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Ington to-day. and said he was going to'
bed as soon as he could get thTe. }ic
had nothing to say about the Senntoi
ahip contesi
Wttttam ."hurch Oabara, Qe-ranaot
DU's BflfBl ndvlser got here to-night Ho
L* one of th* Fhepard boom CUOtodlBnB
He flndfl lhat Mr. Shepard haa a BOtKl
block of forty votes, includlng the
Brooklyn E>emoorat1c legislators. and
belleves hc ran get the remalntler nff
fltfflary to make. him the cauous choice.
The up-atate Demoorata who are for
?Rhepajd hope thnt the same courae of
reasonins which led lo the turnlng down
?f Grady -*?? ill lrad IO the selertion of |
IShepard. They hope QOYOrnor Pix BrlU
be brought to tak* B hand ln this game
as he dld in the Scnata leaderehip game.
They think it is pretty well uaaerstOOd
that Mr. Shepard haa the new QOTOT
noi's "sympath>," but think thal 80080*
thing more potent than sympathy will
have to be employed. On the other hand,
eome of t'.cm fcar that Mr. Dix's vit lory
ln the Grady usf, which WBa aid- d by
.Gradv's own UOUraa, will work against
Shepard. They argue that lf Murphy
Irtally M f<,r Sheehan. he 4.111 aay that
'Tammany has "pandered" *a0U8jh to
[pahllc opinlon in turning down Or*dy,
and intends to baya Bbeanan aaylraow.
Mnrphv had nothing to say on that or
ahy other subje. t. He went to chureb.
this morning- After that he dorotod
bimsejf clos.ly to work Ho ealled on
Governor Dix at the Executive Man?ion
this aftfrnoon. but his stay was not. a
long one. Clo8ete*l with him at various
times ha*- 8 been SheehaJi, J Sergeant
Cram. Norman K Mack. Justlee Gerard
and. Of courae, < ohaJnn and "T<im '
Farewell Kick to Conner?.
On* of tha other Democrats h'.g
enough to be naataailtOal bv the blg chlef
la W. H Fitzpatrick, of Buffalo. who
has auceoodod Wtfllam Jamea CoBBOTa
aa the rea boao eflj Krie Cooaty. Flta
. patnt'k |a*r* a kimd of farewell ki< I: to
CtmntflTB to-night. Ptate TlflBmirflr Ken
?ady annauneod tba npiv,intment, of
G*orge W Eat'tn. of Nugara. <~ountv,
aa Deputv State TrtraBurer. a Job he
held undfr State Treaauror Haur-er.
at*na*dy is 1 tfltapaatrlck man.
Organization of the Laajtalaturo has
been dl8CU8B0d by many of th*i bigger
T>emocrats lo-d^r The making of com?
mittee s'ate* is alreadv undertaJten. b.C
"aon't show much pn''gT?\w? f?r a time
The main itema are settled tbOUgTh?
WafBer for tooaporary Pre;-ide_nf of the
- iid Danlel D Drlobt*. of ?rho
? Couaty, fo* Bpeafcer of the Af
?aaibly. Alfrol B Bmlth, of Near York,
arho haila from "Torn" Fr.lev'* diMrin.;
ls 5'ated for chaiminn of th* Woya and
M**n**ComflBltta* of the lowaer house.
-which , irriffc the floor leadarahip flrtth
lt He bj an able Tammany maa who
bas 'aken 0 pron-nnent part in th* dia
aa of iV New Tork Cfty legislation
"Big Ed ' Manitt, lan vear's malonty
loador, undo.iMediy wffl bo cBOoan bv
tba RopuhPron AaBflmblyaaBB as minor
lu !eader. tho-.gh there |g :iorr>* talk that
jes*e PhlUlpa, r.f Aiiegany eouaty. taay
mak* a coateel for th* bUwm ln the
Banatfl the Rertublioans ar-f.n * a* all eure
who arlll be taair chalea Fenatcr Cohh,
tha loador kael laaalOB aJtar AMs got
eat ?3ii to algni that he -eealdnl Ftnnd
ir, rhe flray c anvbodv fltoo who waa
anxiou* to ha-e the DlOOe Some peopi*
ar?. boomtaa Edrar Tnimin Brarkett. of
Sar-ttoga. alth.o-.igh some of the in
?-t;rgents of tht* liFt sejision BfUt*
F.rarkerrp ris? politlcal pai-foraaaattoaa
?n?.- e not tw n of th* pl**C|*8 4"hArar*er *?
fl? h!m for the. learlerfhln noet-. There ia
rOk also. pf Har'?v P Hinman. of
r - nv.io" and .Tr.?!o.h T \e-wc4vnh,
of N*ow York
Much gAf-slp 1s afloat ab-^i* Demo
cratlc ke8Ta*latJon if Booaaa lo b* *he
rtrr-!P| opmior, of th* rank and file that
? er ' m" ,-ion" 1_? to bo
? "-.rough should be pot through. lm
mediatelv or app*fO*giB8atOly at present,
for many fear the FepubMcans will
?vome baek" to the extent of rarn-ing
th? Aaaomhty next year. There is much
talk Of putt-.ng the vork of thi*- Watrr
Furrlv Commis?ion under the Kore?t and
Game Department. Also thara Ifl a no
ttOB abroad that the tw.. f bl - B*nrlc*
Commisfion? mav be consolida ted If
that dooant worh f>ut. they flgure that
th- Now Torh Oty Ckanaalaaaon at leaat
Tt-Ui he shaken up. Itfl nurnhers. possihlv
reduced. and the appointmerut of Itfl
membeig given tO the MojBOr of the city.
