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]\\ \S? 23,448.
To-dar. raln.
Tn-morrrm, prohaMr raln anrl rnMrr.
new-york, priday, january
/-fli/VTHDi Cltr of B*9 t**%
Sertmr CHf ?__ Hnnokea,
BosSfl with Dix and Anti-Shee
hanites. Works for Satisfac
tory Compromise Candidate.
gettlement of Senatorship Con
test Likely Next Week?
League Against Caucus
? * '.nr 1
Alr- tl ? Important develop
? n tha United Ftates
Mgatorahlp i onteat indu-ate that a aettle*
. .-;Iffli uiti.-s may bo reaehed
|c. II araa deolared by
aho havr been on the lnslde of tho
thai Wllllam F. Bheehan, tha
- cholee, had baan
by B bi Murphy ot Tam
? opanly. Murphy la BO
t!'fd , - h in th aT h? ranrrnt quit
ng aa Bheahan ebooeee
.ti b ? ? haa thoug*.
I Bathrown hlm ovar.
? -.ns of Boma of tha
? glnally
Gktvernor i>ix ani rep
ti-Bheel anttaa ara
wnrktng together In harmony
. .ndtdate satis
fpjttor. l menta of the party. Juet
one when a decleion is
? - |i reached, has not br-en
^ . Bheehan has manlfeeted no
hdrawlng, 11 A alurphy'a
? awkward arhan
... tual Bhelvtng of Bhee
? a formaJ arhitratio"!
, put up ta CJorarnor Dia
than, ai dl unl< M eonaenta to
tta from their raucua
. ? , kucua ^i:i ba ? aUad
? ? .i.- . of nrhlch tha
f the prlnclpaJ anti
membere, at its rne?tt
actlon wrhlch would
? ? t prellmtnary for
fuc^ ? paaeed unanimoualy a
h in affacl d*>rlar?-d
- choi. e?-Phoehan?
fi e ttlement of tho dead
Thal rcsolutlon. in
' this committee tha
I ighl to be
era of th< l.esMsia?
? ?; b. any other conatdera
? ? ot thelr raapectlve
For thal reaaon we dei ta
? thla ? ommlttee Bhou'd
r ? - ? 1 ? ?? 1 ratti I eagne,
? ?
? ver. that thie
? ? expraaa the hope that th?
iivergenl vlewn among the
!f_ri?!ators onmy hm b?rmon
reeutt of conferences de
mnte tho elertion "f a
Btate* Benator ?rho
? tha atat<
?'mrence With Governcr.
? ;.onferences nrltfa tha
r-rv ; la mornlng*, at
craor said. n>w Torh City
other latv>
tl . n. At that 01 ? 11 ntgom
bti of the
? ?-, men here,
nai friend <->f Mr Bhee
? 1 ?.. : ? ght by
: thi ? be in a potltlon tu
h pla< .-? thal thi h nator
1 ' Bbi ahan already
. .. nt for
!.- ,ic .<? had adopted
? ?. Gov<rnor aald nobody
Im yel to ael as medlator ln
He addad that ha maa not
? ? 1..! Thal is en
* ? ? inder pr<--.'t
.1 v 31 eehan'i ? an
I 1 ln the P.zhx. Wlth
? - ? ;in"'< lt Ha
I ? - ? -hm t" wlthdraw, ln
? , on two
?ii haa r'r-.s. -l < n ?
?dine t" prominent
1 ? ? - mor hti goi
... ? . ?
of undolng
h!i party
? rered in the
? ibor unlon men
?' n the
? na fa
oppoali 3
- ? d ? tl hlm the
1 ernor '>nl\- smii^fl
r? r? -. Inded hlm of the
? ? and aakeil
? ? . ? oaphen
Compromiea Cand'ri'.tes Discussed.
? d for
' latee. Am-ms; them
?' Juatlce Ofl rard
1 Ia?*WlP
tloned. but eppar
ii flprang
>k the
- . ?
? ? rea and
? b ng aboul ans
??ni'- tj.-rr 11. xt
? n pi form even
? I- en 1" n '..f,^,
1] nvnts
'' U un
Leaf j' ais-i
? . .. .
le direct 1
for 1 ? tion "i
1 fpenklnl
f thfl
r. iro ind tha corridon
*t U ..... .,,?? <oo ayfukX is
Cuutiflji,c u.i fllgbth page
St. Petersburg Police Think Ex
Corean Minister Was Murdered.
St Petersburir. Jan. 28.?There ll
much myatary in the death ?,f prlnce
Tohin-Pomii, ex-Corean lllnlater to Rus?
sia. whoee tmciy was found hanglna: in
hla li'deincs in a auburb of st. Petere
burg. It was thought at flrst that the
prlm i had commltted aulclde. Lettera
from the dead man addreeaed t" the
Corean and Russinn Emperora arere
found hlnic on the table. together arlth
another letter indioatinK tha reaaon f"r
the takirip- of his llfe.
