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1 \\ V 28,447
T? dar unorttlrd
Tr, ni.,rrn? . raln
fr.lln-.rd h. raln
?aierate ?..mi, ?rind*
/ *I " VT _B City of >>4? Vork. .lrra<T ( Itr nnd Mobohea.
ima 10 BALOWIN
iccticufs Governor After
w 2 dlng it Announcecl That
Hr Would Not Suc.
- p Drf^nds His Inter
prrtr.t-on of Juriffe Bald
? | Drn?ion in the
Hoxio Casc.
?? ?
hla "I'Mv r]o
v Prealdenl
it mual
*i nnni.unrf I ;ia the
11 Mr
IMktfl of a
? f Judffe
? J klga B iMarla,
? ? - Conm
.-.;?? f-re'
iklni v 'i
? . conv
Itaelf fi tn llaMU
<- \4rta un
f tho Fifth
tutlon of t! o
i .lppr1\ m the
tra ? of lltoarty nr d
aat of ia-.."
ratloi Mt.
mean thnt the
? | ? t. nt for a
?-; t any am
. p i it to Im com?
' fi r liinl> in
Judfa Baldwln da
n ? s'i' h vtew, and
v r pevi 11 for at
but aftar n i elvlng
t tho iom
? ; i forth,
? . .- -.. ? ?. den! < om
his . rltlclam, Judge
? . ? ? Thal
the reaaon
? ? lon.
*in Suggested Sattlement
\ f ? and '
. ? inced 1 ? ihould
, Mr.
I that lt would be
t?? him ff their differ
? I'-r pub
-l ai laa He
.w, llon at
Ithoul ara. imenl to
ho h d < on
?-. Mr.
v :? ? ai 8lt 9 np |u8tl>
- la In'a
bbbIi l
? thia
? ?
nt 1
:.-..- alao Mi
:t a ibmlt
? !":i, Then
' . ln
; Roota
t the i leoloi
? \ had i" ? '
? j ... eral lat
ipalfn he
?il of
Jua*. - ,r- farrlni lhal
| ght it
? ? ?
than ?
ime t" make "i>
? . ;,'!? |g<
bllltj for iho
? reporl
I then wenl
i | ? >, the
i itat<
riehts of
Ima t" datnafi s
petenl '
v amr?l?y
. ? ?
. r llmb In
? ri tO
' that ln
: oub:
- - -. '
, . r
nd ti
: ' '
did nnd tn ii'1
th >?? I
? -
. | ,. .. ?
; . , -.,11. ]
. tfl uidnti
. uplnlon whti n i
tar r
? '
, ?] by
? . , . .,,;,,; ... .iff..i(i ia.il
id not
? , ? , law.
.... . 0f gteal pu ?l
? ?
?."I ' ' ' ?'
' ?? ? ? ? ? a rallroad ln
rr_ll> tlirouji
- and di
rt of tne
ll ?-lTorie io de
ln tiM- de .- "ii '
? '
ii ie
v . - lhe ma:r
?' ' " ' f"""
Igi y?ur
tion t_ ao
, mder \shir:. jihilos
(ouiliiurd on flftli i>aaa_
United States Said to Offer
$35,000,000 for Leasc.
i , iaa
? -. ?
tra, n"i i
- '
? i ? m.
'' IhO r. | 4it.l1. . ,,,..
Roport of Aceident on Gunboat
Not Confirmed
Ranr, n ? ?? romai ? arly thla
ins f t then I ? i | .... laa-ni
?-1 iha I'tiii' 'i il ?
fanbual r\ So < onflrma
iir>n of Iha reporl araa obtalnablc The
Wheellng Ib on the sray i" Quanti ?
miirnina* ol
i?ia ?mmunlllon snd a
Bltiefli Ida. > .:
? ? 'i ih
atlaal t heard of any such
. fflrlals al
n a t nn a i
? ? Ninrfolk snd Charli i n ivy yarda
.- I
i sd I ' on thi
The i'n-t. ,i w ln l< lor al IVor
fi'ik. \'.i. .it i go a. n mi aaafea all
up and doerti th. Atlantl ? ta. bul --11
efT,>rt<- t,. p|< k up thi "aVh< - '?' '"
i a*1 i
a flurry' at reno
More than Six Months' Resi
dence Needed for Divorce.
|B>- Talaarrapl I ',m i
Ren< Nei Jan. 2S. In bt intlng i
motlon fr>r ;i non-sull for ?*anl of Jurls
dlction in ths caae of Barah Catherlne
Pord, of Norriatown, N. .1 againai MU*
ton l-*ord( tnr .i dlvoree on the ground j
r.f deaertlon, Judge John s. Orr ihrew
?i botnb into the dlvoree colony here to
day. He ilrcw sharr-ly the Ifciea whlch
rrii-rk ehal conotltutea a realdence as
deflned In tha dlvoree courts, and Indi
that no longer would thr nir-rr- f,ic?
of h-.\ in . Ilved here sls montha *
Rar.i.-r" ._ SuhVlenl
llsl ng a i ? sldi n. >.