Kobody proftaaaa to have. any aooarata
fnfor*9MUlon whether Oovornor Dix arlll
take up lh*fl* matte's 111 his m?wagp
A good many of his fri?flnd.. fay they
think thnv v lll he ad4ane4-_i flrst. if they
beromt party pOllC la the form t.f
' Tb* Brat a'mouneement of Gaeoraor
Iiix Kn hia aoar ofBoe was that he had
red*v*Jgnated Buproma Court Juatleoa
?pt*aV H. Hlaoock, Of Syracu.e. and
Fm'>r* A Cha*e of CatakllL to aenre on
the Cot'rl of Appealfl beneh, pizrauant to
?ip-tiop 7, Artiele VI of the Conatltutlon.
tlcea Hlflffick and ""ha^e are Repuh
1 -eleoted wlthout oppo
ai'lon at Hu- iast aloctlOO.
Prienda of state Commlttooanan F. B.
-\To?"Nhe. 01 Albany, dachrrvd thrit he will
iccept. ihe appolntmenl Of Senate clerk.
lt was state.'i to-nigli' thal .lohn Bow*,
h promlnent Albany Democrat, had been
'seierfrd for Supeiintendenl of Publio
' Bulldli . _.
Edward l_aaaoaaky, Secretary of state.
amved to-dav. but Hflhi he WOttld not
.announ. f hla oppolntmoutB unul 10?
'm- rrow.
Six Men Indicted in Election
Cases in Ohio for Intimidation.
Among Those Ready to Confess
Bribe Taking, It Is Said, Are
Women and Clergymen.
| Bv "tr.rgraph te Th? Trlbiin* 1
West Vnlon, Ohlo, Jan. l.-?Mx men from
Ifaaehaatar. ohio. were brought here this
afternoon by deputy sh.ertffs and are locked
up ln the Adatns founty Jail untll tbe
court .an hear them to-morrow morning.
They are all amot.g those who have been
indicted. It Is said that they threatened
the judge and the grarid jury In the elec?
tion rases. and that for ihlr? raBBBtl they
were arrested Bnd brought here.
.ludge Blalr Fays the work of getting the
lurles for these and other ea?es will be
rery difflcult. Two hundred men from <1if
f.r.-nf parts of the county are here to
night ready to plead guHt*
The men who were brou.ht here from
MancheFter were arrested early thls morn?
ing. Deputy Sheriff Connolly aaya that it
has been known by the court for more
than a week that these men arera g'-int*
ahout and threatentng not only Judge Blalr.
but the Jurymen as well
Warrantfl by Mail.
They bad been served arltb warrants
which were sent ta them through the mail?
That was over one week a?o. hut nothinit
araa ?<->*n of the men at eourt, so .ludK-e
Blalr ordered that they be surprised by the
sherifT and arrefted This w?n done, and
they will be glven (hfl same Mfl Of treat
ment to-morrow morning a? were the men
arrested Frldav night
lt became known thla afternoon that more
than three hundred men from this eouat)
have sllpped away and yon* to Kentu W"
between two rla^n for fear rhe rr.urt migrht
IndlCl therr Thev are farmens. who llve
'?i the nertheactern part of Adams GeUBty,
just BCroaa the river from Kenturky. Ifany
of them have been Indleted Judge Rlair
said thla afternoon that be doesn t exactlv
know what arlll he done In their cases, but
that rhe-- probaMy arfll be broaghl to trial
and h< ai I ftna I fbi aba .ndlng.
Women Plead Guilty.
Fe.jr women and three etalgyBMB are
arrong thoae who will (are the court to.
moiTOw morning. AH of the wonvn admit
they ste _ulltv of taking money for the
votea Ol either their bueboada or children.
that thev have been woiking for the last
treeb among their neighbors to K*?' ' l
n oney to pay thelr fine*. and thal they
, will plead gniltv to-morrow momlnj
; The three mtnlatera ar?- men from tbe
toarnahlpe ln the county If they
! plead guftty, the number of preachera who
have done no will he brought. up to five.
Testerday Judge iiiair had two men before
him who have preacbed in Adam. founty
for the la*t three yeara
e ?
Number of Accomplishments
Diiring Year.
Albaay, Jan !?Tn h(5 annual report for
the vear IHB, now ready for tba Legtslatura
w'hen It eonvene? A'tornov Oeneral OMal
i?v raeeuntfl a number of BC-ompliBhmenta
durlng the year and make* rprtain recom
mendatior.F 4? to amfr>.im?nts of the laaa
which wlll Increaaa the eAclency of his de
Amnr.g the important BChleVBtnenta of
the yaar, the A'torr.ey iVneral pointu out.
were der.!t?ions ln the Court of Appeals BUB
talrdag lha conatrtutlonallty of tha p?nv
monthlv pay !_?? for ral'-oid emploveF and
thfl rahdity Of the elght-hoir '_.. for rall
rond BBtegraphers, and the collectlon of ali
the ^r-?ars l8 iPaflBl ItUIIChlBa 18X00,
amo'intin- <o more than MO.888.8-0
The spe'i^e racommendationa r-ade. by
the Attorney Oaaeral are
f.-irpt_.-n.e potrer te aqualiae =r?"-iai fran
eblaa aaaeasmenta should be gfven to th.
