6 to 5 ?nd 3 to 5
won: My Oal. M (Sweeney). B to 1. 3 to 1 and
3 to 2. second: Ed Keck 109 <T?oss). SO to 1 10
to 1 and •" to 1. third. Time. 1:4816. The Monk
Galley Slave. Sou. Colonel Ashrneade, Sebas
tian and Judge Walton 3:50 ran.
Dean Alvord Co. sold to a large "Western
syndicate, organized by their general rep
resentative, M. Martens, a tract of more
than l.S<v> acres, on the north shore of L,ontr
Island, for a consideration stated to be in
the neighborhood of $500,000. The purchas
in?: syndicate has been organized for the
purpose of operating in Lons Island real
Ward & "Ward sold the Edmunds estate
at Lloyds Neck. Huntingdon, Lone; Island,
consisting of considerably more than three
hundred acres, and one of the last undivid
ed shore-front tracts about Huntingdon,
having over a mile of waterfront on Lloyds
Harbor and Long Island Sound. Lloyds
Neck was originally a grant from the Eng
lish crown to the Lloyds family.
Bulkley & Horton sold for the estate of
Simon Young to a client for investment No.
200 Park avenue, between Clermont and
Vanderbilt avenues, a three-story dwelling
house, on plot 30x95 feet, and for A. J.
Faust to a client No. 73 Waverly avenue, a
three-story flat, on lot 135109 feet.
Henry Picrscn & Co. sold No. 544 Wash
ington avenue, near Pulton street, a three
story and basement dwelling house, for
Margaret Sprague, and No. 9" Sixth avenue,
near St. Mark's avenue, a tfarea story and
basement dwelling house, for Charles E.
Prank A. Seaver has Fold ten lots, being
the block front on the eastc-rly side o* Nine
teenth avenue between Sth and 70th streets,
for Henry Wood to a builder for improve
Heil & Stern have leased the third and
ninth lofts, containing 20.000 feet, in No.
122 to 130 West 27th street, to Danziger &
Sanville. and Wc-isel Brothers; 10.000 feet
in Xos. 9iß and "CO Broadway, to Blum &
Lehman Co.: 7,500 feet in No. IIS to 122
We c t 22d street to Autonius Arida; 5,080 feet
in No.'. 40 and 42 East 22d street to Timothy
Cro'vley; 5.000 feet in Xos. 175 and 177
Wcoster street to Cohn-Goodstat Co.: for
the estate of Julius Plato. 4,096 f set in Nos.
132 and 131 Greene street, and- for A. F.
Conklias, 2,500 feet in No. 127 Spring street.
The Charles F. Xoyes Company has
leased to the Underwriters Building Com
pany (.T. G. Milliard and John A. Eckert)
for the Exchange Buffet Corporation for
sixteen years from May 1, 1812. one-half
of the ground floor of the Frankel Build
ire, at the northwest corner of John and
Dutch streets, at an aggregate rental of
apjiroximately 00.000. The lessees art- now
completing a sixteen story office building
at the opposite corner.
U. S. Beoartment ol Agriculture,
THIS HAP Ej.STH ON OrTFj-TATioi.'s zatxj at *■
8 P. K. US? NTOFT.
! west, with rari ly f.tlJlng temperature, and cold
I wave warnings have been ordered f or the North
j w«£l«-rn fs:it'.s. Diuins Sunday the 10-.ver MB
1 pcratvre wiii extend over the central plains
Mates, the Missouri anl upper BllsslseippJ val
: 1.-..-. and • ■■■ north an.i; west upper lake region.
i~tor;n wczr.inss zia .-:iT:'fi on this Atlantic
c ■: -• fro;n Eaytrcrt to Jacksonville.
Co!d wave warnlrys nave l>'en ordered for
! Buftern Montana, extreme Western North Da
! kota, South Dakota. western Nebraska,
!Niw England and the middle Atlantic Ftates.
! «-x<^rt Pennaylvaala; and warnings of freezing
i lemperaturt-s sn '. frost for the Southern states.
Oi!«;)l r^nrral and SouU»"Ti ¥■•■'■'.
J The winds alone the New England const win
! h<» r.f>rtt.«est to north, slowly diminishing: a •ni?
the middle Atlanta ' i-t. mooerati north, be
t-oinlr? northeast and «asi Saturday night; along
tbe scuth Atlantic Ooast. nu, derate north to
j northeast; along the f!u!f Coast, moderate north
fast to southeast; <n Lake MlchtKaA. la. sic
SQUThf Sl to sooth, shifting to southwest anl
; u«-?t by Sunday ar<l becoming high.
Steamer? departing Saturday for Dui-cp»an
j ports v.: have diminishing northwest to north
winds, with fair. cold weather, to the Grund
Forecast for Special Localities. - For th* D!«
trlct of Colambis." fair end co!<ler to-day; un-
BSCded and waisttsi Sunday; moderate north to
cart winds.
For Marylarid. fair to-< Jay: co!Jcr in eastern
rortion: unsettled and warmer Euri<lay; mod-
crate north to Ml winds.
For Virginia. Delaware and Maw Jersey, fa.'i
to-day: unsettled and warmer Sunde-. ; njo<l«rate
north to smi *- winds.
For Bin ' n Pennsylvania, fair and continued
mid to-day; unsettled and aiaiiiMi Sunday, fr-!
lov.-ed by Dini or rain In northern and wec'.em
portions: moderate sorth to east wt.\da.
Builders Acquire West 36th Street Parcel, and Will
with a Twelve Story Loft Structure.
The feature transaction in the realty j
market yesterday was that affecting a large j
parcel in the Fifth avenue section, the im
provement of which will have an important j
bearing on that street. The sale Is that j
of four old dwelling houses at No. 20 to 26 I
West S6th street by Parish, Fisher & Co. j
for the Union Mortgage O mpany to j
Daniel W. Riehman and Ravitch Bros . j
who will Improve the property with a high j
grade twelve story store and loft building. J
The plot, GfaS&S feet, was assembled by j
Parish, Fisher & Co. in the spring of Ml
Ear a well known operator, who in the j
same season was offered a substantial j
profit for his purchase, but who overstayed !
his market and lost his opportunity. Since \
then the property has passed twice through j
foreclosure, each time, however, at a higher
price than was paid for it in 1305.
In October Judson S. Todd purchased the
property diagonally opposite, at Nos. 19 and j
a. for $192.:00, which figures a little more j
than $41 a square foot.
The parcel just sold 1- the widest in this
section that has been available for im
provement in the last four years, and its
final disposition for that purpose, after all
the vicissitudes speculative property ha?
undergone in tho depression following the
disturbance of IPO7, may well be taken to
indicate that the bottom of the depression
has been reached, and that improvement
has really begun.
Mr. Richman and his associates arc pro
ducers of substantial investment proper
tie*, and their improvement of this plot,
they declare, will do full justice to its su
perior location. They expect to have the
building ready for occupancy by Septem
ber. 1911
An interesting sale of Bronx property
yesterday was that negotiated by Arnold
Byrne ft Paumann. who BOM for the Stock
ton Realty Company, Henry Corn, presi
dent, to Louis Bernstein, the four five
story apartment houses, each on plot 40x
100 feet, at Xos. 992, 336, 1000 and 1004
Simpson street.
This completes the purchase by Mr. Bern
stein from the Stockton Realty Company
through the same brokers of the eight
booses which Mr. Corn took in exchange
from the American Real Estate Company
in payment for a largre loft property in
West 21st street. Manhattan. Eight first
morte;a£es of $30,000 or. each house were
nrg-otiatecl by Arnold Byrne & Baumann
for the new owner.