The oplnlon la vttal to those who are
here awaltlng deerees B- reaoon of the
? bi of resldi n. ?- th? entln i olony la
1 o .' thi i iaa
Dark Secret from Paria* Comes
to Light at Metropolitan.
An amualng Incldenl r* irri I reeter
fl ? on nt th'- Olllberl '
Ihi Metropolitan Opera l1 - ' ' **oa
i ,t on tha proaratnme and of whlchthe
audience ?as imnwarr-.
Mlaa Destlnn nnri Mr?. Homei wers
both in Parla last sunTmer aad both
cho?e fhe _m? ilrr-sprriRkrr Whal ll
morr.. both chose, uiihnown lo ' ?? other,
thr ssnis dress, old, when th*>\
? i al th* theatre j eeterda: . they
-,o-o Aresaed M allke sa Tweedledes
an-1 Ta eedledti
Mr- Homer waa flral ' P***>
nd, ?<"? prlma d ifter
nii h'-: noth
ntlnn to do bul l
t , t?v AntoMta for anotl ?
gown an
n i taxtcab, ln an l e to ba
I \- Mi-**- T?r-*1inn
Prcvalence of Disen?e Abroad
Stirs Health Authorities.
suai pre> alem ? of bubonlc
plague Hlotijj tl.- routi s of travel fro
; . 'entral B laela lo the
ia Europi .ui neap ?rts al a hl? h pa --
aengera embark for New V-'rk haa rauaed
<r. IO
il ona ln i ?
aaae at 1
i,- i .,,? haa been sd' Iai rl bj i
resentatlvcs abroad that the plague haa
Btarti I up ?*' M - -''i'1 Ruesla and
ted on thr.
? Europe. The health
nlng In thi
natlon al | rew nt, howi v*?r
"Bubonii plague la nol an easy d
to recoi ?l,:1 nfllcer yea
? .\ pereon n a i ?'? ? Ihe plague,
,-,. |? ar well anri fe< i no bIi knesa ??
, ? fr i ha*. ?? ? aught rl*. - or rda ca
thla port. one of the patlenta being the
n of a ahlp '> hlch i ame
"There had been an outl "eak of the
? that porl ai d on the e-ay up
the coaal ? if "f the atewardi dled. I
madi the entlre crea ptri;. and i \.unineri
anda of the emin. On examlnlng
thr. master 1 found he had a mlld i:i?f
,,f thi ' I him al Q i
. - gol n
New Ministcr to Mezioo Chosen
to Report on Developments.
IH4 Dabla ta Th# Trll ?
.i;m 2fl German ni . apa
malntaln mit the appolntmenl of ,i
man, Capl iln Von H'nt ?--. to be
lerman Mlnlsi Mi *< la dl*
. to tha i- ? ntenee
tereal ln the developmenl of i -<? noval
BlinHii"ti in th. Atlantlc and the Paclflc
srhlch wlll "?? .lt from thi opening of Ih.
Panan a l lonal,
Captaln von h itai raa fonroei ly the
Btta< M ii' 11 !'? 14 :?*?: na tU
pcrta Bi-nt from that capital sn iwed alni
to i" aeoaed of i i'',r
?. ptlon ati'i dlplomatl aklll.
ln hls ti""' poal he wlll be requlred to
r.-i.< n fully "t. thi antln t'entral A
I. an altuatlon and lo ?? at< h carefully
the developmenl of the Internatlonal
altuatlon aa it la affected
by the opening of thi i anal Min ap
? .. ? ;- regardi 'i In ao ? quarters
ii- a special Btep madi iiecesaary i.y the
to fortlfy < ? ?
M ?? k I ? ? ?i tl>",
.. |n Boaton bul settli
been i
an Asso iati of tha Roj sl .\. u'i
I ww. 4 ? porl \4 Ina snd O vi i ill
H T !'<-v44y r? Boaa Co . 131 Fulton Bv, N.T
Manager of "The Jcurnal of
CommcrCatj" Says Sum Wcs
Promised for Paper's Support.
Witness Says on Other Occasions
John Roach and the Spanish
Government Tried to Influ
ence Editorial Policy.
IFr-n ? ?. n
Wa ? ? t ? Jan _?"> i Ihargi fi nat
an alleged ateamahlp "truat" of glgantic
pro| ,-?' the failui ? of .-. hi i aid
t,, "make good" upon hl
?jis that the ahij,|>in>: Intereata have
been attempting to bribe thi preaa,
? ?i th< heaiting to-day "f the apeclal
.nmltti ?? a hl h la Im ? al Igal ng
the dual bu1 |ecl of a ateamahlp "truat"
and n eunaid) lobby.
