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pushing th^ir way through the" crowd
Jn the corridor and setting into the room
her- Robin was. It was then that Dr.
Hint interrogated Robin and -the latter
»aid thai he had taken the poison.'
Doctors Apply Stomach Pumps.
Hcbin was immediately removed pn a
!-<:•,■% to a private room to the Dis
trict Attorn*:*"* oQce, across the hall,
end. the stomach pump applied, and after
lie -was temporarily disposed of Mr.
Jerome. Assistant District Attorney Nott
and Dr. Flint appeared before . Judge
*"rair.. to whom Mr. Jerome said that
tie. client -•■• .- in no condition to be
"The man has taken i drug and cannot
be stimulated."' said Mr. Jerome. "Am
bulance surgeons and a physician are
r.ow working over him. The drug was
taken under unavoidable conditions."
Mr. N't; said he would like to exam
ine Dr. Flint, and the physician was
F-vcrn m Oat T.itnecs stand. Dr. Flint
testified that he had asked Robin
what he had done, and that the latter
*aid he had taken the poison tablets and
was- dying-. Dr. Flint said that lie found
the prisoner's pulse to be 160 and very
feeble, and Oat pupils cf his eyes di
lat«jc. and that there a? every other
Fvraptom <-,♦■ being poisoned.
He told- me that he had taken twelve
tablets of htroacajaHaalai thrpe-quarters of
£a --■ ■ before I interrogated him," said
X>r. Flint. "His sirt»r told me that the
tafclsts were in 1 bureau at her home,
r--: th3t her brother had been accus
tomed to taking: the druc in small doses
to. counteract the effect of morphine
T-hich was given to him to relieve pain
Judge Train asked Hie witness If
■•-amin was used to counteract the
effect of morphine. Dr. Flint said it was
k> used- in p:nall .■: : - --<- He said he
uniserttoofl that th» table's contained
1-112U1 of a grain «ach. about 2-lOth <"'
c grain in th? whole dose Robin took.
S r- amount ""hich ■<• ■■-• -;:--i probably not
rrev? I3tal.
Arriignasent Fcstpsr.ed.
* _■*;$ tur'-fcer court proceedings were
iwld ipol a nf arreed to putlpeoe
■BehtB 1 * arraignmeiit ißilaflnltwly pending
Vj.c .... from the effects of the
Rohin rallied considerably Brooi his
fkaper sf *er he was taken to the Tombs
vctpital -"-ard, and was soon 2bie to g^t
ir.to 1 "■■■-. vue ambulance with little
£Ft:st --;r end be taken to the hospital.
The contents of Robin's stomach were
t=nt to the laboratories ef the Health
DefMUtxa«at to be analyzed and deter
mire -"-nether or not he had actually
laJrea thY poison.- .--..c- :.
r , bln arrived at BcU«vue at 4.30 p. m.
in -. .-.7. cf Berry Theiss. a. keeper from
Hm Tomb?. He did net reem to be m a
---: condition when he reached the hos
pital. The necessary pipers •* ere signeo 1 .
aJnfi inside ci ten minutes he was in his
t>s^itt.z- -- 2 bed fa the prison ward. He
ii held an the allegation cf grand lax-
C6ny. no- caaMBB being entered against
Siiic for attempted suicide.
Dr Minas B. Oregon', of the psycho^
£„.»,.,;. - Tr -: talked to mete for a short
tirr.". He Beted him if he would have a
glass -; -water, but instead of answering,
lsT'saidi EcWn locked at the ceiling end
Mice EcUsrdt. of Wo 557 T\*est lS4th.
c--r. was v-=.:t:r.g in Eellevue. ""ith a
tare "••■• ho 7-cu'd net give his name, to see
Rcbin". She speks to Rabin as he Uy en
t s .t stretcher in the reception room, and
UtiUsrtrasQl shs bbM. she thought he was
in very good ehspe Miss Eckhsrdt de
rJea that she v/as- in any way related to
"... but she Bald she *« hi? private
_. s — — v
—""I am'sXLtHziS to blaa now when he
hat re :r^r.d? bccinati I believe in him,"
fhe. BaaSeaL "and because I am a great
' -:. : cf his sister. Kot half of the
,v..__ sold atout him -"ill re found to
bt true.**
Robin's a?e as- given as thirty-six '
r-eajE. At Che hospital it was said Cheat
the. usual doEe of hyoscyamin was one
twelfth of a grain, tut that a man who
bM been in the habit of taking it could
KtßSd I much larger dose.
: Rcbin We!! Thrcuahcvt Night,
D^tectivec Flccd and Leigh, who spent
the- night &t the Robinowitch home,
wad that F.obin appeared to be in pretty
ma§ health. They said he talked con
i i«ra.bl> wilh hie sister and a nurse
• end showed no sign? of collapse until he
- -was being- taken out of the automobile
at the Criminal Courts, Building.
Dr. "Walter EenseL sanitary superin
tendent of the Health DepejrtßßßVt. said
last night that Robin could have lakes
- r^vlce as much hyoscyamin. and except
for a heavy sleep, would bawe been none
the arena for the experience. The drug-
Is generally BBBi hypodermic ally, ac
cording to Dr. Bend, and it would be
! difficult to pay IB a. general way what
amount would prove fatal.
"it. : , a. strens alkaloid." said Dr.
Sense!, ■■• generally used in cases of
? ,-n>^:c nervous* disorder as a sedative.