Louis H. Lowenstein has bought for the
Maxlow Realty Company the six story ele
vator apartment house known as the
Claremont Court, at No?. 5-iS and 531 West
lir.th street, 125 feet east of Broadway, on
plot 100x10rt.ll feet. The house contains
th?rty apartments, and is weli rented. The
house, which has been held at ?2"0.000. is
bought for investment. The Brokers*
Realty Mortgage Company represented the
seller, the Llewellyn Realty Company.
Xegotiations are said to be pending for the
eale of another apartment house in the
Property owners in the upper part of the
city met on Thursday to take action on the
recrnt decision of the Board of Estimate In
levying th? total assessment for the grad
ing and paving of Broadway, from Spuyten
Duyvil north to the city line at Yonkers,
wholly upon the property owners. In view
of the general character of the improve
ment, a petition was drawn up, to be pre
sented to the Board cf Estimate, asking
that the city bear a portion of the assess
ment. The total assessment, recently con
lirmed by the board, la about ?475,0C0, of
which $246,000 is for grading and regulating
and $23,000 for paving. Of the latter
amount about SSO.OOO falls upon the Union
Railway Company, as Its tracks are in the
centre of Broadway.
A. IT. Ivlns & Co. have obtained for Mrs.
Samuel W. Bowne a loan of ?275,0Tj0 at
44 J2J 2 per cent, on the property known as the
Scott-Bo'.vne Building, at the southwest
corner of New Chambers and Pearl streets.
The same firm has also obtained a loan of
$60,000 at ±Vz p°r cent for Rosa B. Marx on
the property No. 543 Madron avenue.
SCTH STREET — Parish, Fisher & Co. have
sold for the Union Mortgage Company the foar
old four story d-At-;iing houses. No. 'Jxj to 20 V»'«-«t
3fith street, to Daniel \V. Rlcrman and Ravilth
Brothers, who will improve- the property with
Saturday, D«c.3i, j
Local Temperature Data j
for Thii Date. I
Normal. 32 {
Highest... Ci it. 1884 j
Lowest.. --P ir. 1860 i
: Z 1
i Local Precipitation Data '
for This Month.
Normal "i»l«.> I;, •..'.;•
' Greatest '••'"•"• i. ; rg4
Least CO.". if. 1177
For Eastern New York, fair and continued
; ro:<i to-day; unsettled and warmer Sunday, fol-
I lowed h\ ?now in western and northern por-
I tior.s; moderate north to east winds.
For New England, fair to- Jay; colder In
! northern portion: diminishing northwest winds;
increasing cloudiness and not po cold Sunday.
For Western Pennsylvania, increasing cloudi
ness to-day; «ti' or rain and warmer Sunday;
] cast wimie. shifting to southeast ana increasing.
For Western New York, fair ami continued
i cold to-day; mow ami warmer Sunday; winds
becoming east and southeast an.l increasing.
Official observations of United States weather
, bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday follow:
City. Temperature. Weather.
Albany 14 Clear
Atlantic City .'!<> Clear
I Host on 2<; Clear
I r.:rfalu t» Clear
i <:hi«ig<-> 24 near
New Orleans 4>. Clear
I .<-U uif, 12 Clear
V.-ashlngton 32 Clear
I>ocnl Off!. i:il ■■aatw. — The following official
record from tho Weather Bureau shows the
changes la temperature for the last twenty-four
licurs. in comparison with the corresponding date
of last year: --',-"
io-V i'*i'V. m*. 1010.
* a. in « 821 tp. m in 27
6 a. m 3 601 Up. m 14 12
:• a. in ... • 41 11 p. m in - : i!»
1^ 1 1 13 86112 p. 11. 13 —
4 p m 17 25.
Higi ■■*■* t tempwatiH'e jesterdaj-. B3 decrees fat
T. a. m.): lowest. lit; avcraje. ">;. average f.i,
ci>rre«:>ondlns date last year. 12. average fer
c«:rrerpcncinr dale !|' ihlrtv-thrci" y<^tr«, .12.
IX/tal tm -oaet: T> day fiir; Sunday un&citlcd
*n<l warmer; uic-crate conh to east wind*.
Improve Site
a hish grado twelve story and loft building-.
The plot measures CoxOS.9 feet. -f -,~r. . '.-„/.
113 TH STREET— H. Lowensteln has
boajfht for the Maxlow Realty Company tie fIU
story elevator apartment house known i as i tiu.
CteremdkH Court, at Nos. 54<> arid 5ol ■ _*eet
113 th street. US feet east of Broadway on p.ot
100x100.11 feet. The hou?e contains thirt> apait
ments and > well rent,-,?. The house Wtofc*
has been held at $250,000. Is l.ou?ht 'OTUnvest
ment. The Broker* Realty >iort 3 ar- Cempanj
represented , the seller, the Llewellyn Realty
BOWERY— Williams and Joseph H.
Schwartz have bcushC No. 11 »rj a f ar c
story lo.ieini? house, on lot 22x64.5x I"**™**;
rear Division street. Jacob Flnkrl*t«n J*as the
broker. The buyers own No. 15. in the same
UNION uT\fl>- Arrrld. Byrne & Bnnmann
and H. J. Kantrowltz sold for *<«*•*£«!££
lich to M. Kleeban the vacant plot, 100x0, feet,
at the northeast corner of In j?" a v *™ e tn f C n£
lfilst street, for improvement with an apartment
Neil sold to Bertha Frey the plot. .>...0x1 01 .o .eet
en the east side of Southern *****£***' US feet
north of Freeman street, for $14,000.
mann have sold for the Stockton Kea;ty
Dongan street. This completes the purcha«br,
Mr. Bernstein fiom the Stockton Realtj Com
«,«- through the same brokers, of the elgnt
houses ta™"n -by Mr. Com in an exchange with
the American Real Estate Company.
The following' transactions were recorded
yesterday at the Real Estate Exchange
salesroom. Xos. 14 and 16 Vesey street:
By Joseph P. Day.
129 TH ST. 351 to 205. n p. M 9 ft « °*„?!£
aye, 7Cx09.11. 6 sty tenement; sold to the plain
tiff for g137.570. -■■'•
TINTON AYE, C9l to 507, w s. 100 ft n of
150- h st. 75x0.".2x7"ix94.11. two 5 Sty tenmts.
sold to tho plaintiff for $63.051.
" By Charles A. Berrian.
07TH ST. s 8, 51 ft c of Third l aye 4^2.11;
P. sty tenmt and store; sold to the plaintiff tor
Dy Samuel Marx.
134 TH ST, 114 and 116. » s. 262.G ft W of
Lenox art. 55.11x90.11. two 5 sty tenm-.s. with
store in No 114; soid to Joseph I Bruco tor
$42,800. jf
(With name and address of lessee.)
RrVEKDIALB AYE, s w cor River st, 24.ix30x
lire?: Lena Crawford et al to Edward Babe 5
yrs from Oct I. 1910; $175; address. Flats rd.
Harrington, N J.
3D AYE 2062. cor store. 15x59x trreir and
part cellar: John H Desman to Benjamin M.
Abraham: 3 yrs from Fcb 1. 1910; $l.*00; ad
dress, 2062 3d aye.
BTII AVB, 2741, store and cellar; Abraham
Am.it to William MlUarkey; 5 yrs from J=»n I,
1911: $1,200 to $1,800; address. 171 "West 99th st.