Btatementa regardli ttempta
b buy the editorial aui i - rl ol "The New
i Tork Journal of Commi
ubaldy legialation, whlch thal pa?
per haa conalatentlj oppoaed, were rnnde
? ? , immlttM to daj I ? Alfred vV
Dodaworth, buaini anager of "The
Journal of Commerei and Commerclal
Paul 11 Foun in i ,? eaentlng thr
I'ranium Bteamahlp T.in<\ ncnlnst whlch
the bo called conference llnea rontrolllng
\4 hai la iil??-B-r*^?i to be 98 per cenl of the
Atlantic paaaenger trafflc :\'o arrayed,
t, id earlter in the day ho ? rallroad
nuthoiitlea m tlrs country*. notablj thi
< entral Paaaenger Aaaoeiatlon m Chl?
cago, had refuaed to aell tlcketi ov< r the
endent llnea unlea* the Independ
_ the uam llon r-t the i ,,nf'-r
<n<o llnea
Mr. Pourman told the committee thal
? .-?!','? all the American and Euro
Bteamahlp llnea have entorad
a "confen ? ' Bgreement .in'l thal the
triist haa been cuttlng ri*r." ln euch a
? . - | to put tl e Bmaller companlea"
oul of bualneaa He aald that th" ahlpa
? prlalng wha! la known aa the Contl
nce and th<* Vr.rth Allan
- onference have vlatuall. aqueeaed
. . ? nd* nt
? rs.
lt >s Impoaalble ln gel t v'r.
?.|, for the Indi pendenl aea,
I;.] thi cut to ih'^
by the blg ateamahlp
? j,, ,i -., independ< nt boat 11
tn aall. He i
that thi f< had n duci d ratea
from $3H i" $21 ui"" auch
? tlor ilm< Bl Impoaalble.
??]i.-, pplied fi r admlaaloa to
the oaaifaranci aaked afr. |*mgworth,
? (ommitter. member.
"1 thlnk HOt We Woflild Rkaly be re
fuaed, anrway. ?s tho tmet fiRurea tt la
,- ,B.er tr, kU] ua th mi to |ak? ua in." *ii<\
?tr fr*ourman.
q a reault of tn da: = <*'? Idernc Mr
. ,?-,!, e hl * J" hn W l,r>da
-, orth, the edltoi of " I ? J " ' al of
-. ,".-.) to B tth
i: ?..', ? n he falli d to ca
. ?.mmltti ?? during hia n i ent
? ?
. ? l ?'harlea A. (
. ?, formei Waahlngton i or
. dent, ma: ??? aaked to throa Hght
on an offer to BtibBl l "? aald
rai \or] through hlm to
? . jouri n of i "on mei i. ' a hi, h ho
then repreaented, and the federal au
th.,riti''-- may take noteof theevldence
;, . t , lhe rallroad'a dlacrlmlnatlon
al thf Independ ati , lini a
, n fi .r,!_;n tlckt tfl
$100,000 for an Article.
v'i , _ w 11, ? ? .?--'!?t -I at lhe
committee room wlth <i carefullj pre?
pared llal ? ?' ' he v anted to
. i,r,,|,.iiind. i ? hlm, Imj elled by
t he ? aarded aa mlarepraaenl itlon
.- attltude of hia i aper The teatl
mony, howevi r, luddenl bi oadi ned In
Bcope and thi witneaa aoughl refuge in
referting the committee to hia brother,
now in New York, for detalled nnllght
nt. The wU ild thal ivs paper
never had been Bubartdlaed a :nter
ivn w li., tevei and 11 eaa a nd r>ii
li riiii columna had no relatlon.
But. 1"' teatifled, aboul aii ? u i ago
an unknown man came Into his offlce
and offi red to | ' of i 'om
.... flflO.OUO, and take l.(BN>.0O0 i op
? the i .ii" > for tha Int ertlon ?
artli le In one laaui i ipf ortlng the ahlp
legialation. Thit- man refuaed to
d Bcloae I I Idi i i l inl< hli propoaJ.
tion * ta t?? be a epted
The Bl ? the evant of
? ? eptam i lo make oui .i ? ertifled
check Immi d al for $10/100 t,, blad
thi agreemeni and to paj the balanca
-'? ??????' , publl a:i.m of tbe aitl
Mi i ri i , ' be Immedlatt ly
i alird hla brother, J, im \v . into hla of.
ii,. ?? a -.<? Itneaa to tbe ' mr i raatlofl and
,, | roi ""-ni"'1 waa t irrn i down aa an
attempl to make an Improper arrange
:. ? ll
? v\ ho ? ad< l ?
, hairman, Mr. < Hi ott
? i ii"i, t knoa the man'a name.
Mr Dodaworth.
Ili mb< ra of n\o commlttei aai
Btartled a Mi
worth'a te itln on) waa - _p< ted
? fou ',"ii t knoa. hla na
membera of (he i ommitti e ln ? urprlae,
Mr. Dodaworth admltted thal he dlda't
Other Offers of Bribea.
. hat, hoa i ? i waa onl one auch
, venl Pn wed bj the committee, Mr.
Dodaworth h.h.i thal aboul thlrty yeara
ago l"- f",!'" ' ' ?", alttlng ni hla offlca,
that i ' ? ? P ''?'" al "ii. and John
Roach, lha ihlpbuilder, wl..,. then
hulldl l ''''; ",M actlve ln behalf
,,t M thlp aubald: blll, entorad the offlca,
],,,,i ,|,,;v ti ,-i blanh i hei k, aakad tha ald< r
Dodaworth to All oul thi ? is<???? k nn,i atop
v rltlng aga nai ehlp auba d 'i |.- offat
, efuai d
Another n i oul two ?