It is often used when a patient is on the
r »r r A cf delirium tre.mens."
It developed yesterday that the Public
Bervic*. Commission some, time ago de
. ■ »-; the application of the South Shore
Traction Company, one. of Robin's con
, .- rs to exercise a. franchise obtained
-.-.- Board of Estimate and Appor-
Ucmnsst for the construction of a street
■ -» !v.-sy from the boundary line of Nas
eau and Queens counties through Ja
-"triaica and iJons Island City and across
The Queensboro Bridge to ilajiha.ttan
It ▼•as denied on the grounds that the
s Interests of th" city had net been prop
: «rly guarded. On appeal the Appellate
IMvisjon of the Supreme Court reversed
the order and directed that the applica
tion b* grantod.
It is knov.-n. roT.evpr. that the com
mission has never been BBtieaaßd with
•this interpretation of the law. While the
- majority of the commission has never
teen friendly to the claims of the. South
Shore, it has never expressed any opin
ion on the question M to whether or not
the real object of the enterprise might
be to Baal the unbuilt road, cither to the
Pennsylvania or other interests.
City's Money Deposited Saturday.
Deputy City Chamberlain Walsh will
■ consult to-day -■■■•]> Corporation Counsel
• "VTatson to ascertain whether It Is not
; postible lor Xhe city to recover from the
' Northern Bank, independent of future
! *<sjustment, 110,000. the amount of a
'• <!epCEit mad*, by the Deputy Receiver of
: Tares on Saturday.
The deposit was mad* Is** Saturday
I find is not thoupht to have been through
| the bank's books before. the bank •«•&*
• niF*d by th* State Superintendent of
I B2.2k.inir, Monday having b^en a legal
vtoU<sayrv toU<sayr
Examiners from the Banking: Depart
ment were hard --• work on the books of
tie Northern and the "Wafehington Sav
ingfc bark* yesterdaXi but it will b*
••••■er*. 1 days yet, it was eal<3. before any
report as to their exact condition can
be made. .
The Northern Bank owes the State of
Xew York SS.IS6 21 for the taxes on the
capital stock of the institution, and the
Attorney General took steps yesterday
to see that the state received its money,
obtaining: from Justice Amend an order
directing Superintendent Cheney of the
State Bankinc Department, in charge of
the Northern Bank, to pay over the
money due to the Receiver of Taxes.
The money will be- collected from the
Justice Page Finned s.n order yester
day turning- over to Superintendent
IKHiiilllii ef the State Insurance De
partment, the assets of the Rochester
Title Guarantee Company, one of the
concerns in which Robin was interested.
Mr. Hotchkiss received the Instruction
of the court to wind up the affairs of
the company.
The action of the court forestalls .any
effort to involve tlie company with other
Roi>in concerns. The assets aC the
Rochester Title Guarantee Company
were seized by the Attorney General last
v.-»»k. when the first rumors of trouble
in -the affairs of Robin reached Albany.
The assets have a nominal value of
$150,000. The Attorney General told the
court that in his dealings with this in
stitution Robin had been guilty of ques
tionable practice?, declaring that Robin
substituted questionable securities for
■seal one? One of the securities was a
note for $50,000 made to the Northern
Bank. The value of 0* note is not
"Kid* Howard, Shot Entering
House, Succumbs in Hospital.
Thomas Wandles. alias "Kid" Howard,
alia? "Tom*" Hanley. who was shot on
1 the night of December 9 while trying
;, o <=nt.er the home of Feter A- Talpey,
at No. 10S Pennington street. Passaic
I died last night in St. Marys Hop
i pita!. Fa&saic, from the effects of the
j wound. Until yesterday it was expect
ed that wandks would r&cover.
! Wandle? had been sought, by the po
] lice of several cities previous to his
afreet for robbing Talpey's house. With
"Wandles en that night was a young
woman known as Jean Mitchel. She
I appeared in the County Court in Fater
1 sen yesterday and pleaded guilty to
i being an accomplice in the burglary.
Mrs. Eurnar. of No. 203 Cumberland
avenue. Brooklyn, said to be Wandles's
; mother, visited the hospital in the early
jp~<n of the week. She said it was the
fourth time" she had peer! her son in ten
I -."are.
Yonkers Patrolman Was Only
Obeying Orders, However.
Patrolman Thomas Morri£sey, the former
Marathon runner, now on the Yonkers po
lice force, saw a light last night in the
second ?tory of the home of Mrs. H A
St. John. v -?. r- 1 "* Warburton avenue. He
rang the bell, but as his summons was un
answered he set a citizen to watch the
house while he called the reser"es "When
reinforcements arrived they were posted
around the. house while Morrissey climbed
up a porch post just as the light was ex
.Flashing hi? electric lamp 2nto the room
be surprised Mrs. St. John in tbe act ef
getting- into bed. :On whistled to her jioe,
but before "Tic" arrived Morrissey had
b«sun an explanation. of his presence. Po
lice Headquarters hed been afised to keep
careful watch of the Bt. John house as
the family was going away; that was why
vs. rj-35 there. Mrs St. John ha/2 changed
her mind about going away; that to^.« why
she "'a- - there.
Woman Slips on Fire Escape and
Hangs Till Rescued.
Mr? Mary Northrup. who lives en the
fifth Boor of the double fiathouss Nos
214 and Cl 6 East r.3d street, was. hanging 1
out clothes from the fire escape last nigh.t,
v. hen the floor of the framework tipped
•upward, and the fell through. She man
eg-ed to grasp a cross section of the fire
escape as she dropped.