30TH ST. 323 and 325 East, shop in rear and
runway leading thereto, George 3 Rcfcerts &
Bros to Bernard J K°egar; 3 yrs from Jan 10,
1911; 5720; address. 82S East S9tb st.
52D ST 234 West, front basement and front
room on parlor floor; Jane Sherman to Anna
Shapera; 2 yrs from Oct 1. 1910; $S4O to $900;
address 76C Sth aye.
134 TH ST. 262 East. 25x100; Ella B Foxwell
to Benjamin Pfifterling; 5 yrs from Deo 1, 1010;
?540; address. 244S 3d aye.
(With name and address of purchaser.)
BOW EH Y. 3Tf>. 4 sty brk, I&flbt9&«; Leo Mc-
Lntjjthlin to Joseph D McLaughlin; Deo 28; $1;
address, 2040 7th aye.
ELIZABETH ST. 91, 6 sty brk, 40x94; Stanis
las Ciletisl et nl to Antonio Cheechia; Dec 27
(mt«, 980,000): $100: address. Col Washington st.
SAME PROPERTY: Antonio Cheechia to Chee
chia Realty Co: Dec 27 (rate $00,000); $1; ad
dress. 051 Washington st.
GRAND ST. f>77 and f.77>4. 30x9f1.5; Adolph
I Seelte to Frit: Aufrecht laitg, $17,000): Dec 28;
$100; address, 200 East 14th st.
LEXINGTON AYE, tS3S. 3 sty brk. 20x70;
! Albert M Maas to Harry C Irwin; Pec 27 (mtg.
$15, CM»): $100; address, 127 West 43d st.
LENOX AYE. w s, 39.11 ft s of 142 d st. 40x
100; Jacob Steigelfest to William Reichman
(mis. $57,000); Dec 29; $100; . address, 70 East
81st st.
MONROE ST. 233 to 242, • 3 sty brk. 04x
97.4; Beryl Land and Bids Co to Francis J
Berman (m:g, $19,500): Dec 23; $100; address.
I 38 White st.
PARK AYE. n c cor 40th st. 98.0x108; James
W Gerard et al. trustees, to Fortieth Street Co;
b and c; Dec 14: $100: address. 1820 sth aye.
SPRING ST. 210, 3 sty brk, n cor Mac
do-jfral st. 25x07.10x irree: Anna C W Price
I et al to the Henry Ellas Brewing Co- Dec 28;
$100; address, 403 West 54th st.
2D AYR 357. 3 sty brk. 20x75: John Benzur
to Peter C Lorenz and ano; Dec 27 (mtg, $10.
000; $100: address, 353 2d aye.
3D ST. IC4 East. 4 sty brk. 2Dx103.11: Frank
H Meyer et al to Jos A Schmeider; Deo 29 (mtg.
$14,000); $100; address, 173 3d st. •
! SAME PROPERTY; Joseph A Schmeider to
Missionary Society of the Most Holy Redeemer
i in State of New York; Dec 29: b and s imtg.
914.000); 9100; address. 173 East 3d st.
r.TH ST. 331 East, S sty brk. 25x97; Ray
Tn-r'.'it^ to Abraham Triebitz (mtft. $20,750);
i Dec IS; S1C0: address, C 2d aye.
' STH ST. 71 East, 5 sty brk. 25x93.11: Cornelius
I^eventhal to Grossmann Investing Co; Dec 29.
51; address, 50 West 115 th st.
13TH ST. 514 East. 5 sty brk. 2.*>x103.3;
George W Collins, ref. to Isaac Berlin; Dec SO;
$9,000; address. 1<93 Ur.icn aye.
40TH ST, 420 West. 5 sty brk. 25x95.0: Julia
Engelhardt et al to George Gebhard; q c; May
25; $1: address. 420 West 40th St.
44TH ST, 133 and 135 West. 4 sty brk. 40x
100.5; John W Barr. jr. to Caroline Rullman
(mtg 947.000); all liens: Dec 2S; $1W; address,
67.*- llo'!i.\on st, Brooklyn.
54TH ST, 3.V. West, 6 sty brk, 25x100.5; Mary
O'Karrel to Catharine O F Duffy; $1; address,
519 Manhattan aye.
58TH ST. n s, 311 ft c of 6th aye, 22x100.5;
Sydney Uernheim to Alice B Nicoll «mtg $40,
000): Dec 29; $100; address. 364 West 57th Bt.
COTil ST, ir.li East. 34 sty brk. 20x1u0..',;
Patrick J Com way to Bridget M Conway; all
title (mtir $14,000); q c; Dec 21); $1; address. 150
East COth st.
72f> ST. IC7 West. 4 sty brk. 18x102.2: Alvan
W Perry to Halbert E Rogers; 1 ,6 part (mtrr
S35.000); April 22. 1909; $100: address. CO
Wall st.
IST ST. 14 East. 4 sty brk. 20x102.2; Joseph
P Loewi et al to Rosalie L. Davids; Dec 23; Sl
addreps, 14 East *>lst st.
!>;>TH ST. 152 West. 3 fry brk. 10x79.ll:
lantha W and Morgan L Vail, exrs. to Walter
S Bir.gbim (mtg $o.000>; Dec 21; $S,«O- ad
dress, 22j9 Broadway.
100 TH ST, 2(i9 East, 5 sty brk. 25x100 8-
Grotsman Investing Co to Cornelius Leventha!
frr;;g $17,000); Dec 29; $1; address. l.'.C West
114 th st.
n*sPi ST 'c s ,'i tO r>4 East - r> st ' r brk = Hyman
<ro!c!farb to Solfen Realty Co (mtg $76.0<V»- Deo
22; $100; address. MS BrOsdwaT.
ISOTH ST. 239 West, 3 sty brk. 19.0x99 11-
Daniel X Dow!ir.« to Margaret .1 Howling- b and
&££ei?h : ti 1; address - 3i " 5 O^ a***" Jersey
131 ST ST. 145 Weir. 3 «ty brk. 20yf19.i : Enrico
Casablanca to K.irn Lawson Co (mtg $10,000);
Dec 20; »1CO; aaVlress. EOS West 142 d st. ™-'
133 D ST. ■ a, 135 ft " of Lenox aye, 25x09.11;
Caroline, D] Botetrtdge to Archibald M Duncan
i:r^klf-r }i $1 ° 0; aildrcss 15i Noble st"
, ) ., 1 ': (I V Y, HI an..] 118 West: C- sty brk. 41x
£».ll:»Einblem Realty Co to Florentine M Ful,!
ESS? Uoth°U aM UenS: De ° 3 ° : *- 1: nddr ™»- 13 °
1(;2I) ST. 585 am 537 West; 50x99.11: Placid
Realty Co to William D Faris (n»t« 982.000);
Dec 30; $100; address, 202 Hancock st. Brook
tJS^S*®!' n "■ 10 ft w of Amsterdam aye.
150x105.7: John I' Corney to Kuhn-I^awson Co-
Dec 24: 91; address. 508 West 142 d st.
nAINHRIDGK AYE. « s. 124.8 ft c of Bedford
1 ark Boulevard. 24.2x115; Phliomeno Classens
to Robert Classens <mtg $G,2DO>; Dec 29; $1W
a.!'Jr>>>s, 2042 liainbridge aye.