The poUee auapect that lhe prlnce was
murdered and thal after death his body
was r:a' 0fl 'n the posltion in whi' h it
wa? found Th?- poltcemen were svim
moned by the prlnce'a aacretary, who
heard shotp wlthin the haried r""m A'i
entranca waa forced, and the bodv waa
found hanging to a hook ln the otilinK
One of the hands olasped a revolver.
Three hullet holes were found in the
wail. Examination showed that one of
lhe vertebrre was brORen.
An undcrtaker's recelpt for ? aum of
nvney for th" transportation of the body
to viadivostock waa dlecovered on the
rrinre's pers?n. The unrlertaker Btati I
that this money had h^en depoetted wlth
him h few daya oro by a aelf-atyled
Japan.^e prlme. The letter. purportlng
tr. rxplain the oause of thr stilr-ide, waa
wrltten in English. whirh Tchln-Pomll
did not know. Accordlng to the letter,
th.- prlnre , r-uld bear no l-.r.per the dis
nra.'- Of i.i- I "untry and the loss of Ita
Prlnce Tchln-Pomll waa a coualn i I l
Bmperor, but during tha laat few yeara
he h.-.d llved ln want ln a small lodglng.
The furniture conaiated only of <-ha:rs. a
, table and a i amp 1" d. The prlm e'l B<
Iretary has been detalned by the police.
An autopey wlll he performed to-mor?
row to eetabliah, if poeeible, the cauae of
Big Flyer Anchors Outside with
Two More Records.
The r-urard liner Mauretanin. making
her fr = t trip ovar th'- long i mirse this
season. gnd breaklng two reeorda,
snohored laat nipht at 8:121 o'cloch 'n a
thirk fog ofl tha Anibroee Channel
Ltrhtship tha a iuW havi landed her
paaaengera probably I : 1" o'< lork II it
had not b-en for the persistent fog that
hung over tha harbor thraughout lha
r.iptiih Turnar report-d by wlreleaa
that from noon on Wedneaday to noon
yeaterday the ftver had matie fJW mllea
et an average apeed of *_7.<n knota Her
I rcT time up to the making of thla record
was 673 mllea. Bhe cl< ired Daunfe
r ? k IJghtahlp on Bunday il 8:45 ? m ,
and up to noon yeaterday had <?
i,.7fi2 mflea, al an average apeed of 25.96
The Cunard ofllelala were anxloue to
have thr big llner doch laal night, parl
on acoounl of the condltlon of J. J- ''?,1'
ton. b Chleago menhant. wh.) was < ar
rted aboard the Mauretania ln a pre
.flrioiis ronditlon at Queensf" n. Mr.
Carton had had a Bevere henw rrhn.
f..i? fiiibarking.
Over a dozen ateamahlpa from thp
and the East ? am- into port
veaterday, but ff" wera able to get '?>
th( Ir pleri on aceount of the fog. whlch
also dlaarranged the ferryboal iche. il< i
i ?
None in Executive Mansion,
Says Wife of Virginia Governor.
I B\ TrirK-ai'h tn T1-* Trlatine |
Rlchmond, \"a.. Jan. 21. in an addreaa
before a meetlng "f mrmbers of the
Worr.en'a Temperance League of Amerlca
to-day, Mrs Wllllam Hodge Mann. wife
of th.- Oovernor of Virginia, sald that
Bhe had been mlatreafl of tha
utlve manalon no li I I had ever
i-,a.f.n aerved In the manalon ond th l ?
.he remalned In her 1
thla ? onditlon would i ontlnue.
People who vlalt mj hny.n wlll
.'. -jne cup." added Mra. Ma
Bnrrows McNrir's Love Letters
Read in Court.
? it
, Jan. 2fl gi ' ? T. de
Roode, millionaire broker, of Ban Pran
clsco, recelved an Interlocutory decree
of divorce to-day from Mrs Carrh A.
,;,. Roode, known under the itage name
of Grace Walton, an ai treai Da Roode'a
complalnl waa baaed on tl ?? allegatlon
that hli wife was Infatuated wlth Bur
rowi M-N'ir. B millionaire broker, of
K( ? V- rk.
. itto it 1ng Wlae, n p ? Ing dc
Roode, read the depo-ltlona and af< Nelr'a
<,,\.. . ? ttat Im 6 aa i ahlblta.
niinoia Pastor Bars Preaching
on Fires of Bades.
? V - 4 ? l I ' ? '
I.. . i Jan 2fl Declarlng that the
,-i, r h is n longer a tewaj to
.;. .,r tha " all ai n ' i""1
thal it la gradual y becoming an educa
Inatitution, the I Clark B.