Mrs. >Torthrup is thirty-one years old.
and she weighs over two hundred pounds.
For fully five minute? she hung suspended
by her hands, while women neighbors
screamed for help. The woman's baby
boy was in the kitchen a few feet away
and began to call "mother." Mrs. North
rup. as she swayed fifty feet above the
pavement, told the little fellow that
Mother -was ail right," and that ' hs must
not be anxious for mother v-ould be
&aved." Bhe feared the child would climb
out of the window.
The screams of Che) women In the other
apartments had .seat several men racing
up the stairs to the aid of Mrs. Northrup.
and th* janitor, Arthur Ericson. reached
lier by climbing up the fire escape ladders
from the ground floor. The woman was
saved by EriCEon, whf> lifted her from be
low, and by George. Schumacher, Mortimer
O'Connor and Alexander Dempster, who
forced their way into the Northrup apart
ment and aided the janitor by dragging
The fainting woman into th« kitchen -win
A physician was called when the rescuers
had lifted her into the kitchen. A doctor
of the neighborhood responded. He found
that hi 3 patient's arms and hands were,
badly swollen, and that she was suffering
from shock.
Julia Kuttner Gets Marriage An
nulled on Technicality.
The Appellate Division of the Supreme
Court granted to Julia Kuttner Earl* yes
terday an annulment of her marriage to
Ferdinand Pinney Earle. the artist. The
action was brought by Mm. EarJe- to annul
her marriage to Eaj-le, which took place in
Venice- on March 1", l? 06. It was lust prior
to this marriage that EarJe took the public
into his confidence by announcing he had
discovered his '"affinity."
"Earl* was married in March. 1903. to
Marie Emilie Fishbacher in Paris?, but
abandoned her a few years latrr. In 190S
his first wlf* sued for divorce on the
ground of desertion. She was successful,
but neglected to "transcribe the executory
part of the decree in the register of the
'etat civil.*" where the marriage was re
corded, which was necessary to make the
divorce effective. Sirs. Earl? complied with
this technicality in May, IMS. two months
after Earle's marriage to Julia Kuttner.
In her suit for an annulment Mrs. Julia
Kuttner Earl* ?aid Earle had no legal
right to marry her. as he was still the
hu*band of Ills first *ife, and continued
such until she had finally registered the
decree of divorce, two months after the sec
ond marriage.
Albany. Dec. 30.— Samuel S. Koenig. Sec
retary of State, bade farewell to the two
hundred men and women employed In that
department to-day. Througn the first dep
uty. Thomas F. Fennel!, of Elmlra. th« em
ployes presented Mr. Koenig with a large
oil painting of himself and a ,-ut ?JaEfe
flower holder. Secretary Koenig- compU
raecti-d tho employes en their loyalty to him
and to the itate.
General Luque Loses Four Days'
Fight, Is Report Received
at El Paso.
Mexican Forces Win Battle at
Mai Paso, Wednesday-In
surrectionists Defeat
ed '' at ' Tampichi.
El Paso. Tex., Dec. 30.— A special to "The
Times" from its correspondent in Chihua
hua says:
"L.uque'6 relief column has encountered
four day?' fierce fighting near Casa, Colo
rada. and its loss is fix hundred men killed.
The rebels' loss Is slight. The column is
badly demoralized. -Navarro's command Is
still bottled up near Mai Pa so." ";.':;£
Chihuahua, Mexico (via. El Paso. Tex.),
Dec —An official report was received to
day statins that Colonel Escuedero. com
manding a scouting force of the federals,
encountered a band of rebels in Mai Paso
on Wednesday, and that after some fighting
ths latter retired. No details were given
as to the killed or wounded.
Th« report was tent by General LuQue to
General Hernandez, commanding' the Chi
huahua military zone. General Luque de
clared that the pass was cleared and it was
he who asked for the repair train which
left here yesterday afternoon. This train
did not enter the pass yesterday, but at the
railroad office to-day it was stated that the
telegraph line. probably would b9 restored
by night.
In the absence of details, officials believe
it wa.s only a email band cf scouting: rebels
that was encountered. It is certain that
Luqu« would not have ordered an unpro
tected repair train into the pass unless he
felt certain there was no formidable opposi
Rumors •which have now been current for
five days, continue, to the effect that there
has b«en serous fighting. There la no con
firmation of the reports.
At noon the telegraph line was working
only as far west as San Antonio, where, It
was said, soldiers were putting up the sec
ond station of the proposed wireless system.
This guard is occupying the rude fortifi
cations made of quartz, erected by the
remnant of the Guzman command, wnicn
was ambushed at Mai Paso two weeks ago
Even' preparation has been made here «for
The reception of federal wounded, but it la
insisted that this is for the wounded of
previous fights. The wounded must be
brought through Ma! Paso, if transported
by train, which is taken a? further con
firmation or the official report that Mai
Paso is clear of rebels
Douglas, Ariz.. Dee. 50— The first skir
mish with (be rebels and the first blood
shed in Sonora in the present insurrection
is reported in a message received to-day
from Moctezuma Fift^r rebels and an
equal number of civilians, organised by
th& prefect of lfocteznma, clashed at Tam
pichi. twenty mile? southeast of Mccte
The fieht lasted th% entire morning of
December 25. <°ach force firing from cover.