Board of Tax Commiarionera thua
renderlna lt unneceeeeri to aupiv to tha
courtfl Blnce ihe rourte have decided tha*
speriai franchise aFFeFsments mual h*
eq-ialized at the rat- that lorqi real BTOP
pcconrt?An amendment ehoul- be mad*
to the tax law provldlng thai tha occupa
tion of h htghway by a public aerrlce cor?
poratlon Fhail be i r ma facle evlda 1
the extatence ot the special franc
West S^de Oses N-imbpr 95 and
Few Up for Intoxicatinn.
When Ifaglatrato Krotei opened ihe -'
f,ien o* tbe v*,"^.. s.de rouii yestarday
morning there were in the peni an''
r.<"or ninetv-flve prisonTF At -?diom nme-u
the <it\- ireaaury had been enrlched by B-l
in fine?. moatly for vtolatkma ol the rlty
o'dmar.'-eF. There were onlv nlne cu
Intoxicatlon and ten .a?.-.* ol dleorderlycoB
duct a? the reault of tlie bepmninK of the
ooar yaar In the dlatrlct Ifag-Btrata Kro
tei allowed the celebranta arlth one e??
eept on, 10 |0 arlth n reprimand One man
was nned V, for eelehraMng too loodly.
Twenty-ala ehauffaura aaawerad to snm
nonaea foi >ioiating the law ln referenee
IO "loknc auToinohlleg Tw?. who fl]
the matter were tlned ||$ en.-l. two had
ti.eir caaea pm orer to Friday, hnd the
... ?? .i from .2 to K eai h Other
rhauffeura arralgBad for neglectlng to bava
? oa their taxlmetera and for violai
inij the rulfc of the rr';id arera Sned or lect
-??vl dischsrge^
Vlenna, Jan. I.?Emperor Faa
on aeeoonl of a Bllghl Indurpoaltlon, took
. part bi thi Wea Tear feellaitlea and re
eeptlona t?
g^-Wy^^V Wr
hThirty-fourth Y/ * J9 __- JuatWeol
ol Wllrlorr
Great January Sale
12,000 Wash Waists
jhe Finest Scotch Madras,
0ne White and Colors,
Opportunity at 3)2.25 ^ach
of Regular Price $3.50
Year Tuesday Morning, January 3rd
-24-26 John Forsythewest34thst.
The Most Terribly Destructive
Weapon Ever Invented.
Its Manufacture at Springfield
Guarded with Secrecy?Will
Revolutionize War.
|B| TfllBBiepB. to The Trlbune. 1
Springfield. Mah*., .lan. l.-A new aun.
whoaa aaa in ?he Fnltcl States army, It 1*
*aid. may mean the revolutlonizing of even
the most n*Od*ra n,ethoil? of war on land.
and Which for llghtlMaa, power and general
effeetivene?5 ir *ait1 to he the most it
rlbty destructive aroopoa ever invented. is
now belng BflOfOtty manufaotured ln th*
Springfield Armor- for UBCI* Bain'fl B8B.
Thlfl gun, welghlna laaa than twenty
pountiB and Bsanlpulated after 'he fBahtoa
of an ordinary fowung pteee, poura nul a
atrOBBI of bullfltfl when ln actlon at the
rate of four bundred ahotfl a mlnute.
The new flrearni is called the Benet*
Merrler, an,l is a French invemion. I' bai
a sto. k thal la placed against the f-houlder,
ami ln actlon the Folrller lle? on the gTOUnd,
r*Mlrig the gun on two aupparta
Thla ghrea lt an a<1vantage In saf-ty ?wi
the Hiram Maxim rapid flring mo.lei. Btnofl
the operator of thal c-n is COmpaQed to
F'.ind in fecding it. This brtngl him in full
eight of the enemv. or. rather. It blingfl -nll
thl*e m*n in Btgbt, fet three men are i?
quirerl for the nianlp'ilation of th-- haavMl
Once a rOW of BB*fl Ifl breught Up on the
firlng line with the new gun* they Will
tlrop down after the. manner Of "BUWpBBOOt"
ers. It |8 the. WOfh Of B BaCOBd tO 1*1**
tha gun* on the low aopporte. eaBOthOI -cec
Vnd. and everythlng 1? in readines for ac?
tlon. At the word of command tbe pull of
the tripgrer j-end* hunrlred.* Of bullota hur
iling into th* rank* "f the enemv.
The original French model welgherl about
twenty po'in<i.-. bae the new g-un jip turaed
out by the I'nited Statep government ex
pert* wiii weigh ie?? [ta aftoctivenaaa,
bowevar. H Ifl <-laJmed, will ln nowlee be
impaire.j 1' s aatd f" l..t.'iln that the
army in time will hr. aqnlpped Wlth these
new q>p.- -i'. , a defsjehm?nf of lafantry
provided with II. re Id bfl Blmofll
Ublfl i" i bod] of niei; fUhtlni.' with
aoeh gun? a.~ a;* non uaed in the army.
