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Stone & Webster Might Financ"
W Reorganization in That Case.
Wail Street Pleased it Promised
Reduction in Metropolitan
I The jcir.t reorganization committee of the
g&poUtAii Street Pa3»W Corner, y
- v "^. ",, that should be accepted by the
ifi^Pr Service Commission and the public,
inTit is poms ahead with Mi preparations
m put tb« pJan in force ust as lllou?h
!», cr c were r.o douhts about th« future. As
-here to «ome reason to feel Its* than cer
,aia that the Intwborough-Metropolitan.
rv-feirt holds 9G&t*!.m o' the stock of tht
sr-mwontai oc • .my will take kindly to
-.lan. a syadHaite is being onraaized to
furo'i^ t-'-' e S)'-^'.O'-' »^» required if the
inter 1 ; •.rr.u.rh-Mctropolitaa refus-a the re-
It vns* renerally ieved in Wall Street
r - *-- that Stoi« & Webster would
"like i»ver tbe 7 r^perty BDlesa -*He Inter-
T>orou?:J-* • Mtaa decided that It want
l& to -.perate ttfe lorftM roads. The
-"'•s^'lK>rGU?h-M<»tropoJitan has consistent
| It rcfusei to confer with the reorgranixa
"W committee, and th« committee has
before arranged with Stone & Webster
n £r, lh« In— ri-g if the Intcrborough
jd.'trcpoilui!! inak"^ it necessarj'
?ton* «t WebEter rofu«wi to talk about
the probaWltty of the banking firm buying
In t:ie Metropolitan, but outside banking
irtcrcsU said that. th« arrangements had
been completed for the taUns <»v»r cf the
property. It was .■■..■• the rr.a
... y * o f the reoripinizatiou committee
mated tiie Bo^tcn :irm to tak«» ! ov«>r the
„ ttu^ M *.■„,... ..." intc Metros
pcVitan aprr-n!niai-:y S7.oO\oO>> to pay its
ftt-ck as>vssni*nt under the reorganization
tiic For t:;'_s outlay it mM receive
! -. -fc'uOin. fIiMWO.CW of the. new StOCk and $T.
.-j.i.'V'' of *he ■" per cent income bonds. In
tts statement ;':•_ committee only estimated
I^JUji* the KW bonds would pay from V& to
Be; p»j- c*nt dividends at the art, so that
tte Inurborough-Metrorolitnn would re-
I" reire a return of £Tr..C<*> a year on money
that cost it 53T5.'X0. That is. it -would be
-ayir.c riSe.^.O a >ear for the privilege of
coa:ruj;ii>s the .-i-rfac- road*, for the \-alue
of the sick" xvouki be only potential. And
tie' Ini.eri>orout'h-Metrcpolitan officials
have not yet mao> ct> their nun. 3 ? whether
Tlie Rame is wortij the c^ni'll* 3 .
U"aH Street 'WES partlcuiarlj- teased with
lhat feature of tl;e plan that provided for
the scalhiß dotvft of t'^e capitalization from
a^OyO.*:*.' to IVCC-Ot.'X^. and with this the
estimated reduction in the fixed charges
of more than JLOOOt'O a year. But the
. *tatenivnt of the committee failed to show
c " -n hi: the ■:..•-.- ■ xva? earning or
Vhat it was exiHH.-t<<} to earn under the
■^-^-sevr plan- It watS the peneral opinion that
'..-*;^ iM.ider? of tb«» outstuniling securities
oouIJ not be expected to come to ?n in
.-._■ -.■..--.. on the merits of the
vr/.jHJti'Jon urull TielinUe figures were at
hand on there two points.
T'vve Ts-as surprise at the crrjallne.-^
of the assessment en the stockholders, a?
Hie si.aten:en: bad been made that it would
£ 'ake not l---s tliar. 525.0W.f1W to rehabilitate
the property. Btst it was pointed out that
•his misV-T tsplaln :he failure to estimate
■ the Jlsed charge? under the new plar«.
"While provision was made only for the
is=uo -of $11.00t>,WO of the new 4 p«r cent
Srst niortjra^c bonds, the -- ••• «■•« not
Mmited to .that amount, and if mere •-■*
*::CSC bond:? should be pot on the- market
?o raif* capital for improvements there
■would be a corresnondini? increase in the
nsed charges.
D. P. Kingsley Says Government Atti
tude Toward Business Is Wrong.
In tr.e opinion of Darwin P. Klnfc?ley,
president of the |Saw York L.ii* Insurance
Companr, conditions la ccneral Ist the
comins: year leave much to be «iesireJ.
"It 1 to nanw a controlling csus****
te 6aiJ yeFt^rtiav, "I should enacge it to
- t?!» fact t'.;e poTernmental functions have
not lieen well or wisely perfonnedJ Bual-
Sr*^}^; -vigorously and effldeutly carrie*! or:.
" r ~*7:p?i.!e>l l^yor.-i the • • tension of the
average legislator, and at many points se
;c-n<j t!ie i-scee cf clear lepal interpretation.
Business iLen rommittcd fome of the grave
errors that human beings under such con
. .•.-•-.- Uve always SBBmttted:Jb«t, broadly
erx'aklne. it tv.is !ionest!r conducted and
repre!=e:iteJ unprecedented efficiency.
rßeTortca rrore necessary, but certainly
not ec necessary in t:.« condact at buatneca
as ir; the efficiency of the supervising- au
thorities. Reform, however, took just the
opposite course. It attacked business bit
terly and attempted to correct Its own
rt~issness In a !i^lf hearted v.ay. 'Put
these men in stripes.* «is the attitude of
The coverrraent toward the leaders sgVssav
■' the greatest Industrial enterprises of
*J»e day "
I — ■—.:-;.= Used by Contractors Not
Sdlroad Equipment, Court Decides.
-udga Hind, of the United States District
Ccun, decided aaatsaga* that contractors'
Ic^ornotives do not come within the mean
iE£ cf the words "railroad equipment and
rullin; stccit"
The decision was made la a suit brought
by Use Vulcan Iron Works, of Wilk«*s-B&rre,
Ptrr . against J. Van Vechten Oicott. as
rec«lvfrr for tl.e Ferguson Contracting Com
pa:. of No. 37 Wall street. The contract-
JE7 coapany leased three locomotives from
the Vulcan Iron Works. A short time
. *fi«r» anii the Ferguson Contracting Com
i pan;- went into the hands of a receiver and
; the Vuican Works demanded the return of
! the locomotives on the ground that they
iliad been teased only. Mr. OsegH refused
*o .return them because he- considered the
| *T.eg*!<i.- rental leases to be. in effect, con
* *iuor.ai tills of sale under Sections €1 and
I * cf the P-r«'r.ai Property Law of New
The Vulcan Iron Works requested Judge
Hand to decide whether- those locomotives
«culd be classified as "railroad equipment
ftfcd rolling ftock."
Chicago. Dec. 30.— City Controller Wilson
gaa:r>!et«j the purchase yesterday of $257,
*V J worth of World's Fair tonds at an
I average price of 95.56. which is C3O SO. less
| thac par. There is still outatajiding J3.716.
g •* of the 5.000.900 issued on which the city
I 1* paying en annual interest of 4 per cent.