, ? aald, tried lo bu th? aupport
,t thi i"'i" ' v 10.000 and durtni lhe
l an h-A ? ? ? aa a -r- the Bpanlah go*. -
frnment tried t" buy tha paper'a infiu
t n> 8
?;'] Mr i >1, "'t r:<-pr, *e nt.i
a-kLd the
tO 1,"
? iked
I (.iillii.ir.l mi foiirth i, ,- r
10 1IIL INT FflH
Efforts Made Through Qovernor
to Have Him Wiihdravv
Fail Utterly.
If Dcadlock Holds Promincnt
Democrats Likely to Urge Dix
to Take Hand?Upstate
Rcgulars Warn Murphy.
Albany, Jaa. 28. P*or the seventh tltna
? the legialatlve pawna ln the greal gama
of rlectlng a Democratli L'nlted Btatea
Sr-n.-it'ir 4vere brought oul to-day and
pul through the regulai movea Hold
righl flve votea, Wllllam F. Bhee
i nn a*aa no nearer electlon than he waa
the nlghl he hecame the caucua cholce
'? ot the delegati i I I gra.I B
Murphy of Tammany Hall and the big
powen behind thai organizatlon and the
Jusl ? i , problem I v ill ???> erj -
i body hen long Murph) wlll i on*
Itlnue !?, auppori Bheehan'a eandidacy.
i in apite ..f denlala from both aldes, ru?
Imora peralal thai thr- Tammany leadei
is aboul i" wlthdraw from Ihe Bheehan
slde of the flght acting ln conformlt:
wlth the dealre of aome of the big Wall
; street Interests hltherto favorable lo
Bheehan. Theae Intereata are aald to
have become ronvlnced thai Bheehan
rannof aiti under any conditions, alnce
he ha<! Iieen nnahle s<> far to get thr
votea neceasary to eleel him.
[1 Ib !-f*'i*?n poaitlvely lhal efforta have
made thr.mgrii Governor Dla to x(t
Bheehan to wlthdraw, and thai Bheehan
has refuaed Hi has hla back lo the
arall, an.l while unable to win th** battle,
i ? rnaklng so gami a fiatht thai the
I knockoul blow aeema Indeflnltely poet
j poned Whether Oovernaw Dix srtll take
a hand ln Ihe altuatlon again cannot he
learned. Piienda of thi Governor aay
he reallxea keenlj the rlamage hla party
la auffering through this muddle and the
Injury likely to reeutl t.. hla plans for
"t and economlcal legialatlve see
? Ion i' this ?!<adloa k perstota a little
rr?end ?*h"rt of the open turnlng
down ?f Bheehan bj kfurpl there la ao
?-icn >.f any big i hange to break it II la
underatond th.it some promlnenl Demo
? ? ? -.4 ni urge Ihe Governor to atep In
and tr ? to brlng harmono) oul ol tho
Upatate Leqislator*, Reak e.
Governor Dli la nol the enl; >von who
reallsee the evll stde of the deadlock. ITp
Ptate DemoeratS 44-: n hifherfo hava Vnterl
wlth Ihe Tammen* men f"r Flieehan
se h?*- waa the caucua ? h<i|<-e are
betoanlng extremely r**it\o. w hii* there
!i?e l.een no fnrmnl aurepment entered
into, and -t*. dHlnlie nrraneemenr made
to quit Bheehan, their _ q group of mnr?
than a doaen upatatera who have ulven
Murpl ? '" underatand that they*d he
mlghty weii j,ie;ior,i tr-4 have Tammany
.- t i.. r: i r r randldate Theae men
do nol want to be i onrddered Insurgents,
llke the lli'oaevrlt croup. nr rvert "near
Ineurgente." The- ,.;,-, they are wliiiner
ti vote for a nrin tvtth Tammany sup
port, if" he li a good m.-in. as they renllze
? it posltl -ii Tammany holda ln
the Democrac: of the atate nni] ar.
qnlaaera* in lt. Neverthelesa, Ihej don'l
ronalder I go.*?d bualneaa "r good poHtlci
? , .>?!? . ??< -1?--.-.<i'.??-v< Indeflnltely,
?jt i ; rent lo us." said one "f
them to-nlght "th.it Sheehan <-?n't i.e
,*. \\r |b tustifli 'i im hangtng on ac
|i i c bb h* ? an gel i i ote of i ourae Wa
r;iti't jusl *-'r-e hoa Murph*] . who Is the
atate leader, Is Justlfted In contlnulng to
try to foree him on to the Legialature
\\*. have stipported Mr Bheehan ap the
, rm us ? holi.- I--- ill Bul it becomes s
f|iiie.i.,ri for every msn lo determlns
Jusl when hls Inyaltv to b caucua r-holoe
ahould ca**aae. 1 knoe a numher of leRis
latora who feel, as i do, thai -"ir duty
haa been pretty well done. ;,nd that lt
;s time to I1' aome heed t,, \\-o demards
.,f .mr people ;it home that v\" cr-t thia
Benatorshtp business out of the *\a- ?? |
t-.-i rloa ii t.. legtalatlng "
lt i- expected tiiat men ..? thla mln-1,
I srhom are ranked Benatora aCur?
tagh, of Eltnlra; Ferrls, of Utlca, and
GIttena, of Niagara* Falls, and Aaaembly.
men Patrle, of Greene County; I'reKi*;.
ol Lewta; ICanley, of OneMa; Gonld, of
Niagara; Blauvelt of Rockland; Gur
nr-tt of Bchuyler; Beeley, of Ptetihen;
Iwaahburn, of Ulater, and ('"iiins. of
Tatea srlll pr-t together s"on in sonia
?...rt of cornmltteaj and send a depulation
j to Murphy nnd his allled boesea aaklng
them to endeavor to seled a ..indidate
Ifor Benator oa whami all elements of tha
part) could unlte.