,-, paator of tha Fl at Unlvei I
,i. of Elgln, haa announced thal he
wlll open a movlng picture ahow In hla
chun I Btereopl i ? 11 ? ? - hi atai a,
. ii .,-,i? of dnti the old al ? le
preaching ,! ""' flrea ol Had<
1 n k i ' ? - I:' ' r' ?' ? ' ter."
Mr Thomaa i ai aln ad; pro< ured a
motlon picture ma hl i and ia arranglng
to have It Inetalh d ln thi hui h H
wiii condui * thi al ra bi a ould a
theatre, chargtng a nominal admiaalon.
j State Senate Passcs Equal Suffrage
Bill. 33 to 5.
I Bacramento, cal., )an M Th* n.,t<?
a ? ote . f M t" '? Bdoptod to day
,r Bfl n - ? onatll itlonal
" .
ta M |>i Ibi remove thelr i r -t.-l
tl^kOI r'fh'-e t" H on- at-1 ,'i'"l, Bl \ Y
iM, Pulima
i, and Weat. Low - k. ts
?. 11 all i*< nna R i^ Ui ki i ? 01
i Advl
Family and Friends. with Police
Aid, Investigate Every Phase
of the Mystery.
Former Suitor, Now in Europe,
Surprised at Disappearance
?Search Extends to
Country at Large.
Franris H Arnold. father "f Don th'.
Harrift Camille Arn..]d. ih- Wamlthy
younp pirl *> ho diaappeared from ha-r
hnnio Oil December 12 laat, anr.-mn'r.l
. terduy through his counael. Oarvan
,v \ MMr-.ric. that he would flve $).OWl
rr-warri for ihi flral Infortnatii n .-.s t.
h.ir whereab nta
lt *vas learned yrstr-rday that tha
faihr-r had given thr Pollce Dei?rtm4rn1
a ni"ri detallad egplanatloa nf Ihe
? Ircumatanoaa aurroundlng hip daugh
t.'r's disappearance than he aa*** fit to
make publlc. and thr- rumor was rhat
thla added InformaHor had to do wltb
cnmr- sort i.f quarrel 1 ?? tween thr- n?< ng
riauehtcr and aome o*her mamher of tue
John S. Keith, of thr- Oarvan i Ann
strong flrm. a loee frlend of thi Arnold
family, -lr-ni.ri flatly thai there h*d ?
heen air- atl h 'inarnl. arrj rajM | -:
tlvely that Mlaa Doroth ''a relatlona with
every member of ih*- household had I tam
thairoughly amlcable "Thi n haa
a*_oluteIy no troubk In Ihe family,"
. Id Mr Kelth, "and any story to that
effea t is false Mi.-"? Arnold waa a ciri r.f
.-'.... t dis| oaltlon, who ?.if thoroughly in
?;..\( nitli her butm and the membe-rs uf
hfr famil? "
A Girl Fnend Talka.
From Misp EllaabaBth Henry, of No. 47
Eaai 4!"?th street, it waa learned yeater?
day thai M'py Arnold had an appolnt
menl to meet h**r r.n th**- afternoon of thr>
day she dlaappeared, Decambet 12, bul
.-nikri it ofl over the telephone. "Dor
..thy rdmply telephoned me that sh*- ?-*
golng shopplng, and arranged t.. meet
mr- thr. nr-xt day," explalned Mlei Henry
? nlght, "and alnce thm. of i ourse, I
have been over every word of thr* short
?satHn wlth the family. and i can
rot recall anythlng, however sllght, in
word or mar.nf-r. whi h u.-'ild even eivp
ground for the Busplclon thai she then
thoughl of gclnj awa , II "-as i"st an
ordinary telephone or.veraatlon h tween
two glrl frlenda, ar.d there waa n^thint*
ln lt nor in anythlng thai I know ..f
i lorothy ? hl< h a aa of any een )? e to the
family alnce, in vlew of her dlaappear
.iti e "
F R. Araold, tha father, said ?/eater*
day that hr> I ad only on* p-.f-f-ibia- theory
l.-ft. and that waa that r<sil play of Boaas
Kind had ovartakon hla daughter.
??; can gl? ?? no i splanal on of lt." he
said, sorrnaB'fully. "Thr- uaual thisa-i-rlass
.tra thr- onlj onea we could think of, and
Thr\ hav**- all 1-f-r-n run down ani found
uaelesa I; l "f Provldem e "
Mlss Arnold waa of a studloua nature.
but both family and frtenda were eare
? . ,-\| lain tha! .-1" waa not ln any
overatudloua Mental aberratlon
? ?,.,.,* th< ? i nsldered an Impoa
theory in h. r ?
lt araa augg< l l to Mr. Arnold . eater
day that to meel '??iti*. foui play bla
daughter would in ali prohabillty have
.. tlon of the clty |
ously unknown to ber, but In reaponae
to that he aald th.n she had never been
in the habil of golng anyarhere outalde
of thi tlons frecjuenti d by
n of her < laaa, Th? Flfth avenue
and the 23 I 11 ? ? I I ng dlatrlcta and
? . ?-?- iiistrli t prai tii ally i ovi n d
Bi- th- possibilltlea aiong that llne, be
[ht. She had never taken the
? Ugbti i ? !nti - r ttlement work or
in iharital.il- work of any kind that
I hai taide
Not a Bit S^age Struck.