J-ortJand. Me.. Dc«. SO.— Maine's increase
| -2a valuation of 00.086.f186 In the last year
". '^£s the greatest annual gain in the state's
•■Wary, according to the report of the State
Assessors to the Governor and Council to
4*r. The total valuation cf the cities,
•oti-tis and plantations is t3M.t81.48t. :
Harticrd, Conn., Dec 30.— A receiver was
•■Pointed to-Say In California for the ,Etna
*■*•■ iiJiuty Company's business in that
. at *' according 10 a telegram received to
«av by Theodore H. Mac Donald. State In
. sarancs : miaeioner. The Attorney Gen
ial M later that he did not think the
California receivership would affect the
>. '*>*&?* £«atu3 in this &ta.t*
Tlii'i' in' ■ . . . *" ■
State Engineer Tells What Has
Been Done Under Him.
Albany, IV. 30.— Frank M. • Williams.
State Engineer and Surveyor, has issued a
statement regarding the work on the Barge
''ana! during the two years of his admin
istration just drawing to a close. The
statement says in part:
Taking Into account the contracts award
ed December 20 and 21, the work of pro
viding a channel twelve feet in depth, with
locks, .i;inis and other structures necessary
to provide f » r navigation, has been placed
under contract for the entire Champlain
and Oawego canals and the entire Erie
Canal, ptlns the two mile section at
Medina and a lev- hundred f» .-t of excava
ton on the Troy and Tonawanda ends of
toe canal to conn t with government wat
ers. There yet remains to be placed under
contract the v.oik of building incidental
etrscturea like bridges, guard gates, elec
trical ' appliances, etc. The entire work
thus contract* d for. amounting to $73.03'5.0*>0.
was estimated in 1903, when the J101.00u.000
appropriation was passed, to cost J7n,9f>6,tX>o,
showing a saving under the ]»<!?. estimate
of J2.S7U.O*). This fact jroes far toward veri
fying the opinion freely expressed by m?
that i.i« entire canal can be completed
within the original estimate of BtJ.tIH.IMB
During the past two years work has been
placed ■afar contract to the amount of
?37,295,W0, covering 210 miles of canal, as
c gainst work amounting to S2s,"!o,»>X>. cover
ing 191 miles bt canal, placed under contract
by preceding administrations. During the
same period construction work has be=n
completed to the amount of $17.300.' ■•*!. as
against work amounting to $8,700,000 com
pleted under preceding administrations.
Father Warred Not to Testify in Kid
napping Case.
Antouetta Ssambato,;a prett\ Italian girl
of thirt»»en, is expected to j tell in court to
day how kidnappers lured her from East
New York to a lonely hut Bear Rockvillo
Centre. Long Island, and kept her a pris
oner. beat her into insensibility, and then
t!<?tj her to a tree la the depths of a woods
at Forest Park.-
Threats ;ra<":<- against the lives of th
• child an>l her father— htr mother Is dead
"in;: she Is "little mother** to her two
i smaller sisters — caused the Brooklyn r-«iice
to take extra precautions to gnard them
from any attack.
The frightened father. Ginaeppt Bgaa ■
bato, several day.- ago recoive«.l by mail
a threat in bad Italian, which said "Tak 1 *
care you let your daughter say nothing,
or both of you will die, surely. This is the
la^t word. AvoM the police. Do nothing
against war friends. Signed, The Bloo<ly
Hards." ' ;-■
The girl and her father have been in
nii!i::*; from time to time for several weeks
at the horn*? of a friend: Detectives Frank.
Fasulle" and Salvatore Bantora, who capt
ured three men thai gad with n:istreat
iri?; the child, s::id last night that she and
her father woulil be cloeeiy guarded when
being brought to court, an<l in court, and
that the many Italians -.f» to be present
•nIM be kept under close surveillance.
"We have no doubt but that their Hves
are in peril," said Detective Sintora.
Along with the men ■ •"' be arraigned a
woman, Lena Hay* i ■ of li«> kvi ! l»- Cen
tre, in whoso .na" Bhack ''.• child was
mistreated atier beinc taken than by the
four men, the detectives said The threw
■sen to be arraigned are Alfonso Deatdera,
twenty-five: Felice ESspoelto, twenty-one.
and Vincenzo Nieaaa, twenty, all af Brook
A serious cliarge made He«in.-*t tispoalto
by the girl i< now pending against him In
Queens Borough. The detectives said Ks
poekto was released in S2.«t«h) bail ■ week
ago by the District Attorney of Queens
after a jury had disagreed. He was re
arrestad. la Brooklyn, yesterday, after a
chase of two blocks, during which fences
were scaled by the agile fellow and the
sleuths. The other two men were captured
near ■ •■*.
The liny complainant baa not yet fuiiy
recovered from the injuries inflicted on her.
For weeks she hovered between life
and death in the Bradford Street Hospital,
vrh.ere she v.a.- -emoved, after the ;ii'i'|)r
man and conductor of a Jamaica avenue
trolley car, found bar on August 10 last
ir. a patch Of bushes near Forest Parkway.
Bank's Suspension of Sale of Metal
Hot Directed Against America.
Paris. Dec. S<*. — An official statement from
the Bank of France to-day explains that
the institution's suspension of th-> sale of
sold was in nowise directed against Ameri
ca, but was a measure for thy protection
of' the bank's gold reserve owing to the
demands produced as a result of bad crops
in France, which necessitated the purchase
of forvign cereals.
"Since November,'-' said an officer of the j
I ink, "the Bank of France has declined to |
furnish sold. We refused Germany and ]
Austiia. anl a few days ago Holland. Our j
goM reserve stands yiMW.IWI francs below .
that of a year ago. France is now pur- i
chasing larg2 quantities of cereals from the.*)
Balkans. Russia and America to supply th-.
French deficit and For that purpose * M la i
This official explained also that th* lumk
has now discontinued buying ■<•' ,4P*r
for its "foreign portfolio," but .. a lif
ferent reason— that the rate • -it- >t
made it unprofitable.
Arouses Neighbors and
Pistol Shot
Hesults in T~ a Arrests.
Unable to asree M to a division of the
spoils they had ' gathered in a house at
Ocean and Argyle avenues. Itosedale. near
Jamaica, two burglars got into an argu
ment in the dining room of the place, and
this led to their undoing- One of the men
snot the other in the linger, and the nois«»
of the scuffle next door aroused neighbors.
They called Sergeant Flood, of the Police
Department, who lives a block away, and
the latter and his son went to the house
and sot the two men.
One of the prisoners. Victor Hossi, fin
ished a years term in Sing Sing only last
week, according to the police. He had been
convicted of carrying burglar's tools. Th€
second man gave his name as Joseph Gra
bin. Both were charged with carrying
burrlara kits.
• The house the men entered is a summer
cottage owned by George Beach. It is
vacant at present, but silverware and fur
niture were stored there. Grabin and Rossi
had packed all the silverware and several
suits of Beach's clothing when they wer*>
When the prisoners were arraigned be
fore Magistrate Fitch, In the Jamaica
police court, they were held for the- grand
Jury without bail.