Patronarje M tl Is Grir.d Slowly.
Ilurphy'i men sa* there la no poeslbll.
ii- of auch a thing They and Bheehan'a
arorkera toalBtain thai the Tammany
hoaa ts i ommltb d to Bheehan ahaolutely
an?i foret'er, and lhal they win atand or
fall together Renewed t.dk of rdttlng
untii nexl wlnter*a saow tii.-s j., in-ard.
coupled with threats thai "the tall wlll
atop wagglng the dog**1 pretty soon They
acoul th- storles that Murphy ima been
told t" wlthdraw fr-'in thr Bheehancamp
by i-lK Wall itraol people, wbo hava bo*
, . , ttred of waltlng for Bheehan lo
get hlmaelf elected. Meantlme tho pat
... tnllla grind alowly, and tho pollt.
ira! Bcrewa are preoalng very hard tn
tho antl-Tammany, antUSheehan Inaur.
Tlieae men are Btandlng fast They
have got IhOBMOlvoO Into ? -'lace now
\\hi-re they reaMao they cannol retreat.
BofM Of them down doep under their
li.-ltri tuay regrel atnyln*? oul of tho <au
, u-. bUt th.-re Ia DO nfgn .,f lt All ,,f
t),,-tii riialiit.itti that they lin\<- the full
approval of their r*oaftftuente, and thr-r.
Ih a eliKht air of COBadoua martyrdom
,.,.,.t them, from Benator Rooaovall
down, whlch producoo an lavoluntary
chucklo from oaoo hardened cyntca iik.
I'uiien. of Kinss Thej ii"id meetlnga
n uriiuiK and afternooo to count imseB.
and If '-' r Ihoy Bl ' Oafl "f ,l"' f*' natnr
ahlp flfh' iiiiMatli.il .ind \ I' l"ri..iiB, art
the*/ nvsrar will PO the . ae*-. lhay nn \?>
a genulfM OOirOf in If-Uislstive nuttrr.i
( ...iiiniir.i on BOBOad l?aaa
wi... haa been mteaing from ber bome la thla dty alnce Perrmher 11
President Calls Night Mecting of
Cabinet to Discuss It.
Waahlngton, .inn. ?_."?. After a day of
almoal Inceaaanl labor on hla meaaage.
whlch wlll be aenl to Congreaa to-mor
roa aith the raclproclty agreemant re
cently reached by tha rapraaentatlvaa of
the L'nlted Btatea and Canada, Praal
iirr* Tafl , alled fl apeclal meetlng of thr>
Cablnel al 10 o'clock to-nlrfht. for tha
purpoae, it la undarotood, of dlacuaaing
tha meaaure. Tiie Prealdent, ll la aald,
hiis prepared an exhauatlva argument,
explaining In detall tha prJncipal faat
ui(,? of ? igreement.
lt ,. reported il -?? 'hnt n atatement
analyslng the effecta of tariff lawa nn
tradi wlth ranada ln the r11*' ;,nf1 tha
probflhlc *-';'i!'.a thal WOUld ho obtalnon'
by th** propoaed reclproelty agroamenl
arlll h" tranamltted through tbo Praal
ru-tif fn m the Btati Departmenl ' \
atatement by Bocretan "f s,',?? Kn''x
.-nnrrrtitrix the reciprodty negotlatlonfl
arlll ?"> aenl to rongreaa arlth tha mea
: age of the Pre ildi il
All membera of the Cajbtne! Jolned in
tiir. conference wlth th" Prealdent to
nlghl When 'he meetlng aaa concluded
nn Hta'^tnent waa made publlc.
Accident Near Lima, Peru?Two
Women Badly Hurt.
Lima, Jan 25 whti" proceedlng to
dav from Aneon to Lima bj automoblle,
Mr Bhalby, Buperlntendenl nt tho Cerro
.... paaco Bmelter Company, and hla
chauffeur were kllled by the overturnlng
of his machlne Mra. Bhelbv, Mi.=s T.r.?
kampa and Mlaa Decker, who were ;tls<i
pa, engera In the automoblle, a*ere ln
jured, the two foi r * i ?ual:. The
dead and Injured wi roug hl to Mma
thla evening
Flatbush Suicide Still Clutched
Revolver in His Hand.