BAHTHOLJDI ST ' ■ s. 25 ft • of Ce.lar aye
.'.(>xl<»»; Henry Srliatikin to Kaffaela l'aonessa;
Dec 28; 9100; ad.lret-s. 1033 Boston rd.
<-J£ LC t? 3 AYE g 8 - ™ ft » 0* Lattlnar st,
-...\.»O. Hudson P Rose Co to Emma A Corn
wall (mtg $2,500); Dec 25; $1; address, Dean st
and Town Dock rd.
CROTONA PARK SOUTH. 910. s * cor of
Crotcna aye. 100.7x22x irr<«: Samuel Pi.lans to
It Grossman; all title; all liens; Dec 29; v part
sl.<"jit: address. 142 C Crotona aw. .
CATHAIUNE ST. c s. 50 ft n of lot 208 end
being part lots 51, 52 and 53. map Penneld prop
erty. South Mount Verncn, 25x100; George km
der to Lena Boeder; Dec 28; 91: address, 110
Trenchant st. Yonkers. N V.
DAVIDSON AYE. c p. 138 ft r. of 177 th st
49x58.1); rclense n;tp: I'ivlt J Paly to John
Maagimlno co; Dec 13; $1; address. 177 th st and
Davidson aye.
SAME PROPERTY; John Masslmlr.o Co to
Theresa Coppuccl ami PaaquaJe Pt«nhiola (mtg
$l(>.^:.ot: Dec 15; $1; address; 1814 Davidson uve.
FII.TON AVK. w x, o>S.ll ft no; 174thi >-t
133x100* in.-,-; William li Karls to Otto Kun-
Btujiii (mtg 122.000); Dec 2*5; $100; address MM
West 15 v in Bt.
FRANKLIN AYE. n w 8. 106.1 ft n m of
lfitith st, 28x04: John J Ross to Catharine
Ross: Dec .4; if 1 ; address, r.^.i West liilM st.
GIFFORD AYE. n .' < r, r of Baleen) ay.
101.Sxr.ox irr.*<r, • Westchester; Patrick Duffy
to Lizzie Duffy; $1; address, 0 Jones at.
GRANT AYE. w a. l.Ml.ii ft n of ICOth nt
50x100; ioist St Co to i Henry C Irons ami
lino: Nov :tl (mt^ 91,100); $1; addrt-ns, 452
West Sth «t.
JEFFERSON ST, n •• cor of Starling aYS
!R5x100; Aniil<» i' Mackenzie to Wt-nt cheater
•/. . flTrorklni Co (mt| $4,000); l>. ■ 111, $icni
adilress, Hand st an.! Hiarlltig nve, Uritoiiprwt
IT.' 60, map ilunl-r <*-iuit«, Bronx; Hudson
P Hose ■ •■ •• Joss l- Arias; Dec 13; $1; »d
.11 IS, 1037 Mailis .11 aye.
;,<>T lil A. nap Penfleld property, Wakufleld: j
D—tmnlr Lesslaru to Amy V Legglere; quit j
'clalm: Dec :S; SI: address. 03 North 4tn
Imy •-. -ill V. men, .N. Y. .
• LOTS B and 10. Parcel 10. map «'' 1 " 1 Iv; T s '° n
estate William B Ogtli-v.. at Hitch t.rlr!«f. . I ■«
rick Duffy to U» Duffy: Oct 1; *!;.»"
j Jrees, 0 Jones st. - ■ . »
i LOTS 281 .and 324. map OS lots, part
Schieff«ttn estate;, Patrick Puffy to Lizzie
Duffy; Dec 1; 91; address, >'• Jones' at.
PEUIAM AYE. n f. r,n.U ft w of Hughes
av< 7 1"..".': 10 i- Levoll Construction Co to J"">'
Velo (nits $31.000>: all Hens: Dec -'»: $100;
address, .on premises.
irreK: Morrehead Realty and Construction Co
to Thomas V Coneamon (mtg $22,300): Dec
9; $100; address. 1010 Stebblns »•**
UNION AYE. 1144, IS.nxlOO: Patrick Jon-*
to Mary Jones fmtg- $.".,000>: Dec 2S; $1; ad
dress. -14S 3d aye.
VINCENT WE, c s. lots 101 and 102. map
of 333 lots. Sisters of Charity; L?w!s H Won
to Frelda Wolf: Dec 27; 910; address. 343
Lenox aye.
WILLIS AYE, .".70. 20x100; Gertrude I Gmm
mon to Samuel P Watson (mt? 910.0009; Dec
29: $1: address, 157 West SSd st.
16TH AYE n p. part lots r>sr, and ."S6. map
Wi.k-ri.-11. 4(>x114: Elizabeth H King et al to
Jlagdalena Hoffman; Dec 27; $1: address,
Jersey City.
17TII AVB. a s. part lots 585 and ."tSS. map
Wakefleid. Mxll4: Mary F Carroll to Eliza
beth r KinK; Dec 27: ?i : address, Jersey City.
17TH AYE. s s, 40 ft *> from w s of tract
and being part lots 555 and 58«, same map;
Elizabeth R Kins et ol to Peter Hoffman:
Dec 27; 81; address. Jersey City.
17TH AYE. s p. S!> ft c from W ? of tract
and being part lota 583 and .">>:;. sime map;
Elisabeth R King et al to Mary F Carroll:
Dec 27: 91; address. Jrrscy City..
I.V.TH ST, 288 and 2f>i East. r>4x!oo; Mdor
Teitelbaum to Lena Fuch*; Dec 2."; $100;
address. G4 East 117 th st.
(With name and address of grantee.)
Interest, 5 per cent, unless otherwise stated.
CANAL ST, 171 to 17.?. 41.8xflP.il; Dec 29:
due Jan 1, lOJt!; Thomas Weunberg to Union
Trust Co: $62,000; address, SO Broadway.
LENOX AYE. w p. 27 ft n of 120 th st. 24.11 x
75; Dec 30: 5 yrs, 4 l i per cent; Martin Ungrich
to American Mortgage Co; ?20.000; address. 31
Nassau st.
LEXINGTON AYE. s W cor 125 th st, lOO.llx
52.5: Dec 30; 1 yr. AM per c«nt: Lewis Hopner
to Bank for Savings- $ir>."oo; address. 280 4th
PARK AYE. n c cor 40th st, fiS.Oxini; Dec
20; due Jan 2C, 1914: 414 per cent; Fortieth
Street Co to James W Gerard et al, trustees;
$635,000: address. 72.'. sth aye.
_STANTON ST, n 3. 40 ft w of Mangin St. 30.S
xiO; Dec £8; duo as per bond; Ludwig 7. ii
kow to Eli M Nathan; $5. 000; address, 3.'; West
Btith st. .
SPRING ST. 23», 3 sty brk, n " cor Macdougal
st, 25x irreg; Dec 2S:"due. etc, as per bond:
henry Eli--? Biewintr Co to Anna C W Price
and ano; ?25.000; address, 2 Macdougal st.
13TH ST. s s. 196 ft c of Aye A. 25x10.1.3:
Dec 30; 3 yrs; Isaac Berlin to Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust Co; $13,500- address. 160
24TH ST. 312 'East. 4 sty brk. lS.OxlOO; Dec
-0: 5 yrs: Adolph Schlesinger to Empire City
Fire Ins Co; Ss.OOO; address, 93 William St.
i 23D ST. 152 East. 6 sty brk. 25x9«.0: Dec 30;
o yrs; Mary A Moriarty and ar.o to Union Trust
Co; 935,000; address. 88 Broadway.