Justice Ilendrick fixed yesterday Febru
ary 11 as the date for the trial of the suit
brought by Senator John J. Coyle. of Phila
delphia, against E. R. Thomaa to recover
JCO.OOO that Coyle alleges Is due him from
the defendant in connection with the ealo
of the Provident Life Assurance Society.
Thomas is in Europe recovering from an
automobile accident. Hi* deposition will ,*>«
taken abroad.
Joseph .Marks. seven months old, th« eon
of Mr. and Mrs w Joseph Harks, of No 54
East Broadway, died at Couverneur Hos
pital >--:•-! !ii.r:.: from the effect* of
burns .lue to the overturning of a kettle of
boiling water on Thursday. The boiling
water was on a table, and when the
. -„.,. head was turned little Joseph
pulled himself up to Ml kitc&ea ta.bJ**and
upset tb9 water oe him**.**
m m tm law
•ndictment Against Bankrupt for
Statements by Mail.
Arrest of J. R. Scheinberg May
Lead to New Procedure as to
Bankruptcy Frauds.
In Ins fight against fraudulent bank
ruptcies United States Attorney Henry A.
Wise has Cor the first time resorted to
prosecution of such bankrupts on the
charge that they used the mails in a fur
therance of the scheme to defraud cred
This new strategy will be directed against
ail those who circulate through the mails
false statements concerning their financial
standing, with a view to obtaining larger
quantities of goods on credit.
The first indictment on such a charge was
secured by Mr. Wise yesterday against
Joseph R. Scheinberg. of the firm of A. &
J. Schelnberi;, jobbers in woollen goods, of
No. 346 Canal street. Joseph R. Scheinberg
was arrested yesterday afternoon and ar
raigned before Judge Holt, who held him
In 51,0«» bail. William Rand, jr.. repre
sented the defendant.
The firm of A. & J- Scheinberg. of which
Abraham Scheinberg is the other member.
was placed in involuntary bankruptcy on
November 7on petition of creditors. In the
course of bankruptcy hearings the fact of
false financial statements was brought out,
and United States Attorney Wise ordered
the investigation which brought about this
indictment. Mr. Wise has been fighting
fraudulent bankruptcies through prosecu
tions for perjury, but the difficulty of se
curing conviction and the usually light pun
istiinent meted out Led him to look about
for a sew moans by which to put an end
*•■• the frequent frauds.
The Indictment returned by the grand
iury in this casp made a general charge
of using the United States mails to defraud
by circulating statements of the firm's
financial standing, In which the assets
were esagseiated by thousands and the
liabilities minimized by thousands for tho
purpose of obtaining credit through com
mercial agencies ana from wholesale
Although the firm went into bankruptcy
on November 7. with an indebtedness esti
mate! at $&O,OC-> and available assets of
!t>>p.. the financial statement of the firm's
trial balance up to May 1. the indictment
charge.", signed 'or the firm per J. H.
Seheinben? and -.^nt to Mr. Merguando,
cart- R. G. Dun 'A Co.. on May 10 last. -:\-"<i
the nrra's aisetß at 505.256 and its liabilities
at $32,124. ls.wins a Dei surplus in business
of $66,121. The Indictment charged that this
statement warn false and fraudulent.
Other firms named la the indictment to
whom similar statements were sent were
Brailstreet'?, Wood's Drygoods Commercial
Agency and M. D. Howell & Co.. H. & W.
H. Lewia. Btnrsbcrs. Schell & Co., Arn
>taedt C Co. and James Talcott. wholesale
firms wAlcfc alleged that they granted credit
on tbe strength of sue i statements.
Tho Indictment aroused great interest
among the members of the Merchants' Pro
tective Association. Abram L Elkus. of
J«mes, ScheP & Elkus. counsel for the as
sociation, said last night that if the indict
ment was sustained it might alter the en
tire method of prosecution for alleged fraud
in bankruptcy.
"If the courts sustain this view of the
law," Mr. Kikus said, "it will open the
door to many federal prosecutions through
out the country, and such an extension of
the scope of the postal laws is concededly
of great benefit to tb<? commercial com
munity. As a. practical matter I believe it
to be easier to obtain successful results in
prosecuting under this statute than in pros
ecuting in the state court, as past experi
ence baa shown us the difficulty of comply
ing with a!! the technical requirements of
the law.
In the mean time it is not amiss to sug
gest to the credit ,men the necessity of
keeping envelopes in which they receive
statements, as the National Association of
Credit Hen has advocated for some time,
in view at the possibility of such prosecu
Certificate Filed by Board Which
Examined the New Haven.
Boston, Dec. — A certificate validating
the outstanding securities of the New York,
New Haven At Hartford Railroad Company
was filed with the Secretary of State to-day
by the special commission created by the
last Legislature to examine the company's
property. This commission consists of the
State Board of Railroad Commissioners,
the State Tax Commissioner and the State
Bank Commissioner. Its report, in the form
of the validation certificate, shows that, on
June SO last, which it finds to be the only
i radical date of ascertaining the indebted
uesa the New Haven's outstanding capital
stock was $104,435,60-) and Its indebtedness
vas tm.VXm<L ft ••further certifies that
th? aggregate corporate a.-sets of the cor
poration were sufficient as of June 15. 1910,
to -ecure its outstanding capital stock and
Indebtedness to the amounts hereinbefore
fwo Discharged Policemen Reinstated
by Appellate Division in Brooklyn.
The Appellate trt vision in Brooklyn te
instatfd two alleged -police clubbers" yes.
te-lay-Jame6 H. Devon, of the 164 th Pre
cinct, and John Kelly, of the i63d Fractal*
both of that borough.
Uevon was tried on the strength of a let
ter written to Mayor Uaynor by Oscar E.
Gregor>. of NO. I* Hart street. W.Uiams.
burg who accused the patrolman of club
bing him without cause on the night of
January 11 at .Myrtle avenue and Broad
way He was tried by former Commis
sioner Baker and then was dismissed from
the force.
Kelly was accused of clubbing two boys,
Henry Dlckoff, eleven years old, and Frank
Jenny ten on As night of January IS.
Justice Rich asserted that the testimony
of the lada was evasive and contradictory
and should not have been accepted by the
Police Commissioner.
Answer to General BinghaaTs Libel
Charge Not Complete Defence.
The Appellate Division of the Supreme
Court decided against Mayor Gaynor yes
terday as to whether the answer of the lat
ter to the JIOO.OOO libel suit brought against
him by General Theodore A. Binjham. for
mer Police Commissioner, was a complete
defence. The court, by a 3 to 2 opinion,
decided in the negative.
The suit of General Bingham grew out of
the statements made by Mr. Gaynor while
Justice of the Supreme Court regarding the
case of George B. Duffy, a boy who com
plained that the police were hounding him.
justice Gaynor wrota to Mayor McCleilan
criticising the police and referring to the
"scoundrelly conduct" of Commissioner
In his answer to the suit the Mayor Bald
his communication to Mr. McClellan wa«
privileged, to which answer the plaintiff
demurred, declaring that it did not consti
tute a complete defence. Justice Green
baum, In the Supreme Court, overruled the
deraurrtr, which the Appellate Division
-Mm ha should have sustained.