The prefect reports the rebels routed, leav
ing- one dead, four wounded and ten pris
Denver, Dae. '-Brigadier General
Thomas. bosßSWsAing the department of
the Colorado, to-day ordered to the Mexi
can frontier a company of infantry and
one- troop 'of cavalry" from Fort Douglas.
Utah: Fort Huachuca.. Arizona, and Whip
pis barrack?, Arizona. "..-■.
General Thomas said, ,tha duties of the
troops will be. to keep Mexican revolution
ists from crossing the border. The troops
will be distributed at several points.
Shoots Him for a, Deer en Hunting
San Antonio. Tex., Dec. 30.— Emil R.
Stieler, a. well known ■ athlete of San An
tonio, was accidentally shot and killed to
day while hunting on his ranch near Com
fort, by Lieutenant. Charles L. Stevenson,
U. S. A stationed at Fort Sheridan. 111.
Stielsr and Stevenson were among a party
of five who went to Comfort from here on
This morning the five parted on a hill for
a hunting expedition. It was agreed, that
Stieler should stay on top of the hill. In
stead, he went down the side, was mistaken
in the brush for a deer and shot by Steven
son. He died *v*» minutes later in Steven
son's arm?
Advertising Man's Correspondence Did
Not Suit Girl's Mother.
Cincinnati, Dec. SO.— Frank Denning, an
advertising solicitor, whose home is in
Lima, Ohio, but whose headquarters are
in Chicago, was arrested to-day in the
registry department cf the postofnee,
charged with sending objectionable letter?
to Miss May Kellog Chase, of Adrian,
Mich. The girl's mother complained to the
postal authorities.
Denning, it is charged, was inquiring for
a letter when arrested. He was placed In
the county jail In default of bond. He had
been trailed through \-arious parts of the
country by postoffice inspectors detailed
from Washington.
Drawn Around Winch Drum to Death.
Norfolk. Va . Dec. 30— Patrick Conlin,
chief boatswain's mate. on the scout cruiser
Chester, was engaged with other members
of the crew in hoisting gear with the winch
yesterday- One of his legs became entan
gled in a coil of the rope and his body was
twice drawn around the drum, killing him
Brother Kills Brother While Hunting.
Roanokc. Va., Dec. SO.— Taylor Kendrick
was kilted near Wallersford, in Henry
County, by his brother, Peter Kendrick. to
day. The two men were hunting:, when the
gun of Peter Kendrick waa accidentally
I Rival Police to Watch Gary Police.
Gary, Ind.. Dee. 30.— A city ordinance has
1 been introduced creating a rival police de
■ partment, which will be subject to the con
j trol of the City Council and will keep a
1 check on the regular department under
Mayor Knotts. Charles Cexey, former po
lice* captain, is named as chief. It is feared
i that when, the two, rival departments be
j gin to operate there will be trouble.
i Hadley May Recommend Oregon Plan.
Jefferson City, Mo.. Dec. .7).— Governor
Hadley Ssaid to-day that ho would discuss
the state primary election law in his com
in? message to the Legislature. He is ex
pect ed 10 recommend the Oregon plan of
nominating United States Senator?.
One way of Resenting a Divorce Suit.
Lisbon, lowa, Dec 30.— Lewis Cole, indig
nant because bis wife had sued him for di
vorce, beat the- woman insensible with a
neck yoke to-day, then shot himself, dylnz
Instantly. The woman will recover.
Minister Flagged Train; Force of Habit.
Knoxville. Term.. Dec. SO.— When a South
ern Railway passenger train was wrecked
at Mascot. Term.. yesterday, th* Rev. J. A.
Baylor, of Bristol. Term., Seized a red hand
kerchief and ran bark around a curve,
where he waited to flag an approaching
train. Mr Bayler was a locomotive en
gineer before entering th« ministry.
Teased Old Man. Boy Fataliy Shot.
Bristol. Term.. Dec 30.— Matthew Tlmj,
eighteen years old. Ml fatally shot lost
night by Robert Hill, an old man. whom ha
had been p*rsisUntly ttAitos- He -died to
1 day. Hill w»5 arrested, _ — -
Revolutions Will Pass Over Their
Corpses, Says Nationalist.
St. Petersburg. Dec. 30.— After an ex
citing debate in the Douma to-day the
iMlllTnrn of the Right, the Nationalists
and th° Octobriats. by combining their
votes secured the rejection of a motion
urging- the necessity for an interpellation
nn the recent student disorders in
Odessa. The Douma then adjourned to
January 30.
In the course of tha debate M- Sehul
gen. Nationalist, declared that the stu
dent disorders were inspired by the Con
stitutional Democrats and Socialist
parties for the sake of sowin? revolu
tionary seed. These parties, the speaker
declared, were acting 'under the orders
of Finnish Jews, who v ere financing
M. Schulgen warned the Jews against
such alleged actions, concluding his re
marks by saying: "Every revolution In
Russia will pass over Jewish corpses,
for the Jews are on the side of least re
sistance and the infuriated mobs will
not spare them"
Tabuteau Flies 362.66 Miles,
Winning Michelin Cup.
Buc. France. Dec. 30. -Maurice Tabuteau,
contesting, for tue Mlchelin Cup to-day,
broke the world's aviation record for dis
tance, covering 362.66 miles in a continuous
flight of 7 hours and 45 minutes.
Tabuteau had before made the best mark
in this year's competition for the Mlchelin
Cup. having on October 28 last flown 2SS
The cup i= a.warded annually, along with
a cash premium of $4,000. to the aviator
making- the longest sustained flight within
the twelve months.