Army opVals are mor* lr,t*r?*ted 1n th?
new Fprlncfitl,) gun than in any hitherro
huilt Thfl Mnxim gun. welghlna t re.
hundred poun'l?. when loadrri on th. I I
tlefleld. reeehred Ita eharge from ? eunner
who perched hlmfi*df on top of the piece
ln full atghl of the enemy. The a*w g.n
Ii loaded aad operated by nn?. m.an
flat on the ground
The Mflxlfn, owlna te Ita unwlald
had to be whael. T
??? M\t- than tht M
pfl u i:- , arr'.,i ahout as eaaUy
ordtnai. i
1 h^ work on the new gun al the armory
is ymrned wlth the Btrl. teal ae re. y, About
?1xtv men are emploved in It* manofbeture,
ar.ii i? ir expe.-ted that tvlthtn a faw W*eka
II arlll he ready for tria'
Magistrates Were Kept. Busy
Yesterday Imposing Fines.
Th* poliefl eourtfl were rhoked yaatarday
Wlt] ehaoffeora who hatl bee-i arrertpr- ^v
bicycle natrojmen an<1 r./fio"? ol the sanj.
tary ac-uad for allowlni their automobflea
to aiUOk* ln th? WOfll _s,,_A pouii M
tr.-,te Krot.-i daall oul Juatlea ?ith a heavy
hand a acore or moie of chauffeura were
arraicnrd befor* h'm. and h<= ImpOflfld flne.*
ranglng from H to J'1"1 on every mm cf them.
'ihe maglatrate wa larlj angry
a 'i Df Phlllp OnCbsman, of so uq -\vest
Wth atreet. who h.d been arreeted oa Bal
urday nlghl for r*fUBlng to gtep at the
ecrner ef Broadway ;ir:i 7Id itieet wl
trafflr offlrer held up 'la hand Dr. Ol
man Baahed a deputy BherlfTa badg
the face cf the patrotman when aaked to
Ficp an"1 ron'lnued on d e = j j t r. ,'.. r.fflr-er'.*
warnlng Maglatrate Krotel throatened to
wrlte a latter *o aherlff Bhefl i klng hun
lo take awav the phvsl.'ian* ha |
In the Yorkville eourl Maglfltratfl Herr
m.ir. had twentv ehauffeuia Im on
rharct-~ of vhH atlna 'he clty ordiiiance re
gardlng amoktng automobUoa He need
aa. h man $1 T ite ild hfl real
the dlfftculty tn preventlng the amoke
fiom the machlnofl Iu aome caaea but he
IhOUgbt 'hat a rigld enfO**cem*n1 of the law
would go a |on~ way |n helpfaa te ahate
the nuisonce.
Maa*afltrate Murphy flned five rhaul
K each on thfl i -,'r.?" eharge In the te Be i son
Mai k.-t ? ourt
Cassidy and Harvey Head Dele
gationfl to Albany.
Two riva! DemOCTBl i dfllegflt
frrm Queei yaaterday to Albanv
? ? ? thi oiRuration of t',o-.-ernor Plx
,, ','Hdeil by lOeeph < .issi lv. left the
rount} Demoerati. headqeiartetra, an Oouri
?- Bojuare Long laland Clty, and
ber. 'i al oul one hundred a othei
hed from the Bhlnnecoek Dem.
Clnb, In Pluahtog, beaded by fonnerffl
erl s Harvey knd Pati k J Ma
Tl ?? dlvldi'! d. I? B Uton ? ? ull of
a litrht ln the M to of the, I N
, rai ?'? ? '"Uii.v General ? Iwi ek,
when J. aeph Caaaldj waa <
of Tho ...mmittee Permei Bh*rifl H.
s Harvey, who wani chalrman,
... ? the leadei
ilernn promiae to Oovernoi Dia
Both loadora while in Albanv will m?k,'
;,i, effort to |*l th? Governofa Interefl
to land whataver pati laga la comlng to
, lounti Caaald ?' ng on the
dahlp of l> ad. r . i arlea P M irpl .
Two Complainants Allcge Pris
oner Robbed Their Rooms.
on thfl eomplalntfl ?' Wiiaon Mlsaer ami
Valentlne E Kenneer* of Me 121 We*l ith,
of N*o ut \\'^?^t 47th
atreet, at airalgned la tba areaa Bld?
aa of buralary
..and larce md Id In J-.1"" and
. foi eaamlnatloB on
. i Mlaner'a room, t,n th* alxth floor
Of i!.e Hotel CadUlfl . \4ae- entered "ii
unaa and clothmg and property valued
? taken Phe folloarlng day Ken?
reportod to lha i ? II. b thal (ewelry
wort'i UQ0 bad been taken from his apart
Mr:t E M Van Horne, the lai,'l!arl\ of
? ? aouae ie whleh Keaaadi ll**d, said ?
r,iaa aaawertag Peigmai ? ??? erlption had
rentad a room two da b. for* 'r:f- roboerj
,an waa arrested oo Baturdaj
w ,r
' of hi i ? bli li ? ben mr' i ted
I Emnloyes of Twenty East Side Institu
tions Still Talk of Strike.
demaurip f... ,'i rmlon agreemeat on
* af the b*m i , ? Hdfl Banb > lei h '
, i... n to ba ri.i.i. ..n twaaty Eaat aad.