Coiu./o : Settles with Lease
holders in Fifth Avenue.
Columbia University .•:.<! Its leaseholders
in the Fifth « venue blocks between 48th
ana 31st streets hare rca.v.n*d an agree
ment over the costly litigation In which
they hay» been Inv *-;?d for more than four
years. Tb<? f.djust!n?nt irithdraws a bitter
controversy from the courts.
1 •.<• troablr d rew out of an adjustment
b> the university of rentals of Its land.
This ction la many ca*«ra more than
doubled t*.-.c rent paid prior to the read
justment, which r. .s based on a percent
age of the new twines resulting from the
business growth vi the 1 surrounding section.
At the office of Taylor Brothers, who
have tuM many house* in the disputed
are for the university trustees, it was ad
mitted that a settlement had been reached,
but It was said the terms could not be dis
closed. From other sources it was learned
that Columbia will be paid, as a result of
the settlement, a rental for its lots based
at % per cent of the value of the ground.
CANVASSERS, house to house, in
greater CS'ew York, on a newspa
per proposition; good pay to ener
getic workers. Apply Room 314,
i'ribune Building.
AGENTS nru?t i=ee at once our new line of
fast selling patented novelties for 1011; nan*
better. Titus. 140 Liberty st.
BUTLER. StiO; second man. $40: French
speaking preferred; steady; small family;
city. Tel. 1928 Plaza. Morrow's Agency, 721
Lexington aye., cor. CSth st.
BUTLER. English: $60. Call, with written r*f
erences. Mrs. R. Strieker & Nephaw (Agency),
40 East 2Sth st. . '
CANVASSERS wanted to take orders for music
an i music books; liberal commission. tjeo.
110-lnetix, lot) 3th aye.. New York.
COUPLE. — Sib; smart private family; '^ hour
out Jersey; also waitress, $25. Telephone.
19'JS or 3632 Plaza. White or colored. Mor
row's Agency, 721 Lexington aye.. cor. ___ at.
COUPLE — and cook; 575. trained ser
vants; bring references. Mrs. H. Strieker &
Ntphew (Agency), ¥> East 2Sth at. __£;
DON'T BE IDLE; good workers make $3 to
$5 daily selling Suvio room heaters. Na
tional Co., 471 Bth aye.
DRIVERS. — Married men only; city concern;
<TJ weekly and commission; steady position.
Irwln's Agency. 77 Wtst 11th st. >.■■:'.'
EXPERIENCED trading stamp contractors; good
salary: permanent iKtsitions to right men. Ap
ply Liberty Trading Stamp Company, Samuel E.
URMMSrer. President. SO sth aye. **-.';tvv:
EXECUTIVE position open to gentleman of
standing; prefer ambitious -.young: man; give
ivtVrencei?; state experience: salary $3,000-
ikhi. Coufidential. Box 4, Tribune Ofnc«.
tIX PERI E N C E D tradinsr stamp contractors T»ood
salary; peroHUMM positions to rlrrhr men. Ap
ply Liberty Tra'linK btamp Company- Samuel E.
Basts«y«r, President. SO sth aye.
State experience and salary; by mail only.
O Kilter, secretary, 206-20S Ogden aye.. Jer
sey City. N. J. '
GROOM — man. medium size; ?45 and
room. Call Mrs. It. Strieker & Nephew f Agen
cy. 40 East 26) h fit.
INSURANCE MAN' can make $5.i>00 annually
handling: dials in our city sales department;
hustlers only need apply. United Realty, 100
Nassau st.
JANITOR, reliable famliy. German Gentile, for
801 East SBH st- Inquire 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.,
Mrs. Fihrer, 182 Broomo st.
KL'PTL'RED MEN everywhere wanted to can
vass '"The Sherman Rupture Appliance." Call
or address W. F. Meeaan * Son. 14 Thoma* st.
RENTING MAN' WANTED to handle leases
in tho downtown section of New York; must
have experience. United Realty. 150 Nassau st.
SALKS.MAN for Central South America; state
particulars and salary. '. Apply, by letter
only, 10 Kaltor, Fccrrtarv, Jer*ty City. N. J.
SALESMAN to take charge of branch offlce in
New York; clean ysunsf man of ability de
sired; excellent chance. • Permanent, Box 5,
Tribune Ortlce.
USEFUL MAN Private house; $35. Call, with
written references, Mrs. R. Strieker 4. Nephew
(A gencyt. 4" East 28th st.
VARNISH SALESMAN with trade: send ref
f-r>nces. by mail only, and state salary. The
Varnisol Co., Long Island City, S. Y.
WANTED — Young men to take double entry
course In bookkeeping for service; $10. Ad
dress Expert Accountant, I. Leifer, 117 W«st
142 d -t. ' Telephone 2537 ' Auduton. „.
j Female.
' AGENTS and others must see at once our
new line of fast selling patented, novelties
i for ism. Titan 140 Liberty st.
! CHAMBERMAID, fccoteh.- for city; wages $25;
family; must have good references. In
dustrial Association Employment Agency, 17
| West st.
I CHAMBERMAID— First class riferenoes r«
" Q':lred. Call Mrs. R. Strieker & Nephew
I (Agency). 40 East 2Sth «.
CHAMBERMAIDS (two) for private school; per
manent positions; good wages; any nationality.
InJuctrial Association Employment Agency, IT
West 42d st.
i Berom'a Employment Agency, 747 Lexing
ton aye. and 39th st.
COOK, for country; family of three; wages frso;
uny nationality; must have good references.
Industrial Association Employroent Agency, 17
West 42.1 St.
COOK, for small family, in city: wages $30 to
*a."»; any nationality ; must have good ref«r
on. ' Industrial Association Employment Agen
cy, 1" W«-at 42d st.
COOI-i. $!!.">, also |40; gnod reference* required.
Call Mrs. R. Strieker & Nephew (A?ency). 40
East 28th st.
COOK WANTED. S2S. Warfred & Berom's
Employment Agency. 747 Lexington aye. and
s!ith st.
COOK and LAUNDRESS, for city; any nation
ality; wages $30; family three. Industrial As
sociation Employment Agency. 17 Wrst 42d at.
COOK, for country: ftrat class small family; SCO;
brißS references. Mrs. R. Strieker & Nephew
lAiit-n.yi. 40 Kast 28th st.
COOK, German, for city; wages $3.") to $40; must
be experienced and have good references. In
dustrial Association Employment Agency, 17
West 42il St. ;
vate family: must have good reference.
Warfred & Berom'a Employment Agency, 747
Lexington aye. and 50th Bt.
GENER.'VL. HOUSEWORKEUH. $23; email farr.
ly. Oil!, with written references, Mrs. R.
Strieker & Nephew « Agency*. 40 Eastern st.
GERMAN GIRL, young, as nurse anil mother's
helper. Call, with inferences. Mrs. R. Strieker
& Nephew (Agency), 4U TSast 2*th at.