with s> Belf infiirtrr\ bullet wound in
hla haad, Charlea H. Behott, of No 888
1.,-ist 16th atreot, Flatbueh, waa found
leanlng agalnal a trea at Cortelyou Road
an,i Ocean avenue laat nlghl Ha had
been dead for moro than an hour Tha
revolver waa clutched in the right hand
Although tha diatrtct la thlckl popu
lated no ono had heard the Bhot. Jamaa
Fltipatrlek. of No 173 Eaai 34th atreat,
notlced Bchotl aa he paaaad on his blcy
, |f. patrolman Meyera, of tha Park
rtlle Btatlon, and Pr. Bant. of Klnga
Count) Hoapltal. were called
I,, gchotl i pocketa w*re found nntct
Whlch aald thal he thought he W-4 |0iHf
inaane and mlghl become a rnonaca to
i,is fjienda, and that ha ha i daddi i to
hlH hlmaHf. Hla brother-ln law, Wlll?
lam B Lewla, of No. 861 Cttaton btreet,
Brooklvn, Identlfled tha body al tbe
Parkville atatlon houae Bchott waaa
manufacturer of buttona at Nb. BB4
Broadway. Manhattan. Ha laavea a
?lf, .nnd one daughter
.-o ?
Doesn't Carc for "Woman Rooster"
?Nor for "Salomc" or "Elektra."
ip. -|>'< i i>'; aaa '
,,, burg, Jan ? -"I ?1on*t Ihtoh I
?houid ,ki ? for B woman moster." aald
Mrs. Ulllan Nordlca Toung this evenliR.
]i,.r comn.enl oa lhe rooatar af doubtful
, n . , .... oatled forth bj a d!a ?;**inn ot
Maude Adama aa Chantoi ler.
?I d.'ti t ? are fof BMO IB *OOMn'fl pf
?r tor women ln naen'ft The Kreat Hern
hardt in 'L'Algton' is an exceptloa, but I
uke pvii her betier in a fromaa'a inirt."
Bul "Bai 10*0'' i,r!i1 "Blektra" wer" tar
nla for hi r moat potatod siiafti-.
?Opera la Af.ii and mual t-amr of
?. ? ...mi Mn.. Nordlea, ' Ti.e oid
herolc it>lr ot opera 1? more lnterestlriK
, , | ,. than the oi.i i-i.,thes men ami nawing
uiri- an.i all tha Bordld ilf- plctured ;n
* ,,,.,._,. ? i do not cara for aueh awfui
, | ccta as 'flalome' and 'Elektra.' The
ciri of ihe Ooldan Wfeet' floea nol aeem to
?,,. to tn ai of a a ? )? ' that lenda it>eif to
opera ' _ ._
Boaton, Jan -?' ri|P aiamorlal portrait
of .Inlia IVard H?we bOUghl hy the rltliens
?r Boaton havlag baea refuaed a place ln
hiatorlc Kaneull Hall, arlll flnd a resting
plai i ln the eollei tloa of tha Ho?>tonian
loelety, nt lha "|l1 Itata Houae, al 'he
hea'i of itata Btroel
Xhii dadaloa waa Baally arrive.i at to
nlght by the Inlla Wnr'l H'.we Memorlal
Committee, whlch deetded to accepl tha
offer of ni" Boatonlaa Bocletj
i. Ivanla Kaiir?>n<i Leavea Pennayl*
Ptatlotl, \, ? fOI k, 4 14 P M w.el;
, Saaark EHIaabeth, Metuchen. Maw
avlrk, l'i i ' ' ti Junctlon ami Tren
i,,,, i'i,ti,i nai and coaehea a:*" ?xtra
Man, foi Nea Torl laavlng Trenton 1:11
k, \i New Prunawlck I II \ M and Kaa
ark in tt A M . wlth parlt r earandeoachaa
Drug Valued at $10,000 and Lot
of Smoking Paraphernalia
Seized in Two Dens.
Letters Found Are Said to In
dicfite Headquarters Here
for a Widespread
Unltad Btataa cuatoma Inapactora m^'
tacular ralda yeeterdaj aftarnoon
on two opium dens in Srventh avenue.
near 39th atraet, tn whlch they setzed
a quantlty of raw and pcopared <,piiim.
valued al about $10,000, hesides a large
quantlty of oplum Bmoklag r-rl|Pn,'r
Tho moat utaexpected reaull of the raid
fraa the eelzure of letters ln lhe plare of
Tttck Uual a. fo, ot Ho 406 larantli
avenue, aald to bo owned by ^ Chtna
man known ns <harlt? Ropton. Whidl
ahowed that Post. n had latfera ot intro
durtlon to . hlefa of x>o\'.ro of manr large
? itlea in whlch ho waa racommandad as
a ion of ih*> Celeatlal Btnptr* fully
worthy nf all comrtderatlon
I'harlie BoatOfl 18 BOt IB Kew Vork
now. it tran aald yeaterday that h? had
f< und it advlaabte to > hange hla domi
(iio aithln tho |aat few weeka, and it
was intitn.it, ,i hal he moved to Phila?
These lettera, wlth the othar corre
aponddnce aetaed, were turned ovar to
the Unltod .-'tat^s attornaya as evtdencO.