'?She *?? a.-- ii fr- -iin ? ' eatregoei said
Mr. Kelth yeaterday on thla polnt "but
only went to thi i ' ? ? nd then al
wa*.-* wlth Riri trli i
lt waa learned yestcrday thai on Aprll
21, 1008, aboul :i v. ir after her gradua
from Di n Mawr, Mlsa Arnold, to
r wrlth hi r brotl ?:. I? Hln< kley
t ,-. | r in -. me pr* ate the
?i gla, in ?hl< h el appean d m, a
1*-. n h ' ourt ' the pa iLod of
- XIV, Bo far aa her brothei could
,,,,, rnbcr lhat ^.as the only
:???>'? ,\ in amateur
-. nnd both family an.l frli nda
positl ? ln their aaaertlona that aha
i.,i llklng for the atage ..r any am
I ition to ap] ear In p
Prancia P. Oarvan aald that In nr
the wrk of thi i '?? ate de?
tectlvea wbo havi been rvorklng "n the
? ? ?? for the laat six weeka
tlgated all the poealblUtlea
that Una, ond had canvaaaed thr*
th'iitri .il rei rultlng sgem ies wltho il n -
. t.u Mb * ' ? 'ij bought al Bren
tano'a Jual ba fore her dli ppes nce, 11
aald i ? sti rda wai "Ei
Fk. ti 1: " i ? Emlly Calvin Blake,
;, ?. ria i ol aketchi a treati d ln a
Ught, h imoro ia sl '?? and the family re
ius<- i'i attach anj serlous conslderatlon
,., the thi or* ll al thoughta sugi ? |
,,-. h< r n adlng i?a4 ? to do a Ith
. . .,. ?
ylss Arnold a i?i ogi i from I ie tlma
left hei home In Eaai 7'i-h ?
,.,,,!: ' . I . ..II.II V OUI .f th?
i,,,,..; i v . bo ? ? ? ? ? deta cti4 .-s wera
, . ? ti ? ??? did noi ahoa tl U aha
had i"',"1 :i'' I ' '':'' *'n" t?va as.
tha n sson for goii i doa ntn*arn i.' ? , .?
ol an evei .
[nquirj al Altman'e, where the family
,,n acco int, and al otha r storea
,, Bucb a i1'" haa* micht Ua\< \,.. n
' made, produi ed no reaulta ii.,t bI
? though ahe lefl the houae ba fore
1 ),,,,, heon. ao far aa hi r proi ??
| ,,;,,, ,i ihe dld nol top i.t anj of tha
..,,.. ,.!-.,. nue
tb -i lhal she nilghi h..- .? , hr-r
,,,, ,,J. ,i Oi K'-W.k tO 4,,,k ,,, .
thoroughly Inveatlgated
l th< famil 1" for. thr raa r-nt an
,-m. nl iii Iha nawapapera i>. -
t.. imi- aara ??* al to Brj n Mawr to aaa
(. unllii.ii I ??? Hilril , ,?e
u?? mi to Confreaa yeaterday tha agreament deetgned to protnota redp
roral trada reiatinns with Ctnadg.
(Cbprritat '-'"l4. I ? Padlay M-->>t, tt. T.j
Three Members of Prison Band
Beat Keeper with instruments.
'One Prisoner Was Serving Life
Sentence and Another Long
Term for Burglary.
Wlth mueicaJ Inatrumenta whlch they
had ueed in a rehear-al of the Blng Blng
Prlaon band, three convleta beal ? keeper
lnto Ineenalblllty and aacaped from the
prlaon last night. Wllllam Buah. "ho
jwas aerving a llfe aentence for murder;
' Ralph Taylor. who was aerving a twenty
lone-year aentenoa for burglary, nnn
| Charles Mrf'lynn, uti'ler s tttetlCe Of flve
yeara for buqglair. araaa the thr-- arho|
, i
Tbo elahteen convlctfl who. ? fl>mpoee
the memberal Ip of thi prlaon band were
marched to tha keepera' meaa hall f"r >
rehearaal in charge of Keepera Webeter
atui Woodley early ln the evening. At S
o'clock the keepera atarted to return the
men to their cella for the nlghl Wood?
ley Btood guard outalde tha door, ?
opened on the prlaon yard, whlle Web
iter lined the men up Inelde
As the door awung <'p?n the three m< n,
led by Buah, aprang upon Webater.
uelng thelr InatrumenU to pound him
int.. unconeciouaneaa They then raa
lnto tha yard. bowllng Woodley over.^nd
daahed toward tha aouth alde of the
prlaon. Fearlng a wholeaale dellvery,
Woodley remalned near the door, bul
... four ahota nft< r the flei Ing men.