"GERMAN GIRL for general hOUMwvrk: family
of two; no washing; was" 525; must Imvu
good reference. Industrial Association Employ
ment Agency. 17 West 42d si. |
KITCHEN AID, $25: ttron«, experit-ncevi ; flnit
class refcrenc€S. rial! Mrs. R. Strieker &
Nephew (Agency). 40 East 28th it. _
LAUNDRESS wanted for private family.
Warded & Berom's Employment Agency,
747 Lexington aye. and 59th st.
two In family; $20. Call, with references. Ms.
R. Strieker & Nephew (Agency). 40 East 23th st.
LAUNDRESS, assist chambermaid: for country;
any nationality; wages SIS: must have cood
references. Industrial Association Employment
>e»r,ov, 17 Wear 42J St.
MAID and CHAMBERMAID combined; $25.
Call, with references. Mrs. R. Strieker &
Nephew (Agency), 40 East 2Sth st.
NURSE. Catholic, for srown children; wagea
$30; must have good references. Industrial
Association Emr'"y"^"t Agency. I" West 4^i at
>;UR?E for two-year-old chlM; country always;
brine references. Mrs. R. Strieker &. Nephew
(.Agency), 40 East 28th st.
NURSE Unfanfß); &?0; first class place; bring
references. Mrs. K. Strieker *■ Nephew (Agen
cy), 40 East 2Sth St.
?;IRSE for two children: *£S; city family,
rail, with rt-ft.rc nr*i. Mrs. R. .Strieker &
Nephew (Agency). 40 Elagt 28th at L
WAITRESS, also chambermaid, for amall fam
ily in cltv; wages; $'•*> each: any nationality;
must have good references. Industrial Associa
tion Employment Agency. 17 West 43d »t.
WAITRESS*. Protestant: family three adul'ji;
any nationality, wage* ? Al. Industrial A»
pociatlon Employment A«*ncy. 17 Weat 42d it.
•Phon* .1210 Bryant.
$'J»M22: small family. Call, with referenret.
Mrs. R. Strieker & Nephew (Agency). 40 Ea»t
fjta m. . .
WAITRESS and PARLORMAID comblaed: $23;
small family. Call, with references. Mrs R.
Ptrlcker & Nephew (Agency). 40 East 2sth st. __
"WAITKESS-PARLOKMAID, $25. for countrr:
three in family, bring r.-fer»nc*i. Mrs. R.
«tricher a N*«>phew (Agency). 40 Ea«t 28th at.
WO\EAN to care for small apartment: family
thre«: for bualness people. Apply 128 Weat
S!st at.. Holladay. _
▼OUNO Oini. for general houaevrork: nn» la<!r:
* no wa*hln*: was«» #22 to $23: any nationality;
must have rood ref«renra«. Indiiatrlal Avaccia
tlon Employment A«»«cy. 17 Weat 42i at.
ACCOUNTANT. — Books np«n«d. closed, written
up; audits inve»tl«ation». flnancUl Biatementa.
coat eysteniß. balance sheet*; references: terrna
reasonable. Accountant. 328 Went 41st at. Telo
phnn*. 8781 Bryant.
anil sewing; reilabl* work; pl«c« work or by
U-m \oh. Kewbill, 1W Wert 3<Jtlj at.
£00 Boom*. 120 Private Bath*.
Exceptional Culain«.
Hew ■ la Carte RestMraat.
Ktortrle Train SerrJr* 2» Mlaurte*.
Sl9l*-hlna\ 6kat!ni? and all outdoor arat»»»
ir«nts. Indoor hand tennis, bowlin*. pool. bi»
iar&s and dancing-. A delightful pUc» to »p*n<l
The Holidays and Week End. A HoroellM
Hotel overlooking beautiful West cheater County.
■ - - Hotel iirtimttn, lac ■
Always open. Always ready. Always tan?. i
F. L. YOUNG. Gcni lUsas—
N«w Tark Offic* : 1122 Broadway
December *ad January R»te» 1« *•*■••
■■;£¥% FLORIDA.
I Tropical Paradise — gmslj, fi«ih
IHustrated booklet free «■ rtqmi* •*
Atlantic Coa^t Llm. 13 19 B'war. >>w Y«rk.
Hotels BONTA and
Broadway. 93^ to 94th St.
Fireproof, Select Residential Hotel* for famine*
and transient «jestß. Two blocks from Klver«l_
Drive aad Central Park.
Beautifully furnished Suites of one, two ana
three rooms with bath, by day, week or monta.
Sect; for Illustrated descriptive booklet.
A. K. BONTA. Propristor.
In Breat variety
ef style and prlc*.
11l Fulton St.
EOT, IT. bright, intelligent an« quick, wishes
position in office where there is a chance for
advancement; not afraid of work; good refer
ences. Address M, Box 20. Tribune Office.
CHAUFFEUR — American; 24: thoroughly ■*___■<
honest and reliable; experienced with Pan
hard Fiat, Locomobile. Packard and Peerjess
car*. J. E. C. care MeGiiton. 966 3d aye.
ENGINEER wants pcsltlcn; electrician, plumb
ing-, steamntting: reference. Care of Koenix.
210 West 53d st.
SKIPPING, receiving or stock clerk, or Intelli
gent porter: can handle help, good marker;
'experienced, temperate; married man; best of
references. Address Shipper, Box 42. Tribune
Office. ; '
SOBER, middle aged man, witnout home, — ill
work for boarJ and Itx'jjin-- 1' work Is «_ t(>o
romininir- unquestionable references. Reliable.
Fox 27. Tribune OfT: -t.
wnnts position, temporary or permanent; also
ni«ht work: English stenoffraj>h«r; moderate
eharpes; references. Address L., Ecx 20, Tribune
YOUNG MAN wishes position as travelling com
panion: best references. Address M. 8.. 153
6ih aye.
WASHING. CoIored woman wishes family
washing: beat of references: reasonable;
called for and delivered to all parts of city.
10(5 West 132 d St.. 1««4 MorninersMe.
" Male.
BUTLER-VALET. — Swiss: eight yars* refer
ences last employer; city or country: under
stands his duties thoroughly. Miss FiuGerald'a
Employment Bureau, 503 3th aye. (.entrance '.a
4-d St.). - ,
COOK —By a first class cook; understands Ger
man" English and Hungarian cooking: small
wages'.' Ressel. Mills Hotel. Bleaker st.
COL'PLjE. — Japanese; man first class cook-valet;
wife good waitress or • chambermaid ; can taka
entire charge of apartment, except washing: lons
experience; best references. Oka. care at Stapel,
38 West Kith st. - - > .-•■-- __^_
COri J L.E. — Working foreman, thoroughly under
• tands fanning, gardening, horses, cows; wire
cook, butttjrinaker. board help: g>od referer.ee.
j. D.. B3 Greerwlch aye.
FARMHAND. SIB: Swede; rood milker and
'teamster; experienced In American farming;
rood reference. Carl, care of ■attbeWSSß
\g«ncy, 818 6th aye. Tel. 373 Bryant.
GROOM.- Thoroughly experienced; excellent ref
erence; city or country. Edward. 9SS M aye.,
cars of Scanlon.
COOK Good steady woman: first-class refer
ences; advertiser is deaf. Address L. T , care
of Miss R>an. 703 2d ay«.