Thr hour waa too late t.> permtt a read
InK "f the letteri, and H. H. porr. \s
.-lejrint LTnlted itated Attorney, deddad
that no Informatlon ? onrernlng the cor
reapondence could be glven ont at that
Tha] were aald (?? Indicate that acoaft'
merce in opium WB8 carrfed nn through
oul tha country, and that the maa ea*
gaged m it did not feel any combulaioa
10 aecrecy, dcepite the fact that not only
the federal lawa, bul alao tha atatutea
of all Btatea put heavy P'naltlea nn the
liiicit trade in thia drug. A tatagram
aeised yeaterday wlth the other raattara
ahows thi? meaaage without any attampt
at dlagutalng it purport: "Preaenl price
of opium is !!*."' a hundred."
No Police in the Raids.
The raids were mada al tho Lnatam e of
cuatoma r-ffiviais nmi conducted by i ua
toma Inapactora and acting deputy aur
reyora entlrely, wlthoul the aid of the
lOCal l-ollre. The Mtldera even. took the
precantlon to Inatrud tha men who were
loft to guard tha front entrancea that
no poUceman Bhould ba ndmitted.
The tWO Btaoaa ralded had bem under
ihe aurvelllance of cuatoma Inepoctora
(-,,r aome tlma, They say that of ihe
persons who went in nnd OUl there were
. tdth unmiatakabte siens of the
drug hahtl The ofBcera dedare they
found no difflrulty In I'tiyinir the druit at
lioth places. All they had to do, they
aay, waa tn demand ? hop shell, and the
Chlnnman behlnd tha COUnter handed out
? Chlnaaa nnt ahell that eaatalnad a
small ipiantltv of oplnm prepared for
smoklnR, The prlca was flfty rents and
the rjuanilty of fhe dark hrown druir
contalned ln tha shell waa ahout thaafaa
of a dlme.
It was ahortly nfter 8 o'ctock ln the
i ft rnoon when Cuatoma Inapactora Mur
phy, Roharta, Maaly, Ntchotea GrTCaafh.
Culllns, T.ewlp. Kyte nnd Ilakanson nnd
notinn Daputy Burvayora Iforwood and
Harrla deecendod UPOU the place wlth
the buatneaa sism "8am Lea," al n*".
,',.*i4'i Bavanth avenue.
I'lMin anterlng the i-t.'re the Insrer-tora
found thamaalvaa barrad from ihe in
tarlor by a partltlon made up h>- ? ,oun
ler, on top of whlch there tvas a strong
in>n gratlnsr that denrrndod to the lloop
at th" and of the i uunter, aeparatliin lhe
front of tha store entlrely from its roar.
A damand Of the lnspeotnrs ta <>peti the
, age araa Ignored by the chlnaman, whe
hegan tO wtll and CTjr. WHh ihe aid of
ptckaxea tha Inapactora broka an <>pen
inK through the counter nnd crawlod Into
tha Interlor. rhe three (lilnamaa caughl
ln tha placa mada a move toward their
weapona, bul tha Inapactora had theaa
overed ami lha priaonara wera takaa
wlthoul a atruggla
Banaatk lha countar wara found a large
l i.ntinnr.l nn flfth I'tjr.
No Sign of Daughter of F. R.
Arnold Since She Left Home
on December 12.
Pohce of Whole World Have
Searched in Vain for Dorothy
H. 0. Arnold, Nicce of Late
Justice Peckham.
Thro:ia,h nn annoancomenl |' -s'erdsy
by h**r d-strae'rv*; poroato. s ho ha-e
proaocutod a rdi waeko* ooarch In \ain, it
was mada known laal night tha* "Dorethy
EL C Arnotd, oldaet daughter </FranHs
k. Amold, of sn. ms i-:a?t Tfth street
had dtaappeared myartortouoly from her
home <.n Dcoemboff 12, 1910 Mioa Ar
noids uneje by Diarrlago waa tho lata
justi.e Pei kbam, ol tha ' r ?? I Btataa
Bui remo < Souri
a prlvate s arch, * hlcl /? di I I ?
ar.nounceniont made laal nlghl MOmod
to h.ive axhauoted ? ? :< ? ?-II a ?'iew*
that the family OOUtd adyaa*a**e, and her
father has almost given up ?'? 'of hii
daughter*! return
Her dlaappoarance waa i uaual nnd
ao apparently tinpr. ? tt lOO
. rmv r.f dete.rtlVSO *??? ? ?-?''' ' ?> B WOTh?
ing on the caoo have <?? ? ?
lenre or enforced di tentl??.* ? ' ne Kmd
mual bo rei poi rdble for 1 * ? knag
FranrlaR. Arnoir*. ; rr father.."- thi BOOal
Of the flrin of F. R. Arr...'/! J ''" ? ifn
portersof perfumeries. a: So 7 West jj l
street, nnd there are three r?th< ? hi'.dien
i Iti the family: John W. twenty- even,
who la In hte father*a flrmc D Htnekley,
twenty-one. who gradurtted from "
tems last year. and Ma-1"-i-. elghteea,
The mipsing glrl is twenty-fiv( yeara oai
Her fathers p'.strr, TT -4 r* Ie1 tbe
arldow of JooUoa Rofva ??? Peckham, ef
the Unlted Slatea Supr'nu ?', irt md
the family has always had brtlllanl SO
rial COntaOCtlonfl l""'i'n ln fTOOhingti '
New York.
i?n Monda.v. DoeeUber 12 M ia Doro.
thy remarked to hor mother ai about
11 o'rlork ln the montlag, lhal ahi *,'n
gotng out to buy nn evehtng dreas
?TII no wlth you," 1 ? Uered.