!i,,nkr- ealllna foi hlah*i aroaea aad a
Iflbortflr workday, .t wa. *.id yflatorda
i prohabh affael fl number of \s..i,,- ri
' , lerk*. a? wall n> Baflo 0*801*1 Organlaer
B/elnotefa '.r tiie rjnftad Hehrew Tiadafl,
! with whleh thla uiuoa la affiiiaied *aiti tha
iieniHn'^ war* i'M-,,1 by tk* aaeeutlve
committee ol ihe i alted Ifaker. w
? I
n$ reflk , d la ra ?? i w
. -...'r, 10 pei t?nt.
Real Blizzard Sweeps Missouri
and Kansas?Trains Delayed.
Kaaaaa Oty, Ke., Jan I The Ijfl] raa]
Mlzzard of tha year 0#BT W. stern ?"?
an.i Kaaaaa is Bareeptag Iheaa Btatai
night and ||IBB..Bfl$ to send the mer.'in
far hHow zero To-nlght thr- ugli?ut \\. -t
am Minsourl and nearly all of Kansas thfl
mercury ls near the zero mark.
From noon to-day untll tOHBighl the ther
rnometer fell 4ti degrees to ! dagr8BB ahove
$era in Kansas Clty, At Salina. Knn.. the
thermometer reg.stcrr 1 ? degrees below
?ero ;it aoaaet LaiauBle, aVyeC, reparta 1;
degrees helow zero.
Omaha. Jan. i.-a heavy "10W- *_f$a
Into drifts by a atroag arlnd, uabarad m
the new year in Kastern H-braBBB and
Westein loara
The Fterm hegan this moniins and grew
more aerere to-night Wlfb lha appraaeh
of niRht the temperatufa bagaa to ,)rop
and ai T p m. ihe thertnonifier raglatered
i degrees belOW zero. with pre ,? I fOC
lower temperature.
Railway 8Bd street. ar traflk h ?B?-b 48
l.v.ed, one oveiland railroad Bna reporting
all pa^senget trains bahlB- "me. Only
pertebable freight and sto. 1; tiains were
movcd t.. -rta \
sioux Clty, ia laa. t?Tha flrai blissard
of the winter i* BWBBBjIng n\>'r Bouth !..
kota t-HBlgbt ptltng the snow m hlgta drlfta
ar.d delaytng railway traJB.
Slx trains are repoited fllalled ea the
nilBOla Central between here and Fort
Dodga Bavaral Iralna to ieutb Dakoia
pomts bava heen abBBdoaed and those ar
rlvlag nre from stx to elj-ht bOUTB lata
DaUaa Tex . Jan i. rfort- Teaaa la ?hlv
rrlng tO-nlghl under | eoM "ave. Am.i
rilla, In the Panhandle. reportfl half an
Ineh cf BBOW and high artttdB. wlth ? tem
p.-rature of 12 de_re.-? ahove zero.
Dr. Wise Sees Danger in Haste
After Wealth and Luxury.
nr gtephea s- Wlae addreeaed tba in?m
b^r- r,r tlio yf" BynOfOtU* at CanMgle
Hall yeaterday ir.oming r?n ihe Dutiea
and Daagara of Touth.' The mduigence
and extravaganre of KOW V-.rkers on New
Sear'a Bra araa decrled and the yoamg
people of Ihese tltnes wer? ureed to e.nter
polltlca for the i?erv!ce tiiat ls m lt Dr.
? - idded that tha corruptlon m lorai
polttleal eondltlona la due to the fact that
so many yeung men a.-k regarding publle
Ufe "Whal I* there m II for me"'
Dr. Wlne Mld he w.-,: gOlBg tO dlf$ I
remarks fo lha young who sp?nd thelr
iives m luxury
in the purautl af ali this luaurtoua liv?
lng bavea'l we loal son-.e of tba dlgntty or
life"' aokad ru Wlaa ' life, arhen ub
touehed bj aome Inner aprlnga of an idaal
Ii ignobv We nead elaUma We need
. . . ,n -.,. htm Thla arr!'.*''* r,f.!'"ru
lariv t<> thr men becauaa ao ttm coi
anything beatdaa making moaay II Bbould
he: "What am I _omc te he. not whal am
I going tO bBTO?"
A laek ot etiltivation of the IdBBl, or an
Ideal, araa declared by i?r "laa to bethe
lerloua want l" the llree of tba \oung
men of to-daj
\; an exadnpla of tbe Mea, Dr ~lee
toUChed on tbe c!a>:-e ln Andrew ? -,rne
gto'g peaee fund baqueal arhlcb -'?'?
ihai tha eateoutora, w-nen war h,a? been
abollahad. ahall bo! themeelree toward rhe
banlahment or the next greate<t arfl,
pr -M-.,. v , ,,. rerellerfl ol New ' ? ?
Eve He F8.d
"I can't help thinktng th it more money
?j< eapeaded last pt.ht m eatinc. drtnk
ing and earousin. thaa !f contrihuted i: i
rear to the three great ehartty orgaatsa
Hona of Kea Torh Clti ihmk of th?