;i. r- malnfl d on guard over lhe remaln
Ing men until .-th.-r guarda i ame to hla
?aaiatance None of the other men. he
?atd, made any attempl to foltow tr*
. ringleadera.
am "f tha prlaon guan ? - ? armed
:,tid muaten d by Warden Pro l Imme
diately after the ahota were heard A
compleU counl of the prieonera waa
made, and all thr- prlaon bulldlnga and
gra inda aearched, b il no trace ol I
thr.uld ba found It la au| poaed by
the prlaon otfli era th il thi r au i eeded
tllng the fourteen foot Iron f< w a on
iv.r front ;;i'i" of tha prlaon and
tn ide off i" the darkneaa
\\ arden Froai Immedlati ly a< nl oul
pamm to acour th.- aurrounding country
?nd Informed the pollca of all aurround?
ing towna and tha New .1- raey oAclala
to look out for ti" ! prteom ra
Under cover of the heavy fog last night
Warden Froai aald the men mlfhl hava
made away ln a boat All of them wore
rtaon garb, and Warden Froat felt
. .. n< ,,f- r,, Bpturing them before thla
McOlnn waa aentenced In IM9, Buah
mi eentenced tn ittt. Taylor waa ar
.. I,, tha polico of Nf-w Rochelle la
,,?,..,, ,,. W|th another man ai a ao< lety
Bffalr there Both were draaaed in aven?
ing clothea They were known to the
police of this dty aa the gentlemen
burgiara. Taylor waa aentenced on flve
counta Hla picture is In tba Rog .ea
Oallery. The police of this elty have no
,',., ,,r,| of Buah or McOlnn under thoaa
[nformatton reached Police Head
auartera In thla clt) last night thal tbe
men had been aeen on a mllk train
headerl foi New Tor* at I IS, and De
te< tlvea caeeaaaa. Curry and Broa ? ? r
the Central OfBce, wara aent out to
Beari h for them. _
Connecticut Governor Says He Didn't
Sne Foosevelt for That Reason.
Hartford, ('"''T> ? ?',n tt i loi ernor
s.nr-..ii i: BaMwla to-daj -nii his reaaona
j-, nnt brti ' agalnal forn* t Praal.
,i, ,,, Rooaevelt lor tbe alleg. d - rtt* lama
the i itter m ide 6 irti g the < - apalgn wera
,,, ., ,,|,i ? noterlet ? and aai ? i n." In
;, irtiei artitten Deeember ll. Mr R
*.!, refuaed lo retrart or rn'-irf- hia rrltl
.. | a Bpaaktng.of that k iter <;.,..
,n,.,i Baklwln aald aa had nol found lima
t , rtva .1. aerai l l i^iier
viiit.ti bj Mr I'-?avell untll early in tha
.,ii, ..ii tha e\?? ,t i,i laaugu
. ,,,,,? _? i? ? ?!''"' and ii"ti ? ima to tha
. |,ini"M that it would corapoii better with
ti.. proprletlaa Incident te thal poaitloa !f
he did not brinrT a rall whi.-h axperleai a had
Bhown hlm "would he iik?-i le ba mada
tie Buhjad of wldi newapaper aotorlety,
nol i" ea> BenaatlonaMami
Glenn H. Curtiss Accomplishes
New Feat in Aviation.
Aviator Arises and Settles as
Easily as a Sea Gull in
San Diego Experirrent.
Bafl DiegO, '"al.. .lan 28. For the first
time jn th* history of aviation an ar-ro
plane ro.*e from the surface of the water
to-day, salled about and returned to the
Martinar 0"!"'-. where it ?.ettlerl on the
water aa eaatly as a gulL
This feat. was gchleved on Pan Ple^o
Bay by i;ienn H iiirtiss In hls apenally
i equipped aeroplane. The maridne rov
freii n rllst.in<-? nf about two miles and
the nisht waa made after almost two
weeka of experimentlng to devtae special
appllancea to floai tho machlne and al
i. " it to attaln auffli lenl apeed on the
surface nf the water before liftinar.
Both the army ard the navy were rep
ted al theaa experlmente, the for?
mer bv Lteutenant .J<-hn C. Walker, jr..
and the lat ter by Lieutenanl T. ?;. Blll
a, ,, ooth detailed to learn aviation Both
expreeaed thelr pteaaure at the feat.