"No," the cirl answr-;-e,| ? -. / ?, 1 pn-l
a dress I want I'M telephone vou and
you caji rnm? down aand see. tt "
Wore Only Ons Pier.e cf Fur Se..
Hhe left the botaSO and his BOVOT beefl
peen ein<*e by her family or frfamda B ll
bo apparently unpreni?-'.litated a a<- ?
m*< h otctooma as her tntai dlaai poaranco
lhal the glrl, though rarrylng wtti her
a long Wat-k fox fur -muff. left at hOfRO
the companlon plera, ot lir-r pat, I BtOlt
of the sama pattern.
She had botwoea 120 **_\ 130 ln her
bendbagi and woro no more |eaj Biry thaa
Her gbeenea fron home was nOi rar
tlrtilarlv remarked ui'tll nlght. and even
Ihen 1t was BUPPOPOd up lo B I ite h mr
that ahe would prnhnbly telephone from
the 1-ouse of one nf her glrl fHOfSdi
"When the nlght paOOOd and the rieit
day adthout orort or eommunlcata*4i
from her. Mr. Arnold enpraged a tlrm of
prlvate detOCMvaa, and within another
day or bo, as the myste-/-g-ew. he added
the Tlnkerton fOKO to the m n 'vho
were at work upon Iha caOO.
Tnvestlgatlon e*dat*looad later- that. the
glrl hnd gone from her home to the
Tark & Tl'.ford j-tore, rear Flfth avenu*
and 09th street, Where she, bOUfhl a hnx
of rhorolatest at nhout noon. and that
some time botiraan 1 "0 and 2 o*clooh
f<he hought a book rt "Rrej-tano's. That
was the last traoa of her mo*#amonta
John F. Kelth. th? family attnrn*v
and a personal fiiend for ftmn, together
wlth FraPr-ls P. .arvan. fucmoaly an
asslstant dlstr1<*t attarney, tork up the
managemert. of the aearch from 'that
Bvory known reloitvo ef tha faml'y
w.'us rallad upon, branrhes of ttsf detec
tlvo agenrles ongnged ln rveiv big rlty
ln tho I'nlted Statea arOTO erf *?> -norlc
upon the case, hospltals wer-' Rino
through. nnd tralns nnd rverj aaieamshlpu
were watftied, but ?iM to no av.'il!.
In Fpitrt of tiie taXUtOra bsM as?ertion
that the plrl had been of a studloua'
nature and had no re, rn* love affalrs.
the detectlvea Irared down eve-rv feat
ure that mlght pooMbly enter Into thai
raar? from the romaatlc tlde, and v ith
the aamo re.sult.
No Clew in Har Money.
Fhe had reeolved from her father %
monthly allowame nf .5bV), and liad a
pmall bank SvOCOUnt lYom Ihi laMer
ahe drew .<:{0 on December v. bnl inves
tigation abowed stmllar wlthdrawaii fre.
nuently. and r.-> i - \\,4s at
tarhed to that
nn tha Baturdaj I fore ahe d'.gp
peatrOd Mlss Arnold enterta-.ne.l Iwo nf
her glrl frlends at luncheon af SlierT\,B.
but from them th<? laveatlgatora learned
only th.Ht sh.e hnd talked only >.f the
i-ommonr4ia'*e evento of their dally life,
and even ln the liarht of hrr BUbaequoat
dlaappearaaco thoae ta*o giri frienda
COJDk) rr'Tf* niber nothir.e ln her talk or
manner whlch Indteated that she una
under any nervooo i-traln or ih.it she ap
peared t" be conceoltng aaythtng a.. to
i.rr futur-' movementa or | lans.
Two yeara ago Mloa Arnold spenl iv*i
summer ln Borope, bai waa wlth her
family all Ihe time, ar.d so far BB they
know formed no poaaible sttacbmeata
either oa or for the other aMe. Thai
pooolblo explonotlon of hor dlaanpoar*
anre was Investlgit- l howi 4 PT, and pro.
dnced nothing tha! furalohod tho sitgh:
est clr-v
t>n Tburaday, Do ember tt, her father.
who had up to thtt tlmo ll<>pod .'gainst
hopo lhal ho would roco*a*or hta daugh?
ter Wlthoul any rnOTO puhlK-ity than
would it'n?*h t>> tho a<*tl\ltte<, of prlvate
deteetlvo sgencieOi trarned ln despair t,?
ih.- rocal p"h< a ond tho entlre <ase orgg
laid before Deputy Conrniloofcmar Plyna.
Thri.ugh th* regular rliann.ls. then. a
eonhdentlol alarm was s.-m ?>ut to the
pOttOO nf the world, but bo far lt has
produred nothinir The atrtcteel lnve-t.
gatlOB, romhlned wlth ihe work of both
prlvate and poln*e dt-teotivcs. has dl?

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