BIST ST, r. s, 252.6 ft c of sth are, 27.6 x
100.5: July 13. 1"C»; 1 yr. 6 per cent; John
Pifrce to Henry I S Williams; $50,000; attor
ney, W II Setbert. 2 Rector st.
I CIST ST. 352 West, 4 F ty brk, 16x100.5; Dec
30; o yrs: Katharine F Drake to Union Trust
Co: $10,000; address, SO Broadway.
52D ST. a s. 150 ft c of 7th aye. 50x100: Dec
29: due Jan i, 1912; Michael Coleman to Equi
table Life Assurance Society of U S; 5550 UOO
address, 120 Broadway. *T7
54TH ST. n s. 51. 3 ft ft of *th aye, 131.
STaSi/u? s^ St ' 242 to 230 West. 3 sty brk. !
01.5x100; Dec 1 (prior mtg SI. 150. 000); due Nov
1. ll>30: Automobile Club of America to Union
Trust Co; $350,000; address, 80 Broadway.
SSTH ST. n <■. 311 ft c of 6th aye, 22x100.3
(prior mtg. $4,000): Dec 30; 2 yrs. 6 per cent;
Alice B r^ lcoll to Sydney Eernhelm; $15,000;
address. 50 West Ssth st.
63D ST 120 Wo«, 23x100.5; 5 sty brk; due
i*" '• XTlfi;X T lfi; 5 per cent: Dec 23 : William L
Berls to Peter Dohm: $22,500; address. 324 West
110 th st. ,
04TII ST. 12S Bast. 420x100.5: Dec 30; 2 yrs-
Grcrga Corbitt to Grover a Whalen; $13.0 CO;
aadress. 234 West 103<I st.
rr,^ 0 !," &£ 209 Ga!>t - ° st - v rk. 2SxMOLB (Prior
mtK 917.000); Dec 29: due July 1, l'.»13; 6 per
cent: Cornelius Leventhal to Grossman Invest
ing Co; $l.«i>o; address. 309 Broadway.
10STH ST. 114 East: 6 sty brk. 2*3.6x100.11x
i 7,;? (! ? rior mt $25,000): Nov 7; due April 17.
1!M_; *, "er cent: Annie Ruderman to Harris
Schwartz; §3.500: address. 5 East H.Cth »i.
11 UTH ST. 5S to 04 East: 5 sty brk: 4 lots,
eaon 20xKMX4: 4 mtgs each 53.500; Dec 22; 3 yrs
«if r^ CD H Sol f«» l!ealty Co to Hyman Goldfarb; j
514.000; address, 25 C rerr nt aye.
,« 124T11 ST. n 8 - 125 ft ■ cf Park aye. 17. 0 x
100; Feb 30; 3 yrs; Jlary 1 Hartigan to Emigrant
Industrial Savings Bank; $2,000- address :51
i Chambers st.
_ 15STH ST. n p. 150 ft w of Broadway, K>.7x
iitcb; Dec 30: due. etc. as per bend: Brown
Brothers due) Owners and Builders" Corporation
to John S Heep; $215,0u0; address. 207 West
13-ith at.
ISOTH ST. n s. 100 ft w or Amsterdam aye.
1M)x10..5; Dec 20; due Jan 1. 1912; Kuhn-Law
son Co to John F Comey; $34,5C>0; address. 52
West 54th st.
BEL.MONT AVa 2121. sw cor of lßlst st.
85.8x146x irreg: Dec 80; 4 yrs: Checcina Ca
rveci to Helene Fuld: $10,000. address, 130 East
110 th st.
RALCOM AYE. c f. 20 ft n of Lattin? St. 25 !
xOO; Dec 28: 3 yrs- Emma A Cornwall to Hud- j
son P Rose Co; $(500; adiress. 32 West 45th st. j
BERGEN AYE, rtio and »',!2. 50x100: Bergen
av.\ s c c.r of Rose st. 1.4x100; Dec 10. 3 yrs.
6 per cent: Harry Katsenstem et al to Simon
Katzenstein; $3,300: address. 827 Union aye.
CLAY AYE. 170. 30x95 (prior mtg 4.000); Dec |
2P: du<> Jan 22, 1012; 6 per cent; Carolina 111- !
mensee to Arthur A F Sj'aulding; $7,000; ad- !
dress, 75S West End aye.
DAVIDSON AYE. 1014. 49x55. 1x Irreg (prior
rr.ti; $10,450): Dec 13; instalments. 0 per cent;
Theresa Copucci an 1 ano to John Ma?sirn'.ao Co;
$3,!W0; addres?, Davidson aye and 177 th st.
ELLISON AYE. c s, 125 ft n of Marrin st, POx
100: Dec 29; 3 yrs. 5% per cent; Christian Wil
helm to Mary A Keefe: $2,5C0; address, 1421
Overing aye. West Chester.
FULTON AYE. w S, flt;.ll ft n of 174 th st. i
19r«xl0l>; Dec •';(); 2 yr?. f per cent; Otto Knnst
man to William D Faris; $22,r<W); address, 202
Hancock st. Brcoklyn.
LOT 60, map of "27 lets of Hunter estate: Dec
15; 3 yrs. 5Vi per cent; Jose D Arias to Hudson
P Rosa Co; £470: address. 32 West 4f«th St.
LOT 4H to SI. parcel IS. map of William B
Ogden; Dec 21"; 3 yrs. 6 per cent: Philip Wool
ley to Edward It Coll; $2,000; address. 301 West
loctn st. .'•;.-
JI'GRAW AYE. n c cor of Taylor nve. 7."x
7G.2: Dec 30; due as per bond; Anton LandgTeb«?
to Margaret E Anderson; S3.000; address. 057
East lf-Cth St.
PALISADE AYE. c s. 33.6 ft s of River st.
182x305 (prior inter $33,249); Dec 20: due April
1, 1011; Alice T El.lricge to John H Thorn: $CC2;
address. Northern Terrace, at Hudson Park.
SEDGWICK AYE. w s. 5.«5.11 ft s of Kinsrs
brldge rd. 57.6x111x irreg; Dec SO; 5 yrs: Vir
ginia S Atwater to New York Ufo Insurance
and Trust Co: $7,000: address. 52 Wall st.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD. 1765. 3t!x130l lrrejr
(prior mtg 922.500); Dec 29; due as per bond:
Thomas P Concannon to Robert J Moorehead;
sil.(Hi«t; address, 415 East 140 th st.
WASHINGTON AYE. c s. 100 ft n of 17<>th I
st. 25x£3.2: Dee 22: :i yrs: Isaac x Hebberd to
Mary A Scott; $:!.rK«O; address, 2 ! .2;: Davidson
WILLIS AYE, 370. 25x100 (prior mtar $10,000); |
Dec -"■•; due as per bond: Samuel P Watson to
Gertrude I Grummel; ■ $2,700; address, 2 Pine
hurst aye.
WILLIS AYE. c s, at n w s of P>-r^-n aye.
lOT.r.x irre»: Dec 29; 5 yrs: Ausrust Dre.er and
Max and Ray Solomon to Lawyers Title Insur
ance and Trust Co; $35,000: address, l«-li> Broad
way. -:*: * "
ITTH AVI", part of lota ".ST. and ssf>. map of
Y\\>k field. 20x22Sx in.(r: Dec 27: due March 27. '
1911; i; per cent; Mary F Carroll a'tii ano to ;
George W King, of Jersey City. N J: 51,000.