Wh.-ii thr. aeroplane araa brought out
and floated on tho shallow water be?
tween Coronado and North laland it waa
equipped wlth bydroplanea and a new
arrangement of front aurfacea Curtlaa
cltmbed iiit . the ai at and atarted the
powerful motor. ih'- een plane acudded
up the bay at forty mllea an hour for a
quarter of a mlle, th'-n llfted out of the
water and roae to a h.i^ht of flfty feet.
After remalntng In the air one mlnute
and twent '.nds. tlyinsr half a
mlle, Curtlaa allghted and turned around
aa eaally aa a motor boat Puttinir nn
fuli power, he agaln aroee, this time to
a helghl of 100 feet aailed out over the
bay a mile from tiie atartlng place,
clrcled around near a revenue ? utter and
repair ship and landed liehtiy on the
water in front of the hangar on ahore.
I hava aucceeded In aohrlng the nn*
problem the Been I iry of tha Navy ro
garded aa the moat dtfllCUlt and tho onr.
neceaaary to make the aeroplane ef
value to the navy," aald Curtlaa as he
?t? pped aahore.
? i can noa itart an aeroplane from the
water alongalde a warahip, make mv
trip. and returnlng, Ught alontrside and
,,,. hoiated aboard," contlnued Curtlaa.
"Thia I bellava of greal Importanca to the
H. E. Honeywell Says Combination
Aircraft Is a Success.
San Antonlo, Tea . Jan. 26.?What ara
declared by H E Honeywell to ba the
first experlm. nts Wlth a COmblnatlon
aeroplane and dlrlglble balloon are being
made by him here. Honeywell aaya that
hla eaperlmenta ao far Indlcate aucceaa,
tnps of from elght to thlrty mlnutea
"demonatratlng tha 'non-capetaable'
qualltlea of the new type <>f aircraft"
i.r. calla the machlne a "dlriplane."
I,.-, Weat Pia., lan. M 'ontrary arinda
artxt reaponail le to-day for tha poetpono
menl agaln of tha propoeed aeroplane fllght
by J. a. D. McCurdy from Key Weat ta
Havana It wma announeed t..-riiKht that
the fiifljht wouM ba attempted to-morrow
and faillng then oa Baturday mornlng.
Man Vaults Over Fence and Is Cut to
Pieces on Central Traclts.
A tatlfl arell dreBBed man was killed tn
fr< nt ef tha ontral Rallroad'fl station nt
Haatlnga-eo Hudaon laal nlghl Tha body
wai ? ut lo i?!?
I | ruthbeund local train approached
lhe atatlon tbe man raa oui and \auited
ittt Btwei thi rOi il and BXprBBfl
tr.i. k- Juat aa ii- landed ht was Btruch
t.\ im aspreaa train Nothing araa found
,,,i the dothlng to gi?. e ,i elea ta hla Iden
IM _
pei caea af I ajiiisB itopparad u<tu*B
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Laid Before Con
gress at Washington and Parliament at Ottawa.
Besides Promoting Trade, He Says, It Will Greatly
Strengthen Relations with "Our Good Neighbor"?
May Tend to Reduce the Cost of Living.
A rcciprocitv agreement of far-reaching effect waa laid before the
l'nited States ("ngrc-s at Washington an-1 the Canadian I'arliament
at < rttawa yeaterday. Leaa than ten month-, had elap-^ed lincc Preal?
dent Taft instituted the negotiations. The agreement, if approved, Wlll,
in the opinion of the negotiatora, do much t-? enlarge and make mure
liberal the tra de between the l'nited States and Canada.
The agreement is not in the form of a treaty, but can be made
effective by a simple majority vote in each of the two kgiatatures.
The purpose of Secretary Knoac in the negotiation> gppears to have
been to secure a reductkm of the high cost of living by greatly enlarging
the free list so far as it relates to food producta coming from Canada,
On the other hand. he ohtained a notable abatement of dutiei OH a
number of American producta consumed in Canada.
No less than 91 per cent of the Canadian goods imported into the
l'nited States will benent by considerable reductions of duty, wtlfli
36 per cent of the imports from the L'nited States into Canada will be
The intention of the commissioners to remove dutics on print paper
and wood pulp was etTected s?? far as the Dominion government could
do it. but the conaent of the provincial governments must be obtained.
Preaident Taft. in his message tranamitting the agreement to Con
press said that in addition to the trade benefits, it would greatly
strengthen the friendly relations existing between the L'nited StateJ
and Canada,
fFr^m Th" Tr!Mjn>? Buteaa-I
Washtngton. Jan. L>b\-The Canadian j
reclprocity agreomr-nt *ht.*h Prealdent
Taft submltted to both houses of Con
greps to-day ls potentlal of aaora possl
biUties than anythlng else. whirh haa
roma before I 'ongress for a long time.