Henry Far man won th 6 trophy in 1909.
making 150 miles hi 4 hours and 17 minutes.
Lieut. Caumont Falls to Death
Testing New Monoplane.
Versailles. Fra.nce. Dec. St — Lieutenant
Caumont, of the Army Aviation Corps,
while testing a new monoplane to-day fell
from a height of so feet. Both arms and
bath legs were broken.
. The injured man was taken immediately
to the military hospital, whe.r« he died to
As scon as he '.earned of the accident
General Brun. Minister of War, nominated
Lieutenant Caumont for the Legion of
Honor, but death occurred before the cross
couM be taken to him.
Fire Under Control After Destroying
Several Buildings.
Reggio di Calabria, Sicily. Dec 30.Fire
men and police, summoned from here to
help fight a fire at Messina returned fee*
day. The flame? were controlled after the
postofnee. the telegraph office and a dozen
wooden huts had been destroyed. There
were no casualties. The burning of the tel
egraph office interrupted wire communica
tions with the outside, but the. service will
be resumed to-night.
Americans and Germans Ask Spanish
Government, to Send Troops.
Barcelona. Spain, Dec. The strike of
12,000 dockmen and coal heavers has tied
up completely ths business of this port.
No ships are being loaded or discharged.
The American and German m*rca«tiio,
houses' have petitioned the Governor to
send troops to the waterfront to enable
them to remove the accumulated merchan
dise. - \ ■ •
Scientists Say It Has a. Vocabulary of
Seven Word?.
Berlin, Dec 30.— The claim of 3 game
keeper near Hamburg that his dog can
speak German and has an understanding
of the language sufficient to answer ques
tions intelligently has been taken so
seriously by German scientists that Pro
fessor Pfungst. of Berlin University,
headed a commission of investigation.
It Is stated that they found the animal
possessed of a vocabulary of seven words
which were clearly articulated. Of th*
number, four were words of two syllables'
It is asserted that the dog understands
what is said to him. and replies to the in
quiries of strangers, within the limits of
his knowledge of the language, without
aid or suggestion from his owner.
Dissensions Among Railroads Give
Hope It May Be Averted,
; Rome, Dec. 3.— The hope of the authori
ties that the. threatened general strike of
employes of the state owned railways may
not materialize rests chiefly on dissensions
among the men. The latter., are divided
into two camps, one of which advocated
violence, while the other, wishing- to se
cure the promised increase of $4,000,000 in
the total annual wages, is concerned only
with the manner in which the increase
shall be distributed.
Meanwhile, the railway men are holding
secret meetings. • ■ •
The. committee of Che railway workers
has recommended to the men blind obedi
ence to their leaders. It warns them, how
ever, against precipitate action, declaring
that the French Premier. M. Briand. tri
umphed over the -workmen in the last gen
eral strike in France because he- succeeded
in making the railway men prematurely
start the agitation.
Th* committee says that in Italy the op
portune moment for the commencement of
a strike would be the beginning 1 of the fes
tivities of 1911 commemorating the fiftieth
anniversary of the proclamation of Rome
as capital of the kingdom of Ita!yv The or
der for a strike will not be given by tele
graph or through men in motor cars, as
was the case in France, but by a system
that is being kept secret. .
Washington, Dec. 30. -The battleship
South Carolina Is the only vessel of the
Atlantic fleet which will not go to Guan
tanamo. She has been ordered to Hampton
Roads. at the request of the State Depart
ment and designated to transport the body
of Sefior Don Anibal Cruz. Chilian Minister
to the United Statos, who died her© recent
ly, to Valparaiso. She takes the place of
the battleship Delaware, to which that
mission had been assigned. ;■ ?. ;.;.-
Ottawa, Ont.. Dec, SO.— A govornment re
port Issued to-day shows a decrease in the
value of field crops grown in Canada this
year of $-5,806,600. The total value is 1507,
The reduced production of wheat amounts
to 15.531.000 bushels; oats. 58,686,009 bushels.
and barley. 9.981,000 bushels. The decrease
was due to drouth and heat in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Justice Amend overruled yesterday -the
objection of the Attorney General, George
H. Cobb, temporary president of th© Sen
ate, and Jame* W. Wadsworth, jr., to the
jurisdiction of th« Supreme Court in the
suit brought by William j I*. Reynold* and
some dozen other plaintiffs to declare un
constitutional the last state , reapportlon
meat of the Senate and Assembly districts.
Justice Amend f»t the next hearing for
January 6 and ordered tit* defendants to
submit their -answers to th& rait tn. th»
mean time. '- • "—
Peace Reigns Throughout Re
public, Says Foreign Minister.
Rioting on Island of Madeira a
Protest Against Measures to
Prevent Cholera Spread.
Lisbon. Dec "0 — Senhor Machado, OM
Portuguese Foreiipn Minister, to-day re
ceived the foreign newspaper correspon
dents and declared to them that tran
quillity reigned everywhere in the repub
lic. The financial situation, he said, waa
improving daily, discipline in the army and
navy -was perfect and the religious agita
tion had died out.
Contrary to mendacious reports • propa
gated; by enemies of the republic, Senhor
Machado added, elections would be held
in April, and the people would be allowed
the fullest •: liberty to take part in them.
The minister said -also • that orders have
been given to the telegraphic authorities to
suppress all false news. Senhor Machado
denied that the British minister at Portu
gal had asked his government to send a
warship to the Tagus.