K.VTH ST. s s. 4i>.:{ ft w of Trinity are. 2».2x '
100; Dec 30: " yrs; Louisa Frfck to (Catharine
Schrc^xler; 914.000; address, 1180 Jackson aye. j
170 TH ST, n s, 130.! ft w of Webster aw, :
I6.8xl2&; Dec 21); 3 yrs, si per cent: Albert |
Hcpper to William I? Storer; 500; address. 477 '
4th St. I
IMST ST. n s. 37.4 ft c ot Aqueduct aye. 37. '
xlOO; Dec 80; .'! yrs, 5*4 per c«-nt: I' -im-ir In- j
resting Co to Maria T McConnick $23.C00; ad- !
dnss. 403 West 130 th st
(With name and address of lender"a attorney.) j
CX.IFF ST. 2.'>. <; Bty brk, 25.3x73x23.3x70;
Rj-dens Alley, >■ f. 105.8 ft from a c cor Fulton
St and Ryders Alley. ■-M.4x53.3x2. r ..GTr.7.r!x3o: Apr '■■
14, 1*86: David II James and ano to U S Trust
Co; 950.000; address. 4.". Wall st.
EDGECOMBE .» VE, "J."; and S2S. 5 sty brk. j
7RxC4.11; Oct 5. v ■■«".: Esther Cohen et al to,
Mary Cohen: $18,000: attorneys. Ftltensteln & '
Rosa :..-•• in. 309 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY; Oct ">. IMS; same to
■ami ; 910.000: same attorneys:
PARK AYE. n *• .1 .'Ma st, r.7<<*l!.v March
.'!. i:«' 2: Charles T Barney to Henry t Hoyt.
••xr: $150,000: attorneys. Daly, Hojt & Mason.
11 William >*t.
KTH AYE. :tl4. 4 Fty brk. ICOt2«.S : j an 2!\ •
V.iO-t: Frank B Martin to Bowery Savings Bank; 1
(ISO. 000; address, 120 Bowery, ;
25TH ST. 229 West, 3 sty brk, ft"' !>x2l : Feb '
2. 1010; S-irah Friedlander to John I>-[i'.er |
$4,C00; addrtsl. 77 East 80U) st. ';,-. - : .
25TH ST. 22.". West. :: sty brk. I)S.!t»21: Dec !
27. r.itiT Joseph Etiese to (leorge I; D Schlef
fcTin. . xr: $9.M»; attorneys. Title ran too '
and Tm.-! Co, 170 E'.roailway. . j
44"i li ST, ">r.i West, 4 My irk. 20.4k100.5; i
Pic 6, 11>'4: Emma A Kissam >t ;il to Catsklll !
Savings Hank; 818,000; attorney. Title Ouaraatee
ami 1 run Co. 174 Broadway.
45TH ST, 112 West, 4 Sty brk. 100.4x20; i,,.,.
3. \'.*'\--. :'. Harrison and Caroline N Griffin to
rank II Patterson: $20,000; address. Lake Ma- '
hopuc, N Y.
.'.HIM I ST. 11l West, 5 «ty brk. 2!VxIUO- May ■
25. 1805, Beiu .1 cuiien t" Mutual Life Insur
ance '••. $3,000; . •■. ■ •:• w, B8 Cedar st.
SAME PROP RTT: Fob 23. 11HV.); same to
same; ?-2,JiCO: addreaa, cante na . ..«.v,-.
BAMH PBOPBRTY; April IS. 100-S; same to I
■ante; 92,fiUO; address, same an above. !
r.^Tli ST, 404 an.l lOfl West — sty brk- Oct 1
IS«T; Robett W Taller t" Edward \ Taller as
exr: 530.000; attorney, Winston 11 llasen,' 49 ',
50TH ST. s *, 475 it c Of Oth aye. 100 3x30- j
Jan 21. lOui; S \ Lodgo No 1 Benevolent Bod I
Protective Order of Elk- to th; Greenwich S»v
tnsa Bank: $ 10.000: aduresa. 24C 6th ay*. _
—111 1 ST r ■: 27.". ft ' '•( Columbus aye 204.4 x
BbTlrS: June 7. 1010: ; Edward S j Clark, to
estate of Charles Frederick Hoffman «nc>: Sl.->.
000: address. 2.V Broadway.
77TM ST -■« 8 141 ft w of »th arc. 102 — xZi:
Xo 7 v T IH IW»7 i:, r C - <• Th ..ma- C Edgar to
New York Lite Insurance Co: IK.sfto: attorney.
Henry A Dogert 07 Nassau st.
MTB ST. n s, 232 ft o of Amsterdam iaw,
lW»Bxli<- D"C 2*.». l^»0: Mary X Bell to Davlrt
an.l (Jencvleve Kennedy: *I<>'M>; attorneys,
Uterhart • Cra^im. 10 Wai! St.
!.7TH ST. 110 East. :. sty brk, 23xl0O.ll: May
S. 18(«: Jacob Klein to Florence Kck-tein: *4,0 W.
attorneys. Shattuck *• Onr, I!.". Broadway.
105 TH ST. » s, 20b ft w of Amsterdam ay«.
100.11x18.9: Nov 1. 1D0I: Eusan Dcvi: to tha
Kn ißrant Industrial Savings Bank; *!».0O9; ad
dress, "i Chambers st.
106 TH ST 320 East. 4 sty brk. 10011x25:
Jan 4. 1007: Nlcolo torsi et al to J.lrriael *
.-■•anlnn and Thomas M Mulry, exrs; $10,000; a.l
dttf ."1 Chambers st. .
10CTH ST, 113 West, >'. sty brk, 100.11x25.*:
Dec •"•! I9M; I V"i:ii: ( Kurtz and oth«r»« to
James r, AfTTeck. trustee: $29,000; attorney. E D
Barlow, 32 Nassau st.
113 TH ST. 12 ESast, 5 sty brk. 25x100; Dec 2*.
1005: Samuel I^ampe! and others to the Hebrew
Orphan Asylum; $22,000; address. 133 th M and
Amsterdam aye.
lIOTH ST. 81. S3 an.-l 88 East. •"■ sty t*rk.
. ( „11 X ;-,(1 Dec 27. 1007: E Harrison Griffin ana
ano' to Frank H Patte?on and William N Crom
well, t-xrs. etc; $22,500; address. 49 Wall st.
BELMONT AYE. c s. 130 ft n of ISM st. lOOx
CO- Feb " 1910; Garminsky Construction Co to
James G Wcr.t.:; $32,000; addres3. '.-■-> "West Ezia
SAME PROPERTY: Sept 17. 1910: Germansky
Construction Co to I Josephson; $4.0C0; address.
D Beekmaa st.
CKOTOXA PARKWAY, c Wk 554.3 ft s of 177 th
st 136.9x55.25128554.11x125t584.13; In - >. li»«Te»;
Ko;a Altlerl to Mary H Dicklr.son: 57.C00; ad
dress, 517 Monroe aye, Lakewood. N •<'
CONCOHD AYE. wS, 11. .6 ft ncf Mitt *t.
100x19.9; Jan 8. 1900: D I Dillon Co to Albrecbt
Kalthoft: $6,000; address. 307 Belmont aye.
FOREST AYE. W s. 230 ft » of IW.th st. 20x
J-7 fi- Nov 15». ISO": Pauline M Baile>- et al to
Florence C Speranza: $t.500; attorneys. Jollne.
I^arkin & Rathbone. 54 Wall st.