D\.VS WORK, and laundry work at home: by
colored woman; reference. Fredlck, 206 Weat
SSth st. , „__
HOUSEWORK. — Father wants place for his
diughter* 15 years old; light housework; no
washing- no Jewish people: not out of the city.
Mrs. Wclchel, 400 Eiiet 21 8t st.
NURSE" — trained; will take entire
* charge of infant, delicate child or invalid;
seven years' reference last employer. M.. Miss
FitzGerald'a Bureau, 503 sth aye. Entrance
42d «t.
NURSE- VALET — German. -7 years old: taking
care of invalid; excellent masseur. Warber,
4 West n - -M at.
' Company, 43. -to and 47 West 64th St.— To
Mrs I. A. Ward, 11. B. Gugg^nheimer. Mrs.
\\- X Young Mrs. A. Fennell. Ml*s K. Oib
!in I'". W. Jacobs and Mrs. M. J. Millar, G. r..
1 Miird«»oai. M. I- Nichols, Samuel Gilbert, Ka
H Kieuscli. Charles H. Grant and George
Wharton James, Estate of Mrs. N. Baker and
Harry T 'Baker, Mrs. Ida Howland, Mra. M.
! m "Mather. Miss M. O'Halloran, T.. C, F.
Killian, Mrs. J. S. Mct^-an, .Mrs. J. W. Allison.
£ TV" Brown, Ml Grace W. Hoyt. Frank
HidKe. Estate of Mrs. L. M. Montusru^ and
Harry K. Mnntasrue. Mrs. ■F. M. Filed and
Sp>*af & C).. Ralph Webster and Jordan
MorJarty 4 Co.. Mrs. J. Muriel and Mathushtk
* Sons, Mrs. H. G. Well. A. W. Richardson.
Miss M. J. Dean, W. W. McLean. Dr. A. V.
Hhrie-. Mrs. Da Coursey Lindsay. Philip Kob
eon Jt>2in 11. Gould. Mrs. G. McMahou, Mrs.
Allan Taylor. Mrs. M. H. Pataky. Mrs. M. L.
Mertvsr Estat* of Mr*. Ktnry lOiiy. W. 11.
Kelly and IJllie E. Kelly. Mrs. "W. H. Hunt:
You and each of you .ire hereby notified that
the time for the payment at our Hen upon the
property hereinafter described having expired,
afier due notice thereof Jihu been given you,
w<« Trill cause euch property, to wit; household
goods and merchandise, stored by you or in
your name in the v/an-hou») of ON eompajsy.
to bf sold a* pub'lc auction, according to tho
itatut^ in such case nudp ani r»rovid»J. Nt
the auction rooms of W. H. Kla.t:au i Son,
southeast corner IStli ft. find Urivcralty Pine-,
Now York City, commencing Tuesday. January
lTth. 1&11, at 10:30 a. m., and coutinuitiz <>n
, ever'v T'lesday and Wednesday thereafter, •at
the "same placn and hour, until all the goods
haw been sold. Liberty Stttrag* and Ware
:,, „.^.. Oornp*»nv. 4^>. *'< »ri -*" W«-yt 'i4tn st.
Army. 30 Whitehall street. New York City. N.
V"., December 22. 1010. — Sealed proposa's. in dupli
cate for furn'.ahlns an.l delivering subsistence
stores in this city at such times ad may be re
quired by the V. a. Government, en or before
February IS, 1911. will be received at this sfttot
tlon furnished on application. Envelops con
tainlns; bids ahould ba marked "Proposals for
Subsistence Sturtsa, opened January Z, 1911,"
and addressed to Col. A. L Smith, A. C. <.;..
C. S. Army.
proposals. In triplicate, will bo received h>-r«
until 2 p. m.. Jan. 30. 1911. tor furnishing ani
lnstallins a complete Central Energy Telephone
System as per drawings and specifications in this
<>ffVcf-. Proposals from manufacturers of tele
phone apparatus and cables only will be consid
ered. The Uuited States r»g«rve9 the right to
reject any or all proposals, or any part thereof.
■anas for proposals furnished upon application.
Addran Qoartennarter, \TVeat-' Point.' N. Y.
December 30, 10JO — Sealed proposals, In tripli
cate, will be received here until 1:30 P. M.,
January 20, I9M, for electric freight and« paa
s«nger cars Information .>:: application. iTima
of delivery will be considered in making award.
Envelopes containing prcposa.!s to be marked
"Propoaala for Electric Cara. to be opened Inn
uary 2t», 1911." and addressed to M. OP.AT
JIAtJNSKI. Deputy Q. M. General. V. 8 X. ,
r« pot Q. M.
BIG liABUAI.VS— SIUtMI* u»»vj ulCc* furnttur*
desks, typ«wrttera. run reaiatara adding m*
ebtaaa. n>tßMo«r*pha. Bilr.g cablnata. aa'ca. ad
dr»«,;,i« roactiincs. tlmm eiocka. partltl^LJ check
ajofwra. boolrraaaa. NATHAN'S. 4 Whlf iJt
SE3KS, partition*, lr. »{>•<>«- booths, table*.
cbalra. wardrobea. mirror wall fixtures. bual«
ness furniturit all kinds Plan liruihrra. 'Ait
B1B 1 ■ ad »a>. f.O r-ranlilin it.
\>■ -<i iiMiiLr, <i» .>d»«iiu SI.; catalogue
free; all make* tulian part payment: bar( a |a#
to Uaoarvsesß. lUsuostvns. OUveft. frattka.
Tmi TASt.lt.
iH _n*_^_^^T^nTiY____ I
fii Hi ■! il i*jii kHI Ik I*ll
nni of
385 •'
Om Million
tAMKRIKA Jan. S. 11 A. 11. JC£ »T «*" IT.**** ton «te»-«— «. „»(««)
JBAT4VIA Jan. 11. 9A. M. with si: modern safety -*"' -. a ™l * _ C
|FRR«IDE?nr GRA>T Jan. «ft. »A. M. O trie I * l1 ' ,S!s! I^'mSS
Restaurant. Orm.. BJoetrlc Bathe. El«- __L J. » £UTVEI-Vy» _f«a. -•
jHaaibury via Cherboorc L— l Tcirin D-?t. for TVne ?;vcf7»_ I »g_
Th« ORIENT, WEST INDIES. SOUTH AMERICA. Around ths World. ste.
Leavtatc STew T«rk
' Writ* for Detailed It—
R Of! II «— * " 6EOP6H WISHINGTOB " - -
4% ' MAILS JAM"\K\ 3RD.
OAf IflOfl * *•*" *• T*y n »"» th »"<» Cherbourg — 8 daj« t» Bremen.
i»«»»»^» hiDIA FAH KASt AC9TJUUA
I OVtl •— — "BERLIN" —
It A. M. ; Twla-Screw & Fa«t tO mit» Gibraltar. "■■ • -
»-~— . c.«< nM Mall Samnra. Connections mad* for »11 Medltsrranean.