It was reported that reserves of the 27th
Infantry, stationed on the island of M a
deira, a Portuguese possession, off the
Mcroccan coast, were called to the colors
to-day with the object of assuring: order on
the island. Serious rioting has occurred
there recently as a result of the stringent
measures taken by the authorities to pre
vent the spread of cholera.
Paris, Dec. 30.— Senhor Bandeira. the Por
tuguese Charge d'Affaires here, received a
dispatch from the Foreign Office at Lisbon
this afternoon stating that three warships
had been sent to Madeira on account of the
trouble there.
The dispatch said also that there was no
trouble in the army or navy in Portugal,
that there had been no discovery of a roy
alist plot and that no arre*ts had be«n
mad* for political reasons.
In an interview Senhor Bandeira Bald he
had received official dispatches from Lis
bon, th* tenor of which Indicated that calm
prevailed at the Portuguese capital, and
that rumors to the effect that a. revolution
was impending were unfounded.
The government, the charge d'affaires
said, is embarrassed -by a radical and con
servative split among the Republicans, each
faction struggling to gain control. There is
some discontent among the people and some
strikes of employes of the public service
corporations, but, Senhor Bandeira de
clared, these disputes are on the eve of a
settlement, and the "situation is not criti
cal nor is the republic menaced."
Correspondent Says Portuguese
Republic. Faces Crisis.
London, Dec. 31.— The correspondent of
"The Daily Chronicle" who wrote the brill
iant account of the. Lisbon revolution in
an article in "Th% Chronicle" to-day on the
present situation in the new republic says
that everything points to a coming conflict
in which the battles will not be between
Koyalists and Republicans, but between the
moderate Republicans and extreme revolu
tionaries.' The hidden spring of the con
spiracy, ha says, is the Camorra. or secret
society, which corrupted the army from its
allegiance to the monarchy and is now
busily engaged in corrupting it afresh, in
order to have a powerful lever ready at
hand against the provisional government,
which has never been firm m the caddie.
The correspondent considers that a source
of great danger to ths foreign business
folk m Lisbon is the possession by the peo
ple of large quantities of explosives ■ and
firearms, which were distributed on the eve
of the revolution, but not- needed then.
which all the government's attempts to re
gain possession of have failed.
- Questioned concerning the- - Portuguese
rumors last night, the' Marquis do So
nera!, Portuguese Minister to Great Britain,
declared he knew nothing of them. If there
was any unrest in Lisbon, Kins Manuel
had nothing to do with it. and neither had
he, and • the suggestion that it wa~ due
to the Duke of Oporto was perfectly ab
A special dispatch from Madrid reports
dissensions in the Portuguese Ministry. It
says that the Minister of Justice has alien
ated all his colleagues and made himself \
immensely unpopular by violent legislative
projects, and that 'he will soon be com
pelled to resign. : ?£}
Will Not Seize Private Property
of Religious Corporations.
Washington. Dec. 30.— V,"ith the idea that
the attiruda of the Portuguese government
with regard to tha property of religious
corporations heM to be Illegal is misunder
stood !n this country. Viscount eie Alte, the
Portuguese Minister, made the following
statement to-night:
"Directly the congregations were dis
solved an inventory of their property was
taken with a view to its proper protection
and in order that It may be surrendered to
the rightful owners.
"The Portuguese government does not in
terfere in the matter, . and will certainly
make no attempt to seize any private prop r
erty whatever the uses to which it m3y
have been put in tne past."
Portuguese Politics Involved in
Detention, Friends Assert.
Jojeph F. Escobar, the editor and pub
lieher of a Portuguese newspaper of New
Bedford. Mass . -a ho was detained at KUis
Island on his arrival here on T^.'ednesday
on the Austrian steamship Laura, will
probably be released to-day. According to
friends who visited him yest^rda^. Mr
Escobar's detention was brought about by
thA accusations of persons opposed to his
political views and to the favorable BfeßßMl
he had tak^Q toe the new government of
The editor, who is strongly opposed to the
monarchist party in Portugal, went to Lis
bon several months ago and had a long
talk with President Braga. of the provision
al government. It Is said that he assured
the President that the majority of iae
Portuguese subjects in New England were
in favor of the party now in power, and
requested him to remove from office the
Viscount Valle da Costa, the Portuguese
Consul at Boston. It was rumored also
that he asked President Braga to remove
the viscount's son-i»-l*w. Dr. Pitta, from
bis place as consul at New Bedford.
The news of Mr. Escobar's activity in
Lisbon reached New England well ahead of
him, and on his arrival on Wednesday tUe
Immigration officials had i-ec«ived eufnclent
complaints against him to warrant his de
tention at Ellis Island.
The enemies of Mr. Escobar, it is said,
have declared that he was largely inter
ested in the recent revolution in PortugaL
He was taken before m. board of special in
quiry late yesterday afternoon, and an
other hearing will b« accorded him to-day.
According to an Immigration ofnclal famil
iar with the ca.»e, nothing has b^en proved
againsst the editor to warrant his "importa
tion. - - .
Saint Quentin. France. Dec. 30. ~m. Lan
ser, who reached hero yesterday from Paris.
in an attempt, to win the Auto Club'* prize
of $20,000 for a msnt with a pa««enKer from
Partis toßruuiU an* return, h&* d«cid»«a
omctally^V^ Cew?orooet!tfoaC ew? orooet!tfoa ■•* tO - d * y
The Hornet Expected to Attack
Puerto Cortez, Honduras.