Ir. UM Hmis*- thp Prestdenfs Message.
ivhirh ls regard*d aa a remarkahlv flble
state paper. was ereeted with more r?
thuataaUe appiause than any other oom
munlcatlon Mr. Taft has submltted. In
tbe Banata it waa, ot ewraa, recelTad
wlth th*- ?iata>rnarjr decoium Th*. m?*s
Mge and UM aur-'tn-nt a< rompanylns. lt
arrlved lat*. in the day. and there WM
rr,rr?aratlv?My Uttle opportunity for
membere to formulate their idea* before
Kmttering to their bomaa and their ran
MU MM lal ennagen-ents.
Thai th*- aare??inenl wlll maet wttt
much Mtter opporrfUoo la. however. al
readv obvio.is Tn the Senate tbe inaur
?enti t?w generailv known as "Bourne>l
Ulratlon army." ar*> almost unanimouslv
opposei to the asroement. whlch th**V
Z ruthleaaly aacrtflcee the interest, nf
the fannara. iUiwMieana from the
Northweatern aUtea expreea their detar
mln,d oppoaiUon, and ao do some of the
memb^rs from New England an 1 frorn
,hp North Pacinr ite tea. Theae objac
lUm- 9re baeed on th- tranafer of Oeh
m the flrea llal
The Damocrata, on th.- other hand. ap?
pear to ba moal favorably Impreaaed
; ith the agreement, and aoma of them
Inttmata this evening that if the Praaj.
dont provaa aama thay wlll. wHh a fah*
. ercentaca of th- Republlcana, b? nMeto
Mta. the leglelatton ne. eeeary to put the
igreemeni Into effecl They predtct the
e3ttraordlnary epectacla of a Repubiiean
Prealdent alded by a large majority or
the oppoalng party and a mtnortty af his
own, breeklng down the tariff walL
The Outlook for Approval.
Batveral of the Repobliean leadera,
actuated obrtoualy bv loymlty to Presi
dent Taft. Inaiat that thay wlll do all In
their power to carry tha Bafraemmt Into
effecl end ? few predtct, with a flne
Imltatton of confldence. that they wlll
moot e/ith amxaaa. Untll ma?mbera of
,?,th houeaM bare more opportunity t<>
itudj the agreeroent, predlctiona regard
tn_ ? , ri ,... uttle mora than gues.es.
but it la perhapa, a raaaonable predtc
tlon that only a hard and (hat coalltlon
between a conalderabla numher of Re
pubilcai i "i Demoerata can effecl
favorable acUon on tha eafreement at
tiii^ peaalon.
Thoee who oppoM the aaraamenl Inaiai
that if the admtnurtratton had amaulted
membera of Cimtrreaa lt might have
-volded certeJn r^rovlalona whlcb ara car
Ulo to prova obaUclaa to .ts w<
Ti,ts ls laid, for InaUnca, of the provl
.Ion regarding ????? M ls aaaartad that
''. (,jpg .-.ll ...red fishon the free list wlll
,..i,;ili,. wlpe out the American la
Jurtry and that inquiry on this aeore
would have conrinced th*. admlnlatratlva
branch of tha govarnment of th*. Inad
rUablllty of Including euch a provtela-m.
Mr. Taft's Diplomatic Triumph.
ir/tM preaideni hlmaelf ls overjoyad at
the oonolualon of ihe aaroaramnt Itwaa
.. ] oul at the White Houae to-day
tbal m rlaw of Bir Wllfrld Laurter'a
etrong i"'tial oppositi.-.n. tha achleve
r ,.f the Hi*Teeni*-nt COtUTatltUtad a
notable diplomatic triumph. Ia this
eonnectlon, it la aran roggaataid tbal
,,,... it ..f the agraamant or falture nf
Congreea lo ad at this aaaaaon mlght
,, 1(1 ^e lM.-i'ir'iit lo call Congreaa in
ieion to deal ?Artth tius aubject
?fbta auggeatlon doea n-'t, boarerar,
,.,.me from tha Praahtarmt but oniv from
who are reaaonabl) cloaa to him.
afbe Damoeratt aaaert that arara the
PreaMant to adm-t this eouraa he could
count on their aotld aur*aport but thetr
M ertlon ahould be t.ikr-n with a graln
0f eiiowanca, aa II la qulta probabta timt
K confronted wlth tha r*aapaoalblUty the
large faetlon among tha Daraocrata
whlch i- .'I'l"^'''1 l" fra* lumbar would
,?a.\.-nt ,in. thing api-roaihing uii.int
n.Miis a.tion.
in diplomatic circlea it i? aaaartad thgl
d,,4 ian.idi.iti offlriil*- Ht Ottawg knew
I ..UMU.ie.l on Baaiund I-.JRB.