Expreu Saßlne*. m^-^ a. G r..Jan.H Black Sea and Far EaJtera Poris. W|r eIMB
O. WMhtn*ton.J«B. S ' »RheJa. -Tne«.. Feb. " «nd Submarine Signals- Traveler* Cfceelrt
K'firtni Wm..Jaa.W j Bremen. Feb. 21 Good All Over :h* World. la<ie©eaC«t
Priiw F. Wm.Jan.Sl ! •Roon. Mar. 2 Arourwl-th»- World Trt^J t^ s g^,,^, * T
K -priii i Win..F*K 14
'Br#tne« direct.
White Star linc^RivicnLltaiy.Egypi
bids * l—o fIM Largaart Skl_aw la Haw Ta*a>aVw
Aurauury H Fcfera— ryS ___-__-_-— Ihmij ____> Mat rc_ a
-f^^^mwyft FelW— l7B JSJSJBjSjIJ 9 M___tC_ fj
__• _ ______ __v^_r "V—MP—i «^^^^^^
Romanic Pebmtry 4 Cretfc... Marea 2t
Romanic March 18 Caafcpie.... April •
Offices, t (TflL lift l«-r% Mr Pier CX ■- (W. »i ft.) li. T. j
Plymouth— Cherbourg —
' St. Lcuia Dec. 31 1 St. Paul -'»=• "
•Oceanic Jan. T I •Adriatic...... -.J»p- **■
•White Star Line Steamer. Pier 61. >• "-
Red Star Line „*:*
: New -Cherbourg- Dover- Antwerp > ;
1 Kr.>oniand Jan. 4! Finland • • Jan ' X ,t
j Lajjland (new).. 11l Vaderland *co. t
i White Star Line 53.V
Plymouth — CNe«-bourq — Southsmoten j
j fat Louls..Dec. 31. 10 a mTtSt Paul.... Jan. 11
' Oceanic Jan. 7. 10 am' Adriatic. ....Jan. SI ;
f American Use steamer from Pier 62. M. K
.\>w Y"rk— Queenstown— Liverpool
■ Me^antlcJan. 14. am 1 Baltic yeb. It !
: L*urentlcJan. iS, 11 am Laiirentic *cc. -»
Grand vacming cruises
Line ■
West Indies, South America
and Canal Zone
31 Davsl Sails Jan. 28th| «^.
™. Isi!d*lareh4tu| $150
Trlp I Visiting I V
i Porto Ric« I St. Thom«j, I Gat<Jeloup«
Barbados I Martinique, Curacao ■ Tnn:d«<l
! Venezuela I Haiti, Cuba ■ Panama
j Jamaica laaaaaaasanasssßßal B«h»m M
Interestirur aide trip*. Inc. rail to Panama Canal,
fa.-enrer Oflicfi, » B'way (Trt. -iIW He tor >
• and Pl*r 63. >. R. (We«* ZSd St.. >. V.J.
c ' The Ideal Winter Tour.
- -' 'Leaves January 4. 11, 14. 13.
5 TO 15 DAY TOURS. .«Qff. so
. HOTKLS, DRIVES. ETC. » *^*» Cp.
245 Broadway. 2*» and MB Fifth Aye..
j G-i'J Madison Aye. New York.
Thero a*<» two vacancies with !
a high clsb» limited Clark Tour 1
Starts Jan. 25. &5. '•Celtic. $2,100 far».
Frank C. Clark. Tlmea Bid?.. New York.
1»» no IQII 10 Tour* Under Escort.
C«Urup — . a m a (i imaiiamisiaia sns ready.
| MARSTERS TOURS. 31 W. 30th St.. N. Y. C. l
In th.* Matter of the Application si Xaumbu.-sr
1 Prince Co. for authority to change its tine to
' Prince Laut^n Co. Notice is hereby giv^n that
j the Naumburs Prince C'j-, a domestic corpora
j tic n, bavin? its principal business offlce in thi •
I City of New York. County of New York an- !
State «>f New York, will apply to the Supreme ,
Court of the State of Hew York, at special Term.
Part I laaraat to be held in the County Court !
I House. In the Borough of Manila County of j
! New York, .^tate of Netp York, on the ICth day j
! of January. lyll. at 10:30 o'clock in the forenoon ;
of that date, or as 3003 thereafter as counsel car. •
I be heard, for an order authorizing said corpora-
I tion to change its corporate name to Prince
I Lai: ten Co.
Dated. New York. December 13th, 1910.
NAtraißtrßO PRINCE CO.
By J. PRINCE. President. i
! THEODOFtR PRINCP. Attorney for Petitioner. I
Otllce and Pest Offie« Atdress: Fifteen TVHI- ;
tarn Ptr-et. Borougii of itanhattan. New
York City.
KANKBOOK No. 311,643 of tho Union Dime Say- j
inga Bank Is missing. Any person having x |
claim to It is hereby called upon to present the
aarr.e within ten jay» or submit to having said
passbook cancelled and a new one Issu«?iL
LOST.— December 30, Bankbook No. 4r>7,393 .-.?
Dry Dock Savings Institution. Any parson
having claims upon said book is called upon to '
present sime M 0M baas within thirty days, or (
the said book will be declared cancelled and ex— ,
tir.ffulshed and a aewjone issued in lieu thereof.
LOST.— Bankbook No. £25.475." Bank for Say- I
ings. SM 4th aye.. New York. Pay: . .
stopped. Pleaa* return book to__bank.
LOST.— Bankbook No. &5«..*."t>. Bank f>r Sav
ings, all 4th ay*.. New York. Payment .
stepped. ' '.--?■• returnjbook to back.
— Bankbook No. 99T.8SS. Bank for Kar- j
injrs. -■*('> •»'-'! uve.. Now York. i'j. -r.;
gtoppcdL i'lease return book to bank.
Abn-r C Taasaaai a Surrogate Bf the Coucty of
New York, notice is hereby tri^en ti> aD persons
hav'.r.j claims against Cornelius B.Mitchell, late
of the County nt Now York, deceased, to creient !
1 the same, with vouchrrs thereof, to the sub- j
•criber. at h«r place of tr.ansacticc business at j
the •••flee of Mitchell & Mitchell. No. -14 and 43 .
V.'ail street. In th« City of New York, sja or BS« !
fore the 30th clay of January. 15)11. next. (
Dated New York, the gain day of July. 1910.
MARY X D- MITCHELL. Executrix. !
MTTCHELL & MITCHELL. Attorneys for Kx< f
ecntriT. 44 »nd 46 Wall street. Manhattan. '
Now Ynrtt City. {
N. Y. CARPET ruv. a xi.vn WORKS. ~|.
Old«st. Largest. i^Jt Mo<<erti.
Price* Reasonable. Send for Circular.
! t.i. jP'-'. l .!.-n- r>-, -- itt--»"*o \V. i^-*i «> 1
by compr««s«d air. steam, hand or en floor. !.