Fighting in Mountains Reported
— Revolutionists Gathering
on Border.
Puerto Cortez. Honduras. D*<*~ 30 (B7
wireless to New Orleans).— An attack on
Puerto Cortes by the revolutionary gun
boat Hornet, which was reported ««v«r«.l
miles off this coaat late last nif lit. 1»
expected hourly. Several hundred gov
ernment troops arrived here ye«t«rday
from Tegucigalpa, and other* came this ,
morning:. j
Following: rumors that the United ;
States cruiser Tacoma had slg nted the
Hornet last night, the American Consul,
at the instance of Commander Davis of
the Tacotna. to-day warned all Ameri
cans to remain Indoors after trouble
begins. Notice was given to the com
mandant to-day that the Tacoma will
land marines to-morrow to protect
American interests here.
It is believed to be the plan of Manuel
Bonilla. former President and leader of
the revolutionists, to attack Puerto
Cortez with the Hornet while a small
body of troops moves on the tovrn from |
the south.
The people are greatly excited, and.
few believe the attack on the town will
be delayed more than forty-eight hours.
The Honduran gunboat Tatumba is in
the harbor, but her two one-pounders
are net expected to be of much use in
defending the town against an attack by
t.he Hornet, which is reported as having
four six-inch modern, rifles and three
machine guns. The Tatumba. is' not con
sidered seaworthy.
Guatemalan troops arrived at Morales
last night, and this move is taken here
to mean that an attack by Honduran
revolutionists Is expected along the
According to rumors have- been
current here for several days. General
Lee Christmas is to head a large body
of troops mobilized along the Gaute
malan border and march against the
capital after Puerto Cortes and ?%n
Pedro are captured.
It Is reported that fighting has begun
at. Las Quabrada. a small town in the
Department of Santa Barbara, sixty
three miles south of Puerto Cortez. in a
section where Bonilla has a large tallow
ing. The little mountain town has been
the scene of several fights In previous
revolutionary outbreaks.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Dec. 30.—
President Davila says there is no revo
lutionary movement in sight, and he be
lieves the stories to the contrary are
false. The gunboat. Tatumba is out of
commission and under repairs. The ves
sel was floated out cf drydo<-k Thursday.
Alleged Originator of "Sucker
List Said To Be Abroad.
Cameron Spear, skilled in the methods
of "frenzied finance," and alleged to h°
the originator of the. notorious "sucker
list," has been indicted by the federal
grand jury for T using th"» mails'* 'for
fraudulent purposes. The indictment was
handed down yesterday afternoon.
Warrants were issued for his arrest sev
eral months ago. but it is said that
Spear is now in 'Europe
In hitting upon the scheme of ting
up a sucker list" Cameron is said to
have struck a gold mine. It is said he
had agents posted in almost ever town
and hamlet throughout the country, and
whenever a person supposed to be rich
died, the agent would immediately tele
graph or mail all particulars of his fam
ily to hi? employer.
As soon as Spear's alleged clients in
the East received a new name en the
"sucker list," the-- would flood the vic
tim v.ith circulars depicting lurid gold
mines and brawny miners kicking gold
dust out of their way as they dug their
picks deep into mountains of solid gold
lying before them. When the man to
whom this circular was addressed would
writ*? in to the get-rich-quick'" pro
moter, asking how he could become a
partner in these untold millions, he
would immediately be dubbed a stock
holder in the "sucker list" common.
When an even more credulous recipient
would get the circular, he would come
forth with a check in exchange for the
artistically worded and picture-adorned
paper. For his good nature he would
be put down oh the "sucker list" pre
Big Ones Found at San Fran
cisco, Officials Say.,
Washington. Dec. 30,—An investiga
tion of alleged sugar drawback frauds
at San Francisco is imminent. In fact.
a preliminary inquiry has furnished evi
dence which leads Treasury officials to
believe that the frauds there will lip?*
those at Net** York, which the American
Sugar Running Company recently offered
to settle for $700,000. Evidence col
lected by customs officials i? paid to
show that the government has for years
been paying drawbacks on Philippine
sugar which came into the United States
free, was used in the preservation of
California fruit, and later exported as
sugar Imported from Java on which duty
bad been paid.
An official of th» Treasury Department
said to-day: "The troubles of the sugar
importers have only begun. The discov
eries of the frauds have only started."
"When the grand jury now investigat
ing the sampling of sugar at New.Or
leans finishes its work another customs
official said, "it will be found that rh.>
frauds against the government there
have been going on for at least fifteen
years." He added that all the frauds
would be found in the sampling of sugar
and the polariscopio tests determining
the saccharine content on which the Im
porter pays duty.
The suit for SIGO.OO damages brought by
Police Cftpfain William H. Hod gin* against
former Police Commissioner Blngham m $
dismissed yesterday by the Appellate Di.i
s!on of the Buprcme Court. Captain Hod
fin* alleged that General Bln«ham pre
vented his promotion to an inßp#ctor*hip
by "untruthfully" certifying tha pUiotjtf*
polica record to the Municipal Civil Service
Commission to the •fte.-T that hi* record
wa* "poor. ha» not qualities tor Inspector"*
comraajii and •efUctency**' - . -
During tlie past 18 r^ra «re an«
; rnndahad to Investors gnaraatecd
first mortgage Investments amounting
to more than $400,000,000, awl «o
one of them has ever lost « dollar. .