INTERVALE AYE. a w cor 165 th ■-. 11.2 x
54.9x12fi.Hx40.?.: March 17. 1010: Henry Acker
to Edward Hlrsh; $9,000; address. S3 East
COth st.
SAME PROPERTY; March 12. 1010; Intern*
Construction Co to Max Cohen and other 3; $35.
808^ address, 11S5 Fulton aye.
SAME PROPERTY; May 12. 1310; same to
Illy; $12,500; attorney as abo\-e.
172 D ST. s s. 100 ft c of Park aye. .VVrtOO;
Aug 31. 1010: Minnie Levy and Sarah Hlllson
to Louis X Kleban; $4,500; address, 1130 Union
Title Cunrantee and Trust Co to ac« V
Dei?--; $19,000.
Frederick P Delafleld, exr, to TltJ» Guarantee
and Trust Co: $10,000.
Guarantee Mortgage Co to Manhattan Jfort
: gape Co; $3&000.
Mary F Collins and ano to Adele Oppenheirner
: and ano: $12,000.
Morris Laza to Samuel Co wen; $100.
Guaranty Trust Co to Adele Oppenhelmer;
i $13,500.
William Hot-son to Mutual Life Insurance
; Co; $1.
Mutual Life Insurance Co to "William Ilobson;
Louis Ettling«r, trustee, to Benjamin Flaum:
Herman Rosenberg to Herlen R Gurgenhelin.;
Irving Bachrac-h to Spring Realty Co.- $100.
Germania Life Insurance Co to German Sav
ins 3 Bank: $25,000.
David H Epstein to Gotham Mort^arc Co;
Jennie Knretsky to Henry TV Da-lar- $100.
Presbyterian Home for Aped Women In City
r>f New York to Roman nolle Orphan Asylum.
In City of New York: $33,000.
101 st Street Co to John R Toid- 3 assts; Jl.
Morris Sclomcn to Max Solomon: $1.
Frederick Torkler to Louis Stern: $5,000.
Henry iloncenthau Co to Theresa Wile: $100
Mary J McDonald to Daniel Buckley: $14,500.
Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Edward A
Morrison: ? 15.000.
Same to Northern Insurance Co of New York;
American Mortgage Co to John M Bowers,
exrs: $17,023 «n.
Same to same; $20,015.
Same to sime; ?ir>.of4.
St- ma to same: $15.^20.
Same to same: $19,023.
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Frances M Gibson;
Maurice J Eelrstein to Dora Silberblatt; 88881
Thomas Schneider to Charles A Benkiser;
John S Heep to New York Life Insurance C>;
$213,000. •
Same to William F Armstrong: $45,000.
Mary C Archibald, exr. to Mary C Archibald;
£» affts; $1.
William S Adams et at to Thomas G Field:
Alfred H Marvin to Michael J Adrian. Corp;
Title Insurance Co r.f New York to St John's
Guild of the City of New York; $15,000.
Alfred Seton, trus, to Fanny C Lyon et a.;
Julia Baehrach to Leonard F* Fuld: $'.. 1
Mary Conlan to Loretta J Flynn et al: $1.
Margaret A Smith to Annie M Metzler: $702 21.
9imr-n Katzenstein to Isidor Frank: 22.500.
Alexander S Wolffe to Abel King; $100.
HUGHES AVB. c s. 150 ft 8 of ISOth st. 25x
100; Isaac Hyams agt Fratantonlo & Ainabila
Realty Co, owner and contractor; $78 S4.
AQUEDUCT AYE. c s. 538.5 ft n w of Bosco
be' and Plympton ayes. 37.10x134.2x15.0x126.9:
Michael Lakner ast Fredericlf ? Maler. owner; I
and contractor: $610 C 9. :
21ST ST. SSSIi West: same agt same: 1204 47.
10TH AYE. n c cor 207 th st. 94x."W>: Brooklyn
Metal Celling Co agt Eegan-Collander Co,
owner; James H Walsh, contractor: $205.
SAME PROPERTY: same apt Regan-Collander
Co, owner and contractor; $Slj
44TH ST. 155 East: Max Greenbenr ast Ida O
Walter, owner: ; Frank Braun, contractor; $-!"«>
170 TH ST. 215 East; Edward J Deegan agt
Mortgage loans
on improved Real Estate
in Greater New York will
be considered and quickly
acted on by
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL ° -$4,000,000
SURPLUS - - 6,60 C,OOO
ICO Broadway, New York.
28S Uontasne Street. Brooklyn
375 Faitoa Strret. Jamaica.
■in Improved Bergen County Property payln*
Sen" for Booklet.
rw% wj Large and Small
10 LrOt Offices
Single or en Suite in the * til
254 Nassau Street Opposite City Hall Pjrk
The Centre of
Transit for the
"L" Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge
All within a Step
Joseph A Relii. ownerr Jacies Ero«-»n ■ "" '
contractors; $70. -|i*^'
-"Tl', ST c:: East; Joseph Tel^gl <
Nathaniel L I 'raj r. owner and l!*,^
WHITE PLAINS P.r>. «■ ..,-..,„ '
st. s<Jxlo<j: Luciano Meinutlllo art «»'?'""''>
• <>. owners; Jo?"i)h Pl3tr.n<s and BatUtA - '•* *.
contractors: $135 T *^«.J
47TH ST. -.4 211 It * of !*♦ are --, t «'
East River; .-■ •- &Co %nt f> t * r -..','" -, i
lam F Kan-. ?'^hw;ir»».-hi:-i & Suizb. r «r r '"- »
Sulzberger a Sons* Co. owner*- -,'"■< t
Co. owner anil contractor; $13,337 k>. "■■ Co *l
BTBJ AYE. 31 to XT'. and Cornelia" a* • V
Ogdn I Wallace a?; SlxtSi Avenue »art"p bJ; : r
.-••■•■ Realty Co. owner an.l contractor- tV?? I --* 1
OSTH ST. >•■»■« to 812 W«t: th* Shan & r 7l
Co agt Zadah II Roaklrt. o*n»- '- Can to»'
Fisher Co. contractor; $tt*i. "' w * I,"
CKNTRAL PARK WEST. 3.11 to 3?-. ,
If a-, a - & Co ai?t Sturtevant Rea'r T r' -' »
Or: I.;. I'. |l). $20; : .1 . *--»*iy Co « <.
BELMONT AYE. - s. I.V> ft n «* i«,
National Fireproof Sas'.i ar.d Door Co a^Tv* 4
ni.insky Construction Co et al; Oct ■>?■■■*?-BJM? ■■■*?-
BJM " '•»!*
2-iTK ST. US and 1-0 West; Com-rn-^
Rooflntr Co a«rt Borfas Realty Co- '^iit
toy r..>nd>; 9K9. OT *• »31*
SAME PROPERTY: T-n!r.^al Coth-,^ "1* ■
at:.- »am»-: Xov 3. MM (by tend), ii^^ <=»
SAM?: PROPERTY: Geor?. 11. SSom,,
spncPSov V.. 1010 (by B on" JMlj^ 3 *.***.
i-SAJIH ROPERTT: Brooklyn Fl.-or^f
and Door Co agt same; Nov 2, 1010 { y^^*
801 ""- •
SAME PROPERTY: Burns "Vfa,i-el aa* »_' ■;
Co aart —it: Ncv -J. VMt (by bond,- $£«.***
sam«; Vov J. 1&10 (by bond); $..:•- **
-V'-. PR<JPERTY: 1 ills Till. .-, L_
Nov 2. ISM (by bond>; »4.^71 :»,. " * la
.«-\:ih: property: Empire Brl-k «»•-__
ply Co agt same: Nov 2. iMo <>. "*?J;">
$4.0«» l 8B *
SAME PROPERTY: G^rJor. 8.-^i Ir-.*!/
agt same; N>v J. 1910 (by bond); !• -ij* 1
SAME PROPERTY; Michael Ij»rkin *«
Inc. agt same: Nov 2. 1910: $2.375 Mi sr^ 3*3 *
SAME PROPERTY: Standard Arch "Ca-**
cam?; Nov .1, 1010 (by bond); $5,130. "
S\"?K PROPERTY: Brooklya Pir^F^
en.l Doer Co agt same; Nov 2. 1910 (* y kS.