I IR.V« PmtdwiT, 421 Knsi 4*th at. COB % i
*Knr tvi 132— 3* th
" REMEDIES. — — - Ij
tflOKOl'fih. r«c-i'«wr>r •t : hr» Ift (Ml i'
of HI ««»D i-r-H*)S. NKRVOCS liK.RH-IVV ;
BI..IDIIKR COMi*IAWT» an' kindred «*'•»• t
' m». • r. l'.-f at one* in dancerous cases, r»c*r.: j
1(1 ■ ■■'ti ' th- 1 1 «I»Eir!nE only ftr«t ■ '■»>• »v i-r. rifl •
t*atmi"Tif' »»>«tiifl mil. Pr BON.'fHUH. the ««U
kiowß ip« -laMI. 5» W Mth t Hour*. »-J T-a
x\ THE TRIBUNE will be received at the fol
lowing Branch Offices at Main Office Rates: 1364
Broadway, 157 East 125 th St, 263 West 125 th St.,
104 East 14th St, 264 Bth Aye. and 1035 3d A*e.
By the Steamship BLUECHER
(12,500 tona). for the East Coast of
South America through the Strait* of
Magellan and up the West Coast to
Valparaiso. Chi la. Across th« Andes,
etc. Duration 74 DAYS. Rale* $350 op.
ark» of AM Cl !<■■■
NE. 41-4.> Hro.itlwav. >. Y.
©elri-b« A Cm.. On.
n >^ P% P:era foot 9.' ami
Largest. Fastest. Finest Fhlpa afloat.
Wireless Telej^aph. Submarine Elcaal.
Qoeenatowo Hfchranrd— LiTerpa»l
1 Campania, Jaa. 4. 10 A. M-iCanipaai* . .Jan. »
Fikhscnard and IjTerpool
• Lusitacla, jau. IS. t> a. m.|Miuretaai».....y«b. *
Pannonla.Teb. 25. noon|9axoTi!a . . Mar. •♦
■ LT*«»la. . . Mar 23. noonJPanaonJa- . . Apr. 13
FiV!£RA lULi tfiYPT '.
Gibraltar Aig'.ers VUlefraocho Genca
■ Alexandria ;urr.e. '- •"* tiurn».
: Carrr.ania 2«>,«m»(> tons ...... Jan. .. "Feb. 13
Caroma 20.000 t«sn3 Jan. — 1 .
i Franconta TS.OiMt tons, new steamer.. "March II
RHYTHM A?io Po ' 4Ts IM
. FALL RIVER LINE. V!.- Newport and Fall
River. Lv. Pier I'J. N. R.. fu Warren St.. wselc
days and Sundays. 5:00 p. M. Stra. PRISCILLJI
and PROVIDENCE. Orchestra, on each.
! NORWICH LIKE. Vli New London. Lt. V\>r
40, N. R.. ft. CUrkson St., w«elc-days. 5:09
P. M. ; Pier 70. E. R-. ft. E. 2Cd <:.. 6:30 P. K.
NEW HAVEN LINE, for New Haven. Hart
ford. Sprirsfleld ana North. w«?*k days only.
Leavs Pier 'ZS. Z. R.. 2:45 P. if. Str. RICH
Tickets, staterooms and information 'at City
i Ticket Office. 171 Bmsfl'viv. near Cortlandt St
Telephone 5121 Cortlandt. - Also-at N* Y. Trans
fer and Tonrtst Offices and at Piers.
EC) l *li fJ 1 ill? PIER "• WALL ST.
lICJ V LlnZ Kerry. n'k!;i at toon.
For Saa Juan. P R-. La Guayra. Pto. CSlisna,
Curacao and iiara^utoo. via Curacao.
FOR Mayas'jez. P. R.. La <jja>T«. Curacao and
Ma.racaibo. -'. .
llAlUO>niO..J'iii lIiZULIA Jan. 25
Superior Acccramodatlors »cr Passeasera.
! - BLI3*S. DALI£TT & CO..
i Cenwxl Mara<ersu 82 Wan at.
fta *. S4OO -ip for 71 -:v.i Shor* trtcsi
ALL INCLUDED Round World Tour Jan. j_
Riviera-Italy. Jan. and Feb.; 30 Tours to Europe.
S>ec :•■ program desired.
. FRANK C. CLARK. Tim*« Bl ' ; »w Tor*
For Boya and Tounsr Men — City.
i "lfty-thirJ T -an
Will rropen, day •*««!«>.«, Tii»«la.f. Jan. 3
Erenlnc 8«s«Ian. TVednnidar, Jaatiarr 4
Commercial and
Stenographic Courses
IndiTidnal ißstrnctlon. Enter at »■ »
time. Call, write, or telephone, far pro*.
XOl-103 Ka»t -'3rd St.. cor. Frtartli Aie.
Subway Station at doer.
V *
For Both Sexes City.
thi: beri.;t7 SCHOOL or MKGtTAffES.
Madison Sou*" HViZ Broadway; Hi.'lta
Branch. 343 Lenox vv c ., bet. 127 th and 12St!»
1 it. Brookivr Branch: :'<-"Jo :..<3{«sj au
Private Lesions and Classes. School or H««l
4cnc». Terras !.e«si:.-,*hit rrl»J LeMoa rr»*
Term now on.
Practical stas?craft. correct ft)»jlt!r» aal
style "cprcUlty taught. Address car» of
ANGER ,* JORD\N. 1132 Broadway. Nl.N 1 . T.
Afu«»rlca!» an.i t--ireisn 'I«a«-her>» Annrf
■arplfe* Prcffssors. Teachers. Tutors. '"»««
•rnesse*. <;&. '-■ Colle«»s. Schools ,>?•! T.i:~:ltas»
Apply to Mrs. M. J. 7OCNC-FXTT.TON;
S8 rjatoai
for Th* Tribune, received at their Uptown Oflic*.
>■' 136! Broadway. fcrf.ve«-n 3t'-th and tlth st*.
oniil 0 o'clock r. ra. > dTertlsercVnt* received at
: tbf follc^lnff br<tr<-?i cfSees at "i; :iroflc« r3t»*
: tmtll Saf«loca p. m.. vfx. : SM 9th ay*.. s- «. cor.
; Cl.;C 1 .; *t.: tSI eth «ye.. cor. I2th St.: tO4 Fist Mt?l
=?.■ '-T. 7 W*st )•• ' ft.. h«tTF^-T> fr»« an * -»
IBY '.'Hi; of *r-veral chattel mortar-uses.
> ganMMl N>mwit?*»r. anction<-^r. will sell to
1 '•\. sit 1) o'clock, at No. 401 East 23d a*..
Borouijh of U"»r.h3?t?n. snloon f.xivrrs tor-
I merly tt Nos. 21.17 First axe- ISM Broad\rar
; an.'. 75 Norfolk St.. Manhattan Borou«h.
> - - ■■
j Joovn ALL. ■■'«('> rOß^— Satisfactory
«l»-al!n*. Pl»«ipt raa*) pay-cents for mmpttts
1 Ifbmrte^ or small collections of rnt3cell3n»oti»
l»*<«ratur» .-. -i always ><• obtained. •:■ V> r
|i i■K > V *? l '" ■u'-*f\- "-V ■-••'- WM Wrc«d.
i HIUHE3T PRICES paid for UiJes" a&i sent;*
1 men's «!l'scard < "d evenJnir and street ,-■. ... v
I Jewelry, etc. Mac. Nafta!. 74S €tn »»«. 'VhOtt*
i K7fl~ ■■ ■ \-\\

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