Federation of Zionists Listens to
Arcomphf-hments of Race.
r.. t t, ifagnea u'h" preaMad laal
? -,, ?)!? Chaaukab .-eiehratlon of the
? tion of Amerlcan Zlontata nt the
Heraid gquare Theatre, ai?o addreeaed tha
Budience on 'The ilaccahaoana, New
md "id ' He sp.-.ke of the life of the Jewa
ln America and tbeir derelopment bep i l
good cltlseaa He waa followed b. Ifl ?
I T.innenhaum. arho B8Bg Tha
of Llghta" and Tlie Panner of the Jea
.ind by Mlaa Marle Deutacher, arho played
two boIob on the vtolla, one a medltal
. ?-? opei i Th-iiF "
Leon Zolotkoff. formerly an
dlatrli l ittoraej .hjerr
was 'Tho Spirit of C'hanukah." com|
the aplrtl flrai to -. diaeord and then ti
melodlons harmonv of :i _r.it orebi
A'.ei :, re.-itHt|on in Hel-rew |.y Miss Bath
Bhebal lber$ Dl I Lertn spoke ln
w for an hoor, on "Jearlan Ufe aad
\ 11 Hi took eaceptloa ta ?? certaln Jew
- iker who recently dadarad thal thrt
Jea I id prodw ? d nothing in art
i"- Leain aaaerted that ba waa $rle?oua
iv Mrron$ Il la i fact, he sald, thal the
.i^u-.s. by their Ufe and many nobla
bad produ -.1 an ,ii;iind^rice >.f art s
Meiae ... i mtoi f om oni of i na
i...l.1..-.. eana a b\ mn
Olotld Bucker Kicked Over First
Day of 1911.
ie <>ne kik<.i o\-er ? elood buekei ? ?
terdaj Nea ^'.>rker.? knew it. he'-.-m.-e
they went al" Ui thfl ? pocl ..f the
fl wel liena In their liq.ud
dlacoiafoil Thfl weather man knew p,
for be ara I ... i.e.ring the
.lepth r.f the r.-.mfaU with ! || vaiio I
atrumanta Blg f n Sdararda knew it,
meaal thal bla wurk bad heen eon
? ind thal tha n.en or
Btreel i h inta$ Departmeai would not
bava to arade Into deep drlfta ..f anow to*
day, whlle the arearj taxpayei footed the
Th? miikman. a? bomearard he |
his weary way, i?it tha ehllllng downpour
that fhri-at.'nM to dlluto tn- warea lln
founi II hard worb to drive throngb ihe
llke atreeta aad tha boraea regrettad
' ? ' ihej ?? ? ? noi i" in with
webbed feet
a wl ? i roka reaterdaj morn ng w-ith
bopea "f i lelag the uahertn$ ba <<t a brl
<iij .? tor Nea \< ai had tbdi hopi 'loiis-.i
ui blanketa.of inin. Boma avan regardi I
Il a'. 8B ?v:l .iii.ti, and >-aid tlmt it ,iKant
that tiie liuie baba 1111" w_* ?
what h.- foreeaw in tlie future.
The deluge was fltlll des.-ending ai nn
early boui tl mon laa Irltb no \
ausns of l h t-'ip
Washington rolice Chargo Expert Ac
countant with Grand Larceny.
a* tr.'- requeal ol Hajer iylveeter, Buper*
Inten Ii nl of thi B/a hlngti n polli e, F
< irabam ^^ eodward, an ? ipi ri ai i ou l -
. , ii i>-ted al ? ln m< No $0 i \\ (??'
? '.nii.il < 'Ib. ? .!?
tf nv? - >.ii a .' .M .? of - rand i ?n an] Tha
eomptalaaata were \v P Dr'iw.- .. i*o,
of n,i |]$ $VeM Utol atreet, thla clty. I'ri-.r
lo i,i- .ri- ' Woodaraid araa oul an B.68I
ind mi'ler BB Indlctm. nt tOUtta tn 11 .
nne comptolnaata Ii_miik* ean ad hla
in N?o. flflbei "ii a cbarge < lai
I.. the emoan l ol M BK
ln tl,. ? ..mpl.Hlit Bk 'I b ... i I ? v,..
ithoiitlaa 'ti" flrm cba i il
w.Iward, 'vi'" tbay aOegi wa? bbm
bnowa aa Pobar, oblalaed B,flO$ from tiiem
ln lln Ir ? mi'l" ' '
v . ...I ? ...1 repreaented ih. !1i ni 'ti
B 18$ md II w.ic all. | ?
obtalned tba aaaaay fr-.m them m that
j. ... yaara aid aad tn_r
President Taft Takes Action
After Hearing of Election.
Castrillo, Nicaraguan Minister,
Probably Will Be Re
ceived This Week.
f Krom Th.-" Trlbune Bureau.]
WashlBgtOB, Jan. 1.-Offlcial dlplomatl'
relatlins with the governmeut of Nicaragua
wer.- lesuined lo-day by the Unlted States
f..r the flrst tlme BtB-O Decemher 1, Ht*,
wii.ii tha laeretary of stjte handed hla
noa fainoiis note to Felipe Rodrlguez.