[Frnm Tht Trlh-.n- PurBM 1
Waahlngton, Jan. 28.?Prealdant Taft,
ln a messajte to hoth h"uses of Congrrja
to-day, transmitted for thtir conatdefA*
tion the reciprocal trade agreement be
t~een the government of the Inited
States and tho Domtnton of Canada.
Aceompanyinfr the meaaage, arhli ii urgag
the prompt enaetment nf the no. es^ary
leR-isiation. ls the correapondence e\
ohanjred between the r-'pres.-ntatives of
the two e-overnments. settms forth tiie
understandins; that. the legialation shall
berome effeitive almultaneouBly ln both
The, agreement divides the art'.'-'.es on
flrhi-'h the duty ls to be removed or re
dui ed int" four classes. under as manv
schedules. They are d? arfi'de? arhich
are placad on the reclprocal free liat;
? 2) artlclea on whlcb thor* la t>. i.?? a
mutuai raductlon ot duty; (3) artlclea to
Bfl] admltted into the 1'nit- d Bl Ib from
Canada at apeclal rataa of duty, an.i <4?
artlclea fo ba admltted Into Canada from
the United Btatea al apeclal rataa of
Fbur general claaaea of producta are
affe- ted by the agreement.
First Leading f.i and agricultural
producta, rough lumber, aome ran mate
liala and printmsr pg| ? r.
Becond- Becondary food producta, auch
as fre>h and canned mi . and
partly manufactured food preparationa,
upon whieh rates are reduced an i mada
Third ? ICanufai tured < ommodltlaa,
auch .us motor vehlclee, i utlery, aanitary
Szturaa and mlacellaneoua artl< lea, on.
v: ih ratrti are mutually reduced.
Fourth -a amall liat of erti< lea "ii
whlch apeclal rates are gl . i n.
country. < lanada red icea I dui u
coal and cement and th" Iti." -? .?? .-,
raduoaa th? duty on Iron iluml
num produ t-.
Tho PresiHent's Messarje.
"Identlty of Intereal ol ta i p- .plea
link^d together by race, laitfuage, politl?
cal Inatitutiona and geographl il | t*
Imlty," tha Prealdent glvi i ? (
reaaona for auch redpr.
menda He aaya that ba feela it la "the
wiah of tha a.merl | ate" that tiua
country enter lnto .1 "mori ...... __t?i
cordlal n latlonahlp n ith Can ida "
Llberality of rlew In deall % wlth the
propoaed agreemi t ia i . w#
hava reached a itagu ln "ur own de
velopment that calla for ? atateamaa
likf- and broad vii-'v of our futura eco
nomte * tatua and Ita i ." ho
ca\s "Whlla equh ilei al ..1 bo
souifht in an arrangemi nt of th'-.- char*
acter. an exa. t I ? ? ? ? , g.itn
is nelther Imperative noi. Wa."
Other Quettions Serttled.
After apaaking "f affoei | r?vi
ous to the confi thli month
to bring about ? nent be
tween tha two counl dent Taft
refers to many other Queatlona auch aa
the aettl . of b lundartea, tha d.-flm
tion of rlghta of i ivigaUon and th.. in
terpretatl"ii of treal - m>-n
tlona tha long atandli .\*t
the Atlantl the equlta
ble arrangement recently reached be?
tween oui Interatate Comi C mmie
elon and the almllar bod) In Canada in
regard t<> through ratea I *
p..t t.iti..ii : ? two 1 ? .n
tn.-s." Ha contlnui a:
Th>- p ith h i\ Ing been thua ad fur
th? ln,proyemenl of --.ii rela
tlona, -? raclproi .'. ti.ni- agreement ia
the loglcal aeejuence ol ?'!: thal his !.-\
-: "f m.ittets of
a dlplomatlc an.i i ontrovi ralal charai *er.
Tha Identlty "f mt. i l?n p< op| ?_.
Ilnked together b) rai a, I ; olitl
cal Inatitutiona and geographlcal prog
Imltj offet s tha foui d * > i ? ?: ? Th ?
Irlbutlon to tne Induatrlal advancement
of our own eountry b) the migration
.*. roea th.- boundary of the thrtft* and
Induatrtoua Canad u - ol English, s ..t h
iiivi French origln la noa repald by th->
movemenl of large numbera of <>ur own
Bturdy farmera to the Northweat <>t
Canada, thua gmr.K th. ir labor, thelr
mean* and thelr eaperlence t.. the d?
velopmenl of thal aection, wlth its agri?
cultural po.- ilbllttlea
No Yardttick Meaturflss BeneM?.
Th- guldlng motlva In aeektng adjuat
ment of trade relatlona between two
eountriea ?u situated geogmphicallv

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