SAME PROPERTY; Cross. A,j«thi & t
l-in.l LambT C-> agt same; .w. 3^ IDlfl ivt
bond); «.-».!)."i M " * " "'
SAME PROPERTY: ~mr : -- City Sbj-^
Co i?t same: Nov 2. lnlO iby bond); $20<£
SAME PROPERTY: White. Van Glafen if,
ast same. Nov 3. ir»10 (by load); *r.tifti.
10TH ST. 271 West; for a 3 »— --> rj&'f
27x02.3; D >*a'jfr»t. "67 Warren st. owner- r i
Ricfcter. €3 Broad St. architect; cost. $5.0*1
STH AYE. ■ w cor S^th ft; to a 4 wcr Bb.
Tory: F V A- J H Burton. C*4 Broadly. aJJT
ers; T E Nltchie. 150 Nassau s% ar'-iiac- __
$5,000. ' .-•/"*
BOBBINS AYE. n • ccr 15 h st; - 0 ■« __
frame shop. 5Orl04: Gustav Schlaier. » po
ises, owner; Kuvmborg Architectural Cb. Mi
Jennings nt. architect: cost. $4,300. • ;~?; ~?
ISOTSI ST. ■ 5. 149.51 ft w of Swtfeera
yard: to a 2 sty frame store, acd •J*»!:inr ix».
54: Panero & Falco, s!3 East 19">th sr. c-*^«;y
J J Vreeland. 2010 Jerome ay», arc^te^- .-_
$2,500. ! _ ..
ST. MARY'S -ST. * w ccr Concord ar* : ta %
1 sty frame shop, 27x76; Julius Figalsls, Ti
Union aye. ■■tasr; M W Del Gaodlo. 401 TS.
Mont aye.. architect; cost. $!.;>•«•
1 30TH ST. as. 412.6 ft a- of .'-- s -- 37«rT4»
City Finance Co agt August X Jaass« ■>{ 1
ia<tion to foreclose mechanics* lien &tumij,
J Glasser.
12.TH ST. s s. ICO ft w of Broad-way, Ox
100 11: Realty Trust agt Tina Myers et a: (2w.
closure of rats); attorney, J Sapir«
215T ST. 3 s. 3*7.5 ft w of 6th aTs. liiK.
I culs Bc.s3-? r t et al agt Geron <"*-«• ruction C*
(action to foreclose mechanics* lien): a:tcrMr.
J | Ross. - -
4TH ST. 87 East. ani 21 aye 7". itmmt
Klauber et al agt Jacob Abe';»s ec al .3" ta
cancel mtg, etc); attorneys. M 3 i. D W Ea
menthal. "iff-/
OLINVILL.B AYE. 3345; John P Bensjtsß i<t
Anna M Fly?rare et ai (action to foreclose as
chan'cs' lien): attorneys, Phillips <s Avery.
BBTH ST. 52« West: Stanley H Molleson « at
agrt Bertr.oiJ Weil er al (foreclosure of x.t£;
attorney. a H sbsOhsk
MTH ST. a s, 359 ft w of Ist aye. 37x1f10.1i
Mutual Life Insurance Co of New Tori 15
Julius Shweitzer €t al (foreclosure of BUSK «*
torney. J MeKeen.
IS9TH ST. a w cor of AmMerdaja SMI KPI
00 11: Cornelia E Scott egt John 5 Berry Ca st
al (amended foreclosure of cat?); alHsiMsa Dc
ten i Bailey.
17STH ST, s s. SO ft w of Daly aye. SO.^Sl4;
two actions: Adele Her Old agt D H Sprt=? Bai
ty Co et al (foreclosure of two tn^si; aBRsl
V.' O Whaley.
100 TH ST. 337 East: Franceses =•—-<<: »st
Louis Leiman et al (foreclosure of mtg); s9Sf»
ney. J L Bernstein.
10STH ST. 169 East: Arnold Ad!er ist'G«»«
vieve Schwarz et al i foreclosure of am); »«••
cej-a. Lesa & Connolly.
PARK AYE, 3042; William Er.gel a;t TllusWß
N Doutney et al (foreclosure of mtg): sttMMb
L 5) Go«t*l
12T.TH ST. 551 West: Brooiway Savir.r" --_
stif,it:.--n of the City of New Tors «gt AasJtX
Harris, extrx. et ai (amended foreclcsa^ «
mtg): attorney. R B Kelly.
MORRIS AYE. n w cor of 165 th st *JJJ
102.7: Manhattan Mortgase Co act Civic m
and Construction Co et a! (foracioaure of mtgj,
attorney*. Carrington & Pierce.
MAYFLOWER AYE. w s. 259.11 ft njt&f,
:!!tt..wn rd. 25xlO(»: Ignatz Klein a;t osssw
ltealty and Security Ca (?pecirlc perfarßssswl
attorney. 11 Marks.
BOROU.II or M\Mi\ir\>
There's No Better Paying FnvestaK«
Tlian a Properly Mi«i'as-.i Colored r-ur.mtßtr -ur.mtßt
Results arante«l. Bond 1 1 -^—
.New York's Pioneer Seifra Real EatstsAgasl
Brokers— Appraisers. „.__■£■;
«7 -vVVst 13tth St.. N. T- T*V »K-W» Hoiß*
in aa "EaST HoowrUeeplnc M >•'•-. ' FolaW
Street. between Bedford an.l R.> 3 .-r« At?*,
Brooklyn. $7,330: *••.-,.! rash anil $30 » jßti>
nausea open day and evening. I'.riKl !.!n B*»f»
' L." Prospect Park station. *'■>■•' for tw.i«J««»
One mile nnobstracted rivvr t rontag*: 3" 'r",
crn residence near completion. A*!."«s»
Phllipsf Manor. *:*i*:_Tnr*--*-<?i~ «
tOi'NTKY l'KltPKKiv" "
FOR SALE. . .^+
Parker homestead, b^arr of sh-TP"^. ",' »j
in city if Mfii.-Vn. Conr.ectiouf. lot 14i ! > r "
feet, on three jtissia directly . pssaßo C.Z.
P.istofti^. land 2»>.' feet .i" « s.i!.i for foar -«=*
dr«-.l dollars ;-er f>K>i. Must N- - ': at c--»
Price very mo : , -..-.. GEO. V VT \LUAL —
42 ■•"■■r. ,Si N-" ■ -'-w- '* -
1-i>t\kss Van an.l wife want " Jt^H
ai>artm--rt of By* roiirns from row c=tJ *<,
Ist. Mu!»t be poo! location, r«a«a» * k
dregs H. 11.. ::..\ 24. Tri»»inv r»rr?<-». —
Absolutely Safe
(Plunger Type
Electric Light ,^ v
and Janitor, £ .-.-h

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