? harg? duffalres of Nlcaragua. the la?t
repreeentatlva of Piesident JSelaya in
W fl. hlngfon, immedlately aff?r the eseCU
tiuii of the two Amerlcans, QtOCt and <"an
non, This reeumptlon of friendiv relatk>na
waa ln the form of a message of congratu
lailon and New Year's greetlnK* from
Preefdenl Tafl to President Batrada. who
haa Jual been elected by the Nicaraguan
Assemhiv. The message. whl*h i arrtes
with it the recognition of the present gov
? rnment ln Nieatagua. la as follows:
His Kxcellencv. Oneral Juan J. Kstrada.
Preatdent <.f t... Republlc of Nicaragua.
Managua. ,
I aend rour excellencv mv most cordiai
feli. Itationa foi the New Year. with which j
I hope will begin an era of progresa, peaee |
and proepertty for tbe per.ple of Nlcaragua. j
I congratulate you upon your a.ssumptlon .
of the Pre.Mdency by popular mandate l
unaabnoualy expr.-f.s--d through the .\ssem
bly recently e|e.-ted. and I assure you, and
through you the _overnment nnd peopl^ ..f
Nicaragua. of the slncete sympathy and
friendanlp of the government and people
of th-> f'nited States in the work of regen
eralion which are hope wlll he ao BUCeeea
f 111 | add my wishea for vour own per
- nal welfare. WILLIAM H. TAFT
Mr Knox in hls note to Chargd d'Affatres
Rodriguea ttated tnar the Ualted Rtates
would not recognisa anv PraaldaBt 'mtn n?
id been i oaatltutlOBally elected This <-on
dtttOfl '-as fulfllled bv the action of tba
Aeeembly of .vp-nracia more than * year
after tha note T>as written
I >r r-alvatore rastrillo. who ha* be^n ap?
pointed Nicaraguan Minister tn Washlng?
ton. probaMy arfll be re, .i\H bv S-rretary
of State Knox th:? week for formal pie?en
tation ?f hbi letter of <i?den<*e.
Oonflrmation of disparche*. from Managu*
laat nicht anr.ounclng Fstrada's election
reached the Sta'e Departrnent dunng th*
day In a eabla mes<-2.H* from Thomas F.
Moltatt the Amen.-an ronsu' Mr Moffatt
,-pported that tba anthuetaem foiiow-ing th*
announeemenl of F.tiada s ei.ctirm was
rerj Kreat and that Presid-nt Eytradas
i_e waa a 5-tr.ing and petrtotlc doeu
T.-ent The President s telegram to Fstradi
<-arr!?*s arltb it his recognition by Ihe gov
ernment of the i'nited States.
American Consul Did Not Attend
?Amnesty for Ex.iles.
Managua. Nir.iraeua. Jar 1 -PreMder.t
Efltrada tO-day l88U8d a der.ree grar.ting
eeneral amnestv to ai! pnlitlcal exlles.
nn th? el#<-tion of Oeneral Estrada to the
PreMdencv vesterdav the memb*rs of <"V>n
jrre?;? rose to thetr f?et and shouted Long
!l\e Batradal" In his lnaugural address
PraaldaBt E.-'ra/la proml-ed that the laws
wo.ild be adm'.n!ster?d for the good of all
and in accordanee wlth the prop*r guaran
teea Tt ls prohabl* that in some respe.-ts
the constitution will be am?nded to rompiv
wlth the demand for refOnnfl and that new
law? will h^ promulgated.
Adam i^ardena? was ele.-ted president of
the congress and Salvador <*ardenas vic?
prealdent The consular represenrauves.
wlth the eyc?ptton of th* Amerlcan. were
present af the InauguraMon
; President Confers with Leading
Congressmcn nt White House.
W ai-hlngton. .tan 1 --President Taft
learned tO-nlghl what legislation may be
expertrri of < ngreei at its present .-^esslon
on tbe coaaarvatlon of natural reaaurcaa.
Seeretary naiimcer. penator Knute Nel
Kon, of Mlnneyora. chairman of th? Senate
Commlttee on Public L-.nds, Senator->
' Of Qtah, and Flmt. of '*alifornla.
also of 'hat COBUnlttea; Represcn* "r fl
Fiank W, Uondell, of Wyoming, chairman
fl Houae Cbmmlttee on PuMic L^nds.
and Repra Herhert F'arsons. of
New- york, h rnemher of the eommlttee,
era arll Pb Bldi al Taft untll a late
hour ? - of conservation relatlng
partl-Vlarly to the roal lands ln Alaaka.
II attuatloa In <"alifornia and the flub<
Jecl of appeals from the dectelona of the,
Departmeal of the interior.
Hnndreds Testify to Healing at
Professor Hering's Lecture.
Ne.irh i thouaand men, women and chll
dren, well cavenette.l. ti-^rinir overshoe?
and earrytng umbrallaa, hurrled "'it of the
? i Into CarnegK Ran ia.t night to hear
i a ifcture i tlan Bdanca gn*n hv
i ? .->or Hermann I Hertng, C. s p , ot
C0O< BTd, N H . "nc ..f the bo.ird of lecture
sinp of th* Flrai Charcb of chrtst. gelen*
? ? I1...JTOH profeaaar Herm_. ?^ri>- in
bla lecture, declared thal matter araa not
therefore dldn'i really exift onlv
to the phyalcal aenaea it was destructlbU
and capabla of bettuj dlaalpated Truth. he
! said. repreaented the real aatura of ?iib.