Do job know a better record ? iv,
yew know one as good?
Oar Guaranteed First Mortgage
Certificates dire you toe oovorta.
nlty to invest $10. per month reta.
laxly or you can bay a $200., $500,,
$1000. or $50C0. certificate or any
number of Uiem.
All amounts, -wnetlrr large or
small, earn Interest at 4% per cent.
from the day we get the money.
Call at any of oiz offices or writ* -
for information.
Capital and Surplus, - $15,000,000
178B*w*J.S. T. !75S«Biaenat Bkt»
350roltonCi. rTancicc. .
Serious Fighting Over Santo
Domingo Boundary.
■Washington, Dec. 30. — Rumor* of •*.
rious fighting op. the border beta'tea
Santo Domingo and Hayti are reported
to the State Department in a cablegram
dated yesterday from American illniataf
Furniss, at port-au-Prince. Ha says that
Haytian government, while denying •>„
rumors, is sending soldiers to the border^
The Dominican government allege*
that Haytian troops under General Fer
dinand, fired on a DGminica-n guard at '
Pederna!-?. so me Dominican Republic
has requested that the Ha- ■ -.- ■ ,:j -■.
withdrawn immediately, pending iv-,
the Dominican government also 13 send-
Ing troops to the seat of trouble.
The auxiliary cruiser \'\: ■:■-.: -*•
sailed from San Juan. Porto Rico, '--
Samaria Bay. on the north coast of Santo
Domingo. The ostensible object cf fcer.
visit is to lay out courses for torpedo
practice within the quiet waters cf -*
Government Waiting for Action'
of Convention at Managua. ■
"Washington. Dec. —As soon as -.-* j
constitutional convention of Nicarari* j
which meets at Managua to-trisrro-*-, "de
monstrates by a decisive vote that it U
in favor of Estrada, for President -is
United States will recognize the present
government of that republic. It was Tr.ada
clear at the State Department to-day that
this country i 3 enly waiting for a tasf!bla
and definite repression of the popular *1I!
before giving its official recognition - •. •_-»
authorities at present la control ef Nica
The gsneral belief continue* to be tilt
Estrada will be elected President by tfcs
convention for two years, at *>-•* esplratlo™
of which time a general election •»".'. ':•
held. In any event, the State De?3rtmsst
will defer formal recognition until the ■;
vention, which at present is ''?.*, only au
thorized voice of the 2»icarafiak people
has expressed its wish.
Dispute Between Two Republic?
May Result in War.
Ztiis.3. Peru, Dec. — A Joint not& ?r:na
the mediating powers— the United Stztss.
Brazil and Argentina— was presented to rhs
government to-day advising Per?:, to : .?
init its^ boundary dispute with' Ec;-:. - ■
the Hague tribunal. . -„.•._.
The feeling, Imp: Is "thai Ecuador friTcSt
accept the surges and that war will "*
sult. The newspapers urge the -.- • ■-.-• ~~~
to prepare for hostilities.
JOURDAN TAX ONLY 353.000.V-,.. \
Surrogate, Ketcham of Kings County, 4 "
cided yesterday thatjhe amount «l trans
fer tax to be paid by ilrs. Emma. Jourdan.
widow of General James Jourdan^.is.s3,
050 &2. General Jourdan died a. |MV mD
apaj leaving practically his -whole .estate
to his wife. The property was apcraUid
at $2,141,000. The State Controller dzzzzzd**
IHjM as the transfer tax, but Mrs Jour
dan objected to this, and carried the c3ls*
before the Surrogate. Th case was 4*
elded under provisions cf the transfer tzx
law added last July, and establishes iSa
. F .Augustus Heinz* is the defendant is
a. suit brought by the Mercantile National
Bank, of which he was president, for about
SSOO.CGO for losses sustained ty the bank
during his Incumbency. The defendant
yesterday asked Justice Page to order th*
plaintiff to make the complaint more del
nite and certain. The court reserved deci
Louisville. Dec. 30.— 1t was annou=«4
here to-day that J. P. Morgan & Co. -**
purchased $S.COO.C«v> new first MfSfj
bonds of the Kentucky i Indiana Terminal
Railroad Company. The terminal co:n?3?y
is jointly owned by the Southern, the -'■'
timore & Ohio and the Monon railroads.*""
Pure Olive Oil
Is a Health-Building
It builds firm, solid flesh.
aids digestion and clears the
Dress your food with
(pronounced SHERIS)
Olive Oil
or taKe a tablespoonful thres
times a day before meals, and
you will soon notice a vast
improvement in your health.
Chirisis the pure, virgin «1
pressed from selected French
olives and imported in origi
nal bottles.
Send \(* cent* tar a trial &o» - * ri
tnir Salad Bock, containing »5 ct t - '
litest salad r<*-»tp»<». tTh«r« *eel«fa «•»■
not supply CMrta. ord*r direct. . -
Cli Fill FV United Statw Aseat &*"
C. U. tULLX. AntoinA cum!,. Gra«#. Fwcc*
Dept. C, 18 Platt Street, New lor*.
At Fountain* & Elsewharf
Ask for g«
Th« Original and fitmilM
Tbt Fo^i-drink for 111 Aft*
At restaurants* hotels, and fountain
. Delicious, invigorating and sustaining
Keep h on your sideboard at \mroe,
Don travel without it. ..
A f«ick hock prepared m a waite.
rakeMwitarioa, Josttty*lHHUJCn.
t* No Combine mm. Tr**l

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