Isian.e becauaa of its tadeatructlblllty.
By ?av of dem.msir.itn_ the h^ahng
p,.wer of Chrietiaa S< ien.e. Professor Her
ked ?:'! those tn the BudltorluBi arbd
had at an\' tlme been iK-.ilea" b*,- its tea. h
? . st.ind up lt w.isn't manv seconda
before four-fifths of the nudien.e was on
its feet.
"Thaab you, m) frlenda Now yeu may
? M ited." he said.
The lecture was Interaperaed arlth fra?
: quent readhyra from the works of atra.
Eddy, the f'il! t.'le cf Whlch toeefher Wlth
I the name of th* author. W8a pronoUBOed
? r by Professor Merlng
befon No referenci whatever was
in ide to . ?? of lf ra Eddy.
Alludtag to ti >-? aplrltual auperlarlty of
her method . lag dleeaae, eontparad
?\.'> the method uaed hv hypaotlato, mentai
? aald tlist ther.- were thou
who haa iven healcd merely thTOUgh
readlng Mra Bddy*a "flclenoa aad Health."
a- ? phyalclan'fl aon, he sald thal ba
Invaatlgatad many Chtiatlan Bdanca i ure?
among people anllcted aitb organlc, atruc
i : tlonal ? *t*- declared
that he hlmaelf had been Bubject to long
:-. of lltneaa untll he studled and 8Bt>
I Chtiatlan Bdeaice a-- tii*- trua ie
? . i ??
Veteraria ol Contral Park Menageric
Will Soon Go to Auction Block
Tara >.f th. oldeel Uona la the central
i ark meoagerle mtaal go t" make aray tor
tha four growlBg CUba that are now hud
dled Ini ?> ona i .
r ? fingi i .?! -.it- polnta at Blaman k .-.nd
I ii enta ??! ' ? men i
and -.ni' .1. it ii,,. ,,, .,|- future. unletii
:, eucttoneer
wlll "kno,?k down the Uona to the high
Iddei But there la ?< prlca set on
thelr heads-al.'.iii $?.. aplece-and that
musl be m. t ,,. ,K.:i, v ,,,. before John
fmith, ii.e one i i| u,|| ,,.ui M|th them. lt
|v r,n)..i>.l
, was i clreua par?
f"1 '"?' ar Bii. k war,) round tha >\' -
? uii ,i numl. i ,,t tlmea n may not be,
,.i doa nrw tiicba, hut
Bra the rxception lt l? not expecte.l
''?? ? in.ens wlll pul ln bldf,
?< the pair m, lore get mto the
Uni-llght of tlie cir^ua arena.
Annual Clearance of
High Grade Furs
We carry over no manufactu'-ed furs
from season to season. Ourentire remain
ing stock of hi?_b grade coats and sets has
been marked at the following low prices to
insure absolute clearance. The furs of
fered are distinctive models, of choicest
materials fresh from our own workrooms.
Mink Coats
Threequarter and full lene.th, ae
lected dark akirta - ? - $750 to $2,200
Seal Skin Coats
Full length, of perfectly matched
t\r-mtt.900 to 1,250
Hudson Seal Coats
Full length, Semi-fitted and Looae
\e\g.150 to 375
Caracul Coats
Three-quarter and full length 125 to 575
Russian Pony Coats
Three-quarter and full length - 45 to 185
Evening Coats
White Coney, with ahawl, collar
and cuffa of White Arctic Fox 145 to 200
Russian Sable Sets
$250 to $3,000
Hudson Bay Sable Sets
$165 to $600
Scarfs and Muffs
Btajrfi tn a variety of modtls, straight and ibnptd.
Muffs mtdium ta txtra large stzes.
Scarfa Muffa ?
Raccoon - - - $22.00 $30.00
NatOpossum - - 25.00 35.00
Black Lvnx - - ? 30.00 55.00
White Fox - ? - 35.00 35.00
Sitka Fox ? ? ? 40.00 58.00
Black Fox - - - 45.00 35.00
Also a group of fancy sets, only one of
rarh krnd, l*J (ombtnations of contrasttng
furs and furs with velvet or chtffon.
These sets, suttable for wear with elabo
rate costumts, are offered at a fraetion if
the former prtces.
Nineteen West 34th Street
New York
Paris London
il Altmatt & (?a.
REDUCED PRICES OF $15.00 & 25.00
_ a-- - ..?
fifili flvcnue, J4tb and 3$fo Sfrccts, nw VcrK.
L. P. Hollander & Co.
Women's and Children's Outfitters.
January Clearance Sale
Begins To-morrow.
Genuine Bargains in
Every Department
FIFTH AV. at 46th St.
HIOHEPT PRICES r>ai<l for lajlra' and ?tntlt>
men t 4it4ar<it>4 avanirif and etraai coaturoae,
tawalry. **??? Mme. Naftal, T48 6th ava. ?_ _ooa
VICTOR VIS1BI.E. 70 Nataau Bt: ?.'?!"?*J
fra. .11 makt. taktn part pay-ao* *"?'
la VaaetnrtxxU. JUmlntrto-u. PllT.ra. BaBne -

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